No. I - Vol.1 - Part 3

("My EXPRESSES fast shall fly.")


as foretold one hundred years ago, to be published by

the hands of a Woman in the tenth year of the

Century; and containing the Prophecies

and Divine writings of the

late Joanna Southcott



Author of "Radia,"

The Woman's Word will be found to be a true picture of the World at the present day.

The Healing Leaves from the Tree of Life (Woman) have been given to Man. The Fig Tree shows that Summer is nigh.

It is said that God will begin by His power in the weather in the fourth year of the Century, and by trifles, as well as greater events, draw men's hearts to Himself, until He becomes the DESIRE of the NATIONS.

Contents of Vols. 1 & 2


PART I - VOL. 1.

- Introduction.
- The Versification.
- The Prose.
- Woman, The True Helpmate.
- The Bride and The Marriage of The Lamb.
- The Sealing, or Signing of Names.

PART 2 - VOL. 1.

- The Life and Divine Writings of Joanna Southcott.

PART 3 - VOL. 1.

- Continuation of The Life and Divine Writings of Joanna Southcott.

PART 1- VOL. 2.

- The Prophecies.
- Communication on the Patchwork Quilt, given by The Spirit to
Joanna Southcott on October 18, 1807.
- The Seven Days' Dispute with The Powers of Darkness.
- The Answer of The Lord to The Powers of Darkness.

PART 2 - VOL. 2.

- The First Book of Wonders.
- The Second Book of Wonders.
- The Third Book of Wonders.
- Excerpta From an Epistle Addressed to The Rev'ds The Vice-Chancellors,
Oxford and Cambridge by The Rev. Thos. P. Foley. Rector of Old Swinford, Worcestershire.

PART 3 - VOL. 2.

- The Fourth Book of Wonders.
- The Fifth Book of Wonders.
- The Visit to London of The Rev. Thomas P. Foley of Old Swinford, to
Joanna Southcott, August, 1814.
- Dr. Reece's Statement of The Circumstances that Attended the Last
Illness and Death of Mrs. Southcott, with an Account of the Appearances Exhibited on Dissection.
- The Refutation of Dr. Reece's Statement.
- The Rev. S. Baring-Gould's Account of Joanna Southcott.


- Portrait of Joanna Southcott. Frontispiece Part I
- The Box of Sealed Writings. Part I
- The Communion Cup. Part 2
- Reproduction of Joanna Southcott's Handwriting. Part 3


- Reproduction of the Seal. Frontispiece Part I
- The Patchwork Quilt. Part 2

Author's Preface

In issuing this Second Edition, it will be of interest to the public to know a few details concerning this work, which at first for personal reasons were withheld.

On the morning of January 1, 1910, the first criticism of The Expresses occurred in The Daily News, London; it was about one and a half columns in length, and was mostly laudatory.

Then a prominent paragraph on these books followed in The Daily Mail. Shortly after I was desired to give their representative an interview, as they wished to know the circumstances that caused me to write The Expresses. As the public, at this time, was strangely antagonistic to Joanna Southcott, I refused to be brought into the matter personally, as my one object was to get people to read her Writings, and to judge of the truth for themselves. But now that the fulfilment of her prophecies has so unmistakably taken place, a great change has occurred. The books of the Prophetess are now spoken of with respect, and are eagerly perused by thousands of persons in all English-speaking countries.

The time has therefore now arrived, when the public are entitled to know that which was withheld from them at first. For many years I had been the Principal of a large, successful Girls' School; and although I had loved Joanna's Writings from childhood, I had had no thought of bringing them out to the public (except that in 1897 I had published a booklet, containing some extracts from The True Explanations of the Bible). Later I became acquainted with the Rev. Walter Begley of Hampstead, a well-known writer and Elizabethan scholar. He was descended from one of the three clergymen, who had so strongly supported her cause. We agreed to bring out in collaboration, a life of Joanna Southcott, but to my great sorrow, he was removed by death in 1905. No further thought then crossed my mind in regard to the work, although I still hoped some one would be raised up to vindicate her, and to show the inestimable value of her works to the world. But on December 8th, 1907, the second Sunday in Advent, when I returned as usual from church with the boarders - immediately on entering my own little sitting-room, I felt as though the room was full of unseen ministering spirits, all insistent on my beginning, at once, to write a life of Joanna Southcott. To my astonishment, crowds of ideas kept coming in overwhelming profusion, as though there was great promise of help from on high. I was greatly moved, and fell on my knees by the couch in prayer, and offered to do willingly anything that the dear Lord might require of me. The command seemed so peremptory, that I soon arose, and seating myself at my bureau, took paper and pencil in hand, and again with prayer for guidance, declared I was ready to do the Lord's bidding and write if it were His will. Words then flowed freely, and the first page of The Express was written that very night. It has never been altered. Gradually, although leading such a busy life, by writing a page or so each morning before breakfast, the books took shape. I tried my best to confine my work to one volume, but no, it had to be two, my publisher said. Then I discovered that The TWO Expresses were foretold to come to warn the nations of what was coming upon the Earth. I had written simply, as a child, freely using the nine published volumes and much MSS. which represent the twenty years' work of Joanna and her amanuenses, and, had called my work 'The World's Great Mistake.' It was not until I had nearly finished, that I plainly saw these were 'The Two Expresses,' as foretold to come before the Lord began His great work on the Earth in making an end of all evil. The books were sent out in faith, to face a hostile world; but I knew if the work was of God, man could not overthrow it - on the other hand, if it was not, and the fulfilment of the prophecies did not follow, only my own personal reputation could suffer; and that was a small thing in comparison to failing the Lord in His need. But the sound of the Master's feet was surely behind - the fulfilment of the prophecies has been more wonderful than ever even I anticipated. The truth of them can now no longer be denied. "Of the seas take care," occurs several times on pages 444 and 445 of The True Explanations; it comes to my mind with startling significance now we are in the midst of this submarine danger. It hints also that Jonah in the whale would be a type of coming dangers on the seas. There are many sad Jonahs now swallowed up of many voracious whales. "Their shipping I will all destroy," (meaning the Lord will permit it for a short time), evidently means the commercial shipping of our own and also that of other nations.

"The dangers of London were to be first overhead!" How true it is! "Persons would be burnt in their beds;" "The sound of war would be heard in our land;" If the enemy landed it would be in an unexpected manner, and their corpses would lie in the streets. This has been perfectly fulfilled in the recent Zeppelin raids, when the blazing bodies of the crews fell to the Earth. "The lack of gold, also the high prices and scarcity of sugar, and foodstuffs" are clearly foretold. The condition of things will not improve until the Bishops or their chaplains, do the simple bidding of the Lord, and carefully open and examine the Sealed Writings, that have lain in a Box strongly nailed and corded for 100 years - awaiting their mandate. If some great thing had been demanded, it would probably have been done with pomp and circumstance. But of old the command that followed the simple maidservant's fidelity, 2 Kings 5, was despised, and the leprosy remained until the behest was complied with. The simple things have ever been used by the Lord, and have brought about the greater. We know that some of the Bishops are already willing to do their part, but the required number of twenty-four - the elders mentioned in the Revelations, who sit in their seats on the earth, are at present unwilling to cast the crowns of their own wisdom before the throne.

Our enemies are to fall and England is to conquer both in the SPIRITUAL and the TEMPORAL fight: but when evil is swept away, it will only be by brotherly love and righteousness that the foreign nations will fall in gratitude before this country as their deliverer under God's guiding hand.

The Lord will continue to overthrow evil until He has shown His Salvation to man, and restored him once again to His own divine image. The Lord will then delight Himself in man, and All That Hath Breath Will Praise His Name.                                                 

 ALICE SEYMOUR - January, 1917.

"The Woman's Petition for Satan's overthrow and for the establishing of the Kingdom of Christ here upon earth." (Rev. vii, 3) can be explained by and obtained from Alice Seymour; or at 143 Lake Avenue, Highland Park, Ills.; also CARPENTER'S BOOK STORE, San  Diego, California, U.S.A.

The Life and Divine Writings
Joanna Southcott

Joanna continues: "Here is the answer to women, as some were desirous to know if any may be admitted at the proving of the Sealed Writings:- 'Now I answer thee of women: they followed Me to My Cross, and stood weeping to see Me crucified; they were the first at My Sepulchre to see My resurrection: now I will not refuse women that assist thee. Let it be known unto all men, the work at first was carried on by women. The first presents that were made were from women. So they showed their love and faith before man showed any. So now suffer women to be present, and forbid them not. It was by a woman I came into the world in the form of a man; and now by a woman I will reveal Myself unto men; in, and through the woman as much in the SPIRIT as I did then in the flesh make My appearance to the world from the woman, and now from the woman shall My second coming be revealed that no man may boast nor be worshipped in My stead; for there it is false Christs will arise in man. But no Saviour can arise in a woman for her to be a Christ. For here I AM, all in all, acknowledged by thee, come to heal the fall of women, which must first be healed before man's redemption can come; for how can man that is born of a woman be free from his fall or from his original guilt, before his original guilt be taken away? However deep men may apply their Bibles, the fountain must first be cleared before the vessel can bring forth clear and living water; can a corrupt fountain bring forth a pure stream? If the fountain be tainted, the water will be tainted also: if the vessel be tainted, the liquor is tainted: therefore as long as the taint of the fall remains in the woman, all her offspring must be tainted the same; but first make the vessel good, then the liquor will be good also. Therefore I said the new wine must have new bottles; for the old bottles would burst with the new wine; and now I tell thee every old bottle will burst, that looks for redemption in Christ before the fall of the woman is freed! For here is the meaning of the bottles being new when the wine is new also; and now if you put a new piece on an old garment, the rent will be made worse; so the garment must


be made new throughout. So he that will not believe the Son of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings, to heal the fall of woman, will never be healed in this world; for it is by faith ye are saved, and that not of yourselves; for it is the Lord must heal the fall, but ye must have faith to believe it: so if ye will not have faith to sign your names, to wish for My coming, and Satan to be destroyed, ye shall never live to enjoy it.

"'I will, for this, be enquired of by the house of Israel, and every man must set to his Seal that God is true. He said the woman should be the helpmate for man; and now as a helpmate we receive her. He said it was not good for man to be alone, and now we prove the truth of his words! and this shall be acknowledged by all men who live to see My kingdom established in peace. And now let Satan swell with all his rage in man; My Spirit shall lift up a standard against him, for all that believe in Me and My Gospel; for I died to triumph over death, hell, and the grave. But how could I then triumph over death, hell, and the grave when death and hell followed close on Me, and My followers? and so they are now pursuing the same: but one man shall now chase a thousand in My Name, and two shall put ten thousand to flight, till they are left as a beacon upon the mountain! 'for in the strength of the Lord will I destroy them'; but how could one man chase a thousand; or two put ten thousand to flight, if believers were many, and mockers but few? How could My Gospel be true, at My second coming, I said, I should scarce find faith upon the earth; for as the unbelief of the world of old, and the unbelief of Sodom and Gomorrah, so I said shall the coming of the Son of Man be. But fear not, My little flock, for it is My Father's good pleasure to give you My kingdom, when I establish it in righteousness and peace! for I will take away the foxes that hurt My vines, and the singing of birds shall come for all that believe, for the voice of the turtle is now in your land! therefore, tremble ye mountains, that build your foundation on the sand of your own wisdom; be afraid, ye trees, that have no root in Me, for the north winds will blow you down: the south winds will root you up; for I will come into My garden, and eat My pleasant fruit with those who wait for My coming; therefore now be ashamed, ye husbandmen, and blush, ye winedressers, who dress not your ground with the true dressing of My word; and blush for your vineyards that do not prune them according to My covenant made with man; but now, ye trees of Lebanon, whose roots are fixed in Me, believing and relying on all the promises I made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that I should fulfil them according to My word, which was made through faith, and must be


obtained by faith. Unto you was the promise to be fulfilled, so ye may break forth into singing; for as the birds build their nests on high, so ye, by faith, build your nests on high; and ye may break forth into singing thereon; and you, O mountains, who build on the ROCK OF AGES, who judge Him faithful that has promised, and who also will do it; a remedy was instantly promised, and help was laid upon one that was MIGHTY, that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head. Unto you shall the Son of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and ye shall see the curse of the serpent above every living creature; and tread him down as ashes under the soles of your feet. For as the hills stand round about Jerusalem, so will I stand round My people for evermore; and as firm as Mount Zion that cannot be moved, so firm shall My covenant stand that I have made with man; for My delight shall be with man, the work of My own hands; and My throne shall be established in righteousness and peace; and so in peace possess your souls, for he that troubleth Israel shall be cut off.

"'And now I shall come to thee: thou sayest, thou wouldst rather live in sorrow than die, and leave thy friends in sorrow, if thou wast sure of heavenly happiness at thy death; now if this be thy love for man who have got themselves persecuted for thy sake, believing thy writings to be of God, how much greater dost thou think is My loving kindness unto them than thine? Is thy love to be compared with My love; or thy feelings with My feelings? I tell thee, No, I will not rest until I have filled My friends with joy unspeakable, and full of glory, and rewarded every man according to his works! for their labour of love shall not be in vain in the Lord. For I tell thee thy love springs from Me, thy gratitude from Me, thy pity from Me, and  the form of thy nature was formed by Me, and every passion in thy heart springs from Me. Thou mayest well say thou would sooner judge there was no God, than judge there was a faithless God; and this judgment I will recommend to all men. It is better to judge your Bibles false, and never made by the Spirit of God, than to judge they are of God, full of lies, as the world now judge them: for if men compare thy writings and My Bible together, they will find there is no shadow nor variableness of turning in them. The prophets prophesied of all I have told thee, and that I shall show thee plain from every chapter I have mentioned; but now thou art come to tell them how it shall be fulfilled, and who are the heirs to the promise: for perfect as the Woman's hand brought the knowledge of the evil fruit, so perfect now is the enmity between the serpent and the Woman; and now thou wilt bring them to the knowledge of the good: how all


is applied, and how all shall be possessed, and as the evil fruit then destroyed the good, so now the good shall destroy the evil. For Eve brought forth her children by a natural birth, and thou art bringing them forth by a spiritual birth; she plucked the evil, and the evil remained, and the good was taken from the evil to come; but thou bringest the good fruit and the evil shall be taken from the good to come, for they must be of one mind and heart who live to posses My kingdom, or how shall I establish it in peace, neither will I show My loving kindness to men before they have shown their love to Me. What pleasure couldst thou have to visit a people who do not look for thee, nor wish for thy coming, more than thou hadst in going to Bristol; just the same would My coming be received, by a people that did not know Me, nor look for Me: and I should be as desirous of leaving them as thou wast to leave Bristol, and return to thy friends at Exeter; therefore I shall not come before men have made known My coming! Then they that look for Me will be like thy friends, after thy writings are proved, every one will be eager to see thee, and thou wilt receive a different welcome when thou goest hence than ever thou hast received here."

Joanna continues:-

"I am now to insert a dream given me on the 10th of October. I dreamt I was in my bed, which was close to a stable, and a toad came from the stable on to my pillow under my head, which I thought I took and threw out against the stable, and told some persons who were present, that it was behind the wall, and would get into the stable amongst the dust, for which reason they threw out all the dirt, and washed the stable clean, when it appeared with red bricks: here I awoke, and then went to sleep again, and dreamt I was in my own room, and I saw it full of ill-looking men, and was much afraid; I then thought I heard the creaking of a friends' shoes in the adjoining room, when I was filled with joy, and awoke: I then went to sleep again, and dreamt I had a large jar that had been full of ink; but the ink was out, and I saw a large candle burning in the jar, when I awoke.

"My dream was answered in the following manner: 'The toad that came close to thee and thou threwest away, is the devil, who laid close to thy ears in all thou hast written of him; and thou hast thrown him away like thy dream. The ill-looking men were evil spirits, that surrounded thy bed at that time; the creaking of the shoes is MY SPIRIT, that guards thee and keeps thee from all danger, and will awake thee out of all thy fears: the stable being washed and clean, and the red bricks appearing, represents My birth and death: that I shall now cleanse the whole, for My blood shall cleanse from


all sin; but all sin is not yet cleansed! The jar that was filled with ink, was for thee to write, and Me to indite, but is now empty; the candle placed in the room shows that thy time is nearly run out; and the candle of the Lord shall fill the place; and prove that I the Lord, who formed the heavens, and laid the foundation of the earth, have spoken by thee, to thee, and through thee! And My candle shall burn bright amongst mankind; for now shall the stable be cleansed and washed; that is the dirt shall be done away; for I will sprinkle many nations; I will wash and make them clean. But first I will come to the purpose with thee, and then I will end with the whole. How couldst thou be travailing in birth, and in pain to be delivered, if I had not placed thy writings in such a manner, to confuse thy mind before the twelve Stars were gathered together, to sit on thy head, to prove the truth of thy words. It is only thy jealousy makes thy burden! It is thy jealousy makes thee wish for the time that thy writings should be proved and the TRUTH made manifest. It is the signs I have set before thee, make thee so longing for the time; but how could the dragon draw the third part of the stars to the Earth, if all thou hast written to, had believed, and stood steadfast in faith? No, thou wilt find four out of the twelve that had the three seals cast to the earth already.

"This I will make plain before thee when thy writings are proved. Satan stood before the spiritual man-child to destroy him, as soon as he was born by faith to believe in thee; and now thou hast travailed in birth one year to bring forth the natural man-child, that shall rule the nations with a rod of iron. Iron is strong, and strong shall be his words: iron is swift for the horses' feet, and the horses shall run swift, and My word shall run swift! Satan hath pursued thee and cast out floods after thee, to the very place that I prepared for thee; the floods are cast out by men on the one hand, and the earth helps thee on the other: and so shall they swallow up every flood that is cast out against thee, for now I will be a wall of fire round about thee; that is, My anger shall be kindled against all that are against thee, for if thou goest to the true meaning of the word, the spiritual man thou art bringing forth to the world is the second coming of Christ: for I said Bruce1 was a type of Me, and it is Me and My kingdom thou art proclaiming to the world, the acceptable day of the Lord; and thou hast singed thy paper, so will I singe the sons of men. So fear not, Jacob; nor be dismayed, O Israel; for Jews and Gentiles, Greeks and Arabians, are all one in Me, that believe in Me and My

1 Bruce was a type of the man-child.


Gospel, in GOD and the Prophets; they are the true Israel of God. It was by faith Abraham obtained the promise, and it is by faith ye are saved; for now I have called with an effectual calling, and now will I save you with an everlasting salvation, the works of My hand. Man was the work of My hand; and by the work of My hand, I formed the woman, and now I will save them in the day of My power, and the work of My hands shall prosper in My hands; and man shall praise My Name from the rising of the sun, until the going down of the same, and he shall know what happiness I created him for, here on earth: for the new heavens and the new earth is a heaven here below, that they never yet possessed. The new earth is making all things new, and I will so improve the earth, that it shall be as the Garden of Eden to man, for every barren mountain shall become a fruitful field! And I will throw down and build up, until every house is made pleasant for man: gardens and vineyards shall join to their houses: I will throw down your towns and build them anew, with gardens and fruitful vines to every man's dwelling! Such shall Jerusalem and all the borders be new built. The out-houses of this place, that is not within the city, is most like the dwellings I shall make for man. The houses thou admirest is in My Heart, fixed on for man to dwell in. As to man, I shall make him anew, that is, his heart shall be enlarged, his wisdom increased, and his understanding enlightened: a new heart will I give him: and a new spirit will I put within him: and I will write My laws upon his heart, and put My Spirit upon his inner parts; and he shall walk in the delight of his God, and in the love of his neighbour. Righteousness and truth shall meet together, love and peace shall kiss each other; for I will cleanse the blood that I have not cleansed, and I will bind up the broken-hearted, and set the captive prisoners free: and all the earth shall praise My Name, and walk in the law of the Lord. I the Lord have promised it, and now I will do it. But when was this ever done? or when was it promised to be done? Not until she that travaileth had brought forth her children: then shall her children be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of her children; every promise made to the prophets, I ordered thee to put in print, shall now be fulfilled, but no man can prove that any one of them was ever yet fulfilled, for they extend to the ends of the earth; and a perfect happy state for all men; which happiness no man living ever yet experienced in this world.

'"No sooner was man formed for happiness, but Satan robbed him of it, by the woman's hand; and now by the woman's hand, I will turn back the blow, for Satan's reign hath been too long; his happi-


ness is increased to think he will draw all men to perdition with him. Now I will blast his happiness, as he did the happiness of man, for nothing is so great a happiness to Satan, as to find he can draw away the hearts of men from Me: and now those that judge Satan would not speak such blasphemy, must judge man is worse than the Devil; for what blasphemy is spoken by man, and what blasphemy hath been printed by man: but I, that AM the Maker of all men and the Judge of all men, knew it all came from the influence of the devil; so grieve not at the judgments of men, who judge more favourable of Satan than they judge one of the other: I, that knoweth all things, know that he has spoken as thou hast written; and I ordered it to go in print with My answer to it, to prove the Truth of the Revelations. The woman hath trod down Satan under her feet by strength of arguments, but those who screen the devil to condemn themselves, let them go with him, and then they will know him better; so do not grieve at the judgment of men; all this must be to fulfil the Scriptures. The Lord hath concluded all men in unbelief that all men may be saved; now here you may ask if unbelief will save a man when it is written, "ye perish through unbelief." I answer, thousands and tens of thousands will perish through unbelief; but the meaning of all men being saved through unbelief, is, the Lord tried the Jews, and they stumbled at their prophets; for the very Scriptures I ordered thee now to put in print, that shall now be fulfilled, they expected would be at My first coming. Now I am come to try the Gentiles, and they stumble the same, and I find them as bad as the Jews, and as full of unbelief: so now I will not trifle with man any longer; he that stands out through unbelief shall be cut off; and he that believeth shall be saved: for now shall believers be called the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; for now in Isaac shall all the families of the earth be blessed, that abideth in faith, and believe that I will fulfil all the promises I have made to man; but the fearful and unbelievers shall be cut off from the face of the earth.

"'So now I tell thee thy hour draws near, thy trial must come on, every Seal thou gavest into their hands must be broken, the first month in the twelfth year; and every cause fairly tried: then will I spare the nation one year from destruction: so now it is in vain for thee to fly, and it is in vain for any to fly from danger, unless they fly unto Me by faith; and they must inherit the promise and possess the promised land: for every land is now promised to be made happy, yea, even to the ends of the earth. So now look unto Me, and be ye saved, all ye to the ends of the earth; so let not thy heart be faint within thee, I am thy God and will be with thee; I am thy SAVIOUR,


and redeem thee from all the power of men and devils. Thy calling is sure, thy deliverance draws nigh, but I know thy pains will increase like a travailing woman when her hour draws near.'"

It is well worth noting how frequently in these writings the birth of the child is foretold years before it occurred. The above was written and published in 1802, and it was not until 1814 that she actually travailed. She believed that all was fulfilled in bringing forth believers as the man-child, and no one was so astonished as herself when she was told she was to have a son by the POWER of the Most High. Her distress was very great on learning what a trial of her faith lay before her, and, contrary to her traducers, who have stated she did it to cause a sensation, such a climax to her life would never have entered her head. From an earthly point of view, it was most damaging to her cause, as at that time her books were eagerly read by thousands of her followers, and her tenets seemed likely to be permanently accepted. But the unexpected happened, and the believers themselves were put to a severe trial of their faith, and many fell away. It was quite as severe a trial as that of the Crucifixion of our Lord was to His disciples. God's ways throughout have not been as man's ways, and the want of the knowledge of God has been clearly demonstrated throughout human history.

Joanna's brothers and sisters at first were strongly averse to her writings, and did all they could to prevent her - so much so that she was obliged to give up visiting them. Various prophecies of what would happen in her family in matters unimportant to the world, but of moment to them, were given to Joanna, that they might be convinced of the truth of the Spirit's utterance. In the book of Letters, and in one written to the Rev. Thos. Webster, she gives him some account of her difficulties with her family. On page 53 she says:-

"In 1798 I was ordered to go there (Bristol) to make known my prophecies: but did not know my brother was there until a few weeks before I went. When I came to Bristol I took lodgings, and went to my brother's wife in the market, and made myself known to her. She said my brother was coming into town in the afternoon: as they lived about a mile out of town. I asked her to come with my brother, and drink tea with me; but desired her not to let my brother know it was I: she promised she would not, and kept her word; and told my brother they were going to visit a stranger. He was quite surprised to find me the stranger when he saw me, and said it was only the week before he thought all his brothers and sisters had forsaken him, as he had written to my sister half a year before; and as to me,


he thought me too much offended ever to write to him, and my sister neglected answering his letter; and now to his surprise I had sent for him. He desired me to give up my lodgings, and come to his house. I accepted of his offer, and went to his house, and staid there half a year. I made known my prophecies to Mr. Brown, a bookseller at Bristol; as he well knew me, and my father and mother, when his parents lived at Honiton. Some months after Mr. Edgar, a young gentleman (of whose mother he rented his gardens), came to my brother at Whitehall, and asked if he had not a sister that was a prophetess? My brother answered, No. The gentleman said Mr. Brown told him that he had. My brother answered it was a family at Getsom, nearly the same name, but not his sister: the gentleman said then Mr. Brown had told him wrong.

"When I came in the evening, my brother told me what had passed. I told him he had sinned in what he had done, in telling a falsehood: if he was ashamed of my prophecies he might have answered, he had a sister whose head in 1792 had been filled with some strange ideas of prophecies, and she judged herself visited by the Spirit of the Lord: and though he, and all his brothers and sisters, had tried to persuade her out of it, they could not prevail. He might have said with my sister Carter, 'I might as well persuade a tree that is falling to stand, as persuade her out of her prophecies. If you wish to know what grounds she had for this strong belief I will introduce you to my sister, if you think proper. You may be a better judge of prophecies than I am.' I told my brother if he had said this he would have acted wisely, and Mr. Edgar would be his friend: but now he would be his enemy. This was at a time the gentleman of Bristol had put out public papers, that they would wager L 300 to one there would be a king on the French throne in 1799, by that month, which I think was October. I then said, if Mr. Edgar had faith to believe my prophecies he might gain the L 300, for I would wager L 3,000 if I had it, no king would be there by the time. My brother's wife said to him, what sister saith is a wiser answer than what you made; and had you spoken in that manner you would not have disgraced yourself; and Mr. Edgar might judge for himself, if he thought proper. My brother said, Certainly, it was a wiser and better answer than he made; but he did not think of it to speak in that manner: and was now sorry for what he had done: but the young Mr. Edgar was too worthy a gentleman to be his enemy. I told him it was in vain to trust to a man whose heart was not influenced by the Lord; and Mr. Edgar would not, as my brother had provok-


ed the Lord against him. My brother said, he was sorry for what he had done and hoped he should be forgiven.

"But now I shall come to the purpose. The gardens my brother rented of Mrs. Edgar had been so beggared out by the last tenant, and so overrun, and eaten out with weeds, that the ground he gave L 8 an acre for, did not pay him for seed and labour; so he was the rent out of pocket, and was obliged to give the gardens up, paying the rent up to the last quarter, and to leave the fruit trees and bushes that he had bought in the garden, which cost him L 30 for the last quarter's rent. I told my brother he acted wrong, that he did not go to Mrs. Edgar, to know if she would take them for rent. If she would not, he would take them away. My brother answered he should offend Mr. Edgar if he did; that therefore he would leave it to the honour of the young gentleman. I told him he might be deceived, and he could not claim them after he left them: and he was liable to be arrested for the last quarter's rent: but my brother was confident in the young Mr. Edgar, who would know the value he left was more than the rent, and would not see him hurt. So I left my brother at Christmas, and soon after I received a letter from his wife, that Mrs. Edgar had arrested my brother, and thrown him into prison; that she went to the young Mr. Edgar, and he refused to hear her, saying it was his mother's business, and he should have nothing to say about it. The gentleman of Bristol, of the humane society, went to Mrs. Edgar on my brother's behalf, but she would make no allowance for what was left; as he could not take them away he should abide in prison till the debt was paid. So the humane society paid one part, and my sister Carter the other part, to free him from prison. So my prophecies, which I told him before, were fulfilled in him. And you see what it is for man to trust in man, and make flesh his stay."

I have quoted the above, as I realize there is direct simple teaching there, that will apply to persons in this present age, and will be a warning to them, if they deny or are ashamed of any connexion with those who are trying to fulfil the Lord's will, and whose desire is to have a single eye for His kingdom. The Lord declares in many places in these writings that He is coming in flames of fire to make an end; in flames of fire to consume his enemies and in flames of love to encircle and protect His friends. Who is on the Lord's side? Who? The Lord will not tarry, but go on as a man of war until He is the Desire of all Nations, and then shall the end come.

As I have seen in some daily papers of this present time that the name of a Mary Bateman, who was hanged for murder, has been men-


tioned as being one of the Sealed by Joanna Southcott, and discredit is given to the followers of the prophetess by reason of this, I shall insert the account of this woman as stated in the book called A True Picture of the World and a Looking-Glass for All Men (p.7):-

"As to false prophets, our Saviour told us to beware of them which come in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves; ye shall know them by their fruits; a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit; wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Here our Saviour hath plainly shown us the difference that would be found by the fruit. But man hath joined the good and the bad together, where one came in as a ravening wolf in sheep's clothing to deceive man, whose evil fruit hath appeared, they have unjustly placed with the good; without discerning what is said in the Gospel, and the mark our Saviour made between them; but man hath made none, which is plainly proved by the paragraphs in the newspapers, concerning a Mary Bateman, by placing her and me together in the following extract taken from the York Herald: 'This devoted and profligate creature was a follower of the principles of Joanna, only improving deception into robbery, barbarity, and murder. She affected the visions, the trances, the second sight, of that wretched sect, etc.' This had appeared in most of the papers. How far the account, is true of her pretending to visions I know not, but this I answer, she never was a follower of my principles or my belief, let her pretensions be what they would; if she had she would have shuddered at the thought of committing the least of her crimes, and much more at murder, which she would have held in the greatest abhorrence. If she had been a follower of my principles, then she would have acted with upright dealings toward God and man; for there is no one upon earth that can prove, from the time of my youth up to this day, that I overacted with art or deceit, or that ever I robbed or wronged any one: for I may say with Samuel, Here I am; witness against me if I have wronged any; but this the greatest enemy I have in the world cannot come forward to testify against me; and this woman was as far from following my principles as darkness is from the light, for I can also prove to the whole world that I always studied the happiness of those with whom I was in any way acquainted, and wished to do all in my power for their good; and this I can prove from my youth; for, when I lived with my parents, it is known to my brothers and sister that I studied as much their peace and happiness as I did my own. And when I first went out to service I lived with Mr. Brown at Honiton, and served in his shop; Mr. and Mrs.


Brown both said I acted as much for their interest as though I had been their own child; and as such they always treated me.

"I have brought this forward to show how my character can be traced from my early age, and also to prove this woman can be no follower of my principles or belief. She came in at first with false pretences to get a Seal, in the manner our Saviour described, that is, like a wolf in sheep's clothing, which the believers were not aware of, before they saw the evil fruit appear in her; and this is the way our Saviour said we should know them, by their fruits. And those that look to the Gospel, will discern in what manner our Saviour made the distinction, and how the enemy would sow the tares amongst the wheat. All this was shown me in the beginning, how the evil fruit would appear with the good; how some would come in as thieves and robbers. And now it has plainly appeared, which the unbelieving world can see, and have pointed out: BUT THE OTHER TRUTHS THEY WILL NOT SEE. Now, I wish to know what they mean by the wretched sect? Do they call those wretched, whose earnest desire is, that the author of all evil may be destroyed, and that he may not have power to tempt men to do evil? Do they call these a wretched sect? for do they not say it is by the instigation of the DEVIL these horrid crimes are committed? Then how can they ever blame us for wishing to have that evil power taken away from off all the earth; that peace and righteousness may be established upon the earth? But if they call Mary Bateman and the man that suffered death with her, both for the same crime of murder, if they call them a wretched sect, for being guilty of such horrid crimes, I join with them. But, if they condemn the innocent with the guilty, the just with the unjust, and call the believers a wretched sect, because this woman came in as a deceiver amongst them, who could so rob both God and man, then we may condemn every sect of religion upon earth; for there is no class of people of any religion, but some one or other has come in as a deceiver amongst them, and has suffered for crimes worthy of death like her; but, I do not look upon Mary Bateman as one who ever intended being any believer, for she artfully got a Seal under that false pretence, as some others have done. Now, I wish the public to discern what was her crime in the beginning: inventing lies, - forging the name of a woman; for it was afterwards proved there was no such person; sober crimes began with lying. Now let the public who are filling the newspapers with lies against me, fear that they may give the devil advantage over them to lead them on from one crime to another; so let them TAKE WARNING BY HER."


Joanna Continues:-

"There is likewise a book published of the trial of Mary Bateman, by a Mr. Vincent, an attorney, who, it seems, was present at the execution. In this book, it is said, that letters were forwarded to London for books and Seals by Mary Bateman, and that letters were continually passing from her to Joanna Southcott; also a letter is inserted which is said to be sent from me to a Miss Blyth, concerning a Mrs. Perigo. To this I answer: I never wrote any letter to Mary Bateman, or received one sent from her, neither did she ever send to London for books or Seals to my knowledge, nor did I ever know she had a Seal until after she was in prison, when I was informed she got the seal under pretence of reforming her life. As to the Miss Blyth, it was proved at the trial there was no such person, and the name of Perigo or Blyth.....I never heard mentioned until Mary Bateman was in prison. So the false assertions concerning me must fall upon the author of that book, who appears to possess as curious an art of inventing lies as Mary Bateman; and let him take warning by HER END, and go no further! This is my advice to him.

"But these circumstances of Mary Bateman, so far from condemning my visitation, or proving it proceeds from the devil, are, on the contrary, strong assurances to me, that my visitation is from the LORD, because we may clearly discern when this woman came in by artful pretences to deceive, how soon the deceiver led her on to her own destruction: and I am clearly convinced that if the devil had been my director, or that I had been obeying his commands, from the year ninety-two to this day, he would surely have led me on to one sort of destruction or another. But I can trace my life through and see how the Lord hath guided and guarded me, to keep me out of all dangers; and how he hath directed my life in a way to clear my innocence, as well as to guard me against the attacks of men and devils; whose fury the Lord well knew would break out against me. Now this I was warned of in the beginning; and therefore, I was ordered to get my bread in various places, and work for different families, that my character might be publicly known when the malice of the devil would work against me. And now I see the wisdom of the Lord in this direction, to clear me from the false accusations brought against me in Trewman's Exeter paper, where I am accused of drunkenness; a crime I ever detested, but how could I ever clear myself if I had lived privately alone? Who would believe my report? but now, from respectable witnesses, I am cleared from this false accusation, as I have sent to my friends to inquire of my character from the places where I have lived in service, and where I had worked for


families in the upholstery business in Exeter. And to clear myself to the world, I shall here insert the characters given to my friend concerning me. My friend wrote as follows:

" 'April 17, 1809. - I first waited on Mr. Wilcocks and asked him if he knew Joanna Southcott, or had heard any harm of her, or whether she was a drunkard? He said No, never; for he knew her well, but never knew the least harm of her, and believed she would not hurt a worm. But he did not think she was inspired, nor could he believe it.

" 'Mrs. Wilcocks said, she knew Joanna for years, who worked for her, that she never was a drunkard, but a good woman, and scarce drank anything.

" 'Mrs. Turner said, she knew Joanna, and very frequently saw her, and she always believed her to be a worthy good woman, and so far from being a drunkard, would scarce drink at all.

" 'Mrs. Hicks, a builder's wife, said she knew Joanna Southcott well, who worked for her many years she never was a drunkard, but always was a sober, good, inoffensive woman. And she never heard any harm of her, or believed any.

" 'I went to Mr. Wills and asked him if he ever knew Joanna Southcott to be a drunkard? He said. No, never; for he never saw, or heard she was so, and believed she never was. (Joanna lived five years with Mr. Wills.)

'Mrs. Burrows said Joanna Southcott lived with her between two and three years, was an honest, faithful, good servant, and came from a good family. She never would have parted with her, but as Mrs. Burrows had a large family of her own, and Joanna wished to have more time to herself, on Sundays, this occasioned our separation, far, very far, from her loving drink, or being a drunkard.'

"The above families where I lived and worked are not believers in my visitation; but answered to my character from what they knew of me, which was inquired into, on account of the false accusation put in the newspapers against me. Mrs. Graves's character of me I have in her own handwriting, which I here insert:

" 'Joanna Southcott behaved so well in my service that I am sure I may safely pronounce her deserving of the very good character which everybody who knew her will give her, and I think it my duty to respect and serve her, on account of the experience which I have had of her integrity, honesty, and sobriety.

(Signed), B. GRAVES.  
'Exeter, January 12, 1784.'
"I left Mrs. Graves on account of her going to France, and I after-


wards lived with Mrs. White, in Exeter, till she died. And then Mrs.Tremlet, Mrs. White's daughter, took me to live with her, where I lived nearly two years and a half; and then left my place on account of illness; but Mrs. Tremlet said afterwards, she hoped I should go to live with her again. I mention these particulars, as Mr. and Mrs. Tremlet are both dead, and shall leave the readers to judge of my conduct there. Here I have brought my character forth to the world;  and I must leave the readers to judge what that man must be, who published to the world, that I was a compound of drunkenness and imposture. But does not this fulfil the words of the Spirit in the book of The Trial (p.124)? for it is said of my enemies-

Because from hell they must know well,
The malice all doth burst.

"Every serious reader must know, that such malicious falsehoods could never be invented by any man, without his being filled up with rage from the devil; as it is said before, from whence it would proceed, and this paragraph in the newspaper proves it. So this is a confirmation that the Spirit what visits me must be the SPIRIT OF TRUTH who knoweth the hearts of all men; and in what manner Satan's working would be in such hardened sinners that were at enmity against God. For years before my writings were published, it was foretold, with what malice the devil would work in the hearts of men against me, on account of my visitation; which I read to Mrs. Taylor, when she used to answer me: she could not tell how to believe that, for she thought every one must wish to be freed from the evils of sin, and to have peace and righteousness established in the earth.

"But now we see, what she thought was hard for her to believe, is come perfectly true, as men do not wish for this happy period, that is promised through the Scriptures; and which is now publicly shown by the great persecution against me. As to saying I am an impostor, it is as false as saying I am a drunkard; and if men will as diligently search into my writings to examine them, as my friend hath searched into my character, they will find from all my conduct I can be no impostor. Let them read my first book, see my appeal to the clergy, and the Warning to the World. And let them discern how many years I proved the truth of the Spirit before I ever published to the world; then, they will see I am no impostor; neither is the Spirit that directs me a deceiver; which will be proved in the END. Little do men think what is hastening on, to fulfil the words that are spoken. in my Writings; for I now speak with the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, to tell them, that as my innocence is cleared in the charge laid against


me of drinking, so the truth will go on that is published in my writings to fulfil the words that are spoken; and they will find that no lying spirit hath visited me with prophecies, that will not be accomplished, though they have judged the spirit to be another such as themselves; and out of their own mouths they are condemned; but all this is the true picture of the world. For, in like manner, the devil has in all ages worked with malice and envy in the hearts of men, to set them against any visitation that was from the LORD; and so he will continue, and deceive the nations with his lies, until his power is taken away from off all the earth, and the SEAL is set upon him, that he may deceive the nations no more, until men have had the one thousand years to live in the knowledge of God, according to the words of the Prophets. For, as the Tree of Knowledge was of good and evil, and as man has suffered the evil by the fall, so he must come to the knowledge of the GOOD, and be freed from the evil; this is spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah, chap. xxv., verse 8: 'He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the Lord hath spoken it.' Chap. xl. 5,8: 'The glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. The grass withereth, the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand for ever.' Chap. xlii. 10: 'Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth.' Chap. xlv. 23: 'I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Surely in the Lord have I righteousness and strength.' Chap. lii. 10: 'The Lord hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.' Chap. lxv. 17: 'For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing and her people a joy.'

"These Scriptures, and many more, that speak of these happy times, that I am warned are at hand, I have already published in my books. But as this may fall into the hands of some that have not seen my writings, I have brought them forward again, that men may clearly see I have not believed in a visitation from a spirit contrary to the Scriptures, for all stand in holy writ, that these things will be fulfilled; and my visitation is, to warn men the time is at hand of their fulfilment.

'"Let them discern the seventh chapter of Daniel, Micah, fourth


chapter, Haggai, second chapter, and the last chapter of Malachi; and then they may see how all these things are spoken of by the Prophets; then let them discern the fifth chapter St. Matthew, where our Saviour said, 'Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.'

"Now these things cannot be fulfilled till the LAMB of GOD hath taken away the sin of the world. For the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world, and for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. But what saith the Apostle Peter: 'Knowing this first, that there shall come, in the last days, scoffers, walking after their own lusts. And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.' And this is the language of men's hearts at this present time, forgetting the words of the same Apostle. The Lord is not slack concerning His promise (as some men count slackness). But as persecution hath been in all ages, the Scriptures assure us it will so continue to the END, till the LORD cometh to destroy the adversary; therefore the Apostle says, rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings, that when His glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye, for the SPIRIT of GLORY and of GOD resteth upon you. If we search the Gospel through from the words of our Saviour and his Apostles, we shall find that great persecution would arise in the LAST DAYS, concerning the coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Now, if the wisdom of man was clear in the knowledge of the Scriptures, none of this persecution would arise; but it is for want of knowledge how all things went from types and shadows, in the beginning; and how from types and shadows it will go to the ending, that this persecution will so much arise amongst the professors, as well as the profane. The Jews did not understand from the paschal lamb being slain, the blood sprinkled on the door-posts, and the lamb being offered up as a sacrifice, was a type and shadow of the LAMB of GOD being slain, to take away the sin of the world. For, as the blood of bulls and goats was offered up, likewise these were types and shadows of the beast being destroyed in the end, to which the devil is compared. And, as man began to seal our Saviour's tomb, so the shadow of the SEALING is a type of the LORD'S coming in POWER to make an end of sin and seal our adversary, which is the devil, that he may have no more power over us; that death and hell maybe swallowed up in victory, according to the promise made in the Gospel. As, therefore,


from types and shadows all have begun, so from types and shadows all will end.

"As to the unbelieving world that mock the Scriptures, I shall not enter into a controversy with them, but leave them to their own deceiving; but, as many professors of the Gospel have so greatly abused our petitions to the LORD, for the fulfilment of His words - to have His kingdom established in righteousness and peace, to free us from sin and sorrow, I wish to make this inquiry of them: why they suppose Christ gave up His life to man's petition and request, and submitted to His enemies to fulfil one of the promises made in the Fall, and that the Lord should not, in like manner, bruise the head of our adversary, the devil, by man's petitions and request the same? Why should He suffer shame and reproach, to submit to man's request, and not come again in Might, Majesty, and Glory, to fulfil the promise He made them in the Gospel and bring in the redemption of man by granting them their desires and petitions? Is it not consistent with His honour to grant men their request, when it is for the honour and glory of God, and the good of mankind, that He created us in the beginning in His own likeness: and whose likeness although in our fallen state He took upon Him, when He became flesh, and dwelt amongst us, and men then became his followers and did suffer death for His sake? Therefore is it not consistent with His honour to grant men their petitions, when it is to do the will of God - to create man anew - that all which hath breath may praise His NAME? Let men look to the Scriptures I have pointed out, and behold what promises stand on record; then, let them consider what the Lord said concerning the Jews of old. 'I will for this be inquired of by the house of Israel.' And what did our Saviour say in His Gospel? 'Ask and receive, that your joys may be full.' Then if the Lord hath revealed to us what is His will to do for us, is it not our duty to pray for the fulfilment? So let no one mock at the Sealing, which they do not understand, nor for what ends the Sealing is; or why the petitions of men should be accepted by the Lord. But, like as it was in the beginning, when the Lord set a command for man, the devil in the form of a serpent tempted the woman to break the command; and so he will go on to the ending, to tempt men to break every command of the Lord and to be against His visitations; for the old serpent; called the devil, is like unto a serpent I have heard of in foreign nations, who when he sees a man coming towards him, will twist himself round, and spring at him, and if the man runs straight on he will surely overtake him, and sting him to death; and the only way to shun these serpents is to turn a different way from him, for the


serpent having the shell on his back, prevents him from turning out of the straightforward way he began to spring from, as he cannot turn every way like man.

"Here is a perfect likeness of the devil, which we may discern from the beginning, how with envy, hatred and malice, to be at enmity against God, was strongly in the devil and, of course, against man whom the Lord had created; whose first arts were to deceive the woman with lies; next, to fill Cain full of malice, envy, and hatred against his brother, to be his murderer. And if we trace the Scriptures through, we may see in the same likeness, he hath pursued man in all ages, always to set the evil against the good; and with deceit he hath worked in men that they might not believe in the Prophets, or in any visitation that came from the Lord. In this manner he hath gone on to this day, in the same likeness he began with, and this likeness we may see in man to this day. But now I shall come to an observation, and show how a man may turn out of the serpent's way, as we shall find through the Scriptures, in all ages some have done. Noah turned out of his way when he believed in the LORD and built the Ark. Abraham turned out of his way when he relied upon the word of God and obeyed His command in offering up his son; for he was led into by-paths that he himself did not understand; and yet, relying on the promise of GOD, by the strength of his faith he shunned the serpent's spear. And this was done by his relying on the words of the Lord. And the same we may see from Moses, and all the Prophets through; how they turned out of his way by a strong faith, trusting and relying upon the Lord, and obeying his commands; the same we may see from Daniel: for though the serpent worked in man, to cast Daniel into the den of lions, yet it was by faith he shunned the sting, and was preserved, because he turned out of their way, to obey the commands of the Lord. The same we may see from Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego; how the devil worked in man to sting their conscience, to make them rebel against God, by threatening them with a severe death; and yet, by a strength of faith, they turned out of the way of the serpent, and were preserved. So if men trace the records of the Bible through, they may discern, in the likeness I have compared the serpent to, the same hath been the devil's working in man from the beginning; but many have turned out of his way, and shunned his spear by their FAITH in the LORD.

"Now I shall come to the reasoning of men: we find in Jeremiah xxvi., when he told the people what the Lord had said concerning them, the priests said unto the princes and to all the people: 'This man is worthy to die, for he hath prophesied against this city.' Here the


serpent worked strong in them to put Jeremiah to death; but his faith was strong in the LORD: and therefore he repeated to them again the words he had spoken before, which caused many to turn out of the serpent's way; for they said unto the priests, 'this man is not worthy to die, for he hath spoken to us in the name of the LORD our GOD.' Then rose up certain of the elders of the land, and spake to all the assembly of the people, saying, Micah, the Morasthite, prophesied in the day of Hezekiah, king of Judah, saying, thus saith the Lord of Hosts; Zion shall be plowed like a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps. Did Hezekiah, king of Judah, put him at all to death? did he not fear the Lord, and besought the Lord? and the Lord repented of the evil He had pronounced against them; thus might we procure great evil against our souls. Here was the different reasoning of men; and, if we look to what followed, we may see their different ends; how those that wished to put Jeremiah to death went on like the beginning and despised all the words that the Lord had spoken by him, till they brought upon themselves all the threatenings the Lord had pronounced against them.

"But if we look to the Prophet Daniel, we shall there see how the Lord preserved those that feared the words of the Lord, and who wished not to put the Prophet to death; for, after they were carried into Babylon, as the Lord spake by the mouth of the Prophet, there we find the wondrous works the Lord did for them who believed, and relied upon his word, and turned out of the way that the others had followed; for these brought a heathen king to acknowledge the God of Heaven, and who made a decree, that in every dominion of his kingdom men should tremble and fear before the God of Daniel; for he is the LIVING GOD and standeth for EVER, and His Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and His dominion shall be even unto the END. Here we see how these turned out of the serpent's way, by trusting and relying on the words of the Lord, knowing He was able and willing to save them that trusted in Him.

"Now here the BIBLE stands as a LOOKING-GLASS for all men to look into the different conduct of the past ages, and see what destruction followed them who did not believe the words of the Lord, and who, like Cain, were filled with envy against their brethren - the Bible showeth us their end: and the Bible showeth us what the Lord did for them that believed in HIM and relied upon His words. And here from the past let us look to the present; and let men look into their own hearts, to see whose likeness they most resemble; whether there be that reasoning in them that was in the people I have mentioned in the twenty-sixth chapter of Jeremiah, who were afraid they


might bring evil upon themselves, if they persecuted the Prophet of the Lord: and the same reasoning we may find in 2 Chronicles, chap. xxxiv., when King Josiah, who was a good man, read the book that was found of the law given by Moses, he rent his clothes, and sent his servants to the Prophetess, that was in Jerusalem, to inquire of the Lord concerning him, and she answered: 'Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, Tell ye the man that sent you to me, thus saith the Lord, I will bring evil upon this place, because they have forsaken Me; and as for the King of Judah, who sent you to inquire of the Lord, thus saith the Lord God of Israel, because thine heart was tender and thou didst humble thyself before God, when thou heardest his words, thou shalt be gathered to thy grave in peace, neither shall thine eyes see all the evils that I shall bring upon this place'; the same we may see of Nineveh, when Jonah was sent with threatenings to them, they believed the words of the Prophet, and repented of their evils; for which reason, the threatenings did not come in the days of those that turned out of the way of the evil; but afterwards, when they grew hardened, the threatened judgments came upon them.

AND NOW I GIVE THIS WARNING TO THE NATION THAT THEY MAY TAKE AN EXAMPLE FROM THE PROPHECIES THAT STAND IN THE SCRIPTURES. And let them discern from the Gospel, what our Saviour said would be His different answers to men when He came as the BRIDEGROOM, to welcome the wise virgins, that were waiting for His coming; and when He cometh as the lord that returneth from his journey to reckon with his servants: let them discern the twenty-fifth chapter of St. Matthew, and see the different answers that will be given; and it is said, as the days of Noah and Lot, so will the coming of the Son of Man be; now here, let men discern how Prophecies were mocked in their days; then they must know Prophecies will be mocked to the END; but, let them discern who are those that shall be welcomed into the joy of their Lord, to inherit the Kingdom, as it was prepared for MAN at FIRST.

"Do not the Scriptures assure us, it is the wise that will be waiting for the Bridegroom? and the servants that are waiting for the return of their Lord? but now I shall reason with men; how could they be waiting without a warning? or how could the coming of the Lord be like the days of Noah and Lot, without Prophecies be given? Noah was warned of the deluge, and ordered to build the Ark; but his WARNING was despised by the people till the deluge came upon them, and their repentance came too late; and the same we may see of Sodom and Gomorrah, they were warned, and they mocked the warn-


ing till the threatened destruction came upon them. Then as these things stand on record for the end, I wish men to examine themselves in whose likeness they now appear; whether they are like the Bereans whom St. Paul called noble, because they searched the Scriptures to know if they testified of the things he had been preaching unto them? or whether they are like the Jews of old, that said, His blood be on us and on our children: then let them look to the fatal destruction of JERUSALEM, which came perfectly to the predictions that our Blessed Saviour himself had warned them of, and to this day they stand as a proverb before us. There we may discern from them how they went on in the straight path their forefathers had done, who killed their Prophets, and clamoured for the blood of the Son of God, and that His blood should be upon their heads; who also persecuted His disciples, and put them to death, and brought every evil upon themselves! yet we see when all these threatened evils came upon them, they gave the devil every advantage over sting their conscience - to harden their hearts - to blind their eyes - and to darken their understanding; that in seeing they could not see; nor in hearing they could not understand, that they must turn from the evil of their ways, and look on HIM whom they had pierced IF THEY wished to be redeemed as a people and a nation; but they remain to this day a people scattered, but not gathered; and, in this scattered manner they will continue while they go on in the straight line of their fore-fathers; who crucified the LORD OF LIFE and GLORY; therefore they must turn aside out of the way, and follow HIM whom they have crucified. Here let men discern the standard of the Jews, and then let them discern what is the standard made in the end, when the LORD cometh in MIGHT, MAJESTY, and GLORY, to bring in the redemption of man, and to pour out His SPIRIT upon all flesh, that the ends of the earth may see His salvation and live. When the Lord's delight will be with the sons of men, and their delight will be to walk in the light of His countenance. It is He that overcometh shall inherit all things; when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven, with His mighty angels, in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; who shall be punished with everlasting destruction, from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of His power, when He shall come to be glorified in His Saints, and to be admired in all them that believe; and unto them that look for Him, shall he appear a second time without sin unto salvation. And what saith the Apostle Peter, we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness; and He shall send Jesus Christ, which before


was preached unto you, whom the heavens must receive, until the times of the restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy Prophets since the world began.

"Now, to understand the Scriptures aright, we must go back to the Creation, and also observe what Peter saith (2 Epistle iii. 8): 'Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.' This he spake of the creation of man from six days; the seventh day the Lord rested from His labour; which alludes to the one thousand years of rest, wherein the LORD will confine the POWER of EVIL from MAN according to the 20th chapter of Revelation, and bring in the one thousand years of SPIRITUAL REST; then cometh the new heavens earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.

"Now our Saviour saith in St. Matthew xxiv., except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, and for the elect's sake, they should be shortened; which meaneth the six thousand, to bring in His glorious Kingdom of rest to man. In this chapter we may discern the disciples were inquiring of our Saviour, what should be the signs of His coming? and our Savour first told them of the destruction of Jerusalem, and what should befall them but the end is not yet, for our Saviour told them of great tribulation, such as was not since the world began and immediately after these tribulations, then shall appear the signs of the Son of Man in Heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn; and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with POWER and GREAT GLORY; therefore, be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh. Blessed is that servant whom the Lord when he cometh shall find so doing. In these two chapters, our Saviour left on record, those were the happy people that were looking for His coming: therefore, if men teach any other doctrine, they must err from the Gospel of Christ: and to make it clear to His disciples, he spake a parable to them, because they thought the Kingdom of God should immediately appear; but, He plainly showed them it was not then, from the parable He brought forward of a nobleman going into a far country to receive for himself a Kingdom, and to return; but, at his return, he saith, those mine enemies which would not that I should reign over them, bring them hither and slay them before me (St. Luke xix.) This plainly proves from the Gospel, how the devil would work enmity in man, to be against the COMING of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Now, from the signs that were spoken of in the Gospel, that would appear, prior to the Second Coming of Christ, they all do appear together; for our Saviour said there should arise false Christs


and false prophets; now I am witness that both of these have risen in these days: two men told me themselves they were the Christs; and two others have written to me in the same manner. Many false Prophets have risen, and by their fruits they have been known; but the true Prophets must certainly appear to bring it to the likeness of the days of Noah, and to fulfil the Gospel; for our Saviour said, he that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward. Had there been no true Prophets to arise, this caution would not have been given, neither would our Saviour have said, The Spirit of Truth should come to guide us into all truths, and to tell us things to come. The SEALING is a TYPE of the end, though men have called it blasphemy, and to their words I was answered:


"I shall answer thee of the sealing which men have called blasphemy; without discerning through My Bible, I placed types and shadows for man, and the likeness of Me I placed for man. Let them look to the brazen serpent that I ordered Moses to set up in the wilderness, for those that were stung by the living serpents, to look unto and be healed. Now let them that reprove answer, what power or what virtue there could be in the serpent that was made of brass and set up? In thy heart thou answerest, none; yet, as it was done by My command, by FAITH looking at it, those that were stung by the serpents were healed; this was a type and shadow of My being condemned as a blasphemer, and as a serpent by man, for so I was lifted up on the cross, and I died to take away the sting of the serpent that he caused in the beginning, and to heal the wound that sin had made; and now the time is at hand, that every one must look to Me whom they have crucified in that manner, as though I had been a serpent amongst them, and yet they must look to Me to be healed, and to take away the sting of sin, and the sin of the whole world; for I died to be the Saviour of the world in the end to them that believe. Here I have shown thee the shadow of the first.

"And now I shall come to the likeness of the last, to show them plain, it is no paper of thine, no Seal of thine, that could be of any more use to mankind, without the command being given by ME, than the brazen serpent would have been if Moses had done it without My command; for in one likeness both stand, and as I have already told thee, I tell thee again, though I said I come to die for man, and to give up my life for man, that no man took My life from Me: that I laid down My life for man; yet it was by the petition and request of men that I submitted to the death of the cross, to be lifted up as a


serpent by man, to be counted a blasphemer as they have counted thee by the Sealing; but now like the first, must be the last, and it is by man's petition that I shall take away the sting of sin, and heal the wound the serpent hath made; therefore, let no one marvel at the Sealing, because it is a sure type and shadow - sure mark and sign to man that I shall bring in their redemption, and make them heirs of the promise at first, and joint-heirs with Me to inherit My Kingdom I died to redeem: for now I tell thee and all men, as the brazen serpent was a type of the first, so the Sealing is a sure and certain type of the last. That I shall avenge the woman of the adversary that betrayed her, and free man of the Fall. Then will My words be verified that I said in the Creation, 'the man was not good alone,' neither was My death good alone, to bring in the redemption of man, that the whole world might be saved thereby, to be reconciled unto God, before I came to avenge My blood on the serpent's head, that betrayed the woman, so that one promise being fulfilled, is not good alone for man's redemption, before the other is fulfilled for Satan's destruction, and then cometh the TREE of LIFE that was preserved as a type and shadow, with a flaming sword to cut down the adversary in the end; for, as I was lifted up by the petitions of men, so shall the prince of this world be cast out, and his power cut off by the petitions of men, the same."

Joanna continues:-

"Here I have given the Communication that was given to me, in answer to men's mocking the Sealing; which to me appears consistent with all the ways of God throughout, when we discern through the Bible how all things stand from types and shadows, and as the SWORD turned every way to preserve the TREE of LIFE, so we may discern every way hath been the Lord's working, that He may bring in the redemption of man to inherit the Tree of Life. The Scriptures that I have here brought forward, I was ordered to bring forward as Prophecies to men, to show them from the Scriptures what is at hand, as they cannot understand the Prophecies that are given to me; they are now called to the Prophecies of the Bible, that I am warned by the Spirit the Lord is now coming to fulfil.

"And now I shall come to the Prophecies given me in ninety-two, that men may discern in what likeness they stand together, and let them weigh them with the times, and what hath happened in all nations, since my visitation began that I was warned the visitation of the Lord would be upon all nations, and that He would go on till the second Psalm was fulfilled. All the wars and tumults that the Scriptures foretell there would be prior to the coming of our Lord, I


was warned in ninety-two of, were hastening on to be fulfilled. Now as I have referred the readers to the Bible, I shall refer them to the Prophecies given to me from the 25th page to the 32nd (first book of Strange Effects of Faith); from this book they may see the warning, and whereto (I was answered) it would end: to the fulfilment of the Scriptures (53rd page, second book) how the Roman powers must come down. Let men discern what followed the first, and then let them discern what was said to be hastening on in 1802; in the time of peace (see 109th page, third book; 108th page, fourth book; 236th page, fifth book; and in 47th page, in the Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom; and also the 54th page of the same); let men weigh these Prophecies that were said to be hastening on, and the other Prophecies that were given in 1803, before this war again broke out. What fatal wars would abound in all lands, and what power Buonaparte would have to conquer the nations abroad; then, they may discern, that from ONE SPIRIT came the Prophecies of the Bible and the Prophecies that were given to me. And let them discern how the truth of these Prophecies have been fulfilled, contrary to the Judgment of men, and contrary to the judgment of men will all go on, until the whole is finished. Therefore let not the wise men boast of their wisdom, or the strong man boast of his strength: for in the end the French ration that hath been victorious as foretold they would be for a while; yet, in the end their strength would be gone, and all my Prophecies will be fulfilled; as they are now fulfilling in Spain. Here, I can prove the truth of what was before said of the war.

"And now I shall come to the persecution, that was said would be in men against the visitation of the LORD when the Writings went out in the world; in the 162nd and the 174th pages of the fourth book of the Strange Effects of Faith; in the 20th, 86th, and 87th pages of the first book of Sealed Prophecies. Here I shall leave the believers to refer to the books, and see how men are worked on by the devil to act as foretold. And now, I shall come to the different judgment of men concerning my visitation. Some say it is from the devil, and others say the Lord hath forsaken me, and given me up to a strong delusion, that I may be for ever lost, and instead of the Lord being my friend, HE is now become my enemy, by making me believe in a lie!!! And to their judgment, I was answered from two letters of abuse, that have been sent; one was forged in the name of an enemy to the cause, and the other was forged in the name of a friend, and believer; which hath since been proved, that neither the friend nor the enemy ever wrote the letters that were sent in their names.''



"From types and shadows I have placed all things to thee; and now I shall come to thy book, for what I worked in thy heart for the title to be the TRUE PICTURE of the WORLD and a LOOKING-GLASS for all MEN; here the true picture of the world appeareth, and the perfect likeness of what I have told thee through all thy writings, how wrongfully men had placed all to the devil; and what in the end they could never prove, which I shall make clear before thee from these two letters. The man thou judgest thy enemy hath denied ever writing to thee. And now I shall come to thy friend, which is clearly proved to thee, no such name could be found, but the man who denied the charge, for thou well knowest the unbelievers have nothing to do with writing thy Seals, so that the letter is forged with lies in another man's name; and perfectly so all thy enemies will find in the end, that it is they, but not thee, that hath spoken in a name that is wrong; for no more than they can prove the letter was sent by Linter, filled up with lies, saying he was paid for writing the Seals, and that thou made a gain of selling them: no more than they can prove this came from him, can they prove thy writings came from. the devil: both alike are the invention of men, that they cannot prove in the end.

"But this is the true picture of the world which hath been in all ages, the past, and the present, to forge lies, and place things another way that cannot be proved by truth; for now I tell thee in the like manner were My miracles placed by the Jews, saying, they were worked by the devil, a power he had never got; neither was it in his power to cast out the Jews and keep them as a standard to this day to prove the TRUTH of MY GOSPEL; and that, in this manner they would stand till the end, when I come in POWER to bring in the redemption of man. But now discern from this letter, it was sent in the name of a believer, to say that that believer now condemns thee and condemns Foley for believing in My visitation to thee; and so in the name of a believer all this was forged. But now discern, he was innocent of the charge; and as a believer he hath written, as being innocent and ignorant of what charge is laid against him, which proves he had no knowledge of the thing they had forged in his name; and his observations are just, to say it was worked on by the devil to forge his name as being against thee. And now I tell thee in like manner are men forging MY NAME to say that I am against thee; but know, if I am not against thee, I must be for thee. For like the letter he hath sent to Foley, all will find in the end that I shall reprove those that say I am thy enemy, but I shall prove MYSELF thy FRIEND. The type is but a shadow,


the substance they will find it great, and, like his answer, they will find Mine in the end, to show them plain it was the devil that hath been working in the hearts of men to say that I the living LORD, who laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning, and made the promise to the Woman at first, am now become her enemy to reject her petition at last. This is as wrong as the letter forged in Linter's name, and yet, like them to forge false names that cannot ever be proved to be true, the world now stand against thee by the same invention, and the same deceit.

"But now I ask them how they will appear, when all thy Prophecies are brought before them, and see the truth of all that hath followed on the nations abroad; and how the hearts and minds of the people do so perfectly appear as I foretold? I ask them which way they will prove this knowledge did not come from ME? But to say I am thy enemy and have not spoken by thee can no more be proved than they can prove their assertions in the letter that was sent to Foley. Therefore they will find it is the world at large that is speaking blasphemy and lies in MY NAME, as they speak lies in his name, and which was proved to be false when it was tried: and so in the end all men will find. Now here is a LOOKING-GLASS for all men to discern with what subtlety, with what arts, and with what invention the devil is working in the hearts of men to have MY NAME blasphemed amongst them; and to have My visitation despised amongst them. For they will find the likeness is great, and great will be the end, because it was a friend whose name they had forged to appear to be thy enemy, writing lies against thee. And so in like manner is all their forgery, and all their lies, to say I am thy enemy; but they will find I am thy FRIEND: and in the end I shall confound all these that have forged MY NAME, in the like manner they have forged his name; for I shall confound them in the end, as he would confound the author that forged the lies in his name; if he could find out the man, how would he appear? But I do not tell thee whether he will discover the man, or not; but he will be confounded to know he is foiled in what he hath done; and so I shall confound the world at large, and shame thy accusers as I told thee before. Here the type stands deep to show mankind what they are doing.

"And now I shall come to the other letter, that is forged in the name of thy enemy; and this, I shall place another way, as men say it is from an enemy that all thy writings proceed, and so they are forging his name one way, as they are forging Mine the other. But no more than man can prove the letter was sent by the enemy thou judged it must come from by the name that was sent to thee, no more


can man prove thy visitation come from the enemy of all mankind, which is the devil, though with confidence they have affirmed it, as with confidence the letter was sent to thee. But no more than they can prove what was said in the letter against thee in the name of an enemy, no more can man prove all the knowledge that hath been revealed to thee could come from your adversary the devil. Therefore these two letters show the perfect likeness of mankind, what wrong judgments, and false assertions, they are making of My visitation to thee, and it is known to thee, and to all, whoever sent the letter, no man can prove it true; because it is malice kindled from the devil, full of lies like himself. And in this manner he is working in the hearts of men to fill them up with lies, that the truth may not be believed; because, the truth of My words is daily fulfilling before them. All hearts are open to My view, and Satan's working I well knew; therefore I told thee before, how strong he would work in the hearts of sinners; and what mockery believers had first to go through. And now thou seest it is rising high; here, let all men discern the TRUTH of MY WORDS, how they are plainly proved. And where is there an upright man, or a just man, that will so greatly dishonour MY NAME, as to say these lies, and forging men's names could ever come from My Spirit? All must know it came from the devil to forge the lies at first, and then to forge an author that was innocent of the crime. Here these letters stand two ways; and two ways do men go on, and both alike, they will find, are wrong. The one to say thy visitation come from an enemy; the other, to say I am become thy enemy. Here, let men discern in what likeness the letters are both placed, and how they are proved to be false, and so in the end they will find all is false that thy enemies have said of thee; and the guilt will turn back on their own heads.

"So here is a LOOKING-GLASS for all men to discern and clearly to see, from whence thy enemies spring, and from whence the malice doth all proceed; so do not grieve at what is done to have thy name slandered with lies, for their lies will turn back on their own heads to their own shame and their own confusion."

This is the end of the words spoken by the Spirit to Joanna, and as the few following pages seem of moment to the nations at the present day, I will continue the remarks made by Joanna herself:-

"That the readers may understand the sense of the above Communication, I shall give an explanation of the two letters alluded to. After I had demanded of Mr. Trewman the author of the paragraph put in his paper concerning me, I received a letter in the name of Wm. Searle, of Exeter, saying he was the author of the paragraph,


and was ready to prove the truth of it. But when an inquiry was made to him, he affirmed he knew nothing of the paragraph that was put in the paper; neither did he ever write to me in his life; and whoever had written it had forged his name; but as this man had formerly been an enemy and against my Visitation, for which reason I suppose they wrote the letter in his name, which he hath denied.

"The other was a letter sent to the Rev. Mr. Foley, in the name of  J. Linter, a believer, to support the false assertions which were put in Mr. Trewman's paper concerning selling the Seals, blaming Mr. Foley for believing in my Visitation, and saying:-

" 'The Seals are notoriously sold at Kener, Kenton, and Exon, at 2s, 6d. each, as regularly as you eat your food: and I have wrote several for her at my house, at threepence per piece, and she has received the profits for them,' viz. 2s, 3d. - From your respectful, etc.


" 'Directed to John Linter, Kenton, Devon.'

"The Rev. T. P. Foley's answer to the above:-
'"Old Swinford, May 17, 1809.

" 'Sir,
" 'The next time you take up your pen to address me, I hope you will make
TRUTH the standard; and not fill your letter with such wicked lies, as you have done in the one I have received. - 1 am, etc., etc,


" 'For Mr. Linter, Kenton, Devon.'

"Mr. Linter's answer to the Rev. T. P. Foley:-
" 'Powderham, May 21, 1809.

" 'Rev. Sir,
" 'The receipt of your letter astonishes me greatly, I never before this had the honour of addressing you; nor could I have had the least suspicion of the result of what I am therein accused, but being (as I hope and trust in the Almighty, who knows all hearts) a true sealed brother, and consequently, thereby a believer in Mrs. Southcott's divine mission, I have heard and am continually hearing, of you, though I much regret that I had not the opportunity of being personally acquainted with you when in Devonshire. The letter you have received in my name I should much wish to see, hoping thereby some time or other to be able to trace out its infamous author. No other than one of Satan's strong agents could have been guilty of so infamous


a deed. I very much wish to hear from you again, etc., etc. - 1 am, Rev. Sir, with true respect. Your most obedient and humble servant,

" 'P. S. - 1 have left Kenton, there could be no mistake; as there is not another that bears any resemblance of the name in this country.'

"These letters I was ordered to bring forward, to show the infamous conduct of my enemies; and what false assertions they had made in another man's name. I have no doubt but the writer of this letter knew that Mr. Linter was a believer, and by forging his name to the letter, saying, he had written the Seals, and that I sold them, was in their opinion a confirmation to what they had put in the newspaper, without considering Mr. Foley knew better. He well knew no one could be writing Seals for me in Devonshire, as I am not there either to sign or seal them, and without that being done there can be no Seals; and he likewise knew, I never paid any one for writing the Seals, neither did I ever sell one in my life, and the sealing hath been stopped ever since September 2, 1808. And therefore Mr. Foley knew the whole to be false. So they could not impose upon him that way, and therefore, it was, that he returned such an answer to the letter. But whoever wrote that letter, has proved himself as regular in loving to make lies, as he is in eating his food, or else such false inventions could not have entered his head, for not one word of truth was there in it. So then let him consider the sentence passed on them that love to make lies. But all this proves the truth of my writings, that my enemies must be worked on by the devil by the false assertions they are making. And now I shall come to the false observation of another man, who answered Mr. Foley in the Birmingham paper, and at the conclusion made the following inquiry of him:-

" 'Sir,
" 'Do pray tell us when we may look for this blessed consummation of sin and misery. Joanna is old, and hitherto we have found none of the happy effects of her divine mission.
On the contrary, we unbelievers think there has been more wickedness and wretchedness, that is to say, more corruption, injustice, and libertinism, on the one hand, and more oppression, bloodshed, and desolation, on the other, since "the angels rejoiced at the birth of Joanna Southcott." than there was before that important era. I am. Rev. Sir, etc.

" 'May 4, I809:
"To his words I was answered:- 'Out of his own mouth will I condemn him, for he hath freely owned the sin of all nations hath.


abounded more than before, since the time of thy birth. And know in My visitation to thee at first, I told thee the sins of the nations had provoked Me to anger, that My visitation would be from nation to nation to punish them in Mine anger, and therefore he hath owned My sentence just, and My words true, that sin was abounding more and more; for which reason I warned of judgments to punish for their crimes. But now I will tell thee when the happy period will commence that he hath inquired of Foley to know.

"When the DESIRE of ALL NATIONS are longing for MY COMING as Foley is I do not mean all men, in every nation, to have this desire; but there are some of all NATIONS WILL HAVE THIS DESIRE, and then the DESIRE of NATIONS will come and put an end to all these evils he hath complained of, and which I am weary to see the burdens and the oppression, the sin and cruelty, that is daily committed. But now I will tell thee why the angels rejoiced at thy birth.

" 'Knowing the TIME was at hand of the PROMISE being FULFILLED to avenge the woman of her adversary that betrayed her. Now, let them look to My Gospel, and see, how the angels rejoiced at My birth; and for what ends they said I was born, to bring PEACE on EARTH, and GOODWILL TOWARDS MEN. And yet, from the unbelief of men greater destruction came upon them at that time which followed soon after My death, than they had ever seen before, because their destruction came, to be scattered into all nations, which have not been gathered to this day. And this observation is in the Jews, perfectly like observation sent to Foley; and for which reason they are not convinced that the glad tidings brought of My birth could be true, because they did not discern how the PROMISE stood in the beginning; that I must first suffer for the transgression of man, before I come to bruise the head of the adversary that betrayed the woman. Neither did they discern they must look upon ME whom they had PIERCED before their deliverance can come. This was the blindness of the Jews. And now in the like blindness this man hath made an inquiry of Foley, to know when this happy period will commence? He hath not discerned from My Gospel, how these wars and tumults must first take place, how distresses and perplexities, men's hearts failing them for fear of what was coming upon them, would be before MY COMING.  And how I said sin and iniquity would abound, -  that if the days were not shortened no flesh would be saved.

"These things, I said in My Gospel, would be when the END drew near; and like the days of Noah and Lot, thousands would be hardened in every sin and every cruelty. This, I told thee in the beginning, was the state of all nations, when I warned thee in ninety-


two, that My visitation would be upon them. Now as he hath discerned the one, let him have wisdom to discern the other; for I tell thee his observation is just, with the unbelieving world, that he saith joins with him that all manner of sin is daily increasing. But now, if men will learn wisdom, they must discern their BIBLES; as I have worked in thy heart to bring it forward to man, and to see in what likeness came the beginning, that it went on from age to age; and how I said in My Gospel that that likeness would go on to the END before I come in Might, Majesty, and Glory, to establish My Kingdom in righteousness and peace; and redeem man from sin and sorrow. Then, I told them, the scenes would be changed; and those that were like the servants who were good and faithful, waiting for their lord, should then enter into the joy of their LORD; for then they will overcome the world by their steadfast faith; relying and believing in the fulfilment of MY words and promise, knowing I died to overcome all things and they that believed in the fulfilment of My words must believe I shall overcome for them, and give them the kingdom as was designed for man at first. But men must come to believe in ME and My Gospel, that I shall fulfil all My sayings before they will believe in any visitation of My Spirit. Therefore, I told thee in the beginning, if they believed My sayings, they would believe thy sayings; because, thy sayings came from ME. But if they do not believe My sayings, how shall they believe thine that I am coming to FULFIL MY GOSPEL; if they do not believe in the words I said at first, that I should send you the Comforter at the last, and come, and fulfil the words I had spoken, to cast out the prince of this world? and then will the COMFORTER come to ALL, and MY SPIRIT will be abiding with ALL to the END. Then will men's joys abound when they are filled with MY SPIRIT, and all evil is taken away from them. But I now tell thee in the perfect likeness of this man's discernment of thee, saying, the world had been worse since the angels rejoiced at thy birth: so is the discernment of thousands besides the Jews. For which reason thousands are departed from My Gospel, which is known to all the Arians, the Atheists, the Deists, and various sects, and parties of people, that are now publicly known in your land. The Arians have discerned, like him, that, instead of peace coming with My birth, wars and tumults, and fatal scenes of misery hath followed ever since. So that they cannot see the truth of My words, or the glad tidings the angels brought, because they have not seen the end, for what cause I was born, nor for what cause I came into the world; neither have they discerned, that if I did not come, according to the promise, to have My heel bruised for the transgression of man,


divine justice could not come to bruise the head of the adversary that betrayed the woman. This they have not discerned, that I came according - ' "


Here I feel it strongly borne upon me that I must write what has come so powerfully with the dawn this morning (October 14, 1908). I thought it would not fit in herein any way, but the book from which I was copying fell down, and I have been unable to find the place, and as my limited time set apart for this work is passing, I will just write instead what I strongly feel I ought to write; and I must ask forgiveness if such an interruption offend any.

Man's inhumanity to man has brought such a cry of hunger in our land, that it is reaching even the ears of the warmed and fed; and is beginning at length to arouse us from our slumber of false security. The figure of John the Baptist towers up before me in his garment of camel's hair and the simple girdle about his loins. "Verily, I tell you of those born of women there hath not arisen a greater than he." The words seem written in fire, and I see how far - how very far - we have all departed from any Christian ideal. "If any man will follow me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." "Go sell what thou hast and give to the poor and come follow me, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven." We are not called to do the work of John the Baptist, but our Lord commended him, and he serves as a striking example of real greatness, and is a sure reproof to our age, with its devotion to health, pleasure, dress, theatre-going, novel- reading, money-making, etc. - in fact, devotion to almost anything and everything but to the things that are immutable. Let us deny ourselves, and be filled with the Spirit of Christ, so that we may have something, even if the widow's mite, to give to those in need. The poor we have always with us, but just now we have a great army of hollow-cheeked starving people, even at our very door. If we say, be ye warmed and fed, and give not the things that they have need, our religion is vain. We are in the world but we must not be of it. I realize how far off as a Church we have gone from our ideal. It is easy to ridicule the Puritans, and those who were in deadly earnest about the things of eternity, but we can see now where we have drifted with our love of ease and soft raiment. We have desired to live in kings' houses, but those who have ruled over us are not of the spirit of Christ. Our Bible is set aside for any and every light reading; our taste is perverted, the salt has lost its savour, and we wonder why the power of Christianity seems gone.


We have drifted, easily, slowly, almost imperceptibly, away from all safe moorings, and now we are carried with such a powerful current in mid-ocean, that only the strength of our Lord and Master can lay hold of us and bring us once more safe to the shore.

Let us determine to live simply, to dress simply, and to be content with simple pleasures. Let us cut off our right hand or pluck out our right eye, if need be, lest our whole body perish. I am speaking to myself as well, for I too, I see, have drifted too easily with the stream, and with all the Church of Christ must deny myself many things before this great cry of hunger, spiritual as well as temporal, can be appeased. "Give ye them to eat": the command still rings in our ears, but what can we do among so many. Nevertheless the bread is put into our hands, and the Lord will order the feast. The loaves, the plain Word of God, and the fishes, the more delicate truths contained there, are in our hands and we have but to distribute. Great will be the blessings outpoured - many will be the fragments that yet remain after all are satisfied. How unending, illimitable are His blessings! There is always a reserve, something still to be obtained that we did not expect. How great is our God and how good! I have just read the Song of Solomon afresh. What an unexpected delight it has been to me! That which I was in the old days almost afraid to read, as it seemed so voluptuous, has now, under the great light of His further revelation, become to me one of the finest songs in the world. The New Song has indeed come: it is the love song; it must be in the heart; the joy must be deep and almost unspeakable. The Bridegroom has come, and invites His Church  - the Bride - to His feast. He feedeth among the lilies, and of His purity we may all partake. This insight into God's great heart of Love, and this preparation to receive the Bridegroom, can only be gained by a perfect obedience to His will; by shaking off the power of the world over us, and by yielding ourselves, body, soul, and spirit, to Him. We must be waiting and longing for the coming of the loved One, and must cast aside all others for Him. God is Love, and He is about to raise us all up to His heart, that His delight may be with us, and we may delight in Him. We must long for His kingdom to come, He must be the DESIRE of our heart: there must be no fear of His coming, only joy - for perfect love casteth out fear - then we can enter into the joy of our Lord. Midnight is approaching, the time of His appearing draws nigh, let us trim our lamps, let us have oil in our vessels, lest our light go out and we await in darkness. Let us use the light that He has given us; let us read the latest written Word of our loved One;


let us be quite sure of the Beloved's will, and then we shall be ready and enter in with joy to the feast.

And what a feast is prepared! What a feast of fat things! How surprising is its magnificence! How we are lost in gratitude for His goodness and forethought! Who amongst us would have imagined His glory has brought us low, only that He may raise us higher: He has stooped and humbled Himself to our Nature's night, and in the darkness, we knew not our Lord! But He has been with us all the time; waiting to bless; waiting to bestow His love, and we knew Him not. The darkness increased and the midnight hour was upon us - we greatly desired our Lord - then He came. Let us follow on diligently to know more and more of our Lord's will, and how best we can serve Him. Let us read His written Word, lest we miss the great delight that His great heart of Love has prepared for mankind.

Continued from p.234:-
" 'to the promise, that I might establish PEACE on the earth when I come in POWER in the END. But this let men discern, how long the promise was made before I came to suffer the first; then they must discern, I shall come again in POWER to fulfil the SECOND: and then will all men own the TRUTH of the angel's words, that I come in goodwill to man to destroy their adversary, and establish peace and righteousness in the earth. Then will they discern that according to My Gospel, I said they must ask to receive, that their joys might be full: it must be revealed what to ask, to have your joys made complete. And as the woman was betrayed, her betrayer must be cast, before your happiness can be made complete. Did men discern My Bible through, how, in all ages, I worked by instruments, and dealt with men after the manner of men, and gave up My life by the laws of men; then they would discern that, after the manner of men, I should act in the end: and according to the laws of men I should fulfil My words to complete the happiness of man. For know according to the laws of man, a man is condemned to death for the person he hath murdered when the murder is bright to light, and the justice of the law is applied unto. Here if men have wisdom to discern in what manner I gave up My life upon the cross, they would have wisdom to discern in what manner I shall bring in your redemption, and cast out the prince of this world, which is the author of all these evils of sin and sorrow, that the unbelieving world have so clearly discerned are ripening fast.' "

Joanna continues:-

"This is the answer given me to the man's inquiry and to his


observations. And now I shall insert part of a Communication on the 19th chapter of Revelation (given me in February, 1805), 2nd verse: 'He hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.' 'This great whore is the Roman powers, who put the martyrs to death. Therefore it is written, in the 6th chapter, 10th verse, "And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" These were the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held. Now those that were slain after the Prophets and Apostles were the martyrs, by the cruelty of the Roman powers: therefore they are called the great whore, that made themselves drunk in the blood of the martyrs, 18th chapter, 8th verse. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning and famine.

" 'Now mark the Roman nations; what hath happened to France, and what hath happened to Spain. These are the shadows, but the end is not yet; as these shadows were foretold to thee that hath come and more fatal, judgments that are yet to come. Now begin to see your Bible and the revelations fulfilling before you; these are the beginning of sorrows, but the end is not yet. Now from this chapter let all men understand what shadows are begun, what appeareth in all nations. What hath happened to the Romans, and weigh all deep with the Revelation, 19th chapter, 10th verse. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. Now let the learned men appear, let all their books and writings appear, and their judgment of the Bible, and see, if they can bring forward so clear a testimony of My Bible, or of the COMING of their LORD to prove the Bible by their judgment, so clear as thou hast done by the spirit of Prophecy.

" 'Therefore it must be known unto all men; the Spirit that hath visited thee by Prophecies to bring all to the standard of the Bible, is the SPIRIT of JESUS whom they persecuted in the body! And now, they are acting the same again in the SPIRIT. Now come to the 11th verse, "In righteousness he doth judge and make war." Let it be observed to all men the War as the first thing I showed thee, the heavens opening, the horses appearing, and MY GLORY was seen in the air. Know I told thee that the time was come, that I should kindle war with all nations; for the Second PSALM should be fulfilled; and I would have the heathens for Mine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for My possession. Now let them remember this was in the year ninety-two; weigh deep what hath followed, what years have rolled on, and what shadows have appeared already;


then how can this be done by man to be brought round in such a mystery? Now come to thy vision; when thou sawest the two men standing in the air, with crowns of gold upon their heads, and drawn swords in their hands, thou sawest the armies which were in heaven followed them on horses (compare this with the 14th verse). Now, I shall explain to thee the meaning of the two men; it is the Law and Gospel joined together; the PROMISE that was made in the fall, and the PROMISE that must follow My death and suffering: this is the meaning of the two men thou sawest in the vision: and these are the two swords thou sawest in their hands: the sword of the promise, to be fulfilled by My death; therefore, it is written, out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword. That meaneth out of My mouth goeth the SWORD that shall be fulfilled, to smite the nations, that worship the beast, and will not turn to the Gospel, and rely on the PROMISE that was made in the fall; for, if men believe that promise, they must believe that, as one sword came to bruise My heel, the other sword must come to bruise Satan's head. And now the rod of iron must come upon the nations to destroy them, if they will not believe the rod of My Word; for, as iron is strong, so is My Word strong, but, as iron will break, so will My Word break in two pieces; the one is powerful to protect the believers on one side: but, on the other, it must break to their destruction who now mock the fulfilment of the Bible, and the coming of their Lord. But this will never be believed by any nation before the iron begins to break upon them, and they begin to feel the rod which is already gone forth, to smite the nations with the rod of affliction. Therefore it is written, he treadeth the wine-press of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God: that meaneth as men were ready to bruise My heel; and when the Word of God is gone forth will be for Satan's head to be bruised likewise. Man was ready to fulfil the first, but now they deny the last! and will not have the serpent's head bruised; but, by denying the promise, they kindle the wrath of Almighty God: therefore His wrath is treading against them. And now it is written, he hath on his vesture, and on his thigh, a name written, king of kings, and lord of lords. Then let it be known unto all men to fulfil this prophecy he must be lord over all and like a king to govern all. Here I shall leave the remainder of the explanation of this chapter and come to the last chapter, 16th verse: "I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star." Then know, if I am the root, the root must bring in the branches, and the morning star bring in the daylight. Now come to the words of David, 24th Psalm, "Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors, and the KING of GLORY


shall come in." "All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord, and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before Thee." Psa. xxii. 27.

" 'Here are the words of David; who prophesied of the king of glory. The king of glory is the LORD who bowed the heavens to come down to man; and whose THRONE shall be established among men: for the kingdom shall be the Lord's, and He is the governor among the nations. "Now discern, ye sons of men, from the words of David, lift up ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in." Now, from these words of David, he did not mean that the King of Glory wanted to come into heaven by opening the gates; but he meant the KING of GLORY to COME into your HEARTS, that ye may lift them unto the LORD and be waiting for His coming. The king of glory is the LORD of HOSTS, whom all the earth should worship and praise: then know, from David, that he prophesied of ME through the Psalms. And from the Prophets that followed after and from the Apostles to the end, there have always been men found to speak of the kingdom of God, to exalt the kingdom of God, and to establish David's word: this hath been in the ages that are past, and this is the throne of David, that I said should be established for EVER; the throne that he prophesied of, prayed for, and that his eye was directed to. Then let men weigh the Psalmist deep, and mark the words of David. Now let men open the eyes of their understanding, and see what king, and what throne, David's eye was directed to, to be established; then how shall I fail David? or how shall a man be wanting to be set upon the throne his eye was to? He hath shown you through the Psalms his eye was to My kingdom, to be established amongst men: this is the throne he prayed for, and this is the kingdom I am going to establish; therefore, I said, I will never fail David, but now will I establish the covenant of peace that was made to him. And now mark the words of David: "The king shall joy in thy strength, O Lord, in thy salvation." Here is the meaning of his words; David had an eye to MY COMING in the BODY, and so he had an eye to My coming to bring in My KINGDOM of PEACE, when all hearts were LIFTED UP to long for the KING of GLORY to come in, and dwell amongst them; for, then, the kingdom of heaven will be with them whose hearts are open to receive him: for though the world, the flesh, and the devil are now as gates to shut him out, yet those whose hearts are open to receive him will not suffer those to be as gates to stand before them, but they will SEE the everlasting doors that must be opened in the end for man; and this David rejoiced to see. Know what I said of Abraham, he saw MY DAYS and was glad.


And David in spirit called Me Lord, and therefore he saith, "The king shall rejoice in thy strength, O Lord; and in thy salvation shall he rejoice; thou hast given him his heart's desire, and hast not withholden the request of his lips; and therefore, he shall rejoice when he seeth his words fulfilled."

" 'And now I shall bring it plainer to thee, though I have told thee thou wilt never live to see thy Prophecies fulfilled in this world, and yet, I tell thee, no one will rejoice more than thou wilt rejoice to see the end, when all thy Prophecies are accomplished, and all thy prayers and petitions are answered and fulfilled; then wilt thou rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, with saints above; and rejoice to see the happiness thou hast longed for amongst mankind to be established here below. And now to see the words clear of My saying, I will never fail David, and his throne shall be established for ever; I answer, I will never fail thee, for the THRONE and the KINGDOM thou hast PRAYED for SHALL be ESTABLISHED in PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS: as I have already told thee, I now tell thee again, however strong unbelief may reign among thousands; yet, there will not be a man wanting to enjoy My kingdom whose hearts are prepared to be longing for it. And those that sleep before in the grave will awake with JOY to see the fulfilment, as it will be seen by thee. Therefore, marvel not at the words spoken by David, nor at the promise made to him, for I have shown thee, from thy own Prophecies and the words of David, what throne shall be established for ever. Mark his words: "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Save Lord, let the king hear us when we call": then now discern whom he calleth king and whose kingdom his eye was to. "The Lord sitteth a king for ever; the Lord will give strength and bless his people with peace. Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast received gifts for men, yea, for the rebellious also, that the Lord God might dwell amongst them." Here he speaks of My ascension after My death for man, that the gift of their redemption must come for Me to dwell amongst men. So, if you discern the words of David, he prophesieth of My peaceable kingdom, and calls Me his God and king, saying: "All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing to thy name." Mark the words of David through the Psalms, what king, and what kingdom, he spoke of? then what have men to marvel that I have said the throne of David shall be established for EVER, and there shall not be a man wanting to set upon the throne of David, because it is My kingdom, and My Throne that he speaks of that is to be exalted. And therefore it is said by the mouth of the Prophets, the THRONE of


DAVID shall be ESTABLISHED for EVER; but is it said so by any other king? Did I not tell Solomon the house he had built to My Name should be destroyed, if he departed from Me? but know, I said of David, "I will never fail him"; then let men see where the promise lay.'

"The contents of this book taken from Joanna Southcott's mouth by me.


"Witness: JANE TOWNLEY."

Thus ends the book of A True Picture of the World and a LOOKING-GLASS for ALL MEN. That it is so, no one can dispute; it speaks straight to all our hearts, and calls out all that is best in us. Christ is indeed the Author of our Faith, and knows how to deal most skillfully with the human heart. He realizes the depth of our love when given wholly and freely to Him: He sees us, not as we are, but as we shall be. He only could first love us, all unworthy though we be, and He only knew best how to strip us of our worldly pride and wisdom and call us home to Him. He is calling us now, all over the world. The voice sometimes seems harsh and untunable, but we have rendered it so by the disused answering chords. The tuning seems severe and may even need the snapping of a long-loved cord, and the putting into its place of one - new, responsive, vibrating - that will answer to the Master's touch, and give forth heavenly music that we too may learn the Song of Moses and the Lamb. The writings of Joanna Southcott plainly show the wisdom of God in dealing with man all through the past ages. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, the heart of man has been proved the same throughout. But who would have thought that the Lord Himself is even now, though raised in power and seated at the right hand of God, still suffering with us - even more acutely than we. Yet these books show that it is so. His heart is tenderer than ours, and is LOVE. His love was so great that He left His throne on high and stooped to our nature's night, and at the last even gave up His life a ransom for us. Greater love hath no man than this - to lay down His life for those at enmity with Him. Little wonder then that we cannot understand a heart so immeasurably greater in love and condescension than ours. His hair is still wet with the dews of the night. He is still striving with man, and rests not until we rest too, in the long Sabbath Day, the seventh thousand years, the Seventh day that He has appointed for God and man. This is what He has seen all through, not what we are, but what we shall be. As evil sprang up through pride in


Heaven, it must be thoroughly destroyed both root and branch - then shall we be as gods, knowing both good and evil. That this terrible experience has been necessary for a great purpose no one can doubt who has attentively read the Woman's Writings as given her by the Spirit. I do not pretend to perceive everything clearly as yet, but I feel as though I had a stronger sight than those who have not searched diligently. To me, they still seem to see men as trees walking, but the Master has the salve at hand. He will anoint the eyes of the blind, and all will be illumined. All the burning questions of the day with regard to God and His dealings with mankind are answered in these books. If the Scriptures had been searched, the blasphemer's tongue would be silenced. The cry still comes echoing down the ages: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," the sceptre of mercy is still outstretched; the banner over us is Love, which will one day be all-conquering. The teaching throughout Joanna's Writings shows the ultimate destiny of man is restoration to that state for which he was created and his redemption from all evil. It is equally shown that there is severe punishment for sin, but all evil must be consumed and have no place on the earth. Every knee will bow before the King, who will come in might, majesty and glory; every tongue will confess His Name.

To return to Joanna's history, it is interesting to note that the Lord ordered her in May, 1797, when living in Mr.Woolland's house, not to go out to work, neither to be as a servant to Woolland, which caused her great distress of mind, as she did not know what she should do for her living. But the Lord told her, she was to call no man her master, for He alone would be her Master. Notwithstanding she was allowed to take work home, and also to take anything given as a present from Woolland for what she did for him. The meaning of these commands was to be made clear in the end.

The following are a few lines respecting this which were given by the Spirit to Joanna in 1797 (Second book of Sealed Prophecies, p.87):-

"A servant thou art none,
For wages he shall never pay,
Nor none shalt thou receive;
Thy time I'll call another way;
Too long I know thou hast grieved.
No master here thy debts shall clear,
For I will thee employ;
And where's the man shall pay the bond,
That will not ME enjoy?
Whoe'er demands thee from My hand,


I bid thee them refuse;
My handmaid thou shalt ever stand;
Though others I do choose,
My fellow-labourers in the Lord,
They are My handmaids all;
And they shall find with one accord
My Spirit there shall fall."

The answer of the Lord to this Communication follows:-

"Now I shall answer thee of this Communication, which is perfectly true like the others; but how could I place the types and shadows to the substance, as I have placed all thy Writings? Therefore I placed the type in Woolland's house, as Woolland and Minifie were the first friends thou knewest, and thy old acquaintance from children before thou hadst any knowledge of Taylor, or any other believers; therefore in her house I placed the type, but was the substance fulfilled there? Thou must answer, No: but though thou didst never call Woolland master, neither did he look upon himself as thy master, yet thou labouredst in his house, and wast fed at his table, after I had forbidden thee to work for any that were unbelievers; but know I set that as a type, to try the clergy was all I made known to thee at that time; for had I told thee what would follow that type, it would but have filled thee with unbelief. Now though Woolland made thee presents, because I had refused its being paid as wages, yet I tell thee, I ordered all that type for such a time as this; for you cannot say that Woolland, or Minifie, were ever My handmaids, as fellow-labourers with thee in the Lord; but know what followeth; they refused to send a letter for thy sake; then what fellow-labourers were they? And yet they were shadows, by Woolland's giving thee presents, when I ordered thee to take no wages. But dost thou think I should have placed this simple shadow, so perfectly like the substance now, if this had not been in My view? Now mark the words deep: I said, I called thee another way; for no master there should pay thy debt, and no man should pay thy bonds, that would not enjoy ME. Now I ask thee, who is thy master? Thou sayest, thou hast no master but God. Now I ask thee, who are thy bondsmen? Thou answerest, none but believers. And now I ask thee, who demands thee from My hand? Thou answerest, the unbelievers wish to demand thee to give up thy hand; but thy strength of faith now is too great for any man to accomplish this. Now I ask thee, who are thy faithful fellow-labourers in the Lord, that are as handmaids with thee? Thou answerest, Townley and Underwood are fellow-labourers with thee, and ending the work thou hast begun. Now mark the words


that were said - Others I do choose, and there My Spirit shall fall; but I did not say, they were chosen then. If so the words would have been: Others I have chosen, and here My Spirit is fallen, if it was a thing accomplished; but I said: Others I do choose, and there My Spirit shall fall. Now mark the next word that follows - Woolland here, but it is not said there, then this must show you all, the substance was not meant in Woolland's house; but the type and shadow placed to show thee plain what was to come. And now thou seest the truth perfectly fulfilled: I have called thee from them another way, as I said; and thy bondsmen are the believers; and those that wish to take thee from My hand are the opposers, and My handmaids are joined with thee; and the shadow of Woolland is the substance in Townley. And now mark Townley's words: at that time she was judged dying; then who but a God prolonged her life, and preserved her for such a time as this? and who but a God could set such a type to thee at that time, and now have it perfectly fulfilled?

Now from the manner of thy life let believers see in what manner things were foretold to thee, and in what manner they were brought round to be fulfilled; then they may see in what manner their happy deliverance will come. A few believers did not work any change for thee, till there came in strong and powerful believers; then came the change to thee; and now I tell thee, perfectly so will it be to all; when judgments have cut down the mockers on the one hand, and faith, in abundance increase on the other, they will see as great a change for their peace and happiness in every situation, as thou seest now the Communication is copying off, from what thou sawest and felt when thou didst write it."

The explanation to the Communication of May, 1797, was not given until Monday, February 11, 1805, when Joanna was living in comfort with Miss Jane Townley, a lady of position and substance; they were waited on by Ann Underwood, her maid. Both of these had very strong faith, and gave up their whole time to the work. Jane Townley provided for their needs, and Ann Underwood, besides being a faithful servant, was enthusiastic in the work of the Lord. She wrote a beautiful hand, and many are the MSS. extant that bear witness to her industry. Joanna at first wrote the Communications of the Spirit in her own handwriting, and afterwards read it to others, who signed their copies, so that when the events foretold actually took place, there could be no deception. Joanna's handwriting was so extrordinary that few could read it, but after it was read to them others could read it and see that there was no deception. Ann Under-


wood was specially gifted in her ability to be able to read Joanna's writing, and practically was Joanna's secretary and amanuensis.

In 1795 the Lord told Joanna not to write the Communications herself, but to let these handmaids write them from her dictation as the Spirit spoke the words to her. This she did, and the Communications are signed by her name as above, and then, by command, to establish every word, witnessed by Jane Townley. All these things were done to prevent any suspicion of imposture, and to establish everything on a solid foundation according to the laws of man. God in these Writings throughout shows a great respect for man's laws, and commends the laws of England and the uprightness of our judges. He, too, stoops to our laws and will submit to them. He was put to death in the person of His Son, according to the laws of man, and He will not return to bless us until He is the DESIRE of the NATIONS and we petition Him to come by signing our names for His Kingdom to be established and Satan's kingdom to be overthrown. This is the Sealing which has been so unjustly ridiculed; we merely sign our names now, and are waiting for a command from the Lord to actually use the Seal as was done by Joanna when alive. No money was ever paid for these Seals, and even the enemies of Joanna were obliged to acknowledge that the charge of selling them was false. I will here insert a copy of Joanna's own handwriting as, doubtless, it will interest many. The transcription of it is beneath, in case it is found too difficult to read.

(Click here to sample Joanna's writing)

So let them know My Chariot wheels are near
And now My coming every one shall see
For in the Chariot all My words they'll see

Jane Townley was wholehearted in the cause, and her name will ever stand as a devoted handmaid of the Lord. On p.29 in the book entitled On the Prayers for the Fast Day, May, 1804, are the following words in a letter from Joanna Southcott to Miss Townley, which clearly show the steadfast faith of the latter:-



May 21,1804.


I had a wonderful Communication given me this morning that astonished me, when I came up to my writing, and prayed for directions. It is thus:-

"I have brought thee hither with these two (Miss Townley and her maid), whom I call My mother and My sister; for I said they that did My will, the same were My mother and My sister; and by them My will is done. Now I shall give directions to thee, and tell thee what is meant by My mother and My sister. As a mother wishes to support the honour of her son, and the happiness of a son so does she wish to spend her time and money like a mother, for My honour and glory, and for the good of My brethren; and as a sister that loveth her brother joins with her mother, just so is her servant now joined with her mistress; here is the shadow of My Bible fulfilled; as it is with the mistress, so with the maid; as it is with the borrower so with the lender. Let My brethren weigh this deep, and know, I called these two women My mother and My sister, and as My brides, joined with thee: for so the woman was in the creation: as being joined with thee: for so the woman was in the creation: as being taken from the man, she was his sister; but as bearing him children, she was a wife, and a mother: thus was the woman made at first, and this must be the state of the woman at last, now I am come to free the fall of women.

"Here I have placed you three, as true helpmates for man; and as such let men receive you, if they wish to be made alive in ME, as they died in Adam. For here all shall find is a shadow of My Gospel begun in you three; and by the hands of you three My wondrous working shall go on, till your light shall break forth as the morning, and the truth be made as clear as the noonday's sun, that the woman is the true and perfect helpmate for man; for by the woman I will now complete his happiness, but no other way will I ever accomplish it.

"So from you three mankind shall see,
Your brother I'll appear;
The second Adam is in ME,
Then see the Bridegroom here,
To take the woman as My friend,
My mother for to be:-
I tell you man knows not the end,
My sister they must see;
My brides appear, I tell you here,
For I am the woman's friend.


It is to make My Gospel clear
That I these things ordain'd;
To have these three alike to be,
And see My Gospel clear.
Then, My disciples now judge ye,
My brethren all appear;
And now see plain, ye sons of men,
How I've brought round the last;
Before the trial doth come on
I tell you so't must burst:
For to show clear all are here,
And here I've placed these three,
"My Law and Gospel for to clear:
Then let My brethren see,
My will by them must now be done,
If brethren they will be.
Then I'll appear, I tell them here,
Their brother and their friend:-
Their conquering Saviour I'll appear,
And save them in the end.
From Adam's fall, I tell them all,
I shall them all redeem;
And let My coat be known to all,
It was without a seam.
Then now see clear, I must appear,
All interwoven through;
No seam of sorrow shall be here,
When I've my work gone through,
So brethren all, I now do call
You, by the woman's hand,
And if my friends you'll now appear,
Then by these women stand,
In perfect love let none remove
Your strong affections here
And place no daggers in the breast
Of those to me are dear:
For if you do, I tell you true,
You'll place them in your own;
My Gospel is before your view,
And let My words be known;
My will is done, I tell you plain,
By these three women here:
And I their cause will now maintain,
And let the land take care.
For now I say to thee this day.
Their ruin shall come on,
If men My words now disobey; .
I this shall answer man,
I've made all clear, that I am here,
In Spirit come again:


Thy mystery deep no man can clear
To prove from hell it came;
No, 'tis from ME, mankind shall see,
For so I shall appear,
To prove My Spirit visits thee,
And other friends are here,
Whose hearts within to ME are known,
Like mothers to appear,
"And so a sister's love is shewn -
And let the land take care
They do not mock, for now the stroll -
Shall go throughout the land;
I tell thee, like thy brother's son,
Convulsions now shall come;
If men appear as heretofore
And now despise the call,
I tell thee, like thy brother's son,
I'll bring the stroke on all;
Year after year it shall appear,
Convulsions men will see,
The agonies the child did bear
In England now shall be,
If they go on, I tell thee plain,
My Warning to despise,
I shall not trifle now with men
If they do act unwise,
To slight My LOVE, as now I'll prove,
I'm come to set them free,
And all their sorrows to remove,
If now they'll turn to ME.
If they will not, I'll tell their lot,
Their ruin shall abound;
And let the child be not forgot -
In May they heard the sound;
So May is come, I say, for man,
And may they all relent!
Or they will see such destiny
Will make them all repent.
If they can bear My threatenings here
And not the words regard,
But all My Love they disapprove
And not My Love reward,
To wish for Me - they all shall see
My anger for to burn -
Ingratitude they all shall see,
Shall find the same return:
But those that turn and now begin
In love to wish me near,
They'll find a brother and a friend,
A Saviour to appear -


To save them all from Adam's fall,
And set the prisoners free,
That now are bound in Satan's chains,
If men will turn to Me;
"Then I to them will surely turn
And strong their Friend appear,
For My delight shall be with men,
If their delight be here
To have Me come, and dwell with them,
My Coming they shall see,
How I from sorrows shall redeem
And from all sufferings free.
So this to Sharp I bid thee send;
And let them weigh all deep,
And then I'll stand their every friend,
If now My word they keep;
And warn them all, that great's the call,
And great 'tis now for man;
Because My judgments strong will fall
If men now mock thy hand:
For I'll appear in words more clear,
Your nation blind must be,
If altogether men compare
And judge it not from ME:
And if they're blind, the ditch they'll find
It hastening on for all:
But if they see the mystery
And come to judge the call,
Then I'll appear to make it clear
From Heaven is every sound;
But if men say they will not hear,
In grief they shall be found;
And I'll not hear, I tell them there,
If they'll not now hear ME;
When sorrows in your land abound
I will not set them free."


It is quite evident to me, and others acknowledge the same, that we are living in a very critical time in the history of the world. Civilization and the wisdom of man have not brought about the expected happiness. We only seem getting farther and farther away from what alone will satisfy our spiritual and physical wellbeing. Only yesterday, October 26, 1908, I was reading a list given by G. R. Sims, of recent "child suicides." I think this state of affairs is unique in the world's history, Life has always been valued by the young, and frantic efforts have been made to preserve the life of the body. In cases of danger, such as shipwreck, etc., the old have ofttimes will-


ingly stood aside, that the young might be preserved. What is the meaning and what is the root of this callous indifference to life? It means that life is not a joyous thing, that there is no staple pleasure obtained in work and the ordinary occupations of everyday life. No, man's inhumanity to man has made life hideous, and a thing valueless, even in the eyes of the young. The frequency of suicide among those of riper years is too well known to need comment. In numbers of cases men fear the rigours of prison life less than they do the terrible struggle for existence; hence the terrible frequency of crime. What has caused this state of affairs? Never was there apparently more sentiment on the one hand - while there is such callousness on the other. The skill of the modern surgeon to alleviate pain, and the many philanthropic institutions, seem only to mock the general state of misery in the world. What is the meaning of it? Man has turned his back on God; he has refused to face his Maker. His delight is no longer in his Creator, but only in the work of his own hands and his own brain. "I am my own God, and will rule my own life," he has said. "By chemistry and science I will provide my own food if the earth refuse her natural increase." "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee." The soul! How we have forgotten its very existence! How we have contrived to make it an inseparable part of the house of clay! But this night, now we are passing through the horrors of thick darkness, our soul is required of us. "Our nakedness appears." O the shame and the horror of it! The Lord Himself must make coverings for us with His own dear, nail-driven hands. How far we have wandered from His great selfless life on earth! The most holy men and women living under modern conditions cannot but realize this only too acutely. But the Creator knew, in His omniscience, the tempest that would rage round His loved ones. In the dawn - whilst as yet He can scarcely be discerned - He has come walking on the deep. He has come, as a Spirit, and we discerned Him not. Above the roar of tempest, the quiet voice penetrates the gloom, and we hear the welcome, "Peace be still." In the history of man all down the ages, He has ever ministered to His creatures in their need; He has ever fanned the smoking flax into a flame of love for Him; the Shekinah light of love in our hearts will ever burn brighter and brighter for Him, until our vital spark is lost in the radiance of His glory and love, and we shall shine in and through Him alone. His greatest glory was to lay aside the heavenly splendour of the Godhead, and for us and our sakes to become poor; to be despised and rejected of men - in order that He might be a clear judge of our manifold temptations, and sufferings, and at last defeat


the machinations of the prince of the powers of darkness and make us all children of the light. "They know not what they do"; our ignorance will screen us from the accuser of our brethren, whom God alone can overthrow. The root of all unbelief is ignorance; we do not know that we do not know; there must be strenuous exertion, and our spiritual muscles must be exercised to dig deep for the Pearl of great price. It is not to be carelessly acquired by the casual passer-by. No, the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent or valiant take it by storm.

In the letter before mentioned, the immense importance of the attitude of the clergy is clearly shown, as they alone can prevent the severe judgments from falling on this land. The Shepherds can save the flocks from earthly destruction if they will. It is foretold that, "From the Altar will My glory burst." This is the letter from Joanna to Jane Townley; it is given on p.33 of the book, entitled On the Prayers for the FAST DAY, MAY. 1804.


I shall give you the communication that is given to me this day, the 24th of May, after you sent me the Form of Prayer for the Fast Day. I was ordered to call all things to my remembrance in 1796, in answer to the Prayers for the Fast: "I then ordered thee to write to Pomeroy, and in that year to put in his hand of the Bishop's death* But now I have told thee to warn the Bishops and the clergy in May; and now in May the Fast is; and out of their own mouths will I condemn them all, if they are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm; for the letters were written to warn the Clergy before the Fast came; therefore I ordered one to be hastily sent to the Bishop, and to have the Letters hastily printed. So if they are now lukewarm, they are condemned from the very Scriptures they have placed. If they say they have wisdom and want nothing, then I tell them they are blind and naked. I have counselled them to buy of me true gold, that they may be clothed, that the shame of their nakedness may not appear; and to anoint their eyes with eye-salve that they may see; for as many as I love I rebuke; and this nation I have rebuked, as there are many in it whom I love; but let them not think the French are sinners above all men, because they have done these things. I tell them nay, but unless they repent they shall all likewise perish. Now let them mark the lesson in Isaiah, the 38th chapter - In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death, and a sign was given him from

*Bishop Buller. His death took place as foretold at the end of the year.


the Lord. Now let the learned answer what the sign was for? Could I not have restored him without giving him a sign, and do the thing I had promised him? Could he not take My word without a bond? Yet I gave a sign to Hezekiah. And now I have given signs unto the nation: if they turn unto ME, as Hezekiah did, My threatenings shall go backwards; and I will save this Nation, that is condemned to die by judgments; but if they will not lay it to heart, as Hezekiah did, they shall fall by the signs of the convulsions placed in the child. So here is the sign set before them; and the signs of the Gospel are now come, from the many false Christs that have appeared. Two false Christs have written to thee; therefore I ordered thee to keep their letters, to prove that false Christs were come; and two others have told thee they were the Christs, and wanted thee to trust to them for Redemption. Yet they profess they never were visited by the spirit of prophecy, or had any power given them of working of miracles. So the sign of false Christs hath appeared unto thee, as well as the signs of tumults and war. But I should act like men, to come to one part of the chapter, and not go through the whole. For I tell thee, that chapter is like thy Writing. The shadow fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem, and what followed after to My disciples; but the end was not then; for men have stopped where I shall begin - "When ye see Jerusalem compassed with armies, know the desolation is nigh; and that desolation followed Jerusalem. But can man say the end followed then - to see ME come in a cloud with great POWER and GLORY? I tell thee, No - but the time is at hand that all these things shall be fulfilled - and man's Redemption draws nigh: For the Kingdom of GOD is nigh at hand. But the fulfilment of the chapter* is as -"

I am surprised to find here the letter broken off and another begun on the next page, which is still numerically in order. I thought of finding another book that would be printed properly and arranged in order, but on reading over the letter that follows, I find this was permitted for a sign - so I will pass it on to the world, as it was given at that time - the fulfilment can knock against our very hearts. The remainder of this letter is not to be published until after the trial, when the clergy search into the Writings, both printed and MSS, This is the letter that comes next in order:-


Now I shall tell you the reasons assigned to me, why you were

*Isaiah xxxviii.


permitted to have the book altered from the first directions that were given me; and then I was ordered the book should not go out in the world so, but take away your letter, where you say Christ is coming, the Helpmate in the Woman, to show mankind they had done by their Bibles, as I am ordered now to do by the Book: they have taken away the first promise that was made them; therefore you are ordered to have one thousand half-sheets printed, beginning with the Church Prayers, as far as the leaf was sent, and then let all the others stand as they are.

If the reader inquire why the Prayers of the Fast stand printed twice in one book, the answer is given: because by their taking away the first promise, that the serpent's head must not be bruised, nor the woman made a helpmate for man's good, by the death of Christ: that as in Adam all died, even so in Christ shall all be made alive; this they have taken away, and placed their Bibles for to crucify the Lord afresh, and to have Him die twice, as the prayers are printed twice. And now this Book must go out one thousand with this half-sheet, to convince mankind the way they are taking their names out of the Book of Life, and the other six thousand must go out as they are printed, after my trial is over. Now the reader may ask, how this confusion came? To this I answer, I was ordered to begin the book with the Prayer's on the Fast; and one proof sheet was printed so, which was sent to Bristol to Miss Townley; and she, not knowing the order was given me from the Lord, wrote to Mr. Sharp to alter the beginning, and have the book begin with the letters she sent to the Bishops. This was done unknown to me, after that I was ordered to call in every printed letter, that no one might be able to have one, as the Ministers were turning them back, with infamous scorn and contempt; and I was answered, not one of them that had returned the letters should appear in my presence; and that they might not be able to forge them, or produce anything of the kind, every letter was called in, and every Minister that doth appear, must bring his letter with him and swear by Him that liveth, the letter was sent him, and he has kept it; and other Ministers that ever appear in my presence, must swear by Him that liveth, they never had a letter sent them; for every man that has turned back his letter is as an evil forbidden fruit to me, that I would fly from, as from the face of a serpent; and as a serpent they must fly from me, for now is coming the New Covenant with man. The Lord will do away the first and establish the last, by the Woman's perfect obedience; and to prevent her seeing the forbidden fruit, they are bound by this oath, never to come in her presence, that we may not fall the second time; for then


the last error would be worse than the first. Therefore when I saw the book, it is fruitless to pen the horror I felt, fearing we had done wrong; and recollecting, in a letter of Mr. Sharp, wherein he said he had altered the title page, which I understood was the outside leaf, which I did not approve of; but when I saw in another letter, he had altered the whole, the world will see what I must have suffered, but not one quarter part can they be a judge of what I suffered, from two o'clock yesterday till ten o'clock to-day; but this will appear in another letter; and now I shall give the answer of the Spirit, as it is spoken in verse:-

"Now Joanna, thee I'll answer,  
Perfect as thy book is here,
Perfect so I now do tell thee
All the learned do appear.
They take away, I now do say,
The promise first was placed:
And so their wisdom doth betray
And crucify me twice;
And perfect so thy book shall go,
In print to man appear;
The leaf that thou to Sharp hast sent
Must now be printed there,
As it is sent for to begin,
And this must follow next:
Until the half-sheet it do end,
And then the whole I'll fix,
To prove to man that so they're come
My life for to betray;
The very ends for which I died
They now do take away;
And ME again for to be slain
The second time for man.
For perfect as thy book does lay
The learned lay their plan;
It's plainly seen, for I'll begin,
And from thy books appear,
"The promise first was made to man
Satan his curse should share.
If I did mine, my life resign
And offer it up for man,
It was to do My FATHER'S will,
And in the helpmate come;
Then for his good the promise stood,
But this they took away;
And as thy book does now appear
Men's judgment it doth lay,
That I again now must be slain


Now in the Woman's form;
So twice they have plac'd their death for ME;
In Spirit now I'm come.
In love to all is now My call,
But it you take away,
As Townley's bounty now doth fall
The cost on her doth lay,
Which I removed, to shew my love
That I with her compare;
You take My bounty all away,
As thou hast taken here
Her love to waste, as this is plac'd,
For to reject her hand.
This very thing I did ordain
To bring it to your Land,
That just like thee the world now be,
To know their every will;
They take away My perfect love,
And place ME twice to spill
My Blood for all, to free the Fall;
And this would never do.
And now the mystery l'll explain,
In coming to you two;
Had this been done by thy command,
Because thou order'st first;
And though thou in her bounty stand,
And thine own pride do burst,
And alter so, though thou dost know
The strength in her doth stand,
Thy labours now for to go through,
And could'st thou so command,
Thy pride to shew it should not go
As she had plac'd it there?
For thou to say another way.
Thy honour can't appear,
"Because the first by thee was plac'd,
Thou sayest by thy command;
And though the love in her doth burst,
Thou would'st not let her stand,
Though she obeyed in what thou say'st,
And wish'd it to appear
Unto the world as it was laid,
To prove her honour clear,
And thou by pride thrown all aside,
Ingratitude must come:
And from the ponderings of thy heart,
I now will answer man;
Ungrateful love thine now must prove,
And thou thyself should'st hate,
If thou by pride throw'd hers aside,


That showed her love so great;
What monster here must thou appear,
Her boundless love to scorn;
Because in pride thou would'st appear
To show the power thine own,
When thou hast none, to Me 'tis known,
For friends do thee support:
And would 'st thou swell thy pride so high
Thy faithful friends to hurt?
Thou answerest no, the truth is so,
For thou wouldst sooner die,
That empty way thy pride to shew,
Thy faithful friend deny,
Her justice here to show it clear,
That she did ME obey;
And in the front for to appear,
Thy honour stands that way;
If you could see the mystery,
How everything is placed:
Because that she did thee obey,
So empty pride must burst,
I say, in thee for to deny,
And this thou dost discern,
No honour in thee could there be,
But pride and empty scorn:
This thou see'st plain, I'll answer men,
But just the same, they mock My Name,
By pride and empty scorn;
But I'll no further answer here,
The Blind Man next must come."


"Now from thy Parable I'll answer here:
If men don't come thy every Truth to clear,
Then such impostors they must surely be
As in the Blind Man mentioned there by thee,
And much more strong shall the words appear
Than in the Parable is mention'd there;
For now unto the Blind Man I will come:
He formed his judgment and he formed his plan
As in the dark all things to him appear,
And in the dark he'll find his judgment there.
To his own judgment, as he cannot see
Whether it is right or wrong, as form'd by he;
Because the man is mentioned to be blind,
And so he gropeth and may another find
Just like himself and equally blind to be;
Perhaps in judgment these two might agree
In all one judgment as the first did form,


For of the colour neither could discern;
So black for white may unto both appear.
But now comes on the thing I mean to clear:
Suppose a man encompass'd with these two,
Whose eyes were open plain before his view,
Should tell them they drew their judgment wrong.
For by his sight he could the thing discern,
And tell them plain they drew their judgment wrong,
Suppose the Blind Man then should boldly swear,
If you condemn our judgment, now we'll tear
You all in pieces; impotence must be
To say it's wrong the judgment drawn by we;
So now together, though we're blind we're strong,
And out your eyes, like ours, shall surely come;
For why should Heaven give to you more light
Than we have got? No, now we will fight,
I say, together, till we have made you blind;
No greater favour you from God shall find
Than we have got; for if you do see
We are resolved to make you blind as we,
Unless unto us now you firm will swear
You'll join with us, and prove our judgment clear,
That we did surely draw our judgment right;
We boldly now tell you that we will fight,
Unless you'll swear that you are blind as we,
And with your eyes the thing the same do see.
This you shall do, if you your eyes will save -
"Perjure your soul before we'll let you live,
Because that in our power now you are come,
And though we'er blind, yet know we two are strong;
And now we have got you, we'll not let you go,
Unless you'll swear that our blind eyes are true.
This you shall do, or else we'll make you blind,
And pull out both your eyes, you soon shall find.
Now in this manner, I'll suppose a man
Who is in power, and in power strong,
To work the miracles that were wrought by ME:
I tell you, friends, if you will but agree
To let me put some eye-salve to you here,
And then you both with me shall now see clear;
But if the trial do not make you see,
Then unto your proposal I'll agree.
But now their answer if it thus should come:
We want no eyesight; 'tis yours we condemn;
Because by begging we get for to be blind,
And though we grope we still a path can find
To make our way men's pity to implore;
We want no eyesight for to labour here:
No, no, vain man, we choose for to be blind,
Because by it our livings we do find


With much more ease than those who have eyes to see,
And so in blindness now we choose to be. -
Then now I'll answer for the man that's wrong;
You bold impostors, from my sight be gone!
And of your begging I will now take care,
You shall not get your bread by begging here.
You said that Heaven should not give to me
The light of sight that was not given ye,
Unless I turn'd my blessings to a curse,
That all alike, in suffering, might be lost;
But now that blessing I did offer here,
That you with me in sight might now see clear,
Your infamy was soon discover'd here,
You bold impostors, impudent you are come,
You thought me weak, for to hold out so long
Your subtle arts in all for to find out:
I knew the reason that your hearts were shut;
And why my eyes you wished to shut the same,
And say, by blindness you could judgment form;
Because in blindness you wish'd for to appear,
And boast of judgment that some merit were
To place within you, though you both were blind,
That in the world you might some honour find:
And force the world your merit to believe,
Yourselves and others you thought to deceive;
But when I offer'd you should judge aright,
And told you both I would restore your sight,
Then back the curtains they were quickly drawn,
And your impotency you soon did own;
And then the Strong Man, he may answer here,
You must have eyesight ere you can appear
Ever to have ME in your power more,
For now I tell you plain, I've bolt'd the door -

with blackness: and now they are writing to warn the Bishops and clergy -

"Here is a type stands deep for all:
This funeral will bring on the call
To make the shepherds to appear -
Therefore the shadow I plac'd there1
To have the likeness at the first.
But now the substance it is plac'd:
A PERFECT FUNERAL now is come;
And so the substance will go on
To have thy trial to appear -
They'll find these shadows first were there:

1That is, the writings put in a vault at Paddington, a shadow then of the burial now.


But now the substance it is come;
And every substance will be known.
In perfect likeness to appear:
They'll find the substance now is near;
For all as shadows I placed first,
But now the shadows I place last,
To bring thy awful trial on -
And Townley's trembling will be known,
That strong in thee it will appear,
As in thy stead I've now plac'd her,
And in thy stead she bold may stand -
The heavens with blackness now command,
And now My blackness will appear,
If men don't hasty waken here,
As she so early did awake,
I say, My clouds on them shall break;
Because, from shadows all shall see,
Such things were ne'er brought round by thee,
To place the shadows at the first,
That like a funeral this should burst.
And now the funeral doth appear,
"From innocence no sin was here
Ever committed by the child -
And here the learned men are foil'd;
As I compared with My own:
Then here the child must sure be known
In innocence, I say, to die -
And mark the words were said to thee,
When that the shadows did appear,
Thou know'st the child I told thee there;
To show My Birth, the child must come;
And so My Death a shadow then.
But now the shadow's in the child,
To show My death, to reconcile
The world o God - like him I died
In strong convulsions then for man.
The Garden first you must discern,
What agonies I then did bear!
And how the midnight hour drew near,
As my convulsions were within -
My feelings were unknown to men
What for their sakes I then did bear;
As well I knew My chosen were
To suffer then the like for ME -
And then I knew the Jews were cast,
To prove the mysteries at the last,
That dead to knowledge man was come,
As I at first pronounced him;
And so their knowledge it was dead;
And by their death My Blood was shed;


Because that ME they did not know,
From all the wonders I did shew,
As never could be worked by man.
And now in SPIRIT I am come
To work by Wisdom now the same,
And man knows not from whence it came
To see these mysteries so brought round;
They cannot tell from whence the sound,
Before some others do appear
To make these mysteries out more clear;
And then they'll own their knowledge dead
To everything before them laid;
That they did never understand
It was a work by My command;
Because they judg'd I could not go
To stoop to man in things so low.
From types and shadows to appear
In language low, no man could clear,
"To see the depth, how all is plac'd.
You ne'er discerned, ye fallen race,
How I from shadows placed all first,
Now how the likeness it did burst.
The type of Isaac placed before,
And so My death it did appear.
And then the Brazen Serpent see;
For as I say they looked on ME,
Nought but a serpent to appear,
As from the Jews, they judged ME there.
So from these shadows none do see
How deep they're placed as types of ME;
And let My Gospel to appear;
From Parables I told them there,
How I had likened everything.
Now all to your remembrance bring,
Then all these shadows you'd see clear
Doth with My Bible all compare.
From types and shadows I began,
From types I now shall make an end;
So from this type I now do say,1
Here is a shadow placed this day,
How all the substance will appear,
For the death warrant's hastening here:
Unto the shepherds this will be,
And their convulsions you will see
To be much greater than the child's;
For now the learned will be foiled.
For here's a mystery none do see,
How the Tenth Year2 these things must be,

1Child's convulsions, death, and burial.
2Tenth Year to be published.


To have thy letters blazed abroad,
A way that man ne'er understood;
But judged the letters sent before1
Did in like manner so appear;
But then thy letter could not be,
Thou published then the mind of ME
In public letters for to send;
But now I tell thee, by thy friend,
Thy letter is published all abroad:
And all the others will be knowed
To fly abroad to man the same;
For here's the letters I did name,2
"That I should make to fly abroad;
And now their conduct will be know'd,
For different roads they now will take,
Until they find the truth to break.
But from what shadows you don't discern
The way or manner I to you do warn;
It was a private letter blaz'd abroad,
When in November every truth was know'd:
And now to make the likeness all agree,
It is the private letter, I tell thee,
That by the public now must fly abroad;
For like the shadows must the truth be know'd;
For so the substance in the end must burst -
You ne'er discerned the manner of the first,
Nor how the shadow it did first appear:
When Pomeroy read his name in public there,
That thou didst put in print by My command
But now the substance all may understand."


There is another letter following, which also bears upon the responsibility of the shepherds, or the clergy. So much that is written is clearly prophetic that it can only be fully understood as it unfolds in its fulfilment. It is quite evident that Townley was placed as a shadow of more important work to be done for Joanna at the end. Not that this will in any way detract from the great faith and work of Jane Townley: her aid and her bounty were especially helpful to Joanna, and her loving friendship was a priceless boon to one in such a difficult position, and so liable to be misunderstood by the world at large. Without the humbler servant of the Lord, Ann Underwood, one can scarcely imagine how the arduous labours, not only domestic, but almost endless penmanship, could have been carried on. All honour to the noble three! I do not believe either is before the other

1 Parliament Letters. 2 See p.82 of Joanna's Six Books of Prophecies.


in the Lord each was faithful in her appointed place and was indispensable. The letter I have mentioned was written by Joanna to Jane Townley, and is as follows:-

May 23rd, 1804


In answer to the letters being returned, you say, the day the child  was buried, and the letters sent the day he was designed to be buried, I was answered in the following manner:-

"As this day was designed for the child's funeral, and this day the letters are sent, it will be for their funerals if the living do not lay it to heart. But as the child was buried the day before, and the letters did not go that day, if they come forward like the letters, the funeral is gone before them; and by the child's death they may have life. If they do as these have done, to improve their time for the future, and be strict to obey My commands, then I shall change My threatenings into blessings, as thy brother changed his funeral; and My sunshine shall rise upon them. If they now turn unto ME, I will now turn unto them. And now I will tell thee why I have made thee a prisoner; because I know the weakness of thy nature, mind, and heart. I put thee to the trial by Pomeroy, and saw the weakness of thy heart: thou hadst no fortitude to withstand one man, but signed thy name, to please him, to what he never said but once; and that was by putting his name in print, which he said was from the devil; but he never said thy writings were.* But as he complained to thee, thou hadst no fortitude to dispute with him. Therefore, now I have made thee a prisoner, to see no one before it is disputed by those that have more strength and fortitude than thou hast got; and not to give up to any before they give their strong reasons, why they judge thy prophecies come from the devil; and how they can prove such types and shadows were first placed by him; and how the substance came in such a manner, in the tenth year, wherein thou sawest the light of the candles; and how thy brother should have a son in that very year, that had nought but daughters before: but he said he had a son dead-born before the time. And now I tell thee, like dead-born children, before the time, all have been; but now the living children shall appear. Here thy heart beginneth to ponder: Will the living children die, like the child? To this I answer: the living children, that are to die before My Kingdom is established on this earth, shall die as innocent as the child did; for I will not impute any more sin to them that I imputed to the child, that had committed no sin.But

*See p.76 of the Second Book of Letters.


as the child's name shall stand for ever in remembrance; and dying in convulsions is left on record, so shall their names for ever stand, in honour to them; and their virtues be recorded, like the child's convulsions, for the pains they have taken to bring in a guilty land. So here I have compared My living children to the dying child, if they die before My Kingdom is established. But, as the other was living, all will not die before the time; but the child, that standeth as a type I compared of My death, must die before the time, to show the shadow of thy Writings, which I ordered as a sign to put as in the grave1 and so by the child's death, I ordered My shepherds to be warned, to bring them forth by the death of the child. Now let the learned answer, how Satan should place the Writings first as a shadow of death, and how death should come to thy brother's son in the tenth years of the Vision2 and in the month of May to die in convulsions; a month that I threatened a fatal month for man? Let these things be answered by the learned, before I permit thee to appear: for well I know thy weakness; and as Satan cannot overcome thee in any form he can come himself. I know he will try, as an angel of light, to come in man. Therefore I will not leave thee to man, as Adam left Eve to the serpent. Thou hast trusted to My protection, and My protection thou shall have: for I Myself have made thee a prisoner; and it would be fatal for any man to seek to find thee out, to break My prison doors, before they have brought thee to a fair trial, then thou shalt appear; and as My guardian angels have guarded and kept thee from all the arts and powers of hell, now let My friends, brothers, mother and sister, keep thee from all the arts and power of men; for there will Satan try to work, to prevent the truth from being tried and proved; as he knoweth, if the truth is tried and proved, they will prove the calling from the Lord; and then MY KINGDOM must come in -

 "As men's desire will daily come
To wish My Kingdom to appear;
And then he know's I'll bring it here,
And then his kingdom it must fall.
And now I tell you one and all,
That men's desire must first appear
Before I bring My Kingdom here;
And their desires I soon shall know
When I have proved My writings true;
Because thy writings are from ME,

1 A vault under the High House, Paddington.
2 See p.17 of the first Six Books of Prophecies, 1794.


That every soul shall know and see;
For so I'll prove them in the end.
But first with man I shall contend,
To see what in them all doth lie,
And then they'll find I'm come in thee,
So strong in power for to appear,
That all shall know their Lord is here,
That in the end I said should come;
In marvellous things appear to man;
And so mankind may marvel here
The way that I in thee appear,
To keep thee secret at the first,
Before men's judgment it is cast;
And then in wonders to appear,
The sacred Truth then in all to clear.
And this to Townley thou must send,
And tell her, as a faithful friend,
Where thou residest no man must know,
Before their judgment they do shew,
To tell from whence thy writings came,
And then they'll surely know My Name."

. * * *

Another Communication added May 24, morning, in answer to the wind and rain that came on soon after the letters were gone out of town by the mail, and conveyed in the same letter:-

"As the wind and rain arose when the coach was carrying the warning to mankind, and the cup is now held out to man, they may drink it which way they will: for Townley hath wisely discerned, to weigh the past with the present. Therefore I told thee at Leeds, that were she called forward to give account of her faith, she could give a clearer judgment than man; because she hath discerned what is fulfilled, and what is not. Therefore I have chosen her to warn the shepherds; and if they take not the warning, they shall find the floods of sorrow to come upon them. But how could I strike before I warn? I warned the Parliament; and they refused the warning, and the sword of war followed; but now is come the second warning, from the woman's hand to the shepherds. Therefore I compared her to My mother, as she is daily seeking to support My honour and great Name: for they that honour thy writings, honour ME that gave them, for all shall know they are from ME the LIVING LORD. So they that honour ME, I will honour, and they that despise ME shall be lightly esteemed; for they that despise thy writings must despise the Spirit, and do despite to the Spirit of God. Then they shall find I will do despite unto them: but how can I strike before I warn? I tell thee,


No! The warning must go out in the world before I strike; and the sooner the warning is given, the sooner will My hand appear; for My hand shall follow the warning, as the rain and wind followed the letters in their journey. So there is no time for trifling now. The King's business requireth haste; and as they wish to have it come in haste, in haste let them proceed with the warning, and My hand shall be close after. Therefore I said the man and woman should join together: and now let My brethren join as one family in the Lord, with My mother and sister, to warn My shepherds: they that are not My shepherds will not regard the warning,-

"For now My shepherds I shall try,
To see what in them all doth lie;
And if no milk in them is found,
Then they may tremble at the sound.
For now like Woolland I'll go on;
To try My flock I now am come;
For all are shadows placed before,
But now the substance shall appear:
Because the substance is begun,
I tell thee from thy brother's son;
And so the substance shall abound,
The truth in all shall now be found.
I know thy writings how they stand,
And every truth they shall command;
Because I said I'd make all clear
Before that I had ended here,
And foil'd the wisdom of mankind."

Joanna continues:-

"Now I shall tell you the meaning of Mr. Woolland; in 1796, the year the Bishop died, Mr. Woolland had bought a flock of sheep; but not knowing whether they were with lamb or not he killed one for a trial; and said if there was no milk gathered in the others, as there was no lamb in the one he killed, all his flock should go to the butchers. It was then said to me, the Lord would do as Woolland had done; he would cut off one to try what was in the rest.

"But if I find My shepherds dry,
And no true milk in them doth lie:
Then sure like Woolland I'll go on.
Till all My flock be dead and gone.
For now the branch I will cut off,
To make my vineyard spring;
But if I find 'tis not enough,
I'll surely cut your land.


"This was in 1796, when the Bishop's death was put as a shadow; but now it is coming to the substance."

There are many passages full of grave import to the bishops and clergy if they do not take the trouble to seriously compare these writings with the Scriptures and to see whether they are or are not from the living God. lt will then be soon seen that it would have been as impossible for Joanna, as she says herself, to have created the world as to have written these marvellous works without the aid of the Divine Spirit. That it emanates from an evil spirit is impossible, as the Lord's Name is magnified and upheld throughout. His glorious kingdom is earnestly desired, and the great love and faith of this simple woman's heart are shown on every page of her Writings. She and her two friends worked ceaselessly for nearly twenty years, desiring no personal gain, being chargeable to none, but only obeying day by day the commands of the Lord given through Joanna. That the latter was a good woman is clear from all she has written, and even her enemies have been unable to traduce her character. Her conduct in all the relations of life was unimpeachable. Townley and Underwood were justly esteemed as women of the highest respectability. Why their obedience to the Lord was treated with contempt by the world at large has yet to be examined, and clear proofs given by theological students to justify such uncalled for behaviour. That the Lord Himself is vindicating the Woman's Word by fulfilling the prophecies in a most remarkable manner is apparent on every hand, and on p.115 of the Second Book of Wonders are these words (Prov. i. 24-30): "Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; but ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; when your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish come upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: for that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: they would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof."

"Because I have called, and no one answered, now they shall call, and I will not answer, any other way than I have directed thee. Know the pains thou hast taken, and the pains thy friends have taken, to call forward the ministers; but all refused; and the letters were returned with contempt. Know the language that was written back: I tell thee, from such men, Satan formeth a part of their hearts; and in Satan's form men would come to thee now, when this book goeth


out in the world, if I were not to lay My strict command to thee, that when this book is finished and gone to the press, thou must refuse seeing any man, to converse with; even thine own friends. No man must have permission to come to thee, unless it be him whom thou hast chosen for thy judge, or any of the bishops: for, as they are empowered in church and state, they may judge it prudent to know some particulars of thy assurance, that thy visitation is from the Lord, to be clear in what they are doing, before they call the clergy together. For thou wilt surely find the Centurion amongst the Bishops....."

It is interesting to note that in the great trial of the truth of Joanna's writing, one, at least, among the Bishops will feel constrained to exclaim: "Truly this was the Son of God." That the works will be eagerly taken up and read by many of the clergy is clearly foretold, as -

"Fom the Altar shall the glory burst.
Back to the Standard of the Church all must come.

In the Book called the Answer to False Doctrines, and the Crying Sins of the Nation, Joanna writes:-

"Two books were lately brought to me, which made me shudder to read: the one, denying the Divinity of CHRIST; and the other, from the doctrine in it, must deny the Prophets; as he denies every condition held out by them, and makes the Lord the author of every evil. Now if the Gospel is denied, and the Prophets are denied, what have we to expect and look for, but a fearful judgment hastening on. For the good of the public I shall point out their errors, that the wise may discern that such doctrine as these books contain hardeneth men in sin, by denying the promises of the LORD, held out by the prophets to returning sinners on the one hand, and the truth of the Gospel they are denying on the other. One I allude to is the doctrine of the Unitarians, as is set forth in the review of religious Publications in the Evangelical Magazine for September 1808:-

"The New Testament in an improved Version, upon the Basis of Archbishop Newcome's new Translation; with a corrected text, and Notes Critical and Explanatory, The introduction to this version gives its history, in narrating the means and methods pursued to its completion, by the ministers in that connection, to whom it was committed. The work includes all the books in one common version; but divided into two classes, the genuine and the doubtful; the latter including the Epistles to the Hebrews, James, 2nd of Peter, 2nd and 3rd of John, Jude, and the Book of Revelation, which are to be considered


as the Apocrypha of the New Testament; and may be publicly read in Christian assemblies, for the edification of the people; but not be alleged as affording alone sufficient proof of any doctrine. Nor is this all - even in the books admitted as canonical, several chapters, and parts of chapters, are printed in Italics, as, at best, extremely doubtful. Of this class we have noticed Matt. i. 17, to the end of chapter ii.; Luke i. 5, to the end of chapter ii.; John viii. 1-12; besides many verses and parts of verses. We submit it, therefore, to the better judgment of the Society, whether in the next edition, the apocryphal books and passages might not better be wholly omitted, as it would save great part of the expense of the printing, and much improve the portability of the book'!!!

"For the readers who may not have seen the Magazine, I have inserted the parts that mention the chapters that are to be left out of this New Testament. This Society was instituted in 1791, for the express purpose of opposing the doctrines usually denominated orthodox, and generally called the Unitarian Society.

"Here we see, from this sect of people, how they are fulfilling the words of the Apostles, and wish to put the truth from them, and the daylight from others, that they may not see the truth before them. And they are fulfilling the words of Peter: 'False teachers among you, who shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that brought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways, by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.' Now these people, to stifle their conscience, that the word of truth may not appear as a swift witness against them, are trying to put it out of their sight: and that the way of truth may be evil spoken of, they are endeavouring to put away the very chapters that make the Gospel plain to men, that Jesus Christ was verily the SON of GOD, as is so clearly proved in these chapters they wish to put out of the New Testament. But to make their doubts clear they must likewise put out many of the Psalms, and the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah, with the Gospel, as in a chain, joined together. But such men as these, Peter said, would be in the last days, and as St. Jude describes them: 'Clouds without water, carried about of winds; trees, whose fruit withereth; without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots.' And twice dead must they appear; first dead as to the knowledge of  the Gospel, and the meaning of their words; secondly, dead as to knowledge of the Gospel, or any knowledge of HIM who loved us, and gave Himself for us. These are the  heresies that one sect of people are trying to establish in this land; denying the Gospel and the Prophets, worse than the Jews, for they


are waiting for the Messiah, whom they believe to be the Son of God, to come in majesty and great glory, to bring in their redemption. But these men are allowing of one part of the Gospel of our Saviour's being a Prophet, but are putting out the very thing that prove HIM the Messiah spoken of by the Prophets; so, with their doubtful wisdom, they are endeavouring to blind the eyes and darken the understanding of all those that will be led by them, or listen to them.

"Now as these heresies are so fast increasing, as of late years they have been, of various kinds; some through Atheism, and some through Deism, to put the whole Bible out of doors; sin hath been increasing with a high hand, and every evil and cruelty abounds in man; conscience seems seared as with a hot iron. While they are willing to embrace such doctrines, that there is no Good to punish the wicked, or to reward the just, we must expect that sin will abound: but they will find it bringeth sorrow in the end; and the threatened judgments that are hastening on, they will find to come upon them. Therefore let no man marvel at the visitation of the Lord, to warn of what was coming upon the earth, and to threaten this nation with punishment for their crimes. The teachers of the people have been threatened, as bringing down their judgments on their hearers, for the WRONG doctrine they are teaching them. Blind leaders of the blind, not discerning the ditch that is before them! But as men are endeavouring to put out of the Bible the very prophecies that tell them their sins, I do not marvel they should endeavour to put away the prophecies that tell them what is hastening upon them, and the reason why this nation groans under afflictions. But they will find putting away the prophecies will not put away the truth of their fulfilment. From the books of the Atheists, as well as the Arians and Deists, who deny the Lord's interference with man, I was answered: The Lord would go on till men should know there is a God that interferes with His creatures, and whose eye is everywhere present, beholding the evil and the good. And from the state that people are now come to, some denying the Gospel and others the Bible, I see there is cause enough for the LORDS' VISITATION, that they may see in the end, there is a God that seeth all things. And for the crimes of this nation sorrow will increase.

"But now let the readers observe, this Society that is endeavouring to put away the prophecies of the Apostles and what was prophesied at our Saviour's birth, began in 1791. Then, let them discern the visitation of the Lord, to prove the truth of the Gospel, and the Prophets; that the time was drawing near, for the Lord is coming in might, majesty, and glory, to fulfil them. This followed in 1792, and


the truth of the prophecies have followed since, in the surrounding nations, to this day. So that the Lord is going on to fulfil the very prophecies they want to put out of the New Testament, because the Revelations are now going on to be fulfilled. And in like manner they will find the prophecies given to me at Bristol, in 1804, are now hastening on to be fulfilled.

"The readers may expect to see in this book a new prophecy of what is coming on, but that could be no prophecy to be given at a time they are fulfilling; as it would appear prophesying from judgment, according to the wisdom of man. But the prophecies given to me are not after the wisdom of men, but at a time men by wisdom could not discern any likeness to appear before them. And the prophecies that are now hastening on to be fulfilled abroad, and at home, were given to me in 1804; and the parables are also now hastening on to be fulfilled. Some that do not discern their Bibles, how the Lord compared an adulterous nation to an adulterous woman, may stumble at some of the parables; but if men discern in what manner they are adulterating the WORD of GOD, and what are the crimes of this nation, and how greatly all the warnings have been mocked and despised, then, they will see the parables clear.

"And now I give them warning they are hastening on, and this, I was warned of in September last, when the boasting of the nation was great, that they should conquer. I was then warned that as the letter sent to the clergy went on according to the dates that were mentioned, and the change took place for the nation, that the sign of victory began to appear in the date mentioned in the letter; so, now, they would find the last sign mentioned in that letter, the gathering clouds would hasten on; and the other signs and parables, that were afterwards published: to make it sign upon sign, and warning upon warning, they would now find is hastening on. These things the Lord will now go on to fulfil, that men may know there is a God, who spoke by the mouth of His Prophets and Apostles. And the prophecies that were given to me are all hastening on now to be fulfilled.

"The readers discern in 1792, when I was warned of what was coming upon the whole earth, of the visitation of the Lord, from nation to nation; there was no likeness then appeared. Again in 1802, when peace was proclaimed, I then pointed out, from my books, the dreadful war that was hastening on, at a time the war was then over and the judgment of men was, we should have a peace for a long continuance; and so at a time since, when this nation was boasting, I was warned, what was said in the books printed in 1804, was now


hastening on to be fulfilled. And the sorrows of this nation will not cease, before men begin to turn unto the Lord, and own the prophets and Gospel TRUE, that what our Saviour said in the days of the flesh He would fulfil in the end. And now the Lord hath warned us that the time is at hand. And this WARNING I give to the NATION. And they, will find the event of Spain will be as foretold in my fifth book (called) Strange Effects of Faith, p.237, printed in December, 1801. This, I tell them, will be the end to Spain before the whole is finished. Now let the serious readers consider from the crying sins we hear of in this nation, and the abominable books that are published, the artful ways men are contriving to make the Scriptures null and void and the word of God of no effect; let us judge for ourselves, how we can expect a happy deliverance out of evil, before the evil is done away, that the minds of the people begin to change, and discern, they have been provoking the Lord to anger against them. How do we see oppression and cruelty now abound in the hearts of men, to press one the other; while the Lord is forgotten by them. Others trying to wrest the Scriptures in such a manner, as to make the whole to be forgotten. And this was foretold would be that sin and sorrow would abound, and the wrong teaching of men was condemned."

The above passage, I should say, is a more vivid picture of this century than it was of the last. The authority of the Bible is now questioned within the Church as well as without, and many of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity are assailed. The shepherds are leading with such an uncertain voice that the flock cannot follow, they are becoming scattered, and going astray into untried pastures and into dangerous paths that lead to the destruction of their hopes and happiness.

All kinds of attractions are held out to people, and especially young men, to allure them into the Church and to things spiritual. But the bait is only, too often, one that whets the appetite for the things of the earth, earthy. Where one is benefited the majority seem to lapse into the engrossing materialism of the present age. That we have yet almost all to learn in the deep things of God is apparent on reading even a few pages of these wonderful Writings. Even the heavens we have, perhaps, set up for ourselves may be illusory and vanish - our religion may prove to be only dry dust and wanting the vital spark of faith. The following Answer given to Joanna by the Spirit on the fifty-first chapter of Isaiah, part of the sixth and seventh verses, will show our spiritual horizon is, as yet, very limited (p.43, same book as above)-



"Ye know not the meaning of the words, the heavens shall vanish away like smoke; a mystery men do not understand, but think they allude to the end; therefore, they judge they have nothing to do with these Scriptures; but think it will go well with the righteous, and they shall be taken to glory. But it will go ill with the wicked, and they will go to misery. This men think will continue until I come to judge the world, and make a final end of the whole. Therefore I tell thee, there are thousands of Christians, that think they have nothing to do with searching the Scriptures, to know whether these things are true or false; all they think their duty is being like the Laodiceans, neither hot nor cold, but to be lukewarm: and like the Jews of old, when I came in the body, thought it right to go on as they went before in the steps of their forefathers; and so they thought to gain heaven thereby. But if I came to make a change amongst them, and bring them to a clearer knowledge of God, ought they not to come to that knowledge? In thy heart thou answerest. Yes. Then, now I AM come in the SPIRIT, to give a clearer light to mankind of what My coming was for; and that I come to establish My Kingdom, that I died for; then is it not the duty of those that believe My Gospel to search the Scriptures, as I commanded them, and see whether these things be true or not, as it was the duty of the Jews to search diligently what was written by the Prophets concerning ME; and, from the miracles I wrought amongst them, to see and believe, as My disciples did? This thou sayest in thy heart, they ought to have done; but they trusted to their own wisdom, to their own righteousness, to carry them to heaven. But how did the heavens vanish away like a smoke to them? Where is the religion in which they trusted? Where is the goodness in which they boasted? Did not all vanish away like smoke, and they are become old like a garment, and have died away in their self-confidence and their self-righteousness? Now, if all these things befell them for examples, let men take care they do not fall into the like errors, lest their self-confidence, self-dependence, and self-righteousness, they have trusted to, vanish away in the end, like the former. For now I tell thee, and all mankind, he that mocketh My visitation when I come in the SPIRIT mocketh Me; and he that is regardless, like the Jews of old, like the Jews of old they have all to fear.

"Now I shall come to reason with man. Where is that man upon earth, that can bring forward his Bible to prove thy visitation is not from Me, when he hath weighed the whole together? Now, if this


cannot be done by man, how will they appear when they find thy visitation to be from the LORD, when they have mocked My warnings, laughed at My threatenings, and despised My invitation? And should I come unto man in this state, how would the heaven they have built upon vanish away like smoke from them, as it did from the Jews, when they saw the smoke of My anger appear to them. But do men imagine, because it is written, the heavens shall be on fire, and the firmament shall melt with fervent heat, and all shall pass away like a scroll; do they think the heavens will be burnt up, and consumed to ashes as a house is? I tell thee, No. It is the fire of Mine anger that will be kindled, and the heat of My fury will appear, when I come to destroy the wicked from off the earth; the evil power that has reigned so long. Then they will see the smoke of My fury appear. Here I have shown thee both ways, that the heavens will pass away like a smoke, when I come to bring in redemption to those people in whose hearts My law is. So they have nothing to fear from the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their revilings. For the moth shall eat them up: and My righteousness shall be for ever and ever, and My salvation from generation to generation. These are the PROMISES to the redeemed of the LORD, when I come to redeem them, with everlasting joy upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness; sorrow and mourning shall flee away. And these are MY PROMISES made by My Prophets, and these are the PROMISES I shall fulfil. Therefore it is written in the following chapter: 'Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for, henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean. Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem: for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerusalem. The Lord hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.' Now stand before ME, ye sons of men, and tell Me when these things were done. Are not the uncircumcised, and the unclean, still in the waste places round about Jerusalem? Then, now, I ask, if I am a God like man to lie, or the son of man to be wavering, are not My words Yea and Amen? What I have said I will fulfil. And now, I tell thee, the nations shall be sprinkled till they are cleansed. For now I will cleanse the blood, that I have not cleansed; and bring My Spirit down upon man: and they shall put on My beautiful garments."

It is incomprehensible to me that people to whom I have lent the books of Joanna Southcott, and to whom I have personally explained their grave import both to individuals and to the nation at large,


should not discern for themselves how marvellous they are. Most people have acknowledged that the writings accord with the Bible, but there is a general indifference to the coming of the Lord's Kingdom. If all things could remain as they are, and they could have the things in which they delight, unworthy things ofttimes though they are, they would greatly prefer the world to continue as it is. The baubles of life have become so alluring that nothing else is seen. They do not perceive that in pursuing these empty nothings they are approaching the brink of destruction, that their souls are in jeapardy, and it is only in His great love to them that the Lord is awakening them out of their stupor, lest they perish. He has put His hand upon the baubles and is removing them gently one by one. The outcry is bitter, as the foolish child does not trust the Father's hand. But firmly and in the deepest love the work is going on, and will continue until the eyes are opened to the great danger awaiting the lethargy that has fallen upon the spirit, and the dangerous lukewarmness of the heart towards God. But the empty pleasures of life are bearing a bitter fruit. The constant novel and magazine reading have sapped the mind of its strength. There has been a fool's paradise where reason did not prevail, and where it was choked by deadly weeds. The very pleasures have been made into a treadmill by the advance of civilization and the custom of our fellows. The delight of friendship has been swallowed up in a ceaseless round of calls, visits, letter writing and endless duties imposed by Society. The beauty of artistic dress has become a bugbear by the constant change of fashion and the endless variety of lovely things which bewilder the senses, and the brain reels before the ever-increasing display. The thing of beauty is no longer a Joy for ever, as modern exigencies hurry: its possessor on and on to thing after thing, so that nothing can be really admired and enjoyed. All this must be changed to save us from self-destruction. If it were allowed to continue and to increase, life would soon be an unspeakable horror. But God in His omniscience has foreseen such a culmination, and has the remedy and the healing leaves at hand. The Comforter has come, and He will abide with us for ever, even the Spirit of Truth whom the world did not receive. Ofttimes I have been distressed and have been even moved to tears by the apathy of persons towards their eternal welfare and to the glorious promises of God to mankind written in these books. But the subjoined communication to Joanna on the indifference displayed by many of her friends to searching into the Writings has greatly comforted me, showing that the Lord knew it would be


so. It follows on the account of the death of Joanna's father, which is set as a deep type to the nation.

On p.68 of Divine and Spiritual Letters of Prophecy, in a letter to the Rev. T. P. Foley, dated January 27, 1802, Joanna continues:

"I shall give a short account of the manner of my father's death. Last Tuesday I received a letter that my father was dying, and desired me to come immediately if I wished to see him alive: but I was ordered not to go before the next day. I then got a single horse, which was much given to start, the worst I ever rode: yet I pursued my journey with him, as being promised the Lord would protect me. When I came to my father, I thought he could not live till the close of the day; but it came strong to me he would live till midnight, or cock crowing: but I was to be particular to mark what hour he died. He had convulsion fits from eight at night till cock crowing: so we thought he could not live till ten at night. As soon as the cock crew my father's arms fell down, having been fighting before, and he fell into a sweet sleep. At this we were all astonished. At half-past four his breath stopped, and I said to a woman my father was gone: and to our astonishment he was; as he died asleep. I must remark to you the wind was very hard that night, and so continued the next day, coming home it seemed like a whirlwind, which frightened the horse so that I thought he would have thrown me. When I came within one mile of Exeter, a whirlwind arose and so frightened the horse that he took head in such a manner, that had no one been present to stop the horse and take me off, I fear I should have been much hurt. I sent the horse home by a person, and walked home myself. I have written the above particulars, as they are all explained to me in the following manner: 'The whirlwind of the Lord is gone forth in great fury - a cutting whirlwind, and shall fall grievously on the heads of the mockers'; for the chain is broken which bound thy father and the nation together. He has been bound in sorrow, and so has your land; he struggled hard in the war of death, and so will your land struggle hard in the war of their death: for fatal death they are bringing on themselves.' Before I begin how it is explained in verse, I shall write the words I penned years ago: 'When thy father takes his flight the rustling winds shall come.' The particulars you will find in the Box of Writings I delivered to my friends; and when my father died the wind roared like thunder. Now I shall write the following in verse as spoken to me:-

"Mark and see the mystery
Of all was said before:
The rustling wind I said would come


When he did disappear.
And rustling winds, you all will find,
To all are hastening on;
For now the clay, you all shall see,
Will like the cup become.
And broke in twain you all shall find,
For now I'll break the whole,
And as the cedars in the way,
I'll make the lofty fall.
So all together now compare,
And let thy thoughts go deep,
For I shall mock the naked souls,
That now My word do mock.
The stormy winds, they all shall find
Shall furious fall on man:
My sword was surely in the wind
That unto thee did come.
When thou wast near, the city clear
Was then before thy view:
And as the horse the fright did take
Men like the horse will do.
For headstrong horses men will come,
Their riders for to throw,
And this I show'd thee long ago,
And men compared thereto.
So in thy way, I now do say,
The man did take thee off;
And in the way, I now do say,
As men so much do scoff,
I'll act for them, as thou didst come,
And leave the horse alone:
There was no rider then thereon,
That safely was brought home.
Then safely here can men appear?
For every type goes deep:
These headstrong horses I'll strip bare -
No riders they shall keep.
For full as bare shall men appear,
As thou the horse return'd:
"He was not worth the woman's care,
Nor fit to set thereon.
And so is man the same become -
Their headstrong folly here:
They'd throw the woman, every one,
That now do see it fair.
And off they'll come, as thou hast done,
And say they'll walk alone;
And not be carried by such men,
That start at every wind.
The type is deep, the shadow great;


And great will be the end;
Therefore such horse I did ordain,
To show thy starting friends:
For just like he, mankind I see,
And so they're frightened here;
And deep they'll find the mystery,
The horse returned bare.
And full as bare they'll all appear,
That now start as thy word:
Amongst the stones thou did appear,
And there thy dream occurred.

* * *

"Now I'll explain another sign -
The midnight did appear;
Thy father's death, thou thought'st to find,
That hour to see it clear.
But it went on, to all be't known,
Until the cock did crow;
Then men relent and did repent,
That he'd deny'd ME so.
Then pity he did find in ME,
And pity did appear:
Thy father lost his agonies,
When that that hour drew near,
He fell asleep, no more to weep,
Ever to wake in pain:
And near the dawning of the day,
He broke his slavish chain.
So now the dawning of the day
Is hastening fast for all;
And in that hour thou didst see
The heavenly vision fall.
Now think upon the time that's past,
I say in ninety-two,
The daylight then did early burst,
And bring all to thy view.
For in that hour, thou saw'st My power -
The dawning of the day -
Thou wak'st from sleep, and then didst weep,
Mistaken, thou didst say,
That thou hast been, and nothing seen,
And so thou gav'st it up;
I told thee then the night was gone,
The day would hasty drop.
So mark the sign, keep thou in mind,
The winter doth appear;
The chain is from your nation broke,
The first month in the year."

This last line, the "first month in the year," evidently refers to


the end of the ten years of judgments, which is foretold to end on a twelfth of January - the date on which for the past one hundred years, the believers in the divine mission of Joanna Southcott have assembled themselves together to lift up their hands and with their voices implore the Lord to come quickly, and to chain Satan under their feet. With many prayers, and ofttimes tears, they have besought the Lord to begin His glorious reign on Earth, and to take unto Himself His great power; that all may know Him from the greatest unto the least, and that the knowledge of the Lord may cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. The rustling winds have indeed come as foretold - sometimes in conjunction with the sea, bringing down huge blocks of masonry, as I witnessed lately at Teignmouth - sometimes causing immense floods, as recently in Hyderabad, Port Elizabeth, and also in America, China, and Japan. The same has occurred even in our little Wales - houses have been unroofed, the sudden rising of the rivers has alarmed the inhabitants, and in many instances huge bridges have been swept away, and the surrounding districts flooded. Then the floods have subsided almost as rapidly as they rose, and seem to mock their own depredation.

"Look out for sudden surprises"

so say the books, and so it appears. Man has scoffed at the Woman's writings and mocked his God - now the Lord is mocking man by His power in the weather, as foretold. "Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe" - now we are seeing signs and wonders, and we shall be compelled to believe. At this very time I am writing (November, 1908) the weather is mockingly warm and fine, causing business to be at a standstill in thousands of cases. It is good for the poor, as they do not require much coal in this "Indian summer," as it is called. Merchants in London are loudly complaining at the extraordinary stagnation in business, and the piles of winter goods unsold. Men will soon begin to see the Lord is interfering with their pleasures and their occupations by His power in the weather, and that He is taking off their wheels, as He did by the Egyptian host, so that they drave heavily.

There is a further Communication on the starting horse given in The Controversy between Joanna Southcott and Elias Carpenter, One of her Judges, made public (p.129): -

"And now come to the starting horse: and first thou must observe, this was concerning thy father, whose death, which had been long expected before, happened at the time when I ordered thee to ride that horse through the journey, that thou expectedst would have


thrown thee, and thou wouldest not have went with it, if I had not ordered thee; and know I compared the horse to thy starting friends. Now I tell thee, as it was by the horse it has been by Carpenter; thou wouldest never have chosen the man, if I had not ordered thee to choose him; and now mark how he hath went on like the horse that started at every thing he saw; perfectly so hath Carpenter been starting at every Communication that he saw, and did not understand, or that did not suit him. This, I tell thee of the man, he hath been like the horse I ordered thee to go through thy journey with; but mark from the horse, when the clashing like swords began in the air, and the whirlwind arose, the horse began to be too headstrong for the rider; and thou hadst a friend to take thee off, when drawing near thy journey's end: so you two were parted; the horse had no rider, and thou walkedst home alone. Now here I have shewed thee the shadow; and what I compared it to, know I told thee I compared it to man, and said I ordered thee to ride that horse, to show thy starting friends in man. Now perfectly like thy journey thou hast went on with Carpenter; and perfectly like the end then thy end is come with him; for he is too headstrong grown in himself, for thou to continue with him; because, I tell thee, though great the dangers thou hadst to fear from the horse, greater dangers thou hadst to fear from him, if I had not taken thee from him. But now mark, thou hadst went through TWO TRIALS with him, and now it is coming to the last, you two are separated. And now mark the words I said -

"The type is deep, the shadows' great,
And great will be the end:
Therefore such horse I did ordain
To show thy starting friends;
For just like he mankind I see,
And so they're frightened here:
And deep they'll find's the mystery -
The horse returned bare.

"Now perfectly so, I tell thee, it is come to thy starting friends; because they have provoked ME to leave them, as thou left the horse. Can man vainly suppose I shall visit them by My Spirit, when they have acted in every stubbornness and rebellion against My Spirit; and set up their own headstrong wisdom against Mine, till they have provoked ME to leave them, as thou left the horse? For I now tell thee, as thou left the horse, I leave them to go alone in their own ways, and in their own wisdom; and now they will find that Satan is mocking them; and in the end they will see their folly, how they have acted like the horse I have compared them to. And now let


them mark from the Prophets, what parables I have brought forward by them, to set a likeness to mankind; now let men observe deeply in what manner the type is placed, and in what manner it is now fulfilled; then they must discern it was I, the Lord, that placed the type at first, and have shewed thee the fulfilment at last. Now I tell thee from the horse. My ordering thee to ride it did not alter the make of the horse; it was the same before and after; but I ordered thee to ride it to shew thy faith and My protection, and to place the type for man; now perfectly so I tell thee of Carpenter, My ordering thee to choose him hath not altered the man; because his frame was known to ME; but it is to shew thy steadfast faith, that no man by arts can make thee disobey, and to show My power and protection for thee, that I chose him, for thee to go thus far on thy journey with him; but now it is drawing to the end, and the clashing swords begin to appear; that meaneth the sword of the spirit by men. Here thou seest he took head and began to be too headstrong for thee to keep back his reins, or to be his guide any longer: for you must all mark Sharp and Wilson, by their answers to his letter began to be to him like swords, which made him run with more fury -

"So here the horse you may see plain,
The perfect likeness in the man;
And this I told thee of before -
Another day I'll tell thee more,
When further mysteries come to hand;
Then all these things thou may'st command
The way I spoke them all before -
And how the truth doth all appear.
So in the end all truths they'll see,
And know that I have spoke by thee:
They are not worth the woman's care,
That do deny thy Writings here;
Because they'll find that I AM COME
In SPIRIT for to lead thee on.
So all together let them weigh,
They'll see the dawning of the day,
And how My SPIRIT doth appear,
To speak the words and prove them here,
That they are true in every line,
And in the end I'll make them shine."

Joanna continues: -

"And now come to another place in thy Prophecies (p.72 in the eighth book Strange Effects of Faith): -

"Man with his MAKER did contend;
But now 'tis drawing to an end,


That I shall so contend with all,
And prove to man I knew his fall,
Without the woman would appear;
And now without the woman here
Do men as Gods aspire to be,
And say the knowledge of the TREE
Is surely placed in them alone,
And they as gods My mind have known.

"Now I shall answer thee from these words, I could not so clearly have shewn the truth of the words, to prove MAN would fall without the WOMAN, if I had not chosen man with the woman; and by this calling they stood. And now let all men discern how Carpenter stood and how prosperous he was then going on, before he began to fall off from the woman. Here, I tell thee, the Fall of Man will clearly be discerned in him, when it comes to the end; for now mark, there are seven men joined together, who have refused to walk by the woman, or to be led by the woman, but are going on as earthly gods themselves, saying, all the knowledge is in them; so thy light, and thy knowledge, they are trying to put out. Now this I shall bring back to the Creation: if Adam had done it at first, and said he would not taste the forbidden fruit, when she had plucked it, and blamed her for doing wrong, then man might say he refused the evil, and stood alone to abide in My command; then I could not have blamed the Man for refusing her now; because he might say he did not join with her in the transgression, to taste the evil; and what right hath he to join with her now, that she says she is come to the good? This, I tell thee, might be Man's plead, if he had not joined her at first; but now I have told thee, as he joined her at first in the evil, no man's redemption can take place, that will not join her at last in the good. But here stand men that were joined with the woman like the Creation; I mean Carpenter and Winter; for they two were joined with thee; but now they are departed from thee to be joined as men together, judging they can be good alone, and that all knowledge is given to them. Now, I tell thee, all men will see their fall, that they are fallen men; but this fall can not be proved by an unbelieving world; because, I tell thee, men must first profess a faith to stand, before you can prove they fall. And now I tell thee from these men, they are fulfilling the words I spoke unto thee - they are fallen from thee, and say they can stand alone without the Woman, that all knowledge is in themselves.

"But now I tell thee this third Book of thine
Will prove the Truth to those that are not blind;


That every word is true what then was spoke;
And they will find themselves they all do mock,
To think they are gods, and now can stand alone,
I plainly tell thee, they are fallen men.
And so the page I bid men all go through,
They'll find the Truth of all before their view -
And with thy writings I shall further go."

The following seems to me to be of great importance to the nation, so I shall continue to quote from the book in the order it is written.

"The thirty-sixth page of the first book, Strange Effects of Faith; and mark the beginning of the page -

"Who and where art thou, O fond presumptuous man,
That with thine own weak measures MINE would span?

"Now I shall answer thee from this page; and let them discern the following words -

"As she so boldly for her MASTER stands,
Then now in thunder I will answer men.

"Now I tell thee from these words, it is the professed believers to whom these words are addressed, that I shall answer in this manner. First let them discern the faith and courage to stand out with the powers of darkness, that no arts nor any threatenings could chill thy love, or conquer thy faith -

"But let them know thou stood'st with courage there,
And now in man the likeness doth appear;
With every art he hasty did pursue,
To try thy faith; and now I've proved it true,
That men or devils cannot overthrow;
Because in faith thou'st now stood out with man;
And they shall find My thunder is at hand.
So here are lines I bid them all weigh deep -
The Woman's faith they'll find I've made it great,
That none can conquer, as I've said before;
And all will find My Spirit strong is here;
And every line was spoken, they shall see,
I'm now fulfilling, and the end will be,
I say, confusion on the sons of men.
Let them weigh deep the lines that here are penned,
Mark well the words I told thee at the first,
And at the end they'll find them all to burst;
In stronger language when I do appear,
Her faith and courage let mankind to fear;
Because in all things she doth ME obey -
Tremble, vain men, and hear what I do say!


Mark deep the lines that I had said before,
And then, I say, you all may tremble here,
To see the Woman you so much despised!
I say, too late, you'll wish you act'd more wise,
When I do come for to unveil the whole;
I plainly tell you, that you all will fall.
To the Creation I do bid thee come,
And all thy prophecies, let men discern
Hear in what manner all was spoke at first,
And in what manner men so proudly burst
Against the Woman, as they stand alone,
Though they at first professed with her to join;
But now discern the way they all are gone.
But they shall find they are not perfect men,
Nor in perfection can there one appear;
They'll find their buildings all are fallen here.
So now these pages let them to go through,
And the Creation bring before their view.

"The pages they are to mark are the thirty-sixth to the forty-sixth, in the first book. Strange Effects of Faith; and the Mystery of the Fall, beginning in p.1 of the second book.

"Now I tell thee, these mysteries lay deep for man, which no one discerned. I said I would choose another, if any dropped, and now be the Mighty Counsellor. Now I tell thee, it is the same for man to drop in faith, as it is to drop by death; and so, I tell thee, in faith these are dropped, that I have mentioned to thee, and others are chosen in their room. But how could I be the Mighty Counsellor in thee, to furnish thee with every truth, if I bring forth every truth in another, to come against thee. "Here, I tell thee, is the folly of mankind, not discerning what they read; and yet they have professed to be believers in thy visitation, and signed their names, that they believed it from the Lord; but I ask them how they read, to go from thee? Now let the words be penned, which I shall point out to thee; and see if they can answer ME. Know I said I should adorn thee with My jewels; and be the Mighty Counsellor in thee; and in the Woman I should do all My wonders. Now, I ask them how this can be done if I forsake thee, and cleave to another? suffer Satan to deceive thee, while I go in wondrous truths to another? Then I must give Myself the lie, or prove thy visitation was never from ME; therefore, I tell thee, they must bring forth their arguments, and shew their strong reasons, how they can possibly believe any of thy visitation ever came from ME, the Living Lord, if they believe any other is more strongly visited with the clear Truth.


"This, I tell thee, cannot be proved by man; and yet I tell thee, with as blind eyes and weak judgment as these men have read thy writings, which they have professed to believe as coming from the Lord, and now are denying the truths they contain; perfectly so I tell thee, the unbelieving world have read My Bible and professed it to be the book of God, and now are denying the truths it contains. For now, I tell thee, as Carpenter with his six, which makes the seven together, have set themselves up against thy seven, to stand alone as men together, being separated from the Woman, perfectly so, I tell thee, are thousands, who profess to believe My Bible, while they separate themselves from the Promise that was made to the Woman in the Fall, and also from the Woman, here she is spoken of by the prophets and the apostles, and what I said of her Myself - The time should come when they should say. Blessed is the barren womb that never bare, and the paps that never gave suck; but this in My Gospel men deny, and turn the whole together way, as Carpenter and his men are now turning thy prophecies that they themselves professed to believe, and they themselves are fulfilling. And mark the words I told thee at Bristol, in the fifth page of What Manner of Communications are These? discern the fifth page to the tenth. It is said

"For My SIMPLICITY is come,
To bring the cause and now try men.
What they would be in Satan's room;
For strongly in them now he's come,
The simple Woman to betray,
And make her now to disobey.

"Now, I tell thee, every word they are fulfilling, and every art they have been trying, to betray thee with lying wonders; and this I have told thee it could not be done by an unbelieving world. And now, mark the words of the Apostle (2 Corinthians xi.3): 'But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.' And now from the words of the Apostle, I shall answer thee and all men: I have shewed them through thy writing  what My Simplicity is - to fulfil My FATHER'S WILL, and make the Woman a helpmate for Man, and fulfil the Promise I made her in the Fall, to redeem her from the Fall, to remove that curse from her, and cast it on the serpent, which is the devil that betrayed her. This I have told them, is My Simplicity - to free the Woman by her true obedience and this these men have professed to believe, that they may be presented as chaste virgins unto Christ; but here, I tell thee, as the


serpent beguiled Eve, through his subtlety, so are their minds now corrupted from the Simplicity they profess to believe. Here, I tell thee, the Scriptures are fulfilling in these men, who began in the Spirit and end in the Flesh: and all men will find they are fulfilling thy prophecies, and My Bible; for here, I tell thee, they are acting as I told thee, Satan is working in their minds to betray thee and ME, and turn ME back another way.

"And tell Me I should not go through,  
The plan I laid would never do,
But now to do it I am come,
And Satan may consult with man.

"And now, I tell thee, with man he is consulting to turn all back another way, saying I cannot go through with thee, as I have promised in thy Writings. This, I tell thee, is their counsel; and thus they are trying to bring forward Joseph instead of thee; and had they made thee disobey, they would soon have rent thy heart in sunder; and by thy disobedience proved thy fall, that the truth was not in thee; neither couldest thou have proved it, if thou hadst listened to their subtlety, to their arts, and Joseph's1 lies, which I tell thee, are worked round by every subtle art of Satan, who filled them up with lying wonders, because they hold the Truth of God in unrighteousness. And now, I tell thee, there would be not a woman upon the earth more wretched and miserable than thou wouldest be, if thou hadst listened to their arts and Joseph's lies; and all thy friends would be in mourning, while Satan was working in them to rejoice in all your ruin.

"And now I shall tell thee further, from My visitations to thee at Bristol, and the manner of My dealings with thee; mark the twelfth page same book. And now I bid thee mark from whence all thy sufferings came - through a jealousy that thou hadst done wrong, and disobeyed; but I tell thee, it was I that left thee to thyself in these jealousies, and hid My face from thee for a moment, that thou mightest feel what thy fatal end would be, if thou shouldest disobey My command. For I now tell thee, all the horrors, and all the sufferings thou then didst feel are but a shadow of what thy sufferings would now be, if thou hadst listened to Carpenter, and disobeyed My commands; because I tell thee, men and devils would have an opportunity to triumph over thee, while thy friends must stand with shame

1Joseph Prescott, who at first was visited by the Lord in visions, but who after-wards deceived for gain.


and confusion. And now I ask thee, as a God, how I could clear My honour any more to protect thee, if thou hadst disobeyed My commands? Then I could have protected Eve in a state of innocence in the Garden of Eden after she fell by disobedience, when she gave the devil the advantage over her, to upbraid ME with a lie, if I had not struck them dead to the happiness they felt in ME, and to the knowledge of their GOD! Now perfectly so, I tell thee, as it stood in the Creation it now stands with thee; as I said, I come to create all things new, then I must first create the Woman in perfect obedience. And know I have told thee, thy fall would be more fatal than Eve's; and fatal indeed would thy fall be, if thou hadst fallen by the hand of Man! Because, I tell thee, as enemies Satan would have worked in their hearts against thee and thy friends, on the one hand, and for My own honour and great Name, I could not protect thee on the other.

"So here I have showed thee from the shadow of thy fears, when thou hadst not disobeyed, what would be thy sorrows and sufferings to the end, if thou shouldest disobey! and, I tell thee, much worse thy sufferings must be, because in innocence thy friends around thee were full of pity; but now, I tell thee, if thou fallest to be guilty, thy friends must be filled with shame and confusion; and then I ask thee where is the pity thou canst find in this world? and know what I told thee - that thou wast the charmer that no one would pity, if stung by the Serpent. See p.37, same book: mark the words that were then spoken. And now, I tell thee, the serpent is working in Man; and shouldest thou suffer him to come near thee, now I have forbidden it, all would find his sting would be fatal; and thy foes would triumph, and all thy friends be put to confusion; therefore I warned thee of all these things before, that Satan would come and try in Man, and thy giving up to the arts of man would be like Eve's giving up to the arts of the serpent; for he did not appear in his own shape to her, when he betrayed her; but he could not come in the form of man to betray her then, unless he had sought Adam's fall first; and then the Fall must have come by man, and not by the woman; but now, I tell thee, he is seeking thy fall in man; and from thy sufferings, through fear, I have showed thee what thy sorrows would be, if thou fall off to disobey ME; then, I tell thee, thou couldest not feel the joy of My Spirit entering in thee after. But now, I tell thee, it is time for thy foes to fear; and let them mark the words I spoke when My Spirit entered strong in thee.

"Let men read it through and weigh it deep;
For in the end they'll find ME so to break,


In equal power against thy every foe,
And then My anger they will feel and know,
That used such arts thy heart for to betray,
They'll find My anger to come round that way.

"So now let them mark the pages through, what were thy sufferings, when filled with jealousy of disobedience, when thou hadst not disobeyed; and let them mark the words I have now said unto thee, those sufferings would be thy fatal end, if thou hadst listened to Carpenter, and disobeyed ME. So let men judge how great an enemy he is to thee. But as thine was not disobedience, then let them mark My answer, when My Spirit entered thee with power; then let them judge My anger against Satan's working in men, and their listening to his working, when I have repeatedly told them it was from the devil, and not from ME; and this caution I gave them in My Gospel - that men would deceive them, and they should beware of false-prophets; and from the words thy friends told thee were spoken by Joseph, let them know it was false a Christ that came to betray thee. Mark from the twelfth page of the same book to the nineteenth page. And now go on to the covenant that I said I should make with man. And now, I shall tell thee the shadow of this mystery; know I said, whoever returned the letters, as refusing Christ to be a helpmate for Man, in the Woman, was placed as a forbidden fruit to thee, and to them; because I have told thee, I AM COME IN THE SPIRIT to the woman as a helpmate for man, to bring them to the knowledge of the evil; and by My Spirit visiting her I am pleading the promise for her, and in her, to bring the NEW COVENANT to man; therefore I said, whoever refused it was a. forbidden fruit, not to enter into this new covenant with ME. Here I set the shadow from the refusal of the clergy but let them mark what I said in the end, I would be a covenant-keeping God with men, if they did not break My law; but if any man added to, or took from this covenant he shall add to his own destruction, and have his name blotted out from the Tree of Life, to have no part in it.

'Now, I tell thee from these words, his name could not be blotted out, that was never entered; therefore I tell thee, amongst the believers these things must be fulfilled; for now I tell thee, they are adding another way, and taking away the covenant between ME and thee, to bring it to Joseph; for they have refused ME as a helpmate in thee, and chosen false prophets, which they will find cannot profit them in the end. So let them discern from what shadows I place things, that, they may appear hereafter to the believers who professed to begin in


faith and fall back through unbelief. This is what I said in My Gospel, and this is what I have said in thy prophecies, which every believer may now discern; for I should not have placed the unbelieving clergy as forbidden fruit, if I had not meant to bring it to the professed believers, who allow they believe there is a visitation of My Spirit, and that I visit by prophecies, and yet they refuse to have it in the Woman. But now I know thy pondering thought - Is that caution passed over with the clergy? does it allude only to Carpenter and his friends? This is the inquiry of thy heart; and to thy inquiry I shall answer. It is not passed over with the unbelieving clergy, who returned thy letters; because I tell thee, such hearts are under the influence of a wrong spirit. And now, I tell thee, Carpenter stands with thee like one of them; he hath refused ME in thee; and now I have refused him. But as for thy trial, whether he may appear at that time I shall leave for the present; it is not for thee to know; but this I tell thee, if he appear it must be as an enemy; he shall never meet thee more as a friend; for all friendship is broken off for ever between him and thee; and all men shall find the truth of My words, what I said in My Covenant of Peace. And now come to the covenant between thee and ME; for know I told thee, there was no one could hurt ME but thee; for I now tell thee, it is thy disobedience to My commands must rob ME of honour and power as a GOD, to keep thee, as I have said. Now let men mark deeply the words I said to thee, in answer to Satan's trying in men. I said if -

"They thy heart could now o'ercome,
Then men shall say there is a God,
But not in Power, as 'tis said,
Nor yet in Wisdom so divine,
If they can make the heart of thine
To yield to them another way
Than I have laid the Plan for thee.

"And now I tell thee from these words, if thou hadst consented another way to their proposals, thou must rob ME of honour and power as a GOD, if I ever owned My visitation to thee; therefore, I tell thee, thou must rob ME of honour and power to fulfil My words, if thou hadst listened to them. And now thou sayest in thy heart - Blessed be the Lord for keeping thee according to My word. And now mark My promise further. I said the gates of hell should not prevail against thee; then how can man vainly imagine he shall overthrow thee, when I have told thee I will not forsake thee? And now mark My words, what I said to thee further at Bristol: see p.37, Parable of the Flock of Sheep -


"Those that will not when they may,
When they will they shall have nay.

"And now I tell thee, they shall find I will fulfil the words, thy writings have stood in a mystery, from types and shadows, which no man discerned, or ever understood; but now discern the type and shadow, from whence it was placed - It was said of those that hadst been writing to invite them, and they had refused to come. Here I placed the shadow from them, at that time; and know again, the same words were said in Carpenter's house and returned to him, who had been invited, and refused the invitation, and then offered to come afterwards; and in his house the answer was returned, as he would not come by My invitation, he should not come by his own appointment. There began the shadow; and now, I tell thee, at Carpenter's house they shall find the substance; for as they have been torturing thy heart with every jealousy, and every dispute, to fill thee with fear and jealousy, and trying every way to make thee disobey, refusing to come or send, every way that I directed, when they might, now the time is over, the door is shut, and if they say they will now comply, I tell thee, it is too late; because there is no way left for them to comply with My proposals; because I told thee in the beginning, the fire of contention should go out between thee and them. So now I tell thee, no more letters by any hand shalt thou receive from Carpenter; neither shalt thou send any more letters to him; so all your contention between each other is over, and all the controversy that may ensue, concerning him and thee, must appear to the world at large: and let them mark the words I said - I am the Rock thou buildest upon; and thou shalt find ME a strong rock and tower of defence against all thine enemies, if thou persevere in faith and obedience, as thou hast begun, and let no arts from men or devils, however subtlely worked round, make thee disobey. So here I have shewed thee what miseries thou hast missed already, by following My directions; and the fatal ruin they would have drawn thee into if thou hadst listened to the new proposals by man. And now let it be discerned, that I have forbidden any letters evermore to pass between Carpenter and thee. And now I shall leave thee to answer for thyself."

"And now I shall answer for myself, I would sooner die a thousand deaths, if one woman could die so many, than ever receive a letter from Mr. Carpenter, that he should send to me, trusting in the Lord to be my Keeper; and now I should look upon Mr. Carpenter as bad as I should upon a serpent, if he ever offers to send me a letter more.


So here is our final separation; because unto the Lord do I commit all my ways, my heart, and my soul to do His will and His only, trusting in His mercies, that HE will not suffer any wrong spirit to deceive me; as it is by the Spirit that leads me I am commanded to obey, and not to trust the spirit that visits another, without a command from the Lord - so it is by my own MASTER that I must stand, or fall."


"Now, Joanna, thee I'll answer
From the words thou'st spoken here.
Thou shalt find I AM thy MASTER,
And in power I will appear;
If thou'st go on as thou'st begun,
And now stand to thy word,
Then safely I shall lead thee on,
Till all shall know their LORD
Did visit thee; they all shall see;
In love and power divine
I'm come the FALL OF MAN to free,
That now with thee will join.

"And now I tell thee, if thou dost wish for Redemption through Obedience, and the Promise that was made, thou canst never more join with a man that is fallen in this manner; therefore, I tell thee, two are gone from thee, that thou canst never join more with Carpenter and Winter. And now I will ask thee, how canst thou stand joined for the Redemption to plead the Promise if thou dost, ever join with a man that is fallen, in the manner they are fallen? Then, I tell thee, thou must fall with the Man, as Adam fell with the Woman."

"Here I have given the answer of the Lord to my words; and now I shall make one observation to the readers. In the eighty-seventh page of the Second Part they may observe that I have made a mistake in the words when I was ordered to bring forward the Scriptures from myself, to show that the promise of the Lord was no longer binding than man stood obedient to His command; but instead of saying a Breach of Promise, as it is said in the Scriptures, I said a Breach of Trust; and this mistake I thought to rectify when I saw it; but I was answered, I should not; for it was the will of the Lord I should make that mistake, because it was a Breach of Trust between Mr. Carpenter and me. He had been intrusted as my judge; he had been intrusted as a labourer in the vineyeard; and to seal the people; and now he hath broken all his trust; therefore I should trust him no longer; so it is a breach of trust between him and me; but as there is no promise made but on conditions, if we stand in obedience, it


cannot be a Breach of Promise between him and me. So here are the reasons assigned to me why I was permitted to make that mistake.

"Further explanations will be given hereafter; for the Lord will go on to clear up the mysteries in my Writings, that never were understood by men; but now the crooked paths will be made straight before them, and then they will see the wisdom of the Lord, why the Writings were put in such a mysterious manner."

Mr. Carpenter was at first an ardent believer in the divine mission of Joanna Southcott. He conducted meetings, and preached to the people, and was also allowed to assist in Sealing the people. He was present at the Trial or proving of the Writings on December 11, 1804. A great crowd broke into the Field adjoining the house, and Joanna was led out of it for safety by Mr. Foley taking her right arm and Major Eyre her left. She was thus led through the gateway into Mr. Carpenter's garden. The latter persisted in saying that he held Joanna's right arm, and led her out, which was disproved by many credible witnesses.

Mr. Carpenter was a paper merchant, and a man of fairly good means. The boy Henry Prescott, called Joseph, who saw remarkable visions, was taken into Mr. Carpenters' house to live, and he worked in the Paper Mill. This boy had seen visions from the time he was eight years old, which began in 1793. He was taken out of the workhouse on Sunday, February 27, 1803, and on the Wednesday following, March 2, 1803, he had the vision of the ANGEL of JUDGMENT, dressed in a robe of light, ornamented with diamonds and stars. He had in his right hand the Trumpet of Judgment, holding it toward his mouth, as if preparing to sound, BUT DID NOT THEN SOUND IT; but uttered these words, "Woe to the Earth, and the World, for I the LORD am with thee, and the Devil is in the midst of thee." This youth was able to draw the visions as seen by him, and there is still a collection of them, which I have seen; they are beautifully executed. Joanna first heard of this boy in February 28, 1803, after the Writings had been proved in January by fifty-eight persons then present, who all signed their names in approbation of her divine mission. Many of the visions were drawn on paper and shown to Joanna, and she was given explanations of them by the Spirit.

The following vision was seen by Joseph Prescott on March 4, 1803, the drawings of the same were shown to Joanna on March and on the 7th the explanation was given in a communication. The vision is as follows: -

"An Angel appeared, in size like a grown person, in a loose blue Role, with a Star on his head, like a cap, with a square box under his


arm, about a foot each way, apparently of gold. He opened the box, in which was a crown; to look at it all together, it looked like one star of diamonds. Four large arches came from the ball in the centre, at the top. Between each of the four arches there was a small crown like the large one. Underneath the ball was another small crown, hanging to the ball. At the top of the ball was another crown. The Angel said the four arches signified the four quarters of the World, and the crowns between the four arches, CROWNS of WISDOM that the people of the world are to be crowned with; and the crown under the ball, the CROWN of LIGHT, that was to be in the hearts of the people. The BALL was the World. The crown at the top, the CROWN of GLORY and HAPPINESS, given them at their going out of the world. The reason the box first appeared shut was, because it was not yet. . . . . And if any one that was a believer in God desired a picture, it should appear again; but not without. The reason the angel appeared in blue, was because he came with TRUTH. At first there was no light in the box but what came from the crown. After, an EYE of superior brightness appeared over the crown, and rendered the whole luminous. A young lady, a believer in these visions and that they came from God, desired a picture; the crowns were again seen and drawn by Joseph the same evening; the next day the angel appeared, and was drawn by him in a separate picture. Both pictures were very beautiful, and were copied by the youth from pictures set before him in vision. Joanna Southcott saw the pictures on March 6, 1803, and on the seventh, the following communications was given to her concerning the SEVEN CROWNS from the Spirit (The First Book of Sealed Prophecies, p.115):-

"And to the vision now I'll come;
In HEAVEN it all was seen by John;
I told thee all must come below,
Therefore this Vision I did show
Unto the Youth, at the same time
That I was telling thee MY MIND;
I said, on Earth must all take place -
Awake, ye dark benighted Race;
And all together now compare;
You must confess MY SPIRIT'S here;
And I the child did visit then,
To show these visions unto men;
Which at that time seemed of no use;
But now I bid them all produce
The visions unto them were given -
I told you all, they came from HEAVEN,
For I these visions all did show:


I told thee all must come below;
And as the Shepherds1 did appear,
That prayed to quench the Spirit there;
Which they then said, was not of GOD;
But still, they said, they fear'd the LORD;
And so MY WORD, they said, should stand;
And now their answers I demand,
How both2 together did appear -
I said, all visions must come here,
Thou know'st, I told thee down below,
In Tucker's letter,3 I said so;
And unto Hill4 I did command
That he the visions then should send;
And yet to all it did appear
As Fruit on Earth -
the worms were there,
That did destroy their every fruit;
But, now, I tell them to stand mute;
For on the TREE I've raised it high,
Out of their power all do lie,
For to destroy this fruit again;
The feather'd fowls must it explain;
For they alone the fruit can taste;
And mark the tree, how all is plac'd,
I say, out of the reach of man,
To answer now thy written hand;
Because MY EYE is everywhere,
As to the youth it did appear;
And let them see the single EYE,
And so your ways I do espy;
And as the JEWELS did appear,
Just so in HEAVEN they making are;
And as the SEVEN CROWNS were seen,
Just so the CROWN I'll make for man;
Because the Seventh Day draws near,
That Man the SEVEN CROWNS must wear,
The CROWNS of GLORY I'll place first:
For so the end for man must burst.
The SECOND CROWN, that must appear,
Is MAN'S Redemption I shall clear:
For now the THIRD is hastening on,
For to establish DAVID'S THRONE:
Who as a shepherd did appear,
And to a throne was raised there:

1Some ministers who visited Joseph, and agreed that his visions came from an evil Spirit, and prayed that he might be delivered from it.
2The Youth's visitation and Joanna's were nearly at the same time.
3A letter Joanna wrote to the Rev. Mr. Tucker, of Heavitree.
4To Rowland Hill, who declared from his pulpit that it came from a Roman Catholic.


As he from Saul received the crown,
A Son of Jesse he was found
When Samuel warn'd him to appear:
The mystery now of Saul I'll clear;
Whom I anointed to be king,
And then the kingdom rent from him,
As he had disobeyed MY WORD
A type of SATAN, and the LORD.
When Satan's kingdom is destroyed,
Then I'm the KING by man enjoyed
But as a David did appear,
An Absalom was surely there,
Who thought his father to unthrone,
And gain the kingdom or his own,
So I have many sons below;
Like Absalom: you'll find it so,
That will not wish for ME to REIGN;
But they like Absalom shall be slain:
And these are types go deep for man,
That first and last alike will come;
And with your BIBLES all compare:
For then your CROWNS you'll all see clear,
The Absaloms will all be known
To fly and perish, just like he,
Whose hair was hung upon the tree:
Because the Tree, you know was bad -
The branch whereon you evil had.
Unto that evil men will fly;
Their Father's reign they will deny;
And so they'll perish on that Tree,
Who now deny THE REIGN OF ME.
So let the Absaloms all take care;
Because his fate they all shall share:
For I have showed you DAVID'S CROWN,
And all shall know 'tis coming down;
And every branch that is in ME,
Just like the vision, all shall see,
That they shall all share in the CROWN,
As every Jewel there is found:
And fast you'll find I'll make them up;
For like the vision all shall drop,
To bring the FOURTH CROWN now to man:
That he the Earth may all command.
When I as David do appear,
Then man with ME must triumph here -
That's over Death and over Hell;
And every furious beast compel
For to be subject to his will:
I'll shake the Earth -
the beast I'll fill
With every fear as well as man;


And all I'll conquer to your hand;
And the proud waves shall then comply -
No more their storms shall swell so high,
That man can't conquer; oft they're lost:
For now the raging seas may boast;
But then, I say, they'll boast no more,
Because that Man I'll CROWN him there;
That he the mastery shall gain,
As on the Seas I safely came;
And full as safe't shall be for man,
When I the FOURTH CROWN do send.
They'll TRIUMPH over Death and Hell
And furious Beasts, and Seas that swell;
And now, I say, the furious winds
Do conquer men, they oft do find,
Your stately building to throw down;
But when I bring you the FIFTH CROWN,
Then in subjection they must come;
No more you'll hear the raging storm,
That from the angry wind doth rise;
But PEACE and SAFETY round you lie:
Because I'll crown your every bliss,
And the SIXTH CROWN shall finish this;
Because I said, that all was GOOD.
And now I'll come and crown MY WORD:
And so your Helpmate doth appear
For to fulfil the SEVEN here -
That is, I say, the SEVENTH CROWN;
The THOUSAND years of rest are found,
That I at first pronounced should be:
I'll rest from labour - so shall be
Rest from all sorrow, and from sin,
Rest from the pains that Nature brings,
Rest from temptation - he'll find none
But every heart will then become,
I say, like thine, for to hate sin:
They'll see the victories I have won;
To make your children love and fear;
And tell them all what I have done,
To free them all from Hell and sin;
For that will be the SEVENTH CROWN:
And so MY JEWELS will be found
To shine as sparkling diamonds bright,
And I with Man shall then delight;
And men shall then delight with ME,
And dwell in heavenly harmony.
For as in LOVE a few do meet,
That do BELIEVE this calling great.
So all the Earth will meet the same,


And praise their MAKER'S GLORIOUS NAME.
And as these visions do come down,
So will departed Friends be found
To visit all their friends below -
From types and shadows all do go;
For as these boys1 do things behold,
And faith destroys their fear,
Or else their senses I've confined,
To bring all visions near;
So when I come to make an end,
Both CHURCHES to unite,
Just so you'll see departed friends,
In dazzling robes of white;
They'll come below, you all will know,
And with them you'll converse;
From World to World the dead will go,
When none can them molest.
But now be clear, some legions there,
Are hovering in the air:
Without MY ANGELS guard them there,
They cannot come to you.
But mark the CROWN, how this was found,
And bring it to thy view;
See it again . . . I'll tell thee plain,
How every branch doth go
And how 'twill be, the end they'll see,
Like Peter's vision come,
That from the Heavens was shown to him;
Ye simple sons of Men,
If this was done when first I came
My Followers for to see,
You must expect more wondrous sights
When I COME down to ye,
To DWELL with men, in SPIRIT COME -
Visions must first appear:
You all do know, I told you so,
And Joel's words are here.
But now I'll come unto the Psalm;
It was of David sung -

"The LORD descended from above;
The shadow there is found:
On Cherubim and Seraphim
Full royally he rode;
And on the wings of mighty winds
Came flying all abroad.'
And on the wings of mighty winds,
Or mighty love I came,

1'l'here were the two boys in London, Prescott and Webster, that had extraordinary Spiritual Gifts; but each in a different manner.


To show the vision unto him,
That all may know MY NAME.
The Vision plain is given to Man,
Or else you'll say a child,
That all may know, the truth is so.....
NO MORE THAN THEE - let mortals see
What simple hands appear;
Then you must know't came all from ME,
For there's no man can clear
The mystery, when all you weigh,
And altogether bring;
The furnace1 I did show thee there,
Where Satan must fall in;
And there I came to show the crown
I have for man in store:
Now if your judgment clear is found -
I need to say no more.
Mark how all came, ye Sons of Men,
And will you say by chance?
Then I with you will this contend,
And your own words advance.
If chance came first, the furnace burst,
And change made him believe;
The matter there by chance appeared;
Chance Satan may deceive;
When chance again so hastened on,
To see MY EYE fixed there;
And bring My starry Crown to Man -
MY JEWELS all prepare,
To make them up, for men to hope -
By chance I shall redeem
The fall of Man - My chance shall come,
And these fall in the stream,
That judge no God in what is said;
Then they must mock MY EYE,
Which I have said is everywhere:
I ask, where chance can fly?
If up to Heaven you take your flight,
'Tis there you'll find ME CLOTHED IN LIGHT;
If down to Hell's infernal den,
You'll find that there MY vengeance reigns;
And there the shadow I showed thee,
Designed for Hell, and so't shall be:
And there MY GLORY I did show,
That what I said. I'd surely do;
For so MY GLORY shall appear

1Alluding to a dream of Joanna's, in 1794, when she saw the furnace belonging to the owner of the Neckinger paper mill.


With WINGS of LOVE I'll visit here,
And bring to Man MY STARRY CROWN,
And all MY Jewels seal them MINE.
For on that house I fixed MY EYE:
I know My Jewels, where they lie;
And the same chance that brought the first,
I tell them, in the end will burst;
As all these visions did appear.
I showed thee first the furnace there, -
Then I will come to chain HIM down;
And so the visions both were found."

The above is a beautiful vision with a wondrous explanation of the same by the Spirit. Who would have thought that the Lord would have literally fulfilled His Word in such a manner, and that the prophecy of Joel1 would be so clearly and simply fulfilled! - the young men did see visions, and the daughters have prophesied! Our limited mortal vision sees only the Pentecostal Paraclete, and looks not for yet greater wonders. But it is plainly stated that in the last days the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, and that was certainly not done on the day of Pentecost, neither is yet fully accomplished. Wheels within wheels are the marvels of God's Providence, which are ever turning round with greater blessings beyond our utmost thoughts! Let us set aside our own wisdom and the pride of a keen intellect, lest it blind us to the greater things the Lord is only too eager to bestow upon us, that His delight may be with us and we may delight ourselves in Him.

The wisdom of the Lord in making the Woman the instrument of of His blessing to mankind in His further revelation and the gift of prophecy is abundantly proved in the few who were visited by the Spirit at the same time as Joanna. In each case spiritual pride supervened and marred the work begun by the Lord. They all began in the spirit, and in most cases ended in the flesh. The Lord gave the boy Prescott, just a simple youth, many wondrous visions, but they became a snare to Mr. Carpenter, who took Joseph into his house and service. He began to set aside the Spirit's teaching to Joanna, and to act in direct disobedience to the instructions given through her. The words in the explanation of the above given vision, "That boy can no one foil," were taken to mean that whatever he said was right. But the Lord knew the heart of Joseph Prescott, and did not intend to use him in the same way as Joanna. His work in giving the visions, both verbally and in outlined expression, will ever

l Joel ii. 28.


remain, and will serve the purpose the Lord intended; but when Satan puffed him up with pride, and made him deliver apparently messages from the Lord demanding money, it was exposed by Joanna and clearly shown to come from evil instigations.

On p.29 of the Book called The Controversy between Joanna Southcott and Elias Carpenter, etc., is the following Answer of the Spirit: -

"I now tell thee thy burden shall be broken off; the fire of contention shall go out; no longer shall Carpenter weary thy mind with his disputes and jealousies; for here is the folly that is in mankind, professing to have high thoughts of his God, while at the same time he is professing to believe ME a God of contention, strife, and confusion. For now I ask thee what any man can judge of ME, if I had given one direction to Joseph, and then contradicted it to thee, to contradict My own words, and kindle strife and contention amongst the believers? This, I tell thee, must be Carpenter's judgment, if he judge Joseph's communication and thine are both from the Lord. And now I shall answer from his letter. Let Carpenter know his heart and prayers are all known to ME; and thy heart and thy prayers are equally known to Me; then tell him, from his observation, if he judge I have deceived thee, he must judge I am another such as he hath pointed out in his letter: and let him know it is known to ME, how often he hath wounded thy heart, how often he hath grieved thy spirit by his contention of thy communications; and let him know there is not a man among the whole that I have chosen, hath wounded and grieved thy heart as much, by jealousy, as Carpenter hath done. Then let him judge for himself, if I am not just to permit Satan to deceive the youth, to put him to the trial; for know I have told thee, in the faith that he now stands, he is by no means fit for thy awful trial. A man that believes thou hast a conscience that will be biassed by man can never believe thou art visited by My Spirit, in the manner I have told thee; and I told them all, that My Spirit is upon thee, My Spirit is within thee, that thou art born of My Spirit, to hear My small still voice within, that unto thee the Comforter is sent, to bring all things to your remembrance, and to point out your redemption. This is the Spirit of Truth, that I said I should be with you, and that should be in you, and this I have told you is the SPIRIT and the BRIDE.

"Now let Carpenter remember all thy character, that I have placed in the Bible; then let him know thou canst not be deceived, if thy visitation is from the Lord; therefore he must believe thy visitation true or false; for he cannot place it with Dowland1 or Joseph's; and 

1 Another who considered he was taught by the Spirit


therefore Carpenter must know that he hath wounded and grieved thy spirit; and therefore I have permitted these things to come to him to grieve his spirit, as he hath grieved thine; and he will be grieved while he attends to visitations and communications that condemn My chosen; and while he grieves thy spirit, he will grieve My Spirit; then how can I free him of his burden? And now I tell thee of his saying, he will receive all that he believes comes from the Lord, be it through whom it may. Now I shall answer thee from his words: If Carpenter will receive every communication that is brought to him, that appeareth likely to come from the Lord, he will find Satan will work as an angel of light to find instruments to deceive him; therefore, I tell thee, if this be Carpenter's mind, it is impossible for thee to be joined with him. And now I know thy pondering thoughts: why was he chosen in this manner? Here is thy mind stumbled, as it was in the former ministers; but I tell thee, in the end, I shall clear up every mystery, why I have stumbled thee, in the whole, the past, and the present. Now, as Carpenter hath said so much in his letter, what he judges of his God, if he judge I would suffer him to be deceived in Joseph; now let him call reason to his assistance, and land back his thoughts from the beginning of the three. When Dowland said he was visited by My Spirit he demanded a maintenance to be supported thereby; Joseph was taken from the Workhouse and supported for his visions; but when I visited thee in 1792, thou demandedst no assistance of any one, but ran every hazard to know if it was I the Lord had spoken by thee. Let them remember the number of years, what thou hast went through to carry on My work; to assist thy aged father; to support thyself. All these things are known to ME, what thou hast done in love to ME, to deny thyself the comforts of life, when thou hast worked early and late, and to know My will and obey it, is well known to ME, was all thou hadst in view; but I ask Carpenter what love Dowland or Joseph have shown to ME, in all My visitation to them? Then now let Carpenter answer ME, what judgment he draweth of his God, if he think I shall ill requite thy love, to place Dowland and Joseph before thee, which by his judgment he hath done? But I now tell thee, it is as far from ME as the heavens are from the earth; My ways are not as Carpenter's ways, not My thoughts as his thoughts, to place you three on a footing together, as all men will find in the end.

"And now, as Carpenter hath drawn his judgment of ME, thinking I must be cruel to forsake Joseph when he hath forsaken ME, let him answer what he judges of ME, to forsake thee, whose love continued from 1792 to 1802, before the burden of thy distress and


sufferings for My sake, was in any manner relieved? And let him discern every hazard thou hast run for My sake to put the letters in the hands of the clergy, to prove from whence thy visitation was, well knowing if it was not from ME, the truth would not follow, and they would come forward. Now let Carpenter bring forward that man, or that woman, that went through ten years, what thou hast gone through in love to ME, and let then him tell ME what he judges of God, if he thinks thou art the person that I have deceived, to be mocked and despised. For I now tell thee. Sharp's judgment is more clear concerning ME, than Carpenter's; because he looks to the beginning, and the different conduct of the whole. And once more remind Carpenter he took Joseph into his house without any command from ME; and when his conduct had provoked ME to withdraw every vision from him, doth Carpenter think it his duty to turn the youth out of doors, before he hath tried to point out My love to him in the beginning, if he went on to regard My love, and walked in My ways, and been sensible of his visitation? Thus Carpenter ought to reason with the youth; but I now tell thee, it is but hardening his heart in sin, for Carpenter to tell him he is visited by My Spirit, while he payeth no regard to My visitation. Let not Carpenter vainly imagine I shall visit Joseph for his sake, as though I could gain no other instruments to work by. Now let Carpenter answer ME; for I tell thee, as an angel of light Satan hath worked on Carpenter's mind, to blind his understanding and his reason; because he doth not place justice where justice is due; neither doth he place love where love is due; neither hath Carpenter reasoned aright on the justice, mercy, and truth of his God. Now let My answer be sent to him; and let him know what I said of Eli - They that honour ME I will honour; and they that despise ME shall be lightly esteemed. And let him answer which of the two he judges hath most honoured ME, in heart, and life, Joseph or thee; let this be answered by Carpenter, and then let him tell ME, how he judges his God."

I have inserted part of this Controversy with Elias Carpenter to show how we may discern the spirits that are sent to visit mankind, and also to prove how throughly God knows our hearts and the reality of our love for Him. The road to the Celestial City is ever the same, and the pilgrim must take up his cross daily and deny self in order to follow in the footprints of the lowly Jesus. Mr. Carpenter laid too much stress on the words in the Communication given above on the Vision of the Seven Crowns, "That boy can no one foil." It is explained by the Spirit in the following: p.15, same Book:

"Now I shall come to Wilmot's words, saying, 'This youth could


not be foiled; or who should foil him?' But that meant in his sight; for who could foil or take his sight from him? what he saw he saw. If thou seest the sun to shine, there is no man can foil thee. If he tells thee he does not believe it, he cannot take thy sight from thee; neither could men take the sight from the youth to foil him there. And this is all I meant by foiling the youth; for it is known to thee, and to them, he hath been foiled in his judgment already, concerning Carpenter, which was explained to thee; and this I have permitted to show Carpenter he cannot depend upon the youth to direct him; for I now tell thee, there is a wide difference between showing a vision to the youth and My Spirit being placed within him."

The above shows how quickly we jump to conclusions without the necessary thought and examination, especially in all matters dealing with our God. We have yet to realize more fully the immense height and depth of the wisdom and knowledge of God. He is ever seeking to draw out our best qualities by ways and means that would never have occurred to us. He is verily a God who doeth wonders past the thought and conception of man - past the thought and conception of devils. Let this be our starting point, and then humbly as a little child we can be taught; then our growth in knowledge will be rapid and great; then He will soon be able to give us the strong meat, and we can put away childish things; then we can delight in Him and He can delight in us.

An important Communication was given to Joanna Southcott on Monday, September 2, 1805, for Mr. Tozer: p.35, same Book (Controversy with Elias Carpenter): - Mr. Tozer was a very faithful follower of hers, and one who conducted services in a building to preach and expound her doctrines."

"On Monday morning early, August 26, Mr. Tozer was awakened by a Voice; he then went out of bed to prayer; he then heard he was to pay attention. After being in bed again for some time, he was shown a sheet of paper with writing on two sides and a half: the Voice said, What he saw there was false; but he should buy a three-penny sheet of royal paper, and carry it to Joanna Southcott, and what was written on that sheet would be true.

On the Monday morning Mr. Tozer went to Mr. Carpenter's house, and he was not at home. In the evening he saw Mr. C. and told him of it. On the Thursday, the 29th, Mr. Tozer received a letter from Joanna, that he must come and be a judge between Mr. C. and her. When her letter was read which she sent to Mr. C., they asked Mr. Tozer his judgment; but he told them he would pass no judgment till he had received what was to be given to Joanna, on that


sheet of paper; and on Sunday, September 1, he brought it to her.

The following is the answer from the Lord: -

Monday morning, September 2, 1805.

Joanna was ordered to open her Bible three times, and put in three pens. The first place she opened to was part of the 26th and part of the 27th chapters of St. Matthew. The 75th verse is what she was ordered to pen - "And Peter remembered the words of Jesus, which said unto him. Before the cock crow, thou shall deny me thrice. And he went out, and wept bitterly."

Jeremiah xxii. 5: "If ye will not hear these words, I swear by myself, saith the Lord, that this house shall become a desolation."

Job xxxviii. 2:, "Who is this, that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?"


"Now I shall answer thee from these Scriptures, that thou hast opened to. With words without knowledge, I now tell thee, Carpenter and his friends are darkening counsel together, to confound and to confute My faithful dealings with thee. For now I shall call to thy remembrance My first Visitation to thee in 1792. I said I went to try thy obedience; and now will I swear unto thee, as I did unto Abraham, I will make with thee an everlasting covenant, and save thee with an everlasting salvation." When these words came to me, my soul was troubled in the dust before God, and I began to cry out, What am I! or what is my father's house, that thou thus hast honoured me, unworthy wretch as I am! my past life makes me ashamed of myself!

These words came to me: -

"I will reward thy obedience; and in blessings I will bless thee; and as I kept nothing from Abraham, I will keep nothing from thee. Thou shalt prophesy in My name, and I will bear thee witness; what I put in thy mouth, that will I do on the earth."

Then these words came to me.

"The Lord is awake, as one out of sleep. The voice of the Lord shall shake terribly the earth; pestilence and famine shall go through the lands; men's hearts shall fail them for very trouble; because they have not known the visitation of the Lord."

As soon as these words came to me, I trembled and was afraid of His majesty and greatness; tears of humiliation ran down my eyes, and a holy fear seized my soul; I wept bitterly, and wondered at His


divine goodness to such an unworthy creature as I was; but these words were answered me: -

"I have seen all thy inquiries to know My will and obey it; and now I will reward thee. Dost thou believe it?"

I cried out. Yea, Lord, if it be Thy voice, I do believe it; for I know Thou art not a man, to lie; nor the son of man, to be wavering. I have always found Thee a God like Thyself, faithful to Thy word, and faithful to Thy promises. I was

"Dost thou think I will now?"

I said, Yea, Lord, if it be Thy word; I know thou wilt; Thou hast been faithful to Thy word throughout the Bible, in every age of the world; a God, the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. I was answered: -

"Thus thou believest; and thus thou shalt find ME - faithful to My word, and faithful to My promises. And next Sunday I will fulfil My promise at My table." Which, I bless God, I felt remarkably; and waited with a holy longing for the blessed promise made by Jesus Christ. I then made a solemn vow to God, to be obedient to all His commands, as far as I saw His righteous will concerning me, earnestly praying that I might not be deceived by my own weak understanding, nor deceived by the arts of Satan, praying that the Lord would keep me from every evil, and the evil of sin. "Now I shall answer thee, why I ordered thee to put the words that are in print of My first visitation to thee on his paper; for know he told thee, the Voice told him, the truth should come before him on the paper: and now, I tell thee, all men shall know, upon the paper the Truth is placed. This was My first Visitation to thee; and these were My promises; and let him discern how My promise stands, between Me and thee; and let him discern My visitation, in what manner I am going on with the nations; what hath followed since 1792 to this day; let him discern deeply what hath already been done; and let him discern the clouds that are gathering high over every land; then he must discern the truth is placed before him; and let him deeply discern thy prayers, to be kept humble at My feet, and drink deep into My Spirit; then let him judge whose prayers are heard and answered, Joseph's prayers or thine. And now come to the Scriptures that I have explained to thee. Now let him discern the promise I made thee at first, that a faithful God thou shouldest always find ME, to My words and to My promises that I made unto thee; and let them discern the Covenant between ME and thee, that was concealed from the world before I ordered thee to put it in print. And do men vainly imagine I shall act as a faithless God to thee? I


tell them, No: The word is gone out of My mouth, and it is known to ME, who searcheth the hearts and trieth the reins of the children of men, thou hast been faithful in all thy obedience to ME; and I will be faithful in every promise to thee: for the gates of hell shall never prevail against thee; nor all the arts that men or devils can try, they never shall overthrow the promises I have made to thee; all shall find them. Yea, and Amen - As spoken in the beginning I will prove in the ending - Therefore, I tell thee, whoever darkens counsel, to wound and grieve thy heart or place thy visitation with those that have not sought to serve ME, let them answer ME. For this way My demand to Carpenter, for him to answer whom he judged I should be most faithful to, to give every word of truth to, and not suffer Satan to deceive - Joseph or thee; for I now tell thee, they have darkened counsel, to confound My words and promises, that I have made thee. But let them remember, when I laid the foundation of the earth, had they understanding to know My decrees, when I took the Woman from the Bone of Man, and formed her for his Helpmate, and said the Man was not good alone? And now I tell thee, good alone man cannot be; for it is not all the prophecies of men, whatever visitation they now receive, shall ever be made clear to them, if they depart from the Woman, that I created for their helpmate, when I laid the foundation of the earth. Know the promise I first made of the Woman, and the promise I made to the Woman.

"Now I tell thee, whoever darkens this counsel will find the truth of the prophet's words, that I directed thy hand to open to - For that house shall become a desolation; because, I tell thee, such men darken the counsel of the Lord in the creation, and darken My counsel throughout My Bible. Therefore, I tell thee, it is impossible for man now to stand alone; for I shall darken all the counsel of men that now begin to darken Mine; for if old things are done away, and all things become new, then know, O vain and simple men, the Woman's Fall must be done away, and her innocence must now appear in true obedience to her God; that she might become a new creature, in perfect obedience to her Creator. This, I tell you, O simple men, the Woman first must be made free, before you can be free indeed, to be made Heirs of GOD, and joint Heirs with the SON.

Can Man, that is born of a Woman, say he is redeemed from the Fall before the Woman is freed, by her true obedience, from the guilt of the Fall? This, I tell you, cannot be, to clear My honour as a God. And know how I have explained to thee My dying to take the blame Man cast on his Creator, that I might destroy the works of the devil, according to My promise, for betraying the Woman. And know, on


him she cast her blame: now here is My JUSTICE, and here is My TRUTH, to suffer the one, that the author of the evil might suffer the other. And now I tell thee of all men; whoever denieth the Truth of My Promise, that it shall not be fulfilled, denieth ME as much as Peter did. But I now tell thee, every truth Peter, when they call all things to their remembrance,will weep bitterly, as Peter did, and say within themselves, "If we deny the Promise that was made to the Woman we must deny Christ." And these are the Peters that I call My disciples; and I now tell thee, without this discernment of My Gospel, and of My Bible, no man can be a Peter for ME. And I now tell thee, whatever men may meet together to darken counsel, and hew out to themselves any broken cisterns, they will find there is no living water in them; but in the end their houses will be desolate; for I have sworn by Myself, as I can swear by no greater, that I now will be faithful to fulfil the Promise I made to the Woman in the Creation, and to fulfil the Promise I have now made to the Woman, to fulfil her Petition for her Redemption. Then know all men, as Man stood with her, as joining with her in the Condemnation of the Fall, so Man that stands with her now, to join with her in the Promise, stands with her for his Redemption. Now come to My Gospel (St. John xvi. 7 to 14): mark the words that I said to My disciples - The Comforter should come; and when he comes he will reprove the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment: of sin because they believe not in ME; for judgment because the prince of this world is judged.

"Now I ask mankind, how the prince of this world can be judged, but from the Creation, his first arts to betray the Woman? But had they fallen freely, and disobeyed My Commands without the subtlety of the serpent, that is called the devil, they could not have cast their blame upon him; then he could not be judged. But I now tell you all, it is from the Creation, his subtlety and arts to betray the Woman, is the way that he must be judged, to be the liar and the transgressor in the beginning; therefore I said, "Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out" (see St. John xii. 31). Now I tell you all men, I was judged by Man, to bear the blame, as Adam cast it on ME at first; so Man's transgression was laid on ME. This was the judgment of Adam in the beginning, to cast the blame on his Maker; and this was the judgment of this world, when I came amongst them; and to their judgment I submitted. So as I bore the blame Man cast on ME, I said the prince of this world should be cast out; for like ME, he should be judged. But did I explain My meaning to My disciples in all the words I said to them?


Or did they understand My meaning? I tell thee, No. If all things had been understood, then, I tell thee, they could not be fulfilled: for many would have arisen to plead the Promise at that time, before the six days were nearly ended; that meaneth,the six thousand years. Then, I tell thee, if men had pleaded the promise, if a woman had claimed the promise, and been deceived, all might fear they should be deceived again, when My appointed time was come to have them plead it, and petition for it; therefore My words were concealed from man, to know the meaning before they were revealed by ME. Now those that place My Gospel another way, let them answer it; how the prince of this world is to be judged? what he is to be judged for? and how he is to be cast out?

"Know, I said, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto ME. This the disciples understood not; but supposed it signified what death I should die; but, I tell thee, all men were not drawn after ME, to see ME crucified; neither are all men drawn after ME to this day; but, I now tell thee, the time is at hand, that I will draw all men after ME; or I will destroy them, according to the words of the prophet that I directed thy hand unto. Therefore, I tell thee, all My Peters may weep, that deny thee, because, I tell thee, they deny ME; but they that weep, and are converted, I now tell thee, I shall heal them; but they that go on to darken counsel, and go against My just decrees, will find their houses left desolate. For how can I see the desire of My soul, the travail of My soul, and be satisfied, without I see men's hearts as eager, wishing for Satan's destruction, as they were wishing for Mine? Therefore, I tell thee, it is the SPIRIT of TRUTH, whom the world cannot receive, that is now sent to thee, to teach you all things; and bring all things to your remembrance, from the foundation of the world; and all the words I said to My disciples, that I should be with them to the end, and the Comforter should come to bring all things to their remembrance, and the Spirit of Truth to guide them into all Truth, before I come in might, majesty and power! Now, My disciples, that were with ME then, did not remain till the end in this world; but I said they should bear witness: and mark the witness My disciples bore (Acts iii. 20, 21,): 'He shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: whom the heavens must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.'

"Now I tell thee and all men, the restitution of all things cannot come, before the Woman is restored and redeemed from the Fall. Does not the guilt from the foundation of the world rest still upon


her head? But know what is said by the apostle: 'Be converted that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.' And these are the times of refreshing, to have all your sins blotted out, when I come to blot out the transgression of the Woman, and cast out her Adversary that betrayed her. Here I have showed thee, from the Scriptures of Truth, what must follow to fulfil them: therefore I said, He that did the will of My FATHER, the same is My Brother, My Sister, and My Mother, and they were blessed and believed My Word; but I tell thee, there is no man can believe My Words, that doth not believe I come in the volume of the Book, as it was written of ME - to do Thy Will O God. Then let all men know what was the WILL of God, when HE made Man, and made the Woman for his helpmate and for his good, though Satan thought to frustrate the Will of God concerning the Woman, when he used his arts to betray her. But know, to confound the arts of Satan know the Word of God, what he said to the serpent (Genesis iii. 14,15): 'And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast in the field. And I will put enmity between thee and the Woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel.' Now, I have told thee, the first was last and the last was first; My heel was first bruised, from the words of Adam, who said, 'The Woman, that thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat,' and so My heel was bruised by Man; but know, to fulfil My Father's Words, the enmity must be kindled between the Woman and the serpent, which is the devil, and between his seed and her seed; then now, discern all men, I have permitted Satan to come, to tempt her and to try her; and from the disputes between her and Satan, all men may see the enmity is kindled, perfect like the words I spoke: and from the enmity there is in mankind, where Satan hath power to work in the heart, you may see it in his seed; but where the seed is joined with the Woman, their enmity is to bruise the serpent's head. Here, I tell you all, there is not a word in My Bible, nor a prophecy stands throughout, that you can prove more clearly fulfilled, than I am fulfilling this in her; therefore, I tell thee, O Man, whoever is against her must be the serpent's seed - and have your houses left desolate; for that, I tell you, will be your end, because I have worked the whole round to make the truth plain before you."

The above is a passage full of power, and will prove to any impartial reader that Joanna Southcott did not write from herself but only as she was taught by the SPIRIT of TRUTH. She could not have


written her books with the deep teaching contained therein any more than (as she says herself) she could have made the world.

In this work I have selected only a few of the fine passages which are to be met with on almost every page of her writings, but I trust I have given a sufficient number to show their value, and to create an eager desire to search into all TRUTH.

So now, FEAR not, MY little flock,
My Kingdom I'll give you:
And let these words be put in print,
That all may know their due.
For by thy hand they all must stand,
Then let thy hand appear:
Then all will see the Mystery,
There's no impostor here.
Because the hand shall ever stand
While earth doth now endure:

And when they gain the promised land
The SEALED shall be sure
Ever to stand, by My command
When Satan I let free:
My SEALED number will appear,
And boldly stand for ME:
So now see clear, I'll tell thee here,
How every Name will stand;
For all their offspring sealed are
That now believe thy Hand.

(Book 13, Page 18.)


So by the SEALS, I'll now reveal,
'Tis there your Names must stand,
If you will be wedded to Me,
And gain the promis'd land,
For there's no man that is not found
For to be seal'd below,
That shall possess this earthly ground,
When I My Kingdom shew,
For to come down, and rescue man
From Satan and from sin,
And give you all the promis'd land,
That I for Man ordain'd.

"I know them not" shall be their lot
When I to man appear;
My Kingdom you have all forgot,
And you're forgotten here,
To have your Names enroll'd above,
As you've refus'd below;
You all despise My PERFECT LOVE;
And how will you appear?
I said on Earth you must be seal'd,
Before you were in Heaven;
And now the mysteries I'll reveal,
And I my Seal have given.

The second Star doth now appear,
And to the Bride is come;
If for the BRIDEGROOM you'll prepare,
Then let your Faith be known;
To give your Names that I may come,
For to deliver here
From Hell and Sin; My Kingdom win,
And let your Names appear;
What's Seal'd on Earth, the Scripture
Is surely Seal'd in Heaven; [saith,
Therefore your Names I know them not,
Where you No Names have given.

(From the First Book of Sealed Prophecies, Page 68.)

(Read ii Esdras, 2:35-48; Gen. 3:15; Isaiah 44: 5; Rev. 7: 3.)



Divine and Spiritual Communications

As it may be necessary to mention why the publisher of the following letter upon the Prayers of the Church of England, and other particulars, should employ his time to publish them to the world, his answer is, that it is from its being his firm belief that the various Communications are given according to what is mentioned in the New Testament of the coming of the Spirit.1 And the reader will see that these Communications can only proceed from the Spirit of Wisdom, which was to lead men into the true knowledge of the Bible, now about to be fulfilled in the establishment of Christ's peaceable Kingdom on earth. It is necessary to observe, that when that Divine Being came upon earth, and dwelt amongst men, he was born of the Virgin Mary, of the Holy Ghost, without a human father; he took on him the likeness of man in his fallen state; and bore the blame cast on him by man, agreeably to the 12th verse of the 3rd chapter, of Genesis, in order for man to be restored to the likeness of his Creator. All this must be accomplished in the end. The Bible not only points out the cause, but also the effect - that in the beginning man was created after the image and likeness of his God, and was a created being of love and wisdom, but afterwards became so changed as to be the image and likeness of the Devil - full of hatred and malice, a murderer, and guilty of every crime - dead to wisdom,2 and a being of gross darkness, a condition truly described in the 6th book of Joanna Southcott's Prophecies (Strange Effects of Faith), published January 2,1802, which cannot be read with too serious attention: for there the whole is explained, and the truth is completely established which none but God could reveal. This important book, as well as all her other writings, proves, that the second coming of Christ must be in the Spirit, to bring in the whole creation to the knowledge of Wisdom. It is evident to every man's understanding, that God must be a God of order, also that he cannot be manifested to man in his own essence, but through some medium, according to human order, which was the man Christ Jesus (born of God his only Heavenly Father) and no other.

If it be believed by every Christian Church, that the knowledge of evil came through the woman, who can deny, from the authority of the Bible, that the knowledge of the good must not at last be conveyed through the same means, and thus for the woman in the end to be the helpmate to man, agreeably to divine promise at her creation?

lJohn iii. 8; xiv. 26, 28; xvi. 7-15.
2The death foretold as the punishment of disobedience to the command, "Thou.shalt not eat of it." was death to knowledge of God - not physical death.


And as the whole human race was tainted by evil, and was brought into misery, the whole human race must be redeemed from that state by a Divine Power - which must be the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the only true Spirit of Prophecy1. It is from this Spirit that Joanna Southcott writes; for of all her predictions, from 1792 to this day, many have come true, and the rest are daily fulfilling.

The Communication upon the Church Prayers, which is now recommended to public notice, was written at Old Swinford Rectory in Worcestershire, at the house of that faithful friend to the truth, the Rev. T. P. Foley, where Joanna resided at different times for about two years. The Communication was given in answer to another clergyman of the established Church. It is to be understood, that the Woman here mentioned has been writing for many years past from a Spirit invisible: what that Spirit is the world must judge by reading her writings, and by comparing them with the 12th chapter of the Revelation, in which her character will be found at the first verse. The Book of the Revelation being a book of prophecy,2 some such character must come forth and must be supported by the testimony of Jesus. This woman has written upon various parts of the Old and New Testament; and many of her Communications have been given in answer to questions propounded, and also to objections made by different persons. Such answers have been given, that human learning could not produce, and will, in the end, prove the complete fulfilment of the Scriptures, in addition to which her fulfilled prophecies create a claim to acceptance which is final.3 It is required by divine authority, that every one who receives his Seal will sign the Name given to him in Baptism, that it is the desire of his heart for Christ's glorious and peaceable kingdom to be established and to come upon earth for his will to "be done on earth as it is in heaven," and for Satan's kingdom to be destroyed. This is the desire and prayer of Joanna Southcott, and of every one who signs the Woman's Petition with his hand. A time must come when there can be no security, but in the divine power of Christ, whose love invites every man to claim the Promise to the Woman which is his birthright from his merciful Creator, and all are now invited to stand like gods to claim their own, and then to command the earth, for GOD AT FIRST CREATED MAN TO BE IMMORTAL, AND MADE HIM AN IMAGE OF HIS OWN ETERNITY.


TICHFIELD STREET, Dec. 25, 1803.

"God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity. Nevertheless through envy of the devil, came death into the world: and they that do hold of his side do find it." - WISDOM ii. 23, 24.

1Rev. xix. 10. 2Rev. i. 3; xxii. 18, 19. 3Rev. xix. 10.


The following are the principal works published by Joanna Southcott.

The Strange Effects of Faith. 7 books. 394pp., paper covers.
A Continuation of Prophecies from 1792-1802. 48pp.
Divine and Spiritual Letters of Prophecy. 58pp.
A Dispute between the Woman and the Powers of Darkness. 128pp.
The Answer of the Lord to the Powers of Darkness. 128pp.
The First Book of Sealed Prophecies or Visions. 128pp.
A Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom. 56pp.
The Second Book of Visions. 72pp.
A Word to the Wise, or A Call to the Nation. 59pp.
Divine and Spiritual Communications on the Prayers of the Church of England.44pp.
Sound an Alarm in My Holy Mountain. 72pp.
A Warning to the World. 100pp.
On the Prayers for the Fast Day, May, 1804. 48pp.
Letters and Communications, or the Little Flock of Sheep. 92pp.
Joseph's Southcott's Vindication of His Sister's Character. 112pp.
Letters and Communications, or What Manner of Communications are these?128pp.
The Trial of Joanna Southcott at the Neckinger House, 1804. 152pp.
The True Explanations of the Bible. 624pp. 7 parts.
The Kingdom of Christ is at Hand: an Examination of Baptism, the Use and Meaning of the Church Ordinances. 64pp.
The Second Book of Sealed Prophecies. 136pp.
The Answer of the Rev. Thomas P. Foley to the World for printing the book. What Manner of Communications are these? 100pp.
The Controversy with Elias Carpenter. 240pp. 4 parts.
The Answer to the World for printing The Little Flock of Sheep, by William Sharp. 96pp.
The Full Assurance that the Kingdom of Christ is at Hand, from the Signs of the Times. 64pp.
The Long-wished-for Revolution is at Hand. 96pp.
A Caution and Instruction to the Sealed. 24pp.
An Account of the Trials on Bills of Exchange. 72pp.
The Controversy of the Spirit with the Wordly Wise. 52pp.
An Answer to Thomas Paine's third part of the "Age of Reason." 66pp.
A True Picture of the World, and a Looking Glass for all Men. 48pp.
Copies of Letters sent to the Clergy of Exeter from 1796 to 1800, with Communications and Prophecies put in the newspapers in 1813. 64pp.
The Books of Wonders (5).
Wisdom excelleth the Weapons of War; and herein is shown that Judgments are the Strange Works of the LORD, but Mercy His darling Attribute. 48pp.


Explanations of the Bible, reprint.
Radia, a poem by Alice Seymour, in cloth. Containing 7 books:

1. Introduction. 3. The Holy City. 5. The Multitude of Nations.
2. Paradise. 4. The Prince of Peace. 6. The Sting of Death,  7. Omega.




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