"A Fountain of Gardens: Volume III: Part One"

"A Fountain of Gardens: Volume III, Part IV" (continued)

[Journal entries beginning with August 16th, 1678
through December 24th, 1678]

August 16. 1678.

THIS Word came among the various Instructions, from the Holy Anointing. If ye so love me as ye have declared, then will ye be zealous to obey all my charge. Then followed this Word, saying, Know ye not, that whoever would be of this World, can make no claim to the Celestial-Tree, from which the fruitful Blessing doth descend. Therefore haste away from the Pollution thereof.


August 17. 1678.

The Word of Faithfulness.

UPON some occasion I was made to be very importunate with my God. After which being still and silent, this Word did spring, Why so disquieted, and as one hopeless? Can or will God ever break Covenant, or alter that sure Word of Prophecy? Wait, and believe firmly: for nothing can be nullified, that is under the Seal of the Spirit.


August 18. 1678.

The Sign, and the Thing signified.

ALL that hath yet been revealed to thee, is but a forerunner. As it was said of Christís coming, that the Sign of the Son of Man should first appear in the Heavens, but then the substantial Power and Presence must follow, as the thing Signified, which would put an end to all Controversie. Now for the perfecting of this great Mystery, all whatever is in thy Heavens and Earth, must be given hereunto.


August 20. 1678.

How the Prophets of Old and the Apostles could preserve the Word of Truth unadulterated, while themselves were subjected to Infirmities.

THE Discursive faculty of the Internal Mind was awakened, to propose with all freedom new Queries to the Lord, and Master. With whom is infallible Knowledge and Wisdom, who is now present to answer and resolve all Matters and Things, of the most Weighty and Eternal consequence, as when Conversant with his Disciples upon the Earth. Nay, his Spirit hath verified it, that he through his rising-Birth and growing Stature in Spirit in us, is much more beneficial, than if he were in a distinct Person to Counsel and Instruct, after the manner, as when he was manifested in that Age in our Corporeal Form. For now it may be said, Lo I am at hand always to resolve whatever is Dark and Doubtful: And am to take my place, as Judge, and Law-giver, in the Court of a Heavenly Constituted Mind, where I must begin my Reign, and hold it on, till all that be wrought out, which cannot be said to be God. Again, the Eternal Word of Life is revealed, to dwell in a new Creaturely Being, assumed for that end, which will absolutely as a bubbling-Well, expel all pollution in Spirit, Soul, and Body. Therefore it is more our advantage, to have Christ our Life in us, whose growth will bring in the everlasting true Testimony, and Tabernacle-Witness, that will put an end to all scruples. Who as the morning will dissolve all Darkness, so as we shall see clear Light in his Light, and be knowing in the great Kingdomís Secrets. For Christ is the Key, that will unlock the whole Mystery to us.

As was expressed this Morning very Powerfully, upon some Questions presented by my Intellectual Spirit. Which were to this purpose. How the Prophets of Old, and the Apostles came to have the Wine of the Kingdom, given out into their Earthen Vessels? and not Adulterated, they being of the same make, that we are now, and had that in them, which was not quite delivered from the Corruptible thing, that might mix with the Word of Truth revealed. As to this Query, a full answer was given, that the wise Master Builder did evermore lay a clear Foundation, to raise the Temple-Body, in which might be fixed the seven Eyes that can see into all Worlds. Therefore the Prophets of Old, were called Seers, or deep Searchers into Godís Mysteries. Before Christís Glorification, the Word of the Lord did come, as the Voice of a Local-Speech, which they heard, and could not tell, from whence the sound came. As we hear the Wind in its rushing noise, but do not see its original from whence it blows. This was the manner that God did reveal his Mind and Will before, and also in Christís Day, when that noise came as Thunder, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am pleased. So the Apostles had these kinds of Voices, though none heard them, but they to whom the Word came: As the Word came to Philip, and bid him join himself to the Chariot of the Eunuch, to open his understanding. This was much Godís way of revealing himself, and such was the awe, and holy Fear, that they dared not to mingle any thing of their own Will or Mind therewith. For God was ever severe to punish such, as did add or diminish therefrom. Therefore great dread were upon all the Prophets, to whom the Word of the Lord did come; it was as Fire that would have devoured them, if they had not vented it according to command. Then again the Lord appeared in Dreams and Visions, to make known eminently himself, that so his own in this World might not be without a true and perfect rule to order their Conversations by. Though it is but rare and precious, where this is continued; for it hath had its Cessation: but some have its Witness still, from which they have been guided, and have thereunto taken heed, as unto their leading-Star.

But this Day I had an information, that God would in a more excellent and certain way make himself known, and that a clear Glass was prepared for manifestation, which would be perfect and true: for the erring part must be taken away. For this great Secret I was commanded to press into the Heart and Counsel of my Lord Jesus, for a further discovery. Which was made out thus to me, that the purpose and intent of the everlasting Father of our Spirits, is to fix himself as the all-seeing Eye, in a new Heart all clear as a Chrystal-Glass. Which is capable to behold, in the light glance of the Majesty, what presents from that Marvellous high Sphear, whereout our Eternal Spirits came, and to that pure light Element shall now return, as to our Native Mansion, though there on a Gross Corporeal Body do yet seem to hang, that might be a hinderance to the divine Species. Which I have often made in way of Objection, to the revealer of Secrets, who hath now verified, that there shall be no Cloud in the way, more than the Lord Christís Humanity was, to the knowledge and sight of what was open to him, from the invisible Heavens. Though that is also given me to know, that this course Grain of a Terrestrial Body, shall no longer remain upon the pure Spirit, than till it may attain the full growth of its own Spiritual Body. For which Time is allowed for to reach the full and perfect Stature thereof. That so the vile part of the Terrestrial all covered upon, may be with the Glory of the Celestial? this is, and will be the Redemption of the Body, that is promised. But the inward Sight and Revelation in Christ our Light is first so to come, as to purge and cleanse from all of Sinís Leaven. This is the Conquest that must go before the putting on the White Raiment, which is the visible Body, that is incorruptible. But while things are working in order hereunto, the Gate that looketh into the Eternal East Country will be opened unto such a Spirit, upon whom the single Eye is fixed, such a one may both see, and hear, and know, what low Mortal Spirits cannot believe, nor receive. Therefore to those, who are born substantially of Godís Spirit, the naked and simplified Truth shall remain as it is in Jesus. And this Truth it is that shall set free from the Mortal Beast, that is such a disparity to the Heavenly Being, who is now in a transparent figure of Glory. And all that this your head Prince aims at is so to work in us, as to fashion us into the same Image of Glory, like to himself: Then we shall have all freedom of Spiritual Association with our Lord, in this way of Translation. For to this end all Light of Revelation is, that a Fountain-Water of Life may spring to make the dark Soil of the Mind, to become all pure and clear, meet for to become the very Glass, in which we may behold the Celestial World, in all its several Principalities, and Dominions. The view of which will give suddenly the Transformation, for a Conversation with the Holy Trinity, which doth consist in a continued Soul-ravishing Joy. Therefore the Spirit of Jesus doth it testifie, that to look out and deeply search into these precious things, and fully apply our selves hereunto, we shall assuredly give the best account of our Time: that to this end shall so run out, as to reach the Golden Number, which hath neither beginning nor end of Days. In whom is our fixation, for a Glorious Transfiguration every way meet for such Company as are in that High Sphear.


August 25. 1678.

The Sun-Stone rising out of the Earth.

THIS Morning as I was waiting, I did find such a deep Immersement with the Fountain-Light, into which my Spirit was drawn, and carried to see a place where there was much Earth, but it was cleared away, and an hollow Place or Vault like to a Cave. Into which I was callíd to follow one, that was my Guide. At first it seemed to be dark and dismal: But after I was in, there sprung out a bright Fiery-Stone, the shine of which did lighten that dark Place: it was as Sparkling and Glorious as the Sun. But the Earth covered it by some shakings, that often fell upon it, and quenched the Lustre thereof, so as it did not give forth its Light: but after a little season, it broke through again, and overcame the Darkness. And it was thus opened unto me, That this was a Similitude to shew to us our own Internal State, how Obnoxious the pure and flaming Stone was to the Earthís showering down upon it. And this Word came to me, There is no other way, but to bind the loose Earth, that so the Light may shine free.


August 28. 1678.

The Interpretation of this Magical Stone.

WISDOMíS Cry is still, turn into my enclosed Deep, where the Law of Silence is in force. Cease all Fleshly reasonings, for nothing of that is to be heard there: The Holy Trinity will not bear it. For it prevents all Internal Communing in the Spiritís Language, which is so pure and clear, as no other Tongue is permitted to speak there. All Vocal speakings, may be spared, they are too vulgar, too low, where Spirit with Spirit doth only appear. Thus it was given me to know, and hear the AEtherial Sounds, from the Eternal Nothingness, which forms the true Speech, which cannot be understood by any rational Spirit, whose first Essence is all enmity thereunto. But the Superrational Mind is brought up to hear and understand what out-breathed is from the Celestial Air, which doth come sometimes as a rushing Wind, and then as a soft Oil does run, as in a secret mildness. Which I am made now to know is Godís Way of Speech, in which he does discourse himself, from his own immense deep. And when the Spirit can separate from the rational Soul, and immerse it self with the supersensual Light of Life, which is so near; Then we may discourse with God abstractedly, and the Golden Vein will run free from the Fountain-Mystery, that may make knowing in the Celestial Chymistry, for the pure Elixir that will cure the Mortal Life, and redeem from the evil effects of Sin, and from all That which Corruptibility hath brought in. For the attaining of which Light of discovery, the Holy Breath doth it affirm, that a new Course of Living for this attainment is to be taken up, which must be absolutely winnowed from the floor of chaffy Sense: and every property that may be of use, for working in the hidden Ground, where the Sapphire Elixir is extracted, for the use of Eternal Life. Which shall be given as a recompence to those, who are already passed through the first Death, for they thereby shall sound and fathom the excellency of this Magical-Stone. Which will put an end to the finishing Mystery, unto a full refining of both Spirit and the vile Body, as now it is with our Lord Jesus. For herein is the true Philosophy, or divine Chymistry to be learned, to Extract and Sublime and Spiritualize out pure Matter, from that which is course and of a gross earthly Part, that hath hung so fast to the Heavenly Essence. So that the Furnace of everlasting Burnings must be fixed on necessity, and then diligently attended upon, till the dark black Matter becomes white, clear, and shining, as transparent Silver. For this formation, the Spirit hath now convinced me that great industry is required, and that considering the Rich weightiness of this Celestial Elixir, all expence of Time will be needed here accordingly, for the possession of it. There is a Worldly Furnace, that will bring great benefit to the exteriour Life, which the Wise in this out-birth do greatly pursue; to effect their Stone, for Corporeal Fame and Temporal Encrease, which could never deliver from Sin or Death: Yet to what strict attendance, have they given themselves over hereunto? Now this outward is a true Figure of the inward; and since we, who, in a Spiritual combination have been driven by the Spirit, to look into the Mystery of this Celestial Stone, and to find it out in its high Magnitude, much more Time must be allowed here for the making of it. As the great Master of this Secret hath several times averred, that It is no Work to be slighted over, or carried on in a divided Mind: as it was shewn me by Way of Vision. From whence this Conclusion was drawn, by the true Inspirator, that whereas I saw the circling Earth-mould so often fall down upon this shining Stone, what quenchings and damping Clouds were brought upon it; So that for a time it could give no Lustre, but was buried as in a dark Body. Whereupon a deep Sense was awakened in me, to plead much in Prayer, that this hovering Earth might be restrained: which I have found by long experience, to be smothering to the flaming-Stone, which to a Body of Light would penetrate, were it not so often choaked, by taking thought for those things, which pertains to the temporal Life. For which I have striven to put off all care and concern upon this account, and so to be as Christís Lilly, growing and springing up in the midst of a thicket of bushy Cares, and Snares: And where the underminers are ever casting up the Earthly mould, that would Soil the Lilly-Robe that is put on. Being in this divine Sense, expostulating in holy Fear, with my God and Father, lest it should never have a stop, or cessation, but still be in hazard of the Earthly Mould falling down upon this precious Gem? I was made to propose forcible Arguments to him, from whom by Redemption must come. Who in a soft AEthereal sound did give assurance, that the earthly choaking cares, should not always and forever thus molest and trouble us, who were bent in all earnestness, in the process for this Pearl of the Kingdom. For this Word was given me, saying, After suffering a while ye shall come to possess the Power, which shall fast-bind all this encompassing Earth. and further Querying, how, and when we might expect the effects hereof. It was shewn me, it would be by the strong rising degree, of this pure enkindled burning Sapphire, that would deliver it self, as it is the first-Born, and Heir of God, and his Almightiness) through all depressing afflictions, which are as so many dropping Clouds for quenching it. Yet as the Spirit of our Souls doth observe and obey the holy Laws, and Institutions, which do conduce to its rising-Glory, there will not fail a Solomon to survive, as the everlasting Seed, who will possess Davidís Throne, which figures out our Lord Jesus, with whom the Covenant is established. And as we are found after his Heart, so the Pearl of the Kingdom will break through in Power and Dignity. And will certainly come to possess the Gates of the Enemy, who hath so long envyed our peaceable Reign, in the Lordís Sabbatical Day. But it will be brought to pass by the same Wonder-working Arm of JEHOVAH, whose Spirit will do marvellous Things, through and by us, as he did by Moses, against Pharaoh, and his Egyptian-Host. All which we have Mystically to encounter with, each one in our selves: But the holy One is come, and will redeem by Miraculous Powers, what is in Covenant. And Great and Mighty things will shew forth themselves, because Christ is rising from the dead in his Saints, and will execute the Power that hath been gotten through this Death, which will amount to a high Degree of Soveraignity. Therefore the Spirit doth it often Eccho, and Cry, Blessed are they, who are passed through this Death, that the Spirit may come to Figure out a new quickening Life-form, according to the Spiritís Eternal Generation: That is, to plant the new Creation. Where Christ the Head-Principality will appear to us. For as he is, so we in this risen State shall ever behold him in our selves, as the Image of the invisible Power of Perfection. O who would not Love and be reconciled to the most bitter and sharpest stroak of Death, that so Plants of the new Resurrection-Ground, we may be, everlastingly rooted in Him; Hasten it, O Lord Jesus: and work Mightily in us, for it.


September 1. 1678.

The Shooting of the Gulf.

I did see the crawling Worms at the Root of the Vine-Tree, still very busie to prevent its springing to its perfect Degree. Which brought great anxiety into me, taking thought how to free it, from what would suck the springing Sap, as it did rise to feed every Life-property withal. For such are the creeping earthly Essences, which do arise from a Ground, that is not Walled with Sapphire-Stones round about. For so it was spoke in me, That such a Guard must be about our principal Ground, where the Stone of Power, and Might does lie, from the one Eternal Element contacted. The wise and understanding Heart, must seek it out for the defence thereof. After this great concern in my Mind, for its clearing from all Earthly Cogitations, though lawful as to the outward Life, yet now too heavy, for a Spirit that would be always moving in its own AEthereal Nature: From an inspired Light, that provoketh to a lofty flight. In this Contemplation I reposed in the Night, and I was carried with some others in a Boat, and there were very skilful Rowers: but we were tossed of one side, but not much frighted, because we knew the guides were sufficient, that had the Oars in their hands: and they could not row us to the Port, for which we were designed without the shooting of a Gulf, which they spake nothing of, when we first entered upon the Boat. But I unexpectedly felt it descend with a mighty force, and rise again. Upon which I perceived, we had shot the Gulf, and had escaped the danger, before I knew I was upon it. Thus the Lord and true Pilot, who by his Eye does foresee our way, and by this Vision does give assurance, that from the Gulf of sinking Care, we shall certainly be deliveríd. For after the Vision the Word spake, and did comfort hereupon, minister all refreshingly against carking Cares, that at present did oppress the Heavenly Mind.


September 2. 1678.

The Vision Interpreted.

IT was opened further from this Vision, concerning this Gulf, that when Faithís Life comes to be strong, it will run the whole hazard of sinking into the deep Abyss, where no bottom is, but Godís Immensity. Where the outward Senses will be drowned, which have been so long the parting Cloud betwixt God and the Soul. Here possibly we may come to loose that Life, that hath made all the strife and enmity, from which, we have now studied in Christís Light, to be freeíd therefrom. The Spirit doth it evidently shew, that this is the true and safe way to ingulf and suspend the Man of strong reasoning. Which ratifies the saying of our Lord, He that will thus venture to loose his Life, shall keep it to Life Eternal. We have many ways tried the sinking and overturning, the depraved Life of Nature, from its own first Conception, but could never bring it to such an Annihilation, as no more to receive again. This is an advantageous Gulf to shoot, whereby the earthly Life is sunk, that so by a forcible rebound, the superrational Life may move upwards, to its own Essential Light: I say, that it may move pure, and free, and unclogged of Sensuality. Then we may pass and be most friendly entertained, by the everlasting Father of pure Spirits, who will know us again in that more refined and excellent State. Which may transcend the very Angels, whose familiarity will be common to us. Ah my Lord, shall this Vision according to this Interpretation be made good unto us. Let us not then delay to hazard all for so great a God.


September 8. 1678.

A Call out of Babylon.

MY Spirit meeting with some things inferiour to its Birth-descent, which to conform unto was much disagreeing: yet it must be born at the present, for the outward Imageís sake, because all in order to Redemption is working out. For hereby I am made to inquire, Where does lie the redeeming Power, that may ease and free from all turmoil, that does belong to the outward Life? Many fervent invocations have been to the one Fountain-Rock for deliverance; yet the fright not removed; the Oppressors do not cease; the Starry Dominion runs on its race; no Power Superiour is yet risen to check and controul the same. As I was thus debating and asking Counsel in this matter, what farther Skill, and Wisdom was to be given to set free the oppressed Life; I did see my own Spirit as a Fire-flash, running up and down: sometimes descending into a Sea most deep, then ascending up to the AEthereal Clouds in a swift motion, taking up rest no where, but resolved to pass through all known, and unknown Regions, to find out the Mystery of its own Original. For in reality this pure thing cannot well bear to be under restraints, and imposed upon by Powers, that are thwarting to the new Creation-Laws. Therefore the Spirit of the Soul is all-seeking, how it may perfectly restore both Body and Spirit, to its first and antient Degree, as was known in Christ, before the Foundation of the World. While my Spirit was thus in its restless float, it was met with by a soft Seraphick Voice, that thus spake, Why as a panting Hart, or as a chased Roe, dost thou pursue after that free and unmolested State, where no defect in Spirit or Body shall be known? Thy care, fear, and volatility in this matter, is taken notice of by the Holy Trinity. Then I took boldness to repay, True it is, great kindness, O my Comforter, that the cause of my Spirits restlessness is by the Great JEHOVAH understood: But that is not all the favour, that I do implore. For I am moved to seek and ask much more, out of thy Godhead Store, for which a Vessel choicely Perfumed with sweet scented Oil, is ordained by thee. Which shall be no more Prophaned with polluted matter, from this evil sinful State.

I do also hear a never-ceasing Call from Sionís Orb, crying, Come out of Babylon, shake off the Dust, that doth change the Nazareth-beauty. Come, I say, away; Grieve not to leave the Sodom-City, then shall you know the great Goodness, that may run inherently, and again flow out, as a River of Life pure, from God the Fountain. Then superadded was this Word, Try and prove your Heavenly Father herein: If ye come to any loss, charge it to the account of the great and Lordly Steward, who hath Counselled hereunto. For with him is the infinite stock of Life, in which all rich Powers, and Gifts are for to grace out, and dignifie such, who shall be exposed to great shame, and reproach in the Worldís Eye. Upon this sure Testimony given, I was perswaded in my Spirit to take Anchor-hold upon this Word of promise; setting down, what it might cost me, as to all Worldly repute and friendship: Which upon several accounts, I might have more cause to need than ever. But I was to stop and silence and encounter, against all those self (and fleshly) reasonings. I now perceived this was the Gulf, which I saw lately in a Vision, that was shot by me. And through the peril of Life must we go, before the Kingdom Treasury shall in very deed be possessed, and given as a peculiar Dowry. Which will quit the cost of all suffering and loss. But how rare is it to find any one, that can trust God in this matter, though God ever since the Creation of the World, has kept his Word and Promise with all? The Believers in all Ages have given witness thereunto: And such Valiant ones that have forsaken, and denyed all things of this exteriour Life have had a Josephís Portion and Blessing for it. And although this is recorded for a full assurance, yet how hard is it, for Spirits in elementary Body to confide for all supplies, which the Eye of reason cannot foresee? So as great hath been the Controversie: and still is. For God will prove us, as he did those, who by Faith subdued Kingdoms. Although we are loath to rend and break through the fore-skin of our Flesh, yet nothing less is required. For while the Earthly talking Essences are bustling in the Mind, the Magia of Faith lieth bound, and cannot rise.

Now the great Query is, How possibly can the Earthly thoughts be suspended? during the time of the Bodily Life, they will act their part for self-preservation.

But what saith the Lord of the new Creation, all the goodliness of this Out-birth, and the sensitive faculties, that thereto do belong, are to brought to Annihilation and Conflagration, that through this Cessation, there may arise a Spirit and Life of actuation, that yet hath not been scarce Born in any. It will be a strange and wonderful Child, which the Starry heavens can make no claim to: For its descent will be from that one unfading Element, that doth include the deep Magia. Which is the portion and lot, that does appertain to this supersensual Birth. Into which let us pray to be Born again, to reign over all the earthly Sense.

" Some few Days afterward a clear manifestation was given by the Spirit, concerning this wonderful Birth, or high magical Child of Faith, with a peculiar Application, and express Determination of the same, to this Nation of England, in a Visional Representation of the State of Religion therein, according to the now several divided Forms of it, in Number Six, and what thereupon ensued in the rise of a Seventh, or of an Holy and Virgin Church that is to stand with the Lamb upon Mount-Sion, by the most signal Reformation, and Re-union of the scattered Holy People, and many succedent events Symbolically Figured out. Which was after Published, upon a fresh Travel in Spirit for this to be accordingly brought forth that was felt by some, at the end of the Year 1695, and the beginning of the Year 1696, being not only addressed to this, but to all other Nations professing the name of Christ, in the First Message to the Philadelphian-Society. And which is now beginning to be fulfilled."


September 24. 1678.

The Passover.

FROM the open flowing Spring, as beholding in a Crystal Stream, how, and after what manner, Redemption is to be wrought out. For which the piercing Unction doth bore the Ear for to hear, what is further to be yielded in order hereunto;) This Word in a pure soft Breath did run through, giving a charge, that no Leaven should be found within our Habitation. For the Lordís Passover is at hand, in which he will rise, and go before us. And his invisible Armies shall deliver that which hath been under secret Oppression. But then forbear we must of the old Leavening lump, any more to taste: since the Flesh of the Holy Lamb, is now to be our Meat, with the pure Blood of the Grape. whereby the strength of Spirit will feelingly increase.

[This is the Passover of the Philadelphian Church, whom a Trumpet from the Heavens doth now call, to go forth out of the Land of their Captivity, and out of this House of Bondage; wherein they have been so long made to serve after the manner of the rest of Mortals. The Voice of which Trumpet hath been frequently heard by this Author, as She doth elsewhere sufficiently declare, in the several Treatises by Her hitherto Published. And a Scheme of this Blessed State hath been given down from above, by the Hand of this dear Instrument, in order to a Figuration, or Formation of the same, that must of necessity precede its Vivification or Animation. Accordingly as it was some Days after most expressly and emphatically shewn, in the manner following, by a Figurative Representation. And for this end the Divine Wisdom hath seen it expedient, and necessary, to call forth this Third Volume of the Openings of the Spirit into Light: that it may be a lively Portrait, Pattern, and Model, in this and the approaching Age, whereby to excite Faith accordingly, so that hence a Spirit entering into it, this may come to be perfectly Animated, in many who shall Read, and Believe, what is here delivered from the Revealer of these deep and mysterious Things; who also is the Worker of them. And he cannot cease to Work, till all this be brought to pass, according to what is in the Idea, or Pattern, exhibited: that so the great Triumphant Passover may be Celebrated, and the Song of the Lamb be Sung; Which none can Sing but such as shall hereby, through high Divine favour, attain to the Glorious Mark of the First Resurrection, as upon the Holy Hill of SION, where is to be the Seed of the Love-Kingdom: and upon which the Philadelphian first Fruits are to be gathered. This may suffice for the better understanding the Connexion with that which follows.]


October 8. 1678.

Formation and Animation.

THERE was presented the Formation of a visible Body, as out of fine mixed Matter, thin and clear, and every Member formed as the Potter pleased. So the Figure of a Man was thus modellized before my Eye, in all Comeliness; no one part defective: But there was no Life. And I was callíd upon to take notice of this Image, that was so fair and comely, but there wanted a moving Life to act it. And it was said to me, dost thou see this fair Portraid Image . Which shews, what the new Created Being is, as in a Figure transferíd: but what can this do, till Breath of Life doth enter in? Then discoursed the Spirit further this Matter with me; declaring this was to shew me, that the most Beautiful Form, and shew of a Heavenly compact before was but as a Picture, that only did attract Speculation, but for want of an actual Life, it could no way be serviceable, either upon Godís or Manís account. The sense of this entered very deep into me, that so fine a piece should want a vigorous Life. But I was exhorted to be quiet, and sit a while, and I should see Life would move. Which accordingly came into every part, the Eye first moved, then motion throughout stretched the Arms, and Feet, walking to and fro in all activity.

[The next Day some things were shewn, relating to the outward State of the Political Body, in this Nation, that was designed to be set in a Flame. Which Flame was in part, but not totally, to be extinguished: that both the Justice and Mercy of the supream majesty might the better appear. Which it cannot but do to as many as have Eyes to see what GOD is now doing, and about to do, in the Kingdoms of the Earth, and in this of England especially) for the advancement of the Righteous, and Peaceable Kingdom of his Son.]


October 11. 1678.

An Interpretation of the foregoing Vision.

THE Vision that appeared this 8th of October, 1678. The Signification thereof much followed me: and the Spirit would not let me bury it, in the Depths of that understanding, from whence it opened, without writing the Interpretation thereof. Which was thus revealed to me, That this fair and comely Image, that I did see fashioned and formed out, is the second framed piece out of the third Heavens, or from Mount-Sionís clear Ground. The first Paradisiacal Figure, being turned into a Corruptible fleshly Being, is in that driven out from the open Beatifical Face of God; because of the gross and vile Matter of the Body. Now in this Terrestrial Form, there is a high graduated Soul and Spirit; that are intombíd (as Dead) there, and slain: and this Spirit cannot hereout fully rise, because it wants its own AEthereal swift winged Body, that will in the twinkle of an Eye fly to its own Celestial Climate. Who then is it that rest in hope, to have their Spirits joined unto this new Modelled Body, but those, who consider, (and do well know) that this present Body is as a damp Earthly-smelling Grave, which the Spirit doth longingly wait to rise out of? But now its original Body is preparing out of that High, Holy, Pure Matter, that will far exceed the Paradisiacal make. For it will be from that, which the Glorified Person of our Lord Jesus was from. Who was found in that transparent Figure of Glory, (distinct from the former) which was before Paradise. And it is of that super-excellent kind, we do expect to be restored unto, and with such a Body to rise out of the Tomb and Grave of this Vile Body, when all the Tabernacle is fitly framed in the Heavens. From whence with a Mount-Sion-Shout, it will come down to cloathe us upon, as the bright Burning of God, that will scorch up all Corruptible Flesh: which cannot subsist in the Light Body of an uncreated Sun, where this new Tabernacle-Body is to walk and fix as in its true Heavens of Heavens. But though this be the proper Native Body, that belongeth to the Eternal Spirit, yet through its lapse, and sucking in the Serpently Essences, it is cast into a strange Mold, little differing, as to the outward gross Flesh) from those common Animals, who are in the course Grain of Flesh and Blood. But that we are distinguished in common, by an understanding rational Soul. And then more eminently there are, that do excel through a new-Born Spirit. That as it comes to grow up, is all wise and knowing to find out its own Original Nativity: and is seeking to search out, what may release and free from such a vile and unsuitable Body, whose Members are no way agreeable, for an inspired Spirit to act forth it self through. And though it may be owned, where Regeneration is, the evil Nature and Principle is changed, and that there is an inward framed Spiritual Body, (which God, and such that live in his discerning Eye, do espy) even Christís invisible Body, which is compacted of great Spirituality; yet doth it want, as at first, the Breath of Life to be inspired into it, as from a rushing Wind from the Deity, and no more than an Image can be said to be in comparison of what afterwards it is to be. And that comely, beautiful Body of Holiness, which was presented to me in Vision, was but the plat-form of the Heavenly Image, jointly knit, in order to receive the Seven Forms of Life, that are acted in their impregnable Might to rise out of the Dead Tomb of the Earthly Body.

But that which from the Vision was chiefly noted unto me, was the Actlessness, for some space of time, of this inward Man, that was thus fashioned into a pure and righteous Nature, and yet found Weak and Spiritless. Which signified thus much, that Christ hath his Formation in all his Spiritual Lineaments, in the Womb of Time, in the Terrestrial Image. And this may be considered, as the Fruitfulness of the Spiritual Conception, but is not yet come to draw in all degrees of a Ghostly Powerful Life, that may free from Laws, and Rudiments, imposed by the Astral Spirits, that have dominion in this outward Region. Now though there may be an attainment to a Holy framed Composition of Mind, enlightened, purged from the Leaven of every known Evil, Sanctified and renewed according to the Image of the Heavenly, yet this is but as Adam was, a pure Angelical Creature or Image, before the out-breathing of the Deity entered in to impower with a free active Life. So that by all this, whereto most have yet got up, doth but make out a weak Infancy: And that the mighty potent Breath of the Holy Ghost, hath not rushed in to shew forth his uncontroulable Power and Authority, to give a pass out of the confined Womb of a Grave-tomb; To come forth with an united Spirit and Body of Power, to ascend into Heavenly places, there to behold the Face of Jesus.

Object. But this Position may be contradicted, that the regenerated Man is not a dead actless Spirit, but is full of good Works, and does abound in the fruits of the Spirit, glorifying his Creator.

Answ. True it is, that in some sense, this may be called a Life: but compared to the pure unmixed Life, that is in the new raised Spiritual Body, and is actuated by the Holy Ghost, it is a weak, impotent, breathless Life. For what is it we can do, that may speak God is come to move in his own Eternal Properties, in Natureís restored Figure? For a thorough Redemption must extend to this, to wit, the Redemption of the Body. As one speaks in a certain place or else in vain did Christ die, and rise again, if we do not follow in conformity, as he Actually, and Declaratively, so we Mystically; laying down our Lives, that in the Power of the Holy Ghost, we might come to take them up again, after the order and Power of an endless Life. That may have force irresistibly, to go forth with the Scepter of Kingly Dominion in our Hand, to conquer all, that shall it withstand. This is the Activity of Life, only worthy to be termed Life: That which is otherwise is but the Name to live, though wrought up to a high pitch of Sanctification. For no mighty Works can be made manifest, while Sin, and Death are not come under conquest.

But it may be Objected, this is such a high degree of Glory and Liberty, as none can see their way into it, nor any possibility to know such a Redemption after this kind, but what may come after the Death of this Body, but to expect it while in a Corporeal Image, may prove a great frustration.

Answ. Thus argueth the Man of Flesh and Blood, in the strong reasoning Spirit, that would preserve it self. It can by no means yield up to the Cross of total Crucifixion, as the first step hereunto. If discourse, and applause of it, and ownment as the true ready way hereunto, would but carry it off, many would be hanging upon the Cross. But this will not do; the Life of the Beast with all its acquirements, and Goodly accomplishments must go for it. Could this be but expired, then we should know, what kind of Life would come to act and move in the room and disappearance of the old; as a new springing Heart, that would have nothing issue forth, but the Powers, and miraculous working Wonders of the Holy Ghost, to heal the Sick, to raise the Dead, to enter with inspiring Flames, to beget Spirits into this high Union. Which then would be no difficult or hard thing. Therefore the consideration of such transcendent effects (as will certainly follow the process of our Lord Jesus) may be of great force so to prevail, as really to see Death as a Treasure: and to rejoice in all Sufferings and Tribulations, that shall bring us hereunto. O, that we might valiantly shoot this Gulf, and not love that Life, which is the very dark Valley of Death, that hath kept us from entering into the risen Body, in which is all Power and Might!


October 19. 1678.

Beware of the Concision.

THIS Word visited me in the Morning, saying, Be ye well assured, the Lord hath respect to what, his own hand hath wrought in you, formed, and framed. From thence will the Glory of Godís Tabernacle appear, as ye are watchful. Be aware of the Concision, that worketh by and through the Tempter, that passeth through the outward Man, who is in the adverse Spirit. Then this Word distinctly spake, Take heed, and give no place to That, which would separate, what God hath designed to unite, and to be in agreement for the strengthening to proceed on, for that which is to be wrought out to the Life-exaltation. Be ye perfectly therefore of one Mind, and then ye will have great Force and Power to fetch down That, which will bless you, out of the Celestial Treasury. For that is it, in which your Portion stands.


October 20. 1678.

The Workmanship of Christ: Or, The Sealing Image.

THIS Word in the 2d. of the Revelation, was called over in me, He that overcometh and keepeth my Work unto the end, to him I will give Power over the Nations. It was a passage that I had not taken notice of: the Opening of which was very significant. Enquiring what was meant by this Work, it was thus given into me; It is not enough to keep my Sayings, and to observe my Words, but look to what I have wrought. The Emphasis lies in Christís appropriating it to be his Work: not what is the Creatures. For that would not be worth taking care to keep it up, whose Righteousness is as the Morning Dew that passeth away; therefore to be little set by: because they are such, as will never pass through the burning Element. But now to define what the Lord Christ means by his Work (which must needs be a fine wrought Piece, which no other can parallel with, being one entire Work) this word of encouragement came to me. The Grand and Eternal mystery of all Truth is like a Tree full ripe, that would be unburthened of its Fruit, to those who hunger after it. Now then seek on (said the Word of Life:) from Within, the Truth of Righteousness will spring. Whereupon there was the Figure of a White Stone, and a wonderful and perfect Image Engraven upon it. I was carried in the Spirits Eye to see this, and charged was here to wait, to behold its further Ornaments; which by an Artificial Hand was put on, as an Embroidering with leaves of Gold. This (said the Spirit) is a Representation of the Workmanship of Christ the Lord: that carefully is to be kept up in its Beauty and Ornaments. Where ever Christ hath after this manner drawn his own living Image, not as a dead Picture, but a Life-moving Creature; This requires all watchfulness to preserve from defacing. It is no common nor ordinary framed work, which doth come to this degree of a Christ-formation. This is matter and substance beyond all of Light, Knowledge, and whatever can be declared. This is what is wrought in God, and after the express Image of the Deity, of an absolute New-make: Wrought out by the skilful hand of Wisdom, as a meet Tabernacle, that God will adorn with glory. This word of charge does belong only to such, as are thus far wrought upon: which upon examination is very rare to find such an Engraving in every part thus fitly framed, so as to make up a compleat Heavenly building.

It was shewn also and testified, where this could be witnessed in any, in the feeling Life, (beyond all dead Workmanship) it would soon come to know their own hand of might to hold the Rod of Iron, that should dash the Nations, who are joined to the Beast, to make War within, and without our Gates. But now this is not sufficient, that we are Engraven and Carved upon, though indeed it is the foundation-Matter. Yet except we hold out all the suffering part, for resistency against this singular Workmanship, which is so expressly drawn after the Lord our Righteousness) it is not enough. For strong assaults and batteries to weaken and make this Building to shatter and fall, if possible, will not be wanting. Therefore needful it is, an Hourly Watch to keep over what is thus fashioned and wrought: or else as far as it is gone, it may suffer loss in respect of those promised immunities of Dominion, through the gift of the Morning-Star. Which hath Power to bind and loose the Starry Constellations, that hath born such Rule in the now visible Creation, in this old Region. Now that we may come to be Conquerors over all this Elementary Life, we are instructed to keep and hold fast, what is of Godís Nature and Likeness, already wrought, that so we endanger not the losing of the reward, that is, so great, worthy and durable, as there is no mention thereof to be made, it cannot be by Tongue or Pen declared. The Spirit doth expressly shew it, that no one can be excused from being proved and tried, by what can stir and rise out of the circumference of the Earthly Center, which will break out with all violence. But the steady Mind, through Faith and Love in Godís Workmanship, shall overcome. For where the Foundation of Godís Sealing-Image is found, it goeth forth very strong. It is not only an invisible Spirit, but a mystical compacted Body, that hath divine Faculties and Powers to be its fortitude and guard, if wisely kept in exercise. What shall against it prevail?

But it may be Queried by some, who as Strangers yet may be to this inward Workmanship, If it is such a singular framed Piece, as no other Ingredients or Matter in it is to be but what is from the Divine Nature of JESUS, how is it to be attained to, and kept: and how is it to be distinguished and known from all other Workmanships?

Answ. This is worth the giving some Light of Evidence unto, according to sound Judgment, in the Revelation of the Spirit, and the Witness-feeling of this new Formation wrought in my own Particular, through great Love-Benediction. For the Holy Watcher (who well knew what was wrought in me) did pronounce the solemn Charge, that I should be all careful and vigilant to keep to the very end what was after God thus wrought. which word extends not alone to me, but to all such who can the same Risen-Life of the LORD, upon examination find to be restored to them. Which will shew it self to be Godís own Workmanship, by what the Spirit demonstrates in these Particulars.

The First is. Hereby we do know what is wrought in God: It is discoverable by an Undoing what is of the Serpently Seed, in conjunction with the degenerated Nature that took its Lapse or Descent from the First Adam. For now from this is brought forth a strange Evil and Sinful Birth. And while that liveth, and acteth its part, according to the Brutish Gross Sensuality, as the Offspring of the Earthly Image; there is no place for Godís Work to be manifested. Therefore here comes, in order to Building, first throwing down, and Rooting and Razing up the accursed Jerico-Foundation. There is nothing to be spared hereof: every wild Plant of the depraved Natures Properties is to be plucked up by an irreversible Sentence. All, even all old Things dissolved are to be, in order to the new Creation: which of a clear, pure, and unmixed Matter is to be the Work of God again in the Creature. A thorough Desolation there must be upon the whole introduced Principle, as it consisteth of the Out-Birth of a Rational Life that Deviated is from the high Principle of its Primitive Essence in God before Time was. A Fiery Purgation of all this evil Matter is that which doth precede the Christ-Formation, as one intire Body and Spirit. Here is to be the true and total Death and Crucifixion of the stubborn potent Earthly-Birth: Which to a violent Death is decreed by him that saith, Behold I come to make all new; and am come to do such a Work, as shall differ from all Works and Workmanship, that in this fallen Creation are.

2dly, When thus the Accursed Thing is removed away, then a perfect new Birth is begotten of GOD, in a Virgin-Humanity, so fitted and prepared by that WORD, which calleth that which is not in a visible Matter, to be brought forth sublime, and highly Magical: according to the Creating-Fiat, that giveth a God-Existency in a Formal Body; That after some space of time shall be changed into a subtil and refined Nature of Spirituality also, according as the Sapphire Flames of this pure Birth-Spirit work all through. Now this is the true evidence whereby we do come to know the Work to be of God, when only his Life and Nature doth clearly and fully act us: and that all in us stands in Harmony and agreement thereunto; and whatsoever is averse and contrary is swallowed up into the Unity of this Heaven-born Life; That now in a Superiour Nature doth manifest it self, in all, and every circumstance, according to the example of our Lord JESUS. Whose Workmanship we are, to accomplish (on this very Earth) the great Works and Deeds, that none other can do: but such as are new made and fashioned, do keep up this Spiritual Frame, until the Lord with his Reward do come.


October 28. 1678.

The Jewel: Or, the Thunder-bolt.

WHEN I came out of my Natural rest, and had recovered by Spiritual Sense, this Word came to me, Did ye know, or were able to comprehend that only Jewel, which is lodged within the deep of a pure Heart, ye would it watch Day and Night: to prevent all false Spirits, that would it betray; though too heavy it is for them to take away. Upon this Word, it was brought to my remembrance, that I did see in the Night, a Stone: the fashion of it was like a Thunder-bolt, but it was clear, and of a Ruby and Purple Colour: and it was shot down, as out of the AEthereal Heavens, and immediately caught up thither again. This was interpreted to be the Jewel, that doth lie in the Pure and Heavenly Heart, against which there is such a continual Conspiracy, because it is that Stone, that will smite the Image of the Beast so down, as no more to rise.


October 29. 1678.

The Blood of the Covenant.

THUS spake the Blood-Laver; within thee is thy Life-spring, that must keep the Holy and Separated place all pure. For the Book of the New Testament must open there, and be of great force, because dedicated by the life-Blood of the Testator. Therefore look to it, for therein lieth all the Evidence for joint-Heirship, with great prince Michael in his everlasting Kingdom. Then heard I this Cry, Oh! The time is now at hand, wherein the true Tabernacle-Ministration will not only be known, but exercised by those, who are purged by the Covenant-Blood, which remits all Sin away. For no other Priests can be in the most Holy Tabernacle, but the Holy, Harmless, and Undefiled, that are separated from Sin and Sinners, and do always wait upon the great High Priest within those Heavens that he is entered into, and now do call his own, who are under the Priestly Vow of dedication.


October 30. 1678.

L E B A N O N.

I HEARD a Word Crying, Oh LEBANON, where art thou to be found? Who knows thy Situation? Then suddenly the Aspect of a desert-Forrest-like Place did present it self, where only inhuman Creatures did run up and down, answerable to the wild Plants that grew there. Whereupon I did look on it in great Sorrow and Trouble, mourning to see our selves, as cast upon this desolate Place. I being as in a transical Sleep, Prayed very vehemently to my Jesus, who was the Object I was directed unto. And from him Comfort did spring: For this Word did proceed from him, Do not fear, ye shall be ever left here: For a marvellous alteration will here come. Then a prospect did appear, that was all of an other Kind; Plants, and Birds that were White and blushing Red, that buddeth forth, I knew not how. This put out the sight of the ruinous State which was so grievous. Then this Word came to me, As verily as thou dost see this change, so shall it be in the Mystical Body, that will be turned from out of the wild Nature into the Sharonís flourishing Glory. For so it will well become the Habitation of the Lordís residence, to see about him such Fruitfulness.


October 31. 1678.

The Seed of L E B A N O N.

IN and towards the Morning, I heard a mighty Cry, thus uttered it self in these Words: The great and notable Day of the Lord is begun, and it will not end, till the Lord Christ come. Now all Nations will put their Hands to War against the Lamb, but as Grass they shall wear away; for the Strength of Flesh shall be dried up as a Potsherd. But look ye well to it, who are preserved to be the Seed of my New LEBANON-State, that ye keep your selves preserved, and mix not with the Seed of Men, who be those wild Plants, that will suffer in the general Destruction: that will cut off many, before the Sharon-State will come more commonly and universally to be revealed.

Much more was shewn me, which is too large to insert by Writing: but our work and business is to preserve the Resurrection-Seed, which will manifest the Glory of LEBANON in its first Fruits, as we do keep close to the Mark, so we need not care, though the Earth be moved and overturned.

Then again, this Word came to me, Who so hath the Mind of Christ, it will be a growing Treasure in him, as the Book, in which the whole Mind of God is revealed. Meditate thereupon, for it will make thee wise, for the undertaking of great and principal Things; that will mightily prosper in thy Hand.


November 5. 1678.

The Fountain out of the Rock.

AS I was exercised in my Mind, in and about the Heavenly Things. This came into me. I know it is a time of distress and perplexity with them, who are struggling against this Worldly Sea, that it might not overwhelm, but now it is also the time of Godís Love, that will work all through for you. Be but vigilant, holding fast that piercing Engin of Faith, that the Rock of Strength may smight to quench all fiery drought. Which if it once be but opened, no fear, but this will follow as a Fountain spring, while ye are journeying on, till ye come to pitch in LEBANON.


November 6. 1678.

The Love Chain.

THE Word this Morning came to me thus: The Love-Chain is not to be unlinked betwixt God and you, while the Spirit is the only Eternal matter and quality. Therefore it will take hold so strongly, as to draw and fix within the circumference of the very immense Love, from which the Enmity is separated. Oh enter into this Love, for this is the infinite space, which is beyond the *Third Gate.

* This invisible Love-Chain, will work through the First Gate, which is so strait and narrow, if you give all length and breadth within you, to wind you up swiftly hither. For what is so strong as Godís Love; for restoring into the desirable Fruition of all Plenty and Goodness.

"This refers to a Visional Representation, called the Magical Journey, inserted in the First Volume, pag.53. which seems to belong to this Place: or at least to have been now again revived, as it was afterward (a Third Time) in the Year 1696. For it doth plainly relate to the Manifestation of Wisdomís Principle, or of a New LEBANON, through the mighty Powers of FAITH working by LOVE, in the Philadelphian-State now Beginning. Whence St. John is made to be the President of the Holy Magicians, or Wise men: who hath so excellently above all others described this Love. And with the Vision of the 30th of last Month most expressly agrees what is there Written, pag. 62. l. 13. Afterward I was brought into a barren dry Ground, and this by the speaking forth only of a Word [as, Let this Soil be changed into a fruitful LEBANON] brought up all variety of pleasant Flowers and Plants, &c. See the Three Gates there described."


November 10. 1678.

The Wilderness.

THE Heavenly Alarm sounded thus: Hear, oh hear, ye that are as in a Solitary Wilderness. Good tydings are verily brought from a far Country to the hearing Ear of them, who are waiting in the Brideís Spirit. It is now but a short space, before you will see your Redeemer. Whose Spirit as a Sign hereof doth travel in thee, as a Woman that is pained to be Delivered. Faint not, for it is a Lordly Birth, that will bring rejoycing, and the Heavens will fly away. Then had I a sight of high Water-Floods, that made a great noise, but a Word came: Fear thou none of these things. Keep in the secret Desert still, till the Bridegroom shall bring out the Cloathing from the Heavenly Sphear. Be only watchful, and your Defence will not depart, but rest with you, in the times of an Universal Desolation, that hastens apace. In the midst of which, the Lord will appear for his own Elect.


November 12. 1678.

A Call into the Vineyard.

THIS Morning it was first spoke to me, Consider that this is no time to stand Idle in the Market-Place. Here is a Vineyard-work to do, to trim and dress, that ye may not be found empty Vines, without the Spirit of Wine in your Cluster-Grape. For it is that which must give Vigour and Strength against the Evil Day, when you will see faintings of Heart and Spirit every where.


November 13. 1678.

The Angelical Key.

AS the Spiritual Exercise of my Mind was consulting upon the now approaching Day of God, which will be so terrible to Flesh. I cryed O my Lord, who shall live in this Day, when thou shalt contend with all Nations, and pour out Indignation? What can secure these Bodies at such a time, that are Obnoxious to the common slaughter? My Mind being deeply plunged herein, that it was now all needful to know, what might be trusted to, where all things were like to be in Confusion, as to the visible Forms of things, throughout the whole Creation. The Heavenly wise will consider all this, and lay it up in their Hearts, from those Warning-peals, that are rung in our Ears. And truly the Morning-watch is set, and doth make discovery, that the spoiler and breaker of nations, will make way for Christís Kingdom, the fore-running Violence must be suffered. But this Word came to me, Be not ye hereat dismayíd, whose Lives are growing out of the Vine-root, ye shall still spread out in Fruitfulness within the unknown Walls, wherein you shall walk without fear.

After this entire Conference, and Night-repose, I had the Representation of a Mold, that was fashioned for a Key, and there was a Liquor of Gold colour poured upon it. And it was of the same impression, that I saw the Mold of, it was very clear and curiously Wrought, that you might see through, as if it had been Glass. Then was it in the Hand of one in an Angelical form, who poured the Liquor, that gave the form of the Key and spake. This is such a Key, as hath not been entrusted with any, but him, who has been the former, and fashioner of it, who only knows the use thereof, and has the Donation thereof to give. No Key, but what is of this make can unlock the Gate of Godís deep and immense Heart of Love. The Wards are so fine, and intrinsically wrought, that the Key must answer in every winding hereunto. No imitated or counterfeited Key can turn in this threefold Spring-Lock.

Then I hereupon made Supplication, for to receive this Key to open Godís Heart withal. And it was answered me, This was but to shew me, that after this manner, and kind, there is a Key to be cast, within the secret of thy dwelling, for its appointed use.

Then was it further opened unto me, that all of the Heavenly matter was to be separated, in a way of high extraction by Celestial Fire, and the Mold cast and formed anew by the Finger of God, and the Spirits Liquor to be poured forth. And this is the Gift of this mighty Key, that should open and bring forth that of God, which never yet was manifested, since the Earth was. The Spirit said, the Knowledge was reserved, till the Mold in Nature should be wrought. But it was assured me, that the Mold was already cast in some, known to the Lord: And that the pure matter was upon its Separation. Which when refined enough, this Mystical Key would soon be run. For there would come such a Time and Age, as would be so hurtful, as nothing but this opening Key can secure out of Wicked Hands. For it is shewn me, very obviously, that a chosen Generation there will be reserved, to be wrought out, for to do actual Wonders, to save and deliver from the Serpently-Seed, which have grown as unsavory Weeds, over the whole Face of the Earth. Therefore let us try in that method-deep, that may enter us great Magicians to form this Key. This will be all worthy to advance and bring in vast Treasures, with which we may be profitable to those for whom the Lord shall hereby unlock his Deity.

[ĎThis Vision is a more distinct Revival of a former one, that was given several Years before, and is already Published in the First Volume of this Diary, pag.22 Entitled, The Key of the Great Mystery. Which ought therefore to be compared with this.í]


November 14. 1678.

The Line of the Spirit.

A DEEP fathoming Line was presented unto me, that was as a round bottom wound up, only some part of it was unwound towards me. It was twisted with various colours, White, Purple and Red. And the Word that given was, Follow this Line as it doth unwind, and it will lead through all Worlds, which are necessary to know and understand. This did Figure out the unfathomed bottom of the Spirit, that doth invite the Spirit of our Souls to travel with him, as its companion to know and see, what are in the Spiritual Worlds; as knowing we have the attractive matter, that may co-mix and gather in of its own, where ever it comes: This pertaining to the making up the Heavenly Celestiality, in all high Spiritual accomplishments.

But the Query was put to me, Who can follow this unfathomed Line of the Spirit through all Heights, Depths, and Breadths, and not look back to the basest and lowest of all Worlds, as is this, in which Mortals do live?

Answ. High worthy Souls they are, who be able to forget and forsake the place, where the outward Life hath sprung, as a natural Plant from the gross Earth, so to permit and suffer it self to be plucked up, and planted in another Sphear. What can more testifie the Heart towards God to be single and clear, resolving to go forwards as this twisting Line shall lead? Whose colours do make the way both pleasant and light: Which signifies the united Power of the Deity. To whose conduct, we may commit our Spirits without fear or scruple, as not asking where it will fix us. Because we know, and are perswaded, it will bring us into those infinite Love-joys, and freedoms, where a setting down will be in an Eternal rest. But now we must consider, that yet we are many removes from that place, where Pre-existency of Spirits is, who know nothing of a mouldering Body, before this World was. To which Seraphick dignity the Line of the Spirit would again us Center, if any shall agree to adventure to be his Companion and Fellow-Traveller. Whether smooth or rough Seas, whether Hills or Dales he must pass: yet resolving in himself to fall and rise with his Guide through all and every Vicissitude. Because of the confidence the Spirit of the Soul hath in his Guide, that he will search, and bring through all Kingdoms; till he finds the Pre-existency of his own Spiritual immortal Being. And thereby be advantaged by the additional supplies of what was lacking, while confined within the circumference of a Mortal World within, and without himself. Which while shut up in the Prison-House of a Mortal-Nature, no sight of invisible things in the high Sphear can possibly be. Therefore as the Spiritís Line unwinds, we are wound up from the low Valley of this Terrestrial State to Heights, where none can see our Walks, because covered and environed with Heavenly Clouds all about: Which will part us from all those Inhabitants, that dwell in these earthly Cells. None but such high Mounted Spirits can tell the Secrets of the higher Worlds, and they only called up are there to dwell. Though at the breaking off from these low and inferiour Constitutions of Beings, it may be grievous at first, yet the Holy Inspirator does faithfully assure us, there are infinite profits and advantages, that will attend us herein. For by this our Spiritual Travels, high improvements will be made in Knowledge and Experiences, as we pass through the Heavenly Countries, as learning the Languages, Fashions, Deportments, Habits, and Mystical Arts. All which may be of high and wonderful use, to honour and bring in such increase to our Lord and Masterís use, that henceforth we shall be reckoned no more unprofitable Servants; but Faithful and Wise, to be ever more employed in those more high Affairs, that as Seraphicks learned we may be. Oh dear Spirit stretch out thy Line, that we may see our way to act in those high degrees.


November 20. 1678.

The Soveraignty of the Will.

I WAS in the Ejaculations of an inspired Mind, proposing to my God and Father, somewhat that might free my outward Life from all kinds of Servility. For which I did know, I had a single Eye, to shew forth the hidden born-Life, that might carry Majesty every where with it, and not to stoop to inferiour things. Upon which I had a Word came in, saying, The eye of God doth well see, and read, what is in thy Heart, as to this particular, wherein thou hast been long proved. But a Medicine is preparing, that will redeem from it. But the cry of the high Spiritual Will must run with great terrour, as a Principal ingredient hereunto, crossing and bearing down those many contrary Willings, that have taken their Birth from the constellations of the Elementary World. That has bound the Hands of Faith in the powerful Will-Spirit, that nothing wrought or produced could be, beyond the circling course of Reasonís Production. But now take good heed hereunto this advice from the light Element, and its fixed Star, as the Medicinal cure for it. Which I was instigated to write, as the Matter to me was given in, concerning these high, and also these low-born-Wills.

First consider what the Ground is, from whence the various Wills do proceed, which bears up the force of them, that makes them so pregnant. As now to begin with the many Wills, that are generated from the outward Life-Birth: they have all their Spring from the common Senses, which brings in those pleasant Pictures, and beget an imaginariness in the Mind, which is the proper Ground of the many springing Wills. Which inferiour Will goeth forth to effect, what the Birth-Ground of the rational Life doth set before it, as to the Honours, Profits, and Pleasures of it. Each hungry Will doth these pursue, and through the Strong earthly Magick of it doth them effect. As we see the Worldly hunting Esaus, what Venison do they get, and what Spoil and Prey they daily catch, through the violent pursuit of the Will, that thrust forward to obtain all that, which promiseth a present fading tranquility.

Object. But now this may be Objected, Can the Will abstractively carry on all that the Mind doth design? Not so: for we see that in all degenerated Births, that Will nothing beyond a Terrestrial World, yet come they short of what they Will into?

Answ. As answer to this, it is thus given me to unty this Knot, that whereas some natural Persons, in the natural Acts of their Will, do find the stop of that Wheel, that it will not turn to bring about that, for which it moves so strongly: So there must be somewhat which lets the same. But now what is it that lets? Or what can stop the Wise and Holy Creator? Since the outward Spirit is fallen into this gross outward Elementary Body, the earthly Will is now bounded by a superiour Power, that God hath given way unto: that may check and controul the Will, if it doth not agree with the Rules and Constitutions of the Starry Region, and with the Prince that ruleth there. Which is the sad Effects of our Spirits coming into these Elementary Bodies, to be under this curb and Astral Dominion. So that those who are not freed hereout, though they have a resolute strong Will, yet they must be in an intrinsical League and Combination with the working Power of the Stars, before their Wills can fully sway in the outward Matters of this World. Therefore no one thing of more consequence to be sought after, than to have That nullified, and made void, which is formed and wrought through the Conjunction of the Starry Heavens, wherein doth lie the venomous Strife.

But it will be Objected, That cannot be, without the Annihilation of the Elementary Body.

Answ. Then how was it with our Lord Jesus, who carried the same Body as we do; but nothing touched him of that kind? But it may be said, he was an extraordinary Person. But though he was, yet for that end he was manifested, that so he might not stand alone in the Superiour Birth, that could not be touched with the Poyson of the outward elements: but gather a known Number, that should share in the self-same Superiority over the Starry Region. Out from which the Redemption will shew it self, through the springing Might of the Heaven-born Will, taking hold of the Celestial Planetís Power, as its true Mother-Life, which will bring aid, to pass every purpose and determination, that is formed in the Will-Spirit; riding over the Heads of all the contradicting Wills, that are from Astral Birth. And truly we may take up Lamentation and say, The whole World lieth yet rocked asleep in this enchanted Bed, and know not, neither consider, that the Will-Spirit in compliance with the Stars, is now become their driver, and how hard is it to discern them, from the puttings forth of the Spirit, and his divine and unmixed Willings: Which are agitated from a higher Constellation, than any thing of this outward Birth can pretend to. Yet into this, if there be not a wise and clear discerning-Spirit, the Stars will very readily come in to mingle: because we are in such Bodies, as do carry their signature. For which cause the living Word, that is sharp and powerful to search and divide betwixt Life and Life, Spirit and Spirit, Will and Will, hath to me appeared to give the true understanding, and right character of what is Willed from the pure Celestial Essence, as it comes naked and abstracted from God: and what puttings forth there are from the outward Birth, that is, from the Stars: Also what adulteratings there may possibly be, where there is a formation of a Christly Birth, yet Obnoxious to the ruffling of the restless Stars.

Whereupon the Spirit does give this Counsel, that whoever is once mounted upon the Horse of the pure abstracted Will, that they be so watchful, as not to be plucked down again with the infectious Stars, but keep up the Authority, and tread down those many thwarting Spirits, that will thrust to overthrow the Horse and the Rider. Which must keep pace together, till they have clean passed into their own Eternal Element to obtain a full confirmation; which the Constellations of this World cannot alter, nor ever mingle withal. When once it is throughly Baptized with the fiery Element, which fixeth the Birth of the Holy Ghost, then it will nourish it self, from its own Fountain-Life, and will grow so strong, as to resist the Starry Constellations, where have been the long strife. For the Kingdom of God is all Harmony: and it puts forth in one entire Will, that reconcileth Heaven and Earth together. Which being once brought to pass, the rich Land of Beulah, with all its Rich Golden Mountains will soon break open, as the unexhausted Bank, that supplies the High-Born Will with all sufficiencies. So that the Proverb may henceforth cease, that to will is present: but such War and Strife there is, that the Will is left Naked without Power to effect. But blessed is that Light, that hath given us understanding to know, what it is that we must cloathe our Wills withal, that so they may become Impregnable to carry all before them.

The first Rule that is given is: That we clear the House of Nature of all those striving Wills, against this one interiour Will, which opens purely, and distinctly from the Birth of the Holy Ghost. We are not to delude our selves, as we do too Universally: Saying That there is an allowance for Impotency, that cannot move the Wheel of Godís Omnipotency. For this we are lawfully to contend, till we arrive to the Superiority in Godís own Will, that may bring in all to bow. That Variety may come into the Unity, and no more be at odds. And this is the work the Holy Spirit doth now set us upon, that so our Warfare may come to an end, and we be redeemed out of the jarring Elements, under which we have suffered.

The second Rule is, that as we clear off all Scores and Obligations, as pertaining to the Astral Birth: So henceforth to be still raising and stirring up those Powers of Love, and exercising those high floating Acts of Faith, that may forcibly attract the Super-Celestial Planets, that our Will-Spirits may run into a near and high Conjunction with them, as they in their course do move. And herefrom we are to expect our true Medicinal Healing, and Tranquility of Life, with all successive blessings: That may infinitely outvy, what from the Starry Region hath been given to their Children. Now for the obtaining this more high and wonderful Dowry, we must remember that no divided Will must remove us, but we must ascend in the one strait line of the Spirit: neither must our Eyes look two ways; for while it is so, we are in the demur, and then God is left free, whether or no to entail or settle the Celestial Inheritance, from Beulah-Land. But could we come up to a clear simplified willing, trusting thereinto, confiding and expecting our income from no other hand; The Lord of this Eternal Heavenly Region, stands charged and obliged according to our trust and belief, to make performance, out of his infinite Stores. O who can raise, and keep up upon the flying Wing this High-Born Will, that it may flag no more, nor be beaten down with the pelting Stars, that are shot in from the great Prince of this Region? Now, O Lord Jesus, let all his Constellations fall as untimely Fruit: that he may find no more in us, which he may call his own. So we shall rise in Victory over all of his Kingdom.


December 1. 1678.

Letter and Spirit. The Vision of a Roll.

IN the Night-Watch, as I was in a resting Trance, there was held out to my view a Paper-roll, and I could read the Inscription of the first part, which was in these Words: Greeting from the Prince of Love and Peace to thee, and the same in Life-Union with God in Nature. Behold and read the Articles, that will the outward and inward Birth reconcile. Then did the Roll fold up and pass away. Then I said, Lord how shall I read, what is taken away? But it was answered me, So it must be. To signifie the Letter-Inscription may vanish and be snatched away: But the Spirit is at hand to imprint it fresh and new in such a Book, as the Lordís own Seal shall witness to it. In that thou wilt review, what was specified in the Roll, and what the Springing Book of Life in thy hidden Ground doth put forth, as thy Eye may be quick for to spy it, and waiting for the Eye-Salve to discover it.


December 2. 1678.

The Interpretation of the Vision.

THE Vision of the Roll, was again held out; part of which I read, and the other could not: but it was taken up again out of sight. Which concealed matter, my Spirit was much inquisitive about; watching when the Book would open, that I might see and read, what did then withdraw. Whereupon an Introversion did seize upon me. Then did the Anointing bring up the whole matter, and repeated it to me. The sum of which was, that the Gentile Nature was callíd to be made partaker of the Covenant of Promise, which the inward Birth of the Spirit did enjoy, and to be a Fellow-Heir with him, to whom also pertains the Adoption, and the access to the Oracle: And to be Baptized for the remission of Sins, through the penetrating Fire of the Holy Ghost, that would give the perfect renewing of Sanctification throughout. For the outward Gentile-Nature is that outward Body of Flesh, that is thus to be made a pure Nazarite: Before Christ in Spirit can work his mighty works of Wonder. The Apostle Paul did very clearly see into this great Mystery, when he cried, Who shall deliver from this old Creaturely Body, where Sin and Death do reign? Which he, and others who had the first fruits of the Spirit did groan under. Who though through the Spirit of their inward Man, they did subject the outward, and mortifie the earthly Members of it: Yet this was a step too short. Something else is to be expected: only this is to make way for a further Change. For while the old creaturely Spirit and Body remaineth in its earthliness, and is only subjected, contrary to its own Propensity, it is in pain and uneasie, while not changed into the Life, and being of what is clear Spirituality. For true it is the supernal Will of the Heavenly Born Man may yoak him, and may impose the every same Laws, that he himself hath received from God: But they cannot be so grateful nor pleasant, till he be changed and renewed in the Spirit of his Mind also. Which the wise and understanding Spirit, that is gone through the work of Regeneration in himself, presseth for: and being an abstracted Spirit, (that wants a meet-help in a fit organical Body to work through,) begins now to consider how in all Friendly amiableness, to gain the free and voluntary force of his Will-Spirit, to unite in all Points and Articles, that the Lord Jesus hath commanded to his Own, that are begotten according to the Will of the Father. Which Points and Articles of Faith are accordingly to be set before the Outward Man, for his agreement thereunto. For he must be the active Agent: for the Spirit of the inward Man without the outward, cannot bring forth into Manifestation the working Powers, without there be unity of Love and Will. For that gives Life and Courage, and Strength to resist what will make their attempts from the Satanical Kingdom.

Now then the First Work the new Man goeth upon is, to offer a test to the outward Man, whether he will renounce the Traditions and Laws, that he hath been all his Life trained up in obedience to, and that are so agreeable to the Mortal Essences in which he lives? Now must he disclaim, whatever doth relate thereunto; Abrogating the very Birth of outward depraved Nature, that consisteth in the strife of the four Elements. This is a hard pluck to bring the rational Spirit unto, it may well be Objected. But so deeply hath the Love and Wisdom of God impressed this already upon the Spirit, that is Born from the Trinity, that he cannot be at rest, till he draws the outward Man also to become one in this Golden link with the Deity. Which will be the greatest Wonder, that ever was or shall be wrought, for it is the Salvation that will reach to the end of Manís Earth. And in truth the reason, why the outward Man hath remained as an outcast, and an Unbeliever is, because it hath been generally received, that there was no such necessity for his Salvation, his Birth being from the Stars, and there he must expire again. But we well know, his Root is deeper, and may arrive to his first Original, Paradisiacal Nature.

Then, 2dly, Why so few in this outward Birth have reached hereunto, is because the inward first Birth hath been but feeble and weak, and hath not been strong to overcome all Temptations, and Tryals; as not standing firm in the Faith without staggering. For till he be fully perswaded and satisfied in all the Points, that tend to the overturning the Worldly Forms, Worships, and Constitutions of things, after a Creaturely manner; I say, (or rather the Holy Anointing doth it aver.) The illuminated Spirit is no fit Agent, to work upon the Corporeal Subject: And that too till he hath gone through the whole process of Renovation and Sanctification, and hath passed through the purging Fire of the Holy Ghost. That so the pure tingeing Gold may have it Springing Laver within him: Which will keep the inward part as a clear Crystal Stream. And this will make the inward Ground rich in all fruitfulness, for a daily offering to him, from whom the Life-Seed was cast in. Which is so pleasant, that he permits the outward Man to partake thereof, as a Joint-Heir in Spiritual things: Upon a solemn Protest, against all of the earthly Kingdom. And when to this he is brought over, then further it is agreed upon by the High Council of the Holy Trinity, to tender the sacred Covenant, wherein are contained the high Articles of Faith, that the Spiritual Man hath signed and subscribed his Name to, which are filed and recorded in Godís Life-Will. Upon which a Commission is given to try the outward Man with the same, that if he will mutually comply, then he shall be saved from the Mortal Destruction, which otherwise will come unavoidably upon him.


December 3. 1678.

The Proclamation of the New Creation.

THE Word of Life thus opened in me, and said: O hail thou New-Born Spirit; and consider well to what a point thou art come. Thou art come indeed to a Work of great consequence. Which is to Preach the Gospel of Salvation throughout the ends of thy own Earth: for the gathering in thy dispersed and scattered Properties, which have not known who their Redeemer is. Proclaim I say, Proclaim liberty upon the acceptation of the new Covenant-Terms, that were specified in the Roll that came down, which shall be renewed again by the Spirit of Revelation. Then entered my Mind into a very deep stillness, to hear what would be further disclosed concerning this matter. Then was brought to my remembrance a Figure, that some few Days past I did see in Vision. Which was a swift moving Body, distinct without me, that went up and down, but did not touch the Ground, but circled round in an ascending motion towards the invisible Heights. This was said to be the Figure of the new Creaturely Form, that the outward Man was to be turned into, which would free him from the accursed Evil, and bring him into the Angelical liberty. What greater Motive can be presented to enforce a Renunciation of the old Creaturely Life, that lieth open to the disquieting Elements, which will still make War, where Corporeal matter is found? Therefore turn thou in, O Man of the Earth, to thy original Ground, where the Gospel-Sound loud doth cry again, and calls the whole outward Man to pursue this. For help is laid upon the Anointed Prophet within for this very end, who hath the Horn of Oil to anoint withal: That what is Natural may become Spiritual; according to that Celestial Figure, that was again renewed to my view. Which I had lightly passed over, had not the Holy Ghost set it before me again: and shewed me, that in like manner, such a modelled Body, all-Spirit in matter, should act the high Magia of Godís Wonders in the Seraphick Circle; into which nothing of Human Birth can move. There did follow this visional Word, saying, A great overturn! Who can it understand? He who seeks to be uncloathed from the creeping Beast of Mortality, and to be cloathed upon with Life-Immortality. Who walks and moves, and yet doth not touch this Ground, from whence those Death-vapours do spring, that have infected the Inhabitants, that dwell thereupon. Come up thence, O Spirit, and draw in with thy Magical breath, thy own Co-essential matter, for a cloathing of Life: and so harmonize thou in moving Power with pure Seraphicks.


December 4. 1678.

The Angelical Articles.

AFTER this there was presented a Fiery-Circle-Life, to which the Child in Stature did move, and did ascend from it to the upper Sphear. But from within the Circle I was called to look upon it, and there it was written all within with Letters of Flames, the matter of which was repeated, though I could not read it. The living Word signified, that therein was the Life-Articles of Faith, higher than which the very Angels could not proceed to live unto. Then said I, Ah Lord, what is this to a Spirit, that hath not put off his mortal Nature, and put on an Angelical Habit? Answ. Yes, it doth concern the inferiour Man very much: who by receiving in this engraving Love, may hereby attain to such a Transparent Figure, the consistency of which is raised through the Conformity to these Angelical Articles; which were Specified in these particulars.

The 1st. Article is to believe, that the everlasting God, that did once form Man in perfect and pure Nature, will restore him to the same again. But this not as a Creator distinct from that of his own Essence; which yet remains with us: but in (and through) that he will be the moving Power, to raise up from the Center-Circle the disappeared Image, or Figure, that it may be then most excellent and Glorious in Holiness, in every part.

The 2nd. Article is to own and to know no other God, but this God that can introduce his own undivided Property into the divided, as to reconcile, and make the Creature one entire Body of Spirituality, agreeing with Christ, in every part, who is the Head Principality.

The 3d. Article is, we are to believe, that this Eternal working Property is all-sufficient to provide for us, without interfering or touching with the Mortal Essences: under the Dominion of the Starry Region. For the outward Birth shall be freed from that Bondage of Corruptibility, through the Baptizing Flame of the pure Deity. Which is so diffusive through the whole Man, as to make it all Angelical, to cut off all occasion of dependencies, as to corporeal subsistency. Which the gross earthly Man hath cleaved so fast unto, as the Life of his Life. Which in this new Model, we shall see, and certainly feel, broken; as the fiery Law of the Spirit, worketh through all Natureís Properties. Then will that Faithful saying of our Lord be made good. Behold I am come to make all things New: This is to be made every whit Whole.

Except we do assent unto these Articles jointly in the twofold Nature, and except we do subscribe to this new Angelical Creed, we cannot expect to become transfiguríd Creatures, and so to be set free from all Powers and Dominions of this World, bearing the Figure and Body of the Angelical World. For this the true and faithful Witness hath testified, asserting a possibility to those, who can give credit to these Truths, and be Practitioners in them. O Lord help our Faith, we pray thee.

[To this Angelical Creed may be referred the Twelve Degrees (or Articles) of Faith, in order to the attainment of the Divine Magia, or Theosophical Art, which are taught in the Revelation of the Tree of Faith springing up in the Paradise of God; as the distinct Branches, Fruits and Properties of that Magical Tree, exhibited to the Eye of the Spirit. The comparing of which together possibly may not be unserviceable to the Student of this Royal Science.]


December 5. 1678.

The New Tent Erected.

THE Word thus sprung: As the Lord thy God hath quickened and strengthened his own Life-Birth, to make it a Prophet and Seer deep, so a meet Tabernacle must be renewed for it: That a true Witness may rise to testifie that, which hath been as a Sealed Book; So that he that runs may read, what will be Engraven upon the fore front of the new Creature. For a Holy Tent is to be erected for the new Creature, all Glorious throughout; because it is to be of a threefold Spirituality, extracted from the Deity. A Body must be whose matter is of such a composition, as the Root and Ground of the Spirit, that is from Eternity, that had its Pre-existency in the Abyssal Deep, before Nature was Figuríd forth in Paradise. So that there is a more high dignified Body, which our Lord Jesus hath now put on from the Divine Essentiality: which was what the Lord had, before he came to take up our human Form. For he prays for the Glory, that he had with the Father before the World was, as a distinct Person. Who having this reassumed as a Light generating Body will henceforth multiply into Life-Figures of Glory, that shall every way Equalize the original Matter, from which Spirits have their Existencies. The distinction of Body and Spirit shall cease. For there shall be but one entire activity in the Ghostly might, that will make the Body as penetrating as the Spirit. This and much more was opened and revealed from the Transparent Child-like stature, that appeared in such a swift Circling-motion unto me in the Vision, which brought this Mystery to light.


December 7. 1678.

Contraries Reconciled.

THE Conjunction of the two Natures, which have been so Contrary to each other, now being upon reconciling did give a refreshing hope, that the restoration would be fully accomplished in the threefold perfect degree, that might both Body and Spirit free. Being cast into a deep Contemplation hereof, the Similitude of a Tree was set before me that was Barren, Dead, and Dry, as we do see in Winter, no covert of Beauty. But in the Spring a fresh Cloathing there is and Fruitfulness, that makes it quite another thing. That which was as dead, lives again. So it was applied, the outward Sinful Man was as this dead Tree, but the Spirit Life of Jesus was that which did incorporate, and so gave the old withered Body a new fresh cloathing; sending up from the pure inward Ground of the God-head-Springs, that living Water, that was for the uniting the Force and Power of the divided Property, to concenter again in one Spiritual and Celestial Body.


December 15. 1678.

The School of Wisdom. A Transportation.

IN the Night after my first Sleep, I was consulting, whereunto the moving-Star had brought us, and perceiving it still was in its circling motion (to shew, that we had not yet arrived to the Center-point, where we might mix with it, and cease from all further searching and Travel) I was longing now to be at rest in the Lord, from all sort of Toil and Labour, both Internal and External. But it was replyed by the Holy Ghost, who hath Godís secrets in readiness to reveal, that there could not be so quick a dispatch. For we were, said he, but newly entered upon the Borders of the unknown Land, where the Heavenly City doth stand, in which each one have reserved their allotted Mansion. And being cast into a Solitary and Mourning posture, because of this Word, that declared for a continual Warfare I was in some kind of Agony. In the sense hereof I Queried, what the Lord would further require, now that the Contrarieties in Nature were agreed to walk in the narrow track of the Spirit unanimously. Upon which expostulation the Spirit did it reveal, that it was now the fittest Season to proceed forward in. For none could be capable of taking their degrees in order to a Seraphick Dignity, but those who had reconciled the striving Properties. Which from the outward Birth had made such a struggling. Which (being not only subdued, but made all willing) now must together launch into further Depths, as the Star above shall direct the Measuring Line in the Spiritís Hand: Which we are precisely to observe; and all will work to fetch up to Godís rest.

Then after all this Opening and Spiritual Parly I was over-set, and cast as into a Trance, and had all my outward Senses drowned, and was brought by the Spirit into such a place, that was as the Scene of another World. For the Ground where the Inhabitants moved, was a clear as Crystal, and the same above was the same below, all light and clear. The Spirit that brought me in, led me to do Obeysance to one, that was the Princess of that World. Who appeared great and full of Majesty, resembling the Face of a Woman, all cloathed as in waved Clouds. I was something abashed to come near her: but the Spirit animated me. And She directed my Guide, to bring me into acquaintance with the residue, that did move there in distinct Figures. But they at first looked somewhat strange upon me, and shy: because I had no such clarified Body. Whereupon I did strive to make my Apology in way of Speech: but that did much displease. For it was advised, this was the Magia-School; where all of Mortal Language was to be excluded. For all was understood by the operation of the Magia: here was no Speech, but all Power acted. Then one I was brought to, that had such a composure in his Countenance, as one might read profound Wisdom, signally resident upon him. I would have had them more free, and familiar with me, for I loved and was much affected with them. But they saw, I was not versed in their high Method, and looked upon me as a stranger in their Region. And being very eager to ask them questions, what the denominated were? And who was the Soveraign Ruler here? And I was big with many Queries, but received a check, as being a young Novice, that did not understand the Magia-Rules. Then suddenly I was bound, and could move no way, but no Hand touched me. And this was to let me know, what Soveraignty they could put forth. And then as suddenly I was set free, and found my self at liberty.

Then heard I the Majestical Princess, that ruled all in that Sphear, say in a breath as soft as Air: Do not despise the unlearned, that are not acquainted with this high Art. For this thing, time is allowed, for the fitting her out thereunto. But know, O Spirit, before thou goest from hence, that this is the one only thing, that is worthy to be learned, whereby Natureís Beast may become tamed, and to a Heavenly Figure renewed by the Magia-working Power. Then brought I was into my Bodily Sense, where I was given to understand, what all this Transportation tended to. Which I was cautioned to remind, and lay up as a secret: and watch the turn of the Wheel, when Sophia should it once again move, to bring us to know and learn this high Mystery, which may the groaning Creation relieve. 


December 18. 1678.

The Angelical Philosophy.

AS I stood upon the Watch-Tower of the silent Mind, this Word of Counsel came. O Spirit, whose Ear is opened to hear, be then thou a wise Pilot, and well-govern the Ship and Bark of thy visible Creaturely Nature. For upon this Coast thou art not to stay; an Holy Island is provided for thee. Therefore take the opportunity, when the fiery Gust, and airy Breath do move high: Then this heavy Ship away may fly to that place, which is very nigh to God thy Father. Who hath appointed to thee one, that is learned in the highest Mystery of the Ghostly Magia: that in the Sequestration of thy Mind, thou mayst be taught the Angelical Philosophy. Which is a new Science, that hath not been scarce by any fathomed. But there is a Decree sealed, for Wisdomís Children to be brought up in these high Magical Arts. Therefore put thou in for thy part: and regard no other thing; for this will give great pre-eminence above all that can be utteríd. For it is a restoring to the Celestiality of that Kingdom, to which ye have been Alienates. But now mind your calling, and be Courageous to draw off from the Shore of all mortal Things. Which have been as a Door that hath hung upon a wrong and heavy Hinge, to shut out of Wisdomís Magia-Spring. Which in the Holy Island doth run all free.


December 19. 1678.

The Theosophical Eye.

THE working Motion of the Magia-Circle, I did feel in a strong driving into an Abyssal deep. And there was presented unto me an Eye, from which went forth bright Beams of Light, which had a wonderful attractive Power to draw the Spirit of my Soul into it, as the Center of Wisdomís Light, and vast comprehension, which must expose it self to the Infinitum of all Beings. And it was said to me, Now thou art to be tried, whether thou caníst leave all Visibilites, and come to live in this Theosophical Eye: which can generate all kind of working Powers, that may cast the Model of the new Creation. Then replyed my Spirit, How shall I that am in Mortality, possibly be able to live in this bright Circling Eye? Although my Will do unfeinedly hereunto aspire, yet I cannot find the way that may fix me here; neither can I come so suddenly to such an Abnegation, as to forget and forsake my own Creaturely Being. Then said the inbreathing Word, there is an Essence of Love, that may constrain thee to come up to all the Magia-Rules. Although, yet the way seemeth uncouth, and as incredible for thee to pass into this Eye, as a Camel into the Eye of a Material Needle. But do thou know, that the Time is now come about, in which the Father of Magical Spirits will put those of his own immediate Line unto it. For hereby the World shall know, the true Engraving of Godís Name. Which inscription may carry a Life-forcing Power, to out-do that Speculation of Images, conceived in the Mind, which lieth bare and void of the Ghostly Might. Which the Heart of Christ longeth earnestly to drive forth into Manifestation. And therefore hath he sent out Glances from the Eternal Eye, that we might our way espy, and come to be the fruitful Branches of the Magical Tree. For the accomplishing of which, these Rules following were expressed by the Master of this high Art.

The First Rule given out was, that henceforth, we unlearn and unknow all, which the wise rational Spirit hath in its refined Morality discipliníd, and exercised our Senses in making a fair shew in the mixed complexion of Darkness and Light, Evil and Good. All which we are to disavow, and to alter the whole property; for this cause: In that by this Spirit, we have been taught to join Baal with the one only God, and to bow down to the Sun, Moon, and Stars, that have but their Subordinate Government in this visible Principle, under JEHOVAH. Who hath not bound those, who are his Off-spring under a Law of necessity, to have recourse to these inferiour Powers, for those conveniences, that are to Succour the out-Birth Life of the Elementary Nature with. Although the whole World in general hath learned no other Philosophy: the Just and Righteous, and those who are in no work of Regeneration, hitherto mutually do agree in this Matter, to fetch in their Life-subsistency, from the ruling motion of the Stars. But God would, that we should, (who stand in the Election of the Love) learn and understand another way, in which we may command both Sun, Moon, and Stars, and break their Bands.

But, Where is the Man or Woman, it may be replyed, that could fly above their Region? True it is, we are ignorant in this our present Age of any such, though I doubt not, but some there may be in this very time, though unknown. But I am assured that the time is come, when the Starry-Birth shall break away by the Magia-Wheel, when once it doth but touch. Then we shall see that marvelous thing, as dark and heavy Iron upon the Water to float and swim. And though this Magia-School hath been shut up, and the Magical Children, who thereunto do belong, have had a long Holy-Day wherein time hath been loitered away; now the idle time is over. The high Theosophical Eye doth run to and fro to attract, and gather up them, who are apt to learn Heavenly Philosophy. Who know by several marks who may attain hereunto. First, they have a Signature different from others. Which ariseth from an inward Birth-Ground, more pure and clarified, that gives a quick and sharp understanding, to comprehend from the Center-line of Life, that runneth into Godís deep free, and doth not stick nor stay; but pierces through as a breath of Air. That hereby it may be an ascendant above the order of these outward Stars, and inhabit in the Circling Eye as a close Student. And may there from its Light-Glance, as an Eye in that Eye, read the Trinity-Book, in which the Rules of the Magia are expressed apart. Without which nothing can ever of this Nature come to be understood: therefore caught up we must be into this Theosophical Eye by that Life-line of the Spirit. Who hath taken hold to fetch up our Spirits from this muddy Shore, which hath put out the Magical Eye. That by this attractive Stone, that doth shine so bright upon the Face of our Mind, we may come to learn a new Alphabet, and to forsake the old Natural Philosophy, learned from the Schools of this World. For this purpose the Eye of Love hath looked down upon the Magical Ground, that is known unto him, to stir the Heavenly matter, that hath been under the strong binding Powers of the harsh and bitter qualities of the outward Birth. Now called up is the Spirit, whose Original is from the Magical ground to hear, and learn, what will it free. If it be able to agree in all points hereunto, then a high Magus he shall be in Godís Theosophical Eye. This is the Counsel from God revealed, and therefore to be revealed one to another.


December 20. 1678.

The Rules that are taught in Wisdomís School.

THE drawing Power of the Holy Anointing being come to give further Rules, forward to proceed, in the Study of the first Ground of Divine Philosophy, through which the present deplorable State may be overturned, whereby the Mortal Dust may be turned into the Gold of Ophir. Which will make good that Ancient Prophecy in Esaiah, That Man shall be as refined Gold of Ophir. Oh where hath this great Secret been hid? And how is it, that none have been found worthy of so many Ages, to find the entrance into the Eternal Magical Eye? Though Christ the Lord hath made the way, yet the World of Mortals continue at a stay. But it must not be always thus and for ever. Wisdomís Theater must be known by her own, that are born again anew. For the Age of the World is far spent, therefore a Solomonís Day must be expected: in which Wisdom shall flourish from the Life-Magical Tree, whom for shelter, all Nations shall come to. But it may be asked: Where is the Ground for this Life-Tree to take its rooting new again? The Answer is ready, Search each One, and no longer be ignorant of the Seed-Pearl that does lie smothered in the low and deep Valley, of a renewed Earth. Itís Life by one Magical Breath, may soon be blown up. Therefore let us not stay for a future time: for the Holy One doth haste us to come up to the Circle-Mount. Where Wisdom hath her School Erected: It is a place remote from all the common earthly Structures, where Mortal Essences do dwell. Which do make Mutinies and Noises in and about, the Trafficks of this lower Region. Therefore all here are quiet and still: nothing to be heard, but what tends to the promotion and advancement of Learning in the Theosophical Art. This is one considerable Rule to be observed, in order to the deep Process, which is to follow.

The First Rule, The Mind and Heart is it, that is to be the separated Place, or Holy Island, according to that Scripture, the Multitude of Islands shall wait for the Word of the Lord to be revealed unto them. That is, every individual holy prepared Spirit and Heart shall become Wisdomís spring of Holy Understanding, and Theater: Where in the diversity of her Proverbs they will become knowing. Therefore in this School be waiting.

The Second Rule given forth as a Law from this University was. That whosoever enter themselves Students here, should not go out hence, till they had taken all Degrees, and come up to the full point of the Supernal Philosophy. For this School is not for any such, as stand divided and wavering in their Minds, betwixt two Worlds. There must be a Resolution taken to stick to One only Study. Then entered we may be, as New-born in this High & Celestial University: Where an Infinitum of Magia may be understood.

The Third Rule brings us to the first of the Alphabet, which is the beginning of that Name ALPHA: for this is the first Number. We are to find out Godís Name, both in Unity and Diversity. The two first Letters we have received, as the first Rule to go upon: A. L. Which signifies the whole Number or Unity; from whence the generating Spirit doth proceed, and opens it self into Variety; piercing and begetting it self in Natureís Properties, in order to its restitution. And this is from the A.L: to which we may add the mighty Creating Fiat. That now is the beginning of a new Creation, and the end of the old. Who hath been, and is to be known, by that Name I AM: and whatever is not found here must moulder and dye. For in the ALPHA the Model of a new World is formed. From whence we learn, that the Alpha is calling that, which doth belong to the Heavenly World: that so the good Essences, that have been troubled by the jarring Elements might now pass, through the separating Fire, to their own Mother-Element; wherefrom it may be brought forth again, in another consideration, so that it may be consisting with the I AM: As having the pure Theosophical matter Consubstantiated in, and through, the generating property of the Eternal Spirit. Now then from hence we see, what we are to learn, to wit, to Spell out the beginning of Godís Name, that will bring one to the Magical Art. Whoever can draw this Number-Figure upon their Heart and Mind, they will soon expel the venom of the Serpentís Sting, which hath got therein, to infect the whole part. No other Spell but this Name will ever cure Mortal Man. Through whom the incorporating Power of this Name will run as burning Gold: that all the Waters from the troubled Sea of Nature, can never quench it. For it is of that high and pure quality, as it drinks up all Contrarieties, and devours them. When this Mystery is well learned and understood, so as to become practiced from the Intrinsical sense and feeling of it, then we are come to the very Ground-matter of the Supernatural Philosophy. Then it will be very easie to reduce and sublime, that, which hath lain in Putrefaction: and all Impotencies, Weakness, and Imperfections will be from this infallibly recovered to Strength and Perfection.

The Fourth Rule. But before we can attain to this high Work, we are to be exercised in the manifold Acts of Faith, as another Rule preceding hereunto. For if the true right Magical Ground be broken up in us, then it will first come to put forth the pure single Acts of Faith in the Alpha-Name, without mixing the least contrary Grain with it. No other Letters must be joined with the A.L. And the I AM will be All the mark in the Eye. For the Bow of Faith will fly to the Circle-Eye.

The Fifth Rule. Before we can reach to Wisdomís Center, it is revealed that of necessity, our outward Man must sink that degenerated Name ADAM; with all the Wo and Misery it hath brought in with it. But so strong is the Circle of this sensitive Nature, that it may properly be Objected, The outward Spirit without the Power of working Miracles, cannot get out; there are so many hangers on, that do claim Alliance with him, while appearing in this Mortal State. Now as to this the only remedy prescribed is, that we learn to dye out of every Letter in Adamís Name. And how is this to be effected, but by the awakening those living Essences of Faith, which have Power to enter into Godís Name. Then Faith hath got into its strong hold, where no subtile Arguments of reason shall bear sway, to make and raise Questions, Doubts, and Contradictions, to this all-working Power of the God-Mighty Name JEHOVAH. Now then all expedient it is to abide yet a while under the teaching, nurturing Spirit of Faith, which verily is a purifying State, that will make us meet to enter among Wisdomís deep Practitioners of Supernatural Philosophy.

The Sixth Rule. But before we can here come, we are to remain in the School of Faith with the outward Man, and there learn the high Rules of Faith, which are annexed to the high Magia Divine. Not to mention here those lower Acts, which the Leaden Plummet of Sense pulleth down again: so frequently mingling those gross Mettals of Sense and Reason, with this pure Gold of Faith. And so this hath made it as a drug: and it is set so light by. Because it is not of that currant kind, that will pass through the Probation Fires, that of several kinds are prepared to examine it by, in the very way, before we can come to Wisdomís Land, where the Springs of Gold do it overflow.

The Seventh Rule. Query, What is the first high Rule of Faith, that the outward Man must learn, that must admit of no drug of Sense.

Answ. It is the Faith of the Son of God, the pure Quintessence of his Name, burning as a Flame, that is a Spirit that springs from the Eternal Central-Being of God, come down into Nature, for to change and renew, by the Spirit of Faith: that draws one strait Line from this invisible Sphear to the invisible Principality of Sophia.

The Eighth Rule. Or, Second high Rule of Faith, to the outward and inward Man is this that follows. It hath been clearly shewn to me, that now are required those clear and pure Acts of Faith, that must have no props either on this hand, or that, to lean upon, but venture must upon the greatest Perils, and in no wise be daunted, keeping steady to the strait Line of Faith. [Margin Note: See this December 24. ] Which was shewn to me by way of Similitude. And so we are to become tractable to the Pass of faith, that will Land us in that all wealthy land, where all complaints are silenced. And verily this, and no other, is the way for the outward Man: as the Unction of the Father hath been very clear and plain; which would stir up our pure Minds hereunto.

The Ninth Rule. Or, Third high Rule of Faith, for the outward and inward Man to walk in is to know, That the pure Quint-Essences of Faith are so pure, subtile, and thin, as they can (nor will) fear none ill; but look all Famine, Nakedness, Scorn, and Reproach out of countenance: because it doth not act now upon an Object only Without it self; but upon and from the Essential Name of the Alpha, that springs as Golden Oyl, that makes Faith run swift and smooth, to incorporate with the Object it self. That so there may be a constant stock to employ Faithís out-going Acts upon: Which will bring in good returns from Wisdomís Land. We have no just cause to mistrust the Revenue there. If our Faith were grown to this ripeness from God, the Essential Ground, we then should know, what is our own within those Magical Walls of her rich Territory, where Princess Wisdom doth stand ready prepared for Faithís Conquerors. This word of Counsel and Charge is from the Holy One, that we do not adventure without this Rule.

The Tenth Rule. Or, Fourth high Rule of Faith is this, That we do venture upon the Narrow Bridge of Faith, without fear or reluctancy. For it is the direct Way or Pass into that wealthy place, where the very substance of things hoped for, shall be all fully entered upon, as the due reward of Faith. Let us henceforth, make it our whole living: for what so pleasing is to our God? It wins his Heart: we make him our own ; that we may be, in the way of all freedom, with our God in all Spiritual blessings. Even so: Amen.


December 22. 1678.

S O L O M O N.

THE Word of Life thus spake, Though thou art yet in the Multiplicity of thoughts: yet Wisdom is in the inward parts to detect the superfluous rising of them. And therefore enter into the secret of her Pavilion, and there thou must hear and learn profound Proverbs. And they shall be plain unto thee, though dark sayings to the vagrant that are roving up and down from her Discipline. But heed ye and watch too, for the breath that is so moving, what is it, but the rich Dew, that will give moisture to the Ground, that is hungry, for the fruitful Birth of God. Which hath been hid in Nature, as an Eternal Grain, but now is expiated for the interpretation of that one great Sentential Proverb that none could ever understand, till Solomon comes to be born again. Then ye may expect the enclosure to be taken away that hath caused the Heavenly things to stand at a stay. But the Clouds dispersing are.


December 24. 1678.

The Narrow Bridge.

A Parabolical Explication of the Eighth and Tenth Rules of the Theosophical Art.

THIS Night I beheld by my interiour sight A River, over which I was to pass. For beyond it there was a rich Planted Land, where all necessaries were provided to entertain those, who could come thither. There was no working, nor toil: the Inhabitants had Rest. Thus I was discoursed, (as I stood in the sight of this River) by voice: but saw no Man. Then I considered, how I might yet pass over: for there was no Boat; and the River was deep. I was very desirous to get over, but had none to help me: for it was a solitary place, where no resort was, so I sat down, resolving a while to wait, whither I might see any means for to pass over. I found my Spirit in a praying posture, as having Faith that God would make way. And suddenly there was a Line stretched over this River, by the appearance of One, being in white Raiment. Which One was on the other side of the River, and cried to me, to Venture upon this Line, for, it was strong enough to bear me. The Line was very thick, and white as Milk. But when I saw, this must be the way of my pass, I was in great jeopardy: and debated, whether or no I should adventure to walk upon it. But still the Voice from the other side cried, Fear not to come: there is a Wall on each side, which will keep from all peril; though thou canst not see it. For it is Magical, and not to be visible, till thou hast first set Faithís Foot upon the Line. Then thou shall it see. Then I desired him to get my Faith up hereunto, which yet was not strong enough. Then I bethought my self of my Friend, and Fellow Traveller in the narrow tract of the Spirit that I would advise with about this adventure to see whether he would encourage me. And immediately he came to me, and was very forward to go upon the Line first: but not being skilful in the Magia, began to totter. Then a Word spake in me, go a little apart, and consult the Mystery of this Pass. For who can walk upon this Line, till they have fully learned their Magical part? Whereupon we were Counselled, to attend the wise Sentential Proverb, who would perfect us in this Art. Which was opened to be the Root and Spring-birth of Wisdom: from whence numerous Proverbs highly profound, would be given for us to learn our Magical part by.

N.B. With these Theosophical Rules do Harmonize the Laws of the High and Holy Calling that, are to be observed by those that are admitted into the Paradisiacal Land: which Laws are inserted into the little Prophetical Treatise of the Ark of Faith, Printed in the Year 1696. p.20. Which are there Represented as the Fundamental Laws and Constitutions of the New KINGDOM, or New WORLD.



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