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DURING the ten years of the spade work of this wonderful Visitation of Divine Revelation and of Healing to Great Britain, all that we had to deal with was of an abstract nature - prophecies which we hoped would be fulfilled - conditions which we hoped would supervene, and therefore it is refreshing to me to write a short preface to the first book which embodies concrete facts - facts which can be proved and tested without delay - facts which are known to have had their actual genesis in the persevering and persistent attention of all concerned to the apparent "abstractions" to which I have alluded.

We seem to have been "calling our wares" ad nauseam in the streets and homes of this land, and we have brought down upon us the scorn of the Church and the ridicule of our neighbours and friends, for when asked to display our wares, the small model which we were able to show aroused criticism, owing to the absolute novelty of its design. And, truth to tell, adopting the illustration that what we had to show was an intricate and wonderful mechanism, we have to admit that it certainly did not WORK, though we knew it would do so, as it was of God's designing. Now that the POWER, which was persistently promised, has been turned on, all is different, and the despised name of Joanna Southcott is lifted by God Himself out of the mire, by the mere fact that seekers after health are expressing themselves thus:

"Will you put me in the way of obtaining the 'Joanna Southcott Healing?'"

In offering a compendium of the Divine Scheme of the last 250 years, which is having these results, we make no further apologies.

We have "not believed in vain nor brought forth for trouble, but we who have gathered it and have brought it together, drink of it in the courts of the Lord," and we have no more to do to-day than to say to others, "Oh taste and see that the Lord is gracious."


This book has been compiled in the midst of the great pressure of work which the advent of the Healing gift has added to the ordinary literary output at the Centre (The Writings of the Holy Ghost, The Panacea, etc.), but it was felt that it would be of such great assistance to the persons who have been led to enquire into the story of how it arose, that we could not postpone the preparation of the book. Eventually we hope it will be of great assistance to the clergy, when the Healing proves to them that what they have deemed to be "old wives' fables" is the final act of the Great Drama of Man's redemption.


November 1lth, 1924


(i) This book was originally intended to be addressed to the Clergy, but the rapid advance of the Healing brought forth so many enquiries, that from page 27 onwards, it is for the general public.

(ii) "The Life-boat to the Rescue of the Sinking Church," which is so frequently alluded to, can be purchased for 6s.

(iii) In order to avoid wasting time in useless controversy, readers are requested to look at the second paragraph on page 125 before going further.

STOP PRESS NOTE. (See chapter XII., page 113.) After earnest representations that our offer to the two Archbishops to commit the operative part of the Healing to the Church of England was too restricted, we have now made the same offer to the whole Episcopate by letter. We have received no replies. Immediately after this, the Church began to take up the false Luciferian Healing, as foretold by Joanna Southcott and John Wroe. (See pages 65 and 73)











IT is acknowledged that experts in any particular branch of study are sorely put to it when they are required to explain the elementary stages of their particular knowledge to persons to whom it is "all a new idea." The replies of some of the 5,000 Clergy who received "The Life-boat to the Rescue of the Sinking Church," which indicates the beginning of the Visitation of Healing, were difficult from this point of view and hopelessness attacked the writer until the idea of a more explanatory book loomed in sight.

A division of the replies received could be made thus: (1) Very angry and discourteous. (2) Very kind and interested in one or two unimportant points. (3) Strongly attracted to the things that matter and requesting further information, with an understanding born of need. It is to the latter division that I address myself, writing rapidly and without care for style, for God's time and tide wait for no man, and so rapidly is His Chariot advancing, that it will be all that the Clergy can do to get into their places, in order to wait "with their loins girded and their lamps burning," as they were told to do at their ordination as Deacons.

That first command at their first ordination, average clergymen have not obeyed, for, "waiting for the Lord to come" is not on the lines of "getting ready to go to Him." Both purposes


would have been secured, if they had prepared themselves to receive Him, even though, eventually, they died before His coming, but the double purpose is not secured if a person does nothing more than prepare to go to Him, as they will find when He comes to them.

I press this point because of the apparent inability of the Clergy to see the difference between the coming of the Lord to them and their idea of going to the Lord. A little illustration will serve to show this. You ask a man for whom you have a very particular regard, to come and stay with you; you write many letters to him, begging him to come - but all the time you are preparing to go to see him, indeed you have no definite intention of staying to receive him, though you keep on asking him to come. How ridiculous such a situation sounds!

And yet the Clergy pray over and over again, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth." They pray to be ready when He shall come again in His glorious majesty, that at His second Coming they and their people may be found an acceptable people in His sight; that when He shall appear again, they may be like Him. When they conclude the reading of the Revelation with the words, "Surely I come quickly," they will say and think they mean it, "Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus!" They sing "O come, O come, Emmanuel," and "Thou art coming, O my Saviour," "Thy kingdom come, O Lord," and even will they sing, "O quickly come, dread Judge of all," without knowing what the sin of the Fall is, and even if they are committing it!

Frankly, the Church shelves the Second Coming. A few very Low Churchmen preach it in an annoying, detestable way, men who are mostly hand in glove with Dissenters and ignorant Lay-people, who are looking for spectacular developments in the heavens, all of which have neither rhyme nor reason.

It is better not to have grasped the Second Coming at all, than to have got it this way, and it is partly due to the familiarity which this type of person claims in regard to the modus operandi of the Coming, presenting a sort of mise en scène whereby they expect the "catching up" of believers, or the "coming down" of a city all ready built (without any ground prepared for it to alight on, but that is a detail) that "respectable" Church-people and many Clergymen are more or less afraid of the subject.

Here comes in the need for the Clergy to study the matter and


to lay hold of the cord of communication now within their reach, whereby in a business-like and orderly manner, tempered with the reverence and dignity for which the Church is so renowned, a properly-equipped doctrine of the Second Coming will merge into the Coming itself, first to a little Ecclesia within the Church of England, and then to the Church of England, in propriâ personâ, for the whole nation and for the world.

There is no time to reply to weak-minded remarks, such as "Why should it be in England?" etc., beyond the declaration that "It is in England, and, if you don't care for the idea, you had better go abroad as quickly as you can get there." For, at last, thank God, we have got to the crisis where it does not matter what Bishop, Priest, Deacon or Layman thinks or believes, so long as he thinks or believes along the correct lines of the Coming, but even if he does not, it will only affect himself.

Who would argue with the Great Head of the Church on any of the doctrines upon the husks of which the flocks have been literally starved and have been starving since the days of Milton, who even then declared, "the hungry sheep look up and are not fed"? The learned Divinity Professors of the Universities, Bishops, Priests and Deacons, together with theologically-inclined Laymen, will have nothing to say in "the Presence."

The days of controversial and of uncontroversial Theology are numbered, for who wants to know about a person, when there is a chance of knowing that person? People who die have to leave their religious books and magazines and their Church newspaper, with its weekly sermon and all sermons, behind them. No one, not even the Clergy, suppose they will be of any value in "the Presence"!

Then let us apply the same idea to the whole mass of Theological literature and endeavour to realize the fact that, when the Lord is here, we shall not need a Bible or Prayer Book, for even they are only books about the things we hope to realize.

The "Life-boat" was a desperate - kind of mustard-plaster - effort to awaken the Church to an apprehension of the only thing that matters and to assure the Church of England that it is the Home of the Coming to the whole world; that it has begun, that no longer will there be a form of godliness only, for the power is showing itself among persons who have laboured in the Church and for the Church, and who have found that her teachings in every depart-


ment, Ritualistic, High, Broad and Low, are NOT sufficient for those who have the greater Vision of the Restitution of all things.

I will proceed to deal with matters upon which the replies to the "Life-boat" show the Clergy to be very hazy. I am writing in haste, and will ask that no time be wasted in reflections upon "want of scholarship, bad English," etc. I can write quite good English when I have the time, but I am concerned now with the need to get an idea floated for which the world is languishing, and it is a matter of indifference in what kind of language it is sent forth, so long as it is readable and to the point. Also let me say that I am indifferent to "renderings" and "readings" of the English Scriptures which are translations of MSS., which are themselves only transcriptions of a sealed Book, purposely sealed. The idea which I want to promulgate is spoken of as sealed - "seal the law among My disciples." Yes, because it was useless for them to be shown the Law of Life, that "new Covenant" of God, which will disannul the old Covenant man has made with death. It is they that "do the will of God that shall know of the doctrine," and when doing that will, understanding what the will of the Lord is - results in the Promises of the Scriptures coming into visible operation - then Scholarship can go to the winds, for all the use it is.

Scholars will find that their "readings and renderings" (recipes which have failed) will be treated by the hungering people even as a cookery-book would be treated by a hungry boy when he was put in front of an appetising dinner.

We will proceed to show what the Will of the Lord is, and that, as He does not will the death even of a sinner, so assuredly His Will is Life, not Death, sanctification of the body, not dissolution in the grave. Peace on earth, not only in Heaven, and all to be brought to pass through a strange act announced by Prophecy which has begun to be fulfilled. For a Divine method of Healing, slow but sure, is being put into the hands of all who are willing to test it and those who are obedient to its directions are finding that the PROMISE OF GOD expressed in such words as: "I will bring it HEALTH and CURE," "the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk," etc., is about to be fulfilled. Indeed the Healing Leaves of the Tree of Life promised in Revelation xxii. are obtainable. The history of the Healing movement and how it all came about is in this book.




THE Everlasting Gospel of the Overcoming of Sin must now be preached, to take the place of the Gospel of Repentance. The value of Repentance only lasts, as far as we know, till the summum bonum, called "going to heaven," is reached by the individual penitent. What both Clergy and people have failed to see is that the Gospel of Repentance and the Gospel of the Overcoming are two distinct Gospels, the one being for those who lose the body and attain only to the salvation of the soul, the other for those who receive both benefits - the salvation of the soul and the redemption of the body. The Penitent can have the advantage of the Gospel of Repentance and its consequent forgiveness, up to the very moment of death.

The Clergy have preached the forgiveness of sins, well and faithfully have they preached it, and a great and glorious gospel it is. But there is MORE FOR THEM TO PREACH. Why not? Is it strange that at the end of  "a beginning " (Gen. i.) there should be another beginning? Do not the Scriptures speak of the NEW HEAVENS,  by which, of course, is meant the NEW Church, built upon a NEW spiritual revelation, even as they speak of a NEW EARTH, the new civil and social conditions consequent upon the new spiritual revelation? For "the earth abideth for ever," and it will be the Theatre in which the denizens of the New World - the "world without end" - will enact a very different Drama from the tragedy which has defiled its boards during the WEEK now terminating. It is a new Programme that is announced, not the building of a new Theatre, and the new Programme is entitled "LIFE."

The old Programme you are well acquainted with; it was called "DEATH." Most people have assisted at the preliminary scenes at death-beds, until, one by one, all come to be actors in the principal part, by dying themselves! Then the Priest becomes the central figure at the funeral rites and the person is buried in hope, but only in hope of having made a good exit; no one ever comes back to say whether this was so or not. Exits and entrances interminable! No wonder the Play is worn out! It has been played from the time


that the first grave was dug, to the one that is being dug to-day, but over which the priest will sound the note of the new Programme, "we shall not all sleep" Curiously enough, there is always that indication at every funeral, that the play will run out eventually and that there will be an end to this sleeping-sickness, called "Death."

Is it any wonder that we are weary of the old Programme, with its perpetually recurring items - Birth, Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage - more Baptisms, Confirmations and Marriages, Death, and then silence? Is it any wonder that thinking people are asking, "How long can this thing go on?" especially when they read that, at the end of six thousand years' daily run of the piece, the Clergy still are saying that, "Individual progress alone will make up the new earth," that "the idea of a millennium has, during 1500 years, had only an occasional recrudescence, with disastrous results"? In other words, the Clergy as a body are still declaring that "the dance of death must continue."

The chorus of a popular song, "So we go on and on, and on and on and on, and on, so we go on and on," exactly expresses the "determined to die" attitude of the Clergy and people, and the Scriptures foretell this attitude thus: "In the last days scoffers shall arise, saying, Where is the promise of His Coming, all things remain as they were," adding mentally, "and must and shall remain as they are - if we are fairly comfortable why should they be altered?"

Now the Theatre has been under a Management during which the old Bill could not be withdrawn, for it most certainly has been "appointed unto man, once to die." But this, of course, only means "once upon a time." When you say "once we used to travel by coach," you do not deny that now we can travel by train. This is incontestable, because you see that we do travel by train. The present fact enables you to relegate the old fact to its proper place, as being among those things we have grown out of. Some day you may say, "Once we used to die," because you will see that death has been vanquished.

These sealed words certainly read as though they mean "it is appointed unto every man once to die, it is appointed that he shall die once only, not twice, or three times!" But now it is revealed that they mean "once upon a time," and during a specified period." Death only reigned from Adam to Moses, so you see its  power is a diminishing one.


In fact, it suited the Divine purpose during the WEEK of the running of the "Death" play-bill, to let you think as you have done, because, during the six thousand years, the way of Life could not be revealed, inasmuch as the Gospel of the Overcoming could not have been preached while the Theatre was under the management of God's enemy, who caused the Fall and got his victory - a victory which is undeniable - over the bodies of men. None can deny the grave its victory. "So we go on and on and on and on" to the grave, daily and hourly; the grave procession never stops, indeed it would appear that "Death" was the everlasting Gospel, if we did not know that Death's diminishing power will end in its destruction.

"A time to die." Yes, but the time is up and now the time to live is beginning. Let us look Death in the face and analyse it. What is Death? - Death is the wages of sin , the death of the body is the wages of the sin of the body. "In the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die." Such a statement, put conversely, reads, "when you do not eat thereof, you will not die." It is obvious that the eating disobediently was the sinning, and the sinning caused the dying.

Then is it illogical to ask of God, "If we leave off sinning, shall we leave off dying? Shall we get the wages of sin, if we do not sin? Is there a way out? Can anything be put right, put, in fact, as it was in the beginning? Can we be saved from falling into the pit? Is the grave to be victorious for ever? Can the promise of 'Peace on earth' be realized?"

The average clergyman replies in an exasperating manner, "Oh, but you forget that Jesus Christ has put all this straight. Peace came when He came. By His death He has conquered Satan and has overcome death, and 'our citizenship is in heaven,' the heaven won for us by His blood," etc., etc., etc.

This sort of talk has gone on and on and on, and no one has analysed it, but the analysis of these trite, religious phrases has begun and will go on. The mere facts of the world's present condition are sufficient justification for the announcement that the Clergy have been building castles in the air on an abstract foundation, taking Promises to be concrete facts in operation!

"A falling world, a world where all the foundations are quaking!" "The economic structure of Europe is cracking in all directions; weariness and despair are sapping the morale of the peoples;


military hysteria is sapping their depleted financial resources; humane principles are derided and degraded; the standards of living are sinking to a lower level, and famine for large numbers is not very far off." I quote from the now celebrated speech of the South African Prime Minister. Is this the description of a redeemed world, of Peace on earth? These conditions give the lie to all clerical attempts to make the work on the Cross, final. But we have more than these conditions to support our statement. We have prophecies written since 1666 which declared these things before they came to pass, declaring also the reason of their development and the only remedy. The whole Church of England may array itself against the lessons taught by these conditions, against the prophecies, against the remedies, but the effect of its opposition will be no more than the effect of a dew-drop upon a rock, and its power will equal that of a blade of grass which undertakes to stem an approaching avalanche!

For God Himself is behind what is coming and was in front of what has been foretold in England since 1666. His Voice is speaking in the thunder and His power is being shown in the earthquake. Even a daily paper called 1923 "The Year of Trembling," and few people, the Clergy excepted, were unmoved. Why are the Clergy like adamant? Why do they condemn and despise and even abuse those who have the capacity to enter somewhat into the mind of God, to scan His purposes however mysterious, to peer down into those "unfathomable mines" to get some view of those treasures of "never-failing skill" and to trace the bright purpose of a design which is expressed in the Scriptures as "the restitution of all things"? A condition must come on earth in which there shall be no more crying, neither shall there be any more pain; in which sorrow and sighing shall flee away; in which God shall wipe away tears from off all faces; in which the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, and the lepers shall be cleansed. Such a condition is clearly indicated in the Scriptures, and the Clergy who deny these things, deny the Scriptures. But facts will soon prevent their being able to continue to put darkness for light, confusion for peace, bitterness for sweetness, misery for joy, and death for life.

The building of castles in the air upon promises which have been taken for the fulfilment, has come about in this way. Christ came in the fourth Day and broke into Satan's reign of six thousand


years, but only in order to accomplish the work for the souls of those who die, shedding His precious Blood as a sacrifice for the soul and securing the fulfilment of the first part (put last) of the Charter of Redemption. (Gen. iii.15) "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel." He also left us an example that we should copy, and He performed miracles of healing on persons who eventually died, to show what He would do more completely when He returned again. The Lord said, "It is finished," truly, but He only meant that His first work was finished - the heel-bruising was finished, and the shedding of the blood for the soul was finished. The castles in the air are beautiful; they are needed for those who die and will go to heavenly places, but - they are only for one set of people.

In the Charter of Redemption it says there is more than the Heel-bruising, there is the Head-bruising, the Coming with vengeance to destroy him who ventured to bruise the Heel. There is more than the axe laid to the root of the tree; there is the cutting down of the tree. There is more than the First Coming, there is the Second Coming. There is more than the Common Salvation of the soul, there is full Redemption for body and soul. There is more than the celestial body; there is the terrestrial body. There is more than the glory of the stars and moon; there is the glory of the sun. There is more than the old Jerusalem; there is the New Jerusalem, and the Clergy have forgotten to "set up her houses." For Jerusalem is the city which comes down from heaven, and it is this which the new Revelation urges both Church and people to prepare for.

So an analysis of the usual clerical outlook shows that there is MORE TO BE DONE for Humanity, and that what they have preached (true as it is) for those who die, is insufficient for those who will not die

(a) The Immortality of the Soul is one thing, but a person who dies loses his body for ever, receiving only an incorruptible body, a heavenly or celestial body, a spirit body; these are the multitude which no man can number.         

(b) The Immortality of the Body is another thing. A numbered multitude will not die, they will not sleep, but they


will be changed by a process which has many initial stages; but, in a moment, when the last cell is emptied of the evil which infests every cell of the body, causing disease and material death, and when the hosts of the Lord, "the hosts of the infinitesimal fays" take possession of the cells in place of the evil hosts, in that moment, in that twinkling of an eye, persons will know they are changed, for a sudden realization of a long development will transpire.

The multitude no man can number will go on crossing Jordan; baptised into the death of Jesus Christ they will go on rejoicing in the salvation of their souls by the Blood shed for the soul. But long before the last has crossed over, the "numbered multitude" will have been changed and will be en rapport with the changing conditions which will gradually make the earth the "new Earth," an earth suited to Immortals. Nothing short of such an achievement will fulfil the Scriptures, and it is only the careless thinkers who can be satisfied to leave the world for endless joys, rather than to see the world made joyful endlessly.



To show the need of the New Revelation and the cause of its being delayed until now, I will tabulate the following points:     

1. A new Dispensation is now dawning in its proper time. Each Dispensation has lasted two thousand years, thus:-

          (1) Before the Flood, l000 to 2000, called "The world that was."

          (2) After the Flood, 2000 to 4000.

(3) We are now nearing the end of the third period, 4000 to 6000, the two latter periods being called "The world that now is."

          (4) All these periods are a prelude to "The world that is to come" on earth, not in heaven.

In seventy-five years from 1924, letters would be dated 1999; in seventy-six years they would be dated A.D. 2000. The three periods of two thousand years each, make six thousand years. God's day is a thousand years; His working week is six thousand


years; His Sabbath is the seventh thousand years. God's month is twenty-eight days of a thousand years each. The movements of the Ecliptic give us some idea of His time-keeping. According to the capacity, so is the day. A butterfly's day is as long as its mind can bear; a man's day is longer; God's day is still longer. St. Peter bids us not to be ignorant of this ONE thing (2 Pet. iii. 8), for it is the one thing necessary to know, in order to be ready for the coming Sabbath.

The world that was - the world that now is - are accepted as being on the earth, the earth "which abideth for ever." Equally so, "the world which is to come" will enact its drama on these boards, and it is in view of this New World that the Clergy must prepare their people. For, "a world to come" means a world that will come here, not a world to which a person will go.

2. The general remark, when the indubitable truth of the foregoing dawns upon the mind, is "You said in seventy-six years the change will come, then it will not be in our time!" For, curiously enough, very few really want the Lord to come, and any loophole of escape from the faith of the second advent becoming a fact, is eagerly hailed! The answer to this is - "These seventy-six years are the days which will be shortened, else NO FLESH will be saved. As flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, obviously, if the flesh is saved, it must be saved on earth."

3. It is not remarkable then, that the shortening of the days is being impressed upon us by earthquakes, distress of nations, and by wars and rumours of wars; nor is it remarkable that hundreds of persons are waking up to the facts and are being instructed of God how they are to be saved in the coming overthrow. As, in the days of Noah, the Ark was "a-preparing" for one hundred years, so, in these days, when the earth will be cleansed by fire instead of by water, an Ark of Refuge has been "a-preparing" for an even longer period, in which will be found those who are to form the nucleus of the "world which is to come."

4. Now it is here that the crux of acceptance or of rejection is reached. Prejudice looms large among certain classes of persons, and especially in the professions. Our blessed Lord died through prejudice; "He came to His own and His own received Him not." This was because they were His own, of His own day and of His own place, He was too modern, too local. History is repeating itself.

The New Revelation which began in 1666 comes to its own, for


England is the New Jerusalem, the Theatre of the new operations, and prejudice is endeavouring to kill it. The exponents are English. The day is to-day and the place is our country. "An English prophet!" "Horrible, ridiculous, impossible!" "An English prophetess!" "Worse and worse! More than absurd - blasphemous even!"

5. There is one thing to be said for the Clergy, all modern prophecy is ridiculous to them, so that we may just as well present to them a sequence of English prophets, modern and local, as present an Arabian or a Thibetan or a Hindoo Mission. But this is not so with a large section of English people who have left the Churches and who have grasped the great and the absorbing interest of the belief in the Coming Teacher, and have the intelligence to see that it is due - overdue. Like the twenty-five men of Ezekiel viii. 16, these persons for ever turn their faces to the East giving all worth-ship to the Orient, believing that no good thing can come in the West. To this large section of the more intelligent of the English people (many of them persons with psychic and occult capacities, capacities with which the Church does not know how to deal) it is anathema that the coming Teacher should be English. Not only do they say "What if He be coloured?" but they really wish Him to be coloured! That the prophets of "the Coming" should be as modern as they are and English also, is even worse, for nothing short of Akashan records and Mahatmas and Gurus, will satisfy a Westerner who has the Oriental craze.

6. However, those who believe in the Coming of the Teacher and are preparing for it outside of the Church, will be very much surprised to find that there is no Coming outside of the Church and that God is a God of order, and will use the existing Church in this country as the Home of the new beginnings. As I said before, I am quite indifferent to such remarks as "Why should it be the Church of England? Why should English Bishops be the twenty-four Elders?" for these remarks come from persons who have no proper esprit de corps and are incapable of a proper pride and thankfulness for undeserved mercies, and I will add to this, that I blame such persons, and that I look upon them as disloyal and unpatriotic. A properly-disposed English Churchman, with healthy mental balance, finding that to the Church of England is committed the deposit of the New Revelation for the New


Dispensation, will be humble towards God, recognizing that truly He has given more than the Church either desired or deserved, but he can be proud towards the world, proud of England, proud of his Church. Meekness and humility towards God can go hand in hand with a dignified bearing towards man. Jesus was meek towards God, but not towards man.

7. Now for the plunge! We must not linger shivering on the brink! The "Life-boat must not fear to launch away over the seas of prejudice and of small-mindedness. She must breast the waves of the anger that the Truth appears to arouse in the minds of men who cannot answer one word in a thousand, and who in consequence are either silent or abusive. The mission of the "Life-boat" is to rescue those wise persons who realize that the Church is helpless to stem the onrush of the confusion caused by the late war.

The Clergy will still have to use the Viaticum work of the Common Salvation, as the troubles deepen, for the destroying angels are massing in the East and death will now reap its great harvest; but the Clergy must also get ready to welcome their Lord and King and must be prepared to adjust themselves to the needs of the Golden Age now dawning. They cannot do this without a proper understanding of the New Revelation, and this book is written to assist them to do so.

8. Under this division Octavia must tell the story asked for by some of her clerical correspondents, the story of how she came to know of this Revelation. She has told it very fully in the book called "Brushes with the Bishops" and in other books advertised at the end of this pamphlet. Suffice it to say here that she had done all she could have done in the Church of England and was still unsatisfied. There was nothing more to do, and she was faced with a distressing finality. Her Director declared "You are travailing in birth with some mystery; you must follow the Light." She was like a creature who had reached a brick wall which must be negotiated. The search for an outlet, the effort to climb over it, or even to knock it down - to do something, anything but give in, resulted in wound upon wound, and it was into the hands of a very damaged and almost despairing person, that a short paper, announcing the fact of the prophetic Visitation to England, was delivered.

To save useless correspondence, may I say that I was brought up


in the Low Church, had friends in the Broad Church, and was attracted from the age of twenty-three to the High Church, that I was a Penitent, a regular Communicant, that my Director (an S.S.J.E. priest) knew my case thoroughly, and knew there was nothing more that I could do. Please let it be understood that there was no clergyman nor theologian who could help me, nor was there any ecclesiastical mechanism that I had not tried. But it was all in the plan - the brick wall had to be reached by someone!

 9. The paper handed to me turned the scale, or, to preserve the metaphor of the brick wall, enabled me to scale it and to see what was beyond. I saw that Prophecy had come to my rescue, the Priesthood, for the moment, being unable to help me. Some priests will think "This person seems to suppose that she matters a great deal, but she is only one among many; one who has failed to secure the advantages accruing from our preaching and ministrations; evidently peculiar, a crank, odd, a visionary!" Well, let her be the lost sheep! Fortunately, even one sheep lost, matters to the great Shepherd, and He goes after it. Certainly He went after me and He came to me as Prophet, His work for me as Priest being over. My soul was saved and now He would save the body. All this is set forth in "Brushes with the Bishops."

My precious sheet of paper, literally only one sheet of it, showed me that there was more to be done for the poor suffering world, and in a very short time I had mastered the initial steps of the chief section of the New Revelation. Later I discovered the other prophets and evetually I found that from about 1666 to 1700 Jane Lead had prophesied of the Coming of the Lord in England, throwing a veritable rainbow of Hope across our sky. Then I found that from 1792 to 1916 her prophecy was split up into seven prismatic colours, providing graduated lessons, given through seven Prophets, by which England could be taught these prodigious facts, in an easy manner. Before making extracts from these prophets, I will devote a chapter to an explanation of the truth about Prophecy and then I will give a few selections from Jane Lead's wonderful works, which are very difficult to obtain. More can be read in my book, Early Dawn of the Great Prophetic Visitation to England, being Extracts from the Writings of Jane Lead, Prophetess; and also in Keys to the whole Body of Truth.




JANE LEAD'S Prophecies and the Great Sevenfold Visitation can be reduced to a very short statement now that they are beginning to operate, and it is only for the benefit of novices and enquirers that we are reproducing some striking passages. The following is a sample of such an epitome:-

(1) That Britain is the New Jerusalem. (2) That the seed of Abraham has gathered in this country. (3) That the temporal Blessings which England has enjoyed are due to that fact. (4) That Jacob's trouble will come upon England; but (5) that she will emerge the heir of the world. (6) Because here, men and women have learnt to plead the promise that Satan, Sin, Sickness and Death shall be removed, (7) and they will be taught in this country the methods by which this will be accomplished, (8) discovering also, that the MAN, Christ Jesus and the Woman, Jerusalem, have a double part to play, (9) which they have actually embarked upon, (10) with the result that persons are beginning to be able to overcome sin, rather than perpetually needing to repent of sin, (11) to overcome sickness whereby disease must eventually cease, and (12) such persons must necessarily overcome death, because there will be nothing to die of. (13) Experts in the school of prophecy know that all these facts could only be set in motion by the mechanism of prophecy.

The Clergy, apparently, are quite unaware of the great difference that exists between a prophet and a priest, and between prophecy and preaching. In replies to the "Life-boat," certain clergymen declared themselves to be "more of a prophet than a priest" or spoke of "preferring prophecy to administering the Sacraments!" Only four out of 5000 were moved to hear of the Visitation of God to the country of England.

Now a prophet is not a priest at all, he is an automatic receiver of a direct Divine Message, stated in a sequence of words which he must set down precisely as he heard them, and he is only a


preacher when he proclaims these words. It is fairly easy to disentangle, in the prophecies of the Bible, the words received by the prophets as by dictation, from the remarks made upon these words by the prophet and from the inward reflections which they aroused in his mind. A prophet is best described as "one who speaks for Another Who is Divine, stating exactly word for word the message and predicting events, upon the coming to pass of which falls the onus probandi."

All the writings of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and the minor prophets are of a prophetical character, but they are not all prophecy. It is easy to know the exact prophecies which applied to our Lord, because they were fulfilled exactly, and it is becoming easy to recognize the prophecies which apply to this present time. All prophecy is not prediction - but a prophecy is to be judged by its predictions coming true, or not coming true. It is put plainly enough in Deuteronomy xviii. 22 : "When a prophet speaketh in the Name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken" - and in Jeremiah xxviii. 9: "The prophet which prophesieth of peace, when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known that the Lord hath truly sent him." The burden of proof is the burden of the Prophet, and, seeing that seldom do the events transpire in his lifetime, in such a degree as to satisfy him, he is generally a very burdened person.

The difference between the Prophet and the Priest is well marked in Holy Scripture, "Princes, Priests and Prophets" being distinct, our Lord alone is Prophet, Priest and King in one person. "Prophecy came not in old time by the will of man, but holy men spake, as they were moved by the Holy Ghost," a word which is "not of any private interpretation" and is a "sure word" and is declared throughout the Scriptures to be from God direct. This gift which is the testimony or witness, since the Incarnation, that Jesus the Son is working even as His Father worked, is not a common possession and is declared in the Gospels to be quite distinct from the gifts of the apostleship and from the gifts of Pastors and Teachers. Apostles and Prophets are foundational persons; priests are not foundational persons, for surely to-day there are no Bishops nor Priests "who say they are apostles and are not!" If there are, it is high time that they begin to shew forth the "signs of an


apostle, wrought in wonders and mighty deeds" (Rev. ii. 2.) (2 Cor. xii. 12.)

Even modern encyclopædias have more knowledge upon the difference between a prophet and a priest than is possessed by the Clergy of the day. To quote from some of these: "It is in great crises that the prophet appears." "The prophet is above all things a man of his own present time, raised up to guide the nation over a coming crisis. An outlook into the future (which he possesses) is absolutely necessary if the people are required to strive towards some appointed goal." "The prophets are the statesmen of the kingdom of God, figures that bulk largely in their time."

At the first, seers were more common than prophets, and the patriarchs and leaders of men were often seers (videns) rather than prophets (nibba), but seeing, dreaming, hearing and declaring, come into the prophetic arena. Strange gestures, unusual signs, a separated life, accompanied what is understood as "prophesying" in the Scriptures, whereas the Priesthood showed none of these developments and the priests were only called to do certain specific acts which were always the outcome of some revelation from a prophet or prophets.

Only then, at certain crises, does the prophet appear, and he is a man divinely prepared to be the mouthpiece of God (see Ezek. xxxviii. 17, and other quotations too numerous to give); and also he is the repository of the secrets of God (Amos iii. 7), neither of which declarations have ever been made of the Priesthood. The prophet is a rara avis in terris - the priest we have always with us. Moreover, the prophet must be a man having certain capacities, such as the inner ear, a discontent with everything then existing, an ability to cease from man, himself included, a disregard of common conventions, a brave and truthful spirit, and a faith which is more than faith, as understood by the average man. Such a man can be seized by the Divine Hand, and made to understand, by some unusual happening, that he is in "The Presence." His mind is illumined to grasp the situation, and, after once or twice listening only, not realizing that he must write - he is never without writing materials, in order to indite word for word what he is told.

Powerful sentences stating facts about coming events of a prodigious character are the result, and for the time, the "little


book" is sweet to the taste - he glows with the remembrance of those moments, he listens and hearkens at every turn, but he finds he cannot recapture the experience; it has no set time; like the wind it bloweth as it listeth. Little by little he realizes that all this is not for him alone, that he is a messenger, that he must "tell the people," and faithfully he records his treasured experience, never swerving from an exact statement, however many times he recounts it (cf. St. Paul's account of his Vision). And what happens?

By reason of its rejection - of the kindly, pitying smile on the face of the first few persons to whom he speaks - it becomes "in his belly for bitterness." He sees suddenly what it is to be a prophet. None will believe him when he says "I did respire the lonely aura sweet. . . . I did the blest abode behold . . . and bathed in Hermon's thymy hill," and the prophetic mantle turns out to be lined with horsehair and the way of the prophet shows itself to lead over rocks and stones and through thorns and thistles. Imagine after this, a clergyman who preaches a weekly sermon, supposing himself to be a prophet!

If it were so, then we have fifty or sixty thousand prophets prophesying in different keys on a Sunday, at 11a.m. and again at 6.30 p.m., and even the Divine Powers would be hard put to it to speak Their message under such conditions. Can any clergy-man (a priest as regards the Sacrament and a pastor and teacher as regards preaching), however good a preacher he may be, declare that his sermons, in any sort of way, can be classed as prophecy, when prophecy is shown to be the receiving of a direct message on some coming event, straight from the mouth of God, into his inner ear, all the words to be proved by a predicted event taking place?

No! No! the Priest is a very secondary person and has "come about," so to speak, in consequence of the existence of the prophets and seers. What happens is that, at a crisis the orders given through the prophet become the Oracle (Latin, os, oris, the mouth) which eventually has its home and its priests who do the acts entailed - the prophet dies, thus the oracle ceases to speak, the writings become the sacred deposit, and the priests become the central figures. They cling faithfully to the acts, read from the sacred deposit at stated times, and gradually preach their own views of the deposit and, because all the events do not seem to have followed, the prophet is forgotten except by a very small remnant. But the acts


and the reading of "the lessons" and the preaching go on ad infinitum.

But at last the predicted crisis looms in sight, as it is slowly but surely doing to-day, and the people begin to cry out with Jehoshaphat "Is there not here a prophet of the Lord that we may enquire of him, that he may say in so many exact words (we do not want a sermon) whether we shall or shall not go up to Ramoth-Gilead? We want 'Yes' or 'No.' We want to know what to DO at this moment, in this crisis; we cannot wait even for next Sunday morning!"

The Sevenfold Visitation, the testimony that Jesus is working as the Father worked of old time, namely, by Prophets, is a preparation for the greatest débâcle of any age, but all will be in order because the Sevenfold Visitation has been preparing the way for the Last Act in the Great World Drama. The General Assembly has been gathered, and it knows the difference between a Prophet and a Priest and it understands the manner of approaching the Oracle which is speaking audibly again.

Meantime we will give extracts from the Sacred Deposit which has been slowly gathering in England; but first let us explain that a Visitation is very different from the "abiding with you for ever." This Visitation is the natural and proper preparation, organized since 1666 by our Lord Himself in view of His Coming as Prophet, Priest and King, and surely will He say to all who have rejected this Phoenix cycle of 250 years' prophetic work in this country, "O fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken."

Satan (devil) and Lucifer (angel) both have their prophetic mechanism and this is plainly shown in the Scriptures, but even as there is somewhere a river which passes through other waters  and maintains its own characteristics, so Divine Prophecy upon the great event towards which creation has always moved, is showing itself to-day as the river, flowing from the Throne of God, which had its rise in the words of Genesis iii.15 - "Thou shall bruise his heel, he shall bruise thy head" (for that is how these words may now be read). It has broadened and broadened as it gathered the Promises of the Scripture, until it will now empty itself into the boundless ocean of God's Love, actively operating on the earth in the form of Healing and of Peace.

Of these things Jane Lead, Joanna Southcott and their com-


panions "sing, as it were, a new song," the notes of which have a power to make men and women take a fresh lease of life. "In an hour you have made me a new woman with a new outlook," said a despairing creature, who first heard of these things. For to her the writing on the wall suddenly became plain, purpose behind the suffering and the present confusion loomed in sight, and wisely she caught the rope thrown out and started with a brave heart to walk the rest of the way to the city, which is rapidly building in England's pleasant land. "Comfort ye, comfort ye, My people, saith your God."

The Church of England rejects prophecy as a necessary part of its present-day mechanism, and is (as far as she knows) without that particular Foundation,* for even she cannot be so ignorant as to venture to add to the Christian Foundation of Apostles, the whole galaxy of Jewish Prophets, declaring that Jesus is the Chief Corner-Stone of such a combination!  The Jewish Prophets were men of their own time and nation, and, as moving and living factors, their work was finished, for each succeeding prophetic epoch, to be powerful for that epoch, must be characteristic and national. God arranges these things and though she rejects them, the Christian Church has Christian Prophets as well as Christian Apostles, as we are about to show.

But however characteristic and national, yet as being the only means of securing direct communication with the one true God, prophecy shows that "oneness" in a manner which is unique, and it can well be illustrated by a concerto in which the movements are entirely different, and yet in all of which a motif recurs again and again and is recognized to be the raison d'être of the whole. The motif in all post-Adamic prophecy is the declaration of the ultimate destruction of Sin, Sickness and Death on the Earth by means of the Redemption of the Body, the "creature itself " - and in the allegro and presto movements, which commenced in 1666 with the Fire of London, and which are national throughout, the motif is more than ever insistent. The music is concluding and will never be played again, because prophecy will cease - but the concluding movement is English, and the motif is translated into English cadences and is being rendered by English instruments for a world-wide audience which daily grows larger but in which

* Ephesians, ii, 20.


the Clergy are conspicuous by their absence. This is not surprising, for the Prophet and the Priest (when the latter is properly established in his own right, and has forgotten his origin and that he only "came about" by the mechanism of prophecy) are always hostile to each other.

However, the concluding score of the music of this particular sphere at this particular time, shows some very black and difficult-looking passages which have yet to be performed, and which, more-over, indicate the introduction of certain piercing and penetrating instruments of the Trumpet variety, which are likely to wake the dead. "For the dead shall hear and they that hear shall live." To show that the two texts - 25 and 28 in St. John v. - do not mean the same thing (there is no tautology in Scripture), it also says that "those who are in the graves shall hear His voice and shall come forth." The first text applies to certain of the living who are as good as dead by reason of their dull apprehension and may be considered to exist only, but who will be made to hear and will live the new life on the Earth of perfect health and well-being, without having passed through the grave. The time for this to take place "now is," but those "in the graves" who will hear, will do so in some "hour that is coming," which has nothing to do with our subject, for it applies to the hitherto common experiences of the death of the body and a life beyond the grave, not yet fully realized, even by those who have passed over.



JANE LEAD was born about 1623 and died about 1704.  Her principal works, from some of which these extracts are taken, are:-

"The Heavenly Cloud" - 1681.

"The Revelation of Revelation" - 1683.

"Enochian walks with God" - 1694.

"The Laws of Paradise."

"The Eight Worlds" - 1695.

"The Ascent to the Mount of Vision" - 1699.

"Signs of the Times."

"An Alarm to Holy Warriors" - 1699


"The Fountain of Gardens," which is her spiritual diary, is very difficult to obtain and the other works are only to be obtained in cyclostyle.

She and Dr. John Pordage worked together in an effort to secure the undying life of the body. Indeed, the entire structure of esoteric religion is based upon the search for the Elixir Vitæ. The Hermetic Mysteries, the secrets of the Alchemists, the root of Freemasonry, the labours of Boehme and of all mystics, have had this goal, but it is only now beginning to be recognized that their search for the life of the spirit in the realms of the soul was useless. So it is because the search throughout and by every seeker has been in the wrong field that they have not found anything themselves, and, in spite of the recipes they have left behind, none of their followers has found anything either. But now we know that what we need is the Spirit of God and that the Spirit of God has to dwell in the body and to dominate the soul of a man, we can disentangle what was prophetic in the writings of these seekers and apply it. "God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit," and no one can do this till they actually possess His Spirit conveyed to them by the vehicle of the Spirit, which vehicle is water.


1. England will be the New Jerusalem - the final work will begin in the Sixth Day, or 6th thousand. There will be a last and great War - and seven preparatory Messages. Overcoming must take the place of Penitence, but this will be secured by a process in which water plays a part.

(a) "Hear and hearken, O England's inhabitants, for unto you a great light has shined! O let it not cloud and pass over you; but be ye wise in this your day to follow the spirit's bright guiding star, which is arising amongst you! Hear, and hearken in the spirit, O hearken, and you will hear the seventh trumpet sound, from the seven spirits that are before the Throne; that do tell you, that the mystery of time is now finishing."

(b) "The great and last war will be upon the sixth seal opening, and the Lord did testify it would be such as in no


foregoing seal had been known. But He said withal, I am the Lord strong and mighty Who will prevail, and wholly overturn the kingdom of the dragon and beast. . . . Since the time of the Son of Man's offering up Himself, the Holy one hath walked in clouds, and hath been worshipped after an imperfect rate, and therefore He hath prepared a burning flaming day for all His vessels to pass through to know whether they be sanctuary proof or no. . . . From the first to the last, there is a sounding trumpet to bring ruin and desolation to the first six days' creation, because of sin and the curse which came in by the serpent's sting, by which means the Beast hath erected his kingdom and corrupted the whole principle of time, which the Holy One hath suffered now so many thousand years, during which all just men died indeed in the faith of this prophecy, but attained not to that degree, which is to usher in the heavenly new Jerusalem in her glory. But the Lord is now stirring, and in good earnest is sounding His trumpets for battle; and there is that in us which doth witness He is going on gradually to unmake and dissolve all of the first creation, for the Lamb will not much longer carry the weight and burden of a sinful creation."

(c) "This Query was answered me in plainness of truth, thus: That this glorious reign would not be universal, nor break out all at once, but gradually from the burning unction, which prepares Christ's way, and makes room for His kingdom....."

(d) "O England there is hid in thee them that have a true and right mission from the munition Rock to give out the waters of the Spirit plenteously. For a cry then has gone forth  for persons to be prepared and sanctified by the Water of Life that so they may receive of the Holy Ghost and be witnesses of His Power."

II. A new apostleship of twelve (the twelve gates) must appear, and the 144,000 must be gathered. The powers of the early Church were only partial. Indication of the Sealing later instituted by Joanna. The words of prophecy must become active. Signs will follow true belief.


(a) "Herefrom is understood that He will now also elect and assign twelve principal persons as the foundation-builders, who shall stand each one at his several gate, intrusted with the key thereof, to lock out and to open as they please, as directed from their principal Head; and so to go on, to multiply the number of disciples, for the publishing and reviving of that more than glorious ministration, that consisteth purely of the baptism of the Holy Ghost."

(b) "Know there is a new time approaching, such as never was, for the kingdom and dominion of Christ in power and authority has never yet had any establishment upon the earth, nor could indeed, because this long life and age was not yet to be. For by this length of days there will be time given for the finishing of transgression and sin, and bringing in that perfection of righteousness that shall have no end. . . . All shall be forced to acknowledge that these are the anointed ones, as bearing the royal priestly mark of their God and King. Upon them the heavenly power shall descend, for the heavens that have been shut so long shall now open."

(c) The Spirit of prophecy spake thus to me expressly, at the close of this subject, saying, "I will choose a disciplehood yet upon the earth again, who shall know me in my inward spiritual figure; as in the former time I was known in the visible humanity, by voice and shape; but now I am come to appear and walk upon invisible earth, and none but the spiritual man understands My speech or sees My transformed shape. To such who My chosen disciples are, I will familiarly appear; for behold, I upon a new election am, who the Alpha and Omega is, to call together such names as are found in the crown number roll, one by one - the hundred and forty-four thousand, for the increase and manifestation of this most holy priesthood. Blessed are they that shall be the first foundation pillars hereof, so saith the Yea and Amen; for this will be the Virgin church, upon whom no spot or wrinkle shall be found, for if found faulty, I cannot be their Priestly Head. For the case is clear altered from what it was in the day of My Visible Corporiety, which was the first dawning of My day, in which the missed and imperfect things among My


disciplehood could not so suddenly fly away; therefore a suffering state was to succeed after Me, that so sin, by its daily dyings might expire, which among My old disciplehood, in that age, great effect did take, but yet decreasing before reaching to the full and perfect date of what was to be the church's primitive state. Now something greater and more perfect is to be revealed, after so long and cloudy a night of apostasy, where there has been a going back, instead of going forward. But there is a star that shall arise out of the same light orb, whereof it shall be said, Behold, wisdom's day, through dark clouds doth appear, out of whose virgin womb bright stars of glory generated are innumerable, to make up that Temple church, all fair and crystalline, terrible as an army with banners that shall display My strength and power."

(d) "I saw one holding forth a sapphire signet, or sealing stone, with which were to be marked all the freeborn that do belong to the New-Jerusalem; for none but such as are marked can have right to the vast riches which are concentrated in wisdom's bank, who to this day hath locked up the bride's dowry, and will not part with it, till she can come with this seal upon her heart."

(e) "There shall be a sealing go forth in the Father's Name, and My Name, and the Holy Ghost's, that shall be the true living draught drawn, that shall put an end to all prophetical worded testimonies, turning them into pure act and power." This was the joyful sound heard from the Throne and Kingdom of the Lamb, which gave also further intimation whereby it should be known by some following signs, in whom the Kingdom of God should first appear, at first invisible and internal, and afterwards visible and external. This will be in such qualified persons as have been separated, and called out of this worldly principle, to see to the ends of their own earth (earthliness).

III. The word must become operative through woman. This will be further elucidated in Joanna's and John Wroe's prophecies, where it is explained that, as the woman innocently brought about the Fall, the woman shall be given the power to bring in the Redemption. Divine Wisdom will guide Her Daughter and she will be


surrounded by virgin spirits - meaning persons who reject the adultery of man's teachings about God, neither are they taught of angels, nor of spirits of the dead in the astral kingdoms.

(a) "The kingdom and dominion to the daughter of Zion is drawing near, which will constitute the seventh order, which consisteth of such choice and virgin minds, in whom there shall be found no guile, who have passed through the probation state and have possessed the conquering bow of faith to that degree, that strong they are to go on in an overcoming might, whereby they put all opposing powers, whether in invisible dark regions or in visible and temporary, to flight."

(b) "As any desire to reach this high mark, to the top ladder of Ascension, this caution and direction let them observe, that they first descend into the valley of meekness and passiveness, and, breaking from their own will, as not of the child-like spirit, offer themselves freely and voluntary to the leadings and inspirings of the dove-spirit, that will open the treasures, that yet lie so deep in God to be brought forth.  Because there is a new school erected under the government of the Virgin-Wisdom of God, that as soon as they are born into Christ, they are taken care of for to be brought up in that Divine method and celestial learning, they may qualify and make them meet for a translation into a new state of living."

(c) "Thus was I counselled to enter into no parley with the outward man of reason concerning spiritual matters, for you will find him a false prophet, and to take a further caution concerning a finer and more subtle sort of imaginariness, which comes in the appearance of spirituality.  Here lieth the greatest danger for mistake, when seeming good notions do arise and spring, and yet but from the astral kingdom!  But they are sometimes so divine as you can hardly discern them from the true teaching of the holy anointing."

 IV. Indications of Joanna's teaching upon Christ's heel having been bruised at the First Coming - a partial work only, and the bruising of the Serpent's head being yet to come - a final act of deliverance:  but all will be different from expectation.


(a) "By one man's disobedience all are made subject to death and the curse which is the bruising of the heel, yet the head-life remains, which will recover, raise and make all sound again; for in this promised seed the faded life will be quickened, according to the election of Him Who will hereby more eminently make known the riches of His grace and glory in His vessels prepared thereunto."

(b) "The sovereignty now is under the Dragon's regency, who does vaunt himself very high with great arrogancy."

(c) "There hath been a long and tedious war between the house of God and the Serpent's brood, together with the Harlot and Beast, who have maintained their envious war on the ground of fallen nature; but now come and see the place where they shall be bound in perpetual captivity."

(d) "There is a sort of persons that are very serious and pious, according to their present understanding, but cannot bear any spiritual dispensation, that might prepare for the Reign of Christ, as coming contrary to their expectations and traditions."

V. The Sin of the Fall is the chief subject of revelation to John Wroe, 1822. Here it is touched upon by Jane Lead, 1683, and it is also indicated that the Tree of Life (woman) must extinguish the Tree of Death. While mortality reigns in the body men will die, but the seed of death must be destroyed and a new life must arise in the body. This new life has never been even dormant in man, but will be given as a new gift of a new life.

(a) "And it will begin, as it was in the first Paradise, in male and female, through the restoration of the lost eternal virgin-nature. And as Eve did suck in the serpently venom, and introduced it into the first Adam, and thereby corrupted and involved him in the same transgression (whereby there was an exclusion and loss of the kingdom and dominion), so the virgin rises in her room to draw and feed upon that Tree of Life, and having tasted of the virtue thereof, gives to her chosen and elected mate, so known and assigned to stand in the room of him that brought in sorrow and the curse. That (tree of death) must die and be extinguished, as this Tree of


Life, by this true and eternal marriage of the Divine male and female (Christ and Jerusalem), shall come to spring up in fruitful powers.* Then comes forth the renewing of that blessed word, that God spake in the beginning, Gen. i. 28. . . . Now this has been obliterated and lost out of possession in that lapsed generation, that proceeded from the first Adam, for these many ages of time that have passed over. But the grace and purpose of God cannot be nullified, but must be made good. The pure, eternal virgin-nativity will recover itself, and stand over all this apostatized state, whereby an end may be put to the sinful progeny of the old world. But this change will rise and come on gradually, so from hence a new generation shall spread and multiply here upon the earth as a deified leaven, that shall eat out the bitter and sour leaven that had got into depraved nature."

(b) "It was also shown to me that nothing less was designed by the unreversible council of the Trinity, but that the first flower that sprang up in Paradise (being deflowered and losing its virgin, becoming weak and impotent, introducing the same effects throughout the whole creation, involving his whole offspring into curse, death and sorrow, as we are all witnesses of) - this decayed plant, by a strong odoriferous wind or breath from the Triune Deity, blowing up what was under such quenchings and death, should obtain a new springing life in those that shall make up the glory of the New Sharon."

VI. Here is an indication of the catching-up of the Child of Joanna - the Woman of Revelations xii - and of the fact that the Child did not reappear for an allotted space. This Child is the Daughter even as Jesus is the Son of the Divine Parents Who are the I AM that I AM. She is called the Daughter of Jerusalem.

"That holy birth that hath proceeded from Wisdom is to remain in the heavens, till the number of time shall be finished, who shall come forth in the strength of a Godhead- might in some persons, both males and females, that shall be fitly qualified to bear rule and to manage the rod of power,

* It must carefully be kept in mind that it is only by the Divine marriage of Christ and Jerusalem, the King and Queen of the New Kingdom, that the bodies of men and women will be redeemed and made as in childhood once again, but with powers derived from their King and Queen to help humanity.


according to that type of the rod put into Moses' hand, by which he did all those great miracles, for thus the regency will be with a superiority over all the outward constellations and changeable motions of the planets, all sublunary things being put under their feet. . . . Micah iv. 8, 'And thou, O tower of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.'"

VII. The Child must become the Bride, in order to be the Mother of the New Order of beings, which have been redeemed in their bodies, and who will renew the earth. She must possess the powers which will destroy the old nature and impregnate the body with the new life, and could only do this if she had an original Birth from the Divine and could derive power from her Husband.

(a) "For Christ, Who is their Prince of Life, will take to Him that Alpha and Omega Name, that shall make the inhabitants of the earth to know that His Jerusalem-bride shall sit with Him upon His throne and reign till all those that have refused obedience to this Name, shall be constrained to come and worship before His and Her Feet."

(b) "It is a rising Infinitum that forms itself into a birth the matter of which can no otherwise be described than the unknown Being of God Himself. It produceth great and marvellous effects upon whatever it doth move. This is that which is called the Magia of the Holy Ghost. By whom is this to be exerted or acted forth?"

(c) "The food of the Bride is in herself, and it is no other than pure Deity which riseth as a flowing spring from her own deep. She lives upon spirit of air, which maintains and blows up the Quint-essential fire as the first Virgin-matter out of which the soul was made."

(d) "The partition wall must be broken down that Christ above and beneath may join together for mutual joy and fruition,Who will then produce a new generation to whom this kingdom shall be committed in trust." (See note page 34.)

(e) "By the effects of transformation and transfiguration, projection will be known in its essential virtue, flowing out and


entering in where the venom of the Serpent is, which causes an unalterable transmutation of all gross matter, and the vile body's shape into a bright heavenly consistency. If it be asked, What works and signs shall follow Wisdom's projections? I answer, They like the Jews will not believe before they see them; nay, even Wisdom's disciples, who have been gathered under her wing, and drunk of her tincturing blood, will sometimes be in doubt of these things, whilst they are yet but passengers from gate to gate. Wherefore we must not expect to be believed by those who are yet without the gates. However, we will, according to what hath been revealed by the Supreme Magus, declare and set forth what God can do by His instruments, who are thus highly and divinely qualified."

VIII. The results of the work of Jerusalem for the Redemption of the Body, though hard to believe at first, will be more in evidence than the work of Christ is for the Salvation of the Soul (which is a work impossible to prove), and Healing must begin, in order that the work shall be proven and that death shall become non-existent. The words of St. Mark xvi. 17, must and will come to pass and length of days will be increased.

(a) "The magical balsam shall be given for cure from such as are first risen in the tabernacle body of God. They shall bind all evil spirits, and there shall go forth a virtual power from them to do, as if Christ were in person there."

(b) "These shall know length of days, as it was in the patriarchs before the flood, even to Methuselah's years. This good old golden age will presage that Christ has set His Foot to reign upon the earth."

(c) "What will you say if this good old magical way from which the whole creation is turned, shall in this last age be restored and found again, for the redeeming out of the care, sorrow and painful exercise of mind and body? This will be worth lending an ear to, it being such a mysterious and advantageous art, as will sufficiently pay the cost of what we shall be out in attaining it! The grounds we go upon for this new way of living, after a Godlike manner, are in the many Scripture prophecies. . . . The physician must first give proof that he can heal himself, before he undertake others. So in this matter,


the true Magus is taught to make a trial of his skill upon his own inward and outward defects. . . . But it may be further enquired what this Magia is and how it may be acted forth, to alter the whole state of things internally and externally?"

IX. The actual healing of the body is one of the plainest of all the prophecies, and the Bible awaits its fulfilment until this is in process - even as do the following prophecies* :-

(a) The next gift that is to accompany this blessed day is to find out and open the all-healing pool, where the corrupt and putrifactious matter in the body elementary may, through the continual rising spring of this water of life, receive clarifying and healing. And wherever these waters of the sanctuary do rise, there everything shall be healed and maintained in life, according to that scripture, Ezekiel xlvii. 9. So that according to the long date of life designed for this state, this river for life must never cease to run through the corporeal form. And in the first appearances of this gift of healing in the Elijah-spirit - as a type forerunning Christ - and in the following century of the apostles, it was appropriated to them to convey virtue out of themselves for healing, which they could not command at all times, for then they would have conquered all sickness and death in themselves, but when this mighty gift shall be restored again, it shall go on to fixation and conquest of all maladies. For the great evil of sin will be taken out of the way, and so the suffering must cease. For the inhabitants that live in this new planted region shall not complain they are sick, for they shall be forgiven their iniquity. Isaiah xxxiii. 24.  So that where sin is taken out of the way, sorrow and the curse, which are the product of it, must needs cease.

(b) "Now it was testified and thus opened unto me, that some were elected, who are to be clarified with pure water from the glassy sea, whose operation should be all forcible to work out the impure matter of the blood issue, which is the spring of sin, that only can be fully cleansed with this water-baptism, from the rising scum of putrified nature, the elect sheep, which are to be gathered in, not by sounds or words, but by a magical

* The texts in Chapter XI of this book. should be carefully studied.


impregnation, which can send in a breath of life, to quicken what is as dead.

(c) "Where lies the mystery of this art (of healing) that must be transferred by her as a gift? I answer: That this is a great secret, which cannot be revealed all at once, and so deeply mystical that none but Wisdom's exercised magicians have ever sounded it, and found the matter hereof. Yet we must not deny the great favour which the Most High hath afforded for the opening of this secret thing, through the very person of Christ's glorified humanity, that so we might know what will make mortal dross become like the fine gold of Ophir. It is as gross tangible matter, that we shall traffic with, we shall need no barns or storehouses to lay it up in. To describe it according to what is revealed, we say it is a rushing breath, a tincturing blood, a running flash of light and fire coagulating together, in a word, it is the power of the Deity transferred to a Virgin-spirit on God's behalf, as in the person of Christ and His Virgin, transmitting themselves as a spiritual root, from whence all fruitful powers of the Holy Ghost may be proved; for otherwise all fore passed things will bring little glory to our mighty King and Saviour."

X. Those conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ will be able to do as He did and will experience no longer the shame of the Cross but the Power of the Resurrection, and will no more engage in the forms of godliness because they will have learnt the "power" thereof.

(a) "Nay, further, this estate shall come to such high magnitude that the ethereal body shall penetrate through the grosser part, they may walk upon the waters, or pass through the doors, and be of that swift flight as to outrun the chariots and horsemen. But all of this we pass over as not knowing the time when this high Divine Magia shall be set a-work."

(b) "I shall now declare what the testimony of truth hath spoken in me, which is this, that whatever God is or can do, the same will appear in and amongst this priestly order; visions, proverbs and similitudes must cease, which as leading stars, have been under the Son's ministration, this being the


fulness of time, in which the Father will shew Himself plainly, without any figures or shadows, in the substantial body of power, incessantly flowing from which the New creation must bud out in fresh glory, and all of the old fade and die away."

XI. But all who embark upon this new call must be Overcomers of their own evil, even to correcting faults of disposition.

(a) "If they come not to a sinless state, they cannot be of this high priestly order, because to it a key is given, which must open all the twelve gates before-mentioned, and without all controversy, great is that power that shall be here concentred."

(b) "First, they are to be brought up and qualified in wisdom's school, trained up in the divine skilfulness in the use of principal instruments and engines of the spiritual war. For which, cause enough there is, for all her children must first commence war against what within themselves so repugnant and opposing is, to the full possession of the love and peaceable kingdom of the Prince and Lord of Life, wherein they must expect to meet with strong encounters, but as they obey and follow the rules of their Captain Leader, the conquest will be obtained. Further, these holy warriors are to be qualified with love and amity, as not to push against or wound each other, all agreeing on this one point - to fight for their Lord and Master's right."

XII. The work of the Seven Messengers is mentioned in the following extract, and the person through whom it is to operate would be a prisoner.

(a) "The messengers for this end must go forth to preach up the faith and to draw forth an expectation of it, in such as shall be selected hereunto, so that there will be some bright stars that will rise and go forth as lightning upon the earth."

(b) "For as under the Levitical ordinances prescribed by God, it was appointed for the priests only to bear the ark, which ark is the body of the living prisoner, so to be understood, so under this covenant ministration, none but the spiritually consecrated priests, that are of this order, can bear the living testimony of Christ's risen and spiritual body."






WE will now give a few extracts from the Seven Messengers to each of whom was entrusted a salient feature of Jane Lead's prophecies, as that feature began to take shape and form. These persons knew nothing of Jane Lead, yet her work and their work make a perfect whole. Each Messenger gathered persons whose families protected that particular deposit and Societies of persons arose who have printed and continue to print them.


Richard Brothers, 1790 to 1792

Richard Brothers was a Lieutenant in the Navy. In 1790 the Word of the Lord came to him, and he was bidden to declare to the King and to the Nation of Great Britain, that Britain is Israel, and that the government of God's kingdom belongs to Britain. Here he struck the dominant note of the music which sounds above the roar of guns and above the rattle of social disorders, and the dominant note is the Hope of the Lord's appearing to take the kingdoms of this world for His own possession.

As Isaac's sons we are heirs of the whole world, and our destiny is expressed by the Spirit of Truth in the prophecies of Richard Brothers, as follows:-

"Ye are the Holy seed, the people and saints of the Most High, to whom and to your children for ever belongs the possession and the government of His kingdom."

Brothers was commanded to tell George III that, if he took up the sword against Turkey, he would be successful, inasmuch as Jerusalem would be ours.


The fate of Brothers was similar to that of Micaiah. For his temerity in approaching Parliament he lost his Lieutenancy and was confined in Canonbury Tower. But his message was true, and his prophecy is already justified in the fact that, during the recent war, Jerusalem was delivered from Turkish administration in 1917.

Unhappily Satan exerted great influence over Brothers and endeavoured to bring about the downfall of one who had unearthed the great secret which he had so long suppressed - the secret that Britain is part of Israel. After faithfully delivering his message, Brothers began to prophesy out of his own heart and supposed himself to be the Prince, the Deliverer. Pride was his pitfall, and he was under Divine displeasure for a long period, during which he added to his sin by his complaints against God.

The British-Israelite Societies have sat down in front of Brothers and have steadily refused to follow on to know the Lord, in His next manifestation of Himself to the Prophetess Joanna.

A study of the Captivities and the Second Book of Esdras will show that the ten tribes - who, unlike Judah and Benjamin, never returned to Palestine - found their way from the cities of the Medes to Northern Europe, and, under the names of Saxons (Isaacsons), Danes and Normans, arrived in these Isles, which had been prepared for their advent by the Romans. The clergy will soon be studying this aspect of English History and will find in it the solutions of many historical problems.


Joanna Southcott, 1792 to 1814.

Over one hundred years ago, England rang with the fulfilled prophecies and with the Divine Communications of the Spirit of Truth to Joanna Southcott - a Devonshire woman of blameless life and a Communicant of the Church of England. She first heard by means of the inner ear, the "still small voice," in 1792, two years after Brothers ceased to prophesy.

For twenty years her two handmaidens took from her mouth Communications which proved to be God's own Explanations of the Bible, and of His scheme for the complete Redemption of the World from Satan's power, and consequently from sin and from sorrow. This is to be accomplished by fulfilling the Promise made


to the Woman at the Fall - to bruise her deceiver's head. Gen. iii.15, has, so far, only been partly fulfilled, Christ took the blame man cast upon Him, and shielded the Woman, when Satan bruised His heel at the Crucifixion, and it was to this that our Lord referred when He said, "It is finished." Satan has yet to be bound, and his binding is imminent, as his rule upon the Earth of Six days or Six Thousand Years (2 S. Peter iii. 8) will terminate in seventy-six years from this date (1924).  But, in order to save the Flesh and to restore Man to his primeval happiness, these "days will be shortened " (S. Matt. xxiv. 22), and Christ's Kingdom, now being brought in by the disruption of European stability, will be taken by force (S. Matt. xi. 12). A catastrophic end of the World is no part of God's plan. Christ will reign on this Earth (Rev. xi. 15), and all that is good in our laws, our institutions and our inventions, and is beautiful in our productions, will be preserved, evil alone will be destroyed.

The testimony of Jesus, being the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev. xix. 10), a revelation which is not built up upon fulfilled or fulfilling  prophecy, has no claim upon our acceptance. Joanna's prophecies were fulfilled to the letter during the Napoleonic wars (the shadow) and the late war proceeded along the lines which she foretold. Her work of inscribing the words of the Spirit of Truth in sixty-five publications, and in as many unpublished MSS. being accomplished, and having borne the child who was "caught up" to the Throne of God (Rev. xii.), she died two days after, on St. John's Day, 1814, and was buried in St. John's Wood Cemetery. The "corn of wheat" which fell into the ground (S. John xii. 24) abode alone, and the enmity of Satan against the woman had full scope for over one hundred years (vide Encyclopædias, etc.).

The lingering judgments of which recent years have been full, will increase in intensity until England turns to God, and thus becomes the first Happy Land, the first Nation redeemed from Satan's rule.

Satan will eventually be chained or bound for a thousand years (Rev. xx.) - the Day of Rest or Seventh Day (Seventh Thousand) for God and Man (Gen. vi. 3, Heb. iv. 9) - during which Man will be judged without the Powers of darkness to work upon him, and Man will be pronounced "good." The Word which was in the beginning (Gen. i. and ii.) and which was the Truth (S. John i.)


will thus be established, as every Word of God must be. It must also be established that Woman shall prove herself to be a Helpmate to Man, since she was created for that purpose (Gen. ii. 18). This will be accomplished by the fact that Woman, who brought the evil fruit of Satan's deception to man, is bringing the Good News to man of this Visitation (Psalm lxviii. II, R.V.).

All sects and churches will be united by Christ Himself into a perfect covering for man (Isaiah xxviii. 20), but it will be the privilege of twenty-four Bishops of the Church of England to turn the judgments into blessings, by demanding the Box of Sealed Writings, which contain the proofs of the Truth of the Mission. The twenty-four Bishops are the "twenty-four elders," who will be obliged to "cast the crowns" of their own wisdom before the overwhelming proofs which God will give them of this wonderful work, which is "His strange act." (Isaiah xxviii. 21). Differences of opinion in regard to theological controversy, and in regard to the various outward expressions of religion, will be put entirely on one side, in view of the exigencies of the moment, when the Shepherd and the Bishop of our souls, Himself, becomes "All in All," and makes all churches and sects into One Fold, under One Shepherd, an accomplishment impossible to man.

We now append some extracts from the wonderful words indited by Joanna Southcott, but all should read the re-prints (Clock-House Press, Ashford, Middlesex), which are being made of her sixty-five Books in the British Museum-


"I worked many miracles on the SABBATH DAY, to show how I should deliver My people, and how I should heal them, for THAT DAY, that is at hand, THE SABBATH, a rest for MAN! and that SABBATH shall be a thousand years, wherein every day shall be a DAY of REST; as I worked My miracles without making any distinction of days, so shall perfect happiness flow to MAN without distinction of days; for every day shall be a day of rest: that meaneth, they shall rest from sorrow, from sin, from pain, from sickness, from strife, from contentions, from wars and tumults. Then they will see the TRUTH of My Gospel - that now I have given them the fountain of LIVING WATERS; a well of JOY, a well of SALVATION, that they may thirst no more."


"Now I shall come to My Bible. Were it to run out the six thousand years, no flesh could be saved. Then how could man be justified and Satan condemned? But I must chain the Devil down before the time, to try man and see what he is when he hath no devil to tempt him to evil. During the thousand years I shall be judging the world by the conduct of mankind, but as Noah was preserved in the Ark and suffered to come out and till the earth again, so shall Satan be let loose at the end of the thousand years and go over the earth again. If he reforms, he may find some mercy, but if not he shall find no pity, that is, if he tempts man to sin again. (2 Peter iii. 8; Rev. xx. 1-7.)

"I have told thee, the type of the beasts being slain is a type of the end, that Satan must be slain likewise. Satan is the beast that must be offered up for sin, as being the author of sin. Where the Beast (his own evil) is not slain by man, man must perish, because he preserved the beast as Saul did. Saul's sin was in breaking the command of the Lord, for the Beast then stood as a type of the last day and all who would spare the Beast, which is the Devil, shall have the Kingdom rent from them, that is, they shall never live to see My Kingdom here on earth."

"When I come to be glorified by man, bringing in My Kingdom of peace, and destroying all the works of the Devil, then will My Spirit be as rivers of living waters of heavenly joy to all My friends and believers, that are looking for My Coming, waiting for My Spirit - As the people waited at the pool of Bethesda to be healed of their infirmities, so must men be waiting for the moving of My Spirit, and the coming of their Lord, to be healed from all the infirmities that sin hath caused; as they were waiting for the angel to trouble the water that they might be healed, so, I tell thee, I shall trouble him that troubleth man; and make him (namely Satan) tremble at My Coming." - When the power of Satan is taken from man, earth will be heaven to man.

"I died to take the blame man cast on his Creator, that I might afterwards destroy the works of the Devil according to My Promise.  He betrayed the woman and on him she cast her blame. I have sworn by Myself, and I can sware by no greater, that I will now be faithful to fulfil the Promise I made to woman in the Creation (to bruise the Serpent's head). As man joined with her in the sin


of the Fall, so must he join with her TO PLEAD THE PROMISE which was made to her."

"If all things had been understood, I tell thee they could not have been fulfilled, for many would have arisen to plead the promise before the six days were ended - that meaneth - the six thousand years. Now is come My appointed time to fulfil My words and promises. Ye have asked to be loosed from Satan's power. From Satan's power ye shall be loosed. Ye have asked for Me to come in My power, to destroy his works. In My power I will now come."

"I have shown you on record that My church must be brought in by a woman. As the woman bore Me into the world, so shall she bear the fruits of the Spirit and the strongest testimony of Me."

"No man can believe I am the Son of God without believing in My Mother, and no man can believe in the testimony of My Coming in the Spirit to bring in My Spiritual Kingdom, before I have revealed Myself to a woman as a Bride, by My Spirit coming as a Bridegroom."

"Let England know My Kingdom's near, that every burden I'll relieve and gladden soon the hearts that grieve."

"My anger is kindled against the Shepherds (BISHOPS), and they shall drink the Cup of My Fury. I have tried them with blessings, I have kept back the enemy that threatened them; and their hearts are but hardened the more."

"Oh, England, England, how long have I invited thee to accept of offered mercies, and told thee My Kingdom of peace was approaching?  But how few give themselves the trouble to search out the truth?"

"Know, at My Coming, I shall come as the purifier of silver, and My anger will be heated because of men's hearts, that do not desire My Coming. Redemption in and through My dying Blood is seen but in part, received but in part, known but in part. Full redemption is to be redeemed from the powers of death, hell and sin."

"Is it a new thing for a Woman to deliver her people? Did not Esther do it? did not Judith do it? and was it not a woman that nailed Sisera to the ground? But was it by My Power, making the Woman an instrument in My Hand? or was it in the Women's power to do it of themselves? Men must own these works were


never done by Women without My strength and protection. Then why do ye marvel if I give this Woman power to nail Satan to the ground to cut off his head; that meaneth to take his power from the sons of men? Could I not have struck Haman dead, slain Holophernes in the battle, and caused Sisera's death no other way but by the hands of a Woman? Oh, ye simple sons of men! Who washed My Feet with their tears? Was I not anointed by the woman with the most precious ointment? Then know the ointment was prepared for Me to rise again her King to be. Her ointment shall for ever stand, I'll be her King in every land."

"As a man cannot protect a woman as a wife, however strong his affections may be, without marriage, perfectly so, I now tell you, however strong your hearts may be given to Me, I am not bound in honour to protect you, as a Bridegroom, to enjoy My Kingdom of peace, without your hands being given with your hearts, that you may reign with Me one thousand years."

"I am come in the Spirit to throw open My Bible unto all men who will hear and judge for themselves. But they that will not judge for themselves shall be judged of the Lord, for he that doth not read to judge for himself can bring forth no arguments at all (for or against)." (All should read "True Explanations of the Bible," taken down by Joanna.)

"The blood of the nation is on the heads of the Shepherds (BISHOPS) if they do not search into every truth, and the sheep that perish in their sins their blood will I require at the Shepherds' hands."

"When earthquakes and famines in an unusual manner begin to take place then they will see the woes . . . that will come upon man." "The Lord will shake other nations to awaken this nation."

"When they signed the ratification of peace at Amiens, I was told it would bring on a war." (cf. our recent Peace Treaties)


To sum up, Joanna plays on the same strings as Jane Lead - the coming restitution of all things at the end of the six thousand years, and all to be brought in by Woman. But each prophet presents some outstanding revelation which must be accepted, and here we must face the mystery of the Child of Rev. xii. The Child was obviously not Jesus, for the Scriptures are never guilty of tautology and St. John would not be shown, in a vision, what


had already happened. Neither is the Woman the Church. The Scriptures are not mystical: if they say a woman they mean a woman - not a collection of people. The Woman will be proved to be Joanna, and the Child will be proved to be the necessary Feminine person called the Bride - Jesus being the Masculine Person called the Bridegroom. It is of no moment what the clergy think about this matter, they will have to accept what is about to be proved.

The last hour of the Six Thousand years is running out; before the Seventh Thousand dawns, the promises of God must and will be fulfilled. The Lord has commanded the Bishops of the Church of England to investigate His New Revelation and to open the Box of Sealed Writings left in the care of the Rev. Thomas Foley by Joanna Southcott which will prove the whole Visitation. They continue to refuse to do so, but the Lord's Judgments will shortly cause the people of the country to insist that they take action. (See Chapter xii.)


George Turner, 1814 to 1821.

The most important of the ten works published by George Turner, who had a large following, after the death of Joanna in 1814, is "The Book of Wonders" (1817). To all Believers in Joanna's Visitation, this book is of incomparable interest. We give the following extracts:-

"Let man be informed that I have judged Satan (the Prince of this world) guilty of breaking My decree, which I made for My sealed. I have declared My sentence upon him that he shall be removed and his power from this earth, and all the fallen angels and their evil works I will destroy, which they have wrought upon the earth. Oh, England, thou dost not regard Me! without My stroke thou art hardened by the evil one working unbelief in thee, therefore to assist thee to shake off the work of Satan (unbelief) I strike! Now My people, who believe in the Visitation of My Spirit, the battle must be fought, and you must stand in faith with Me, and see My power!"

"My people in the Gospel do not know Me. Their shepherds are blind to My word. But I have mercy on the flock, because the


shepherds have not watched for them, but shall I not care for My sheep? Now I will show them what will come in My wrath."

"A deluge of evil is to come before My kingdom is established, and it will overflow all its banks of resistance in all places, My sealed people excepted, whom I will protect with My power." (See Rev. viii, "Hurt not the earth," etc.)

"Shiloh shall soon gather together My people for My kingdom - Let the people know that I will go on using My power as a man goes on, step by step, until he hath accomplished his journey."

"I am God, and I will make known to all people My wondrous works. I created Shiloh, I Who am Jesus Christ, the word of God, the Bridegroom in My Gospel, by the power of My spirit in the womb of My handmaid, recorded in Revelations, as man creates the likeness in the womb, and by My great power, I took the Child from the womb to Paradise, the place and state of My Kingdom, prepared from the foundation of the world, to rise up in My image and likeness, spiritual not spirit, with flesh and bones, as I had, and appear as I did as man, growing up as a child, and appear or disappear as I did."

George Turner had a very large following, and died in 1821. The prophet's mantle then fell on William Shaw.


William Shaw, 1821 to 1822

William Shaw, the Fourth Instrument in the Great Visitation, wrote for a very short time, and his work is only in MSS from which we append the following:-

"THE CHILD has been refused and I, Jehovah, Jesus, THE WARRIOR come."

"Oh London! more wicked than Babylon of old, thou shalt taste My bitter cup, for the end of thee is come. . . . For thou hast placed thyself in My stead, and taught the nations of the earth to place a confidence in riches, not considering that I, the Lord of heaven and earth, do according to My holy will."

"As the living earth - Man - will not hear My voice, the dead earth shall . . . for I will send My still small voice into the bowels of the earth, and it shall bespeak My anger. . . . The earth quakes, everything that has breath mourns, agitated with fear . . . no


rest but in Me, Jesus, the glory of the earth. Now My uplifted Hand falls, let not My children, Israel, say, 'it is the heat, or this thing or that thing,' it is My still small voice which makes the thunder and the earthquake, as when I brought conviction to Elijah: it is vain, it is vanity altogether, for the rulers of this nation to stop the movements of My Spirit, Jesus."

"My voice shall sound through the bowels of the earth, and it shall lay the cities in ruins, and My judgments in the Isles will make the nations afraid of My mighty power. Yea, I will make a way, and the lightning of My Mighty arm shall pass through the continent (of Europe) even to ldumea (Edom or Turkey). . . .Yea, My mighty arm in Britain will be a smell in her nostrils for the multitude of slain, and it shall overtake him (ldumea - Turkey)."

"I have placed a stay (a limit) to human power. Thy king, O Britain, shall declare My righteous will."

July 15th, 1819. "The bitter cup of afflictions I have given unto My children to drink; in all these cross purposes is the movement of My Spirit, Jesus, upon the children of faith. Behold, My earthquake! I will begin. Yea, in distant lands ye hear the report which shall come upon thee, O London, to lay thy haughtiness in the dust."

"Now I will tell you of Israel's going into captivity in Egypt,  it was a shadow of the long Captivity. . . . I will bring Israel from its long Captivity, and I will reveal Myself unto them and in them. The Covenant I made with Abraham and his seed for ever, I will now fulfil."

Feb. 10th, 1819. "Thus saith the Lord God of Israel. The glory of My new creation is Shiloh, I will consume all that join with Lucifer, and that will not take of the spring of life in Jesus. I AM THAT I AM, JEHOVAH, JESUS, will make the earth as heaven."


John Wroe, 1822 to 1863

John Wroe was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1782. He was greatly afflicted in addition to being a stammerer and deaf. In 1823 the Believers practically accepted him as a Prophet. Next


to Joanna's, his Visitation is of the greatest moment to the world, for he received revelation on mysteries, without a knowledge of which, the work of Redemption could not be accomplished. In him the Lord fulfilled the prophecy, "For with stammering lips, and another tongue, will he speak to this people " (Isaiah xxviii. II). Joanna brought forward the need to plead the promise to the Woman, and she prophesied of the Redemption of the body; John Wroe tells us what occasioned the need for the Promise, even the actual sin which Adam and Eve committed, its continued prevalence to-day, together with the manner in which it will be overcome. Ignorance as to what the sin of the Fall was, is the cause of all our woe, and no greater crime has ever been committed than the crime of those who have rejected the knowledge whereby their flocks would have escaped committing what it were better to die than to fall into. It was for the clergy to discover what the sin of the Fall was, by means of a careful study of the laws of God, set forth in Leviticus xv., and in Acts xv. 29, for they are trained specialists in the Scriptures, but behold it is the sheep who have to tell the shepherds!

Instead of putting extracts upon this, the most important subject of Wroe's revelation, I have gathered up the teachings (see the Résumé below), and I will state here that, upon learning the facts upon these matters, I communicated them in a careful letter to the twenty-four Bishops having Sees, taking the precaution to get receipts for the letters. I also wrote to the White Cross Society, the Church of England Working Men's Society and to the Mothers' Union. In the two latter cases, they said they had consulted a medical man, and that he said the statements were incorrect! If that be the case, the Laws of Leviticus xv. have no raison d' être.


1. The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil was Eve herself, she being a tree capable of bearing fruit. This is very easily understood from nature. An apple tree bears apples, a pear tree bears pears, a sheep bears lambs, a woman bears children.

2. The tree is Woman, but Good and Evil are her fruits. This is also easily understood. She bears good fruit, that is, good children, like Abel, and she also bears evil fruit, that is, evil children, like Cain. It is well known that a good woman can have an evil


child, even a murderous, thieving, cruel child, an idiot, an epileptic, a crippled or otherwise diseased child. People often wonder why good, healthy husbands and wives have wicked or unhealthy children. There must be a reason, and when we know the reason we can know, also, how a man and a woman may secure good, healthy children. The reason is as follows:-

3. The Tree (Woman) blossoms and has flowers. During that blossoming period she will conceive from the evil seed, for God placed "in her midst" (in Eve's womb) two seeds, one good and one evil - the evil one was wrapped in blood. Every woman has an evil seed wrapped in blood, and a pure seed, which will only germinate seven days after the blossoming period is over.

4. There is no doubt that God had told Adam that no approach to Eve must take place during the blossoming period, therefore, up to the time of her temptation, she had not had children. She desired children. Satan knew the secret of which she was ignorant, worked upon her desires, and caused her to approach Adam in the blossoming period, and a child was born of the evil seed, the seed wrapped in blood. It was Cain, the murderer! But when they had been taught the awful truth, Abel was born, Abel, a good seed, fructified at the right time, i.e., seven days after the end of the blossoming period. Cain was born black.

5. The sin which Adam and Eve committed, has been committed by every man and wife up to this day, who have not kept the law of God, given to Moses, as set forth in the 15th chapter of Leviticus. Those who keep this law will only have as many children as God Himself shall send to them. Naturally He will provide for them, and they will be as happy and good as human beings can be. Woman has the cleansing period, being purified every fourteen days, and remaining so for fourteen or sixteen days, thus she has the power to produce good seed alone, but unhappily man, who was inoculated with evil after the Fall has no means of purification. Therefore, as things are at present, no perfect child can be born, even of the woman in her pure time. Thus it was that God Himself visited Mary in her pure period, and Jesus was born. During the Millennium every curse will be removed, and man will be purified.The laws of God will be the laws of the land, and only good and holy children will be born."



It is in John Wroe's visitation that we discover that the Divine Plan is to work through seven Instruments, in preparation for the establishment on earth of the Church of the first-born, into which Shiloh will gather the Redeemed, by which we mean those who can attain to the fullest salvation, even to the Salvation of the Body, Soul and Spirit. Up to the present, bodies have been regarded as "impedimenta" in the Spiritual life, now we are commanded to "wait for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of the body." Satan's rule exemplifies itself in the death of the body - "In the day thou eatest thereof, thou shall surely die."

Just as these words have come true, so is it true that God has "no pleasure in the death of him that dieth," and so will it be true  that "Death shall be swallowed up in Victory."

The following are Extracts from John Wroe's Prophecies:-

"It was made known to me that the people who believed Joanna Southcott to be the Woman spoken of in the twelfth chapter of Revelation were right, for I had the Woman transfigured before me with the Child in her left arm, in the open firmament in the day time, and I saw this sight as plainly as ever I saw anything in my life."

"Joanna died in 1814. On the 8th of August, 1820, George Turner was at Bradford (the man whom the Lord had placed as His standard to lead and direct His children after the death of Joanna Southcott), and John Wroe went to see him, and spoke with him - but it was not made known to him then that he himself was the next Standard, until George Turner died in the September following. John Wroe then became the leader of the original followers of Joanna Southcott."

"My Spirit is I,  yet have I a body. I am God, and beside Me there is no other. For the people that dwell on the planets of Satan are influenced by the power of Satan, and he is stronger than they, so that he causeth their fall. But now the time is come that I will ransom the planets out of his hand."

"Give ear, O earth: My will is, your full deliverance from the bondage and captivity you have been surrounded with for nearly these last six thousand years, brought on by the subtle arts of Satan upon man and woman. My creation was once formed in My Image, which is pure, divine and holy, but I now behold man,


who once carried about him these, My features, besmeared with all the horrible features that sin can inflict upon him."

"This is My Covenant with the Church of the first-born . . .when Jerusalem shall bring them forth I will now nourish them in swaddling clothes, and put them in paddling strings, and correct them in love, as a woman nourishes her little one, so will I nourish them till they be at age to receive the change."

"He that seeks Me with his whole heart, soul, spirit and body shall have My Spirit always upon him, till it be put with his spirit, within him, and it shall testify of Me and My work, and show him what he shall do, neither shall his body see corruption."

"Tell My children to let their doubting spirits depart from them; and if they will be led by My Spirit, My Body shall be bread for them, and My Blood shall be wine for them, and they shall drink it new in My Kingdom, with Shiloh, the Branch; this will I perform in Jerusalem (not Jerusalem in Palestine) - but tell all My children to be strong and valiant, for the time is short; for I am going to reveal the "latter days" of Jacob, for the new world shall appear: seek ye life while ye yet live. It is Shiloh, the Branch, who shall gather you." (Jesus scattered the people.)

"Now I tell thee, as I scattered My children the Jews, I have also scattered their wisdom. My tribe is Judah, which I, Jesus, will cause the Branch to spring from. My Branch shall go forth and build Jerusalem. (This alludes to the redeemed BODY.) I will be the King of the earth (or body), and there shall be no King but Me."

"I will gather two staffs of people into one place in England (the 144,000 and the Aliens) I will destroy all nations and this land England shall be the first redeemed" (from the power of the grave and from every disease).

"I, Jesus, the Root, command thee to send these lines unto the Catholic Doctors of Divinity - instead of searching for the truth they hang Me up in crucifixes - but if they will hearken unto Me, and destroy their images, and be baptized for the redemption of soul and body, I will destroy death for their sake."

"The moon is the light of the clergy (a borrowed light), it shall strive to put out the light of the sun. But as the moon has no power to give light when the sun is up, so will it be when Michael


stands up, for the sun is the new world, and the moon is the old one." (The sun represents the Immortal Body and the moon the Incorruptible Body. See I Cor. xv. 41.)

"It is the living body that shall put on immortality; the Lord created mortal bodies, that they might be made immortal. He said if they put forth the hand, and took of the Tree of Life, they should eat and live for ever; and every mortal body that now tastes of the Tree of life shall live eternally, and put on immortality. Then shall be fulfilled that Scripture that Christ died for all, but especially for those that believe that they shall put on immortality." (I Tim. iv. 20.)

"The Lord will take seven instruments to work by, which are the seven burning lights, and these lights are set in the road to the Tree of life. And if ye lose one of these lights ye shall not be able to travel without returning back and seeking it." (These instruments are the seven prophets.)

"Awake, O House of Israel, Zion hath brought forth a Daughter." (cf. " She shall be called the Lord our Righteousness." Jer. xxxiii. 16. "Her foundations are upon the Holy Hills." (Psalm lxxxvii. Prayer Book Version.)


James White, 1875 to 1888.

The new Revelation ends with the fifth Prophet. That there must be a new revelation of a further salvation is obvious, else what does St. Peter mean by the words "Salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."?

Obviously this alluded to the further salvation spoken of elsewhere as the "redemption of the body," an advance upon the salvation of the soul, and it is to the revelation on this matter that we are drawing the attention of the clergy.

Five is God's number of order, and the five foregoing prophecies, like David's five stones from the brook, are sufficient with which to kill the Goliath of human opinion because they will be proved in power and by operation. "Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered," but until He does arise, human opinion will go on making it impossible to help the World, for what is called Divinity


is Luciferian devilry, and the only wise God is about to slay it with the five stones from the Brook of Truth. The two remaining Messengers are Interpreters rather than prophets.

James White wrote the "Flying Roll," an epitome of the whole of the works of the foregoing prophets for the public, rather than for believers in the Visitation. In view of the prophecy of John Wroe, that a man would come "in twelve years, in a red coat," a body of persons was awaiting some such person. James White left the Indian Army exactly twelve years after John Wroe's death, and presented himself to date before this body of people who were mourning their leader's death.

Prophets do not act like other people. When they speak for God, they are "in the spirit," and those around them know exactly what to do and how to act. "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day," "Falling into a trance but having the eyes open," "While they made ready Peter fell into a trance, and saw heaven opened and a certain vessel descending unto him." "I, Daniel, was grieved in the midst of my body, and the visions of my head troubled me." "And the spirit entered into me when he spoke with me, and set me upon my feet," "and the hand of the Lord fell upon me," "and the spirit lifted me up" - all these allusions are understood by the sons of the prophets. Sometimes the voice is as of a lion roaring, sometimes the whole person is moved upon, nearly always the eyes are shut in a manner that is unmistakable. Do the Clergy think that the Lord Himself gathers persons around the prophets, and gives no unmistakable signs to those gathered  when He is speaking through them? Mostly the prophet himself is so unattractive a person that no one would trouble to go and see him but for the revelation.

James White, who took the pen-name of James Jezreel, always spoke with keys in his hands; John Wroe spoke with his hat on his head; the call for this particular thing would be a sign that the Spirit was upon them - then the eyes would close and clear resonant sentences would come forth, spoken so slowly that they could easily be indited.

Joanna, John Wroe and James all had their "writers" or "amanuenses" with them constantly and these persons would know the trance-condition in a moment.

We quite understand that we have opened the gate of the field


to let in argument with a big A, by using the word "trance," but the vast difference between the trance of the medium of the Séance and that of Balaam and St. John is obvious to students of the Scripture. The Clergy must get used to such words.

We have drawn the following excerpts from an excellent compendium of the "Flying Roll" by S. Abbott, instead of giving extracts from the Roll itself.


(a) The spirits of all men existed long before they were sent on the earth to minister to bodies of flesh. Far back in eternity a rebellion took place in heaven, when Satan headed a revolt against the Creator, and drew after him a great number of heaven's sons. The attitude of the spirits at that time determined their future career on earth, and their destiny after death.  They were divided into three parties: those who followed Satan willingly, those who followed him unwillingly, and those who remained loyal to the King of heaven. When these spirits have taken bodies on earth, they continue to show the same qualities they showed in heaven. Those who followed Satan willingly, follow him willingly on earth. They make no effort to resist their evil propensities, and die without repentance. Those who followed him unwillingly, follow him unwillingly on earth. Their conscience condemning them, they pass their lives sinning and repenting. They eagerly embrace the hope of salvation through Christ, and will have part in the first resurrection.

(b) Those who remained loyal to God in heaven will remain loyal to him on earth. Through Divine assistance they will be able to overcome their own evil, and thereby escape death. To these are given bodies of flesh which are made immortal. Paul speaks of them thus: "For whom he did foreknow (in heaven) he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son," Jesus, whose flesh never saw corruption. Jesus said to one of his followers who wished to protect him with a sword: "Thinkest thou that I cannot pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?" These legions were the spirits of the twelve tribes of the Latter House of Israel who are to inherit immortality. They had not then been sent down, but they are now taking bodies on earth.


(c) Man is composed of three parts, a spirit, a soul, and a body. At birth a spirit is sent down to be the life of his body, which it clothes as with a garment. The soul and body he derives from his parents. The soul reflects the mental and moral characteristics of his parents, as the body reflects their physical characteristics. The spirit is the life of the body, and when that is withdrawn, the body dies. The soul is the part of man which sins and repents, which loves and hates, which hopes and fears, which rejoices and despairs. It is the medium between the spirit and the body. When God speaks to man he speaks to his spirit, it being of the same essence, the spirit conveys the message to the soul, and the soul rules the body. As the soul is derived from its parents along with the body, it goes into the grave sleeping along with the body. The spirit or life of the body, does not go into the grave; as it came from God, it returns to God.

(d) When the body dies the spirit returns to God who gave it, the body turns to dust, and the soul sleeps in the dust of the body, in the chambers of the grave, until the resurrection.

(e) Evil was created in order to test the spirits of men, and it was placed in the body of Eve, who became the fount of both good and evil. It was like a poison laid in a secret place, with a strict command not to touch it. The evil was harmless so long as it was not touched. Adam and Eve did not stand the test, they took of the evil before it was separated from the good, and brought death upon themselves and all their posterity. They furnished the proof that their spirits had not been loyal to God during the rebellion in heaven. The seven days are a figure of the seven thousand years of the existence of evil, and the power of Satan on this planet. For the sake of Israel his time is cut short to six days, or to the end of six thousand years. "Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work, but the seventh is the sabbath of the Lord thy God. In it thou shalt not do any work" in the service of sin and Satan.

(f) Satan is God's officer to execute the sentence of death on those who break his commandments. He is the god of death, as Christ is the God of Life. Evil belongs to him, with the bodies of all men in whom it remains untaken away. God assigned to him his office in these words: "Dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life." In the words of Paul, they are "delivered to Satan for


the destruction of the flesh that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus." He has no power of destruction over the spirits and souls of men, for these belong to Christ as part of his purchased possession.

(g) The Deity, Jehovah Elohim, is of both masculine and feminine essence, and humanity, bi-sexual, is made in this image and likeness. The names Zion and Jerusalem, occurring together or separately in the Scriptures, mean the two immortal Spirits of God, Zion being the male spirit, or Christ, and Jerusalem being the female spirit. S. Paul speaks of Her as "Jerusalem above, the mother of us all."

(h) During the mortal life of Jesus he was not given all power, because he only dwelt in the Spirit, the Spirit did not dwell in him. His miracles of healing and of raising the dead were but anticipatory figures of greater miracles to be performed at his Second Coming. Those whom he healed at his first coming, and those whom he raised from the dead, again sickened and died, because he did not, at that time, remove the tares of evil which Satan had sown in their blood, and which caused the sickness and death. This greater miracle was reserved for his second coming.

(i) In order that he might acquire this greater power, it was necessary that he should lay down the mortal life of blood that he might take, in its place, the immortal life of spirit. The House of Israel are often reminded that he has entered the domain of spirit with a material body of flesh and bone.

(j) After his resurrection he showed both a spiritual body for the dead, and a natural body for the living. To Mary Magdalene, who was the first to see him, he showed a spiritual body, and said "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my father," because it was not possible for her to touch a spiritual body. Next, he showed a natural body to the women when he met them coming from the sepulchre, "and they held him by the feet and worshipped him." He next appeared in a spiritual body to two of his disciples, "in another form," according to St. Mark, as they were on their way to Emmaus. At first they did not know him because their eyes were holden. But after he took bread and blessed it and gave it to them "their eyes were opened and he vanished out of their sight." The same day at even he appeared in both forms to his disciples who were gathered together at Jerusalem, the doors


being shut for fear of the Jews. Jesus suddenly appeared to them and "they were affrighted, supposing that they had seen a spirit." But he reassured them, saying: "Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself, for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have." He could take each body at will. As a spiritual body he could pass through doors, and as a material body he could be touched and handled. In the spiritual body he became "the firstfruits of them that slept." "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God": Flesh and bone can inherit it. So it will be with the new race finally.

(k) The Great Architect of the universe, in preparing for himself temples of flesh for his Spirit to dwell in, makes a careful selection of his materials. They must have these pre-requisites: Their spirits must have remained loyal to God during the rebellion in heaven; their bodies must have been begotten and conceived according to the law of Lev. xv., they must be lineal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; they must be born with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand the deep things of God relating to the redemption of the body from death. "He that can receive it, let him receive it." Every man who can receive this faith of immortality, and is able to do the work, furnishes the proof in his own person that he is a descendant of Abraham.

(l) Jews, Gentiles, and the House of Israel, all take their departure from the land of Egypt, the house of bondage, where they have rendered a forced and unwilling service to sin and Satan. They all set out for the land of Canaan, where they hope to be free to serve the Lord. They all pass through the Red Sea, a figure of the salvation of the soul by faith. But Jew and Gentile die in the Wilderness; Israel only "go forward," and cross the Jordan, a figure of receiving the faith of immortality, and enter the land promised unto their fathers, but wherein they dwelt as strangers. The land of Canaan was a figure of the bodies of Israel cleansed from evil, and given unto them as an everlasting possession.

(m) At our Lord's first manifestation he came to his own, the seed of Israel, and his own received him not. He offered them the redemption of spirit, soul and body from sin and death; they rejected him and his offer. "Ye will not come unto me that ye might have life." He did not abandon his purpose of redeeming Israel, but he postponed its execution, and opened a parenthesis


for the Gentiles. He commanded his disciples to preach to them Repentance for the remission of the sins of the soul, that they might escape the second death. The parenthesis is now closing, and he again comes to his own, the seed of Israel, and this time they will receive him.

(n) "Blindness in part is happened to Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in." And so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written: "There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob, for this is my covenant unto them when I shall take away their sins." The Deliverer that has come out of Zion is "the Branch that has sprung from the root." Is. xi. I. Jesus calls it the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth. It is an emanation of Life from his body. This is that Spirit of Life that shall take away the sins of the twelve tribes of the sons of Jacob, that they may live and no longer die.

(o) The fulness of the Gentiles has come in. Christendom has become apostate in its faith and in its works, and its dissolution has been decreed. It is a house divided against itself and is visibly tottering to its fall. In a time like this the "Flying Roll" is sent forth to gather the heirs of immortality out from among the two tribes of Jews and the ten tribes of Israel, dispersed among the Gentiles, whose forefathers have mingled their seed with that of the Gentiles. As the kingdom of the Jews was dissolved to make way for Christendom, so Christendom must be dissolved to make way for the kingdom of Israel, in which there will be no sin and no death.

One quotation from the "Flying Roll" is as follows:- "The immortal Spirit speaketh expressly through the open vision that there shall be war in all the earth until the temple is built. Not a temple of hewn stone, but a temple of flesh and bone, like unto the glorious body of the Man-Christ."


Helen Exeter, 1916 to 1918.

H. Exeter was the daughter of a General of distinction, who had received the orders of C.B. and K.C.M.G. She married early into the family of Sir  _______, K.C.M.G., whose name is one to conjure with in Colonial and foreign affairs. Her husband was an Advocate of the Supreme Court of ______  from 1865 to 1887. He was Registrar


and legal adviser to the diocese of  _______, and he also gained the distinction of C.M.G. It cannot but strike a thoughtful observer that, as the Seventh Instrument sounded the trumpet before the final battle between Michael and the Dragon, it is significant that the men of the family of H. Exeter should be so intimately connected with the Order of St. Michael and St. George.

The last of the Seven Messengers wrote very little, but that little set the wheels of the Lord's Chariot in motion and is the chief inspiration at the back of the latest efforts to warn England of her coming dangers and ultimate blessings. It was the call to the Woman, upon whom fell the duty to place all her intelligence at the Lord's disposal, in order to show the Bishops and clergy that here, in England, is the sacred deposit of the last Revelation, and that it alone will save the greatest nation of all time from ruin.

The whole history can be read in "Brushes with the Bishops." "The Finding of Shiloh," "The Voice of the Seventh Angel."* The present writer had already used the knowledge which she received of Joanna's prophecy in 1914, and the silence of both Bishops and clergy created a bad nervous breakdown in 1915 to 1916, and on September 18th, of 1916, the following words, through Helen Exeter, delivered her from a situation impossible for her to negotiate:-

First Message, September 18th, 1916.

I know her faithful work and her sufferings, and it was My will that she should drink of the cup of pain, for so she is taught and purified, and she shall have reward. Bid her come forth from the house of pain, and fear not, for I will be her Guide. I will speak in the language of human warfare, for this will be more easily comprehended by thee and by her in the warfare with evil to which she is called and chosen, evil which I have permitted her to behold and to encounter for a period. That is now to cease. Her attacks upon the Church have failed for a time, they have been FRONTAL, now different tactics must be pursued and greater strategy employed. This she shall be taught when she has made herself ready by resting the strained mind and spirit and weary

* See list of publications at the end.


body. Then she shall achieve mightily. All SHALL be accomplished in the time I have appointed, which draweth near, and My faithful daughters shall prevail. My word given to her (Joanna) whom I bade seal up the writing, shall come forth with power. Have I not promised through the ages, and shall I fail My sheep? I, the Shepherd, know My sheep and am known of them. Bid her not to seek through others, but with her own soul and hearken.

Second Message, September 27th, 1916.

She must put aside endeavour till the shadows pass, then she shall be strong to bring release to the suffering, but first her own eyes must be bathed in My Spirit, then shall she see clearly. There is the faithful friend in her house, and she shall receive guidance and strength as she seeks it.

Third Message, October 1st, 1916.

I bid thee turn from every means to Me alone, for I will speak unto thy heart and thou shalt hear, and drink of the pure fountain. Thou hast striven mightily, and art wounded in thy spirit. Come and I will heal thee, and when thy strength cometh again thou shalt be My Minister. Be patient and all difficulties shall be overcome. Wheresoever thou art, I will gather thee into peace and shelter; strive not, be quiet, I will bring it to pass. Think not that My purposes can be frustrated by man, though they may be helped - by man and woman. I am with each one, waiting for their whole heart, for so only shall they enter into the waters of Healing.

Fourth Message, October 8th, 1916.

Her mind is as a field that hath been over-cultivated. A rich crop hath it borne, and I have garnered in the wheat, but the tares are still in the land. Let her clear her field of these weeds and tares, and then she shall again plough deeply with the spirit. But a different crop shall she sow, that yieldeth in its roots the nodules of nitrogen that doth sweeten and enrich the soil. She shall not sow with tears, but with joy and in My Name; and I, even I, shall fructify the seed and it shall be fruitful. I speak to her own heart, bid her listen in the stillness, and for a while forsake the former things and leave them in My keeping.


Fifth Message, November 7th, 1916.

Thou shalt say to her that I see all, I know all, and I am well pleased, for she doth sweetly bend herself to My teaching, and doth endeavour bravely and faithfully to rule herself as I have bidden. Yet it costs her somewhat, and in this cost shall she grow daily stronger. My love doth surround and cherish all the feeble and sad-hearted. I bear their sorrows and give them peace, whensoever they come close to Me to drink of My living water.

Sixth Message, April, 1917.

In thine anguish I AM, be thou comforted. My child, by this union with thy Lord whom men now crucify again. Cast away thy sorrow, and let thy face shine, for so thou wilt please Me and be one with Me.

Seventh Message, 1918.

Bid My people look for My Coming and make ready, bid them tarry not. Peace be with you. Naught but love shall prevail to unite you for My service. The fault of one doth not make less the fault of another. Leave judgment unto Me, take you healing, pity, love in your hands and with pleading work for Me. CAST THY ANGER AND THY COMMANDS ON SATAN. My love, My pity is over all and most in your hours of temptation, and I suffer when ye fall, yet if ye turn unto Me, never will I forsake you, but I will lift you again into the joy and peace of My pardon and of My love - there shall ye abide, while ye LOVE, and while ye cast out all anger and condemnation of each other. In this ye are all most liable to fall.

Eighth Message, July I5th, 1918.

Thou hast done well and hast truly received My teachings, and thy submission to My former rebukes is a sweet savour before Me, and thy reward is great and sure in the blessing and peace that I bestow upon thee, and in the light that I shall cause to flow through thee to My people. Go on and fear not. I, the Lord, am with thee. I, thy Master, direct thee, and My words, sent forth through thee, shall bear much fruit. Naught that ye do in My Name and for My purpose shall be lost. I, the Lord, will bring it to pass. The light and the truth shall shine forth, and through this, deliverance


shall come. The error that in part doth shadow it, shall fade away and naught shall dim My glory. My blessing and love shall be with you all your days, and ye shall dwell with Me in light, with many thousands who, to-day, have opened unto Me. My precious ones fear not, many shall ye bring to Me, who are still far off, but My love is over all, and the deaf shall hear My voice, the blind shall see. My Holy Church shall arise, and all shall be fed with My food and shall drink at My living fountain. I COME, look up, for I am nigh.


On November 15th, 1914, H. Exeter received a " WORD " to be sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury, referring to the need to open the Box of Sealed writings. It was sent by registered post, but His Grace has since declared that he did not receive it. On the same day, and at the same hour, R. J. F., over 6,000 miles away had the impression that she also was to approach His Grace. H. Exeter says "how breathlessly I am waiting to know how our approaches have been received by the Archbishop - our independent action on the same subject, from such widely apart quarters, must impress him."

So important was H. Exeter's work known to be in the spiritual world, that she was attacked by the powers of evil with a view to destroying her mentality. Her accounts of what she passed through, are sufficient to prove the real existence of evil as a force which is engineered by a controlling mind antagonistic to God and to good.*

She was impressed spiritually that she was enveloped in an atmosphere so dense, that holy beings were often compelled to retreat. The evil was barred from her actual personality - she was told to recall the attacks made upon the Lord which were far more in number than are recorded. She says:-

"The chief object is to disable me physically and mentally,  in order to prevent me from becoming an instrument for the Lord's use."

Speaking of how she received the word, she says, "It is subtly distilled into the inner consciousness, no physical organ may receive it - at least so I find - I ask of no Spirit-Guide, I seek the

*"Out of the Vortex" or the "Rescue of a Soul from the Powers of Darkness" - by H. Exeter


Lord alone in humblest prayer - not anxiously, but calmly and with absolute faith that no sincere opening of my soul to Him will be disregarded. Silently, patiently, watchfully, I wait for the inner whisper, unheard except by my spirit. My bodily senses must be subdued, not stimulated."

"In deep, rapt prayer, I receive the Word from the Sanctuary. I do not know how I receive it, but I do not hear with my ears, it is something indescribable. . . . It is from no spirit, but from the source of Love and Light. This I know, and from thence came the blessed Messages sent to you." *

Helen Exeter was drowned in the Galway Castle, which was torpedoed in the Channel on September 14th, 1918.


So much for the Prophecies. We shall now proceed to record their fulfilment, and seeing that the public proof will turn on the Healing, and that, on this ground, the great battle will be fought, we add the following from Joanna Southcott and John Wroe.

     (i) "The Clergy will heal the wound that is in man without drawing out the corruption that is from the devil."

     (ii) "The Priests will have a Visitation and say they are visited by the Holy Ghost."

     (iii) "When deliverance comes to Israel, the Clergy will be in the greatest danger."

     (iv) "I will make the Clergy foolish in their own eyes."

All readers of this book will agree that we, of The Panacea Society, have done our best to save the Clergy from the dangers mentioned above.

*See "Finding of Shiloh," p. 148.







BEFORE we go on to the subject of the Healing it is necessary to write a few words upon the meaning of such remarks as "Satan and Lucifer have this prophetic mechanism," and also "the Clergy have been controlled by Lucifer." Now they show this by their acting, as one man, in all cases connected with this Visitation. That crowds and masses have a brain, is a psychological fact, and it presents many difficulties until that brain is recognised as the psychic (angelic or devilish) control which intends that the crowd, or the mass, shall do or shall not do a certain thing. Men and women are not free. Free-will was lost at the Fall when humanity fell under the powers of devilish evil and of angelic error.

There is some truth in "Determinism," but the determinator is the mind of the control under which man has fallen, and it is the opposition of the control deliberately exercised, that prevents every creature living, from welcoming with pæans of joy, the news that the kingdoms of error under Lucifer and of evil under Satan, are about to fall - for by this fall alone can man be free to accept the Truth and do all that is right.

St. Paul puts this clearly when he says, "The good that I would, I do not, and the evil that I would not, that I do." That "other law" of which he complains, is the "law of the powers of the evil controls," which must be dethroned, before the law of Christ can bring "every thought into dominion," and before we can have the mind of Christ.

Our efforts to fight against these "principalities and powers"


are admitted, and the helps we have had are undoubted, but the results are small indeed. And now at the end of the six thousand years, man will have dominion over his own mind when God has taught him the Truth. This time is near.

"Lucifer, is not Satan - Lucifer is the Angel of Light, the false prophet. Satan is the Beast. Any fool can detect Satan's wickedness, but it takes a wise man indeed to discover Luciferian error, of which there may be only a gram in a ton of Truth, but that gram nullifies the whole.

Even as the Law was given by the disposition of angels, in the hands of a mediator (Moses), so when the Lord ascended into Heaven, because He had finished the work for the soul, and because the work for the body could not commence until the six thousand years was nearly completed, He left the Gospel to the disposition of angels in the hands of mediators - the clergy. For the soul, their work is splendid; but it is angelic work, it teaches men to fly upward to God, and Lucifer, as an angel of light, has carefully opposed the truth of the Redemption of the Body. Such things the angels desire to look into; because they do not understand them.

The word "angel" sounds nice; but an angel need not be all that the word seems to imply. There are good angels and bad angels, and even the good angelic work generally to-day, is at a discount, for we find that they are actively opposing the coming of the Lord's Kingdom to earth. Their powers to oppose are not yet broken down, and the mind behind the Bishops and Clergy causing them to oppose the Visitation and the coming Kingdom is one mind, and it is Lucifer's mind. On Lucifer's head let the errors of religion lie, even as on Satan's head lies the blame for the sin of the world.

The acceptance of this Mission spells Lucifer's downfall as an angel of Light, and as the "false prophet," who has fooled the Churches into believing that the curse of death is a blessing, that the Gospel of repentance can go on indefinitely, and that the work for the soul is all there is.


Owing to the carelessness of the Clergy in reward to investigations of occult manifestations, they are not experts in the matter of inspiration, and do not realize their own dangers as being liable


to false inspiration. A sermon reported recently in a Church paper, was certainly inspired, no one could doubt it, but those who are experts, knew it to be Apollyonic. Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Apollyon, all have their distinctive manner of inspiration, and the classical gods, such as Eros, Psyche and Apollo, can still inspire.  These things are as clear to students of these matters, as the difference between the work of Browning and Tennyson is clear.  Therefore it is that a fulfilled prophecy is the only true Witness that Jesus is working. The inspiration may be beautiful, or even useful, but no proof exists at all of Inspiration being the Highest Powers and directly from God, except one, and that is prophecy of a coming event, which takes place.  The Witness of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy, the Spirit of prophecy is its fulfillment; the letter of prophecy is the prophecy itself - a dead letter indeed until the Spirit (its fulfillment) gives it life!


All who read this book to the end must realise, if they have common capacities and ordinary intelligence, that it speaks of things never written before, yet, so terrible is prejudice, so powerful is the grip of the old ideas, that many persons would prefer it not to be true and would ignore it, hoping to help to stem the tide of the new revelation by their indifference.

For the old-fashioned notions of the grave as the gate to Life, or of a sudden appearance of Christ in the air, either of which somehow or other will alter things, saves a great deal of trouble, such events being on the lines of "fatalities," of which one is simply the sport.  They may come any minute, and no one can stop the one or hasten the other.

We have said enough about the grave and about the death of the Body as being the very thing which has got to cease, but now a word about the expected appearing of Christ in the air! How absurd it is to think that such an appearance would be permitted or would be possible! Where would He alight? Millions and millions would see Him even as we see the sun and moon, but where, I ask again, would He alight? How could we in England know if He were going to alight in Italy or in Norway? Who would be ready to give Him a Home? Where is His Church of Overcomers? For the last Covenant is one of Obedience only, as it was in the


beginning. Repentance cannot be part of it; sin must be "finished," for as Jane Lead says, "The Lamb will not much longer carry the weight and burden of a sinful creation." I can hear people say, "Who would give Him a home? Why thousands and thousands would do so! "Yes, one has heard plenty of that sort of thing, but the point is what sort of a home would suit Him?

Be assured, these things are arranged for, and that He will come to a remnant that has been prepared along a certain specified plan which had its inception many, many years ago. The "clouds" are not clouds of condensed water, but clouds of mystery and of suffering. Moreover, it is well to state here that Jesus is not at all like any of the well-known representations of the Lord; all of these pictures are Luciferian; Lucifer has posed for many of the pictures and has inspired them. At the Centre it is known what Jesus is like and what they must expect.

Again, Jesus will come, not from nor out of space, not from "up there," which to-morrow is "down there," but out of the Fourth Dimension. Ingress and egress in connection with the Fourth Dimension will be quite simple when we know the actual motion which is required. It is rapidity of vibrations which make invisibility, and these vibrations must be increased on our side, and decreased on His side, in order for us to "see Him as He is." Thus even more than ever it is certain that He must come to a prepared specified area for the benefit of all, for God always works from the Centre to the circumference.


The words, the "Holy Ghost," mean of course, the "Holy Breath." The Breath of God is the life of God, whereas blood is the life of man. God only breathed into the nostrils for the soul of those who die, but He must devise a means of conveying His Breath into the body of man, for it to be the undying life of the body.

Now the Clergy think of the Holy Ghost as a Masculine Being - and yet they picture the Holy Ghost as a Dove, and they would argue that so absolutely sacred and wonderful will be the Coming of the Holy Spirit, that no person could possibly mistake the fact - yet, the Scriptures plainly indicate that this is not the case. The Scriptures are never guilty of tautology, and it says plainly, that


all sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven, but the sin against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven.

Obviously, then, the sin of blasphemy will be possible, and this suggests that the clergy should be looking for the Holy Breath to come in some form to which they and others can take exception, and against which they can sin. The Jews never supposed they could mistake the coming of their King - but they did mistake it. History repeats itself, and even as the priests of old crucified the Lord of Glory, so the priests of to-day are in danger of trying to quench the Manifestation of the Holy Ghost, or Breath, or Spirit. We say "trying to quench" because they will not succeed in doing so. While they are busy ignoring, or opposing, or denying, the Lord is doing the work exactly as He always intended to do it, and the people are beginning to benefit.

Let the Clergy keep well in mind that what is, is, and that what they think about what IS, may be incorrect. It is what WAS in the beginning that IS now, and ever will BE, and such things are not dependent upon any man's opinions - nay, not even if he be a Professor of Divinity, or has taken a First in Theology, or is an Archbishop! And for this fact, writing in the year 1924, we are meekly thankful, and we trust that ere another year dawns, it will be known to the world, as the first year of the Redemption of the body from Sin, Sickness and Social disorders. - Amen.



Healing is being practised in all directions, and it will be necessary for the Church to realise that Satan can afflict and he can heal, that Lucifer can heal those whom Satan has afflicted, and that there are telepathic and mental powers of one mind over another - which can, by the process of suggestion, and even in other ways, heal a person temporarily. BUT God alone can cleanse the blood itself from the "tares," which are the cause of all disease. Medicine may heal some specific development of the inherent disease of "mortality," as it manifests from time to time, but unless it be arrested and evicted, it will bring every "mortal" to the grave. But by drugs and medical treatment, disease is never really

* See also Chapter xiii.


eradicated, it is suppressed, and the layers upon layers of suppressed disease can only be dealt with Divinely. Temporary help by medicine, has been permitted by Him Who "giveth medicine to heal their sickness," and we are bidden to "honour the physician for the Lord created him," giving him skill to use and medicine to use - but that was for a period only, and the Healing of Isaiah xxxv., and of S. Mark xvi., and of Revelation xxi., is a Divine Healing which must come, and to which all physicians will gladly bend and use while there is any need for Physicians. Doctors and clergymen are quite welcome to use the Healing of which we speak.

The Clergy would not resist "healing," if they had the gift themselves, but they resist the present development because it is emanating from the "sons of the prophets." Yet reason will come to their aid to show them that it is of little moment who brings relief and release, so long as relief and release are brought to this suffering world. To oppose the "delivering of the captives and the giving of sight to the blind," is an un-Christlike act, which few clergymen would wish to be guilty of; moreover, their own needs and those of their families are not unlikely to be considerable as the troubles advance, which will break up civilization. Episcopal and clerical resistance to Divine power will be overcome by Episcopal and clerical NEED.

The hold of the people upon the hem of the surplice is slackening, because they find no virtue comes forth. Is it any wonder that men and women are burdened to-day, and that they are crying out, "What can we do to be saved?" and this with a new meaning, and that meaning is, "What can we do to be saved from this uncertainty, these dread diseases and afflictions, this restlessness and this national confusion?" Many are asking, "What sort of a world will our children have to face? What is the use of spending money upon education? Will there be any scope for our children?" It is useless for the Clergy to deny that civilisation is on the wane. The "Church Times" does not deny it. In a recent leading article are the words:-

"With 1914 an era of world history closed, and the foundations on which it was built collapsed. We must awake to the fact that we are at the beginning of a new age in which unrestricted competition can no longer be trusted as a guiding principle of healthy social life. During the war we tried new


methods and faced our problems in new ways. We need united effort to-day as much as then, for no hand-to-mouth tinkering with the problem will ever restore our devastated areas, either in the fields of housing or of unemployment."

It is only because the people are meek and patient that they have not long ago demanded to know of the Clergy, "Why cannot you heal us? It says, "These signs shall follow them that believe - they shall cast out devils, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." (St. Mark xiv. 17-18.) Soon the people will be asking, "Do you not believe? You do? Then why cannot you do the signs?" Then comes the thought, "Do they believe correctly?" It says, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Then why do not your prayers avail to help us? Another thought, "Perhaps the clergy are not righteous men!"  "So the clutch on the surplice of the clergy and on the tailcoat of the ministers of all denominations who do not wear surplices, is slackening, and little does it matter, for there is standing One among them Whom they know not, but Whom the people will know and Whom they will hear gladly - even that "same Jesus" for Whom the faithful have watched these 2,000 years, and Who has the Virtue in the Hem of His Garment which will heal Clergy and people alike.

He has spoken by the Prophets for 250 years, the Oracle is open, the Zone of Protection in the coming dangers is known, the angel is "troubling the waters," and Jerusalem is being "built in England's green and pleasant land."

"My Father, if the prophet had bid you do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it?" My Fathers of the Priesthood, despise not the day of small things. The prophetic mantle falls on individuals, not upon crowds, therefore the day of the prophet is full of the small things that one individual can negotiate - but "little is much when God is in it," and He has devised means whereby the common water, laid on to our houses, shall do for man to-day, what the waters of Jordan did for Naaman the Syrian.

When God sent His Son, the God-Man, 2,000 years ago. He came in the common walks of life. Art has done more damage to religion than can be estimated. The perpetual idealization of Bethlehem and Nazareth, and even of Calvary, and the misapprehension of angelic momenta, has made it more difficult for God to approach man to-day, than would have been the case if we had no such


temptations to idealize the real. But the good sense of English men and women, ought to come to the rescue, and we ought to face the facts of the Manger and of the Carpenter's shop, and of the fishing-boats, and of the Cross, and to divest them of all artistic and ecclesiastical trappings. We see plainly that only the very small remnant could have led the way, to the bringing into operation of the "works" that will soon declare the Presence. The Archo Volume is useful reading to-day. The MSS. were found in the Vatican, and in the library at Constantinople, they give pictures  of the Virgin, of St. Joseph, and of the Lord, which help greatly to dissipate the artistic halos and to prepare us for what is coming.

But however that may be, the woman to whom the Lord first appeared and said, "Go tell my Brethren," was an ordinary woman, not distinguished for virtue, and perhaps not at all beautiful and certainly without a halo round her head, and the Clergy will be without excuse foolish, if they refuse to listen, when an ordinary woman to whom the words were said Divinely, "Thou shall bring release to the suffering"* tells them that the words are coming true, and that as she writes, letters were handed to her containing such words as these: "Very surprised at the gain already; I move more easily and seem lighter; I think my memory is improving . . . I seem to be having new life poured into me, and more warmth." "The cancer is fading." "The improvement in my eyesight is wonderful." "The cataract is a thing of the past." "I am cured of those awful head attacks," etc., etc., etc., etc.

But how can we know the difference between psychic and mental healing, and Divine healing? It will be proved rapidly now, by the failure of the former to effect lasting cures. We hear much of Healing Missions, but little of the after results - and nothing of those who went empty away. Now, Divine Healing will be for all and all-powerful, and everlasting, and it must be through Water and the Spirit or Breath. "Wherever the waters came they were healed" - "Come thou Breath, and breathe upon the slain, that they may live." Cleansing and healing waters, healing leaves, these are the Divine medicines, and they are already in operation. Whatever the disease or affliction, patient perseverence with the remedy will be sure to bring relief first and then release. The work will be slow, but the water goes to the very root and begins at the very beginning, casting out of the system the repressed and

* See p. 62.


unexpressed diseases to which flesh has been heir. Cleansing first, and then healing, is the Divine Method.

The work is done "without money and without price," by which it is meant that no money is taken - far from this - much is spent, for the expenditure in correspondence is enormous, moreover, the "price" of saying Amen to any creed or belief is not imposed. Indeed we will suppose, for example, that a clergyman is possibly angry with this book, and does not believe a word of it - yet supposing that he is in great suffering from some disease, which is making him unable to preach sermons on what he does believe, well, if he applies to C.S.S. he can have the treatment, and it will do him as much good as anybody else.

An illustration helps. A healing medicine normally has the same effect on a believer in God as on an Atheist, and so it is with the Divine Healing. A person need only take the cure - this is Obedience - and the Obedience which was "in the beginning" is beginning again now, and ever will be, because it is the first Covenant between God and man. The later Covenant of Faith and Repentance was added because of Doubt and because of Sin; but when God manifests His Power openly, the need for Faith must cease - and when persons become Overcomers instead of Penitents, Repentance ceases also. But Love abides for ever, and is expressed in loving Commands on the part of a loving God, and in loving Obedience on the part of loving Children. The HEALING is a "SIGN" that cannot be spoken against. Prophesied of by Jane Lead and by the Seven Prophets for 250 years, it is now in operation, therefore what is the use of any further clerical opposition?

Once more a woman tells the Disciples that "the Lord has risen" - this time with healing in His Wings.

For more upon how to obtain this Healing, see advertisement, p. 119.



"Write the Vision upon tables, but at the END it shall speak and shall not lie."

THE Seventh Angel only wrote the vision. It had to speak in the END, and on January 28th, 1923, the Divine Spirit of the Mother Jerusalem commenced to speak audibly in the midst of the


Body of persons that have been gathered by the Sevenfold Visitation. By this Voice we are led daily, by this Voice we learnt the secret of the Healing water and how it is the Vehicle or Chariot of the Spirit or Breath; by this Voice we were taught how Satan must be cast out, and how Lucifer must be cast down, and how all the diseases will be healed.

"I have come to abide with you for ever, and to prepare the Kingdom for My Son." This was one of the first announcements. All gathered were ordered to make their life-confession alone before the Oracle. Things they had forgotten were brought to their remembrance; things they did not realize the seriousness of, were shown in their true colours; some things they thought to be wicked were shown to be negligible, and some things they thought good, were shown to be evil.

It was a wonderful time. The need for the overcoming became even more strenuous, and Grace, Help or Power were given. We have seen Grace operate in half an hour, and we know when Grace is withdrawn, as it is sometimes, in order to show us its wonders. Grace is given to those who have faith, but cannot do the works of the overcoming (cf. "By Grace ye are saved"), help is given to the strivers; power is given to the Overcomers. They are three quite different gifts.

We ourselves knew that the DAY of REDEMPTION was imminent, but we did not know how the work would be accomplished. But the difference between us and the Clergy is, that being ready and waiting, like men who wait for their Lord, we were alert enough to recognize the first sound of the Divine Voice, though it proved to be that of the Mother, and not of the Son. Even as the Father prepared the way of the Son, at His first Coming, by speaking through the Prophets, so to-day, actually to-day, is the Mother preparing the way of the Second Coming, and the women who are publishing the tidings are becoming a great company.

Let it be quite understood, that the work does not depend upon the Clergy - it is going on independently of them. It is for their benefit and for the benefit of their flocks that these efforts are made to reach them. We are not dependent now upon the opening of the Box of Sealed Writings. We certainly thought we were at one time; but now, all is different, as the healing, promised in the Scriptures, and reiterated by Joanna, has begun, and we have  


begun already to touch the masses by its means. But the Box must and will be opened, for the Scriptures must and will be fulfilled to the letter, and until the Bishops "bow their crowns before the Throne," this particular Scripture will remain unfulfilled.

After much searching of ourselves, and even of our property (for we were not allowed to retain even a borrowed book), we had a period of teaching. Many mysteries of the Scriptures and of the Visitation were made clear. The Oracle was proved by its prophecies coming to pass, and its promises fulfilling, in some cases, immediately, and on May 4th, 1923, the proclamation upon the Healing was given and the mechanism was revealed. Those gathered immediately obeyed all the requirements, and all alike began to derive the promised benefits which are obtained through water and the Spirit, which means "Water and the Breath."

We will call this Spirit or Breath (spiro, I breathe) "the Spirit or Breath of Prayer," for the moment.

In February, 1924, when the matter was sufficiently established and all gathered in the Visitation had been relieved or cured of their diseases and knew what to do for passing ailments, we were ordered to go further afield, and a large body of persons, who know nothing about the Visitation, but are willing to obey the simple form of treatment, are now in touch with us.


The following are Extracts from Communications by the Divine Mother,
since She first began to speak in I923, addressed to those gathered
at the Centre.

"I, the Great I AM, will speak. I have called this General Assembly, I accept this Church as the Church of the Holy Spirit, brought to Me through much suffering and sacrifice. You are just a few, living in obscurity, but when you are brought before the world, the world will stand amazed, because of the wonders that will have been wrought, by this Church, in the children of men. It will be the Church Triumphant - triumphant over sin, sickness and death."

"The Great Mother has come as a loving Mother: not with stern measures; yet you must search yourselves and render up to Me the sin that Satan has caused you to commit, that I may lay your sins on his head; and also you must render up to Me your


possessions that I may use them in setting up the Kingdom for My Son, Jesus. All you have belongs to Me and I will keep you and your possessions safely in the Kingdom which is now about to be prepared."

"The time for petitioning by your bedside is over now. I will speak to you direct, through My Instrument. I, the Divine Mother have come to ransom you and also I will talk with you as if you were with Me where I am. I have waited 6,000 years for this time to come."


Seven days of preparation for a Life-confession; seven days searching into our property, lest any should have in their possession aught that was not justly theirs; and a careful statement of capacities for service, were ordered.


"You. have made your confessions; you were captives to Satan; now you are out of Satan's power. Have no fears, I am here, and all the powers that are, are subject to ME. I can give you power to overcome your remaining faults and failings. I, the Mother Jerusalem, am full of joy to know that now I can ransom My children from the power of the enemy, can shelter them tenderly, and care for them as little children. Come to Me, all of you, and I will talk with you. Such a thing has never been before upon the earth. Six thousand years have WE waited to give you this unexpected end. See that ye love one another; see that ye live in unity."

"When My Son, Jesus Christ comes, He will come very differently to the world's expectation. He has come as Prophet, (to the Jews). Then He was very God; He has also come as Priest - but this is a great Mystery - then He was very Man - and now He is coming as King. Then He will be God and Man. Prophet, Priest and King."

"You are a prepared people, a remnant. I am looking to you to be ready to help the world in the great overthrow. You have had much to come out of, for you were born of blood - the blood that cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Now you must be born of Water and of the Spirit in order to gain Immortal Life. There


is only one thing that you can do - you must be obedient. Disobedience brought the Fall; Obedience will bring the Restitution. You are suffering as you are being gradually delivered from the animal-soul - but the immortal soul will take its place. It is not long before you will be freed from Fear. The Judgments on the world are held back because you are not yet ready. Obey, and all will be well."

"The Scriptures have been confused for My Purposes, that man should not know the Truth till the "time of the end," when he can gain what was promised in the beginning. The ground shall be hoed up, the pure word shall be sown."


On May 4th, 1923, a Proclamation was made to the effect that the Healing of the Body would begin, as the Divine Mother was satisfied with our obedience. But before the Healing, the Satanic and Luciferian controls were cast. (See page 66.)


"If anything is ordered to be done, do it at once. The King's business requireth haste. You are trying your utmost and the relief and the healing are spurring you on to do even better. You have something tangible at last! - something to lay hold of. You have held on in faith, now you shall have sight and shall be freed from all your diseases, ailments, and even your defects. This promise will cast Fear out of your minds. When you are all freed here, you shall begin to help others."

"The Fontanel, the division in the head, is the door which no man can open or shut. It closes gradually soon after the child is born, and it closes in the fears handed down through the prehistoric ages and through the Fall. But, had it not been shut - seeing that each was born under the Fall - under Satanic and Luciferian rule (for Satan and Lucifer are not the same) - things would have been even worse, for all mankind has been under evil or under erroneous control, and these controls would have played worse havoc with the mind than has been the case. Now that your controls are cast, I will open that door, and, even as the black Raven flew forth from the Ark, so shall your evil thoughts and your thoughts of fear and of death, fly forth. Then I will


send the Dove of Peace to dwell with you for ever, and I will shut the Door. This is Revelation. No man hath ever known what  door it is that man cannot open nor shut."

"The world has worshipped a Trinity, but the City which descends from Heaven, is Foursquare, and the Four-lettered Name is found. The four Persons of the Godhead - Father, Mother, Son and Daughter are working as one, for the Redemption of the world, but the Son and Daughter only in their order and degree - the Son and Daughter doing all in obedience to the Divine Parents. It is this earth that will blossom as a rose, and all the promises of Scripture shall be brought to pass before the eyes of the heathen. Ye shall be able to say 'There failed not aught of all that we were promised: all came to pass.'"


Writing a year later we can state that all the above words did come to pass.


The following words are Extracts from a Communication addressed by the Divine Mother to the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England, on September 29th, 1923, and sent to them recently.

I, the Divine Mother Jerusalem am about to speak to you, the Archbishops and Bishops, who are responsible for the teachings you teach and expect the Clergy to teach, under your direction.

I have sent messages to you direct, through My instruments. You have spurned that word, SCORNED the Message. I stood by your side, but there was no response; you did not even care to know that there was Motherhood in the Godhead. You are satisfied that there should be a Father, a Son, and a Holy Ghost; but you do not know who the Holy Ghost is, neither have you enquired. IS THERE NOT A MOTHER IN THE EARTHLY? Then there MUST be a Mother in the Heavenly. Have you troubled to enquire, after all that has been done; after all the suffering, all the work, all the expense, that has been expended on you and on your Church by My people of the Visitation?

You have been implored to enquire into the sufferings of the people inhabiting asylums. I sent a commissioner to see, to realize the sufferings of those poor human souls. I hold you responsible -


for things could have been altered then, but you were silent, you have lost the opportunity.

I know that Satan and Lucifer have stood beside you; Lucifer in particular, has influenced you against this work. HE knew the sufferings and the torture which he was causing through your taking no notice of these appeals. Now I have cast these controls of Satan and Lucifer from you, from the clergy, from everyone connected with the Church, and from every man, woman and child that has taken or is taking any part in Great Britain, and now you are about to be proved finally whether you will take heed to what is said and written to you.

You boast of your knowledge, but you are empty; you boast of a power which you do not possess. Where is your power to heal? Of your own selves you can do nothing; you must come to the living Fount to gain the POWER of godliness. You preach from the text "Let him that is athirst, come and drink of the Water of Life freely." But you do not know where it can be obtained; you are quite ignorant about the nature of the Water of Life. Put your human wisdom down. Put down this pride with which Lucifer has puffed you up, and come in meekness; "Ask and you shall receive."

You have had the messages sent to you about this world-work, but you have turned a deaf ear. You speak of "Christ in you, the hope of Glory," but you are ignorant of the way by which the Christ-life shall prove that life to be "glory." Come down from your lofty positions, come down and ask your way to Zion.

Three years you have had this word sent to you, yet nothing has been done on your part. In spite of all the messages, the words, the pleadings, that have been sent, only one clergyman has come out to ask seriously for the Living Truth. Three years and no fruit! The time has come now to cut down all human wisdom, for it cumbers the ground, it taketh away the sap, it deadens the roots. No life can spring up.

Jesus manifested; Shiloh-Jerusalem is manifesting; and the time is not far distant, when you will HAVE TO COME, your pride will be brought down, and you will have to bend in front of those whom you have scorned and flouted.

Ere long, wherever you go, you will see the name of My Prophetess Joanna Southcott, for her name shall not any more be derided, but it shall be reverenced, for the Public will not give you any rest till you open the Box.


Now come, while there is time - come and enquire the way, that you may be shewn the true path. You read that it will be better for Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of Judgment than for certain cities! This is the Day of Judgment for those that flout My Word. Come as you are - empty! You are empty - you have the form of Godliness, you profess the power, but you have none.

Come and enquire - come, I beseech you, I entreat you, for the time is coming quickly when Joseph will make himself known to his brethren. Come quickly, come before that time, or you will have no excuse, for the word says that Life shall be preached from your altars - the way to life - life more abundant.

You have preached the Salvation of the Soul. The Redemption of the body is the next Divine intention for Man - come, come, while there is time and learn the Truth as it is in Jesus and Jerusalem - for the time is here when man shall live and not die, for death is the enemy to God. God sowed not the evil, but He is reaping it, and man and woman are reaping the benefits of His work. "Come, come, come." "And the Spirit and the Bride say come."


Of course it is obvious that if none of these words had come to pass, we should only be adding to the mass of already unfulfilled prophetic utterances - but seeing that the words of the Oracle materialize, there is good reason for publishing them.



HARDLY less than £10,000 have been spent by those of the Centre in the last few years in endeavouring to open the eyes of both Clergy and people, and it is not likely that we could have gone on with such perseverance unless we had a certain knowledge that all would come to its hour, and that at a set time our work would be shown to have been necessary to the Redemption of the World. One thing has been accomplished. It has certainly been made quite clear that the Clergy, as a body, are not exactly keen on the Lord's appearing. If they were, they would have risked making themselves "fools for Christ's sake" by investigating any signs that He may again be using "the weak things of the world to confound the mighty." In Joanna's time it was the same, and an


Archdeacon went so far as to say, "If the Lord is coming, we cannot prevent it." which to say the least of it, is not an enthusiastic remark for an Archdeacon who was supposed to be waiting with his loins girded and his lamp burning!

But we have not even had an Archdeacon who went as far as that, and it will soon be shown to be positively certain that all alike, from the Archbishops down to the curates, have been under Luciferian control. It will surprise the Bishops not a little to know that we have cheerfully spent our money, not expecting any reply - indeed to have had replies would have spoilt our cause, and we publicly thank the Clergy to-day for having been so delightfully unanimous inasmuch as only one - a Rural Dean - has ever done the right thing. Persons with good brains will recognize how very tiresome it would have been if there had been a few who had "saved the situation" from its present completeness.

The position up to date is, that the Church is proved to be indifferent to the Lord's Coming, is neglectful of one of the Foundations upon which the Church should be built - has neglected the call to enquire into the fate of hundreds of sheep who are wandering into other pastures - and we are assured that God Himself will now take up the case against the Shepherds.

It will be illuminating and useful to reprint below specimens of the letters and pamphlets sent to the Clergy, such as the "Four Letters of the Divine Mother Jerusalem," which were sent to all the Diocesan Bishops, a "Letter to the Rural Deans " a "Letter to Five Bishops," etc., but all are typical of many other costly efforts to awaken them. The sending of the "Lifeboat" to 5,000 clergymen cost £125. We mention this to show what propaganda can cost, and by many reasonable people it is beginning to be recognized that it is unlikely that sensible persons would spend their money in this way upon a mere craze.



IN 1921.

In the Name of THE FATHER, THE SON and of THE HOLY SPIRIT (Who is about to manifest in Woman, SHE being Jerusalem above, Who is the Mother of all) these words are indited.


    November, 1920.


Thou knowest not the time of England's Visitation. Didst thou know it, thou wouldst weep, even as the Man, Christ Jesus, wept over Jerusalem. See what is approaching by looking west-wards to Ireland, the land of wrath. There the enemy, Satan, is working without let or hindrance in the sons of men and, behold, the Power of God alone, stands between this land and that, to protect you from sedition and from revolution. For the purpose of God for England is beneficent and He will work His purpose, yet it is for you and your brethren to choose, whether the holy beneficent purpose come forth in Peace or in War. The things which belong unto your peace are not yet hid from your eyes, but every moment of delay doth create fresh conditions of evil and, ere long, except ye be wise, O ye priests of the Lord, ye will be in terror, trembling and faint, unable to help yourselves or your flocks. These will clamour unto you for light and for guidance, saying, "Is there not here a prophet of the Lord, that we may enquire to know how we may be saved from national destruction?" This must needs be, for the Word of the Lord must be fulfilled when He said, "I will bring you into the valley of Jehoshaphat." Now search the Scriptures and consider the word of the Lord in the 25th chapter of St. Matthew and know that the DAY OF THE LORD is upon you and that you, yourselves, will be as those whose hearts faint for fear at the things which are coming upon the earth, except you enquire of the Lord, saying, "Lord, what wouldst Thou have ME to do?" The Lord is not slack concerning His promise to beat down Satan under your feet, but as the Fathers taught, 6,000 years (each 1,000 years being a day) must elapse, ere the reign of evil could be concluded. Only 79 years remain of the 6,000. Count and see. But these days will be shortened, yea, ye have only time, O ye priests, to gather yourselves, for the consummation is determined and NO FLESH, which doth reject the REDEMPTION OF THE BODY, will be saved to enjoy the thousand years of Christ's coming reign upon EARTH. The 20th chapter of the Book of the Revelation, sets forth the thousand years of Christ's reign. Be no more stubborn-hearted, accept the TRUTH and prepare your flocks, either to pass to the Incorruptible Sphere or to enjoy the Immortal Kingdom, now about to be


initiated. To choose Life or Death is, this day, the lot of every man. The people who seek Death, receive but a wraith body. Learn this by studying the TWO APPEARANCES of the Lord. "Touch Me not" He said to the woman, for in this appearance His body was intangible. This was the Body Incorruptible, the glory of the moon only. "Handle Me and see" He said to the disciples, for in this greater BODY He was flesh and bones (blood excepted), the Body Immortal, the glory of the sun. The preaching of the Common Salvation will not serve for Immortality; an immortal soul receives only a body incorruptible, but now must the Immortality of the BODY itself be preached, for verily those who will live and reign with Christ will never die, yet must they be CHANGED as He was, becoming flesh and bones, without blood. How will the priesthood teach these things unto the people, except they learn them? My son, would you know these things as God has taught them to many? Admit that you know them not and I will teach you.


November 6th, 1920.


It is the Mother Jerusalem Who speaks unto thee through a chosen woman. Thou and thy brethren have rejected the teachings of the Man, Christ Jesus, given through My seven prophets; now must thou not reject the Mother's word, for verily there is none other of the Heavenly company which will speak after this. Now consider that, even as prophets foretold the coming of the MAN, Who died upon the cross that the souls of all men might be saved, so also is it in reason that there should be prophets raised up to teach and to guide the men and the women who are called out to live and to reign with My Son upon the earth. Thou and thy fellows have despised the latter-day prophets, yet do I send unto thee once again. See then the forbearance of God Who would have all men to repent of the sin of rejection and to believe the Word sent from Heaven. Thou dost accept the prophets of the Scriptures, yea, then wherefore shouldst thou reject the prophets of the latter days? If man or woman hath at any time indited the word of God, man or woman may at any time indite it again. Men of reason should be reasonable in all things. Also consider that the prophets of old were rejected by those living


when they wrote, yet the WORD was proved to be of God - see, here, how thou and thy breathren follow the example of the ancients of Holy Scripture and consider that, in like manner, the Word rejected to-day may be proved to be of God.  That thou dost accept a Word proven is naught, now must thou pass the test of faith in a Word not yet proven.  But how shalt thou do this if so be no word of prophecy is sent unto thee? Then now hear thou the Word of the Preacher Jerusalem, "I am gathering My flock, Israel, yea, these are they that are a numbered flock - the multitude that no man can number, gathers in heavenly places, but the numbered flock is being gathered by SHILOH, according to the word of the prophet Jacob in the 49th chapter of Genesis." My son, if thou wouldest learn more about this matter, I will teach you.


November 13th, 1920


The Mother of Jerusalem speaks yet again.

On November 11th, your nation celebrated death, which God created not, "for He made man to be immortal, an image of His Own eternity," and God is deathless, else must thou and the Universe of which thou art but as a grain of sand, come to naught. Verily, I am wroth with the nation that offers before Me a dead corpse, and then causes it to be placed in My Sanctuary.* Have I not expressly said that "the carcases of kings" must be put away out of My Holy places, which are defiled thereby? Wherefore? Because death doth dishonour Me. Now have those of the Churches taken part in a dishonouring of My Name and I command that thou read the 43rd chapter of the book of the prophet Ezekiel and that thou consider, in thine heart, to preach LIFE in place of Death, saying unto the people "Death cannot celebrate the Living God; the living, the living alone can praise His Name." Also shalt thou search into the writings called Apocryphal and see there that they speak of My Coming (I, Who am Jerusalem above) as a Bride, One Who hath been withdrawn from the earth. Yea, the spirit (which is the Bridegroom, the Male) and the Bride (which is the Female, the Holy Ghost) say unto thee "Come, drink of the waters of LIFE freely." Seek into the writings of Origen and those of Eusebius, and see that they both read and believed the

* This allusion is to the Funeral of the "Unknown Warrior."


Apocryphal books which teach the coming Messianic reign. Your canon of Scripture is naught. The wisdom of those "prudent" men who cast out My chiefest teachings "shall perish," for the Truth shall prove the writings cast out, by the writings becoming OPERATIVE. I am causing these lost Scriptures to be given forth by your society which is Promoting Christian Knowledge. Come thou to a knowledge of the dawn of LIFE, which shall swallow up death in victory.


December 7th, 1920.


I, the Mother Jerusalem, the Spouse of God, withdrawn from the earth because of the sin of the Woman Eve, address you for the fourth and last time. Thou shalt not be able to say, "The great day came upon me unaware" when My sons among the clergy cry unto thee, blaming thee as they will do, if thou disregard My warning, even this, that the end of all things as thou dost know them is appointed and the judge of all men is at the Door.

Chiefly at this moment is it needed that thou shalt learn that SHILOH must appear in woman. The MAN hath appeared upon earth, the Manifestation of God the Father - Jesus the Christ, and He was slain by the Jewish Church. He scattered the people; Shiloh must gather the people as a hen doth gather, therefore is Shiloh feminine - the Manifestation of Me, Jerusalem.

Beware that thou reject not the Child Shiloh, even as the Jews rejected the Child Jesus. For verily there are TWO - the first Child (male) and the Second Child (female). Ecclesiastes iv. 15. The Prophets have spoken that if the Child be rejected, Jesus, the Warrior, cometh; that is to say, what might have been received in Peace will be received in War, for naught can stay the operations of My Hand. My son, I know it is difficult for thee to accept My word, yet thou art called to high place and thou art responsible unto the people under thee to search out the Truth. The Truth is great - thou well knowest that naught else will prevail.

Should it not be according to reason that, in the last day of Satan's rule as Prince of this world, some word must be received from Heavenly places in order that the NEW EARTH may be established? Wouldst thou have sin and suffering and the agony of death, continue to all eternity? Dost thou not desire the


PROMISES of the Holy Scriptures to be fulfilled? Consider in thy mind that it were better for thee to stoop to accept a new truth, than that thy candle should be put out and thou and thy people should grope in total darkness. Thou hast it in thy power to lay down before Me the Crown of thine own wisdom. Do this speedily and I will give thee WISDOM HERSELF to be thy Teacher and Friend. Then thou shalt be a Minister to bring in My Kingdom, the kingdom of Christ and Jerusalem, for they are TWAIN.

"Now is the judgment of this world" and it hath begun at the House of God, according to the Scriptures. Naught will be done that is not declared in the Scriptures, but ALL WILL BE DONE that is written therein.

Therefore prepare thou to receive thy Lord, Who knocketh at the Door of the Church of the Land. My daughter who sends this word unto thee, will tell thee what thou must do to obey My requirements. Be meek as a little Child.



May, 1921.


The end of the world, as at present constituted, is advancing with such rapid strides, that, "except the Lord shorten the days," the results of Bolshevism and Zionism would lead to the extermination of the races by bloodshed and by chemical warfare, before the end of the next 79 years, when letters and newspapers will be dated 2000 A.D. (I92I+79=2000).

Even in accordance "with the Word to Ezekiel (xxviii.) is Moscow to-day or Meshech the headquarters of a movement, which is initiating the advance of those bands "armed with all sorts of armour," who will devastate Europe. The etiquette of warfare, respect to Treaties, and obligations to Leagues of Nations will have no weight with these hordes. Jesuitism will succumb to the superior finances of Zionism - all Roman Catholic countries will be overrun and a


king of Israel will be set up in Jerusalem who will rule by the Power of GOLD as against the power of paper-money.

To the average clergyman all allusions to Prophecy, to Anti-Christ or to the Millennium, are so much "cant," but even so the English clergyman is about to receive a working demonstration of the fact that, the Word of God to the prophets before A.D. 33 alludes (except in so far as the prophecies of the Birth and Crucifixion of our Blessed Lord are concerned) to the Latter Days, meaning, by this term, these days, viz. the last days of this, the 20th century.

But God never strikes before He warns. The Bishops have been warned for the past 17 years and particularly during the past 7 years, that England is the New Jerusalem in which the Lord will set up the Fifth kingdom of Daniel's prophecy, among such as have been prepared for the new era.

The Diocesan Bishops have been adjured to inform the clergy of sacred and secret revelations, made in this country upon the coming cataclysm and upon the protective measures which the Lord has prepared, whereby a remnant will be saved out of the overthrow, but they have with one consent, rejected every overture.

It is in your power to convene a Ruridecanal Meeting to inform your Brethren, either as a body or individually, that they should apply to their Bishop for particulars of the modus operandi of the Lord's approach as revealed, for surely you and they also would be like those that wait for their Lord!

Also should the clergy apply to be instructed upon the precise nature of the sin of Eve, and of the sin of Adam and Eve, for these are two independent acts, not one act, and both are connected with the approaching redemption of the Body. By this it is meant that, persons now living on the earth will escape the grave, the natural consequence being that the declaration which you make at funerals, "we shall not all sleep," will most unexpectedly prove to be TRUE!

As you see the advance of the coming disintegration of all that men have clung to as being stable and reliable, you will cry with Jehoshaphat, "Is there not here a prophet of the Lord that we may enquire of him?" and the answer will be, "There are seven prophets of this epoch who have faithfully recorded every step


of the advance towards the downfall of the wisdom of man in Church and State since 1792, and the Bishops, at each stage of the prophecy have received its records but they have withheld them from the priests." Thus will you be brought into the Valley of Jehoshaphat according to the Scriptures.

Meanwhile there is time to approach the Bishops and to demand, that the records be searched, particularly that the Ark containing the word of the Lord through the Prophetess Joanna be opened, for the time of "grave national danger " which is to mark its opening is here.

Certain priests of repute and of learning are reading her published prophecies, and the Bishops are beginning to be approached in all directions.

A gathering has commenced in England which is significant as being the gathering of the people of Genesis xlix.10, in the "place prepared" of 2 Samuel vii.10, and the place prepared is already recognised by many in this country. Even if you reject this Word to-day, you may recall it as the clouds gather and the sky darkens, as being the only gleam of light in the horrors which will accompany THE DAY and to which the perusal of your daily paper will force you to give heed.

In any case, Reverend Brother, be careful to fulfil your obligations as a Rural Dean towards those who are in your care, that "in that day" you may be blameless in this particular matter - placing in their hands the address upon this letter, that they may enquire, each for himself, what he and his flock must do to escape the overthrow.

The Script on July 10 (see page 90) will open your eyes to the lamentable ignorance of the Church upon many vital questions. All these matters are explained by the Revelation for these latter days of which S. Peter speaks, and of which I shall be only too happy to send you further particulars for yourself and for your brethren.

Hundreds of highly educated and intelligent persons are accepting with joy and thanksgiving the marvels of the Revelation made to the great Devonshire prophetess Joanna, for twenty-two years, but it is the clergy who are responsible to investigate the Visitation of Jehovah to our country.

For my part, I have obeyed the command of the Lord in


informing the Rural Deans as being responsible to acquaint their brethren of the fact that the Lord is at the Door.

A period of warning stops with this effort to arouse the clergy through the Rural Deans, to all of whom this letter is being sent.

I am, Reverend Brother,

Yours faithfully,





The Word of the Lord on July 10th, 1920, was as follows:-


"Now these words indicate movement, progress, but what progress has your Church made during the past 2,000 years? Doth not your Church seek to go back to Christ rather than to follow after Him? Hath there been any forward movement? What more is taught to-day than was taught by the Fathers of the Church? If the truth be told, LESS is taught, for all that was of true value has been lost - yea, many plain and precious things have been kept back, lest the people should follow ME rather than the teachings of the Church!

Let Me hear Who is the church who hath said this or that, who hath denied this or that, calling MY TRUTHS heresies?

Now a heresy is something 'taken or chosen' and My sheep take or choose My Voice - My spoken Word - because they know My Voice from that of the false shepherd - Man, but men call the choice a heresy, because it is not their choice, therefore it will come to pass that your Bishops will discover that they have hardly a truth in their entire theological index. Consider! What do they know:-

(a) Of the sin of the fall, of its effect on the generations and of its continuance to-day among married people?

(b) Of the six thousand years now drawing to a close? (2 Pet. iii. 8).

(c) Of the translation of Enoch and of Elijah and of its bearing on the Immortality of the BODY?

(d) Of the laws of Leviticus and how St. Paul laid upon the Gentiles FOUR of these laws, calling them 'necessary things'  - see Leviticus xv. 28, and Acts xv. 29?


(e) Of the bearing of the prophecies upon the manifestation of the Godhead in the MAN (Jesus) and in the WOMAN?

(f) Of the purpose of My death and how it was but a primary part of My works of (i) salvation and (ii) of redemption?

(g) Of My appearances after the Resurrection, first as a spirit intangible and then as an Immortal MAN having flesh and bones, but without blood?

(h) Of Spirit, Soul and Body, and their relation to the glories of the sun, the moon and the stars?

(i) Of the gathering of the 144,000 by Shiloh (woman). Gen. xlix?

(j) Of the Woman and the Child of Rev. xii. and how the Woman is neither the Virgin Mary, nor the Church, nor is the Child - Jesus?

(k) Of the cessation of death in order that 'there shall be no more death'?

(1) Of the coming immortal state of man and woman upon EARTH and how it will be brought about?

(m) Of the Eternal and Enduring MOTHERHOOD of the Holy Ghost (Jerusalem above) WHO is THE THIRD PERSON IN THE BLESSED TRINITY?

Yet I have spoken of all these truths and My Sheep have heard, though My Shepherds reject My instructions."



This letter was sent to five Bishops in May, 1922, accompanied by a request to know if there were any reason why it should not be published as an open letter. Only one Bishop replied, saying that it was for the sender to decide upon the question of publication. We therefore proceed to send this letter forth, in the hope that, among the rank and file of the clergy, there may be some who will study the facts enunciated, and who will see for themselves that "Jerusalem above, the Mother of us all," is a Divine Person,


and that, when this is understood, the "Mystery" of the Trinity resolves itself into a perfectly understandable union of Father, Mother and Son - these Three, however sublime, being Three Persons in One, in the same sense as it would be understood when spoken of a human family, in which father, mother and son are one in devotion, outlook and aim.

The Dispensation of the Holy Ghost, the Spouse, against Whom, if a man speak, "it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come" (on earth), is dawning; and how shall the clergy do, if they know naught of the Person, Whose Divine Work it is to bring to pass the Restitution of all things, and to restore the body to its primeval purity, holiness and immunity to disease and death?

The Work of the Father is for the Spirit, the Work of Jesus Christ is for the Soul, the Work of the Holy Ghost is for the Body: and these Three are One in Their intention to bring man back to his first state, when Spirit, Soul and Body were sinless and deathless.

The clergy must rapidly assimilate the Truth upon:-

(1) The Holy and Blessed Trinity as the Divine Family (Father, Mother and Son).

(2) The coming reign of Christ on earth over deathless Immortal bodies.

(3) The difference between the Common Salvation (of the Soul after death), and the Great Salvation (of the Body and Soul and Spirit without death).

Also they must learn:-

(4) That England is the New Jerusalem - the scene of the Second Coming.

(5) That the coming is imminent when they will "weep between the porch and the altar" (Joel ii. 17) if they do not rapidly accept the Word of the Lord to this generation through Prophecy - the testimony of Jesus.

(6) That the New Revelation for the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost is to be found in the prophecies of the Sevenfold Visitation to England.


May 22nd, 1922.


I have for many years endeavoured to obtain from clergymen (who, it seems to me, should know somewhat of Hebrew) a little assistance in my investigations concerning the fact that, even as Jesus Christ manifested the Fatherhood of God, so must there be a manifestation of the Divine Motherhood. But first, it seems that it is necessary to show to them that there is the Divine Motherhood, called "Jerusalem, the Mother of us all." I can only marvel that the Churches of England and Rome are blind to facts which are known all over the world in this relation, and, upon reflection, I see that the Bishops, being responsible to set the subjects for the ordinands, must be taught themselves of the Divine Motherhood.

May I set forth a few scriptural points which should open your Lordship's eyes to the fact that the world remains uncomforted, because the other "Comforter" is not recognised as the Divine Mother?

(1) The Spirit of "Jerusalem above," i.e., the Maternal POWER of Shaddai (the Feminine Provider, the Mother of us all) was the Tree of Life, which was withdrawn at the Fall (see Gen. iii. 22), and the word Shaddai actually means the Breasts.

(2) The Hebrew Scriptures hide this by reason that the pronoun is He-She, but "SH" is ever the female prefix, the very Hebrew letter showing the field or garden in which growth takes place. It is seen in Shaddai, Shiloh, Shiloah, Shulamite, Shalom (cf. Salem), Jehovah-Shammah.

(3) The "new earth," "city," "garden," "field," "promised land," are the BODY OF THE WOMAN, from which alone can there be any growth and from which alone creation, new or old, can spring forth.

(4) Therefore, all allusions to the "city" (called "Jerusalem"), to the "garden" of Eden, to the "field" in which is the goodly pearl, etc., allude to the woman, whose body must be redeemed by the restoration to her of the MATERNAL POWERS of Jerusalem above, and, by


these powers alone, can the tares be driven out of the bodies of men.

(5) She then becomes "the HEN gathering her chickens under her wing,"the other "Comforter," and she is "the Bride" who, together with the Bridegroom, says, "Come." (Revelations xxii. 17)

(6) But Jesus (Masculine) had to manifest and to "go away" before He could send her, according to the words of 2 Esdras vii. 26, "The Bride shall appear and she coming forth, shall be seen that now is withdrawn from the earth," and St. John xvi. 7, "If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you."

(7) She is spoken of all through the Holy Scriptures. cf. "Her foundations are upon the holy hills." "SHE shall be called the Lord our Righteousness" (Jeremiah xxxiii. 16), and the Vulgate puts it correctly where in Gen. iii.15, it says, "She (ipsa) shall bruise his head."

(8) All this is NOT spoken of a church, my Lord, it is spoken of a woman, a Bride, even as the Lord Jesus is spoken of as a Bridegroom. A man cannot marry a church, and "as the man is not without the woman in the Lord," Jesus cannot reign without His individual Bride, who is Jerusalem below, lifted out of the dust of the Fall, and upon whom devolves the Redemption of the Body, even as upon Jesus devolved the Salvation of the Soul - two distinct ACTS of GRACE. The Bridegroom is not a composite body of persons, neither is the Bride a composite body of persons! Why should the Bride be composite and the Bridegroom individual?

You preach a limited gospel, you "see in part." You preach only "the common salvation" of the Soul (Jude, verse 3), to the exclusion of the "so great salvation" of the Body. Now awake from the deep sleep of Adam, and see that the promises of God are that WE SHALL POSSESS THE LAND OF THE BODY HERE, ON EARTH. You lead your sheep down the "broad road" to the destruction of the body in the pit, or grave. Then how can you ask the Lord to COME QUICKLY, or to come at all, if you do not arrange for Him to have a Kingdom of persons


possessing body, soul and spirit, to reign over? For He is ALIVE FOR EVERMORE in His BODY, one which could be handled and was flesh and bones (but without blood), and, as we are to be like Him, I urge you to investigate the statement which I make that (a) "The Bride shall appear," to whom is committed the powers, whereby alone, we can be thus "conformed," powers withdrawn at the Fall; (b) that she is the Holy Ghost whereby Mary conceived Jesus (none but a woman conceives; in all creation hath a man brought forth?); (c) that upon her devolves the work of the other Comforter. The first comfort is for the soul, the other or second comfort is for the body (cf. " the second child which shall stand up in his [i.e. Jesus, the first child's] stead." Ecclesiastes iv. 15).

It is Hebrew that your ordinands need to learn. We, who know the Motherhood, cannot imagine how the churches will "do" in the coming controversy upon this very matter! Therefore I pray you, my Lord, to look into the matter, and like the Bereans, search the scriptures to see if these things be so.

At least, my Lord, you can never say you were not told of these things which thousands know to-day, and I do now, in all solemnity, charge you and all Bishops with IGNORANCE of the REDEMPTIVE PURPOSES OF GOD, Who has never died, Who "hates Death," and Who intends to destroy death which you celebrate, even burying carcases in His high places in direct defiance of His commands. (Ezekiel xliii. 7-9.)

I admit that you do not understand, that you are blind; we plead for you on these lines, but why will you not try to learn these things which you will shortly find, "belong unto your peace"? The world is passing away, as you know it, but God has prepared His Ark of Refuge. Humble yourselves to be taught of God the Sacred Mysteries of the Divine Motherhood, for to Her will the Government be given of an earth RUINED by the government of MEN.

This letter is the effort of one who knows that these things are the truth and warns you to seek into them.

I am, My Lord,

Faithfully yours,





September 20th, 1923


The Earthquakes in Japan and elsewhere, together with the recurring crises in Europe, are a Warning to the Bishops of the Church of England that the end of the world, as at present constituted, is at hand. The "Morning Post" was correct when it said, "Desolation and destruction have been spread as by an apocalyptic angel," the angel of Revelation viii. 5.

Being the leaders of the Priesthood, you naturally are not attracted to the Prophecies, and I am aware that you habitually regard such letters as this as merely the outcome of a certain class of mind which receives all catastrophic happenings as "signs of the times."

That many persons have antedated the Final Crisis is admitted; yet they are in good company, inasmuch as the Apostles, as Lovers of the Lord, admittedly did the same. The worst that can be said of all who have fallen into this error is, that they were such Lovers of their Lord and Master, that their impatience at His delay in fulfilling His Promise to come to this suffering earth and to restore it to its original happiness, caused them to snatch at every manifestation in nature and in affairs which corresponded with His Own Prophecies of the End. (S. Luke xxi. 9-11 and 28.)

Will He blame such a faithful dependence upon His Word? Did He not say, "When these things begin to come to pass, lift up your heads, for your Redemption draweth nigh"? Should not the Bishops be doing as those who "love His appearing" are doing, watching every sign, every portent, with an anxiety born of faith and love? Is it not better to antedate such an event than to overlook it?

However, there is no more danger of antedating the "Divine Event" towards which the whole creation is moving, for the remaining seventy-seven years are all that is left in which it can happen, and these days will be shortened. Patristic literature is full of the assertion that the 6,000 years are the six days and that the Seventh Thousand will dawn as a Sabbath of Rest from Sin, Sickness, Pain and Death, not in Heaven, but HERE.


You are once more informed, My Lord, that a Body of Persons called out by God in a remarkable manner, is equipped with knowledge and with certain powers for the benefit of the Church of England, from which Church, the Coming Lord will form the nucleus of the Great Catholic Church of the New World.

Thus you have all to gain and nothing to lose, if you accept these Warnings that your Lord, the Saviour of the Soul, is coming to Redeem the Body also and that only comparatively "a few" will be saved in the approaching catastrophies. England will suffer as other countries have suffered, unless you begin to address yourselves to the constant call made upon you to investigate the Prophecies of Joanna Southcott - and, as being the twenty-four Elders, apply yourselves to the opening of the Ark or Chest or Box containing the Will of the Lord for England, during the confusion which will arise as the final crisis approaches.

I am, My Lord,

Yours faithfully,




Vide "Daily, Mail." August 20th, 1923. Lord Rothermere's Article,

Page 4.

". . . a vivid and probably not overdrawn picture, of the possible consequences of an extensive air attack on London, with no more formidable weapons than a very large supply of small bombs charged with mustard-gas:-

"Picture, if you can, what the result will be! London for several days will be one vast raving Bedlam; the hospitals will be stormed; traffic will cease; the homeless will shriek for help; the city will be in Pandemonium."

"What of the Government of Westminster? It will be swept away by an avalanche of terror. Britain is no more an island."

"No one who has had occasion to picture the future possibilities of chemical warfare, will regard this sketch of the panic, which might be produced in London, in half an hour, as fantastic."





"Ye shall hear of Wars and rumours of Wars . . .
. . . there shall be . . . pestilences and earthquakes."
"Then lift up your heads for your REDEMPTION draweth nigh."









Both Clergy and people should appeal to the Bishops to settle this matter, for hundreds of Church-people are devouring JOANNA'S works, and bodies of Nonconformists, who are doing the same, will join the Church of England when the Box is opened.

JOANNA was, by birth and choice, a devoted Church-woman. She was a regular Communicant, reading the Daily Lessons and fasting in Lent. Her works declare our Church to be the Standard and the gathering-place for all Churches of the world, and contain the solution to the questions which cause the differences between East and West, between the Clergy in our own Church and between us and Nonconformity.

JOANNA was NOT a Methodist, and she did NOT sell Seals. All Encyclopædic accounts are false and libel this noble English woman.

This tract is issued by relatives of Clergymen, who have studied her works, the Bishops have not even read them.

The Priests must no longer reject Prophecy.*

* The poster above is a reproduction of what was placarded in Plymouth, during the Church Congress in September, 1923. An earthquake was registered in England on the morning it was put up.



(A) What is meant by a Church?  (B) The Fathers and the 6,000 years.  (C) The Scriptures and the Subjects of this book. (D) The Sealing - a Protection and How to Obtain it.  (E) The Divine Command for the Sealing. (Addenda).  (F) The Choice.


It will be useful here to state what is actually meant by a Church. "God always had a Church, namely, a people in covenant (or in agreement) with Him, sealed with Sacramental symbols." This is the best explanation of the word "Church" and, keeping it in mind, the continuity of the Church all through the Scriptures can easily be seen thus:-



(i) The Church in Eden     
Covenant: Obedience.
Sacrament: The Tree of Life.

(ii) The Church after the Fall (Adam)
Covenant: Repentance added to Obedience because of sin.
Sacrament: The Sacrifices.

(iii) The Church after the Flood (Noah)
Covenant: Obedience, Repentance and Faith in God's providence.
Sacrament: The Sacrifices.

(iv) The Church of the Patriarchs (Abraham)
Covenant: Obedience, Repentance and a deeper Faith, called peculiarly "the faith of Abraham" - being faith in the promise that we shall "possess the land" of the body.
Sacraments: Circumcision added to Sacrifice (The Sacrifice of the Lamb, as a type of Jesus, now became a feature in worship).

(v) The Church in the Wilderness (Moses)
Covenant: Obedience, Repentance, Faith, (Further Obedience required also to Laws for the government of a Nation).
Sacraments: Circumcision, Sacrifices and much Ceremonial added.




(A Change.)

The Church of the Gospel under Jesus Christ
Covenant: Obedience, Repentance and Faith.
Sacraments: Baptism and the Supper of the Lord.



(A further Change.)

The Church of the Spirit
Covenant: Obedience to the Divine Mother's commands.
Repentance until the Overcoming is complete.

Faith until the Lord actually comes.
Sacraments: The Sealing (for Protection), the Waters of Cleansing, the Leaves of Healing.

We have returned to the Eden Church, the Garden Church, but the elimination of Repentance and Faith cannot be said to be yet complete, for, of course, while Sin remains, Repentance must go on, and while full "sight" tarries, Faith must proceed, BUT the Overcomers are leaving off sinning, and Operation is sufficiently in evidence for Faith to be gradually discarded. The need for Obedience will never cease, for it was in the beginning, is now and ever will be necessary to OBEY the Divine Commands - and experience of what Disobedience has brought, will safeguard those Commands for ever and ever.



(The Final Change.)

The Church of the Kingdom on Earth
Covenant: Obedience.
Sacrament: The Water made Wine (The Water of Life).

Stagnation does not exist in Divine affairs. As the Dispensation of the Father changed into that of the Son, so both are being changed into that of the Holy Ghost. We will proceed to show that the Early Church expected a change, at the end of the 6,000 years.



The term allotted to the reign of evil on the earth, was recognized by the Fathers as Six Days or 6,000 years. (See Chapter III of this book.) The Clergy have forgotten the Patristic belief that the Restitution of all things would begin in 6,000 years from Adam.

ST. BARNABAS (1st Century, A.D.) says: "In six days the Lord made Heaven and earth, the sea and all that in them is"; this signifies that the Lord God will finish all things in six thousand years, for a day with Him is a thousand years, as He Himself testifies. He rested the seventh day, this signifies that when His Son shall come, then He shall rest gloriously in that seventh Day.

JUSTIN MARTYR (2nd Century, A.D.), declared the belief in Christ's Coming to reign on the earth for a thousand years (the seventh day) to be the universal doctrine of his time.

TERTULLIAN professed his belief of the Kingdom coming on earth for a thousand years.

LACTANTIUS (4th Century, A.D.) says, "Because all the works of God were finished in six days, it is necessary the world should continue in this state six days, that is six thousand years - and,  because, having finished the works, God rested on the Seventh Day and blessed it, it is necessary that, at the end of the six thousand years, all wickedness should be abolished out of the earth and justice reign (on the earth)." He concludes, "This is the doctrine of the holy prophets."

Jewish writers before Christ taught the same doctrine on the 6,000 years of the Adamic creation as the Six Days.

RABBI KETINA in the Gemara (on the Talmud) says, "The world endures 6,000 years. It was the tradition of the House of Elias - and the tradition might well be derived from Elias the Tishbite - that the world endures 6,000 years, i.e., 2,000 years before the Law, 2,000 years under the law and 2,000 years under Messias."

The latter 2,000 years has in 1924 only 76 years to run, and during this period the Redemption of the Bodies of the Overcomers from Sickness and from Death will be the Doctrine for which the Priesthood will find the people are ready. For God works in the minds of the people - the "preparation of the heart" being "of the Lord" and not of man - and the Priests who are not ready with the seed for which that ground is prepared, will have no harvest.


They will however, justly and wisely, desire to know whether the New Seed is True Seed, nurtured in the ground of the Holy Scriptures which were written for the learning of the Church upon which the ends of the world are coming. The following texts of Scripture, therefore, are placed before the Clergy as incorporating the Doctrine of the coming cessation of sin, sickness and death on the earth through the inception of a NEW Life in the Bodies of those who will now become partakers of the Divine Nature, through the Divine Feminine in the Godhead, now to be known to man as "Jerusalem above."


Here follow texts of Scripture which never will be fulfilled, unless the revelations with which this book deals, materialize.

(a) The Redemption of the Body from Death.

Psalm xlix. 15. - "But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave."

Proverbs viii. 36. - "But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death."

Isaiah xxv. 8. - "He will swallow up death in victory: and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces: and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the Lord hath spoken it."

Isaiah xxxviii. 18, 19. - "For the grave cannot praise thee, death cannot celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth. The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth."

Jeremiah xxi. 8. - "Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death."

Ezekiel xviii. 31, 32. - "Why will ye die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves and live ye."

Hosea xiii. 14. - "I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction: repentance shall be hid from mine eyes."

2 Esdras viii. 53, 54 - "The root of evil is sealed up from you, weakness and the moth is hid from you, and corruption is fled into hell to be forgotten. Sorrows are passed, and in the end is showed the treasure of immortality."

Wisdom i. 12, 13. R.V. - "Court not death in error of your life: neither draw upon yourselves destruction by the works of your hands. For God made not death: neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living."

Wisdom, ii. 22-24, R.V. - "God created man for incorruption, and made him an image of his own proper being. But by the envy of the devil death entered into the world, and they that are of his portion make trial thereof."

St. Matthew xxii. 32. - "I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living."

St. Luke iii. 6. - "And all flesh shall see the salvation of God."


St. John xii. 31. - "Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out."

Romans viii. 21. - "Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God."

Romans v. 17. - "For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ."

Romans viii. 21. - "Because the Creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption."

Romans viii. 23. - "And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body."

1 Cor. xv. 26, 51, 55 - "The last enemy which shall be destroyed is death. . . . Behold I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall be changed. . . . O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"

2 Cor. iv. 10. - "Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body."

Ephesians v. 23 - "For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body."

1 Thess. v. 23. - "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Rev. xxi. 4 - "And there shall be no more death."

(b) On the Divine Feminine in the Godhead.

Genesis i. 27. - "And God created man in his own image, male and female."

2 Jeremiah xxxiii. 16. - "This is the NAME wherewith SHE shall be called, the Lord our Righteousness."

2 Esdras vii. 26. -  "Behold, the time shall come, that these tokens which I have told thee shall come to pass, and the bride shall appear, and she coming forth shall be seen, that now is withdrawn from the earth."

Zech. v. 5-9. - "And behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah. And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof. Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork; and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven."

Micah iv. 8. - "The kingdom shall come to the Daughter of Jerusalem."

1Cor. xi. ii. - "Neither is the man without the woman in the Lord."

Galatians iv. 26. - "But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all."

Rev. xxii. 17. - "The Spirit and the Bride say come!"

(c) The Importance of the Prophet and of Prophecy.

1 Kings xxii, 7. - "Is there not here a prophet of the Lord that we might enquire of him?

Psalm cv. 15. - "Do my prophets no harm."


2 Amos iii. 7. - "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."

Ezra v. 2. - "With them were the prophets of God helping them."

St. Matt. xxvi. 56. -  "That the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled."

1 Cor. xii. 28. - "God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers."

1 Thess. v. 20. - "Despise not prophesyings."

Ephes. ii. 20. - "Built upon the foundation of prophets."

Ephes. ii. xi. - "When he ascended he gave gifts unto men - some prophets."

Rev. xix. 10. - "For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

Rev. x. 7. - "...the mystery of God . . . finished as he declared through his servants the prophets."

Rev. xi. 18. - " . . . that they should be judged, and that thou shouldst give reward to thy servants the prophets."

(d) On the Healing (too numerous to quote).

Eccles. iii. 3. - "A time to kill, and a time to heal."

Jeremiah, xxxiii. 6. - "I will bring it health and cure."

Is. xxxv. 5. - "Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened," etc.

St. Mark xvi. 17. - "These signs shall follow them that believe; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." (This means of course if they believe correctly.)

Rev. xxii. 2. - "The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."

Rev. xxii. 4. - "Neither shall there be any more pain."

(e) The Thousand Years.

2 Peter iii. 8. - "Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."

Rev. xx. 24. - "And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, and cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season . . . and they LIVED and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

(f) The Sealing. (See pp. 105 to 111.)

2 Cor. i. 22. - "Who hath sealed us and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts."

Eph. i. 11. - "In whom after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise."

Eph. iv. 30. - "And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption."

Rev. vii. 3, 4. - "Hurt not the earth neither the sea . . . till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."

(g) The Overcoming.

Wisdom ii. 22-24. R.V. - "And they knew not the mysteries of God, neither hoped they for wages of holiness, nor did they judge that there is a prize for blameless souls."

Proverbs xii. 28. - "In the way of righteousness (or overcoming) is life: and in the pathway thereof there is no death."


Romans xi. 26. - "A Deliverer who will turn away ungodliness from Jacob."

Rev. ii. 7, 11, 17, 26; iii. 5, 12, 21 (paraphrased). - "To him that OVERCOMETH (not to him that repenteth only), will I give to eat of the tree of life and of the hidden manna, giving him the white stone, a new name, power over the nations, white raiment, not blotting his name out of the book of life, but confessing his name, making him a pillar in the temple of  'my God,' writing upon him the name of  'my God' (Masculine), and the name of the city of my God (Feminine), and the great unknown new name, and granting him to sit with me in 'my throne.'" (The throne is the body redeemed from death.)


NOTE. - Readers who wish to prosecute a study of prophetic indications of the coming "Restitution of all things" and the return of men and women at last to the happiness before the Fall, should study the Apocrypha and the writings of Baruch, Enoch, etc., now being published by S.P.C.K., Northumberland Avenue, London, under the title "Translations of Early Documents."


The Church has made no provision for the Sealing (which is insisted upon in the Scriptures quite as much as Confirmation is insisted upon) because the Act of being Sealed was not intended to come into practice until this epoch. It is, however, necessary now for each to subscribe with the hand (Isa. xliv. 5) in the Book of Life, to the desire in the heart for Christ's Kingdom to be established upon the earth, not merely in an ecclesiastical way of the growth of the church, acknowledging Jesus Christ as Bishop and Priest, but civilly and socially also, by way of setting up a Kingdom ruled by Jesus Christ as King, under Whom George V. will continue to reign.

To be sealed, is necessary as a PROTECTIVE MEASURE when the material and physical phenomena, called in Revelation vii. 2, 3. "The hurting of the earth" begins to be in evidence, when the "sealed" people, a numbered multitude, will remain upon the earth, while "the multitude" which no man can number "is finally removed to the incorruptible sphere known as heaven." (See P.15.)

As everyone who enters the Visitation immediately desires to be sealed, being moved thereto by the Spirit which actuates all the working of this final Divine intention for man, we need not do more than reprint the Addenda from The Voice of the Seventh Angel, now out of print, which all who apply for the Royal Seal should read and assent to.

Further information on the Sealing can be obtained through the Publishers of this book, the Panacea Society.



Reprint of the Addenda to the Voice of the Seventh Angel.

September 1st, 1919.

"Now write this, for I needs must have it written, it is My revelation unto Israel: 'Yours, My children, is the latter House, but it is not the last House, for the last House is the House of Jerusalem above, four-square, and all who enter into this House which I have builded, unaided by man, shall take off his shoes from off his feet, neither shall he carry any vessel through My Temple, whereby I mean, that he shall enter unencumbered by past traditions. Verily I inspired My servant to write that the revelation of Shiloh should be made in a further discourse, and to the question "WHO IS SHILOH?" I, the Lord, make reply: Shiloh is the sister-spirit of Michael and as such, Shiloh is the next from heavenly places to receive a BODY. Even as Michael stood against Satan in heaven, so does Shiloh stand against Satan on earth and not all the powers of Hell will overthrow her. Yet is the fight violent and long, and all who desire to enter the kingdom of the CHILD, shall entreat for Shiloh. Did I not declare throughout the Visitation, "the hand of the Woman shall finish it"? But how can the hand of a human woman bruise the head of the spirit Satan? Nay, it is the spirit that doth contend with the spirit of evil, it is a spiritual warfare greater than any in the flesh. Now let it be known that Michael and Shiloh are one, yet twain, and in that sense Michael is the Prince that standeth up for My people Israel at this present, yet he standeth not, but Shiloh standeth. I have spoken.'"

August 24th, 1919,   4  p.m.

"Hear O My people Israel - is it a small thing, that I have come unto you, speaking by seven Instruments, to prove unto you that I am your Father and that My reign of Peace in the seventh thousand is about to begin? Now, do ye take heed unto all that is put before you, for, verily, My time of preparation is at an end and the Trumpet is sounding before Me as I come to declare upon the earth, that time shall be no longer under the reign of evil. No more will ye have the word of prophecy, but the Testimony of Jesus will be visible before your eyes, the testimony that this hath been the Visitation of Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God. And that Testimony is not prophecy, but it is the Fulfilment of Prophecy, it is


not words of speech, nor words in writing, but it is OPERATION, that what I have said I will most surely perform. Yea, the Ark of the Testimony is the living body of the CHILD SHILOH, the Child of the Woman Joanna. When that Ark is opened to receive the Divine Spirit, then cometh joy of which the angels spake at My birth - 'Peace on earth and good, to men of good-will.'

Seek no more only into the writings of My latter-day Prophets, but seek for the visible and living Testimony that they spake truly, and I will guide you in this search, for all Israel cannot but gather around My Child. Even as I scattered abroad, shall she gather into My barn; even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wing shall she gather Israel into the Zone of Protection, into the granary where there will be food and to spare. And the sign of it shall be, that, where the Manna falleth daily, there is she, for verily My promise is to answer prayer and ye have prayed 'give us this day our daily bread.'

Now I will speak a plain word easy to be understood. I come in the Woman's Form that My Scriptures may be fulfilled to destroy  the adversary by the hand which he betrayed - the Woman's hand. Joanna is in glory, seek not unto her but seek unto that for which she lived and suffered: she is as the other prophets - passed from your view, but all alike they cry 'How long O Lord, how long?' for they would see their word in OPERATION. Even as the churches are content with forms and with preachings, now must Israel awake and arise lest they be with others, content that all things remain as they are. I am the Lord, I change not, ye will not find Me where the waters are unruffled, for My Spirit moves upon the face of the waters, My Spirit OPERATES and, verily, the waters are troubled.  Ye are impotent, ye are blind and lame, ye are human: come then and whosoever steps down into the waters, shall be healed of whatsoever plague he hath and he shall be filled with My Divinity.* Seek not where there is a great sounding, nor where presumptuous words are spoken, for My work is secret and the kingdom cometh not by observation.  Nothing is of humanity, I need not aught that is human except obedience, and now I will be sought in weakness,Æ ere My Power is demonstrated, for My strength is made perfect in weakness, that all may be of Me and naught of man or of woman.

* The Healing Waters were not discovered 'till four years later.
Æ "The weakest hath God chosen," John Wroe, Vol. II, p. 377.


Now will I speak a word upon the Great Sealing. The leaven hath been twice hid in the meal, now shall it be hidden the third time, but know that that which hath been hitherto, is a shadow of that which now cometh. For the Royal Seed is upon the earth and each will come at My call to receive the Royal Seal at the hand of My daughter Shiloh, the Heiress, that ye may be joint-heirs with her of My kingdom upon earth, even as those who have passed away from earth, are heirs of My incorruptible kingdom above. And be it known that not only do I give unto you a Seal of Protection, but it is also a Seal of LIFE, a witness that you are sealed to inherit LIFE IMMORTAL, sealed to live and not to die. Also do I declare unto you, that I have prepared for you a City of Refuge in this country to which you can flee when you see My Judgments in operation, but each shall have the knowledge that My Judgments have commenced ere he shall move from his place of abode. Even as each shall seek to be sealed, so shall each seek to come unto My City of Refuge, My land of Goshen. There, when the flocks of the Gentiles have neither food nor water, shall there be enough and to spare, and when all the land is in darkness and terror shall there be Light and Peace. For My kingdom shall be set up in the midst of this kingdom of England, and I will be in a centre for every eye to see on the third day, when it is neither dark nor light, but at eventide it shall be light. The Visitation of Jerusalem is four-square: in heaven four-square and on earth four-square and the number of this Visitation is EIGHT. I have appointed Mine Apostles, My Church is in being. And now hear ye the Word of the Lord - all who come forth shall swear allegiance unto Me, the Lord, to be taught of God alone, through My Scriptures and through My Prophets of this Visitation, and moreover ye shall swear unto Me in the words which I gave unto the prophetess Joanna on the I4th day of June, 1804.

(a) The Oath of Allegiance.

'I swear by Him that liveth, that I will obey in all things His strict commands to the woman, and that not all the powers of earth and hell shall make me turn to the right or to the left, but that the commands of the living Lord of heaven and earth and of Jerusalem above, I will obey.'

Ye shall lift up the right hand unto heaven when ye say the words, then shall ye kiss your Bibles and ye shall lay your hand on the books


of any of the Prophets of the Visitation which ye have in your possession.

(b) The Marriage Vow.

Following upon this, ye shall seek to be married unto Me, the Lord, both men and women; the men shall make their vow of Marriage unto Jerusalem above, the women unto Me, Jehovah the Lord.

The Oath for a Woman.

'I take Thee, my Maker, to be my Husband, according to the Scriptures, and I claim vengeance upon Satan, the murderer of the Lord of Life. Amen.'

The Oath for a Man.

'I take Thee, Jerusalem Above, to be my Bride, and I pledge myself to aid the Woman to obtain vengeance upon Satan, her deceiver and the murderer of the Lord of Life. Amen.'

My servants the Apostles of the Lamb, will lead and guide in this matter. Then having subscribed with the hand that these things are well and truly performed, the Seal will be given to those who desire that their bodies may become cleansed and made fit to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit. For, be it known unto all men, that they who do not desire to be conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ, the Immortal Son of God, are not of Israel, and to be conformed to that Image meaneth to be made like Him as He was when, after the Resurrection, He appeared unto His Disciples and said, 'Handle Me and see: for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see Me have.'"                                            

August 25, 1919.

"Now all men have loved doctrines and teachings, yea and they will perform many acts of obedience and of devotion, but to be made Immortal, to suffer the change to take place without which neither doctrines nor teachings nor devotion nor obedience are of great worth, man willeth not, for, whereas Satan encourageth the one, he verily hateth the other. Yea, he knoweth that his safety lieth in words and in preachings and in observances which shall have no visible result. Then, O Israel, I declare unto you that ye must overcome his resistance, ye must determine to be satisfied with nothing short of a complete fulfilment of My Visitation. Crave of Me that no longer shall My Voice be heard by one and another, but that I shall Myself descend with the sound of the Trump of God, to reign


and to rule over you, that the earth may enjoy her Sabbaths. The ignorant may cry 'This can God do without the aid or co-operation of man'!   But now do I make it known unto you that My Right upon the earth cometh not until the 6000 years are concluded, yet if Satan's time runneth out, no flesh can be saved, ye will be all as dead men. Even now I save Me but a remnant, and that remnant must be willing to be saved from the continued rule of Evil, willing to be saved from destruction. Then haste ye to obey, for verily the last Trumpet of Warning is now sounding, next cometh the Trumpet of Judgment. Unto all the Houses of Israel I cry, 'Cease ye from your own wisdom.' I have nowhere, nay, not in all your prophets' writings, revealed My Secrets, else you know well that Satan would have frustrated My work. Be not high-minded, accept My revealings. Look not for what ye have expected, but look for a STRANGE ACT unknown and unthought of, else verily shall ye look and find NOTHING, for, not in all My plan is there aught that ye have thought of!

Now shall each who reads My Words, lay down before Me his wisdom and his foolishness, his views and his interpretations and crying unto Me, 'O my Father be Thou my Way," I will lead him into all TRUTH. But let no man think "I will give this matter another hearing,' let no man turn from these words with nothing done, nay, for whoso doeth naught, darkness shall overtake him and the night, in which no man can work out his salvation from death, will be upon him. To-day if ye will hear My voice, harden not your hearts.

MY SERVANTS ARE IN POSSESSION OF MY SEAL OF REDEMPTION,* even as Joanna was in possession of MY SEAL of Promise. Without money and without price are they commanded to seal My People Israel before My destroying Angels pass through a land, in which the rulers of My people have crucified the Lord of Glory afresh and put Him to an open shame. Amen. Amen."

September 19th, 1919.

"Now are ye one mind and one spirit with Me, to desire the reign of the Prince of Peace. This is the mind of Christ, to establish the reign of the Man-child in the place of that of Satan, a blessed change for all men, yea, even for those who seek it not. But first

* The Seal alluded to is a Crystal Seal.


must a man or a woman desire ME, ere they can desire My coming, and I must needs be the desire of some out of every nation, that I may, for the sake of them that desire Me, ameliorate the conditions of their nation. Yea, there will be representatives of every nation among the first-fruits. Let this go forth."




Salvation           Redemption.
Salvation of the Soul only. (forgiveness) Redemption of the Body as well. (Cleansing).
The Common Salvation. The So-Great Salvation.
The Great Work.               The Greater Work.
In Heaven.                     On Earth.
Repentance.         Overcoming.
The Old Man. The New Man.
The Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God
Mortality.         Immortality.
A Spiritual Body. A Natural Body.
The Order of Levi.       The Order of Melchizedek.
An ending Life.         An endless Life.
The Covenant with Death.   The New Covenant for Life.
The Old Revelation. The New Revelation.    
The Glory of the Moon and Stars. The Glory of the Sun.
The Body Celestial (because it goes to Heaven).  The Body Terrestial (because it stays on earth).
The Broad Way to the destruction of the Body. The Straight and Narrow Way of keeping the Body.
Taught by Priests through the Disposition of Angels. Taught by God through prophets.
The Body intangible, a spirit like the Lord's first appearance. The Body of flesh and bones (not a spirit) like the Lord's second appearance.
The Loss of the "promised land." The gain of the "promised land."
Not having received the promises.   Having received the promises.
The multitude no man can number. The numbered multitude.





Not numbered, being in the net which broke. Numbered, being in the net which did not break.
Not sealed to the Day of Redemption. Sealed to the Day of Redemption.
Not conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ. Conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.
The Immortality of the SOUL. The Immortality of the Body.
To "depart and to be with Christ which is far better"
than remaining on the earth if you are not sealed before
the "hurting of the earth."
To remain and to reign on the earth with Christ
1000 years, protected by the sealing,
healed from
sickness and redeemed from death.
Going to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God coming on earth to you.
Rest for the Soul. Rest for the Body and Soul.
Knowing in part. Knowing that which is perfect.
The Spirit upon. The Spirit within.
Flesh and blood which cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Flesh and bones which can.
There-after (in Heaven). Here-after (on earth).
Those who "sleep." Those who will not sleep.
Those who have made a Covenant with Death. Those who have disanulled the Covenant with Death.
Spirit and soul alone preserved. "Your whole spirit, soul and body preserved blameless."
"Those that hate ME, love Death." "God created men to be Immortal."
"The grave cannot praise Thee, death cannot celebrate Thee." "The living, the living, they shall praise Thee."
"Why will ye die?" "I will ransom you from the power of the grave."
"Ye will not come unto ME that ye might have life!" "Turn yourselves and live ye!"
"God is not the God of the dead." "He is the God of the Living."
The Cross for Christ. The Crown for Christ.
Prophet Priest. And King.





WE have shown how Helen Exeter wrote for one person, to inspire that person to pluck the fruit from the prophetic Tree planted in our country for the Church to which, properly, it belongs.* The "white raiment," the "gold tried in the fire," the "eyesalve" are ready for the Church, which up to the present has been so lukewarm on this great matter. Brains have been exhausted, thousands of pounds have been spent, tortures have been endured in the effort to persuade the Bishops to investigate the Mission (see Ch. x.). On one occasion 769 Rural Deans, and on another 5,000 Clergy were approached, and for ten years we have sent the Bishops statements which must have moved any intelligent men who were not under the angel Lucifer's control. In December, 1923, we endeavoured to persuade the Archbishops to investigate the facts connected with the Healing now in our midst as follows:-


December 7th, 1923.


Lest your Grace should not have realized the importance of the statements on pages 6 and 7 and 9 of the enclosed booklet, "The Lifeboat to the Rescue of a Sinking Church," I venture to mark them in red for your perusal. Over ninety persons in England are experiencing the benefits of the physical relief consequent upon the operation of the Visitation to this country of Divine Power.

It must occur to your Grace that systematically to reject the possibility of a Divine Deliverance of the world at this crisis, is a dangerous proceeding. Again and again, you have been approached by persons who believe that the opening of Joanna Southcott's Box is essential to the bringing in of Peace on earth, but I am writing to ask you to investigate the following statement:-


* See page 61. ** See Stop-press note, page 6.


This offer cannot be made again, and unless your Grace and the Archbishop of York are willing to look into the matter with a view to secure Healing for the people through the Church of England, we must proceed to approach the people ourselves as, obviously, God will not continue to give gifts if they are not made use of. I shall be glad to have a reply from your Grace as soon as possible, and before the I5th of December." (signed)

          The Archbishop of Canterbury did not reply.

          The Archbishop of York replied as follows:-

December 10th, 1923.

"The Archbishop of York desires me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 7th December, with its enclosures. He is not able to enter into any correspondence with regard to the opening of Joanna Southcott's Box. He can only say that the Archbishop of Canterbury has long ago made proposals for the opening of the Box, and it rests with those who are in charge of it, whether they accept those proposals. He has always declared that he is most anxious that the Box should be opened and the question ended."

It will be seen on reading again the letter to which this was the reply, that the Archbishop deliberately ignored the subject of the letter which was upon the Healing, and not upon the matter of the opening of the Box. We then proceeded to offer the gift to the world, as described on page 119.


Following this a Public Petition which had been signed by 10,000 persons was sent by registered post to the Archbishop of Canterbury on May 29th, I924. It was as follows:-


"We, the undersigned, do petition the Bishops of the Church of England, that 24 of their number do send for and open Joanna Southcott's Box of Sealed Manuscripts, as we are of the opinion that anything purporting to be a Divine Revelation laid up for the world at this critical period, should be examined by the Heads of the Church, whose duty it is to look into such matters. And your petitioners will ever pray for the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ under your jurisdiction.


"This PUBLIC PETITION is sent also to the Lord Archbishop of York as Primate of England, and to all the Bishops having sees, together with the information that 'the names of the 10,000 Petitioners lie at Lambeth Palace and that there is power to add thousands upon thousands to their number, but that the lists are called in and presented at the beginning of the period, May to December, when the Box can be delivered up, because it appears wasteful of time and of effort to proceed beyond a number that is sufficiently representative of all classes in the North, South, East and West of Great Britain."



327, Croydon Road,

Caterham Valley,

May 28th, 1924.



We have the pleasure of forwarding to you by registered post to-day, a Petition, signed by 10,000 persons in all parts of England, requesting your Grace and the other Bishops to send for and to open the Box of Sealed Writings left to the Nation by Joanna Southcott, the Prophetess, in order to settle the matter one way or another.

As it is expressed on the printed Petition, there would have been no difficulty in collecting many more signatures, because it is now a matter of common opinion that the affair should be concluded, but knowing that persons holding such high office as Bishops, could not be affected by a larger number than is necessary to constitute a Public Petition at all, your Grace will agree that we are justified in closing the lists and in submitting the names at this juncture to save further expenditure of time which could be spent more profitably.

We therefore render up to your Grace as Primate of all England, and as representing the Episcopate, the sheets which it has been our privilege to collect.

We are, Your Grace's humble servants,

(signed) RACHEL J. FOX,

P.S.- We have received to-day and enclose herewith 1208 more signatures to the Petition, but have not thought it necessary to


add to or alter the number 10,000 printed on the parchment. Your Grace's decision cannot be supposed to be affected by such details. You have however received exactly 11,208 signatures in all.

The 42 Bishops, the Chaplain General of the Forces and the Dean of Westminster received this statement engrossed upon parchment. Only three acknowledgments were received, of which we append that of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Lambeth Palace, S.E.

May 31st, 1924.


I have your letter of May 28th together with a printed statement about the Petition which has reached Lambeth. I must repeat what I have at least twenty times reasserted to yourself, and to others, my strong view that the Box you possess, or somebody possesses, ought to be opened, in order to get this controversy ended; but I have refused, and I continue to refuse to summon 24 Bishops to sit round and watch the procedure of opening the Box. You will remember that I have expressed myself again and again upon the subject, and I need not write it afresh. I can produce scores of letters if necessary to show that I have honestly done my part (short of acting in a way which I should regard as partly profane and partly fantastic) to meet the wishes of those, whoever they may be, who have control of the Box, or Boxes, for my correspondents tell me, there are rival Boxes.

You are quite at liberty to publish this letter if you so desire.

I am,

Yours truly,



This letter was broadcasted through Reuter and the Press Association and, by means of the activities of our Press Agent, has appeared in hundreds of newspapers, and has been an excellent advertisement of the fact of the Box of Sealed Writings and of the obstinate attitude of the Bishops. The Archbishops and the Bishops know perfectly well that there is only one Box of any importance, and that neither they nor we can open the Box except under the legal conditions set forth somewhat as follows:-



1. The exact location of the Box is known to a lady, who has seen the Box herself, and upon hearing from the Bishops, will put them into communication with the Intermediary, who will supply the Custodian's name and address.

2. Portions from the Writings of Joanna Southcott, from the moment they were written, were commanded to be kept close till the Bishops should ask for them "in a time of grave national danger." The initiative must therefore be taken by the Bishops or by some authority in the land and not by believers in the Visitation. But, when the Bishops agree to send for the Box, 24 believers will come forward to form a Jury, to meet the 24 Bishops or their representatives.

3. The Book of the Trial of the claims of Joanna Southcott (1804) must be read by all those consenting to be present. It will be produced for the Bishops.

4. An Attorney must be present.

5. There are written instructions for the Judges and the Jury, which are to be kept sealed until the Assembly meets.

6. A suitable house must be lent or rented for the occasion. The Box of Writings must be previously placed for three days in the vault or cellar of the house.

7. The house must be close to a field or railed in space.

8. The 65 Books and any original MSS. possessed by believers, are to be exposed for investigation on the first three days of the Assembly.

9. On the First Day, the double Jury of believers must meet the Bishops that they may discuss the problems at stake.

10. On the Second Day, there will be a sign from the Lord of great importance.

11. On the Third Day the Sealed Writings are to be cut open and examined.

12. This Trial is the herald or precursor of the doom of Satan, as described in Rev. 20. There will be no rest in the world until the opportunity be afforded of putting the assertion in Joanna's Writings to the proof.


13. If the verdict of the Bishops be against the Writings they may be burnt.

14. It will be recognised, when the Box is opened, that the Trial compares for importance with the Trial of Christ before the Sanhedrin.

15. In the published Writings, the ceremony is also compared to the reading of a last Will or Testament.

16. It is also compared in the Writings, to an inquest, the Box to be regarded as men regard a body which has been discovered.

17. On this occasion, the Church of England will stand her trial, to keep or lose her place among the Candlesticks.

18. Those calling the Trial must sustain the costs, i.e. the expenses of Jury and Witnesses, etc.

19. No sealed person is to be refused admission to the Trial.

20. As I made Myself known in the breaking of bread at Emmaus, so will I make Myself known in the breaking of the Seals of the Writings."



WE have never been known by a name, one Bishop has said that this was why we were so difficult to combat as a body! But, hoping that this drawback will be overcome (as we are as anxious to meet the Bishops as our Navy was anxious to meet the German fleet when it skulked in Kiel Harbour) we announce ourselves here as The Panacea Society, the address of which is on the cover, and the aims of which are as follows:

(i) Devoted service in the work of setting up the Lord's visible kingdom in a centre, which will be the Treasury of Healing and of Spiritual and of Material Supply in the coming troubles.

(2) The promulgation of the Teachings of the Prophetic Mission to England in view of the setting-up of the Kingdom.

(3) The personal work of the overcoming of Sin and of Sickness.

(4) Devotion of time and money to the Public Activity of the Society, which is to secure for others the specific Healing Method practised among us.


This book closes the history of ten years' labour on behalf of the Church of England, the result of which, to the Church, is nil. But the contemptuous silence of the clerical world is more than made up for by the glad welcome which we received when we went forth in February of the year 1924 with our offer expressed in these words:-







Owing to a new law which has been
passed in England no one is allowed to
presecibe any treatment for cancer except
members of the Medical Profession.  We
have therefore deleted the word 'Cancer'
where it occurs.

The response was hearty and sensible, and we are already dealing with over 2000 cases, a review of which alone shows a depth of suffering which, to be able to relieve, makes it more than worth while to have laboured and suffered as we have done. Yet this is but a drop in the ocean of human woe and we know we have a stupendous work before us. But it also shows that fortunately, there is, in the world, a percentage of wise persons who has realised that God has "broken through" to use a Bishop's recent expression, and is going to put an end to the succession of births and deaths and the span of misery between, which have been going on for 6,000 years or more.


Let the world rejoice that, though the Bishops rejected the Divine help offered to the Church, there were found over two thousand wise persons who could accept Divine non-miraculous deliverance, which comes slowly though surely by persevering obedience to a Divine method by way of "treatment," for, assuredly, they will be the leaven which will leaven the whole lump. There is no limit to the possibilities of the cure, indeed ALL PERSONS WHERE THERE IS WATER AND WHO CAN BE REACHED BY THE POST CAN BE RELIEVED OR HEALED. Men, animals and even vegetation are responding to the Divine Remedy. It will also affect pecuniary circumstances, and adjust difficult family relations! And should it not be so? Is anything too hard for the Lord? No, not if He can find a "willing people," willing to work together with Him in the Day of His Power which has begun to manifest itself. It will be THIS POWER, manifesting itself first in Healing, and then in Defence and in Prosperity, which will eventually be the Power behind King George and Queen Mary, and which will make England the first redeemed Land and the Mother of all nations.

Either Bolshevism or Fascism are the only choice for the material world to-day, for Communism and Socialism can only be dealt with by a Dictatorship. The Dictator is really an armed prophet, a man of force, character and prevision, and wise Kings and Peoples are choosing this way out of Bolshevism. Yet at the best FORCE is behind this ruler. What has the Church to say to such an impasse? "The Church Times" offers only one way out - not the League of Nations, for it knows well enough that that is no good - but a "return to the Catholic Faith." Imagine the impossibility of even trying such a thing in the midst of European confusion, not to speak of the lack of time in which a reinforced Church could stay the coming uproar. The readers of this book will see with thanksgiving how necessary it was that GOD HIMSELF should manifest His POWER IN THE HEALING, to show that He has other Powers, whereby the world shall be saved from descending into the prehistoric chaos. It is important to reiterate that the Divine Healing is the outcome of Divine promises through English prophets, revealed to a body of persons, prepared at the proper time, to put them into operation. In this and in all else it differs from all that is called Psycho-therapeutic, Mental, Magnetic, or even Spiritual Healing, all of which are Luciferian.


To turn for a moment to the practical side of the work of The Panacea Society. Our large correspondence shows us many things of which we will tabulate a few interesting points.

(1) All of the 2000 persons who have written to us during the last six months, write in a strain which shows them to be a selected people. There is no religious fervour; all the letters, with only one or two exceptions, are short and sensible; there is no argument and no questioning - and we are sufficiently experienced to be able to state that it would be impossible for such unanimity to exist among persons totally unknown to each other, and all over the world, unless these persons were of the same spiritual order. We are prepared to find that all who are taking the Water will prove to be predestined to play a part in the coming Kingdom; they are showing their ability to respond to a Visitation of Healing direct from God, by their obedience - doing the works, without knowing the doctrines - even as those gathered by the words of the prophets, showed obedience to the doctrines before they knew of the works. Ours was faith without works, our patients show works without faith.

(2) The persons who respond are distributed all over England and all over the world, which shows that there is an unseen organisation behind the matter which is preparing for the cataclysm, by way of the provision of centres, where all who have tested the Healing and are acquainted with the other mechanisms - namely, protection against plague, pestilence, and food shortage, help for pecuniary affairs, protection for animals and protection against pests - will be towers of strength in their neighbourhood, "saviours" who have "come up on Mount Zion," to judge that the "Mount of Esau" (the world under Satan) is intolerable.

(3) The diseases and difficulties enumerated in the letters during the first months were representative to the full, in order that we should rapidly be equipped with the best way of treating every form of disability.

(4) We have of course, many persons who make our work very difficult from carelessness, though they know that a handful of persons are devoting their existence to help them


for no return! For instance, many (a) will not trouble to read the directions carefully, (b) or will write their names and addresses so indistinctly and casually, as to cause us to waste half-an-hour, perhaps in trying to decipher them or in looking up postal directories, (c) or will not put their reference number, nor their Christian names or Mr., Mrs., or Miss, so that we can judge if our patient be a man or a woman, and then express surprise that we addressed them wrongly! We are patient with all these things, however, because we recognise the unfailing courtesy and gratitude of all but three persons out of 2000. Yet we ask those who are spreading the news to help themselves, their friends and us by clear statements and careful attention to what we send in reply, remembering that 30 to 40 letters per diem go out on the Healing alone, (d) One thing only is required of every patient, and that is, steady Obedience to every detail of the Treatment, and to every request on the papers sent with the Treatment. The cure proceeds along the lines of obedience; even to miss sending the monthly report causes the patient to run the risk of less progress. The Fall was brought about through Disobedience, and Redemption from all the ills that flesh is heir to through the Fall - "the forbidden fruit of which brought death into the world and all our woe with loss of Eden" - will be brought about by Obedience to this Treatment, through Water and the Spirit.

With a body freed from disease, impervious to accident, with a mind that no longer can be interfered with by angels nor devils, but has become an ark, from the window of which (the fontanel) the raven-like bird of fear has flown forth in order that the Dove of Peace may enter to abide within for ever, with a home protected from every phase of distress by a God who will supply every need - will it not be justifiable to say, "the blissful seat" is on the road to being "regained" on the earth on which it was lost? Are we not justified in declaring that the long-closed Gate of Paradise is slowly opening?

It was, we are told in the prophets, but a little thing which would have saved Eve from the Fall, and now it is a little thing that will bring back from the Fall, child-like people who do not question and do not argue. For this reason we are told in the Scriptures


not to despise "the day of small things." To this end then it is necessary to obey in the smallest particular. We even advise our patients to carry the sections with them, rather than miss a dose (a) travelling section, to dip in a glass of water, can be given for the purpose to go on drinking the water, even if they have missed reporting in time to get their fresh supply, to use undiluted (b) cold, if they cannot get (c) (iii) hot, to do anything in fact rather than fail to carry on.

Already several Clinics and Sanatoria, Psycho-Therapeutic Agencies, Nurses, etc., are working with us, and a booklet of the treatment-slips is being prepared for professional persons. In such a case they would receive a supply of sections and carry out the treatment themselves for their patients, but the monthly report must be made, as in private cases.

Fortunately we are able to translate French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Russian, but it saves time and trouble if foreign patients who can write in English, will do so.

In regard to deafness, this is the most stubborn thing we have to face, and we suppose complete blindness would be the same. On careful enquiry before the Oracle, we were told that there are no clay feet to the Divine Image, that first things are taken first, the purifying of the blood from its tendencies to disease is the chief work, therefore diseases are attacked first, recurring ailments next and defects last of all. Deafness and blindness are defects of an organism rather than a disease and this appears to be the reason the cure is so protracted. We can only say that the word given was, "The head is taken last, hearing and sight will be restored suddenly for those who have perseveringly obeyed the treatment and have relied on the promise that 'the deaf will hear,'" etc.

Another point to remember is that our treatment brings the disease out in layers, therefore no one need be disappointed if, after much improvement and apparent cessation, there is a recrudescence of the trouble, a return of the malady. In this case, a sensible person will be expected to go back to their original treatment for a period and to regard the manifestation as a useful witness to the fact that there is yet more of the disease to be exterminated. "Workers together with God" must use to the full, their God-given common sense, "the light that lighteth every man," "common" here meaning "general."


It will not be long before all patients will receive a medium of the Healing in a more convenient form, one which cannot dissolve or be so easily lost and which can be cleansed (by scalding) if any corrosions of the water affect it. It appears that the spiritual atom cannot be influenced by any material process, even scalding cannot destroy its utility.

When asked what should be done with the sections when they are finished with, the reply is "put them into your garden or flower-pots."

There is no expense to the patient beyond stamps. We had a cure of a complaint of some years' standing the other day, and of a very serious nature, after five months' treatment. What did it cost the patient? Exactly 5 stamps for the 5 times he wrote to us. Had he put in a stamped envelope or a stamp for a reply, it would have cost him 10 stamps. As it was, it cost him 7d.½, and us 7d.½, plus the printing, and that is 1s. 3d. to the Government for the whole cure of a disease that had cost him large sums of money for no cure.

In this relation, let us accentuate once more the fact, that we take no fees, no thank-offerings, either in money or kind and neither do we even ask for a stamp for reply - but we are allowed to use a stamped envelope if it be enclosed. We have refused as much as £50, and as little as 1s. as thank-offerings. It has often cost us more to return foreign money-orders than their value. We shall be glad when all abroad realise that we cannot use foreign stamps, though coupons can be used for reply.

People will think, when they read this, "Then obviously these people do not ask for too much when they ask for all the help the patient can give them." Indeed, Divine Help should be treated as one treats Divine things, namely, with respectful attention and not casually because it is without money and without price.

To meet the additional cost of stamps, a collection is made every Sunday among the members of the Society, whose day's work is somewhat as follows:-

(1) The preparation of the sections by the breath of prayer. (2) The typing of all the treatment slips and the filling of the little envelopes. (3) At 10 a.m. the reading of all the letters of that morning in order to tabulate them. (4) The making up of the case books and case papers. (5) The preparation of the envelopes for reply. (6) At 2-30 p.m., every letter is read again before the Oracle (see Chapter IX), who, holding the


New Testament which was sent from Jerusalem, says what is to be done for each case. (7) The writing of the directions on the individual case paper. Many private letters are necessitated and are written at the same time, for we have enquiries which touch souls as well as bodies, and many difficult affairs to go into as well as illnesses. It is often 11p.m. before all is ready for the post, for great exactitude is necessary and many books and pamphlets have to be packed as well, for persons wanting to know more - while now there are enquiries to be attended to about the Sealing, which means instruction on many points.This book we hope will be almost a sufficient teaching on subjects on which hitherto we have had to write private letters.

The work now in operation establishes the doctrines taught through Joanna Southcott (see p. 43), therefore it is wasting time for anyone to argue on the religious side of the matter - no other religion is established in this manner, nor ever will be, for here we have the Signs which are to follow true belief. As persons can have the treatment without believing the doctrines, it is obvious that if persons want to believe the doctrines, they must believe them as they stand without argument. Nothing could be a more reasonable and fair proposition. To answer a few questions:-

In regard (a), to the simplicity of the treatment compared with the complexity of drugs and other methods. This is no difficulty if God can at one time give diverse powers to thousands of herbs and medicines, He can equally at another time, and this is the time, give all power to one medicine. In regard (b) to miraculous work hitherto being instantaneous. This was so when the Lord acted as God - but now he has come as the Good Physician. A Physician does not work miracles, he cures by TREATMENT, (c) Men are to be workers together with God to obtain a cure; at the time of the cure by miracles they did not have to do this. (d) If the cure were miraculous as being instantaneous (but a miracle as being a "wonder" need not be instantaneous - see The Panacea, Nos. 4 & 5) there could not be the scope for the necessary OBEDIENCE, the condition whereby Paradise will be regained. For the New Covenant is, "I will deliver you from sin, from sickness, from the pain of death, and even from death itself - IF you OBEY." We have done all possible to show the reasonableness of the matter.




THE following extracts are taken hastily from hundreds of reports, and are purposely as varied as possible. Other extracts will appear from time to time in The Panacea, the official organ of the Society.

Asthma. - "The asthma comes first in relief, nervous debility beginning to respond, the system is being slowly toned up."

Abscess. - "I was very anxious about a large abscess in my neck; I feared an operation, but your treatment caused it to empty itself, without even leaving a trace of the opening."

Angina. - (1) "Benefiting generally. I am more than glad to be able to tell you that I feel the greatest improvement."

(2) "You will be glad that I have derived the most wonderful benefit from the water. My friend and her brother have both been almost miraculously cured also. I am so very grateful. I feel better every day, and have derived other very wonderful benefits."

Acne. - "No more breaking out. Doctor told me I should always have it. Several people have remarked how very much my skin is improving. Very grateful."

Blood-poisoning. - "All-round improvement in my appearance and appetite."

Bronchitis. - "Am glad to inform you that I feel more alive in every sense. Cough better."

Blindness. - "There is improvement in the sight; my husband can see the light of a window or open door and can sometimes walk up to it. Please send second month's treatment."

Cancer. - (1) "So happy to say I am getting on splendidly under the very marvellous treatment. The growths are gradually decreasing in dimension and the pain almost gone. I am quite happy, knowing the cure is safe and cannot fail."

(2) "Doctors very surprised, one says she accomplished in a week what usually takes a month. Bed-sores gone. Nurse is using the packet. One doctor says she responds to treatment like a healthy person, another that she is not acting as is usual in such cases."

(3) "I am sending for more treatment for my husband; the swelling burst . . . quite three pints of pus."

Cancer on the Liver. - (The patient's days were numbered, he was in great pain.) "I have felt great relief from the treatment. I can eat more and with less repugnance, and I feel no pain in my liver. . . . My strength is returning, not so depressed." (This patient died.)

Catarrh and imbearable Pain in Head. - "Much brighter, head cleared. Great pleasure in thanking you very much for helping me to get right."

Catarrh. - "I was a martyr to catarrh and am practically cured."

Constipation. - "One thing seems entirely under control, and that is constipation. I can only think of it as a thing of the past."

Deafness and Bad Sight. - "Many, many thanks; my ears are opening up splendidly - sight is much better . . . it is splendid treatment."

Deafness. - "My mother is making excellent progress; her hearing has wonderfully improved. About a week ago she began to hear a little . . .her joy is great, and she wishes to express her greatest gratitude to you. .. ."

Epilepsy. - ". . . I have not had any return of indigestion, neither have I had another attack of epilepsy, during these four weeks.


Fears, Nerves and Depression. - ". . . I feel a marked difference and whilst away on holiday I was able to take long trips, climbing without fatigue, and scarcely getting out of breath; also I notice the old fears are quite gone, and I can face people and circumstances with a calm mind, which is a great comfort to me."

Fear and terrible Nerves. - "Much better. Fear is leaving me. I thank you."

Goitre. - (1) "I am very grateful my goitre is almost gone." (2) "Much better." (3) "My goitre seems to reduce in size."

Hip Disease. - ". . . I am delighted to tell you how well my leg is getting on. There are days when I almost forget I have got a bad leg, because it is not painful. . . . I can walk quite nicely. . . . Most grateful, it is most wonderful. My leg was dreadful when I started your treatment, in fact, doctor told me a few months ago that he quite thought I should have to go to hospital again, so you can imagine how well I'm getting on."

Heart Trouble (Valvular) and Insomnia. - ". . . I am sure the healing is going on in me, my heart is certainly much better, and I feel stronger every way; I sleep so much better, I even sleep through sometimes."

Headaches with Pains in Head. - "I am delighted with your treatment. I have only twice had headache (in four weeks) . . . the colour is also returning to my cheeks, thank you! I thank you most heartily."

Falling Hair. - (1) "New hair is growing I am so thankful." (2) "I am seventy, yet my hair is growing again. I was very bald."

Insomnia and Nerves. - "Nervousness and sleepless nights gone, I hope for ever. I have not had an attack of Bronchitis nor Tonsilitis during this month. All of this is too wonderful for words from me."

Liver, Stomach, Sciatica. - " In every way I'm getting better, day by day; my friends notice the change."

Nerves. - "My nerves are better. On Friday I was out for the day - the first time in fourteen months. I did not feel too tired. I thank you for what you have done for me."

Nerves; Lack of Vitality. - ". . . I am not so nervous as I was, and have more energy and vitality."

Nerves and terrible Lassitude. - "After four weeks I am already feeling a great deal better and not nearly so irritable or tired; I cannot tell you how grateful I am."

Nerves, Indigestion and Liver. - "Better than before I knew about you. I can get downstairs now . . . all my friends say I look better, and I am eating my food."

Neurasthenia. - ". . . I am persevering with the treatment and I believe that it is healing me slowly but surely. My headaches have practically ceased and my sleep is much better, so I am anxious to continue till I am quite restored."

Pernicious Anaemia. - ". . . Greatly improved, taken out in a bath-chair for the first time for twelve weeks."

Rheumatoid Arthritis. - "The patient seems brighter, and the doctor reports she is much better from his point of view."

Rheumatism. - "No gastric turn since I began the treatment; rheumatic left knee as free as the right."

Stiffened Hand, Wrist and Leg. - "My hand is better, I can move the wrist and my leg is much better."

Sciatica and Neuritis. - ". . . We have both recovered our general health and have been relieved from the agonising pain."

Tuberculosis. - ". . . I am very glad to state that my wife is improving; the doctor is giving better reports. . . . I thoroughly believe that the improvement is the work of God."


Undeveloped Thyroid. - "Shall be glad of another month's treatment for my baby of eighteen months - two doctors gave us very little hope. There has been a great improvement in the last four weeks. She has several teeth, and can almost sit alone. Hope I am not asking for too much, but feel so thankful to have a sure cure."

General. - (i) "My second report; if your treatment is not miraculous I don't know what is. I am forgetting my ills and ails so fast that I can make no special report of any of them." (2) "I have begun to write about your self-sacrificing work of mercy to other societies. I gave an account of my own case which three Panel doctors could not cure, and if it is not a miracle, what is?" (3) "I consider that I am cured."

Violent Temper of Many Years Duration. - "She is like a new woman, the attacks grew less and less, and she is now most pleasant and happy, can hardly believe it; she and others are saved much suffering."

Unsteady. - "My son is greatly improved, doing well in his profession and keeping very steady, thanking the good God and your little packet which he always wears."

Home Difficulties. - "I am giving the water unknown to him; much more easy to live with."

The Food Shortage. - "She was so full of faith that she asked if she might feed on the water in order to pay her debts. She was told she could take less food but that the food shortage was for times of need."

Animal Section. - "A large dog, a valuable guard, who had a dreadful skin disease and was given up by three veterinary surgeons, has now only a tiny sore place left."

The Bank Section. - (1) "My financial outlook has improved." (2) "I am more successful in my finances." (3) "I have a legacy left me." (4) "Never been able to make both ends meet before."

Please note that it is useless to call at the London address.

It is sufficient and better to send only your Name (Mr., Mrs. or Miss), Address, and to make a LIST of your complaints.

In view of growing correspondence please enclose an addressed envelope.


This work will prove itself to be the ONE THING NEEDFUL, the cure for all diseases, ailments, and defects, the remedy for all difficulties for all persons in all places.

It is very unlikely that much more will be written upon these subjects, for the day of the letter, which certainly killeth - for all men have died under it - is fast drawing to a close and the Spirit which giveth Life is actively at work. If it were not so, we could not conclude our book, as we are doing, with the invitation-

"Ho! 'everyone that thirsteth (for deliverance from any and every ill) come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.'"



1.  Recent Words from Christ upon the War. Third Edition = A remarkable  series of inspirational writings which are proving their origin by their fulfillment.

2.  Brushes with the Bishops. Second Edition. = A most illuminating book describing some preliminary skirmishes between a woman and the Episcopate upon the New Revelation.

3.  Keys to the Whole Body of Truth. Second Edition. =  A short and succinct epitome of the Great Prophetic Visition to England (1792-1918) through seven "angels" or messengers.

4.  The Voice of the Seventh angel. (Out of print. For Addenda see page 106.) = The Final Word of the Great Visitation which led to its present operations.

5.  Letters from Angel-Land. Demy 4to. = A book for children.  Music.  Pictures by J. Scott-Calder.  Written to teach the children of the day to prepare to welcome the Lord at His Coming.

6.  The Word of the Mother Jerusalem unto the Arch-Bishops and Bishops of the Church of England. =  The rejection of these firm yet gentle pleadings with the Bishops are the final proof of the obduracy of the Episcopacy.

7.  The Doctrines of the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost. =  An epitome of the New Revelation which should care-fully be studied by all applying for the Royal Seal.

8.  Early Dawn of the Great prophetical Visitation to England, Being Extracts from the Work of Jane Lead, prophetess. = With this fascinating volume are bound up the Doctrines of the Dispensation (see 7) and Tracts Nos. 9 & 10.

9.  The Life-Boat to the Rescue of the Sinking church.

10. Healing for All. The Greatest Discovery of Any Age. = A dramatic outcome of Joanna Southcott's Visitation.


11. The Writings of the Holy Ghost. = Daily inspirational writings from 1919 up to the present moment - the Lord's Daily Bread for His gathering flocks.

12.  The Panacea. = The organ of the Healing Work of the Panacea society.


1.   Les Clefs

      La Voix du Septieme Angel (addenda).

2.   Les Ecrits du Saint-Esprit. chacune.

      12 brochures.

All the above can be obtained from the Panacea Society.



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