The Doctrines of the Dispensation

of the

Holy Ghost




(A) A Short Account of the Sevenfold Prophetic Visitation to England. The facts about the Box of Sealed Writings.

(1) A new Dispensation involves new Truths, these have been revealed during the past 130 years to seven English prophets who are the seven Angels or Messengers of Rev. viii. 2, the Greek word Angelos meaning "a Messenger." (See also 1 Peter i. 5.)

(2) These prophets were Richard Brothers, Joanna Southcott, George Turner, William Shaw, John Wroe, James Jezreel (see Hosea ii. 22) and Helen Exeter.

(3) Their prophecies are being rapidly re-published, but "Keys to the whole Body of Truth" (see final note) contains the most crucial points of their teachings.

(4) You have probably heard that Joanna Southcott (1792 to 1814) left a Box, corded and nailed, of sealed MSS. This Box is the Ark of the Testament alluded to in Rev. xi. 19. called so because it contains God's Will and Testament for this country.

(5) You may also have heard that this Box can only be delivered up to and opened by 24 Bishops of the Church of England, who are the 24 elders mentioned in Rev. xi. 16, and are the Executors of the Will.

(6) The Box was originally left in the care of the Rev. Thomas Foley, vicar of Old Swinford, Worcester, and upon his death it was given into the care of his son Richard, vicar of North Cadbury. The present custodian, also a Churchman, is under an oath not to deliver up the Box except to 24 Bishops who will comply with certain conditions laid down by the Lord.

(7) The Box will be applied for in a time of grave national danger.

(8) The Bishops did apply in March 1918, when famine threatened England, but the custodian could not render up the Box because they refused to comply with the conditions. The Bishops wished to open the Box themselves and without permitting believers in the Visitation to be present,


(B) Why should God have spoken through the Seven Prophets alluded to, and what have they to do with the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost? Why should this mysterious Ark or Box exist?

(1) The Lord has spoken through the Seven Prophets because a Revelation remained to be set forth in the Last Time, (1. Peter i. 5.) and also because the third Dispensation must, like its predecessors, have its Prophets and its Scriptures - the Scripts or Writings of those Prophets.


(a) The Scriptures of the Dispensation of the Father (of Spirits) are in the Old Testament. The Father's Work is for the Spirit of Man - to create it.

(b) The Scriptures of the Dispensation of the Son are in the New Testament. The Son's Work is for the Soul of Man - to save it.

(c) The Scriptures of the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost, the Mother, are now collecting. The Mother's Work is for the Body of man - to redeem it from the power of sin and death.

(3) The Ark or Box will prove publicly the truth of what has so long been developing privately, and also will prove the integrity of the Church, by placing before her the proof of a New Divine Revelation, before which she must bow or cease to exist.

(4) Among the things which the Prophets taught, is the fact that this country is the New Jerusalem, that we are the descendants of the lost ten tribes and, as such, are heirs to the promises of God made to Abraham. This knowledge was revealed to Richard Brothers, the first of the seven prophets. (Messrs. Banks, Racquet Court, London, will supply all literature on the British-Israel teachings. See also "Keys," page 5.)

(5) There are two aspects of God's promises to Abraham, (a) the temporal aspect, which will be fulfilled by the return of the Jews (Judah) to Palestine, and (b) the spiritual aspect, whereby Israel (the 144,000) will possess the land, which means the body.These are the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, the son of Jacob and of the beloved wife, Rachel. Those who will receive the temporal Blessings only, are the sons of Leah and the servant-women.

(6) Now the work of the Seven Prophets, to whom we wish to introduce you, is entirely concerned with the New Revelation of the coming Redemption of the BODY, from the power of death. All Souls are saved through the blood of Jesus, but the promises of God that "tears shall be wiped away from off all faces," "that we shall not all sleep" and that Death and the power of Death shall be destroyed, are yet unfulfilled and must be fulfilled in the third Dispensation.

(7) You may ask, "Why is a new Revelation wanted?" But can you truthfully admit that you are satisfied with the world as it is to-day? Can you, upon reflection, contemplate with equanimity


the prospect of men and women continuing to be born - for ever and ever, and to all eternity - to live only a few years of intolerable misery, or very partial happiness, ending with the grave? Surely not: you must know that if the Bible be true, death must stop and Satan must be cast off the earth, even as he was cast out of Heaven!

(8) Now the Clergy will tell you that Christ conquered Satan by His death on the Cross! Ask yourselves, "if He did so, how is it that sin, sickness and death are as rife to-day as ever they were?"

(9) The truth is that Christ has only been known for 1900 years as the Saviour of the Soul of those who die and go to Heaven, but He is also "Jesus Christ the Saviour of the Body" and that means that He is now about to save from sin, sickness and from death, the bodies of those who, as the Scriptures put it, "will not sleep," which means, "will not die."

(10) In 78 years the date will be 2000 A.D. (1922 + 78=2000) 2000 A D. added to 4000 B.C. would complete God's week of 6000 years, or six days of one thousand years each, and will be the end of the Adamic age, which followed the Atlantean, Lemurian and other ages, the history of which is shrouded in the deepest mystery.

(11) This 78 years will be shortened, else "no flesh" could be "saved." Why? Because, in view of the coming social disorders, no flesh (by which is meant no bodies) could be saved to enjoy the promises of God given to Abraham. (S. Matthew xxiv. 22.)

(C) The difference between the Common Salvation (of the Soul) and the Great Salvation (of Soul and Body), the Truth about the Trinity and the difference between the "Incorruptible" and the "Immortal" folds.

(1) The "Common Salvation" alludes only to the Salvation of the Immortal Soul, through the death of Jesus, our Saviour. The "Great Salvation" alludes to the Redemption of the Body, which will also become Immortal through the Work of Jesus as the Bridegroom and Redeemer. For Jesus is "also the Saviour of the Body." (Ephes. v. 23.)

(2) The promises of God unto Abraham "of possessing the land," are concealed references to the coming Redemption of the Body from its tendency to disease and death. The words "city," "garden," "field," "tabernacle," "temple," "ark," "heritage of the heathen," "utmost parts of the earth," "wheat," "kingdoms of this world," "earth," "throne," "own beast," etc., all refer to the body in which you and I are living to-day!

(3) God will antedate the seventh thousand by shortening the next 78 years, and 1923 is regarded as the prophetical Rubicon. Remember that God's Sabbath of Rest is the seventh thousand from Adam and that during this period, men will live, on this earth, delivered from sin, sickness and death, by reason that Satan will be cast off the earth into the place prepared for him, even as he was cast from heaven.


(4)  Now how did death come into the world? It is the wages of the SIN of the fall.  The sin of Adam and Eve is actually unknown to the Clergy and they admit to their altars, people who commit it ignorantly!  We of this Visitation know what it was, and also we know that redemption from the Fall is redemption from the consequences of this sin, whereby the body has died and will die till this sin be stamped out.  Then there will be no more "wages of sin."

(5)  Before you came to earth, you dwelt, in spirit, around the Throne of God, and you engaged in the war against Satan in heaven.  If you stood with Michael, you are about to receive and to dwell in your body, or Temple, as a reward for so doing.  Those who did not stand with Michael will die.  You cannot follow these teachings if you did not stand with Michael.  Michael is Jesus.

(6)  But if you stood with Him, you were taught all that I am now teaching you, before you came down, and all this is being "brought to your remembrance." If you stood with Michael you are sure to follow on in this Visitation.

(7)  You will also understand (because you have been taught it before) that a Trinity of Three Males cannot be worshipped (it is Sodomitish).  The truth about the Trinity is that, like the home below, the Home above consists of Father, Mother, and Son, for "as is the earthly so is the heavenly." Also you learnt that "the man is not without the woman in the Lord," and that as Jesus was the manifestation of the Father, spoken of as the Bridegroom, so Shiloh is the manifestation of the Mother, called the Bride (see Genesis xlix.10; Rev.xxii; 2 Esdras vii.26).

(8)  The "broad road to destruction" relates to the destruction of the body in the grave. The grave is Sheol, the fire that is never quenched, eternal damnation, the pit, all of which is experienced by the insensate body alone.  It is quite a mistake to think that a Spirit or Soul is cast into Hell, but the fear of Hell has made a larger percentage of people live some sort of a religious life in Satan's kingdom.  For remember, this is, and has been, Satan's kingdom for the last 6,000 years.  Not till the seventh trumpet sounded, could the kingdoms of this world become those of Our Lord and of His Christ.  The seventh trumpet (the work of Helen Exeter, see final note) is sounding before the 6,000 years finish, by reason that the Lord is coming as a thief in the night of Satan's reign, by antedating His Sabbath and shortening the days.  Jesus scattered the people, but it is unto Shiloh the gathering of the people must be. The people gathered must be sealed. (Rev.vii.3.) The Sealing is in process. (See last page.)

(9)  They must be gathered into a place prepared, which will be as the ark of refuge in the time of Noah, and what Goshen was to the Israelites.  The place is mentioned in 2 Samuel vii.10. It is the New Jerusalem spoken of by the poet-prophet William Blake, as being "in England's green and sunny land."


(10) The Incorruptibles are those who die and go to heaven, a multitude which no man can number (cf. the first miracle of the fishes). The Immortals will be a numbered flock, 144,000 (cf. the last miracle of the fishes, when the number was 153).

(11) The Incorruptibles have a wraith body, such as Jesus showed to Mary when He told her not to touch Him, (for her hand would have gone through His body). This is the glory of the moon only. The Immortals will have a body of flesh and bones such as Jesus showed to the disciples when He said to them "Handle Me and see."   This is the glory of the Sun (I Cor. xv).

(D) Another Comforter is promised. Who is it?

(1) Our miseries are due to the withdrawal of the Motherhood, owing, to the sin of the Fall. She is the other Comforter, the Holy Ghost, and the third Dispensation, now dawning, is Her Dispensation.

(2) That a man may speak against the Father and the Son and be forgiven, but that he cannot be forgiven if he speak against the Holy Ghost, is sufficient proof to sensible people, that the Holy Ghost is not Masculine, but is the Spouse of God, who will gather as the Hen gathers, and will comfort as a Mother comforts, She being Jerusalem above, the mother of us all (Gal. iv. 26).

(3) A part of the comforting work of the New Revelation is shown in the fact that those who die in the Faith of the Immortality of the body, though they loose the body, will gain what St. Paul calls "the better resurrection,"  that is a better resurrection than that of those who die in the Faith only of the Common Salvation.

(4)  This Revelation also teaches the comforting fact that there is no man who shall not, at the last, receive some benefit of the Lord's death. There is no Truth in the doctrine of Eternal punishment; the eternal loss of the body of those who die, alone is alluded to, but with Spirit and Soul vanished, the body is no more than a cast-off garment and is entirely insensate.

(5) But the chief Comfort of the Comforter is that by and through Her, the wilderness of the world will be made to blossom as a rose - that PEACE will flow like a river, that "sorrow and sighing will flee away and neither shall there be any more pain," that death will cease and that all who "remain" will return to the days of their youth.

(E) Woman's part in the Dispensation of the Divine Mother.

(1) Women are now being inspired to plead God's promise to Eve that the head of her adversary shall be bruised, even as Christ's heel was bruised at the Crucifixion.

(2) Genesis iii: 15. is our Charter of Redemption. "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel." The


bruising of the heel at the crucifixion was put last, though it took place first, this being done to outwit Satan.

(3) The Lord's Day of Vengeance is at hand and He is now coming to take vengeance on Satan for bruising His heel.

(4) The following are the reasons for the Lord's first coming:-

(a) To take the blame which Adam cast on God.

(b) To die in the place of the Woman whom Adam blamed as well as God.

(c) To have His heel bruised on the cross by Satan. By slaying Jesus, Satan, the Officer of Death, overstepped his office, for death is the wages of sin and Jesus was sinless.

(d) Therefore, as Satan slew Jesus unjustly, the Lord can inspire a mortal Woman to bruise his head, and thus to bring death to an end.

(5) Woman must be proved to be what God created her to be, namely the HELPMATE, and woman is therefore the Instrument now being used for the Redemption of man from the consequences of the Fall. Woman is the Tree of Life, and the Fountain of Living Water. (Genesis ii.9. cf. Song of Solomon; Revelation xxii.)

(F) The choice between Life and Death is NOW placed before man. Man is no longer Man when he dies.

(1) Once more we must remind you that the development, known as death is peculiar to this planet. According to the Scriptures we have made a "covenant with death." and only by the Redemption of the body can it be disannulled. But not until the 6,000 years was nearly concluded could the LIFE of the BODY be secured, for none could live the life immortal if in Satan's kingdom.

(2) It does not appear to have been revealed until now, that when a person dies he ceases to belong to the genus called Man, having lost the body which is the expression of all that constitutes a man.

(3) The Church loves to ascribe to Jesus the words "Jesus Hominum Salvator," Jesus the Saviour of Men (I.H.S.) but this He cannot be until He saves the bodies of men from death and corruption.

(4) Then let it be clearly understood that persons who die, cease to be men and women, and become Spirits or Angels, which is no advantage, but rather the reverse. An Angel or Spirit is less than a man.

(5) If you desire to be a "worker together with God" in the Redemption of MAN or in the "uplift of Humanity," you must subscribe to the doctrine of the Immortality of the Body, and you must accept the Divine mode of bringing it to pass.

(6) Enoch and Elijah became perfect men and passed in their bodies from mortal sight, to prove that it is possible to retain the body, but they did not secure what we seek in this Visitation, viz, to be "conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ," who is God and to live with Him on earth.


(7) To be a perfect man is not so great as to be a God-man, belonging to the God family, and full Redemption signifies nothing less than the uplifting of man from the human kingdom to the God kingdom on earth. The five kingdoms are Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Man and God. See Daniel ii. 31, et seq.

(8) That the time is ripe for the Lord's second Coming, is proved by the fact that everywhere are springing up, bodies of people who are looking for it, some in one way and some in another, and it should be a relief to thinking persons to discover that the Coming is neither catastrophic nor spectacular but an ordered event prepared for since 1792. We allude here to the foolish representations of earthquakes on the one hand, and to a golden city descending from heaven, on the other! There is a Hidden Hand of Evil certainly, but there is also a Hidden Hand of Good, which will circumvent the Devil.

(G) The conclusion of the whole matter.

(1) Truly the kingdom "cometh not by observation," but it is being established among people of a childlike temperament, who, however, are ''the wise" spoken of by the prophet Daniel; wise enough to forsake all teachings of man whose "breath is in his nostrils," all contrivances of man in philosophies, philanthropies, governments, churches, cults, (such as Higher Thought, Christian Science, Theosophy, Occultism, etc.) and are seeking unto GOD ALONE for a NEW LIFE which "eye hath not seen" and of which "ear hath not heard," and which therefore can only be revealed.

(2) But remember that all the Promises connected with the Immortality of the Body are made to those who no longer need to seek forgiveness, because they will have overcome their own evil. Read carefully the seven overcomings in Rev. II. and III.

(3) The Priests have ever opposed the Prophets, but to the Prophets alone is the "secret of the Lord" revealed; for "the Lord God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets,'' - not to the priests. See Amos iii.7.

(4) It is for you to decide whether you are endued with the desire to LIVE on earth with Christ in the Immortal fold, or with the desire to die and to go to Heaven - which is the Incorruptible sphere - whether you wish to possess (a) Spirit, Soul and Body, or (b) only Spirit and Soul, or (c) only Spirit alone - the glory of the sun, moon and stars, respectively.

(5) But remember that the Redeemed Body will know neither sin nor sorrow, "neither shall there be any more pain," for its former condition, under the Fall, will have passed away. Restitution and Restoration will set in, and God Himself will wipe away tears from off all faces. "The wilderness shall blossom as a rose," and the earth (this is the body) will be the field which the Lord hath blessed.


'Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory" over



1. - "That the LIFE also of Jesus might be made manifest IN OUR BODY." 2 Cor. iv. 10.

2. - "For God is not the God of the dead, but of the living." Matthew xxii. 32.

3. - "They which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall Reign IN LIFE by one, Jesus Christ. Romans v. 17.

4. - "Those that hate Me. LOVE DEATH." Proverbs viii. 36.

5. - "God made not death." Wisdom i. 13.

6. - "God created man to be Immortal and made him to be an Image of His own eternity." Wisdom ii. 23. (The word "man" here should be noted, see section F).

7. - "The God of peace SHALL BRUISE SATAN UNDER YOUR FEET SHORTLY." Romans xvi. 20. (This shows that Satan was not "bruised" by the Crucifixion of Jesus.)

8. - "Looking for that blessed Hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ." Titus ii. 13.

9. - "He will swallow up death in victory." Is. xxv. 8.

10. - "And he laid hold of the devil and bound him a thousand years . . . and they that had not worshipped the beast LIVED AND REIGNED WITH CHRIST A THOUSAND YEARS." Rev. xx. 4.

11. - "The last enemy which shall be destroyed is death." I Cor. xv. 26.

12. - "There shall come scoffers saying 'Where is the promise of His coming?'" 1 John iv. 1.

13. - "Waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body." from sin, sickness and death. Rom. viii. 23.

14. - "Seek not death in the error of your life." Wisdom ii. 12.

15. - "He that letteth (that is the devil) will let, till he be taken out of the way." 2 Thes.ii. 7. (This shows also that the devil was not destroyed by the death of Jesus.)

16. - "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years." 2 Peter, iii, 8. (Therefore "six days" is 6000 years.)

17. - "Behold I set before you the way of life and the way of death." Jer. xxi. 8.

18. - "I pray God that your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless." I Thess.v.23.

I9. - "The Bride shall appear and she shall be seen that now is withdrawn from the earth." 2 Esdras vii. 26.


NOTE TO (A) NUMBER (3): - "Keys to the Whole Body of Truth," is a summary of the work of the six Angels or Prophets of the Visitation and "The Voice of the Seventh Angel," contains the work of the seventh.

NOTE TO (C) NUMBER (8):- Instructions upon the Sealing mentioned in Rev. VII. 3. will be found in the Addenda of "The Voice of the Seventh Angel." In applying for the Royal Seal you must be sure that you desire your present body to be made Immortal and that you are willing to join the circle of the overcomers.

All information from Miss Green, 5, Albany Road, Bedford.


which contains full information about Joanna Southcott's Box of Sealed Writings.

(R. J. Fox.)

(R. J. Fox.)

(R. J. Fox.)

(R. J. Fox.)

These Writings contain the whole Visitation as now being worked out in operation and show the establishment of the Lord's Kingdom to be actually in process.

On application to Miss Green, 5, Albany Road, Bedford, a parcel of explanatory leaflets will be sent free, together with a picture of JOANNA'S BOX and a form for signature, in connection with the PUBLIC PETITION to the Bishops recently inaugurated.


 An Invitation to Investigate the Great

Writings Given to Joanna Southcott by

The Spirit of Truth

"Quench not the Spirit. Despise not Prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."
-1 Thess, 5:19.

for the Redemption of Body, Soul and Spirit given by the Spirit of Truth to JOANNA SOUTHCOTT, is equivalent in protection to the blood that was commanded to be sprinkled on the lintels and the doorposts, when the destroying angel passed through the land of Egypt. It is said in the Writings of Joanna Southcott, that the troubles and perplexities will increase until twenty-four of the Bishops of the Church of England (or their representatives) examine the contents of the Box of Sealed Writings left by her over one hundred years ago. On that occasion the Lord has promised to display great power, and to clearly prove the truth of the Visitation to Joanna Southcott.  The conditions in the world will then change.

Few realize that the great drama of the World's Salvation is to be enacted in the coming years now close upon us. Christ died to be the SAVIOUR of the WORLD, which was to be testified in due time.



(From a steel engraving in the National Portrait Gallery, London)

"Then will every soul that have heard  
it wish they had been sealed to be divided
from Satan's power." - Book 20, p.69.

"IS IT NOTHING TO YOU"? - Lam. 1:12  
and I will put enmity between thee and
the woman, and between thy seed and her
seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt
bruise his heel.  - Gen. 3:15.
To give your Names that I may come;
For to deliver here
From Hell and Sin; My Kingdom win
And let your Names appear.
St. Luke 10:20       -Book 14, p.68
The sceptre shall not depart from Judah,
nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until
SHILOH come; and unto him SHALL the
gathering of the people be. - Gen. 49:10. Æ(To the Jews)
What's SEALED on earth, the Scripture
saith,Is surely SEALED in heaven:
Therefore your Names I know them not,
Where you no Names have given.
                               -Book 14, p.68
And she brought forth a MAN-CHILD,
who was to rule all nations with a rod of
iron; and her child was caught up to God
and to his throne. Rev. 12:5. Æ(To the Gentiles.)
And every Name that here do Sign,
And join with thee in heart and mind,
They so will come before the throne,
And every name shall then be known.
One shall say I AM the LORD'S: and another
shall call HIMSELF by the name of Jacob; and
another shall subscribe WITH  HIS HAND
unto the LORD, and surname HIMSELF by
the name of Israel (FAITH). Isa. 44:5.
The Names before my Throne must stand,
That wish My Kingdom now at hand,
And wish for Satan to be cast;
I tell you there the end must burst.
Isaiah 44:5              -Book 16, p.26
Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees,
till we have sealed the servants of our GOD in their
foreheads (as in baptism). - Rev. 7:3,4.  9:4.
Blessed ARE they which are called unto
the marriage supper of the LAMB (union
of nations). These are the true sayings of
God. - Rev. 19:9.
The leaves of the Tree of Life (Woman) were
for the healing of the Nations. - Rev. 22:2.


Joanna Southcott's Box of Sealed Writings


"The lard has come into such a situation that nothing but THY WRITINGS can save the nations from utter ruin."
Book 14, p.102.

No peace can come to The Nations until the Box of Sealed Writings left by Joanna Southcott, a farmer's daughter, in 1814, is opened by 24 Bishops of the Church of England (or their representatives).  Her prophecies of international importance are daily being fulfilled.  The Encyclopedias' statements regarding Joanna Southcott are erroneous. Her petition,* by Divine command, for Christ's Kingdom to be established and the binding of Satan (the author of Sin, Sickness and Death) according to Scriptures is being signed by persons of all denominations, sects and parties; "And another shall subscribe with his hand unto the Lord." (Isaiah 44:5) "To Obey is better than Sacrifice." (I Samuel 15:22)

The New Earth

"As the good Fruit was on the tree,
The ending men must all know Me;
Or else My word can never stand,
As I did plant the tree for man;
And the good fruit was on the tree;
Then all mankind must sure know Me,
And judge Me by My powerful reign,
When you My Kingdom do obtain,
And I begin to reign alone,
And banish Satan from his throne.
For a NEW EARTH shall then appear,
Like Eden's garden watered here;
And peace and plenty shall be found,
And every heart in Me be crowned;
And every nation then shall come
In heart united as One man.
And if that gold can do you good,
I've mines are hid that shall be showed;
And in the seas I've hidden store,
And then I'll bring it all on shore;
And then I'll make all barren lands
To bring in glorious crops for man;
And every heart I'll fill with love;
And the good fruit they all shall prove,
A perfect knowledge then of Me -
Angels and men shall then agree.
I'll cultivate the barren lands,
And the wild beasts shall silent stand,
And all the earth I'll fill with store;
The storms and tempest shall be o'er;
No burning heat shall then appear,
But pleasant weather bright and fair;
No searching frost to chill your blood,
Nor piercing cold as it hath stood,
But summers pleasant, winters mild.
And men in heart I'll so beguile,
That every man shall have a wife,
And love her equal as his life;
And happy offspring shall appear
For to complete your pleasures here.
This I designed for man at first,
And I'll fulfil it at the last."
-Book 44, p.35.

"In thunder now the God the silence broke,
And from a cloud His lofty language spoke.
'Who and where art thou, O fond presumptuous man.
That by their own weak measures Mine would span
Undaunted, as if an equal match for Me?
Stand forth and answer My demands of thee:
But first let thy original be traced,
And tell me then what mighty thing thou wast
When to the potent world My word gave birth,
And fixed my centre on the floating earth,
Didst thou assist Me with one single thought,
Or My ideas rectify in aught?"
- Book 1, pp.35, 36.

Search the Scriptures: for in them
Ye think ye have eternal life;
And they are they which testify of Me.
And ye will not come to Me, that
Ye might have life.
 - John 5: 39-40.



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