No. I - Vol.1 - Part 1

("My EXPRESSES fast shall fly.")


as foretold one hundred years ago, to be published by

the hands of a Woman in the tenth year of the

Century; and containing the Prophecies

and Divine writings of the

late Joanna Southcott



Author of "Radia,"

The Woman's Word will be found to be a true picture of the World at the present day.

The Healing Leaves from the Tree of Life (Woman) have been given to Man. The Fig Tree shows that Summer is nigh.

It is said that God will begin by His power in the weather in the fourth year of the Century, and by trifles, as well as greater events, draw men's hearts to Himself, until He becomes the DESIRE of the NATIONS.

Contents of Vols. 1 & 2


PART I - VOL. 1.

- Introduction.
- The Versification.
- The Prose.
- Woman, The True Helpmate.
- The Bride and The Marriage of The Lamb.
- The Sealing, or Signing of Names.

PART 2 - VOL. 1.

- The Life and Divine Writings of Joanna Southcott.

PART 3 - VOL. 1.

- Continuation of The Life and Divine Writings of Joanna Southcott.

PART 1- VOL. 2.

- The Prophecies.
- Communication on the Patchwork Quilt, given by The Spirit to
Joanna Southcott on October 18, 1807.
- The Seven Days' Dispute with The Powers of Darkness.
- The Answer of The Lord to The Powers of Darkness.

PART 2 - VOL. 2.

- The First Book of Wonders.
- The Second Book of Wonders.
- The Third Book of Wonders.
- Excerpta From an Epistle Addressed to The Rev'ds The Vice-Chancellors,
Oxford and Cambridge by The Rev. Thos. P. Foley. Rector of Old Swinford, Worcestershire.

PART 3 - VOL. 2.

- The Fourth Book of Wonders.
- The Fifth Book of Wonders.
- The Visit to London of The Rev. Thomas P. Foley of Old Swinford, to
Joanna Southcott, August, 1814.
- Dr. Reece's Statement of The Circumstances that Attended the Last
Illness and Death of Mrs. Southcott, with an Account of the Appearances Exhibited on Dissection.
- The Refutation of Dr. Reece's Statement.
- The Rev. S. Baring-Gould's Account of Joanna Southcott.


- Portrait of Joanna Southcott. Frontispiece Part I
- The Box of Sealed Writings. Part I
- The Communion Cup. Part 2
- Reproduction of Joanna Southcott's Handwriting. Part 3


- Reproduction of the Seal. Frontispiece Part I
- The Patchwork Quilt. Part 2

Author's Preface

In issuing this Second Edition, it will be of interest to the public to know a few details concerning this work, which at first for personal reasons were withheld.

On the morning of January 1, 1910, the first criticism of The Expresses occurred in The Daily News, London; it was about one and a half columns in length, and was mostly laudatory.

Then a prominent paragraph on these books followed in The Daily Mail. Shortly after I was desired to give their representative an interview, as they wished to know the circumstances that caused me to write The Expresses. As the public, at this time, was strangely antagonistic to Joanna Southcott, I refused to be brought into the matter personally, as my one object was to get people to read her Writings, and to judge of the truth for themselves. But now that the fulfilment of her prophecies has so unmistakably taken place, a great change has occurred. The books of the Prophetess are now spoken of with respect, and are eagerly perused by thousands of persons in all English-speaking countries.

The time has therefore now arrived, when the public are entitled to know that which was withheld from them at first. For many years I had been the Principal of a large, successful Girls' School; and although I had loved Joanna's Writings from childhood, I had had no thought of bringing them out to the public (except that in 1897 I had published a booklet, containing some extracts from The True Explanations of the Bible). Later I became acquainted with the Rev. Walter Begley of Hampstead, a well-known writer and Elizabethan scholar. He was descended from one of the three clergymen, who had so strongly supported her cause. We agreed to bring out in collaboration, a life of Joanna Southcott, but to my great sorrow, he was removed by death in 1905. No further thought then crossed my mind in regard to the work, although I still hoped some one would be raised up to vindicate her, and to show the inestimable value of her works to the world. But on December 8th, 1907, the second Sunday in Advent, when I returned as usual from church with the boarders - immediately on entering my own little sitting-room, I felt as though the room was full of unseen ministering spirits, all insistent on my beginning, at once, to write a life of Joanna Southcott. To my astonishment, crowds of ideas kept coming in overwhelming profusion, as though there was great promise of help from on high. I was greatly moved, and fell on my knees by the couch in prayer, and offered to do willingly anything that the dear Lord might require of me. The command seemed so peremptory, that I soon arose, and seating myself at my bureau, took paper and pencil in hand, and again with prayer for guidance, declared I was ready to do the Lord's bidding and write if it were His will. Words then flowed freely, and the first page of The Express was written that very night. It has never been altered. Gradually, although leading such a busy life, by writing a page or so each morning before breakfast, the books took shape. I tried my best to confine my work to one volume, but no, it had to be two, my publisher said. Then I discovered that The TWO Expresses were foretold to come to warn the nations of what was coming upon the Earth. I had written simply, as a child, freely using the nine published volumes and much MSS. which represent the twenty years' work of Joanna and her amanuenses, and, had called my work 'The World's Great Mistake.' It was not until I had nearly finished, that I plainly saw these were 'The Two Expresses,' as foretold to come before the Lord began His great work on the Earth in making an end of all evil. The books were sent out in faith, to face a hostile world; but I knew if the work was of God, man could not overthrow it - on the other hand, if it was not, and the fulfilment of the prophecies did not follow, only my own personal reputation could suffer; and that was a small thing in comparison to failing the Lord in His need. But the sound of the Master's feet was surely behind - the fulfilment of the prophecies has been more wonderful than ever even I anticipated. The truth of them can now no longer be denied. "Of the seas take care," occurs several times on pages 444 and 445 of The True Explanations; it comes to my mind with startling significance now we are in the midst of this submarine danger. It hints also that Jonah in the whale would be a type of coming dangers on the seas. There are many sad Jonahs now swallowed up of many voracious whales. "Their shipping I will all destroy," (meaning the Lord will permit it for a short time), evidently means the commercial shipping of our own and also that of other nations.

"The dangers of London were to be first overhead!" How true it is! "Persons would be burnt in their beds;" "The sound of war would be heard in our land;" If the enemy landed it would be in an unexpected manner, and their corpses would lie in the streets. This has been perfectly fulfilled in the recent Zeppelin raids, when the blazing bodies of the crews fell to the Earth. "The lack of gold, also the high prices and scarcity of sugar, and foodstuffs" are clearly foretold. The condition of things will not improve until the Bishops or their chaplains, do the simple bidding of the Lord, and carefully open and examine the Sealed Writings, that have lain in a Box strongly nailed and corded for 100 years - awaiting their mandate. If some great thing had been demanded, it would probably have been done with pomp and circumstance. But of old the command that followed the simple maidservant's fidelity, 2 Kings 5, was despised, and the leprosy remained until the behest was complied with. The simple things have ever been used by the Lord, and have brought about the greater. We know that some of the Bishops are already willing to do their part, but the required number of twenty-four - the elders mentioned in the Revelations, who sit in their seats on the earth, are at present unwilling to cast the crowns of their own wisdom before the throne.

Our enemies are to fall and England is to conquer both in the SPIRITUAL and the TEMPORAL fight: but when evil is swept away, it will only be by brotherly love and righteousness that the foreign nations will fall in gratitude before this country as their deliverer under God's guiding hand.

The Lord will continue to overthrow evil until He has shown His Salvation to man, and restored him once again to His own divine image. The Lord will then delight Himself in man, and All That Hath Breath Will Praise His Name.                                                 

 ALICE SEYMOUR - January, 1917.

"The Woman's Petition for Satan's overthrow and for the establishing of the Kingdom of Christ here upon earth." (Rev. vii, 3) can be explained by and obtained from Alice Seymour; or at 143 Lake Avenue, Highland Park, Ills.; also CARPENTER'S BOOK STORE, San  Diego, California, U.S.A.


SECOND SUNDAY IN ADVENT, December 8, 1907.

SILENCE can hold me no longer: I am constrained to take up my pen, even tonight, without another moment's delay, and begin to write a book, and to publish to the world what a mistake has been made in rejecting, without examination, the Writings of the great prophetess, Joanna Southcott. If people only knew of the vast mines of treasure God has laid bare to mankind in her Writings, they would be impelled to dig deep for themselves; the pearls of great price would be found, and things new and old would delight the heart and mind of man. Out of the golden treasury would flow glorious promises full of consolation and hope.

The COMFORTER has indeed come, but the World did not receive Him as foretold. His voice has not been heard in the street, neither has it cried aloud, but the bruised reed will He not break, and the smoking flax will He not quench, till He shall bring forth judgment unto truth. What has been whispered in the ear must be proclaimed upon the housetop, that all may hear and some understand.

Descended from great-grandparents who were believers, for forty years, I have kept the truths mostly wrapped up in my own heart- they burn there, and now are fanned into a flame: they can no longer be hid. God make my pen a pen of iron, wrought in the fire of love for Him. My heart has been grieved and tears have often come to my eyes, when I have read and thought of the glorious revelation God has given to mankind, and yet they have crucified the Lord afresh, and put Him to an open shame. "Who hath believed our report, and to whom is the Arm of the Lord revealed?" They are taken backward and snared and broken (Isa. xxviii. 13). Here a little and there a little - line upon line, and precept upon precept - have not found favour in the eyes of man, so blinded by the pride of life that they could not see its dazzling light; and if the light that is in them be darkness, how great is that darkness! The Lord knew what was in man, and in His marvellous compassion has always the remedy at hand.


The Woman's healing leaves from the "Tree of Life"- her great motherhood - are ready for man. It stands beside the cooling streams, in the midst of the street - or way of the people - for their refreshment and healing.

Joanna Southcott began writing in 1792, as the SPIRIT spoke to her inner ear audibly. Later on she did not write herself, but, as she heard, repeated it unhesitatingly to her two handmaids in the work, Jane Townley, a lady of fortune, and Ann Underwood, her maidservant; thus in the mouth of two witnesses every word is established. She persevered amidst immense difficulties for twenty years; and her published writings, contained in about nine volumes, with an average of 500 pages, besides an equal amount of unpublished MSS., are a stupendous monument to their industry and whole-hearted devotion to what they firmly believed to be God's own work.

Her name is scarcely known to the present generation, and the little that can be gleaned from sketches of her life in encyclopaedias is so erroneous and untrue that it is only misleading. It is said that she claimed to be the bride - the Lamb's Wife and stated that she was to become the mother of Shiloh, but that it all proved a delusion owing to the disappearance of the child, and that she died of dropsy.

The existence of the child was vouched for by seventeen out of twenty-one medical men who visited her. That she died of dropsy was proved to be absolutely untrue at the dissection, as no cause of death and no tumour could be found. Mankind is face to face with an event that cannot be understood or explained away, any more than the birth of the Saviour can be comprehended by our finite mortality. I will here leave the details of this remarkable occurrence to my subsequent volume, as the life and work of Joanna Southcott must first be studied before the last great trial of her faith at the age of sixty-four can be at all understood by the reader. The blindness of the Jews has fallen upon the Gentiles: God has tested them in a similar way, and found them wanting - the wisdom of the wise has perished and the knowledge of the prudent men been hid. God will conclude all in unbelief, that He may have mercy upon ALL. The idea of the birth of Christ was hateful to the proud Pharisees, and likewise the spiritual birth as foretold in Revelation xii, of a child being caught up to God and to His throne as soon as it was born,


is hateful to those of the present day, who consider they have a sufficient Saviour, and will not stoop to carefully search whether these things be so or not.

"God's thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways. His paths are hid in the great deep, and who by knowledge can find out the Most High?" Except we become as a little CHILD, we can in no case enter the kingdom. These are solemn words - let us, therefore, cast off our earthly wisdom, and let us carefully examine the Word, lest we do despite to the Spirit of God. Let us see whether it be possible that God has revealed Himself in these latter days, and sent the Spirit of Truth, as promised, to guide us into all truths. 'The Spirit and the Bride say, Come, And let him that heareth say, Come.' It is not just to condemn without a hearing. When a woman of godly life, of known veracity and unblemished character, such as Joanna Southcott, declares that she hears the voice of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH guiding her into all truths, and showing her things to come, it is not for man to put it aside lightly as a thing of nought without due examination. I can confidently say that when her writings have been studied carefully, the reader has felt assured that Joanna's heart was right with God, and that her faith was sublime. The explanations of the Bible given to her will be found very valuable, as they deal with all the burning questions of the day in an unanswerable manner. God has stooped to man once again and has fulfilled and explained His own Word. He is greater when He goes to the Father, and greater truths are declared. He shows us plainly of the Father, and the many things are said to us. The COMFORTER has indeed come, though the world has not received Him, but the healing leaves remain, and His Word will not return unto Him void, but will accomplish that which is pleasing to Him, and will prosper in the thing whereto it is sent.


The Versification

It is difficult to find an adequate reason for the rejection by the world of the writings of Joanna Southcott. At first the opposition was great on account of the style - the simplicity of the verse was accounted doggerel, persons not at that time realizing that a great deal of the Bible itself was written in exactly the same metre, if translated into Modern English. The new Chromo Bible has fully demonstrated this. A great deal is written in iambic four feet, with rhymed couplets, and although simple, yet some of the grandest truths are to be found in this humble garb. Joanna, herself, did not care for writing in verse, but she was commanded by the SPIRIT to do so, and it is called the New Song for Man, and is to echo from heaven to earth. It is really more wonderful than the prose writings, as it proves that she indeed spoke as the Holy Spirit gave her utterance. She was ready with the following line directly her handmaids had completed that already given. Any one who knows what it is to rhyme couplets is aware that alterations are often necessary before the required idea and rhyme are harmoniously adjusted. Another remarkable feature of the poetry is that, almost invariably, each line makes complete sense in itself, and also in conjunction with the following line or lines. Many passages could be written without any pause or stop whatever from the beginning to the end. This statement may cause ridicule at the first glance, but it is very unique and remarkable all the same.

The poetry is not all simple, some portions will bear comparison with the finest passages that have ever been written. Of such I consider the following, which Joanna prefaces on p.35 of the Strange Effects of Faith, thus:

"I shall add a few more words spoken in answer to man's blaming my following the commands of the Lord; as he judged it to be foolishness, and could not be the Lord's direction. I seemed to be answered powerfully, as if the Lord had spoken to me in love and anger, that man should not direct the hand of the Almighty."



In thunder now the God the silence broke,
And from a cloud His lofty language spoke,
"Who, and where, art thou, O fond, presumptuous man,
That by thy own weak measures Mine would span
Undaunted, as if an equal match for ME?
Stand forth, and answer My demands of thee:
But first, let thy original be traced,
And tell ME then what mighty thing thou wast
When to the potent world My word gave birth,
And fixed My centre on the floating earth,
Didst thou assist ME with one single thought,
Or My ideas rectify in aught?

Then for quite a different style I will quote from p.100 of the same book. The SPIRIT is speaking to Joanna at first in prose, and then in verse:-

"But now I will come to Pilate's question, 'Whether of the twain will ye that I release unto you?' the serpent, or the woman? Here is as just an inquiry as Pilate made. One of the two must be cast, before your full redemption can be accomplished. Now answer for thyself, O man! and I will for the woman. Did I not bear all the blame man cast on ME? (This refers to the Fall: 'The woman thou gavest to be with me, she tempted me and I did eat.') And is it not just, the serpent should bear the blame the woman cast on him? If ye judge this simple, read back, your Bibles, and ye will find all as simple. Simple was My coming into the world, and My manner through the world, and My going out of the world; all was as simple to the Jews as this appears to the Gentiles. Was I not born of simple parents, laid in a manger, and simply warned the wise men to return another way for fear of Herod, when I could have destroyed him? Did I not simply fly into Egypt, and full as simply returned again? For a God to be afraid of man, you must confess a simple thing."

And now in verse I shall begin
To echo back the lines to men.
Of simple parents I was born,
And worldly wise men did Me scorn;
Simply to Egypt I did fly
And simply all was done,
And simply another way
I did turn back again;
Simply I oft Myself did hide
When man I could destroy;


Simply the manger made My bed,
While mankind did enjoy
Their beds of down, and wore their crown,
While I was forced to flee;
And simply shall their pride come down,
That every soul shall see.
Simple among the sons of men
I always did appear;
And simple in the woman's form
I've surely acted here.
Simple as these appear to be,
So simply all was done,
When on the Cross at Calvary
I gave My life for man.
For oh! how few regard My love,
Or to the manger go,
Just like the shepherds you have heard,
To know if it be true.
The manger here doth now appear
As much despised by man;
They cannot see the mystery clear -
The servant cannot come
No greater here for to appear -
Than was her Lord before;
And like the Jews the Gentiles are,
And open every pore.
Do I not see as well as thee
Thy poverty despised?
For like the Jews the Gentiles be,
And pride hath dimmed their eyes.
So now take care, I warn you here,
The natural branch did fall;
Then the wild olive sure must fear,
If none can judge the call.

The style of the verse in general is not, perhaps, one that we, with our modern ideas and prejudices, would have chosen, but there is great wisdom in this simplicity, although it does not at first appear. When you consider the volumes of printed matter and other MSS., given to the world through a woman, and that she persevered against a hostile world for twenty years, it was necessary that she should have been led on gently, just as she could bear, from day to day. The prose alternating with the verse, I, myself, find very restful; and the truths taught are so weighty and important, that if they were not clothed in this simple style it would be very hard work to follow the meaning, especially so for those unaccustomed to study. As in the old days, "the common people heard Him gladly,"


and so it must be written that all can understand, if they will. Respecting the occasional grammatical errors, they were only according to Joanna's own manner of speaking, and did not grate on her ear, but seemed harmonious. In all ages God has, in speaking to His servants, used a phraseology to which the recipient was accustomed; otherwise it would have been more irksome to have carried on the work. The use at times of the nominative he for the objective him is often condoned in writers when it is a question of rhyme. The New Testament itself was written in the vernacular, so that the masses might be reached.

The subjoined is a good specimen of the despised doggerel hiding a beautiful and perfect metaphor. It is in common metre, and the lines were given to Joanna by the SPIRIT in answer to some one, who had heard her writings, and said, How far imagination would go! (taken from Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, p. 30).

Now to reason I'll begin -
Imagination's here;
Can they imagine such a thing
Or see the mystery clear,
That e'er such writings came from thee?
How blindly all do err!
Their hearts or thoughts can ne'er go deep
And nothing do discern.
I said before they were asleep
Imagine all a dream;
Though seemed awake they are asleep,
Imagine all a dream,
And think they see a simple sheep
With worms got in her brain,
That swarm around, her senses drowned,
As from the flock she strayed,
Believing she doth hear a sound,
And by that sound she's led;
And as her fancy wildly leads,
She simply doth go on;
The shepherds know not where she's strayed,
Her tracks are too far gone;
The bleating of the sheep they hear,
But cannot trace the sound.
Like simple shepherds they may gaze,
But let them search the ground;
Then in the pasture fair and green
They'll surely find the sheep;


And by the living water stream
They'll find her at the brink,
Where she doth quench her raging thirst,
And they may do the same;
For though she's beaten from the rest,
She's in My pasture come.
Then now, ye shepherds, stand amazed,
And view your long-lost sheep;
For on the pasture you may gaze,
And taste the brook she drinks;
'Tis large and fair the brook is here,
The trees are by the side;
And though she'th lost the shepherds' care,
The boughs the sun do hide
To screen her from the scorching sun
That in summer doth appear
And mark the pasture she is in,
When winter doth appear
The leaves so green, it must be seen,
Do closely on her come,
And seated by the LIVING STREAM
She daily feeds thereon.
See how the banks on every side
Secure your long-lost sheep,
And mark the fountain by her side
That she doth daily drink.
The trees more fair, I tell you here,
Than in your gardens be;
Such pasture you have never seen,
If you will come and see,
And mark the banks on every side
No enemy can come;
The lion's roaring for his prey,
It must to all be known;
But that is on the other side,
He frightens with his noise;
But mark the banks, and see the tide,
And hear the lonely voice:
Unto the rocks she doth complain
To screen her from his power -
And I'm the rock she builds upon,
That he cannot devour.
Mark where she stands, and view the lands,
And see how all is placed.

Now notice the change of metaphor, and as it seems important I will continue:-

But if I change her to a bird,
See how she'th built her nest;


It is so high that none can fly
To rob her of her brood;
The fowler's net can ne'er come by,
The shotsman missed his load;
Though heavy pieces, I do know,
Men have raised to their breast,
But are afraid to let them go,
For fear they should be cast,
As men do fear I may be there,
And terror strikes with awe.
I've kept her from the fowler's snare,
And that they all shall know;
'Tis Me they dread, or she'd been dead,
I say, for long ago;
For deep's the blow, I well do know,
Men have raised to their breast,
But were afraid to let it go,
And know they must be cast,
If I should come and then demand
Why they should spoil My game.
I'll take her from the fowler's hand,
And put mankind to shame;
Unless like he, they fearful be
For to discharge their load,
That they are levelling so at thee,
And fear a powerful God.
So if she's high then let her fly,
And take your charge away;
But if she soars too proudly here,
Her shotsman I will be;
I'll bring her low, they all shall know,
If she doth soar too high:
And if, beyond My bounds she go
She'll have no wings to fly;
I'll bring her low, you all shall know,
And she hath nought to boast;
For had I left her to herself
She'd stumbled like the rest.

These two are beautiful examples of sustained metaphor in the despised doggerel. It is continued by a third on heirship, which I feel constrained to quote, and then the three are interwoven at the end like the conclusion of a melodious symphony.

The SPIRIT continues:-

But as your land by heirship stands,
She is the perfect heir;
For 'tis unknown to every man
What her forefathers were;


Ere she was born, it must be known,
The Promise there was made;
And she'th fulfilled her mother's will
When on her dying bed.
So where's the man will dare condemn
The thing that I have done?
Then I will act the same by he
And rob him of his land.
So now offences will come on,
Men's hearts will swell too high,
And say My Kingdom cannot come
By such low worm as thee,
But perfect like the Jews of old
The Gentiles will begin:
The rich and great will still be bold,
And so deny the thing;
But then their pride it must come down -
By pride the Angels fell;
And 'twas the pride in Herod's heart
That brought his soul to hell:
The babes he murdered all for Me,
But he did miss the mark.
This is a hidden mystery -
The proud are in the dark;
And shall I swell them up more high,
To choose the rich and great,
When they did never honour Me?
Now look at Pilate's seat.
So now with men I'll even come,
And bring their honour low;
For 'tis the meek I now will seek,
And there My goodness show.
With Minifie I did begin,
And with her now I'll end:
There's no man can dispute with thee,
Because I am thy friend.
Thou sayest thou art amazed to see
The simple heads of men;
And I should be amazed like thee,
Did I not know the chain,
That Satan holds them by his power
And will not let them go;
He guards in their unguarded hours,
And that I well do know;
For if like lambs your flocks do stand,
Watched by the shepherd's care,
The fox is hovering round the land
To watch his absence there.
His haunt's unknown to every man,
The night he gets his prey,


For when he sees the shepherd's gone,
He steals My lambs away.
So now with Minifie I'll end -
Beforehand none can see
Behind hand with the cunning fox
My shepherds surely be.
Therefore beware and guard with care,
Or all your flock you'll lose;
You little think the fox so near,
As he is on your coast:
But if his haunts you will find out,
Then come to your lost sheep,
And all his footsteps you may trace
When you were fast asleep;
And see the Rock she climbed upon
When she beheld him near,
And warned your flock to flee the same
When they behold him there -
Then like the bird you may escape
Out of the fowler's net;
For if the dark side he doth beat
I tell you to fly up.

The lines above -

For 'tis unknown to every man
What her forefathers were,

do not refer to actual inheritance in land - although Joanna Southcott's grandfather was the real heir to estates in Hertfordshire that had been in their family for generations, and he belonged to what is commonly called a county family, yet the family through reverses had become poor - but the reference is to a remark made by an opponent, who said the Lord would not choose one of such low degree but some Church dignitary to visit in this way by His Spirit, and the answer given to this was that men did not know that the forefathers of Joanna had walked before Him with a perfect heart - and thus God had blessed them to the third and fourth generation, and from them had chosen an instrument to serve Him.

The lines -

Ere she was born, it must be known,
The Promise there was made;
And she'th fulfilled her mother's will
When on her dying bed,

relate to the promise made to Joanna's mother before she was


born that her child would faithfully serve the Lord, and be a special instrument to serve Him (Isa. xlix. 1-3).

That she was born in Devon is said to fulfil a prophecy in the Song of Solomon viii. 5, "I raised thee up under the apple tree: there thy mother brought thee forth; there she brought thee forth that bare thee."

The reference to Minifie is to a Mrs. Minifie, who was Joanna's earliest friend and believer: she could not understand how the Lord would condescend to such trifles in the lives of men, and laughed at the idea of explanations of such small matters as coming from Him.Minifie = trifles.

I am devoting later a chapter specially to the life of Joanna Southcott, as doubtless there are many people who know little, if anything, of her.

The metre of the poetry varies a good deal, and sometimes trochees are introduced at the beginning of several sequent lines with marked effect thus (Strange Effects of Faith, p.200) -


Sick of men's sufferings I am come of late;
Sick of their sins for to bring on their fate;
Sick of the folly I see in mankind;
Sick of the fever that ris'th in thy mind,
As no physician seeks thy wound to cure;
I know thy burthen's more than thou canst bear,
Did I not take from thee part of the load?

*     *     *     *     *

A great deal is written in pentameter with rhymed couplets as above; and also as in the following (Letters and Communications, p. 50) -

For so the midnight hour will burst for all,
And men and devils tremble at the call.
For, now, the mystery I'll explain to thee -
I brought then on the War for men to see;
And then I left thee at that very time,
And made thee weak, and weak they all will find
The trembling Nations to before Me stand;
When I do come to conquer Sea and Land:
I'll lay before them all that I did bear;
I'll make the Jews to tremble and to fear;
For all their mockery I will then turn back:
And they shall know the way they all did mock:
Because My hand shall not be shortened then;


I'll conquer devils and I'll plead with men:
For in the valleys now I'll bring them low,
And weak as thee, the Nations all shall know,
They shall in weakness, and in trembling stand.
But mark the Spirit - and thy strength command -
How full of Strength that hour thou did'st appear
No men or devils thou that time could'st fear,
Then here's the warning to My Brethren dear,
That by the Woman I so bid them send,
To My disciples to tell them in the end, etc.

*     *      *     *     *

The variety of the style in the versification, and the great truths constantly inculcated therein, prove incontestably that Joanna was no impostor and could not possibly have written them of herself. She was comparatively an uneducated woman, born in humble circumstances, and would never have been able to grasp the wide and deep teaching found throughout her writings.

Those who can read the verse without prejudice and with the heart attuned to the melody on high, will indeed find the New Song has come to man, and in the midst of the greatest difficulties will sing for joy of heart. The Comforter has come and given us a "Song in the Night."

I will here insert part of an unpublished Communication given in 1803 by the SPIRIT, on the style of the Writings -

"It is to bring men to the knowledge of their Bibles, that thy writings were put in such a manner, as they that believe them do not understand.

"To these My ways are hid in the great deep, and My paths past finding out, and thy Prophecies are the fulfilment of My Bible.

"It is written I shall do marvellous things among them: but could it be marvellous if they had nothing to marvel at; how could it be written, The wisdom of God is foolishness with men, if there was nothing to appear foolishness in their sight? The verse appears foolishness to those that look for flowing language without weighing the sense and meaning. Such is the common custom of mankind, to place their speeches in fine language without the weight of sense. But My wisdom is to confound their wisdom, by showing sense without fine language. Now I will answer the verse they complained of, where the understanding is not in the heart, the sound will be as a cymbal to the ear. It is from the heart man believeth


unto righteousness, but know the words spoken to thee are not like poetry made by man, but a controversy made by ME - contrary to verse - yet it is verse to give a sound one line to another; as an instrument of music gives the sound of music, so does the verse give a sound of verse, but a contrary verse from man. I am not come to heighten the eloquent language of mankind, but to pull it down to plain sense and reason, that I may bring men to the sense of things, and throw down their boasted eloquence of speech; for by that the world is now misled, because they use eloquence of speech, and these speeches draw mankind that do not look to the sense and meaning of things only rely on the eloquence of speeches. It was to lower the pride of the great, that I was born of poor parents, and laid in a manger, to bring man in that humble mind. And if they would be partakers with Me in My Kingdom, and reign with Me, they must become humble with Me. And just the same am I now come to throw down the pride of learning, and all the eloquence of speeches, to show them in the plainest manner, I am leading My flock by sense of words without eloquence of speeches to confound the wisdom of the learned, and to bring to nought the eloquence of the prudent, who judge their works are upright because they appear in fine language, which men of learning now boast of. And should I come to act like them, I should swell them higher and not sink their wisdom lower, to show them it must be the sense that must be attended to, and not the eloquence of words. For the wisdom of God is counted foolishness with men. Yet the end will show them their wisdom is foolishness with Me, when I come to bring every truth to light and prove that I am come in the Spirit to speak to man in Spiritual Songs, more plain and low than men of the world that boast of learning have, or how could I confound the learned by base and foolish things as they concluded?"


The Prose

The greater part of the books will be found in prose: the SPIRIT often saying to Joanna at the end of the verses, "Now I shall speak unto thee in plain language." The directions given to Joanna with regard to the arrangement and publication of her Writings show again and again that she was no impostor. She greatly disliked publishing some stories as Parables which she was commanded to place in her books. "Without a Parable spake He not unto them." I shared the feeling on first reading them, especially the one of Lord Bumet in which the footpage informs his lord of his wife's adultery. Yet this is powerfully used as a type to the Nation in its unfaithfulness to the Lord, in being enamoured with the things of this world, and forgetting our Lord Who so tenderly loves us, that He will come in fury at the end to bring us back to Himself. The Rev. Thos. Foley, rector of Old Swinford and a firm friend to Joanna, had a sore trial of his faith in being ordered to place the above-named story in the book he was publishing for Joanna, called What Manner of Communication are these? William Sharp, the eminent engraver, also a devoted follower, was ordered to write and publish his Answer to the World at the same time as Mr. Foley. He, too, had to insert one or two parables. The strange work is that the explanation given by the Spirit of the parables in Mr. Foley's was ordered to be sent to Mr. Sharp, and the explanation of that in Mr. Sharp's to be sent to Mr. Foley. Thus one book could not be fully understood without the other, and the faith of both was severely tried. I only discovered this myself a short time ago, although I have been reading the Writings so many years. It is certainly a procedure no human being would dream of taking. It gave me great pleasure to find a much fuller explanation in the other book, as I thought I had read all there was to be read in the first. These surprises, which are constantly occurring in some form or the other to the diligent reader, give deep joy, as another pearl of great price is added to our store. The Communications from the Spirit are interwoven through the whole, as it states, as a coat without seam. Continual references are made in the Writings to circumstances.


and things stated elsewhere, so that it needs very wide and careful reading to get at anything like its entire beauty. This, however, will not deter those who are really seeking and desirous of entering the "strait gate," but only quicken their interest and test their zeal.

Many have objected that these Writings are an addition to the Bible, and they say they want nothing more. I will here quote from Mr. Foley's Answer to the World, p.65. The SPIRIT to Joanna -

"I tell thee and all men thy visitation and thy prophecies are no addition to the Scriptures, but a fulfilment of the Scriptures; therefore, I tell thee, no man can say thou hast added thereto, or taken therefrom; but perfectly as the words are spoken, perfectly so they are now fulfilling: and that every soul will know, I have begun, and I shall make an end."

Joanna was sometimes commanded to pen her own thoughts, and then the Lord explained them by His Spirit. She was ordered to read the Bible through, and draw her own observations. She wrote Seven Books of the True Explanations of the Bible, as given to her by the Spirit: they will all be found deeply instructive, and fully answer the difficulties in men's minds to-day respecting God and His dealings with mankind. (See list of Books at end.) I will give an example from the first page in the first of the seven books.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON, September 23, 1804

Joanna began this morning, as soon as she had breakfasted, to read through Samuel, and could not avoid pondering in her heart how David, that was such a chosen man of the Lord, and to whom such great blessings were promised, should have such wicked sons; and yet she was clearly convinced in her own mind, that it was no cunningly devised fable of David's to say it; because our Saviour Himself speaks so highly of him. She likewise thought upon Jacob's sons; how great the Promise was made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and yet what vices were in Jacob's sons! All these things appeared marvellous in her eyes; but here comes


"Joanna, I shall answer the ponderings of thy heart. All these are TYPES OF THE CREATION, TYPES OF THE FALL, and TYPES OF THE REDEMPTION. Here are mysteries thou canst


not understand; but I shall explain them unto thee; and begin with the Creation. What a Promise did I make to Man at first; and what blessings did I set before him! In whose likeness did I say I created him? and in what Paradise did I place him, if he had continued to obey My command? But where did Adam fall? and what followed the Fall? Was not Adam the original progenitor of all men that I created to be fruitful, to multiply, and to replenish the earth? and said, I had formed him in My own likeness? But after his Fall, what did Cain do? Then why dost thou marvel so much about David? Was not I his Maker? and do I not call Myself the Father of all men? Yet what followed on in the posterity of the children, I shall explain to thee, in the children of David. As David was the father of his children, that rose up in rebellion against him, just so am I the common PARENT of all men; and thou mayest as well marvel how men rise up in rebellion against their God, as marvel how David's sons rose up in rebellion against him: and thou mayest as well marvel how mankind can be so wicked, when every BLESSING they receive is from ME; and yet see what rebellion there is in the world against ME. Do not men rise up in open violence against ME, and want to take the power out of My hand, if they could; as much as Absalom rose up against David, and wanted to take the throne from him? Now I shall answer thee from thy pondering heart. Thou thoughtest so great a Promise as was made to David, his sons must have been the best of men, he being anointed a chosen servant of Mine; but I tell thee, No. These chosen servants show the Type of Man in the Creation; what they were created for; and what their children departed from, like David's sons. How could I compare David with MYSELF if it were otherwise? Is it not written, 'I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against ME'? and so did David's children rebel against him: for the children of David are throughout the land, and have been in every age of the world, as rebellious against ME, that am the common PARENT of all men, as David's sons were against him; and their vices and cruelty one against the other, as David's sons were one against the other. So marvel not if the children, where the promises were made great to the parents, whom thou judgest should be the best of men, and in thy heart thou sayest they are the worst of men. And -


Now thy folly I shall answer,
From the judgment drawn by thee,
If thou'st looked to thy CREATOR,
And the Land in sin to be.
If from ME first the whole did burst,
And I did Man create,
And yet in sin they did begin
For to bring on their fate;
Then how can Man so upright stand,
Where Promises are made,
While Satan's roving through the land?
Thy wisdom weak was laid:
Had Abraham's seed in virtue stood,
And David stood the same,
Then surely I who DWELL ON HIGH
Must be more weak than Man,
If Man had power to subdue
The folly of his child,
Then how can I be JUST and TRUE
To let mankind be foiled?
If Abraham's seed in virtue stood,
I ask thee, why not MINE?
If David's sons in virtue came,
And bright in wisdom shined,
I ask thee then why Mine began
To fall away from ME?
I tell you all, the things are plain:
These things compared must be."

*    *    *

Very beautiful lines continue for five pages, but this is just a specimen of the remainder -

Then like the Woman now contend,
That I may set you free
'From Satan's hand in every land,
And from his artful power;
And then you'll see the REIGN OF ME,
When Satan can't devour -
A DAVID here I'll then appear
And bring MY CROWN to Man:
And every promise then I'll clear,
And show how all shall stand;
When from the first the Promise burst
Unto the Woman made,
Then Satan shall receive his curse,
And men shan't be misled,
Like David here I did appear,
And like his words do cry;
Though he did ne'er receive the spear
But mark what he did say -


"O Absalom! my son! my son!
Oh, that I'd died for thee!"
The shadow there that did appear,
The WORD'S fullfilled in ME:
So I did die - I tell thee why:
Because My sons I'll save.
And yet I hear, like Absalom's cry,
My throne they now would have.

*     *     *

I will now conclude this chapter with a Communication given to Joanna on the origin of evil:


{Sound an Alarm, p.55.)

"Now I will answer thee of the man that asked why I created the devil, knowing what a wretched being he would be. Here the wisdom of man hath taken in question the wisdom of his Maker. But know, O vain man, you must first feel the pain of sickness before you know the pleasure of health; a man that never felt poverty, knows not what he enjoys by his riches; neither did the angels in heaven know from whence all their happiness flowed, that I had created in the realms of bliss.

"Therefore as worms breed in wood, so did evil breed in the devil and fallen angels. They could not believe that all happiness sprang from Me. Envy and pride entered their hearts - as worms enter into wood, till it begins to decay, and to moulder into dust. Just so did evil enter into the heart of the devil, that thought he was a created being, though not of Me, but of himself; equal in might, majesty and power; and that he ought to be worshipped in heaven equally with ME. Thus evil entered his heart without My creating it; as wood is grown, and made into timber for use, and the worms breed in it of themselves, without being there when it was first formed and fashioned; just so did evil enter into the heart of the devil, like the worms that breed of themselves in timber, till he became corrupt all through, by pride, malice, and envy. Thus did evil breed of itself. Then I separated the evil from the good, and cast him out of heaven, with the angels that worshipped him; and placed his power below, to show his reign; and created man upon the earth, where he had power to tempt man, as he tempted the angels in heaven.


"Therefore when I created man, I well knew the depth of Satan's arts, that he would find a way to have an influence over him, as he had over the angels in heaven; therefore I said, it was not good for man to be alone, and I said I would make a helpmate for his good, and placed the Tree of Knowledge in the garden, that if the man ate thereof, he should be dead 'to knowledge.' But did not add the last words that I meant. Now this command was given to the man, and known to the devil, who thought if he could impose on the weakness of the woman, he should destroy the works of the Creation - and say the woman I made for man's good was for his hurt - and then prove to the fallen angels that I had as greatly erred in casting them out of heaven, as I erred in the Creation, in making the woman for man's good, to be his helpmate; but man became dead to knowledge; how then could she be for his good? And it was concealed from the knowledge of man to this day how she could be for man's good that the woman was then made - whom they judged brought the fall on man. Here with man it might appear impossible, but with God all things are possible - and the mystery is possible and plain. For the man was made of the dust of the ground; the woman was made of flesh and blood, taken from man in a state of perfection. But know he was not then the perfect man, but divided into two living souls and bodies; and Satan betrayed that part of him that I pronounced for his good - and man cast his blame on her, and ME for giving her; but on the serpent, that is the devil, was the woman's blame cast - and know the curse I then pronounced upon him, that the curse should fall on him above every living creature - that he should creep on his belly, as having no foot to stand upon. This as a serpent was pronounced against the devil; and I said, I will cause enmity between his seed and her seed; and it should bruise his head.

"Now, answer Me, O ye sons of men, did Satan outwit ME? or shall I outwit him? If I do not fulfil the intent of My heart, Satan must have outwitted ME in the Creation; as he is now trying to outwit men in their redemption. But know, O vain men, if he outwits man, he cannot outwit ME, who made the heavens and formed the earth; and who knew all the depths of Satan's arts.

"Therefore I laid a plan in the Creation to make room for man's redemption by the woman that I created for man's


good, by casting her blame on Satan's head; and that every soul will find in the end. Then will all the earth know I did not err in the Creation, when I bring in your redemption. For, every footing Satan hath got on earth must be taken away, when I come to fulfil My promise to bruise his head, and bring the curse on him as I pronounced. Then will men say, 'Let God be true and every man a liar,' that says He erred in the Creation, and did not make the woman for man's good. But know I am a God and change not. It is man that hath sought out many inventions, to wrest the Scriptures to their own condemnation, not discerning the Lord's Body till His coming - that as My Heel was bruised, so must Satan's head be bruised also. But this knowledge man has been dead to ever since the Fall, which way it will be accomplished, till the glory of the Lord was revealed to the woman, that she should ask and receive, that her joys should be full, to be avenged of her adversary the devil, whose subtle arts caused her fall; and My promises must be her plead; and My honour is engaged to save all to the utmost, who now believe My word is 'Yea and Amen.' What I promise I shall fulfil; therefore as dust returns to dust, so the Creation must turn to what I created them for at first. So if it did not prove for man's good then that she was betrayed, it shall be for man's good that she pleads the promise which was made in the Creation to bring in man's redemption.

"Therefore have I made all her prophecies more true and plain, if man can discern them through, than any prophecies given to man, that you may now begin to see the woman is your helpmate for your good. But if all were given plain and true to men, they would not want, nor receive the woman for their good, but judge they knew all themselves; therefore I have foiled the prophecies of men, and made it more plain to the woman, that you may begin to lift up your heads, and 'know that your Redemption draweth near:' and My words are near to be fulfilled, that Satan's curse, which was pronounced, shall fall upon his head - and My Kingdom of Peace near to be established. But all these mysteries you must dig deep to find them: for this is the Pearl of great Price."

One of the reasons given in the Writings for their lowly garb is to keep the believers, themselves, humble and from having their hearts puffed up with pride in the possession of so much knowledge that others have not. Who would have


thought that the literary pride of life was also to be tested and tried! God indeed tries the reins and hearts of men, even to the dividing of the joints and marrow. One must be stripped of worldliness and prejudice, and filled with a teachable spirit before the great truths can enter the soul and heart and mind on first reading the books, and then later bear with courage the literary contempt of the world, if need be, in holding fast what is taught therein.

Although I have studied the works, I daresay as much as any one, yet I feel almost as far from the consummation as at the outset. There are galleries and galleries of precious jewels, and constantly a fresh entrance is made into unexpected chambers - that one marvels and asks. When are all these wonders to cease? The answer seems an emphatic, Never. Who by searching can find out God? As far as the Heavens are from the Earth, so are His thoughts from our thoughts! Yet the following on and the searching and finding cause infinite delight, and God will yet Himself also delight in man. I invite the learned to this feast of good things, and assure them it will take a bench of bishops to find out even a few of the truths to perfection.

I am longing for the fulfilment of the prophecies when the "great and learned" (which seems to refer principally to the bishops and the clergy) will diligently search into the matter, and when such a controversy will arise, that the enemies of Joanna Southcott will demand that the Box of Sealed Writings, which has not been opened for one hundred years, shall be opened, when it is promised that the nation will be clearly convinced of the truth of the visitation to Joanna Southcott.

The Communication from the SPIRIT, which forms the contents of this Box, have never been read, even by believers, but have been kept as commanded nailed up in a wooden box bound with cords.

This is a type of the Word being buried down, and as a seed apparently dead, yet having life in itself, that will spring up when the great Husbandman so pleases. The Word of God is not bound, but will accomplish that whereunto it is sent. It is also said that those who come as enemies will go away firm friends to the cause. The glory is to burst from the Altar, which, in many places, refers especially to the Church of England; all are to come to the Standard of the Church, as the three clergymen, the Rev. Stanhope Bruce, the Rev.


Thos. Philip Foley, and the Rev. Thos. Webster, were such zealous supporters of Joanna's mission when she was alive. And it is said that the Centurion will surely be found among the bishops. It likewise states that the Church Prayers contain the truth with regard to this mission, only it is not, as yet, perceived. This does not mean that all must join the Church of England, as the Writings speak highly of Dissenters, too, where the hearts are good, and where there is a single eye to the glory of God and His Kingdom. No flesh or sect is to glory one above the other, but all must have the childheart - teachable, humble, full of trust and love. Before the end it is said there is to be an enlightened nation to enlighten others, and that Christ will not come until He is the Desire; of the Nations - that is, there are to be some in every nation looking for His Kingdom, and longing for Him to take His great power and reign on the Earth, and for every knee to bow in loyal allegiance. It is evident, therefore, that much remains to be done before the final end, unless the Lord indeed makes a short work.


Woman, the True Helpmate.

Doubtless, many will ask, but cannot you tell us clearly what was the object of the mission of Joanna Southcott, and what were her claims. Her mission covers the close work of twenty years, and her claims are very high. I will try to state, as concisely as I can, a few of the leading features of her work:-

(i) She was a woman chosen by God to stand at the end of the ages in perfect obedience to Him.

(ii) She was to claim the Promise made in the Fall to the Woman, that her seed (Christ) should bruise the Serpent's head, and thus put an end to evil.

(iii) She was in a special sense to be the Bride of Christ, not the only one, but set as a type, until all become brides - both men and women - and give their supreme love to Him, standing in perfect obedience as His Church.

(iv) The Comforter, the Holy Ghost, came to her in Christ's name, telling her things to come and showing her plainly of the Father. The Prince of this world was judged and condemned. The world did not receive the Comforter because it saw Him not, neither heard Him.

(v) As Woman's hand brought the evil fruit to man at first, so at the last her hand is to bring to man the good, and in that manner he must receive it. As he took it at first, so he must at last.

(vi) Woman is to be saved through child-bearing. She has suffered so much - this is to be her glory at last. Her son, her Saviour, was born of her from on high. The Seed's Seed - the SPIRITUAL Isaac, will make the barren womb to rejoice. "A BRANCH shall grow out of his roots" (Isa.xi. 1). "He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the streets" (Isa. xlii. 2). "For behold, I will bring forth My servant the BRANCH" (Zech. iii. 8).

(vii) She perfectly fulfilled Revelation xii. in the spiritual birth of the man-child: the Church is finally to be the man-child when filled with His Spirit. Although Joanna had such


a great and distinct work to do for the Lord, yet she is constantly reminded that she owes all her knowledge and all her faith to the Lord, who is the Author of our faith, and that she is not above the rest. The following few lines will illustrate this-

No more in thee they all shall see,
Than in thy friends abound:
And they that are thy helpers here
Shall in the end be crowned -
In glory bright - in robes of white -

For brides I'll make you all;
One star can never give the light,
If all the rest should fall.
So as to pride, throw all aside,
'Tis time for all to shine;
Nor can you say if she's the bride,
She's higher than mankind;
'Tis but a mark, 'tis growing dark,
She's not above the rest:
Observe the glittering of the stars,
And see how all are placed.

Letters. p.25.

That the Writings of Joanna Southcott were to be given to the world from the pen of a woman at last is clearly foretold, although I had not any knowledge of the prophecies relating thereto when I began this book, except that women were to bring the good fruit to man at last. For six years, from 1899-1905, I had corresponded with a clergyman, the Rev. Walter Begley, living at Hampstead, on the divine visitation of Joanna Southcott. He is well known in the literary world as a writer and an Elizabethan scholar. He was descended from the Rev.Thos. Webster, one of Joanna's firmest adherents, and his own father was a believer. He greatly desired to resuscitate her work, and intended, had he lived, to have written, with my assistance, a life of Joanna Southcott: but he was removed by death, to my great sorrow, at the close of the year 1905.

Some years before, in the dawn of one morning in October, 1899, I felt most strongly that I was desired by the Lord to write a poem,* setting forth the restitution of man to his former happiness, and the joys of the coming Millennium: "Sing for Me," I seemed to hear. It was to be in seven books, and



the leading idea of each book seemed clearly outlined. I did not expect to be able to do it or to succeed, but the book at last became an accomplished fact, and many seem to have been refreshed in these strenuous times by its cooling streams, and it has been a delight to the believers in Joanna's mission, as although not naming her, it gave a general outline of the truths taught to her by the SPIRIT.

I did not think I should ever have any more work to do in that way, but in the dawn of one morning in November, 1907, I seemed to receive a clear command to write a book on the life and work of Joanna. Shortly after I obeyed, and I believe the Lord will uphold me and give me the necessary wisdom to accomplish His purpose in this. It is marvellous to me that I feel so strongly impelled - words and ideas seem to crowd in upon my mentality, almost more than I can bear in my sometimes human frailty.

It would interest the reader, perhaps, if I quoted what is said of the work of women at the end in the Answer to the World, by Rev. T. P. Foley (p.54) -


"I now tell thee the world would say, it did not all come from one Spirit, if I should take thee out of the world, and clear up every mystery by another hand - for to make the water wine: for as water thy writings appeared to thousands, but I shall turn it into wine. By all the directions of the past, I shall clear them in the end, by the same hand I began with. And perfectly so, I tell thee, I shall clear My honour in making the woman a helpmate for man; which appears as great folly to thousands, as they say thy writings appear. For the wisdom of the Creator is blamed by the creature, and this hath been done in every age of the world; and point out the age, that the wisdom of God was not blamed by man, when I came to visit by My Spirit. In thy heart thou answereth, there is no age but man hath condemned My visitation to the prophets; and so, I tell thee, Adam began to cast the blame upon his Creator; and thus all ages have gone on; and so, I tell thee, they will go on to the end, till sudden destruction cometh upon thousands, like the sudden deaths that have been to many, and remarked in this year, 1805 - and deeply, I tell thee, they will remark the end. Now I shall come to thy pondering thoughts. I said, I would clear up the mystery of thy


visitation by the same hand I began with; and thou sayest in thy heart thy hand is stopped writing; and the writing is given to another, so if I make thee a mouth and voice, I do not make thee the hand, to end that which I made thee begin. To this I answer from the Fall. I took thy writings from thee to clear up every mystery; for know, I said the same hand that brought the knowledge of the evil, should bring the knowledge of the good. Now, if you take the same hand, without calling the woman the same hand, you must say it must be brought by Eve, to lay the foundation for another to claim and build thereon. So, I tell thee, the hand is alike; it cannot be changed to man; and perfectly so, I tell thee, as thy hand began the writing, from My Spirit, so the hand of woman shall end. Then now discern what is meant by the same hand, it is not meant the hand of Eve, that plucked the evil, and brought the knowledge of the evil, shall bring the knowledge of the good and yet, I tell thee, the foundation was as much laid by her, in speaking the truth, and casting her blame on the serpent, as the foundation of thy writings was first laid by thy hand. And as men blame the foundation that was laid by thee, and thousands judge it foolishness what thou hast penned, perfectly so, I tell thee, is the mystery of the Fall: they do not discern the promise; her first reasoning; and her second truth; neither do they discern the fault in man; neither do they discern how soon the curse came on again from Noah, after the world was drowned, that he pronounced upon his son. These things were not discerned by men; therefore, the blame lieth upon the woman, without discerning that Adam was as easy to fall, by the weakness of the woman, as she was by the subtilty of the serpent. But, see how the blame was cast. These things men do not discern; therefore they go on, as Adam began to cast the blame upon the woman; and My honour can never be cleared, for giving the woman for his helpmate, if I do not clear My honour, to fulfil My promise, and make her for his good. And perfectly so, I now tell thee, I cannot clear My honour, but in the simple manner I have often spoken to thee; therefore, I tell thee, I shall clear up the whole by the same hand I began with; that meaneth to be a mouth and voice in thee, to speak the words, and by the hand of women to be penned. But let no one judge from these words, that what I have begun by thee as a mouth and voice, that other women are to end; that I shall be a mouth and voice to them.


For, now I tell thee, there are many, that if they were to hear these words, without having them clearly explained, they would say thou wert but a shadow; for they were the substance. Therefore, I tell thee, all I mean by another hand of woman is, to finish what thou hast begun; and to pen the words, that I shall deliver to thee and thou to them. . . "

Thus it is clear that women have to do a great deal at the end to finish the work begun by Joanna Southcott. Personally, I have deeply regretted the loss of Mr. Begley in this matter, as I thought, if he wrote with his great literary ability and wide learning on this subject, the world might possibly listen. Such, however, was not to be. The Lord has promised to make the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty, and even the things that are not, to bring to nought the things that are. Even so, Lord Jesus, for so it seemeth good in Thy sight! In writing this work my great aim is to give to others the great blessings, and the light that I have been privileged to receive. There is no desire to found a sect, or to seek notoriety. There is no new doctrine taught, but wonderful light is given on the Lord's great plan of redemption, for which purpose He died as our Saviour on the Tree. What He purposed in His heart He will verily accomplish, and the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the Earth, as the waters cover the sea. The whole creation travails and groans under its burden of sin, but God has promised to establish His Kingdom, even here on Earth, in holiness and righteousness, and to wipe all tears from our eyes. I should like here to quote a few texts which I think will now be read with a new light, and the new song will gradually find an echo in our hearts.

Joel ii. 28: "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions."

Many good men and women have had their eyes so fixed on the gathering at the day of Pentecost, that they have not seen that the prophecy was at that time only partially fulfilled, and that it was only a shadow of a yet greater fulfilment. The Spirit was not poured out upon all flesh, neither did the handmaids prophesy, and the young men see visions.


The writings of Joanna Southcott teach clearly that all the meaning of a text does not appear at the first perusal, that there are often many aspects in which to regard it - each important and throwing a different light: that when there is a shadow of things to come, there is also often more than one shadow, even as the sun casts a shadow different ways at different times of the day. If the shadows so often elude us, how can we hope that finite man has fully grasped the substance? There are wheels within wheels, prophecies within prophecies, dreams within dreams, miracles within miracles, parables within parables, jewels within jewels - all waiting for our consideration, that our delight may be in our God, and His in us. Let us lift up our heads - and consider these things for our redemption draweth near. His name is indeed Wonderful, Counsellor, the Prince of Peace.

Psalm ciii. 9: "He will not always chide, neither will He keep His anger for ever." There are texts, too, that point to Christ coming again in an unexpected way, and that to many unobserved.

Hebrews ix. 28: "Unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation."

2 Peter iii. 10: "The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night."

This causes trembling and fear to those that do not expect Him.

Luke xxi. 35: "For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth."

The Lord will not only destroy all evil, but He will ensnare us into His great Gospel net of love, and hold us safe from all harm.

The following verses on the coming of the Spirit of Truth are so important in connexion with this visitation that I will quote them -

John xiv. 16-18: "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; even the Spirit of Truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him; but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you."


Verse 26: "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you."

John xvi. 7-14: "Nevertheless, I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness and of judgment; of sin, because they believe not on me; of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more; of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. He shall glorify me, for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you."

Verse 25: "These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs; but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall show you plainly of the Father."

That all the followers of the Lord Jesus have the earnest of the Spirit in their hearts, I am fully aware. But let each ask himself or herself whether the experience has been a fulfilment of these Scriptures, and we must acknowledge only a part, and a very little part. In this visitation is a fulfilment to the letter in a remarkable and unexpected manner. The perfect fulfilment is probably even yet to come. Let us follow on to know the Lord, humbly with the child-heart.

Again in Acts iii. 19: "Repent ye, therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; and he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you."

Ephesians i. 13: "Ye were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise."

Ephesians ii. 7: "That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Jesus Christ."

Read verses 15-22: "For to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace."


Ephesians iv. 13: "Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ."

Ephesians iv. 30: "And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption."

1 Thessalonians v. 2, 3: "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night (unperceived). For when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child."

Sudden destruction does not come upon a woman with child: her fears are usually destroyed and great love supervenes. The Lord will destroy our pride, our ignorance, our blindness of heart, and in doing so will give us hearts ready to receive His great love when He comes as the Bridegroom to His Church. But let us beware the destruction comes upon us as a woman with child.

Verse 19, same: "Quench not the Spirit."

Verse 20: "Despise not prophesyings."

Verse 21: "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."

2 Timothy iii. Read 1-7: "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

The verses are a true picture of the world.

Hebrews iv. 8-13: "For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day." . . "For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing as under of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

Hebrews v. 14: "But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

Hebrews vi. Read I to 20: "Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection."

Verse 18: "That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us."

The two great events, the Word being made flesh, and afterwards the Spiritual birth-seem to fulfil this.


James i. 17: "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."

Verse 19: "Let every man be swift to hear."

1 Peter i. 13: "Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ."

1 Peter iii. 18: "For Christ also hath once suffered for sins. . . being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit."

1 Peter iv. 13, 14: "But rejoice . . that when his glory shall be revealed ye may be glad with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached . . . he is glorified."

2 Peter i. 19, 20: "We have also a more sure word of prophecy . . . knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scriptures is of any private interpretation."

It is well, therefore, that we do not arrogate to ourselves power we do not possess, and think we all hear God's audible voice when it has ever been given to a few for the edification of others.

1 John iv. 1, 2: "Try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every Spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of God."

1 John v. 6: "And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth."

It is common in these days to lightly set aside the authority of the Bible, but it is plainly taught in Joanna's writings that God did direct the writing of His Word, and that the meaning was ofttimes concealed from the humble instruments, prophets and apostles, and the fulfilment could only be in the fulness of the time, when the significance would be understood by man. "It is the glory of a King to conceal a thing," lest the ever-watchful enemy circumvent the beneficent designs of His heart towards His people.

There is distinctly a second coming of Christ foretold to take place which will be unperceived by the world, as well as His coming as a Judge with all His Saints, when every eye shall see Him.


That we shall be warned of our Lord's coming is clear from the parable of the Ten Virgins, and yet many that expect Him will fall short and not enter in with Joy to the Marriage Feast. Many declare they have all that is necessary to their salvation, and that they want nothing more. Why is that? Because they have never tasted the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and do not realize what deprivation means.

Without in any way depreciating our Saviour's Atonement and His great and transcendant life on earth, yet the whole Bible to me is full of marvellous promises for the end. Everyone, in a measure, believes in them, but they do not seem to live as though the Lord's coming was a reality and close at hand.

Many rest upon the inward peace that comes to a Christian, as though it were our full redemption - the earnest is there, I grant, but redemption to me means infinitely more. Some object to the visitation because they consider that God has already said all that He intends to say to man. I say, God forbid! Is His delight, as yet, with man, and man's with Him? Is there the pure language when all will praise Him with one accord? Does the knowledge of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea?

It seems natural to the finite mind of man to imagine that in his little day everything is fulfilled, and that he can fully grasp all that has been revealed up to his time. But see the mistakes that godly persons in all ages have made in that very way: the prophets thought their prophecies were to be fulfilled almost at once, and did not realize they wrote for future ages. The apostles and early Christians seemed to live in daily expectation of the end of all things. The Jews had such a preconceived idea of how the Messiah would appear that they could not receive Him in an unexpected garb. Joanna, herself, and her followers thought, and apparently with reason, that the Kingdom of God must immediately appear. They did not expect and could not understand a spiritual birth after such tangible proof of the existence of a child. Yet the child was born, but with a body of the nature of the Father - of greater power - like unto the resurrection body - that could be caught up to God and to His throne (Rev. xii.). He was greater when He went unto the Father, or became the Father. He has seen His seed, when He poured out His soul (or Spirit) unto death, and shall prolong His days (Isa. liii. 10). Although


the believers expected such a different consummation to their justifiable hopes, yet in reading the prophecies of Joanna Southcott in the light of subsequent years, how clearly it is foretold in her works that it all would die away, and be buried down as a seed, but still be kept alive by the hand of God, and of itself appear again, first the blade, then the ear, until the full corn of harvest.

How simple, yet how natural all expectations of speedy fulfilment are to our frail humanity?

Let us learn a deep lesson from the past ages - that God's ways are not our ways. Let us keep an open mind and a listening ear, lest He speak to us in vain, and we, too, miss the blessedness of His tender love towards mankind. That He loves us, who can doubt? when He has, Himself, first loved us and sent His Son, out of His great compassion, to suffer with us and to die for us, that in the end He might make us indeed His sons and joint-heirs with Christ. He has again visited the world and poured out His soul unto death; we have crucified Him afresh and put Him to an open shame. Let His great love touch our hearts and awaken such an answering chord that we give Him of our best. Let us partake of the riches of His grace, and receive of His fulness in its perfection as far as He has as yet revealed Himself. Do not let the cares of the world, or its pleasures or pursuits, or the pride of life, or the riches of wealth or learning, cause us to miss the greatest happiness that can be bestowed upon us. Rather than give up the joy which proceeds from studying these books, and the happiness in the belief that it is God's own voice, through the Spirit of Truth, speaking to our day and generation, I would yield my life. I could not feel more strongly. I cannot deny my lifelong and firm conviction of their truth. It is only within the last few years that I have made fresh discoveries of truths of clearest lustre, which have long lain hidden. Until I followed on to know more and more of the matter, I had no idea that the wealth of almost numberless Communications, which had never been printed, lay yet to be explored. Old, discoloured, uninviting as they look, yet they contain many of the most beautiful explanations of the Scriptures, and certainly the most comforting and tender promises of love and protection to those that closely follow Him, that I have ever read - Matthew xiii. 52: "Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that


is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old."

Here is one that I have taken direct from probably the original copy in the handwriting of the Rev. Thomas P. Foley -


New Year's Day, 1797.


When I did resign My glory -
The cross from man I did remove;
All their sufferings I took on Me -
All their heavy load I bore.
And when that I came to Calvary,
Cried aloud, "twas finished there."
Now I'll tell thee what was finished,
Perfect at that very time,
Not a thing did I diminish,
But the mystery's still behind.
Now the mystery, I'll explain it;
Satan did in Judas come -
In the garden he betrayed Me,
But the mystery here is plain.
Quickly he threw down the money,
After Satan, he was gone;
When the tempter, he had left him
He did soon become a man,
That was made of dust and ashes
And had nowhere for to fly -
Conscience being then awakened,
Soon the halter he did buy.
Round his neck, he did prepare it,
But did Satan do the same?
No, I say, had he repented -
To the Cross I'd never come.
Now the mystery's deep of Judas
I will perfect here unfold -
When he did throw down the money,
And his heart did then grow cold,
Because it was the price of blood,
And it, he did throw down.
On the tree his body hung -
Let Satan hear the sound.
For this as man had Judas done,
When he was left alone;
His conscience pricked him to the heart
To think of what he had done.
Then if as man he this had done
To show his sorrow great -
Some love to Me, there sure must be,


And that without deceit.
His burden run him to despair -
Condemned himself - then must I clear.
And therefore Judas as a man
I never will him there condemn;
By his repentance what he'll gain,
Is all a mystery unto men.
But now one mystery I will clear
Why I pronounced such sentence there
"Tis better he had ne'er been born,"
Or the proud waves confined his tomb.
For now I tell thee as a man,
I gave the tempter room to come
And take possession of his heart -
And now the truth I will impart.
For Judas, he did Me obey,
I told the tempter not delay,
For he was present at the time -
I told him as a man to come,
And in My chosen to appear
In My disciple that was near -
To My disciple I did say,
That Satan he must then obey.
The devil came in this disguise,
Now let the sons of men be wise -
I tried the devil - and the man,
And they appeared both as one,
No difference did then appear
But now the mysteries I shall clear.
The man he surely did relent -
Deeper than Peter did repent -
His grief was more than he could bear -
And man with Me received the spear
That brought him to the very tree.
Now where's the man condemned to be?
Repenting sinners I'll forgive,
My honour is engaged to save:
And he repented AS A MAN.
Then now the devil let him come
And see if he repents alone,
As Judas did when he was gone.
And if he does not thus repent -
I say, My mind is fully bent -
To chain him to his final doom,
If in his heart he finds no room
For to repent what he hath done,
And now to copy after man:
Or else on him the lot is cast,
And he the man must be at last
Where I pronounced that fatal doom
To wish he never had been born.



The above shows such a knowledge of the human heart, and so much meaning that has not, hitherto, been understood, that the internal evidence alone conveys ample testimony of its divine origin. There are many other events in Bible history, as well as many common occurrences, that are also so beautifully explained by the Spirit in both published and unpublished Communications, that I am convinced no mortal man would have probed such depths, much less a simple minded and, to some extent, unlettered woman. From a child my heart has responded to the beautiful spirit in these writings, and although my desire to make them known to the world earlier has been frustrated in various ways, at last I feel free and in a position to do so. Many times I have placed them before leading ministers and other well-known religious persons, but few have desired to look deeply into the matter, but let it drop again, although all have considered Joanna must have been a good woman, and stated they found nothing in her writings contrary to the Bible. This has been a great disappointment to me, but we shall see later on how that attitude, too, has fulfilled the Writings.

The Creator knows the hearts He has formed so well, that He knows better than we how we shall act under given conditions. Therefore it has been necessary to allow civilization to run its course, and to prove the futility of the inventions of men, or the wisdom of men, to bring the human family to a state of happiness apart from God.

It is foretold in these books that man will lay heavier burdens upon his fellow-man than God will, even in the judgments to bring them back to Himself. God will put an end to sin to prevent man from continuing in a state of misery, and He may have to act sharply and severely to destroy sin, and to call men from their worship of the Golden Calf, so that He may save their souls. Look around upon our fellows, and see the strain of life imposed by man in every occupation.

Every man's work is wrong.

Have we not forgotten that we are our brother's keeper, and that, perhaps, his blood may even cry unto us in condemnation from the ground? What is the meaning of the terrible prevalence of suicide to-day? Is it not that life has become in too many cases a horror, and unbearable?


What has twentieth-century competition done, but taken the delight of commerce from men, and made it a scramble for existence and an unspeakable anxiety? Look on our engine-drivers and stokers on sea and land, and imagine, if you can, their battles with heat, signals, and danger of dire calamities to hundreds of human lives, if their efforts are ever so little relaxed. This seems to have been foretold in the following lines written a hundred years ago, and is from an unpublished Communication -

While some behind are still confined
Like meat in oven dressed:
Could'st thou be there - their anguish hear
And feel their burning breast.

*     *    *

And are your ships so laden now
You cannot bring them home?
Then pity they shall find in Me,
If that in man there's none.

Look at the recent launching of the Lusitania and Mauretania - triumphs of modern engineering skill and constructive art - but who thinks of the burden of responsibility laid upon the officers, especially the chief? Thousands of lives on men's shoulders, subject to the violence of the mighty deep! The call for efficiency both in the Army and Navy and in the Educational world, is sounded throughout the Empire, regardless of the burdens and responsibilities increasingly laid on officers and teachers. Any settled policy seems impossible with the fecundity of ideas which take shape in constant change in regulations and syllabuses. Among the poor want of employment is pressing upon them with iron hand. All classes are suffering; it is time for a wise and powerful God to interfere and abolish modern conditions of life, and restore man to the happiness for which he was created. Sharp and drastic may be the necessary remedies.

Those that do fear thou mock'st them here,
And do thy words despise:
In unbelief they'll strong appear,
And too late will grow wise.
For then their fate will be too late,
For fast will all come on -
To linger here I will no more,
I see the hearts of men.


For anger here doth now appear
So strong before My view;
"Tis time to smart, and see the dart,
For trifling will not do.
Your hearts will ache, and all will break
If I should linger on:
Then as your common custom is,
I'll surely act like man.
So now once smart, and see the dart,
And aching pains be o'er:
I see the anguish in all hearts
With different passions torn.

The above is taken from a communication given on the Mutiny on the Seas in 1797, when Parker was hanged, which was foretold three months before it happened. This is a shadow of things to come.

God's love and tenderness to his ancient people, the Jews, is apparent throughout these Writings. The following is from an unpublished Communication given in 1797, which is in the handwriting of Mr. Foley, who copied it from W. B. Jowett's MS. It is on a dream of Joanna, which is set as a type to the Jews -

For I have called a Second time
My Bible's near at end:
For by the Spirit and the Bride
My Kingdom is at hand.
Now if the Gentiles this begin,
They'll make their calling sure,
I've let them know from whence they spring
And bless their labours here.
And if the Jews do now refuse
To join them hand and heart
I will not trifle long with them,
For they shall feel the smart.
But now thy dream I will explain,
For it, I say, was deep
The woman in thy arms to fly
Just in a fainting fit.
Two lovers she had got below
And trembling them to see;
For when the footsteps she did hear
She closely cleaved to thee -
Their sight was more than she could bear,
Her face she hid away,
And pale and trembling, thou dost know,
She did her lovers see.
But mildly on her both did look,
And I shall look the same;


As God and Man I then shall come,
And they shall know My Name.
Because this woman was "the Jews,"
And trembling they will be,
When they believe the perfect news,
'Twas they that murdered Me.
And that I am their lover still,
They'll tremble at the sound;
But in My arms I shall them heal,
And they shall know My perfect Will.
By the Jews I'll prove My honour
To this day it is maintained;
From the Jews then came My Mother,
And for Me the Jews were slain.
All is written in My memory
I shall now the truth unfold.

 *     *     *

Much that is especially interesting to them follows, and it is clearly taught in many places, that if Satan had not entered into the Jews at the Crucifixion, as he also did into Judas, Christ would not have been put to death by man alone. Christ will clear His honour by laying the Axe to the Root of the Tree of Evil, which is the Devil. All that is not profitable must be cast into the fire and burned.

It will explain many difficulties if I quote a Communication given in 1804, on Hell Fire -


"And now, I tell thee, when soul and body are united together, it is impossible for man to be in hell with the devil; for who can dwell in devouring flames? therefore death and hell must give up their dead, when I come to the final day of judgment, to swear by Him that liveth, that time shall be no more under the wrath of the devil - and to unite the soul and body together: but it was I who spake within thee to say the salamander could live in the fire, because he drew his life from the fire; but could man live in the fire? I tell thee, No! And now I shall answer thee, of men's saying this hardeneth men to sin. I now answer thee: That man who is hardened to sin by My mercies, is an object that I despise; an object that shall never dwell in heaven with Me."

There is also an interesting Communication given in 1811 on the words "Everlasting and Hell Fire." I will give a few of the concluding lines -


"Those who reject all my offers of love, and join with the enemy, with him, I tell thee, they must go into everlasting fire, which is prepared for the devil and his angels; because I have told thee it was prepared for him at first. But why is it called fire? because it is a fire of anger, hatred, and malice, against God and man:- but let no one vainly suppose that the word 'Fire' means that man will be cast into burning flames, for that is more than man could bear; but it is the fire of men's conscience, and Satan's malice, that is compared to a fire. And this, I said, men must be cast into who despised all My offers of love, and join with the devil in every cruelty; with him they will have their part and punishment, as I have already told thee, till the judgment day."

There is another important unpublished Communication showing the meaning of the Bottomless Pit to be a state of unrepentance; when man has begun to repent he begins to ascend out of the pit and loses his unhappiness and misery, and has found the bottom from which he can climb upward.

Many Communications show the folly of believing that all is ended with this life as regards a change of heart, and it emphatically states the judgment day will find man in a very different state of mind from that in which he departed from this life. Nevertheless, the wicked have severe punishment meted out to them both in this world and the next. "As the tree falls, so must it lie," is explained to have quite a different meaning from that generally held. Even the fallen tree is said only to be left by man for a little time, and then it is put to some useful purpose.

I think I have quoted sufficient to show the great importance of the Communications to mankind. It is difficult to choose among such a vast field what to place before the public in this initial effort to resuscitate the work of Joanna Southcott. All the Communications seem to me of the highest moment to the human race, and much more needed now than they were at the time they were given. It is necessary for each reader to determine whether these writings can be accepted as being really the voice of God coming to man through His chosen instrument. To me, they are incontestably divine. God used divers angels as messengers in transmitting His Communications to Joanna: only on a few occasions did the Lord Himself actually approach her, and then the spirit was so powerful, it was almost more than she could bear. If we


cannot accept the Communications as divine, and as the message of God, in these latter days, direct to mankind, it is extremely difficult to accept them at all. The claims are so high, and the prophecies are made with such authority, that they are either the most blasphemous ever published, or they are true and we must accept them. That they are blasphemous cannot be maintained, as there is not a word or a line but redounds to the praise of the Almighty, and shows his mercy and tender love to His creatures to be beyond our fairest dreams. The visitation could not have come from a spirit of evil, as Satan cannot be divided against himself. The sure promises contained in the Woman's Word that all evil will have an end, show that God will make no compromise with evil, but will throughly purge His floor. The teachings in all the Writings is fully corroborated in the passages of Scripture abundantly quoted: therefore, the Word given to Joanna has a sure foundation, which all gainsayers will be unable to overturn. The truths contained therein are indisputable, and shed new light and glory on God's ancient Word. Verily, the times of refreshing are come from the presence of God, and a perfect gift has been bestowed upon man from the Father of lights, in Whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. As it was in the beginning, is now, and God has abundantly honoured woman - the weaker vessel - in her great motherhood, and will confound that which is mighty, and will yet prove her an indispensable helpmeet.


The Bride and the Marriage of the Lamb

A HUNDRED years ago, vulgar ridicule mocked the idea of a woman standing in perfect obedience to her Lord, being set as a type of the bride to mankind, to draw all who will unto Him in the same tender relationship and love. If He be lifted up thus on high, He will draw all hearts unto Himself and will gather us into the secret chamber. In the secret of his presence we shall learn deep truths hitherto undreamed. That Christ should indeed come as the Bridegroom, and the Bride take a definite personality as a type to our race, did not occur to our mortal mentality. But what more beautiful than that a woman in the fulness of time should stand in perfect obedience and have her heart powerfully drawn after the Lord, and after twenty years' visitation of the Spirit, that her soul should be so knit with His, that He could seize her nature and make it His own, and the result to the world be greater when He went to the gather, than even the union with humanity in the flesh, when the Son was begotten not made of the woman! The spiritual birth is greater than the temporal - marvellous even as that is - the spiritual body greater in power than the Word when made flesh and dwelling among us! As the Father is, so is the Son: His body after the resurrection was to our finite mind incomprehensible. It appeared and disappeared - could be felt, could eat, drink and speak; yet vanished at will. This being so, what more natural in the spiritual world, than that a spiritual body should be felt, be full of life, and yet vanish as foretold in Revelation xii.- be caught up to God and to His throne, to rule the nations with a rod of iron (or with strength, and that which cannot be broken)? It is not at all what we should have imagined could ever happen in the world - then why should Joanna Southcott have such a strange conception either in mind or body? In what human heart or mind would such an idea have ever entered? No, the plan was beyond our thought or conception, concealed alike from men and devils. In the fulness of time God sent His Son made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law - that we might receive the adoption of sons (Gal. iv. 4). This does not lessen the redeeming work of Jesus Christ, because it is through Him only we can be saved. We have the earnest of our redemption in


our hearts, but the fruition, though yet delayed, will only too surely - thanks be to God - take place. When we see the fig-tree putting forth its healing leaves, let us lift up our heads and look up for our redemption, to wit, the redemption of our body, draweth nigh. The healing leaves from the Tree of Life (woman) have come, and will be soon scattered broadcast among the nations.

It will be seen in Joanna's books that neither she, herself, nor her followers understood the meaning of the spiritual conception, and were, in their simplicity, looking for a temporal birth, and for a king to come in power at that very time and reign. How like the Jews in their anticipations of the Messiah! How disappointed they were in the lowly birth and ignominious death! How the disciples even forsook Him and fled! How surprised they were when told by the woman He had risen again, and had appeared first unto her! Verily His ways are not as our ways - neither His thoughts our thoughts!

It certainly comes as a shock to one to find that there is a new and totally unexpected meaning to well-known texts, and often to those we considered already amply fulfilled. But when this shock passes, the transcendence of the Wisdom of the Almighty God bursts upon us, and we, adoring, fall at His feet. "That God in the fulness of time should send forth His Son made of a woman" is a text in point. We need not take away the earlier fulfilment that has been a joy, but we can now enter upon our richer knowledge and richer possession. "Being born of the Spirit," we did not at all realize that there was to be this spirit touch with our humanity, which would ultimately make us joint-heirs with Christ. We have limited the whole meaning of so many texts to the earnest in our hearts of the good things to come. It seems natural to mortal man to imagine he grasps a fuller knowledge than he actually possesses, and his mentality seems almost to insist on the instant fulfilment of prophecies, if they are not, as he thinks, already accomplished. This is so a part of our being that it, doubtless, serves a useful purpose in making us zealous and imparting a sense of the reality of things in our day and generation; but we need careful self-examination to keep our vision from being too circumscribed, otherwise the fire of our zeal may blind us to the unfolding of God's eternal love in the redemption of the world. That Christ would be indeed very God and very man, and come as a Bridegroom, did not enter our minds, neither that a woman should be a special type of the Bride, ultimately to be the Church. Yet in Isaiah liv. the whole chapter clearly foretells such a woman: "For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his


name; and thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called. For the Lord hath called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God. For a small moment have I forsaken thee; but with great mercies will I gather thee," etc. "The spirit and the Bride say, Come." There are so many texts that prophesy of this visitation that it is impossible for man to contend with his Maker, and try to disprove the Woman's Mission from Scripture; it is so abundantly verified that if we oppose we must be broken and fall what more beautiful than for a little child to lead us? For a little one to become a thousand, and to vanquish the strongholds of evil? What more fitting than that woman should be abundantly honoured by God at last, and her hand perform the last graceful act and place the coping-stone to the glorious building, the heavenly Jerusalem coming down to men? What more gracious than that the promise made in the Fall should be claimed by a woman at last, and at her entreaty her arch-enemy be overthrown? Women have been by far the greater sufferers under the transgression; what more beautiful than her exaltation at last by her great love to both God and man? She hath loved much and to her much is given. This in no way detracts from the position man holds under the Creation, but he is incomplete without his helpmate, and is, as he was pronounced, not good alone, neither is before the other in the Lord, but both as one. "What God hath joined let no man put asunder."

Other important texts are Isaiah lxvi., from verse 6: "Before she travailed she brought forth; before her pain came she was delivered of a man-child." "Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion* travailed she brought forth her children." As verse 7, I consider, was perfectly fulfilled in the event that took place, so will Zion now travail to bring forth her children. By Zion, I mean those who are publishing peace and longing for the Lord's kingdom to come on earth as He has promised; and it is promised that the new heavens and the new earth that the Lord will make will remain, and the children's seed and name remain. Now is the time that Zion must travail, or work; and as soon as we work, the eyes of the people will be opened, and they will no longer see men as trees walking, but will see the glorious destiny of man, and the great spiritual truths the Lord is waiting patiently to teach us. We see the marvellous developments of the science of the natural world under the skilful hands of its devotees,

*Zion means where God visiteth.


why do we not also expect greater, ay, much greater, developments in the spiritual world when the Lord Himself stoops to our nature's night to teach us?

Let us become poor, or contrite in spirit, and yield our wills to the Lord, that He may be able to abundantly bless us, and make us indeed sons of light.

There is a Communication given by the Spirit to Joanna in the book published by William Sharp, Letters and Communications, (p.79), which explains Christ being in the Woman's form; it is as follows -

June 26,1804.

"But should I appear in My OWN PERSON - should I appear in MY OWN POWER - should I appear in My own MAJESTY, you would all tremble to stand before ME. Therefore I am come IN SPIRIT in the Woman, to declare My Father's will unto men. You are My two witnesses against the Devil - Fear not, Lydia; be not terrified, My friends, for I AM IN THE SPIRIT, and I will destroy your enemy; I will destroy My adversary. Warn My disciples; for I will come in MAJESTY and GREAT POWER; but how could you bear it, if I came in MYSELF, to declare these things? No, I tell you, I must come in the Woman, to destroy all the works of the Devil - and in THE WOMAN I NOW APPEAR. Therefore, Satan, feel thy doom; thou hast belied her - thou first betrayed her - and now she hath obeyed ME thou hath belied her. Therefore thou shall feel the rod of My vengeance; and a new gallows shall now come for thee: here are My two witnesses, to witness against thee. Fear not, ye women; fear not, My Lydia; fear not, My Mother; fear not My Sister - I will be your Saviour - I will be your Conqueror - I will tread the liar between My feet; he shall feel the weight of My fury; he shall tremble and fall before ME. I am present in the WOMAN'S FORM - but in My OWN FORM you could not bear ME; therefore I come in the Woman, in a way that ye can bear, to declare My loving kindness to the children of men. My FAITHFULNESS and GOODNESS I will not keep back: For with the faithful I will deal faithfully; and with the upright now I will deal uprightly; but with the froward I shall deal frowardly; and with hell I will deal with fury; for he shall not walk up and down in the earth as he has done; I will cut him off - and walk up and down in his room; I will claim the KINGDOM for MY OWN, and I will walk up and down in it; I will come in MAJESTY - I will come in POWER. But should I appear so now, you women would fear and tremble! But fear not, ye women, I AM


with you - I will protect you - and I will destroy your enemy that came with lies against you."

The above Communication was given ten years before the birth of the child: she had no idea of what the full significance of comings IN POWER in the WOMAN'S FORM meant - that a little child was indeed to lead us, and that we must receive the kingdom as a little child.

There is yet a great deal in the Writings to be fulfilled before the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of the living God; but it is stated that all that the Lord will do upon this earth is foreshadowed in the Woman's Word. There is a glorious future for the human race - past our utmost thought - and well worthy the beneficent character of our God. After the necessary drastic treatment, which our forgetfulness of God has brought upon us, is over, there will be an enlightened nation to enlighten others, and many will go out from this nation to other lands to carry the good tidings of peace, and the speedy coming of the Lord in power and glory to reign over the earth.

This is very plainly stated in the Seventh Book of the True Explanations of the Bible (p.20).


"Now come to the Eleventh of Revelation, when the earthquake had destroyed the tenth part of the city, and thousands were slain: the remnant that were affrighted gave glory to the God of Heaven. But how could this glory be given in the midst of judgments and distresses, if they were not warned of the end to know of the glory that should follow? If this was not known to man, fear and confusion must fill the whole, fearing the same destruction that had fallen upon the one might fall upon the other. Do the affrighted nations now that have no knowledge of the change that will take place, do they give glory to God for what has already happened? Are they not alarmed, fearing the end, and what shall come upon them? for they have no knowledge of their deliverance. And without the visitation of My Spirit to warn men of the end, My Bible can never be fulfilled. Know what is written, hold fast that which ye have, till I come. And he that overcometh and keepeth My works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations. Here let men discern how My words are left on record to warn men of My COMING; and to warn them of the END, that they which keep My works shall have power over the nations. Now power must be given to man in the end; power to convince and power to destroy. There -


fore as I told thee at first, I now tell thee again, there must first be an ENLIGHTENED NATION an ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE, full of knowledge, and full of faith; to warn all nations, convince all nations, and to awaken the nations, that they may be looking for the coming of the Lord."

Here it is clearly taught that there is to be a nation ready, prepared of the Lord - to carry the good news to other peoples, and in several other places in these Writings it is plainly stated to be England that is to be the land the first enlightened - the first redeemed. "The Isles shall wait for His law." It is a special privilege because of the birth of the Prince of Peace in this land, also because of the warmth of the love to God shown in carrying the Gospel to the heathen in foreign lands. What we call "Foreign Missions" began about the year 1797, when Carey set sail for India. People have often wondered why the movement was not begun before; but it is distinctly stated that after this visitation the Lord would begin by the Heathen and go on to fulfil the second Psalm from verse 6. "Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way."

This expression, "break them with a rod of iron," coincides with that in Revelation xii where the child is to be caught up to God, and to His throne, and to rule the nations with a rod of iron. This requires to be read with others passages to get fuller light on the text: iron means strength; we must put aside the idea of cruelty, as God cannot be cruel - God is good and God is love. Then the rod of His mouth, Micah vi.9: "Hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it."

It will be found on reading more and more into the writings of Joanna Southcott that old texts shine with ancient fires rekindled: the Miracles and the Parables all live again with surpassing interest.

The "Incarnation,'' which has lately been such a subject of controversy and unbelief, is brought much more clearly to our comprehension. God has, Himself, condescended again to visit us powerfully, and to explain the deep things concerning Himself and His Bible. It is impossible for man by arguments to controvert the great truths taught therein: they speak from the great heart of God direct to our hearts, and speak with powerful insistence of the Holy Spirit.


There is a continuance of the above Communication on England becoming an enlightened nation and the people looking for the coming of the Lord:-

"But how can this be done by man without the visitation of My Spirit, to show them the time is at hand, and to lay everything plain before them? Now discern what followeth upon the nations; they shall be broken to shivers as the potter's vessel; and these things must come upon the nations before they will regard the warning or accept the invitation. Now let them weigh the Revelation through. 'Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown from thee.'

"But did I come quickly in the days of My disciples? Did I come then when the warning was given? Was My Bible then fulfilled? But thou sayest in thy heart, the words were then spoken, 'I come quickly'; to this I answer, if the words had not stood on record, and spoken as though they were to be shortly fulfilled - then after My visitation in the Spirit, there would be room for the world to dispute, that there were no such words on record for man to expect, but they must look to the words, 'Before the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the Earth'; and then followeth, 'I COME quickly'" (Rev. iii. 10, 11).

As I said before, it is difficult to stop quoting such valuable teaching. From what I have read in these Communications it is quite evident to me that when passages in the Bible are in our own minds set aside as of little value, because we see nothing in them, it is not that they are worthless, but that we are ignorant, and have not listened to the Spirit of Truth, "Who will teach us all things."

Neither the Jews nor Gentiles have fathomed the depths of God's tender love and His wisdom in first concealing the meaning and then fulfilling the vision given to St. John as stated in Revelation xii. Present day divines, readily acknowledge that the explanation of the woman being the Church, and again the man-child a section or one hundred and forty-four thousand of that church, does not seem to be a satisfactory fulfilment of that remarkable chapter. But when we come to the actual unfolding of the divine plan, we are amazed at the marvels it contains, and the woman indeed becomes a great wonder to the dwellers on the earth. Who would have thought that there was to be a fulfilment that would test mankind, even perhaps in a greater degree than the Jews were tested in the days of Christ on earth? How perfectly God knew what would be the state of men's hearts in the days of our boasted civilization and culture! How clearly He foresaw the literary arrogance; the hyper-criticism of


revered truths; the lowering of the deity of Christ to the standard of poor frail humanity; the impotence of the potential Christs!

This is an age of great upheavals both temporal and spiritual, and of strenuous seeking after greater light. A greater light has come into the world to give comfort to our inmost heart; to illumine the dark sayings in Scripture that have long lain hidden; to show us things to come; and to give joy and happiness in our egress from this lower world to that higher life, which can now mean so much to us in its transcendent glory. The Mighty Counsellor is at hand; His name is Wonderful; on His shoulder is the Government; He will yet gather home His Bride - the Church - in peerless beauty. His counsel is within our reach - we have but to put forth our hand - "Lo, in the volume of the book it is written of Me." "The Spirit and the Bride"- the Woman, the true helpmeet for man - "say, Come." She hath made herself ready, all things are now prepared; the Alarming Drum is sounding; the Midnight Hour draws near! Are our lamps burning bright? Have we provided ourselves with oil? Are we the friends who have been told our Lord's will, and have been made acquainted with what He will do upon the earth? Are we watching at the door, that we may enter in with joy unto the feast - or shall we enter in and there be found speechless, not having on the Wedding Garment provided by our Lord? Have we despised the lowliness of His handmaiden, and refused His offers of love? Have we not quenched the Spirit and despised prophecies? Should we not have known the tree by its fruit, and the seed within itself which will yet bring forth fruit to our condemnation and undoing? Oh, "who hath believed our report, and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?" For He is indeed grown up as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground. His Spirit is made an offering for sin: He has seen His seed; He has seen the travail of His Spirit and shall be satisfied. He will justify many, for He will bear their iniquities; Isaiah liv.: "Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord. Enlarge the place of thy tent; and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; For thou shall break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited. Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame; for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.


For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of Hosts is His name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; the God of the whole earth shall he be called. For the Lord hath called thee as a woman forsaken, and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God. For a small moment have I forsaken thee; but with great mercies will I gather thee." Read to the end of the chapter.

The Scriptures abundantly testify to the truth of the whole of the visitation to Joanna. The old, old way is shown to be brightened by numerous lovely by-paths, which all lead invariably into the strait and narrow gate. The lovely Song of Solomon, with all the richness of its eastern setting, becomes one of transcendent beauty when the meaning of the spiritual fervour, and the depths of love and tenderness of the divine and also of the human heart, are more clearly understood. The type of one woman as the bride, standing in perfect obedience to her Lord, at the end of time and as the Tree of Life restoring the good fruit to man, appeals to us with irresistible force. The facing of a hostile world for twenty years made her lean, indeed, strongly upon her Beloved; by her great faith she has become terrible as an army with banners, and the banner over her is love. The Bride - a woman over sixty before the culmination of her mission was reached - with all earthly charm to create desire departed, was filled with spiritual grace and beauty, that had been unfolding daily for many years. Nothing carnal can compare with its peerless beauty, in its spiritual glow of holy fervour. Her soul was knit with her Beloved's, for He was hers and she was His. The Father of spirits in His condescension stooped once more to mortal man, and made the great invisible bond of union that enables us to be joint-heirs with Christ, and this mortal to become like His glorified body and put on immortality.

The risen Christ that has put on incorruption has closely touched our human frailty, and once again mankind is raised by contact with the divine. Our help is indeed laid on One that is mighty. The Spiritual is greater than the Temporal - the Unseen greater than the Seen - the Father of the Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the third Person in the glorious Trinity, has performed a greater work than the manifestation in the flesh. Greater things than these hath He done, because He has gone unto the Father.

The Song of Solomon, under this aspect of referring at first to a particular woman as a type, and that woman filled with the highest spiritual beauty, becomes a song of surpassing loveliness, and a new revelation of the divine love and tenderness towards mankind; and indeed a New Song in which all will one day join as the Church of


Christ - the New Jerusalem - the Spiritual Bride of the Lord - clothed in the wedding garment. The miraculous wine at the great Marriage of the King's Son will be drunk in the Father's Kingdom, and will make glad, ay, very glad, the heart of man - the best wine has been kept and the Governor of the Feast will pronounce it good.

I will conclude this chapter with a Communication on the Song of Solomon (True Explanations of the Bible, p.154).

"Solomon's Song, viii. 3, 5, 6: 'His left hand should be under my head, and his right hand should embrace me. Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved? I raised thee up under the apple-tree: there thy mother brought thee forth: there she brought thee forth that bare thee. Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave.' Chap. vi. 10, 11: 'Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners? I went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley, and to see whether the vine flourished, and the pomegranates budded.' Chap. v. 2, 3: 'I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night. I have put off my coat; how shall I put it on? I have washed my feet; how shall I defile them?' Chap. iv. 15, 16: 'A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon. Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.' The contents of this chapter: 'Christ setteth forth the GRACES of the CHURCH.' Ver. 8: 'He showeth his love to her.' Ver. 16: 'The Church prayeth to be made fit for HIS PRESENCE.' Ver 8: 'Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, with me from Lebanon.' Chap. ii. 11, 12, 13, 15, 16: 'For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; the fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines; for our vines have tender grapes. My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.'"


Now I'll begin from Solomon,
E'er thou dost further go.
They say that all is to the CHURCH -


And I shall make it so:
But unto all can they now call,
And let the CHURCH appear,
To say, "we're thine, and thou art mine,
And boldly answer here,
That from the HEART they can impart
To PROVE they're so with ME?
I tell thee, no: all hearts I know,
And every heart I see;
Though unto all is now the call,
But all will not comply;
The CHURCHES here cannot appear
To say - "in us does lie -
That we are thine, and thou art mine"
No: every heart I see,
They cannot bring it to the CHURCH,
Till all in heart like thee
Do join the same to have ME come -
The CHURCH must here stand mute,
Till they with thee united be
To strike unto the root.
The foxes here, I mean to clear,1
To take them all away;
My tender vines do now appear,
The branches so do lay,
To join with thee; all flesh must see,
I tell thee, 'tis not so,
That all the branches in the Church,
Like those, with thee do go.
So here are some the branches come,
And entered in the VINE;
But unto all it so must come
Before the CHURCH be MINE,
To answer here as doth appear,
They both are joined as ONE. 2
But from the lilies now appear,
To feed with them I'm come;
As lilies white, before your sight,
So white I'll make them all.
The flowers here do now appear,
The singing birds do call, 3
That they are clear, the TRUTH is here -
The turtle's voice is come,
To bring in PEACE, let tumults cease;
A turtle must be known,
How Peace from HER did first appear,
The waters to abate:
So now the turtle's voice is here,
To tell you all your fate -

1 Chap. ii. 15.   2 Ver. 2.   3 Ver.12


That I AM come for to bring in
My every tender vine;
And all the foxes shall be seen
To perish in their time.
So here's the call, to one and all -
My CALLING is begun;
And if with ME you joined will be,
Unto the VINE now turn;
Then I'll appear to answer here,
And say that you are MINE:
And so MY KINGDOM you shall share,
And I shall call you MINE;
And you the same may claim MY NAME,
To say you're joined with ME.
So here's the CHURCH I'll never blame;
For in the clefts you'll see 1,
That I am come to visit Man -
That is the ROCK for ALL,
And so with ME you joined may be -
The foxes down shall fall:
I'll take away, I now do say,
All that do hurt MY VINE.
Now see MY BIBLE, how't doth lay,
A warning to mankind.
If I appear the whole to clear,
The Foxes to destroy;
Then where's the man with ME can stand
That won't the whole enjoy?
So now appear the sword is near,
That will destroy My Foe;
The valiant Men expert in war 2
Must now in valour go,
Till they bring in their EVERY KING,
Where WISDOM strong is placed;
For every victory they shall win,
And all MY GOODNESS taste.
So come with ME, you all shall see
What wonders will appear,
When I from Lebanon do come,
My SPOUSE in all to clear! 3
My SPOUSE you'll see is joined with ME;
And MY BELOVED, all shall see,
Doth in MY TRUTH confide,
Till I shall come to dwell with them,
As it is said before;
Because their LOVE I now shall prove
My HEART hath ravished here
Better than wine, behold the time.

1 Ver. 14.   2 Chap. iii. 7, 8.    3 Ver. 11.


That all these things did come;
And every age call you to mind,
And see if e'er 'twas done,
Like SISTERS here for to appear
Espoused in LOVE to ME,
Wishing to bring MY KINGDOM here
That they may dwell with ME;
But I am thine, and thou art mine,
Is now their every cry.
Now tell ME if there was a time,
My chosen friends were nigh,
For to appear, as these do here -
Invite ME to come down,
Into the Garden to appear?
This Earth shall so be found;
For as at FIRST it so was placed,
I'll make it so for Man;
Like PARADISE the whole shall burst,
When I do end MY PLAN.
My SPICES here shall then appear,
And strongly fly abroad:
And in the SPIRIT I am here,
To let men know their LORD
Is come to clear the BIBLE here:
For all I'll now make TRUE.
I tell you all 'tis time to fear,
That mockery do pursue.
For now see plain, ye sons of men,
The way MY CHURCH is placed;
It is of WOMAN I'll maintain,
To make MY LOVE to burst,
My SISTERS here and SPOUSE appear -
Mark how the whole go through;
Then how the Church can you now clear,
To prove 'tis done by you;
When you stand out so full of doubt,
And all the TRUTH deny?
The mysteries no man did find out,
Why that the Church did lie
So to compare with WOMEN here -
See how their love to ME is dear,
Bring all before your view;
Then you must say another way -
"We cannot here dispute:
We see their love for CHRIST doth lie,
To strike close to the root
That did begin to bring in sin,
That men might GOD despise;
But now we see the hearts of them,
They've surely done more wise;


Then can we clear HE is not here,
Their every heart to draw?
Then sure HIS LOVE, we now must prove,
Doth with these women go."
So I'll appear the whole to clear,
The CHURCH I'm come to call;
And see if they will join with ye,
And full of LOVE be all.
Now if't be so, My LOVE they'll know
I equal shall return;
For where I see your Love to flow,
Mine is more strong than Men's.
So now appear My VOICE to hear,
And open to the sound;
For as the words are mentioned here,
They're in these Women found.
Then how can Men the Trial stand,
That do the truth deny,
When you do see the ways of ME
Do like My BIBLE lie,
To prove to all this is the call,
MY KINGDOM is at hand?
And as the words are mentioned here
The perfect truth does stand:
The Vision seen, as shown to thee - 1
Wet with the dew I'm come; 2
Thou knowest My hair did so appear,
And I no coat had on.
So every way I now do say,
The likeness doth appear;
Thou saw'st the sweat upon MY face,
With wet, disordered hair.-
With tears within thou dost begin,
And I thy Love would stronger win,
But weakness I do see,
When I impart to thee MY HEART,
How it in LOVE is come
To waken all, to hear the call,
That unto ME will turn.
Under thy head My Hand was laid,
My Breathing thou didst feel;
And so I'm COME to rescue MAN,
The WOMAN'S FALL to heal.
Then WOMEN here must first appear -
And first they did begin;

1 See the Vision in the Book printed at Stourbridge, by the Rev. Mr. Folay, In 1804, p.109.  2 Chap. v. 2.


And now at last they so are placed,
When I come to explain
My BIBLE here, to prove it clear,
How every thing has stood;
And thy BELOVED thou didst fear
Had left thee, as A GOD,
When Satan strong to thee did come -
Let all Men hear thy cry -
"That MY BELOVED he is gone;
I knew not where HE lay! -
Till I again in LOVE did turn,
And in thee did appear;
Then thy BELOVED must be known,
Is strong in SPIRIT here.
Then now let Men in Love begin
To ask thee where I'm gone,
That in the SPIRIT thou hast seen,
And felt MY POWER strong?
But 'tis not so, thou well dost know;
I always do abide
In POWER STRONG, as I did come,
Though in ME thou'st confide;
Because that here I do appear
In SPIRIT now with thee:
But if too strong I here should come,
It is too strong for thee
Always to bear, I tell thee here,
Therefore, I lead thee on,
A gentle manner thou can'st bear;
But let MY POWER be shown,
What I shall do, they all shall know,
When to the purpose come,
The words are now before thy eyes,
I'll answer here to Man:
Under thy head MY HAND was laid,
My left hand did appear;
My RIGHT HAND see embraced thee,
When Breathing strong was here.
Then now see plain, ye sons of men,
The way I've led all on:
It was to WOMEN, not to MEN,
I in this POWER did come.
Now tell ME plain, ye sons of men,
What WOMEN do appear
That on the LORD so strong do lean
When all are baffled here?
I've raised thee up, so all may hope,
The end for all is near.
The apple-tree was shown to thee 1-

l Chap. ii. 3.


Thy birth did so appear;
As from the fruit, let all be mute,
The orchards did abound,
Wherein thy birth I did bring forth,
Let all men judge the sound:
The nuts to thee were shown by ME,
Thou knowest, in ninety-two.
The Garden here I mean to clear,
The Orchard in thy view,
Where thou didst see the nuts to be,
But then that fruit did fall;
The Vineyard then I showed to thee,
The VINES should flourish all
That did appear: I told thee there
The BUD was on the VINE;
Or on the trees that joined were
In HAND and HEART with MINE.
So weigh the whole, then men must fall
That with thee do dispute;
My BIBLE must surprise them all -
I've fixed thee to the root
That is to come of AGES strong -
I ask them who is she
That's looking for the morning here,
These wondrous things to see?
Fair as the moon SHE now is come,
For all her words are fair,
The power of darkness to unthrone;
For now her light I'll clear,
Light in the darkness it hath shined;
But yet concealed from Man;
But now I'll further tell MY mind,
Her light as clear is come,
As Satan's first, when he did burst
The Woman to betray:
But now as fair, I tell you here,
Her Promises do lay.
Clear as the sun her light is come;
My BANNER doth appear, 1
That is of LOVE , I now shall prove,
And terrible 'tis here, 2
To overthrow her every foe.
So all these lines weigh deep;
Judge if a WOMAN so could go,
Without the LORD did speak;
I tell you plain, ye sons of men,
You've drawn your judgment wrong;
For when you see the lines of she,

l Ver. 4.   2 Chap. vi. 4.


Yourselves you must condemn;
Or, you must blame your GOD to shame,
This way to raise her up;
These wondrous visions for to see,
To strengthen all her hope;
And sickness here that did appear
Like one condemned to die;
Then why her sickness should I clear
To fill her with a lie?
If 'twas not true, before My view,
The vision she hath penned,
I'd ne'er let her to go through
Still leaning on her FRIEND;
Judging 'tis ME, they all shall see,
Thy HAND and HEART resign,
Thy life and all give up to ME -
And now I tell thee, Mine
Shall be the same - so know MY NAME,
To rescue thee I'm come.
So WOMEN here in LOVE appear,
You'll find MY LOVE is strong
To free you all from ADAM'S FALL:
If EVE brought in the first,
Of sorrow here that did appear,
Then I'll bring in the LAST;
For JOY shall come the same to MAN;
So now the WOMAN see!
MY CHURCH upon HER it must stand,
AS WOMEN joined with ME.
So I'll end here, and say no more;
But let your songs abound;
For you may sing, your GOD and KING
Will for you now be found:
So 'twas the Song of Solomon -
And songs I've made for all
That now will see the mystery,
And judge from whence the Call.
So learned men, if they contend,
They cannot answer here;
But by the Woman in the end
My Church must sure stand fair.
The shadow see was placed of she
And so I've brought the end;
And now the learned let them see
Which way their minds will bend.

The Song of Solomon, as explained above, strikes a new note of gladness in our ears; what has so long been admired for its literary beauty can now be understood to convey to us the highest spiritual


truths and to lift us up even to the bosom of the Father. How tender and how loving is our God! The Lord in His infinite love and tenderness towards mankind has come as very God and very man, and in the last days as a Bridegroom, and in the person of His Bride to show His power, and to raise the human family to heights as yet undreamed. Why have we not entered in with Him to the Marriage Feast? Is it not because our lamps have flickered low and gone out? Have we not all slumbered and slept, and when the midnight cry came, did it not find us unprepared?

But what a feast was within for those whose lamps were trimmed and lighted by the fire of their zeal for His Kingdom! Did they not enter in with joy, and how God Himself hath gladdened their hearts! What visions of coming glory met their gaze! How the Bridegroom rejoices as a strong man to run a race! How the friends that stand by rejoice because of the Bridegroom's VOICE! Throughout all sacred history the prophet's vision has not been fulfilled according to his limited mortal understanding, but has later been abundantly fulfilled in a greater degree in ways as unexpected as they are wonderful, so that mankind when their eyes are opened delight in their GOD. Man must be able to trace the footsteps of the Almighty in the onward march of Time, and in them to plant his own uncertain timorous feet, before he can walk with God and his delight be with his Maker, and God be able to delight Himself in Man whom He hath created.


The Sealing or Signing of Names.

MANY persons have objected to the command given to Joanna Southcott to seal the names of the people, and to order them to subscribe with their hand and heart unto the Lord. But here again the institution is fully supported by God's Word and His dealings with mankind in past ages. Whenever the Lord has drawn specially near to mankind to deliver to them a fresh message, He has ever ratified the same by some temporal act to fix the importance of that message.

When Abraham was taught of God, and spoken to as a friend, the Covenant was made with him and the promise ratified by the outward ordinance of circumcision (which is explained to mean spiritually, foreknowledge). Again, when God powerfully visited His people, and delivered them from the Egyptian bondage, the institution of the Passover followed, that a temporal act might keep in perpetual remembrance God's goodness to His chosen. Many signs were set the prophets to give their messages greater emphasis. John the Baptist came preaching repentance, and baptism by water followed. Christ's disciples were baptized not only with water, but with the Holy Ghost. Our Lord instituted the Supper of bread and wine to be taken in memory of His death until His return. Thus it has ever been God's plan in dealing with man to indicate a great accession of light and power to the world from on high by a visible, temporal sign. What could be more in accordance with the divine order than that a sign should be set to mark the great visitation of the Spirit to Joanna Southcott, and that her followers should ratify their belief and show their desire for the establishment of Christ's peaceable Kingdom and Satan's speedy overthrow by setting their hands to paper and inscribing their names?

As in the case in all modern movements, a petition is drawn up and signatures affixed to show the desire of the heart, so the Lord is very God and very man, and has condescended to use man's methods, that are easily understood, and instituted the sealing.

In the Book entitled A Continuation of the Controversy with the Worldly Wise (p.11), these words from the SPIRIT to Joanna are written: "But now come to types and shadows from the beginning, as the unbelieving world mock My ways and My decrees concerning the SEALING, because they judge it is not a command given from the Lord, without discerning, that, in all ages of the world, when in a powerful manner I visited mankind, for any particular change that should take place, some command or other was given to man: Noah had a command to build the Ark; Abraham had a command of Circumcision; Moses had a command of Burnt Offerings. But know


from My Gospel what was the command given by ME when I became an offering for all - to take the Bread and Wine, in remembrance of My Body and Blood that was shed for the transgression of man, which I commanded them to do in remembrance of ME, till I come again in power and great glory, to bring in the Redemption of Man. But this let men discern, what was done by My enemies, they put a Seal upon My Tomb, that I might not rise again. Now, when this was done at My death, for men to put a Seal upon My Tomb, let them not marvel, that a Seal should be made for Satan's doom; for, as the creation began by types and shadows, and the command being given in the beginning, so, in like manner from types and shadows and a command will the ending be. And let men discern, from My Gospel, what was done by man, worked on by the malice of hell; then let men discern from the Revelation, what was shown to John in the Visions, how Satan was bound and the Seal set upon him, as man before had placed it to ME. Thus, if the eyes of men's understanding were opened, to discern what men did at My death, they would clearly discern the Sealing must take place against the adversary of mankind before I come to cast him out.

"Now, if men discerned, from the Scriptures, all that is spoken of things that are spiritual, there is first a shadow in things that are temporal; and what is spoken of things that are heavenly, there is first a shadow in things that are earthly; then they would discern from being said - The LAMB slain from the foundation of the world, and My being called the LAMB of GOD, to take away the sin of the world, these are heavenly and spiritual. But the shadow began first with what was temporal and earthly, of the Lamb being slain and offered up, before I came to be an OFFERING for all. If men clearly understood these things, and what is said of the SEALS in heaven, and how it was seen by John, whose revelation was to show him the end; if men had wisdom thus to discern, they would clearly discern, that the SEALING must take place, before the ending can come to mankind. For the Apostles themselves did not understand the meaning of their words or visions; neither is the meaning of Paul's words understood by mankind - 'Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.' This, thou knowest, all men have judged to have no other meaning than a spiritual sealing; neither were the words understood by the Apostle, that any temporal sealing would he commanded by the Spirit of God to be done, before the day of redemption took place; neither did the Apostle discern or understand the meaning of his words, any more than thou understoodest the sense and meaning of the Sealing, when


I warned thee of it in the beginning which thou understoodest no further than My promises being sealed up what I should do in the end for them that believed. But thou hadst no knowledge of the Sealing going out for man's redemption, or Satan's destruction, for men to be redeemed from his power, before I made it clear unto thee how I should go on in the manner Satan had begun to say he would gain the kingdom, or lose it, after the manner of men, by election; and so, after the manner of men I ordered the Sealing to go out to try and prove the hearts of men, and to confound the enemy in his own wisdom. But now I shall come to the SPIRITUAL SEALING. This meaneth the heart being given up to God, to be saved with an everlasting salvation and having a witness within, as Abraham had, that they are heirs of the promise, which is faith unto salvation, to be saved in the hour of death; and this spiritual sealing is to those that are saved in the end, who rely upon ME for salvation. But however men may judge this is the meaning of the Apostle's words, to go no further than a spiritual sense, I now tell thee, they go to both temporal and spiritual; for now is the time the command is given by the Spirit of God, for men to be sealed with a Temporal sealing unto the day of redemption.

"But know, all that believe are redeemed from the power of death, hell, and sin; when they die and go to glory; but that is the redemption of the spirit, and not of the body that the Apostles told them to be looking for. These things I have shown to thee, in what likeness the things that are spoken of in heaven must have a resemblance here on earth, before the end cometh, to fulfil the Scriptures and My Gospel. Know what I told thee of the Roman Powers, how they would be shaken, when the Revelation began to break; which meaneth, the truth of the words to be fulfilled; and so I tell thee and all mankind, the visions John saw in heaven must take place upon earth, which can never be accomplished, or fulfilled, before the Sealing hath taken place upon the earth.

"Therefore marvel not in thy heart that blasphemy is spoken by man against it, because Satan's working is strong in man to condemn it.

"But let him that reproves answer, how all these things, that I have just mentioned to thee, of things that are heavenly and spiritual, should have a resemblance upon earth in things that are temporal - that all these types and shadows should first take place, and the Sealing, that was seen in heaven, spoken of in the Scriptures, never designed to take place upon earth? Let them answer for what ends, or for what use it was shown to John?"


The Sealing of the people, or the command for persons to petition the Lord for Satan's overthrow, and for Christ's kingdom to come on earth was given in 1802, and continued twelve months. Many signed their names without considering the importance of what they were doing, and this is compared to the Gospel net, gathering in good and bad. But after that the command was more strict - no one was to sign his or her name unless several of the books had been carefully studied and the general outline understood; the books specially named as being incumbent upon all believers to read before signing their names being Sound an Alarm, and A Caution and Instruction to the Sealed.

The Seal was a piece of paper with a circle drawn in the middle, in which were inscribed the words as below, with Joanna's signature, thus:-

The Sealed of the Lord

the Elect and Precious

Man's Redemption to Inherit

The Tree of Life.

To be made Heirs of God and

Joint Heirs with Jesus Christ.

Joanna Southcott.

For Facsimile of Seal see Frontispiece of "The Express," Part I, No. 2.

It was signed by the believer and then folded and sealed like an envelope, with the name again written on the back.

In the Caution and Instruction to the Sealed, p.1, the following observations were made by Joanna:-

"And now I shall come to the Sealing. Those who thus join hand and heart, and subscribe with their hands unto the Lord, to petition for the fulfilment of His words, are sealed to be made Heirs


of God. Not that it is said they are already so, but that they may be made so, to enjoy the Tree of Life, and be freed from Satan's power. This is what they are sealed for: but how many have presumptuously cast these Blessings from them! After they have signed to be made Heirs of God, they have fallen off by temptations, which plainly proved they were not Heirs of the Promise; and therefore let them discern from the sealed letters, how it stands on conditions. And now I shall come to the Scriptures, where I was answered in a Communication; the words stood on record, though in different places; they were brought together by the Spirit to me. On searching the Scriptures I found the Words in the following chapters -

"Revelation vii. 3: 'Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of God.'

"1 Peter ii. 6: 'Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious; and he that believeth on him shall not he confounded.'

"Ephesians iv. 30: 'Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.'

"Revelation xxii. 14: 'Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the Tree of Life.'

"Romans viii. 17: 'If children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.'"

Joanna continues:-

"From the above verses, you will find the sense of the Words in the Seals, which may easily be placed together. And now I shall give the answer of the Spirit to the different chapters, from where the words were taken and brought together to me.


"Let them discern these chapters stand for the end, when the awful stroke, that cometh grievously upon the earth and the seas, to destroy those that mock the coming of the Lord, is kept back, before the servants of God are sealed; and let them discern how the Sealing stands for the end; and it is for those who shall stand with the Lamb on Mount Sion. So let them discern where these words stand; and let them discern the chapter before, how the Seals were opened in heaven, before the sealing is pronounced. And this men must discern; then let them discern the words of the Apostle Peter - 'Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious; and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. Unto you therefore which believe he is precious; but. . . a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto


also they were appointed.' Then let them discern from these words, what they are appointed for, if they are not disobedient to the heavenly calling; and for what ends the corner stone is laid for the elect, whom I said in My Gospel the days should be shortened for; and then I should bring in man's redemption; and let them discern where the words are taken from in part; the corner stone being laid for men, to make them a royal priesthood to them that believe He is precious; but not to the disobedient; and therefore it is written a stone of stumbling to many: and thus it is known many have stumbled at the words, being disobedient, whereunto they were appointed. Let them discern the truth of the Apostle's words, which is proved by many who sign to be the elect, to rely on the corner stone laid in the foundation of the world, and the promise that was made in the Fall.

"This is the corner stone for man, wherein your redemption must take place, when I avenge you of your adversary the devil. And this is believed by some, that I shall fulfil My words, and on My promises do they rely, that I shall make them a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people to show forth My praises to the ends of the earth. This is the faith in them that believe and obey the call; but to the disobedient, discern, on the other hand, it is a stone of stumbling to them; because they stumbled at the Words, and do not believe My promise sure, that man's redemption shall take place; and therefore they grieve the Spirit, whereby they were sealed, and fall off through unbelief. But mark the end of the chapter - 'Ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls'; and this will be the end of them that believe and rely upon the corner stone, that I told them in My Gospel I should come again, in might, majesty, and glory, to bring in the redemption of man, to inherit the tree of life, according to the promise made in the beginning: and I have told thee the flaming sword shall surely bruise the serpent's head, and keep the tree of life for them that believe: and blessed are they that do My commandments, that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. And now discern, this chapter speaks of the end: and let them discern what the chapter contains - 'Behold I come quickly; and my reward is with me . . . I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last.' So let them discern, the promise made at first must be accomplished at last: if I made man innocent at first, and pronounced all things good, I shall accomplish it at last; and then they will know I am the root and the off-spring of David, and the bright and morning star, and the Spirit is come


to warn you, that whosoever will may come and take the water of life freely, to be made heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ, according to the words of the Apostle. And let them discern the chapters through, from whence these words were taken, and discern what ye are waiting for, in hopes of your redemption. Here let men discern every chapter, where the words were taken from, not according to thy wisdom, to search the Scriptures and place them together, as thou knewest not where the words were dispersed, before the time that I ordered thee to search the Scriptures, and told thee the words stood on record, that I had brought together to be placed for the sealed people that believe.

"But now discern from all the chapters, how some are sealed after the Spirit and others after the flesh. Those that are sealed after the flesh are soon broken off, because they have no faith to believe in the Spirit by whom they are sealed.

"And now discern from these chapters how the Apostle speaks of the end, that ye should be waiting for your redemption, that was not accomplished: and let them discern all these Scriptures where I gathered the words from for thee to place in the Seals, how the Apostles speak of the end, in the chapters, after being filled with the Holy Ghost, and inspired from on high: and now I tell thee, those that are after the Spirit will mind the things of the Spirit, and discern from the Scriptures for what they are sealed, and have the eyes of their understanding opened to discern the words of the Apostles; where the words were taken from. Thus the believers will discern, in what manner I took the words to bring them together, that they may see the words of the Apostles, where the words are taken from. Thus the believers will discern in what manner I took the words to bring them together, that they may see the words of the Apostles before them; but  those, on the other hand, will not discern that the petition they are to sign to is a likeness of the words I taught them to pray for: that the kingdom of God might come on earth, and that His will might be done upon earth as it is in heaven, to deliver you from evil, is the prayer I taught mankind; and now discern from the Sealing, to pray that Satan's power may be destroyed is to deliver you from all evil: so if men discern what they sign to, it is what I taught them to pray for. And here I have shown thee, from the Scriptures, in what manner they both stand together; then let them judge for themselves, how fatal must be the sin of those that profess to be believers in My Gospel and will presumptuously mock the Sealing.

"Therefore, I tell thee, the command must be strict unto all for


the future; and let them discern, from the Scriptures where the words were taken from, how the different sorts of people were foretold and prophesied of by the Apostles.

"This men must discern themselves, what the Apostles told them they were waiting for, and what they had to hope to attain.

"So if men clearly discerned their words, they would discern that the mystery of the Sealing is great to the believers that are obedient to the heavenly calling, but not to the disobedient and unbelievers, who walk not after the Spirit but after the flesh, and soon fall back through unbelief. And here let men discern further, though the Apostles are dead, their words appear to speak to the living, and to confound the disputers of this world."

Here ends the Communication concerning the Scriptures, where the words in the Seals were taken from.

There is so much more given in this little book, A Caution and Instruction to the Sealed, that is, to my thinking, extremely valuable, that I can scarcely refrain from continuing to quote from it.

There are a few words that I will add explaining why some were allowed to be sealed whose hearts were not united with their hand to God, and who so soon fell away.

Joanna continues:- "And now I shall give them (the Sealed) the Communication that was given me after hearing that many had fallen back that were first sealed, and many had come in as impostors whose names I am ordered to blot out from the Second Sealing. These things I marvelled at, that they should be permitted; but I was answered as follows-


"Know I told thee of the Sealing in the beginning, it was like the net cast into the sea, gathering in good and bad. This I told thee of the first; and like thieves and robbers, know I told thee, many would come in, as I placed it to My parables in My Gospel, and these things stand on record, to prevent the subtlety of Satan's arts, that he may not be able to swell their pride of being some of the sealed number, that will stand to the end with the Lamb on Mount Sion; because there are none who can stand of the sealed number in the end, but such as are true believers in heart and mind, unshaken in faith, and perfect in obedience to the heavenly calling. It is these are the people that are the sealed number, to stand to the end. But I now tell thee of this nation; were there as many true and faithful believers in this nation as there are names sealed, ye need not fear any enemy ever coming to this nation; because My judgments upon


the unbelieving world would come another way. But now I tell thee of many, they are like the fish that come into the net to be cast away, as many already are become thy enemies; but were such to profess their faith was strong and unshaken in My visitation to thee, then their sins must be of the blackest dye, and sin through light and knowledge, doing despite unto My Spirit, if they profess to believe it is by My Spirit thou art led. He that is not with ME is against ME; he that gathereth not with ME scattereth. What I said in the days of the flesh when I was amongst them, I now say by the visitation of My Spirit: those that were offended at My sayings and went back and walked no more with ME, I never called My friends, or followers, or My disciples: but know what I said in My Gospel, he that began in the Spirit and ended in the flesh, the last state of that man was worse than the first; therefore marvel not in thy heart that such men should be chosen as fall back; neither marvel that men should be suffered to be sealed who are thy enemies; because there were such professors when I was amongst them in the flesh; and such I said there would be in the end, that in the time of temptation would fall away; but it is those who endure unto the end will be saved.

"Therefore I tell thee of the sealed people; it is not their names being sealed will be of any use to them, unless their hearts are sealed in faith and love for My kingdom; and it is those are the sealed people, that will stand with ME on Mount Sion, whose eyes of their understanding are opened clearly to discern, from the manner of My visitation to thee, the justice of My decrees in the beginning, and the promise that was first made after the Fall, and the justice of My decrees in setting bounds for the adversary,* that betrayed at first, as bounds were set for man in the beginning. Thus men must discern My ways, and My wisdom, My justice in My decrees, and be clearly convinced it is from the visitation of My Spirit to the woman, that the promise is first pleaded by the woman; this men must clearly discern, before they can be of the sealed number that stands with ME on Mount Sion, to plead the promise made in the beginning, that your adversary may be destroyed, that your redemption may take place in and through My death and sufferings. And now I ask thee, where is the man who can thus believe that My Spirit is joined with thy spirit, and thy spirit is joined with My Spirit, to be thus united for the glory of God, and the good of mankind, for the earth to be the Lord's and the fulness thereof - I now ask thee, where is the man who can thus believe, and be at enmity against thee, or

*Satan is forbidden to tempt the sealed, but he disobeys.


depart from thee, without Satan, as an angel of light, hath blinded his eyes, and hardened his heart against ME, as well as thee? So that hypocrisy must fill the heart, where malice appeareth in a believer, to withdraw from My visitation to thee, and cleave to others. They no more understand My visitation to thee, or for what ends, than the Jews understood the meaning of their prophets, who rejected ME and My Gospel: therefore they cannot stand as sealed people in the end; for I shall blot them out of the book of remembrance, as thou must blot out the names of those that publicly owned they came in impostors; because they came in as thieves and robbers who have no right to the tree of life, or to be called the sealed of the Lord; because their hearts were not sealed by faith. And let them remember what I have said in thy writings - the hand and the heart must be united together: and though thou canst but judge by outward appearance, let them know I judge from the heart: and therefore another year, when I permit the sealing to go out again, a stricter command than hath yet been given will be given unto all. Hitherto My Gospel hath went on to prove the truth of My words, from the net being cast into the sea, gathering in good and bad, which is proved by the different people; and now like thieves and robbers many have come in, professing faith where they had none; but now I shall begin to change the scenes, that no more are to be sealed, but such as can draw their judgment clear from thy writings and the Scriptures, that the eyes of their understanding are opened, clearly to discern that the visitation is from ME the living Lord; and for what ends the visitation is - to free the fall of the woman, and set bounds for her adversary, as bounds were set for man. This they must see and understand, and have their hearts united with ME, to be longing for My coming to give you life. As the Jews clamoured for My death, this must be the desire of those that are the sealed people, to stand with ME on Mount Sion, of the hundred and forty and four thousand, which I have told thee is the sealed number, that are sealed in heart by faith, to join with the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world, by the promise made in the Fall. Here I have clearly showed thee how the promise must be clearly discerned, for what end it was made, and for what end it was said My heel should be bruised - to bruise the serpent's head.

"Thus the sealed number must discern what they have signed to - to join with the Lamb, that your adversary the devil may be destroyed; that your redemption may come according to My promise made in My Gospel; that the kingdoms of this world may become the kingdoms of the living God; that Satan may be cast out, and I


may draw all men to ME, according to My words that are written in My Gospel.

"Thus the eyes of their understanding must be opened to discern the promise at first, and how I am come to visit in the Spirit, to warn you all the end is at hand, that I shall fulfil the promise made to the woman: but ye must ask in My name that your joys may be full. These are they that stand with ME, to overcome in the end the world, the flesh and the devil. I am coming in the Spirit to overcome in man, that now in heart and faith relieth upon My words and promises: but all My Gospel must be discerned, and understood by the sealed people, that will stand to the end. Know what I said in My Gospel - many should come from the east, and from the west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, when those of the kingdom should be cast out; perfectly so I tell thee of the sealed people who have come in through unbelief, pretending themselves to be the children of the kingdom, that they are sealed to be heirs of the promise, but have come in as thieves and robbers. Such will be cast out; and some of different nations will come in to take their place; that meaneth they will come in by faith, and the eyes of their understanding will be opened clearly to discern for what they are sealed, and how the promise stands on record; they will discern that stand to the end; but the others, that are cast out, will not have the eyes of their understanding opened, to know for what they are sealed, any more than these thou marvellest at have understood for what they are sealed: and therefore, it is written, none could learn the song, but the hundred and forty and four thousand.

"Now were all the sealed people thus enlightened, and this clearly understood; then Satan would find a way to swell their pride, to make them judge they were more than mortals; so marvel not in thy heart that many deceivers are come in, and many unbelievers, that do not discern for what they are sealed - to stop the arts of Satan's working, that men may not boast, because they are sealed their foundation is sure; but let them discern, it is he that holds out to the end, whose foundation is sure, whether in death or in life, if their hearts are sealed by faith and love to ME, and My kingdom of righteousness and peace, to refuse the evil and choose the good; forsaking all to follow ME. Such are the sealed number that will stand in glory at the end. But here is room for all to be cautious, and keep their eye to the end, that they might not be high-minded but fear: and let their inquiry be like My disciples, Lord, is it I? This must be the caution to mankind, that they may not begin in the Spirit and end in the flesh: but know he that putteth his hand


to the plough and draweth back is by no means fit for the kingdom of heaven; and he that putteth his hand to the plough, to be united with ME and My kingdom, if he goeth back, he is by no means fit for My kingdom; therefore a caution must be given to the sealed people, and warn them to make a deep inquiry, whether they are sealed by a true faith, and a knowledge for what they are sealed; because, I tell thee, to learn a thing is to come to a knowledge thereof.

"Canst thou learn Hebrew, Greek, or Latin, thou dost not understand thyself, before it be taught thee of others? Now perfectly so I tell thee of the sealing, men cannot learn to understand the perfect meaning thereof, before the mysteries are clearly revealed, and clearly explained; therefore I said the kingdom of heaven was like a pearl of great price, that ye must dig deep to find. And here I have shown thee how men must dig deep from the Scriptures and "My visitation to thee, to find out in what manner the sealed number, that stands to the end, must find out the mystery for what they are sealed - to be united with ME, and I with them; and those that have not already learnt, but are come in as little children, wishing to learn, that they may stand with joy to the end, such will seek instruction from the words that I have revealed to thee, and weigh it deeply with the beginning, that they may see their calling clear; but such as are self-confident, and wise in their own conceit, will never learn the new song, to stand with the Lamb on Mount Sion: but the sealed number, that are true believers and know for what they are sealed, they are the very elect for whom the days will be shortened; therefore let them try to make their calling and election sure, that they may be redeemed from the fall, and stand with ME for their redemption. And now come to My Gospel - 'Whosoever eateth My flesh, and drinketh My blood, hath eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.' And know I commanded the bread and wine, as in memory of My death and sufferings, to be kept in remembrance of ME, by those that trust in ME for salvation; but do men vainly suppose every one that eats the bread and drinks the wine hath eternal life in ME, because they do it as a form? I tell thee, No: it is done by many who are enemies to ME and My Gospel; and perfectly so I tell thee of the sealing.

"And now discern further, after the command was given by My Disciples, of the bread and wine, to set forth My death and sufferings, and to be kept in memory of ME; discern how soon the Apostles complained of many as though they came in to make themselves drunk with wine. Here you may discern, how soon was Satan's working


in such minds, to bring disgrace upon My death and suffering: and how soon the evil was mixed with the good; and perfectly so I tell thee of the sealing; it is not their names being sealed will be of any use to them, unless they are sealed in heart and by faith, and love for My kingdom to be established in righteousness and peace, and longing for the evil to be destroyed.

"And here let them discern the type of both, how the bread and wine is kept in in memory of My words, that they might be fulfilled by believers who trust in ME for salvation; and perfectly so I tell thee of the Sealing, as to those that trust in ME for redemption: and let them remember the words I said to John the Baptist, when I came to him to be baptized - 'Suffer it to be so now; for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness'; and perfectly so stands the Sealing; it is to fulfil the Scriptures to them that believe; for if I suffered Myself to be baptised by man; and suffered Myself to be rejected by men; and submitted to the Cross by their desire; then let them know, in the end, I shall submit to be chosen of men to come again, in might, majesty, and glory, by their desire, to avenge them of their adversary, that goeth about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, and therefore, I tell them all, the sealing is deep to them that believe and trust in ME, as their Prince and Saviour, to bring in My kingdom of righteousness and peace, and have My delight with the sons of men, whose delight is in their Lord. And let them discern from the beginning, how offerings were commanded to be offered up, of bullocks and sheep; but now discern, it is the hand and heart that I have commanded to be offered up, as tokens of love by them that wish for the fulfilment of My Gospel, and trust in ME for salvation and redemption.

"And now let men search the Scriptures, and then they will discern how the Sealing must appear, before My Gospel is fulfilled; and those that say it is blasphemy must take My Gospel the same: and let them answer why they keep the bread and wine in memory of ME, to set forth My death till My coming, and reject the hand that signs for My kingdom? Let this be answered by man, and I shall answer thee again. And I shall further answer thee of the objections men may make, saying it is sinners that are sealed; but know I came to seek and to save that which was lost; and the returning sinner I promised in My Gospel should be saved; and so I tell thee of the returning sinner now; and let them discern from the scriptures how mercy is held out to all that turn unto ME: I shall turn unto them; and whosoever will may come and take of the water of life freely; therefore mercies are held out to all; and where is the man


who can judge the heart? It is I the Lord that searcheth the heart, and trieth the reins of the children of men; therefore ye can judge no man but by his fruits: but let every man judge for himself, what the desire of his heart is; and let them consider, from the fall, how Satan tempted the woman to pluck the fruit with her hand; then let no man marvel, that My command should be to the woman, to give her hand to pull down the evil and cast it away, that she may reach unto the good. Here is a mystery deep for man, that will be deeply discerned in the end; and men will know in the end that the Sealing is done by My command, the Lord of lords, the King of kings, your Creator and Redeemer, to bring all to the Gospel, and the likeness of My flesh and drinking My blood, which is known to thee could not be done by man in the manner I spoke the words; but it is my words that are left on record, when I come to bring in man's redemption, to make you a likeness of My flesh and blood, that ye may dwell in Me, and I in you: and for this end I came into the world - to raise you up at the last day, that ye may be one with ME, and I, with you, and drink deep into My Spirit, seeing My blood, that was shed for you, must cleanse you from all sin, and avenge you of your adversary in the end: then shall ye be clothed with My righteousness, when My Spirit is poured out upon all. Thus men must clearly discern the depth of My words, how they stand for the end, when I come to cleanse you from all sin, and bring in your full redemption; then My flesh will be meat indeed, and My blood will be drink indeed, because ye are freed by My blood that was shed for you. And as My body was offered for the transgression of man, so shall I fulfil My words, to avenge you of your adversary the devil.

"Here I tell thee, men must discern the meaning of My words, how they stand for the end; and know, the bread and wine, that have been already kept in remembrance of ME, to set forth My death till My coming, have only been as types and shadows to men, which they themselves no more understood how My words stand for the end, when I come to bring in eternal life, than thou understoodest in the beginning, for what ends the sealing went out in such careless manner, without any strict caution to be given, but as a type of the likeness of Moses sprinkling the door posts.

"And here stands the mystery, to bring the likeness of  Moses and the Lamb, and to try mankind, and bring all to My Gospel, that the blood of the Lamb may deliver you from all sin, and free you from Satan's power in the end, as the children of Israel were freed from the hand of Pharaoh. This was the shadow in the beginning, when I gave no command of faith, only required the desire of the heart to


be freed from the power of Satan, by the blood of the Lamb: then you will see that My flesh was meat indeed, to make you meet for your Master's use, and clothe you all with My righteousness; and My blood is drink indeed, that ye may drink with joy into My Spirit, when I come to avenge you of your adversary, and bring in My kingdom of righteousness and peace. Then will My words be fulfilled, that no man understood; perfectly so, I tell thee, of the Sealing, men have not understood for what ends the type and shadow began concerning the Sealing - to show you all the substance must follow: and it is for those whose eyes are opened to discern from the Scriptures that if ye wish to drink deep into My Spirit, to be one with ME, and I with you, ye must discern the promise at first, that as My heel was bruised to suffer for the trangression of man, the curse that was pronounced on the serpent, which is your adversary the devil, must take place; and this must be discerned by the sealed people, that are of the number to stand with ME on Mount Sion; and therefore I tell thee, it is a new song to man, that neither the prophets nor Apostles understood; for had it been clearly understood, it could not be fulfilled; because Satan would have found a way to be working in every age with impostors and deceivers; and as men have went on in the Sacrament, thinking My words were fulfilled by them that received it, perfectly so they would have went on by the sealed number, and no new song could have come to man. And thus men must discern in what manner all is explained; and in what manner I am coming to fulfil My Gospel, according to My words; and those that have the eyes of their understanding opened clearly to discern, and faith to believe in My visitation, that I am now come to fulfil the whole; such, I tell thee, are the sealed people that will stand with ME at the end; but marvel not in thy heart, why I chose a man whose heart was known to ME would draw back in heart and life, and cause others to do the same.

"These things I permitted to show them plainly from My Gospel, how they are fulfilling My words: and know it is those who endure to the end that are the good to be preserved; and those are My sheep that come in by faith: but the others are thieves and robbers, who have no right to the tree of life: for they are not all of Israel that profess to be in Israel; but they must try to make their calling and election sure, if they wish to be the elect members, for whose sake the days will be shortened of sin and sorrow; and these are the elect that I shall avenge of their adversary, whose faith is strong in ME, that I shall fulfil the words I spoke in My Gospel, to dwell in you and you in ME, who clearly discern from the bread and wine, that


is kept in memory of My death, that the words are not perfectly fulfilled in them, any more than the sealed people have already learnt the new song of their redemption, to be redeemed from the power of death, hell, and sin. This they have not already learnt; and there are thousands sealed, that know not for what they are sealed but those that are sealed in faith I shall open the eyes of their understanding to discern for what they are sealed - with the blood of the New Covenant, to bring in man's redemption. This is what the Sealing is for - to fulfil My promise, and bring in the tree of life, that was preserved for man in the beginning, as a type and shadow to man; which type and shadow are done away; but the promise stands sure; for the promise stands to the end, though the tree is not standing to this day: and so, I tell thee, the sword is standing in My death, to bring in a newness of life to man, and cut off your adversary that betrayed. This is the promise that is standing; but how can the promise that stands on the records of heaven be a standard to man, if the type and shadows had never appeared to man? And though the type is done away, the promise stands sure to the end. And this the wise will discern, that the tree of life was preserved for man, that he might have hope in the end, that man's redemption will take place, as it stands on record, though never understood by man, in what manner it would be accomplished, before I come to reveal the whole, that it is by the promise made to the woman in the beginning it must be completed in the ending; and the promise must be claimed by the woman, to whom it was made.

"And this must be discerned by men, how My dealings in all ages of the world with man, were after the manner of men; and after the manner of men I submitted to the cross. Then now let them discern clearly, how it is after the manner of men, by prayers and petitions, that I shall come and destroy your adversary and bring in My kingdom of righteousness and peace. These are the things the wise must discern, for what ends My Visitation is; and let them discern at what time this Revelation came as a new song, never before thought of by man; but now will be discerned by the sealed people, that are sealed in faith, and wish to know for what ends they are sealed; but now I tell thee, for the future, no more must be sealed but such as can give a clear account of their faith, from My revelation to thee. They must weigh the whole together, and discern the Scriptures clear, and examine their hearts, whether they can clearly see the wisdom and justice of My decrees, that they may come in by faith as sheep into the fold; for it must be made known that thieves and robbers have come in, professing to have faith when they


had none: then they cannot be heirs to the tree of life, to be made heirs of God, and joint heirs with the Son. For I now tell thee, to be joint heirs with ME, that as My blood was shed to destroy your adversary, they must believe in the promise that was made, that I shall fulfil it; and here they stand joint heirs of the promise. And this must be the faith of men, and those that are sealed, if they be of the number that stand with ME in the end. But this they cannot be taught by man; they must read and judge for themselves in what manner the whole is explained, and at what time this Visitation appeared at a time My Gospel is fulfilling, and before it sprang forth I warned you of them. This must be discerned together that they may get wisdom and learn instruction; and let them discern, it is a new song that never before was thought of by man, but the wisdom of a God revealed; and let them discern in what manner thou hast been led on, year after year, with writings put in such a form as it was not of the power of Satan to use arts to invent in any one; but had thy writings been put plain in a few prophecies, and plain directions, then Satan could soon have found a way to work the likeness in others; but I have brought it round in such a manner as no likeness can appear; and in thy writings they will discern truths in the end, that they themselves have never understood, before I place the truth before them what they do not discern. But now I am come to open the eyes of men's understanding concerning the Scriptures, that they may clearly see the meaning of My words, that I spoke of a time to come, of casting out the prince of this world, and drawing all men after ME to fulfil the words of the prophet, for death to be swallowed up in victory, and the rebuke of My people to be taken away from off the earth."

I have quoted thus far in order to show the importance and the beauty of the teaching of the Spirit to Joanna Southcott concerning the Sealing,.The charge of selling the Seals to the public, which was clearly proved to be false at the time, appears grotesque and absurd, in the light of the divine given Spirit.

God has condescended throughout all ages to act according to man's own law, and it is our practice to show by our signature - whether it be by petitions to Parliament or declaring our will in other matters - what is the desire of the heart. The exact method of the Sealing was not foretold in the Revelation, because impostors would have arisen, and thus have tried to frustrate the divine plans and to make a mockery of the beautiful and effectual act of love to the Lord. All God's ordinances have been caricatured, even after they have been established, to bring them into discredit. Circum-


cision, fasting, sacrifices, miracles, baptism, and the Lord's Supper, have all had the Scriptures added to, or taken from, and their meaning wrested to bring them into condemnation, which has caused the faith of many to fail, and infidelity to abound.

The number that were sealed up to the year 1807 was about fourteen thousand, and a promise was made that if there were seven thousand of them true believers, who had not bowed the knee to Baal, by temptations to go from their faith, but were sealed in heart and faith, no enemy should hurt this land, by coming within the borders; and it is said our deliverance must be near if seven thousand true believers are found in this land, sealed by faith, and longing for the coming of the Lord, to establish peace and righteousness in the earth. This is a great and glorious promise: may the Lord hasten the fulfilment in His own time, and stir up the hearts of the people to each have a single eye to His kingdom and the coming of the Messiah in might, majesty and glory! May the seven thousand speedily come forward and save this kingdom as the truest and highest of patriots! They will indeed dread nought but sin and Satan; the Lord of the whole earth will be on their side.

All who desire to sign their names as believers in this great Visitation of the Lord must firmly believe that God has spoken to the world by His handmaid, Joanna Southcott, and must have diligently searched into a good many of her writings. Those who would be sealed are commanded to join in the following petition of Joanna, which she made from the last words of the Lord's Prayer - "For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, for ever, Amen." Her petition was: "Even so come, Lord Jesus, O come quickly. Thou that fillest the heavens with Thy majesty, fill the earth with Thy goodness, that all the Earth may praise thy Name, from the ends of the Earth; that all the Earth may see Thy salvation, and give unto the Lord the glory and honour due unto His Name; that Thy delight may be with the sons of men, and they may walk in the light of Thy countenance; that righteousness and truth may meet together, love and peace may kiss each other; that the promise made in the Fall may now be fulfilled; and the Tree of Life, that was preserved for man, grant, O God, it may now come to man; that the flaming sword may destroy our adversary, that is the devil, and our God be all in all; and may we all unite together in heart and soul in this petition, and request that death and hell may be swallowed up in victory, that dust and ashes, whom the Lord hath created, may set forth His praises, world without end. Amen, is my desire."

What reader of such a prayer as the above can believe that it


could come from the heart of an impostor? No, it has on it the stamp of indelible truth: "He that is not against us is on our part" (St. Mark ix. 40).

The various prayers of Joanna, that are printed, all show the same lofty fervour and complete surrender of the heart and life to the Lord. There are no grounds on which man can reject these writings except that they are written in an unusual manner, and, as some consider, too low, for God to use toward mankind. But He uses the foolish things of the world to confound the mighty - the wisdom of this world must perish, that we may find the true wisdom.

By the wisdom of this world - it does not necessarily mean erudition or modern discovery, but anything in which our wisdom is enthroned above that of our Maker, or that takes away the child heart without which we cannot enter the kingdom. Fortunately the works of Joanna Southcott are written in such a way that they will ultimately prove, within themselves, the impossibility of deception, and show how God has safeguarded the works in commanding them to be written in a manner that would never have entered into the human mind.

The words of the Spirit to Joanna in Sound the Alarm (p.8), bear important light on the Sealing:-

"This is perfectly like the election of men; and perfectly like election it shall end; and they that are not with ME are against ME. For I now tell thee, they that sign and draw back, by destroying their Seals of safety, have only signed for their own destruction; because they have destroyed My protection against the powers of darkness: for they are sealed to be heirs of glory, and to inherit the Tree of Life; to be made heirs that I died to redeem from Satan's power, that man might live in ME, as I created him. For do men judge Satan is come to call his own destruction? Or, do men judge foreknowledge was given to a woman in so clear a manner to deceive mankind? Look to the first call in 1792, where it is said, 'Saints should see it and rejoice: Hell should tremble at My voice.' And now trace back the footsteps, how it was spoken in the beginning, and how the directions were given to prove it so in the ending - then you may know that I, the Lord, have been her Director, her Guide, and her Counsellor."

"For, I now tell you all, no more than this woman could have made the world herself; no more could she have brought round such mysteries as are in her writings, and foretold the events that have already happened. Therefore I tell you all, it is I the Lord have called her; and the Sealing was by My command; and it is happy


for them that keep their Seals; but fatal for those that destroy them. I have let it go on one year, to show the likeness of election, without showing their fatal dangers; but now I tell all men, he that putteth his hand to the plough and draweth back, cannot enter into the kingdom of Heaven; for this is the plough must break the ground for My Kingdom to be established on earth, and Satan's kingdom to be destroyed."

This Communication was given to Joanna on January 3, 1804, and forms part of the service used on each January 12, or New Year's Eve (old style), when the "Lifting up of Hands" takes place for Satan's kingdom to be overthrown and the Lord's kingdom to be established on earth. Never was I present at a more solemn or beautiful service than the first I attended in the year 1901, near Manchester. There were eight believers present, and the service was conducted by an old gentleman over eighty years of age Hymns were sung, passages from the Scriptures read, also Communications and prayers concluding with the Lord's Supper. The prayers are for Satan's overthrow, and the establishment of our Lord's kingdom upon earth as promised. The hands are lifted up to claim the promise made to the woman in the beginning that her seed should bruise the serpent's head, and to bring down the blessings to mankind. The believers repeat together three times, raising their hands: "THE WILL OF THE LORD BE DONE. O Lord Jesus, come quickly, O come quickly." There is something especially touching in the faith of the little companies of believers and their descendants who have continued this service in unbroken succession for one hundred years. How the hearts of the believers would have failed them, and how dimly would have burnt their lamp of faith, had they but foreseen the long years of waiting until the door be opened, and the Bridegroom's voice be heard in the land! How vivid the prophecies appeared to them, as though He was at the very doors! And yet - and yet - what long years have rolled on before the time of fulfilment came. "I shall begin in the fourth year of the century." as stated in The Warning to the World seemed to them to mean the momentous years of the nineteenth century when all appeared fulfilling; but in the Writings it is distinctly said that what occurred then was but the shadow - the substance was yet to follow. How many years have rolled on until it came to the fourth year of the century for God to begin as He says in His power in the weather - and then for ten years he would proceed to do wonders in small things, and thus fulfil "With Minifie I'll end." This refers, as I stated earlier, to a friend of Joanna, who


ridiculed the idea of God condescending to such trifles. Man is to judge God, and God is to judge man for ten years.

In other parts of the Writings great calamities are also foretold both by sea and land, and especially sudden deaths and suicides. That these things are so is abundantly proved by the daily press. Six terrible earthquakes occurred in two years, 1904 to 1906. The perplexities of nations are on every hand, and men's hearts are failing them for fear of what is coming on the earth. As a nation, we have lost God's protecting power in giving up our faith in prayer, and in departing from a lively belief in the Old Testament and the Gospel. This has been the Rock of past ages, against which the storms have beat unheeded, but now our foundation is on the slippery sand of man's earthly wisdom. How lamentably this wisdom has failed on every hand is only too apparent! Let us humble ourselves to the dust, and once more let there from the dust arise a living soul, for apart from faith we are dead and cannot please God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Let us lift up our eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh our help; let us lift up our heads, for our redemption draweth nigh.

The unbelieving world will continue to mock until the end, and many will be cut off in their unbelief: but those who are His friends and are waiting for their Lord's coming will be ready to enter in at the Midnight Hour.

There must be many descendants of the old believers who have kept the testimony of the Lord Jesus, and can understand the signs of His coming. For thirty years I was unacquainted with any believers, as all I had known had passed away, but through addresses given me by the late Rev. Walter Begley I have been able to trace about fifty in England, and I know of a good many in America. I shall be glad to hear from any believers or any one desirous of making inquiries into this great work of the Lord. That the believers will soon number many thousands I have not the least doubt, as the prophecies are fulfilling in such a remarkable manner and in such unexpected ways that many thinking people, and those who are spiritually minded, cannot but be convinced. It is stated that when we come to the end of the Rolling Stone, which is foretold in the Warning to the World, then the faith of the believers will be greatly strengthened. The Rolling Stone seems to mean years of judgments in which what is foretold takes place - not one year, but each year rolling on, though it may appear in an unlooked-for form. I am astonished beyond measure to see how different is the fulfilment to


what I expected. This, too, fulfils prophecy as the believers are told that the end will not come according to their judgment. My idea of the end of the world was that of wars and rumours of wars, earthquakes and pestilences - these calamities will probably occur at various times, but the end seems to be extended over number of years, in which by His lingering judgments, God in His mercy will give numbers the opportunity to repent. It also seems as though all were to be warned of the end, as they were in the days Noah. But who would have expected the Cup of Trembling to be passed around to all, as it is clearly done at the present time.

"Every hearth and heart I'll shake," said the Spirit to Joanna.

Does our heart go out strongly after vain pleasure? We are met there and thwarted. Does the heart go out strongly after the gold and silver of this world? It has all gone into the melting-pot. The day has come that will burn as an oven, and he will throughly purge His floor. The pomp of this world is to come to nought - God is to have a controversy with mankind, and the Nations must lie low in the valleys, that He may exalt them with true grandeur. The Nation are to be cut off, lest greater calamities come upon them from the hand of man and man's wisdom. Man's selfish treatment of his fellow-man has brought more misery than any judgments from the Lord - therefore God will cut off thousands in His mercy to prevent further suffering, and all whose hearts are toward God will gladly receive the good news of the coming of the King, the Prince of Peace, and He will be the DESIRE of all when He comes. How great and how glorious is our God - verily He doeth wonders! How far beyond our highest thought is His love and mercy toward the children of men! How beautiful to raise woman at the last and to make hers the graceful hand, as in the days of chivalry, to bring the good to man! The Tree of Life (woman) has been perserved for man, and he will now taste the good designed for him before the foundation of the world. The healing leaves unfold, the fig-tree putteth forth its fruit, summer is nigh, the nakedness and impurity of the nations will I be covered and disappear. Let us yield our hearts in love to Him; let us set aside prejudice; let us become as little children and enter the kingdom; let a little child lead us, though in a strange unexpected path. The Dayspring from on high has visited the Earth; the Spirit and the Bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

I am frequently coming across in other books of the Writings further explanations, and almost continuations, of what has gone before. This is not according to our ideas of literary excellence, as we


enforce that all matter relating to one subject shall be kept together. But the unexpected finding in these books of more of what has delighted one before, gives a peculiar pleasure in the surprise and encourages one to go deeper and deeper into the writings, as the pearls of great price can only be fully admired when the whole of the covering has been removed. What great thing still await the earnest seeker I can only dimly conjecture from the valuable assays I have already made. It was with great pleasure I found a continuation of the metaphor of the "Strayed Sheep," on p.49 in the Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, and which can be read in conjunction with that given on p.9.

For if she does this way go on
The rock's too high, from man she'll climb
Till 'tis too late to pull her down:
She judg'th her Lord is in the sound,
Where she does hear the small still voice
That soon will make the Church rejoice:
Though nations shake and cannons roar,
She judg'th her Lord is near the shore,
And will the guilt of woman free -
A bone of him ne'er broke shall be,
Because she was the bone of man.
The spirit's reasoning will be strong;
And if she doth with Him confide
She'll throw our learning all aside,
And man must crumble into dust,
Naked as Adam he was cast;
As woman saved through child-birth here,
Though long the burthen she did bear,
And now the fault she'll cast on men,
Because they silent stood so long,
And gave her up an easy prey;
Then now judge in what hands she lay -
If you'll confess she is in Mine,
I will not blame you to resign,
And give her wholly to My care;
Like Adam do and copy her;
But it you've left her all this while,
And say that Satan's art beguiled,
I ask My shepherds how they'll stand,
For now My sheep I do demand;
And leave the ninety-nine behind,
For the lost sheep I bid them find;
Or else My shepherds be no more,
If of My sheep you'll not take care.
Should I demand from Taylor's* hand

* An early believer. Type of layman.


To judge your flock how they do stand?
Did I commit them to his care?
Or to the Holy Ghost to swear?
For he's no shepherd, but a sheep
And if your flock you will not keep,
If one do break, the rest will go;
Judge for yourselves if it be not so;
Because together sheep will keep,
And fast will go if one do break,
And if your sheep be gone astray,
Then fast your flock will go that way.
She hath led them to a pasture new,
Back of themselves they'll never go;
They'll taste the goodness of the ground;
They'll ne'er regard the shepherd's sound,
The more they stray, the more they'll see,
And better pasture it will be,
Till to the Rock they'll surely come,
And mount so high that none can climb
To pull them down your sheep to kill;
The fountain shall be gushing still
To keep them from the butcher's knife -
I'll drown the foes that seek their life.
So Taylor now in this I'll clear,
And tell them how I've chosen him here,
To Judge the pasture and the ground
That you are in, how it is found,
Whether the grass is not come bare,
And many sheep are starving here,
That is to say, they do want food,
The sheep must judge if it be good
For to supply their every want,
And know the grass if it be scant;
And if the bitter herbs do grow,
Instead of grass, the sheep must know;
Because the bitters they must taste,
While shepherds at their tables feast.
Therefore My sheep I chose them low,
That they might Judge if it be true.
Now if My sheep I chose them high,
That in the best of pastures lie,
They'd say that all were at the full;
A plenteous pasture makes them dull
To hear another sheep complain;
They never wish to change their ground,
Nor in such lowly pastures tread,
Wherein the starving sheep are laid;
Regardless of the bleating sheep,
In plenteous pastures careless sleep.
But now the subject I shall end -


The middle station are My friends,
Whose ears are open to every cry -
A heart to feel, but can't supply
All the distresses he doth hear:
Though oft the burthen he doth bear,
Because he knows he can't relieve,
A feeling heart doth often grieve
To see his suffering brethren here
Bow'd down so deep with earthly care.
Now thy past writings call to mind:
When Leach's *judgment was confined,
I said the grapes were all too high -
After your manner I'll comply;
For when I stooped to dwell with men,
And after their manner I conformed;
Now in the Spirit I'm the same,
And oft seem trifling with mankind;
For as your custom I do do,
'Tis your own words I do pursue;
For should I always speak in mine,
It would be Latin to mankind;
Such Latin they could never read,
Nor understand a word was said.
But to the purpose I shall come;
Thou know'st that I did tell thee then,
That if thy words they did deny,
I bid them give thy pen the lie,
And gain their victories in the war,
And feed the starving hungry poor,
And no complaining in your land,
Then thee and I would silent stand
As in a prison to be bound;
If peace and plenty could be found,
And every heart they would set free,
Then men must gain the victory.
I said the shadow was begun;
I said the substance fast would come;
For their complaining will be more -
Let Taylor see the mystery clear,
And judge if they don't see it so:
And to the starving poor now go,
Whose clothes are sold by such distress;
Though this doth wound My feeling breast,
To see the sufferings of the poor;
But how can I their sufferings clear,
Unless I give thy pen the lie?
Like men the truth I must deny.
I know how all is sealed up,
But well I know that thou'st forgot;

* A Dissenting minister.


And when thy Seals are broken here
The perfect truth must then appear;
If Taylor cannot judge thy hand,
I bid him careful judge the land,
And tell if things are not worse here
Than when the shadows did appear;
I say when corn it first did rise
Amazing high and all surprise:
But now you say your corn's more low;
In this your arguments I'll show;
If this be low the rest is high,
The poor for want of bread do cry;
And fataller now they'll feel the blow,
Although you say your corn's more low,
The labour's taken from their hand -
Let Taylor now judge as a man;
If he had got no gold in store,
And all his labour was stopt here,
That he a penny could not gain,
Would he not judge a fatal time,
To see his family in distress,
To beg for mercy from the rest?
For perfect so do thousands stand,
Since labour was stopt in your land,
Then sure the substance did come here
Worse than the shadow was before;
Nor can you tell where this will end -
They'll find it deep all thou hast penned.
Now mark the man that was born blind:
His parent's judgment was confined;
They knew not how I cured their son,
But sure the truth they then did own;
That he was blind, but then did see,
To them appeared mystery;
And hear the answer they did make,
That for himself the son must speak,
Because he was of proper age,
And he himself must be the judge:
So now let Taylor do the same,
And say the truth he sure must own:
Thy words and writings have come true;
But how it was he did not know;
But he'll refer them unto thee
To tell them how this thing could be,
That thou receivedst so clear a sight
To see before the things were right;
Or how these things thou didst foresee,
Thou art o age to answer they.

I have continued this Communication beyond that required for the completion of the likeness of a sheep straying from the shepherds,


because I thought the words that followed were such a true picture of the present day. The shadow has been, who can doubt of the substance when we see the starving poor on every hand, and all classes perplexed and harassed. The rich do not escape, as the very possession of wealth brings in its train endless anxieties. The commercial world is shaken to its foundations and no one feels safe. Panic has followed panic on the Stock Markets this year (1907), until aghast one asks, Can things go lower? What is safe, what is a good security? Through the great depreciation in the value of property even mortgages are found to bring severe loss in many cases. No, the Cup of Trembling is placed in every hand, and none can escape.

Clever articles are written in the Press on the causes of all these evils, but few, now, seems to write hopefully of a remedy. The wisdom of man has over-reached itself; the heart of man, apart from God is shown to be moving on the pivot of self. The policy of wrapping self in a perfectly developed body, or in a highly cultured mind, or in commercial astuteness, or in a constant gratification of pleasure, or in a position above one's fellows - each and all have proved themselves fallacious - unsatisfying - and have been torn to shreds in this day that burns indeed as an oven.

What a harsh taskmaster is man! How little he cares for his fellow-man! Is he his brother's keeper? How men have jostled each other aside, when their pleasures were disturbed, or their pride of life assailed! God has calculated with mathematical precision when the hideousness of the conditions of life imposed by man would culminate and be found unendurable. He has come to rescue man, but not a day too soon. "Master, save us, we perish," is the language of the human heart in its dire need. He will hear our cry, and before we uttered our voice, He was near, and had made provisions for our exceeding need. The Mighty Counsellor is at hand, His Name is Wonderful, on His shoulder is the Government; He will yet gather home His Bride - the Church - in peerless beauty.

In our prayers we frequently ask God to supply our needs, and acknowledge that he knows better than we what those needs are, and yet when He supplies what is so comforting and necessary to our growth in grace in modern times - we in our human wisdom set it aside as sent in too lowly a manner for a God. Yes, we, too, must stoop to the humble manger crib, lest we too, like the wise Pharisees of old, miss the great blessing that God.has sent into the world. We may be quite sure He knows the best way to test our faith, to test our zeal, and how to prevent the wiles of Satan overcoming us and


blinding our eyes. He, who formed the human heart, and formed us for Himself, and loves us with a deeper, tenderer love than enters our utmost imagination, knows an effectual way to draw our hearts powerfully after Himself, and to lessen the hold the world has on us. I did not know until reading quite recently in other Communications given to Joanna, that the end of the world and being consumed by fire meant that the Lord would deal in a different manner with the righteous and the wicked when he comes to make an end. He is coming in fury and flames of anger against the wicked to burn up the chaff and throughly purge His floor, yet at the same time He is coming in flames of love toward those who from the heart desire His kingdom to come, and He will surround them in the perilous times by the fire of His loving protection. The pillar of fire of His love will come between them and their enemies.

For long time He has suffered even the blasphemer to live his little allotted span of life. But now at the end He will arise in His wrath, and punish evil and cut off those who do wickedly, that the living may lay it to heart and turn unto Him. It is distinctly foretold that the world will be warned of His coming, and I draw the reader's attention to The Warning to the World, given by the Spirit of Truth to Joanna Southcott. This is a booklet of one hundred pages; it will be reprinted as soon as there are sufficient numbers requiring copies. The prices of books and further particulars will be found at the end of each of these volumes. The original copies are scarce, and though I have several, I could not, of course, supply the reading public. There is no desire to make a profit on the reprinting of any of the books; if there should be any it will be set aside to the further spread of the knowledge of these great truths. I am anxious that The Warning to the World should be ordered first, because it contains prophecies of the perplexities of nations in the years of judgment which are to come on the whole earth as a snare which is to bring them back to God and to capture them for Him. I had to read this little book several times before I could grasp the meaning of the dates and months and the years of fulfilment. That the judgments were to begin in the fourth year of the century is clearly foretold. As the events that occurred at the beginning of the nineteenth century are said to be but shadows of the substance to come, it must refer, in my opinion, to this century it is stated emphatically in the Explanations of the Bible (p.604), that were the world to go on as it is now two centuries more, infidelity would so prevail over the hearts and minds of men, that no flesh would be saved. By the Spirit: "for I should cut them off in My anger, and


destroy them in My hot displeasure; as I destroyed the world of old, I should destroy the world now, if it were to go on to the end of these two centuries to make up the six thousand years. But thou, (Joanna) sayest in thy heart, if infidelity prevails, and all these evils that I have mentioned prevail; yet there never was a greater show of religion that ever thou hast read of, or heard of, than now seems to appear in the land, by the people that rose up in the last century. But know it was perfectly so when I came in the body. And now come to My Gospel. They fasted twice a week; they prayed in the streets and in the synagogues; they were zealous for their religion that they reproved My disciples for plucking ears of corn on the Sabbath Day - they reproved Me for healing on the Sabbath Day - they reproved My eating with unwashed hands; and it was out of zeal in pretence to religion that they put Me to Death, as they thought I dishonoured God by saying I was the Son of God. And they were strict to keep the Passover when they had defiled their hands with blood, by clamouring hard for My death. Now look through My Gospel and see what great profession of religion was made by the Scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites, who sought My life out of a pretence to religion.

"Then what dost thou marvel at now, if the hearts of men were full of deceit, while the profession of religion was so great that I should tell thee the hearts of men are now the same. For ye can judge no man by his great profession; the hearts of all men are known to Me, how much they are like Jehu: 'See my zeal for the Lord of Hosts,' while his eye was to the kingdom; and so are thousands of professors, they make a great show amongst mankind, while their eye is to their own honour, their own wisdom, and their own merit; for they study more the praise and applause of men than they study My Honour and Glory, and the perfect happiness of mankind; for have I not called, and they have not answered? Therefore, they are like the Scribes and Pharisees, that persecuted Me for they knew not why; neither do they know why they have condemned thy visitation.

"Let them read My Gospel over again, and see where I commanded such a religion, or where I commended it? But I will tell thee where I condemned it: Matthew vii.: 'Judge not, that ye be not judged.' Let them pull the beam out of their own eyes, that darkeneth all their understanding, before they can see the mote, how to pull it out of the eyes of their brethren. Now I shall show thee the meaning of the words: the Prophets stood as a beam before the Jews, because they had placed their own wisdom before their


eyes; so that the words of the prophets were not understood by them, and the beam stood before them. And their own wisdom made them see a mote in the eyes of My disciples - that they could not clearly discern the Scriptures by the Eye of Faith as My disciples did; but they saw by their own understanding. Now this beam stands before them to this day: but know, I said in My Gospel, many that professed to believe My Gospel, and to hear My sayings, would build their faith as weak upon it as a man's building his house upon the sand, for great would be the fall in the end. So if men discerned My Gospel, and understood it, they would see there is as much reason to fear the unbelief when it cometh to the end, for those that profess to believe My Gospel, but understand not My coming again, as there was for the Jews to fear for their unbelief, when I came in the body."

I hope from reading the above that many will be constrained to look into the works for themselves, that they may share my exceeding joy which is ever welling up in my heart, even in the midst of times of difficulty. It is promised that the believers shall experience this gladness, and I can testify to its abundant fulfilment both in myself and others.

The seven books of the Explanations of the Bible cover 624 pages, all of which are extremely valuable, and clear up nearly all the difficulties of modern reasoning. God has condescended Himself to explain His own Bible, and to meet man on his own ground, and reason out His own great plan from the beginning. It is magnificent and is as unexpected as it is grand. He has even set the modern custom of signing of names and election to decide the issue between good and evil, and has left the choice freely to each individual. May our hearts turn to the Lord in the deep gratitude which His mercy and goodness must call forth!


From "Sound an Alarm," page 59

For deeply you must weigh the Fall;
And deeply weigh the woman's Call.
That 'tis to have the Serpent cast,
That she the Prophetess is placed,
To tell you all the end is come,
That Satan must receive his doom.
Now deeply weigh my Bible through,
And then you'll know her words are true;
Deeply weigh my words at first,
Ere the sleep on man was cast;
How I said, he was not good
To be alone as then he stood;
How the woman I did create;
To be his partner and helpmate;
And if she helped him to he first,
And so the evil it did burst,
Which she did cast on Satan's head;
Then now at last mark what she'th said,
That he the guilt for her must bear,
As I did promise;- men, see clear,
That she hath now asked for your good,
To claim the promise of her God;
And pray that my avenging Heel
May fall on Satan now to feel
The same upon his guilty head.
Weigh deep her call, how it is laid,
And then you may discern the whole,
If deeply you do weigh the Fall,
And see my Bible how 'tis placed:
Ye ne'er discerned, ye fallen race
How that the Woman must appear
Clothed with the Light of Heaven here;
Because she's clothed with the Sun,
From whence the Light of Heaven came -
The light in darkness to tread down
For so the devil's light is found,
To shine in the benighted minds:
But all their light, they soon will find,
Is like the moon that passed away,
And set in darkness ere 'tis day:
As it is often by the moon,
Before 'tis day the light is gone;
And so men's light will go the same;
For all men's lights I'll now tread down,
That do not gather from the Sun;
And deeply weigh the days are come,
And with your Bibles all compare;
Then you may know the day is near,
That all your light must pass away,


Which you've not gathered from THE DAY
Because the day for all is near,
Wherein my Bible I shall clear,
And every soul the TRUTH may see,
If deep they every thing do weigh.
For now I'll answer as a God:
I made the women for your good;
And for your good she must appear,
To prove my Wisdom then was clear;
When I created her at first,
I knew the tempter then would burst
With every art to work in man;
Therefore I laid my every plan,
To have the Tree of Knowledge placed,
Pronounced him dead, if then he'd taste;
Dead to the knowledge of the Tree,
If e'er the fruit was plucked by he;
Or, if he ever eat the same,
Dead to the knowledge of my name -
And dead to knowledge he became.
My labour then began with man:
One day became a thousand years:
When men increased, I proved it clear,
They had no knowledge of the good,
To know the promise how it stood:
Nor knew the evil how 'twas placed;
You know, the woman plucked the first,
And so she gave it unto man;
But know, her answer when I came,
It was the serpent her beguiled;
And so the serpent then she foiled;
For when I cast it on his head,
And said on him the curse was laid.
And for to prove my words were true,
I had my labour in my view:
To prove that man was dead at first,
Unto the knowledge as 'twas placed;
For so the ages still went on -
It never was discerned by men,
That they these promised must claim;
And so in death they still remained
To all the knowledge of the good,
Until they perish in the flood;
As man no knowledge had of ME,
And so their fatal end did see.
And from the prophets 'twas the same;
They all went on - to man they came;
But man knew not they were for ME,
And so their suferings you may see
Throughout my Bible, how they are placed,


In every age you see them cast.
Then where was knowledge in the man,
To live in ME, and know my name?
That all their Prophecies were true;
That as I said I'd surely do?
No! this was all unknown to men,
Before they felt my heavy hand:
Then you must prove that man was dead,
For want of knowledge as I said,
In every age that's past and gone;
The four thousand thus rolled on;
And then my birth to man appeared,
As in my Gospel you have heard.
But dead to knowledge then was man;
My chosen race did ME condemn,
Until they nailed me to the tree,
To bruise my heel, as I did say;
Because that ME they did not know,
That as a God my love was so,
To bear the fatal curse for man,
That Satan's doom the same might come;
But this mankind did not discern;
And the five thousand then rolled on;
And men were murdered for my sake,
And martyrs burned at the stake;
Because no knowledge was in man,
To know the way I've laid my plan,
To prove to knowledge man was dead.
It is by FAITH, as I have said
That all the just have lived in ME -
From every age the just you see,
How they by faith have walked with God;
Yet, dead to knowledge they on were led -
To know, when I had proved them dead,
To every knowledge, as I said;
Then Satan's doom the next must come,
Receive the curse I laid on him;
Because he held ME to my word,
That man must die, as then I said;
And dead to knowledge man I've proved,
In every thousand of the age,
Through the five thousand that are past;
My chosen people so are cast,
Dead to the knowledge of their Lord.
No man discerns my dying words -
'TIS FINISHED NOW": and see it true;
There is no knowledge found in man;
It was by faith the just did come;
Because the wonders men believe,


None but a God could ever give;
Nor, work the miracles I wrought;
So 'twas by faith the just were taught,
To judge ME as the Son of God;
Relied on every word I said;
And yet no knowledge was in them,
My Father's promise or to claim,
That I must then bruise Satan's head,
Though in my Gospel it is said -
I died to conquer death and hell:
But in WHAT WAY no man could tell;
Because the Days were not gone through,
The Five that I had in my view,
Must in like manner still go on,
To prove no knowledge was in man.
And so the Jews do now appear -
They have no knowledge to see clear,
That I the Son of God could be;
But now the SIXTH you all shall see,
I am come to shorten Satan's reign;
Because the Gentiles, I see plain,
Have no more knowledge than the Jews -
MY dying blood they now refuse
For to avenge on Satan's head -
Therefore the SEALING now is made,
For me to try what is in men -
And dead to knowledge I see them;
Save but a few that walk by FAITH,
Believe the Spirit what HE saith:
Because the Prophecies came true,
That none but God could see and know,
And all the events would come to man;
Foretel the wars when they would come;
Foretel the harvests at the time;
And every year to tell my mind.
What I would do upon the earth;
For as I speak it all breaks forth;
And 'tis by faith the just do see,
That all this knowledge came from ME:
And so the just are saved by FAITH,
So perfect as the Scripture saith:
And so their Names are given to ME,
That now my promise they may see
For ME to bruise the serpent's head,
As first the promise there was made;
While others full of unbelief,
Will perish soon in fatal grief;
For, if I've kept my word with man,
That dead to knowledge all have been,
And so through ignorance bruised my heel;


The Devil now my wrath shall feel,
And I will surely bruise his head,
And lay the curse as then I said;
And now I'll fix it above man's,
That wish my Kingdom for to come;
Though some in sin may now appear,
And with the beast you them compare;
But they shall not receive his doom -
For he shall perish in their room,
If they the promise now do crave
For him to fall, and man to live:
That is, the devil I do mean,
For him to fall, and man remain
The object of my dying love:
My mercies they shall taste and prove,
That I did die the sinners Friend;
Because I proved them in the end,
To stand as fervent friends for ME,
When their handwriting I do see,
That they do wish for ME to reign,
And Satan's power to be chained down,
That tempts them now to every sin.
Like the wise virgins they are come;
But many foolish will appear,
Destroy their faith, as said before;
Because their lamps will all go out
Through unbelief, I said they'd doubt;
And so their faith will go away -
But I'll not save them in that day,
When I in power do appear -
It is "THE SEALS" the wise must clear,
To prove they've got them in their hand,
When to redeem them I shall stand
To chain the powers of darkness down:
For he shall tremble at my sound,
Much worse than Adam at the first;
For on him shall my fury burst;
Because he craved my word with man,
That dead to knowledge they must come:
And so my chosen Jews appear;
And so the Gentiles I see here:
As dead to knowledge all of ME,
In unbelief mankind I see,
That do profess to love my Name,
But have no knowledge of the same,
Why I did shed my dying Blood,
To cast it on the serpent's head.
For, if I kept my word with man,
Satan can never miss my hand -
If FIFTY righteous men appear,


To see my Bible now is clear,
The Woman clothed with the Sun
Must tread the powers of darkness down -
And bring the kingdom of her God,
As in my Bible this is said;
That is, my Kingdom must appear,
As in that chapter you see clear,
When such a Woman here is seen,
That is a wonder unto men;
Because a wonder she must be,
What I shall do to know, and see,
Without my Spirit to appear,
To give the Light, that's given her;
The truth of all to see and know,
And prove my Bible all is true.
Then sure a wonder she must be,
To those that can't my Spirit see,
How she is visited from on high,
And 'tis in ME her light doth lie,
To baffle all the light of men,
And prove the devil's curse must come,
That you did never see before
Till she had made the mystery clear.
And now the mystery all may see;
She's sealing Satan's destiny,
To tread him down beneath her feet;
You must confess the wonder's great,
Thall all together this is done
By Satan's arts, ye simple men;
Then now divided he must be
Against himself - the mystery see:
Because his kingdom it must fall;
And you may wonder then of hell,
If he from hell should so appear,
To give such light and make all clear;
The light of all men to tread down,
That in her light will not be found.
For, now I'll challenge every man,
That doth refuse her written hand;
That they in darkness now are found,
And soon will tremble at her sound,
When I begin the following year,
To make the mysteries out more clear.
Because the midnight all will see,
That Satan's light hath foiled all ye;
And so he'll leave you in the dark,
When I begin to set the mark
Of your high calling, that is near:
The midnight then will make you fear;
That you have stumbled at the Sun,
And groped for light, when it has gone.'



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