Communications given since the Writings were opened on the 12th of January, 1803.

I SHALL now lay before the public some parts of the Sealed Writings, which were given into the hands of three Ministers and four other gentlemen, that came from different parts of the kingdom to Exeter, on December 28th, 1801, to examine into the truth of what they had heard; and as the Clergy of Exeter refused to join them to search out the truth, I was ordered, by the Spirit, to give into the hands of these gentlemen my sealed writings, on the 5th of January, 1802, who had acted with Solomonís wisdom—as it is "the wisdom of a king to search out a matter." This advice was given to him who asked wisdom from the LORD, and the LORD granted his request:—but, as some say, there are wiser men now in the world than Solomon was, let them produce a wiser. Solomon had his wisdom from the LORD; but now "every manís ways is clean in his own eyes," and, like Babelís builders, so divided in their faith and belief of the Scriptures, that one pulls down what another builds up, and have thrown Religion into confusion; but GOD is a GOD of order, not of confusion—and His command is, that every thing shall be done "decently and in order." Therefore he hath commanded my writings to go forth to convince mankind of the folly of this age, which is now come, as is foretold in the Scriptures. Men are departed from the Faith once delivered to them by the Prophets, Apostles, and from the LORD of LIFE and GLORY, bringing in false doctrine, heresy, and schism. I must call to your remembrance what erroneous doctrines and blasphemy have been published against the Bible within these few years past, denying the LORD that bought them, and how full our land is of Deists and Atheists. Numbers I am well informed have burnt their Bibles in so shocking a manner, that I tremble to relate it. So all that is foretold in Holy Writ is now fulfilling by the different classes of men in this age. And as Satan has worked in the hearts of the people to fulfil one part, so the LORD, according to His promise, has sent His Spirit to fulfil the other—that he may not destroy the whole


race of Mankind in his Anger, and burn them up in His sore displeasure. But know first, He will make up his Jewels; and these are his Jewels, who shall say one to another, "What hath the LORD said? And what hath he spoken concerning us? These are the People who shall tread down the wicked as ashes under their feet:" as you will see in the following Book, who is the Wicked One, and how he is to be trodden down. For now the Lord is coming like Jehu, "Who is on my side? WHO?" For Jezebel is a type of the Devil, and Satan will be cast down as Jezebel was, and no more left of him than was of her. Therefore I must entreat my readers to weigh deep my Books with the Bible, as the fulfilment of both is even at the door.

Survey your land, see how all stands,
And how all men appear:
Then you must know, a God must go
For to reclaim all here.
For thereís no man on earth can stand,
If he in fury break;
Theyíve burnt the Bible in this land,
Where must the ashes sink?
If Abelís blood for vengeance stood,
And CHRISTís doth stand the same,
A day of vengeance in his heart;
Then tremble at the flames.
When men begin the whole to burn,
Shall not the LORD awake?
His vengeance on the Tempter turn,
Or, Our Land stands at stake
To suffer men for to go on
And burn the WORD OF GOD:
Against our Land, their guilt must stand,
And fear His flaming Rod.
The world by water once was drowned,
But fire it now must come!
The way the Bible men destroyed,
Must all turn back again.
So all weigh deep, the Lord doth speak—
For allís before HIS THRONE:
And for to know, that it is so,
His Spirit is come down.
So Iíll end here, and say no more;
Let Solomon be found,
For to appear and try all here—
It is the Law of God:
And if you now refuse to hear,
Then tremble at His Rod.






Sealed Prophecies.

THIS is the Beginning of JOANNAíS Book, after the Proving the Truth of her Writings, which commenced on the 12th, and finished on the 19th of January, 1803, being Seven Days, having THE UNANIMOUS DECISION of Twenty-three Persons, appointed by Divine Command, as well as Thirty-five others that were then present, and who all signed their Names, that her Calling was of God.

WHEREAS the learned, and self-righteous, have condemned me for an impostor, for saying, "THE LORD SAITH," when they affirm he has not spoken; now let them bring forth their arguments, and show their strong reasons, why they pretend to judge of a thing they know nothing about, and why they judge in the dark, when they were invited to judge in the day-light, and have the perfect truth laid


before them. Such judgment is throwing aside both the Law and the Gospel. Let men capable of reason attend to reason. Should a man condemn the Bible who never read it through? forming his judgment upon a few pages of it, and condemning the whole? Would you not be ready to condemn such a one? You would answer, yes. You were in duty bound to blame him:—and I answer I am in duty bound to blame all men that condemn my writings, without coming to the clear light, truth, and knowledge of them. Ye have judged the Lord another such as yourselves: and was your judgment true, all men must perish for ever; and your Bibles must be denied, if you deny the promise of God made at the Creation in the third chapter of Genesis—there is the promise of manís redemption: and our Saviour said, "LO, I COME TO DO THY WILL, O GOD." Now let them tell what was the will of God when he created the man and the woman; and then Iíll answer all men. Now let it be known to all men, that near twenty pounds were expended in advertising in the public papers, to invite the Clergy to come and judge for themselves and their flocks; but this invitation was refused, and no one came forward but such who wished FOR CHRISTís KINGDOM to be established, and Satanís to be destroyed, and his power to be taken from the face of the earth, and receive the curse pronounced against him in the Fall. This was the truth of my writings in 1796 and 1797. And in 1794, the promise given to me was, that Satan should be cast, but that he must first receive his sentence from men; and that the woman must first BE MADE FREE FROM THE FALL BY MAN, before manís redemption could take place, or the promise made to me be fulfilled; for men must be workers with God, and God with men. And the promise of the Lord was then made to me that


he would work in the hearts of his people to do it—as you will see in this book. Every page was written according to the dates therein mentioned. Now, tell me, O ye worldly wise men, how this came to pass, that no man appeared to condemn me? and the fifty-eight persons who were then present all joined with me in hand and heart, to claim the promise for Satanís destruction; as I was foretold (in 1794) he would not have one person present, when my writings were proved, who would befriend him as Pilate did OUR SAVIOUR. For PILATE SOUGHT TO RELEASE THE SON OF GOD. But here was not one present, who wished to release the devil by keeping silence, or refused signing their names for his destruction. Now will any man endowed with a grain of reason, say, that SATAN is come, as JUDAS did, to hang himself? Then I am happy to say, there was not one present who would cut him down, and thereby attempt to save him. Here I may seem to be jesting with those who are so simple to imagine that Satan has brought on his trial, for his own destruction. But some may say, if Satanís sentence is past, and this calling is of God, he must be immediately cut off from the face of the earth. I answer, no.—Read the 12th Chapter of the Revelation. After he is cast, who is the great Accuser of mankind, he is there described to come down in great wrath against the woman, because he knoweth he hath but a short space to gather in those who will not turn to and unite with God, but have the image of the beast in their foreheads. It is in the 20th Chapter of the Revelation he is mentioned to be chained down.—And now I shall give you the meaning of Our Dear Redeemerís words, Luke xxiii. 31. "If this be done in the green tree, what shall be done in the dry?" Beginning from a parable of a child being left in a


house by his parents and forbid to open the door to any—but a thief prevailed over the unsuspecting innocence of the child to open the door, so he entered and robbed the house. Perfect so was it with our first parents.—For, like the child, they were betrayed—and like the child they acted; and thus they were robbed of all true happiness:—but help was laid upon one that was MIGHTY to bind the thief, and free the child.


"Now hereís the Type, for it is great;
This was the state of man:
There nothing was, I did create,
But I gave to his hand.
The Woman free I gave to he,
As perfect as a Child:
Because that she did come from he;
Which way was she beguiled?
Till Satan there did her ensnare,
For to unbolt the door,
To pluck the fruit, she simply took,
And gave to Adam there.
The Child he blamed, and ME he shamed,
When he saw all was gone:
I said no more Iíll trust him there;
But to the purpose come:
Iíd turn the Key another way,
As my Estate was there;
No Child Iíd trust, till paid the Cost—
And Manhood must appear.
So Manhood see; and wedded be
For Iíve not lost the whole:
The Child shall gain the Victory—
The Foe shall stand the Poll.
Let Men appear, as Fathers here,
And now behold their Child!
The mystery now I mean to clear,
For I did Man beguile;
Till wonders here do so appear,
As it in Heaven began.
Then wonders see, for so ítwill be,
The Mother and the Son.
Then Cain must come in Abelís form,
And Satan come in Cain,


And then relent, like Cain repent;
The mysteries lie behind.
If he will not; now see the stroke
Close to the Woe thereís three:
The wonders were in Heaven wrought,
And down to Earth must be.
For this I say must pass away,
And a New Earth begin:
íTis time for man—like Fathers stand,
And Paradise youíll win.
Your Daughters see, your Wives to be
The Partners of your Souls;
The Woman see—now stand like she,
Then you may sure stand all.
Like you Iíll blame—like you Iíll shame
The simple sons of men,
Until you say another way
íTwas Satan laid the Gin.
Then he that laid, may be dismayed;
And draw the Circle there;
And then look back to what was wrote,
When it did so appear.
Now thou dost see, the destiny,
Satan must stand in fear—
From Types and Shadows you may see
How close thy comingís here.
If from thy head, thou this hadst done,
As ignorant Men might think,
Then Satan he would act like thee,
And pull thee on the brink.


Now hereís the dart shall pierce the heart
Of Satan to relent;
Or else, I say, another way
He never will repent,
Until his Crown do tumble down;
Now see the Sceptre there;
Upon his head it must be found—
The Dart hangs hovering here.
His head is down, heíll lose his Crown,—
The Branch is from the Tree—
The Woman must him sure cut down,
When Men thy Writings see:

* The woes produced here are: 1st the Deluge, 2nd Destruction of Jerusalem and dispersion of the Jews, which followed the death of Christ, and the last woe is, for the Powers of Darkness and their adherents on Earth.


Like the French land doth Satan stand,
He shall arise no more.
Can he get free? The Circle see,
Iíll sway the Sceptre there.
To act like Man Iíll now begin,
My Parents honour due;
But now the victories I shall win:
The Brides are in my view;
Like David here Iíll now appear,
And bid the Brides to come:
My Hand is freely offered here,
Iíll have more Brides than man—
Iíll none refuse, for all Iíll choose,
That give their hands to me:
íTis time to publish now the Banns,
Or license bring to me,
That may abound, and make the sound,
His hand and heart may now be found
To wed all that will come.
The Harlots
* here may now appear,
For I shall all embrace:
The Jews and Gentiles both Iíll clear,
They both came from one race:
And one theyíll be—you all shall see
My Royal Palace near;
My Brides may come, and wear the Crown,
For I shall triumph here.
So donít delay, and do not stay;
For dangerous it might prove—
Fast as youíll be, wedded to me,
So fast youíll see my love.
My Crown shall be (you all shall see)
Decked with such Beauties here,
When Satanís crown does tumble down,
Then MINE shall sure stand fair.
He drew the dart, to pierce the heart
Of those who were his friends:
Because the sinner heíll make smart;
For there his vengeance ends,
Till heíll fall down the second time—
The War must end in hell,
For Man shall be as strong as he—
My Mercies none can tell.
Thoí judgments here must now appear,
My strange works to go on:

+ The nation of France will come under the Gospel of Christ

* The Nations which have not the Gospel


But all my attributes Iíll clear,
And MERCY sure shall come.
Now draw the circle as ítis found—
The Woes around the head,
From Types and Shadows Iíll go on,
Like Man I now shall lead,
Who said the Flag
* it was hung out,
In token man to try;
And now like Man I AM surely come—
The black Flag let him see,
Is now put here, as doth appear,
For Satan I shall try;
His casting down I mean to clear—
Heís sentenced every day:
As Pomeroy said, I now will plead;
And man the Judge must be.
Now all thy writings call to mind—
Man surely must appear:
The Saints must judge the earth youíll find;
And judge if I am not clear
To justify now from on high—
To chain the rebel down;
As every sin from him is found;
Then now let man appear.
For to menís judgment I submit,
And did their sentence bear,
Until they nailed my hands and feet,
And pierced me with a spear.
Now Satan here must so appear,
To have his sentence passed;
The mysteries all I mean to clear,
From every age thatís past:
Pharaoh you see a Type of he—
A Type of Satan there,
Until he came to the Red Sea,
And closely followed there.
Now as a man to him Iíll come;
His heart I hardened there:
But why ítwas so you all shall know—
Iíll make the mysteries clear.
Pharaoh had been a man of sin;
No pity in him lay;
With cruelty he did go on,
And all my words gainsay.

* For the Trial of Parker for mutiny on board the Fleet

+ A Black Flag was hung out, and is drawn in Joannaís writings


Therefore that man I hardened on,
To bring the same on him;
As he before had surely done;
But hereís the mystery—
He was a Type, and it was great,
Satan I placed as man;
Then the green tree let all men see,
And to the dry tree come.
For the green tree, you all shall see,
Manís likeness it doth bear;
And still doth grow, you all do know—
Some Fruit youíll gather there,
For good or bad it will be had—
Some Fruit is on the tree;
And to some use do all produce,
While life in it you see.
Iíll make it clear now to appear:
Though puzzling thou dost write,
I know the Man that is so near;
Whom thou broughtíst to thy sight,
Who lies in bed, and life seems fled,
But yet he is not gone.—
Some Fruit from he
* you all will see,
And to the purpose come.
If he be there, a prisoner,
Some Fruit it doth afford
To try the hearts of other men,
And make them like their Lord—
Mercy, to show as I did do;
Then sure some Fruit is there:
The bitter herbs you all do know
Good Fruit do often bear;
Because the use it doth produce,
Is useful unto man;
Now when the sinner runs his course,
(To reason Iíll begin)
You have a law, you all do know,
The murderer must die;
And he that steals does seldom fail,
But Law for justice cries.
Then sure the Tree still Green must be,
And feel the fatal blow:
You lay the Axe unto the Tree:
Heís Green you all will know:
His blood will run in every vein,
When dangers do appear:

*Joe Cox, who was bed-ridden five years, a labouring man near Exeter – Joanna was puzzled in her mind to find out what use this man could be to society.


Once more I say the tree is green,
Whatever Fruit he bears.
A warning take, behold the stake,
And see the end of sin:
The sinnerís heart doth often shake,
And grieve for what heíth done.
Now hereís the Tree, you all may see,
Where vengeance close doth come:
Now to the Dry, must vengeance fly,
And see what is in him.
The natural Branches Iíve not spared,
That do My Image bear;
And the wild Olive, that is green,
Doth surely stand in fear.
So now if Man the victim come,
And sorrow doth deject,
The Dry Tree now is hastening on
To meet his awful Fate.
For he is Dry, Iíll tell thee why,
He hath no heart to feel;
He loves to hear the sinners cry—
His heartís a perfect hell.
It is so dry, the fire doth fly;
His heart does always burn;
The sinnersí hearts he warms thereby,
When he at a distance comes;
But when that near, he doth appear,
Heíll scorch them in the Flame,
Until he heats the hearts of Men,
To burn them with the same.
So in this hell, do sinners dwell:
One part you may see here:
The Sinner doth his master show;
His Image he doth bear:
Where Satan strong you see in man;
All cruelty you see;
The Murderer in him is seen:
Thereís no sin frightens he.
He starts at none but still goes on,
And dead to every cry,
Till vengeance doth unto him come:
Then here the Tree seems dry;
Because that here he doth appear
A picture sure of hell:
The Master and the Servant, sure,
Do in one likeness dwell.
So now you see the mystery,
How Iíve painted them here


Their hearts do burn like the Dry Tree;
For every fuelís here.
Then now Iíll come to make it burn,
And show the reason why:
The Green Tree was not spared by Man,
Then Iíll not spare the Dry.
If I came here, their Trial bore,
And did to it submit,
I bid the Dry Tree now come near,
And tremble at your feet.
For every sin by him was done,
Ever since Adamís fall:
When Satanís chain I did let free,
Earth did resemble hell.
The Martyrs here let them appear,
Or call them to your view:
Let every murdered man appear,
And now be judged by you.
What they did feel, your hearts canít tell;
Yet you may judges be:
And every murderer came from hell,
And now the end heíll see.
His sentence come, it must be from man
Before Iíll cast him down:
Did I submit at Pilateís feet,
And stoop to bear his sound?
From whence it came to Me was known;
But this I did conceal:
For Satan must that way, unthrone—
The mysteries Iíll reveal.
I felt the Dart, that pierced my heart,
When I the Trial bore;
But vengeance then was in My heart,
To turn on him the Spear.
The Sinner free can never be
Till Satan he hath cast:
Heíll stand the Trial now like Me,
Man must his sentence pass,
That blasphemy was spoke by he,
And judge thy written hand,
Therefore, I say, at Plymtree,
I did let go his chain:
Thy writings there the men must see,
And judge from whence they came.
Such words to pen thou trembledst then;
And man shall tremble too:
Why do I let the rebel reign?
These words are spoke by you.
And so by them the same must come;


Did Satan laugh at Me?
Iíll make him stoop that way—
Was it for man that I came down
To die upon the Tree?
The clamorous tongues of men were found—
It was for blasphemy,
For blasphemy they nailed Me—
Then blasphemy is here:
For Satan hath blasphemed Me strong
In thy writings here.
And let them see the mystery,
What thou hast penned before:
And see if thou no judge canst be,
What different spiritís here.
Therefore his words I made thee pen;
For I well know the day
That Satanís boasting it must end;
Menís hearts I mean to try.
I shall appear, and try them here,
And let them stand for Me,
Prove Satan is a murderer here,
And full of blasphemy.
Then murderers here I mean to clear,
Like Pilate Iíll begin:
Will Satan find he hath a friend
To prove him a just man?
No fault in ME did Pilate see:
Will Satan find such friend?
The Judge and Jury let him see,
On whom he doth depend:
I tell him plain, heíth not a man
That will support his cause:
The Jury do the sentence bring—
íTis granted by your laws.
So ítis with man do all contend,
Of spirits good and bad;
And man the sufferer hath been
Ever since Noahís flood;
I swept away that fatal day:
The world was full of sin;
And now Iíll act another way;
For to the root Iíll come.
As he is dry, the fire must fly,
For what shall I do here?
What will be done, will soon be known:
Now like the Jews begin
To clamour hard for Satanís blood
As they did then for MINE.


To cast him down, be every sound;
His blood be on our head:
We do not fear, what shall come here,
But strike the rebel dead.
CHRISTíS KINGDOM COME, be every sound,
I hear thee say, Amen:
Then first this Nation I shall clear,
If they like thee go on.
What I shall clear, Iíll tell thee here,
Their loads Iíll take away:
My yoke is easy they shall bear,
My goodness they shall see;
My burdenís light, Iíll clear the fight,
And make all foes to fly;
Bring my Disciples to thy sight,
Satan shall act like

In the year 1796, I dreamt that I went into a shop to buy some gowns, with a lady who had left her money at home. I said I would engage to pay the money for what she bought, if they would trust her; if not we would leave the shop. To this they consented; as they said they knew me.

Simple as this dream may appear, the following answer, given by the Spirit, is deep and weighty.

"How hasty dost thou write thy dreams?
For patience thou hast none:
To know the meaning is thy view,
And leave one part alone.
But as impatient thou art grown,
Iíll instant answer thee:
Unto the world thou art unknown;
But not unknown to ME.
And thee, men say, they do not know:
But ME they donít deny;
And to menís conscience let them go—
Their Saviour is their cry.
Now as to Men thou art unknown,
Thy Bondman I will be:
And every Debt Iíll surely pay,
If men will now trust thee.

* When the disciples fled from the Garden of Gethsemane


The Letter put in Pomeroyís hand,
It was a Debt of trust;
But when the Debt he did demand,
The Grave
* hath paid the first.
Then as the Grave hath paid the one
That to my Friend was given,
Let all the Seals come to his hand—
Iíll surely pay the Seven.
But if he say he knows my name,
Then on my words rely:
Iíll never put my Friends to shame;
But every Debt Iíll pay.
But, as to thee, thou dost not know,
Thou art a stranger there;
But keep my memory in view:
Will he deny me here?
Then all the goods Iíll surely leave,
If credit I have none;
And to another house Iíll cleave,
The gold is still my own.
So perfect like thy Dream Iíll do,
Thou art unknown to man,
But not to me: ít can never be—
Thy nature, nor thy name.
The Womanís honour thouílt defend,
To give my perfect word:
And so can I rely on thee—
Thou wilt not cheat thy Lord;
And in my name thouíst forged no bond,
But I was present there;
So now of me let all demand
The bonds they wish to clear.
For let the debt be eíer so great,
I did them all approve:
In me theyíll find thereís no deceit,
They are the debts of love.
So now the debts let man demand,
And arrest me by their prayer:
Then they shall see the Promised Land:
Iíll make them sons and heirs.
So like the serpent now be wise,
And hold me to my word:
I will no longer now disguise,
If theyíll constrain their Lord.

* Alluding to Bishop Bullerís death, which came to pass at the end of that year, according to Joannaís prediction.

+ Viz: the book sealed with seven seals, put into Mr. Pomeroyís hands


So perfect, as the days of old,
Iíll now to all appear:
I know their doubting breasts are cold;
Nor know that I am here.
For idle tales they have believed
Did from the Woman come;
But Mary, and Joanna too,
Must unto all be known.
Though other Women there were there,
Whose names they are not penned;
Let Jews and Gentiles both appear.
The Bride must crown the end.
For if like man I do go on,
As very man to be;
I sure shall to the purpose come,
And strongly cleave to thee.
So wonder now, and stand amazed,
Ye fools and slow of heart;
For on the Woman you may gaze,
But I shall take her part.
For all her friends she surely left,
To follow my command,
Then to her now Iíll strongly cleave:—
Sheíth chose the better part.
Last night did they enjoy their play,
Which was a pleasing dream;
But mark what Woolland said to thee,
ĎThis very night is thine,
For to enjoy thy holiday;í
And it thou shalt enjoy:
Iíll wipe the tears from off thy eyes,
And all thy foes destroy.
And can it be (is said by thee)
Such bliss for to obtain?
I tell thee, still like Mary sit,
And thou shalt see the end.
But Minifie would have cheated thee,
As she this night began:
She said the fire was below;—
But mark, when thou didst come
The truth to know, thou there didst go,
No heat could there be found.
And every man would have found it so,
If thouídst obeyed their sound.

* The family were all engaged in card playing

+ Mrs. Minifie told Joanna there was fire below; and not to sit so long in the cold. But when she came down, the company stood all around the fire, that she could feel no heat, so she was disappointed.


So now thy friends thouíst not obeyed,
Nor was it in thy power;
And thou shalt find thouíst not misled,
But see the glorious hour."

The following Communication was given to Joanna, on old Twelfth Day, January 17, 1797, from a parable of a man, who boiled his eggs and put them into the hen-nest again, with a private mark upon them, thinking to discover the thief who robbed them.

Simple as this may appear to the world, I was ordered to write from it; as the Lord would spiritualize it to me. When I went upstairs I had but little ink left, and was obliged to wring the silk in the ink-stand to get the ink out—and was answered in the following manner.

"Now Iíll begin from what thouíst done,
And make the mystery clear;
Iíll surely wring the dregs of men,
As thou hast wrung it here.
Thou knowíst the ink-stand it seemed dry,
And thou no ink couldíst gain;
Till thou didst wring the silk therein,
And so will I wring men.
For ink Iíll have, My flock Iíll save,
That will obey My call:
And now Iíll come to act like man,
And so Iíll try them all.
Iíll put the mark, though in the dark,
As man shall not discern;
And prove, to see their honesty,
Iím acting just like man.
Deep was the thing that he had done
To try his servant there;
And canít I act as deep as he,
To prove the matter clear?
For though he boiled his eggs to spoil,
The thing was curious done;


And if I boil mankind to spoil,
Iíve put the mark on them.
Therefore the thief I will find out,
And know where he doth lie;
Iíll watch My Brood, and make them good,
Though some Iíll boil them dry.
But yet the shell Iíll never spoil,
For there thy pen goes deep;
Thereís none shall see they boiled be,
The shell Iíll never break.
So if the Thief should come and steal,
Heíll have no better lot
Than he that stole thy masterís eggs.—
íTis deep what thou hast wrote.
To tell my name it is high time,
I see my nests decay;
Therefore I say I shall begin,
As man began this day.
Iíll mind no cost, nor fear no loss,
But to the purpose come;
I am resolved to catch the thief,
As man hath now begun.
Now trifling as these lines appear,
Thereís weight in every word;
íTis come to my appointed time,
That men must know their Lord.
But will they say they do know Me?
Then let them all appear:
And tell me how they can explain
That man eíer knew me here.
But if they say they this can do,
My Bible they deny;
And bring the leaves all to their view,
Then man must surely die,
The day he ate forbidden fruit;
But did he die that day?
Then let the sons of men be mute,
Iíll take their guilt away.
By Adamís fall ítis known to all,
That death was fixed for man;
The serpent was to lick the dust,—
The curse was fixed on him,
And of the dust the man was made,
And so that dust did die;
He felt the dart come to his heart,
That took his life away.
And dead in sin, he did begin
To moulder into dust;


For he no longer lived in ME,
As I made him at first.
So here the man was truly dead
To all perfection here:
But can you say his life was fled?
Then make the mystery clear,
If you deny it was not so,
As thou these lines hast penned;
Then tell Me how theyíll make it true,
And bring it to the end.
He lived in ME, let all men see,
Till tainted by the fall;
Then, dead in sin, he did begin
To bring the guilt on all.
And this was by the Womanís hand,
As every man declared;
And all the blame was cast on Me,
To give the Woman there.
Then She and I the cause will try,
And cast the blame on man:
For who hath copied after her,
Or does as She hath done?
Is not My Word upon Record?
Whoeíer doth come to Me,
In no ways will I cast them out;
Ah, how do all men see!
The gates of hell shall not prevail
Against My Children here,
That do rely and trust in Me,
Whom I have bought so dear.
Firm as the heavenly pillars stand,
So firm are My decrees;
For to fulfil thy written hand,
All men do now obey.
Then stand or fall, to hear your call,
Like Adam now begin;
And her obey, like him that day,
And Paradise youíll win.
So now regain, ye sons of men,
Iíll make your mountains strong;
The sword I left in Paradise,
Shall bring you back again.
For thereís the tree, let all men see,
Preserved for your sake:
The flaming sword, it is MY WORD,
Shall make the serpent shake:
And to the root the axe must come;
Then let the root appear:


For Satan, he, the root must be,
That did beguile her there,
And for her he did dig the pit,
But in it he shall fall;
For now Iíll stand the Womanís friend,
She neíer blamed Me at all.
But on the serpent cast the blame,
And so Iíll cast it there;
So as to man he stands alone,
To plead his trial here.
Then now what Trial can they plead?
What arguments appear;
The simple Woman is misled,
Or man doth greatly err,
To say ítis she: how can this be?
Then I can nothing know:
Nor no man, by divinity,
Can prove My Bible true.
The heavens must a curtain be,
To Screen things from my eye—
My Spirit it must sleep like men,
And have no wings to fly:
And all my honour must be gone,
To leave mankind alone;
And like thy pen they must fall down—
Their ransom cannot come.
For if ítis done by thy own head,
Let all their heads appear;
And judge if I, as well as thee,
Donít know thy writings here.
Then Davidís words can neíer be true;
I see your private ways;
And know what from your hearts will go,
Before it comes to your eyes.
Your yet unuttered words I know,
Your private footsteps see;
Then to what mountains will you go,
To screen yourselves from Me,
If this is by the Woman done,
For to assume the Bride?
Then I must be not more than man,
And still the harlot hide.
As many men have often done,
Her honour to maintain;
And said, like she, they married be;
This hath been done by men.
But when the writings they demand,
The truth cannot appear;


The children all must bastards stand,
And others be the heirs.
Then now awake, ye sons of men,
And see your Bibles clear:
For bastards you must surely be,
If an Impostorís here.
For now to reason Iíll begin,
As I AM God and Man;
The Woman I will never screen,
That dares assume My name.
Unless I did it thus command,
My honour is too high:
Bring Me the Woman this shall do,
And she shall surely die.
For while her senses I do spare,
And do her life prolong;
I sure must be as bad as she,
To let My honour down.
If in her head, or in her heart,
Did these vain thoughts arise;
And from herself these things impart,
Such words to make men wise:
When I did never them command,
Or inspired her so to do;
Iíd give her to the tempterís hand,
For she must be his due.
For in the heavens Iíd cease to be,
Ere I would let her breathe;
And still to say she writes by Me,
Mankind for to deceive.
How many men have her obeyed,
As she did them command?
Because she told them ítwas from Me,
Required it from their hands.
Then now I bid them to look deep,
And see whom they obeyed;
And if theyíll prove that it is Me,
Iíll break the serpentís head.
And so the ransomed of the Lord,
May now in triumph turn;
And you shall find with one accord
The tears of joy shall come."

____________ o0o ____________


The RIDER and HORSE, forming a Body of STARS.

A Dream of JOANNAíS, October 17th, 1802.

I dreamed I was looking at the sky towards the South, and saw a number of stars collected together in the perfect form of a horse. There was another collection of stars in the perfect form of a man, riding the horse.—The horse and rider a complete body of stars, that were passing swiftly through the air. Just behind them there appeared fire working in the element; at which I greatly marvelled, and desired others to look, who were equally astonished as well as myself.

Here is the Answer of the SPIRIT to the above Dream.

"Now I will answer thee this dream:
The horse and rider thou sawíst plain,
Riding together through the air,
And nought to thee but stars appeared.
Then now theyíll see My starry Crown:
The horse is man, that will abound,
Until together they will come,
In perfect form, to join as one;
And like the horse theyíll be complete:
But I AM the Man thereon to sit,
Because My heart shall sit on all;
And strong My Spirit now shall fall
On all that join me in the throng:
And like the horse, they will become
Their Masterís burden now to bear:
The mock of fools they first must bear;
But then the Rider all will see
Fulfil the words Iíve spoke by thee.
The Horse and Rider both as ONE:
Because as stars they both were seen:
Then sure the end you all will see,
That Man is made joint heir with ME;
Because My Spirit shall descend
On every Man that stands My friend;


And now as stars arise and shine
To lighten the benighted mind:
And, like the horse, theyíll now appear,
To plough My ground with prudent care;
And so to draw My chariot wheels,
That now is close to all your heels:
Because the Rider sat thereon,
And stars alike they all did shine.
Then sure as stars must men appear;
Though with the horse I man compare:
Because menís mockery I bore first,
And so on men it now must burst,
That wish to bear the Cross with Me:
But soon the Crown they all shall see,
That wish to shine in Jesuís Crown,
The Horse and Rider shall be found,
In perfect union for to join;
And God and Man alike combine.
Then man the burden now must bear:
But all shall know My Spiritís here,
On all that do together join,
To bring My Glorious Kingdom down.
Then God and Man alike theyíll see,
Shine bright in Heavenly harmony.
And soon My fire it will burn:
For on the others Iíll return,
That will not now obey their call—
Proclaim My Kingdom one and all.
For now the boughs Iíll all cut down:
Hosanna now must be your sound,
That wish for Me in perfect peace,
To make your jarring passions cease.
So now thy dream Iíll end it here,
And let another to appear;
Where thou the serpent so didst kill:
And man would eat that poison still."

____________ o0o ____________

December 12th, 1796.


I dreamed I was floating through the air, and at last came to a strange city. Just as I came there,


I thought I saw the sun either rising or setting; it being a little above the horizon, with sparks like stars descending from it. I then thought I went up the street, and heard a woman complaining of the fatal times; and I was then caught up again into the air, and saw the moon in a strange manner. I then looked at the stars, and saw them close together in a small compass. I said you talk of waiting till seven stars come to fourteen—and now they are come to that number.

The Answer to the Dream, by the SPIRIT.

"Now stop thy hand; Iíll answer here.
The Spiritís surely in the air
That with thee doth converse:
But I shall make the mystery clear,
And bring it so to pass.
Out of the Sun the Stars shall come,
And shortly fly abroad:
Their brightness surely will appear,
For men shall know their God.
As to the Moon, it must be known,
It strangely will be seen:
But that Iíll tell another day,
For thou caníst mind no form.
The seven stars are passed before;
Now ítis to fourteen come:
This is a hidden mystery,
That surely will be known.
And all together they will meet;
My Jury must appear,
To judge of things that are so great,
For fearing one should err.
If one manís wisdom should shine bright,
And he should see it clear;
Can one man bring the truth to light?
Theyíd say, that he did err,
As all My Prophets were denied,
And Me they did betray.
Now though the field is opened wide,
Theyíd stumble in the way.


But when the stars together come,
And they do all agree;
I say the mystery will be known,
Why I have stumbled thee.
Then every mystery will be known,
When to the purpose come;
Unhidden stars will then appear,
Will surely make fourteen.
For though they are in Heaven placed,
Thereíre seven more behind,
That now are hid from every eye:
And that mankind will find."

____________ o0o ____________

A Communication given to JOANNA, May 27th, 1796, concerning the chosen Men that were to prove her Writings.

"Arise, and write My Spiritís here,
And I will answer all thy prayers;
Mark thou thy fan, see how it stands,
And how the seals appear,
The Cross is put on menís weak hands,
But I shall bring it here.
And every seal is put between:
But mark what is within.
Black are the seals to guard it there:
To reason Iíll begin,
And now the floors Iíll surely purge,
(Whose fan is in his hand:)
Thy writings True Iíll make them know,
And let them understand,
That perfect as thy fan appears,
So perfect all was done,
When on the Cross, at Calvary,
I gave My Life for man.
The Cross was red, all stained with blood,
While in the midst I stood;
The spear did then My side so pierce,
And stained it with my blood.
I was took down, now mark the Crown,
With black ítis sealed there:
And now, unto the sons of men,


Iíll make it black appear.
And to the other side thou go,
Like seals both ranks do stand
A simple thing when this was done,
Now by the womanís hand.
The seals, the same, it must be known,
Do perfect so appear;
And perfect so it all shall stand,
Before Iíve ended here.
Another day Iíll tell thee more,
And deeper things explain:
But for the present Iíll end here—
And think upon thy dream.
For down thouíst fallen to man thouíst called;
Assistance he refused;
*thou jumpst off, itís known to all,
And stood upon thy shoes.
On thy own feet, the mysteryís great,
And there thouílt surely stand.
Wilt thou go back? Am I now slack?
And trust to menís weak hand?
Theyíll surely come, as he hath done:
Thy Jury cannot stay,
When to the purpose all do come,
Thouílt surely go that way.
Thy journey through I bid thee go:
Thou caníst not tarry
+ here;
The rest not come, it shall be known,
Iíll make the mystery clear.
The feast preparing, is at hand—
The garden door unbolt:
For in theyíll rush, by My command,
But on thee none take hold.
íTis not with thee, as ítwas with Me—
No enemy is there:
One looked, thy dangers for to see—
Iíll make the mystery clear."

____________ o0o ____________

JOANNAíS Prayer on the morning of the Fast Day, February 28th, 1795.

I was in earnest prayer for the fulfilment of the Prophecies made to me; and praying, that I might

* Alluding to a dream of Joannaís

+ At Exeter


know the will of God and obey it, that his word might be a light to my feet, and a lanthorn to my paths; that the God of Truth would lead me into all truths; that I might be guided by his Spirit, directed by his wisdom, kept by his power, and in all things know the will of God, and do it; that I might drink deeper and deeper into his Spirit, be made perfect in righteousness, perfect in holiness, and perfect in obedience, and in every good word and work. In this manner I was entreating the LORD for his grace and assistance, both for myself and the nation, and concluded with OUR DEAR REDEEMERís Prayer. As I was saying it, the clock began to strike, and as I said the last word, Amen, the clock struck the last stroke of twelve. I know not why I am to write out particulars, but I was commanded to do it. In the morning after I was in prayer, the clock struck seven soon after I began; I went to church without tasting anything, as I was commanded; it being the command of God and the King to fast on such occasions. I was pressed to eat; as I had stayed up and they were afraid it would hurt my health; but I refused, as I knew I was forbid. I was very faint in church for want of something; and the thoughts of the famine afflicted me greatly. This made me the more earnest in prayer in the church, that the LORD would have pity on the people, and accept their humble petitions before HIM. Then these words came to me: "My ear is not heavy that I cannot hear, nor my eye darkened that I cannot see; but your iniquities have separated between you and your God: your sins have caused him to separate from you: for your hands are defiled with blood, your fingers with iniquity, your tongues have spoken lies, your lips have uttered perverseness; none called for judgment, and none pleaded for truth." These words coming so strongly upon me, threw me into


a flood of tears; and I kept my prayer book before my eyes, that none might see my sorrow. I cannot describe the feelings of my heart: I was affected to see the sanctuary filled with soldiers and volunteers. When I came out of St. Peterís, Exeter, I went to the church of Mr * * *, and sat in his porch, and heard the sermon there. Both ministers exhorted the people to repentance, and showed them their danger, as they said the enemy had got ground. This I thought right; but did not think either of them showed it in such lively colours as it appeared to me. I was low-spirited all the day: but was ordered to eat meat when I came to Mr. Woollandís of Heavitree. In the evening Mr. Woolland called us out to see a circle round the moon, at a great distance from it,


with three stars on one side of the moon, and one star on the other. Mr. Woolland said, we must observe times and seasons, and now it is a fast day, and the moon is circled like the globe of the world. The four stars are the four quarters, and three of the four were like a compass to compass in the world.

"But in it thereís a double mystery.
For like a Compass did the stars appear,
And in the Seal the Four Stars they are.
These things together, every one must see,
Could never be contrived, nor made by thee.
Now make the Circle round the Moon appear,
Now make the Four Stars so placed there;
This is the way Iíll circle all,
That in my Compass come:
Just as the Moon was circled round
Just so Iíll circle man."

____________ o0o ____________



On the 16th of January, 1803.

O my God, for thy own honour and great name, and for the sake of thy Dear Son, I pray thee look down in pity on Man, whom thou hast created in thy Likeness, and now avenge thy innocent blood on the serpentís head, which is the devil, that betrayed the Innocence of the woman at first, and next entered into Judas to betray thy dearly Beloved Son. Pity man, I pray thee, whose broken heart could not bear the remorse of his guilty conscience, but went out and hanged himself; saying, he had sinned, in that he had betrayed the innocent blood.

Here I was stopped and answered—

"Now Joanna stop thy hand,
Iíll answer now thy prayer:
For Satan must the Trial stand;
And see My Crown
* stands fair.
From Types and Shadows all is placed;
From Types at First I spoke;
And they shall see my saving Grace,
That now thy prayer donít mock.
For to it every one must sign
That wish Me to appear:
I further on shall tell My Mind,
For Satanís castingís here.
The Bill is found, now judge the sound;
For Friends and Foes do stand;
As they that judged it came from thee
Do blame thy written hand,
Such Blasphemy they say to pen,
Condemn thy writings there;
Iíll answer now the Sons of Men,
Let Judases take care,
Because yourselves you all will hang
Upon the cursed tree,
If you the serpent donít condemn,
And bring the guilt on he.
For Judasí Blood, the VICTIM stood;
And now look to the man;

* Alluding to the Crown in this book


If you like Judas now proceed,
Your awful fate will come.
I say, like his your end must be,
If you the woman cast:
Then on your heads must ruin be,
A Judasí fate must burst.
But if you say another way,
And like the Thief appear,
íTwas Satan did the whole betray,
And Innocence is here
In robes of white—we see the sight,
How it was first betrayed:
We see the women all in white—
When Christ the Spirit leads,
By My command they so do stand,
And so they must appear:
Their every guilt to clear.
And when the womanís guilt is freed,
And on the serpent cast,
Then I like Man will next proceed,
And Paradise shall burst,
I say again, ye sons of men,
Now weigh the matter deep,
Your Maker must the woman free,
Before your joy can break.
But Iíll end here, and say no more,
But to the purpose come:
And now Iíll fully answer here,
From all that thou hast done."

____________ o0o ____________

A Communication given to Joanna in 1797.

"Let them weigh deep the whole together. It was in this year (1797) that thou didst write, by My Command, the casting down of Satan: and there were Two Sevens in the date—the One Seven for the Creation, the other Seven for Manís Redemption, and to be done in seven days, in the third year of the New Century. And all Men shall find the THREE-ONE-GOD will now go on conquering and to conquer, till HE hath put down all Principalities and Powers, and the Workers of Darkness in high places—and the Workers of Darkness are the devil and all his hellish host.


"But now Iíll rid him off the Coast,
And bring a glorious day for man;
And Paradise they may command.
But shall I make them drunk with wine
Before My full appointed time?
My Labour they could never do,
To bring the mysteries to menís view.
Therefore the best wine I keep back,
Till Satan hath received the stroke.
And by the Judge and Jury cast—
Theyíll find My Spirit after burst.
But joy would sooner kill than woe,
If I should let My Spirit go
Unguarded, like the sons of men,
To know that Paradise youíve won.
No, no, like thee I do appear;
And in the House I tell them here:
But at the Table thouílt not sit;
Because this day thy work is great:
And great the work it must appear,
Because the seventh day draweth near,
That thou the Trial then must stand,
To be condemned or freed by man.
And every Man is placed by Me:
And let the Jury all agree
To speak with a United Voice,
To save the woman is our Choice,
And let the devil to be cast:
And then the mysteries all shall burst,
For every victory they shall gain;
And soon theyíll find Iíll shame all men:
Because My footsteps are behind—
A Canaís wonder fast theyíll find.
So now for battle all prepare—
My Breast-plate is before you here:
And all My Armour put you on,
And soon the water shall become,
I tell you all, more strong than wine:
That every water-pot shall find.
The water-pots Iíll place as men—
The weakest words at first must come,
Wherewith I first have filled their minds:
But deeper mysteries are behind:
And then the wine it will appear—
The Governor will see it clear,
That I preserved it for the last;
And all shall know the Marriage Feast
Doth daily in this House appear;


And every mystery soon Iíll clear;
For hereís the House that I shall bless,
And hereís the love that men express,
To one, the other, and the Lord,
And fast My words will fly abroad,
And every nation soon will see,
That they are workers now with ME
To bring My Glorious Kingdom down,
For like the Psalm will all be found;
And every land will bless these men,
When I have made the mysteries plain."

____________ o0o ____________

Here I must introduce the following Letters.

A Letter to the Reverend Archdeacon MOORE,

March 11, 1796.


I must beg pardon for troubling your honour with a letter; but conscience commands me, and it is of the greatest importance, and I trust to your good sense to forgive my weakness, if you judge me harshly in relying on spirits invisible: but I have strong grounds for it. In 1792, I was told what was coming upon this nation, and upon the whole earth, but was judged, by all at that time, to be out of my senses to believe it, as there was no appearance of its coming true. I was ordered to write and seal up in 1792, and I obeyed the voice. The strange dreams and visions that I had by night, and the manner they were explained to me by day, astonished me, as it was beyond all human reason to fathom the depth. My friends feared a strange infusion had seized my spirits, and had told me what was not true, as it was so unlikely; but when the truth came on, some believed, and others did not—though every thing hath come perfect to my


writings in this nation, and in all other nations; and I have been told ever since what would happen the ensuing years, and was ordered to seal it up at Christmas, and not to keep the seals in my own possession, but leave them with creditable witnesses: as my near relations were against my making it public, as they thought the storm would soon be blown over. But I was told by the Spirit they had prophesied out of their own hearts, and had seen nothing, and their wisdom would perish.—Unbelief would not prevent the truth of my writings. I have found it true. And now I may say with the prophet of old, "My heart is broken, and all my bones shake, because of the Lord, and because of his holiness;" as I am told we have lifted up our hands against him, and are bringing destruction on ourselves; for, who is he, who fighteth against the will of the Lord, and prospereth? As I am told the antichrist must fall, and all the gods which they had set up; for, the Lord hath whetted his sword, and will bathe it deep in the blood of his enemies, for He is now treading the wine press of his Fatherís wrath; and will ye tread it against ME, saith the Lord? Therefore have we fasted, and the Lord regarded us not. His ear is not heavy that He cannot hear, nor his eye darkened, that he cannot see: but we stumble at the noonday sun, and if we go on we shall roar like bears, and mourn sore like doves, and be in desolate places like dead men; and we shall bring the sword, the plague, or the famine, upon our land. I was ordered to write unto you and five more worthy divines of Godís word, to lay before you how every thing had been revealed to me, and how the Bible is explained to me from the beginning of the Fall of man to the last chapter in the Revelations, by a Spirit invisible: and these are the words spoken to me:—


"I have sent My Angel unto thee,
To warn all men before:
That of the blood of every soul,
That I may now be clear."

And it is said to me if I any longer keep silence, the blood of the nation will be upon my head—and my end will be fatal. Now Sir, if you will give yourself the trouble to hear on what foundation I build my faith and fear, I shall be happy to wait upon your honour, but cannot take that liberty without your approbation. I trust to your goodness to answer my letter. Please to direct to Miss Birdís, Mantua-maker, Strip-coat Hill.

I remain, with the greatest respect,

Your very humble Servant.


A Letter to the Reverend Chancellor NUTCOMBE,

March 20th, 1798.


I beg pardon for troubling your honour with another letter, after troubling you with one before. I was told that your silence to it proceeded from judging me out of my senses. At this I do not marvel.—I was jealous for myself in 1792, being foretold what was coming on the earth, and how it should come on.—I wrote it; but might say with St. Paul, whether in my senses or out of them, I could not tell what Spirit came so powerfully to visit me by day and by night. I well knew time would make mention whether it was from the LORD, or from Satan in disguise; but time hath removed all doubts from me. The end of all things is at hand, that the Scriptures foretell. I was told, Sir, that you judged Prophecies had ceased ever since OUR SAVIOUR was upon the


Earth, how then will the Bible be fulfilled to bring all Men to the knowledge of the LORD? It hath been concealed from man ever since the Fall. How will ye explain the 12th chapter of the Revelations? The wonders John saw in the heaven were but a Type of what was to come upon the earth. Therefore I do not marvel, ye all wonder at me. The 19th chapter hath the same meaning—no man could ever explain it, that no Impostor might ever arise—the SPIRIT and the BRIDE have the same meaning. You may think me vain, Sir, to believe these things should be explained to me! They are but Types and Shadows, for men to know the Bible is fulfilling; and the end is at hand, and menís hearts will fail them for very troubles, that do not know the Visitation of the LORD. I do not wish you, Sir, to give credit on a sandy foundation, or rely barely on my written words; but judge for yourself, as you are chosen not of me, but of the LORD. If HE hath not spoken by me, I must be the greatest Impostor that ever came into the world. But I trust to your goodness not to judge me so harshly, nor condemn me unheard: for that is more cruel than the Jews. Paul was permitted to speak for himself before he was condemned; and shall I say in a Christian land I am condemned for the blackest crimes unheard? I shall be happy to answer for myself, if you will permit me to wait on your honour; please to send answer by the bearer.

I am, Rev. Sir,

With the greatest respect,

Your humble Servant,



March 12th, 1800.

The following words were spoken to me in answer to the Ministers mocking my writings:

"If they go on as theyíve begun
The Nations all may weep;
Out of MY MOUTH the word is gone,
And I shall it fulfil.
Unless the Priests, they do awake,
Your Nation I shall chill
With sore distress, to wound your breast,
When harvest doth appear,
By Sun or Rain to hurt your grain,
And bring a Famine near
By scarcity you all will see:
But if they do awake,
And now repent, like Nineveh,
Their cause Iíll undertake."

I must beg my readers to observe this was in March 12th, 1800, after I had sent the Letters of the Harvest of 1799 and 1800 to the Rev. Archdeacon Moore and the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy: and though the truth followed in the year 1799, yet they did not believe it would in 1800, so continued mocking till the harvest came on; and I must beg to call to the remembrance of the public, how many hundred thousands of bushels were had from abroad that year to save us from a Famine. All the farmers in Devonshire said there was not corn enough to last till Lady-Day, if we had not a supply from abroad.—So I must leave the Readers to judge for themselves; and now I shall come to a copy of a letter I sent to the Rev. Mr. Tucker, Heavitree, in answer to his saying that a former letter of mine was composed and written by Methodist Parsons.


To the Rev. Mr. TUCKER, Heavitree.


I must beg the liberty to answer for myself, as I heard you have said, that my letters which I sent to you were from a parcel of Methodist Parsons, composed by them to impose on the Church Ministers, and teach them how to preach the Gospel. If this is your belief of my letters, I must take the liberty to answer you as our Saviour did his Disciples—"Ye Fools and slow of heart this to believe." Ought not such woman to be put to silence, and all her accomplices to shame and confusion, if the Methodists and I had agreed together to put the Bible in such a manner as no one ever heard or thought of before; to explain the Mysteries of the Bible, as I have written to you and other Ministers, and said, I wrote them from the Inspiration of GOD, as it was explained to me from on high—being visited from the LORD. Now if this is done by the heads of men, as you say, we must be full of mischief, children of the devil, perverting all true righteousness, mocking of God and deceiving of man, and I may add, deceiving and being deceived, bringing on ourselves swift destruction; and our crimes are enough to bring down the vengeance of God on our land, as there are no Pauls full of the Holy Ghost to put us to silence. But now to come to the purpose. "Judge not, that ye may not be judged; condemn not, that ye may not be condemned." As high as the Heavens are from the Earth, so high are my Writings from the thoughts, knowledge, and understandings of the Methodists; and as far as the East is from the West, so far are my Writings from your thoughts, if you judge them


from any cunning devised fable of men. I now speak boldly and affirm, if my writings do not come from God, there never was any person wrote by the Spirit of the Lord since earthís foundation was placed. The same Spirit that first inspired men to write the Bible, hath inspired me in these last days to fulfil it beyond the reach of human learning. The letter which I sent you on the 12th chap. of the Revelations, was explained to me from the thoughts and private conversation of the Rev. Chancellor Nutcombe and the Rev. Archdeacon Moore: for I was told by the same Spirit I wrote by, what they had said concerning the letter I sent to them, and they had judged the Man-child to be Christ, but could not tell how to make it clear of the Woman travailing in Heaven to be delivered. This, I was told was their private conversation together, though I never heard any one say it: but I may say as Elijah said to Gehazi, when he went after Naaman: "Went not my spirit with thine?" The truth of this you may easily find out from them; as I do not think they will deny the Truth if it be so. But I believe it from the Spirit I wrote by; which is invisible. I was surprised to hear in what manner Mrs. C——— spoke of me. Doth she think I am another such as herself? I can assure her, I feared sin from a child, and I cannot mock God, nor trifle with eternity: neither am I jesting with the Ministers of the Lord. The letter I sent to the Rev. Archdeacon Moore last spring foretold the Harvest perfect as it came; and it was written within the letter, that the first would be mockers, and such Harvest should follow. I was ordered to put it in my own handwriting, to prevent his reading it before the time was expired. You may marvel how a Woman that professed to say she is called of God to write such deep Prophecies, and have the Mysteries of the Bible explained to her, should write


such a hand as no one can read. But this must be to fulfil the Bible. Every vision John saw in heaven must take place upon earth; and here is the sealed book that no one can read. For what is sealed in heaven, is sealed on earth—What is loosed in heaven, must be loosed on earth. I write to you, Sir, as a friend, to judge for yourself. If unbelief do still abound, the next harvest will be worse than the last; and your repentance may come too late. I am ready to answer for myself in all I have said and done. I have written no cunning devised fable to any man, but written to make known unto all men, "The SECOND COMING OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST;" and am, with the greatest respect,

Your most humble Servant,


Now I must beg my readers to observe, this letter was written the 2nd of March, in the year 1800; and the harvest that followed was worse, as foretold, than the former of 1799.

A Communication given to JOANNA, Jan 30th, 1797, in answer to peopleís saying, the Fall of man came only from the eating of an Apple.

The Answer of the SPIRIT.

"From trifling things I did begin,
The Apple was the first:
Then was it not a trifling thing
That man was surely cast?
íTis not the Apple I regard,
But disobedience there;
That brought on man MY just reward,
Which he with shame did bear.
Now as he did not ME forsake,
But owned his sentence just,


I gave MY WORD, upon record,
To save him at the last.
For here his love, I then did prove,
And well I knew his fall:
Therefore MY Spirit high did move
To die and Ransom all,
That will obey what I did say:
My Yoke is easy here;
If Men will now rely on ME,
Then every bond Iíll clear.
As Satan held ME to MY word;
My word I did fulfil:
Now let men be as wise as he,
Then Satanís heart Iíll chill.
I was the author of menís faith,
Their FINISHER will be:
So Abelís blood for vengeance cried,
Yet MINE shall set them free.
I AM not man, it shall be known,
I know what Cain did feel;
When Satan gave the fatal blow,
I was near his heel.
His brotherís keeper he was not,
And that I well did know;
The words of Cain were not forgot—
The mysteries I shall show.
As men do say it is from thee,
Caníst thou these things explain?
Thou answerest no, then let it go
To thy weak foolish brain,
If men do say it is by thee,
The Heavens sure must smile
To see the simple sons of men
Stand silent all the while
To hear a Womanís headís so deep,
To puzzle mortals here:
The Shepherd cannot keep his sheep,
If he be murdered here.
And murdered here he sure must be,
His life and senses gone:
If ye believe such simple sheep,
Hath all these wonders done
At such a time to write My mind,
Was eíer such thing before?
Bring Me the likeness, and the time,
Then an Impostorís here.
But if the likeness never was,
That any man can prove,


Then know the Bride must sure be here—
Hath she denied MY LOVE?
Is She ashamed to own MY NAME?
Iíll take her shame away:
Because she knows, she is too low—
Doth blush the truth to say.
But now, I say, with modesty,
Iíll surely make her bold:
For if her head be covered then,
The TRUTH she shall unfold.
So now of Cain, I shall explain—
He surely fled away:
Because the sheep he did not keep—
Think on that fatal day:
His brother dead, and he was fled,
And Shepherd there was none;
His brotherís keeper he was not,
He dreaded his brotherís groans.
So now with man, ítis just the same,
For Satan strikes them dead:
Or else theyíd see the mystery,
That they were all misled,
For to believe another Eve
Should lead mankind astray:
The Woman then, might make them grieve,
And cast the blame on ME.
For on ME all the blame shall fall,
If thou dost man deceive:
MY PROMISE is forgot by all—
Oh, how do men believe!
I made her to complete manís bliss,
So he was not alone.
I knew the serpent would molest;
I made her of manís bone:
That at the end it might become
To strike the rebel dead.
So now from Cain, it must be known,
He sure must die, or flee:
Because MY sheep he shall not keep,
As he hath murdered here:
For I MYSELF will watch MY Sheep.
And take them from his care.
So let him fly, like Cain, that day
He brought that curse on man:
And he must fly, I say, like Cain,
Or else go to his den.
And now unto Isaiah come,
He prophesied of ME;


But said a bone should not be broke—
And deepís the mystery.
As perfect Man I then did come,
Born of the Virgin there:
But now ítis in the Womanís form,
Iíll make the mysteries clear.
So hereís the Bone, that stands alone,
A stumbling-block to man:
Close by your side behold the Bride,
And marvel what youíve done.
For just like he, I say, you be,
And every manís asleep:
But with surprise lift up your eyes,
And tears of joy now weep.
MY LOVEíS unknown to every man—
The bliss I have in store;
For in your hearts it never came,
The GOLDEN DAYS are near.
Your standingís stronger, ít must be known,
Than ítwas before you fell:
The sword that pierced My Motherís soul,
Shall shake the powers of hell.
So death and hell they both may swell,
And rage against the Bride;
But they shall know, and tremble too,
That I AM by her side."

____________ o0o ____________

Here I ended, January 30th, 1797.

In the night there were hard winds, like thunder, with heavy rains, so that I could not sleep, but lay restless all the night; and fearing to believe the glorious promises which had been made to me, thinking they were too great, tears drowned my eyes, to think that I had lived no more to the GLORY OF GOD; and tears of joy to think of his loving-kindness to man, and the happy days that were approaching, when CHRIST SHOULD BE ALL IN ALL, and SATAN chained down. I had many strong promises made to me to banish my fears. I then went to sleep, and thought Satan came to me,


and put his hand in my mouth. I thought I bit off his fingers, and fought and overcame him.—I had many other strange dreams, which I could not call to mind.

The Answer of the SPIRIT to the Weather, and to my Dream.

"Now what thouíst written I will answer,
As the thirty days were gone:
In the night came windy weather—
Fast the storms are hastening on.
But if ENGLAND does awake,
And come to perfect day,
íTis other Nations I shall shake—
The sunshine here youíll see.
For as the clouds this day dismiss
The sunshine at the end;
Then shining days Iíll bring to pass,
And stand your every friend.
So now ítis time for to awake,
And restless be like thee;
But will they wish to fall asleep,
And say these things must be
Too great for any to believe,
And let it die away?
Then ít must be known SATAN will come,
And meet them with surprise:
Into their mouths heíll put his hand;
But let them now be wise—
His fingers bite, his offers slight,
And then they must come off:
For though he watched them in the night,
Iíll bring his schemes to nought:
His hands Iíll clear, thouíst nought to fear,
And bite his thumbs away;
But now to thee Iíll answer here,
It is too much for thee
To feel, and know, how things do go,
And have thy senses clear:
Therefore I always stumbled thee,
That thou mayíst stand with fear.
Because a child thatís never foiled,
Will careless go alone:
Heíll headlong run, and down heíll come,
And dash against a stone.


When this is done, his Fatherís hand
He will hereafter crave:
Though stumbling then he goeth along,
His Fatherís hand doth save.
As many Children partly fall,
When in their Fatherís hand:
The Father takes them in his arms,
He finds they cannot stand.
When tired they grow, thou well dost know,
The Child doth then complain:
The Father takes them in his arms,
And carries them along.
If sleepy in his arms they grow,
He safely carrieth them home;
So hereís the FATHER and the CHILD,
The SPIRIT and the BRIDE.
She leans upon her HUSBANDíS arms,
The truth canít be denied.
If Sheís assaulted in the way
The Husband doth protect;
And if the rebel boldly grows,
The sword hath often fought:
For what have men of valour done,
Their honour to maintain?
Sooner than see their Bride become
A victim unto men.
A challenge send, mark what thouíst penned,
(For I shall challenge here;)
Sooner than Thee the Victim be,
My sword shall surely clear.
Thy name and nature well I know:
What shall I answer here?
If I should let My Spirit go,
Thy eyes thou drowníst in tears.
Therefore asleep thou still must keep,
Until the challenge come:
Have I no second in the pit,
To bear My armour then?
To draw a sword (I mean THE WORD,)
And prove IíM injured here?
To say My Bride hath been misled,
And an adulterer?
The words are high, the cause Iíll try,
My glittering sword shall come:
Iíll never stoop so low to look,
And let MY HONOUR down.

* The challenge in the handbills, in January 1803


I have begun, I will go on
To vindicate the Bride;
And if a second I have none,
(The Field is opened wide,
The challenge bold,) the fight Iíll hold,
And no man will I fear:
For conquering I will conquer now—
Iíll surely kill or cure.
As Iíve begun Iíll now go on,
And prove the Bride is free:
For an impostor she is none,
And that you all shall see.
A wife may often be mistook,
In what her husband meant;
Part of his words discerned them not,
To fathom his designs:
For often this is done by man,
He telleth not all his mind.
Now to that purpose I shall come,
And fully answer here:
This is a perfect type for man,
Which in the end Iíll clear."

____________ o0o ____________

From the Sealed Writings opened on the 12th of January, 1803.

Old Christmas day, 1795, I was commanded to write and seal up the king with half the nation that was loyal to him, and seal it before twelve oíclock, and then go out and look at the moon. I sealed it up at eleven, and went out to look at the moon, and saw a great mist over the earth and in the heavens; so that the earth was covered with the mist, and there was not a star to be seen; but only a halo round the moon. I saw something remarkable in the moon, and the clouds round it; I called to Mrs. Minifie and Mrs. Woolland: they said it was too cold to stay out. I saw an appearance of a

* It should be mistaken, but this is Joannaís common manner of expression


man dart through the moon, and said, I wished they had seen it; for if I told them the truth they would not believe me. I went in and stayed some time, and at last rose up to go out again, and was answered in going out, "this is the last time." Soon after I came out, the clock struck twelve. I went in dissatisfied, as I saw nothing more extraordinary at that time, than I did at eleven; and being ordered to look at the moon for ends which I should know hereafter, I expected to see something remarkable; and my friends said it was common to see the mist over the earth, and in the heavens. In the night I dreamt I was in a room where men were dyeing of clothes in a furnace, so that the mist covered the room. At last I saw them take out something that was smoking, tied up by the middle, and hung upon a pole. I went into another room, and two men came in after me with a pole over their shoulders, and a pig tied to it. They then let it down and untied the pig: I perceived life in it, and asked why they put it into the furnace alive?

They said they must, but the pig would not die then. The pig came towards me with the steam issuing out of his mouth and nostrils, as though he would devour me: but the men said, he should not hurt me. The dream was answered in the following manner:

"All these mysteries Iíll make clear to thee,
The men were dyeing—thou the smoke didst see;
The furnace at a distance then was seen,
And after that thou sawíst the pig brought in,
Tied in the middle by two single men.
Thou sawíst the pole, and then the pig put down,
Untied the cord, and then it stood alone:
But life was in him, and the smoke appeared:
Thou gazed upon him, and thou wast afraid.
Now what thouíst written I well know is true,
íTwas I that brought this vision to thy view;
And with the furnace, first, I say, begin—
It is already on the sons of men


The smoke ascending upwards will appear,
Thereís coming on, I say, some awful years:
Satan already, I say, is fast bound,
And by the Gospelís pole he must come down.
The anger of the LORD it now will rise,
And Satanís fury that is in the skies.
Where he came from, I say, thou dost not see
Until the Pig he was brought in to thee.
So now, I say, his dieís already cast,
But on the earth heíll for a season last:
Because thou sawest he certain was alive,
And to believe it thou wast first deceived:
Because that smoking he was then brought in,
And now Iíll make it unto thee more plain,
For on the earth he will with fury reign,
Because he knows his time will not be long.
He will not bear to leave my sealed ones.
And with thy dream thou now hast ended there,
And from the mist I tell thee to be clear.
They simply say, it is a common thing:
But times and seasons you must sure observe,
If from the Lord youíll any knowledge have.
The wars are coming, discords are the same.
But now observe all these together come:
So now remember, at that very time
That I had told thee for to seal up Mine,
And then I told thee to the moon to go,
For ends hereafter thou shouldst better know.
Had a strange Vision then to thee appeared,
Thouídst say the end already was declared.
But now unto the purpose I shall come:
Thou knowíst that night I sealed up the King:
With half his kingdom I did seal him up:
Remember then thou sawíst the mist to smoke:
Then to the Heavens thou surely didst look there,
And then thou sawíst Iíd sealed up every star.
I say again, Iíll surely seal them up.
Come what there will not one of them shall drop.
Those that I said Iíd surely seal them Mine,
For thou must seal their names a second time.
For by their Christian Names they all must stand
In perfect order now is My command.
For in the Resurrection they are first,
And now Iíll tell thee why I seal them last.
For death no power then on them can have:
I do not say they shall not see the grave:
But then the sting of death Iíll take away.—
This is a thing to all a mystery;


But yet the mystery I will make more clear—
eath is a message they with Joy shall hear:
The sting of Conscience and the sting of sin,
The pains of death from them shall sure be gone.
For like thy Mother they shall fall asleep:
Remember when she thought to thee to speak,
Her life then in an instant it was gone.
Remember what she said unto her friend:
Her Children she must leave unto the Lord,
"She did not wish to live"—her dying words.
And when thou asked, if she did feel no pain,
Write thou her words, Iíll answer thee again.
* said, "No, My dearest Child,
JESUS can make a dying bed
As soft as downy pillows are;
While on His breast I lean my head,
And breathe my life out sweetly there."
So tears of Joy, I say, will surely go
With those, for I will surely seal them so.
For what I bind on earth Iíll bind in heaven,
And by the seals the lump it shall be leavened:
For at that time the stars were all sealed up—
I say again, not one of them shall drop
That gave to thee their perfect Christian names:
Before the year does end all must be done.
For as the moon
+ divided was this night,
So will the hearts of men, youíll find, to fight:
Because that one part, Satan will proclaim
To work with power, and think they are his own.
But here his kingdom shall not long endure—
I said Iíd bind in bundles every tare;
And a quick harvest Satan he will make:
In to My Garners I the wheat will take.
And those that will the devil now obey,
I say on earth they have not long to stay.
But of my sealed ones let him beware—
Heíll take his own, but he shall take no more.
But whosoever will may to Me come,
I say, I say, Iíll never cast out one
That doth for refuge ever come to Me:
I AM THAT CITY to which they all must flee.
The MAN-SLAYER is surely now at hand,
The moon is parted, and the mist come down:
Unto MY WORD, I say, Iíll ever stand:
And now awake, O thou enlightened land.
But to thy Fatherís dream I bid thee go,

* The reader is requested to read page 204 of the 5th part of Joannaís prophecies published in 1791

+ There was a black stroke across it.


The perfect dream, I say, thou dost not know;
But unto Thee, I say, it is a sign,
I AM the VERY FATHER of Mankind.
And now My Sons Iíll surely come and cure—
I know that SATAN cannot them endure;
Therefore, I said, Iíd surely bind him there.
For well I know heíll never give them up
Till in My Anger I do make him drop.
The strong man armed, I tell thee he is here—
A Stronger Man to conquer shall appear.
Give oíer thy writing, I no more shall say,
But I shall talk with thee another day."

____________ o0o ____________

I dreamed I was in an orchard in 1796. Some of the trees were full of leaves without any fruit, and withered: others with fruit that fell into the mud: And other trees had fruit very thick and very high, so that no pole could reach nor shake it down.

"The trees that had no fruit thereon,
The leaves were withered there:
Thou didst not gaze so long upon;
But mark what did appear—
The apples high thou didst espy,
But they did never fall:
And now Iíll show the reason why,
The mysteries I shall tell.
Because that fruit I shall not shake,
That steadfast now doth stand:
Theyíll find My promises are great,
Out of the reach of man.
Under the trees the fruit was fallen;
With dirt it did appear;
And thou mayíst easy know it all,—
The perfect substance here.
Under the trees the fruit was found,
And damaged by the dirt:
Upon the trees the fruit is placed,
That I shall never hurt.
Out of thy reach the apples stood,
Out of the reach of man:
Because the truth theyíll all allow,
The ark will there be found,


So now alike you three may be,
And peaceable sit down:
Wait till you see the mystery,
And how the end Iíll crown.
I said like Woolland
* I would do,
And he did threaten long;
Iíve brought the mysteries to thy view,
And to the purpose come.
Because the voice
+ thou heardst aloud,
And loudly I shall call:
My wind shall blow, they all shall know,
And down the fruit shall fall.
Because My anger it shall burn,
And they shall know the call;
But first the truth I will make clear,
And all men I will try.
Therefore My promise I keep back,
And hereís a mystery.
If I My wonders had begun
How could I any try?
Or show how all men now would act,
In this great mystery?
Iíll show the mystery at the last,
And make the lines now clear:
íTis I that strengthen now thy hand,
And that a fool may see,
Or like thy pen thou must fall down,
And hereís the mystery.
For like the mistress thou hast been—
Thy heart is wounded deep:
And now unto the sons of men,
My fury soon will break.
If like the servant they begin,
As warning she did give;
I tell thee now what is My mind,
Another jury have.
Now from this day to thee, I say,
Iíll trifle here no more:
For on the third, it was my word,
Iíll open now the door.
For Leachís coming was the first,
But none did then believe:
It did not come as he expected,
And therefore was deceived.

* Mr. Woolland had a set of troublesome servants, and threatened them for a twelvemonths, and at last suddenly discharged them

+ Joanna heard herself called three times.


So perfect with the Jews of old,
So perfect this hath been;
Another jury I shall choose,
If these do not agree.
Now from the former who could judge,
If thou hadíst ended there?
From these two lines could any see,
How things could now appear?"

____________ o0o ____________

Zechariah 11th and 12th Chapters—Explained in part. 1796.

"Now from these chapters Iíll begin,
The mysteries there are deep:
From Types and Shadows nowít comes on—
The Law and Gospel keep.
Thou knowíst the price was valued there,
That I was after sold:
But now the mysteries I shall clear,
And all the lines unfold.
The Staff was BEAUTY that was broke
And valued at that time:
My Covenant from them was broke,
In MY appointed time.
So by the Seals
* ítis just the same;
Thou knowíst ítwas broken there:
And round the seals I bid thee cut—
Let all men now beware.
íTis but the Church alone doth stand,
And steadfast it will be,
When Iíve awakened every land
íTis there they all must flee.
So here the Chapters do go deep—
Mark what was sealed before:
I told thee plain that they would weep,
To see how they did err.
The Types do in the ALTAR stand;
And steadfast shall endure:
I said the ARK was in MY HAND,
And there must íbide secure.

* Joanna was ordered to take out one part of her sealed writings in the presence of Witnesses, and to cut round her seals, as no seal was ever broken (from the first, until 12th January 1803 see the first page in this book) except by the six men who met in 1795 to examine part of the writings. They were dissenters from the church, who contrary to the agreement broke the seals of about three Sheets, which they carried away. (Read page 10 in the first part of the propheciespublished in 1801.)


Blame on themselves they all will cast,
But who can blame thee there?
I said that Covenant would not last:
And now the Truth Iíll clear.
Thou toldíst them not to break the seals,
Then how can they blame thee?
If to their wisdom they will trust
In such a mystery,
As far surpassed all their heads:
Not one could it explain.
How could they say thou wast misled?
The Folly there of men!
Out of their mouths condemned they be;
Their Folly donít discern.
But Iíll explain the mystery,
And show how they did warn:
Because that good men were deceived,
Was all they could assign.
Then why not they as well as thee?
íTwas pride puffed up their minds:
But then they thought they must be right,
As all were of one mind.
And I shall bring the Truth to light,
And show what lies behind:
All of one mind they did agree,
The Priests must appear:
So now My Shepherd he is come,
Iíll fix the standard there.
If they were right in all theyíd done,
Then let them all agree;
And to the Standard let them come;
For thatís the Mind of ME.
Because their Covenant is broke—
I said it was not good:
None marked the words that I had spoke;
Nor were they understood.
So in the end they will be right;
Because it was My Mind
To fix the Standard to the Church,
And there I shall resign."

* A Minister of the Established Church who called to advise Joanna


Explanation of the 33rd Chapter of Numbers given to Joanna in 1796.

"Now this chapter doth thee puzzle,
As I said before to thee:
And as thou canst not explain it,
I shall show the mystery.
Moses My command had written,
To the Jews he did it give:
But thou knowíst how they were smitten,
For by it they would not live.
See the Judgments there did happen:
If that this you will prevent,
Let them do as I have spoken;
Or they surely shall repent.
Thouíst devised no cunning Fables:
And that every soul shall know:
Whereís the man that now is able
All such writings for to show?
In thy heart thou answerest, No one;
And the truth thou answerest here:
And the truthís in all thy writings
I will make them to appear.
Now to thy ribbon thou must look,
And see howít doth appear:
No perfect likeness in it be,
But see the mystery clear.
The Stars on both sides they do stand—
The parting is between:
So Jews and Gentiles both may come;
And I shall both redeem.
Therefore this thing I did ordain,
That different you should wear:
The Four Stars are at the Top;
And see the Crown is clear.
The Four Stars were seen at First,
I told thee, in the Seal:
The Four Stars in Heaven were placed—
The mystery Iíll reveal.
The Four Stars do now appear,
That Thou must wear that day:
Then now MY JURY all must come—
I bid them all obey.
To judge as men they must begin;
And thy accusers come:
No greater Trial eíer was found
Than now is coming on,
Since on the Cross I did expire,
To die for sinful man,


Iíll own the Trial then was high;
But to the purpose come,
For thou art equal now condemned,
A mad woman to be:
And if the Truth they thus deny,
Their Folly let them see.
Thou knowíst thou art already
And by one Jury tried;
But now the mysteryís at the last;
For Twelve must be applied,
Now let them for My Church appear,
And let My Chosen come:
It was the Church that first believed;
Then who must I condemn?
But here thy Trial will be great,
As I have said before:
And they will find thereís no deceit
In all thy writings there.
To judge as men they must begin,
If they will stop MY HAND:
Or else My vengeance fast will come,
For to destroy your land.
But thou hast promised to obey,
And I well know ítis true:
íTis I that hold thee by the hand,
And will not let thee go.
The POWER and WORD are from the LORD;
But those that do thee blame,
Will surely know, with one accord,
Iíll put them all to shame.
If they against ME still will fight,
They shall not stop thy hand:
For I shall bring the truth to light,
And show it in the land.
But on condition I have said,
Like NINEVEH Iíll do:
And will ye wish it to appear,
And wish to see it true?
To this petition I shall answer,
Let Priests and Bishops now awake:
Then the Kingís heart Iíll make tender,
Ere MY SCEPTRE I will shake.
He that doth obey ME now,
Preserved will surely be:
And he that doth refuse MY WORD,
My Power shall surely see."

* By the Six first at Exeter who broke themselves off through disobedience, and so darkness came over their minds


JOANNA, in 1796, put her pen into the Bible with her eyes shut; and she found it in the second Book of Chronicles, chap. xxix. ver. 1. She was ordered to read it over; and was answered in the following manner by the SPIRIT:

"Now this chapter thou hast read it,
And a mystery ítis to thee;
But the mystery Iíll explain it,
And show these chapters do agree.
By the law I did ordain it,
That burnt-offerings they should show:
By the Gospel I command it,
As a token of the law;
Both together I have joined them;
All alike, I say, must stand:
I AM GOD and nothing vary—
Wrong inventions come from man;
Wrong inventions theyíre pursuing;
Is my altar cleansing here?
Do they know what they are doing?
Let the priests then now appear;
Every altar they must cleanse it;
Nor support the Romish bands.
They shall know what I AM pursuing,
In short time, in every land.
íTis the altars I AM cleansing,
And that every soul shall know;
If MY priests do awaken,
Theyíll prevent the fatal blow.
For this land I will defend it—
Peace and plenty they shall see
For this thing I did intend it,
That the earth may all know ME.
But if I AM now denied,
Fatal shall the ruin fall;
Therefore thou must make it public:
Let men know that I do call.
For MY NAME shall now be known
Amongst the sons of men;
And to thy other chapter go,
And I will it explain."

* Isaiah liv, Numbers xxxiii, 2Chron xxix

+ In the summer of 1801, three Ministers of the established Church wrote to Joanna and inquired into the truth of these things. The Preliminaries of Peace followed in October 1801,and plentiful harvests since. Read the Note at the 56th page.


The 30th Day of January, 1803.

The following Communication was given to JOANNA, in Answer to Three Ladies, and Four Gentlemen, who came to persuade her that no prophecies could be given to a woman for the fulfilment of the Bible.—And they said, they thought the happiness of man would never be completed here on earth. These words were given to me—"Let them answer the following questions.

"The earth was formed, and man was made in the likeness of His Maker, to be lord of the Creation.

"The woman was taken from the man to complete his happiness; as I said it was not good for the man to be alone, and made the woman for his helpmate: and by her casting the fault on the serpent, his curse was pronounced to be above every living creature. Now let the learned answer this question, How is this to be done? The tree of knowledge was of good and evil.—The knowledge of GOD, and the knowledge of the DEVIL. Now, if they say the woman brought them to the knowledge of the devil, which is the evil, and never brings them to the knowledge of the GOOD, which is the LORD, let them tell us how it was not good for the man to be alone? or how I came to do the will of GOD, if I do not make the woman what MY FATHER designed her for? Will they answer it was done by My Mother bringing Me into the world? Then tell me how that happiness was completed, and prove it is done? Let them tell what the Prophet meant by the barren womb being made a joyful mother of children? and what I meant, by saying, the time should come, that they should say, "Blessed is the barren womb that never bore, and the paps which never gave suck?" Or what the


Apostle meant, by saying, "that the married woman is in bondage to her husband; but the single woman is to the LORD?" And what he meant by saying, when the fulness of the time was come, "GOD sent forth HIS SON, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law?" Now, if they answer, it meant My being born of a woman, at My coming in the body; let them tell me, Who is redeemed that was under the law? For the Jews were under the law of GOD: and will they prove they are redeemed? What fulness of time was then come? What woman hath ever appeared clothed with the Sun of Righteousness, that hath been a wonder to mankind? Who ever professed to man, that she was to claim a promise of GOD to tread down Satan under her feet? Or, where is the woman that they can bring, who is ready to declare unto all men, her LORD is preparing to return, and visit the world in power and splendour, to fulfil all the prophets prophesied of HIM; and that she is ready to bear the testimony of HIM by the truths which the SPIRIT hath told her—that the Spirit of JESUS is come to visit her, to enlighten all men, and to reconcile the world unto GOD, and that she is to invite them in my stead; as MY SPIRIT is come to the Bride; so whosoever will, may take of the water of life freely. Let them tell what the water of life means, and what the tree of life means, that the leaves thereof are for the healing of the nations; and whether the nations were ever yet healed? Let them tell what Spirit informed thee, in 1792, of all the things which have already come to pass, viz., The war, the dearth, the distresses of nations, the fever in America, the rebellion in Ireland, the deceit of Holland, the conquest of Italy by the French, every bad harvest foretold the year before it came, and every leading event which has happened for eleven years past? The conduct of the


shepherds (or clergy) foretold, and the threatenings pronounced against them? If I had not known what was in them, how could I say, I well might weep, to see my sheep, such careless shepherds have, if I had not known they would be weighed in the balance, and would be found wanting? Now, let them tell, who knoweth the heart of man, but HE that made and formed it? The Methodists, and all the self-righteous, I was foretold would act perfectly like the self-righteous Jews: and they have acted exactly as foretold. The Jews said they were the seed of Abraham; and there they trusted for their salvation.—The self-righteous say they are saved by being in CHRIST, without having My Spirit. This I foretold thee: and this is now fulfilled. Therefore, I said I would choose their reprobates* to judge thy written hand: and that sentence is now passed by them on thy Jury. So let them that boast of wisdom now show their wisdom, and answer all these Scriptures which I have mentioned, and tell what Spirit foretold thee all the truths in thy writings, which have already come to pass; and the others they will find are hastening on. Let this be answered by the learned, and I will answer thee again: and let them tell what death Adam died when he eat the forbidden fruit. For now they shall find I have a controversy with My people, and I will plead with them, in the SPIRIT, by THEE."

* Those they call reprobates, that is, those who are not of their sect

The reader must observe, that amongst the signs given, to fix the belief of what is in future to take place, were the failure of the harvests in 1799 and 1800. The first by rain which continued during the end of the year, and the other produced by the great heat of the sun early in the summer of the next year, when the ears of grain which appeared large to the eye, were found to be little more than dry husk when thrashed out. A great clamour was raised against the farmers, who were charged with exercising the fatal power of raising the prices until nearly FAMINE fell on the poor, as many died for want. It is a question that is yet to be answered, how a small, selfish body of men could resist the powerful government of Britain, and compel the rulers of the land to send millions of gold to purchase grain; which was the principal reason given by the Kingís Minister to restrain the Bank of England from paying in gold in the month of February, 1803. Can any man say that misery like this ever fell on this land for one hundred years past, the Quartern Loaf to be above two shillings! (Read note at page 53)


A Communication given to Joanna, June 13th, 1797, in answer to Mr. Woolland (at whose house Joanna lodged) and a Mrs. Minifie disputing about having a PEACE at the end of that month; Mr. Woolland saying it would be so.

"Now Joanna this Iíll clear:
Wondrous News may sure come here,
When that ——— does return,
On the Seas, I say, I AM—
Seas of Sorrow do abound:
Every Nation compassed round;
Full of Sorrow and of sin:
Now to reason Iíll begin.
I have dipped MY Sword in blood:
Whereís the man that knows his God?
Or these fatal days discern?
Judge if I should alter one.
In thy heart thou answerest, no;
Then what Swords shall I let go;
If the Spiritís Sword donít fight?
For to make you Sons of LIGHT.
Still My glittering Sword must fly,
Till the Rebels do comply.
Have I drawn the Sword in vain?
Shall I sheathe it up again?
And my work left now half done,
No! I say, I will go on:
I to conquer have begun:
The Pope his pardon bought of man,
If his life that he would save:
Sure his money
* he did give.
Lewis he hath lost his Crown:
Holland in that state is found:
Every Nation is perplexed:
Now, Iíll tell thee what comes next.
If I stop the raging war—
See MY Bible and be clear;
From the Gospel draw your Sword:
Sound the COMING of your LORD:
Let My thunder sound that way:
For My Wheels shall not delay:
Perfect as the Crown doth stand;
Nowís the Sceptre in My Hand—

* This alludes to a bargain between the Pope and the French at their entry into Rome about this time


Draw the Circle on both sides:
Let the Cause be fairly tried:
There the Olive Branch youíll see;
In thy Seals
* the same youíll see:
Every Seal you must compare:
íTis time for Shepherds to be clear—


That MY CROWN may surely stand;
And MY BIBLE now command.
Let his forehead be like thine,
See the truth and make it shine.
I will make his face like brass:
Who shall now the man disgrace,
That so wisely did appear
To judge from whence thy writings were?
Then now to challenge he may come;
His armour-bearer must be known.
For when Taylor doth appear
Iíll prove his armour-bearerís here.
In the balance they were weighed,
Over balanced by thy head:
And they were not wanting there:
Soon the mysteries I shall clear."—

* This was fulfilled when Joannaís sealed writings were opened, there being a seal of a Dove and Olive Branch.


I was ordered to stop the printing of this book, of the Sealed Prophecies, at the fifty-eighth page: and I must inform my readers, that there were fifty-eight persons, whose Faith was clear that my calling was of God: and who signed their names to this Truth, on the 19th day of January, being the last of the Seven days when my writings were proved.

Now I must draw the attention of my readers, and desire them to weigh deep what is written in each separate page. Let the two first be answered by those who say the Calling is not of God. And let it be answered how fifty-eight met together of one mind—and let the fourth and fifth page be weighed deep, and answered with Judgment; and not like Children, who blame a thing because they do not understand it. Now I shall call you to the sixth page and the sixth day of the Creation, and answer why the LORD should not finish that happiness for man at last, which he created him for at first.

Weigh the seventh day in the Creation with the seventh page. Who will disannul that seventh day of rest for man? And one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Here CHRIST has promised according to HIS GOSPEL, to bring in that one Thousand years of rest to man: and here he has promised to TRIUMPH over Death, Hell, and the Grave; as you will see in the eighth page. And now I shall call you to the ninth page. Let the Leprous men return, unless they wish to abide in their Spots, and perish with their Leader; as you see it is continued on in the tenth page. Now weigh deep the eleventh. Quit yourselves like men and be strong; that SATAN may be cast, and man be freed. Mark deeply the twelfth page; and see how strongly CHRIST hath promised to pay the debt of Manís transgression, if we now


trust wholly in HIM, as a Child trusts to his Father.

And now go on to the thirteenth, and see the threatenings pronounced against those whose Faith will not be to believe—to rely upon HIS WORDS.

For now, see in the 14th page, the Lord will do as he did in the days of old, when HE saved Noah in the ARK, and destroyed the world through unbelief. And consider deeply the 15th, 16th, and 17th, pages: and see if men are not become as dry as the Eggs that were boiled:—and deeply weigh the 19th and 20th pages, and mark the 20th; particularly, what a Body of Stars was collected together when my writings were proved; and who all joined together as the heart of one man. Weigh deep the 22nd and the 23rd pages. Remember this was in 1796; and now I am come to the City according to my dream; and the seven Stars, were joined with seven more, making fourteen; one Seven went down to Exeter to enquire into the Truth; and now seven more have joined them: and I must beg every one to join with me in my prayer in the 27th page, if you wish to bring the day of vengeance on Satan, and not on yourselves. Then see what is continued on to the 30th page; and there see the beginning of the letters sent to Ministers; which is continued to the 37th page; and seven years I have been warning them without any effect; and must compare them to the boiled eggs. Here I shall begin from the 26th page, and give the Explanation given to me by the Spirit. "As the 26th page has the Circle in it, so will I encircle all that come within my Compass: For there is the mystery of the Circle that was seen in the Heavens.

"The Three Stars on one side in the form of a Compass denote the THREE-ONE-GOD, that placed it and commanded it to be drawn—and so will I encircle the names of those that believe; that I may know every name which signs for Satanís destruction,


and for the Coming of MY KINGDOM, when I come to take possession of the earth. But let no one sign it, who does not wish it, or does not believe that I have commanded it by thee, who art the single Star, standing alone to accomplish MY WILL, with THREE Shepherds in MY stead.

"Therefore I chose Three, and no more, to begin and carry on MY work with Thee; and MY Sheep are joined with MY Shepherds, and so AM I joined to them all, that join with Thee in prayer for SATANís Destruction; as thou prayest for it in the 27th page. There is a prayer for all to copy after: and I will encircle such; as the four Stars are encircled within the compass. Now let the learned world answer how there came to be Three Ministers, or Three Shepherds, and no more; and they of the established Church, to whom my promise was made?

"Let this Question be answered by man, and I will answer thee again. But let it be known unto all men, I have compared these Three Shepherds as a Shadow of the THREE-ONE-GOD, and invited the Ministers both Privately and Publicly to taste of MY Supper: but all refused: and this I foretold would happen at MY SECOND COMING; and let all men know it is now fulfilled. Now let them answer how the Women came all with wedding Garments, in Robes of white, as Tokens of Innocence.—Two came without and went away. This is close to MY Bible: as I showed thee in the 28th page; but men have placed their Bibles wrong, and so they continue to do; but now they must call back all to their Remembrance that I compared the Shepherds to—Dumb dogs that cannot bark; and there was not one that appeared to condemn thee.

"I was in the House, as thou wast the day thou didst not appear (see 29th page) and that every Soul shall know. Now let no one blame MY Shepherds who were present: for I tell thee and all


Mankind, Great is MY PROMISE, and Great shall be their reward, if they follow on to know the LORD as they have begun: but severe would be their punishment in time and Eternity, if either of them should fall back for fear of the anger of men; as my word is gone out against the carelessness of MY Shepherds, who I told thee in the beginning would be careless for their Flocks. "Therefore, I said, Weep ye Ministers, mourn ye Priests: let the Ministers weep between the Porch and the Altar," when the destroying Angel goes through the land.

"But how could they weep, if they had been Faithful Shepherds to a Faithless Flock? Then the Flock might weep and the Shepherds rejoice, to think they were clear from the blood of all men, as they had obeyed their LORDíS command; and the blood of the Sheep must be on their own heads. And now let the Call to the Ministers be marked by all men, from the 30th page to the 37th. Seven years thou hast been warning them: But who hath believed the Report? or to whom is the Arm of the Lord revealed? I was found of them that I sought not after; but was rejected of them whom I had called; for like Adam they hid themselves from MY PRESENCE: and now let all men weigh their letters deep. And now I tell thee, if there had not been found these three Shepherds to be as a Moses in the Gap, as a Joseph in Egypt, and a Noah to build the ARK of the NEW COVENANT for Man, your land must be destroyed by Fire, as the World of Old was by Water: for I would not spare Horse nor Rider; but would have brought the day of vengeance on all Flesh, for nailing ME to the wood, that wood should kindle a fire in My Anger and Wrath in my Fury, that should burn to the nether-most hell, if I had not found men to bring the Womanís Guilt on Satanís head; as man brought his guilt on ME." So now, O man, judge for yourselves,


and tell me on whom the day of vengeance shall fall? Will you say on Sinners? Then he that is without sin let him cast the first stone. But here must every tongue be silent, and every mouth be stopped. I am a swift Witness against mankind.

If I tell you the truth why not believe me? If I tell you lies, why not reprove me? Weigh my letter to the Rev. Mr. Tucker; and let it be known he was a Curate to the Ven. Archdeacon Moore, and often came to the house where I resided: yet no man reproved me; but privately said they could not believe the LORD would reveal HIS Secrets to a Woman. Then, Ye should never have believed the Fall came by a woman. So now man stands to plead his Trial alone. Why he refuses the good, and chooses the evil? Why he hath turned the past Judgments into Gall, and Righteousness into Hemlock? Or how can he run upon these Rocks? Or how will he plough there with Oxen? How will he break this ground, that is made as Firm as the Pillars of Heaven? Is it good for the man to be alone? For as the woman hath borne the pains of Hell, to bring in her natural Children, so now she shall bear the JOYS of HEAVEN to bring in her SPIRITUAL Children. And as she hath borne pain ever since the Fall, that was never cast on man, to bring forth the fruits of the womb, so she shall have that LIGHT given her, which never shall be given to man, but through the woman, to bring in the spiritual Children.

"Then now I tell you one and all,
When you the Race of Man can call
Without the Woman to appear,
Then say you do not want her here.
If you without her can be born,
I need not visit in her form.


To bring a SPIRITUAL race to man;
Because the Woman was MY PLAN,
To have mankind be born anew:
Now bring My Gospel to your view.
I said, ye must be born again:
Look deep ye simple sons of men:
And tell me how that man was born,
You say "from Adamít might be known:
Without the Woman he did appear:
He was the dust that perished there.
And so the dust doth still go on;
And putrefactionís still in man:"
But of the Woman I was born,
(A mystery deep no man discerns)
To putrefaction did not come:
Then now like ME be born again.
And from the Woman all appear;
And then Iíll make you sons and heirs:
For heirs of GOD you now shall be,
And as I said, joint-heirs with ME;
And of the SPIRIT now be born:
You know ítis written in her form,
That GOD would surely send his SON,
When the FULL TIME was surely come;
That as in Adam all men died,
Even in ME it is applied,
That all Iíd make ALIVE to be—
Appear vain man and answer ME,
How you MY BIBLE so deny?
The HOLY GHOST, I then did say,
MY FATHER would send in MY NAME,
And all to your remembrance bring;
And all together is brought here,
What man by learning cannot clear,
No more than they can make a race;
The Sodomites must men disgrace.
I ask what children there did come?
For menís inventions all are wrong;
And soít went on from Adamís fall:
I came as man unto you all—
As man I lived, as man I died,
As VERY man by you applied;
And yet you say IíM VERY GOD,
Then sure the woman must be known
To stand before you like My Bone:
For GOD and MAN alike to join.
The SECOND ADAM must appear,
As in MY Gospel you see clear,


For to redeem you from the first;
And there the serpent must be cast:
Because he came to tempt the bride,
As he did Eve, it is applied:
But she like Eve did not submit,
And him Iíll chain beneath her feet:
And she shall surely tread him down;
And all menís wisdom Iíll confound
That do like Adam now appear,
Condemn me for the woman here,
As Adam cast the blame at first;
But man shall find Iíll cast it last:
Because no more Iíll bear the blame,
But put the sons of men to shame.
My SECOND COMING is begun,
I tell you, in the WOMANíS form;
And IíLL go on, and make an end:
I died to be the Womanís friend:|
And as her friend Iíll now appear,
In every page thatís written here.
And so Iíll end it with the CROWN;
As Fifty-eight their names were found,
To sign their names as do appear—
Satan is cast, the Womanís cleared.
And Iíll go on to clear the whole;
And nowís your time to stand or fall.
So hereís the Bone shall not be broke:
The SECOND ADAM is your lot,
For to redeem you from the Fall—
Appear vain men, and answer all,
How Adamís likeness can appear
Without the Woman? Who can clear?
Or how youíll cast the blame on hell,
Without the Woman, mortals tell.
Let all MY BIBLE to appear:
More blind, now than the Jews you are:
Yet they of wisdom proudly boast;
And by their wisdom they were lost.
And all menís wisdom is the same;
For dead to knowledge man Iíll name—
He was pronounced by the Fall,
And now Iíll prove you are dead all,
To every knowledge of your GOD:
Confirm the lie which Satan said,
That a true knowledge you should gain;
But soon Iíll make you know youíre men;
And no more knowledge have of ME
Than a dead corpse has eyes to see,


When he is buried in the dust;
So wrong your wisdom you do trust;
And so I AM come to prove youíre dead
To every knowledge as Iíve said,
It is by FAITH that some believe,
But learning doth men all deceive,
Wherein their wisdom they do trust:
The natural branch that way was cast—
And the wild olive is the same,
And so high-minded are become.
Then now ítis time to stand in fear:
The natural branches perished there.
Then sure the olive will the same:
No man by learning knows MY NAME:
So to your learning do not trust:
I tell you all there man is lost;
Because MY Bible none discern,
Nor in what manner I do warn:
For how could I pronounce man dead,
If that his knowledge was not fled?
And now I AM come to try them all,
And down their wisdom it must fall;
And all as new-born babes become,
Confess that ye have all to learn,
And then I say Iíll make you men;
And the GOOD FRUIT to all shall come,
That will like Moses now appear:
Put off Your Shoes as he did there—
That is Your Wisdom all put off:
Weigh deep these lines—Iíve said enough.
And to the SEALED now Iíll come,
And tell you how Iíll join all men.
For how can man his talents boast,
And prove his wisdom shines,
When all his wisdom it is lost?
Another lies behind,
And then condemns what he hath done:
Then whereís the man can boast,
To say his wisdom bright does shine?
No, every man is lost.
In wisdom here no man can clear,
To prove his wisdomís good;
Because another does appear
And say that it is bad.
And soít went on, I say, by man,
Ever since Adamís fall;
And every century trace you back;
Then prove the truth of all,


But now Iíll come to rescue man,
And make the blind to see;
That when MY KINGDOM doth come down,
You of one mind shall be.
As Iíve begun Iíll now go on,
Till all are of one mind;
And to the sealed letters come—
MY KINGDOM there Iíll bind.
So now ye see the mystery,
How I shall draw you all:
Ye that donít come, it shall be known,
Must die in Adamís fall.
For thereís not one, I will redeem,
From Adamís fallen race,
That doth not come with ME to join,
So by the SEALS Iíll now reveal—
íTis there your Names must stand,
If you will be wedded to ME,
And gain the Promised Land:
For thereís no man that is not found
For to be sealed below,
That shall possess this earthly ground,
When I MY KINGDOM show,
For to come down, and rescue man
From SATAN and from sin,
And give you all the Promised Land,
That I for man ordained.
I know them not, shall be their lot
When I to man appear:
MY KINGDOM you have all forgot,
And youíre forgotten here,
To have your names enrolled above,
As youíve refused below:
You all despise MY PERFECT LOVE:
And how will you appear?
I said on earth you must be sealed,
Before you were in heaven;
And now the mysteries Iíll reveal;
And I My Seal have given,
The second Star doth now appear,
And to the Bride is come:
If for the BRIDEGROOM youíll prepare
Then let your faith be known,
To give your names that I may come,
For to deliver here
And let your names appear;


Or else your lot, I know you not,
Youíll find is then My cry:
The BRIDEGROOM you have quite forgot,
And let your lamps grow dry—
That is, your faith is withered here,
And all your oil is gone;
I told you I should so appear;
But lamps in every hand
Must then appear, when I come here:
I ask, What lamps must be?
It is a faith for to believe
That I shall rescue ye,
From death, and hell, and Adamís fall—
The promise there was made;
And so I said, Iíd rescue all;
Oh, men be not misled.
Whatís sealed on earth the Scripture saith,
Is surely sealed in heaven;
Therefore your names I know them not,
Where you No Names have given.
But those that give, and then deceive,
And say their faith was wrong,
Theyíre loosed here, and shall appear—
For so their lot must come.
So now you see your destiny,
The hours of all went wrong;
And twenty-four, now judge ye,
For so the day is CROWNED:
And soít shall end, ítis MY intend,
The names must all appear:
By MY COMMAND the names must stand,
And so I have ended here."

____________ o0o ____________

This Communication was given to Joanna in 1795, concerning the Sepulchre of Our Saviour, and the sealing up of her Writings.

"When in the Sepulchre I soon was laid,
The stone was rolled, and the seals were made,
To guard MY BODY, it might not arise,
Or My Disciples eíer deceived their Eyes.
This was the wisdom first begun by man:
Now change the lines, and to the other come.


I said a Bone of HIM should not be broke:
Read oíer the chapter, see how it was spoke,
That all the Bible it might be fulfilled:
And everything according to My will.
Without a Seam MY Garment it was made,
And interwoven; but by man betrayed.
But now the mystery Iíve explained to thee:
Or fatal now, for all men it would be.
But as MY Coat was interwoven through,
MY COVENANT I make with Man, is NEW.
I tell you, it shall be without a seam,
When I do come all men for to redeem.
For now the Bone it must to all appear:
It is not broken—they may see it clear.
For all MY Covenant is sealed up:
Three seals together are in every stamp;
The FATHER, SON, and HOLY GHOST, these Three
Combined together in the TRINITY.
Bone of the Man the Woman first was made,
And by the Tempter she was soon betrayed:
And in the garden I did find the same—
It was the Devil then in Judas came:
So like the Woman I was then betrayed:
Now in the Woman I will break his head.
Thou knowíst how Judas did himself condemn:
Therefore I pity now will have on man.
íTis well for SATAN had he neíer been born;
Or the proud waves confined him to his doom:
Because on Satan doth MY anger burn—
Iíll save all souls, that now to me will turn.
My arms are open all men to receive:
The water flowing will the Fountain give:

And let MY GOSPEL SOUND from Pole to Pole;
And FREE salvation must be preached to all

Whoever will I bid them now to come—
MY PROMISE is, Iíll never cast out one
That doth My Favour now begin to seek:
The time draweth nigh that it will be too late.
I spared the FIG-TREE but one single year,
íTis in My Gospel, let all men beware.
My Feastís preparing, and My servants go,
To know if they will sup with ME or no.
The BRIDEGROOMíS Coming, let them oil prepare—
It is too late when I have shut the door:
For when the axe is laid unto the Tree,
The ROOT cut down, the branches dead must be—


Now GLORIOUS days, I say, are coming on
To such as donít MY Favours proudly scorn:
But they that do MY Favours now despise,
Go with their Masters, whom they do more prize.
Because this Earth Iíve chosen it for my own:
And in my Chariot I AM coming down."

In December 14th, 1795, Mr. Kidner dreamed that the corn was ripe unto harvest, in some fields; but one was green, and could not ripen for want of sun. All on a sudden he thought the sun burnt so much, that he felt the heat, and was warmed thereby. The field of corn was ripened at once by the burning sun. There was some corn, however, green, and they were forced to cut it down, and carry it into another field to ripen; as the leaves of the trees shaded the field, so that the sun could not come to ripen it.—

The Answer of the Spirit—

"And now these lines thou hast read oíer to ME,
Iíll answer every single line to thee.
The Corn in other Fields did ripen stand:
Why art thou puzzled? it is in this land.
This is the Field he dreamed it was so green:
In all thy writings plain it might be seen:
For by the leaves the Corn was shaded so;
I say, the leaves do shadow all the Corn,
It was not ripe, nor fit for my barn:
Until the burning Sun did there appear,
And now the mystery I will make more clear:
The leaves that shaded it is menís wisdom so:
Do not thy writings tell thee how to go?
For now I tell thee ítis the leaves of men:
They sew together and do shade the Corn.
Therefore no fig-leaves let them sew at all;
But cry weíre guilty, we are guilty all:
And let your fig-leaves all be thrown away;
And all shall burn to the most perfect day.
For unto Harvest must the Corn now come:
Because the Tares I surely now shall burn:


But to the purpose I do bid thee come.
The field he dreamed of it is Wesleyís room—
The Corn is green Iíll make it to appear:
Because, I say, themselves they so do trust,
Thinking they are so wise, so good, and just—
And as theyíre cleansed, now they want no more
But go the very way they went before:
*And ítis their righteousness they do commend:
And on their wisdom they do all depend.
But here thouírt puzzled, and thy penís put down;
And by their prayers they do thy senses drown:
As in My merits thou sayest they do plead:
And what thouíst written I well know is true:
And now Iíll make it plainer to thy view.
To make it plainer and to make it clear,
They do not act according to their prayers.
For if they did, they would enquire to know,
Whether the things thou speakíst of they are so;
Therefore, I say, the Corn will still be green,
Until menís wisdom it is all cut down;
And in another field to ripen there:
Why art thou puzzled? I shall answer here:
The burning Sun did ripen soon the Corn,
And bring it fit to put into the barn:
The burning Sun it surely will appear:
But for the present thou hast ended here.
For what he dreamt he did not understand—
íTwas I permitted it to come to thy hand:
And they will better know another day,
When I shall show the true and perfect way."

____________ o0o ____________

February 22nd, 1803. I dreamt I was on an amazing large Tree, with such large branches and trunk as never was seen. There was a great number of people on it, like a flock of birds. I thought I stood on one of the large branches, and held by an UPPER BRANCH. When I came to the end of the branch I stood on, I left my footing, and held fast by the UPPER one; and that branch lengthened out like

* A sect of people who believe themselves religious, and followers of the late John Wesley.


the water from an engine, and carried me over many dangerous and difficult places. At last I was over a gate, where two horses were talking together; and I was carried beyond them, and landed upon a high, beautiful, and clean bank; and then I awoke.

The Answer of the SPIRIT to the Dream.

"Now I will answer thee this dream:
The TREE of KNOWLEDGE thou sawíst plain,
And on the branches many came;
And the true knowledge they will gain.
The branch thou stoodst on is MY WORD,
To prove thy writings come from GOD;
And by the truths that here have come:
But when the Learned do appear,
To prove the truth is not all clear,
Then thou wilt hang upon MY Word
That is, to come—and say thy LORD
Hath Promised all for to fulfil;
And they may judge it as they will.
If they say Satan told thee first,
No more on it thouílt say thouílt trust:
But if thy calling is of GOD,
He will fulfil the words HE said;
And on MY Words thouílt trust to come,
And leave the truths are past and gone:
And then MY ARM shall strong appear:
And from all dangers thee Iíll clear:
Because MY ARM will lengthen on,
And all MY Words I shall perform;
And then MY BIBLE all may see,
Just like thy writings all to be;
That in like manner Iíll fulfil:
Then let the learned try their skill,
And deeply weigh how all was spoke;
And then discern how all did drop.
No enemy appeared at first:
But in the end thy foes will burst:
And then the mysteries all will see—
So perfect true the end will be,
That every truth I shall perform,
And thou shalt find MY outstretched ARM,
Safely to land thee on the bank—
Of Jordanís River all may drink.


For in thy dream thouíst not discerned,
How like thy Fatherís yard ít did come;
Because the gate was at the first,
And at the end the river burst:
And on the rising ground appeared,
And perfect so Iíll land thee there.
So when the ice begins to break,
Perhaps thy footing it will slip;
And then thy dangers will appear,
And then MY ARM thouílt find is near,
As thou didst find thy Fatherís hand—
I said thouídst broke the ice for man;
And soon their frozen hearts thouílt see
Begin to break, for to drown thee;
And say "The calling is too high;"
And Satanís malice fast will fly,
And say "Thou swellíst them up with pride;"
And all the truth will be denied,
But then their letters at the first,
Must free them all—no pride could burst
When they thy Writings first believed,
And therefore men must be deceived,
To say their hearts were swelled with pride,
When every truth is here applied.
But men must give their GOD the lie,
If they MY WORDS will now deny,
I said, that they who honoured ME
Iíd surely honour, they should see:
And now Iíll honour all these men
That did awake to see it plain;
But those that did despise ME here,
Lightly esteemed they shall appear.
So now from ELI all may see
The promise made to man to be.
If he like David donít become,
I say, a Samuel, shall be known
To be a prophet in his room:
And from a Child it shall be known
That he the Man-child must appear,
And all MY OFFICE he shall bear,
Unless that man do humbly turn
And like a David now to mourn.
But here thy heart is grieved within
Thou sayíst a Child must be too young;
And wonít MY KINGDOM now appear?

* Read page 70 of the ĎAnswer of the Lord to the Powers of Darknessí


Before a CHILD the truth can clear?
Then thou dost say, it canít be soon;
And so your Sun will cloud at noon.
But from the Bells,
* I told thee first,
The calling of all Lands were placed.
So here the first Bell does begin;
And ítis the first I shall call in,
And free this Land from every tare;
And you may judge MY KINGDOMís here.
Then other Nations I shall call:
MY warning it must go through all,
Before I make a final end.
And can all Lands so shortly bend,
Before a Child he can become
At twelve years old to talk with men?
Or like young Samuel for to be,
And learn MY Word like Timothy?
No, every Nation first Iíll try;
And then MY arrows fast shall fly.
But how can I in justice come
To chain the rebel to his den,
And every withered branch cut off,
Before I do begin to graft
Some other Fruit upon the Tree?
Then every Root cut down must be.
For when that Satan is chained down,
I sure shall shake this earthly ground;
And all his legions he will draw—
It is a day no man does know;
And ítis a day no man can bear,
But those that know the TRUTH before:
And they with joy will hear the sound,
When fast MY Thunder doth abound:
And ítis by Thunder he will fall—
MY Lightening flash—MY Thunder roll;
And every Bolt shall fall on he;
Till fast the Rebel he shall flee.
And can these days so hasty come?
Then I must sure destroy all lands.
But now if ENGLAND do awake,
And all MY BIBLE undertake,
To show them all that it is plain
MY SPIRITís come to warn all men;
Then sure the Tempter he shall fly,
I say, like Cain, the years draw nigh

* See: Book of Prophecies published in 1781, page 128


That I shall BLESS this happy Land—
I know Iíve thousands that will stand
As valiant Soldiers in the Fight,
And now shall make them Men of Might,
And every land before them fall:
MY KINGDOMís hastening fast for all:
And ENGLAND will possess it first,
And wonders fast for all will burst.
Youíll find the storms are hastening on,
To wet the ground thatís dry become;
And then the clouds I shall dismiss:
Because the rest in ME will trust
That I shall surely leave behind—
Youíll find MY WORDS are like the wind,
That shall the hearts of thousands shake—
íTis time for ENGLAND to awake,
And call the Nations from afar,
And let them know MY SPIRITís here.
But how the Nations shall I call?
Appear, vain men, and answer all,
How you MY BIBLE will fulfil—
I tell you, ítis beyond your skill.
Shall I in person come below?
To call all nations shall I go?
Because on earth I have no friend,
Like MY Disciples for to send
MY sons and daughters from afar:
Shall I in person call them here?
Because MY SPIRIT canít be found
To visit man, or know my sound;
Then Reprobates you all must be—
Appear, vain men, and answer ME
The following Words that I shall name,
Or else Iíll put you all to shame.

"How AM I to reason with man? It is written "Now let us reason together, saith the LORD; for though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them as wool; though they are crimson, I will make them white as snow." How am I to plead with man, and bring them all together in a low valley, as a body of one people? And how is the HOLY GHOST to come


and comfort you in my Name, and bring all things to your remembrance? Or how is the prince of this world to be judged? or how is Satan to be cast down? or how is he to be chained down? and how is the SECOND ADAM to repair the loss of the First? and how are the Nations to be healed? How is MY WILL to be done on earth as it is in Heaven? or how will you bring men to the knowledge of the LORD, before they know ME from the greatest to the least? Let those that reprove, answer these questions. And let GOD be TRUE, and every man a liar, that says, I shall not fulfil my BIBLE according to my PROMISE. But how can men judge ME the GOD of TRUTH? When did I come the Mighty Counsellor, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father? When was the throne of David established? or how shall I be the desire of every Nation, without my peaceable Kingdom being made known? and how shall it be known without the Spirit of Prophecy? or how shall my Testimony be made known to men without my Spirit to warn them?"

____________ o0o ____________

The following is in Answer to PETERíS drawing his sword contrary to his Lordís command.

"Like Peter all have done—
Against MY WORD youíve drawn the Sword,
And ME you all deny;
But if like Peter you return,
And look to Calvary,
And see the ROCK where all is spilt,
And see the ROCK that stands,
On what foundation all is built,
Youíll find ME GOD and MAN.
Thou sayíst thou dost not understand;


Then I shall speak more plain:
For all are Peters in your land,
And acting so as men.
Is not MY BIBLE all denied?
And men are all asleep:
Then now the field is opened wide,
Like Peter all may weep:
Then tears of grief shall bring relief,
And tears of joy shall come;
And they shall find I AM the Rock
That they shall build upon.
So now like Peter all begin,
And all like Peter end:
Youíll find THAT ROCK in every heart,
For I AM the Sinnerís friend.
And Peters let them be:
Then fish by them, now caught may be,
Until the net does break:
Their labours I will surely bless;
Humbly to thee they came:
And Iíll exalt them here:
Thou knowíst how they are sealed up—
Iíll make the mystery clear:
But every proud, and scornful heart
Shall certainly come low;
And that I AM the LORD above,
That every soul shall know.
Let nothing stumble, nor surprise,
Of what is coming on—
If darkness now does cloud the eyes,
The day-light soon will come.
Iím not such fool as thou dost say,
To act as men would have;
Their judgment they do all betray,
And did it at MY grave.
Their worldly wisdom then did shine—
I simply gave it up;
And simply did the sons of men
Receive the dreadful stroke.
Simple, I say, all this was done,
To stoop so low to man:
And simple now for to invite
I surely have begun:
And simply I, did all men try;
But WISELY I shall end;
And they shall know by PROPHECIES
MY BIBLE first was penned.


And now, I say, ítis going through,
The Revelations come;
And after that the Psalms
* are penned,
My BIBLE ít must be known.
Man was the First, that did appear,
And single stood alone:
The HELPMATE I for him prepared
Did surely put him down.
Simply the fruit she first did taste,
And gave it unto man;
And simply then their die was cast;
Their ruin then began.
For Satanís wisdom there did shine,
To hold ME to MY WORD:
Now let men be as wise as he,
And all shall know the LORD.
This is the wisdom of a GOD,
To deal with simple manís;
But when My Wisdom flies abroad,
They must to nothing come,
And all their Babels down shall fall,
That they have built so high:
MY simple wisdom shown to all
Must make them to comply.
And simple now the date is put
The 29th of May:
And when this letter thou didst write,
The 23rd thou sayíst.
Then sure the date it was forgot:
To man it must appear:
But by the Old Style this was put,
And man does surely err.
This is a hidden mystery,
That man does not discern,
That thou didíst write, the date to ME,
And brought it out to man:
And at thy folly men would laugh,
And ask how this could be?
That thou couldst write the 23rd
What happened in that day.
The 29th, before the time,
Theyíll say that this was wrote;
From GOD and Man now this is done
And men discern it not.
So all thy writings are the same:

* Singing Psalms at the end of some Bibles

+ Joanna wrote about a sermon preached on 29th may, and by mistake dated the letter 23rd, which was presented on June 4th, that is the 23rd May, old style


For every mysteryís deep:
And all thy conduct they do blame—
íTis right and wrong thou speakíst.
So right and wrong thou mayíst go on,
For ought that they do care;
But when MY Sheep I do demand
How will they all appear?
What? perish, in the wilderness?
Will then My Shepherds cry—
The wolf to carry off My Sheep,
While they were standers by?
And never stirred a step to save:
How will they all appear?
The wounded, the Physician, wants—
The WHOLE—need not a cure.
So if My Judgments do come on,
Let all men own ME just:
For if the wolf do steal the one,
He surely may the rest.
Is this the way My Flock is kept,
Left to the Shepherdís care?
The wolf to drag them in the Pit
And left to perish there.
Then now MY Anger who can blame
If it should heat and burn?
And like the Gospel, say to all,
To ENGLAND I shall turn."

A Communication given to JOANNA, in 1797, in answer to menís saying, that the first chosen were not religious enough for so great a calling, if it was of God; for they said the twelve men, mentioned in the 12th chapter of Revelation, ought to be the best men upon the earth.

"With thy remarks Iíll first begin
And answer next the sons of men—
For just like thee they all may wait,
Before theyíll find a man complete.
Perfection never was in man;
And now to reason Iíll begin:
The fall of man must first be freed,
Before perfection you will see.
Can man thatís tainted by the Fall,
Be FREE and have no sin at all?


Then sure MY Blood was shed in vain,
If man perfection could obtain,
Till to the fulness they do come:
For your Redemption must be known.
Till DEATH and HELL be conquered here,
Some Spot in man there will appear,
Therefore, MY Blood for man was shed,
If thereís no guilt, Iíve nought to plead,
That for their sins I did atone—
Their frailties to ME are known.
The world Iíll answer now like thee,
If upright men they wait to see,
Wherein no spot can eíer be found,
The MARRIAGE never can be CROWNED.
For, like thy Father, I do say,
These noble men are gone away,
That you can say did never sin;
But now to reason Iíll begin,
As men so boldly blamed MY Choice,
And think ítis not their MAKERíS Choice,
I bid the sons of men appear,
And bring ME Twelve that perfect are,
That no man living will condemn—
I say, ít cannot be done by man.
Therefore these very men I choose,
For to convince the stubborn Jews,
That no self-righteous man is here,
To say his merit this did clear.
How could the race of Adam stand
GUILTY before the LORD?
If upright men were in your land
Nor sinned in a word."

____________ o0o ____________

A communication given to JOANNA, in 1794, concerning the Vials in the Revelations, and taken from the Sealed Writings, opened Jan. 12th, 1803.

"Now from the Revelations thou begin:
They say the Vials were poured on the Sun,
This is a mystery to all unknown.
And now the chapter read thou oíer to ME,
And then Iíll answer all the mystery.
For men dispute what they donít understand,
Nor can find out what all these plagues do mean;


But now Iíll tell thee, what thouílt find is true,
The past and present bring before thy view:
And from the vials thou must now begin:
They are already on the sons of men.
The first on France, is greatly poured there;
And now Iíll make it plainly to appear.
Have not the plague, and pestilent disease,
The dreadful sword, and all such evil ways,
Been in their City? but they do blaspheme,
And who to seek the LORD does now return?
And now these things thou sayíst they are not clear:
Thatís in thy heart; for surely I AM there.
But in what manner dost thou think ítwill be?
In perfect likeness must it be to thee.
The perfect likeness thou dost little know:
But further on thou from the vials must go:
For the first Vial was poured on the earth,
In every nation you have heard a dearth,
But yet much dearer things will surely be;
And now comes on the other mystery.
The dearth in France you know did first abound,
Before the other Vial was poured down,
So in all lands it sure will be the same:
One Vial is poured; another will come on.
The want of Bread it certain will appear,
Before the other Plagues they will come here.
That is the reason why the Men will rise:
Because that darkness will destroy their eyes,
They will not say, that Sin hath this decreed;
But their complaint will be for want of bread.
For when the Vials are poured upon the earth,
Then every Vial will soon bring on itself.
So with the Vials thou hast ended here:
And on the Sun the Vials will soon appear.
But thatís a mystery I to thee will show.
No man by learning can these truths find out:
It is of GOD, I say, let no man doubt.
Thy penís put down, and thou no more caníst say:
And now thy way I surely will direct.
íTis on the SUN the Vial is poured out;
And fervent heat it shall so strongly burn,
That all the earth shall feel it, and shall mourn;
Because the Sun shall burn so very strong
That all the Corn it surely will consume.

A great want of food at first appeared in France. The British ships brought the American vessels laden with corn into British ports.


One Vial after another fast shall go,
Till every Vial is poured here below.
In no fixed Kingdom have I eíer decreed:
The burning Sun shall burn up every weed.
For Summer Fallows I will then make bare,
To burn the weeds, and to destroy the tares:
And a GOOD HUSBANDMAN Iíll surely be:
But now comes on the other mystery.
For now Iíll surely be a MAN of War;
And in the Bible thou mayíst read it there.
Itís not the word, the meaning is the same,
Iíll be a MAN of War in every land.
MY sword shall glitter, that they all shall know,
MY Spear is ready, and Iíve fixed MY bow.
Now what thouíst read, thou dost not understand:
But now consider what is in thy hand.
Unto Isaiah thou must now repair:
In Jeremiah thou wilt find it there.
And now these chapters thouíst read oíer to ME,
It doth appear a mystery unto thee:
But yet this mystery Iíll to thee reveal,
What I from ages have so long concealed.
I said unto Isaiah thou must go:
In Jeremiah thou wilt find it too.
The Pen of Iron
* it is in thy hand,
And they shall find it so in every land.
And now Isaiah thou hast searched all through:
And no appearance like it to thy view:
Yet in it thou the Prophetess dost see;
As it was in ífore times now ít shall surely be,
GREAT PEACE in ENGLAND after that shall be:
Because the remnant will believe in ME.
íTis the last Plague that ever shall come here,
Before the BRIDEGROOM doth to all appear—
A happy Land when all the storms are gone,
The WHEAT preserved, and the weeds Iíve burned."

____________ o0o ____________

A Communication given to JOANNA, in 1794, concerning the Second Chapter of Joel, and now taken from the Sealed Writings, opened January 12th, 1803. It begins from the ministers, in St. Peterís Church, at Exeter,

* Jerimiah XVII: 1


ordering the people to leave the marble corner stones on each side of the altar, and to kneel in the front of it:—

"Now leave the Building and the Corner Stone;
And every one to ZION now must come.
For on the Corner Stone no longer lean;
But the FULL PROMISES you all must claim,
Whereby your full atonement now is made;
And the FULL PROMISE quickly shall be paid.
Now sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb.
And every one to ZION now must come:
And MY FULL PROMISES they all must plead,
And they shall find ME in the breaking bread.
Now back to Joel I do bid thee turn—
While it was reading ít made thee for to mourn:
Because that they so dreadful did appear;
And every soul shall find that day is near—
A day of mourning, it will surely be
To those that do not put their trust in ME.
MY VOICE most dreadful every soul shall hear—
Saints shall rejoice, while Sinnersí hearts shall fear,
The Earth shall quake, and tremble at MY WORD,
The Moon be darkened, and be turned to blood.
The meaning of that Word thou dost not know,
Why from the Moon such streams of blood do flow.
So I have told thee that the Moon is New,
As a sure token all these things are true.
But yet the mystery they can never find,
Till I shall open the benighted mind.
Then why should men pretend for to dispute
What they donít understand, nor can find out?
íTis from the wise and prudent men concealed
What I to thee intend for to reveal:
And I their eyes will open for to see
That I alone revealed these things to thee.
But oh! the mysteries are not yet revealed,
What I from ages have so long concealed:
Because the Type must from the Woman go:
The Moonís a Type—that every soul shall know.
And when the Moon is turned into blood,
Then all is cleansed by that heavenly flood,
The Sun be darkened at that very time.
It plainly shows, that sin shall have an end.
The Stars from Heaven they shall surely fall,
Because you will not want their light at all.

* Read Revelation 15:3


Now further on you must from Joel go,
If deeper mysteries you do wish to know.
Your plough-shares into swords you all must turn,
And every weak man say, that he is strong:
Because that persecution will arise,
Darkness and sin will cover many eyes,
And TRUE RELIGION men will sure pull down;
If they donít FIRMLY STAND to keep their GROUND.
A dreadful slaughter there will surely be:
But let not these things ever trouble thee.
So now remember your baptismal vow;
Which thing is right as all men do allow:
Under CHRISTís BANNER you must manful fight:
(This thingís allowed by all men to be right)
Against the World, the Flesh, and the Devil—
These things were meant when days were coming evil.
Then as CHRISTíS Soldiers you must manful stand:
You know your MASTER gave this strict command,
That he which had no Sword
* must go and buy:
The time to use it now is drawing nigh.
For CHRIST affirmed HIS servants should have fought
Had it been then, but surely it was not.
Therefore HE did submit their frowns to bear,
And charged Peter to put up his spear:
But then HE said HIS KINGDOM was not here.
But when HIS KINGDOM doth come here below,
My Saints must fight, and they will find it so.
For JOELíS Prophecies are drawing near:
Unto Mankind Iíll make them all appear."

* The Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God - The temporal sword, too, if needed.

____________ o0o ____________

A Communication given to JOANNA, in 1794, concerning STEPHEN being stoned to death, and taken from Her Sealed Writings, opened Jan. 12th, 1803.

"Stephen was my Disciple then of old;
And now the mysteries Iíll to thee unfold:
For his RELIGION he was stoned to death,
As now the record of the Scripture saith:
And with the Zealous People there was PAUL—
When at his feet they laid their clothing all:


And now this mystery I will here unseal,
The meaning of it Iíll to thee reveal.
The clothing of mankind Iíll strip them all,
And lay their clothing at the feet of PAUL:
For in menís wisdom they do sore abound,
Until from HEAVEN theyíll hear a different sound;
And then like Paul theyíll SUDDENLY obey:
Before his face Iíll show the perfect way;
And such a persecution will begin.
Thy mind is puzzled—and thy penís put down:
And this shall be a sure and certain sign,
They shall be puzzled, and their swords shall fall.
For in MY anger Iíll consume them all,
As Stephen, by the malice here of men,
Was stoned to death, and did his life lay down.
The HEAVENS were opened then for to receive
His dying spirit that to GOD he gave.
So now the things shall turn the other way:
Why art thou puzzled, and no more canst say?
Then if ítis changed ítis HELL must open now,
To such as do MY Judgments disallow:
For I no longer will submit to man,
Unless ít be such, that truly fear MY NAME.
MY patience is already wearied out:
MY angerís kindled; ítis too late to doubt—
For to dispute whether these things are true:
The time draws near and they will find ítis so.
Now from "the GOSPEL" thou begin to write:
What things aforetime were recorded there
Was for your learning, now it doth appear,
That ye through patience might the SCRIPTURES know;
And GODís SALVATION to you all Iíll show.
Now be like-minded in this very thing;
To CHRIST together all these glories bring,
That I to thee have said.—
Thy SAVIOUR CHRIST was truly circumcised:
And now the meaning I have said before;
But in thy writings I have named it here:
And now the GOD of HOPE will give you PEACE
In this belief, and you must give HIM Praise.
And now the Gospel read thou oíer to ME;
These are the words, thy SAVIOUR, HE did say,
Signs in the Heavens thou wilt surely see
But surely further on thou caníst not say,
Till I shall further on direct thy way.

* The text of a sermon on a fast day – Luke XIII: 2

+ Here the voice stopped speaking to her.


For when the Fig-Trees shoot their leaves most green,
The Winterís past—the Summerís coming on:
And then great joy may unto you appear;
Because that your Salvation now draws near.
For then the KINGDOM of HEAVENíS nigh at hand;
Then sing for joy, O thou enlightened Land!
Therefore I all these things have spoke in verse,
That you may sing it to your MAKERíS PRAISE:
And if your voices cannot reach the tune,
Let it be altered by the sons of men:
And from thy observation now begin:
The Bishop bid the Minister
* to come,
Or sent his servant—that was just the same!
And soon the Minister with blushes came:
And then he charged, that Young Timothy
Should in his faith continue for to be;
As he was well-assured from whom heíd learned,
He bid him to go on, and not return.
So in like manner it will surely be:
Iíll send MY Servants as I promised thee:
And then with faith and fear theyíll hasty come,
And bid thee like Young Timothy, go on."

____________ o0o ____________

A Communication given to JOANNA, in October, 1794, in answer to a Dream which she had wherein she thought she had an engagement with Satan, and had overthrown him into a pit.

The Answer of the SPIRIT.

"So will it happen to the powers of darkness: they will be cut short. Satan, the great accuser of the brethren, will be cast down. Woe to the inhabitants of the land of sinners; for Satan will come down in great power and wrath, because he knows his reign will be short. Sin will abound. Grace will much

* In Exeter, at St. Peterís Church, the Minister continued so long in the Vestry after prayers, that the Bishop sent his servant for him – He took his text from 2Timothy III:14


more abound. The POWER of CHRIST will be STRONG in believers; the power of Satan will be strong in sinners. As it was in Heaven; so will it be on earth. Michael and the dragon fought; but could not cast him out of Heaven, till the SON of GOD came, and thrust him out; so will it be on earth, when Satan is chained down. Persecution must first arise; saints and sinners must first fight. That time will be short and sharp. Then will the pillars of the HEAVENS be shaken, and the foundation of the earth will tremble. The seas will roar and make a great noise; menís hearts failing them for very trouble because they did not believe these things would be. Now let all men search the Scriptures, for they testify of these things.

"The solemn midnight cry—
The BRIDEGROOMíS Voice youíll hear,
The SPIRIT and the BRIDE affirm,
HIS Coming now draws near.
The heavenly pillars soon will shake,
And earthís foundation mourn:
Therefore ítis time loudly to cry
To sinners to return—
While Mercy waiteth at the door,
The SAVIOUR doth invite;
For to come in, and sup with HIM,
Before the door is shut.

____________ o0o ____________

The following Communication was given to JOANNA, in February, 1798, and now taken from her Sealed


Writings opened January 12th, 1803, in answer to a Jew, who said, it was presumptuous in her to say, that the LORD would reveal his secrets to her.—His words were answered by the SPIRIT, in the following manner:

"What foundation had they (the Jews) to believe I ever revealed MY WILL to them? Was it for their goodness, or their merit? Did not Esau seek the life of his brother Jacob? Did not Jacobís sons seek the life of their brother Joseph? First, they conspired to take his life; next, they change their intentions, and sold him for a bond-slave; and then deceived their father with lies. Was not David guilty of murder and adultery? Trace the life of Solomon, with all his wisdom. The prophets that were good men, they (the Jews) put to death. Let them trace back all the actions of their forefathers, and see, why they should be so presumptuous, to believe I ever told My mind, or will, to such a people. Are there any crimes their forefathers have not done? But did I condemn the innocent with the guilty? or the just with the unjust? If I made the Jews, I ask them, who made the Gentiles? Was I not the MAKER OF BOTH? Then now let them look to the Apostles and Martyrs, who suffered death for MY sake. Was it not a stronger proof of love, than ever was shown by any nation, save the Jews? Then now let us reason together. If I conceal nothing from the Jews, why should I from the Gentiles, who owned ME for their Saviour, when the Jews denied ME? If they deny the oath which I sware unto Abraham—then let them deny the oath which I sware unto thee. If they believe the former—let them judge the latter. For my oath is made alike unto both; and I will no more forget the one than the other. Shall I forget a


people that are always with ME, and relying upon MY mercies for salvation? Not trusting to their own merits, but to My mercies: and mercy in me they shall find. But, on what foundation do you build, that trust to yourselves? Then ye must be perfect men without spot or blemish; and where is the man that can stand before me? Thou sayest no man is perfect—then no man can be justified by the Law. But now let them bring forth their arguments, and show their strong reasons, on what foundation they build their faith; and why their prophets were put to death; why they deny the GOSPEL OF CHRIST; why they were scattered over the face of the earth, their houses become desolate, and their holy temple destroyed. Did not the Gospel confirm the Law? The NEW Testament the Old? This being done must make them appear a despised people, and impostors, saying, their fathers were false writers, and affirming what never was; and therefore the curse of GOD was upon them for their lies, and not their unbelief. But now the GOSPEL must clear the LAW: and what they lost by their unbelief, they shall now gain by their faith, if they turn unto ME, and believe the GOSPEL. I have thus called them to answer for themselves. Let them bring forth their reasons, and I will bring forth MINE: and then let us reason together. The words of Isaiah were sealed up from man: but the end of the Revelation was not to be sealed up; though the words of Isaiah seem more plain to man than the Revelations. But here is the mystery: by the Revelations "ALL THE BIBLE WILL BE EXPLAINED." Mark how close the words are joined together—"I AM the Root and OFFSPRING of DAVID, and the Bright and Morning Star—The SPIRIT and the BRIDE say Come."

Verses alluding to the Singing Psalms at the end of some Bibles.


"Then now in verse I will begin
To answer here the Sons of Men.
The ROOT of Jesse doth appear:
The SPIRIT of the BRIDE is here.
Can Man this chapter now explain?
The Morning Star by thee was seen;
And all these tumults were foretold;
And every truth Iíll now unfold.
So let the learned men look deep;
And let the Jews awake and weep:
And all thy reasons call to mind,
And pen them here; the end theyíll find;
For then Iíll answer thee again,
And all thy pondering heart explain."

____________ o0o ____________

The following Communication was given to Joanna, July 19, 1798, and now taken from her Sealed Writings, opened January 12, 1803.

My mind and heart were torn with different passions. The various opinions of mankind; the doubts and fears of those that believed; the carelessness of ministers who were chosen by the same SPIRIT that directs me; I was at a loss to account for; as the hearts of all men were in the HANDS of the LORD, and HE turns them as the rivers of waters, why not incline these men to search out the truth? Why are they chosen who keep it back?

To this enquiry I was answered by the Spirit in the following manner:—

"Just is thy enquiry, why such men were chosen. How could MY BIBLE come TRUE? How could the pride of the great be brought low? How could men become as little children? How could they be born again? Or how could the weak, foolish things of this world confound the great and mighty? How could the wisdom of the wise men perish? How could the understanding of the prudent men be hid? How could the bows of the mighty men be


broken? How could he that stumbleth be girt with strength? How could I ask men if their ways were equal, and MINE unequal? Or how could I tell them that MY ways were equal, and theirs unequal? How could I demand of them to bring forth their arguments, and shew their strong reasons? Or how could I do "marvellous things" amongst them, if I should act according to thy weak understanding? How could I make the blind to see, the deaf to hear, or the leper to be cleansed? or how could I bring men out of themselves, if I had chosen twelve men to come at their first call? and in seeing, to see; and in hearing, to understand? Then man must be blameless, and all the Prophetsí words perish, and thy former writings be false. What blame could I cast on man, as he cast on ME at first? —"The woman Thou gavest me, beguiled me, and I did eat." Here was Paradise lost. The man copied after the woman in disobedience, and cast the blame on his MAKER. Now here let Paradise be regained. The woman you shall all see stands in perfect obedience to ME, and in her writings hath told you what is MY mind and will. Now bring forth your arguments, show your strong reasons, why you refuse to hear her. Are your ways equal, to cast your blame on your MAKER, for giving you the woman? And are MINE unequal, to complete your happiness BY HER? If I cast down, shall I not raise up? If I wound, shall I not heal? If I kill, shall I not make alive? If I made the woman, and she completed your misery at first, shall I not in the end make her to complete your joy? Then, now let us reason together: though your sins are as scarlet, I will make them as wool; though they are as crimson, I will make them as white as snow, if you will copy after HER at last, as Adam did at first. What have I required of thee, O man, but a yoke that is easy,


and a burden that is light? What self-confidence is in you now? What fig-leaves will ye sew together? Or where will ye hide yourselves from MY PRESENCE? Will ye now say, the woman beguiled you, and ye did eat? Or will you say, ye are wiser than your forefathers, and have hid yourselves from the folly of a woman? Then now let both stand together, and see which is naked, or which hath broken all my Laws. Judge no one unheard. Pity the afflicted. Pray for those who are tried and tempted. Reprove, exhort, with all meekness and patience. If ye love ME, feed MY sheep; if ye love Me, feed my lambs. But here ye must stand guilty. Then now let your mouths be stopped, and every tongue be silent, when I come to demand the sheep from your hands. Other sheep I have, that ye know not: whose minds your conduct hath greatly hurt. Therefore, wake ye ministers, mourn ye priests. Let MY shepherds now awake, for the day of the LORD is at hand; and I will gather all NATIONS to battle by the SPIRIT, or by the Sword, till ye own MY WAYS are equal, and yours unequal. Now search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life. All must be fulfilled; all must be accomplished, before your redemption can come, or the "fulness of the Gentiles be." Then shall the meek inherit the EARTH; the humble be exalted; the proud abased; honour shall follow humility; the haughty spirit shall fall. But when was this fulfilled? The proud and not the meek inherit the earth; the wise is judged to act wisely; the prudent man thinks he acts prudently; pride goeth down to the grave, and his pomp follows him, while the meek and humble are trodden under foot. The high hills are exalted; and the mountains are not brought low. But now I will weigh the mountains in a balance, and the little


hills in a scale. But how will this be accomplished by the wisdom of the wise and learned? Have I not said Heaven and Earth shall pass away; but MY WORDS shall not pass away? This generation shall not pass away till all is fulfilled. Where is the man that can explain it? Or where is the man that can tell by his learning, how it will be brought to pass? But the end is at hand. The type of these Twelve Men is a mystery which none can find out, why they were chosen, and why they never saw thee, to know on what grounds thou buildest. If I speak after the manner of men, they are ungrateful, ungenerous, and unjust. I mean ***** and ********. As thy worldly master pays so much regard to their honour, and so greatly respects them; they ought for his sake, if not for thy sake, to have seen thee, and to have endeavoured to convince thee of what they did not believe. But here they shewed a disregard to thy worldly master, as well as to thee. Would they have liked that one of their servants should have been treated with such disregard? I tell thee, no. They would have taken it as an affront offered to themselves. And now I will provoke thee to anger, and make thee full of the fury of the LORD; and MY anger shall be kindled in thee, and MY SPIRIT shall be upon thee. For MY law shall be written in thy heart. Then shall men tremble before thee, and own, with confusion, that they have done wrong. The same Spirit I will put in my shepherds, and will provoke them to anger and to jealousy; for they shall say as the woman did to Peter, "Thy speech betrayeth thee." When thou seest how these men will be brought to stand the Trial with the rest, then I will tell thee how thy writings will be accomplished.


"For Iíll provoke by anger and by love,
Till they the truth of all shall prove.
As he did tremble at the grave,
Over the dead he could not save;
And tears stood gushing in his eyes;
Just so heíll be when I surprise
Him with another letter here,
That from My shepherds must appear.
I tell thee plain I know the man,
And know where SATANís foot-steps come,
And all his arts I know before.
And now to make MY BIBLE clear,
I tell thee, I did choose these men,
And let the Power of Darkness reign
Upon their heads, and in their hearts,
Till in the end for it theyíll smart."

____________ o0o ____________

The following Communication was given to Joanna, on March 11, 1803, in answer to peopleís saying, "the Lord would never reveal his will to a woman: if he revealed his will at all, it would be to learned men or ministers."

The Answer of the Spirit to the above Words.

"I said, when I was here in the Body, I came to fulfil the LAW of GOD, and the PROPHETS; and Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but MY WORDS shall not pass away; this generation shall not pass away, till all is fulfilled. And did I not say, "I thank Thee, O Father, because thou hast concealed these things from the wise, the learned, and the prudent men, and hast revealed them unto babes?" Did not the Prophets say, the wisdom of the wise men should perish, and the understanding of the prudent men should be hid? For in the latter days He would do marvellous things amongst them. Now bring forth MY BIBLE, and shew ME where I promised to reveal MY secrets to a learned man. I never promised it,


neither will I do it. Everything shall come to MY BIBLE, and from my Bible I demand every man to answer for themselves: and they shall find that God is TRUE, and every man a liar, who denies the truth of MY BIBLE, and wrests the Scriptures to their own condemnation. I have showed you on record, that MY CHURCH must be brought in by a Woman. As the Woman bore ME into the world; so she shall bear the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, and the strongest testimony of ME. But as I and MY Disciples went on together, to fulfil the words My mother affirmed were told her by the Angels: so will I now go on with my Disciples, who join with the Woman, in faith and belief, conquering and to conquer, till I have established MY KINGDOM on Earth as it is in Heaven. No man could believe MY testimony, as being the Son of God, without believing the testimony of My MOTHER; and no man can believe the testimony of My coming in the SPIRIT, to bring in MY SPIRITUAL KINGDOM, before I have revealed myself to a Woman, as the Bride, by My SPIRIT, that I AM coming as the BRIDEGROOM; and all flesh shall know I AM already come in the Spirit, and never will return till My KINGDOM is established on the Earth as it is in Heaven. For as I have stooped so low, to submit in words to the simplicity of men, so will I bring men to the similitude of Angels. And here I have shewed myself a pattern to mankind. Before honour cometh humility: I have humbled MYSELF, before I AM exalted by all men as a PRINCE and SAVIOUR, conquering and to conquer, treading down all MY enemies under MY FEET.

"And men must copy now the same,
If they will know My every name.
So now MY BIBLE I demand—
It is by it you all must STAND:


And as like Man I did appear,
I say, like Man, Iíll answer here.
You say the kings receive their crown;
And ítis by heirship they are found.
Then tell ME where the heirs do come:
Is it from woman, or from man?
Let all the learned men appear,
And tell ME if they bring the heirs
From any law that they have got:
The mysteryís deep, beyond your thought.
I placed MY BIBLE all like man,
That Heaven and Earth alike might come:
And now like man I do appear,
To prove the Woman brings the Heirs
That must possess MY every Crown;
And so the end shall now be found.
For if I ever join with man,
I said like him, Iíd lay MY Plan:
And so MY PLAN Iíve showed it plain,
Look deep ye learned Sons of Men,
And tell ME how youíll bring an Heir,
Before the Woman doth appear.
Then I must change MY FATHERís WILL,
And say I come for to fulfil
The will of Satan—not of GOD.
For Satanís will must now be known,
Who made the Woman prove your Curse—
MY FATHERís WISDOM all must miss,
If I should act as weak as Men,
To bring My KINGDOM in by them,
Without the Woman to appear—
My FATHERís helpmate perished there.
Then Satan, he must win the day,
And on My FATHER all must lay,
I say, at first, the every blame,
To make the Woman as your shame;
And I can neíer complete HIS will;
The Serpentís heart I cannot chill,
If I donít make him for to wear
The poisonous coat he made for her,
To wrest the dagger from his hand,
And plunge it back on him again,
That he first levelled at her heart,
Turn back the blow: then he must smart,
Because ítis blotted out from Me—
Thou blottíst the S, and soít shall be.
So now in print let this appear,
And ask the learned how theyíll clear


That I can do My FATHERís will,
Without HIS words I do fulfil,
To prove that Manís not good alone—
ME and My prophets theyíve unthroned;
And My disciples shared the same,
And judged not good: but bore the blame
In every age was cast by man;
But now your HELPMATE STRONG is come,
That Earth and Hell may rage in vain—
Your every victory now Iíll gain,
To prove your Helpmate now is GOOD;
And Iíll fulfil My FATHERíS WORD:
And Satanís arts are all in vain—
By his own sword he shall be slain.
So let the learned now appear,
And answer what IíVE spoken here;
And then Iíll answer thee again—
Men with their MAKER now contend,
I say, as Adam did at first;
And nowís the time for ME to burst,
And cast the every fault on man,
As you reject her written hand,
Which you so soon received at first,
To have the evil fruit to burst,
ME and My followers for to kill;
And so your guilt hangs hovering still,
Until I do turn back the dart,
And plunge it in the rebelís heart
By the same hand that he betrayed—
Therefore the OATH to thee was made:
And whereís the Man will blame thy prayer?
My KINGDOM he shall never share.
So hereís the JUSTICE of a GOD:
Embrace MY LOVE, or fear MY Rod."

____________ o0o ____________

The following Communication was given to Joanna, in January, 1798, and now taken from her Sealed Writings, opened January 12th, 1803, in answer to her repeated letters sent to ministers, entreating to know from what Spirit her writings came; and who but a God could foreknow all the events which were coming on the Earth; but as they kept silence, she was answered by the Spirit, in the following manner:—


"If in thy writings thou dost err,
And dost not write by ME,
To steal MY NAME, will no one blame?
What forgery is here?
If from her head she this doth spread,
And make MY people err,
If it be so, will you let go
Sins of the blackest dye?
And other sheep to poison too,
Shall this disorder fly
Amongst My flock? Iíve ordered not;
But judges placed below:
Are Law and Gospel both forgot?
Will no man justice do?
Doth she appeal, and Man now fail
To bring the Trial on?
But judgment clear must now appear,
Before you do condemn
In things so great, let no deceit
In any Man be found:
The prisoner here must now appear,
And Man call back the sound,
The Woman, see, thou gavíst to us
Hath placed into our hands,
For to call back our destiny,
By her ítwas lost, and dear the cost,
By GOD and Man ítwas paid:
Then now by her, you all shall see,
Iíll break the Serpentís head.
So judges here you must appear,
The weighty Trialís come—
All sins and blasphemies Iíll clear,
That have been done by Man;
But hereís a sin, if you begin,
Against the HOLY GHOST.
If you condemn before youíve seen,
Then you must sure be lost
Now to condemn—I shall explain
This mystery; Iíll make clear:
If you do say ítis her wise brain,
Before you have proved it here,
Or if you say, another way,
That wisdom you see none,
When all together you do weigh
Your senses must be gone;
Or Satan here must strong appear:
A Judas must be found.
But now that man Iíll never clear,
No more atonementís found.


The Womanís free, you all shall see,
Will you like Satan come
To foil her here, when she is clear,
And lead her back again?
Thoí this by man cannot be done—
And deeply I have foiled man,
To prove that I AM here;
That they may see the mystery,
And judge themselves but men:
Their wisdom cannot equal MINE,
And all their power is gone.
For could you lead a simple maid
In bye paths so unknown,
Would you not see her jealousy
And then turn back again."

____________ o0o ____________

The following Communication was given to Joanna, on the 12th of March, 1803, in answer to menís saying, there were Spirits invisible, neither of God nor of the Devil, that conversed with mankind; which persons have said in Swedenborgís name, and which Joanna does not believe to be true.

The Answer of the Spirit to the above Words.

"As your faith is, it shall happen unto you; as my words are left on record; and the truth of my Words and Gospel I am now fulfilling. Thy faith is, that the gates of hell cannot prevail against a true believer in me; and my honour is engaged to save all that believe in Me according to My promises. Thou inquirest to know what Spirits there are invisible. I answer, but Two—the good and the bad. The good are under My power and directions; the bad are under the Power of Darkness. And now I will tell thee why all must come to the standard of the Church; because your prayers are—"to be kept from all false doctrine, heresy, and schism, and all contempt of my words and commandments." And now I tell thee, they are bringing in heresy and


schism, and a full contempt of my words and commands. My command is, to believe in ME, as the THREE-ONE-GOD: GOD the FATHER, who created you; GOD the SON, who died to redeem you; and GOD the HOLY GHOST, who shall sanctify and preserve you from all the Powers of Darkness. This is My promise left on record; and this command is given to man to rely wholly on his GOD. But how can he rely on his GOD, if I do not keep you, as I have promised, as the apple of MY eye, as in the hollow of My hand, and to carry the lambs in My bosom, and gently to lead those that are with young? And I have promised they shall have the WITNESS of GOD, to bear witness with their spirits, that they are the children of GOD, whereby ye cry, "Abba, Father, my LORD, and my GOD." But here they are making a contempt of all my words and promises made to man; and they are now going into all false doctrine, and putting aside all true belief in me. How can I be THE TRUE SHEPHERD, if I do not take care of my Sheep, but suffer an enemy to destroy them? How can my Sheep know my voice and follow me wheresoever I go, if there are worlds of spirits to deceive you? O foolish people, and unwise! Who hath bewitched you to depart from the True and Living God? Do I not fill heaven with My Majesty, earth with my goodness, and hell with my terrors? Who then shall dare to come and deceive you, while you rely upon your GOD? But I said in My Gospel, that "I should scarce find faith upon the earth at my second coming," and that they would build their houses upon the sand, and great would be the fall thereof. But how could these Scriptures be fulfilled, if SATAN had not found a way to draw menís hearts and minds from the


True and Living GOD, hewing out to themselves broken cisterns, that yield no living water?

"For every stream is now dried up by man:
Theyíve placed My Bible by their every plan:
And if My Spirit had not visited here
To show MY BIBLE, and to prove it clear,
I see that all would build upon the sand,
The grossest darkness now is in your land;
And by this darkness you would perish all,
The day of vengeance on your heads must fall,
And by MY anger I the world should burn.
Blind leaders of the blind, I see are come:
And every soul will find the ditch is near.
To meet your GOD, O ISRAEL, now prepare,
And tell ME where your third Spirit must be,
I told you there was Satan; now judge ye.
I said, MY FATHER and MYSELF were ONE,
I said, the HOLY GHOST from both did come,
And those that with US now would not appear,
I said, that of the Devil sure they were.
But now MY BIBLE I of all demand,
Where any other power I said did stand
To gain an influence oíer the human mind.
Now, like the Jews, I see, youíre equal blind:
And like the Roman powers you all appear—
Like Popes to pardon, you a world placed there,
That hath a power equal with a GOD,
For to direct and guide your every word:
And so MY BIBLE all have thrown aside.
Once more, I tell you, let the cause be tried;
And to MY BIBLE I do bid all come;
Or else I tell you, Iíll destroy your land,
The plague and famine, and the sword appear:
I say, My anger it shall kindle here,
If in this manner ENGLAND does go on.
I see MY BIBLE every one does burn.
And in My anger I shall burn the whole,
Like Sodom and Gomorrah is your fall.
For whereís the man who can believe in ME,
If that a world "of Popes" are made by ye:
That is, "a world" which hath power to assume,
That they are Gods above, and now come down?
But this MY Apostles warned you of before,
Such hellish doctrine would from man appear,
And so MY GOSPEL, it would be denied.
And now Iíll speak concerning of the Bride.


You know the SPIRIT with the Bride must come,
To warn all Nations what is hastening on:
And if the Church can now the Bride appear,
Then every one must prove MY SPIRITíS there
To warn them all that I AM at the door:
For he thatís born of GOD must now appear
For to affirm he knowíth the things of GOD,
And by my Spirit must these things be known.
So now in print let all these words appear:
This is the reason I have lingered here,
The madness of menís folly for to stop:
If they repent, I tell thee, all may hope:
Because in LOVE to Man I did come down;
For Satanís arts, in every age, were found
To work with power on the Sons of Men;
And new inventions always did begin
To wrest MY BIBLE, as I said before;
And by his arts he made the Jews to err;
And now the Gentiles he would make the same,
Had not MY SPIRIT strong unto thee came
To prove My Bible and MY GOSPEL TRUE:
Thereís but ONE GOD, that every soul shall know,
That is in Power, in the TRINITY—
There is a Devil, I did say before,
And like a Lion he doth daily roar,
For to destroy where he can power gain:
But now the other power let man explain."

____________ o0o ____________

The following Communication was given to Joanna, on the 13th day of March, 1803; in answer to people saying her writings were blasphemy, and came from the Devil, and they would put a stop to them.

I was answered by the Spirit in the following manner:—"The land is come into such a situation, that I now tell thee, and all mankind, there is nothing but thy writings which will save the nation from utter ruin. Not that the are thy words; but because they are MY WORDS, and the word is gone out of MY MOUTH—I will preserve to MYSELF all that will obey MY commands.


"And now I tell thee, was it in the power of men to stop thy hand, or thy writings from going abroad in the world, as they stopped MY life on the Cross, saying, "MY Blood be on them and their children:" now should this be the presumptuous conduct of this nation, I tell thee, and all men, they should perish in their presumption, as the Jews did in theirs; and your houses shall be left unto you desolate, and your land utterly destroyed. For, if I spared not the natural branches, but cut them off because of their unbelief, and of their presumptuous conduct, I will not spare the Wild Olive, that is grafted in, if they act with the same presumption, because of their unbelief. All flesh shall know the sin was not so great, to say, "I worked miracles through Beelzebub, the prince of the Devils," as it is to say thy prophecies came from the Devil. For then they make him the perfect GOD of Heaven and Earth. Here thou art lost in wonder, how they make Him the God of Heaven as well as the Earth. I answer: THE SUN AND THE RAIN, THE FRUITS OF THE EARTH, AND THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, ARE IN THE HANDS OF GOD ALONE. Now, if they say the Devil told thee, in 1796, what the harvest should be in 1797, to make the grain as soft as men, if they believe thou hast this foreknowledge of thyself, and when the harvest was near approaching, to tell thee on the 22nd of July, 1797, that he (meaning the Devil) would be as silent to their prayers, as the Ministers were to thy letters, and Satan had power to command the rain to fulfil his words, they make him the GOD of all power in Heaven and Earth. Will they say the Devil told thee in August, 1798, what the harvest should be in 1799, if unbelief should abound, and that unbelief did abound, and the weather came perfect as thou didst foretell; and again when the corn was ripe


unto harvest, and all men judged the harvest would be good, I then showed thee in a dream, the floods I would bring upon the harvest: and in two days the floods came, and ceased not till the grain was in a great measure destroyed, as I told you. I then told thee the land should be burned up, by the heat of My anger in the following year; as they had made the Devil the GOD of the rain, to threaten, and have power to fulfil. I tried them another way, by the burning sun; and sent it, as I threatened, because of their unbelief. But when I found men were so wholly blind and ignorant, to make the Devil the God of the Sun; to say, that HE threatened, and accomplished, I tried them another way; seeing they would perish for want of knowledge. I then ordered thee to try the World at large; and promised to stop MY Judgments, if I found but five righteous men to search out the TRUTH of these things. I found MORE THAN FIVE, and stopped the judgments for their sakes. I commanded thee to put it in print before it was fulfilled; and THEN I FULFILLED MY PROMISE.—Now, if men will be so presumptuous, to say all this came from the Devil, they must make him, as I said, the GOD of Heaven and Earth, to have power to send blessings or cursings, as men obeyed or disobeyed him; and MY NAME and POWER must have been forgotten and despised, by every soul that THUS believes; and they must have a strong presumptuous faith, worse than the Jews.

"And if men thus presume to boast,
I tell them all that they are lost.
A total Famine shall appear,
When Iíve fulfilled MY PROMISE here,
The THREE YEARS plenty to abound,
I say, your harvest shall be found
Much worse than any that is past:
For on you shall MY Fury burst,
If you deny ME for a GOD
Neither to bless, nor send a rod;


But all from Satan did appear—
Then him you both must love and fear;
And treat your MAKER with disdain—
Iíve neither POWER to rule nor reign,
If that by Satan this is done:
Awake, ye simple Sons of Men—
I see your wisdom all is lost,
And different doctrines men do boast,
Like Babelís builders all are come
To build to Heaven by your weak hands:
And just like them you all appear—
Your different Faith is everywhere,
That must your building all confound;
For so you differ in the sound:
MY BIBLEíS placed so many ways,
And all men judge it as they please,
Till TRUE Religion all is gone,
And youíve no ROCK to build upon.
For sects and parties all dispute,
That all are wrong, but they are right:
And so your preachingís for debate,
And every passion men do heat:
I say, to anger—not to LOVE—
Your different judgments now to prove,
That ye no judgment have at all:
Like Babelís builders all must fall;
And I shall take "THE CAUSE" in hand,
And prove MY BIBLE as it stands:
For every weight shall now turn round.
Just like thy dream shall all be found.
The organ is the WORD of GOD,
That sounds in thee, it shall be known;
The weights were hanging, they were TWO,
It is the GOSPEL and the LAW,
That both together did appear,
And now the mysteries I shall clear;
As by two irons both were found,
I say, to hang, and to turn round;
And now, Iíll tell thee, round theyíll turn,
Till Iíve fulfilled them both for man.
The LAW and GOSPEL both appear:
Now search your BIBLE, and be clear.
Iíll show the weight was made at first;
The Man and Woman both did burst:
And in one weight they both were found:
But mark, they differed in the sound—
The Man did cast his blame on ME:
The Woman did her ruin see,


That from the Serpent did appear;
And so it hung till I come here
To bear the blame then cast by Man.
I and the Woman then were one,
That hung together in the weight:
And hereís the mystery—for ítis great:
And though ítis great, Iíll make it plain,
And prove it to the Sons of Men.
I, and the Woman, must appear,
That of the Woman I did come
To bring SALVATION unto man;
Which at that time theyíd not receive,
And so the World we both did leave:
Yet in one weight we still appear—
MY Motherís SPIRIT must be here,
To take revenge on every foe,
That pierced her heart and soul all through;
Because the sword went through her soul:
Awake, vain Men, I tell you all—
MY Motherís SPIRIT now is here;
And both together do appear,
I tell you, perfect, like the first;
And on you shall MY fury burst,
If now you draw your swords again,
To pierce her soul—ítis all in vain:
For I shall now turn back the dart,
And plunge the sword in every heart,
That as her foe doth now appear;
For all MY GOSPEL now Iíll clear.
Mothers and Sisters, I did call:
Appear vain Men, and answer all,
How I MY BIBLE can fulfil—
I said, all those that did MY WILL,
Should in that manner be to ME;
And in the end, you all shall see,
That all the righteous blood shall come
To be avenged back on man.
Then sure MY MOTHER must appear;
(The mysteryís deep—to man Iíll clear)
That is in SPIRIT here below;
Or how could I avenge the blow
On men and devils, that betrayed,
To bring it on the Serpentís head,
To free all those that with her join?
But all her foes that now combine,
I say, against her every hand,
Her injuries Iíll return on man:


So you may call her what you will,
A BRIDE, or MOTHER: but stand still:
I said, a BRIDEGROOM Iíd appear,
When I bring in MY every heir;
And by her name you all shall see
That MARY doth with HER agree,
To cast all on the Serpentís head,
And like JOANNA is her plead.
But if you will not cast it there,
Then of her blood let all take care;
For Iíll avenge her every foe:
Now look to CALVARY, you may know
What fatal sword went through her soul,
To see her SON to die for all.
I knew her grief was more than MINE;
And Iíll avenge the every crime,
That caused MY Motherís heart to bleed:
So now take care how you proceed.
But now I ask how it could be done,
Had not MY SPIRIT to her come:
To have the Woman to appear,
That in MY MOTHERíS room is here?
And if her offers you refuse,
I say more fatal than the Jews,
Youíll find the every weight to turn,
Till ruin is on every Man.
And now I bid thee write thy dream:
And let the learned see it plain,
How every weight must now come round,
And every Spirit now is found,
As when I hung upon the Tree;
MY Motherís Heart then bled for ME;
And hereís Joanna in her room,
That early came to see My tomb,
To know if I was risen there:
And now Joanna doth appear,
I tell you plain, to warn you all,
That nowís your time to stand or fall.
For Iíll avenge MY Motherís grief;
And there, I tell you came the thief—
After the ANGEL did appear,
Satan came next, and found the spear,
I say, to pierce her very soul;
And nowís the time Iíll turn on all:
The every weight shall so come round.
Without MY WILL could I be found—
I say, to come and die below?
But in thy heart, thou answerest, No;


But sure ítwas not MY Motherís will
That I the fatal spear should feel.
Then now I will avenge the deed:
íTis for the Woman all must bleed,
Whose hands and hearts do not appear
To cast all on the Serpent there,
As she already hath begun;
For back the sword again must turn,
I tell you all, the other way:
Just like thy dream, they all will see
That every weight will so come round:
And now the dream, let it be found."

March 7th, 1803.—I dreamed I was in a large room, and there was an organ loft in it, with polished stone and marble under it. The loft was supported by two pillars; near to each pillar there hung a large round stone, like a grinding-stone, with two irons through each of them, which came through the gallery and the stones, and was fastened at the bottom. I thought I sat near it, with a large company; and both weights hung steady for some time: at last, on a sudden, to my great astonishment, both weights began to run round with amazing swiftness; and I began to fear they would break the irons, and that the weight would fall upon us.—They that were with me did not appear so much alarmed: but I arose, and went to the window; where I saw a boat hung up, and fastened to the window; and there was a river, like a canal, under the window. I asked why the boat was hung up? They answered because the bottom was out. And then I awoke.

The Answer of the Spirit.

"Now I answer—As the weight turned round, so shall everything now turn round, as I told thee; and as the boat was hung up, which had no bottom to abide in the water; so will the end be to everyone that has no bottom to swim in the


stream of LIVING WATER; which is near to all your windows. For in a day ye little think of, and in an hour unawares, all will turn round like thy dream. So now let all men watch, and be ready. And it is happy for those who have signed their names for CHRISTís KINGDOM to come, and SATANís to be destroyed, and are sealed before they die—for, Ďtheir labour of LOVE shall not be forgotten by ME.í "

____________ o0o ____________

The following dream was given to Joanna on the 5th of March, 1803—I dreamed that a clergyman took me by the right hand, and said he would cut it off close to the wrist. I answered, will you, sir, then I shall die. He said, no, you shall not die; for I will heal it again. I thought I answered, warmly, No, you shall not, for I will bleed to death if you cut it off.

The Answer of the Spirit to the above Dream.

"Now, as he said, heíd cut it off
But let him understand,
If this was done, the blood must run,
Till I destroyed your land.
For I would never heal the wound:
MY vengeance should be laid,
I say, on all—the just Iíd call,
Out of your very land;
And then your judgments fast should fall,
Till England could not stand.
But like the Jews, theyíll hear the news,
And all be forced to fly:
Jerusalemís ruin all will see—
The time is drawing nigh.
Iíll heal no more, if foes appear,
With violence stop thy hand:
It is MY Blood, for man ítwas shed,
Still runs throughout your land.
What I do mean, Iíll tell thee plain;
I did die once for all,
To bring your guilt on Satanís head,
That he like ME may fall.


And if this hand they do cut off,
Your ruin must abound,
And bleed to death, as thou didst say,
Iíd never heal that wound,
Nor stop the blood, as thou then saidst—
Thy words were spoke by ME.
And thereís no man, should heal thy hand;
But ruin all should see.
Because thy hand, let all command;
The Woman plucked the fruit;
And ítis by her you all must stand,
To strike the fatal root.
Or else youíll see, your destiny,
Your sorrows will abound,
If the same hand does not condemn,
To chain the REBEL down
That drew her in, by arts to sin;
íTis her demand must come;
As man did cast her blame on ME;
And so they slew her Son.
Then she must say, the other way,
Let JUSTICE now appear;
I cast the blame on Him at first;
Let Him his trial bear.
So hereís the hand for ME must stand!
And if you cut it off,
I soon to Death should bleed your land,
And so bring down MY wrath.
Iíll die no more, I tell you here—
I died upon the tree:
But had the vengeance in My HEART
To bring the guilt on HE.
The Serpent there he did appear,
The Woman must it claim;
And if that hand you do cut off,
I say, ye Sons of Men
Must bleed to death, the Scripture saith,
The Day of Vengeanceís near:
So now let men behold the hand,
And tell which they will clear.
One of the TWO, you all must do:
For if the Womanís cast,
You crucify your LORD anew,
And prove My sentence just:
Because that I, who dwell on HIGH,
Did give her to your hand;
And if the fault in her doth lie,
Then I must guilty stand.


To give there, I did appear;
And now her hand you see:
It is her MAKER for to clear,
And find no fault in ME.
But all her blame, from Satan came,
And here she strikes the Root:
And if this hand you do condemn,
Then let mankind be mute,
If I should come, and all condemn,
And cut you all away,
And bring a race, thatís nought but men—
See where your bliss doth lay.
So now weigh deep the words I speak;
For all shall find IíM here:
And ítis My WORD thatís on record,
The Womanís guilt must clear
The Sons of men, when she demands,
To cast your guilt on HELL:
No other way, to Man, I say,
The Serpent eíer can fall:
As I for Man the victim came,
And so for Man I DIED:
For he did cast the blame on ME,
And so the cause was tried.
But now IíM come, the SECOND time,
My SPIRIT doth appear;
And let the Womanís cause be tried,
And Satanís trial come.
And by her hand she doth demand
That JUSTICE claims his blood:
And ítis by it you all must stand,
Or perish in the flood.
Iíll heal no more, if you appear
To cut this hand away:
For as these writings
* do appear,
You up and down must lay."

____________ o0o ____________

About the end of 1802, a young lady, about twelve years old, dreamt she was at a relationís house, and saw a fine bed of strawberries; which, while she looked at them, were turned into cherries.

* Joanna wrote from the opposite ends of her book, and finished these last lines in the middle, when the top of this page appeared opposite to the bottom of the other


She very much desired an explanation from Joanna Southcott; and on the 7th of March, 1803, the following Communication was given to Joanna.

"Strawberries are a fruit that ripens on the Earth; cherries upon trees. Now as this fruit rose to cherries, which are above the Earth, so will the JOYS of MY KINGDOM rise above the Earth to HEAVENLY JOYS; which no man ever yet tasted.—They will rise like the fruit. The Earthís fruit is earthly, and dies away; but the trees are above the Earth. The one is subject to be devoured by earthly vermin; but that on the trees none but BIRDS can take or taste; and ye are commanded to mount up with the wings of an eagle, and build your nest on HIGH, to taste the joys which are above the Earth. For as the fruit was raised HIGH, so will I raise all your joys high above the Earth which no worm, or vermin, that creep on this mouldering dust can taste or devour. Wings of faith must carry you ABOVE the Earth, to taste them."

The Answer of the Spirit.

"For as the fruit was RAISED HIGH,
And on the trees the fruit did lie,
So you must RISE from things below,
With wings of FAITH you all must go,
To taste the joys that now are come:
Iíll change the fruit, as she did dream,
To raise the fruit upon the tree,
And men may judge it as they please,
As none but BIRDS can eíer come there:
It is by wings that birds appear;
And ítis by wings we fly,
To taste the joys that now are nigh;
For if I keep them on the ground,
I know the worms will them confound,
That grovel in the dust below;
But hereís a mystery, none do know
Why it was raised above the Earth,
And came to cherries, as she saith;


Because that cherries have a stone—
A shadow deep to men unknown:
For the white stone must now appear,
And all will find a sweetness there.
Now if that men could this discern,
Theyíd know no earthly worm could harm
All those who change their faith, to be
Just like the FRUIT upon the TREE:
Because ítis RAISED above the Earth—
The Fruit was changed just like your faith,
That I shall raise you from the dust,
If in ME now you put your trust;
Where earthly worms cannot destroy:
You all shall find Iíll raise your joy
To the NEW NAME, and the WHITE STONE,
The STEM of JESSE shall be known,
MY every promise to fulfil;
And men may judge this as they will.
And to the vision now Iíll come"——

____________ o0o ____________

A vision seen by Joseph Prescott, March 4, 1803.—An Angel appeared, in size like a grown person, in a loose blue Robe, with a star on his Head, like a cap, with a square box under his arm, about a foot each way, apparently of gold. He opened the box, in which was a crown; to look at it all together, it looked like one star of diamonds. Four large arches came from the ball in the centre, at the top. Between each of the four arches there was a small crown like the large one. Underneath the ball was another small crown, hanging to the ball. At the top of the ball was another crown. The angel said, the four arches signified the four quarters of the World, and the crowns between the four Arches, CROWNS of WISDOM, that the people of the world are to be crowned with; and the crown under the ball, the CROWN of LIGHT, that was to be in the hearts of the people. The BALL was the World. The crown at the top, the CROWN of GLORY and HAPPINESS, given them at their going out of the world.


The reason the box first appeared shut, was, because it was not yet * * *. And if any one that was a believer in GOD, desired a picture, it should appear again: but not without. The reason the angel appeared in blue, was because he came with TRUTH. At first there was no light in the box, but what came from the crown. After an EYE of superior brightness appeared over the crown, and rendered the whole luminous.

A young lady, who is a believer in these things, and that they come from GOD, desired a picture: when the crowns were again seen, and drawn by Joseph the same evening; and the next day the angel appeared, and was drawn by him in a separate picture. Both pictures are very beautiful and are copied by the youth from pictures set before him in vision.

This boy has had these kinds of visions ever since he was eight years old, in the year 1793. He is now eighteen: but not bigger than a boy of twelve. He was taken, by a gentleman, out of a workhouse, on Sunday 27th of February, 1803, and on the Wednesday following, March the 2nd, 1803, he had the vision of the ANGEL of JUDGMENT, dressed in a robe of light, ornamented with diamonds and stars. He had in his right hand the Trumpet of Judgment, holding it toward his mouth, as if preparing to sound, BUT DID NOT THEN SOUND IT; but uttered these words "Woe to the Earth, and the World, for I the LORD, am with thee, and the Devil is in the midst of thee." This youth is very happy in his present situation, as he has now free liberty given him to execute these heavenly visions.

____________ o0o ____________

Joanna Southcott saw the pictures on the sixth of March, 1803, and on the seventh the following Communication was given to her, concerning the SEVEN CROWNS, from the Spirit.


"And to the vision now Iíll come;
In HEAVEN it all was seen by John:
I told thee all must come below,
Therefore this Vision I did show
Unto the Youth, at the same time
That I was telling thee MY MIND:
I said, on Earth must all take place—
Awake, ye dark benighted Race:
And all together now compare:
You must confess MY SPIRITíS here;
And I the child did visit then,
To show these visions unto men;
Which at that time seemed of no use;
But now I bid them all produce
The visions unto them were given—
I tell you all, they came from HEAVEN,
For I these visions all did show:
I told thee all must come below:
And as the Shepherds
* did appear,
That prayed to quench the Spirit there;
Which they then said, was not of GOD:
But still, they said, they feared the LORD;
And so MY WORD, they said, should stand;
And now their answers I demand.
How both
** together did appear—
I said, all visions must come here,
Thou knowíst, I told thee down below,
In Tuckerís letter I said so;
And unto Hill I did command ++
That he the visions then should send:
And yet to all it did appear
As Fruit on Earth—the worms were there,
That did destroy their every fruit:
But now, I tell them to stand mute:
For on the TREE Iíve raised it high,
Out of their power all doth lie,
For to destroy this fruit again;
The feathered fowls must it explain:
For they alone the fruit can taste;
And mark the tree, how all is placed.

* Some years ago some ministers visited Joseph, and agreed that his visions came from an evil Spirit, and prayed that he might be delivered from it.

** The Youthís visitation and Joannaís were nearly at the same time.

+ A letter that Joanna wrote to the Rev. Mr Tucker, of Heavitree, near Exeter.

++ By order from the Lord, the boy took a book of Visions to the Rev. Rowland Hill, who afterwards mentioned it from his pulpit, as coming from some Roman Catholics.


I say, out of the reach of man,
To answer now thy written hand:
Because MY EYE is everywhere,
As to the youth it did appear;
And let them see the single EYE,
And so your ways I do espy:
And as the JEWELS did appear,
Just so in HEAVEN they making are,
And as the SEVEN CROWNS were seen,
Just so the CROWNS Iíll make for man:
Because the Seventh Day draws near,
That Man the SEVEN CROWNS must wear.
The Crown of GLORY Iíll place first:
For so the end for man must burst.
The SECOND CROWN that must appear,
Is MANís Redemption I shall clear:
For now the THIRD is hastening on,
For to establish DAVIDíS THRONE:
Who as a shepherd did appear.
And to a throne was raised there:
As he from Saul received the crown,
A Son of Jesse he was found,
When Samuel warned him to appear:
The mystery now of Saul Iíll clear:
Whom I anointed to be King
And then the kingdom rent from him,
As he had disobeyed MY WORD—
A type of SATAN, and the LORD.
When Satanís kingdom is destroyed,
Then IíM the KING by man enjoyed.
But as a David did appear,
An Absalom was surely there,
Who thought his father to unthrone,
And gain the kingdom for his own.
So I have many sons below,
Like Absalom youíll find it so,
That will not wish for ME to REIGN:
But they like Absalom, shall be slain:
And these are types go deep for man,
That first and last alike will come;
And with your BIBLES all compare:
For then your CROWNS youíll all see clear.
When I establish DAVIDíS THRONE,
The Absaloms will all be known
To fly and perish, just like he:
Whose hair was hung upon the tree:
Because the Tree, you know was bad—
The branch whereon you evil had.


Unto that evil men will fly:
Their Fatherís reign they will deny;
And so theyíll perish on that Tree,
Who now deny THE REIGN OF ME.
So let the Absaloms all take care;
Because his fate they all shall share:
For I have showed you DAVIDíS CROWN,
And all shall know ítis coming down;
And every branch that is in ME,
Just like the vision, all shall see,
That they shall all share in the CROWN,
As every jewel there is found:
And fast youíll find Iíll make them up;
For like the vision all shall drop,
To bring the FOURTH CROWN now to man;
That he the Earth may all command.
When I as David do appear,
Then Man with ME must triumph here—
Thatís over Death and over Hell:
And every furious beast compel
For to be subject to his will:
Iíll shake the Earth—the beast Iíll fill
With every fear as well as man:
And all Iíll conquer to your hand;
And the proud waves shall then comply—
No more their storms shall swell so high,
That man canít conquer; oft theyíre lost:
For now the raging Seas may boast;
But then, I say, theyíll boast no more,
Because that Man Iíll CROWN him there:
That he the mastery shall gain,
As on the Seas I safely came:
And full as safeít shall be for man,
When I the FOURTH CROWN do send.
Theyíll TRIUMPH over Death and Hell;
And furious Beasts, and Seas that swell;
And now, I say, the furious winds
Do conquer men, they oft do find,
Your stately buildings to throw down;
But when I bring you the FIFTH CROWN,
Then in subjection they must come;
No more youíll hear the raging storm,
That from the angry wind doth rise:
But PEACE and SAFETY round you lie:
Because Iíll crown your every bliss.
And the SIXTH CROWN shall finish this:
Because I said, that all was GOOD.
And now Iíll come and crown MY WORD:


And to your Helpmate doth appear
For to fulfil the SEVEN here—
That is, I say, the SEVENTH CROWN;
The THOUSAND years of rest are found,
That I first pronounced should be:
Iíll rest from labour—so shall he
Rest from all sorrow, and from sin,
Rest from the pains that Nature brings,
Rest from temptation—heíll find none;
But every heart will then become,
I say, like thine, for to hate sin:
Theyíll see the victories I have won;
To make your children love and fear
And tell them all what I have done,
To free them all from Hell and sin;
For that will be the SEVENTH CROWN:
And so MY JEWELS will be found
To shine as sparkling diamonds bright,
And I with Man shall then delight;
And Men shall then delight with ME,
And dwell in heavenly harmony.
For as in LOVE a few do meet,
That do BELIEVE this calling great,
So all the Earth will meet the same,
And praise their MAKERíS GLORIOUS NAME.
And as these visions do come down,
So will departed Friends be found
To visit all their friends below—
From types and shadows all do go:
For as these boys do things behold
And faith destroys their fear.
Or else their senses Iíve confined,
To bring all visions near;
So when I come to make an end
Both CHURCHES to unite,
Just so youíll see departed friends,
In dazzling robes of white:
Theyíll come below, you all will know,
And with them youíll converse;
From World to World the dead will go,
When none can them molest.
But now be clear, some legions there,
Are hovering in the air:
Without MY ANGELS guard them there,
They cannot come to you.

*There are two boys in London, and one in America, that have extraordinary Spiritual gifts; but all in a different manner


But mark the CROWN, how this was found,
And bring it to thy view:
See it again—Iíll tell thee plain,
How every branch doth go;
And how ítwill be, the end theyíll see,
Like Peterís vision
* come,
That from the Heavens was shown to him;
Ye simple Sons of Men,
If this was done when first I came
My followers for to see,
You must expect more wondrous sights
When I COME down to ye,
To DWELL with men, in SPIRIT COME—
VISIONS must first appear:
You all do know, I told you so,
And Joelís words are here.
But now Iíll come unto the Psalm;
It was of David sung—
"The LORD descended from above;
The Shadow there is found:
On Cherubim and Seraphim
Full royally he rode;
And on the wings of mighty winds
Came flying all abroad."
And on the wings of mighty winds,
Or mighty love, I came,
To show the vision unto him,
That all may know MY NAME.
The Vision plain is given to Man,
Or else youíll say a child,
That all may know, the truth is so—
NO MORE THAN THEE—let mortals see
What simple hands appear:
Then you must know it came all from ME
For thereís no man can clear
The mystery, when all you weigh,
And all together bring;
The furnace I did show thee there,
Where Satan must fall in:
And there I came to show the Crown
I have for man in store:
Now if your judgment clear is found—
I need to say no more.
Mark how all came, ye Sons of Men,

* Acts 10:11 et seq.

+ Alluding to a dream of Joannaís in 1794, where she saw the furnace belonging to the owner of the Neckinger paper mill.


And will you say by chance?
Then I with you will this contend,
And your own words advance.
If chance came first, the furnace burst,
And chance made him believe;
The master there by chance appeared;
Chance Satan may deceive;
When chance again so hastened on,
To see MY EYE fixed there:
And bring My starry Crown to Man—
MY JEWELS all prepare,
To make them up, for men to hope—
By chance I shall redeem
The fall of Man—My chance shall come,
And these fall in the stream,
That judge no GOD in what is said;
Then they must mock MY EYE,
Which I have said is everywhere:
I ask, where chance can fly?
If up to Heaven you take your flight,
íTis there youíll find ME CLOTHED IN LIGHT:
If down to Hellís infernal den,
Youíll find that there MY vengeance reigns;
And there the shadow I showed thee,
Designed for Hell, and soít shall be:
And there MY GLORY I did show,
That what I said, Iíd surely do:
For so MY GLORY shall appear—
With WINGS of LOVE Iíll visit here,
And bring to Man MY STARRY CROWN,
And all MY Jewels seal them MINE.
For on that house I fixed MY EYE:
I know My Jewels, where they lie;
And the same chance that brought the first,
I tell them, in the end will burst:
As all these visions did appear.
I showed thee first the furnace there,—
Then I will come to chain HIM down:
And so the visions both were found."

____________ o0o ____________

A Communication taken from Joannaís sealed writings of February 5th, 1796, concerning Jobís complaining of the harshness of his friends judgment with respect to himself.

"Now stop thy hand and read no further,
Till I fully answer here:
Just like Jobís friends, so are thy friends;
And the mystery I will clear.


For my word is gone with fury—
All menís folly I do see:
Call together all my Jury,
Ask them how they can agree
For to prove thouírt led by Satan,
When the truth doth so appear.
If they will prevent the famine,
Let them own the truth is here.
Here the words I will explain;
For here thy pen goes deep;
As glorious as the Sun doth shine
The Woman I will keep,
For a good work on me she wrought
The Woman to redeem:
And indignation in mankind
In most men now is seen.
But from that chapter let them see,
I was by Man betrayed:
No Woman in the company,
When hands on me were laid.
My Head before she did anoint,
Against the fatal hour;
And now to her My mind Iíve told;
But man shall feel My power.
I ask them why they trouble thee,
Their indignation raise;
And say to waste thy writings were?
O let mankind be wise!
They say that thou dost waste thy time,
Things of no use to show:
But now, I say, Iíll not resign,
Till men the use shall know:
For when I from the grave did come
The Woman saw me first;
And now my Spirit is made known
The Seals must surely burst:
And by the Woman it must be proved
That I AM come again.
Before MY funeral, in MY love,
Thou knowíst they sung a Hymn:
Then now in Hymns, or Verse, is wrought
What is my just Decree:
For spiritual Songs I always taught;
And now ítis come to thee."

____________ o0o ____________

The following is copied from Joannaís Sealed Writings of August 24, 1796.


I was at work at Mr. Swalesís making a hair mattress, picking the hairs. A little child, three years old, came up, and went in among the hair, without shoes on his feet. I told him he would prick his feet. The child asked me if it pricked my hands. I answered, No. He said, then how can it prick my feet?—simple as the words of the child might appear, I was ordered to pen them.

"Now Iíll explain this simple thing,
Which from an infantís tongue did spring
To prick the feet, and not the hand,
The Child did wisely understand
That ítwas not easy to be done:
But to the purpose I shall come:
And let the men like children see,
Then prudent men they soon will be.
For what is written by thy hand
Hath oft been given unto Man:
And yet thou neíer receivedíst harm,
When in MY NAME thouíst often warned.
Then they may stand on it secure,
Unhurt like thee—Iíll tell thee more:
And every mystery Iíll explain,
And from a Babe reprove mankind.
They see that thou dost still go on;
Thy words fulfilled—no harm doth come
To thee, nor none that thee obey:
Then they may stand as well as thee:
And no more hurt shall they receive:
Wise as the Child let Man believe:
And then as Babes Iíll make them Men.
Now from the Child I shall condemn:
No more the Child couldíst thou reprove—
Admired his wisdom; and didst love,
To hear a Child so wisely speak—
Reprove thee twice:—are Men so deep,
To show their wisdom? Deepís the thing.
My Spirit in the Womanís form
Doth all thy letters now indite,
And Men, like thee, know not by sight:
And from a Child, Iíll all reprove:
The sight deceives—the truth disclose.
But to thy words—I AM THE MAN
That hath deceived them by thy form:
They know no more from whence it comes
Than thou to call the Child a Man.


But as the child reproved thee,
Like him believe, and all will see
What thou hast written will be true;
I will bring the mysteries to thy view."

____________ o0o ____________

As I am now drawing towards the end of this book, wherein my readers may be disappointed to see it is not all filled from my sealed writings: I have this to inform the public, that the prophecies of this book show the Destruction of Satan, and the COMING OF CHRISTíS KINGDOM; that ye may be looking for, and hastening to, the coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. In this book I shall inform my readers how the dates of my sealed prophecies were then spoken in visions, showed me in dreams; but in the years 1802 and 1803, which were never sealed, I am to inform you the time is at hand that these wondrous changes will take place. Here my readers may ask me, what ground I have to affirm this belief? I answer: from the truth that is past, I have grounds to believe the other truths will follow. From the former, I judge the latter. The war that I foretold in 1792, we should be engaged in, followed in 1793. The dearth which came upon the land in 1794 and in 1795, I foretold in 1792, and if unbelief did abound, that a much greater scarcity would take place, and which too fatally followed. I foretold the bad harvest in 1797. I foretold in letters sent to two Ministers of Exeter, what would be the harvests of 1799, and 1800, that the former would be hurt by rain, and the latter by sun—these followed as predicted. The Rebellion which took place in Ireland in 1798, I foretold in 1795, when the Irish soldiers rebelled in Exeter against the English officers. It was then told me, as the shadow was begun between the Irish soldiers and the English officers in England; so the substance would


drop in Ireland: for a Rebellion would be there. In 1794, when some families went to America from Exeter, to shun the dangers of the war in England, and the dearth that was begun in the land: I was then told by the Spirit, that their running from dangers, was like a man, "that did flee from a lion and a bear met him: or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him:" for though the sword was not there, some fatal disease would be in that place and would carry them off like the sword of war, and which soon after followed, and many thousands died of the epidemic fever there: and I was told the same fever would visit them again; which is well known to have happened a few years after. I foretold the secret thoughts and conversation of people in Exeter, which took place in 1792. This was acknowledged to be true by Mr. Eastlake, of Exeter, before the Rev. Stanhope Bruce, the Rev. Thomas Webster, Rev. Thomas P. Foley, Messrs. Sharp, Turner, Wilson, and Morrison, January 2nd, 1802, whilst they were at Exeter examining into the truth of my character, and my writings—see page 8, of my first book. I foretold, that if Ministers began to search out the truth of my first books being published in 1801—the following three harvests were promised to be plentiful—the Ministers did begin to search into these things—and the two last harvests have been plentiful—see page 18, of my first book. I foretold, in 1794, that when England joined the Turks their arms would be successful. Fulfilled;—witness our victories in Egypt—see page 39 of my first book. I foretold in 1794, that the Lord would defend this nation from the foreign enemy, and that all their schemes of invasion would prove abortive—see page 52 in my second book. I foretold the French would gain their point; for in the last century we acknowledged the Americans to be a free nation,


and that in this century we should acknowledge the French to be a free nation. (See page 141 in my third book). I foretold how the war would end, and the year when peace would take place (See page 143 of my third book). In January 1797, I put a letter into the hands of a Minister, foretelling the French would conquer Italy that year, that the people of that country would be forced to submit—that we should seek for peace that year, but in vain—and large sums of money would be demanded at the end of the year, which happened by the treble taxes being then put on. To another Minister, I wrote what would be the harvest that year, and the truth followed as foretold. It is fruitless to enter into the detail of all the truths of my prophecies which have followed. But few believed that any of these things would come to pass till they were accomplished. There is nothing of consequence which has happened to this nation, or to any other of the surrounding nations, but was foretold by me, and which I can prove by unquestionable witnesses, as well as by my writings: and now I see them as clear as the noon-dayís sun before me. I foretold what the hearts of the people would be towards me: that warm would be the love in the hearts of believers; and warm would be the malice in the hearts of opposers. This truth which has followed, when I read it to my friends years ago, before it was fulfilled, they could scarce believe: as they said my prophecies tended to the perfect happiness of mankind, the glorious establishment of CHRISTíS PEACEABLE KINGDOM, and the destruction of Satanís; which every one must wish for: none could be so hardened as to wish Satanís power to continue any longer: seeing how miserable he makes mankind. But unlikely as these things then appeared to my friends, I now find them true: and if any say these truths came by chance—then


by chance all the other predictions may come the same: for time and chance happeneth to all men; and time and chance may fulfil the whole: for there is no chance that is not under the direction of the LORD. But as some will say, they do not wish for Satan to reign any longer: yet they say my dispute with the Powers of Darkness is blasphemy, as they do not believe it came from the Devil, it being too bad for him to speak, though not for me to write. They may judge as they please: I only ask my enemies, as King Ahasuerus asked Haman, what ought to be done to the Author of the blasphemy in that book? They must pass their judgment; and the LORD is the JUDGE from whence it came. The language of my heart is—the author of it ought to be hanged as high as Haman; and all my friends join with me in heart and mind the same: as he hath blasphemed GOD, the KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords. Therefore such blasphemer ought to be taken from the face of the Earth; and he that refuseth this sentence cannot be faithful to his GOD, to his King, and to his Country.—

So by that book I now submit to stand;
Because MY JUDGE has given this command,
That man must judge it from the blasphemy,
And ítis the author now condemned must be;
And when menís judgment it doth all appear,
Theyíll find the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE stands at the door
To hear the judgment that is passed by man;
And then like Jehu after he will come.
So now, I say, Iíll stand the fiery task,
And now invite my enemies to burst
To pass their sentence on the blasphemy;
You all do know some Author there must be,
To speak the words which do in print appear;
Bring forth your judgment—and Iíll answer here.

Now I have shown my readers how Satan and myself are to stand the trial from my Disputes; and I call my enemies to be the judges, and to


pass their sentence upon the author of the blasphemy. Now I shall come to the SEALED people. It is fruitless to sign their names unless they wish to be free from sin, and the power thereof to be destroyed; that they may live in CHRIST, for HIM to be all in all. I shall also inform my readers that I shall remain at the High House, in Paddington, until the latter end of May; and if any learned Divine, or Gentleman, or any serious person, wish to know what foundation I have to affirm My Calling to be of GOD, I am ready to answer for Myself. But as I am well informed that some gentlemen and ladies have so far let themselves down, and have forfeited the Christian character, by saying, they would give me money if I would tell their fortunes; to such I answer—they, and their money may perish together—"my soul shall never come into their secrets." Their gold and principles I abhor and despise; and I further inform such that when I had an elegant suit of clothes* sent me, from one who professed it was done in love to the LORD, to strengthen my hand to carry on HIS work, but when that faith fell from the giver, I was ordered by the Spirit, to return her the present back again, and not to receive one pennyworth from her; as the LORD would not suffer me to accept any present that was not given through STRONG faith in HIS NAME to carry on His Work; which was sown in weakness, but now the LORD is raising it in POWER.—"for when the LORD works none can let." And now I conclude with telling my readers it is but the shadow of my prophecies which are past: for the substance of all is hastening on. Little do you know what is before you,—nor how near the JUDGE stands at the door. I must also inform

* These clothes were sent for Joanna to wear on the day her sealed writings were broke open.


the public, that I see no one on the Sabbath day, but my intimate friends; but on the week days if any serious enquirer, or warm opposer, that will bring forth arguments, founded on the Scriptures, to show their reasons why they judge my prophecies from the Devil; they are at liberty to come and bring forth their arguments, and I will bring forth mine. But there are some that I know, who are accustomed to tell lies, whom I have forbid already, and now I forbid them again—for a liar shall not tarry in my sight if I know it. Now I have shewn my upright dealings with men I hope to find upright dealings from them—to judge as they wish to be judged—with justice, equity, and truth. I am ready to stand a JUST trial, that I have not written any cunning devised fable, but have made known the COMING OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. Happy will it be for all men who have their lamps burning, to meet "THE BRIDE-GROOM AT HIS COMING."



March 21st, 1803.

____________ o0o ____________

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