I. - "I approve the confession of sin and I absolve the penitent sinner" 5
II. - "I ever visit one, that all may follow the preaching of the Visitation" 6
III. - "I bid the Clergy to accept the keys given unto Peter" 7
IV. - "O ye Priests, I have drawn My flock out of your churches by force" 8
V. - "Fleshly sins are but shadows of the far deeper crimes which they represent in the spiritual realms". 9
VI. - "My own sheep know My voice when I speak through My chosen instruments" 10
VIII. - "How, think ye, did I make man if I made not woman first?" 11
IX. - "Ye have yet to hear of Her Who is My Provider" 13
X. - "How have ye dared to preach unto My people that My Gospel superseded My laws?" 14
XI. - "Woman's work is to hand the good fruit unto man" 16
XII. - "Thou shalt show how I appeared in the incorruptible body and in the immortal body, after My resurrection " 18
XIII. - "I will judge those who feed themselves and clothe themselves"


XIV. - "Eternal life is the life which men will live on earth during the next age" 20
XV. - "My day is one thousand years long" 22
XVI. - "Let it be taught unto My people that the words 'everlasting' and 'eternal' mean what they mean in the Greek language" 23
XVII. - "Now shall ye feel Satan's power in your own land" 24
XVIII. - "I have gone up to this battle on behalf of Israel, accompanied by Woman" 26
XIX. - "O ye priests, I call upon you to cease from your lukewarmness towards My great Visitation!" 27
XX. - "I come to gather My sheep and you, the shepherds also, into My fold" 29
XXI. - "I will cast out those who call themselves shepherds, and are but ravening wolves" 32
CONCLUSION - "Mine own arm shall bring Salvation through Woman" 33



In "Recent Words from Christ upon the War," the commonly accepted religion of to-day was practically repudiated. The man out of whom evil went was quickly filled with worse evil, for nothing can remain in statu quo, by reason of the fact that nature abhors a vacuum. In the realm of nature is a series of parables which have their correspondences in the realm of grace. When God repudiates the teaching's of men, assuredly He will fill up the blank with His own teaching's, and it is, therefore, quite in order that this volume should follow the other. Early in July, 1918, I received these wolds: "There must be much printed. My time is short. Hasten, delay not. Let the clergy have the teaching's that thou wilt now receive. Some will have the eyes to see and the hearts to understand: and thus I prepare. My way upon earth."

In obedience to this command, I have issued this volume addressed to the clergy, and I will preface it with the teaching's I have received upon the manner in which the Old and the New Testaments attained to their present form, and how the material for a Third Testament is collecting.


The teaching's I have received upon the Old and the New Testaments, and upon the coming Gospel of the Holy Ghost, are as follows:- That the Old Testament is the Gospel of the Father, based upon miracles which were "signs following. "That the New Testament is the Gospel of the Son, based upon miracles which were "signs following." That the Third Testament will be the Testament of the Holy Ghost, which also will be based upon "signs following." Further I learned that, before the Old Testament was presented as a whole, as we have it now, thousands of scripts or scriptures were extant the records of Adam, of Seth, of Enoch, of Noah, of Abraham, of Joseph, of the patriarchs generally, were the "chaos," or confusion, which Moses had to sift. Thus is the whole book of the Old Testament a precis of precis, a survival of the fittest in value to the generations yet unborn - of personal and historical records, of spiritual poetry and of prophecy. In fact, thousands and thousands of records are at the back of those marvellous "verses," in which, with a few strokes of the pen, can be read the history of nations, of families, and of individuals, in decades, in centuries, even in millenniums. I learned that this fact gives the supreme Divine touch, which makes every line of scripture a "quotable" factor. It is so, because each verse is God's own critical, eclectic work, His choice from His Own words, of what would best serve the world of the "latter days." The whole was not required, much of it had done its work for existing generations; so the Old Testament, as we have it now, is a survival of the fittest material for the instruction and guidance of us upon whom the ends of the world are come. Exactly the same applies to the New Testament. Thousands of scripts were written, copied, treasured, and the present book of the New Testament is the survival of the fittest and most needed records of the miracles, of the parables, of the sermons, and of the teachings of the Lord. The same sifting was applied to the epistles to the early Church. Thousands there were which were priceless in value, but under Divine scrutiny all was submitted to a critical analysis, and hence we have the Divine Word at its highest in human expression. It is the concentration, the essential nature of the words that gives them their "quotable"


faculty, for, herein, is essence, being. The student values a whole book possibly, yet the race may have grained from but one sentence. Compare the Bible with the works of our greatest authors, and it will be seen that the whole is essence; while even Dante, Goethe and Shakespeare, have but a percentage of quotable passages. Quotations are the plebiscite, the decree of the people, upon the value, to the nation, of a work. Experts may chafe at such a decree, but it is unalterable. We may say, then, that the Bible is accepted by nations as par excellence the essential Book, seeing that, except for genealogies and historical records, the whole is quotable. Over both Old and New Testaments, the Holy Spirit has brooded, has moved and brought order out of confusion. Myriads of Divine Scripts in both cases, each written at a "due time," had to be brought together into a cosmic whole, for a time when only the essence of each of them would be needed. Chaos is not necessarily a disorder of evil things, it may be a disorder of good things; and such was the chaos over which the Holy Spirit brought the critical and eclectic powers to bear which have given to us the Scriptures of the Father and of the Son.

Nearly 2,000 years have passed since the Revelation was chosen with which to close the New Testament, the Revelation being again a choice from St. John's scripts. There was enough in these Divine books to guide those who had the salvation of the soul to attend to; but when the time drew near for the body to be redeemed the Divine word again began to make itself heard, and gradually there is growing, once more, a chaos, a confusion of scripts.

The WORD of the Seven Messengers who stand before GOD (Rev.viii., 2), that is, who have, according to prophecy, passed to an heavenly inheritance, is despised up to the present in England, where their Message was given, but, ere long, it will be preached with power, that is with "signs following."* The translation of the Greek word angelos into "Angel." instead of into "Messenger." has helped to render the Church insensible to the fact that Seven Messengers would deliver a Message, or to use scriptural language, would sound a trumpet, before what is called "the end of the world" which is the end of the evil in the world.

The material which is accumulating sets forth teachings which are necessary for those who will attain to the highest goal which God has in view for mankind. The "common salvation" is that which those who die partake of - their souls are saved, their bodies perish. But it is the divine intention that some shall attain to "full salvation," which is salvation of body, soul, and spirits. This is the "adoption, that is to say, the REDEMPTION of the body." To those who are waiting for this full salvation, i.e., salvation from sin, sickness, sorrow, and from death itself, the new revelation spoken of by S. Peter is an absolute necessity, as there are many mysteries to be solved and many things to be experienced - in fact, we may say that the whole of the "preached word," and the whole of the "sacramental system" are about to be demonstrated by people who will do what has been talked about. It was in view of this development, and because the time for its accomplishment was drawing near, that God again began to speak through prophets, and it is their writings which, will form part of the Third Testament - the Testament of the Holy Ghost.

* This was written in 1018, before the Power of the Water and the Spirit were given.





S. Peter's Day, 20th June, 1918.


"O LORD, I come before Thee once more to write for Thee. This day, as Thou knowest, I have stood before Thee divested, as well as I know how to divest myself, of man's teaching's, for thus, alone, can I receive fresh light."

And now thou shalt write as one divested of man's wisdom, and thou shalt write My Word only, without a thought of thine own. Set it down that thou dost not enjoy the work, for thou dost prefer to write out of thine own mind. That is less effort. Is it not so?

"Yea, LORD, I feel weak and foolish, writing I know not what; truly it requires more effort."

But thus it must be. And now write this, that I, the LORD, know the thoughts of every heart and all things are naked and open before Me, there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, nor hid that shall not be known, and the world is even now experiencing this, for I am causing things known to Me to be made known publicly. Verily, a man who hath naught concealed is a happy man, as he shall find. It is plainly set forth in My scriptures that, at the last, the things done in the chamber will be made known upon the house-tops.Then why do not your priests warn their people hastily to confess their sins and to make good their crimes? For I am coming upon earth and I will make all things manifest as they are known unto Me. Thou thinkest "I am glad that I faced my accounts and that I endeavoured to put the crooked things therein straight!"

"Yea, O LORD, I am glad. It gives me a sense of peace and confidence."

I would have all to do thus, yea, I approve the confession of sin; that I approve and I absolve the repentant sinner. Therefore would I have the priesthood careful to alter the words of


private absolution, saying: - "The LORD GOD, Who is full of compassion and mercy, declareth unto thee, poor sinner, that He receiveth thee in His arms and tenderly embraceth thee and will remember thine iniquities no more. Go and sin no more."




My visitations are many; first did I visit Adam and, after the Fall, I taught him the cause of the Fall, even that he had partaken of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in its unclean state and had perpetrated a seed of evil upon the earth which would bear fruit, even unto the end; for the race of Cain groweth unto the harvest - the tares among the wheat. Adam preached unto his generation, which was 930 years, but his preaching was without result and the good seed, even Seth's progeny, could hardly be saved, nay, not without a miracle of My providence. To bring this about, I visited Noah and I taught him the way of escape. Many others could have built arks also, and I would have been with them. The world hath foolishly thought that Noah invited all men to enter in with him into his ark! Nay, his ark was for him and for his; and his preaching was to others that they also should build as he was building - his preaching of righteousness was a preaching of the right way of escape. I ever visit one, that all may follow the preaching of the visitation. What Noah said came to pass, floods of water destroyed that portion of the world. What my children are saying now will come to pass, floods of sorrow will destroy portions of the world to-day; and as those who did not listen to the visitation of My Spirit unto Noah were destroyed, so it will be with those who do not listen to the call of My visitation at this period. Bid all to know that the day of visitation has come again. I speak for the time and at the time, even in due time. The rainbow of My promise is in thy mind. I will not destroy the whole world, but I will burn up all that is evil therein, and who shall let when I come to shake terribly the earth? Adam illuminated the first day, Noah illuminated the second day, not only by their preaching, but, like Moses, their faces shone, for  I leave not My instruments without witness, yet did men harden their hearts and continue in wickedness.*

*1st Day, Light was given through Adam. 2nd Day, Noah divided the water with the ark. 3rd Day, Abraham and the Patriarchs bore fruit, like trees planted by rivers of water. 4th Day, Moses gave the reflected light the moon, the prophets and apostles shone like stars, and Jesus Christ came like the sun shining in his strength.




Thou shalt continue these writings for the clergy. I have prepared the way for the publishing of the same, then go forward with thanksgiving. Each period of 1000 years is, unto Me, a day; to My Apostle, Peter, I revealed this and I bid the clergy to accept the keys given unto him and recorded in II. Peter iii., 8. The thousand years from the fall unto the death of Adam is the first day, and Adam and Eve died in that day according to My Word.Æ Thou shalt tell the clergy that I have much to say unto them on the matter of the Fall, and that the mystery of the Fall of Adam is the chief matter upon which I shall require them to engage themselves, for this reason, that they cannot teach their flocks one word upon redemption which is of any use to them, unless they know what made redemption to be necessary. Those things which My Apostle Paul heard, when he was caught up in spirit unto the third Heaven, those things which were not lawful to utter, were the truths on this very matter - impossible to utter, because the minds of men are so tainted by evil, that things which in Heaven are lawful to utter cannot be spoken upon earth. But this I am about to overcome, for I inspire My saints and My prophets once again, and they shall be as clay in My hands, and they shall write those things which I require to be written. For the time being, ye shall know and understand that the blood is the life of the mortalÆ body alone, and that a life, in blood, is the curse which Eve, the mother of all living (even of Adam, who, later, left her as mother and clave unto her as husband) brought upon him and upon all her offspring. This life in blood is now to be superseded, and all who attain to REDEMPTION shall possess bodies of flesh and bones - spiritual bodies like unto My Body after I had shed the blood which I took from Mary, in her pure state. Ye can learn naught of the truth from the book of Genesis, for there have I wrapped up the mysteries, calling man "woman" and woman "man," putting the first last and the last first, hiding from the accuser My purposes, in order that I might work them out in My six days' labour, now on the eve of completion.

*"But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."
ÆAdam was 930 years old when he died, though he died in the first day of 1000 years, for any time in the day is to-day.
ÆIt has never been realized until now that the whole of human life is mortal or dying life.




Now go on, I will direct thee. What caused the fall of man and of woman from purity? It was the work of Satan through his desire to possess a house - a body, and that he never shall do, to all eternity.* Ye have foolishly regarded the body as a thing of naught where religion is concerned, then hear and know, that I, the Creator, have a Body and that all the Heavenly Hosts desire a body beyond every other joy. A body is the visible expression of the spirit, a soulÆ is the mechanism given whereby other souls may be perpetuated - body, soulÆ and spirit are My highest intention for man. Now I bid the clergy to seek into the revelations which I have given on these matters, for the time cometh when their flocks will no longer sit down under teachings which have neither life nor wisdom, but they will demand to know of their pastors these things which I am now teaching unto them. For My Spirit is knocking at the door of men's hearts and minds and they will begin to cry out, "Tell us what mean these stirrings within us, be they of GOD or of Satan? Ye are our priests, our teachers, ye will know whether so be in the scriptures it speaketh of such things." Then, verily, I now tell you, if ye search the scriptures through and through, though these things be written there, yet, without ye have the keys of knowledge, ye will be as blind as your flocks. And, moreover, it shall become known that men and women who are not paid teachers, nor counted learned, have the keys and your flocks will seek unto them for knowledge, until I say unto you your churches will be empty and your means of livelihood gone. Then learn of Me and I will teach you wisdom. Did I not say unto the prophet Jeremiah, "Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom"? Yea, for well I knew that the wisdom of the wise man must perish. Think ye I spoke of true wisdom? Nay, nay, for in that wisdom may any man glory; if he have wisdom, he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD, and in this man will I delight. Jeremiah spoke of that wisdom of man which is foolishness, that wisdom of man which hath well-nigh made My work of redemption impossible. Yea, know

*It should be noticed that it says "to possess a body," which does not preclude the fact that Satan might inhabit a body for a period.
ÆThe mortal soul is referred to here, but the Scribe had not had the teaching on the two souls at that early date.
ÆHere the. immortal soul which will not return to God, Who gave it, but will remain, is referred to.


this, O ye Priests, that I have drawn My flock out of your churches by force. One and all shall declare unto you, how by such things as appeared accidents unto them were they withheld from following the traditions of men and were lovingly guided by Me into valleys, where, beside still waters, they learnt the truth.




Thou shalt write unto My servants the clergy the understanding of the warfare in Heaven with which I have inspired thy mind this day - but the thoughts are not thine nor any man's. Thy mind has been filled with the thought that ye have foolishly imagined that a battle in Heaven was fought with swords and such weapons and, never till this day, didst thou see that this could not have been the case, inasmuch as fighting such as ye think of is a matter of drawing of blood, whereas in heavenly places there are no beings created who are of flesh and blood as ye are. "It cannot have been a warfare between the bodies of the angels, therefore it must have been a controversy," has been thy thought.

"And thus it was and thou shalt write this, that the very same controversy is about to take place on earth, for it was a controversy on spiritual truths as against spiritual falsehoods. There are many heavens to which I send My word. Think not, man, that in heaven faith is not needed, for, ere My Son Michael gained the victory over the deceiver of angels and men, the loyally of the angelic world to My decrees was tested. As the covering cherub, endowed with gifts which, in My love, I gave unstintingly, Lucifer came near to being a God. Can a parent err in love? Ye know well such can be. Then be it known unto all men, if God hath ever erred - and the thought may make the universe tremble - He erred in love to Lucifer - giving unto a created being such gifts, such powers as made him desire to rule in place of GOD. Yet in all shall My great wisdom be triumphant, and ye shall glorify GOD for an "error" whereby the race of man exists at this day and shall exist to enjoy those joys which were insufficient to pleasure Satan. Now write this, that Satan, Lucifer,* determined to rule the heavenly places which were remote from My throne. The very cause of life was known unto

*It was not known to the Scribe then that Satan and Lucifer were two separate angels.


him and this he turned into sin - yea, among the angels were the sins which infest the church to-day, and that ye may know them the better when ye become Spiritual, these sins exist in bodily form and are productive of disease and of unrest among men and women. Was I not very tender unto sinners who had committed the fleshly sins which all commit with but few exceptions, yet which all are so bitter against? - yea, because they are but shadows of the far deeper crimes which they represent in the spiritual realms. In your "heavens" to-day these sins are sapping the foundations of spiritual life, man revolves in his own mind, man communes with himself, man makes unto himself a GOD; whereas I have expressly commanded him to love Me with his mind, as well as with his soul and strength. I have bidden man to commune with Me, for true communion demands that there shall be two persons engaged. The sin of Gomorrah in the fleshly life, represents the sin of Satan which was the origin of evil. Alone did Satan evolve evil; then for ever beware of secret thoughts, of solitary communion.* Shut the door of the chamber, but be not alone within the chamber. Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man open the door I will sup with him, I will commune with him and he with Me.



There is yet another manner in which man sins spiritually - it is as the sin of Sodom. I have expressly commanded My people in these words: - "Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils," and by this I mean "Cease ye from man whose mouth is not used by Me" - from man who teaches you from out his own wisdom. It hath been My practice to send unto you teachers and prophets, but they are accredited by Me and have ever a message for their day and generation which marks them as My messengers. I said in my Gospel, "My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me." Yea, My own sheep know My voice when I speak through chosen instruments, and when I speak thus, there will ever be a path pointed out upon which those who are Mine will follow Me, for I speak not, except when I have a word of moment to utter, a word which it is life to

*The dangers of Meditation and Contemplation, e.g., solitary communion are becoming more and more obvious as a better understanding of Occultism and esoteric religions generally is gaining ground.


receive. The spiritual sin of this day is great. Man seeks unto man as man, not unto man as prophet, and the man who hath the greatest attraction or who uttereth the smoothest words hath the greatest following! My sons, such things ought not to be; and I am showing unto you these matters that ye may prepare for My Coming and may cleanse yourselves, casting out of the temples of your minds the teachings and interpretations of men and may be ready to listen to your Master, even Christ.




Thus it cometh to pass that seeking to self, or as man unto man, ye have no knowledge, nay not so much knowledge as Adam possessed. Without the aid of man I taught Adam, and for 930 years he shed light around him. Well did he know the great mystery of evil and of good, of which ye, with all your learning, know naught; else how comes it that in these, the last hours of the age of man as he is at present constituted, I have the same evil to contend with and to destroy that I had at the time of the flood? Taught by Me, Adam knew the laws which govern the procreation of children, who may be either good fruit or evil fruit, but the world would not listen and rapidly the evil fruit prevailed to make the world too evil to be redeemed. Again, did I teach Moses the same laws, and ye have them plainly set forth in the XVth chapter of the book of Leviticus. Some of the children of Jacob have kept those laws, but ye of the Gentile Houses reject them! That ye shall be without excuse, I have, even within the last century, re-stated the truth, without which the world must again become as it became in the days of Noah.*




Yea, go on, for the time is passing and My world must be taught much that it is life to know. As life from the dead, will these writings be unto man known unto Me who though they teach their flocks what hath been taught unto them, are starving

*That is, the Law of Separation (Lev. xv.) has been restated especially by John Wroe, the Fifth Prophet of the Seven-fold Visitation.


and know that they are starving. Then shall ye cry unto the church of Laodicea, " Buy ye the pure gold of the word of the Lord - the gold tried in the fire - and with it shall ye purchase the garments which will hide the nakedness, which every man who seeketh unto the church for wisdom and for instruction and for life will see. Buy ye also the eye-salve that ye may see the truth of the words spoken unto prophets in due time, even in these, the latter days.Wherefore should I give unto the church teachings on immortality, when there was yet a period of time (called by Me two days, but called by man 2,000 years) to elapse, ere any man could attain unto this goal? For now shall ye know what immortality meaneth, it meaneth that men shall live in the flesh and shall not die, but shall be changed from mortals to immortals. Is it not expressly stated in My scriptures that ye shall not all sleep, but this mortal shall "put on" immortality and that death shall be swallowed up in victory? In what victory, I ask? Ye know not, ye cannot answer; then hear and know it is the victory which living, breathing men, having fleshly bodies, the life of which is blood, shall achieve over the minister of death, even over Satan, who claims, as his own, the bodies the life whereof is blood. For, in the blood* of man is sin, of which death is the end, the final wages. Now shall ye learn the doctrine of the Atonement, on which your learned men have written one against the other, but have never written one word of truth, for the truth hath been told unto My prophets alone, whom they have despised. Then know this, O ye sons of Men, that in ME alone of all the earth, that ever was or is or shall be, until I make all things new, flowed blood that was untainted with evil. Ye shall learn as children learn, ye shall come back to the beginning. How think ye did I make man if I made not woman first? Yea, Eve was woman, and, overshadowed by Satan, tempted to an evil act, even to the sin of Gomorrah, she bore the first Adam. Eve conceived of her own seed overshadowed by Satan, therefore Adam was born of the mother of all living, with tares in his blood. Adam was not in the transgression - nay, he was born of Eve's transgression. Eve was androgynous,Æ

*The Scribe did not know when these Scripts were written that the blood mentioned was the anthropoid or animal blood of the races before Adam, which became mingled with the purified blood given to Eve.

ÆThere is nothing more in androgyny than that man possesses the feminine seed, and woman possesses the masculine seed. This is plainly shown in the Scriptures, where Jesus, a man, is called "the seed of the woman," similarly the man-child of Rev. xii. (Shiloh of Gen. xlix.) is feminine, being the seed of the man.




Thou shalt go on with this matter as I direct. Are ye masters in Israel and know not these things? Verily ye can know nothing of the second birth, for you know nothing of the first birth. From woman cometh all birth. Hath man ever brought forth? Nay, not in all My creation hath the male kind brought forth; then wherefore have ye not sought into the mysteries so concealed in the early chapters of Genesis, that ye have even believed it possible for Eve to have been born of Adam? Then hear this, that the words in Genesis are placed in such manner that the truth is concealed and not revealed. Wherefore did Peter promise unto you that there should be a further revelation in the last days, if I had naught to reveal? I have power to create, but I create of woman alone; and ye have yet to hear of HER, Who is My Provider, known of before sin entered the world, but withdrawn by Me, when the world was no longer a fit habitation for purity and holiness, of which man hath not the faintest conception. But the truth shall prepare Her way upon the earth and men shall purify themselves, for I will inspire them with such longing to behold Her, that they will cleanse themselves from evil. Moreover, I will remove Satan, Her enemy; and when his power over the mind of man and beast is gone, man will rapidly become what I ordained him to be. Doth it not appear unto you, O ye priests, that ye have but little knowledge of either God or Man? Think not that I contemn ignorance, for man cannot know what I have kept secret, nay, I contemn not ignorance, but I contemn pride, and ignorance which calleth itself wisdom! How have ye clergy despised My sons and daughters who search into the prophecies of the Old Testament! But now cometh the time when ye will find that they have been led so to do by MY SPIRIT, preparing My way, by calling attention to calculations and correspondences which it was your parts and duties to have studied. Think ye that I gathered the scriptures and permitted this and that to remain for no purpose? Nay, all these things have been written for the learning of this generation upon which is coming the end of the reign of death and which needs therefore to be led into the way of life. Remember the parable of the man out of whom evil had been cast. Empty, he was rapidly filled with worse evil.Is it not taught that in nature a vacuum is abhorrent? Shall I not require that good shall take the place of evil, that wisdom shall take the place of ignorance, that TRUTH shall take the place of falsehood? Yea, then prepare yourselves, O ye priests, to teach My people by learning of Me, and I will


set before you, openly, secrets kept sealed even unto this day. Hasten, for the time is short and ye have but a few moments in which to do the work of a century. Had the priesthood in the time of My servant the prophetess, Joanna, accepted My offers of the wisdom that cometh from above, ye would be rejoicing this day in light unspeakable, whereas ye walk in darkness, not knowing whither ye go. The poor and the unlearned know what ye must now be taught; and verily it is they who will be princes in My kingdom, for "not many mighty, not many noble, are called." Yet shall not one of you be cast out, if he come unto Me empty and humble and, as a little child, will accept what I teach in the manner I choose to teach.




Now thou shalt tell the clergy that I choose to teach through woman, in the last day of Satan's rule. The reason thou dost know well from My Word unto the Woman, set it down thyself.

"O LORD, in all deference to the Priesthood, I would explain that woman caused the fall of man, owing to her ignorance of Satan's devices, and that therefore it is necessary that woman shall make good her fault. She handed unto man the evil fruit, she must hand unto man the good fruit - both spiritually and temporally."

Set down what thou meanest by spiritual and by temporal fruit.

"O LORD, I mean that she must hand to him Thy teaching's, feeding his spirit and his soul with the Bread of heaven, which is the TRUTH, and is not what man thinks is the truth; and temporally she will have to be careful to keep strictly to Thy laws in the matter of separation, as set forth in the book of Leviticus, in order that she may no longer bring forth to man, as the fruit of her body, evil children such as Cain, but may produce holy children like unto Abel and Seth."

All that is the truth, and the proof of it is already before your eyes. Whence comes it that the sin which Eve committed, whereby she brought forth the Male principle within her in the form of a child, hereafter called Adam, and the sin whereby the first child of the two was a murderer, are as rife to-day as when sin first entered into My world? Is it not because man rejects My teaching's and makes unto himself religions which have ceremonies for a centre? Is it not because man seeks unto man for knowledge? But, verily, no longer shall My people wallow in ignorance of the laws which it was for you to teach them!


How have ye dared to preach unto them that My Gospel superseded My laws? Truly I withdrew the ceremonial law of circumcision as a religious act, and sacrifices also, because ye well know that the sacrifice of My pure blood was a sufficient sacrifice for the sin of the whole world; but, led by My Spirit, My Apostle Paul preached unto the Gentiles that they should abstain from "pollutions of idols and from fornication and from things strangled and from blood." Yet when I come to judge My Church, which counteth Paul as an Apostle indeed, I find images, which I forbade, coming near to being worshipped; I find in the churches men and women crowding to My altar who, from ignorance of the laws of Leviticus xv., are living in the state, called by My Apostle, fornication - not keeping the law of separation - a state which would be scorned by the Jews, whom ye so much despise in the matter of religion. "We be not born of fornication, we be Abraham's seed," said they. What did they mean? Ye cannot say; then this woman shall tell you.

"O LORD, I am under oath to Thee not to refuse to put down what Thou hast taught me, however difficult it appear to do so. Then I would tell the clergy that the Jews, speaking to Thee, knew that they were, each of them, conceived of his mother in her pure period, that is, they were not conceived until seven days after the cleansing was over."

Then how came it that, in spite of this, those Jews then speaking unto Me were unholy in some degree?

"Because, O LORD, they inherited the tares which were in the blood of their fathers, man being up to now without any mechanism of cleansing. Thus is it that no woman can bring forth holy seed even in her pure period if it be fathered by man."

Now apply these truths to the Incarnation.

"Thou, O LORD, wast conceived of Thy Mother's holy and purified seed, seven days after her cleansing. Overshadowed by the Holy Immortal Feminine in the God-head, Mary was visited by God Himself, and therefore Thou wast born a wholly pure Child, free from any virus in the blood."

Yea, I was sinless, within Me was naught that the evil one could attract, therefore said I, "The prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in Me." he was unto Me, "as a serpent on a rock," gaining nothing for himself, no gratification, no satisfaction. Now write what thou hast learnt on this matter.

"LORD, I have learnt that Satan can only attract as much evil as there is already in the human heart, and that it is our part and duty to check the temptations e'er they become acts and deeds - thus, we bruise the head of the enemy within ourselves, and until such time as Thou dost finally bruise his head, we must continue to fight manfully under Thy banner against sin. Temptation is naught, but, put into


practice, it is as if a weed has seeded, and it will come up as a plant which hath a root and will with difficulty be eradicated."

But was I not tortured and tempted?

"Yea - in all points like as we are; yet Thou didst never fall, thanks be unto Thee, O LORD!"

Place it upon record why it is such a matter for thanksgiving.

"O LORD, I will gladly do so. First, then, the blood which Thou didst shed was untainted by evil, and the earth was baptized once and for ever with what had never been on earth before, nor hath ever been since - even with blood in which there was no virus of sin."

But that is not all.

"Nay, O LORD, chiefly are we thankful because, by reason of the fact that Satan, the officer of Death (who hath a right to slay by Death those who have through sin earned Death as a wage), in slaying Thee hath brought himself under condemnation. He had 'nothing' in Thee, Pilate found no fault in Thee, Thou Thyself said, 'Who accuseth Me of sin?' Then, O LORD, Satan overstepped his permitted boundary in shedding-the innocent blood over which he has no jurisdiction and we plead with Thy Father that, for this sacrilegious act, this injustice, this murder. He will bring Satan's rule to an end before it cometh to its end."

When cometh Satan's rule to an end in the natural course?

"In 70 years fro'm the year 1930, O LORD, because in 70 years Thy week of six days (each of which is a thousand years) will be finished, and after six days' labour for God and man (the One over-ruling and the other suffering Satan's wicked devices) comes the seventh day of rest."*




"A clergyman has just brought grapes to our invalid from the Harvest Festival and I have given to him the book called 'Recent Words from Christ upon the War.' I felt, O LORD, that it was purposed."

Yea, it was a symbol of woman's work which is to hand the good fruit unto man, even the fruit of a living faith in a LIVING GOD. Many men count Me to be like unto the god Baal, who hearkened not. Yet I am ready in due time with all that My world needeth. I was ready many years ago, but man is never

*lt must be borne in mind that twelve years have passed since these Scripts were written.


ready to accept My plans for his welfare. Now shall he see that My plans are WISDOM in operation, and there shall not be one point on which man shall be able to say, "It had been better that the matter had been brought to a conclusion in some other way!" Woman shall be man's helpmate, not a word of Mine shall fall to the ground; and as thou hast handed to one of My sons My word for the day, so shall every son of Mine receive the word. I have spoken. Now go on with My teachings unto thee. Make them clear and plain upon tables, that he that runneth in the way of life and desireth knowledge of that way may read. Thou shalt now set down wherein lieth the difference between My Bride and Me.

"O LORD, Thou hadst no evil within which Satan could attract, yet Thou didst suffer anguish from his temptations and from the burden of experiencing all our sickness. Thy Bride, which meaneth the 144,000 will do 'greater works,' for she will bear and will suffer within and without; but chiefly within, for this reason, that she hath the evil within that she hath inherited from her earthly father, even though she may have been conceived in the cleanness of her mother. Yet will she overcome, and will become as Thou art - immortal."

And how is all this to be brought about?

"LORD, I cannot answer, I only know that she will be changed 'in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,' and that she will be flesh and bones, without blood, even as Thou."

But I shed My blood; whereby can My Bride be delivered of this evil?

"LORD, I do not know."

Art thou ashamed to say that thou dost not know?

"Nay, O LORD, for these matters have been sealed up in the bosom of the Father, and can be known to none except by revelation."

Then let the clergy follow thine example, let them say, "We are naked and blind and miserable, we know nothing." Then if they seek unto Me I will reveal Mysteries unto them, anointing their eyes with eye-salve and clothing them in white raiment. I have ended.*

*The Scribe had no knowledge that the 144,000 would be cleansed by the washing of the water of Regeneration, nor that, like the Church, the 144,000 are only a mystical Bride. It was not until 1923 that we were taught of the "individual Bride."




Explain unto the clergy My act of the cleansing of the temple.

"O LORD, I seem to have been taught by Thee that it was typical of what Thou wilt do when Thou comest again to Thy temple and of what Thou art even now doing. I think it applies particularly to the need to cast out the teachings of men, for they preach for hire, and sell unto us "doves." that is pleasing, soft thoughts which are of no value, except in the most limited degree, helping us to tide over small sorrows and trials or to get through a day of ordinary work, thoughts which are without power, without light on the thing's upon which Thou dost teach Thy little flock."

Yea, My acts were ever redemptive acts full of teaching for the "day of redemption," which is dawning. Now let the clergy hear this, that I will walk in the temple of the cleansed mind, in the temple cleansed from theology; and let no man, however learned, hope to receive Me into his house, except, like Zaccheus, he prepare himself by repentance, restitution and humility. This day is salvation come unto the church, but it is a salvation of which the church hath never so much as heard, it is salvation from the teachings in which she is wallowing as in the mire. Yea, the teachings are soft, they are pleasing, but they are false; and I will verily overturn the seats of learning and the seats of the learned, and woman shall teach My people knowledge. Thou shalt now set down My teachings upon the INCORRUPTIBLE and the IMMORTAL bodies and thou shalt show how I appeared in both bodies after My resurrection.

"O LORD, I understand from Thy teaching's that the Incorruptible are those who die, having failed to attain unto the Immortal state. They are those who desire the 'common salvation,' which is salvation of soul. Such as these lose their bodies for ever, but if they die repentant and in the faith of immortality, they will rise in their incorruptible bodies at the first resurrection. They will be the possessors of a 'body celestial' and will have attained unto the 'glory of the moon.'"

Now describe the Immortal body.

"The Immortal are those who will never die, but, having sought for the highest, will receive the highest, which is more than the common salvation and is what Thou didst design that man should attain unto for Thou madest man to be immortal. Such will receive the 'body terrestrial' and will have attained to the 'glory of the sun.' Therefore it is greater to live than to die, for Thou hast a BODY which Thou has never lost, and death dishonours Thee. Thou hast no pleasure in it,Thou art not the GOD of the dead, for 'GOD made not death,' Wisdom i.,13."


"These teaching's are embodied in the fact that THOU didst appear in both bodies after Thy resurrection.* (a) First Thou didst appear unto Mary and didst say, 'Noli me tangere,' because Thou didst appear to her as a SPIRIT, and had she touched Thee, she would have been alarmed, inasmuch as her hand would have passed through Thy body. The body shown then was not 'flesh, and bones,' it was spiritual, therefore not tangible. (b) But when Thou didst appear to the disciples and didst say, 'Handle Me and see, a SPIRIT hath not flesh and bones as ye see Me have,' Thou didst appear in the immortal body, spiritual and temporal; such a body as this Thou hast ordained, that all who attain to immortality shall possess - flesh and bones, but without blood.Æ Tares in the blood are the cause of corruption, even of mortality. Thy blood was shed, therefore there was no blood in Thy risen body, but, for all that, it was tangible. Thou wast able to eat and to drink, to walk and to speak, to pass through doors, to appear and to disappear, and to perform miracles."

And thus will it be with My children who attain unto Immortality.



"O LORD, I have been trying to reply to the remarks of a clergyman upon Thy Visitations and I am burdened with wondering how we shall ever make the priesthood see the truth."

Yea, My child, I can feel the burden also, but I will inspire My flock with words which shall go home to the hearts of the true shepherds and they will rejoice to follow Me in the new teachings. Ye must be strong and patient, strong in your faith and patient in setting it forth, remembering that ye have naught that ye have not received from above. Thinkest thou not that I, even I, suffered as ye suffer, when I faced the Jewish religion and, alone, preached doctrines to which none took heed but the few who followed Me? Now will I come to the point with these men and I will pour out of My Spirit and I will prove My work and they shall not be able to answer one word in a thousand. Thou knowest not My purposes. Thinkest thou that I will waste a moment of these remaining hours? Slowly I work, but My plans are forming and they are as strong as adamant. In a day, yea, in a day of 24 hours, shall the world know that verily there is a God that will judge the churches. I, the Lord, know the heart and I know the mind. I will judge none for want of perception,

*In order to show the two states spoken of plainly in 1. Cor. xv.
ÆWe see now that it would be more correct to say "without tares in the blood," or "with purified blood."


but I will tell thee whom I will judge, even those who care not for My approach, even those who feed themselves and clothe themselves* and, so long as they are comfortable and at ease, care nothing for My afflicted ones. Yea, it is these whom I will judge, for they bring discredit upon the Gospel, even as they preach it!Æ




Set down, yet again, My teachings unto the clergy, for the time cometh, yea, is even upon them, when they will find the teachings which have hitherto satisfied the people are of no value. A people that hath passed through a great war, suffering loss and gain, hope and fear, and becoming loaded with vast responsibilities needeth more than the teachings which served but little, even in days which are passed for ever.

I, even I, draw on this people, and I raise the nations of Great Britain and of America into a position of grave importance. Unto them shall the whole earth look, then shall not My servants, the priests, prepare to learn from Me what I require that they shall teach the people?

"LORD, they should do so, for to whom else shall they go? Thou alone hast the words of eternal life."

Now thou hast given the word upon which thou shalt write.Thou shalt write upon ETERNAL LIFE. I command the clergy to set themselves speedily to learn what eternal life meaneth, for upon this matter they know naught. First, then, let them know that it is not life in heaven, for that life hath no limits of duration, it is unending; whereas the word "eternal" should shew men who count themselves to be learned men that it represents a life which lasteth for an age. Now hear this, O ye priests, ETERNAL. LIFE IS THE LIFE WHICH MEN WILL LIVE ON EARTH DURING THE NEXT AGE; and the next age is upon you, for I have antedated that age, and ye are even now passing into it. Did I not tell you in the Gospel that I would "shorten the days"? Have ye ever enquired of Me to know what days would be shortened? Nay, then now I tell you I will shorten the days

*Ezekiel xxxiv. This chapter alludes to the Bishops of the present day.
ÆThe clergy, like St. Paul, only know "in part." that is, they only know of the salvation of the soul after death.


of Satan's reign, else, verily, no flesh would be saved to enjoy the coming age - the age of eternal life.Ye were told in My former word, sent through woman's hand, to "watch the fall of Turkey. Wherefore think ye? Because the fall of Turkey is a type of the fall of Satan. In all My dealings with man, I ever use types and shadows. Then now behold the shadow set in the decline of the Turkish empire, and know that, even as it shall fall and the crescent moon shall no more disgrace the heraldry of Christian Europe, so shall the moon be turned into blood, and moreover, it shall be trodden down under the foot of woman. My word hath been sent unto you, but ye have heeded it not, and thus ye are unprepared for the mighty change that is coming upon the people. Men who have faced a thousand deaths are returning to their homes. In their hearts are stirring the questions which I have raised within them. They are not, as ye are, content with half-truths, with "spiritualities" which are meaningless. They want the whole truth. Then look, O ye priests, within that part of My scriptures which ye have despised, there ye will find that I placed in the mouth of Zerubbabel a word which is now coming to pass, even this, that TRUTH AND WOMAN ARE THE GREATEST THINGS ON EARTH, and I will add, IN HEAVEN ALSO!

The first word of eternal life that ye shall learn is that it is true that your flocks will "not all sleep." Have ye not told them this day after day? Then wherefore will ye not believe it yourselves? Wherefore is it when I revive My great visitation to My six prophets, announcing that this very thing cometh to pass, instructing My people in the manner of the "change" which will take place in the "twinkling of an eye," wherefore is it that ye reject the word which I, the Great I AM, hath sent unto you? I will tell you the reasons. First, ye are careless, not searching into the meaning of the words which ye rehearse in the ears of the people; then ye are uncharitable unto your God, not caring to find a reason whereby ye may justify His apparent delays in fulfilling His promises. Like those of whom My apostle spoke, ye cry, "Where is the promise of His coming?" "Since the fathers fell asleep all things remain as they were," but ye make no effort to seek into the reason why. Lastly, ye are full of your own wisdom, ye are not sufficiently humble to be taught of My prophets, whom ye count as unlearned men. Yet did I say "not many mighty, not many noble, are called," did I not forewarn you that the wisdom of the wise men shall

*See "Recent Words from Christ upon the War," page 15, and note that in 1917 Turkey ceased to reckon her calendar from the flight of Mahomet, as prophesied in Daniel xii., exactly 1335 years after the Hejira.
ÆThe Apocrypha.


perish? Then now hear, O ye wise men, wise in your own wisdom - I am guiltless of the blood of all who, hearing not My word given in this, the last day of this age, are unprotected in the day of My wrath, which falleth upon Satan, and upon his hosts, but at your hands will I require it. My plans are laid, My table is spread. My own sheep know My teachings, and need not that ye should teach them, but once more do I come unto you of the churches, which are built up upon the wisdom of man. The best shall be laid before you, then hasten to gather yourselves together to learn of ME the TRUTH through WOMAN.




Yea, hasten on with this thy work for Me, and, moreover, hasten to print and to publish the same, for soon cometh My day of reckoning with My shepherds, and verily they will find themselves as empty vessels, as tinkling cymbals. Then will they seek unto Me for water for themselves and for their flocks, and in these writings shall they find My Word written as they can bear it, for well I know that the words of My former prophets sound uncouth in the ears of those who have accustomed themselves to highly polished utterances. Then have I not laid up in store for all, and do I not give even as My children can bear?

"Yea, LORD, Thou doest all thing's well; as for Thee Thy way is perfect."

And now thou shalt write on the word of prophecy, which is the witness of Jesus, and thou shalt place before My sons their error in not having sought for the "prophesyings" which My apostle carefully warned them not to despise. Did I not give gifts unto man when I ascended? Among them was this very gift of prophecy. "He gave some apostles and some prophets." It would seem that men of learning would have discovered that I intended to bestow a fresh order of prophetic gifts, for prophets had been since the world began. A phase of My work was completed, but My work was not completed, nay, My chief work was yet to be concluded, and therefore I inaugurated a fresh line of prophets, who should prophesy of what had yet to be - even of the downfall of Satan's kingdom, and of the setting-up of the kingdom of God. The kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of God are distinct. Those who seek for the saving of the soul (the common salvation) seek an Heavenly inheritance; but those who seek endless life and the redemption of the body shall enter the kingdom of God upon earth. In the words. "Thy kingdom come." I plainly taught that the rule  


of God, then enjoyed in Heaven, would come upon the earth. Let the clergy search the scriptures, written after My Ascension, and they will find that the Apostles prophesied of a revelation yet to be made, of the downfall of Satan, of wars and tumults. Even did they prophesy of the present attitude of the clergy and people as saying, "Where is the promise of His coming? since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the Creation," and mark that the apostle called these men "scoffers." Verily and indeed have My prophets endured the scoffing of those who, compared with them, are ignorant men, ignorant of that one thing needful to know, even that My day is l,000 years long, and that I am not slack concerning My promise that I would come and create a new heaven and a new earth wherein would dwell righteousness, though I am long-suffering, not willing that any should perish. For let it be made known unto man that e'er the new heaven, whereby I mean "spiritualities," and the new earth, whereby I mean "temporalities," can be established, Satan must be cast off the earth, for My kingdom shall not be set up alongside of the kingdom of men nor of devils.




How men have misinterpreted the scriptures, counting the words "everlasting" and "eternal" to mean un-ending, ceaseless! Truly even man's wisdom profiteth him little that, in these words, he seeth not that a periodic time is alluded to, a time counted by ages. For be it known unto men that I, even I, count time in ages, therefore am I everlasting and eternal, but I AM also enduring, unceasing, and My bounds are endless. In My scriptures I have not used these words in relation to man; whereas the words everlasting and eternal are used, and indicate that I have allotted periods - ages - of happiness, ages of needed discipline and of chastisement, none of which are unending in that sphere in that degree. Even in the spheres of happiness, the ages or aeons last for a period suited to the capacity of the spirit; and the same applies to the souls undergoing discipline Wherefore should chastisement or discipline be ceaseless, unending? Then must it fail of its purpose, which is ever to draw the soul upwards and onwards. Now, O ye priests, let it be taught unto My people that the words "everlasting" and


"eternal" mean what they mean in the Greek language - lasting for an age, age-long. For THE AGE cometh unto which I have led My creation - Man - the AGE in which some shall enjoy everlasting and some immortal life, even upon the earth which I made for him. Did I not come to bring to light age-long life and also immortality - the un-dying life? To bring to light is to manifest somewhat which was heretofore hidden. When I came in the flesh, the heavenly life which your priests and ministers ignorantly call eternal life, everlasting life, what they even call immortal life, was well known among the Jews, for they, verily, believed that those who passed away from the earth were received into heavenly places! Such a life needed not to be "brought to light," but the life of which I spake was well understood by the Jews to be that life now coming upon the earth, of which the prophets had prophesied, when the whole earth would be "full of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea," when "the lame man should leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb should sing," when tears would be "wiped away from off all faces," and when "death would be swallowed up in victory!" This life I came to bring to light, because without My coming in the flesh, to have My heel bruised of Satan, his head could not be bruised; and while Satan walketh to and fro on the earth death will reign, for he is the minister of death, even as I AM THE MINISTER OF LIFE. Then let My sons be warned to turn them unto prophecy, the witness of Jesus, and let them say within themselves "these things - the cessation of sorrow and of death, the reign of joy and life - are not yet come to pass; all things remain as they were in the days of Abraham, of Moses, of Isaiah, of Jesus, death remains, pain and sorrow remain, sin remains, not yet hath any man achieved immortality, not yet hath any man lived eternally, nor everlastingly." Yea, let them cast about in their minds how these things shall be achieved; and let them know that My Word hath gone forth, that from Woman they shall learn them, for TRUTH AND WOMAN are the strongest, and Woman, who hath the Truth, shall be strong indeed. My servant Zerubbabel spoke of woman's power from the lowest standpoint; but I will pour My Spirit upon Woman, and she shall be the very embodiment of the Truth.



Armistice Day, 11th November, 1918.


To-day thou shalt write for Me upon the sound of peace that is within your land, whereby men think that all their trials are


over and passed. Little do they think of all that is to come, for many are untouched by the wonders which I have wrought. Did I not say that My armies should issue forth clad in unassailable armour?* Yea, then, behold their mighty work! Think ye, O ye priests, that by any prowess of man it hath come to pass that the great army which was set against My people at seven points has turned to flee before you? Nay, your military men will confess that they themselves can give but little account for all that has taken place. But it is of the part which the church has played that I will speak, and ye will say, "Have we not prayed, have we not worked among the men abroad, have we not done many charitable deeds?" All this I know, for all is recorded; but now I come to close quarters and I ask, "Wherein are My people more enlightened by all that I have permitted to happen abroad; wherein are they more humbled before Me, humbled by the sense of My mercy, in sparing this country the agonies of a conflict within its own boundaries?" Among the prayers that rise up before Me this day have there been any prayers or praises "with the understanding"? Few indeed, and those few come from My little flock that knows My purpose, yea, and hath aided My purpose. Now hear this, O ye priests; for the sake of My little flock hath all this victory come to pass, for My word had gone forth that the spiritual war and the temporal war should be one. Then know this - that My faithful women have won many victories with the spiritual sword, which is the pen, and for their sakes have I caused your enemies to flee before you.

Now will I prove you. Care and anxiety and sorrow have not brought forth in the church aught which is of spiritual value to My cause. Therefore I will teach you the truth in plain words, that priest and people together shall see it. As I spoke to My apostle St. John, so I have done. I gave power unto the Beast forty-two months. On the day that this period ended his power waned. Here, then, is a lesson in prophecy, which ye despise. Can one of My words fail? Nay, hear and know that My daughter understood that the period of forty-two months would not end on August 4th, 1918 (as shall be proved by her publications), until a period of silence, even a silence of half a year, preceded the beginning of the forty-two months; for My Word cannot be fulfilled in a straight line, lest the enemy gain a knowledge of My plan for his defeat. Yea, the forty-two months commenced after the silence of half a year and, had the priesthood hearkened to the truth told unto them they would have prophesied unto this nation. Then would My people have been prepared for My next work, of which the flight of the Monarch

*"Recent Words upon the War," page 34.


who instigated the war is a shadow. In all the writings of My prophetess the events ye have passed through are foretold, yet ye count My children who have followed these teachings as fools and as dupes. Now shall ye learn that they are your saviours, for how should I preserve your nation except I have in it a remnant which can accept My great and mighty work, whereby I will cast down EVIL? How can ye be content while evil reigns? My soul is vexed within Me that ye care naught for My promises to cast Satan into hell. But now, verily, shall ye feel his power in your own land, then, perchance shall ye cry unto Me to deliver you from EVIL.




"O LORD, acting according to Thy teaching's, I have placed the sins of the Kaiser, of his sons, and of the military party in Germany, together with the sins of all men, upon the head of Satan."

Yea, thou hast acted rightly, and there they shall lie until they sink the Adversary down into hell, yet shall those whom he hath induced to commit these crimes against humanity suffer a penalty. Beyond the thought of those who know naught of such ambitions as have fired the souls of these men are the sufferings of the defeated monarch and of his advisers, and well is it for him and his that I am able to set bounds to the ferocity of the devil whom they have failed. And I do set bounds thereto, for woman again hath laid the blame on the right head. Let the clergy consider how Eve wisely and truly cast upon Satan the blame for the Fall, therefore shall I not, at the end, honour woman for her loyalty to her Maker? Yea, I will cause that all men shall give thanks for Woman, acknowledging her as the HELP-MATE. Little did she do, but when that little is the right thing it counts as much; and be it known unto all men that, without woman, this war would not have been won. Ye will turn your thoughts unto the work of women in aiding the industries of your country. That work is for man to honour, God honoureth the faith of the women who have fought the spiritual war of which, as yet, the world knoweth naught. Did not Barak refuse to go up to the battle, if Deborah went not with him? Then now hear this, O ye priests, I have gone up to this battle on behalf of Israel, accompanied by Woman, who hath prophesied the defeat of Satan, and according to her speech against Satan, so hath the battle fallen out, and he shall fall into her hands, even as Sisera fell into the hand


of Jael. Bidden to cast her commands upon Satan, hath Woman commanded the conduct of the War, and your Generals have been as clay in Mine hand. Moreover, My invisible armies have caused the enemy to fly before your troops. I accept your thanksgivings, but how doth My soul crave for an understanding people! Even as this woman inditeth My Words she saith within herself, "Lord, they will not believe all that is set down." Nay, I know it! And now cometh the day when My beloved shall not cast about for means to make man believe the TRUTH, for the TRUTH shall come forth nevermore to be disbelieved nor set aside. The mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. Amen.




"O LORD, I do not see how the clergy will be induced to credit that Thy chosen women are receiving Thy word, they will think it is a delusion, even if they do not think worse - even that we are deceivers."

Have I not said, "My sheep hear My voice, and they follow Me"? Some among the clergy will read and will hear the voice, and will follow gladly, for many known unto Me are weary of their own poverty, and will buy the gold and the eye-salve, and will clothe themselves in the white raiment, and out of the church of your land shall arise a priesthood fitted to minister before Me. Your church is the church of Laodicea, neither, at this time, cold nor hot, but lukewarm. Yet it shall not thus remain, and in the coming controversy will many wax hot in My cause, and they will gladly seize upon the gold which shall be ready to their hands. Many will think to hide themselves, lest the shame of their nakedness appear; then, calling upon Me, they shall find the white raiment which I, the Lord, have provided. None that will acknowledge themselves to be poor and to be naked shall remain so; nay, I will embrace them, even as the father embraced the returning prodigal, and they shall find the fatted calf hath been killed, and they shall enter in, with Me, into abundance of peace, and shall share the riches of wisdom which ye, My children, rejoice in. My scriptures are read so carelessly that few have realized the church of Laodicea to be capable of improvement. Did I not say, "I counsel thee to buy of Me gold, tried in the fire, and raiment, that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear"? Yea, and My counsel will be heeded by many thousands; and now am I providing the gold and the raiment, else where were the use of My counsel?


"But, LORD, the clergy have supposed the Epistles to the seven churches to allude to churches which were in existence in St. John's day; it expressly speaks of the churches as being "in Asia." It is ever My plan to lead My scribes and prophets into writing My word for future generations by the process of inspiring them by events which are in operation at the moment of writing. John used the word given and sent it to churches then in existence, and it was to their benefit that he did so. My Apostle knew naught of the great future. He believed that My coming again was imminent; but My word abides, and the very words he used have been preserved to this day, and will have their fulfilment at this time. Where would be the value of such a record of a starving, naked church, unless, once again, I come to reiterate the warning and to repeat the counsel?

Then now, O ye priests of the Church of England, through the hand of woman, do I call upon you to cease from your lukewarmness towards My great visitation in your country. I would ye were hot or cold! I would that ye should resist it with all your might, contending for the faith which ye profess. I would that ye were striving mightily to turn those who serve Me in the visitation from what ye count to be the error of their ways, for even thus could I deal with you in love, accepting your work, even though it be like that of My apostle Paul - a persecuting of the Church of Christ! Then, verily, would appear unto you, and with words which ye should never forget I would cry, "Why persecutest thou Me?"

For it is I Whom ye persecute when ye deny or oppose My visitation to prophets, and when ye reject My sending unto you My word through scribes; but when ye abstain from giving heed to either, and treat all with contempt, then, verily, do ye bring upon you My wrath, for ye fail in your duty to God and to man - to God, in that it is for you, as His accredited ministers, carefully to investigate all that purports to come from Him, lest any be led away thereby; to man, lest if the word be truly from God, your flocks should miss that which would be as honey to their taste. Yea, the honour of God and the welfare and benefit of man are at stake when any cometh forth claiming to bear a word of prophecy.

To whom shall God and man look in this matter, if not to those who profess themselves to be learned in the word and in the teachings which men call "Divinity"? Then now hear ye this, O priests of the Lord, the women I have chosen have valiantly entered the field, and have called unto your leaders, the Bishops, to come forth and "to cross swords with them but like unto the fleet of the German enemy, they would not come forth to fight, nay, they remain sheltered behind their belief that no power


can touch them in their so exalted position! Nay, but the POWER that demandeth service of these women, and which hath girded them to the conflict, is OMNIPOTENT, and forces are gathering before which your leaders will be as straw before the wind. Then now, ere the storm of My fury doth burst upon the church of this land, hear Me crying unto you - "I counsel thee, O man, whosoever thou be, that heareth these words, to buy of these women the gold which is stored up in My visitation to this country; and I counsel thee, moreover, to clothe thyself in the white raiment of the protection which I have laid up for the sheep and for the lambs of My flock, for behold I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear My voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with Me." But, verily, he must be clothed with the raiment of My righteousness, and what this is no man knoweth if he be not instructed by the writings of My Messengers. (Rev. viii., 2). Is it a small thing, O ye priests of the Church of England, that in your country I have chosen Me the instruments whereby I will bring to pass the saying, "Death shall be swallowed up in victory"? Wherefore do ye love death, when My scriptures bid you to seek life and immortality? Death is a terror unto you, yet ye love not the life which I am come to bring to light, the life immortal,* and the life everlasting. Did I not ask, "When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith upon the earth"? Yea, I asked that question, well knowing that man would not receive the truth through woman. Now be it known unto you, O man, that as the earth-life cometh through woman, so shall the news of the heavenly life, now coming down upon earth, come through her hand. I have ended.




I would have you, My daughter, to bring to a speedy close these writings. The future is known unto Me, and they must be ready for the purpose which they are intended to fulfil. I would speak upon the matter which is engrossing thy mind just now - even upon the need for My followers to cast aside the teachings of men of all ages, or periods, and, most of all, of this period in which you now live. Verily, no man can bring

*The Life Immortal is endless, and some will attain to it; while many will enjoy the Life Everlasting, or age-lasting, for 1,000 years on earth spoken of in Rev. v., 10.


into the new life the old teachings, and only such as enter with Me, empty and purified from philosophies, will be able to receive that life which I am come to bring. The devil knoweth that he hath but a short time. Now will he no longer deceive with lies, but he will deceive with the truth, hiding himself under many religions.* With the upright man he is upright, with the sincere he is sincere, with the seeker after righteousness he is righteous! O fools and unwise to seek the betrayer except where he will betray, the liar except where he will deceive! Did I not forewarn you in the scriptures that he was more subtle than any created being? Then now shall the clergy learn to seek for evil among the good, for the tares among the wheat, for the dross within the gold. Yea, let them seek for Satan in the synagogue of Satan, and let them take with them the light which I freely provide in the writings of My latter-day prophets; then they will find that no teachings or philosophies, however pleasing, however much they approximate unto My Gospel, have the oil in them which alone will light My people unto the way of life. Mark you, O ye priests, the way of life hath a man never yet trod, for it is the way upon which the shadow of death shall never fall. Truly did I remove Enoch and Elijah in their bodies, but even they have not yet experienced that life which cometh down upon your earth. I did but remove them unto My heavenly kingdom; but now do I bring My heavenly kingdom unto men, in answer to the prayer which I taught to My disciples, and which ye continue to pray without understanding - "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Now, verily, it is known unto Me that ye presume to teach My people that this great desire of many hearts will be realized when ye have gathered My sheep into your folds. Was it for this that I died, think you? Shall ye gather My beloved that ye may preach unto them what hath been preached for the "Common Salvation"Æ nigh upon 2,000 years; that ye may continue to administer shadows unto them which are like unto the picture of a feast put before the starving people, and, moveover, that still the wolf shall raven and tear and destroy, that still death shall claim a prey and the grave a victory? Nay, not for this have I suffered; and now hear Me, I come to gather My sheep, and you the shepherds also, into My fold, and I will destroy the wolf, and I will vanquish death, and My kingdom

*See note to Script V.
ÆThe "Common Salvation" is the salvation of the soul of those who pass to an incorruptible  inheritance. Those who will be immortal are "waiting" on earth for "the redemption of the body." "Common" here means general.


shall come on earth, and My will shall be done on earth as is it done in heaven.

"Thanks be unto Thee, O God."




Now shalt thou write My final words unto the clergy. I have led the troops of the Allies unto Victory. It is not a victory by man, that, any man versed in warfare can see; nay, it is a victory by woman. Has not woman commanded Satan according to My word unto her? Yea, she commanded him to leave the countries which are now free from the invasion of enemy troops. Need I, think you, the prowess of man in My warfare against Satan? Nay, I need the obedience of woman, for by disobedience came sin and death, and by obedience must come freedom and life. Thou shalt indite the word that I sent unto thee in March, 1918.

"LORD, Thou didst send unto me a reproof for an uncharitable action and in that reproof Thou didst say, "Cast thine anger and thy commands upon Satan, who hath subtly reached thee, when thou believedst thou wast righteous and safe."

Thus do I take My enemy's weapons and turn them on himself. I needed that he should receive his orders from the mouth of woman, and thou hast performed thy task in commanding him to retire from the invaded countries. By woman Satan gained his victory, by woman will I gain My victory to-day, even as I have gained victories by woman in the past. Were not Eve, who accused the devil, and Deborah, and Jael, and Esther, and Judith, and My prophetess Joanna, women of whom any man could say, "They acted wisely and with courage"? Then, at the command of woman, hath Satan fled before the allied armies; but there is yet more to be done. The world calleth a cessation of visible warfare - PEACE! What wouldst thou claim as the Peace which I came to bring?

"O LORD, I should claim total and complete deliverance from sin, sickness, pain, sorrow and death, and that their place be taken by holiness, health, joy unspeakable and immortal, undying life."

Is there more that thou wouldst include?

"Yea, LORD, I would include this: that the world, so worn and so weary of the miseries of Satan's rule, be for ever and ever under Thy immediate government. Then alone will there be the peace on earth


and the goodwill among men of which the angels prophesied at Thy birth."

Then thou dost not count that My first coming fulfilled their words?

"Nay, O LORD, Thou didst Thyself say, I came not to bring peace, but a sword. Since Thy birth men have been no more free from Satan's influences than they were before Thy first coming."

Nay, the world hath not changed, for Satan hath not changed, except that he hath become more and more the enemy of man, and he worketh more violently to bring about his complete ruin.

"Yet, O LORD, a clergyman writing about the pamphlet, 'How joy is coming to earth,' declared that 'Joy has come, it came with Christ.' "

What didst thou reply?

"LORD, I replied that if joy had come to him, it had not come to persons in asylums, prisons, workhouses, incurable hospitals, to persons who are disabled, infirm, and struggling.''

Then doth it not appear that persons who are content in so sad a world are verily selfish, caring naught about the sins and sorrows of others if only they be at ease. Is it not the sufferers who desire My coming with all their hearts? Then out of "weakness" shall the whole world be "made strong"; for it is in response to the cry of the sinful soul who loathes its sin, in response to the cry of the tempted soul who hates the tempter, in response to the prayers of those who know themselves to be naked, blind and ignorant, that I COME. Now have the Bishops and Shepherds of My flock flouted My command, and, behold, I will deal with them as a man in high place deals with those who fail in duty. I will spare not. I will go on in Mine anger, they shall be as dust before the wind of My fury. Truly shall they know that there is a God that judgeth not the earth only, but also the "heavens," which, in the scriptures, meaneth the church. Think ye, O ye Shepherds, that for ever I will yield up the plans I have made, whereby four generations ago the world could have had rest from her labours? Nay, I will not yield to man nor devil; and, verily, now will I go on, and I will make an end. I will gather the lambs in My bosom, and I will fold the sheep of My flock, but I will cast out, except they repent, those who call themselves shepherds, and are but ravening wolves. Yea, I will rule in righteousness, and no more shall man or devil cause My beloved to fear; but Peace shall flow as a river, and everlasting joy shall be upon the heads of all who are called by My Name. Amen.

"Glory be to Thee, O God."



Advent Sunday, 1st December, 1918.


And now thou shalt indite for Me what I require in My wisdom to be indited. Think not that aught of thy suffering is wasted. Thou hast said, "Glorify Thy Name." My reply is that of the Father unto Me in My agony" I have glorified it and will glorify it again." But thou thinkest that thy suffering is not as Mine, that it is personal, and appeareth to have no great meaning; then let Me tell thee what thou knowest not, even this, that the enemy worketh to destroy thee as he worked to destroy Me. "Wherefore?" dost thou cry? Because I have chosen thee to use thy hand in the work of his destruction. Then even now. ere thy work is in the hands of the public, would he endeavour to cast thee into a net,but I have spoken the word unto thee. "Be not afraid." Yea, seven times have I spoken it, and thou shalt triumph over him, for I call not a woman to such a conflict to give her into the hands of the Evil One. Thou art justly fearful, for thou knowest, yea, thou knowest something of his cruelty, and though, in fearing, thou seemest to thyself to fail in obeying My injunction, yet I blame not thy groans and thy tears. And now shalt thou rehearse even what  thou wouldst not record, were it not thy Master that directeth thy hand. Yea, for the past three days thou hast suffered an agony of dread that the Evil One would paralyse thine intellect, and drive thee out of thy senses, and this, thou didst feel, would bring discouragement upon My wonderful work through My seven instruments and through thy pen. Yea, and thou knewest there was no one on earth, neither man nor woman, who could help thee. Then whither didst thou turn?

"LORD, I turned unto Thy word in the Scriptures and in Joanna's writing's, and in what Thou hast given to me, myself."*

Thus thou hast been able to exist, and now, at My bidding, thou dost write for Me, even before the clouds have vanished; for I will prove to Satan that his power to harm woman is not as great as My POWER to aid her, and that what he hath done to wound thee hath wounded him. And thus shall it ever be, he shall be foiled with his own weapons. I bid thee to write unto the clergy what thou knowest to be true, even this, that not among them, nor in their written works,

*The Messages which are in "The Voice of the Seventh Angel," see "Healing for All," pp.60-64, also " The Finding of Shiloh," pp.137


is there a man nor a word which could have aided thee in this warfare. Nay, for what is flesh against spirit? Is not Satan a spirit, having neither flesh nor bones? Then where is the man, be he priest or lawyer, or doctor of medicine, who can minister to those afflicted by the devil? I tell ye, there is no man. I alone can aid those whom Satan afflicts, and thou shalt give forth My words of power, for in them there is healing. For now will I speak no more in parables. I will unseal the mysteries of the scriptures, and My word shall be a plain word which the suffering can read and understand. Hear, O ye suffering and afflicted (but not by Me), ye are the victims of the Evil One, who hateth man, and would cast him into a pit of destruction; but I, the Lord, am coming in power to crush your enemy, and ye shall be FREE. Had your bishops and clergy hearkened unto My plain word sent to them, ye would have rejoiced in deliverance ere this, but they would not receive My word unto them; and now Mine Own Arm shall bring salvation through woman, and great shall be her victory over the dragon; for, even as St. George, your chosen saint, came to the rescue of woman, AM I COME, and I will fight until I conquer. Let the simple-hearted who read these words haste them to read My Visitations,* and to sign My roll, for I forewarn My people that many terrors will come upon the earth, and each should place himself under My protection. Again do I warn you, even as I warned in the days of the flood, for even as the days of Noah shall the coming of the Son of Man be, but I have made provision, though to the wise and learned My way of escape seemeth foolish. Verily, they shall be overthrown, but the children of My Kingdom shall sit down at My table, and I will minister unto them, wiping away their tears. Moreover, with Me shall be the Comforter, whom man hath never seen, and My sons and daughters shall be as those whom a MOTHER comforteth. I have ended.

NOTE. - It was not until August, 1919, that we received the Royal Seal and commenced the publication of "The Writings of the Holy Ghost" of which these Scripts were a foreshadowing; and it was not until 1923 when the Divine Mother began to direct our work that the Healing began.

*See "Keys to the whole Body of Truth," "Healing for All," "The Finding of Shiloh," etc., etc.



(Registered with the Charity Commissioners)

THIS Society originated in the study of Modern Prophecy by a group of persons, who discovered thereby that a Visitation of Healing and Protection was to be expected in England round about the years 1923 to 1927. How it was to manifest was a matter of conjecture, and no one was more surprised than ourselves when, in May 1923, we discovered that Divine Healing was within our reach by a simple process, which proved to be the key which unlocked the Prophecies alluded to. After most crucial tests, the Healing proved to be sure though slow, and when every individual of the Society had been benefited, it became our obvious duty to give the Public an opportunity to participate. But would others benefit equally with those who accepted the Prophecies? Yes, for results have proved that nothing but obedience to and perseverance in the treatment is necessary.

Yet, whether people accept the fact or not, the Healing by Water and the Spirit now proceeding is an outcome of definite Promises of God made in the Bible and revived through English Prophets, during the last 130 years, and it has originated among a group of Church-people who have lived upon the lines of those prophecies. In this and in all else it differs entirely from Spiritual or any other type of Healing - the method being prophesied of and revealed at the proper time to a body of prepared persons belonging to the Church of England.



The requirements laid upon the persons belonging to The Panacea Society are:-

(1) Devoted service in the work of setting up under Divine Direction the Lord's Visible Kingdom in a Centre which will be the Treasury of Healing and of Spiritual and Material Supply in the cataclysm which must precede the Coming of the Lord.

(2) The acceptance of the fact of the coming restitution of the earth to its condition before the Fall and of the the need of gathering the persons destined to live in Christ's Kingdom on earth.

(3) The overcoming of sin and of sickness.

The Panacea is the Public Organ of the Society.




The chief public activity of the Society is the offer to share with others the specific Healing Method by Water and the Spirit which is practised among us, without money and without the price of believing as we do. Persons can continue with their Doctor, adding the Water to the Doctor's medicine. In serious illness a Doctor should be in attendance.

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