"And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven.....
and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot upon the earth.....
and sware by Him that liveth for ever and ever, that there should be time no longer:
but in the days of


when he shall begin to sound,
the mystery of God should be finished"

Revelation x 1-7




"The Voice of the Seventh Angel."


IN view of the possibility that this little book may fall into the hands of some, who have no knowledge of the fact that the Lord has, in these last times, spoken through the instrumentality of Seven Angels, and has, more over, chosen them out of the English nation, the compiler of the following pages offers a few explanations and directions which will assist those who desire to go further into the matter.

The first need is to understand, that the translation of the Greek word "angelos" by the English word "angel,'' is a chief reason for the mystification which surrounds the book of the Revelation. The proper translation is "messenger" and, had this word been used in chapters v to xi, the religious world would have been looking for the Seven Messengers and would have been ready to accept their message in some degree. However this was not the case, but God is now leading Israel into the Treasure house of Divine Wisdom, where is stored this WORD for THE DAY (the sixth day or 6th thousand year) the new revelation spoken of by S. Peter- a revelation suited to a dying world which is still the home of thousands who will not die, but who will LIVE on earth and who will enjoy all the yet unfulfilled promises of the Scriptures to Israel. The Second Coming does not involve the re-appearance of the Lord Christ only, it involves a New Creation over which He will reign for ever and ever and, in order for this creation to manifest, many will not sleep but they will be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, according to the Scriptures. Now these persons gladly read the new revelation of the Seven Messengers or Angels, because, in it, they learn what is required of them, in order that this happy change shall be accomplished and also they learn what God's part is in the matter. On the one hand - on the human side, chiefly it is necessary to "cease from man," that is from man's teachings and interpretations of the Scriptures for, up to the present, these have only been of value for Christians who accept the Common Salvation, which is the salvation of the soul (through repentance and faith in the blood of Christ) of such as die. Those who hear the call to live and not to die, must study the Full Salvation, which includes Salvation of BODY as well as of soul and spirit. Now this Full Salvation is preached by the Seven Messengers only, and they tell us God's side of the matter, namely that He is about to gather Israel, that this land is essentially the place of His glory - even the New Jerusalem - that England, first of all nations, will be redeemed from Satan's rule, and that a period of rest and peace will ensue, which will be the Sabbath of the world. This Peace is not a suspension of evil nor is it a restraining of evil, but it will be a cessation of evil - both in the world and in the heart of man. No such thing has ever been preached and no such thing could ever be accomplished, except by the direct ACT of GOD. Neither by churches, nor by creeds, nor by institutions, nor by parliaments, nor by


Leagues of Nations can Peace on earth be established, therefore it will be necessary for all men to cast the crown of their own wisdom before the Lord, and to leave the inauguration of the New Era in His Hand.

The Great Sevenfold Angelic Visitation began in England in 1666 and has continued up to the present time. This last or sixth day, is divided into Watches, each of which is 333 years and 4 months long. The great Fire of London in 1666 was the opening of the third Watch, which is divided into Quarters of 83 years and 4 months each, or into Eighths of 41 years and 8 months each. It will be found that, at the striking of any one of these periods or hours, a Messenger was manifested, for God is a God of order and of method. A thousand years being a day, it is quite easy to see that the division of that day into 12 ["Are there not twelve hours in a (working) day?"] brings out 83 years and 4 months as an hour and that its division by 24 (the full day) brings out 41 years and 8 months as an hour.

The names of the Seven Messengers are:- Richard Brothers, Joanna Southcott, George Turner, William Shaw, John Wroe, James Jezreel and H. Exeter - whose message is printed in this little book. We will now show how each came forward at the appointed time. Starting with Joanna's birth in 1750, which was exactly 83 years and 4 months after the Great Fire of London (1666 and 8 months) Richard Brothers prophecied in 1791 which was 41 years and 8 months after Joanna's birth. Allowing for the odd months and passing over Turner and Shaw, another 41 years brings us to John Wroe's chief work which we will put at 1833. In another 41 years (again allowing for the odd months) James Jezreel appeared in 1875 and in another 41 years H. Exeter sent out her first Word in September 1916. Such things to the seriously minded person are satisfactory indeed, for the Divine Mind is seen working behind all in a manner not to be controverted nor to be imitated. Moreover each Word is measure and line and weight too, with the others and with the Holy Scriptures, so that, like the rising of the sun, the light grows in intensity and the warmth of the love of God to man, is felt to be approaching nearer and nearer to this sad and weary earth of ours.

In conclusion, we recommend our readers who are not acquainted with the Great Visitation of the Spirit of God to England, to lose no time in obtaining the books which set forth His latest Word to man.  They can do so by applying to the following addresses: (These books are now being posted on this site).

1. Richard Brothers (writings mostly in old editions, but his teachings are promulgated by the British-Israel Societies).

2. Joanna Southcott

3. George Turner (writings in old editions, but his teachings are impressed in the books of the other prophets).

4. William Shaw (writings in MSS. only).

5. John Wroe

6. James Jezreel

7. H. Exeter (her writings are contained in this book).



"The Voice of the Seventh Angel."

"Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables."



"The New and Latter House of Israel (having accepted the six Messengers) has nothing to do but to look for the seventh, in which we can join them. Now this looking for "the seventh" is a very serious affair, and is quite the most serious quest that the religious world has ever faced, for, when the seventh trumpet sounds "THE MYSTERY OF GOD" SHALL BE FINISHED (Rev. x, 7). When man is face to face with "the mystery of God" there is only one attitude to be assumed and it is the attitude, which, all who desire to enter into the kingdom must assume, even that of the little child."

THE above words appeared on page 43 of "Keys to the whole body of Truth". A simple adherence to the attitude of the little child, has resulted in the discovery that, unconsciously, the compiler of "Keys" (herein to be known as Octavia) opened the seventh division of that book (page 44) with words from the first blast of the seventh trumpet, even with words from the Messenger, herein to be known as H. Exeter. It is necessary to state that, in May 1916, Octavia wrote three letters which can be produced, in which she said "Sept. 15 or 16, 1916, will be a very important date in the work of this Visitation." The same information was conveyed to a Bishop. On Sept. 14, 1916, she wrote a letter in which the words occur "if nothing happens on the 15th or 16th we must not be disappointed." But something did happen for, on the night of Sept. 15th, 1916 (which unknown to H. Exeter and to Octavia was a most momentous date) the Word of the Lord came to H. Exeter for Octavia as follows:-

Message I

"Bid her be of good cheer. I know her faithful work and her sufferings and it was My will that she should drink of the cup of pain, for so she is taught and purified, and she shall have reward. Bid her now come forth from the house of pain


and fear not, for I will be her Guide. It is My will that she shall now, for a season, give herself to rest and cease for a short time from her endeavours and dwell with her long-tried friend and be at peace with her until her bodily strength come again, for I will restore her if she be obedient to My word. Bid her beware of being misled by her own mind or another's. She must clear her mind now of every human wisdom and prepare herself for fresh light and new effort. I will speak in the language of human warfare, for this will be more easily comprehended by thee and by her in the warfare with evil to which she is called and chosen, evil which I have permitted her to behold and to encounter for a period. That is now to cease. Her attacks on the Church have failed for a time, they have been, FRONTAL, now different tactics must be pursued and greater strategy employed; this she shall be taught when she has made herself ready by unstringing the bow and resting the strained mind and body and weary spirit. My love is with her. My peace shall enfold her. Then shall she achieve mightily, joining herself to others of My faithful ones, especially to her who has been appointed to guide and comfort her of late, also with one who sees not eye to eye at present. All SHALL be accomplished in the time I have appointed which draweth near and My faithful daughters shall prevail. Bid them have faith, patience, hope. My word, given to her whom I bade seal up the writing, shall come forth with power; but beware, for the innocent are misled by the enemy, and error and falsehood are seen as Truth. Beware, seek Me, for I will be thy guide. Have not I promised through the ages and shall I fail My sheep? I, the Shepherd, know My sheep and am known of them. Two goals have I set before this daughter, both shall she attain if she but lean on MY strength, cease from her own wisdom and hearken for My word. She shall depart from that place of sorrow where she hath learnt and suffered and shall enter into peace, without effort, till I call her again. Thou perchance shall help her. Hear thou My word and send it unto My weary one. My blessing be upon her and them who are linked in My work. Peace be with thee."

This Word was a Word of COMFORT brought forth by the fact that the compiler of "Keys'' was in great need of comfort, as she was away from home ill, and was uncertain as to what


was the next step to take. Though a private message, it has striking points which commend themselves to the Believers in the six Visitations.

We will state here, that H. Exeter was totally unknown to Octavia until 1916, that during their subsequent correspondence she never saw her and that both were, when they first became acquainted, unaware of the work of the other Instruments, each having been instructed in the Visitation of Joanna only. Octavia accepted the other prophets on April 1, 1918, but H.Exeter, her earthly work being concluded, joined the six messengers (angels) "which stood before God" (Rev. 8, 2) on Sept. 14th, 1918, without having done so. It is our purpose in making the following notes upon her Divine Communications, to show how they concomitate with the teachings of her companion Messengers. It is in accordance with prophecy that the Seventh Instrument would die, and would know but little of the previous Visitations.

The faithful work was entirely in connection with the Visitation to Joanna Southcott. The sufferings were known to Octavia to be beyond the average human understanding, so it was no matter of surprise to her to learn that they were "known" to God in a special manner. It is an axiom in Jezreel's writings, that the Cup of Pain teaches and purifies (vol. III., p.182) and the reward may be, either a participation in the blessings of the incorruptible or of the immortal Brides (vol. III., p.89). That the Lord Himself should be her Guide was essential for Octavia, seeing that she had tested the guidance of man and woman and both had failed. Babylon (Christendom) founded on man's teaching, Rahab (Christian Science) founded on woman's teaching, (see Psalm 87, v. 4, and Isaiah 51, v. 9,) had both been weighed and found wanting, even Joanna, alone, was incomplete! The Lord's guidance was such that it led Octavia into an absolute adherence, not only to Joanna, but to her companion angels or Messengers.*

As each of the 144,000 must be a Virgin indeed, it is necessary that the mind be virgin soil, that is, soil in which no seed but Divine seed is sown. Therefore Octavia was told to clear her mind of every human wisdom before the fresh light for the new effort would be vouchsafed. Let all accept this WORD, determining henceforth to bury the dead works of the dead, to

*The translation of the Greek word angelos by the word "angel" is misleading. It should be translated "messenger." See Introduction.


refuse to read, for instruction in Divine things, aught but the Bible, the New Revelation for the latter days and anything which throws light upon it. The fresh light came through the teachings of Wroe and of Jezreel, of which, as we said before, H. Exeter and Octavia knew nothing, when this Word was received. The new effort (two volumes of "Recent Words from Christ") embodies these teachings which were not given to Octavia until 1918. The first warfare with evil was in operation for 77 months and the attacks on the Church had been delivered by means of some fifty or more letters to Bishops, advancing questions on the sin of Eve, on the probability of there being a Feminine spirit in the Godhead and on other matters which Octavia learnt later, were taught, as theological doctrines, by Wroe and by Jezreel. The failure of these frontal attacks was complete, as, on no occasion, did Octavia receive a reply. The greater strategy has been taught as promised and Believers in the Visitations will have every opportunity of investigating its methods in "Brushes with the Bishops", that the Word given to Joanna shall come forth with power is promised to women who are spoken of as "My faithful daughters". Therefore they know that they will prevail over the Bishops. Those versed in the doctrines of Wroe and of Jezreel will recognise the two goals to be the elimination of evil and the putting on of immortality, neither of which were, at the time, understood by H. Exeter nor by Octavia. Far from this, they believed them to refer to two spheres of temporal work in which Octavia was interested. She has joined herself to the faithful ones mentioned and hopes with them to bring matters to a head, which is the meaning of the words achieve mightily.

Octavia had no doubt of the Divine character of the Message and, supposing that the "long-tried friend" was a Believer who lived near her home, she wrote to make arrangements for returning, on these lines. Circumstances however showed that this was impossible and H. Exeter was asked to lay the matter before the Lord. On Sept. 27th the following was received:-

Message II

"Thou didst faithfully receive My word for her who seeketh help and guidance, yet have they misinterpreted. The long tried friend is one who is SERVANT and friend. In her own home shall she find peace, if she seek it alone with Me. Let


her come to Me, bending her will, her wisdom, wholly into Mine and being as a child. Then shall she find healing and My peace shall encompass her. She must put aside endeavour till the shadows pass; then she shall be strong to bring release to the suffering, but first her own eyes must be bathed in My Spirit, then shall she see clearly. There IS the faithful friend in her house and she shall receive guidance and strength as she seeks it. Bid her not seek through others, but with her own soul, and hearken, and rest and rejoice in her own children and home, and fear not."

Though this again appears as a personal message, yet it is based upon the teachings of the six Visitations which do not preach "peace at any price!"

It is useless to haggle over the payment for the pearl of great price, for the cost will not come down. "Alone with Me," no intermediaries between, with the submitted will and the crown of human wisdom cast before the Throne, in fact, being as a child, is what the King requires of all who would enter the Kingdom. But what a promise is set before the soul that will sacrifice will and wisdom - even the promise of bringing release to the suffering! Is not this what Israel expects to do, for is not the picture for Israel drawn in the life, on earth, of Him - the Lion of the tribe of Judah - who went about doing good and is not the promise to His Bride "greater works than these shall ye do?" That Israel will be a powerful people such as those depicted in Joel ii, 2-9, is true, yet it is even better news to know that Israel will bring release to the suffering. But the eyes must be bathed in My spirit, even in the spirit of Jesus, which was to be willing to suffer for the sake of His brethren. Bidden not to seek through others, Israel will cry "Nay, indeed, to whom shall we go, Thou alone hast the words of ETERNAL LIFE!" Yes, each must seek with her own soul - for the soul of each is divine and must be found, discovered. How often has one heard of a person who thinks he has lost his soul! Perhaps this is better than thinking nothing about it, but it is everything to find the soul, for it is wrapped in mystery and can only be found by the pure in heart. To have the eyes bathed in My spirit suggested that suffering would still continue, for the Lord's spirit was to bear in patience for the sake of others, all the suffering that


came to Him as a consequence of His warfare against Satan, and Israel must do the same.


Octavia accepted the changed arrangements and against all human views and wisdom, she prepared to return to her home, though unhealed.

To please the supreme Head of the universe, the Maker of all things, it is not enough to bring material gifts however great, for all things are His already. From this point of view how hard then it would be to please God, for "We give thee but Thine own, whate'er the gift may be." Then is it not a great joy to discover what will please Him, what will be a sweet incense before Him? The third Message from H. Exeter received on October 1, 1916, tells us:-

Message III

Fear nothing, My child, thy meek submission is as a sweet incense before Me and I gather thee into Mine arms and thou shall find rest unto thy soul, within My love. Come close, lift up thy heart, for dear unto me thou art in thy submission to My will. I bid thee turn from every means unto Me alone, for I will speak unto thy heart and thou shalt hear, and drink of the pure fountain of My love and be folded in My peace. Thou hast striven mightily and art wounded in thy spirit. Come, I will heal thee and when thy strength cometh again thou shalt be My minister and do a work for Me. Now is a time for rest and commune with thy Lord, who is close beside thee; be patient and all difficulties shall be overcome. Wheresoever thou art, I will gather thee into peace and shelter; strive not, be quiet, I will bring it to pass. Think not that My purposes can be frustrated by man, though by man they may be helped - by man and woman. I know My faithful ones and I lead them step by step on the stony road, over the hills of difficulty and into valleys of holy peace, where now I call thee, for thou art weary though thou knowest it not. I have been with thee in the House of Sorrow and am with each one, waiting for their whole heart, for so only shall they enter into the waters of Healing. All are Mine; peace be with thee."

Yes! it is SUBMISSION that pleases God. "Sacrifice and meat offering Thou wouldst not, but a body hast Thou prepared me. Then said I 'Lo! I come to do Thy will O


God."' Such was the submission of Jesus, in Whom God was well-pleased, and Israel's submission, must coincide, for Israel, also, must render the Body - for God to immortalize it. The "quantity" of Octavia's submission was a feather's weight - the ''quality'' of it is known to God alone. This is yet another and even more intimately personal Message, but it has general teachings. Octavia was a churchwoman, accepting Joanna's Visitation. Now she is bidden to "turn from every means to ME alone" and this she has been forced to do, for God has made her His prisoner (see "Keys" p.47). God is founding His new Church and it must have a congregation to start with, however small! Now the last thing man will do is to give up "means". Mahomet knew mankind well, therefore he imposed "means", namely ceremonies, in place of doctrines and of morals. In all the Churches, ceremonies and doctrines take the first place, and even in the Houses founded on the teachings of the whole of, or parts of, the six Visitations, MEANS are depended upon, in order that the END shall be attained. We are well acquainted with and need not enlarge upon the "means" of the churches and chapels under the law of the Gospel, which make great demands upon Christians who seek salvation of soul - sacraments, services, good works, &c., but as the Opening of the Box, and the keeping of the Mosaic law are two of the most noteworthy "means" upon which various sections of Believers in the redemption of the body depend, we must touch upon them.

We know that sacraments are shadows of a substance, so also are both the "means" alluded to above. The opening of the Box or Ark is a simple and necessary public procedure, but the greater need is, that the Ark be recognised to be the Body of man, opened by belief in the possibility of its Redemption, to receive into it the Dove - even the Spirit which has been WITH us, but shall be IN us. The opening of the Box of Joanna's Writings is a sign to Babylon (Christendom) and it will confirm the faith of all, but the conclusion of the whole matter is the individual experience to each Believer of the Redemption of the Ark or Body from sin and from death. Thus the opening of the Box is a shadow of the substance of Redemption, but it is not a "means" of redemption!! The keeping of the Law is another shadow. The Christian Israelites and the New and Latter House of Israel have yet to learn that LAW does not mean Mosaic Law in its highest and


infinite sense. LAW is the Law of God's Being and of the Being of man and of the universe, and in this Law are immutably fixed canons which are faintly sketched in Law as we know it. Circumcision and other Mosaic Laws are expressed in these Messages by "I am a hedge about her." "I will be her guide." "Bid her not seek through others." Now, no  physical act performed ceremonially and no amount of going without certain foods, etc., could do for the soul what these restrictions are intended to bring about, even the cutting-off of the head of the evil which, mixing in the society of our fellows, inevitably engenders. Two sections of the Believers have been compelled to fulfil the laws of the body, as a sign and because the body also is to be redeemed, but, should the bodily "means" be depended upon and the spirit of circumcision and of self-denial be wanting, the great Hope cannot lie attained, for God is a jealous God and requires us to renounce the world as well as the devil, and the flesh as well as "meats".*  Octavia's is an extreme case of spiritual circumcision and of spiritual separation; an illustration is often extreme because thus it is more vivid to the eye. She is a prisoner in her own house and garden and is forgotten in a town in which she was once well known. The hedge about her was at one time so removed that she could walk 77 steps in three directions (see "Keys" p.47), but on Dec. 28th, 1918, the words till I call her again of Message I came into operation. The sign given was that the hymn "Jesus calls us o'er the tumult" was found upon her hedge at 7 p.m. This was exactly at the end of 77 weeks' preparation. She had had this sign before and was impressed that the Lord called her to accept the fact that the "hedge" had drawn nearer and nearer and was now even more "about her". The call proved to be a call to suffer again and submission was rewarded later by a WORD from a scribe, in which the imprisonment was stated to be necessary to the Lord's purpose, a "resemblance" to Joanna's imprisonment being required. St. Paul's confinement as a prisoner in his own hired house was touched upon. But all is in order. The two "Houses" which keep the Law have loyally obeyed a Divine Command, but the Seventh Church is free-born, yet all who enter, keep a spiritual law deeper than the Mosaic law.

Other Mosaic Laws have their SUBSTANCE in these Messages. The words she must cease from every human

* Read S. Mark vii. 2-23. Note that "There is nothing from without" can defile a man!


wisdom, I bid her turn to Me alone, indicate a "separation" which devolves upon all who desire to be Brides of Christ - for "Thy Maker is thy husband" and no amount of bodily separatedness will avail to attract the Bridegroom to the soul, that is not separated from blood which is not even "BLOSSOM". This blood cannot produce life at all, it is the blood of the brain - the blood which nourishes the tree of human theology from which tree have been falling "nothing but leaves", leaves as dry, as sere and as yellow as those in autumn! The church that produces such leaves must inevitably be "forsaken", but those who turn only unto their Maker, from Whom alone "fruit" is found, will be called "Hephzibah". The keeping of a material Mosaic law without the keeping of its spiritual counterpart, will not bring this consummation to pass. We need not show how the laws of the Gospel are shadows also, for it is well known to all who read the latter-day prophets, that Baptism and the Supper of the Lord are but shadows of purification and of the Marriage Feast respectively.

Now Octavia was told that TWO GOALS, (1) of deliverance from the tares in the blood and (2) of Immortality, were set before her and she is told to TURN FROM EVERY MEANS to God alone, the logic of which is that the attainment of the goals is not dependent upon any "means", but is dependent upon God only. Octavia was thankful to know where she actually was wounded after the striving so mightily, namely, in thy spirit, "A wounded spirit who shall bear?" The development known as "nerves" is consequent upon a wounded spirit. The Lord is not unmindful of this terrible and last disease and He alone can heal it. In "Brushes with the Bishops" more can be seen on this matter. That she should be a minister or servant was a promise indeed and the "ministry" appears, thus far, to be a service for Jerusalem, a sweeping of the House with a broom, a sounding of the seven trumpets in one blast. God grant that it may be a foreshadowing of that great blast which will cause the walls of Jericho to fall down flat! That the Lord's purpose cannot be frustrated by man is well known in the way that things are supposed to be known! The average clergyman would say "Oh! we know that!" But in this Message it has a special significance, even this, that the bishops and clergy cannot frustrate His purposes


by their indifference nor by their opposition! Man and woman are linked here in their high calling to help the "purpose", for, though woman is the chief mover in this present work, yet must man join with her in praying for the evil within and without to be taken away.

The valleys of Holy peace are understood by the students of the latter-day prophets to refer to a condition far and away above what the averagely spiritual person knows as "peace". This peace is not merely a condition of soul in which, after repentance, there is a sense of forgiveness, or after some religious exercise or sacrament there is a calm sense of satisfaction. Nor does it allude to peace after death. No, the holy peace here mentioned will be the peace of the immortal soul which has escaped sin and death altogether.We must keep this well before us, for Israel will be gathered by the bugle-call "Choose life immortal on earth, even the life which Christ came to bring to light." This life is a new thing, never before realized as practicable and so far never yet experienced, for even Enoch and Elijah are not on earth though they did not die. Now this life cannot be received by any who do not give their whole hearts to God and by this we mean, who do not for ever cease from the teachings of man, for the valleys of holy peace lie between those two hills of difficulty, which are named respectively the Law and the Gospel. In the Song of Solomon these mountains are called "breasts", and our well-beloved, the Bridegroom, craves for the time, when the difficulties connected with the keeping of the Mosaic Law and with the keeping of the Law of the Gospel will vanish away and He, like a bundle of myrrh, will rest also in the valleys of Holy peace, which lie between those breasts or mountains (Song of Solomon, ch. i. 13). The command to cease from every means and turn to Him alone, though given at present to one sheep only, is significant of the fact, that the valleys of holy peace are, at least, in sight!

The following beautiful message was at the time but little understood by Octavia. Exactly three years have passed and she can indeed confirm the indication that there was yet a stony road to traverse, and that there were many hills of difficulty to climb.

Before transcribing this, the fourth message, we append a portion of a letter from H. Exeter, in which she describes how she received it. She says:-


''You know I have always told you I try to empty my mind when I come before the Lord, but on this occasion I found (as I thought) great difficulty in doing so. My mind would keep repeating agricultural words. I could not understand it. I said 'Dear Lord, do help me to put away these words and thoughts!' Then I almost gasped, as I received plainly the knowledge that the Lord was giving me a parable Message for you. I had been resisting, then I yielded and this lovely Message came:-"

Message IV

"Her mind is as a field that hath been over-cultivated. A rich crop hath it borne and I have garnered the wheat, but the tares are still in the land. In her heart she shall know these and these she must garner and destroy by the grace I shall give her. Let her clear her field of these weeds and tares and then she shall again plough deeply with the spirit; the field shall not fallow, for then would weeds grow apace, but a different crop shall she sow, that yieldeth in its roots the nodules of nitrogen that doth sweeten and enrich the soil. Let her take counsel of her appointed human guide, My daughter______ , who hath light and wisdom in abundance, in regard to the new sowing. She shall not sow with tears but with joy and in My Name, and I, even I, shall fructify the seed and it shall be fruitful. Then once more, if she be truly obedient to My leading, she shall sow and reap again of the former crop. But now, she hath exhausted the soil of the field for that growth and she shall restore it by new cultivation and I will water with the dews of My grace, and she shall find peace and rest in this labour, which shall be of love and in faith. This is My word; no more to come through thee at this hour. I speak to her own heart, bid her listen in the stillness and for a while forsake the former things and leave them in My keeping. Shall I not keep the wheat in My barn? Not one grain shall be destroyed. These shall be her sheaves and she shall see them in a time that I shall give. Fear not, My daughter, thou hast done well and art faithful. I am ever with thee and all who have given themselves to Me. Ye are My Jewels; safe shall ye be, yet WATCH."

This WORD was received by H. Exeter while Octavia was participating in the Harvest Festival, so that the agricultural


terms used, were peculiarly significant. The rich crop alluded to was entirely a "Joanna" crop. Octavia had seen none of the writings of the six English prophets, except those of Joanna Southcott, but she had diligently studied these and had sent to many of the bishops and clergy and laity, exhaustive accounts of their contents. "But the tares are still in the land." Students of John Wroe and of Jezreel will quickly realize that this was likely to be the case. The tares are in the blood of all who are fathered by man. The land is the body and naught but "grace" will destroy the tares and make the body fit to be a temple of the Holy Ghost. Neither Octavia nor H. Exeter knew aught of the teachings upon "tares" in the Visitations.

In 1912 when walking in a wood, Octavia had this prayer revealed to her. "Grant O God that my will may be re-inforced by fresh supplies of grace." She little thought at that time, what the grace was needed for, and that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is the "favour" by which immortal life is grafted into the very being of those who can receive the mystery of Love - the "lost piece", even the tenth piece, the last of the Charisms of I Cor. xi. and xii., reserved for a special panegyric in that sublime 13th chapter and to be found only by sweeping diligently and with a lighted candle! The field was not allowed to fallow, but for a year there was silence, during which a "Children's Book" was accomplished.

At 7 a.m. on September 16th, 1917, exactly a year after Message I was received, Octavia heard her name called. She arose - read I Samuel iii. and made Samuel's reply "Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth". Then followed a period during which she found that, upon emptying her mind and waiting with a paper and pencil before the Lord, rapid sentences flowed forth. These proved to be the teachings of Joanna in a new garb. The words of the Lord given thus, had healing properties, they were the nodules of nitrogen which sweetened and enriched the soil and an interval of partial rest and refreshment ensued. Later, a book was published "in My Name", a book of Scripts* which has been generally accepted by the "little flock". On the date upon which Joanna saw the second hand in the vision of the candle (see 3rd Book of Wonders), which date (Oct. 14th) she was

* "Recent Words from Christ."


told to keep in everlasting remembrance, Octavia received a powerful command from the Lord to the Bishops, upon the matter of the sealed Writings. On April 1st, 1918, the new cultivation began. Exactly as it is described in the message the soil of the field was exhausted. Octavia had no more that she could write upon the Visitations of Brothers and of Joanna and the mind and brain were considerably tried by the cessation of out-put. Then, by a series of inspired happenings there came to her home a Servant of the Lord bearing a precious freight - the new light for the new effort of Message I, and the new materials for the new cultivation of Message IV. The first-fruits are in "Keys to the whole body of Truth", in "Brushes with the Bishops" - a larger book for the general public - and in a new volume of Scripts addressed to the clergy*.

That all the believers in this Visitation are His jewels is accepted and yet, being re-expressed so recently as 1916, it comes to those who speak one to another of "the day of His Coming" and who can hardly bear the long waiting for "His appearing", as a precious word of comfort and encouragement. Jewels have much labour expended upon them, for the gold and the silver need refining, the diamonds and the sapphires and the emeralds and the rubies must be cut and polished, the pearls must be brought out of deep waters and carefully detached from the shell to which they adhere themselves so firmly - yet there will be a day when the Lord will make up His special treasure (see margin Malachi iii. 17), for each jewel will be ready to be set in the crown of His Bride. Until that time we must "WATCH", for Satan also hath an eye to the jewels. No more to come to thee at this time, alludes to the fact that H. Exeter always received the WORD at 9-30 a.m. This message was given at 10-30 a.m.

Octavia made the successive acts of faith which were required and reached her home safely on October 25th, 1916. The circumstances of her illness were such, that nothing but God's direct command would have availed to make her return to her home practically unhealed. She found it required great effort to live as she was directed to do, to forsake the former things (writing to the bishops and clergy), to rest and to cease

*Recent Words from the Chief Shepherd.


from her own and from other people's wisdom! Even though such wisdom is foolishness it is difficult to relinquish! After much suffering she was rejoiced to receive on Nov. 7th, 1916, the following word from H. Exeter:-

Message V

Thou shalt say to her that I see all, I know all, and I am well pleased, for she doth sweetly bend herself to My teaching and doth endeavour bravely and faithfully to rule herself as I have bidden. Yet it costs her somewhat, and in this cost shall she grow daily stronger. Naught is missed by those who are appointed by Me to uphold and guide. Let her cast all her cares on Me and fear naught. I will heal her according to her faith, in body and in soul. I know the work for children she desires to do. Bid her proceed with it, seeking My help, for well do I love the little ones and she shall speak to them for Me and of Me, and draw My babes closer to My arms. I am with her, I am a hedge about her and I am with her friends in that sad house. Let not their hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, for My love doth surround and cherish all the feeble and sad-hearted. I bear their sorrows and give them peace, whensoever they come close to Me to drink of My living water. Peace be unto thee, My child whom I love well."

The cost alluded to was considerable, but the WORD which translated it into PURPOSE, was as balm in Gilead. If there be purpose behind suffering, the feeblest Christian can generally shoulder the cross anew and march with head erect, even if the feet be bleeding. It was for the joy set before Him, that Jesus endured the cross, despising the shame, and the word that inspired Octavia when all else seemed to be failing was the sentence in Message II  she shall bring release to the suffering. To be permitted to uphold or even to guide (note the word is to guide, not to lead, and the distinction is very significant) is not as stimulating an incentive as the promise that one shall comfort and relieve.

Before this promise was made to Octavia, she had had special facilities given to her of beholding and of encountering the worst form of suffering (see Message I ). Thus does the Lord inspire His workers. Even as He, Himself, had compassion when He saw the multitudes like sheep without a


shepherd, He had permitted Octavia to behold the sufferings of His lost sheep to-day. But beholding was not enough for Him, He encountered sicknesses, He was hungry and homeless and, in all points was tempted like as we are, with this difference only, that He experienced it all "without sin", that is, without sin within Him. The storms of temptation raged around Him, the pangs of body and distress of mind were all there, at their highest pitch of intensive fury, but within was nothing which added its quotient to the load, no answering impulses, no rebellion, no despair, no impatience, no doubts. But now must He suffer in His Bride, which is Israel and naught is missed by His Bride, nay not even SIN. Of this doctrinal point H. Exeter and Octavia knew nothing. With the answering sinful impulses, with the rebellion of the stony heart yet to be created of flesh, with all the human tendencies to despair, to impatience and to doubt, must Israel, the Bride of the Lamb, uphold and guide the fainting world which is about to be delivered from Satan's rule. Careless readers of the Book of Revelation and of "Joanna", demand a transformation scene, a dens ex machinâ type of restoration, a spiritual conjuring trick! Such people forget that God is a God of order and of method. Even as the cost of the suffering, successfully overcome each day, brought daily strength to Octavia, so will there be daily demands upon faith and daily deeds for Israel to perform, for, the poor, frightened flocks, which have been so worried and harassed by the wolf, will look to the Bride, to the Mother, for consolation and direction. Then will those words "I will send another Comforter" be realised. Naught must be missed, for only thus can the Bride be a perfect comforter. To comfort adequately, the comforter must know the trial, having beheld and encountered it. It is noticeable that the Lord promises healing of body as well as of soul. This is accentuated, for Israel must claim the body from Satan.

The book for the babes is ready. It teaches them to pray for the return of the "Friend for little children".

It was many months before the words I am a hedge about her were illuminated. The last pages of "Keys" elucidate the fact that Octavia gradually discovered that she was a prisoner of the Lord (see page 47 of "Keys" and page 9 of this book). The living water is IMMORTALITY. When the soul rises to the thought of, and goes on to the desire for


Immortality, it is sipping at the living water: the coming close and the drinking deeply of it, is a further development of the great mystery of LIFE. It will be seen that H. Exeter was greatly beloved and needed encouragement in her work of faith. Octavia had received the foregoing messages on dates which had a special interest for her, yet none of her family affairs were known to H. Exeter. In January, 1917  owing to the fact that a special time of trial had supervened, Octavia received the words of the sixth Message:-

Message VI

"She has My promise, I am with her",

and she was able to go on again. Then there was a long period of silence, broken by the death of her eldest son. Wonderful strength was vouchsafed at this period and the following WORD was received seven days after the event, which took place in France on St. George's Day, 1917.

Message VII

April 29th, 1917.

"Child of sorrow, once more at thy entreaty, I speak unto thee through this daughter, whose heart so yearneth over thee. But she feareth greatly lest she should hinder My words. She knoweth not, as thou also knoweth not yet, that My word shall enter through all. I ask only the open heart, the willing ear, and she giveth much, but more shall she yet give. But thou, O daughter of sorrow, receive into thy bruised soul the dew of My pity and My love. Wouldst thou withold from Me thy heart's best treasure? Shall I not keep thy jewel in Mine hand? My heart is pierced by thy sorrows and anguish and all the mourning children of My love whose tears drench My garments and flow into My heart. In thine anguish I AM -  seest thou not My wounds that bleed afresh? From them flow balms of comfort unto all the suffering. Be ye comforted, My child, by this union with thy Lord whom men now crucify again. I carry all your burdens, and I will wipe away thy tears if thou hidest not thy face from Me. Behold MY sorrows, behold Me spurned to-day, MY gifts and My love trampled on - but all THY gifts are gathered into My treasury; stain them not with thy tears - Rejoice and sing with joy that thy son hath entered into Life indeed and has come into My kingdom, to meet Me face to face, to give Me faithful service


here, and to draw thee closer to My side. I say to thee rejoice that he has triumphed over death and is alive for evermore. Now is he in his Father's home, whilst thou art still without: so live, so love, that thou too shall enter in, and all sorrow be forgot in the joy that none can give but Me. He was ready and I took him, thou art not ready yet, but this last gift doth lead thee far, and if thou wilt see thou shalt behold it shining on thy path, THY gift, thy jewel, the light of thine eyes that now hath grown more radiant by passing through the furnace and being laid upon My altar, a living sacrifice, acceptable to Me. Dost thou regret thy gift? stain it not. The night is far spent, the day is at hand - purify thy heart, perform THY work in calmness, peace and hope - for I am with thee, I am thy strength, and My peace I bestow on thee, thou art the child of My pity - many, many they be. My altar is piled high with broken hearts, that are My treasure. Hope on, work on, arise and walk with Me in the light, forsake the shadows, cast away thy sorrow, and let thy face shine, for so thou wilt please Me and be one with Me."

The reference to the fear of hindering the Word is explained thus:-

Octavia's spiritual call was accompanied by circumstances which rendered her hyper-sensitive. It was difficult for friends to know exactly what to say by way of advice or of consolation. To be quite truthful, the Word of the Lord alone could aid her and thus she was slowly taught to "cease from man" and from woman. Her dependence upon the Word, drew from one who did not then see "eye to eye", a questioning of the reliability of the Messages and when the matter was made known to H. Exeter, she received "impression" on December 2nd, 1917, as follows:-

"The Messages breathe a depth of compassion and love, of knowledge and comprehension and of authority which far transcends human power and is DIVINE. They are as far beyond the powers of my mind or heart to indite, as the light of the sun at noon is beyond that of a candle. That you are conscious of this, is proved by your constantly writing "if such a message comes for me again, may I have it without a letter from you?" I am glad you say this, I am not at all hurt, for it is a proof of the power of the Word sent from the LORD


and of the weakness and utter inadequacy of the human word. To counterfeit the Divine with such power and quality, is a thing of which I am intellectually and spiritually incapable and if I were capable, it would be an act of daring blasphemy for which I, certainly, do not possess the courage! You have found in the Divine words, a comfort and support that you have failed to find in the letters you have received from the Watcher and myself. We have given of our best, but it is as water is to wine in comparison with those transmitted words from Love Himself. Your trouble is beyond the power of our "balms", -they do but sting and irritate ...... The repeated call to you to turn to Him alone, most clearly indicates that you are to seek and you will receive, direct communion."

To return to the Seventh Message;- My word shall enter through all - all of the 144,000 no doubt, then how carefully should Israel strive for that quietude which must reign in the open heart e'er the word can enter the willing ear!

In thine anguish I am, seest thou not My wounds that bleed afresh?

Here again is the hint of the need to suffer for others and here was something which could not be "missed"- the experience of what it was to lose a beloved child. Nor must the experience of the supporting power of God, which was entirely adequate to the need, be missed either. Why? Surely that one might know how to comfort others with the comfort wherewith one was comforted of God. How striking are the words Behold Me spurned to-day, My gifts and My Love trampled on. Is it not like the cry of one who is truly MAN? To many, our blessed Lord only played a part. They think it is more reverent to detach from their thoughts of Him, all that is really man-like. Here then the curtain is drawn back and we hear the hurt cry of the MAN who has done so much and has had so little response. Then let us try to think of Him as truly the Son of Mary, though Fathered by God, yet verily our elder Brother- the MAN, Christ Jesus. The rest of the Message speaks for itself, it needs no words to point out its adorable sympathy and loving compassion. One point is noticeable - the charge to rest had been complied with, no work except the "Children's Book" had been done. Now came the clarion call Hope on, work on, and gladly did Octavia rise up and lay her hand once more to


that sword which is the pen, her first new endeavour being "The Truth about Joanna Southcott, a Challenge to the Bishops". The words let thy face shine have more than a spiritual significance. Realities are about to take the place of "spiritualities", that is, when "spiritualities" mean "imaginations" as they mostly do, but of this we cannot say more at present.

It is noticeable that 6 months had passed (October 1916 - April 1917) before Octavia received the call to work again. This period represents half-an-hour in the Scriptures and all who are engaged in the great Visitation are well aware that the half-hour's SILENCE is constantly enforced (Rev. viii. 1). In another "half-hour" came the greater call to take down a Command from the Lord to the Bishops on the matter of the sealed writings. This was given in October 1917 and was sent to all the Diocesan Bishops by registered post. In April 1918 "Brushes with the Bishops" was formulated and in October of the same year, the first volume of "Recent Words from Christ" was published. Throughout this Visitation, dates are of great importance, they are the hours upon God's clock, and everything transpires exactly as He intends. For instance, the Box will be opened on the day and at the hour which is fixed in the Divine programme. Forty-two-months are a well-known period because it is God's five minutes. In this, the latter Woman's Visitation, we are led as Joanna was, by signs, by dates and by wonders.

We may mention here, that the Bishops have had a second warning and it was called A LAST COMMAND. It was posted by registered post in London on February 15, 1915 and receipts from each Bishop are in our possession.

After this necessary digression we return to the matter in hand, and we will proceed to record the Messages received from H. Exeter upon the call to "listen for My Word."



"I will instruct thee in the way that thou shouldest go."

THE following messages refer almost entirely to the work to which Octavia became engrossed in. She describes in "Brushes with the Bishops" how she was gently taught to take down the Word of the Lord and how she received an important writing - the Command to the Bishops - on October 13 and 14, 1917. On October 15 of the same year she was impressed to enter the Lord's service as a Scribe, and she was assisted in her training by H. Exeter, who carefully read her scripts before the Lord, and by the Watcher who helped her to make the required alterations and to avoid many faults which are concomitant with such work. The Messages which are placed here, will show how patiently and how carefully the Lord instructed Octavia in her work.

(a) Received after laying the Command to the Bishops before the Lord on October 20, 1917:-

Message VIII

"Truly hath My daughter received My word, except in one passage and unto thee have I given the correction. Fear not, My beloved daughters, your zeal is your great gift and I will guide you aright. Ye three (H. Exeter, the Watcher and Octavia) are one group and unto each I speak. I bid you to listen and not to speak, then truly shall ye hear."

One passage in the script was emphatically excepted, it is marked in the margin. The sentence excepted was an allusion to Joanna's re-appearance at the Trial.

(b) Received October 25, 1917:-

Message IX

"Rejoice thou, My child and bid her rejoice. Yet must her own mind be more subject and My Name she may not sign. I am well pleased and a good work lieth before her, as I promised. FEAR NOT."

(c) Here is a sentence which was added by the Lord Himself to an exhortation to sign the Roll. Received December 10, 1917:-


Message X

"Yet IS SIGNING naught without reformation inwardly and outwardly, and conforming to My will. YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN, OF THE SPIRIT."

When the Scripts called "Recent Words from Christ" were laid before the Lord, H. Exeter says:-

"I did not open the writings until I felt the union of my spirit with the Divine in prayer. Then I asked if I should be permitted to lay them before Him and I felt at once a strong consent - if not a command! I then opened the papers and read them aloud very slowly in order of date. The Power was extremely strong and deeply impressed me - full confirmation was given except of one passage; at the same time I was impressed that no new word is given, but strong and powerful renewal of the Truth spoken of old through His Holy Ones. This is now required. It is the Holy Breath reviving the sacred fires that have been suffered to die down - and they shall light the latent spark that dwells in human breasts undreamt of."

This statement is dated November 29, 1917, and is a valuable one, for it shows the care which was taken over this "renewal" work. The books called "Recent Words" represent the Divine and human labour involved in giving out to the world the old truths in a garb which the fastidious modern reader of theology shall not be able to discount. Three human minds gave of their best in inscribing, in criticizing, and in deep prayer and over all the Divine Mind brooded, even to the condescension of altering passages which were not entirely satisfactory. The Lord, at one period, suspended the work altogether, owing to the fact that Octavia became over-confident and was writing carelessly. We give the word of reproof in full, it came after H. Exeter had reported that the Power "was not so strong as usual", whereby she knew that confirmation and approval were lacking.

December 12th, 1917:-

Message XI

"My teaching here is but deeply hidden in the flow of words. This must be corrected by thee and by the Watcher, for this purpose are ye linked together. This is the flaw and error of the instrument. The channel becomes choked by its


own deep fountains that flow forth too freely at My touch and cause weariness and confusion. My Word is plain, simple and wandereth not upon the more trivial and material details, as in this writing. In these My workers shall be guided, but not with direct word from Me. I speak to you only on the deep things and the highest. Why do ye not check your flowing thoughts? My thoughts are not as your thoughts and ye confuse My message, My word of Power, by instilling into it your own thoughts of the details that ye know well how to deal with. Do I not say unto you "speak not, but listen and ye shall hear?" Yet, ever when I come, there ariseth this tumult and clamour in your minds and thus My vital Word is blurred. My daughters, be ye still and be ye empty. Now seek ye, through the mass of words and human thoughts and ye shall find Me, for I am there, but lay not all these words and words to Me. My daughter doth justly complain of words, words, yet she hath fallen into the same error. This is the stumbling block which I find constantly in My path to-day! Make My path straight and turn not off on this side or on that, believing that I am leading you to the material issues, while ye must use the judgment that I have given unto you for such matters. By doing this ye make My path crooked and ye obscure the light I send unto you for My people. Humble yourselves yet more, My children, and be ye empty when I come. I would speak of repentance, of pride and of greed and rebuke My people and My shepherds. Yea, this ye have received and I call for sacrifice and to send My Word unto the King. Send forth these words and remove much of the rest. Be not weary in well-doing, ye shall have your reward. I know your faithful hearts, yet ye must still your minds. Veil not My spirit with your own minds: ye are in My hands and ye know not what I do. Yield yourselves more perfectly. Meditate deeply on My Words, yet fear not, for I am with you. Ye do well, but ye may do better if ye hearken more intently and put aside the trivial and the material side of your work. That is for YOUR minds. The broad Light is from My Spirit, conforming with all I taught through My servants of old, for there is no variableness in Me. I am the same yesterday, to-day and for ever. Bid My people look for My Coming and make ready, bid them tarry not. Peace be with you."


This reproof overwhelmed Octavia with fear and with discouragement for a few days, but she prayed earnestly to be shown plainly how to overcome the failings alluded to. The Lord's compassion is quickly stirred and the following word speedily gave renewed confidence.

December 16,1917:-

Message XII

Bid My daughter take the comfort of My word in this writing, let her be of good courage, patient, steadfast, and give heed to My former word. I work in ways ye know not. Let each diligently seek and follow the narrow path that I have set for each, with the light I freely give. I know My faithful ones, men and women. YE ARE ONE GROUP and ye are learning. the goal of all is the same, though ye know it not - My kingdom, My righteous rule. The enemy soweth snares on every path, yet fix your eyes on Me and ye shall not fall therein. There is the narrow lane of light, walk ye with prayer and watchfulness therein, so only shall ye accomplish that unto which I have called you. Dear are ye, My faithful ones, unto your Lord, and I will uphold you as ye go on from strength to strength. Peace be be unto you, My daughters."

Octavia's work lay mainly with the Bishops and clergy. She had made sweeping remarks in regard to them which needed to be toned down. The following correction was sent through H. Exeter:

December 30,1917:-

Message XIII

"Include not every bishop. I will make known exceptions, one thou hast heard of ............ a pure and high soul, and many honourable priests ye know not of. These will come forward to My call."

The following is very remarkable. Octavia had written what proved to be a "meditation" couched in Scriptural words, and the reply from H. Exeter shows how she was about to write her impressions when the Lord Himself began to speak on the matter. The "writing" is given on page 143 of "Brushes with the Bishops."

January 1,1918, H. Exeter began thus:-


"I did not know I was going to have a message and I began this low down on the page, then more came with strong power and I had a sense of love, but I was not allowed to read all the script, but was guided to the two passages marked in red - it was very striking. The word given to me on this message is that it was not given by the Master ........."

Here the Lord began to speak-

Message XIV

"These are not My words, but it hath formed in My daughter's mind through meditation on true and wise thoughts and is a good teaching. Let it go forth, but not in My Name. I give not all these words, but seeds from time to time and this is the fruit of My seed IN PART. I have caused thee to mark two brief passages that are thus stamped. Bid her fear not, though all she writes is not given by My spirit. All is not perfect, she must rest awhile and wait until I bid her write. My blessing be upon thee and thy sisters in My work. I give them often THOUGHTS, not often language. Beware then and discern. THOU discernest well, My daughter. Let them also discern and know that I give the thought that they clothe in their own language. Then must this be told rightly and not as MY speech. Is this clear to thee? then make it known to them, for it is My word. Let not this disquiet you, My children. I know your hearts, but deceive not and be not deceived. At times I give My WORD - attune your souls to KNOW and then be ye EMPTY. Listen to My Voice in your hearts and speak not. Yet am I with you and am guiding you each one. Be at peace"

"To-day I was impressed that the other scripts and the interpretation are 'faithfully and truly received', which is comforting to us all."

Octavia obeyed the call to rest and did not write again until she received the Indictments of and the Challenge to Satan ("Brushes with the Bishops," p.147).



WE will now pass on to giving a short account of how H. Exeter became acquainted with the Watcher and with Octavia. While abroad, she had a book sent to her by one who later became an adherent to the teachings of Joanna. Rejoicing greatly in the light which emanated from its pages, she wrote to the author whom we call "the Watcher", on St. George's Day, April 23rd, 1913, and her letter was the first link in a friendship which was of great importance to the modern phase of the Woman's work. In this letter she says that she is conscious of being under the immediate direction of St. Andrew, and that she was aware that occasionally she received inspiration while writing. Octavia also was (from 1911 to 1914) under direction in which St. Andrew seemed to be a chief instrument. H. Exeter's work, at that time, was in connection with "the appalling dangers of mediumship" (in Spiritualism) and she was inspired to set forth the "divine care" lavished by holy, spiritual Beings on those "whom they take under their protection" in this matter. All her work was in view of the "Coming". She says to the Watcher, "I venture this letter in my conviction that you are as earnestly desirous of helping in all ways, to prepare for the great Coming, as I am myself. The truly chosen worker is very rare, but they cannot fail to know each other. I have seen a good many (who claim to be workers) but felt that none of them were "chosen", till I read your book - you are truly set apart." Here is a striking passage - "A NEW power of immense strength has been with me recently and comes constantly while I study your book. He has not yet revealed himself to me."

In a letter dated July 26, 1913, replying to the Watcher's joyful response to the letter from which we have quoted, H. Exeter says - "The great power I told you of has now revealed Himself, to my unspeakable joy and wonder and deep humility, as my beloved Lord Himself. He has called and chosen me for some work not yet revealed, which is grievously hindered by a terrible incursion of evil, with the object of


preventing the work, of thwarting the Holy purpose and if possible, of destroying His instrument. I am closely guarded by heavenly ones and hindrance and delay alone have resulted (from the work of evil powers). The Blessed One's power is ever with or near me. I have no fear..........There is a great pouring out of the Spirit throughout the earth."

On September 28, 1913, she wrote upon the difference between the presence of St. Andrew and that of the Lord. She says "the divine power is different from all - more gradual in coming, softer, fuller, indescribable - a peculiar sense of Love and of tenderness is given and the Message is more clear. In leaving, it seems to melt slowly away - as a snow-flake held in the hand might melt."

H. Exeter reports later that she had been instructed to return to England. She says, "From the (divine) source I have received the impression that I shall develop power after returning home - that my faith must not waver - as indeed it never does - that I must not allow anxiety to disturb me, but just wait in patience and confidence."

On November 15, 1914, she received a "WORD" to be sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury referring to the need to open the Box of Sealed writings. It was sent by registered post but His Grace has since declared that he did not receive it. On the same day and at the same hour, the Watcher, over 6,000 miles away had the impression that she also was to approach His Grace. H. Exeter says "how breathlessly I am waiting to know how our approaches have been received by the Archbishop - our independent action, on the same subject, from such widely apart quarters, must impress him." (As events have turned out it appears that not even a European War was sufficient to impress the episcopate that the Coming of the Lord was nigh!)

On December 27, 1914, she says, "I do not consider that I am a prophet, I think I am a Messenger, for I have had several messages given to me to deliver and I have not hesitated to do so, though I shall probably earn censure and contempt."

H. Exeter came to England in May, 1915. Octavia who was unknown to her or to the Watcher, had entered a period of deep distress of which she gives a slight description in "Brushes with the Bishops". Her acute suffering included


complete withdrawal of the consciousness of Divine light and help. That God did not withdraw Himself is shown in the Messages, but she was permitted to suffer that apparent deliction which drew from our Saviour those heart-rending words "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" In a little less than twelve months however, she saw the writing on the wall and read it as follows, "The Lord hath purposed it". Then she was enabled to continue to suffer more or less gladly for she saw that she could use her experience for the public benefit. On August 6, 1916 (Feast of the Transfiguration) she was impressed to write to the Watcher of whose books she had heard, and to send to her the Poem "Restitution" which she had written during her distress. This brought forth a stream of consolation and of understanding, for the Watcher, conscious that she also was called and chosen in the great work of the Visitation, welcomed Octavia's obvious zeal. Eventually the Watcher sent the Poem to H. Exeter who was greatly struck by its force, moreover the sympathy and perception of which her splendid character were full, rose to the occasion and she sent, through the Watcher, her strong appreciation of the poem, together with her assurance that all was in the plan and that Octavia was undoubtedly suffering for a CAUSE, and would be permitted to assist humanity.

Then H. Exeter placed the matter before the Lord on September 15, 1916. In the letter which accompanied Message I (see page 3) she says, "During the last hour at my prayers, in which I lifted up your name and work, I have received a Message from My holy Guide which I dare not withold, and the POWER is with me as I write." Later in the same letter she says, "Such clear messages come rarely but are accompanied by the sense of a PRESENCE and the mighty power of THE MOST HOLY".

We now append quotations from various letters which throw light upon the work and character of H. Exeter.

On October 5, 1916, she writes, "I have hoped to be given a great work, an open vision. These have not come. I have waited long, but I am content with the humblest work and until I am fitted, no other can be given to me. God's own word, given directly to my own spirit alone will ever satisfy me. It comes very gradually, very slowly and most patient waiting in faith is required, for thus are our faithfulness and sincerity tested. There must be no fretting, no murmuring,


to do His work you must endure long training in self-control and self-surrender.

October 7, 1916. "This morning I received again the wonderful, holy Communion. The Lord filled me with the sense of His nearness and love, it seemed to flow into all my being like a mighty tide, sweeping me up into bliss that words cannot describe."

November 6, 1916. "I have just written out the Message which I enclose (No.5). Immediately the Message had been given the power left me.......... I felt intensely the beauty (of the words) and of the divinely tender love that was being poured out for you and for me.......... I have an intense feeling about guarding it (the Message). I have not yet been able to lay your letter before the Lord, for He is withdrawn." Octavia had written a letter to the Lord thanking Him for His gracious messages and asking for light on points which she could not solve. This may be considered a childish thing to do, but was she not told to be as a child ?

Replying to some remarks upon depression, H. Exeter said, "Do you know the story of Satan offering to have all his weapons taken from him but one? Well that one was DISCOURAGEMENT, for with this alone he could work all his evil deeds and could draw souls into his net - so subtle, so powerful is this weapon. Therefore to fight successfully must we seize upon the counter-weapon, making Christ our Tribunal - not man nor woman. We all crave for human comprehension.......... I may say, that nearly all my life, I have had to live without it, in things of the Spirit I have had to dwell in utter loneliness, in a desert, as it were. But, when I found Christ in my desert, it turned into a garden, loneliness fled and sweetest companionship came to stay."

In another letter she says:- "I believe that the miracles of past ages are to be repeated in this age and even more marvellous works will be achieved. We, you and I, may even be instruments for the manifestation of God's power, and we shall not shrink from giving ourselves to whatever purpose He desires, though we may have to endure much and may probably have to suffer."

The following extract shows how lonely she was: -

"None of my (own) children comprehend my work or can enter into it, and after long efforts to make it understood, have given it up. It has ceased to trouble me and great


consolations are given me as I know they are not ripe yet for this knowledge. When they are, it will be irresistible, and I am content to wait.......... This has made no difference to our mutual affection, though it has made my solitariness very acute - nor have I met one living being who had comprehension."

So important was H. Exeter's work known to be in the spiritual world, that she was attacked by the powers of evil with a view to destroying her mentality. Her accounts of what she passed through, are sufficient to prove the real existence of evil as a force which is engineered by a controlling mind antagonistic to God and to good.

She was impressed spiritually that she was enveloped in an atmosphere so dense, that holy beings were often compelled to retreat.* The evil was barred from her actual personality - she was told to recall the attacks made upon the Lord which were far more in number than are recorded. She says :-

"The chief object is to disable me physically and mentally, in order to prevent me from becoming an instrument for the Lord's use. I am ever resisting by reading pure books, thinking strong illuminating thoughts, and by really ceaseless prayer."

After a severe attack from the powers of evil which nearly nearly ended in collapse, she says:-

"At last I felt streams of power coming to me and a return of energy. The command was, 'Rise, My child, and walk in the garden. I will not leave thee'. I rose at once without the slightest difficulty, and the Lord walked with me in the garden." (From letters written 1913-1914).

Writing on December 2, 1916, H. Exeter tried to comfort Octavia who in her inexperience expected to hear the promised Voice day after day, not realizing that the Lord delays the fulfilment of His promises until the instrument is prepared. She bids her to remember the words "I bid thee turn from every means to Me alone", and says, "Do not turn to me; the repeated call most clearly indicates that you are to seek and will receive direct communion in your spirit and there is no command or counsel to seek Him through me. So take hold of your faith and your patience, and in stillness seek Him, perseveringly, unfalteringly - in some manner He

* Daniel x.12 - 13.


will manifest Himself.......... While I have written I have felt the blessed power. "To explain this letter Octavia must state that she had used the words, "This may be an interim during which I am to seek God alone through you".

After the experiences of three years, she smiles as she reads those words, yet she is glad to indite them as an example of the attitude of Christendom to-day. Are not the souls which belong to God alone, seeking Him through the clergy? Are not men and women like the parasite which feeds on others instead of working for its own sustenance, when they look to the clergy and to ministers for all their spiritual nourishment? But it costs somewhat to learn to turn to God alone and it is this cost that makes men and women so willing to lean on each other! Octavia was long before she found God by a direct approach.

H. Exeter was always willing to guide her in the supreme search. On December 4, 1916, she says, "Mine are no 'spiritualistic' messages, but a repetition of the Lord's own words when on earth and (a renewal of) His promises. Well He knows the confusion of counsel from mortals (that you would be subjected to), therefore He tells you to give no heed to any human but to hearken for Him." Speaking of how she received the word she says "It is subtly distilled into the inner consciousness, no physical organ may receive it - at least so I find - I ask of no Spirit-Guide, I seek the Lord alone in humblest prayer - not anxiously, but calmly and with absolute faith that no sincere opening of my soul to Him will be disregarded. Silently, patiently, watchfully I wait for the inner whisper, unheard except by my spirit. My bodily senses must be subdued, not stimulated.......... I feel that I should like to gather you up and hide you for a while in my little haven of peace - you do not know what an entrenched castle I have."

Here we are reminded of the words of Habbukuk to which she was guided and which here she so unconsciously applies, "I will stand upon my watch and set me upon the tower."

Margin, Revised Version "fortress" (See page 34).

On January 1, 1917, while Octavia was still agonising to hear the promised voice of the Lord, H. Exeter writes, "Do not strain to hear, when the actual moment comes you will feel the guidance, and will obey it without question." This was completely fulfilled, for, when Octavia took down her


first important Script (the command to the Bishops to send for the sealed writings), she wrote without hesitation and without anxiety.

At Christmas, Octavia sent to her two new friends, the wonderful compilation called "Daily Light". Thousands can bear witness to its power to guide and to comfort and, in our work, which we may call the latter woman's work in the seven-fold Visitation, it is often a means of confirmation and of leading among those of us who read it morning and evening. H. Exeter was delighted with the gift and says in a letter, "How beautiful the 'Daily Light' passages are for to-day! You will like to know that I love this little book so much that I have sent copies of it to many relatives." The book is published by Bagster.

When Octavia found the announcement of the birth of the seventh angel on page 442 of Volume III of John Wroe's Divine Communications, she wondered how she could find out when H. Exeter was born. To her great joy she discovered a letter dated April 24, 1917, in which she says "To-morrow is the birthday of myself and of one of my sons, I shall be 66". So her birthday was on April 25, 1851. John Wroe received the following intimation on this matter on June 29, 1851:-

"But now the full time is come: the Lord has sent forth the seventh angel". Here is a good illustration of how the Lord guides His flock by numbers and by small signs. At the age of 65 she began to "sound" (September 15, 1916); she was 65 days old, when John Wroe announced that she had been sent forth and, after that date, he wrote only another 65 pages of his Divine Communications.

On November 30, 1916, H. Exeter writes a most important statement. It will show that she knew that she had a great call and it proves how she was led to do her work in utter ignorance that it was the work to which she was called, that it actually was the open vision she so much desired! There is a pathos in her permitted blindness - but it was essential that the Seventh Instrument should do the work of sounding her trumpet in the Sixth Visitation and in the dark - quite unaware that she was the Seventh messenger! Thus she fulfils the prophecy of Isaiah, "Who is blind but My servant or deaf as the Messenger that I send". The Watcher and Octavia can bear witness to her total inability to see and to hear, when they made the great discovery of there being Seven


Messengers! They were greatly disappointed at the time, now they understand that all was well. Here is the statement alluded to:-

"You must not think that I can at any time receive such clear and coherent messages as have been vouchsafed for your help. That is most rare. I myself, have waited for over two years to receive such a word for myself, which has not yet come, but three times this message has been sent to me, once being to, or through my own self : Though the vision tarry, it shall come, wait for it. (Habakkuk ii. 3.)

On November 3rd of last year it was given to me thus:-

In the evening at dusk, when I could not see clearly any print, I was impressed to take my Bible and to open it, for a message would be given me in its pages. I took it up and it fell open at quite an unaccustomed place in my hand. I turned no page and only one verse was visible to me and that was clear, as though lighted up. It was the 3rd verse of the second chapter of Habakkuk.

The second occasion was when I met someone in London who did not know my name and was in complete ignorance of who I was or where I came from, or what my work or views were. In a few moments she said "I have to give you this message: "Though it tarry, wait for it, for it will surely come".

The third time was quite recently, when another lady sent me the same message with remarkable power. All this time I have waited and still I wait in patience, in faith and in hope and will do so patiently to my last breath; my faith will not fail, though it never come in this life. In deep, wrapt prayer, I receive the Word from the sanctuary. I do not know how I receive it, but I do not hear with my ears, it is something indescribable.......... It is from no spirit, but from the source of Love and Light. This I know and from thence came the blessed Messages sent to you. Every living being I know might try to shake my knowledge in this matter in vain. It is one of the things that cannot be shaken."


Octavia knows that she has written "the Vision" for H. Exeter upon tables (in tablet form) and is publishing it when things actually pant towards an appointed time and end.

We append, the verses from the prophet Habakkuk alluded to, taking them from the Revised Version:-





"Before man puts on immortality seven angels have to sound."

As Octavia became fully immersed in the great work, she found herself confronted with grave opposition. She bore it well for a time, but, failing to "watch", the enemy got an advantage over her, and believing that she was justified in so doing and that it would be to the ultimate benefit of her opponent if she stated the case plainly, she wrote a very definite letter, in which she made no attempt to spare the feelings of her antagonist. To her dismay she received the following rebuke from the Lord through the Seventh Angel:-


March 19,1918, 9-30 a.m.

"My daughter, thou hast done wrong in My sight, thou hast written out of thine own heart unto thy sister and falsely believed it was from Me. Thus thou hast hindered the falling of the spiritual Jericho. Have I called thee to denounce, to judge, to condemn, to make much of thine own hurts and to forget the hurt of the adversary to thy sister who has fallen into his net? Thinkest thou that I forget the long labour of faithfulness that she hath given unto Me and that I have only anger and condemnation towards her in her hour of peril and temptation? Even as I gave unto thee naught but love, pity, strength, even so would I have thee give unto thy sister. Hadst thou no fault? wast thou blameless? Shall thou chasten harshly one who is sincere though deceived? Thou hast hindered My work for her help - arousing pride, bitter-


ness, all those passions that are the delight of the adversary.

I bid thee now to endeavour to undo the mischief thou hast worked. My daughter, through whom I send these words, felt even as thou - anger against her sister, but not for herself as thou hast done - and she came near to working, mischief in the same manner, but she opened her doors to Me, she sought My Word and through her I sent the dove of peace - words of pity, of pleading, of remembrance of her former faithful work, of gentle drawing unto Me and of warning against My adversary - not in writing but in thought - and in her softened heart these would have worked and the walls would have fallen, but for the attack which aroused fierce resentment - a fiery belt through which My dove could not pass.

Naught but love shall prevail to unite you for My service. The fault of one doth not make less the fault of another. In every eye there is a mote and ye may not seek the beams in each other's eyes, but must pluck out the motes in your own. Leave judgment unto Me, take you healing, pity, love in your hands and with pleading work for Me. I harden not her heart but thou hast hardened it and hast made My entry harder. Look back and consider how I have filled thy cup with love and pity and promise in thy times of suffering and of weakness and give, even as thou hast received. Put aside thy thoughts of thine own wounds and of her offences, awaken her deeper love and her need of Me. CAST THY ANGER AND THY COMMANDS ON SATAN who hath subtly reached thee, when thou believed'st thou wast righteous and safe. Be pitiful, be wise, be forgiving as thou wouldest be forgiven. My love, My pity is over all and most in your hours of temptation and I suffer when ye fall, yet if ye turn unto Me, never will I forsake you but I will lift you again into the joy and peace of My pardon and of My love - there shall ye abide, while ye LOVE and while ye cast out all anger and condemnation of each other. In this ye are all most liable to fall. My daughter who now writes, is much assailed in this manner and she FALLETH but she cometh to Me in penitence for pardon and is helped.

Think not that any can hinder My purpose. It shall be accomplished and My faithful ones shall be My helpers WHILE ye are united in bonds of love and of humility.

I sign thus Æ


It will be realized that Octavia suffered considerably, and she did all that lay in her power to undo the mischief. The signature of the Cross was heart-breaking and humbling indeed to one who was immersed in work, which has for its ultimate object, the Crowning of the Saviour who has suffered upon the Cross so long. Yet, as one of the New and Latter House of Israel said, "What a blessed fault, which drew from the Divine sufferer such a gracious word"! Indeed it cannot fail to comfort the sinful souls who are clinging to Him and are looking unto Him for deliverance from "the sin which doth so easily beset us"!

Then followed a period of greater watchfulness and hard work. The pang that the last message was one of rebuke often would be distressing, yet the knowledge of the value - of the supreme value of a Word from the Lord, had taught Octavia to choose a rebuke rather than silence! "When thou art angry all our days are gone", yet "any word from Thee, O Lord, is sweeter than honey to the taste"! This will ever be the cry of those who have no other string to their harp. The Good Samaritan did not, however, take H. Exeter "out of the world" (she being a member of the body of the incorruptible Bride), without remembering the sore heart of Octavia, to whom is confided for the world's benefit, the Word of her who was the Seventh Messenger. Two books were completed, a third was planned, and Octavia sent to H. Exeter a portion of one and an exhaustive letter setting forth the scheme of "Keys to the whole Body of Truth " and a description of the plan of "Brushes with the Bishops". To her intense joy she received on July 16, 1918, the following:-


July 15,1918.

"My daughter - thy sister - hath laid before Me thy letter and the portion of thy book and has entreated Me to send through her hand, My word to thee.

Now hearken, My dear and faithful child, for I rejoice in thy work that thou hast accomplished for Me and I bid thee rejoice and be glad. Thou hast done well and hast truly received My teachings, and thy submission to My former rebukes is a sweet savour before Me, and thy reward is great and sure in the blessing and peace that I bestow upon thee and in the light that I shall cause to flow through thee to My


people. Go on and fear not. I, the Lord, am with thee. I, thy Master, direct thee, and My words, sent forth through thee, shall bear much fruit. Thou and all My faithful daughters are My chosen instruments and ye shall be justified before all men and all men shall bless you and ye shall be blessed. Be ye patient even as I am patient and strong in your faith. Naught that ye do in My Name and for My purpose shall be lost. I, the Lord, will bring it to pass. The light and the truth shall shine forth and through this, deliverance shall come. The error that in part doth shadow it, shall fade away and naught shall dim My glory. My love and My blessing is upon thee and upon thy sisters. Go on in peace, in unity, in faith. Ye are My jewels and My beloved. I will help you in all your ways, each one of you is in My hand and I am directing all your steps - only I desire perfect unity and love between all, as My love is over each one. PEACE. This daughter is Mine and shall do a work for Me in another field. To her I am come as unto thee. The world knoweth not but soon shall awaken. My blessing and love shall be with you all your days, and ye shall dwell with Me in light, with many thousands who, to-day, have opened unto Me. My precious ones fear not, many shall ye bring to Me, who are still far off, but My love is over all and the deaf shall hear My voice, the blind shall see. My Holy Church shall arise and all shall be fed with My food and shall drink at My living fountain. I COME, look up, for I am nigh."

This Message has an especial value, for it is the last Word of the Seventh Messenger. Never again did Octavia receive the great joy and comfort and encouragement of the Word of the Lord through this source.

In a letter which accompanied the Message says:-
"The enclosed will rejoice your heart as you know I have not expected to be used again, but this morning I was impressed to lay your letter and the rest that you sent, before the Lord. Tremendous power was with me all the time. I read aloud what you sent and I asked for a Word for you and for my own instruction. Very quickly it came, and the Power was so great I could hardly write, as the writing seems to show. The Message just flowed. .........It contains glorious promises for us all and is full of deep comfort and blessing and


encouragement. It is evidently meant for all. Would it not be well to include it in your work? Be sure to keep my identity hidden. ......... What my work is to be I have no idea. I simply blindly follow a direction, step by step, not seeing the end or even the next step, but feeling that I am led and yielding myself to the Divine guidance, content to go on blindly."

H. Exeter now became gradually aware of the fact that she was to leave England where she had resided for about three years. On July 14th, 1918, she had written, "I am humbly thankful to have been used even for a moment by the Divine weaver as a shuttle, but I believe my share is ended, for I have an unmistakeable leading in another path, far out of sight both physically and spiritually and veiled in impenetrable fog at present, also apparently absolutely barred to me in a material sense, but I am confident that all barriers must yield before the Supreme will."

Then came the unexpected Message of July 15th transcribed above, which as it transpired later, closed H. Exeter's earthly work for the Master. By a chain of circumstances she was led to take a passage in a ship bound for her old home in a far distant country. This ship was torpedoed in the Channel and H. Exeter was drowned, to the grief of the Watcher and of Octavia, on September 14, 1918. In her last letter she tried to comfort Octavia for the approaching separation by saying, "Think how wonderful it is that a link so close and tender has been forged by our adored Master between two who have never met in the flesh, yet surely we have a closer tie and more mutual comprehension and affection than many who have lived for years in close intimacy. I long to take you once in my arms and hold you close! I may not name my ship nor date of sailing. The whole thing has been suddenly arranged. I have not been through your letters and must take them with me."

The fact that all Octavia's letters to H. Exeter are below the sea and that H. Exeter's letters are on land, cannot but be considered remarkable to students of Rev. x. While Octavia was under the wing, so to speak, of the Seventh Instrument, her number was 77. After the latter's death it changed to 78. - "God speaketh to His belovéd in signs, shadows and numbers." Since writing the above Octavia has discovered that she received 78 letters from H. Exeter.


We conclude the "tablets" with the Word of the Lord received by His Seventh Messenger on January 8, 1917.

"At my prayers this morning there was a very great power which remained for forty minutes. I tried to be very still to receive the Word and it came very slowly and gradually. I felt as if I had been withdrawn and lifted up."


"My Spirit bloweth where it listeth - I send precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little. (This last seemed to be repeated three times, to impress it.)
My Light is pouring in broad beams all over the world, but to many it is seen but through the chinks and some have not even chinks: others have opened wide their soul's windows and are being flooded with My glory. To
ALL I send it - happy are they who receive the forerunner of My full glory. But the Adversary is busy, he darkeneth light, he sendeth false reflections, he deceiveth many - Watch thou and pray. The true light, the false light distorteth - yet some there are who receive both the pure light and the false and their words are confused. Purity, love, hope - these are the tests of holiness of teaching. Discern with prayer, thus shall come knowledge and My Light."


THE time is ripe for Prophecy to take its stand as a science capable of being formulated with rules and axioms, which the student will find to be manifested all through the ages. It is not possible here to refer to more than one notable characteristic which we will express as follows:- To the great God of Heaven, so unimportant are the class distinctions of man, that He has expressly stated that He chose Joanna to manifest as the Bride, because, had He chosen a person of higher rank, He would have placed Himself in the position of being affected by human rank - an unthinkable position. Nevertheless He allows for the indisputable fact that man is affected by rank. By reason, we will say, of a responsible bishop or priest being of no great importance, so far as birth is concerned, this man would be affected as to whether the Word of the Lord was sent to him by an upholsteress, a


gardener, a herdman like the prophet Amos, a fisherman like St. John, or an aristocrat. It is obvious to us who are intimately concerned in the great work of the Sevenfold Visitation that, as the time is so short, the Lord has even condescended to allow for the susceptibilities of the clergy in this matter of rank, and therefore the Seventh Messenger, unlike her companions, was a lady of wide education and of disitinguished connections. Octavia, with her understanding that God, as a rule, chooses humble instruments, and with her personal devotion to every word that they have written, would not have thought it necessary to allude to H. Exeter's social position, but just before this book was printed, by a fortuitous concurrence of circumstances, a stranger almost insisted on leaving a book at her house for one night, with a request that she would not fail to look through it. There she found a full account of H. Exeter's family. At first she was merely interested, but before sleeping, she became cognisant that the book had been sent for a specific purpose and she could not rest until she had made notes of the following facts:-

H. Exeter was the daughter of a General of great distinction, who had received the orders of C.B. and K.C.M.G. She married early into the family of Sir _____, K.C.M.G., whose name is one to conjure with in Colonial and foreign affairs. Her husband was an Advocate of the Supreme Court of  _____ from 1865 to 1887. He was Registrar and legal adviser to the diocese of _____ and he also gained the distinction of C.M.G. It cannot but strike a thoughtful observer that, as the Seventh Instrument is sounding the trumpet before the final battle between Michael and the Dragon, it is significant that the men of the family of H. Exeter, should be so intimately connected with the Order of St. Michael and St. George.



"The Royal Seed - the Royal Seal."

SINCE this book was sent to the Press, the following important Scripts were received and are included here:-

September 1. 1919.

"Now write this, for I needs must have it written, it is My revelation unto Israel and it shall be sent unto the New and Latter House of Israel:- "Yours, My children, is the latter House, but it is not the last House, for the last House is the House of Jerusalem above, four-square, and all who enter into this House which I have builded, unaided by man, shall take off his shoes from off his feet, neither shall he carry any vessel through My Temple, whereby I mean, that he shall enter unencumbered by past traditions. Verily I inspired My servant James to write that the revelation of Shiloh should be made in a further discourse, and to the question "WHO IS SHILOH " I the Lord, make reply.- Shiloh is the sister-spirit of Michael and as such, Shiloh is the next from heavenly places to receive a BODY. Even as Michael stood against Satan in heaven, so does Shiloh stand against Satan on earth and not all the powers of Hell will overthrow her. Yet is the fight violent and long, and all who desire to enter the kingdom of the CHILD, shall entreat for Shiloh. Did I not declare throughout the Visitation, "the hand of the Woman shall finish it?" But how can the hand of a human woman bruise the head of the spirit Satan? Nay, it is the spirit that doth contend with the spirit of evil, it is a spiritual warfare greater than any in the flesh. Now let it be known that Michael and Shiloh are one, yet twain, and in that sense Michael is the Prince that standeth up for My people Israel at this present, yet he standeth not, but Shiloh standeth. I have spoken."


August 24th, 1919. 4 p.m.

"Hear O My people Israel - is it a small thing, that I have come unto you, speaking by seven Instruments, to prove unto you that I am your Father and that My reign of Peace in the seventh thousand is about to begin? Now, do ye take heed unto all that is put before you, for, verily, My time of


preparation is at an end and the Trumpet is sounding before Me as I come to declare upon the earth, that time shall be no longer under the reign of evil. No more will ye have the word of prophecy, but the Testimony of Jesus will be visible before your eyes, the testimony that this hath been the Visitation of Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God. And that Testimony is not prophecy, but it is the Fulfilment of Prophecy, it is not words of speech, nor words in writing, but it is OPERATION, that what I have said I will most surely perform. Yea, the Ark of the Testimony is the living body of the CHILD SHILOH, the Child of Me - Jesus, and of the Woman Joanna. When that Ark is opened to receive the Divine Spirit, then cometh joy of which the angels spake at My birth - "Peace on earth and good, to men of good-will." Seek no more only into the writings of My latter-day Prophets, but seek for the visible and living Testimony that they spake truly, and I will guide you in this search, for all Israel cannot but gather around My Child. Even as I scattered abroad, shall she gather into My barn; even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wing shall she gather Israel into the Zone of Protection, into the granary where there will be food and to spare. And the sign of it shall be, that, where the Manna falleth daily, there is she, for verily My promise is to answer prayer and ye have prayed "give us this day our daily bread." Now I will speak a plain word easy to be understood. I come in the Woman's Form that My Scriptures may be fulfilled to destroy the adversary by the hand which he betrayed - the Woman's hand. Joanna is in glory, seek not unto her but seek unto that for which she lived and suffered: she is as the other prophets - passed from your view, but all alike they cry "How long, O Lord, how long?" for they would see their word in OPERATION. Even as the churches are content with forms and with preachings, now must Israel awake and arise lest they be as others, content that all things remain as they are. I am the Lord, I change not, ye will not find Me where the waters are unruffled, for My Spirit moves upon the face of the waters, My Spirit OPERATES and, verily, the waters are troubled. Ye are impotent, ye are blind and lame, ye are human: come then and whosoever steps down into the waters, shall be healed of whatsoever plague he hath and he shall be filled with My Divinity. Seek not where there is a great sounding,


nor where presumptuous words are spoken, for My work is secret and the kingdom cometh not by observation. Nothing is of humanity, I need not aught that is human except obedience, and now will I be sought in weakness,* ere My Power is demonstrated, for My strength is made perfect in weakness, that all may be of Me and naught of man or of woman. Now will I speak a word upon the Great Sealing. The leaven hath been twice hid in the meal, now shall it be hidden the third time, but know that that which hath been hitherto, is a shadow of that which now cometh. For the Royal Seed is upon the earth and each will come at My call to receive the Royal Seal at the hand of My daughter Shiloh, the Heiress, that ye may be joint-heirs with her of My kingdom upon earth, even as those who have passed away from earth, are heirs of My incorruptible, kingdom above. And be it known that not only do I give unto you a Seal of Protection, but it is also a Seal of LIFE, a witness that ye are sealed to inherit LIFE IMMORTAL, sealed to live and not to die. Also do I declare unto you that I have prepared for you a City of Refuge in this country to which ye can flee when ye see My Judgments in operation, but each shall have the knowledge that My Judgments have commenced ere he shall move from his place of abode. Even as each shall seek to be sealed, so shall each seek to come unto My City of Refuge, My land of Goshen. There, when the flocks of the Gentiles have neither food nor water, shall there be enough and to spare, and when all the land is in darkness and terror shall there be Light and Peace. For My kingdom shall be set up in the midst of this kingdom of England, and I will be in a centre for every eye to see on the third day, when it is neither dark nor light, but at eventide it shall be light. The Visitation of Jerusalem is four-square: in heaven four-square and on earth four-square and the number of this Visitation is EIGHT. I have appointed Mine Apostles, My Church is in being and now do I call unto the Seventy, "Come ye out from among the Houses and the Churches, that I may ordain you to go forth to gather the 144,000 - 12,000 of every Tribe". And now hear ye the Word of the Lord - all who come forth shall swear allegiance unto Me, the Lord, to be taught of God alone, through My scriptures and through My Prophets

* "The weakest hath God chosen," John Wroe, vol. II. p. 377.


of this Visitation, and moreover ye shall swear unto Me in the words which I gave unto the Prophetess Joanna on the 14th day of June, 1804, as follows:-
"I ____ swear by Him that liveth, that I will obey in all things His strict commands to the woman, and that not all the powers of earth and hell shall make me turn to the right or to the left, but that the commands of the living Lord of heaven and earth and of Jerusalem above, I will obey." Ye shall lift up the right hand unto heaven when ye say the words, then shall ye kiss your Bibles and ye shall lay your hand on the books of any of the Prophets of the Visitation which ye have in your possession. Following upon this, ye shall seek to be married unto Me, the Lord, both men and women; the men shall make their vow of Marriage unto Jerusalem above, the women unto Me, Jehovah the Lord. My servants the Apostles of the Lamb, will lead and guide in this matter. Then having subscribed with the hand that these things are well and truly performed, the Seal will be given to those who desire that their bodies may become cleansed and made fit to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit. For, be it known unto all men, that they who do not desire to be conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ, the Immortal Son of God, are not of Israel, and to be conformed to that Image meaneth to be made like Him as He was when, after the Resurrection, He appeared unto His Disciples and said, "Handle Me and see: for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see Me have."

August 25, 1919.

Now have all men loved doctrines and teachings, yea and they will perform many acts of obedience and of devotion, but to be made Immortal, to suffer the change to take place without which neither doctrines nor teachings nor devotion nor obedience are of great worth, man willeth not, for, whereas Satan encourageth the one, he verily hateth the other. Yea, he knoweth that his safety lieth in words and in preachings and in observances which shall have no visible result. Then, O Israel, I declare unto you that ye must overcome his resistance, ye must determine to be satisfied with nothing short of a complete fulfilment of My Visitation. Crave of Me that no longer shall My Voice be heard by one and another, but that I shall Myself descend with the sound of the Trump of God, to reign and to rule over you, that the earth may enjoy her Sabbaths.The ignorant may cry "This


can God do without the aid or co-operation of man"! But now do I make it known unto you that My Right upon the earth cometh not until the 6,000 years are concluded, yet if Satan's time runneth out, no flesh can be saved, ye will be all as dead men. Even now I save Me but a remnant, and that remnant must be willing to be saved from the continued rule of Evil, willing to be saved from destruction. Then haste ye to obey, for verily the last Trumpet of Warning is now sounding and next cometh the Trumpet of Judgment. Unto all the Houses of Israel I cry, "Cease ye from your own wisdom". I have nowhere, nay, not in all your prophets' writings, revealed My Secrets, else you know well that Satan would have frustrated My work. Be not high-minded, accept My revealings. Look not for what ye have expected, but look for a STRANGE ACT unknown and unthought of, else verily shall ye look and find NOTHING, for, not in all My plan is there aught that ye have thought of"! Now shall each who reads My Words, lay down before Me his wisdom and his foolishness, his views and his interpretations and crying unto Me, "O my Father be Thou my Way." I will lead him into all TRUTH. But let no man think "I will give this matter another hearing," let no man turn from these words with nothing done, nay, for whoso doeth naught, darkness shall overtake him and the night, in which no man can work out his salvation from death, will be upon him. To-day if ye will hear My voice, harden not your hearts. My servants are in possession of MY SEAL of Redemption, even as Joanna was in possession of MY SEAL of Promise. Without money and without price are they commanded to seal My People Israel before My destroying Angels pass through a land, in which the rulers of My people have crucified the Lord of Glory afresh and put Him to an open shame. Amen. Amen."


September 19th, 1919.

"Now are ye one mind and one spirit with Me, to desire the reign of the Prince of Peace. This is the mind of Christ, to establish the reign of the Man-child in the place of that of Satan, a blessed change for all men, yea, even for those who seek it not. But first must a man or a woman desire ME, ere they can desire My coming, and I must needs be the desire


of some out of every nation, that I may, for the sake of them that desire Me, ameliorate the conditions of their nation. Yea, there will be representatives of every nation among the first-fruits. Let this go forth."


Note:- Man-child means a child of the genus MAN, as distinct from the offspring of any other genus or species; a child "of years" (it might be 50 or 60 years); born "of the people" that is born as all other men are born; ministered unto by Shiloh, even as Jesus was ministered unto by Michael (every BODY is ministered unto by a spirit and when each of us knows the name of that spirit it will be our "new name"); male and female, but manifesting as a female, because the Woman must conquer her betrayer - the serpent; called a CHILD because of a childlike temperament but capable of gathering Israel, of leading Israel and of governing Israel in the strength of the Lord God.


Extracts from the Word of the Lord given in recent Scripts:-

"The word Immortality shall sort Israel."

"The Church of the First-born is established within the Church of the realm of England from which altar I have declared the truth shall burst."

"The temple of the BODY must be cleansed to receive into it the INDWELLING SPIRIT OF EMMANUEL, for thus alone will each of My sons and daughters be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.''

"The prophet Zechariah declared that "HOLINESS TO THE LORD" should be upon all the vessels in Jerusalem. I call the BODY a vessel, a container and ere long shall the sign of Jerusalem be writ upon the vessels of the Lord."


From a "Warning to the World" p.75:-
"The seal is the Marriage ring."



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