Keys to the Whole BODY of Truth


The Whole BODY of Believers



This remarkable book was published in 1918 and now that a second edition is called for, we feel it is best to send it forth exactly as it was written, especially as it will help to show, how entirely ignorant was the person most concerned, in regard to the great work about to develop, to which this book was the prelude. God's work in nature, in grace and in prophecy are similar. The sun does not burst upon the horizon in full power, the rose does not appear in all its beauty in a moment, and the higher we get in the scale, the slower is the development - man, the highest of all, taking a considerable time to come to maturity. The Sevenfold Visitation has been similarly progressive viewed as a whole and, what is more remarkable, the progression is manifested in each part of the whole, the last part of the whole giving evidence of a growth which surprises none as much as those concerned. Now they have been as those who walk in a mist, yet here, to all far-seeing persons, is a proof of Divine leading. A visionary might set out to materialize some ideal of which he would have a grasp from the start, in fact he would probably know exactly what he was going to endeavour to bring about, and he would set before his adherents, a plan, a scheme, which they could discuss, either for acceptance or for rejection. Not so in the realm of prophecy. Blindly does the prophet follow a Voice which only says sufficient to be recognized as a command for the day, and those who come along with the prophet take risks, and are blind also. Step by step is the journey accomplished - line upon line are the lessons learnt, and here a little and there a little is the revelation given.

Except therefore for the addition of some notes, and a few technical improvements, the book is left as it was originally written. Page 33, around which has raged some amount of warfare, is left as it stood. The whole purpose of the Visitation is to bring about an understanding of how the Lord will redeem or overcome the sin of the woman in the fall, and seeing also that the sentences objected to, are in the Divine Communications given to John Wroe, and in Proverbs xxi. 19, we have no responsibility for them. Redemption means "buying back," so we may be sure that the sin of the fall can only be redeemed in the department in which it took place. Whatever will redeem the woman, must be a reversal of the original sin, it cannot be something which has no relation whatever to the original sin! But let us make it very clear that neither upon this page, nor in any part of this book, nor in any of the Writings of this part of the Visitation, is there any allusion to human marriage, as being a solution to the consequences of the fall. Marriage truly is the solution, but it is marriage between the mortal woman and the Immortal Man, and between the mortal man and the Immortal Woman. No amount of engineering of the present marital relations, in or out of the Visitation, will bring about Immortality! This should be clearly understood in order to avoid the adoption of any abnormal relations between the sexes. Abnormality and all peculiarities are to be strictly avoided and an extreme of naturalness in every direction is required of all who join with those now linked in this work.

Keys to the Whole Body of Truth for the Whole Body of Believers.



On April 1st, 1918, I discovered that the Visitation of Joanna Southcott is the second of a series of six Visitations which commenced in 1790 and ended in 1885. Concomitant in their chief features and in their order, with the six days of Creation and the six thousand years, a knowledge of each is indispensable to the believer who desires to attain to the seventh Visitation which will usher in the Sabbath of Rest for God and man, for seven cannot be reached except by the process of beginning at one and progressing via two, three, four, five and six.

Having tried the Spirits, I have no hesitation in declaring that - (1) Richard Brothers, (2) Joanna Southcott, (3) George Turner, (4) William Shaw, (5) John Wroe, (6) James White (Jezreel, or "The Stranger," the Man in chains for the deliverance of Israel) were, each of them, chosen Instruments used consecutively to convey to the people of Great Britain and to the world at large, the decrees of the Lord God regarding the imminent appearing of the Prince of Peace upon this earth.

I tested them thus:- Did each declare the truth as revealed in the Visitation with which I was familiar, viz., that of Joanna Southcott? Was each a development, a growth and, like the rising of the sun, did each shine more and more to the perfect day? The answers were in the affirmative.

Again, my mind being peculiarly given to tabulate, I was completely satisfied by the fact that the Lord had inspired six prophets, in the order of the six days of Creation, and in view of the coming seventh day. It was very obvious to me that Joanna, who was the second, could not possibly be also three, four, five and six, and I earnestly hope that this little pamphlet will enable the believers to glorify the Lord that He has done


a work in our country which is even greater and more excellent than some of us had any idea of.

At the end I shall show how sadly His beautiful work has failed of its purpose up to the present and how, what He intended to have been one solid, strong, majestic Pillar of Truth, is, at this moment, a collection of small sects, each hugging to itself its own prophet, prophetess or prophets. This, then, is a humble effort to collect the scattered material, to set up a pillar, a way-mark, which shall be a witness of the faithfulness of God, Who has left not a stone unturned, in His effort to attract the lost sheep of the House of Israel into the fold.

We who are engaged in bringing out this little book can, without hesitation, declare in His Name, that it is written in obedience to His direction that the time has come when He requires that "the whole Body of Truth be set before the whole Body of Believers."

It is characteristic of human beings in their dealings with God, when He condescends to approach them in any special manner, first to doubt the instrument used, and then, after accepting proofs of the mission and loyally following "even unto death," to reject all further light. But this is done only by those who have no understanding of a most important feature of prophecy, namely this, that the Spirit of Prophecy is distinct from the vessel or channel used, that the Spirit of Prophecy is not a human being and never dies, but manifests again and again in whom He willeth to manifest. An understanding of this would have saved, and we hope will save, much bitter grief and disappointment when a prophecy wherein it says,"Thou shalt" do so and so, or "in ten years thou shalt" do so and so, does not seem to fulfil. Thou whom the Lord is addressing is not always the vessel or instrument, but is the Immortal Spirit; the ten years may be a ten years, a hundred years after the words are spoken, but certain it is that, the prophecy spoken of the Spirit through the instrument, will be fulfilled through that or another instrument. In these days of fulfilling prophecy we need to learn the ethics, the science of prophecy. One of the very first lessons is the need to dissociate the Spirit and the Instrument, another is to remember that the One is Immortal, progressive, active, tireless, unchangeable, divine, while the other is the reverse of all these things. Yet a third lesson is expressed in a simple illustration - the "Spirit " is like the sparkling, invigorating, cheering wine "making glad the heart of man," it is "thou" the everlasting, the powerful,


the eternal, to Whom time is naught; it is Life addressed by Him Who commands all things, therefore "thou" wilt perform every command and fulfil every prophecy. The Instrument, be it Brothers or Joanna or Turner or another, is but the vessel containing (for that infinitesimal moment of twenty years, or more or less) the Wine, that coursed through the veins and gladdened the heart. To a fainting person, what matters it whether the wine be in a golden cup, or in a Venetian goblet, or in an iron mug? Here, then, is our third lesson, namely, that we must refuse to dwell upon the person of the prophet, we must not prefer the attractive, almost perfect character of Joanna to the faulty Brothers, or the gentleness of Shaw to the rough, piercing, almost terrifying Wroe; and so on. A further lesson can be learnt from the same illustration - a vessel which has contained the wine may be no longer in sight; it is broken, it cannot be used; manifestly another must be found. Does a person needing to be revived, refuse to drink from another vessel because a former one is non-existent? Nay, then let us reverently honour the dead prophets and prophetess, but let us remember that they are dead as Instruments. We treasure the stored-up Wine in their writings, but, if a vessel now living be chosen to speak the Word again, and that Word contain all the verve and the quality and the timbre of the Master's Voice and can be measured by the line and the plummet, let us not foolishly reject a fresh draught, because the old vessels, broken by death, are passed from our view!

"Thou shall" indicates that the Spirit will, and common sense tells us there are many things which Joanna and the prophets did not do in life, which it was said "thou" would do, therefore we await the performance of these acts, not by Joanna nor by her companions, but by the Spirit operating in whom He chooses. The greatest trial that our Blessed Lord has had in this, the final effort for man, where He has spoken as "Jonah" in Brothers, as a "babbler" in Joanna, with a "stammering tongue" in John Wroe, with the "voice of the charmer" in Shaw, as "the stranger" in Jezreel, is the foolish determination on the part of each flock of sheep which He has gathered by these shepherds, to worship the Instrument, and to cling to it. To obviate this, He has permitted the mistakes and falls and disappointments recorded so carefully by these very choosen ones, and now we are enlightened enough to know that personal virtue is not the reason of the call, but the reason of the call is the capacity to take down the Word. I have no hesitation in


saying that at the end, the Lord may choose the repentant sinner rather than the "righteous" for this work, that no flesh may glory in His presence.

The Whole Body of Truth - The Bible.

The whole Body of Truth, as shown unto the Adamic race, is comprised in the Old Testament and the Apocrypha (the Gospel, or good news from the Father), and in the New Testament (the Gospel, or good news from the Son). Each verse of these is a survival of hundreds of manuscripts. This is proved thus:- The value of any written work to the race is discovered by its quotable faculty; a whole book may be comparatively dead, but the author lives by reason of a saying which has permeated into the being of a nation. This saying is essence, for in it is the very being of the writer. Now the whole Bible is a series of essential, quotable words from God Himself, they are Essence, they are Being, and thus they feed that part of man which cannot live by bread alone, even his being which he derived from God. The whole Bible is a précis, God's Own critical, eclectic work, His final choice from His Own inspirations, of what would best serve the world in the latter days. Thousands upon thousands of "communications" have been given to prophets, serving the generation to which they were sent, but the present Bible is a survival of the fittest material for the instruction and guidance of us "upon whom the ends of the world are come." St. John took down the Revelation, then there was silence - a silence not broken as far as we know until 1790. From that date onwards, God has again been speaking, again hundreds of records have been made, treasured, copied, printed, and the material which will eventually form The Third Testament is rapidly collecting.

We do not doubt but that eventually the best, the most needed from all these manuscripts and books will attain to the distinction which at present belongs to the Old and New Testaments (the Words of Father and Son), and that the Holy Ghost will brood upon the chaos (a chaos is any confusion, whether of good things or of bad things), and will cause to survive, the essence, the very Being of the Great Visitation which we are about to present to "Believers" - even a Gospel of the Holy Ghost, which will teach and feed and warn the generations of the Coming Millennial period. Meantime, it is very desirable that the believers in the Visitation to Joanna Southcott shall have placed before them a précis of what is already an import-


ant collection of prophetic writings, and which, together with her works, may be called the "Keys" whereby alone we shall be able to unlock that sacred depository of Divine treasure - the Holy Bible.


The First Visitation.

Richard Brothers, 1790 to 1792*

Richard Brothers was a Lieutenant in the Navy. In 1790 the Word of the Lord came to him, and he was bidden to declare to the King and to the Nation of Great Britain, that Britain is Israel, and that the government of God's kingdom belongs to Britain. Here he struck the dominant note of the music which sounds above the roar of guns and above the rattle of musketry, and the dominant note is the Hope of the Lord's appearing to take the kingdoms of this world for His own possession.

"Nothing reaches far forward into the future which has not its roots far back in the past." The Nation to whom is committed the government of the world can stand this test. In 1917 b.c. British History begins, for in 1917 b.c. the Lord gave to Abraham the promises which Richard Brothers reiterated, and, speaking by the Spirit of God, applied to our country. Those who are desirous of studying this matter thoroughly, should read the promises made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the prophecies given to Daniel on the setting-up of the kingdom; also they should study the division of and the captivities of the kingdoms of Judah and of Israel, noting particularly II. Kings xvii. 6 and II. Kings xviii. II. A view will thus be obtained of the fact that the Jews, the tribe descended from Judah, the fourth son of Jacob, together with Benjamin and some of Levi, had but seventy years captivity, and returned at the end of that period to Palestine, remaining there until the second dispersion, after the fall of Jerusalem, a.d.70. It will also be seen that Israel, the kingdom comprising the descendants of all the other sons of Jacob, has never returned to Palestine, and that in the Old Testament no record is given of their whereabouts, after their settlement in the cities of the Medes. We must now turn to II. Esdras xiii., verses 40 to 47, and here we get a most important piece of information on the movements of these so called lost tribes. The Apocrypha, by a piece of Satanic strategy, has been carefully suppressed, and the consequences

*Note (Second edition). These dates indicate the period when the prophet was a Standard - there being only one Standard at a time.


are a culpable ignorance of what is the most important fact in history, namely that in 500 b.c. these tribes commenced their migration towards our islands, where in due time it was the Lord's intention to raise up Joanna Southcott (and her companion prophets), to make the law against Satan and to start the sealing of the people in view of the present wars, in which Israel (Britain, her colonies and the Allies) are fighting the hosts of evil. We are Ephraim of the house of Joseph, one of whose branches, Manasseh has gone "over the wall" and has become the great American nation. Over us and our brother Judah (the Jews) floats the Union Jack or Union of Jacob, our royal arms are the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the wild ox antelope (which in profile appears to have but one horn), of Ephraim.We are Saxons or Isaacsons: Dan (the Danes) and Benjamin (the Normans) appeared as invaders, whereas they were merely tribes arriving on these islands at the appointed time. At Westminster is the stone of Jacob, which was committed to Joseph's care. As Isaac's sons we are heirs of the whole world, and our destiny is expressed by the Spirit of Truth in the prophecies of Richard Brothers, as follows:-

"Ye are the Holy seed, the people and saints of the Most High, to whom and to your children for ever belongs the possession and the government of His kingdom."

The great objective of the war is the elimination of Turkey from Europe. Brothers was commanded to tell George III. that, if he took up the sword against Turkey, he would be successful, and that Jerusalem would be ours.

The fate of Brothers was similar to that of Micaiah. For his temerity in approaching Parliament he lost his lieutenancy and was confined in Canonbury Tower. But his message was true, and his prophecy is already justified in the fact that Jerusalem was delivered from Turkish administration in 1917.

Unhappily, Satan exerted great influence over Brothers in endeavouring to bring about the downfall of one who had un-earthed the great secret which he had so long suppressed - the secret that Britain is part of Israel. After faithfully delivering his message, Brothers began to prophesy out of his own heart and supposed himself to be the Prince, the Deliverer. Pride was his pitfall, and he was under Divine displeasure for a long period, during which he added to his sin by his complaints against God. Now these things were permitted and were recorded for the instruction and warning of the whole group of prophets, of which Brothers was the first. The examples of


David and of Peter would have lost half their value had not their sin been recorded, "thus were they tempted and thus they fell, let us beware lest we also sin in like manner," we say. In beginning His great Visitation, the Lord permitted the first prophet to be entrapped by pride. Why? Because the others must have an example before them of the need that a prophet shall know himself to be nothing more than an instrument, a channel. "All things work together for good." The fall of Brothers may be counted as a most valuable feature in the great Visitation of the Spirit from 1790 to 1885, and played its part in the fact that the personality of the prophet gets less and less and the Message gets more and more as we advance, until the sixth instrument is known as "the stranger," and hardly a detail exist as to his life and person. To the broad-minded, it is enough that Brothers delivered the Message to our country; we can thank him for this and for the courage which he showed, we can lay his fault upon Satan, we can "consider ourselves, lest we also be tempted," and we can then pass on to a consideration of the work of the next Instrument. I must not omit to say that the British-Israelites have sat down in front of Brothers and have steadily refused to follow on to know the Lord, in His next manifestation of Himself to the prophetess Joanna. I have on several occasions written to tell the British-Israel Societies that they are only in the infant school, but like those who cling to Joanna and will not go on with Turner, Shaw, Wroe and Jezreel, they continue to refuse to progress. To know that we are Israel is the very least bit of prophetic information that a modern believer in prophecy can possess. One can only say it is better than nothing, but it is like possessing a clock that won't go and has been pointing to one o'clock for 130 years!


The Second Visitation.

Joanna Southcott, 1792 to 1814.

Over one hundred years ago, England rang with the fulfilled prophecies and with the Divine Communications of the Spirit of Truth to Joanna Southcott - a Devonshire woman of blameless life and a Communicant of the Church of England. She first heard by means of the inner ear, the "still small voice," in 1792, two years after Brothers began to prophesy,


and for twenty years her two handmaidens took from her mouth Communications which proved to he God's own Explanations of the Bible and of His scheme for the complete Redemption of the World from Satan's power, and consequently from sin and from sorrow. This is to be accomplished by fulfilling the Promise made to the Woman at the Fall - to bruise her deceiver's head. Gen. iii. 15, has, so far, only been partly fulfilled, Christ took the blame man cast upon Him, and shielded the Woman, when Satan bruised His heel at the Crucifixion, and it was to this that our Lord referred when He said, "It is finished." Satan has yet to be bound, and his binding is imminent, as his rule upon the Earth of Six days or Six Thousand Years (2 S. Peter iii. 8) will terminate in eighty-two years from this date (1918).*  But, in order to save the Flesh and to restore Man to his primeval happiness, these "days will be shortened" (S. Matt. xxiv. 22), and Christ's Kingdom, now being brought in by the sword (S. Luke xxii 36) will be taken by force (S. Matt. xi. 12). A catastrophic end of the World is no part of God's plan. Christ will reign on this Earth (Rev. xi. 15), and all that is good in our laws, our institutions and our inventions, and is beautiful in our productions, will be presented, evil alone will be destroyed. Until the Spirit of Truth came, as promised, (S. John xiv., xv., and xvi.) and revealed these things unto His servant, the Prophetess (Isaiah viii.) the purposes of God for the end had been sealed up in the bosom of the Father, for man, having been pronounced "dead to knowledge" (Gen. ii. 17), it has been impossible for even the most learned, to interpret the Scriptures, in fact it would have been useless for man to be able to do so, until the end became imminent. The good wine has been kept until now.

It is consonant with God's former dealings with mankind that again He has hid these things from the wise and prudent. (S. Luke x. 21), and has revealed them to a simple person. Also it is to be supposed that a further demand upon faith would be made, as our Lord's return drew near, seeing that He expressed a doubt as to whether He would find "faith on the earth" (S. Luke xviii. 8). Of faith in His Birth in the Flesh, which was rejected by the Jews, there is ample among the Gentiles, but it is faith in the Birth in the Spirit on December 25th, 1814, of the, Woman as prophesied in Rev. xii., which the Gentiles will be required to exhibit. Many will reject it, and thus both Jews

* Note (Second edition). In 1921 there are only 79 years remaining.


and Gentiles will be concluded in unbelief "that He might have mercy upon all" (Rom. xi. 32). The testimony of Jesus, being the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev. xix. 10), a revelation which is not built up upon fulfilled or fulfilling prophecy has no claim upon our acceptance. Joanna's prophecies were fulfilled to the letter during the Napoleonic wars (the shadow) and the present war (the substance) is proceeding along the lines which she foretold. Her work of inscribing the words of the Spirit of Truth in sixty-five publications, and in as many unpublished MSS. being accomplished, and having borne the child who was "caught up" to the Throne of God (Rev. xii.), she died two days after, on St. John's Day, 1814, and was buried in St. John's Wood Cemetery. The "corn of wheat" which fell into the ground (S. John xii. 24) abode alone, and the enmity of Satan against the woman had full scope for close on one hundred years (vide Encyclopaedias, etc.). According to prophecy, however, the word of the Lord to Joanna has been revived "by the hands of a woman." The lingering judgments of which they have been full, will increase in intensity until England turns to God, and thus becomes the first Happy Land, the first Nation redeemed from Satan's rule. The King of England "will yield up his throne to God" and, together with half the Nation, will be protected or sealed (Rev. vii. 3) before the heavy judgments, by signing the Woman's Petition for the fulfilment of the Promise made to her at the Fall (Gen. iii. 15). If faith in this Visitation be strong in the Land, the heavy judgments may be entirely averted. Satan will eventually be chained or bound for a thousand years (Rev. xx.) - the Day of Rest or Seventh Day (Seventh Thousand) for God and Man (Gen. vi. 3, Heb. iv. 9) - during which Man will be judged without the Powers of darkness to work upon him, and Man will be pronounced "good." The Word which was in the beginning (Gen. i. and ii.) and which was the Truth (S. John i.) will thus be established, as every Word of God must be. It must also be established that Woman shall prove herself to be a Helpmate to Man, since she was created for that purpose (Gen. ii. 18). This will be accomplished by the fact that Woman, who brought the evil fruit of Satan's deception to man, is bringing the Good News to man of this Visitation, (Psalm lxviii. II, R.V.) while Joanna, by her perfect obedience to every command, by her terrible sufferings (I Tim. ii. 15), and by her dispute for Ten Days with the Powers of Darkness, expiated, by the Power of Christ in her, the transgression of Eve.


All sects and churches will be united by Christ Himself into a perfect covering for man (Isaiah xxviii. 20), but it will be the privilege of twenty-four Bishops of the Church of England to turn the judgments into blessings, by demanding the Box of Sealed Writings, which contain the proofs of the Truth of the Mission. The twenty-four Bishops are the "twenty-four elders," who will be obliged to "cast the crowns" of their own wisdom before the overwhelming proofs which God will give them of this wonderful work, which is "His strange act." (Isaiah xxviii. 21). Differences of opinion in regard to theological controversy, and in regard to the various outward expressions of religion, will be put entirely on one side, in view of the exigencies of the moment, when the Shepherd and the Bishop of our souls, Himself, becomes "All in All," and makes all churches and sects into One Fold, under One Shepherd, an accomplishment impossible to man.

This is a poor attempt to gather together the chief points of the Teachings given by the Spirit to Joanna, but it suffices to show how completely in error are the Churches and Sects of the present day. As so many of the writings given to her by the Spirit are obtainable at the Clock House Press, Ashford, Middlesex, I only append a few extracts which bear upon the present situation, and which show Believers two essential facts, viz.:-

(1) That Joanna's work was left unfinished, and will be finished, not by her, but by the Spirit which animated her (the Divine thou or thee) operating through another channel. She is the type of the Incorruptible Bride, having chosen an heavenly inheritance: the type of the Immortal Bride has yet to appear.

(2) That a prophet is not a faultless person but is a "Spiritual" person, i.e., capable of hearing Spiritual messages from Spirit - good or bad, hence the extreme need to "try the Spirits" and to "prove all things."

Here is an example in which God is addressing the Spirit, not Joanna, as "THEE," for, spoken through Joanna in 1804, it will be seen that the deliverance promised did not come, so we must still "watch," first, for the sufferer or prisoner, and then for the deliverance:- "In a day ye little think of, deliverance will come, and ye must be like bullocks in the yoke. Believers must bear part of the burden with thee, that they may rejoice with thee. They must share part of the Cross, if they wish to share the Crown, therefore, let no man expect to be free from sufferings of one kind or another, till thy sufferings are


over . . . so let them wait with patience till I take the burden from thee, and then I will take it from all thy friends, and the time of thy deliverance draweth near." (Vol. 10 unpublished.)

"I have surrendered myself into their hands for justice and I am a confined prisoner, ordered not to see friend nor foe till I am taken from my confinement to my Trial, which is to come at last in the manner said at first (that is) brought forward by the Bishops." (Vol. 8 unpublished, p.154.)

Now we all know that Joanna did not have her Trial by man, and the Lord plainly told Turner in 1815, "I never promised My Bride (the Incorruptible Bride) that she should do all the work to bring in My Kingdom - she is dead, she is with Me in Glory, she hath done her part." Again:-

"I have taken Joanna away by death, according as I declared by her, 'if the learned did not come forward to be convinced I had spoken by her' (see p.18 of this book).

So the Trial has yet to take place, and the person tried will be a prisoner beforehand. This person will be a type of the Immortal Bride, as Joanna was a type of the Incorruptible Bride - the difference being the same as the difference between those who die and go to an Heavenly Inheritance, and those who will live on earth during the Millennium.* Types, like prophets, are merely instruments, chosen for capacity to play a certain allotted part. If they be truly chosen of God, they will make no 'claims,' and will be content to take the lowest place, and to be servant of all, for they will know 'even as they are known,' that is they will know themselves to be human, and not Divine. The Lord told Joanna there would not be another Voice. No, certainly not, because it is the same Voice - the Voice of the Spirit of Truth. This must be so, for the Lord was then speaking to Turner. Also when He said, 'I will not be a mouth and a voice to other women,' manifestly He meant, 'I will not be a mouth and a voice to other women in your day,' lest imposters should arise. Unless He condescends to speak to other women as well as to Joanna, how can His word to the prophet Joel be fulfilled - 'Your daughters shall prophesy'"?

In the matter of our contention that a prophet is a spiritual person, not a faultless one, and that it is no particular marvel that Brothers and Turner made mistakes, the following is noticeable:-

August 29th, 1804. "The old prophet is the Devil who

* Note the second horn, the second hand, the second in the duel, the second sword, the second Express.


often comes as an angel of light, and when I send My angels or spirits to be ministering spirits, Satan often comes amongst them and infuses words in the same manner, so that in some things they are deceived. But then thou sayest "how then can a prophet rely on anything, seeing Satan has power to deceive him?" I answer, "Satan hath no power to deceive any man further than I permit, for wise ends, to keep man in a humble frame of mind, for if Satan were never permitted to stumble a prophet by lying unto him, he would swell their pride to judge they were more than man, by being honoured with revelations, not considering the same revelation is given unto all who will receive it." When the door of the mind is open to the Spiritual world, a person becomes liable at once to Spiritual errors, for not only God and good angels, but Satan and evil angels have access. This is, so to speak, part of the "fortunes of war" in the spiritual combat, but a good understanding of the fact, constant prayer, and God's over-ruling Providence bring all to a safe ending, and it is found that "all things work together for good," unto them that are "the called" - even the mistakes turn into blessings. Satan came to Jesus as an Angel of Light, quoting Scripture in support of his contention - "it is enough that the disciple be as His Master."

One more important matter is being slowly solved, namely the question, "Who was Pomeroy?" This is important, because all through the Visitation we learn that Pomeroy has much to do with the "Awful Trial" - the Trial yet to be brought about by the Bishops or man. It is gradually being disclosed to us that Pomeroy represents the Church, which has for six years accepted the writings of Joanna, by giving silent consent to their publication. In a Communication (Oct. 26th, 1804. Vol. 10 unpublished, p.188), we are told that Pomeroy is the Horse, before which the little flock of sheep must go, "to turn him every way." The Rider is Satan - the Horse is the Church - "The Horse I will forgive." " The Rider I will never clear." The Church will blame the Women who are bringing Joanna's Writings before the public, thus the Church will be like Adam, who cast the blame on Woman. This will bring forth the great controversy about the Writings, which the Lord says will arise. Pomeroy stands a type of the Church and of Man, who are both ridden by Satan, and it is Woman's part and duty to rid the Horse (the Church and Man) of so unholy a Rider - else will both go to perdition. There is no credit in discovering Satan in wickedness, but to discover him in religion is the important


point, and it is from that Horse we must command him to dismount. "The Horse I will forgive," yea, and after cleansing and soothing and feeding, that same Horse shall be harnessed unto the Chariot of the Living God.

One last word may be useful on the Great Mystery of the Man-Child. First it is helpful to realise that a Man-Child is not necessarily a male-Child, but may be a Child of Man, even a Child of the God-Man. The growing conviction that the Holy Ghost is the Feminine in the Godhead makes it necessary to face the possibility that Shiloh is Feminine - the Bride - the Manifestation of the Holy Ghost, even as Jesus was the Manifestation of the Father. Even the allusion to a Second Son, and the frequent occurrence of the word Him, when speaking of Shiloh, is no difficulty, because the word "Son" comes from the Sanskrit "Sunû, to beget," and a daughter is also one begotten. In His great strategical work, God has to use language "to conceal thought" and we cannot force upon Him our rendering of His words, but we shall in all cases find that His use of our language is the true one. In John Wroe's Visitation it will be seen that the expected Child is Feminine - called a Man-Child because a Child of the God-man, and called a Son because "begotten." These things are preparatory to a further great Revelation on the crucial matter of the Man-Child as being the Bride and therefore Feminine. Our united prayer should be "Make what is true (not what I think is true) more true to me."*


The Third Visitation.

George Turner, 1814 to 1821.

The most important work published by George Turner is "A Book of Wonders," 1817. To all the Believers in Joanna's Visitation, this book is of incomparable interest. Turner had passed out of the period during which God permitted Satan to deceive him in regard to Brothers, and the Communications which commence properly in 1806 (though the two first are dated 1813) breathe of a total emancipation from man, and the thoughts of man. The book commences with a discourse between Satan and God, of which two or three important sentences are the following:-

The Lord: "Hast thou considered My decree to obey it, which I have made for My sealed?"

* Note (Second edition). This paragraph should be compared with the addenda "Voice of 7th Angel" written a year after, to show the growth in the revelation.


Satan: "I am God, and obey my own decrees, thy law is not good to condemn the innocent, who is not a subject of thine."

The Lord: "By Me thou dost exist; I will repay thy sin of breaking My decree, and thou shalt be removed from the earth."

Satan: "I was on the earth before man came upon it, man is the intruder, not I."

The Lord: "I let thee come upon this earth, but I did not give it unto thee, but unto man, therefore thou must go to that place and kingdom prepared for thee."

Satan: "I will fight for my kingdom, and uphold it."

The Lord: "Then use all thy power, and see if thou art a match for Me."

Satan: "Let the strongest have the day."

The Lord: "I will win and throw down thee, where thou wilt remain My vengeance to endure."

Satan: "I fear not Thy vengeance nor Thee, I am my own life."

The Lord: "I am a match for thee. My people now shall see, we now will try."

This is important because, after Joanna's dispute, and the commencement of the sealing, we have no record of what attitude Satan took up, and it will be seen that this present war is an agreed combat between God and Satan in which man is involved. This discourse is dated Nov. 5th, 1813. On Dec.14th 1813, the Word of the Lord came to Turner as follows: "Let man be informed that I have judged Satan (the Prince of this world) guilty of breaking My decree, which I made for My sealed. I have declared My sentence upon him that he shall be removed and his power from this earth, and all the fallen angels and their evil works I will destroy, which they have wrought upon the earth. Oh, England, thou dost not regard Me! without My stroke thou art hardened by the evil one working unbelief in thee, therefore to assist thee to shake off the work of Satan (unbelief) I strike! Now My people, who believe in the Visitation of My spirit, the battle must be fought, and you must stand in faith with Me, and see My power!"

August 10th, 1806. "My children (who are those that believe in My present Visitation for the establishment of My kingdom) be not cast down. Man shall be one in spirit, and serve Me with consent in holiness."

Sept. 21, 1806. "The streams of happiness and life are with Me. I have given life to beings that despise Me. Man,


hear and understand! Is not thy life with Me to give or to withhold? When didst thou breathe without My aid, or live without My support? Dost thou hate thy friend - My redeeming Love - and love thy enemy - the bondage of sin, torment and misery? Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee life."

Nov. 6th, 1806. "Soon you will hear the movements of the enemy towards this nation, but I will be a defence to My sealed people."

March 5th, 1806. "My people in the Gospel do not know Me. Their shepherds are blind to My word. But I have mercy on the flock, because the shepherds have not watched for them, but shall I not care for My sheep? Now I will show them what will come in My wrath. I have spoken it, and in My wrath decreed it that, in delivering man from under the power of Satan and of fallen angels, I will suddenly make an end, for the end of all who will not obey the command given by My hand-maid (Joanna) is come up before Me."

October 23rd, 1808. "Yet a deluge of evil* is to come before My kingdom is established, and it will overflow all its banks of resistance in all places. My sealed people excepted, whom I will protect with My power."

October 1st, 1809. "My Word be Thou strength to all, that the weak may feel strength, the mourner may be comforted, and the fearful heart may become strong, and the longing soul filled."

Jan. 6th, 1811. "The people cry unto Me wishing to know My will, but in their hearts they despise My Visitation to Joanna, therefore I will not regard their petition."

Jan. 3rd, 1813. "The time is now for the powers of darkness to try all that believe. I have permitted him to use his arts to try and tempt My friends. Labour to make My Visitation to Joanna known. Now I call upon you to give ear to Me that ye may prove ye are Mine for Me to inherit, after your faith is tried, and as gold purified, ye may be fit for My use."

The following were received in connection with the Birth of Shiloh:-

May 7th, 1813. "Let My Bride remember My great love to support her and to bear her in My arms."

Oct. 16th, 1813. "The trial will shortly be brought forward by man, I do not tell thee how soon Man must call it

* Social disorders in England.


forward. I will smite to awaken their fears, the rich I will bring low.* Let thy heart be at rest, and not mourn because I lay affliction upon the believers, but look to the joy set before thee and rejoice. Many that believe are moved against thee because I speak to thee; I will defend thee; fear not."

June 12th, 1814. "My son (Shiloh) shall soon gather together My people for My kingdom. Let the people know I have set My foot upon the earth in life, and My footsteps will be glorious, but understand what I mean - that I will go on using My power as a man goes on, step by step, until he hath accomplished his journey."

Nov.11th, 1814. "The rage of evil will be very great, and where the carcase is there will the eagles be gathered together to feed upon the prey, but I will destroy their hope. The dragon is ready to devour the (child) as soon as born, put no confidence in man, but in Me."

Nov.18th, 1814. "Thou thinkest the harvest is passed, and thou thinkest forty weeks are passed since My last Visitation of creative power to Joanna on Feb. 11th. When God's Hour is come, His son will be born."

Nov. 28th, 1814. "My Bride I will support and give strength to bring forth, let her remember My former mercies to her, let not My hand-maids fear, for I create strength."

Dec.11th, 1814. "My hand-maids have My commands but hesitate, therefore is Shiloh kept back, but I forgive."

The following were received after Joanna's death:-

Jan. 6th, 1815. "My Bride is dead to whom I promised support, and to give her strength to bear My son Shiloh. Wait and see the end, I am God, I can give life. My hand-maids I see are deeply afflicted, refusing to be comforted. Weep not for the dead who is alive. I will comfort and defend."

Jan. 27th, 1815. "I will heal the wound that the wicked one hath made on My people, by taking My Bride away by death. Let My friends draw near to Me, and I will be their Shepherd."

Feb.1st, 1815. "Thy thoughts are 'she is gone and they (the promises) are not fulfilled.' One word shall not fall to the ground. Man does not discern My working upon My Bride. I placed My shadow in Joanna, how I would work in the Jews My great work that they may be born of My Spirit - by My Spirit working in them "LIFE."

* Through social upheavals which will make the Bishops act.


Feb.16th, 1815. "I have taken Joanna away by death according as I declared by her, that is, if the learned did not come forward to be convinced that I had spoken by her. Tell My people that Joanna is with Me in glory, and the wicked one did not deceive her, but I tried My people by her, and suspended My mercies to man, because of the rage and mockery and unbelief which the enemy brought in man."

Aug.1st, 1815. "I will answer thee of B____. He hath despised the Lord in despising My spirit that visits thee; but he shall be lightly esteemed, for his folly shall appear. He says, 'Turner was visited by Satan.' So was I, Jesus (and, as I did) thou resisted Satan, declaring thou would have nothing about thee if thou knewest it was from Satan. This I permitted to try thy love to Me."

Feb. 23rd, 1815. "My Bride is beside thee, viewing thee writing: hear what she hath to say. 'Mr. Turner, the Lord hath put you over His people. Be not cast down, but obey His voice. I see the crown you will receive. I see what my brother is doing, and I see Townley and Underwood judging I was not doing the will of the Lord, but let them know - it was the Lord working by me, for His glory, and I now rejoice in glory, I am permitted to come to you, as my mother was permitted to come to me, to encourage you not to fear, because the work is great you have to do; but be not dismayed, the Lord will protect you, and work by you, in the execution of His will. Oh, what glory I see, and what happiness I feel and know; I have done the will of the Lord. Say unto Townley and Underwood, faint not, I now see how closely you and I have been united to the Lord, and the angels rejoice to see you stand steadfast. Oh, the beauty of My Lord - the light around His throne! Who can declare the glory, and the smiles streaming from His presence of holy life? The sweetness of His voice goes through all heaven, and echoes return in praises, which your ears have not heard; delight unspeakable! All rest in His embraces, where I am, but there are many heavens with not so bright a glory there, but safe from the wicked one, and at rest, but you will come where I am. But the Lord will work by you; be faithful, and the Lord will give you strength and comfort, as you will stand in need, but the Lord is careful over you to refresh. Now, Mr. Turner, till I am permitted again to speak with you, think upon my words. - Adieu."

August 9th, 1815. "I hear the request of My children, that believe My word I send by thee, and I will answer.


Joanna, My Bride, whom I took away by death, I caused her to speak to thee, and appear to thee and speak to thee at the same time, and thou spoke to her looking each other in the face at the time. It was no imposture, or fancy, or imagined thing; but real spirit and life, opened to thy view by My power and command."

August 29th, 1815. "When I gave My Bride to know that I had united Townley and Underwood as My mother and sister, that they three might join in the work, they remained with her to the time of her death, as My word declared, but did I not say 'Your brother, I'll appear?' And now I have taken the cause into My Own Hands, and I appear here, in My word by My servant: but Townley and Underwood refuse to receive Me as I promised to come. It is not My servant that is placing daggers in their breasts, if they do not make My word daggers by their unbelief. I never promised My Bride that she would do all the work - to bring in My Kingdom: but that I would begin the work by her, to bring in My Kingdom, and enable her to claim the promise made in the fall, and set bounds to evil, by the sealing; but she had not sealed the number of one hundred and forty and four thousand, to be the tribes of Israel. She is dead, and with Me in glory, she hath done her part. And I said - 'THE SEAL should be given to her friend, where I the lump did leaven.' And I have leavened thee by My spirit, and thou, GEORGE TURNER, must have the SEAL given to thee. This is My command, the Lord of heaven and earth, Jesus the Saviour and Redeemer."

"My Bride will not return in the way they suppose, with Shiloh in her arms, to remain here with him, but she shall bring My decrees, which shall be put in execution immediately after. And My SON, SHILOH, shall appear, and subdue all the earth, and thou must attend him in the execution, and My counsel shall be with you, though the rage and fury will be great, but I am thy GOD, and I will defend thee."

("Thou," here, is not addressed to Turner, the Instrument - but to the Visiting Spirit, the Spirit of the Visitation.)

Sep.14th, 1815. "And the wise virgins continue to receive the Visitation of My spirit by thee: their lamps they trim with the light of My word by thee, that will burn bright, when My spirit in power doth fulfil: they then will enter into the joy of their Lord - that is Me, Jesus. Then the foolish virgins will find their mistake - that they, as blind men have been, and are unprepared to meet their Lord. Let My children know this."


Nov. 8th, 1815. "My word to thee is truth, that I told thee, I should give strength to My Bride to bring forth, and she was dead at the time - but My word is fulfilled spiritually because My Son is spiritual, not spirit - and I took him, who shall appear, that all may know My word is truth; I am the Power that formed My Son in her, and the Power that brings forth by her, spiritually, my heir - the last Adam. And this will be a wonder to men, when I open their eyes to see the truth of My word to thee."

"The tenth day, March 17th, 1816. It was said to me in the morning, that Shiloh would appear to me that day. I had a fire in an upper room in my house, where I retired to, after meeting the friends in the Chapel. I did not tell the friends what had been said to me in the morning, but I told them that Shiloh had not appeared to me then, but if he appeared to me before twelve o'clock at night, it would be in the ten days, and I would not deceive them, but tell them the truth, for it could be no honour to God to make any excuse with a lie, and with such like expressions. About seven o'clock in the evening, as I was sitting in the upper room by myself, there appeared a child, as if it was from two to three years old, dressed in a particular manner.* It was unfolded to my view - and stood in the door-way that was shut, as if the door had been open, and looked at me sweet and pleasantly, and came a little into the room, as near to me as about two yards, and then returned, and passed as if through the wall, at a little distance from the door. I thought to myself: 'Is the enemy bringing a likeness to mock me?' For I had no thought of it being Shiloh, but the room appeared as if it was full of beings, but I could not see any, but I felt a great power upon me, working in my heart love and sweetness. I thought - Surely I am going to be changed. And the thoughts of my heart began to multiply - wishing to see Shiloh, and praying for his appearing: thus my thoughts were occupied, till a few minutes before ten o'clock - I then enquired of the Lord if Shiloh would appear, as the day was so near to an end. I was answered: 'He had appeared, for that which I saw, about seven o'clock, was Shiloh.' It greatly surprised me, as I had not had him in my arms, and embraced him, as I judged I should have. To which I was answered: 'I did not promise thee that thou should have him in thy arms the first time he appeared to thee. It is for a SIGN."

I wondered that I had no knowledge given me at the time,

*Probably as a girl is dressed.


that it was Shiloh. I was reminded that it was told me: 'That he would open to thy view when thou wilt not be thinking of him.'"

It is noticeable here that the Lord had said on Feb. 27th, 1816, "Yet within ten days My Son Shiloh shall appear to thee." Great disappointment was experienced when the ten days were up and no vision appeared. Later the Lord explained that He had not said when the ten days would begin.

Sept. 28th, 1816. "Man and woman being created and made, and the breath of life breathed upon them, of sense, power and knowledge, which was good, we planted a garden, and put the man and woman therein to till it, being in our image and likeness, God: with powers to generate in unity of love, to multiply and replenish the earth, with the offspring proceeding from the power of their generating powers, which we had given unto them in the likeness of our power with knowledge to know and comprehend the good, that they might show the image, formed by them, which cannot be brought forth by any other means; but as we have appointed in them the succession of life, generations were formed by them with that power we had given them, that our likeness of glory might appear in man, which power the angels had not received from us, that the disobedient angels might see our power to create life, which they had no power to create. And we gave man and woman dominion over all the earth." (In regard to the Mystery of Immortality no plainer word has ever been received but it should be borne in mind that generation will cease.)

Oct. 5th, 1816. "I have shown thee My Son* Shiloh, a child appeared to thy view and then disappeared, and in a vision thou received him into thy arms, that thou might know, and be assured My word is true; that thou might obey My voice, and declare My words unto them. My Son Shiloh shall be revealed with power from heaven, but I have not made known when this will take place, but it will take place."

Oct. 5th, 1816. "I am God, and I will make known to all people My wondrous works, I created My Son, Shiloh, who am Jesus Christ, the word of God, the Bridegroom in My Gospel, by the power of My spirit in the womb of My handmaid, the Bride recorded in Revelations, as man creates the likeness in the womb, and by My great power, I took My Son

* "Son" means begotten, and may be male or female.


Shiloh, from the womb to Paradise, the place and state of My Kingdom, prepared from the foundation of the world, that the last Adam may rise up in My image and likeness, spiritual not spirit, with flesh and bones as I had, and appear as I did as man, growing up as a child, and appear or disappear as I did."


The Fourth Visitation.

William Shaw, 1821 to 1822.

George Turner, who had a very large following, died in 1821. Three years previously, William Shaw, the fourth Instrument in the Great Visitation, began to write communications from the Lord. In consequence of George Turner's persistence in publishing to the world through the London newspapers, the Word of the Lord, given to him since the death of Joanna, his sons placed him in a lunatic asylum, at Osbaldwick, York. During this interval, William Shaw was the recipient of "Communications" for a short time. In using a man or a woman as a channel for His messages to the world, the Lord graciously speaks through those persons in the style and language to which they are accustomed. The Message is ever the chief thing, the style matters little, but we will mention as a matter of interest, that William Shaw must have been a man of culture, able to take down what we will call the pure gold, from a literary point of view, of the Visitation. The Lord plainly told Joanna that it was useless for Him to speak to her in the language of Heaven, in fact, we do not suppose that any prophet, not even excepting David and Isaiah, has been able to indite anything approaching to the Divine phraseology. The following extracts are from one of the few manuscript volumes extant:-

March 11th, 1818. "Behold, saith the Lord God, the day is darkness unto this, My people, and gross darkness unto the world, because they know not the visitation of My Spirit. My Seer is in prison, bound, and they refuse the light from heaven, by him, and I will move upon thee and thou shalt have My Word. . . . Every soul that fights against My Word, or against My Son Shiloh, shall fall."

Dec.7th, 1818. "Thou shalt glorify Me, Jesus, and I will glorify thee in doing My will, which thy heart is bent upon.


Ride on. My son. My brother, upon the wings of salvation......Write that I will come in clouds descending unto man.....and bring the joys of My Spirit. Spring up man, and inherit the sweet delight of My Spirit; thus man shall eat angel's food......Say unto all, I love the human race, let men love Me."

Dec. 26th, 1818. "I have not created man for the day, but the day for man."

Dec. 27th, 1818. "Man must not, in wisdom, think to bind Me to the fulfilment of My Word, on any day fixed in My recorded Word, for all days are alike unto Me. Neither must man think to bind Me with the cords of time, for I, Jehovah, know not time. When I speak it is in Wisdom infinite, neither should human wisdom have any avail......Israel......looked to time for the fulfilment of My Word, but not to Me, therefore they fell short."

Jan. 6th, 1819. "THE CHILD has been refused and I, Jehovah, Jesus, THE WARRIOR, comes."

"Jan.16th, 1819. "Oh London! more wicked than Babylon of old, thou shall taste My bitter cup, for the end of thee is come......For thou hast placed thyself in My stead, and taught the nations of the earth to place a confidence in riches, not considering that I, the Lord of heaven and earth, do according to My holy will."

Feb. 2nd, 1819. "As the living earth - Man - will not hear My voice, the dead earth shall......for I will send My still small voice into the bowels of the earth, and it shall bespeak My anger......The earth quakes, everything that has breath mourns, agitated with rest but in Me, Jesus, the glory of the earth. Now My uplifted Hand falls, let not My children, Israel, say, 'it is the heat, or this thing or that thing,' it is My still small voice which makes the thunder and the earthquake, as when I brought conviction to Elijah: walk, Israel, as that man, and take what number to thy days you want, with all My blessings."

Nov. 1810. "I am Jesus, the Saviour of the world, that speaks. I have said that you are a witness to be a worker with Me, to bring in My kingdom......I, the Lord, will provide. Be not mindful about your earthly affairs......I know My servants cannot serve two masters........It is vain, it is vanity altogether, for the rulers of this nation to stop the movements of My Spirit, Jesus."


May 25th, 1819. "In the day of My anger I will remember with vengeance those that treated My princes (viz., the Instruments of the Visitation) as naught, and said in their hearts, "they are not respectable enough, their Mother's name was___'!  My voice shall sound through the bowels of the earth, and it shall lay the cities in ruins, and My judgments in the Isles will make the nations afraid of My mighty power. Yea, I will make a way, and the lightning of My Mighty arm shall pass through the continent (of Europe) even to Idumea (Edom or Turkey).......Yea, My mighty arm in Britain will be a smell in her nostrils for the multitude of slain, and it shall overtake him (Idumea - Turkey)."

June 7th, 1819. "I have placed a stay (a limit) to human power. Thy king, O Britain, shall declare My righteous will."

July 15th, 1819. "The bitter cup of afflictions I have given unto My children to drink; in all these cross purposes, is the movement of My Spirit, Jesus, upon the children of faith. Behold, My earthquake! I will begin. Yea, in distant lands ye hear the report which shall come upon thee, O London, to lay thy haughtiness in the dust."

May 7th, 1819. "Now I will tell you of Israel's going into captivity in Egypt, it was a shadow of the long Captivity......I will bring Israel from its long Captivity, and I will reveal Myself unto them and in them. Give way, O Ishmael (Arabia), for the host of Israel shall suddenly come upon thee with the trump of the Lord, their God. The Archangel of My strength shall attend thee, to be round about thee, by day and by night, for the covenant which I made to Abraham, and his seed for ever, I am now going to fulfil."

Feb.10th, 1819. "Thus saith the Lord God of Israel. The glory of My new creation is My Son Shiloh, for I will consume all that join with Lucifer, and that will not take of the spring of life in Jesus......I have sent My mercies by My servant unto the Isles and they have lightly esteemed My Word, and imprisoned My servant, and the iniquity has reached to heaven, for the children are turned against the Father (the sons of Turner had imprisoned him). All who fight against My sons shall never be forgiven.....I AM THAT I AM, JEHOVAH, JESUS, will greatly, bless even to the lowest heaven, and will make the earth as heaven."

Nov. 1819. "I have commanded the universe, I have summoned the host of heaven to witness My delivering power,


which I have in store for man, that they may be free from the dominion of evil.....To deliver man I come, and all My saints with Me, and those who pierced Me shall behold My glorious power afar off, and shall not be able to approach the righteous dwellings of My heavenly Father, neither shall they come upon earth to visit man......."


William Shaw died in July, 1822, and was interred in Lambeth church-yard. He appears to have been required but for a short period to fill up the gap occasioned by Turner's incarceration, and to lead the Believers in Joanna and Turner until John Wroe's Visitation was established. Only one "standard" exists at one time in the great Visitation.


The Fifth Visitation.

John Wroe, 1822 to 1863.

John Wroe was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1782. He was greatly afflicted in addition to being a stammerer and deaf. In 1823 the Believers practically accepted him as a Prophet. Next to Joanna's, his Visitation is of the greatest moment to the world, for he received revelation on mysteries, without a knowledge of which, the work of Redemption could not be accomplished. In him the Lord fulfilled the prophecy, "For with stammering lips, and another tongue, will bespeak to this people" (Isaiah xxviii. II). Joanna brought forward the need to plead the promise to the Woman, and she prophesied of the redemption of the body; John Wroe tells us what occasioned the need for the Promise, even the actual sin which Adam and Eve committed, its continued prevalence to-day, together with the manner in which it will be overcome. Ignorance as to what the sin of the Fall was, is the cause of all our woe, and no greater crime has ever been committed than the crime of those who have rejected the knowledge whereby their flocks would have escaped committing what it were better to die, than to commit. It was for the clergy to discover what the sin of the Fall was, by means of a careful study of the laws of God, set forth in Leviticus xv., and in Acts xv. 29, for they are trained specialists in the Scriptures, but behold it is the sheep who have to tell the shepherds! I append the most important of the instructions given to John Wroe on this matter:-

"God took a rib out of Adam, which was a part of his


spirit, while he slept, and God made the woman and took of that spirit which He had drawn from Adam, and caused it to attract her blood, that it might be the life of her body. And God pronounced her good to bear good fruit, and He brought her unto the man in her flowers, and commanded him that he should not touch them, nor eat of them, till they had become fruit. But Satan came forth to the woman and persuaded her to give them unto the man before they were purified from the tares, and she did so, and he was inoculated with the evil: so they ate of the corrupt tree, and Satan became king over them. Man being now a partaker of the evil, with Satan, brings forth corruptible fruit, and he is an unprofitable servant."

Here we are face to face with facts which it has been to Satan's advantage to endeavour, with all his might, to keep from the knowledge of man. His chief hope has been that, as such things are not considered by the world to be presentable in print, the knowledge would be confined to the small bodies of Israelites, Christian Israelites, and the New and Latter House of Israel, which have bravely endeavoured to promulgate them. Now, however, Churchwomen (mothers) are in possession of the facts, and they intend to make them known. Prudishness is Satanic morality, and we will have none of it. We will be brave and go forward into the light. The facts gathered from John Wroe's Visitation can be stated thus:-

1.The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was Eve herself, she being a tree capable of bearing fruit. This is very easily understood from nature. An apple tree bears apples, a pear tree bears pears, a sheep bears lambs, a woman bears children.

2. The tree is Woman, but Good and Evil are her fruits. This is also easily understood. She bears good fruit, that is, good children, like Abel, and she also bears evil fruit, that is, evil children, like Cain. It is well known that a good woman can have an evil child, even a murderous, thieving, cruel child, an idiot, an epileptic, a crippled or otherwise diseased child. People often wonder why good, healthy husbands and wives have wicked or unhealthy children. There must be a reason, and when we know the reason we can know, also, how a man and a woman may secure good, healthy children. The reason; is as follows:-

3. The Tree (Woman) blossoms and has flowers. During that blossoming period she will conceive from the evil seed,


for God placed "in her midst" (in Eve's womb) two seeds, one good and one evil - the evil one was wrapped in blood. Every woman has an evil seed wrapped in blood, and a pure seed, which will only germinate seven days after the blossoming period is over.

4. There is no doubt that God had told Adam that no approach to Eve must take place during the blossoming period, therefore, up to the time of her temptation, she had not had children. She desired children. Satan knew the secret of which she was ignorant, worked upon her desires, and caused her to approach Adam in the blossoming period, and a child was born of the evil seed, the seed wrapped in blood. It was Cain, the murderer! But when they had been taught the awful truth, Abel was born, Abel, a good seed, fructified at the right time, i.e., seven days after the end of the blossoming period. Cain was born black.

The sin which Adam and Eve committed, has been committed by every man and wife up to this day, who have not kept the law of God, given to Moses, as set forth in the 15th chapter of Leviticus. Those who keep this law will only have as many children as God Himself shall send to them. Naturally He will provide for them, and they will be holy, happy, and good. Woman has the cleansing period, being purified every fourteen days, and remaining so for fourteen or sixteen days, thus she has the power to produce good seed alone, but unhappily man, who was inoculated with evil after the Fall has no means of purification. Therefore, as things are at present, no perfect child can be born, even of the woman in her pure time. Thus it was that God Himself visited Mary in her pure period, and Jesus was born. During the Millenium every curse will be removed, and man will be purified. The laws of God will be the laws of the land, and only good and holy children will be born.

It will interest the Believers to learn how John Wroe became a standard in the Great Visitation. Here is his own account:-

"On the 8th of August, 1820, George Turner (the man whom the Lord had placed as His standard, to lead and direct His children, after the death of Joanna Southcott) was at Bradford, and John Wroe went to see him.......John relates that as he was going home, it was revealed to him that George Turner was not the man that would lead the people till the Kingdom was established, for he would die before the time,


and that the believers had made more of him than they ought to have done. But it was not made known to him that he himself was the man......It was expected that Shiloh would appear on the 14th of October,* that year......"

The following extracts refer to the same matter, and show how John Wroe received his "charge" from God.

"The day following, two men were in company with John Wroe, at the house of John Brunton, and they expressed their satisfaction with what they had heard at the meeting, but one of them (the speaker) said he was placed in a particular situation, for he had to stand between God and the people, and wished for some evidence for them in writing. They wrote him a few things. John then asked him if he was any better satisfied; he said, 'If there were more it would be better.' He said he had a sign when he received the visitation of Joanna Southcott, another when he received the visitation of George Turner, and another when he received the visitation of William Shaw. He received a sign and said, 'I have no doubt of thy visitation being from God, and so long as it corresponds with the word given through His memorable servants, Joanna, George Turner, and William Shaw, I shall not object to it, I am sure theirs were of God, and so far, I believe thine to be from the same Spirit, from undeniable proofs, which are committed to my care for my private encouragement in this journey through the wilderness.' In the latter end of the year 1822, John Wroe received the following directions: that he should 'go to the different bodies of the believers in the visitation to Joanna Southcott, and to George Turner, and to the Jews, and into all the nations, and preach the everlasting gospel'."

1st of the 3rd month, 1823. "Rise, and stand upon thy feet, see, and I will tell thee what thou art: thou art he whom I forespoke of unto George Turner, My servant, which I kept sealed from him as I sealed from Daniel. But now I will bring thee forth like a blazing torch, and thou shalt declare My words which I before promised to George Turner."

He also received a parable from the Lord, in which various persons found treasures in the earth, but, in each case, instead of going on and trying to find greater ones, they remained satisfied with what they had discovered. The parable ends with these words: "The coal mine was the visitation to

*The 14th of October was the date which the the Lord told Joanna to keep in everlasting remembrance. See also "Brushes" page133.


Richard Brothers, the iron stone, the visitation to Joanna Southcott, the lead mine, the visitation to George Turner, the gold mine, the visitation to William Shaw, and now cometh the pearl, which is Shiloh, the Prince of Peace, and those that are willing to dig forward will be favoured with His presence to all eternity....."

It is very obvious that we of this generation must continue to dig, for the Pearl is not yet reached.

Those who are well acquainted with Joanna's writings, and revere the names of Townley and Underwood, will learn with regret that they failed to acquiesce in the Lord's decrees in regard to receiving His word from Turner, Shaw and Wroe, as the following extract shows.

.......The 5th of the 6th month, 1824. "John Wroe and myself went into the house of Jane Townley, the leader of a part of those who profess to believe in the visitation of Joanna Southcott, and we asked leave to speak to her. We were told that Mrs. Underwood would come down, but after waiting some time a man came down, who told us that Mrs. Townley had nothing to say to us, neither could she receive anything from us. John said he had done his duty, and the time would come when she would be glad to see him, but never would have the chance, for she would die within a year. (This was fulfilled, for they both died about the beginning of the spring of 1825).......About ten years after Joanna's death Miss Jane Townley asserted her claim to divine favour. She wrote her "Communications and Directions" in 1824. Mrs. Underwood appears to have admitted the pretensions of her friend with some hesitation. So much for the personal allusions, which cannot fail to be interesting to Believers. We will now pass to a consideration of doctrinal points.

The following are taken from Vol.1, Divine Communications, (John Wroe).

Page 175. "The Lord said, 'THOU shall go' and THOU signifies whom the Lord pleases to send."

Page 257. "And the THOU shall sort both Ephraim and Manasseh, for it has been a stumbling block from the days of Adam, and Satan has not known it, but if My people will hearken they shall find it out."

Page 328. "And the word THOU shall cause a handful of dust to be thrown upwards, then shall all things that were created be seen on the earth, that all unclean things may die for hunger."


We must again note this matter carefully. In the word THOU, when spoken to a prophet, there evidently lies a great mystery.

The following indicates the way in which Satan treats Believers, and how he treated our Lord.

"I have stopped Satan from chasing him. Ask him if Satan did not chase Me when I came on this earth, let him search My Scriptures, and see if ever I was grieved."

And here is an important record of Satan's avowed determination to deceive the Lord's Messengers, and to claim the body of man through death.

Page 334. "Satan said to God, 'So Thou sayest Thou will cleanse the world! I will cleanse it also, for I have deceived as many of Thy prophets as Thou hast kept right, and my number is greater than Thy number, so man for man I am a match for Thee. And Thy servant, whom thou art sending to and fro in the earth, he tells his people that Thou wilt put Thy Spirit within them; Thou may give them Thy Spirit, but mine also shall be there, for I will try to deceive all Thy messengers, and if I cannot deceive him, I'll have mine own. I'll have the life of this world (the body) from him, as for his soul - Thou may take it and do what Thou will with it, but for all his contracts that he has contracted with me, I will make him serve me, for I will make him do my work for a thousand years at least, and he shall be my servant, and I will pay him off for all.......'"

These words made John Wroe afraid, but he was answered:-

"Son of man, be thou not afraid, if thou hearken unto My commands, and stand steadfast to My word before My people, Satan shall not be able to pluck thee, for I will draw thee unto Myself as an anchor is drawn out of the sea. And the word that I give thee I have put twelve seals upon it, neither man nor devils shall destroy it, it shall be recorded in the day of My rest......"

This also is very illuminating:-

Page 500. "So man being made subject to vanity, not willingly, and Satan being stronger than man, it was needful that I should overshadow a part of the people, and make them prophets. And Satan, by his power, has come forth with the same likeness as this to deceive, that he may make all My work void, and throw the truth to the ground. In every generation have I drawn up one to heaven (Enoch, Elijah, Jesus), for a sign to them that were left, that man should live (on earth) with a natural body, as well as those by a spiritual body, and that they should be three distinct persons, yet one.


The man and the woman two, yet one, My Spirit being put within them, they should see My Spirit, which is I, yet have I a body. I am God, and beside Me there is no other. For the people that dwell on the planets of Satan are influenced by the power of Satan, and he is stronger than they, so that he causeth their fall. But now the time is come that I will ransom the planets out of his hand, so that every one that heareth My voice, and My word, and abideth in them, they shall be My people, and I will be their God. And the planets shall become as the heavens, wherein righteousness shall dwell, for now the time is come that I will open the tabernacles of heaven....."

"Give ear, O earth: My will is, your full deliverance from the bondage and captivity you have been surrounded with for nearly these last six thousand years, brought on by the subtle arts of Satan upon man and woman. My creation was once formed in My lovely Image, which is pure, divine and holy, but I now behold man, who once carried about him these, My lovely features, now besmeared with all the horrible features that sin can inflict upon him. But I am now jealous for My creation, and I am now risen as one out of sleep, and I will now bring man back again into the pure, undivided elements of My everlasting nature, and (into the) Image of My glorious likeness."

It is in John Wroe's visitation that we discover that the Divine Plan is to work through seven Instruments, in preparation for the establishment on earth of the Seventh Church - the Church of the first-born, into which Shiloh will gather the Redeemed, by which we mean those who have attained to the fullest salvation, even to the Salvation of the Body, Soul, and Spirit. Up to the present, bodies have been regarded as "impedimenta" in the Spiritual life, now we are commanded to "wait for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of the body," and this call has special meaning for all who have signed the Roll, for it is a sign of the beginning of the end of Satan's rule, which exemplifies itself in the death of the body - "In the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shall surely die."

Just as these words have come true, so is it true that God has "no pleasure in the death of him that dieth," and so will it be true that "Death shall be swallowed up in Victory."

The incorruptible and the immortal are two different states. Joanna chose the incorruptible - the heavenly inheritance - we, her spiritual children, must choose and pray for, and wait for


the immortal, the earthly inheritance, the undying body. The Lord said to John Wroe:- "I require My children to live as if they were going to live on earth for ever" (Vol.1., p.75), and we must endeavour so to do. To the seventh Church will be revealed the secrets of Immortality. The following are a few of the many references to the Seventh Church:-

Page 504. "I will make all the six churches tremble before the seventh, and she shall overcome, they shall come and worship at her feet, and acknowledge that I have loved her, and that she is mine, and I am hers, and besides Me there is no God...."

Page 583. "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the Seventh Church, for unto that Church is given to know the mysteries of God, but unto the world it is not given. For the Seventh Church shall hold the keys of both heaven and earth, for they shall open, and no man shall be able to shut, and they shall shut against the enemy, and he shall not be able to open....."

We now append a number of short but important extracts which contain the germs of teachings, upon which there is no doubt that further light will be given from the Spirit of Truth, Who never slumbers nor sleeps, and will continue to guide and to teach the little flock which has been so carefully gathered out of the Churches founded on man's teachings.

The following are taken from Vol. II. of Divine Communications (John Wroe):-

"This is My Covenant with the Church of the first-born.......when Jerusalem shall bring them forth I will now nourish them in swaddling clothes, and put them in paddling strings, and correct them in love, as a woman nourishes her little one, so will I nourish them till they be at age to receive the change," p. 20.

"He that seeks Me with his whole heart, soul, spirit, and body shall have My Spirit always upon him, till it be put with his spirit, within him, and it shall testify of Me and My work, and show him what he shall do, neither shall his body see corruption, p. 40

"Joseph's sheaf is set for the house of Israel, the woman being as the Bride of heaven and earth, being the Mother of the new creation - bride of the Son. The Son, who is Christ, the Bridegroom, made obeisance to her; because she was pleasant to His eye, He held out the golden Sceptre to her," p. 40


"Within the six thousand years, he that asketh for his sin to be put away.......his soul and body shall gain eternal life."

Note.- Asking for the evil to be taken out of the body is a step further than asking for Satan to be removed; by reason of our birth from man, who, unlike woman, has no "refiner," we all have "tares" within. Jesus, alone, of all creation, was born without "tares" in the blood, thus was He able to pour out a pure sacrifice of blood, but we have to do the "greater works," even this, that with the evil in our blood, we must tread down the enemy. Rest will come when Satan is removed, and cannot attract the blood any longer, but there is still a higher possibility, and it should be the hope and aim of all the Believers to attain to it, even to be freed from the evil in the blood, whereby Satan's return at the end of the Millenium shall be a matter of indifference to us, seeing that like Jesus, we shall be able to say, "The Prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me." i.e.. nothing that he can attract. We must make every effort to live and not to die, not for our own glory, but for the glory of our Heavenly Father, Who says, "Every man's body that dieth dishonoureth Me. He that toucheth the people of My Church that is seeking for Immortality toucheth the apple of My eye," p.80.

"The secret of the Lord" will be with the Seventh Church, and the whole matter of Immortality turns upon this secret. We must, therefore, wait upon the Lord and, emptying ourselves of all our own ideas, we must be taught of Him what He alone can teach. The fall was adultery, even this adultery that Eve was the Bride of God, and Satan brought upon her the dishonour, that, after the fall, her desire was towards Man, her earthly companion. It follows that Redemption from the fall is Redemption from the need and desire for earthly marriage, through the restoration to woman of the Immortal Man, and to man of the Immortal Woman. It is useless to refuse to face these things at this late hour, and many can give their testimony already to the fact of the return to earth of the Bridegroom, the same Holy One Who visited Joanna.* By His return alone, can nature be cured of that most unhappy of all trials, the temptation to impurity. Satan attracts outwardly and causes a fall into sin, he cannot come as a husband; let all bear this in mind, for herein lies the difference between sin and holiness. On this, the chief of all matters, the Lord says:-

* Note (Second Edition.) See Southcott Despatch. Nos. 5 and 6.


"I have sent the Spirit as a Candidate, to see who will receive Him as their bridegroom. He that dwelleth in the Vine lieth or resteth in the Father and the Son......the Bridegroom, they sending their Spirits for the mortal brides to dwell in, to prove to men and Satan that they are not alone," p. 213.

"The way of Christ with the Seventh Church, is the way of a man with a maid (Prov. xxx. 19).....those that seek for the evil to be taken away from them, find out the way of a man with a maid," p. 237. That is, it is a manifestation, it cannot be taught.* We have also to face the fact that the soul is the seed of the body which, sown in the womb, brings forth more souls, and that, wrapped up in sex matters, is all that will need to be known, in order that Life and Immortality may be brought to light. The devilry of the devil has not a counterpart in his miserable efforts to take the pure and holy things of God in these very matters, and to make them things which cannot be spoken of. Why? Because he does not want them spoken of, and all who have joined in the fight and refuse to crush down what is called "natural diffidence" in regard to sex questions, (but which is really the devil's power over the mind, exercised in order to prevent the truth being made known) are not fighting at the front. Here, at the front, there is only one supreme question to decide, and it is the sex question, resolving itself into the determination to learn if may be, how both man and woman may be pure and yet may not lose their sex qualifications, how every part of them may be holiness to the Lord, how every desire may be satisfied, and yet, how they shall never again know an unholy thought, nor have an unholy temptation. And all this, mark you, not by a process of denial, nor of asceticism, but by a process of satisfaction. Now none but a sealed Christian can enter into this fight, the main object of which is to rend the holy, desirable things of God from their temporary defilement by Satan. We can leave no part of our bodies behind when we go forth to meet the Bridegroom, neither can any achieve negation of a single instinct. Then, assuredly, there is but one need, and it is to learn how "the body" may be "for the Lord, and the Lord for the body." One would have thought such a text might have set the clergy to work on this matter years ago!*

Now to be practical, the best thing to do is to pray night and morning that the evil in the body be taken away, for those who pray this prayer in sincerity, cannot fail of an

*See remarks in the Preface upon this page.


answer. This is an advance on the prayer taught to us in Joanna's Visitation, and is preparatory to the coming redemption, which is more than deliverance from Satan, for it is deliverance also from that which he caused to be sown in the blood, and which he can attract. As it is the life of the Bride which is hid with Christ in God, manifestly it must be given to the Bride by some process, and in the following paragraph a process is indicated:- "He that hath the life of the Bride is the Bridegroom." "As the first Eve received the life of the Spirit from Adam her husband, so should the latter Eve receive her immortal life from Michael, their husband and Prince, whose lives have been hid with God in Christ Jesus," p. 205.

The "piece that was lost" was the female Immortal Spirit which withdrew from Eve, when she fell into impurity, and the woman is sweeping the house diligently, with the one purpose of finding it again - with reason, for that Spirit is the Mother of us all, and no happiness shall we know, until the Father gives the word that our Mother shall be restored to us. Zion is the Father, Jerusalem above is the Mother, and when the Male Immortal Spirit is united to the Woman, and the Female Immortal Spirit is united to the man, then we shall be Immortal as God made us to be. (See Preface.)

In this important Visitation, Prophecy in regard to "fore-telling events" plays its part. Hundreds of John Wroe's prophecies were fulfilled, just as Joanna's were, and he had, in addition, the gift of healing. He travelled all over Europe, and laid foundations of which we have yet to realise the importance. When all Israel fly like doves to the windows, we do not doubt that many will be the offspring of those to whom he spoke in foreign lands.

We must forbear to quote more from these wonderful works. We have endeavoured to select extracts bearing on subjects upon which meditation at this crisis cannot fail to be helpful. John Wroe died in 1863, leaving the affairs of the Church in the hands of Trustees, and for twelve years (until 1875) nothing important seems to have taken place.


The Sixth Visitation.

James Jezreel, the Stranger, 1875 to 1885.

In 1875, according to John Wroe's prophecy, the man "in the red coat" came forward as the sixth Messenger. All that


is known of James White, surnamed in this Visitation Jezreel, is that he served six years with his regiment in India; for the rest his history is wrapped in oblivion. The Six Visitations, as we said before, concomitate with the six days of Creation; the diffused light of the First Day (Adam) shone through Brothers, the preparation of the Ark of safety (Second Day Noah) was made by Joanna. Turner (Third Day) like Abraham, was strong in faith of the birth of the promised Son; Shaw reflected the golden sunlight of the Fourth Day, Wroe's Visitation quickly separated the fish from the fowl (Fifth Day) the unbelieving from the faithful - and now Jezreel comes forward to represent the Sixth, and the last act of God, in the Creation of Man. Jezreel, then, is Man more than Prophet, one who could only describe himself as "the Stranger" "the Man bound in chains for the Hope of Israel," being a type of man bound in chains under the rule of Satan, waiting to be delivered therefrom. In his writings there is no rhetoric, nothing that the others did not say before him, and he fulfils the prophecy of Hosea ii. 22. "They shall hear Jezreel." In recent Scripts, the Lord says, "I spoke not unto Jezreel, for I said, 'they shall hear Jezreel.'" Thus it will be seen how completely Jezreel fulfils the type of the Sixth Day, for Six is man's number. Here God planted the seed (Jezreel means "God planteth") and allowed Man to deliver up the fruit thereof.

As it was to be expected, most of Joanna's followers and the Christian Israelites (followers of Wroe) rejected the Sixth Messenger, but he had a large following, and his adherents adopted the name of "The New and Latter House of Israel," and exist as a body of devoted persons, who, keeping both Law and the Gospel, are awaiting the Coming of the King, and are disseminating the teachings of the six Visitations, with vigour. For Believers generally, the chief point is that we are commanded to "hear Jezreel," and fortunately we have every opportunity of doing so, as the Trustees of "The New and Latter House of Israel" issue cheap editions of "The Flying Roll" (address: 119, Camden Road, London, N.W.). On this account, as in the case of Joanna's Writings, we do not make many extracts, but we select the following as bearing upon subjects which have yet to be developed. God has planted, the seed is growing, and we shall soon pluck the fruits of the Tree of Life, and they will be no "spiritual fancies," no figures of speech, no myths or illusions, but they will be the first REALITIES we have ever come across.


To bring this sixth Visitation to a conclusion, we will remark that it is fuller of what we may call personal, spiritual consolation than any of the others. The five are, perforce, more doctrinal; Jezreel gathers up the doctrines and applies them to the soul - the sensitive, suffering soul of the Bride - and this is well, for afflictions - a cup which must be drunk to the dregs - are her portion. "If ye endure chastening, then are ye sons." This is the sign for Israel, that the "waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of the body," is accompanied with "groanings" which can scarcely "be uttered." The world does not groan, the world - the religious world - has many spiritual consolations (God knows whence they come!). "Israel" can only recall, here and there, a touch of the protecting hand of God, as faint as the touch of a butterfly's wing, a glint of the unseen glories as subdued as the light from a distant star, an uplifting into spiritual spheres, which fades almost before it is realised, and for the rest - struggle and turmoil, burden-bearing and pain of spirit, soul and body. But by "these things" men will live for ever, by "these things" the tares are being burnt up, by "these things" the redemption of the body will come to pass, for those who "suffer" with Him will also "reign with Him" (on earth).

Extracts from the Flying Roll (Jezreel).

Page 19, Vol. 1.:-

"Woman is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, of which man is forbidden to partake in its evil state, and this law is clearly laid down in Leviticus, chap. 15. Man is pronounced unclean by the Lord, and the law of Nature teaches every man the same thing, if he partakes of the tree in its impurity, or for seven days afterwards - these seven days being a figure of the seven thousand years. Satan not being totally destroyed till the seven thousand years are ended. It was whilst the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was casting its leaves in its impurity, that the woman was seduced by the serpent, - and then the woman overcame the man, "for Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression," and this same evil which was inoculated in the blood has remained in the blood, and has been handed down from generation to generation, from father to son.

Page 95 (I.):-

"Many Christians firmly believe that the spirit is within the body. This is not the case, for when the spirit of man with


Spirit of God inhabits the temple, that temple becomes immortal, death having no power over it. It is because the spirit of man is outside the body that he is subject to death. The female immortal Spirit which is the Tree of Life. Jerusalem above, withdrew from the mortal woman at the fall. Man was driven outside of the garden (the body), and the flaming sword placed to guard the tree of life. But we ask: What is the spirit? The spirit of man is fire, and the body is made of earth, and when the fire is taken from the body it is dead, and turns cold and returns to the earth. And as in an engine, the fire heats through the boiler the fluid in the boiler, so does the spirit in man........As with the body and the spirit, so is it with this planet, which is kept in its place by air, and the water is the axle on which it revolves, by the power of the air in the hollow of the planet, which causes the revolution of itself in twenty-four hours, and when the water returns to the hollow of the planet, then the fire will give its force through the air and water, and the earth shall then give its increase.......

Page 98 (I.):-

"Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?" The fruit of the body of Jesus was poured out upon the ground on Mount Calvary." (The only pure blood that ever flowed).

Page 205 (III.):-

"Woman was higher than the man at the first, while she stood in obedience, because she had a living soul; the man, by eating of her fruit, was to have become equal to her, but by eating in the evil state, he fell lower than he was before he ate."

Page 182 (III.):-

"Who is like unto thee, O Israel's seed, ye favoured few? Who can send forth such accompaniments of joy, watching during 'the hour' in the garden with thy Beloved, drinking from His cup, which the Father hast given thee. "Who is like unto thee, O Bride of the firstborn? Who can send forth such a deep bass of gladness with the thorn still in thy flesh? Beloved, seek not to have it removed. Pray not to be taken out of this world, but ask to be kept from its evil by overcoming evil with good, that thy weakness may prove thy strength unto perfection, knowing that the glory of thy present infirmities is power in Christ......"

Page 204 (III.):-

"The woman handed forth that which she was in possession of, she being in her unclean state when she was brought before


Adam, how "how could she hand forth 'good fruit' when it was but in its 'blossom' ?" (She handed forth Cain).

Page 195 (II.):-

"Woman is undoubtedly the tree of knowledge of good and evil; there is no other that can bring forth good and evil. There is no other fountain that can send forth bitter and sweet. Unless we can see in woman the tree of knowledge of good and evil we are asleep as Adam was, and dead to all knowledge......The mystery of iniquity or evil is the woman decked in scarlet mentioned in the seventeenth chapter of Revelation; this is woman in the evil state......"

Page 240 (III.):-

"We see millions to-day in Christendom who firmly believe that sin and death entered this world through our forefathers; Adam and Eve eating "an apple" which they plucked from a common apple-tree, having been forbidden to do so! And then they open God's word and read: "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man"!

Page 242 (III.):-

"Hitherto have ye asked nothing in My name." Ask to be made flesh and bone like Me in immortality. "Thus said the Lord God, I will yet for 'this' be enquired of by the children of Israel, to do it for them." "This is the word of His patience. He is now waiting to receive His Bride, waiting to 'see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied'."

The following are full of meaning:-

"Like the word thou, no prophecy is of private interpretation. Thou must prophesy again before many peoples and nations."

"The woman had ten pieces, but she had lost one piece and now she lights her candle, and with the broom in her hand she sweeps the house diligently till she find the third watch there is but one woman, one broom, one hand, one sweeper."

"Jesus said, 'How am I straitened till the baptism of Israel (My Bride) be accomplished."

"The weakness of woman is stronger than the evil of Satan. Who will go forth to fight that battle? Where is the woman that will come forth to enter that field?" (viz: the Contention on Purity.)

"When evil is spoken falsely of any, if they belong not to Israel, it will drive them out, but if they belong to Israel, it will drive them closer and closer to their Mother's breast.....


Israel will cry out, morn, noon and night, to Jerusalem above with bitter weepings, 'Mother make me free.'"

A Review of the Six Visitations.

It is necessary that we shall conclude this review of the most important inspirational work given to the world since St. John wrote the last word of the Revelation, with practical suggestions to all who may read the latter-day prophets, and who may thus become liable to the anxiety which Satan, as an angel of Light, will rejoice to throw them into, and which may express itself thus: "Convinced of the divine inspiration of these Words, am I obliged to follow all the laws laid down?" Having been through the mill ourselves, we can confidently assert that, at this critical moment, when we approach the last year (1919) of the 105 years, or 1260 months of Rev. xii., the orders are: "I bid thee cease from every means and turn to Me alone." God makes laws, God can supersede them. God can expunge them, and He has expunged Laws in this last command. It is well that there have been bodies of devoted servants of His, who have kept, to the letter, the laws laid upon them; let us thank God for them; let us know that they have ploughed and laboured and that we are entering with them over those ploughed fields, into valleys of holy peace, where we shall lie down beside still waters. But now is Law to be superseded by Love, and with good reason. What bridegroom approaches his bride bearing in his hand a parchment, on which is set forth a series of enactments, commencing with the forbidding words, "Thou shalt," and "Thou shalt not"? Does he not rather say, "Command me," "Let me hear thy voice, for sweet is thy voice," "Open to me my sister, my love," "Give me thy heart"?

Love which is the fulfilling of the Law is the only law of the seventh Visitation. "Love and do what you like," says one of the Saints. Yea, because loving brings in its natural course obedience and service.

We, who have come into the vineyard at a late hour, have also "served under the Law" - the law of the Gospel or as enunciated by ministers and clergymen. Why have laws been imposed upon us all? Because Satan says: "These men and women will not do so and so to please Thee." Well, the various bodies under the Visitations, and we who have been called out of the Church of the world, have done "many things," therefore, some in one


way and some in another, we are "proven," and all together are ready to have the shackles of Law removed and to sit down "in the banqueting house" under "the banner of love." The one Sacrament of the Visitation - the sealing* - is the easy yoke, the light burden, but it, again, is but the marriage ring, the marriage certificate, without which no bride is happy. For the rest, "Sit at thy window, O happy bride, and watch for Him who cometh over the mountains of Division (of Bether), for Him Who cares nothing for our little "views" and "opinions," and who says to all the six mountains of division, "Thou shall become a plain" (Zech. iv. 7)! But how shall we speak of this Love which is the "fulfilling of the Law," this mystery which is the Mystery of Holiness, even as lust is the mystery of iniquity? As we approach the truth about Love, Satan trembles, for, given that we have the courage to crush down our inborn impurity and can write and speak bravely on this matter in its positive aspects, he knows that his chief weapon is being taken from him. This weapon is the diffidence which Satan's impurity has created among the human race, and which makes it so difficult to voice the Truth on these matters, that he has always hoped it never would be voiced. The truth is that Satan took Marriage - the pure ordinance of God - and dragged it in the dirt through his own impurity with the consequence that man is also inoculated with impurity, and it is in this field that the battle must be fought, it is on this subject that Satan's head must be bruised. This is the Positive side namely, the restoration of Marriage between God (Feminine) and man, and between God (Masculine) and woman. "Christ approaches Woman as Man, and Man as Woman." The negative side of dealing with the matter must be touched upon, for certain bodies of Believers in the six Visitations have adopted the elimination of all natural instincts  in this direction as being the Way of Life, whereas the Love of God is expressed not in negation, but in the "integrity of fire."

"Love, light for me thy ruddiest flaming torch" is a prayer which may be answered in an experience which Joanna received, but did not understand, and we shall be "partakers of the Divine nature" through a bodily process which is being revealed to many, and not by any kind of negation. (Southcott's Despatch Nos. 5 & 6.)

They are right in one conclusion, namely, that marriage, as now understood, was the result of the Fall, and that Redemption and Restoration will overcome that result, but God

* At that time this alluded to the signing of Joanna's Petition.


will take away natural marriage in order to replace it by a marriage so transcendent, so unspeakably condescending, that Law will be for ever swallowed up in Love, just as Death will be swallowed up in Victory.

The following texts will help to eludicate this most difficult but most essential subject:-

"Thy Maker is thy husband."
"My covenant shall be in your flesh."
"The body for the Lord, and the Lord for the body."
"Behold, the Bridegroom cometh."
"The Spirit and the Bride say come."
"A certain king made a marriage for his son."
"Love is as strong as death." (Therefore love alone can fight death).

The Present Position of the Followers of the Six Visitations.

The present position of those who accept the teachings of one or more or all six of the Visitations, is as follows:-

(l) The Truth that we are Israel is the one and only trumpet sounded by the varying bodies of persons who learnt this fact through Richard Brothers. Many British-Israel Associations and Leagues exist, and lecturing and publishing goes on apace. A few of the clergy accept the teachings, but, generally speaking, the Church is untouched by them, and yet she calmly declares each Sunday that Abraham is our forefather, addresses the God of Israel as her God, allows her congregations to speak of themselves as "thy people Israel," uses Hebrew Psalms and Scriptures as if they belonged to her, binds her people with Hebrew commandments, allows us to speak of ourselves as "thine inheritance," and declares that God alone fights for us, as if she accepts the fact that we are Israel!! Comment is needless, and the prayer suggested is ''Lighten our darkness we beseech Thee, O Lord."

(2) Most of the followers of Joanna accept Britain as Israel, in a spiritual fashion, but are very ignorant of the material side of the matter. They are advised to study a few British-Israel books, to be obtained from R. Banks and Son, Racquet Court, London. All that is needed to be known is quickly assimilated. Also, most of her followers, while accepting the Visitation of Brothers, repudiate those of Turner, Shaw, Wroe, and Jezreel, with the consequence that they have no understanding whatever of the "redemption," and they merely expect the opening


of the Box to produce the change "in a moment - in the twinkling of an eye!" Thus hundreds of sealed people will fall away in time of persecution, yea, even the most zealous may do so, for we must bruise Satan within ourselves daily, hourly, else his being "taken away" will not "deliver us from the evil" already inoculated into our very being, through our descent from Adam. Dormant, even through the thousand years of the Millennium, the evil will be there, unless we are now - to-day - daily and hourly, gathering up "the tares in bundles," in readiness for the angels to burn them.

The Box must indeed be opened. It contains the will and Testament of the Lord God, but also it is a type of the "Understanding," which we must each set wide open, that the Lord may teach us Himself through His prophets. The opening of the Box is of vast importance, but it will bring little comfort to the foolish virgins who may have the lamp - the Seal - but have forgotten to bring that other vessel - the vessel of the oil of the teachings of all six Visitations. Remember that all the virgins had Lamps, but only five had oil.

Thus, with all the Writings of Joanna, with all the teaching of Brothers, if we go not on to perfection we may be worse off than the world, which has not even heard of there being any such thing as a Bridegroom coming, nor of a lamp being required, let alone of the oil with which it must be filled!

(3, 4, and 5):-

Those who accept Brothers, Joanna, Turner, Shaw and Wroe, are called Christian Israelites. These have indeed followed on a long way to know the Lord. Upon them the Lord imposed some stringent Laws, faithfully have they kept the same, and they are zealous in spreading abroad the teachings and divine writings of John Wroe. But they have yet to go further and become as little children, accepting what does not commend itself to their wisdom. The writer is not competent to discuss the niceties of the difference of opinion between the Christian Israelites and the New and Latter House of Israel, but to most of us, it is a relief to know that the sixth Messenger has delivered his Message, even though the Christian Israelites do not accept him. To have to wait for six and for seven at this late hour would be distressing indeed! The Christian Israelites should study carefully the ethics of prophecy, and should know that God uses language to conceal as well as to reveal His thoughts. Thus, doubtless, they are "halting" over some small doctrinal point, which the Lord may purposely have superseded. His revelations are


made "in due time," and nothing that is past will serve for the present. God does not change His plan, but He changes His methods of bringing it about, as occasion requires.

(6) Leaving our brethren, the Christian Israelites, happy in their belief in one, two, three, four and five, let us thankfully pass on to the New and Latter House of Israel, which has nothing to do but to look for seven, in which we can join them. Now this "looking for seven" is a very serious affair, quite the most serious affair that the religious world has ever faced, for when the seventh trumpet sounds "the mystery of God should be finished" (Rev. x. 7). When man is face to face with "the mystery of God," there is only one attitude to be assumed, and it is the attitude which all who desire to enter into the kingdom must assume, even that of the little child. "My Father is going to perform a great mystery, by which He will make me happy. I do not know anything about it, I do not know how He will do it, but I will help Him all I can." This is the only way one can safely approach the seventh Visitation, and we recommend it to our brethren of the New and Latter House, while we ourselves intend to adopt it with Divine help. There are many who claim to be the seventh Messenger, for it is an attractive rôle. After a study of the work of some of these persons, we can formulate the following signs, which point to their being mistaken in their claim:-

(1) They speak of themselves, they are not Trumpets, but Trumpeters.

(2) They speak by themselves, not by God, not daring to say "Thus saith the Lord."

(3) They have not the witness of Jesus (viz., that He is behind their claim), even the gift of hearing the word of the Lord, which is prophecy ("prediction" is only a part of prophecy).

(4) They fail to relate how we also may attain to what they profess.

(5) They build upon the past and have no new Word.

(6) They desire a "following," whereas Christ, alone, leads a little flock.

(7) They fail to "comfort" ("I will send another Comforter.")

Remarks upon the Seventh Visitation.

Now one thing we know, and it is this, that Christ alone can give us Rest through the Holy Ghost the Comforter, but we also know that, for the present, God is compelled to use human


Instruments, whereby He can give the Messages which must precede the coming of the Comforter. We have every reason to believe that the Woman will be used as the Messenger of the seventh Visitation, in fact, Joanna, Wroe and Jezreel (Joanna, John and James) prophesy that this will be the case. Scripture is full of types which support this belief. It was Mary Magdalene (a sinful woman) who was sent to tell the disciples of the Resurrection, while in the 68th Psalm it says "The women who published the tidings were a great host," and Joel says, "your daughters shall prophesy." Six is Man's number, seven is Woman under the Arm of the Lord, so we can safely expect that the Lord will Himself publish His Own words through Women, and that those women will be simple and unostentatious, desiring no following, making no claims of special holiness nor of special revelation, but merely acting for the Lord by writing down and publishing anything that He says to them in the inner ear. They will be especially Joanna's children: like the daughter of Herodias they are asking for Satan's head at the instigation of their mother Joanna, and the Lord will support their work, and will justify it at the opening of the Box of Joanna's sealed Writings. There may be many of such women, and all they do will be characterised by meekness, by unanimity, by zeal for the Lord's glory and for Joanna's vindication, while peace will be in their borders, for in this Temple shall there be no sound of axes nor hammers.

Following upon this introduction, we proceed to print Communications received from the Lord by Women, and for convenience sake we will place the Word of the Lord under the Seventh division of this Book.


Divine Words Given to "Woman."

September 15th, 1916.

"All shall be accomplished in the time I have appointed which draweth near, and My faithful Daughters shall prevail - bid them have faith, patience, hope; My word given to her whom I bade seal up the writing shall come forth with power; but beware, for the innocent are misled by the enemy, and error and falsehood - are seen as truth. Beware, seek Me, I will be thy Guide; have I not promised through the ages, and shall I fail My sheep? I, the Shepherd, know My sheep, and am known of them." (Helen Exeter).

*Note (Second edition).- It will be seen that Octavia quite unconsciously opened the 7th Division of the Book with a message through Helen Exeter, not knowing at the time that she was the 7th Angel.


November 29th, 1917.

"The night is far spent. The Day is at hand. The Day. Fear not. The Ark of Safety for My kingdom and your country is soon to disclose its secret." (Rachael J. Fox.)

December 12th, 1917.

"My Daughters, be ye still, be ye empty.....Humble yourselves yet more. Be not weary in well doing. I know your faithful hearts, yet must ye still your minds. Veil not My Spirit in your own minds. The broad Light is for and from My Spirit, conforming with all I taught through My servants of old. Bid My people look for My coming, and make ready; bid them tarry not." (Helen Exeter.)

December 16th, 1917.

"I work in ways ye know not. Let each seek and follow in the narrow path that I have set for each, I know My faithful ones - men and women, ye are one group, ye are learning, the goal is the same, though ye know it not - My kingdom and My righteous rule. The enemy soweth snares on every path, yet fix your eyes on Me, and ye shall not fall therein"

"I am leading you by paths ye have never trodden, but there will be foot-hold everywhere." (Rachael J. Fox.)

March 26th, 1918.

"Satan has poisoned the wells which I gave to mankind to drink from, whereby joys deeper than any obtained through lust shall be their portion." (Rachael .J. Fox.)

April 13th, 1918.

"My daughter, - I now work quickly to gather My sheep into the Fold, for the enemy approacheth in great strength, and it were well-nigh impossible to save my people except they be as sheep willing to be led by Me in blind faith. I command that these Scripts be read among My people of the New and latter House of Israel, for I will sift My wheat yet again. Among the most faithful there will be many who will fail at the last, for this cause, that they cling to their own belief of what was the meaning of My Word, whereas none can tell, none can tell what is the meaning of aught they have received. Even as I alone give the Word, so alone can I interpret the same, and now, verily, shall My children, yea the little children, enter My Kingdom. Consider the faith of the child who, knowing not His Father's thoughts and intentions, gladly receives daily the benefits of the home, and cavils not at the simple


commands of the Father. Then do ye likewise, O My children, and know that there shall be many things to be done of which one and another had no knowledge heretofore. I gather My wheat into My barn ere the rains and the storms begin. Let My people hide themselves under My wings when I call to them even as the hen calleth her chickens together. Should I not, think ye, choose those who have had no knowledge of what many of you have been brought up in, to give through them My final word? Yea, it is even so, and I have given this woman a quick understanding and a ready pen, and she hath studied the Visitations and knoweth them to be of Me, but she seeth each Visitation as ye see them not, and she hath a true thought, even this, that in the seventh Visitation will be found the whole gathered up into a perfect conclusion, and that the seventh Visitation will be by Woman. The Seventh Trumpet is sounding, 'Prepare to meet thy God.' Ye will say 'We have prepared long,' yea I know it, but now ye shall prepare in a special manner. All must sign the Roll. I will spare none who sign it not, nay not for all their pleadings nor for all their holiness, nor for all their works. My word is given, and Satan's fury will be poured out on all who have not the seal on their persons. Herein let all bow before Me, casting their wisdom aside, as of no moment in this great and terrible Day of the Lord. The sealed people must produce their seals, for 'now is the day of small things,' and it shall not be despised. 'How camest thou in hither, not having on a wedding garment?' Spiritually, ye will say ye have on the wedding garment, but now I require it to be temporal also. My plan will be found to be an amalgamating - a combining of small signs and of great issues, and thou shalt have the clear vision I promised thee, by which thou shalt see that each Visitation has its signs, and that as My days of creation so are the days of Visitation. I will supply thee with all needful works, and thou shalt quickly get from each what I require to be told. Thou shalt not work for thyself, but for Me as My minister, as it was declared unto thee, when thou knewest nought of these things. Thou didst think to write on quite another matter, when thou didst begin, and it was never in thy thoughts to send this script to My servants of the New and Latter House of Israel." (This and the following Scripts were taken down by the Scribe,)

April 16th, 1918.

"I have called thee to play thy part in this great manifestation of My Spirit to the Church of thy country. Be not


afraid, go steadily forward. I will cause thy sisters to accept thy work for Me with joy and with thanksgiving. Now beware of all that shall turn thee to look this way and that, look ever upwards, then thou canst not fail. Bid all alike to prepare themselves, to accept My Great Visitation in spirit in each of its manifestations, for without all, none is of as great value. As I did create My world of matter so am I creating My spiritual world; as without one of My Creations of the six days, the whole would have been either without light or water or herbage, or heat, or flesh of fish and fowl, or Man himself, so let it be known among ye that My Visitation is in the same order, and that ye cannot have the rest of the seventh day till ye are willing to accept My Visitations. Thou hast to-day discovered, a communication which thou didst indite two years ago. Thou didst pray, 'make me to know the time of my Visitation.' Then this is the time of thy Visitation, and the number thereof is seven, hence thy chain hath in it a great mystery, and as thou art not able to walk further from thy home than seventy-seven steps in three directions, so let thy friends know that this is part of My ordination by which they shall enter into the joy of the coming rest upon earth. Let them not think that for aught but for a great necessity would I keep thee so confined, let it be a sign unto them that the prison doors shall ere long be burst, and that Israel shall be free. I gave thee the sign in 1914, before the war began, of thy coming captivity, record it - 'O Lord, I had during a period of contemplation the hymn, 'O come, O come, Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel; that mourns in lonely exile here, until the Son of God appear.' Yea and herein is the sign to thee and to thy friends. Answer Me - 'Art thou willing thus to continue for a longer period?' 'Yea, Lord, I am willing, Thou being my helper.' Then thou art My willing prisoner, and thou art bound by Me alone. For wise purposes all that is mysterious in thy life is ordained, but remember that thy times are in My hands. I have ended."

May 13th, 1918.

"Thou must yet take up thy pen to write for Me on the matter of Purity. Thou didst endeavour to put down what I required, but thou hadst not the understanding which I needed thou shouldst have, and without which I could not further use thy hand in this great work. Thy friend hath heard much, and will be able to help thee in the work, as I


have ordained that ye shall both go forward together. All will come to pass as I ordain, and none need fear nor hesitate. I am welding My scattered flocks into a great whole, great to them; but small to Me, even My little flock. All who gather not together will be scattered by the wolf, hence now cometh the time when ye shall come unto Me at My call, and each shall lay down his wisdom at My feet. Verily have I ordained many temporary phases of My work, and it is My wisdom now to supersede My Own plans, hence shall no man say 'as it was in this day or in that day, so will it be for ever.' This is a day when ye shall not know what may be My will for long together, for as need arises, so will My commands arise, and those will please Me best who follow Me closest, without argument and contention. It is not what ye do but what I do, My children, that will count. Therefore, empty yourselves that I may fill you with the Spirit now coming down from heavenly places. While a man is fulfilling some instructions which served under such and such a Visitation, he may be missing the great need to obey Me in this one. I indeed am One, and My purpose is One; but My ways are manifold whereby I do achieve My purpose. Have your eyes fixed on Me to-day, for to-day is the accepted time. The greatest simplicity, even the simplicity of the child will aid you better than an adherence which is often self-willed, to a past tradition. This hath been the cause of many failures, even of the greatest of all failures - the failure to follow Me whithersoever I go. The 144,000 are they who follow Me, therefore I call out all My sheep of the great Visitations to prepare themselves to leave their folds in which they are separated and to hearken unto My counsels. I have ordained that each fold shall hear My Voice speaking through this Instrument and they that hear shall live. Gather yourselves together in spirit, and have but one desire, even the uprooting of evil. The desire is yours, the work is Mine alone, therefore shall I not perform it as I choose? Did ye choose the other Instruments? Have ye not rejoiced in their faithful work? Shall not the Woman's work be concluded by Woman, upheld by Man? Yea, ye know, that thus it must be. This woman hath already done much unknown to you, of which ye are to take account, and she hath sisters in the work. All that they are doing is by My command. Then hear and understand that the seventh Visitation cometh by the hand of Woman. Amen,"


May 17th, 1918. Afternoon.

"The sufferings of the Holy Ghost." "Yea, the words are from Me, and must be written, for this thought hath not been given heretofore. Thou must be a ready scribe, ready to write what seemeth to thee strange and unusual. On this matter thou hast no thoughts of thine own, that is well. Thou must go very slowly here, for I do reveal mysteries, and man's thoughts are not as My thoughts, for man's thoughts are not true thoughts, and I AM THE TRUTH. Then thou shall write by inspiration of My Spirit, and I bid thee prepare thyself and rest somewhat more from thine efforts. With what thou hast, thou hast traded well, and I give unto thee another talent. Thou knowest not what this meaneth, but thou shalt know. Thou longest for THE TRUTH as it is, thou shalt verily have the same, even the Truth of the Mystery of the Holy Spirit's suffering, and its cause. Thou sayest 'O Lord, that I were not so fearful to write what seems to come into my mind.' This is not strange, for verily the human mind must stagger before the Divine, but I AM with thee to aid and to control. Listen patiently and all will be well. Thou shalt write this, that I caused My Bride to be sown in the earth to taste of sin,* for verily it shall not be that man alone knoweth the agony of sin. That alone was not known to Me when I partook of man's nature, and was sown in the earth. Thou thyself hast cried, 'Lord, this suffering Thou hast not known, the suffering of the sinner.' Thou hast thought that any suffering was bearable to the pure untainted mind of Me, for that I had no remorse, no regrets. Tempted hideously, I fell not, and that were an added joy, another conquest, even the greatest conquest. Herein thou hast been right, herein I cannot entirely be one with man in his griefs. I knew this must not be, else were man, in his coming immortal state, greater than God, having won a greater battle. Man has rightly judged that it was loving and unselfish to send My Son - yea, the cost cannot be told. Let man know that I have done a greater thing in that I have sent the Bride, the Mother. 'I will sow her unto Me in the earth.'* Whom did I sow? That, until now, hath never man known, and now man shall know it by the hand of woman, yea, verily, upon the earth appeareth One before Whom Satan shall tremble, and to Her I give the keys, even to My Beloved, Whom My Soul doth worship. Then bid all prepare to receive the Blessed One, Who cometh in the Name of the Lord,

* Hosea ii, 23.


O House of Israel, truly have ye received My word - receive it yet again. This Woman willeth not thus to write unto you, but she performeth a work for Me Whom ye worship. Think not that ye are at the end of Truth - nay, ye are but at the beginning. Think not that all My word hath been interpreted, nay I hide many things, laying up My treasures against the day when they are needed. Not by might but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts. By My indwelling Spirit alone can ye keep My laws - all do I accept that ye endeavour to do to please Me, but soon cometh the time when ye shall find My yoke to be easy and My burden to be light, by reason that Love, which is the "fulfilling of the law" shall so permeate your being, that ye shall cry unto Me, 'make our yoke heavier, we would do more than this to please Thee'! Let all now living and believing in Me, walk closely with Me, for the time is short, even in man's computation. In the Woman's Word lieth many secrets which I am now revealing to woman, it is not superseded, but it was a shadow of the Substance. Therefore, watch the Word of the Woman, by it I will now bring My wonders to pass. Amen."

August 24th, 1918, 8a.m.

"Thou hast gathered up the Six Visitations, now cometh the Seventh, and I will give thee the word of it, and THE WORD of it is LOVE. Many deeds, many virtues, have My flocks performed and exhibited, and now cometh the end, even 'the more excellent way,' and woman shall be the Instrument whereby I will lead man into that WAY, whereof as yet, but few, very few, know aught. Into the building of this Temple shall not come the sound of axes and hammers. My soul is weary of Churches, of the reiteration of  'teachings', even of the keeping of laws, as man keeps laws, and now cometh Peace and Love, for which My soul craves. I ordain not a Church, but a Home, not laws, but wishes and desires, not servitude, but service.

Now speak unto this people called 'Believers,' and let them know that they are each one dear unto Me, and that I would have them to prepare themselves for an astonishment, say unto them that they are near unto the end, and say unto them that none knoweth what I do. Bid them take unto them the armour of righteousness, but not of their own righteousness, for now I come to supersede My Own Laws, to revive My Own plans in a New Body, and the only armour that man can be safe in to-day, is a firm faith in His God's righteous dealing


with man and devils. Ye are all one unto Me, and ye shall soon know, as one man, what are My decrees."

September 8th, 1918.

"Now I will speak again unto this people - My Flock. Verily I am the Good Shepherd, and as the Shepherd in your country of England goeth behind the Sheep, so in your country am I come as Omega, the Last, and not one of My Sheep shall be lost, according to thy prayer. As Alpha - even the First, I preceded My Flock, as doth the Eastern Shepherd. But few followed, and now will I suffer no longer the danger of loss; but I am come and I will be the Last, none shall be behind Me. Thou hast well said that the Bridegroom cometh with but one Law - even the Law of Love - but I have yet many things to say on this matter, and thy brethren shall prepare themselves to be taught, even as thou and thy sister have been taught - the Great Mystery of Union and of Communion. I will show unto all the Path of Life, whereby alone can Death be obliterated. Prepare ye yourselves, My Children, to walk therein, render unto Me the Tabernacle of the Body, cleanse the Temple of the Mind, cast out thoughts of buying and of selling. Yea, and overturn the seats of them that sell doves, but are themselves ravening wolves! In the Cloisters of the emptied mind will I walk Myself - communing with you, and teaching you the things that belong to your Peace. For I must teach you the Covenant of Peace, and that Covenant is the Compact between Man and God, whereby Man shall become as God. Yea, even a God worketh not, except by causes which produce effects. Then forever cease from the 'spiritualising' of them that sell doves, and look unto Me that I may make you one with Me. Partake of My Divine Nature, each one of you, for this is the Well of Living Water, in which I have laid up the Life of the Bride. I, the Bridegroom, have Life in Myself, even as My Father hath Life in Himself, and My Life will I give unto all who will come unto Me in Faith, in Obedience, in Love. Seek into holy earthly marriage, and know it to be the shadow of the Substance, an honourable estate - signifying the mystical Union, which shall for ever exist between My Bride and Me. Now am I washing you all with the Water of the Word that I may present you unto Myself, not having spot, nor wrinkle, nor any such thing."




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