Extracts from

The Works of Jane Lead


(1623 to 1704)

"The world will remain under the domination of the
Serpent until the coming of a woman like unto Eve
(before the fall) and of a Man like unto Adam (the
Immortal Adam), who shall vanquish the evil Serpent
and him who rides thereon."

Zohar I, folio 1456.



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Basic Errors of Present-Day Cults
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When a machine does not fulfil its functions, the possessor naturally exclaims, "There is something wrong with the mechanism!" and proceeds to have it adjusted. When, after weary travel, a man does not reach the town or city towards which he thought he was tending, he cries out, "I must be on the wrong road!" When a country perceives that its foreign and home politics do not achieve results approximating to the promises of the party it has elected, the people declare, "We must have a change of Government!"

Can we not apply the idea of the desirability of making a change, when a change seems to be the only remedy, to a wider area than in the instances cited above, in fact to the widest area, even to the management of the whole world?

That there is something wrong with the management of the world no one will deny; but it seems so vast an affair that, so far, few have sought for a practical scheme of world-wide reformation. Allowing that the world is an area too vast to deal with, at the first outset we can commence with our own country, seeing that if England gets right, the whole world will follow suit, and moreover, until she does so, things will get worse and worse, and we may state here that the remedy for all the world's trials is in safe keeping in England. But to return to the incontestable statement that "the times are out of joint," the position is somewhat as follows:- So used is the human race to sin, sickness, poverty, sorrow and death, that no one moves to get them remedied. But consider the insecurity and the misery of human life! Strong and healthy to-day, one may find oneself a prey to an insidious disease, or the victim of some accident to-morrow, and even if well oneself, are not thousands wretchedly ill? If one is well off at the moment, the wheel of circumstance may easily turn us and our families into abject poverty, and even if we are permitted to be in affluence, are not millions barely able to keep body and soul together? Do not most front doors shut from the world's eye some private sorrow, and are there not enough institutions and hospitals, work-houses and prisons, to give public testimony to the world's miseries? But the crowning point is that well or sick, rich or poor, happy or miserable, death is bound to come to haul us to the grave, en route for some bourne from which no traveller has yet returned to give any reliable account.

Now this sort of thing has been going on for 6,000 years, and seeing that the Bible promises quite a different state of affairs, intimating that there shall be no more sorrow nor pain and that


death itself will cease, many thoughtful people are beginning to ask of God -

"When comes the promised time  
That war shall be no more?
And lust, oppression, crime,
Shall flee Thy face before?"

Taught by the Church to pray -

"O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free
Thine own from Satan's tyranny;

*    *    *    *

Disperse the gloomy clouds of night,
And death's dark shadows put to flight,"

they naturally begin to wonder how much longer things are going on as they are at present!

Looking out on a world that is obviously going down hill, are we not justified in asking the clergy, "Can there be anything wrong with the mechanism of the Church? Are you sure you know THE RIGHT WAY? Can we possibly have got on a wrong road? Under what government can we be, seeing that 'the promises' of the Scriptures do not fulfil?"

While writing this preface, a little book was put into my hands called, "An Englishman's farewell to his Church," where he says:- ''Men are leaving you because you have nothing to give them. . . If you could give them what you profess to give them, then would this earth be like heaven. . . . I am leaving you because I want to live my tiny, earthly life, without unsatisfactory compromise and distracting adjustments," and the writer heads his little tract with these pregnant words from Lycidas, "The hungry sheep look up and are not fed." That his reasons for leaving the Church are foolish, does not do away with the fact that, had he been better instructed in the Church's true position, as merely a guardian and teacher of the "common salvation" - the salvation of the soul alone ("the glory of the moon"), under the order of Levi - a priesthood which serves only to aid people to die - he would have been able quietly to wait for her coming acceptance of the "so great salvation" of body, soul and spirit, under the order of Melchizedek, the order of the "endless life" ("the glory of the sun").

The old world is dying - let it die, but rise up all ye who desire to dwell in the Golden Age of the New Life, in which pain and sorrow, sin and death shall not be so much as remembered! The Levitical priesthood teaches us to sing, "We must wait for heaven, then the day will come," but they are WRONG, the day is here, the great new day is dawning, the place is here, the kingdom is being established on the earth, the time is here, for NOW is the day of salvation from sin and sorrow, pain and death!

The Churches see "in part"; they see naught but a life in heaven reached by way of the grave, and men such as he who writes this


pathetic farewell to his Church, are persons who see more than the clergy see, but they do not see all. The soul must be saved truly, and the Church nobly teaches repentance and faith in the sacrifice of Jesus, whereby alone such a salvation can be obtained, but now must she add to her Faith, VIRTUE, which means LIFE, and this Book of Extracts from Jane Lead's teachings will be useless to any who do not seek life, LIFE ON EARTH in a redeemed, restored body, for, let not any suppose that those who follow these teachings, desire to live for ever in a diseased body, amid distressing circumstances! Jesus Christ is "the Saviour of the Body," to save it from all that it needs to be saved from, and only the modern prophets know how this is to be done.

PRIEST v. PROPHET - yes, once more the old combat is reviving! The PRIEST has had a long innings and now the PROPHET takes the field and none too soon, for the mechanism of the Church is faulty, the Priests are on the wrong road and the government we are under is Satanic.

Now the facts are, that the priests have no knowledge of the WAY OF LIFE, for never are the priests entrusted with the Lord's secrets, and they are leading their flocks down the wrong road, to the destruction of the body in the grave, in spite of the fact that the Lord God hates death and proclaims Himself to be the God of the LIVING, saying, "They that hate Me love death," and declaring that "God made not death, but made man Immortal, an image of His Own Eternity" (Wisdom iii.). Life beyond the grave is their goal and a diseased and dying world is the result. As we said above, the priests are on the WRONG ROAD. They have taken the immortality of the soul (which was taught from all time) to be quite a remarkable doctrine, requiring that they themselves should labour it in season and out of season and should urge their people to strive to get it, whereas the simple Gospel for those who will die (the Incorruptibles) is, "Repent and believe the Good News that all souls are saved by the blood of Jesus." Let us get this clear that priests and people alike, who seek death and what they call "rest in the grave," are on the "broad road" to the destruction of the very body, which the Lord came to redeem from the power of death, and that while men and women go on walking down this road, and bring into being, children who will go down it also, the world will languish in misery, pain, disease and sin, from which death is some sort of a deliverance, but not the deliverance ordained by God. He would have all men to return to the Tree of Life and to become Immortal, i.e., conformed to the Image of the Living Man, Christ Jesus, Who still lives in the Body in which He was crucified.

The steady, continuous fall of those houses of cards called kingdoms, governments, philanthropies - social, civil and religious - draws attention to conditions which can no longer be covered up, and even the newspapers are calling out for a "lead" from the Church, a lead which she cannot give. Why cannot she give it?


Because no other times have been as these times and they are the LAST TIMES, and she is unprepared to meet them. Loving death, she will have plenty to do to help the Incorruptibles to pass over to the other side, but the School of the Prophets who have ever preached LIFE and deliverance from the grave, will have to help the Immortals, until the Church sees for herself that she has no substantial mysteries, and that the shadows or Lesser Mysteries (the Sacraments) have failed to satisfy the people. The secret of the Lord is with the prophets - a "goodly fellowship," which has "the fellowship of the mystery" of Life, and this is not surprising, for "the Lord God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets" (Amos iii. 7). How then can the priests pretend that they have knowledge of the mysteries?

Well "the world is dying" as we said before, that is, the world that has made agreement or covenant with Death is dying, and things will become so confused that many will cry, "We see not our tokens," they have only to add, "There is not one prophet more," for us who have knowledge, to be able to reply, "That is where you make your mistake, there are seven prophets more than you know of!" These are the seven English prophets of whom Jane Lead is the forerunner or precursor. Revealing the beautiful story of the coming redemption as a whole, yet her work is like the rainbow, capable of being broken up into seven prismatic colours and, what is more important, there is not failing aught of what the Lord God hath promised through the instrumentality of Jane Lead and of the seven prophets, who have delivered their seven messages since 1792, all is coming to pass!

Jane Lead's works and those of the seven, are one grand continuous prophecy, which, together with the Bible from Genesis iii.15 to Revelation xxii. is COMING TRUE; at this the "children of the Word" rejoice, lifting up their heads, for by those things which are coming to pass, they know that their redemption draweth nigh. Truly the promises of God are Yea and Amen!

Now if it were not so there is nothing in view for this world of ours but dissolution, and even as it is, the world will only be saved for the sake of "the remnant."

Madame Blavatsky gives the following extract from the Zohar in Vol. II, "Secret Doctrine," page 88:- "All worlds have been destroyed, because the form of the kings (men) had not been formed as it ought to be and the Holy City had not been prepared," and she says, "The plain meaning is simply this, worlds and men were in turn formed and destroyed. Why? Because the Holy City had not been prepared, and what is the Holy City? It is the Ma-qom, the secret place or shrine," and this is spoken of elsewhere as "the bosom of the Great Mother." Of this shrine, Jane Lead prophesies, and it is the gathering place of "the remnant" which will be saved in the coming overthrow.

We have come to a turning-point - to cross-roads. Man is supposed to have progressed and to be able to continue to progress, but what


is he or will he be with all his progression? He merely remains what he was in the beginning, namely Man. And even at that, is it not becoming seriously evident that he has reached a high-water mark and is retrogressing? Read the panegyric in the Antigone of Sopochles on MAN. What more could be said of man than was said then, and mark that Sopochles died 405 years before Christ. He says:-

"Wonders are many, none is there greater than Man, never
the future finds him resourceless. . . . Death alone vainly,
vainly he seeks to escape, 'gainst Death he is helpless."

Now we cannot say after 2,000 years, "Nous avons changé tout cela." Then where is progress? Did not Adam and his immediate successors do better in this respect than we do? Compare their 900 odd years with our three-score years and ten, were they not less "helpless" "'gainst death" than we? If to be a man and to keep on being a man is anything worth progressing in, we are hopelessly out of the running compared with the first men of our race, hence we deny progress in the race. Progress in learning, in inventions, in multiplying of goods and chattels, is not progress in the race! To prove that MAN has progressed, you must show a steady decline in disease and a growth in longevity. And this will never be done except by "the remnant," but by "the remnant" it will be done, for the end of the 6,000 years is upon us and, with it, the new Age sets in, the new Birth, the new Heaven and the new Earth, in fact "all things new."

Now the means that the Heavenly Husbandman is about to use upon the decaying race of men, are exactly the means which the earthly husbandman or gardener uses when a fruit tree is failing to give satisfaction - He is grafting it with a new stock or, carrying the simile into the animal creation, He is establishing a "cross" - cross-breeding - the cross spoken of in Ephesians ii.16, the cross which was not "foolishness" to the Greeks, for the disciples of Pythagoras knew what Paul, who knew only in part, did not know, namely, that God would impregnate man with His Own Life and thus would make his body Immortal. Of cross-breeding, Perdita says -

"Carnations and streak'd gilliflowers . . .
I've heard it said there is an art, which, in their piedness,
Shares with great Creating Nature."

Polyxenes replies -

"Say there be; yet Nature is made better by no mean,
But Nature makes that mean. . . . We marry
A gentler scion to the wildest stock;
And make conceive a bark of baser kind
By bud of nobler race: This is an art
Which does mend Nature - change it rather: but
The art itself is Nature."

(The Winter's Tale.)


Now this is the "change" alluded to by S. Paul and by means of "the cross"* it must be brought about, it is the only hope for the Race of Man.

It is useless for the clergy at this late hour, to beat out for us who know the truth, either ancient or modern tunes on the "Immortality of the soul," or of "life beyond the grave," these having nothing to do with what we are speaking of - which is the uplift of MAN, of Humanity. A man is no longer a man when he is dead, the Bible says plainly, "the spirit returns to God who gave it." A life in Heaven lived in spirit, has nothing to do with the Hope of the ages - all who go to Heaven have missed the Hope of the ages, which is the Restoration of MAN, body and soul to his primeval condition of health, of sinlessness and of immunity to death. "These all died not having received the promise," what could be plainer? What promise? The promise of the Immortality of the BODY - called in the Bible, "possessing the land."

A percentage of people, perhaps not more than 144,000 - "the remnant" in fact - will see the Restitution of all things, and in spite of the clergy who would prefer to bury them, will choose Life in place of Death and will secure it through "the cross" whereby of TWAIN (the God-man and woman) He will make one New man (a God-man). Nothing else will conform man to the Image of Jesus Christ, for He has retained His Body and those who die lose their bodies, though by His Death and out-poured Blood the soul is saved.

This Book of Extracts from the writings of one who knew that men must be made into gods, is opportune at a moment when, if the "change" did not commence, the creation known as Man, would be wiped out. As it is, the Incorruptible fold will be filled up quickly, the Immortals and the Aliens (the Aliens are those who will live for 1,000 years,) will possess the Earth and the Fifth Kingdom will be a fait accompli.

It does not seem generally understood that the Five Kingdoms on earth are Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Man and God - the transition or change between the last two, has now to be effected and, fortunately for the world, the gathering "into one place" of the "little children of the God-kingdom" in order that they may be "changed," is in process.

If you belong to the Incorruptible fold, that is, if you are going to die, all this will not interest you - you were not taught it in spirit before you came down and it will sound ridiculous to you, but if you are destined, pre-destined to live and not to die, you will feel stirred and will never rest till you know more, for these things being "brought to your remembrance," you will recognize them as being for you and you will know that the call has come to gather "the Elect" from all places where they are scattered.

For Man to progress, he must not go back, if as "spirit" he

* The St. Andrew's Cross - X (which is for the Body), not the Latin Cross - Æ (which is for the Soul).


returns to where he came from, he has retrogressed (gone back), for spirit is LESS than soul and spirit, and soul and spirit are LESS than body, soul and spirit. To progress, man must become MORE than man, not less than man, and to lose the body makes the progress of MAN impossible. Keep it well in mind that, whatever the joys of Heaven, the loss of the body can never be recovered and that you were sent to earth to receive a body, which it is impossible for you to lose, if you be one who stood with Michael (Jesus Christ). Here you see the three names of the three possessions, Jesus - body, Michael - soul, Christ - Divine Spirit, and in Jesus these Three are ONE making a perfect God-man and naught else is progress.

The soul comes through the ages by the process of heredity and the experiences which have caused the re-incarnation theories, are in the soul through heredity - they are not in the spirit nor in the body. One spirit can only be allied to one soul and both can only reside in one body. A spirit could not minister to 26 souls (cf. Buddha), nor could a body cover 26 souls - but in one soul there can be and are the 26 or more experiences of the ancestors.

Now man will never become more than man except Christ be grafted into him, and he cannot be thus honoured and blessed (wounded for the impregnation) except he be first grafted into Christ,* for his soul must be saved by repentance and faith in the blood of Jesus, before he can gain the body as a temple. For man to progress as man, it is both useless and dangerous. As 6 he is man pure and simple, ready to be redeemed, as 66 he has multiplied himself intellectually and is in danger of becoming 666 which is a devil-man. Here he has multiplied himself intellectually and spiritually and becomes Anti-Christ. Therefore man is needed to be man at his simplest in order that he may receive the Gift of God - the graft of God-life. "Cease ye from man" means that you must cease from man other than yourself certainly, but also you must cease from all your ambitions to multiply yourself as man. God Himself will now bring a full stop to man's operations in this direction, and men will die rapidly, lest they should become monstrosities in days when learning (all on wrong lines, for Truth has been hidden) has taken simplicity away and the average man is too complex to be redeemed.

Let those who love death die by all means, it is better to cease to be a man than not to become a God-man - but let not such persons assume any superiority as they descend into the pit, where the body is for ever lost, and let the Levitical Priesthood, which ministers to death, know that they are infinitely less than the Melchizedek priesthood which ministers to the endless life, even as silver is less than gold and the glory of the moon is less than the glory of the sun. (I Cor. xv. 41; Heb. vii.16.)

"Christ in you" is the "HOPE of glory," but none hath through all the ages realized the hope, else they could not have died. It is spoken

* "I in you" refers to Redemption, "ye in Me" refers to Salvation.


of as a HOPE, a HOPE which must be realized by persons who will prove they possess it - by living immortally on earth. The joyful experiences of a saved soul, leads persons to suppose that the spirit, which is upon them, is in them, and Jacob Boehme, Jane Lead, William Law and hundreds of mystics, mistook the "overshadowing" for an "In-dwelling." The time is come for the "In-dwelling" and such as receive the graft must come under the immediate tutelage of the Great Husbandman, in a prepared place, where they will be saved from the general cataclysm, in order to be "changed," else there is no reason for saving anyone. All these things are taught in the Great Sevenfold Angelic and Prophetic Visitation to England, the New Revelation for the New Era of the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost which is beginning its OPERATIONS (Divine Magia) in the New Jerusalem which is England - the old Jerusalem being in Palestine.

We have no hesitation in declaring that no religion nor cult nor any individual whatsoever, outside of this Visitation, has the whole Truth. All the churches split on their non-understanding of the two "Salvations" - the "Common Salvation" being for the soul only and the "so great Salvation" or Redemption being for SOUL and BODY also - they preach a half-truth and see in part. Differences in ritual or in non-ritual and such like, are details, a Quaker and a Roman Catholic and all the intermediate sects and churches are equally wrong and equally short-sighted, if they do not know that the BODY itself must be saved from death. Theosophy is wrong also - it has very meagre ideas upon the redemption of the body, is less sound on the soul's salvation than the first sections mentioned, and is totally at sea on re-incarnation - its results are nil, except that much data, useful to those who are "the wise" and understand the old mysteries, is collected. We need not speak of the foolishness of Christian Science, but the uselessness of Spiritualism, for those who wish to live, must be emphasized. The Incorruptibles who have gained IMMORTALITY OF SOUL only, know nothing of the Immortal state of the BODY, and to correspond with them is as sensible, on the part of the remnant and the Aliens, as it is for persons living in one country to insist on focussing entirely on another which they will never see. Also we must speak plainly upon Higher Thought and its multifarious ramifications in England and America. All its theories have their root in teachings which are false and which may be summed up in a belief that "Christ in you" is not a Hope, as the Scriptures plainly state it, but is an established fact of man's existence, in fact all Mysticism has the same false basis. Jacob Boehme can be as wrong as anyone else if his primary thesis or point of departure be wrong, and here we make a final and decisive statement, namely, that ALL MAN'S TEACHINGS ARE WRONG and that PROPHECY alone is the WITNESS that Jesus is teaching.

Let those who love THE MASTER seek into His WITNESS and know that as "He doeth nothing but what He seeth the


Father do," so is He following His Father's methods to-day and is teaching through Prophets - who consequently hold the secrets, and, through His teachings, know what, from the day of the Fall onwards, no man has known until it was revealed in 1824 to John Wroe, namely, what actually was the SIN of the FALL, and without that knowledge no man can know the Remedy. Yet even when man knows the Remedy none but woman can apply it for his benefit.

We place before the world the incontestable fact that the END of EVIL has come (there is no end to good), that England is the scene of the last encounter, that the Lord's Kingdom will be established in England, and that since 1666 the PLAN of REDEMPTION from sin, sickness, sorrow, pain and from the powers of the Devil and from Death, have been set forth thus:-

(1) As a prophetic whole by Jane Lead. (1681-1704.)

(2) Split up into the seven prismatic colours and given forth by
Brothers, Joanna Southcott, George Turner, William Shaw,
John Wroe, Jezreel and Helen Exeter in succession. (1792-1918.)

(3) As an operative whole now being set forth by Octavia and
by Rachel Fox, supported by the Four, the Twelve and the
gathering "remnant."


"I sent unto you through My Prophets, saith the Lord."

Jeremiah xxix. 19.

September 1922.


Jane Lead's style is difficult, but extremely original and to some ears it is even fascinating. Seekers after the Truth will unravel each sentence and will laugh at the learned men who, because they are baffled by her wisdom, call her writing "preposterous" and "pedantic." Her chief mannerism is the long distance she puts between the nominative and its verb, but gradually, becoming accustomed to this, one can enjoy the originality of the arrangement of her sentences. We have maintained the setting of the original text throughout, except in a very few cases where, probably in the transcription, the sense was entirely obscured. The truth is that only those who are initiated, can understand the writings, and transcribers, who have no notion of what she is enunciating, could hardly fail to confuse the issue.


We have been unable, thus far, to obtain her chief work - "The Fountain of Gardens" - at the moment we are hoping to do so and to add the Extracts as Addenda.


Those who never expect the Promises of God to materialize, care nothing for His Glory. "Father glorify Thy Name," our Lord cried - knowing well that the corn of wheat must actually fall into the ground and die, to materialize the Prophecies of the Perfect Man and of His work for the Soul. We who are in the possession of the fuller knowledge, that the Woman must be perfected also and must do a work, a "greater work" for the Body, cry, "Father, glorify Thy Name again!"

Therefore we send out this book with the ascription.

Ad Majoram Gloriam Dei






Authoress of "Revelation on Revelation," "The Mystery of God in
Woman," "The Truth about Shiloh in the Bible," "The Finding of
Shiloh, or the Mystery of God 'finished'," etc., etc.


The works of Jane Lead have been allowed to sink into oblivion by the Churches which should have held them in reverential preservation. This has been partly because the river of Life, declared to be coming into existence by ancient and medieval prophecy, has been purposely allowed to run underground until such time as it was to issue from the temple of the body itself, but it is also because of the devil's influence that the Church has ignored or stifled any signs that individuals were being prepared to testify to a Real Presence which was actively cutting a way for itself by prophecy and persons. Only "when that which is perfect has come" can that which has been "in part" vanish away. The written word of prophecy that God would manifest as the Father, had to become flesh in Man before John could say, "The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory as of the only begotten of the Father." Equally so, when the Second Coming takes place there will be found a written word of prophecy, in which it is set forth that, whereas the first Coming was a manifestation of the Father, the second Coming will be a manifestation of the Divine Mother, known in the Scriptures as "Jerusalem above, the Mother of us all," "the Bride," the "other Comforter." Moreover will there be persons who, like St. John, can testify that this Word also is "made flesh" and dwells among us and it will be impossible to gainsay the fact, because the works will manifest the truth that She is able to impart a new life to the bodies of those who are willing to receive Her, even as Jesus imparts a heavenly life to the souls who receive Him.

Now the reason why disrepute has fallen upon the work of the modern prophets to whom has been entrusted the setting forth of the divine Mission of the Heavenly Mother, and the near approach of the divine kingdom upon earth, is the fact that the prophets themselves expected it to manifest in their own day and many laboured to bring to pass the Word which they faithfully indited, instead of waiting for its proper development "in the fulness of time." Jane Lead, who was one of the first heralds of the Divine Mother's approach, was so impressed by the Spirit's constant declarations of the need of personal purification, before Israel could be conformed to the Image of Christ and live immortally on earth, that it was small wonder that she gave propulsive impetus to the creed which is at the root of New Thought movements and which is expressed by the words "Christ in you."

Indeed she believed that even with her worn-out body of 76 years, the Spirit of Christ dwelt within her, but she died, like the Hebrew


heroes, not having received the Promises though believing in them, so it is clear that the Life of Christ shone upon her, but did not inhabit her temple.

The words "Christ in you" attract a stamp of mind which is feverishly anxious to be made perfect by the short cut of ascetism or soul-development, and there are others who believe that "reckoning" Christ is in them will work the miracle. These fail to see that only when the seed of immortal life becomes more than a faith and a hope, having really been passed over from God to man, can they find that life rooted in the earthly soil. Now, while we should be thankful to be warned of this sin of presumption, based as it is on an erroneous interpretation of a doctrine not justified by FACTS, it should not make us blind to the FACT itself, when the great transaction has been accomplished and when the proofs are establishing themselves, that the gulf between God and man has, for a second time, been bridged over. As all divine teaching comes to us by symbols and allegories until the Person Itself comes, so have we regarded the Coming of the Holy Ghost as sufficiently concrete for us under the imagery of oil, unction, water, bread, former and latter rain, dove, wings, love and motherliness, but the study of the prophets should have shown us that they would be embodied in a personality.

As one who has been chosen to set forth a divine Mission, the development of which has amazed no one more than myself, I do, here and now, state that Jane Lead's prophecy, made so long ago as 1680-1704 is, to my direct and personal knowledge, now in fulfilment, and once more I call upon all who desire the Kingdom of Christ to be set up upon the earth, to investigate the teachings embodied in these Writings and in the books of the seven modern English prophets. In doing so, they will assuredly learn the things which belong to their peace. I am willing to answer any enquiries addressed to me at Wodehouse Place, Falmouth.

                                             Rachel J. Fox.


An Original Advertisement Of Jane Lead's Works

WHEREAS some things have been scandalously set forth, and printed under the name of this Author, to the reproach of truth, and the dishonour of that which is holy, it is thought fit for the putting a stop to such impostures, and the evil which might thence ensue, to give a Catalogue of the books which the Author has hitherto published.

or the Ascension Ladder. 1682. Pp. 40.

An Essay towards the Unsealing, Opening, and Discovering of the seven seals, the seven thunders, and the New Jerusalem state. 1683. Pp. 130.

found out by a Spiritual Traveller. 1694. Pp. 38.

Given forth by Wisdom to a translated spirit. 3 Vol. 1695. Pp. 69.

manifested in the variety of Eight Worlds, as they were made known experimentally to the Author. 3 Vol. 1695. Pp 89.


And there will shortly be published by the same Author, THE TREE OF FAITH or The Tree of Life springing up in the Paradise of God.




from various sources relating to Jane Lead


It is difficult to obtain much information on the life of Jane Lead, but the following extracts from various books will be of interest.


From "A Suggestive Enquiry into the Hermetic Mystery,"
Edited by W. L. Wilmshurst, p. 57.

"The writings of Jacob Boehme, the profound theosophist of Prague, and those of the Pordage and Lead School, may not be undervalued, since these enthusiasts were all on the same original track, and the first would seem to have attained something better even than a view of the Promised Land."


From Blackie and Son's "Popular Encyclopedia," p 577.

"Boehme's writings were published in English by William Law. A sect taking their names from Boehme was formed in England and in 1652, Jane Lead, an enthusiastic admirer of his, established a particular society for the explanation of his writings under the name of the Philadelphists. It is said that such a society still exists. John Pordage, an English physician, is also well known as a commentator on Boehme."


Jane Lead was one of the Founders of the Philadelphian Society (1652)
and is mentioned in "Chambers' Encyclopedia" thus:-

"Philadelphians, a mystic sect emphasising 'brotherly love,' founded in London in 1652 under the influence of Boehme by
Dr. John Pordage and Mrs. Lead and others. lt had for a time a branch in Holland, but disappeared early in the 18th century."


Extract from a letter from W. L. Wilmshurst, Esq.

"Dr. Pordage who worked with Jane Lead was a medical man at Bradfield, but being ostracised for his religious opinions, came to London and worked with the Philadelphian Society founded by Jane Lead and her son-in-law the Rev. Francis Lee and others. They started a magazine (somewhat like 'The Seeker') called 'Transactions of the Philadelphian Society,' which contains some excellent things, but it only ran to four numbers and these are practically unprocurable now. They can be seen at the Magazine Section of the British Museum. The best writer of their school was the Rev. Robert Roach, author of 'The Impending Crisis' and 'The Imperial Standard of Christ-Triumphant,' which are occasionally to be picked up from second-hand dealers. Dr. Pordage's


writings were 'Theologia Mystica' and one or two other small treatises, quite on the lines of Boehme and expounding him. He is much more metaphysical than Jane Lead. One forms the impression that Jane Lead was a masterful sort of woman who only allowed Pordage to play second fiddle to herself and had an overweening sense of her own importance as a prophetess. On first coming upon them, her writings appear very valuable, but they strike one as less so on further acquaintance, and the general movement of which they were an offshoot, that seemed promising, came to nothing. Any book of Extracts will be incomplete without selections from her chief work, 'The Fountain of Gardens.'

If you care to go to Dr. William's Library in Gordon Square and ask to see the 'Christopher Walton collection,' you would find a considerable body of literature dealing with Boehme and the post-Boehme movement of which the Lead-Pordage school was a part. The information you want is perhaps all summarised in Walton's 'Memorial of William Law.' Pordage has never been reprinted since his books were issued at end of 17th century and they are therefore scarce."


From "The Seeker," Vol. 7. p. 196.

"Two hundred years ago those who are regarded as the great classical Christian mystics, whether men or women, achieved their marvellous heights of spiritual life and God-consciousness under conditions of sexual separation, and usually in the monastery or in the convent, as the case might be. Their long line terminated in the sixteenth century in two contemporaries: S. Juan de la Cruz upon the male, and S. Teresa upon the female side. Within a hundred years one finds the inception of a novel mystical method - the spectacle of a concerted effort to realize God. The outstanding instances are, within the Roman Church though under its official censure, Madame Guyon and Archbishop Fenelon, and, in the more liberal Protestant community, their co-evals Jane Lead and Dr. John Pordage. The case of the former pair is more notorious than that of the latter; but their environment obstructed the development of their joint efforts and ecclesiastical persecution made impossible the bequest of any full memorial thereof. The work of the latter pair however resulted in an abundance of literary records indicating the value of their labours, the profundity of their spiritual research and the riches of the graces they experienced; but as these remains have not been reprinted since their first issue two centuries ago they are less known than they deserve to be and are almost inaccessible."


From "The Mystery of God in Woman," by Rachel J. Fox, p. 21

Jane Lead. - "About 150 years after Postel, between 1623 and 1704 a certain Jane or Joan Lead, received revelations of a very pure and exalted nature. These are printed in what is


called 'Sixty Propositions to the Philadelphian Society, whithersoever dispersed as the Israel of God.' In this Prophecy is set forth the future rise of the Philadelphian Church, depicted in the Apocalypse as the ideal Church.

It is implied that this church had not yet risen but was already being called out from among the churches. In proposition 14 we read:-

'Of the stem of David, a Virgin Church which has known nothing of man nor of human constitution (i.e., which is not dependent on human wisdom) is yet to be born.

Proposition 15. - And if yet to be born, then it will require some considerable time before it gets out of its minority and arrives at full and mature age.

Proposition 16. The birth of this Virgin Church was visionally typified to S. John by "A great wonder in heaven" bringing forth the first-born which was caught up to the throne of God. (Rev. xii.)

Proposition 17. For as a virgin woman brought forth Christ after the flesh, so likewise is a virgin woman designed by God, to bring forth the first-born after the spirit, who shall be filled with the Holy Ghost and with power.

Proposition 18. The Virgin that is here designed, must be of a pure Spirit, so also of a clarified body, and all over impregnated with the Holy Spirit.

Proposition 19. This Church so brought forth and signed (elsewhere "sealed" with the mark of the Divine name), shall be adorned with miraculous gifts and powers beyond what ever yet hath been.'

Jane Lead had to bear the usual crop of scorn, ridicule and suffering which follows every servant of the Word of God spiritually imparted to mortals, but her pronouncement came into print and was not destroyed even as Postel's was not destroyed. By means of the press, God protects the essential utterances of His prophets, causing them to be revived in later centuries when their witness is required.'



(See page x.)

At the last moment and after a vain search for the "Fountain of Gardens," a large box of Joanna Southcott MSS. was sent to the writer. The first book which was opened contained the following Extract from this important volume. As it is the only extraneous matter amid some hundreds of Joanna's Writings, its arrival, as we were correcting the last proofs, will be recognized to be more than a coincidence. This Extract in itself is sufficient to establish the truth that the New Birth is a thing apart from all Heavenly spiritual manifestations up to this present - this fact being expressed through Jane Lead thus:-

"Your golden oil shall not be as formerly by way of gifts now and then."



Extract from Jane Lead's Book, called

"The Fountain of Gardens"

December 7th, 1676.

"In the night season, after some rising ejaculations had ascended, falling into a sleep, I was suddenly awaked as if some person had been with me, which, in some kind of fear, I rose up to see, but saw nothing, so, lying still in the consideration a little while, I felt sensibly a hand all over spread upon me, with an influence of great heat at which I marvelled what it should signify. Then this word spake saying, 'Fear not, this hand is stretched out for to compass the birth and by the heat to fix the Life in pregnancy,* that it might be beyond the Dragon's power any more for to slay. He cannot cease to watch it with an evil eye, for which cause I have overshadowed thee with My airy (spirit) body, which may bring forth accordingly as faith shall operate in its own Mystery, which is the great thing whereby the paradisaical world shall spring again, without toil and care. This cannot be until such a birth be brought forth that hath all faith to go forth with all power and without guilt of sin (for that quencheth the zeal of love and bird-limes the wings of faith, it is also a twisting cord to bind down the eagle-body, but is able to free itself from all that brought it under the bondage of evil). Now this renewing birth set your minds full upon, for it will be to you the Noah that will comfort you, by restoring you a new world from which the curse will fly. I, your Jesus, must abide in My heavenly Reservatory till this birth in you grow ripe, for it is the Elias that will come in another and more perfect ministration than ever yet hath been that must prepare the coming of Me, your Lord from Heaven, Who left this work to be accomplished by the birth of the Holy Ghost, which was to bring forth the most perfect restoration, that so you might come to know Elias's track, through the burning chariot for translation. It will certainly fall upon some that have been unto it predstinated to bring forth the mighty Elias in Spirit, as the first-born in Wisdom's day, to go before and overturn and to make ready for My absolute reign yet to be in the earth in order to the new Jerusalem's descending glory. Therefore take heed to be circumspect, believing this birth for to see, wing up your faith and pray and travail mightily, that you may be those worthy ones to bear a living testimony for Me, for a great and weighty government will be entrusted unto you when Wisdom's birth shall be fully ripened. A much more glorious state than that of Solomon's shall be established upon this ghostly nativity; instead of a terrestrial, there shall be a celestial greatness of dominion from this birth's lilies' springing, that hath, like the Two Witnesses, been long slain in the seed and buried over in the earth, so as to be forgotten in the world. But now expect the rising of them up in each of you who shall stand as olive trees before Me still! Naturaly flowing out, your golden oil, it shall not be as formerly, by way of gift; now and then, but this fatness and olive sweetness shall spring out of your own root-being, hereunto fully changed, then you will know the constant and fixed state and no more want your eternal bride and mate."

* "And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, etc" (Rev. xii.). cf. George Turner's prophecy, February 1st, 1815. ''Man does not discern My working upon My Bride. I placed My Shadow in Joanna to show how I would work in man My great work, that they may be born of My Spirit, by MY SPIRIT WORKING IN THEM LIFE."  There is no other way to obtain LIFE, for there is no effect without a cause. Note that the oil is to spring out of "your own root-being" when CHANGED and the process of the changing is only known to those who have followed the Lord step by step in this Visitation.




(1624 to 1700).


Published 1681.


Page 5. - What may be expected in the great Nuptial-day of this Feast, when the Holy Trinity shall descend, in the ascended angels of time for the celebration of the Marriage with the Lamb, and Bride? What joys and glories are now renewed? for now appears the glorified person of Christ for a public owning of His ascended ones; and crieth in His Father's, and His Own, and the Holy Ghost's Name, saying, These are those in whom I will be glorified; the long-sealed fountain is broke open; the everlasting mountains drop down the powers of the Holy Ghost. Come all ye who have laboured and not fainted, and have yet kept up your faith till this day, you are those that are to be fed and nourished with all the choice and precious fruits of the Tree of Life and are ordained to be those Josephs that shall give out of these heavenly stores, and maintain an open community to the thirsty and needy, that, in a Divine hunger are, that they may also be enriched, and partake of the same glory with you.

Page 7. - But now to return to them who all desirous are to taste of these choice and heavenly portions, who most readily do embrace their Lord and Bridegroom's call to this continued spiritual feast. Know it, that for you great things are prepared in the New Jerusalem, there to have communion in one spiritual body at one table, each one according to their measure, and degree which they have attained unto, without grudging at one another: for you may see how the Lord Christ hath set Himself forth in a four-fold transmutation in His heavenly humanity, for a feeding and strengthening life to four sorts and ranks of spirits, that all may participate according to their growth. (1) For new-born Babes. (2) For Children. (3) For the young Man's state. (4) For Elders or Fathers.

Page 8. - Great is the evil which hath, as a leprosy spread over all nations, kindreds and tongues; and truly the infection is got so deep in, that I see no cure herefor, until the mighty sealing angels do come forth with vials filled with the love-oil of the Holy Ghost, to pour forth everywhere, so that the Lord Christ's disjointed body may come bone to His bone, and member to its member.



Page 13. - Behold Michael, the prince of the new and everlasting covenant appeared unto me, speaking in these words: "I have seen thy soul's contrition and humiliation for the oppressed and desolated daughter of Sion, whose hurt and wound lieth still bleeding; I am come to inform thee what is to be done for the putting an end to all of this deplorable captivity, which hath lasted thus long, by reason there hath been lacking such Sion-mourners, that might be seriously affected, and inwardly afflicted for that inherent root of sin, as not having searched into the depth of the infecting matter which hath leavened the whole man, and kept him under this tyrannical servitude. I have waited in the office of mediatorship for such soul-afflicted mourners to come up unto Me, to spread and show Me all their internal woundings from first to last. . . . Thou art commissionated to declare what way must be followed for restitution as I have revealed it to thee; being what is designed by the Father. I am the way unto it to bring forth Life, which promised was from the first wound of sin, that was introduced by the Serpent into Adam, which all fully is to be healed by conformity to the Death with Me, going forward in the four-fold process; as the inward spiritual Death, Resurrection, Ascension, and Glorification. . . . So hereby shall the utmost salvation be wrought out by the mystery of Spiritual Dying, finishing with the following degrees which putteth an end to all of that evil the Fall hath brought in, I having reserved this as the highest wonder that is to be brought into manifestation."

Page 17. - Who is able to go through such a full and total death, to all that infection of sin which the first Adam brought in? We must say, "No one is sufficient, but the mighty God and Saviour, as by His Spirit coming to incarnate Himself in our flesh, Who hath the Key that openeth this mystical gate of death, and then to pass us through the vail of flesh." And for your comfort know, He goeth not to work violently all at once, but considers our mould and frame and allures the soul into it by degrees, setting before it its absolute necessity, forcing all by love-incitements to follow Him in this track of dying, despising the shame and contempt of it, as by faith seeing what glory, honour and immortality of life of the body with Christ will ensue hereupon.


Page 42. - Now having laid the foundation-stone with Christ in Spiritual Dying to our own evil, the arch-angel's trumpet soundeth for a resurrection in spirit, soul and body. God knows how to give the Spiritual seed a body after its own kind, that it may be suitably clothed upon, (The terrestrial body, 1 Cor. xv.)


First - There is a secret infused breath, after the manner as is expressed by Ezekiel, that gave life to the dry bones, which do very properly figure out the Resurrection of the soul. To which we may add, that which the Lord Christ also discoursed to Nicodemus, of the birth of the Spiritual man. So indiscernibly it cometh that none can see how this pure breath entereth in, but as it is felt for a quickening life, so it is with one that is born from the dead, as to the matter of its new consistency, which is from the superior and incorruptible element, which fashioned is, within this gross bodily figure as airy, thin and of a transparent purity, in which the spirit and soul moveth. But upon the first awakening to life, it may stir but weakly, so as a soul may not discern its own quickening life, because of stirring so slowly; but yet all the motions are working in a right and due order, increasing in strength from the eternal Root and Fountain of Life, and all comes on daily to grow strong in every organical faculty. And as it died to the corrupt animal rational sensitive life, and hath lost all of that, so it hath regained to a thousand-fold advantage by the Resurrection into a new principle. Here is felt a Divine animation of life that runneth into pure, high union with the Holy Trinity. . . . And whereas self-love was in the old body to be abrogated and denied, here it is all lawful to be owned, for now it loves the Holy Trinity in itself, and every spiritual member belonging to that eternal body as itself.

Page 46. - In the next place, this wisdom shall, in the spirit and soul, lay its platform in order to the restoring that virgin nature, and God-like simplicity, that have been deflowered through the subtlety of Reason. It is not to be said what wisdom cannot do, as it is in Marriage-union with God's omnipotency; where thence it will not go forth naked, but all clothed with power and strength, to effect strange and marvellous things, by way of plantation and regulation of this old creation, that now lieth drowned in the earthly craft, and Babylonish confusion; all which must fall, as this day of wisdom's resurrection comes to be manifested; for what shall be able to stand, when she opens her principle, where the powers of eternal nature will all be set awork to clothe the old face of things with a new spring of unfadable glory? Oh, there is great need for this day of wisdom's resurrection, that so this old corrupt figure of things may pass away, at which the children of the Resurrection shall not be dismayed, but rejoice to see this long-expected-day. . . . But how can such a high raised life consist with the present model? This is a state of life wholly peculiar to such who are born again from the dead: for it is not to be expected that others can altogether live so untouched, and unconcerned in the affairs of this mortal life. But them who are in special called out of the worldly multiplicities, and employs, for to be God's anointed priests and prophets and messengers, must act and live after such a spiritual way of consecrations different


from others that are not assigned to this holy separation; although, with Moses, it might be desired that the whole heritage of God were ordained prophets, and instituted for more high and heavenly services; which we may hope shall be wrought out in time by the mighty redeeming Hand of our Sion-king. . . . Blessed are those that can get discharged from all low and earthly impediments, to follow and mind this heavenly vocation which turns to the best of accounts!

Page 55. - We may observe that our Lord, after His resurrection, did shew Himself only to the brethren going in and out, living among them but short days, having other worlds and spheres to visit the inhabitants there; so it is with the risen in Christ who are His living witnesses. You will ask, what are they that so we may not be deceived in them? First, you may know them by their swift motion, and sublime faculties, going in and out as strangers, no longer dwellers upon the earth: their home is properly with the Lord and they can with their invisible spirit and body pass through divers unknown spheres, some times more immediate with the Deity, and other times with the order of glorified angels, and saints of high degree that have got beyond mortality; and then again return to be seen and known of such as are in this lower orb. The truth is they are so spiritually greatened by the birth of the Resurrection, that they cannot but despise all mortal terrestrial appearances of things in this low world; although while living in it, subject to the just and necessary things of it, in all moderation, while corporiety in its visible figure does remain, for Christ Himself did in his human body appear after His resurrection, and did eat common food with His disciples to prove all this might consist with a risen life. Then again you may know the risen in Christ by their designing only great and noble enterprises; they having got so much of God's nature into them, that they are straitened till they bring it forth into manifestation, in way of fruitful powers, acting God's great wonders upon the visible stage of this world.


Page 59. - Having passed through, and got over the Resurrection-step, and laid out the probation-hour; the heavens do open, and the bright cloud breaks, as the open gate for Ascension, to receive the spirit and soul that hath put on its risen body. . . . Every nation is all ascending towards its own centre. . . . All dues, debts, and demands being cleared in Christ the Life and Resurrection, Who also hath ransomed the soul from death, so that the Evil Accuser can bring no charge against arisen spirit, having once died to his kingdom; no, nor any of his worldly agents that would readily lay wait of earthly cares to keep down from mounting up to the Lamb's throne; but they have nothing to do in that principle in which ascending spirits are centred, as moving straight forward, not


looking back or down any more to what they are now redeemed from, keeping pace and maintaining their walks with the Holy Trinity, being so refreshed and satisfied, both as to place and company, that they mind and study no other thing but to become as fixed pillars, no more to come out, being answered there to the fulness of all joy.

Page 61. - Blessed are they who know themselves in the ascended state and are received as out of sight to be very much with Jesus, their Lord. How is that, you will say, to be out of sight and yet in sight amongst mortals? You are to understand it thus: That the soul and spirit in the sacred Divine body which it puts on in the Resurrection is so highly soaring and moving as the cherubim-wheels mentioned by Ezekiel, lifted up by the Spirit, and ascending from the earth, as neither caring nor minding worldly matters more.

Christ, the Lord, hath a most lawful plan, and doth now make claim for the Tree of Life also to stand all free to be fed upon, without any prohibition; for as Adam (from Eve) sucked in death by that other tree, so here is confirmation in eternal life; and as Adam's angelical and paradisaical body was changed into that which was mortal and vile; so by virtue of feeding upon this Tree of Life, we shall again reassume a pure and unfadeable body far more transparent than he had in that first creation-state; which may be made out clear in the various properties of this Tree of Life, which we shall draw up the number of.

The first property - It gives a single, clear, and crystalline sight, to behold celestial glories, without any medium.

The second property - It gives a supernatural hearing, it comes to understand the Heavenly language, as from eternal nature spoken; which language is in corrupted nature now quite lost, and can only be restored in the Ascension.

The third property is, the most profound and deep Wisdom, which doth most highly exceed and outvie all the craft and subtlety sucked in from the breast of fallen Eve, whose children have herein been nourished up in a shifting way of worldly wisdom, which shewed itself in Adam and Eve, when the Lord called them to an account for their disobedience to His command. All which subtlety must die and fall away, when God's Wisdom shall be restored again.

Page 65. - The fourth property of this Tree of Life is given an everlasting and unchangeable righteousness, as a white robe that covers from head to foot, suffering no more spot of the earthly life to fall upon it.

The fifth property is, an unutterable ravishing pleasure, and joy drawn in as the sweetness of the dew, which lies always upon the branches of this Tree, the precious savour hereof never departs from the soul; it is all paradisaical power.

The sixth property is, a flowing torrent of love, which knows no bounds; it expatiates itself from lengths to breadths, and from heights to depths; it runs through all degrees first and principally;


it runneth itself into its own original Being of love, whereout it comes all covered with love, sweetness, and amity towards all, to scatter among all fellowships and societies, these pure sparkling powers of love received from the Deity.

The seventh property produceth an absolute free and eternal liberty of will, which stands fixed in God, knowing no restraint or bondage; for whatever it willeth or decreeth is made good, because it moveth in the will of the Holy Ghost.

Eighth property is, the serene meekness, and tender mercifulness let forth, as from God's Own nature of goodness, to objects that may require succour and help, whether upon an interior or exterior; if in spiritual desertion and temptation, how readily is the balsam tincture of this Tree given forth, to heal and cure the wounded in spirit, that so they may find present ease.

Ninthly - Here is the donation of durable riches and honour, which is so infinitely great and glorious, as it draws a black cloud of contempt upon all the Babylonish treasures, that have been gotten and raised by earthly science and priestcraft.

Tenthly - Know in truth and verity, here is an eternal springing bank that will never be spent out, for it is the generating-revenue, which the Holy Trinity spends upon and freely does receive the ascended one into community, to share in this springing gold-mine, where there will be no need of digging, nor labour, either of body or mind; there will be no occasion to say, "What shall we eat or drink, or wherewithal shall we be clothed?" The lily-time is now here come, that all of this kind will be supplied from God's flowing fountain of all precious store, that will confer such a plenty of dowry riches and honours, that cannot be degraded nor plucked away from the ascended. Which, as a ship, they will sail with out-spread banners of conquest and victory, floating upon the throne-river of life, daring all sea and land enemies of this worldly principle, whose strength is rottenness, and cannot stand before the ark of God's moving power, in which His kingdom shall be established.

Page 67. - The eleventh property of this Tree of Life is known by sending forth sweet-scented odours and perfumes, a compounded spikenard, which is so strong and powerful, that it is all-penetrating. So deep that it toucheth and doth influence, and is an antidote against all putrefaction of sin, and the evil consequences thereof; the very out-breathing words are all perfumed with the oil of the Holy Ghost, which sends forth a virtual healing-life.

The twelfth and last property, which is the consummating glory of all, is an unceasing flow of immortal life, which fed is from the crystalline-river proceeding from the throne of God, which river doth encompass this Tree for fixation, that so no more death, nor curse may be known, but all swallowed up in victory, according to the vision which the beloved John saw, how that this Tree grew in the midst, and on either side of this river, signifying it to be


the Holy Trinity in their distinct variety, springing up for a feeding-life to the spirit, soul and body, which hath reached to Ascension. (Rev. xxii.)

Now then by all that hath been opened and revealed of the wonderful properties of this Tree of life, can it do less than enforce most ardent longings and aspirings, to go on forward to all of these degrees? Oh let not this low elementary kingdom, with all its subtle enchantments, and binding weights, keep down any that are of the Ascension-gate! What though as yet there may be but few precedents that have reached this Ascension-mark, the Serpent with his twisting tail having drawn down many ascending stars - let not that discourage, but rather fire our zeal the more, and watchful be to avoid his subtlety, who is not wanting to lay numerous stumbling-blocks in our way; but through the spirit of faith there may be a striding over all, taking up courage and holy resolution in this ascending way.

Page 69. - For something I do see breaking forth as the light of a new day, and by the great Alpha and Omega it is testified, that what by His Spirit hath been revealed, shall not go off as a dead scene, shewn only and so folded up again. No, a more lively draught (picture) the Holy Ghost will draw upon the hearts and spirits of those who are born again. This is now the very time wherein our expectation groweth big, for bringing forth the heir to all of these heavenly immunities; and the knowledge of what the tenor of the new and everlasting covenant runneth upon, wherein a new heart, and another spirit, in which God's Own eternal and pure nature will be restored so as to abolish the very root-essence of sin. This no verbal ministration, nor doctrinal precept, nor intellectual knowledge, nor vision, that giveth divine seeing, and speculation of heavenly objects and things could reach. All of these have cessation and termination;* but that which is the surer ground-work, for excelling all, is to find ourselves rooted and essenced in the birth of the Holy Ghost, which is firm, stable, and unchangeable, wherein the issues of a new-springing life will go forth in every motion, putting a stop to all profuse and impertinent imagination, that, from nature's root has been put forth. Such a signal change we in ourselves shall find, when the Lord from heaven shall descend and will for ever maintain His superiority and kingly power over all principalities in this worldly region, putting all things under which have exalted themselves above Him. This is that great and mighty over-turn which we are looking and hastening for.


Page 88. - As any desire to reach this high mark, to the top ladder of Ascension, this caution and direction let them observe,

* We of the Visitation have long been taught to reject all astral influences.


that they first descend into the valley of meekness and passiveness and, breaking from their own will, as not of the child-like spirit, offer themselves free and voluntary to the leadings and inspiring of the dove-spirit, that will open the treasures, that yet lie so deep in God to be brought forth. Because there is a new school erected under the government of the Virgin-Wisdom of God, that as soon as they are born into Christ, they are taken care of for to be brought up in that Divine method, and celestial learning, that may qualify and make them meet for a translation into a new state of living. . . . Let none be dismayed for the regimen of this fire consisteth of the devouring love-flame, which the pure eternal breath from God does maintain, till the White Stone shall be formed into a substantial body, wherefrom powers of the Deity may go forth, to renew the ancient deeds of the Holy Ghost. . . . This is the Unity of the Faith that is set before us to arrive to, then none need to be concerned for what, in the world so troublesome and controlling, so perplexing and vexing is. For this tried stone, as it to its projection comes, shall turn all pernicious and evil things into that which is gentle, meek, precious and powerful.

Page 91. - Now, what doth the Spirit of Wisdom reply in answer to this? But that they submit themselves under her pure discipline, sinking away from their own understanding, wisdom and knowledge; that, as emptied of all, they may be filled up to the brim with pure Unction; which will give a virtual power and strength, and such sharpness of understanding, as they shall take out one lesson after another; and also have encouragement to encounter with a valiant spirit, all whatever may oppose and stagger their faith. . . . So that though living in a disguise, as to their outward form and figure, here in the eyes of mortals, yet they have their converse and dwelling in God, above what is seen, judged, or known by the inhabitants of the earth. But this is not all that they are in election to obtain: but as they grow up in wisdom and stature, and skill in the Divine Magia, by the outgoing acts of mighty Faith, they shall not only be as the King's daughter, all glorious within, but shall show it outwardly also by having command and dominion over this lower principle. So that in this Family of Faith no scarcity shall be known; but while others are in hunger, they shall be fed; the curse from them shall be rolled away, and the endless blessing shall multiply upon them out of the everlasting mountains, where treasures unknown shall to them abound......So the Faith that hath run up so high doth reach an accomplishment of the prophecies and promises.Where at such times elders are commanded to search into the rolls, whether times and seasons were not finished.*

Page 95 - There hath been sounded forth a mighty call to those that are of the First Resurrection Fold, that they haste to put on the wings of the dove; so as to mount, and fly away. But the age

* cf. Commands to Bishops to search into our Visitation


of time is come for a more general drawing, and invitation; that there may be no longer a famine for want of the essential and inspeaking word, immediately opening itself. For tho' we have have had the blessing of the Records of the literal word which suited to the ages and ministrations foregoing (which also are still to have their usefulness); yet this is not to put a stop to, and a restraint upon the further manifestation, and revelation of what is to be brought forth in this latter day.* For the old prophecies must have their time of fulfilling, and knowledge of the Divine mysteries must have its unvailing, which are too deep to be fathomed by the merely literal wise ones, and therefore it is set over to such as have chosen these weighty treasures.

It was further signified to me, that those that were accounted worthy to draw up their will-spirits and minds to join with these descending powers should not come down empty and void, but be filled with that wisdom and knowledge, by what they shall have seen and heard within this Holy Place, whereby they may make such a true and even demonstrative report, as may cause a great turn and overturn in the kingdoms of this world, that have long lain under the Beast's and Dragon's reign. . . . For know, it is a stirring time; wherein God will prepare for Himself a heavenly and priestly host that shall sound the horn that is to be filled with the pure air and flame of the Holy Ghost.



Published 1683.


A deeper search the Holy One doth make in them, who in this last age are waiting to be endowed with the full, acting body of the Deity, which will be manifested in a different manner, than in the days of the Apostles, that being by way of gift, coming down as a shower; but now those who shall be endowed with this signal blessing, must have it by way of a birth in them. The Apostles were to wait at Jerusalem, which was a figure of the principle of light, where all natures and properties are harmonized to an equal temperature, all faculties are spiritualized and purged from their drossiness, and reconciled to each other in a sweet love-accord. It is plainly showed me that the Holy Spirit will have His birth in a peaceable habitation where the conquering life of Jesus, by His dying and rising, hath first made its way by reconciling the properties of nature, and bringing them to a Divine harmony renewing nature into a soft and sweet mildness, causing all

* By this is meant that the Incorruptible sphere must gather its multitudes that no man can number, yet that a New Revelation (1 Peter i. 5.) by prophecy, must be given for the aid of the Immortal sphere (those who will live on earth).


contrarieties of spirit to cease, by subduing all to the Light principle. Wherefore it is but in vain to expect the establishment of that kingdom, which the birth of the Holy Spirit will bring to us, till this thorough work be wrought, that we may come to unity in ourselves and with one another, which is a very high perfection. And truly, from hence I have been informed where the birth of power hath stuck, and why so many fruitless births have been brought forth. Wherefore let not our bribed senses, nor the spirit of unbelief so far delude us, as to make us believe, that the Holy Spirit will open its birth, but according to what hath been by the Lord Himself revealed.

Lucifer prevailed over the first paradisaical man by darting in his hellish fire; this left such a sting, which hath poisoned all the inward essences of the very immortal part; and therefore the wound is found so deep that no medicine can be found to reach it; but Christ - the in-breathed Word, Who only can reach the soul's original ground and being the creating Fiat - can alone make all new again. This cometh first to be known in a fiery ray of Love-light that discovers where the root of sin doth lie.

Let none pretend a necessity of continuing in that which hath brought in confusion and disagreement seeing a redeeming Spirit is come down to renew and gather in the lost again to the Divine Being from whence they did proceed at first, pure as God is pure: to which degree of perfection that we may be restored again, is the end of Christ's mediatory office, not only without, but within us, where the body of sin hath been yielded up for an offering.

By one man's disobedience all are made subject to death and the curse* (which is the bruising of the heel), yet the head-life remains, which will recover, raise and make all sound again; for in this promised seed the faded life will be quickened, according to the election of Him Who will hereby more eminently make known the riches of His grace and glory in His vessels prepared thereunto.

Further revelation showed what the Holy One is about to do, in order to the laying of the foundation of this strong city in which the mighty God will pitch His tabernacle, and settle His rest forever. Many types, images and foregoing figures of this Jerusalem have been given through the several ages of the world, but the heavenly thing itself hath not been brought forth, as now it will be, because the set time approacheth.

What sign will the Lord give for this, but by loosing the last seal, under which doth lie the rich bank and vast treasury of Wisdom, spirit and power, which shall so vigorously carry on this New Jerusalem-building, that all the powers which the dragon and beast can raise by their agents, visible and invisible, shall but turn to their shame and confusion, when the Lamb ariseth to open the seventh seal under which the most precious things even that fine

* Rom. v. 12; Gen. iii. 15.


transparent matter lies hid,* to be manifested in due time for the beautifying of this divine building.

What in John's Revelation is mentioned concerning these things is very obscure and mystical and there is no fathoming of it to the utmost, until the Lord Himself come with the plummet line of the Holy Spirit to measure out the meaning. . . . The wisdom of God could no better way contrive for the laying of a sound and sinless foundation for the New-Jerusalem, according to this fore-contrived model as by express word it came unto me that none could or ever should come to the opening of the seventh seal till all this were fully finished. . . . Besides, the Lord shewed me that to every seal there is an eye opens within, which is therefore called upon to look inward, where the great mystery is to be opened; and as every seal hath its eye,Æ so the ear hath its sounding horn.

The great and last war will be upon the sixth seal opening, and the Lord did testify it would be such as in no foregoing seal had been known. But He said withal, I am the Lord strong and mighty Who will prevail, and wholly overturn the kingdom of the dragon and beast . . . Since the time of the Son of Man's offering up Himself, the Holy one hath walked in clouds, and hath been worshipped after an imperfect rate, and therefore He hath prepared a burning flaming day for all His vessels to pass through to know whether they be sanctuary proof or no. . . . From the first to the last, there is a sounding trumpet to bring ruin and desolation to the first six days' creation, because of sin and the curse which came in by the serpent's sting, by which means the Beast hath erected his kingdom and corrupted the whole principle of time, which the Holy One hath suffered now so many thousand years, during which all just men died indeed in the faith of this prophecy, but attained not to that degree, which is to usher in the heavenly new Jerusalem in her glory. But the Lord is now stirring, and in good earnest is sounding His trumpets for battle; and there is that in us which doth witness He is going on gradually to unmake and dissolve all of the first creation, for the Lamb will not much longer carry the weight and burden of a sinful creation.

Many will be elected to reign in His life with Him on His throne, with a train of new created powers, in the properties of the redeemed earth in the soul's essence; and then we shall know how unconfined the Lordly dominion over all outward things is, even over all the beasts of the visible earth, who must be subjected to the Lamb, Who hath taken His victorious crown and put it on the heads of the holy warriors, that have passed through all, and are to come to the last overcoming,Æ that gives entrance into the seventh seal. As I was collecting in my mind the near approaching time for the manifestation of this great overturning, which is to bring in the overflowing stream of Christ's kingdom into the overcomers,

* Genesis xlix. 25 & 26. Æ Zechariah iii. 9.  Æ Rev. iii. 21.


behold I did see and hear the voice of Him from Whom the first heavens and earth did flee away, Who uttered these words: "There hath been a long and tedious war between the house of God and the Serpent's brood, together with the Harlot and Beast, who have maintained their envious war on the ground of fallen nature; but now come and see the place where they shall be bound in perpetual captivity."

To those who are come to the sixth seal and to the burning elements in the heat of that melting furnace, these further secrets are disclosed for the consolation of those who shall hold out in this last battle-race for conquest. Therefore put on your life-armour day by day and continue in the fight for joy of that which is now revealed as your reward, taking all care to abstain from the leaven of imaginations, which may stop the sluice of revelation in its purity. . . . The declaration of the sixth thunder was thus represented to me: I saw one holding forth a sapphire signet, or sealing stone, with which were to be marked all the freeborn that do belong to the New-Jerusalem; for none but such as are marked can have right to the vast riches which are concentred in wisdom's bank, who to this day hath locked up the bride's dowry, and will not part with it, till she can come with this seal upon her heart,* which is now brought out to put the highest impress of sapphire-glory, and purity, that may signify that the Lamb's bride is all thus dignified.

The prophecy of the thousand years reign, mentioned in the Revelations, was set before me and opened. As to the time, persons and place, much controversy hath been concerning this mystery which I shall not meddle with, but shall only faithfully declare what the Morning-Star hath expressly revealed from His Own mouth, Who with this salutation began: "Awake ye, who have been under death and judgment; know ye not that My reign is near? The foregoing prophecy must have its fulfilling and there are those who are ripening for it, upon whom My kingdom shall be fixed. Wherefore do thou warily observe the following particulars, which are the foregoing signs of My personal reign, whereby it may be known how near it is. The first particular concerns those persons in whom this reign is to begin, who are such as have been beheaded, suffering an inward spiritual martyrdom, for the hope of a resurrection in a Godhead-body and spirit. The manner of death is here to be taken notice of; they are said to have been beheaded, that is, who have their head life (where the rational understanding is seated, and from whence all sensible operations goes forth) cut off and separated from them, because by means of it the Dragon and Beast have found place to establish their kingdom in man, and have been hereby in all ages upheld; the main of the Serpent's strength having always lain in the craft and subtlety of Reason, which is the forehead mark of the Beast." Who then are they who have known this

* Song of Solomon viii. 6.


honourable death from the flaming sword in the hand of the Cherubim, but those who shall hear the resurrection-trumpet, to let them know their thrones are set and their conquering crowns to their new-risen heads are fitted, and that all power and judgment is given unto them to personate the mighty King Jesus here upon earth. . . . So that now all strife ceaseth, because the Lord alone doth reign in peace over all the region of light. For now the soul is born anew into the light-world, and is most firmly established in its kingly power, which is not from received gifts or powers, as in the day of Pentecost, but all comes in with the risen birth, from whence the powers do naturally and incessantly flow, and therefore out of all danger of mutability, which might threaten a disappointment of any thing that is agreed upon by the kingly soul, with his seven counselling spirits, which do continually stand before the throne in the inward heavens.

But shall this be an universal reign? And after what manner shall it be modalized in this visible creation? That which is internal and spiritual will not be so much taken notice of, though it comes to this height of perfection, for it may be hid amongst a small number, yet may be known but only to one another, the generality still abiding under the Beast's power and name, which is his accursed nature. This Query was answered me in plainness of truth, thus: That this glorious reign would not be universal, nor break out all at once, but gradually from the burning unction, which prepares Christ's way, and makes room for His kingdom. . . . . This kingdom shall not only be inward in the properties of the soul, but shall also exercise its dominion over the visible principle, and those who are unconverted shall be as stubble before the bright flaming Cherubim who in the Lamb's power shall reign on the earth. The elect shall reap and long enjoy the creating works of their own hands, for with no less power shall the representatives of Christ the Lord be invested. This declared must be throughout all worlds, that Christ will appear in His saints that are risen again to bear the trophy of a death conquering-power.

Now the next enquiry is, When is the time that this may be expected, because hitherto there is but very small appearance of any such thing? that is, Who is qualified in such a high degree as this heavenly kingdom requires? Who are willing to be beheaded, and through death to be made partakers of this reign? But yet notwithstanding all these objections of fear and unbelief, and the whole throng of discouraging spirits of the sensible life, whose cry is, Who is able to suffer all this, faith and love are given to the worthy pretenders to this kingdom, whereby they are carried as with wings, over all the floods of fear and discouragement; neither shall they want either resolution or valour to wade through the greatest opposing difficulties, who are designed for it, and found in the Lamb's roll. A double and treble portion of His Spirit the Lord hath said He will add to them, who first shall abrogate the


law of sense, which hath been the chief hinderance of His kingdom, which therefore is to be made void because it diverts the soul from fetching all its supplies from the Rock; neither can faith arrive to its full strength, till sense be led into captivity, and cast into a dead sleep.

The grand query after all that hath been revealed concerning the reign of Christ in His saints is this, Where this government shall be pitched? It is an ancient scripture prophecy, that Judah shall reign with God, for He is faithful with the saints. The sceptre shall not depart till Shiloh come, Who is the King and Lawgiver, that is, was, and is to come. And to whom will He come first of all but to those pure virgin spirits who travail to bring forth Christ spiritually as the product of an invisible Almightiness which will appear to be that man-child which is to rule the nations with the rod of God's power in this world and do far greater wonders with it than Moses ever did with his. For the eternal Magia shall bring forth all Her plants of renown. The highest wisdom shall be brought into manifestation and replenish the earth anew that God may walk in the midst of it, and no longer be unknown to its inhabitants, who are refined from their dross, and thereby get a free and open entrance into the Jerusalem from above. The partition wall must be broken down that Christ above and Christ beneath may join together for mutual joy and fruition. . . . Eve's lost chastity will produce a new generation to whom this kingdom shall be committed in trust.

A wonder is now again seen in the heavens, which we are to declare to our own little flock, which brings such tidings of joy, as doth far excel that of Gabriel, to her who was the blessed amongst women, as being designed to be the Mother of our Jesus in His fleshly appearance. But now by this Virgin He is brought forth in another appearance, as a mighty Ruler and Potentate over this earth Who is really and truly to fulfil whatsoever was typified in Solomon's reign. . . . Oh the high and majestical glory, which shall proceed from the Virgin's womb, with whom is the blessing that will abound in fruitful gifts and high working powers from the Magia ground. Eve's conception in sorrow shall not here be known; for this Virgin never was disobedient, nor broke faith with God, Who is her Husband; the fruit of whose travail is blessing and joy through the whole generation that shall be born of her. She shall be the Mother of the true Virgin-church therein no mixture of will-worship or false doctrine shall be found.

Nothing shall be able to prevent God's purpose. Who will appear with His Virgin in the divine body and cover her with the one element, which will torment all evil spirits and wear them out, who can as little endure her Virgin-purity as the Virgin-spirit can bear their prison. Therefore a separation is made as we read, that the woman had a place prepared for her in the wilderness which signifies the spirit of faith, which carries it from off the sensual


ground, where the concourse of fluttering spirits of all kind are; wherefore this is no place for God's Virgin, she may be in danger of having her chastity violated or of being drowned with the wrathful flood of the Dragon. The Serpent will not cease to make his attempts with more subtlety than ever, because by this introduced Virgin-spirit, his head-power shall be crushed, and his seed disinherited; but the Virgin-spirit shall mount like an eagle, and to escape the Dragon's deluge, a fountain is opened in the desert of which the soul, which is in union with the Virgin, shall drink, instead of the muddy waters of the earth, which she loathes. Pleasant food is provided in this wilderness by God Himself and His Christ......where the Virgin hath realized herself - her wilderness shall become a rich Sharon-pasture, a land of unknown plenty where gold, silver and precious stones shall be as the dust under the feet of these holy separated virgins. Also within and without, their feeding shall be on power, joy, and peace till the division of time shall come to an end in which a further mystery will be understood. . . . This Virgin lies hid with all her glory, ever since Adam's day and hath been obscured because she would not trust herself with any mortal, only some of her shining rays have now and then been scattered into holy souls, a taste of which hath been given, as the first fruits of what is reserved for Christ the Lord's second birthday, where shall be provided a Pentecost-feast according to the royal and heavenly state of Jehovah's Bride and Mate. Oh! how unable am I to bring forth in words what hath been shewed me of the later fruits that Wisdom's children shall feed upon in that day: the discovery of which we will pass by at present, and first define what wonderful Virgin this is, and of how noble an extract, who is taken into God's bosom in a mutual love-embracing and therefore may be termed the eternal Goddess, in a high and sober sense; and it is an evil and sinful thing to give this title to any other, as it is too frequently done. . . . The Virgin's food is in herself and it is no other than pure Deity which riseth as a flowing spring from her own deep. She lives upon spirit of air, which maintains and blows up the Quint-essential fire as the first Virgin-matter out of which the soul was made.

Oh! what deaths, achings and griefs have we felt in our souls, as well as in our bodies! our minds being in continual anxiousness and trouble, to see what we are fallen into; but blessed are they who have first known the painful feelings under Wisdom's severe discipline; for such shall be her polished pillars on which she will engrave her virgin name. . . . Oh, great Goddess and Queen of all worlds! wilt thou, after so long a time of desertion, once appear again! Who is it that hath entreated thy favour and gained a promise from thee, of a visit, though this be too short because nothing now will satisfy, unless thou bestow thyself with all thy divine senses, as a co-deified life!

Wisdom's factory is managed by her Magia from her own


stock and principle, being very different from all the merchandize which is used in this visible world which is wholly shut out of her gates; for none can drive an earthly trade but such as bear the mark and number of the Beast in the outward principle. Wherefore Wisdom will take none to be her factors but those who have renounced all Babylonish trade. A new and wonderful way is prescribed to them who shall have the mark and name of the Virgin's white stone, by which they shall be impowered to drive a free and mighty trade within this heavenly city which shall make all Babylon's wares grow out of request, both as to spiritual wares or bodily sustenance, as soon as some Virgin-passengers shall have entered this gate, who shall be so highly favoured for having here broke through, that they shall have liberty to open this high factory to the rest of their fellow members that yet are captives in the Assyrian land and were there brought up according to the laws and customs of the Babylonians, which could not be avoided during their time of captivity. But now Babylon's sun is going down and the night of death and darkness is spreading itself over all the pompous state of the merchants of the earth. All this will be seen upon the breaking in of the Bridegroom's spirit and His Virgin, Who will deliver the exile captives and clasp them close within themselves, and exercise the soul in another science. Its skill and wisdom in the Divine Magia*  will actually go forth from this co-essential participation of the Virgin-nature to renew all good and pleasant things, according to the first paradisaical property, as in the following gate, will be made out where the Virgin will particularly exercise her Magia for redemption out of the present captivity, under which the Israelites as well as Ethiopians do groan, being beset with the effects of sin and mortality which this sixth gate doth deliver us from.

Where lies the mystery of this art that must be transferred by her as a gift? I answer: That this is a great secret, which cannot be revealed all at once, and so deeply mystical that none but Wisdom's exercised magicians have ever sounded it, and found the matter hereof. Yet we must not deny the great favour which the Most High hath afforded for the opening of this secret thing, through the very person of Christ's glorified humanity, that so we might know what will make mortal dross become like the fine gold of Ophir. It is as gross tangible matter, that we shall traffic with, we shall need no barns or storehouses to lay it up in. To describe it according to what is revealed, we say it is a rushing breath, a tincturing blood, a running flash of light and fire coagulating together, in a word, it is the power of the Deity transferred to a Virgin-spirit on God's behalf, as in the person of Christ and His Virgin, transmitting themselves as a spiritual root, from whence

* The word Magia is the Power of the Holy Ghost, so to be understood as often as named.


all fruitful powers of the Holy Ghost may be proved; for otherwise all fore passed things will bring little glory to our mighty King and Saviour.

By the effects of transformation and transfiguration, projection will be known in its essential virtue, flowing out and entering in where the venom of the Serpent is, which poisonous matter is transferred in the soul by means of this projection from the tincture of Wisdom's stone, which causes an unalterable transmutation of all gross matter, and the vile body's shape into a bright heavenly consistency. If it be asked, What works and signs shall follow Wisdom's projections? I answer, They are such as Jews will not believe before they see them; nay, even Wisdom's disciples, who have been gathered under her wing, and drunk of her tincturing blood, will sometimes be in doubt of these things, whilst they are yet but passengers from gate to gate. Wherefore we must not expect to be believed by those who are yet without the gates. However, we will, according to what hath been revealed by the Supreme Magus, declare and set forth what God can do by His instruments, who are thus highly and divinely qualified. In the first place, they will be able to act from a creating power, the Virgin's omnipotency will enable them to give a new form, virtue and purity to all things now existing in gross corruptibility. For as transformation first passeth upon all the fallen properties of the soul's essences, so it will go out and renew whatsoever doth stick in the curse, even all vegetables, animals and minerals, together with the body of fallen man. All these, I say, shall be sublimed and transmuted into a simple, pure and paradisaical figure, colour and taste, quite of another nature than what they now have. Thus the disciple of Wisdom, by means of this tincturing spirit, shall bring in a new creation by way of transformation; the mystery of which none can ever find out but Wisdom's Magia, who are under her discipline, and do lie in her Bridegroom's bosom. In the second place, they who are transformed into the Virgin's nature, will not only be able to separate the curse from the outward creation (so as death and corruption shall be tasted no more, because healing waters will flow from the glassy sea, and encompass every place where Wisdom's offering shall pitch their habitation); but they shall also be able to transmute all gross metals into transparent gold, so as it shall be far more plentiful than in Solomon's time. This very gross earth on which we now tread shall be made crystalline. The river that was divided into four heads, which have been cut off ever since Adam was turned out of Paradise, shall now be made to return again with a full stream to bring forth the seed of gold, bdellium and the onyx stone in a sparkling glory.* Mansion houses here shall be built and goodly tents pitched, which shall excel all the structures which ever yet have been: for these dwelling places

* Genesis ii. 10.


shall be magical, sometimes visible and at other times invisible, according to the pleasure of the blessed inhabitants, who dwell therein in everlasting security. These shall live alone and shall not be numbered amongst the nations who live without Wisdom's gates. If any Sodomites* shall attempt to break in upon them, devouring coals shall be scattered to terrify and consume them. Though destroying of any be their strange work, and also disagreeable to the nature of love, and the peaceful region wherein they live, yet upon just occasion, power will go forth in this way for their defence. Moses was a meek and peaceable man, and yet he was made a terror to Egypt. He had no way to subdue Pharoah but by shaking his magical rod, which alone could do more than whole hosts of armed men. And this will be the way of God's appearance to keep under the wild and brutish sort of men, who are as ravenous beasts, greedy of prey. Wherefore the paradisaical planters, will know how to deal with such, whilst they are commissionated to go in and out amongst them; and it will be their daily business to deliver the Israelites from bondage and thrall, and that by displaying Jehovah's wonders in such a manner, as that age shall require, which shall be in a higher degree than ever hath been done here before. For though the miracles of former days were great and excellent (as those which were wrought by our Lord, and by the prophets before Him as well as Apostles after Him, such as were the healing of the sick, the raising of the dead, the restoring of the lame, the making of the dumb to speak, the deaf to hear, and the blind to see; all which were both inwardly and outwardly performed by our Lord upon the soul as well as the body), yet the Lord hath given full assurance that not only all these shall be revived, but that the Magical Centre shall open in a greater degree of variety than heretofore. So that the greatest wonders are yet to be manifested which we are appointed to wait for, till this projecting gate shall open upon us, where all miracles will be brought forth afresh, for the crown and glory of the Virgin-Bride and her followers: which gate Lord Jesus hasten to open for such who are under Thy strong and powerful drivings!

We are yet to open a more inward ear to hear the message which the Lord hath expressly left for His elect, who are watching at Wisdom's gates, from thence to ascend one step higher, that they may be enclosed in the magical eye of the Holy Ghost where the highest wisdom is to be learnt and understood, and actually practised, for the planting of a new paradisaical nursery and its never-fading beauty and glory! By which means the Deity may be invited to renew His walks with men, as at the beginning, Who will take great delight to see the children of paradise acting magically under the conduct and government of the Eye of the Holy Ghost, for no work or action is so agreeable to the Trinity,

* Believers in a Masculine Trinity.


as that which is wrought from the magical seeing Eye, where God beholds and views Himself in His manifold wonders of wisdom and nature's virginity.

What is so great an enemy to the Divine Magia, as the rational wisdom which is in strong combination with the human sense? It is an inundation of waters which hath prevailed like Noah's flood, to drown the fire-spark of faith, so that it is scarce to be found alive in anyone's earth. All furnaces have hitherto been too weak; the strong tide of the rational mind hath broke in like a sea, to chill and damp what the Spirit of God would have still blown up into victory. . . . Rebecca the true Virgin-Mother, is ready to give such advice as will supplant Esau that Jacob may carry away the blessing. Oh! what is like to the magical stone, for the bringing in of a superabundant increase from the right golden grain, by which all excellent and perfect things did at first spring; at the return of which a new and marvellous change everywhere will appear.

What will you say if this good old magical way from which the whole creation is turned, shall in this last age be restored and found again, for the redeeming out of the care, sorrow and painful exercise of mind and body? This will be worth lending an ear to, it being such a mysterious and advantageous art, as will sufficiently pay the cost of what we shall be out in attaining it! The ground we go upon for this new way of living, after a Godlike manner, are the many Scripture prophecies.* . . . The physician must first give proof that he can heal himself, before he undertake others. So in this matter, the true Magus is taught to make a trial of his skill upon his own inward and outward defects. . . . But it may be further enquired what this Magia is and how it may be acted forth, to alter the whole state of things internally and externally? It is thus made out to us, That it is a rising Infinitum that forms itself into a birth, the matter of which can no otherwise be described than the unknown Being of God Himself. It produceth great and marvellous effects upon whatever it doth move. This is that which is called the Magia of the Holy Ghost. By whom is this to be exerted or acted forth? By such as take up a firm and fixed resolution to follow this magical vocation only, and to reject all others that proceed from the astral birth, which doth pour in whole floods to drown the little spark of faith, from whence the magia tree must first grow, and appear in all its various fruits. Those that come to be expert in the Theosophical science which is not of man nor after any rational wisdom of man, but as the pure fiery breath of the Holy Ghost, doth incorporate with the fire essence of the soul, and so drive it up into a body of all-magical operation, are warned to cease from all other ways and employs and upon this only to fix our minds, and to stop our ears to the pleas and cries of the senses, that would still have us to lie at the breast of the creature

* Careful readers will recognize the constant recurrence of the actual teachings of Joanna, Wroe and Jezreel which are too numerous for us to refer to.


whereas nothing but death, sorrow and the curse can be sucked from it. . . . The magia worketh in this manner, saying, "Let the old tabernacle, with all its shadowy appearance, pass away and be no more," and, through the spirit, carrieth all power with it, either to nullify or make void, or to give a new plantation and an heavenly splendorious formation upon creatures and things, for a lustrious transformation of what is fading and dying, that so Immortality may be renewed. The matter of the one element* is so immersed and coagulated in a magical spirit, that it is able to give a life, where the very face of death doth appear, whether dead as to a spiritual life according to that saying, "And you hath He quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins," or even as to the very mortal life, to prolong it and to secure it from pain and sickness, yea, from death itself. Let none think that they can come to this degree of power, might and dignity till they are born again from the dead, which is a cessation to the unkindled life from the stars which generate earthly motions and thoughts, which work in a way of sensuality, from which there must be a departing in reference to those great things which are to succeed.

The magical balsam shall be given for cure from such as are first risen in the tabernacle body of God. They shall bind all evil spirits, and there shall go forth a virtual power from them to do, as if Christ were in person there. And in the second place, this power shall extend itself to the taking away of all outward maladies of the body and all sufferings relating to penury and want, and all weariness, toil and anxious care for the needs and requirements of the body. Great also will be the trust that will be granted by the mighty Jehovah for management for His little flock's sake, and put into the hands of some that are to be set apart, as good and principal shepherds indeed, who can both let out, and lay down their life for the elect sheep, which are to be gathered in, not by sounds or words, but by a magical impregnation, which can send in a breath of life, to quicken what is as dead. . . . Ascending powers will go up, to bring down such gifts as will all abundantly enrich, more than came down in the day of Pentecost, for they were but the first-fruits, and did but continue a little while; but here is such a shower of the eternal powers to fall down upon this second call to the Jerusalem waters, as shall bring forth the harvest of the Lord's joy. What is to be done by us? but only to drink in the falling dews and dropping showers, and grow as lilies that may know neither heat nor drought, toil nor care. . . . It is now made known from the word of truth, that nothing else shall ever fetch out the Serpent's sting, but the overflowing of the burning oil from the sea of glass which is broken up by the violent stroke of the Holy Ghost. This doth come to rise as a covering to make the gross body transparent.

* The one thing needful, (cf. Ain Suph.)


Page 96. - Now to come to have every motion tinged with the fiery love-balsam, how will they run and fly, at the very look of the kingly anointed eye, where love's rays are so vehement, as to captivate every thought to the obedience of the Lord's anointed king, not in some, but in all and every thing; which will indeed make every one that hath attained hereunto, walk worthy of God, Whose being consisteth in the essentiality of Love, and be admitted for to be God's fellow companion, being in the centre-life of a love dominion. There must necessarily follow all holy boldness to come into a Christ propriety with God the Father, as heirs of all kingdoms, that are worthy of inheriting, whether in the mystery or out of it. Love's centre opens through all and brings in an endless pleasure and joy, which cannot be by any worldly craft stolen away, therefore it is that most excellent thing, that will heal and cure all within the soul, reconciling what was at variance whether in relation to God, or to any of our fellow members. Therefore what is to be more desired or to be parallelled with. . . . I am come to witness holy Paul's conclusion of it, that it is the absolute perfect thing, that works out all imperfection, removing all sorrow and grief from the mind and heart. For it is a strong and vehement heat, that devours fear and anxiety. Oh! how doth it shelter and secure from all blood-sucking vipers, that they cannot prey upon the inward part of the soul, because this is a love which cannot imagine into any evil thing, and therefore nothing of the serpent venom can mingle with it, which makes the soul to know itself to be returned to its primary concord and Virgin simplicity. . . . This is and will be the original motto, whereby that perfect thing called Charity will be known, which seeketh not its own dignity. It is so strong, that it works over all chokings and water-floods that would drown it. . . . Charity that is begotten of God will suffer, and bear and rise up a conqueror through all beatings and quenchings. . . . But is it attainable during this time of mortality? Yea!

Page 101. - The Holy Ghost brings in charity - its consistency is an invisible body, as thin as air, as piercing as a flame, an all-moving, acting and vigorous spirit of power and life, that can go in and out as an invisible breath, which no mortal eye can see, only its force may be felt as a seraphic heat, that burns as a refiner's fire in the corporeality, to the end that it may be tinged with the Holy Ghost's property. This is the true and faithful delineation of this perfect thing, called by the Apostle, Charity. Whenever this comes, it makes all imperfect things flee before it, but it strengthens and confirms every plant that is sown by the spirit.

Page 104. - Know, whoever you be, that are made willing to venture the loss of all for to arrive at this Pearl of Charity, that you shall most surely find it, and great rejoicing there will be at the lost groat, but the house of the soul must be first thoroughly searched, and the natural self-love must be swept out! For what is that which we must lose, but even all rubbish, filth and dross? that so


our hearts being emptied and cleansed from all these, the King of love may enter in with his full train, wherein we may know nothing but concord, tranquillity and a springing treasury of all goodness. . . But the envious spirits find out where its birth doth spring, they will attempt to kill it whilst it is but an infant; for which, it must be hid in the cleft of the rock, there to be fed and nourished with its own nature-milk, and honey of love, till it become strong and able to encounter and overcome all its opposites, that it may reign alone, as monarch of the soul. . . . For you must know it is such a sacred and celestial seed, coming immediately from the heart of the Deity, as cannot admit anything of defilement or pollution to abide with it. It soon leaves the soul, if anything be taken in which cannot abide the burning touch of this altar-coal. . . . Take this further account of it, that it is known for to be the most holy and pure generation of the immaculate Virgin of God, which is prepared a virgin-womb, that this birth might be the choice and undefiled one of her that brings it forth. It will not be now at Christ's second birth, as it was at His first; then His visage was marred more than any man's; He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and there was no form or comeliness in Him, which made Him to be set at naught, and greatly despised, though without sin or guile; but, being found a sufferer under it, therefore could not be exalted till He had slain the enmity, and wrought out victory; and thus He hath His first birth in us, which must precede His second.*  But there is a vast difference between Christ's first and second coming. Many ages are passed, wherein the saints have only known the birth of Christ after this weak suffering, dying and reproachful state. . . . They were not got beyond the suffering birth of Christ; for they only had the revelation and foresight of His appearing in power and great glory; but they departed this life and did not see "the sign of the Son of man" to take up in them for a visible reign and kingdom, that might redeem out of all tribulation, and so it hath continued until this day. But yet there was not to be found a generation so prepared and made ready for the second coming of Christ, yet SS. Paul, Peter and John that were most eminent amongst them seemed to have somewhat more in their eye than to what they had attained, and so were still a pressing after it!

Page 109. - The trumpet from Mount Zion doth sound, to call you away from all worldly, drossy, perishing loves, which are not supersensual and celestial; nay further from all lukewarm superficial loves; for love's workings must be fervent, strong and immutable, for the making meet for the rising and abiding powers of the Holy Ghost to work from. . . . Now then to be called and anointed of God to this holy function, is the greatest spiritual

* This applies to the "saving" or new birth of the soul and the "redeeming" or new birth of the body - two separate Divine acts.


dignity and honour that can be conferred upon the love-flock; it excels both the prophetical and kingly dominion, all which intrinsically do agree together, only the priestly office doth outshine in glory, being the last and finishing ministration which shall reconcile and gather into the Unity, with the most holy and ever-blessed Trinity, where fixation within the Temple-body of the Holy Ghost shall ever more be enjoyed. . . . Then I saw an abyssical Deep, from whence there was a working flowing source, in a restless motion, flashing up transparent matter, so sparklingly glorious for colours, as if all manner of precious stones had been mixed in the matter. Then did appear numerous persons gathered to the glory of this flowing source to receive and drink in from this abyssical Deep which is the flowing of the Deity, that is ever generating forth, for begetting and renewing what is like to its own Being, and the sparkling matter that so continually flashed out, was to consecrate the heavenly order of kingly priests, which would be the very tabernacle glory upon them, for, this priestly kingdom, under the highest degree of anointing, is to be. And whoever can pure and abstractedly come up and lie near the flowing of this abyssical Deep, are under the ordination for kingly priests, and so near to God as nothing shall then be denied, for which they shall intercede; for great power, they will have within their own command, for they are spirits very high by daily drinking in this deified matter. . . An election and call from the Holy Ghost is going out for to effect the same, who only knows where the true born Nazarites are, and where the sanctified, in the water of life, lie, who will be brought out as baptized ones, into this holy priestly order.*

Page 120. - Each one ordained hereunto will have the foundation seal, the priestly mark, which shall be the known character, which no one shall obliterate or deny. And as to the outward sex there shall be no distinction, though the typical priesthood admitted none but males in its day. All of that, is done away, for signs and figures in this administration do fly away like a cloud: male and female are alike here, therefore the Holy Ghost doth include both in one, swallowing up all in the newness, strength, power and glory of his own springing new-birth, according as it is witnessed, where there is neither male nor female, but Christ is all, and in all. In order unto the rising-up to the successive degrees of the Melchizedek order, the whole burnt-offering is required, the goat must die; and the sinful infected life must expire amidst the altar flames: Æ for a continual offering of this kind must be, till the whole body of sin be consumed. For whilst anything of that abides and works in its circling motion, there are required new and fresh atonings, pacifications and blood-sprinklings, till the one offering comes itself to be offered up once for all, which acquits from all

* The order of Melchizedek must take the place of that of Levi.
Æ Note again the teachings of the Visitation.


sin, and makes meet and prepared vessels, to come to in the first degree of purity, consciences being purged therefrom, all consciousness of sin may come up with boldness and full assurance of faith in that anointing which is shed forth to cleanse from all sin, reconciling and making all scores and reckonings even as in reference to God the most holy and justifier of those who are made partakers of Christ in His prophetical, kingly, priestly office, for whenever the Lord comes to offer Himself up through the eternal spirit, by His Own body that are fully perfected: for as under the Levitical ordinances prescribed by God, it was appointed for the priests only to bear the ark (which ark is the body of the living prisoner, so to be understood).* So under this covenant ministration, none but the spiritually consecrated priests, that are of this order, can bear the living testimony of Christ's risen and spiritual body. . . . The great Melchizedek will the absolute monarch be, and a new coin shall stamp, which shall currently pass through all the earth. But be this secret what in wisdom's glass we have seen, it is not yet our time anything further to disclose!

Page 133. - Wherever Christ in His spiritual body is present, with the breathing-power of the Holy Ghost, it implies great efficacy in every oblation and prayer, which in their behalf shall be put up, Matt. xviii. 18, John xx. 23.  Thus a spirit of atoning is appropriated unto the Melchizedek priesthood, from whom more fruitful powers must branch forth further service in their place and office. There is also an absolving commission given that whosoever sins they remit, they are from all guilt discharged, as pronouncing it in the person and power of Him to Whom the Holy Ghost was given without measure, and who after His resurrection breathed forth power upon His disciples, that whatever they bound on earth shall be bound in heaven. Hereby communicating His priestly power and authority, that as He the Son of Man, had power to forgive sins, so might they also have on earth after His departure, to carry on their apostolical dispensation; which only lasted for a while, and, being lost, a feigned form was set up instead of it, without any sealing effects of spirit or power. Thus, in Babel, the shadow hath held, boasting of a key, which never yet could open nor give enlargement to those who were bound in the cords of iniquity; for how should they, who are not purified themselves, help or succour their brethren? And though this true thing hath been abused by the arrogant and self-exalting spirit, that with the priestly robe covers all manner of filth and uncleanness (all of which will come to bear its shame, and have its overthrow), as this true and royal priesthood shall rise in power in the true tabernacle, where the Holy Ghost will present the priestly offerings (and this is that, which upon sure grounds, we know is now reviving again); the Most Holy will bring forth His priestly unction, which will take the chain, that so this holy ordination

* Note that this was written over 200 years ago and then compare it with page 49, "Keys to the Whole Body of Truth."


may take place in great sovereignty. If they come not to a sinless state, they cannot be of this high priestly order, because to it a key is given, which must open all the twelve gates before-mentioned, and without all controversy, great is that power that shall be here concentred.*

Page 135. - I shall now declare what the testimony of truth hath spoken in me, which is this, that whatever God is or can do, the same will appear in and amongst this priestly order; visions, proverbs and similitudes must cease, which as leading stars, have been under the Son's ministration, this being the fulness of time, in which the Father will shew Himself plainly, without any figures or shadows, in the substantial body of power, incessantly flowing, from which the New creation must bud out in fresh glory, and all of the old fade and die away.

Page 137. - The Spirit of prophecy spake thus to me expressly, as the close of this subject, saying, "I will choose a disciplehood yet upon the earth again, who shall know me in My inward spiritual figure; as in former time I was known in the visible humanity, by voice and shape; but now I am come to appear and walk upon invisible earth, and none but the spiritual man understands My speech or sees My transformed shape. To such who My chosen disciples are, I will familiarly appear; for behold, I upon a new election am, who the Alpha and Omega is, to call together such names as are found in the crown number roll, one by one - the hundred and forty-four thousand, for the increase and manifestation of this most holy priesthood. Blessed are they that shall be the first foundation pillars hereof, so saith the Yes and Amen; for this will be the Virgin church, upon whom no spot or wrinkle shall be found, for if found faulty, I cannot be their Priestly head, for the case is clear altered from what it was in the day of My Visible Corporiety, which was the first dawning of My day, in which the missed and imperfect things among My disciplehood, could not so suddenly fly away; therefore a suffering state was to succeed after Me, that so sin, by its daily dyings might expire, which among My old disciplehood, in that age, great effect did take, but yet decreasing before reaching to the full and perfect date of what was to be the church's primitive state. Now something greater and more perfect is to be revealed, after so long and cloudy a night of apostasy, where there has been a going back, instead of going forward. But there is a star that shall arise out of the same light orb, whereof it shall be said, Behold, wisdom's day, through dark clouds doth appear, out of whose virgin womb bright stars of glory generated are innumerable, to make up that Temple church, all fair and crystalline, terrible as an army with banners that shall display My strength and power."

Page 140. - I shall give these following rules, as they were given me by the holy anointing, when I first sought the privilege of

* cf. "Without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness."


divine inspiration. I was counselled, as to outward state of things, to avoid as much as I could, the choking entangling cares of this life, and also to sequester myself from all worldly conversation, and give up spirit, soul and body in pure dedication - to take more special care for the inward birth; call in your heavenly guard upon it; enter into no parley with the outward man of reason concerning spiritual matters, for you will find him a false prophet, and no way consonant to this administration which the soul is waiting upon, therefore to watch and be in a defensive posture against all invasions of this kind, to take a further caution concerning a finer and more subtle sort of imaginariness, which comes in the appearance of spirituality. Here lieth the greatest danger for mistake, when seeming good notions do arise and spring, and yet but from the astral kingdom! But they are sometimes so divine as you can hardly discern them from the true teaching of the holy anointing; there are spirits that will put on such a priestly dress, like those that rose up against Moses, the Lord's infallible prophet, saying, Are not we spiritual, and therefore may not we be admitted into the secret of God with you, and there give our verdict as from the oracle of God? Thus we are in danger to be encompassed with spirits so finely clothed (as they would think) but who must to be refused. But where the Urim and Thummin of sound judgment in such is come, that can only discern and taste spirits of all sorts of qualities, natures, and degrees; for I well know, a mind may be replenished with knowledge and understanding of divine mysteries from the outward tongues received and taken in, and yet have been kept strangers to the flowing springs of wisdom and revelation within, from where the certainty of the true prophet is to be known; therefore let ever one look to it, what they speak, teach, or write; for it will pass through the inward ground for trial, where the fiery region will prove it.

Page 145. - Many ask whether there be any spirit of prophecy or revelation given forth since the apostles deceased, as believing all died with them? This would be a sad and deplorable thing, if God should since that age, cut off the spring of revelation from its original, that so the sheep and lambs of Christ's flock should no more expect to be fed from the fresh springing pastures, where no footing hath been, as also to drink of those flowing rivers of life that will renew daily from the fount of the Godhead; let such but call to mind and consider those many scripture prophecies and promises concerning the continuation of this gift unto the very end of time, both in the old and new testament; I shall mention only some of the latter: John xiv. 16. 17, 18,  2 Cor. iv. 8,  Cor. ii. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. John ii. 28,  Heb. viii. 9, 10, 11. Many more than these scriptures could be called up for confirmation of the continued run of the spirit throughout all ages, Christ by His spirit comforting us, saying Lo! He would be with His to the end of the world. Now, as from the Lord, I beseech you, not to eclipse the light of the


day-star (2 Pet. i. 19) in your own souls, nor quench the spirit, nor despise prophesying, then may the witness of Jesus rise in you, to confirm this most glorious ministration, as a burning lamp of revelation.


Published 1694.


From this book we do not make many extracts, as it particularly shows Jane Lead's misconceptions of the Divine Plan. To this we have alluded in the Preface, but here again we wish to show that prophets, speaking long before the time in which their word was likely to come to pass, cannot have revealed to them the Plan, as it will actually work out. Hence Jane Lead was permitted to suppose that the Living Fountain was already within the body and that the Life of God was already in man, only waiting to be drawn upon! This heresy is entirely inimical to God's latest Visitation.


Page 4. - God having taught me by His Spirit, in this great mystery of inward redemption, I found myself impulsed and under a constraint to make it public before my decease (being aged 70 years) that so this treasure might not die with me; not knowing but that it may be my last farewell to this world, therefore, have hastened to do my Lord and Master's work whilst the Day-spring from on high doth shine upon me.

Page 6. - I have joined and added to this first part what was opened and revealed to me last year 1693, where you will see a particular knowledge and experience of what the saints yet abiding in this lower world may enjoy of communion with holy and separated spirits of the higher world, which may be of great advantage. . . . Also a little tract lately manifested in what way and manner we may expect the Lord's appearance about which so many prophecies and sounds in this present age have gone forth. I have according to my gift laid the sure foundation for both His present and future appearance in the world. Sure I am, He doth and will send His messenger before His Face, which is the spirit of refining fire to prepare for His more visible and splendourous coming in His kingdom, to make kings, priests, and prophets, to reign in and with Him on the earth; and when we shall see more of this multiplying oil of the Holy Ghost poured forth upon those that are lookers for this blessed hope, and most glorious reign of Christ; then we may expect He may be drawing near. (Herein lieth the greatest of all mysteries, that under the covert of a mortal human form, an anointed Cherub should there live and move, as having the fire-sparkling eye, that pierceth into the Heavens.)


Page 92.- Hearken, O Daughter of Zion, behold thy Bridegroom cometh no more a servant, but to be served by all flesh; the word that was manifest in flesh, reigns in spirit, to prepare for Christ's Kingdom to come into a visible dominion here upon the earth, by signs and miracles, wrought by the Spirit in forms of flesh to confirm that Christ the Lord is coming to appear in His saints, to set them over the earth. For to the Daughter of Zion the dominion shall be restored through Marriage Union with the Lamb of God.

All that are watchmen, and holy-seers, shall sound out that trumpet of the Spirit, that may gather the dove-spirits together, to wait in love-unity, that the Thousand Years' Reign may have a speedy beginning and entrance; upon the which it will follow, as enquiries made into this Spirit's Reign and Dominion, shall hereunto be encouraged. Even so, and Amen, in the Spirit, come Lord Jesus quickly.


This book is to be sold by the Author, Jane Lead, living at the Lady Mico's College, right against Stepney Church; and at her daughter's, Barbary Walton, at Mr. Mileman's in New Street, at the end of Dean Street, right against the Three Tuns. And if anyone be dissatisfied in any point handled in this book, the Author is ready to give answer thereunto, while she is yet living.



Published 1695.


The First Commandment. - Thou shalt own, and bear witness to the True God, manifested through His Virgin Wisdom, as come to restore nature to its own eternal originality, which consisteth in light, purity and power.

The Second Commandment.- Thou art not to frame or carve out in thy mind a strange God, though it may be after a heavenly likeness; worshipping thou knowest not what, or whom. The fallen essences would make a God, like unto themselves, gross and elementary, which with the earthly sense might be familiar, and have recourse to for supply in a gross and visible manner; owning the invisible creator in word, but denying the faith in His omnipotency, potency, through the going a-whoring after the God of reason.

The Third Commandment. - Let none dare to make mention of the most Holy Name in their mouths, that are not with their hearts incorporated into it. . . . Yet thou mayest receive, and bear this Name worthily and give it place that it may all over-run thee in such wise, that thou mayest disappear, and be hid in it; so as nothing may be


found but this holy flaming Name, purifying every property, turning all into a God-likeness, as becomes this holy place.

The Fourth Commandment. - Thou art charged to solemnize a holy sabbath. Here must be a rest, paradise, yea, all that smells or savours of the six days' labour, which entered in with the curse of mortality is to be ceased from. I say, all sinful workings, either in mind or in body, we are to rest from; not doing our own pleasure, nor speaking our own words. This is that true inward sabbath we are called to sanctify our God with: -

(1) A total cessation from the working properties of reason, the motion of which must be stopped. Here is no occasion for it in this paradisaical world: it is forbidden fruit to the children of the resurrection, that must live one and the same life as Jesus, and with the angels; that is, a divine and magical life, strictly bound up to a mystery of faith to be revealed.

(2) Not only must thy eternal spirit and mind rest from labour and commerce, but also thine outward, in which lives the working essences, which would be continually trafficking, like a whirling wheel that is never at rest. These are the son and the daughter, the manservant and the maidservant, and the cattle within the gates of the external man that are prohibited working. No work being required of thee but to believe and rest upon His omnipotency to bring all into thy hand. Thou needest not to wander out from the tabernacle which the Lord hath pitched, to gather provision, it shall be rained down into thy tent, if thou continuest in this holy rest of believing.

The Fifth Commandment. - Here thou art required to honour thy Eternal Father, and Wisdom thy true Natural Mother, which hath brought thee forth and up to that stature and degree in which thou now art. Thou art by this come under the vow of a Nazaritical life, and art to go no more out, having the consecrated oil upon thy head and this circling about thy heart. Thou must no more defile thyself either for any dead father or mother, son or daughter, lest thou profanest the Name and holy sanctuary of thy God, instead of honouring it. . . . When thou art come to take unto thee the dominion and power to rule, and to subject, as Christ hath done, all things as thy footstool, it is certainly the pleasure of Wisdom to give thee a kingdom, and to all others whose ears are open to her discipline. Thou, by abiding faithful to these laws, shall recover it again, and shalt know how to manage as well the golden sceptre of power, as the rod of iron, which is for the idolatrous party who stand out, and refuse to submit to the reign of Jesus in this His second appearance. Neither will He now be awed, or frighted out of His right, but will make all those usurping and tyrannical spirits, which have lived hitherto in man's nature, to yield and bow, whether in bodies, or out of bodies.

The Sixth Commandment. - Whereas it was said in the old covenant, "Thou shalt not kill," here thou art required to do


self-murder, and not to spare cutting off the head of the life which would cut thee out from having a name and place in the New Jerusalem. . . . Babylon must fall. Let it be then the cry, and the endeavour, that in thyself thou mayest first behold the fall: nor be thou afraid of thy undoing as to this self-degradation; for it is the injunction of Paradise that all strife should cease, that thou mayest come only to know a life of serenity and peace in this holy place, where a cessation of mobility, and of all working essences is required. Which essences, if not stopped, would busily ply them and so destroy the magical property, which acts through the All-seeing Eye of eternity, and refuses all contribution from the sensitive part, well knowing its own sufficiency to make thee again to flower forth in paradisaical power. Be now henceforth wholly passive, as a seed, that through the conjunction of the heavenly powers, a bright lily-body thou mayest put forth, which shall be above all creaturely addition: and no more doubt that showers shall here be wanting for the increase, for all is ordered in its proper course and season, to the bringing this up into its perfect growth. All thy danger will be in this temptation, when thou shalt see that there is nothing of visibility to live upon, but that all must be continually renewed from the virtual power of the white stone.

The Seventh Commandment. - Thou art not to break the marriage knot which is tied between thee and the Lord thine Husband, to Whom thou art betrothed through the Eternal Spirit. For it is to an high breach of the covenant of love, which is established upon immutable promises on God the Father's part, and on thine. Seeing this Royal match was made and concluded by consent of the everlasting Father, and of Wisdom thy Mother, Who could not propose a more honourable, worthy person to unite thy spirit unto, thou art required to abide most constant and loyal to Him, and nevermore so much as to look upon, or entertain any other lover, in committing of spiritual adultery. It would provoke thy Lord to jealousy, Who cannot bear that thou shouldst be familiar to talk with any other spirit; forasmuch as the Serpent is most subtle and seeks many ways to make a prize of thee, watching to break the Royal band of this intended Marriage-Union, which hath been so long contrived by Me, and which I would now see finished. Let therefore My counsel take place with thee, so as thou neither taste, nor handle those inviting, pleasant fruits that seem to say, "Come, eat of me, try whether I do not excel all whatever is in Paradise, who have all that is capable to suit the palate of thy sense." I will be sure never to fail thee, Who am thine old lover and friend. Jesus cannot admit any other lover to sit in thy heart, and if at any time a stranger He shall find there, know that from thee He will take the same most unkindly.

The Eighth Commandment. - Whereas it is said, "Thou shalt commit no theft," so by Me it is again confirmed, as the law of Paradise, that thou this rule also observe, as it relates to thy God


in the first place, and in the second to thy neighbouring inhabitants in the outward world, where thou visibly art resident. But you will say, "Far be it from Me ever to rob the Most High of His honour!" Knowingly thou wouldst not do it; but I shall unfold unto thee a most subtle and hidden way of deceit, which the first Adam was guilty of, so making it hereditary to all his posterity, who by that first act of disobedience, purloined from God his maker the glory of His sovereignty, and would have assumed the Godhead to himself, by going forth into a divided essence, to be wise in a self-property; which awakened the sinful arrogancy, to those sad effects that are known throughout the whole universe, of fallen spirits to this very day. . . . Now is Wisdom come, to direct how all should be cemented, and gathered in again, that so thou mayest not take from the inhabitants, of the outward world any of their bitter, unsavory morsels, in all which lieth hid to this day the secret venom of that evil tree, which the whole universe of spirits do still take and feed upon as if it were lawful for them so to do, making it matter of necessity, or even of ordination from the Most High. But that this is not so, will soon be made to appear when the Sun shall break forth, the day-spring being now upon its rising, that shall convince the unbelievers, that there is quite another way for the ransomed of the Lord to live. Then with all gettings do thou aim at this, which will make thee do exploits indeed.*

The Ninth Commandment. - Here thou art required not to bear false witness against thy neighbour, but to love him as thyself, being one with, or nearer to thee than thyself. But you will say, "Who is my neighbour?" Dost thou not know him, thou that hast been so long an inhabitant in the paradisaical grounds? He is even that true Samaritan (Jesus) Who hath poured in, the restorative oil, for thy healing, Who hath taken the care of thee, wholly, and undertook thy cure then, when He saw thee wounded unto death. His eye pitied and officiated in this love service, as one that had a fellow-feeling of thy calamity and thy suffering, under Whose power thou wert fallen, and seeing thee now in such imminent danger to lose thy eternal life. He was immediately sent by the everlasting Father to rescue thee, out of the hands of these robbers, that designed to kill thee, the Heir of life and glory. So here you may see who is that true and worthy neighbour, to Whom you are obliged to bear witness for, and not against. . . . Know also, this commandment doth further reach, than thus to love Jesus; that must not be all; thou art conjugally and neighbourly to know Him wherever He dwelleth bodily, and with the same love, care, and concern, as for thyself, always to His necessities administer supplies, as God giveth to thee.

The Tenth Commandment. - This is the great, full and last charge which I shall leave with thee. Here thou art forbid all coveting

* This Eighth Commandment contains the TRUTH on the Mystery of  Iniquity and the Mystery of Godliness.


or engrossing desires after what is the possession and enjoyment of another. . . . Thy restriction lieth here at present, not to let out thine eye upon what is another's portion as to eternal possessions; for one may come to his inheritance before another, according to that spirit which worketh as a free agent, to increase spiritual substance. And this may be either sooner or later, as the spirit worketh more or less industriously; which useth to operate diversely, according as the soil or nature of the ground is, that of a much different constitution is found. In some, this internal ground is richer, pleasanter, fatter and in every way better than it is in others; like as you may see in the visible earth. But every one is to be contented with his lot, as it is divided.



Published 1695.


This book is very philosophical and indicates Jane Lead's natural confusion where she is prophesying of an eighth world, which is Heaven on Earth, but is not altogether able to realize that any heaven can be reached except through the grave and gate of death. As a disciple of Boehme she could not altogether escape a certain belief in death as a gate of Life, but the extracts we have made are pure prophecy.


Page 8. - When therefore the set time shall come for God to move and open the one element, that shall transmute all elements into itself, then the new creation of pure celestial bodies in every region will be made manifest. But here I must stop my pen, for the mystery of both living and dead is so hidden, and deep, that the Holy Ghost bringeth to light a new record, which this present age cannot well bear, or understand. Nor will it be until there come a breaking off from the old traditional knowledge, and a weaning from the breasts of a strange mother; that so they, as new born spirits may draw from the Eternal Word of Wisdom, fresh unction, that giveth light unto the understanding, and by which the counsel of the Most High is made known, and all the secrets that can be desired are manifested.

I queried whether any spirit or person in this mortal world, can possibly be so clarified, as to become a part of that court of eternity. The answer: This is granted, yet this is no impossibility to the good-willing and obedient, into whom these heavenly worlds will come down, and open and diffuse their qualifying powers, to make them meet to be partakers of this Jerusalem-world, as to its spiritual substantiality; which will enter souls into a present most happy and blissful fruition of God. The splendourous Deity may for a


time under a shade of contemptible humanity be obscured; but Virgin Wisdom's day will, by her bright star, through the dark pitcher of this earthly form shine forth; so as in this time of our evening-tide her morning light shall upon the earth spread.

Page 14. - What is it that I mean by this Virgin Wisdom, that is the true Mother of the citizens of this Jerusalem, and who is the princess of this kingdom? In the first place, we shall describe her eternal originality, which is from God the Triune Deity, being a Virgin hid in Him from all eternity, but as to her nativity brought forth in time, now I shall not speak in a proverb but plainly as thus: God created the first Adam to bear His Own image and figure, who was to represent God Himself, the High and Divine Masculine, but Male and Female; so that he had his Virgin in* himself in imitation of his Creator, which in time would be brought forth in a distinct figure - the Eternal Virgin Mother that lay hid in God, the Centre and Heart of Flaming Love; from whence the production of a Glorious Female Figure was brought forth; that was so commixed and mingled with Deity, as she became God's Spouse and Bride, being Spirit of His Spirit. Now be it known unto all, that from this Eternal Virgin-Wisdom a new generation of virgin spirits shall be born, to make up the glory of the New Jerusalem. . . . This then being premised, I come to give the particulars after what manner Wisdom's children are to be educated. In the state of their infancy and minority, as soon as they are spiritually born, care is to be taken that this holy birth draw the sustenance of life from no other than its own Virgin Mother, whose breast must at all times satisfy and nourish it. For according to what it sucks in of such a kind nature and quality, the birth is, for it draws in the spirit and life of its Mother. Therefore watch to it and hang not upon any strange breast.


What kind of clothing must the royal birth have?

It is a pure and fine robe made up of a diaphanous matter, from the one eternal and unmixed element which can no more fade, as did the first Adam's paradisaical body (that was, though celestial, yet alterable), whence, that withdrawing itself, he became naked: for he had then lost his virgin body, wherein his strength did lie.

What further wonder did you here see?

A glorious and wonderful element was seen with numberless sparks of light. As this outward air (or Aether) is full of stars, so this element was bespangled with lights. Upon the inquiry of the spirit what these might be, it was answered, That all these were simplified spirits that were ordained to garnish this globe, and

* I have adapted this as Jane Lead did not know that Eve was the Mother of Adam and that the first ADAM alludes to Christ Who has sown the Bride (His Eternal Feminine) in the earth. (See "Keys," p. 49.)


attend there, the Triune Deity from Whom they are generated, evermore watching the Eye to see when it would send them forth to assume or take up bodies; being all pure, meek and mild spirits, which do perfect whatsoever and whosoever they enter. These are the spirits that will sublime and make bodies to become all-divine.*

Page 19. - Then was it further asked by this translated spirit, Whence their birth was?

These spirits are the first-born from out of the womb of the Eternal Virgin, as bid in God, before there was any figurative manifestation. They will enter therefore into holy souls with such penetrating powers, as shall give another habit of mind, casting it into an eternal stillness, and quieting all the working properties in the region of nature. No awakening or stirring up there shall then be of the soulish essence from its conjunction with the body; for that the property of these spirits is to do and act all in a still and silent way; and from thence the greatest power and force shall most effectually go forth. All counterfeit actings of this kind will fall down as Dagon before the ark, so that no dark Magia shall be able to stand.


Page 24 - Hear and hearken, O England's inhabitants, for unto you a great light has shined! O let it not cloud and pass over you; but be ye wise in this your day to follow the spirit's bright guiding star, which is arising amongst you! O England, there is hid in thee them that have a true and right mission, from the Munition Rock, to give out the waters of the spirit plenteously. For a cry there is gone forth, for persons to be prepared and sanctified by the water of life; that so they may receive of the Holy Ghost, and be witnesses of His power. Hear, and hearken in the spirit, O hearken, and you will hear the seventh trumpet sound, from the seven spirits that are before the Throne; that do tell you, that the mystery of time is now finishing; and that the everlasting gospel of the Love is opening; and that the heavens are ready to roll down, to open their glory upon the earth, that the inhabitants thereof may no longer lie buried in the dark shade of an earthly life!

Over thee, O city of London, a mighty angel doth fly, with this thundering cry, saying, "Do not despise prophecy, neither decry down the ark of the living testimony; from which the spirit, as a flowing stream, must renew paradise upon the earth. And this warning is given to all of what ranks or degree soever, whether high or low, whether in the outward grandeur, or in the private and

* A very important allusion to the 144,000, or Michael's "Legion," kept back to the end in order to take bodies. Also note a growing knowledge that LIFE is made up of living molecules; happy and joyous if Divine, but serpent-like and devilish if of the earth.


inferior means of this world; even to you all, and to every one this call doth reach.

Shake, shake your earthly dust away,
For now it is the Spirit's day,
That will admit of no delay."


The eighth world is called the Still Eternity. - I was then shown and taught these three particulars, worthy to be observed. First, that no entrance for habitation is here found to any departed spirit, though arrived to never so high a degree of perfection. Nay it was said, that CHRIST Himself, as the first-born from the dead, and as glorified in our humanity, did not ascend up hither to the eighth world. For this globe and inmost court is reserved, for a greater mystery than what is yet made known.

The second thing we are to note is, that this shut-up principle, and highest court of the Triune God, and of His Virgin Wisdom with Her offspring of simplified spirits, is not to be opened till the will and pleasure of God, the Creating Father, shall be to move Himself, through these mild and pure spirits, for some new manifestation and modification of what, in the created worlds, is found defective, that so by a renewed creating power going forth in this manner out from the Still Eternity, another face of more excellent beauty and more transcendent glory, may for an everlasting fixation come over that which under a lapse and apostasy hath been.

As to the third particular that we are to take notice of which is, the order, union, and equal degree of these spirits. This unity and co-equality of theirs is manifested by their operations. All their acts and powers do go forth in a most profound stillness, the Deity co-operating through them, by which an influencing stillness in a delightful obedience, they never fail to execute; neither can they do otherwise, being unalterably fixed in the moving power of the Holy Ghost.


All the above alludes to the Eighth or Operative Sphere, which is this world redeemed. The octave in music exemplifies the fact that 7, though a perfect number, is incomplete unless the first note is repeated by the ascending 7 notes making 8 notes. "As it was in the beginning" it ever shall be, and redemption can only be attained by an actual experience, on earth, of conditions which were lost by the Fall. Life since the Fall has been reproduced Satanically, life in the redemption must be maintained Divinely.




Published 1696 - 1698.


Page 32. - Happy art thou, who is like unto thee, before whom a fiery law shall go forth, which shall not be after Mount Sinai inscription, that could never abolish sin; but this contrariwise shall open as a spirit-flash of lightning, that shall judge and try, burn and consume every rising motion, that from the first birth of the earthly man hath been. Therefore observe and cherish this burning spring. . . . Then was it further revealed, that this fiery law would be the fixation of URIM and THUMMIM, which is the high binding law (cf. the Law of Christ) that will most naturally and essentially from all Mount Zion inhabitants and from the pure Philadelphian race of all the redeemed holy ones, that are brought out of Babylon to stand on this Virgin mount, go forth. For it was expressed that this law was before sin entered, and it should thence again enkindle itself, and obliterate in a known number, what the law of sin had defaced of the pure image. (cf. "As it was in the beginning")

Page 37. - And it was also shown that this Urim and Thummim were only to be appropriated to the priests of the Melchizedek order (the order of the endless life), that is, to such whose descent is not to be counted or recorded in the genealogy of that creation which is under the lapse, but from the restoration and the birth which is from the olive root, that is evermore consecrated to put on this breast-plate, as the signal character of this holy function and heavenly calling, as it was given me to know from the Lord, the properties of which extend to all, clearness of sight and soundness of judgment, all which will make for the praise of Him Who shall, for us, this translation effect, bringing us into the membership of this most holy virgin church and priesthood.

Let it not be counted impossible, because Christ the Lord will be both the way and the door of entrance. Who would never have propounded and excited to it, but that He well knew where the power of sufficiency did rest for the accomplishment of it by incorporating Himself within them after a high and spiritual manner, and then this pure and perfect thing growing up, will make it all easy and natural to live, move and act in Deiformity.

Page 38. - Then this word more particularly was given to me: That God was coming from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran to revive the work, and to make known where the hiding of His power hath been. . . . I did see a round glass like a globe, and at first sight it was all full of matter that was like putrified blood, black and ill-coloured. Then saw I the globe turned and with the vent downward, and it was all discharged of that corrupt matter. Then arose a spring that filled it again, as with water,


which emptied itself out again. And I beheld the figure of a heart with an engraving thereupon in the globe. And I marvelled how it came there, and no sight of any person to put it in, and all this was acted, as without any visible hand. Further, there arose a golden liquor in the globe, and the heart fluttered up and down in it, and shined as gold.

Page 41. - Now it was testified and thus opened unto me, that some were elected to be fixed oracles, who are to be clarified for this purpose with pure water from the glassy sea, whose operation should be all forcible to work out the impure matter of the blood issue, which is the spring of sin, that only can be fully cleansed with this water-baptism, from the rising scum of putrified nature, which once was as a clear glass in the first formation, as it came out of the hand of the Great Creator, but now by mudded and strange mixtures, all crystalline beauty of the globe of nature is turned into such a swarthy blackness and dimness that nothing is left clear of spiritual seeing. . . . But caution the Holy Ghost hath given to us, that, as we would be partakers of this high ministry, as not only to speak, but to be in truth the very oracles of God, then from hence we are given to understand, that no unclean and polluted essences must rest with us. For the spirit doth let us know, that no mixed matter can here agree, for Christ in spirit is demonstrated for this very end, so to insure Himself the true anointing, that He might inwardly cleanse from these gross pollutions of sin, through the sending in pure waters from the dropping element, which is the true foregoing baptism that John the Baptist did figure out. As that water was visible and exterior, so this is invisible and internally effectual for redemption of the body. Here the name of Jesus doth become all-saving, because, as water is poured into a vessel to rinse and cleanse it, so the spirit of Christ is poured in as perfuming water for life renewing, that nothing of the old scent might be felt, for to send forth an evil savour. This is so to be done, as not to be liable to defilement, after that we are baptized with this water of life, then no more dead and putrified flesh is to remain. This is the wonder of all wonders, whereby God will yet magnify His anointed One, by Whom all things are yet to be restored.

Page 44. - But it may be said, "True it is, that such prophecies there are, that relate to a new creation, and the passing away of the old, but the time when this mystery will begin to work, we cannot foresee."

To this it is answered: That this is the very acceptable day, and the true sign is already given, the immediate forerunner* is already come to baptise with the water of life, that henceforth we may expect the baptizing fire of the Holy Ghost: no more transient as in the apostolical time, but as a fixed power, that may no more

* Probably Jane Lead thought that Jacob Boehme was the forerunner.


depart till it hath swallowed up sin and death in victory. Thus will the globe of nature be cleansed with the fountain-streams from the eternal element, and then it will be purged from ever-lasting burnings, that the face of all things may be renewed from nature's globe, as seen in the vision - a pure heart floating up and down in its own native oil, that doth issue forth continually from itself, as the procession of the Holy Ghost.

Page 46. - The Divine Magus that God will raise, shall far outdo all rational craft and subtility, so that all must be tributaries and servants to the anointed of the Most High. This is the crown that will be the certain reward to them who, to these baptisms, do fully arrive . . . This is that Lebanon glory in all its highest degrees which the spirit of Jesus is driving out from the cursed muttering spirits that would be mixing with the Lord's anointed prophet within us. Therefore authority is to be taken in Jehovah's name, to exclude and throw out, what will not suit to the priestly government. For with that Mosaical spirit, God will only be free with all to tell His mind, and commit His secrets to. All other springing essences that do fly upward from the imaginary part, must be searched, tried and judged in the superior court, by that unction of God, that is abstracted from all stirring strange essences, that would readily give in their votes to corrupt the pure rising spring of God's counsel. Which had need to be strongly guarded, for attempts to thrust in may easily be discerned - the great work only accomplished can be, as wisdom's first-born shall come forth upon the earth, appearing no more as an infant, but now coming forth in full-grown stature, that both a king and a nation may be born as in one day. Then now lift up thy head!

Page 55. - Nay further the great Elohim doth say. The Everlasting Womb shall open, that therefrom may issue forth powers indeed, that may be expressed by acts and deeds, which all of others, though in regeneration born, must far exceed, in that it is co-deified matter, that will suffer no mingling with earthly elements.

O how strange and amazing will this Lordly birth be!


Published 1699.


Page 27. - There was a lamp descended from the seven lamps before the throne, and put into the hand of a person, which did at first sight burn but dimly. Then come the Angel of the love, that poured in a golden oil that sent forth a mighty strong odour, which immediately made the lamp burn with such a blaze, dropping flakes of light into the oil, that caused many more lamps to spring, which made a good part of the earth look as a bright heaven. Then was it said to me, This shall be the forerunner whereby the


foundation shall be laid for the bright Sun of Righteousness to appear and shine forth in His temple-body, which is His spouse and bride, who shall not want to be accomplished with all manner of gifts and powers, much more radiant and great than whatever yet has been known and declared. All this is to confirm the vision of the mountain of Perazim that opened towards the four corners of the earth, and though somewhat was for a time to be shut up from the unworthy, yet as this blessed day shall approach nearer, permission is given to make the states of those in these regions more publicly manifest, for the seals that are upon the book of God's wonders must have their day of breaking open.

Page 29. - Behold here is the Triune Eye, denominated from the Father, with the Eternal Wisdom, and the Son concurring in the Holy Spirit, in Whom has been treasured up what is now to be opened and revealed, concerning the great things that are to be brought forth in this latter age of the world. For in whatever heart and mind this holy dove shall find entrance and reception, it shall be as the heavenly court and council wherein the Divine Wisdom shall unfold the greatest of secrets, as upon the day approaching hereunto they shall be expedient to be known. . . . As in the mount, in the threefold court there was seen, persons indued and qualified to be prophets, priests and kings, which are to be laid as the foundation of that ever springing creation, that are born into a state of eternal generation. These shall know length of days, as it was in the patriarchs before the flood, even to Methuselah's years. This good old golden age will presage that Christ has set His Foot to reign upon the earth in His Spirit, made manifest in His temple-body, whom He has espoused to Himself as His bride. . . . The swallowing up of the outward body, into an immortal figure of glory for constant manifestation and duration I do not expect to see, till the Lord of Glory Himself shall appear . . . By what means and after what manner shall this be brought to pass, for in present view the highest saints are subject to infirmities, diseases and death? True it is so, and may continue so to be, till Christ, Who is the Tree of Life, shall out of the ground of renewed nature spring, which He will not fail to do in such as weaned are from that forbidden tree, from whence the curse and death hath been drawn, in which is the old poisoned root that can only be healed and recovered again to its own original purity by the juice and sap that is offered most freely, for an effectual and wonderful transformation.

For you must know that till there be a perfect state arrived to, these two trees will both be growing, and as the soul's propension and feeding is, such fruits it will bring forth. This runs parallel with that representation Christ gave of Himself as the bread of life, John vi. 50, "This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die"; next verse, "If any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever." Now what kind of eating


must this be but the very quintessential Spirit of Christ the Tree of life, drawn into the soul by the strong attraction of faith and love. . . . Having the eye of faith upon the resurrection-mark, there is a particular commemoration likewise of His resurrection, not only personally from the grave, but also of His rising in us out of our deadly mould, celebrating here withal the marriage-union, as being risen with Him from the dead, and this symbol, as it is received virtually and powerfully, incorporates with and infuses by degrees that which is incorruptible into the outward body also, to make it hold out in the race that it is set to run within the circle-reign of our Great Emmanuel.

Page 34. - Several instances there are for it, both in ancient records and in present experience; hence it is that St. Paul being absent, was present in spirit to the Corinthians beholding their order. Nay, further, when this estate shall come to such high magnitude that the ethereal body shall penetrate through the grosser part, they may walk upon the waters, or pass through the doors, and be of that swift flight as to outrun the chariots and horsemen. But all of this we pass over as not knowing the time when this high Divine Magia shall be set a-work.

Page 37. - They were to take no thought for these things as the Gentiles did, but absolutely to pin their faith upon the All-sufficiency, Who will give the blessing of increase to such as shall make them only as steps, which they set their foot upon, that they may with greater freedom be advancing to a higher sphere, as having matters of a greater consequence to mind, which are the manifold affairs that appertain to the government and kingdom of Christ; which indeed is so considerable as will drink up their whole time, so as they will have little leisure to mind trivial and transitory things. . . . Know there is a new time approaching, such as never was, for the kingdom and dominion of Christ in power and authority has never yet had any establishment upon the earth, nor could indeed, because this long life and age was not yet to be. For by this length of days there will be time given for the finishing of transgression and sin, and bringing in that perfection of righteousness that shall have no end. . . . All shall be forced to acknowledge that these are the anointed ones, as bearing the royal priestly mark of their God and King. Upon them the heavenly power shall descend, for the heavens that have been shut so long shall now open.

Page 40. - Now it is already so far made manifest, that the confusion of languages was a great judgment and witness of God's displeasure against that age of time, so that it caused a scattering and loss of the one pure language of nature, which now in this new state and kingdom will be restored again. All that are above do harmonize together in the pure language of nature. And thus it is expedient that it should be in Mount Zion here below. For it was said this gift should come upon such as were


principal stones and builders of that new Jerusalem, the city wherein the reign of the mighty God and King may begin.

Page 41. - The root of pure speech must proceed from the pure heart of the Triune Deity, and so be formed into Christ the Essential Word itself, first going forth in pure cogitation, without sound or voice, whereby in this internal stillness, God discourses with the soul, and the soul with God, out of the flaming centre of this Triune Heart, and from whence it may proceed and form itself into outward organical speech. Which will carry such a fiery flaming power and efficacy, as shall beget the same native language in others, and open the centres that have been shut up in them.

Page 42. - The next gift that is to accompany this blessed day is to find out and open the all-healing pool, where the corrupt and putrifactious matter in the body elementary may, through the continual rising spring of this water of life, receive clarifying and healing. And wherever these waters of the sanctuary do rise, there everything shall be healed and maintained in life, according to that scripture, Ezekiel xlvii. 9. So that according to the long date of life designed for this state, this river for life must never cease to run through the corporeal form. And in the first appearances of this gift of healing in the Elijah-spirit - as a type forerunning Christ - and in the following century of the apostles, it was appropriated to them to convey virtue out of themselves for healing, which they could not command at all times, for then they would have conquered all sickness and death in themselves, but when this mighty gift shall be restored again, it shall go on to fixation and conquest of all maladies. For the great evil of sin will be taken out of the way, and so the suffering must cease. For the inhabitants that live in this new planted region shall not complain they are sick, for they shall be forgiven their iniquity. Isaiah xxxiii. 24. So that where sin is taken out of the way, sorrow and the curse, which are the product of it, must needs cease. Also Zechariah i. 8 - 10.

Page 44 . - The gathering will be of such as shall be steady pillars to bear up the mountain of holiness; upon which shall be written, "Emmanuel liveth and resteth here." But let it be known that this ascent to the height of this majestic reign of Christ, and arrival to this length of days, will not be all at once, but rising by degrees. There will be several signs that will forerun it. The messengers for this end must go forth to preach up the faith and to draw forth an expectation of it, in such as shall be selected hereunto, so that there will be some bright stars that will rise and go forth as lightning upon the earth. . . . For as the world in age grows old, so the mystery of iniquity will wax greater, by putting on and counterfeiting the very robe of Christ's innocency and truth, and also by a breaking forth of the dark magic, as the true and Divine, by way of miraculous working, is coming forth. Therefore the Triune Council in heaven, foreseeing this, will raise up such as shall


be of quick sight and sound judgment to detect and countermine what would make the true thing questioned and unvalued. Therefore the Lord will see it necessary to set His Own stamp, first for immaculate purity, and next for great powerfulness, to do and act in such a manner, as none of the false magicians shall be able to imitate, or stand before them. . . . There will also be outward medicines discovered, that have not yet been, that will have a wonderful efficacy for the preserving and fortifying nature, and recovering the lost paradisaical body. There is a vein of gold in eternal nature's garden that has not yet been pierced into.

Page 47. - That holy birth that hath proceeded from Wisdom is to remain in the heavens till the number of time shall be finished, who shall come forth in the strength of a Godhead - might in some persons, both males and females, that shall be fitly qualified to bear rule and to manage the rod of power, according to that type of the rod put into Moses' hand, by which he did all those great miracles, for thus the regency will be with a superiority over all the outward constellations and changeable motions of the planets, all sublunary things being put under their feet. . . . Micah iv. 8, "And thou, O tower of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem."

Page 51. - O death, where is thy sting, O grave, where is thy victory? When the deadly poison thereof shall be extinguished, and the Lord, Who is the quickening spirit, shall enter into the soul and raise Himself up to be transfigured body. No less than this may be expected when we shall be glorified with self-same glory wherewith the Father hath glorified Him, having put Christ our Head into a kingdom of all power and dominion. For if the first Adam had this prerogative given to him, much more abundantly will the second have it, not only appropriated to himself singly, but to all that are incorporated into his life and nature. This must have its birthday brought forth into manifestation in its appointed season. The signs of the near approaching of time, will be known as a forerunner, in the holy seed that is sensible of its great oppression, by the unalterable groans and travailing in pangs of sorrow* till this mighty lordly birth of power shall stretch forth beyond all weakness and minority, and hereby come to understand to what it is begotten again, and who is its Father, as belonging to that heavenly family and progeny, to whom all kingdoms and worlds do belong.

* Israel knows itself not to be a happy people as the world counts happiness, but what a blessing it is to learn that this very condition is the great sign of the end!



Published 1699.


Page 12. - When the Man of Sin shall be fully revealed, and the Mystery of Iniquity wrought out, then expect we may to hear the Seventh Angel sound his trumpet, . . . for which the line of time is now far spent, and the scenes of turbulent commotions will have then passed away, as the great Angel shall come to set his feet, one upon the sea, and the other upon the earth. Then a mighty calm and quietness among the earthly inhabitants will be, for the powers of Eternity will make their descent into time among such sanctified prepared souls, who shall be marked and sealed with the Father's Name of Power, which name signifies no less than the power of restoring Eternal Nature to bring forth the similitude of God as it was in the beginning; then the kingdom and dominion that Adam was deposed from will be repossessed again.

Page 14. - Why should so many generations pass away in this visible principle under the mortal sufferings and death? Till the number-roll in the court of heaven was fulfilled and the mystery finished of the time for filling up the other mansions of separated souls, . . . that shall resemble the heavenly world above . . . setting up a monarchial sovereignty that shall rule over all nations, by a rod of power in the hand of such as shall be found in the spirit of Moses and Elias, David and Daniel, which shall multiply in this day of Christ's Kingdom numerously. . . . It was thought near to be revealed in the Apostolical age and so in the centuries following. But it was the pleasure of the Divine Wisdom to conceal all from the worthy as well as the unworthy.

Page 19. - The sovereignty now is under the Dragon's regency, who does assume and take up persons in a particular manner in this day, and vaunt himself very high with great arrogancy, persecuting and pouring out his fury most impudently against the saints of the Most High. This is a forerunning sign. Now there is a sort of persons that are very serious and pious, according to their present understanding but cannot bear any spiritual dispensation that might prepare for the Reign of Christ, as coming contrary to their expectations and traditions. This sort being repugnant and opposite to all that may in an extraordinary way, be appropriated to the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation breaking out at this day. There is another sort that do suddenly expect the personal glorious reign of Christ, before He has accomplished His preparatory reign in spirit. These raise a mighty cry in the world, but are too hasty to fetch down Christ before He has a Church and Bride prepared for Him. Such as stand gazing here must frequently be frustrated of their expectations. Another sign will be, that, by and through,


proclaims the approach of Christ's Kingdom. And which shall be guarded and fenced with such power and authority from the Holy Ghost, as shall convince and invite the monarchs and nobles of the earth to hearken thereto, and look into the deep mysteries relating to it, and preparing for it; by whose countenancing, and improving all their power to promote this super-eminent Kingdom, they will be great presidents and leaders to their subjects. Hereby also there will be mighty stirring for the bringing in of the scattered tribes of Israel, that will begin to come in at the hearing of this joyful sound.

Page 22. - There is yet another sort, that avouch themselves to be under the teachings and leadings of it, but these must not pass without being weighed according to the balance of the sanctuary. These are such as have sprung up too quick and suddenly, in the true light and notion of it, but have not taken deep root from the central wheel and essence of Christ, the eternal Word, in themselves. Among such there will be a mighty shaking and falling away in the time of trial and probation, and among these will great subtilty and treachery of spirit be found, against those of the same profession and alliance with them, even to the betraying of the spiritual life, which is a stratagem of the serpent, more subtle to hurt than any other - which Satanical powers, have craftily crept into the minds of those that were enlightened, and had tasted of the heavenly gift! Now all these signs being amplified and made good at this time, do certainly presage that the kingdom and dominion to the daughter of Zion is drawing near, which will constitute the seventh order, which consisteth of such choice and virgin minds, in whom there shall be found no guile, who have passed through the probation state and have possessed the conquering bow of faith to that degree, that strong they are to go on in an overcoming might, whereby they put all opposing powers, whether in invisible dark regions or in the visible and temporary, to flight.

Page 25. - "There shall be a sealing go forth in the Father's Name, and My Name, and the Holy Ghost's, that shall be the true living draught drawn, that shall put an end to all prophetical worded testimonies, turning them into pure act and power."* This was the joyful sound heard from the Throne and Kingdom of the Lamb, which gave also further intimation whereby it should be known by some following signs, in whom the Kingdom of God should first appear, at first invisible and internal, and afterwards visible and external. This will be in such qualified persons as have been separated, and called out of this worldly principle, to see to the ends of their own earth (earthliness).

Page 29. - The mighty spring of the Spirit of Faith shall rise and conquer all self-reasoning, so as not to admit of any doubt or staggering, but make it pass in a straight line up

* Note particularly that operation is the key-note of the Eighth and concluding phase of the Visitation, prophecy must be lost in fulfilment.


to the Glorified Jesus, as He is invested with all power, as well in the lower regions as in the upper, and so unite with that powerful name Alpha and Omega. Which faith in this great Name must produce those mighty works and deeds mentioned by our Lord after His resurrection, as the signs that shall follow them that believe. No need of taking thought for this or that, that belongs to the outward bodily state, for it will be given them as they stand united with Christ their Head, to possess the earth and inherit all things.

Page 31. - The seventh sign is putting on Transfiguration, which will be accompanied with the descent and appearance of Christ in them in His glorified figure. By the glance of which glory, transformed they are into the express image of His bright body. To this prepared spouse a Voice was heard, saying, "Arise, shine, for thy Light is come, and the glory of thy Bridegroom is now become thy covering." The marriage here will consummated be from the High-Throne Majesty, Who giveth His full concurrence hereunto. Now what may less expected be from this matrimonial unity, but such an offspring and new creation as was designed by the Father of Eternity, to bring forth after His Own similitude before Adam's fall. Which purpose of God could never be made void, though a stop was permitted to be put to it for a while, for the bringing forth the manifold wisdom and wonders of God, transcendently by Him, Who was from eternal generation the Son of God.

Page 33. - And it will begin, as it was in the first Paradise, in male and female, through the restoration of the lost eternal virgin-nature. And as Eve did suck in the serpently venom, and introduced it into the first Adam, and thereby corrupted and involved him in the same transgression (whereby there was a going out and dividing from God the Eternal Root, whence the banishment out of Paradise was pronounced and an exclusion and loss of the kingdom and dominion), so the virgin rises in her room to draw and feed upon that Tree of Life, and having tasted of the virtue thereof, gives to her chosen and elected mate, so known and assigned to stand in the room of him that brought in sorrow and the curse. That (tree of death) must die and be extinguished, as this Tree of Life, by this true eternal marriage of the male and female, shall come to spring up in fruitful powers. Then comes forth the renewing of that blessed word, that God spake in the beginning, Gen. i. 27. Now this has been obliterated and lost out of possession in that lapsed generation, that proceeded from the first Adam, for these many ages of time that have passed over. But the grace and purpose of God cannot be nullified, but must be made good. The pure, eternal virgin-nativity will recover itself, and stand over all this apostatized state, whereby an end may be put to the sinful progeny of the old world. But this change will rise and come on gradually, so from hence a new generation shall spread and multiply


here upon the earth as a deified leaven, that shall eat out the bitter and sour leaven that had got into depraved nature.

After this manner the Kingdom of God and His Christ, shall come to be made manifest. Blessed are those that shall stand in the lot of this age and time, worthily taking notice.

Page 37. - As to the manner of generation, it is all purely spiritual, as the Holy Ghost shall go forth to overshadow and give a conception in such as are predestinate to bring forth Christ, numerously through corporeal forms, in His various spiritual stature, as from an infant of days to the full-grown age. When this blessed day shall from on high spring, for the bringing down this Kingdom of Heaven, there will be marriages of another kind than what has been, all spiritual, angelical and divine, from whence a pure and holy progeny shall stand in this latter day upon the earth, born as princely heirs to reign with Christ in these lower regions.

Page 39. - For by pure act of Omnipotent power, this new creation state must be maintained and upheld. Which government and authority will be so surely fixed and entailed, as never yet has been known in the world since the creation. For the tide must turn, and the Satanical powers and kingdom must give way to the Virgin with her male-birth, that shall, with the rod of iron, all opposing nations crush and bring under. But others shall see and submit to this day of Christ's glorious Sovereignty, offering themselves willingly to be admitted as subjects to this kingdom and dominion that is given to the saints of the Most High. The motives hereunto will be so great and marvellous, as shall invite all from the highest degrees and ranks of persons to the lowest of conditions. There is a gate of Paradise that shall be opened to such as can derive their descent and birth-degree from the Virgin and the Father of Eternity.

Page 42. - But here it is to be understood that these do first rise, but in a child-like state, and so grow up as Christ Himself did in wisdom and stature. This being as the time of their minority, they cannot suddenly reach to the full possession of their inheritance and kingdom, but as princely spirits they will be brought up and served according to their high spiritual birth-degree. As Moses was brought up in all the learning of the Egyptians, as the son of Pharaoh's daughter, so shall these heaven-born children be taught, disciplined and instructed in all the divine arts in the royal court of God their Father and the new Jerusalem their true native Mother. From which may be expected the great deeds and wonders to be acted forth, after the manner of Moses, and of the prophets and apostles, and that in a degree more eminent and glorious than all that has been heretofore, because it will be the manifestation of the great day of Christ's setting up His Kingdom and Reign here upon earth, over all nations and kingdoms, which never yet has been, but the prophecies hereof are now at hand to be fulfilled.

Page 45. - God has chosen the poor of this world and the weaker


and foolish things, to confound the wise and the things that are mighty; so that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are called, but now it is understood and perceived, that there is a peculiar purpose and good will of God to those, as many as will incline and obey.

46. - The second cry that soundeth out this fiery ghostly horn, is to awaken such pastors and watchmen as may go forth in the power and spirit of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, for which the age of time is now ripening, that such shepherds God will raise up as shall feed His flocks from a lively ministration of His Own Spirit, and no longer from a low traditionary form, for taking up a rest therein, but to move and press themselves and excite others to reach this resurrection-mark. . . . Therefore a healing embassage from heaven is now sent down, that calleth and urgeth for a universal harmony and unity, wherefrom may be expected a marvellous and wonderful change, in bringing out all strife, contention and division. For the Prince of Love and Peace is near to pitch His Throne-Dominion and Kingdom, first invisibly and spiritually in the hearts and minds, from whence will go forth such mighty influencing powers as shall cause all that is destructive to this Love-Kingdom to cease.''


Published 1699.

Taken from the Volume entitled "The Wars of David."


Readers of the following extracts who are not moved by this as by a most "solemn music," must lack spiritual "taste". To the "Warriors" we know these extracts will be like manna to the soul - setting forth, as they do, our intimate experiences - painful indeed, but easier to bear when thus confirmed by a most sure word of prophecy. In fact, when we read of our trials as being ordained for us, these many years before, they assume a different character.


Some special observations and openings, in reference to the distempers I passed through in the elementary body from the 10th of October, 1699.

The first part of this illness seemed to play upon my vital part, as if a sentence were passed for departure out of the body, to which I was resigned, and made free to yield up thereunto. And as I was debating and preparing for it, after some natural rest, as soon as awaked out of it, there appeared a white horse with a bright clarified Being riding upon it, calling me to mount up and sit behind him, and I found myself immediately raised up accordingly, putting


my arms about him who having a bow in his hand, bid me lay my hand upon it, to draw with his hand, from whence did fly a bright arrow down to the earth where there lay many black shadows of death, which this arrow did make to fly away; the horse and the rider treading down all dark powers under him. Then was it said, Victory to them who can sit the horse of power, and draw the bow of faith, which will make all the dark ghosts of death to fly away! Then immediately upon this vision shutting up, I found myself greatly relieved and my faintings in spirit did pass away.

But then three days after this, another onset I had of a very dolorous pain in my head, teeth and face, which put all out of course and order in the body. This gave me much exercise and proving, in reference to what I had so lately seen of a deliverance; recollecting and making reflection, that after so many excitements to bear up in the faith, whereby an overcoming of the malignancy of the stars and elements might be, I should be exposed yet to lie under the dominion and power of them; which caused a great war and muting in the bodily part, being attended with a feverish distemper, that might very easily have released the imprisoned soul out of the decayed body. And truly many expostulations did arise in me hereupon, so that I said with Elijah, Lord, what am I better than my progenitors that were elders in the faith, who did prophecy of the glorious kingdom of Christ to come, but yet died in the faith of it, not seeing or possessing it themselves.' So making it parallel with my own state (God having taken me up as an organ through which many weighty and wonderful manifestations of the secret things of God have passed, that reserved may be for their fulfilling part beyond what is the limit of my outward life), I endeavoured to pacify and reconcile myself to whatever I felt in the sensitive part, under the dominion of the jarring elements, which gave me great longing therefrom to be unclothed and set free from this body, that was such a depression of my superior life and spirit, and which prevented me of the free use of my supersensual faculties.

Page 68. - Then I said, Lord, of what service can I be, or what good can my life do me, while such a dry, unprofitable tree I am, as one worn out in the body, by reason of my so great age? And as I was complaining and spreading this in prayer to my Lord, I received this reply, "O where is your faith? Why still so slow to believe what is to be beyond all sensible feeling of old age with its infirmities? Is there not another age that I have set before you, which you are to keep your aim and eye upon, from the time and date in which you were born into My spirit? You are now to mind how short you are from coming up to that good old age and eldership, in the spiritual humanity and full grown body of My strength and power which is to have its increase:* though you

* This spoken by the Ancient of Days refers to "age" as immortal age.


may have seen humblings by the other in its decay and decrease, which yet must not weaken the force and power of the springing and growing lily of faith, though it stand in the midst of a thorny ground, an overtopping of all which from the deepest fund of Me, thy God, shall still make it spring and live."

Now for a further confirmation, there was a representation set before me of a bright crystalline wind-mill, that stood as it were upon a mountain, in a very clear and serene air, where it had sails of a silver brightness, and a door was opened therein, with an invitation to me and some others to ascend, whose spirits made free were, to draw off from the common walks of the inhabitants of the world; and entering thereinto, we did find precious golden grains, said to be from the paradisaical ground, which were here to be ground down, so to make heavenly manna-bread; which was to be provision for those that were separated from the earthly stores to live upon the increase of this meal that should never fail. For so long as the holy wind from the eternal element should still stir these sails about, then a fresh grinding should be, and so the renewed fruits of faith should be for the sustaining and strengthening of the birth of CHRIST, till it should arrive to its full maturity.*

Page 70. - And the word was added, "Suffer the grains of FAITH to be under the grinding mill, that they make up a pure mould, for thereinto the pure leaven of the Deity shall pass, as most celestial and savoury meat,Æ which shall be angelical good, for all such as shall hereto yield themselves up, even those just and perfect ones that live upon faith. Therefore the concluding word was, 'You must not think it much (trial) to have your faith ground down, tried and proved'."

Now follows a call and summons from the Lord God of Hosts, to the Lamb's Holy Warriors to fight His battles in the power and might of that spirit, which shall go on conquering, and to conquer.

After this I had a summons, as hearing there was a council of war to be called in the heavens, in order to the raising of a spiritual army, that were to fight the Lamb's battles, under CHRIST their great General. For His Kingdom that has been so long expected upon the earth to come, could no otherwise be brought down in dominion and sovereignty over this lower principle where the Beast and Dragon have had so long their reign, but by the force of spiritual warriors. For hitherto many ages and times have run out, and so far nothing is effected of the recovery of the Lamb's right of His Kingdom in His Saints.Æ But now this word came to me, as I was lamenting the dismal state that all the faithful did lie under, "That there was a decree sealed for the raising up such a mighty and invisible army, as shall fight valiantly till they have overcome and regained that

* That is to say of the birth of the Christ-life in redeemed bodies.  
Æ cf. "My flesh is meat indeed," "How shall this man give us his flesh to eat?"
Æ And mark, this was written 223 years ago.


possession which does, of right, belong to Him Who is the King over all regions, or worlds, whether in the heights above or here below." This was said to me to be a new method, which had not yet been taken, which was the cause that it has been so long protracted hitherto. Much has been spoken, and many calls have been to the exercise of these spiritual weapons; and many have put on the armour, but put it off again before they had gained the victory (over death), being apt to faint or grow weary, meeting with hard and strong contest from that potent prince of the air, with all his numerous legions. But it was said to me, "Be of good comfort, for his day is expiring, for behold there is a priestly host that is out of God's Tabernacle to come forth, who shall be clothed with the fiery breath of the Holy Ghost."

Page 12. - No rumour or noise, as in the outward hostile way, shall be heard here, for all these spiritual weapons invisibly shall exercised be, so as to do execution upon the violators and oppressors of the Lord's heritage, which do set themselves in battle array, for the maintaining their own kingdom in vanity and pomp and earthly glory - all which will be scattered by these powers, so strongly bending against them, that they themselves shall be amazed, and confess there is no dealing with, or standing out against these mighty hosts of the Lord! With them is the flaming sword, proceeding out of their mouths, and the motto they bear upon their breast is, "THE ETERNAL WORD that gains the victory by His Own Blood." Thus the lifted-up standard shall be mounted so high, as to cast a dread upon all the armies of the aliens that will run and therefrom fly. Then heard I this word, "O blessed and highly honoured shall all those be, that shall offer and list themselves under the great General in this royal and holy army."

Page 73. - Upon this some queries I put forth to that dawning called the Light, that environed my understanding in such a marvellous and mysterious way, asking when and upon whom this lot should fall, to be called forth to fight for the Lord's diadem crown, here upon the earth to be shewn.

The manner how is thus prescribed - first, they are to be brought up and qualified in wisdom's school, trained up in the divine skilfulness in the use of principal instruments and engines of the spiritual war. For which, cause enough there is, for all her children must first commence war against what within themselves so repugnant and opposing is,* to the full possession of the love and peaceable kingdom of the Prince and Lord of Life, wherein they must expect to meet with strong encounters, but as they obey and follow the rules of their Captain Leader, the conquest will be obtained. Further, these holy warriors are to be qualified with love and amity, as not to push against or wound each other, all agreeing

* Here we have the dawn of the teaching of John Wroe and Jezreel upon the overcoming. See "Flying Roll," sermon II, page 152.


on this one point - to fight for their Lord and Master's right. Such as are found in this spirit shall not want an endowment with power, whereby they shall prevail, as they have overcome all within them, so also outwardly and visibly shall these fulfil that prophecy, that by the iron rod the nations should be subdued under them.

Through the continual presence of the eternal ark, deliverance shall be wrought out.

Page 76. - Now some motives were given to me for the encouragement of this holy soldiery. The first was, that they should enter into a present pay, which should come out of Wisdom's store and bank, who would for them command a peculiar dowry, as they are called forth for this divine military service, being taken off from all other employ, conferred upon them there should be, supplies of another kind, so great, so weighty, so wonderful, as none can know but those that receive them. For then the mystery of Faith will begin to work its wonders and marvellous deeds, when it has had its pass under the grinding mill that has been made mention of. Then the Divine Magia will open and work to those high degrees that shall usher in the immense glory of CHRIST'S Kingdom.

Another motive was that every particular warrior here, who faithfully shall abide and hold out in this holy battle, should conquer and obtain a crown and a kingdom, each one for themselves,* and that, not only future, but present upon the earth, as substituted under their great King and General.

But an objection here may arise, whether all that have engaged as battlers for the recovery of their Lord's and their own kingdom, shall escape the mortal death - for if not, how can they come to reign as kings upon the earth? It is thus answered, that many of those that are engaged in this spiritual warfare may die the natural death, and yet before this may have made a fair progress, and enjoyed much of the kingdom and bid high for the full crown, but dying in the faith they shall not lose their reward,Æ for they shall enter into the joy of their Lord and be kept in His Hand, in order to their return again with Him in His personal glory, to begin the reign anew with Him upon the earth.

Page 83. - As upon the mount-watch I was taken up in my spirit, a soft whispering voice I did hear, as from the higher sphere. To the Lamb's battlers it was directed, that had fought the good fight of faith, whether near or remote. "To you is the salutation of love, with approbation and kind acceptation, in that you have so valiantly held out. Now nothing more required is, but that you rest in the bosom-joy of your true native mother, there drawing out the all-nourishing spirit of life. So shall you become, as Nazarites, white to receive and entertain your glorified King and Bridegroom. . . . Now wait and expect all this shall be performed to you in certainty -

* Each will possess the land, namely, the kingdom of the Body.
Æ They obtain a "better resurrection."


but you are not to reckon your attendance to be bound up to time's Calendar here, for you are entered into the new Jerusalem sphere where boundless glories and powers shall meet you, as you persevere."

Page 91. - The first rule is to put on a resolution not to go off from the watch, till some extraordinary appearance of the working and acting powers shall open from the centre of the Deity, as it lies hid in the essence of the soul (of those predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ), where out eternal nature must be raised and recovered again, to bring forth a new created form, after the similitude of the Triune God Himself.

Page 93. - As the apostles had power to transfer the Holy Ghost by laying on of hands, so it (this power) will be renewed. . . . through resurrection-union of life with CHRIST Who shall produce a birth of (by) the Holy Ghost, by way of spiritual impregnation, in those who are in a good degree made meet and qualified herefore, through purification by faith. And thus shall the offspring of CHRIST, in conjunction with the true Bride, spread on the earth, and multiply into a spiritual generation, that shall stand up in this latter day, as distinguished from all others . . . wherein they do bear that new and hidden name that gives them right to possess and to inherit the true virgin-wisdom's dowry, which is Almighty and defensive power from the Father and the Son, managed by the Holy Ghost, Who is the agent instructed to move in that part which is immortal, and that too, which is mortal, that all may be leavened, from out of the springing root of the Deity, which will give the wonderful decision and character of those who are they that have their dwelling in the heart of CHRIST, out of Whose fountain-heart does flow an incessant river of oil that does empty itself into such hearts as do lie near to His Heart.

Page 97. - "Fear not, faint not, but hold out patiently, for the redeeming power is strongly moving and breaking forth, and the crown of dominion is descending, guarded by the heavenly host of angels, to be put upon the first overcomers." (Rev. ii. and iii.)

All this is sufficient motive and excitement to such, either single persons or families, whether in this nation or more remote, who have put on the shield of faith, and are inclosed with us in the flaming circle of love. To whom the watchword is from the Lord JESUS - "No other commandment do I put upon you but that ye hold fast in the band of love and unity, until I come to clothe you with power, strength and glory, adding further the word of counsel - Draw and wind up your faith to the mount, where I will not fail to meet you, who are one in My Spirit. For now is the reason and time for a more bare and naked manifestation of Myself, which by immediate speech you shall have from your Lord, and know what has hither towards been kept secret,* as finding so few that could

* Note the prophecy here of  "The Writings of the Holy Ghost."


gather up their faith and expectation herefor, but it will be given to the close sitters and waiters for it."

O blessed and happy are those who thus called and chosen are, to stand, all in a prepared readiness, to entertain and receive the first openings of what has been so long concealed from the world but what will happen to this present and ensuing age of time.* . . . There were THREE orders or degrees of persons, which had their invitation hereunto, in allusion to three sorts of guests in the parable that were bidden to the marriage feast. The FIRST of these made their excuses that they had no leisure nor time from the worldly business; their minds being engaged to pursue and hunt after pleasures and preferments, not looking beyond what the animal and sensitive life pleases and satisfies itself in, cutting themselves off hereby from what might bring them into the possession of all durable and everlasting treasures, making good that word, "Many are called but few chosen."

The SECOND sort are HALF-BELIEVERS. These have some conviction that there is a blessed and wonderful time approaching, according to the prophecies recorded of the dominion coming to the oppressed daughter of Zion. THESE being quickened up by the alarms of PROPHETICAL SPIRITS sent forth, moving them here unto as this day grows clearer and brighter, they most READILY offer themselves to come up to this watch-tower, as hoping that some sudden breakings-forth of the miraculous powers from the heavens may come down, but waiting awhile and meeting with some suspection and frustration as to their present expectation, they begin to faint and grow weary in their minds, saying in themselves, "Why should we wait for the Lord any longer, for we may spend out our days and nothing of Zion's full redemption see, as many ages have run out their time hitherto and so may we, therefore we may take a lawful liberty to draw off from such a strict attendance and take up and be satisfied with what we have hitherto attained and reached unto, relating to the kingdom that is yet in reversion." And in this demur and doubting, they draw off from this watch-gate.

Page 102. - But here comes on in the THIRD place such as do take up a resolution, in an heroical spirit of faith, resolving to live or to die at the foot of this gate in a watchful posture, and as keeping up in the faith, and ardent vehement love, and importunity of prayer, confident that the Lord will not fail their expectations, which, for a stay to these waiters, a voice was heard as a rushing sound of many waters, saying, "No longer delay, for the watch-hour is now passed away, therefore open wide the gate, and give free passage to enter the Blessed Land, where the everlasting rock does stand consisting all of sparkling stones."

* The year 1666 was the beginning of the last Watch of 333 years and 4 months.


Out of this rock which opened to view, was seen going forth seven fiery streams which did represent the seven spirits made mention of in Rev. i. These complete the full number of the ghostly powers, which those faithful holders-out were to be baptized withal, and so go forth back again out of this gate, as fire-stones to shew themselves to their fellow-brethren, that they have obtained the prize they waited so perseveringly for, for excitement and provocation to them, to obey this watchful call. And it was further made known that to these that had made their way through this gate, it should no more be shut upon them, but they should go in and out, and renew their strength and power from this flowing rock, that they might hereby act the mighty wonders of the Deity. There no failing will be of the seven rewards to the seven overcomings.


Note. - How interesting it is to find that we have among us the same classes of people that Jane Lead describes, (i) the entirely careless, (ii) those who come at the call from fear of the judgments, in fact for self-protection and soon fall out, and (iii) those who, being called, are proved and tested and remain faithful.



Published 1700.



On the first day of May, in the morning, Anno Domini 1700, I was casting up in my mind the many circles of years that had passed over me, and considering with myself the way that God had taken, in bringing forth those manifestations that I have been visited withal, which has been much after the manner of metaphors and similitudes, to unfold and shadow out the heavenly things themselves. While I was contemplating what this present season might further bring forth, as having been big with expectation these many years, of somewhat great and signal, relating to the new scene of the glory of Christ's Kingdom; and being desirous, through great age and the long delay hereof, to put off this body, the Eternal Word met me saying, "Think not much, neither grudge at the passing away of so many rounds of time, because thou hast not yet arrived to that flowering age where no blemish or defect may be found, for another time is yet to pass over thee in which, as a translated plant, thou must be in the paradisaical property, with such others as are singled out with thee in the same unity of faith,* for the making up of a

* This seems to point to the fact that Christ will bring with Him at His Coming those who die, as Jane Lead died, in the Faith of the Immortal Life of the Body.


glorious Sharon-state, that shall come as a morning-break upon the benighted earth, terrible as an army with banners, streaming forth in their impregnable defensive powers."

Page 117. - After this inbreathed speech from my Lord, there was presented to the inseeing eye of my mind, the similitude of a rose upon golden stalks. The ground from whence it sprang was pure, refined and clarified mould, the leaves of this flower were to the number twelve. Each leaf being distinguished by a different colour according to the oriental colours of the rainbow, seen about the throne of the Lamb, and in the middle of this rose grew a golden-coloured seed, which sent forth so strong a perfume and odour, that it attracted down the virtues and powers from that heavenly world, appearing as so many flaming eyes, darting their beams upon it to cherish it.

This, withdrawing from my sight, left me to ponder on the meaning of it. But I was bid to be still and not further to enquire till it should be given me. Thus my mind being still in a posture of waiting for what might further be made known, the next morning after some mental ejaculations, it appeared again, as having multiplied itself into a threefold figure upon the same root, according to the first similitude. Then was it said to me, "Take good observation of this unfadeable triune flower, that shall cast forth its seed to multiply such plants as will replenish what, in the first paradise was put by and prevented by the transgression, but now is restored again by Him that can never change, because there is no possibility that He should disobey the everlasting Father's command." Then came there forth, a soft, sweet, warm gale, that made the spicy seed to fly and scatter itself abroad upon this inclosed garden, from whence did suddenly spring numerous single flowers of the same variety of colours and number of leaves, appearing some in the bud and others more or less blown.

Then was it imparted to me, that there was a counsel taken and care for the fencing-in of this young sprouting plantation, for else the ravenous beasts would break in to devour, and the wild plants that grew everywhere about, would cast in their evil savours to hurt and annoy. Whereupon from the upper court and council, did come forth a decree that it should be inclosed round with a three-fold circle. The first appeared as a circle of golden light, the second was a circle of a silver light, the third a mild, gentle fire, yet of invincible strength for defence.

Page 120. - It was also shown to me that nothing less was designed by the unreversible council of the Trinity, but that the first flower that sprung up in Paradise (which was man made after God's Own image, being deflowered and losing its virgin rose, and so become weak and impotent, and introducing the same effects throughout the whole creation, involving his whole offspring into curse, death and sorrow, as we are all witnesses of) - this decayed plant, by a strong


odoriferous wind or breath from the Triune Deity,* blowing up what was under such quenchings and death, should obtain a new springing life in those that shall make up the glory of the New Sharon. And as the first one formed lost the honour of bringing forth his virgin offspring, for the replenishing of that blessed region in which he was placed, so now the never dying or decaying flower of life does here come to fill up the vacancy with a more noble and high graduated generation, by their passing through the womb of eternal wisdom (Jerusalem). All which spiritual birth lies hidden in the visible corporeal figure, which cannot bear the glory of a celestial body as yet to visible sight, till transplanted into such an Eden-garden together, where we may all one clothing wear - our immortal robes - as may suit with our glorified Head.

Page 121. - Had not the Lord Himself so condescended as to clothe Himself with the self-same dishonourable image, that we through the apostasy of sin do bear, we might have disdained ourselves in such an appearance. And truly I have often myself reflected hereupon (as well I might do), finding such nakedness and impotence, with maladies and infirmities. But as I have been sometimes complaining to my Lord, concerning this vile body, He has answered me in the most kind and friendly manner, saying, "Think not much nor be dismayed, seeing it is but for a limited time that thou bearest this badge, that so contemptible is; seeing that I Myself did not despise it for your sakes, nor suffered it to be any impediment to the springing and growing body, that moved in it invisibly, for the fulfilling of all righteousness. So in like manner you are not to think it an impossibility, but that you may to the same perfection arrive gradually, as the deified seed, which is cast into a new created heart, shall come up to a spiritual body answering to My Own."Æ Which, when made complete, as occasion may require, this inward body, by the rosy tincture,Æ may give a radiancy and shining glory upon the invisible gross part. But, however, all the defects and impotencies are not to be charged upon the outward form, so much as upon the inward root and body of sin, the destruction of which is to be principally aimed at, for while that life is strong, the spiritual remains weak.§

This shall be the beloved city, which though the vile and perverse generation may make their attempts against it, they can find no way to come through the threefold circle, which is so defensive a glory about it, as it will devour and consume all that makes enterprize against it, which may well strike a terror to the unbelieving and opposing.

Page 124. - And I was commanded to declare that this glorious

* cf. Ezekiel's valley of dry bones.
Æ Prophecy of the Final Mystery of the Way of Life.
Æ An indication of the Rosicrucian secrets, which are, however, only shadows.
§ Prophetic of the need of the overcoming.


Sharon plantation is now at this time budding forth, therefore I was to blow the horn to awaken and raise up the seed, that has lain buried for some time in paradisaical ground, and also among the wild plants in the desolate wilderness that lies without. For this is the set time, wherein the seventh angel does utter his mighty voice,* which the dead in Christ, understood mystically, shall hear, and so, as lilies, put forth and spring in that faith that shall multiply the blessings of unknown treasures, which shall outvie and excel all of the outward typical Solomon's grandeur and glory.

Now what does this presage or speak forth? Nothing less than the mighty reign and kingdom that is coming upon the earth, in which the Sharon plants shall so renowned be, as to carry the sceptre, rule and government over all that is mortal and temporary. For Christ, Who is their Prince of Life, will take to Him that Alpha and Omega Name, that shall make the inhabitants of the earth to know that His Jerusalem-bride shall sit with Him upon His Throne and reign till all those that have refused obedience to this Name, shall be constrained to come and worship before His and Her Feet.

Page 132. - Herefrom is understood that He will now also elect and assign twelve principal persons as the foundation-builders, who shall stand each one at his several gate,Æ intrusted with the key thereof, to lock out and to open as they please, as directed from their principal Head; and so to go on, to multiply the number of disciples, till they be numberless, for the publishing and reviving of that more than glorious ministration, that consisteth purely of the fiery baptism of the Holy Ghost. Which all that shall find admittance through these gates must be made partakers of, as they shall pass through the three circles before-mentioned, and so hereby they shall be made natives, to dwell and inhabit in this new-planted Paradise. For here it is to be understood that these that are born natives in this Holy Land, they have government and laws quite different from what is after the manner of the worldly principle, for they all here move according to the compass of the Supreme magical working-wheel, that winds them up to mighty high and wonderful acts of faith, which inspires with wisdom and knowledge to find out those secret arts and sciences that have been lost, and could never be found, till re-implanted again in paradisaical ground. Till these Divine Magi come to be brought forth there can be but little expectation for an establishment of that kingdom, in which the reign and dominion of Christ in His shall appear.

Page 141. - Now it may be queried further, "Upon whom this paradisaical principle may be made manifest?"

In answer hereunto, they are such as have "a peculiar" and high

* The Seventh Angel spoke in 1916, within the Third Watch, which began in 1666
Æ Prophetic of the choosing of the twelve women Apostles under the Zodiacal signs.


degree of faith, "to set themselves apart for it": keeping steady in a watchful posture, which has been known already by some, both in ages past and also present, that it has not been without effect, but they have witnessed the opening of this spiritual temperature and climate, "where all peaceable fruitfulness and pleasurable conversation with their princely Lord and King is enjoyed, Who is returned in spirit to keep His walks in the inward new planted earth." And as the visible Paradise was separated from the grosser part of the world, so it is to be understood to be, in the garden of God, inclosed. And as Adam went out of Paradise into this world, so now in the restoration or returning back again through union with the spirit of Christ, there is an abiding in this place, in a most free and glorious liberty.

But caution is given, that after once being situated here, there be no turning the eye out or off from this Tree of Life! For out of all danger of being tempted we are not exempted, nor have we got beyond all probation, till we come to be established, rooted and grounded so firmly into the Tree of Life, as nothing may shake or dissettle these living plants. Thus, when we have passed our probation state, in both these principles, the outward and the inward, then will be the season, to any that are thus far advanced, to expect the mighty ghostly powers will be poured down as a rushing wind and warm penetrating showers, which will bring up the fruitful pledges or tokens of Christ's presence, returning and resting for the distinguishing marks of another apostolical resurrection of those various powers and gifts that the apostles were endued and replenished withal - such as the spirit of prophecy, which will show things both present and to come; as also the renewing of the healing medicine or balsam that shall be sent forth from the internal word, incorporating itself into nature's property and form. But it is not commandable at the will of the creature, but when the moving is in the oily pool by the angel of the (new) covenant, then virtue may be sent forth for the cure of mortal infirmities, as the faith of the patient upon whom the cure may be performed does concur herewithal. So the corruptible is healed by the incorruptible tincture penetrating through the deified blood of Christ - the Lord's humanity* . . A full portion belongs principally to the holy anointed priesthood, as the celestial revenues, from the power of which what is terrestrial for the outward form which yet we bear, will be subject to some, till mortality shall put on its immortal robe, which may happen to such who to the highest pitch of faith shall arrive, so as to transmute according to the divine chemistry, coarse and gross matter into refined and pure gold.

Part II, page 146.- After this opening, as I was recollecting and calling it over, and considering how near such a wonderful time

* This sentence will cause the "wise" who desire to "understand" to ask, "HOW is that deified blood to become active for a man or woman?"


might be, it was replied, that there was prepared a triune cup, which out of Wisdom's principle and land, compounded of rich deified matter, was, as by a chain let down to be drank down by such as were denoted principally to go forth in the spirit of prophetical divination. This cup had three bowls upon one handle, and three distinct sorts of liquor springing in them; and it was told me by the spirit of wisdom, from whose hand it was ministered, that one of these was the rich oily composition, another was as a flaming breath of fire, the other was the deep ruby tincture of the royal blood. Upon which it was said in me, "Behold and see what the sacred Trinity hath let down for an inspiring dowry, that shall give the distinguishing seal to such who are born in Wisdom's kingdom. And whoso shall first able and fitly qualified be, to taste of the first of these, they shall know a healing spring will immediately open and rise, to disperse and dispel the contagious venom of the body of sin; and from thence will go forth to relieve what in outward nature diseased of disordered may be. The property of the second cup is termed to be the ghostly draught; the effect of which will be a baptizing power, that will pass through all and every part, producing a mighty shine and ray of light and glory. The nature of the third cup is the blood of full and perfect redemption, setting free, and giving a true spiritual release and jubilee, from out of the sore travails and sorrows, and burdens, which the outward birth of degenerated nature, so universally has involved all in, as well those that are enlightened, as those that are in darkness and ignorance.

This metaphorical representation has a most deep and intrinsical signification, containing in it that secret which hath not in any age or time been revealed:*  but though in Christ, the fulness of the God-head, it was couched, yet this mystery lay in Him concealed, until the time of the more full effusion of the spirit, and opening of the centre, where the triune power has lain hid. But an alarm has sounded from the heavenly world, first and peculiarly to the new sprung-up plants, that in the Sharon pasture are inclosed; to whom it is given to take and draw in, of this marred and sovereign elixir, that may inspire according to each one's measure, growth and degree as faith can extend and reach hereunto; so accordingly will the Christ-like form come to be great, mighty and strong to work transcendently such mighty acts and deeds that shall justify who are the vessels that filled are with this rich dowry, that does only appertain to the children of Wisdom's kingdom: whose birthline does run from the genealogy of Judah, to whom the sceptre of government and rule shall, after a paradisaical manner, be renewed, all being recovered again by Him, Who is first-born from the dead, Who new in this new creation-state transfers upon these, who are first redeemed out of the old corrupt earth, various and innumerable

* This Mystery has now been revealed and is in operation.


powers for the upholding and maintaining that glorious reign here upon earth, which shall be acted by such principal, great and worthy saints as shall represent Christ; Who will entrust the sceptre of His dominion in their hands, till the time of restitution of all things, making ready for His appearance in His glorified Person. Which, though it may seem strange and too wonderful for this mean and temporal state as at present it stands in, yet by the holy unction it is to me verified, that there is such an overturning coming on as will bring forth a new time such as hath not yet been, which will by little and little out of the heavens spread and break forth, till the whole shall be brightened by this day-break of rising light, through those saints that dwell in the body of light. For the confirmation of this marvellous reign of Christ in His saints, that it is to set its footing upon the earth, take that ancient prophecy, Rev. v. 10, "And (thou) hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth." Which agrees with these latter prophecies that have been brought forth as the renewed witness and testimony of Jesus.

Page 149. - The three sorts of liquor in the golden cups answer to the threefold office and function of these love-elders, that are to be enthroned with Christ the Lord:-

1. (Priestly.) Faith is begotten, carrying a vehement thirst to drink in of this living blood as a quickening spirit, which answers to Christ's Own words, "Except ye drink of My Blood, ye have no life in you." The virtue of which must cleanse and take away that putrefaction that sin hath contracted, producing a healing spring that renews spiritual life continually. This is the blood of the covenant and relates to the high order of the "Melchizedek" priesthood. (See note at the end.)

II. (Prophetic.) The flaming breath is appropriated to the spirit of Prophecy that searcheth into the deep fund of the all-foreknowing wisdom, where in those hidden treasures of knowledge do lie, making known the mind and counsel of God, as to things past, present, and to come. And though there has been a great relapse, sinking down, and quenching of the spirit, even unto death, now a resurrection hereof is witnessed and is upon its further growth and increase, that God may be justified in this abounding dispensation of express revelation of His Mind.

III. (Kingly.) The third draught is of the holy composition oil, which gives the sacred dignification of the kingly dominion, which the saints of the Most High have never yet reached unto, so as to reign over the earth. Now it may be known what it is that has retarded and kept back the possession of this kingdom, because there has not been a drinking in of these two foregoing high rarefied and spiced liquors in that measure, as to have it their daily portion; though it cannot be denied, but some there are that have drunk deep hereof, but not being able to maintain it as a constant flowing


spring, a stop unto the kingdom fully coming forth hath been. By behold, a cry is come forth from the Mighty Head Prince and King, to them who in the believing thirst are found, to let them know that now is the great day of the feast of tabernacles, wherein the quenching powers of the Holy Ghost are offered freely to be given forth, and emptied into the sanctuary-vessels, according to this fore-mentioned preparation; who now upon such a free and generous call would slack their pace? But throw off every heavy weight, and whatever of this earthly mould does cleave to them and shackle their feet; for the gales and wind of the spirit does warmly blow, to wind and draw up from all that is of the earthly ponderosity. Skip and leap ye lambs who are anointed to this kingly fold, and be not any longer supplanted of your right, who to the Christ-like crown do belong; that as princely powers here over the earth in Him you may come to reign.

Behold in the spirit, and you will see the everlasting gates of Lebanon stand open and free; where, in the paved walks of love, you will be greeted and kindly received by the Kingly Shepherd and His Princely Bride the Jerusalem Mother, Who hath provided here to entertain you the seven overflowing pools which water this garden, which makes it always flowering and springing; and the continual descending showers from the superior heavens, give marvellous feeding and refreshing to be growing plants of this new and blessed earth, in which righteousness does only reign. And albeit this mystical Paradise, may everywhere be dispersed and opened, so as each individual person may carry their new heavens and earth within them, and Christ there maintain His throne-dominion; though this be in the midst of this wilderness, where the wild plants do grow, and would tempt by their seeming fair and desirable fruits, yet no force or power will they have to corrupt or draw the mind from what is relished and enjoyed in this paradisaical land, for the inhabitants hereof as the lily-purity in Christ, their life shall to its perfection come; they shall be all temptation proof, as was Christ Himself Who, while He conversed upon earth, never gave place to anything that might derogate from His high descent. Such a Christ-like generation now, upon their coming forth is, to whom He will commit the reins of His government, and who shall be princes, each one in this Lebanon-kingdom, which shall have all free commerce and correspondence with Christ, and the highest of those saints that have put on the robes of glorification. And as sin and all the evil properties have hitherto reigned with innumerable evil effects, after the similitude of the first Adam's transgression: so by the second, shall the righteous nature come to bear the sovereignty and dominion in the microcosm within them, and in the great world without them, for the covenant of faith will be firmly established whereby the princes of this Lebanon-court shall live above all fear. For the lion spirits shall be made to couch to the lamb's mild nature in them, and such gifts shall be


conferred upon them, and such divine wisdom manifested in them as the Nebuchadnezzars of the earth shall intreat their friendship, as they are evidenced to be the great favourites of the most High God, Who may be assistant to them, where all the power or wisdom of their kingdom shall be too impotent to help and relieve them. Then shall the proud Haman spirit also know that they must become servant leaders of that horse upon which Christ has mounted His saints, all clothed upon as with the Heavenly King's glorious apparel, and the golden chain of divine honour about their necks, those going before and proclaiming, "Thus shall it be done to those whom the Head Prince of the new Sharon Paradise shall delight to honour."

These are those that shall be the first springing fruits of the Sharon glory, separated and redeemed out of the earth, to bear dominion over it. For the ghostly powers from this sevenfold pool, into which they are baptized, shall expressly show forth what they are designed for; not only to go forth to make report of the kingdom approaching, but to be active instruments in the establishment of it, by overpowering that which is Babylonish and earthly, and making discovery of all false appearances of such as do pretend to own that spiritual kingdom, but are found as hollow and empty trunks, that bear a name to live when they are dead, not having the sap of the Spirit springing in them. Upon the plains of Sharon where the spicy palms do grow, it will be given to them to discern what under this face of covering does itself show. So that by the rising of this Apostolical spirit, all the false Magusses will be tried, that they may no more go forth to deceive the simple and ignorant-minded, which will prove a terrible shaking to their old heaven and earth, which must have an overturning. And it may rather be by the most sympathising and love-compassion that this holy priestly order have for them, than by the severe vindictive justice going out against them; that if by any means they may be in time deterred from being supporters of the kingdom of the beast, and the spirit of fallacy.

Page 156. - Now, while the love-trumpet does sound, let all that have drunk only of the bitter waters, and have satisfied themselves only with the outward husk of the grape, but have not tasted the sweet royal blood of it, that it might become a fountain of life within them; let these make their pursuit to be transplanted from their wild and barren soil into this fruitful land of all blessed store, to partake of those immunities which the here first planted worthies do really possess and enjoy. And it may be told you that there is no care or turmoil, nor vexing thorn nor prickling briar, but the lily-time, which springs up naturally of its own kind, in which shall be no taking thought for the morrow, because God here undertakes to feed and clothe those that belong to His Own family and household. For the eternal rock of the Spirit shall still follow for their nourishment and refreshing, both internal and external.


But now, methinks, there is an echo crying in my ears, saying, "Here is made mention of a strange and wonderful time and state to be made manifest in this visible world. But when shall it be?" The answer hereunto from the spirit of truth and prophecy is, "The time herefor is present, as well as to come. The fire-sparkles from the Holy Ghost have been sown,* and are still sowing in the new refined earth, herefor fitly prepared, in persons scattered and dispersed here and there; in some of them lying still underground, in others putting forth, but yet young and tender; in others grown up to a good degree, as being under a more fruitful and thriving climate. Some have weathered out all storms and shakings, and have stood their ground. These are those that have come near and shall be the first lilies that shall put on the rosy crown in the nuptial tie, from whence will be produced births of a God-like spirit and nature, that shall go forth in that Nazarite-purity as shall be accompanied with an all-commanding power that shall not fail to spring from the Godhead root within, and shall stand in these latter days to judge the earth and to bind down the oppressors of it. For that prophecy must be fulfilled, "I will make thine officers peace, and thine exactors righteousness," such shall be the eminency of wisdom for government in these first ripened and grown-up plants.

They are they that are born out of the womb of eternal Love, as Wisdom's royal offspring, to whom the name of the Philadelphian church doth of right belong, so they can admit of no jar nor disharmony, for their consistency of being, is all made up of that perfect love that casteth out all enmity and envy; each one manifesting and putting forth their gifts according to their various measures and growth. The infancy of one plant doth not grudge at the higher grown stature of another, and the highest advanced do not dis-esteem that which is more weak and low in its minority, but all appears in that lovely valley of meekness and humility, as from one eternal root, growing up together to make up that pleasant and sweet-scented rose from whence the spicy savours of the deified nature are blown up; so that the variety of the gifts and powers that so manifest themselves among these Sharon inhabitants, do not impair and lessen, but greatly illustrate the beauty and glory of the unity. Thus avoiding all contest or strife with any, of what kind of profession soever they be, offended at nothing, but where the evil properties of sin do bear rule and dominion, and detesting all reconciliation with that, the seed of which breeds and nourishes all bitter enmity, each one against another - let us go on to draw out of the rock the honey and milk, that will make us mild and sweet and of a peaceable spirit according to that which the royal prophet has declared, "Behold how good and pleasant a thing it is for brethren to dwell in unity."  O blessed are those that shall herein excel.Æ

* See final note.
Æ It will easily be seen that persons answering to this description, have overcome rather than repented.


Thus has been truly figured out and set before you the true resemblance of that Sharon-state, for to invite and provoke such as yet in the Babylonish land (as sapless and dead plants) do grow; as feeding and being satisfied with the dust of corrupt earthly things, which is no better than serpent's meat. Haste, haste, therefore, and come away, and understand the spirits call this day. For who would not of the number be of these renowned plants, that shall bear and carry the glory of the New Havilah land,* where rivers of pleasure and endless joys shall your portion be; walking among the fire-stones that shall burn and devour the briars and thorns that stand in the way to oppose them.

Now as to those that have this precious grain sown in them, but yet being under the earth and liable to the stiflings of the contrary principle, which may protract and delay its coming forth, this is the word of counsel: That they take care to dig and pare away what has imprisoned this precious grain, that it may put forth its head for increase and growth.

And for such as have cut their way through, and are sprung up in a good degree, advertisement to them is - that they awaken such a thirst that may draw down the heavenly mists and dews, till they abound as a mighty shower, that they may spring up as anointed flowers, and thus being beautified and replenished, what less shall be their entertainment but the glorious Lord over-spreading them with His presence of endless love, pleasure and joy, that they may spend away time in a parallel state to what the saints in Heaven do enjoy.Æ

* The gold of Havilah is not gold as we know it, but refers to immortality under the simile of our most precious metal, cf. "I will set a crown of pure gold upon his head."
Æ The "parallel state" to the Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of God on earth.

FINAL NOTE. - All of these last paragraphs (from page 63) and many others in the books of Jane Lead, sound as if the Immortal seed were already sown in some persons. But this was not the case, else would those persons be living to-day. In the realm of prophecy it is an axiom that "God calleth those things which be not as though they were" (Romans iv. 17).


So much then for the Early Dawn of the Great Prophetical Visitation to England, which announces the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost (Jerusalem above, the other Comforter, the Divine Magia) and which, by gradual stages and like the rising of the Sun, reached its meridian in the work of Joanna Southcott and of her companion prophets. Declining gradually, and practically leaving the world in darkness, in 1914 to 1916 the roseate hues of a more important Dawn - the DAWN of the OPERATION of ALL PROPHECY from the first Promise made to the first woman onwards, began to tip with its bright beams, the hills of our age-worn world and is breaking into "THAT DAY" when the Sun of Righteousness will arise in full power, and "with HEALING in His wings."


We append to this Volume an epitome of what it is necessary to know of the work of the Great Visitation now in operation.


A few more Words on the Grave Errors of "Higher Thought" Teachings

(See also pp. viii. and ix.)


We are impressed to speak even more definitely upon a heresy which is gaining ground among large bodies of people, who are awaking to the clarion call which announces the Birth of the Golden Age - the New World, called the Kingdom of God on earth. This heresy is embodied in such FALSE STATEMENTS as the following:-

"Within the laboratory of man's own being, are latent the forces of immortal Life."

The growing belief that the conservation of human seed will cause the Christ-Life to spring up within the human frame, is based on such statements, and is as false as the statements. Certainly the laws of Leviticus xv., kept inviolate, will improve generation: but Generation by mortals obviously is Death, and however the human seed be cultivated or restricted, or however scientifically the laws of generation be controlled or eugenically organized, men and women have no power to produce anything that will not die. Man mortal, will never produce aught but his own kind - mortals.

Now God and woman (Mary, when Levitically clean) produced a God-man, and He, in His turn, will produce through Woman (but by a Mystery which has not entered into the heart of man) child-like men and women (not infants) who will prove that Christ IS in them, by their works, and these works will be the "greater works" of which Jesus spake, for the works of Jesus the Sinless, when performed by sinners redeemed or made over again, are greater works than His works. But a power to work as Jesus worked, must be secured by a prepared people and by means of a "Strange Act" on the part of God Himself, for only the True Vine can produce a living branch, whose "seed is in itself," and to such seed alone, sown by the God-Man (Immortal), not by the human man (mortal), do the following words allude:-

"Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin, for his seed (the Immortal seed) remaineth in him (after it is sown in him by the Strange Act), and he cannot sin, because he is born of God."  1 John iii. 9.

This text mis-applied, is made a foundation for false teachings, whereas it is the very nucleus of the Truth that, only those who are born of God and not of man, cannot commit sin. The immortal seed has positively to destroy the mortal seed.


Transmutation or Divine Alchemy, called in the Scriptures, being "changed," alone will stop human generation which is Death, for man can never sow Life. "As the Father hath Life in Himself, so hath He given to the Son to have Life in Himself," and He (the Son), has power to give the same Life (a veritable Substance, of which the Lesser Mysteries or Sacraments are but the shadow) unto "whomsoever He will." The point is HOW this life can be given, for there cannot be an effect without a cause. Let it be known that this Mystery is revealed to a prepared people, but it is guarded on all hands by the sword that turns "every way to keep the way of the Tree of Life."

The due time is here, the work is beginning and the secret is with the prophets, but, to enter into this TRUTH, the fact that the word LORD, in the original, includes the Supernal MOTHER, must be accepted; for in and through (not by) the human mother death has been sown, and in and through (not by) the DIVINE MOTHER, who is the Bride of the God-Man, will Divine Life be sown. Now the Truth of the Divine Motherhood is set forth plainly in the Bible, but it has "systematically been ignored by the Translators and Commentators, who have been at great pains to suppress any reference to the Divine Feminine throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Laurence Oliphant in his "Scientific Religion" is scathing in his condemnation of their studied misrepresentations."*

But it is not enough to accept the Divine Motherhood, and the fact that the coming Immortality of the Body will be gained through her and by the Immortal Man Christ Jesus, for those who accept the Divine Motherhood may make crucial mistakes about her office, and thus be as badly off as those who know nothing of her; and again, those who believe in the Immortality of the Body, may easily be without the truth about the manner of its development as a visible fact. Both truths (of the Motherhood and of the Immortality of the Body) are indivisible, and what is needed is, to know HOW, that is to say, in what manner and under what conditions, Immortality can be received through the Bride who is the Mother of Israel. Those who can receive the Truth are gathering; the time is short; if these things appeal to you do not delay to make further enquiry.


Basic Errors of Present-Day Cults


Christian Science. - The chief error here is the elimination of Satanic power, known in Scriptures as "the power of this world," and to mankind generally as "the devil." This error falsifies the entire structure of Mrs. Eddy's philosophy and is in direct defiance of the teachings of Jesus Christ and of human experiences.

* "Cosmic Procession," p. 158.


Theosophy. - Re-incarnation is the false basis of this cult. Theosophists regard the natural consequences of heredity (by which the impressions and experiences of our progenitors are conserved and occasionally manifest themselves in the Soul) as a proof of pre-existence in a material body. It is impossible for more than one spirit and one soul to dwell in one body, but the impressions on the soul, are countless, and revive themselves through the generations.

Theosophic Writings are, in the main, records of God's dealings with worlds which were "scrapped" because they were unsuccessful in producing "gods." Such records have no moral value, and the whole cult is devoid of the wisdom and the witness of Prophecy - the only testimony that Jesus is teaching. (See also Note, p. 68.)

Spiritualism. - The basis of this experimental religion is sound enough but its value is meagre, and its dangers are great, for, if you get into communication with a sphere (to which you will go, only if you die, and you may be one of those who will "never die"), before you have any need or actually without any need to communicate with it, you run the risk of being caught by malevolent or ignorant spirits, and of being used by them. The meagre help of a proved certainty of an invisible world beyond the grave, does not counterbalance the loss a Christian must sustain in not exercising Faith in the world to come. It must ever be a disadvantage to "walk by sight" when expressly told to "walk by faith." For those who wish to live on earth, Spiritualism is of no value whatever, as the Incorruptibles who have Immortal Souls only, know nothing of the conditions consequent upon gaining the Immortality of the Body, but Spiritualism together with all the Cults may be a road to the Centre, and many arrive at the Centre by its route. Spiritualism is a false name for what is really Psychism or Soulism, the "Soul's Awakening" is not the Spiritual awakening of those whom the Father seeketh to worship Him. "God is a Spirit."

Mysticism, Higher Thought, etc., in all their branches, are based on the false assumption, that man has already within him, a seed of Divinity, called "Christ in you." This error arose chiefly through a misapprehension of the text in Genesis, "And the Lord God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul." This "breathing" gives life only to the immortal SOUL, which lives on, after the dissolution of the Body, and this life is the prerogative of every soul, whether in Higher Thought or in any other cult or religion, for, "all souls are Mine," saith the Lord. Ek-klesianism, Rosicrucianism, the religion that remains in Free-masonry and the practical efforts which are made by the Esoteric Schools in Theosophy, are based on the same error.

It is useless to cultivate the soul-life by extraneous means, such as Occultism, Higher Thought, or Mysticism, as no one knows what kind of cultivation will be that of the soul-sphere. Psychism leads to visions which no one can prove to be of God, to sentimentality,


to a false or spurious "Love of humanity," and is antagonistic to Spiritual development, for God is a Spirit, He is not a Soul. The "Common Salvation" is sufficient for the soul's welfare, and is expressed in the words, "Repent and believe the Gospel of the Soul's Salvation, through the Blood of Jesus." On the other side, soul-cultivation will be commenced on entirely different lines to any conceived by us. The experiences of the Mystic are of no value to those who seek the Immortal Life of the Body, and Higher Thought has no value for either sphere, being based on a supreme error, which can only be met by a flat contradiction, thus:-

None born of woman, fathered by man, has "Christ within," for soul-life is not spirit-life, and the "Hope" of having "Christ within" can only be realized in this the LAST DAY of Satan's reign of 6,000 years, of which only 78 years remain, and by an impregnation of the mortal body by a spirit-life which will change it and make it Immortal here and now. The Spirit "UPON" a man is not the same as the Spirit "WITHIN" a man.

When Theosophists, Mystics, Higher Thoughtists, Occultists and Hermatists realize the difference between the Incorruptible and the Immortal Spheres, and between Psyche and Pneuma, they will begin to apply the ancient teachings to some purpose, and when "the Royal Art of Holy Alchemy," practised by God Himself upon those whom He will conform to the Image of His Son, is known to be the "one thing needful," men and women will turn from the Houses built on the sand of man's teachings, however ancient, and will look unto the House of Seven Pillars built by WISDOM upon the ROCK OF PROPHECY. Against this Rock the winds and storms of the coming cataclysm will beat in vain, and the House of Wisdom's building will stand, while all around lie the ruins of religions built upon the sandy, shifting foundations of man's ideas.



In order that the references in the Preface, Introduction and Notes be clarified and that Jane Lead's Prophecies of the Divine Magia be shown to be in Operation, we append "The Doctrines of the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost," in which are incorporated the Doctrines of the Sevenfold Visitation and their relation to the Seven Overcomings of Rev. ii. 7, 11, 17, 26, and iii. 5, 12 and 21.



The Doctrines of the Dispensation

of the

Holy Ghost




(A) A Short Account of the Sevenfold Prophetic Visitation to England. The facts about the Box of Sealed Writings.

(1) A new Dispensation involves new Truths, these have been revealed during the past 130 years to seven English prophets who are the seven Angels or Messengers of Rev. viii. 2, the Greek word Angelos meaning "a Messenger." (See also 1 Peter i. 5.)

(2) These prophets were Richard Brothers, Joanna Southcott, George Turner, William Shaw, John Wroe, James Jezreel (see Hosea ii. 22) and Helen Exeter.

(3) Their prophecies are being rapidly re-published, but "Keys to the whole Body of Truth" (see final note) contains the most crucial points of their teachings.

(4) You have probably heard that Joanna Southcott (1792 to 1814) left a Box, corded and nailed, of sealed MSS. This Box is the Ark of the Testament alluded to in Rev. xi. 19. called so because it contains God's Will and Testament for this country.

(5) You may also have heard that this Box can only be delivered up to and opened by 24 Bishops of the Church of England, who are the 24 elders mentioned in Rev. xi. 16, and are the Executors of the Will.

(6) The Box was originally left in the care of the Rev. Thomas Foley, vicar of Old Swinford, Worcester, and upon his death it was given into the care of his son Richard, vicar of North Cadbury. The present custodian, also a Churchman, is under an oath not to deliver up the Box except to 24 Bishops who will comply with certain conditions laid down by the Lord.

(7) The Box will be applied for in a time of grave national danger.

(8) The Bishops did apply in March 1918, when famine threatened England, but the custodian could not render up the Box because they refused to comply with the conditions. The Bishops wished to open the Box themselves and without permitting believers in the Visitation to be present,


(B) Why should God have spoken through the Seven Prophets alluded to, and what have they to do with the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost? Why should this mysterious Ark or Box exist?

(1) The Lord has spoken through the Seven Prophets because a Revelation remained to be set forth in the Last Time, (1. Peter i. 5.) and also because the third Dispensation must, like its predecessors, have its Prophets and its Scriptures - the Scripts or Writings of those Prophets.


(a) The Scriptures of the Dispensation of the Father (of Spirits) are in the Old Testament. The Father's Work is for the Spirit of Man - to create it.

(b) The Scriptures of the Dispensation of the Son are in the New Testament. The Son's Work is for the Soul of Man - to save it.

(c) The Scriptures of the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost, the Mother, are now collecting. The Mother's Work is for the Body of man - to redeem it from the power of sin and death.

(3) The Ark or Box will prove publicly the truth of what has so long been developing privately, and also will prove the integrity of the Church, by placing before her the proof of a New Divine Revelation, before which she must bow or cease to exist.

(4) Among the things which the Prophets taught, is the fact that this country is the New Jerusalem, that we are the descendants of the lost ten tribes and, as such, are heirs to the promises of God made to Abraham. This knowledge was revealed to Richard Brothers, the first of the seven prophets. (Messrs. Banks, Racquet Court, London, will supply all literature on the British-Israel teachings. See also "Keys," page 5.)

(5) There are two aspects of God's promises to Abraham, (a) the temporal aspect, which will be fulfilled by the return of the Jews (Judah) to Palestine, and (b) the spiritual aspect, whereby Israel (the 144,000) will possess the land, which means the body.These are the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, the son of Jacob and of the beloved wife, Rachel. Those who will receive the temporal Blessings only, are the sons of Leah and the servant-women.

(6) Now the work of the Seven Prophets, to whom we wish to introduce you, is entirely concerned with the New Revelation of the coming Redemption of the BODY, from the power of death. All Souls are saved through the blood of Jesus, but the promises of God that "tears shall be wiped away from off all faces," "that we shall not all sleep" and that Death and the power of Death shall be destroyed, are yet unfulfilled and must be fulfilled in the third Dispensation.

(7) You may ask, "Why is a new Revelation wanted?" But can you truthfully admit that you are satisfied with the world as it is to-day? Can you, upon reflection, contemplate with equanimity


the prospect of men and women continuing to be born - for ever and ever, and to all eternity - to live only a few years of intolerable misery, or very partial happiness, ending with the grave? Surely not: you must know that if the Bible be true, death must stop and Satan must be cast off the earth, even as he was cast out of Heaven!

(8) Now the Clergy will tell you that Christ conquered Satan by His death on the Cross! Ask yourselves, "if He did so, how is it that sin, sickness and death are as rife to-day as ever they were?"

(9) The truth is that Christ has only been known for 1900 years as the Saviour of the Soul of those who die and go to Heaven, but He is also "Jesus Christ the Saviour of the Body" and that means that He is now about to save from sin, sickness and from death, the bodies of those who, as the Scriptures put it, "will not sleep," which means, "will not die."

(10) In 78 years the date will be 2000 A.D. (1922 + 78=2000) 2000 A D. added to 4000 B.C. would complete God's week of 6000 years, or six days of one thousand years each, and will be the end of the Adamic age, which followed the Atlantean, Lemurian and other ages, the history of which is shrouded in the deepest mystery.

(11) This 78 years will be shortened, else "no flesh" could be "saved." Why? Because, in view of the coming social disorders, no flesh (by which is meant no bodies) could be saved to enjoy the promises of God given to Abraham. (S. Matthew xxiv. 22.)

(C) The difference between the Common Salvation (of the Soul) and the Great Salvation (of Soul and Body), the Truth about the Trinity and the difference between the "Incorruptible" and the "Immortal" folds.

(1) The "Common Salvation" alludes only to the Salvation of the Immortal Soul, through the death of Jesus, our Saviour. The "Great Salvation" alludes to the Redemption of the Body, which will also become Immortal through the Work of Jesus as the Bridegroom and Redeemer. For Jesus is "also the Saviour of the Body." (Ephes. v. 23.)

(2) The promises of God unto Abraham "of possessing the land," are concealed references to the coming Redemption of the Body from its tendency to disease and death. The words "city," "garden," "field," "tabernacle," "temple," "ark," "heritage of the heathen," "utmost parts of the earth," "wheat," "kingdoms of this world," "earth," "throne," "own beast," etc., all refer to the body in which you and I are living to-day!

(3) God will antedate the seventh thousand by shortening the next 78 years, and 1923 is regarded as the prophetical Rubicon. Remember that God's Sabbath of Rest is the seventh thousand from Adam and that during this period, men will live, on this earth, delivered from sin, sickness and death, by reason that Satan will be cast off the earth into the place prepared for him, even as he was cast from heaven.


(4)  Now how did death come into the world? It is the wages of the SIN of the fall.  The sin of Adam and Eve is actually unknown to the Clergy and they admit to their altars, people who commit it ignorantly!  We of this Visitation know what it was, and also we know that redemption from the Fall is redemption from the consequences of this sin, whereby the body has died and will die till this sin be stamped out.  Then there will be no more "wages of sin."

(5)  Before you came to earth, you dwelt, in spirit, around the Throne of God, and you engaged in the war against Satan in heaven.  If you stood with Michael, you are about to receive and to dwell in your body, or Temple, as a reward for so doing.  Those who did not stand with Michael will die.  You cannot follow these teachings if you did not stand with Michael.  Michael is Jesus.

(6)  But if you stood with Him, you were taught all that I am now teaching you, before you came down, and all this is being "brought to your remembrance." If you stood with Michael you are sure to follow on in this Visitation.

(7)  You will also understand (because you have been taught it before) that a Trinity of Three Males cannot be worshipped (it is Sodomitish).  The truth about the Trinity is that, like the home below, the Home above consists of Father, Mother, and Son, for "as is the earthly so is the heavenly." Also you learnt that "the man is not without the woman in the Lord," and that as Jesus was the manifestation of the Father, spoken of as the Bridegroom, so Shiloh is the manifestation of the Mother, called the Bride (see Genesis xlix.10; Rev.xxii; 2 Esdras vii.26).

(8)  The "broad road to destruction" relates to the destruction of the body in the grave. The grave is Sheol, the fire that is never quenched, eternal damnation, the pit, all of which is experienced by the insensate body alone.  It is quite a mistake to think that a Spirit or Soul is cast into Hell, but the fear of Hell has made a larger percentage of people live some sort of a religious life in Satan's kingdom.  For remember, this is, and has been, Satan's kingdom for the last 6,000 years.  Not till the seventh trumpet sounded, could the kingdoms of this world become those of Our Lord and of His Christ.  The seventh trumpet (the work of Helen Exeter, see final note) is sounding before the 6,000 years finish, by reason that the Lord is coming as a thief in the night of Satan's reign, by antedating His Sabbath and shortening the days.  Jesus scattered the people, but it is unto Shiloh the gathering of the people must be. The people gathered must be sealed. (Rev.vii.3.) The Sealing is in process. (See last page.)

(9)  They must be gathered into a place prepared, which will be as the ark of refuge in the time of Noah, and what Goshen was to the Israelites.  The place is mentioned in 2 Samuel vii.10. It is the New Jerusalem spoken of by the poet-prophet William Blake, as being "in England's green and pleasant land."


(10) The Incorruptibles are those who die and go to heaven, a multitude which no man can number (cf. the first miracle of the fishes). The Immortals will be a numbered flock, 144,000 (cf. the last miracle of the fishes, when the number was 153).

(11) The Incorruptibles have a wraith body, such as Jesus showed to Mary when He told her not to touch Him, (for her hand would have gone through His body). This is the glory of the moon only. The Immortals will have a body of flesh and bones such as Jesus showed to the disciples when He said to them "Handle Me and see."   This is the glory of the Sun (I Cor. xv).

(D) Another Comforter is promised. Who is it?

(1) Our miseries are due to the withdrawal of the Motherhood, owing, to the sin of the Fall. She is the other Comforter, the Holy Ghost, and the third Dispensation, now dawning, is Her Dispensation.

(2) That a man may speak against the Father and the Son and be forgiven, but that he cannot be forgiven if he speak against the Holy Ghost, is sufficient proof to sensible people, that the Holy Ghost is not Masculine, but is the Spouse of God, who will gather as the Hen gathers, and will comfort as a Mother comforts, She being Jerusalem above, the mother of us all (Gal. iv. 26).

(3) A part of the comforting work of the New Revelation is shown in the fact that those who die in the Faith of the Immortality of the body, though they loose the body, will gain what St. Paul calls "the better resurrection,"  that is a better resurrection than that of those who die in the Faith only of the Common Salvation.

(4)  This Revelation also teaches the comforting fact that there is no man who shall not, at the last, receive some benefit of the Lord's death. There is no Truth in the doctrine of Eternal punishment; the eternal loss of the body of those who die, alone is alluded to, but with Spirit and Soul vanished, the body is no more than a cast-off garment and is entirely insensate.

(5) But the chief Comfort of the Comforter is that by and through Her, the wilderness of the world will be made to blossom as a rose - that PEACE will flow like a river, that "sorrow and sighing will flee away and neither shall there be any more pain," that death will cease and that all who "remain" will return to the days of their youth.

(E) Woman's part in the Dispensation of the Divine Mother.

(1) Women are now being inspired to plead God's promise to Eve that the head of her adversary shall be bruised, even as Christ's heel was bruised at the Crucifixion.

(2) Genesis iii: 15. is our Charter of Redemption. "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel." The


bruising of the heel at the crucifixion was put last, though it took place first, this being done to outwit Satan.

(3) The Lord's Day of Vengeance is at hand and He is now coming to take vengeance on Satan for bruising His heel.

(4) The following are the reasons for the Lord's first coming:-

(a) To take the blame which Adam cast on God.

(b) To die in the place of the Woman whom Adam blamed as well as God.

(c) To have His heel bruised on the cross by Satan. By slaying Jesus, Satan, the Officer of Death, overstepped his office, for death is the wages of sin and Jesus was sinless.

(d) Therefore, as Satan slew Jesus unjustly, the Lord can inspire a mortal Woman to bruise his head, and thus to bring death to an end.

(5) Woman must be proved to be what God created her to be, namely the HELPMATE, and woman is therefore the Instrument now being used for the Redemption of man from the consequences of the Fall. Woman is the Tree of Life, and the Fountain of Living Water. (Genesis ii.9. cf. Song of Solomon; Revelation xxii.)

(F) The choice between Life and Death is NOW placed before man. Man is no longer Man when he dies.

(1) Once more we must remind you that the development, known as death is peculiar to this planet. According to the Scriptures we have made a "covenant with death." and only by the Redemption of the body can it be disannulled. But not until the 6,000 years was nearly concluded could the LIFE of the BODY be secured, for none could live the life immortal if in Satan's kingdom.

(2) It does not appear to have been revealed until now, that when a person dies he ceases to belong to the genus called Man, having lost the body which is the expression of all that constitutes a man.

(3) The Church loves to ascribe to Jesus the words "Jesus Hominum Salvator," Jesus the Saviour of Men (I.H.S.) but this He cannot be until He saves the bodies of men from death and corruption.

(4) Then let it be clearly understood that persons who die, cease to be men and women, and become Spirits or Angels, which is no advantage, but rather the reverse. An Angel or Spirit is less than a man.

(5) If you desire to be a "worker together with God" in the Redemption of MAN or in the "uplift of Humanity," you must subscribe to the doctrine of the Immortality of the Body, and you must accept the Divine mode of bringing it to pass.

(6) Enoch and Elijah became perfect men and passed in their bodies from mortal sight, to prove that it is possible to retain the body, but they did not secure what we seek in this Visitation, viz, to be "conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ," who is God and to live with Him on earth.


(7) To be a perfect man is not so great as to be a God-man, belonging to the God family, and full Redemption signifies nothing less than the uplifting of man from the human kingdom to the God kingdom on earth. The five kingdoms are Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Man and God. See Daniel ii. 31, et seq.

(8) That the time is ripe for the Lord's second Coming, is proved by the fact that everywhere are springing up, bodies of people who are looking for it, some in one way and some in another, and it should be a relief to thinking persons to discover that the Coming is neither catastrophic nor spectacular but an ordered event prepared for since 1792. We allude here to the foolish representations of earthquakes on the one hand, and to a golden city descending from heaven, on the other! There is a Hidden Hand of Evil certainly, but there is also a Hidden Hand of Good, which will circumvent the Devil.

(G) The conclusion of the whole matter.

(1) Truly the kingdom "cometh not by observation," but it is being established among people of a childlike temperament, who, however, are ''the wise" spoken of by the prophet Daniel; wise enough to forsake all teachings of man whose "breath is in his nostrils," all contrivances of man in philosophies, philanthropies, governments, churches, cults, (such as Higher Thought, Christian Science, Theosophy, Occultism, etc.) and are seeking unto GOD ALONE for a NEW LIFE which "eye hath not seen" and of which "ear hath not heard," and which therefore can only be revealed.

(2) But remember that all the Promises connected with the Immortality of the Body are made to those who no longer need to seek forgiveness, because they will have overcome their own evil. Read carefully the seven overcomings in Rev. II. and III.

(3) The Priests have ever opposed the Prophets, but to the Prophets alone is the "secret of the Lord" revealed; for "the Lord God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets,'' - not to the priests. See Amos iii.7.

(4) It is for you to decide whether you are endued with the desire to LIVE on earth with Christ in the Immortal fold, or with the desire to die and to go to Heaven - which is the Incorruptible sphere - whether you wish to possess (a) Spirit, Soul and Body, or (b) only Spirit and Soul, or (c) only Spirit alone - the glory of the sun, moon and stars, respectively.

(5) But remember that the Redeemed Body will know neither sin nor sorrow, "neither shall there be any more pain," for its former condition, under the Fall, will have passed away. Restitution and Restoration will set in, and God Himself will wipe away tears from off all faces. "The wilderness shall blossom as a rose," and the earth (this is the body) will be the field which the Lord hath blessed.


'Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory" over



1. - "That the LIFE also of Jesus might be made manifest IN OUR BODY." 2 Cor. iv. 10.

2. - "For God is not the God of the dead, but of the living." Matthew xxii. 32.

3. - "They which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall Reign IN LIFE by one, Jesus Christ. Romans v. 17.

4. - "Those that hate Me. LOVE DEATH." Proverbs viii. 36.

5. - "God made not death." Wisdom i. 13.

6. - "God created man to be Immortal and made him to be an Image of His own eternity." Wisdom ii. 23. (The word "man" here should be noted, see section F).

7. - "The God of peace SHALL BRUISE SATAN UNDER YOUR FEET SHORTLY." Romans xvi. 20. (This shows that Satan was not "bruised" by the Crucifixion of Jesus.)

8. - "Looking for that blessed Hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ." Titus ii. 13.

9. - "He will swallow up death in victory." Is. xxv. 8.

10. - "And he laid hold of the devil and bound him a thousand years . . . and they that had not worshipped the beast LIVED AND REIGNED WITH CHRIST A THOUSAND YEARS." Rev. xx. 4.

11. - "The last enemy which shall be destroyed is death." I Cor. xv. 26.

12. - "There shall come scoffers saying 'Where is the promise of His coming?'" 1 John iv. 1.

13. - "Waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body." from sin, sickness and death. Rom. viii. 23.

14. - "Seek not death in the error of your life." Wisdom ii. 12.

15. - "He that letteth (that is the devil) will let, till he be taken out of the way." 2 Thes.ii. 7. (This shows also that the devil was not destroyed by the death of Jesus.)

16. - "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years." 2 Peter, iii, 8. (Therefore "six days" is 6000 years.)

17. - "Behold I set before you the way of life and the way of death." Jer. xxi. 8.

18. - "I pray God that your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless." I Thess.v.23.

I9. - "The Bride shall appear and she shall be seen that now is withdrawn from the earth." 2 Esdras vii. 26.


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