The purpose of The Third Testament web site is to promulgate the writings of the Modern Prophets, for the reasons elucidated to in 'Ezekiel Chapter 33'.

The Third Testament website is not a charity, sect, cult, or society, and the Manuscripts are available to read free of charge. The sole objective is to ensure that all the 'Modern Prophets' associated with the Visitation are accurately republished, and made available to those whom may be spiritually impelled to seek them out.

The Manuscripts take a lot of time to scan, proof read, index and upload. Assistance is needed to facilitate the growth of The Third Testament website. Should you be in a position to help in these endeavours, it would be very much appreciated. Please contact the Webmaster: visitation@live.co.uk

The early months of 2010 will be spent focusing on the Visitation of the Spirit to Joanna Southcott. The written works of Joanna Southcott are not at this time available on the world-wide-web in there entirety.

Thank you for visiting The Third Testament.