AS the TWO BOOKS OF PARABLES, which have been a stumbling-block to me and to many others, are more deep, weighty and clear, to shew the end of all things to mankind, than any books I have written; I shall now give the public my own pondering thoughts concerning them, and the merciful manner the Lord has condescended to make every crooked path straight before me, and unveiled the mysteries in them, so that I have been lost in wonder and surprise, to see the weakness of my own Judgment, and the folly of my own heart, when the Lord was pleased to condescend to unveil his hidden wisdom that was concealed from me.

But first I shall give a short account of my own folly, and then shew how the whole is explained. Though I have been often reproved concerning my jealousy of putting in print those Parables, and all the simple history of my Life; yet on reading them over I felt a jealousy arise in my heart, whether there was a possibility of my being deceived, by the directions of a wrong spirit, to put them in print; as I knew my Visitations at Bristol were stronger than I ever experienced before or since; and the powers of darkness often assaulting me, my earnest prayer and petition was, to know if the Lord had permitted a wrong spirit to deceive me, for ends unknown; and fearing I might be in a sin, in disliking the Parables, if they were from the Lord, as taking in question his wisdom, that I well knew could never err; for if the Lord had commanded, I well knew he had wise ends in it; and though my own life appeared simple likewise, to put in print the private thoughts of my heart, as well as my public actions, fearing at that time I should disobey, if I concealed anything, as I was ordered to put the whole in print; but when I read it over, thinking my history appeared simple and foolish, I thought that I might have concealed the thoughts of my heart, if the Lord had not wise ends in commanding the whole to go in print; and as the sense of the books was concealed from me, my petitions were earnest that the Lord would be pleased to make it clear before me; upon which, in his unbounded mercies and goodness, he was pleased to set a Sign before me, with the following words:

"If the Sign come true that I have placed before thee, perfectly so will mankind see every substance follow the likeness of the Parables I ordered thee to put in print. Every one of them will be clearly discerned in the end, and everything that happened to thee at Bristol. However strange the parables may appear to thee, they will find every one is a type of the end; every horror that was in thy heart, every temptation of the devil, and every strong assault that he made against thee, will be severely felt by the unbelieving world; every agony in thy heart, and every suffering thou didst go through will be severely felt in the end, by those who mock the Coming of their Lord; and every comfort thou receivedst, every strength of my Spirit thou didst feel, and every strong visitation thou hadst from ME, will be felt by believers in the end: for my Spirit will be strong to support my friends, while Satanís fury will be strong to wound my enemies. Because his friends are my foes; and yet they will find he is good to none, as I have told thee, but full of cruelty, malice and envy against all the human race: and thus, I tell thee, they will feel the severity of his being a master, to those who are willing to be his servants; and thou hast felt but the shadow of his fury on the one hand, and but the shadow of my mercy and goodness on the other. When I come to shake the fabric of the earth, as thou shakedst thy brotherís house, everything that happened to thee at Bristol, they will find are deep types and shadows of the end, and a comfort to strengthen believers."

In a few days the Sign set before me was fulfilled; and I was ordered to open my Bible, which I did; it was in the 1st and 3rd chapters of Ezekiel, to which I was answered in the following manner, from the first Chapter:

"Now come to the wheels that brought the rings, which thou by no means canst understand; neither can any man understand the chapter, or understand the vision that was shewn to the prophet. And now I ask thee, to what purpose this vision was shewn to the prophet, that no man can understand? or of what use is it to mankind, if it is not designed to be understood, that these things stand for the end? Now I shall answer thee from this vision. The appearance of wheels within wheels shews the wondrous works of your CREATOR, that the wheels of providence and My decrees were not understood; they have been as great mysteries to mankind as this chapter appears to thee; but this chapter sheweth you all the end, when My Spirit begins to work on all the living creatures, and to give a new life to mankind. As marvellous as this chapter appears, of seeing the wheels turn round, and such strange living creatures appear to move, as the Spirit leads them, so strange will the end appear, when I come to give new life to the whole; therefore I tell thee, the meaning of the chapter never can be understood by man, why these living creatures appeared in the likeness of man and beast, as the mixture is here described; and yet, I tell thee, this is the state of man; tainted by Satan and by sin, these mixtures appear in him. But do men vainly suppose, that these living creatures would have appeared in a vision, in such a wonderful manner, to the prophet, if they had not alluded to man? for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. This is to show you all, that the spirit of man is in the wheel of Providence, that must run on My appointed time, before I come to lift them up. But was I to explain to thee all the meaning of the chapter, of the running of the wheels, the meaning of the rings, and the living creatures, that then appeared, like the noise of great waters, as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the noise of an host: when they stood they let down their wings:—were these mysteries all explained, but few men would believe them. But now I shall come to the wings of a bird. Know what I have already told thee: a bird may fly from you; a bird may fly to you; because his wings carrieth him whither he pleaseth; perfectly so is the state of man: they fly from ME by temptations, while Satanís power remaineth; but when My power begins to appear, to destroy all his works, then the wings of men must all fall down, and they will no longer fly from ME. Therefore, I tell thee, this vision stands deep for the end, if men have wisdom to discern from what I have said: and know what I have said in thy writings—my chariot wheels shall not delay, but my Spirit shall come to raise men up, that they may move round with ME, and let down their wings from flying from ME, when I come to shake terribly the earth: as I told thee in the beginning, the voice of the Lord shall shake terribly the earth; and to these chapters I directed thy hand, that thou drewest no judgment from the first chapter; but was deeply affected with the second—And they will find there is a prophet amongst them, where all dark sayings shall be brought to light.

"And now I shall explain to thee further from the words of Ezekiel, and the manner of My visitation to thee at Bristol. Now mark Chapter ii. 2, "And the Spirit entered into me when he spoke unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spoke unto me."—Now remember, these were the chapters I directed thy hand to in ninety-three, when I sent thee to warn the Methodists; from which chapter thou judgedst of their rebellion, and their refusing to hear the warning, which proved to thee, according to the words I spoke to the prophet of old, that in like manner it happened to thee concerning them.

"And now come to My visitation to thee at Bristol and know it was plain to thee, and to My handmaids that were with thee, how My Spirit entered into thee, when I spoke to thee in power, and how thou didst hear the words; then now discern what was spoken at that time, and what I told thee should come to men and devils—that hell should tremble and fear; for I would come to redeem man: but they should not go on to bruise my heel: for I should bruise the serpentís head: that I should shake the fabric of the earth: and make men to tremble and be in agonies, that know not the days of their visitation.* For this is the meaning of the words, if men understand them. Here the words were spoken plainly of the end, according to the parables I ordered thee to bring forward, if men have sense to understand the meaning of the words, and the meaning of the parables, in what manner I have placed them for men and devils. Here let the eyes of menís understanding be opened and discern in what manner My Spirit entered into thee, and what words I spoke in thee, before I ordered the parables to be called forward and go in print; and then discern the parables, in what manner they were brought forward, like the words I spoke in thee, which ye may discern from the FLOCK OF SHEEP, how the innocent sheep brought the murderer to his destiny, and he died for the crime that he had committed, which was before concealed from man;** and by a remarkable hand of providence, that murder was brought to light; and so they will all find it is by the same wonderful hand of Providence, that the murder committed in the Fall, by the subtlety of Satan, is brought to light, the way he shall receive his punishment, perfectly as I spoke within thee, saying, ĎHell should tremble and fear.í So let men weigh My words with the parable, that I ordered thee first to bring forward, after this visitation, saying, what I should do to the powers of darkness. Let them mark the first parable of the FLOCK OF SHEEP; and then discern how it was explained of the manís being a type of Satan, that was brought to light by the SHEEP; but let them know that I am the SHEPHERD to bring forward my Sheep; and it is I must reveal

* See page 17 of Mr. Foleyís Book, What manner of Communications are these?

** See page 1 of Mr. Sharpís Book, called The Flock of Sheep, Book 22.

the mystery, in what manner the promise stood; and how it must be fulfilled. And let them discern, from the parable, that the man was not hanged for the first crime he committed; and yet it was that crime that followed him, which caused the other; because it was in judgment against the crime that was concealed, that the sheep stood before him, and made him suffer for the crime he had first committed, though he was cast another way. And here you may all see the likeness of the FALL; the adversary of mankind, that caused the fall, was not then brought to justice, to suffer for the crime; and yet for that crime, just judgment was passed upon him, that in due time should overtake him: yet this knowledge was as much concealed from man, as the knowledge of the murder was from the judge: and therefore the judges of this age are stumbled like him; and so they will go on until all mysteries are made plain before them, to discern the parables, and how they are placed. And here is a parable that stands deep with the words I said to thee—ĎI would bind the tempter to his den—and shake the fabric of the earth, as thou shakedst thy brotherís house.í And full as marvellous as the parable is, of the sheep bringing the murder to light, that it should not go unpunished, as marvellous are My ways and decrees, to bring to light the hidden things that are done in darkness, concealed from the knowledge of man, that justice may take place in the end.

"And now mark the next parable, that I ordered thee to bring forward, was the HERMIT IN DISGUISE:* and now mark from the parable I told thee before, of the Sheep in Disguise; because it was in disguise he appeared to steal the sheep, when in reality he tried to shun them; and so in disguise have all my footsteps appeared to Satan, and to mankind, when I suffered myself to be betrayed and put to death by men. My disguise was unknown to him, and to My Disciples, in what manner I should come again to bring the guilt on his head. All My threatenings stand to man throughout the Scriptures, that man might fear: few Scriptures are understood by man, how they stand for the destruction of evil, for Satanís power to be destroyed. And now I shall tell thee My disguise, unknown to men and devils: when I took manís nature upon ME, and came in the Flesh, and suffered myself to be tempted by the devil, as man is tempted and tried, to be a witness against all his arts; thus in disguise I suffered as a man; but how could I come as a God, to suffer Satan to tempt ME to fall down and worship him? This could not be done as a God, it must be suffered in disguise, as a man: and in like manner I went on, through My Gospel, in disguise and appearance like a man, who had not power to save My Life, when I came upon the Cross. But had not My Love, like the Hermit, been great for mankind, to lay down My life for their sakes, which I had power to raise again—had not this been my Love, to destroy my Rival, in the end, whose arts are to draw mankind from ME, I should as easily have shown them I could save My Life on the Cross, as when I arose on the third day. Therefore, as Man, I came in disguise, to bear all their mockery, their shame and contempt, that they cast on ME. This I bore, as Man, and disguised myself of being God, or having power with God, to destroy mine enemies; but had I done it at that time, I must have destroyed the WHEAT with the Tares: for how could I preserve MAN, and destroy the power of Satan, in justice to My FATHERíS honour to bruise his Head, before I had suffered him to bruise my HEEL? But how could my Heel be bruised by the malice of men, if I had not appeared in disguise amongst them, to be in the Flesh like man, and conceal My power on the Cross? Here was our Love united together, for ME to act in disguise, and My Fatherís power concealed, to fulfil the one, and have My Heel bruised, that I might come again in honour and glory, to bruise the Serpentís head, as I told thee, when I spoke so powerfully in thee—ĎThat hell should tremble, and should fear—that I would bind the tempter to his den—and destroy his power, as the Hermit in Disguise destroyed the power of his adversary.í And those whose hearts are up unto ME, longing for My return, to come and possess the Kingdom, as the woman longed for the return of her lover, to possess his hand and heart, will find My Love unveiled, and shown to them in their distress, as the man showed his: but as disguise was in the body, when I came amongst mankind, that it was but few knew who I was, so I have led thee on in the Spirit, in such disguise, that thou hast often taken in question, whether it was thy Lord or not, that in all things led thee on, to put these simple things in print: and many minds have been like thine, not discerning the depth of the whole, while the unbelieving world would no more believe it was the command of the Lord, to lead thee on in this simple manner, than the enemy to the lady would believe it was her lover went on in that disguise with him, to bring the mysteries all to light. The one appears as simple to mankind as the other: and so my Death appeared simple to the JEWS; they could not believe the Son of God would suffer such shame and reproach for man; and give up my Life

* See page 26 of the Book called The Flock of Sheep, Book 22.

to their malice in the end; my Gospel appears more foolish to them than thy Books of Parables can appear to mankind: but how could I bring men to my Gospel, and point out my Love to men, what I suffered for their sakes, to fulfil my Fatherís will, and destroy the works of the devil, to bring men back to our likeness? All my sufferings, and all my life, appear to them weak and simple, not consistent with the wisdom and power of a God; but how could I convince men of the whole, if I did not come in the Spirit, in the same simple way, to mankind, and chose a weak foolish instrument to work by, that had no wisdom of her own to frustrate My designs, that all may be brought forward as simply as my Gospel appears to them?—And here, I tell thee, is the Hermit in Disguise, to see the wisdom of a God act in so simple a way with man: but where is the man that can any more look into the wisdom of a God, than ye can look into the fervent sun? Clouds I have told thee must cover the one, as its dazzling brightness in all its splendour is too strong for your eyes to look into; perfectly so are my ways and wisdom too dazzlingly bright for your understanding, which no man living could bear or understand, was I to appear in My full splendour of wisdom, without putting a veil between. Therefore all men will find the parable true, that My dealing with man is like the Hermit in Disguise, before I have destroyed my rival foe; then will the veil of the covering fall, and men will discern the wisdom of their God in what manner I have led them on for their good.

"And now come to the next Parable, that I ordered thee to put in print;* and then discern the words I spoke—"That I should conquer in the womanís form." Then know, it is by My Spirit, and by My Power, as the lady brought the man; but can this wondrous working be done by a woman, to have your enemy destroyed, whom I said was a murderer from the beginning? can this murderer be tried and cast, without My Spirit, and without My power? It must be My Spirit to direct, My Wisdom to bring all dark sayings to light, and My Power to execute:—all must be done by ME, though worked by a simple instrument, that is but as clay in the hands of the potter:—and know, with clay I made the salve to anoint the eyes of the blind; then if my spittle upon the clay wrought so great a cure for man; let them know, when My Spirit in power visits strongly the house of clay, it must be eye-salve to the blind: for this is the way I shall open their eyes. And now let men discern these Parables deeply, how I ordered them to be brought forward, and what I compared their likeness to, after My Spirit had entered thee, speaking in such powerful manner to be discerned by all around you; and now, to open the eyes of your understanding, all must discern the words that were first spoken, before I ordered the parables to be brought forward; and then place the likeness of the parables and what I compared them to, with the likeness of My words; and all was done in the secret chamber, when I ordered thee to be kept secret, that none but those I placed around thee should enter thy room; but what was done in the secret chamber must be revealed on the house top that My Gospel may be fulfilled.

"And now come to the other Parable, that I ordered thee to place next;** and mark the words I spoke in thee—"All should begin to enquire, like thee, the way they were betrayed; and like thee should their fears come on; and then like thee I should preserve them." Then now mark the parable; they found they were betrayed into the hands of an enemy, and their lives were in danger; in their fears they were alarmed, and began with wisdom to seek a way to shun their dangers; and like thee they were preserved. So now discern this parable, with the words I spoke to thee; and then they will see I brought forward parables plain before them, to shew them the likeness of My Words, how I should fulfil them; and from the Parables you may see how the wise will see their dangers, fear them, and shun them, while the others will be like the parable I shewed thee of the Lady that mocked the Warning, though so often repeated before destruction came upon her:+ and these were the words I spoke within thee—how men and devils would tremble and fear; and what horror would be in some that mocked the warning, when I come. So let men discern all the words I spoke within thee, and then they will see the parables, what likeness there is in them to fulfil the words I spoke in thee.

"So now discern the end of the Parable of the Knight, how the decrees of the woman could not be frustrated;++ and so I told thee of My decrees, they were fixed and decreed from the foundation of the world; and in My Gospel I have shewn them I should come again in Might, Majesty and Glory, to bring in the Redemption of Man; therefore I brought forward a parable of a temporal decree, that no art nor malice, pride nor envy could frustrate; so judge from the Parables, how firm are My decrees to fulfil

* See page 70 of the book called "The Flock of Sheep," Book 22.

** See page 75 of the Flock of Sheep, Book 22.

+ See p. 89 of What manner of Communications are these? Book 24.

++ See page 81 of the Flock of Sheep, Book 22.

every word I spoke in thee. And here I have given them line upon line, precept upon precept; here a little and there a little, that they may be broken, snared and taken; that meaneth, the unbelieving world, that hath erred in judgment, and stumbled in visions; but the wise will see it, and consider how deep are the words I spoke in thee; and then they will see the likeness of the Parables and know they were brought forward by the wisdom of a God, to shew you all the end is at hand, and shew you what the end will be.

"And now I shall come to the Dreams that followed. In like manner let them appear. And now discern from the first dream that I ordered thee to put in print, brought forward like the parables; how he followed the warning, and was enriched thereby;* and now discern, how the dream is like the parable where Providence enriched them both; the one following the directions of his dream, and the other a firm decree: and so were the dreams in My Gospel, that were sent as warnings in the beginning unto Joseph, concerning My Birth; and how he was warned to flee into Egypt, in a dream. And now mark thy own dreams, of what I warned thee in the beginning of My Visitation to man; and shewed thee in dreams how many would be convinced; and the happy end of those that were convinced; and how I shewed thee in thy dream of the Sheep in the Air;** and so I tell thee from these dreams, that I ordered thee to bring forward, they are parables of the end, unto such as have faith to believe in the dreams and visions I shewed thee, as the man believed in the dream that was shewn to him: For these dreams were ordered to be brought forward like the parables. So now discern the earthly grandeur and riches he got by his faith in a dream; but how much greater is the spiritual happiness, and every blessing I have in store for man, that lie concealed, like the gold that he digged deep to find: and this is what I likened the Kingdom of Heaven to—a Pearl of great Price, that ye must dig deep to find, when I come to bring in your Redemption, and bring the Kingdom of God to man: They are like the treasures hid in a field, or in the garden, concealed from man, like the dream that was shewn to him. So here is the likeness, from the Dream, as well as from the Parables, fables of old, that I ordered thee to bring forward, to shew you the end.

"And now discern the other dream, of the Master that saved the life of his Servant;+ and this is a likeness of mankind, who are alarmed to give the warning; and on some minds they will prevail to save others from destruction. And now discern deeply the exertion of the man, who listened to persuasions at first; but being warned again and again, his resolution was fixed at last to save the life of his servant, as you see his conduct appear; and perfectly so they will see the end; many like him that will listen to persuasions, and not regard the warning at first, after seeing repeated warnings, and the dangers rolling on, they will be awakened at last; and by so doing awaken others, to snatch men as brands from the burning, as he snatched his servant from destruction. So if men discern the Dreams, they will see them like the Fables; for in one likeness they both appear: He that saw his danger at the inn, and he that saw the danger by the dream.

"And now discern the other dreams, of those who were careless of the warning, and were destroyed, according to their dreams, by their enemies, that appeared in different forms to them in a dream, and the places shewn to both, how they ought to shun the mark where destruction stood in their way, but this mark they did not shun, though the warning had been given them in a dream, what places they ought to shun;++ but like the Lady, they went on, who despised the warning until destruction came upon her.

"So now let men discern in what manner and what likeness the parables and dreams stand together, that I ordered thee to bring forward, as a warning to mankind; and let them weigh them deeply with the words I spoke in thee, before I ordered thee to bring these things forward; then they will see the sense and meaning of all the words I spoke in thee, when My Spirit entered strong within thee, to speak in love and anger; anger against thine adversary, whose temptations had been as strong, to seek thy destruction, as the gardenerís arts to murder the woman; and as the enemy in the house came to murder the gentleman, in like manner came Satanís arts to murder thee, by temptations, before I came in power to prevent him, and plainly told thee how I should act according to the parable I brought to thy remembrance of the Hermit in Disguise: I said it was My love to destroy

*See p. 26 of What manner of Communications are these? but the beginning of the dream being omitted there, it was afterwards inserted in Mr. Foleyís Answer to the World, Book 37, page 45.

** See page 159 of the Strange Effects of Faith, Part IV.

+ See page 71 of What manner of Communications are these?

++ See page 63 of the Flock of Sheep.

the adversary of mankind; but those that refuse My love, and despise My invitation, I told thee they had to fear at last the dreadful horrors thou felt at first. Therefore they must deeply mark how thy fears were first alarmed, before My Spirit came strong to thee; and then discern the words I spoke; weigh them with the parables, and they will judge of the end; as horror and despair was the end of some; but a happy deliverance the end of others: and this will be felt by all nations; as these Books tell you the end.

"And now come to thy own History, which I ordered thee so particularly to put in print, to shew mankind My firm decrees concerning thee, that I had designed thee for such a work as this; that no man should have power over thee to keep thee back from obeying My commands; but how could this so clearly appear, to shew it was the decrees of Heaven to keep thee from manís having a power over thee, as being united in marriage, if I had not ordered thy simple history to appear? Are there not thousands unmarried, as well as thee, and live to be old without husbands? Therefore being unmarried could not appear to be My firm decrees to keep thee single, if thy life did not appear, to shew them all it was My decrees, like the decrees of the Knight, and the decrees of Providence that I have told thee are fixed to fulfil My decrees in the end, that the single woman is to the Lord, not to be in bondage with any man, when I come to be her Director, her Guide, and her Deliverer. This must begin with a single woman, kept by My power, as appeareth in thy history; and however simple it may appear to thee, it was My command, to shew My firm decrees, that thou couldest not alter; though thy heart and mind were often inclined to alter them, by the love thou bearedst to man, in the days of thy youth; but all thy lovers were broken off by ME.

"Now perfectly like thy History, that thou hadst not power over thyself to enter into wedlock with man, as My decrees were fixed another way; so all men will find in the end, My decrees have been fixed in thee, that thou hast not power in thyself, to act another way. And now reflect with thyself, how often the persuasions of men have filled thee with jealousy, fearing a wrong Spirit might deceive thee; thou hast often thought to give up the whole; yet these resolutions thou hadst no more power to put in execution, than thou hadst power to return back to thy lovers, when thy heart was so inclined. So from the history of thy life My fixed decrees must appear to man, that as clay in the hands of the potter, thy life hath been in My hands, to guide and guard thee in every thing. And now if men discern thy life they will see it like the parable I ordered thee to bring forward, a fixed decree that could not be altered, as it was in the Parable of the Knight; and this all men may discern, if they weigh thy history deeply. But how could My decrees appear so firm in thee, like the parable I ordered thee to bring forward, if thy simple life did not appear, to shew My decrees? And now from this, let all men judge whether the Creator of the universe, the Governor of all things, would in so singular a manner have kept thy life from the world, from the power of man, that no restraint should be laid by him, to prevent thee from going on to obey the command of the Spirit, that was invisible to every eye, had not the Spirit been from ME the living Lord? Do men vainly suppose I should have kept thee in such a powerful manner, for a wrong spirit to have power over thee? Then I ask them what they judge of ME? Therefore all men will find, simple as thy life appears, to be in print, it was My command to have it appear, that men may judge for themselves of My decrees; and to confound their arguments, to say an evil spirit had power over thee, to keep thee in this manner.

"I permitted thy Trials and Temptations, and ordered them to go in print likewise, that all men might see, if thou hadst been led by an evil spirit, that had power over thee; by that evil spirit thou wouldest have fallen in the days of temptation; and this every man of sense will discern, if they deeply weigh the whole together, that the power of an evil spirit would not have kept thee from evil, when strong temptations were laid before thee. Therefore I ordered the whole to go in print, and the truth to appear, while thy enemies were living to answer for themselves, if any thing false was brought forward by thee; therefore My wisdom was concealed from thee, for what ends the whole was done:—for ends to open the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf, to confound thy adversaries, and thy enemies, and to shame all gainsayers, who allude all My power, My wisdom, and My directions, to bring all dark sayings to light, and fulfil My fixed decrees from the foundation of the world, to an evil spirit; for this by ignorant men is placed to the power of the devil; but, from thy history, let them answer, what power kept thee from falling into evil, when the subtle arts of men and devils were laid for thee? These things I ordered to appear to fill menís mouths with arguments, and to confound all gainsayers; so ponder no more of thy foolish life, how simple it appears to mankind. But let them all discern, it was I that directed thee to the house,* and permitted thee to be tried and tempted, to shew thy accusers, by what power thou wast kept from falling into evil; and to bring forward the parable to mankind, how much like him are professed Christians, that boast of their Christian love to ME, and with what ingratitude they now act, to turn their pretended love into malice and revenge against ME, now I am coming in the Spirit, to destroy their adversary, and My adversary: for there I tell thee is a parable that stands deep with mankind; and a parable that stands deep for the end, when every truth is brought to light, as I ordered thee to bring to light everything that was done in that house: and this, every man will find in the end, is like the words I spoke in thee of the horror and confusion that would be in some, when I come in Might, Majesty and Power, to complete the whole.

"Here I have shewed thee, from the words I spoke in thee at first, and all the parables I ordered thee to bring forward, with the history of thy life, how the whole agree together, if men have wisdom to discern the likeness; and when the eyes of their understanding be opened the wise will see it, and consider, how from a few words being spoken I went on to shew them how these things should be fulfilled. And here I shall end with thy Books for the present and bring them from thy Books to My Bible.

"These few words I spoke in the Creation, when I laid the foundation of the world, and said, Let US make man in our own likeness; but said the man was not good alone; I would make a Helpmate for him, which I did in the Woman; and then discern the Words I said in the Fall, when horror and despair came upon the man and the woman, seeking to shun ME, knowing what they had done. In this despair the Man cast his blame on ME; but the Woman cast it on the Serpent that betrayed her. And now discern the words I spoke—I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy Head, and thou shalt bruise his Heel. Here were few words spoken in the beginning, like the few words I spoke in thee before I brought forward the parables, dreams and visions, to shew you how they would be accomplished in the end. Perfectly so stand My Words on record: I first spoke the Words of what the end should be; and as the ages rolled on, I set signs and parables, to shew you the end. As I have already told thee, that the type of Cain killing his Brother was a type of My Death, and how the wicked would pursue the good, to have My Heel bruised first, till I come to avenge My Blood on the Adversary, and bruise his Head. Then discern through My Bible, how I went on to shew you the end; as I told thee from the deluge, when the world was drowned, I saved none but the just; but as the author of evil remained, sin again increased; therefore I told thee, like the deluge sweeping off a race of sinful men, I should in the end sweep off all the powers of evil. Here stood one parable in My Bible, to shew you the end; another I told thee of the destruction of Pharaoh; yet these things stand but as parables, to shew you the end, when I come to destroy the power of evil, as Moses was but a shadow of ME. And mark how the parables were placed by him, as I told thee of the Brazen Serpent, and the Manna that came down from heaven. These things were but types of the end. And know how the Prophets prophesied of ME, in what manner I should come to bear the transgression of man, to fulfil the words spoken in the beginning; then discern My Gospel through, in what manner I came to fulfil them; and what mockery, scorn and contempt I was treated with by man, when My Heel was bruised on the Cross. But then the enmity was only kindled to bruise my Heel; but not kindled to bruise Satanís head, which I told them I should come again in Might, Majesty and Glory, to accomplish; for I said, if I was lifted up, the prince of this world should be cast out; again I said, he should be judged, when the Spirit of Truth came from the Father. Then now know all men, the Spirit of Truth is to fulfil the Words spoken in the Fall, to bruise Satanís head.

"So now let men trace the Scriptures through, and weigh them with the words spoken in the beginning and the manner I have explained the Scriptures to thee; then they will see how the likeness stands to fulfil the whole, and in what manner it must be fulfilled, and joined together, as they will see thy parables, in one likeness, brought together with the words I spoke in thee at first. And let them discern the beginning of the Book,** of the Command given to thee of standing in obedience, and thy resolution to stand in obedience; then let them discern what horror and misery thou felt, fearing thou hadst disobeyed; and thy sufferings, while I left thee, were as though the thing was real, that thou hadst disobeyed; and this was thy enquiry; then mark in what manner My Spirit entered thee, speaking to the tempter. So if men discern deeply, they will see in what manner I worked in thee to place a

* See the account of Mr. Willsís house in p. 18 of the Flock of Sheep, Book 22; and of Joseph Southcottís Vindication, Book 23, p. 69.

** The Book called, What manner of Communications are these? Book 24.

likeness of the Creation: and this thou knowest I told thee before,—when you come to the Redemption you must come back to the Creation; and in the shadow of that likeness I brought it back to thee, to shew plainly unto all men the true sense and meaning of the words spoken to the Serpent, when he betrayed the Woman, as I knew what horror and misery she felt, which thine was but a shadow of. And now mark for thyself the heavenly joy thou felt, before these fears came upon thee, whether in aught thou hadst disobeyed. Here I have shewed thee the likeness of the Woman at first, as a shadow to resemble the substance; and by that I have shewed them the sense and meaning of the words spoken to the Serpent, that his curse should be above every living creature, when I come to bruise his head, according to the words I spoke plainly in thee, for all men to understand the last, if they could not understand the first.

"And now come to thy History, that is placed here and there, but not in a regular manner to go on together; for like thy history stand the Prophecies through the Scriptures, which men must discern from different places to bring them together, as they must discern the history of thy life; and then let them discern all My sufferings from men and devils; how long I suffered myself to be tempted by the devil, and what I suffered from the persecution of men, and how I hid myself from them, and all the agonies I bore in the garden of Gethsemane, when I knew My hour drew near to be offered up a SACRIFICE FOR MAN! Thus let men deeply discern all I went through in the Body; and then let them deeply discern in what manner I worked in thee to go through the sufferings, trials and temptations of the devil, and all kind of sorrows, when I came to visit thee strongly in the Spirit, that men might call the whole to their remembrance, and see the shadows of all things before them. But had these things been clearly explained, for what ends the whole was done, at the time the Books went out, then the unbelieving world might have said they went out to the wisdom of men, or an artful invention of thy own; therefore I concealed the mystery and said I sent them out to try the wisdom of men, and then a further explanation would be given to thee. But now discern from the wisdom of man; where is the man that weighed deeply the manner thy Book began; the despair that followed thee; the words I spoke within thee, what I should come in power to do, before I ordered the Parables to be brought forward, to shew you the likeness from Types and Shadows.

"Now thou sayest in thy heart, this was never discerned by thee before I explained it; neither dost thou believe it was by any; then now I ask mankind, how they can discern to understand their Bibles, to trace My footsteps through, from the foundation of the world to this day, to mark the beginning and the ending, and know how to place all things aright, what was My Wisdom and My Decrees, that went through so many ages, if they cannot understand My Wisdom in the Parables I brought forward to place with the words I spoke in thee at first? If they cannot understand My meaning and the manner of My working of what was done in a few months, how can they explain My meaning and My Wisdom in the Scriptures, worked through in so many thousand years? So if the believers in My Visitation to thee, say these things were too high for them to understand and bring together, and did not deeply discern the beginning, in what manner it was united together; how shall the professors of the Scripture, that pretend to believe in the Word of God, be able to understand all the mysteries there, when they do not pretend to weigh it with the beginning, to judge how the ending must come? But this, I tell thee, like thy history, there are many professors of religion who look to My Gospel, but do not think it right to read through all the Scriptures; as they judge there are many things that are but histories of the Jews, histories of the Kings, that are not profitable for man to read, without knowing for what ends all these things stand on record, which I have explained to thee, were Types and Shadows of the End; and so are the parables that thou canst not bear; and the very parable thou most despisedst is the deepest warning to mankind:* for like the lady were the Jews, who mocked ME, when I told them of their dangers; and like the lady they went on, till destruction came upon them, and every warning was slighted by them: and now look around you, and discern the same; I have given warning upon warning, I threatened the nations abroad that My severity would begin there, that you may see the truth of My words, before I bring the fatal stroke at home; and these things, that have happened abroad, are warnings to your Nation, as the sound of the horn was to the lady, if all My Warnings are despised, and all My Love abused, and all is mocked by man, as she mocked the warning: such may fear a sudden surprise, as the sudden surprise came upon her; for like her must the world be, if all My love be despised by them, all My mercies and goodness be slighted by them, for ME to come and

* See Book 24 p. 89, What Manner of Communications are these?

complete their happiness, if they wish to unite their hearts to ME. Let them know My promises are great; but if My love be despised, when all is laid before them, let them know the sentence is just, if I come to act like man; and like man they must acknowledge I have acted in ages past, when I shewed My love to the Jews, to deliver them from Egyptian bondage; and as a shadow I promised them the promised Land that I should give them, before they provoked ME to anger to destroy them in the wilderness; and yet I fulfilled My word to their children, before they went on to provoke ME the same. But now it is come to the END, the Types and Shadows are past, the Substance lies before you, the promised Land, the promised Kingdom, the promised Happiness, that is in store for Man, are now before you, to be hastening on; and My love is made known to man, how great My delight shall be with men whose delight is to be with ME: but shall I shew this love to men, before their hearts are warmed by My love, to long for My Coming, and wish to be freed from these evils of sin, that stand as a bar to the happiness of men, and bolts their hearts against their love to ME? This is the evil that sin produces; and this is the evil I shall destroy.—And now mark the Parable wherein I have shewn thee the wisdom of the wise, from the Master and the Servant, who saw their dangers, and wisely shunned them;* and this will be the wisdom of every wise man; they will discern the dangers abroad; they will discern their dangers at home; they will discern in what manner My Gospel is penned and in what manner the whole is spoken; this they will discern, and warn one the other, as the servant warned the master; and as the master directed the servant, how to shun the dangers they were surrounded with, by fleeing for the strength that was stronger than themselves; and this will be the case with men who have the wisdom to discern the whole; they will flee to the ROCK that is higher than themselves; and trust in the POWER that is stronger than themselves; and begin to discern the death of sin, and what destruction the enemy would bring all mankind to. And these two Parables, if wisely considered by men, will shew them plainly the different ends that are now before them; of what will happen to mankind, when I come to bring all dark sayings to light; as appeared in the Parable of the Sheep, there stood a mystery to be revealed; and perfectly so stands My Bible—deep mysteries to be revealed; hidden things to be brought to light; and My just judgments to take place; and all My decrees to be fulfilled; as I shewed thee in the Parable of the Knight. Though these parables thou couldest not bear, and I know are a stumbling-block to many, they are deep and weighty to shew you the end; every one shews My decrees, how all must be brought to light in the end; and all will find, that from the beginning My decrees were fixed, like that of the Knight, which never was discerned by man, how unalterably they were fixed.—But now come to the Bees; they gather honey from every flower, and from the bitterest herb; perfectly so will men of wisdom, when they discern the truth of thy Prophecies, and know these Parables were brought forward by ME, as types and shadows, to shew them the end, they will begin to discern them deeply; and like the bees, gather honey from them; though they may appear like a bitter herb, unpleasant to the taste, as they all appeared to thee: but as too much honey clogs the stomach, and too much sweetness will not do, a mixture of food is good for the body; and different appetites are in mankind; like things temporal are things spiritual; therefore I have brought forward all manner of things, in thy writings, to shew them the end: And as foolish and simple as thy life appears to thee, to stand in print to the world, as foolish and simple must My life appear in the Gospel, should I stoop to the wisdom of men,** and never go on to fulfil My words, and destroy the works of the devil, as his works destroyed My life. So ponder no more of thy own folly, to think thy life appears foolish and simple amongst mankind; but how simple must My life appear, to suffer such shame and reproach of mankind, to bear the malice of men and devils, and never come to clear My honour, and fulfil the words I left on record! But how can I clear My honour amongst men and draw their hearts in love to ME, if the goodness I require in man, was only to shew charity one to the other; then to what purpose did I die for man? or to what purpose was it My making myself known amongst mankind, if it was not to shew My love to them, that in the end My delight should be with men, and their delight should be with ME? For these are the people who will be preserved in the end; these are the people who are with ME in glory, and will come with ME in triumph, when I come to bring in My Kingdom, as I promised, to mankind; and from My Love coming amongst them, choosing men as My companions, it shews them all My love to the end.—And mark the words I said in My Gospel—how I honoured the FATHER, and the FATHER honoured ME: and here let all men discern, how I came upon the earth, to shew the LOVE

*See Book 22, p. 75, of the Flock of Sheep.

** That meaneth, an answer to the world, who say all was finished when Christ died; and that he will not come again to fulfil his Gospel.

of the FATHER to mankind:—Mysteries men cannot understand I bid them leave; for, now I know thy pondering thoughts: Is there a difference between the LOVE of the FATHER and of the SON? or was it the Sonís Love to complete the whole, as I have been speaking of My Love to man, what I went through for their sakes? In this, I tell thee, Love was equal; united together in Love to man: but the mystery ye ought not to dive into, in what manner the unity stands. But these thoughts I worked in thee for the sake of others: as the hearts of all men are known to ME, so I work their thoughts in thee; but this know all men, he that doth not honour his God, who created man at first to be in his likeness, and after his Fall laid a plan for his Redemption—he that doth not thus honour his God can never honour the SON: so here is a union that must be joined together, as I said in My Gospel. Therefore let no one ponder, as thou hast done, to look into mysteries ye cannot understand; but this know, it is the Love of GOD for the Redemption of man, to bear the blame man cast on ME, or on his CREATOR united as ONE. And now set thy heart at rest, as thou hast always united them both together—the Love of the FATHER must be joined with the Son in union together, for ME to take manís nature upon ME, that man again may resume OUR LIKENESS: and with these thoughts let all men rest, that they may give glory to God.—Now mark the words in the Creation—And God said, Let US make man in OUR OWN IMAGE, after OUR LIKENESS. Here are the TWO united together in the Creation; united together in Love to mankind; and must be united together in the redemption of man; or the Heavens must be divided.—I ask thee, how the heavenly host can praise their Creator, and be joined in love and unity together, if they separate the unity of the FATHER and the Son? Yet these are errors that are in thousands, to divide the Unity and the Love, the Wisdom and the Power, the Mercy, the Goodness, and Truth, that are centred together, in a way unknown to men; therefore it is divided by them; because they cannot look into the mystery of the Unity and the Decrees in Heaven. But here I have shewed how menís hearts and thoughts ought to be fixed, that look for their Redemption in and through My Death and Sufferings, how they ought to unite it in the Love of God for mankind, united together for the Redemption of Man: for the anger of a GOD provoked, without being mixed with love, pity, and compassion for the fallen race, must make him a consuming fire; but as his Anger is mixed with Love to returning sinners, this makes him a reconciling FATHER; and this Love was spoken of by the Prophets—"Turn unto ME, and I will turn unto you: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and I will have mercy upon them and love them freely." Let them trace the records of the Scriptures through and they will find My Anger mixed with Love; and this Love was more strongly shown when I came in the body amongst mankind, which I have told thee was united together. But this men do not discern, in what manner it was fixed in the beginning; had there been no love, pity and compassion, in the Creator of the universe, when he saw the disobedience of man, after placing him in the garden, with everything for his comfort, and gave a command for his good, that he should not break that command—here might anger have been a consuming fire, if it had not been mixed with Love:—and the same I tell thee of David; after raising him to be a king, if Love had not been mixed with anger, his sins might have caused Me to have been a consuming fire. But these things men do not discern, in what manner the Love is placed; therefore it is written, If God was strict to mark every fault and every sin committed by man; then the trial none could bear; but the sins of ignorance, for want of knowledge, were they not pardoned, none would be saved. But these errors men must be convinced of, before they can expect the Kingdom of God or of His Christ.—And let them answer the following questions—Is the SON the SPIRIT of the FATHER? Is the SON the SPIRIT of God? Are they of ONE UNITED SPIRIT? If so, let them answer, how the SON can be Love, and not the FATHER? How can there be mercy, pity and compassion in the ONE, and not in the OTHER? or how can they agree together for the Redemption of Mankind, if they are not united together in Love for Man, of one Spirit, Heart and Mind? But these things men do not discern, nor deeply understand the Scriptures through; and therefore many errors are amongst mankind, which I shall convince them of at the end; or how could the Scriptures be fulfilled—Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and good will towards men?—

"I came to show My Fatherís Love;
And nowís the time the truth Iíll prove,
And shew His Love is great to all,
That unto him for mercy call;
And so His Love doth now appear,—
With the Creation all compare,
How the Creation it was placed;
And mark His Love when Man was cast;
And then the mysteries all may see,
The way united Love in Me
Did with the FATHER first begin.
The Mysteries deep are all unseen;
But if you trace them at the first,
Youíll see the way the Lord was placed,
When first the Anger did appear.—
Mark deep the lines; Iíll say no more,
But try menís wisdom to discern
The way and manner I do warn
To bring your hearts in love to God:
Discern the way the whole is showed
From the Creation at the first;
Mark through My Bible, how ítis placed;
Then the UNITED LOVE youíll see,
The way ítwas placed mankind to free."

Friday, June 20th, 1806.
"Now I shall answer thee further of the Parables. I ordered thee to put these things in print to try the wisdom that was in mankind, whether they could deeply discern for what end it was done; and whether they could clearly understand the true sense of the explanation I gave thee at that time: and know I told thee, I meant to try the wisdom of man; and that I should give thee a further explanation.

"Then how canst thou marvel at these parables, that are brought forward by Me, more plain and clear to show my firm decrees in the Creation—what I said when I created the Woman at first—the Promise that is made in the Fall—My being born of the Virgin—My promising to come again as the Bridegroom, to free the fall of the Woman? or how could I bring in the Redemption of Man? Now if men have wisdom to discern this Parable, being brought forward by ME to be placed a likeness of My Bible; it is a parable clear to be understood, how My decrees were fixed; and how they will be fulfilled; and how the enmity of Satan will swell the pride of men to prevent it.* So clear is this parable before you, consistent with My words, that every man, endowed with reason, that weighs it deeply with the beginning, and with My Gospel to the ending, must clearly discern from the sense of the parable, that it is the Promise made to the woman to bring in your Redemption, as I have said; and when men discern it was My command to have it brought forward, as a parable to shew you the end, then they would clearly discern My decrees, when I laid the foundation at first, in what manner I should fulfil them, when I come to give them the Kingdom, in innocence, peace and happiness, as it was designed at first, before man fell. But then I shall make his standing more secure, when I have destroyed the power of the adversary, who began by arts to betray the woman, and sought her murder at first; and so he is going on to the last; but My decrees he cannot frustrate; and the end will convince mankind how wrong hath been their malice, to try to shun My just decrees, which are for the happiness of man. So let them weigh the parable deeply, and call the whole to their remembrance; then they will see there is not a parable standing on record more plain to shew them the end of My decrees, than that parable is. And let them know, it never was a womanís wisdom to bring forward such parables, to place with the Scriptures; for if you discern the Scriptures, it is perfect likeness of the end; neither was it Satanís wisdom to bring forward such parables, to shew you all that My decrees at first, what I said in the Creation, I should fulfil them at last, that they stood like the parables that all arts were used in vain to break the decrees. Now thus I have shewn thee plainly of one parable; and what I have said of one, I shall say of all; I sent them out to try the wisdom of men; I gave an explanation they did not clearly understand, to see the depth of the parables, and the sense of My words, for what reason I brought them forward—that ye may see the likeness clear.

"And now come to the Words I said in the Fall; and know what I said to the Serpent—"I will place enmity between thee and the Woman; and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head." Then now discern the parable I ordered thee to bring forward of the gentleman who for a long time

* Parable of the Knight, The Flock of Sheep, Book 22, p. 8.

had been a murderer of women, and his murders were stopped by the hands of a woman, whose courage went through to find out his villainy, and bring him to justice: what men might suppose no womanís courage could go through; would not every one imagine her courage would too soon have failed her to have stayed a minute in the house, after she saw the hands appear of those that had been murdered by him? But know from the parable what is said, and how her courage went on to go through in the midst of dangers, with a fearful heart and trembling steps, till she had discovered the whole and brought the murderer to his final end, that he so justly deserved; and this man, it is known to thee, I have compared as a type of the devil, as I told thee of Pharaoh and his host of being destroyed. And now let men weigh the parable deeply, with thy faith, love and courage, that thou didst go through, disputing with Satan, with trembling heart and fearful steps, in the house alone by thyself.—But here I know thy pondering thoughts: the lady did not dispute with the gentleman in the house alone by herself, as thou didst dispute with Satan alone by thyself. Now this mystery I shall make plain before thee. Satan was no more visible in the house to thee, than the gentleman was to the lady; yet seeing his murders alarmed her fears, like thy disputes. And know, she heard him return and go up the stairs, dragging her companion: so she heard his voice, as thou didst hear the words of Satan; though she did not dispute with him there. So now discern the likeness; and how she afterwards laid the whole before him. Now here is the likeness of her and thee; the one with man, the other with the devil; and yet the devil was in the man. But from this parable I have shewed thee his end; and this is what I said in the fall—I should put this enmity between the Woman and the Serpent, that should surely bruise his head; and now I have brought forward the parable plain to mankind, that they may see My Bible clear, the way My decrees will be fulfilled. And now mark the Parables in My Gospel, how I brought forth the parable of a man planting a vineyard, and letting it out to husbandmen; but when he sent for the fruits of the vineyard, they beat one, and stoned another, and wounded him in the head; again he sent another; and they killed him and many others, beating some and killing some; after that he sent his Son, and they killed him likewise. Now I ask thee, where is the difference of the parable of the murderers? All the difference there is in the parables, is the different ends for which they are designed. This parable I brought forward in My Gospel, I brought it forward to the Jews, how they had killed the prophets; and plainly told them they would put ME to death; but now discern the parable I spoke of the end, when the Lord of the vineyard should come, he would destroy all these husbandmen. Here the parable stands for the end, when I come in Might, Majesty and Power, to fulfil all My Fatherís just decrees, and claim the vineyard, which I mean the earth; then will all those be destroyed, that despise My Love, reject My Gospel, and every Visitation of My Spirit, that I have sent to warn them of the end. So here My parables stand for mankind to warn them of the end, that do despite unto My Spirit, when I come to fulfil My Words. These are the parables I brought forward to man of My Second Coming to fulfil My Gospel; but the parables I ordered thee to bring forward are My fixed decrees concerning the Woman, to fulfil the plan that was laid at first. So here the parables are different, as the cause is different; but the sense and meaning is as strong in the one, as my parables were in the other; and all men will find in the end that they were brought forward by the Wisdom of a God, to make the crooked paths straight before you, that ye may see My Bible clear. And now discern how I spoke in parables through My Gospel, and to them I likened the Kingdom of Heaven; and so from parables I have shewed thee and all mankind what the end will be; for every parable they will see fulfilled in the end; and every parable is consistent with the prophets, what parable I brought forward by them; for though they are not placed as parables; yet they were placed as signs to the people, what I commanded the prophets to do. So, whether Parables or signs, they were all things of men that I ordered to be done, to shew signs unto the people of what should hereafter come upon them. And know, the visions were shewn to John to shew them of the end. So if thou discern deeply, and men trace My Bible deeply, they will discern, it was from parables, types and shadows, that all these things were placed to mankind, and the likeness I have ordered thee to bring forward in thy books.

"And now I shall answer thee of the word ĎAdultery.í—But first open thy Bible."—

I opened to the 19 chapter of Jeremiah, and was answered from these words.—"Then shalt thou break the bottle in the sight of the men that go with thee:" and I was answered from verse 13. Ezekiel xxviii. 18.—"Thou hast defiled thy Sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities."


"Now I shall answer thee from the place thou hast opened to. Know I said, they should be defiled, because they had sought other gods: and mark the words I said to the prophet, before he should break the bottle in the sight of the men, and say—Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, even so will I break this people, and this city, as one breaketh a potterís vessel, that cannot be made whole. Now I shall answer thy thoughts of My saying adultery hath been committed in Israel, by Pomeroy and thee. These were words thou couldst not bear to read; and I let them go out in this manner, to try what was in mankind, whether they would seek into the things, if they thought there was room to find fault, and to come forward and reprove thee. I ordered it to go out without a clear explanation. But now come to adultery: and mark what is said by My prophets—They had defiled the sanctuary, because My commands were not kept. And so had he adulterated the truth, because he had kept it back. But dost thou vainly suppose I ordered all these things to go in print of him, for him only? I tell thee, no: it alludes to the whole race of mankind, who keep back the truth, as he has done. And now mark from the Scriptures I directed thy hand to open to, the words that I spoke by the prophet, ordering him to break the bottle before them, to show them how I should break the city, and defile the men that defiled my laws. Again I directed thy hand to show thee how they had defiled my sanctuary; then how canst thou marvel that I compared his deceit and wresting the words to committing adultery, when the truth was adulterated by him? Perfectly so are the Scriptures adulterated by mankind: as he denied the very things that he before had professed to believe; perfectly so do mankind deny the Scriptures they profess to believe; therefore I ordered these things to go in print, to bring forward as parables to all men.

"And now I shall answer thee further. Thou sayest within thyself, all thy writings at Bristol, from the manner of My visitation, and ordering thee to bring every truth forward, it now appears to thee as from one in a confused state of mind; but as great as the confusion was in thee, and as simple as the whole appears before thee, so simple will the whole appear to the believers, when they look back and see their folly of the wrong judgment they have drawn in many things of thy writings: but much more simple and foolish will the wisdom of the unbelieving world appear in the end, when they look back and see their folly, in what manner they have placed the Scriptures; and much greater will their confusion be in the end, than thine was at Bristol: but know the words I told thee in the beginning—that year was a deep type of the end; and deep all men will find it. But how could the parables appear so clearly to show you the end would be in a confusion, when I come to bring in the happy deliverance? Sorrows and confusion, like the children of Israel, I have always told thee, will be the end; and then the unbelieving world will see their folly much greater than thou canst see thine, in the manner many things were penned in the confusion of thy mind, but know the words I told thee before—as the sun was too strong for thy eyesight, so was the strong visitation of My Spirit too strong for thy senses. And now let the unbelieving world discern from the weakness of thy own senses, and many follies they may see in thee, when fears alarmed thee of disobeying; and when My visitation was strong, thy wisdom was weak and thy fears were great. Now from this let men discern how foolish will they appear in the end, when I come to visit in power to fulfil the substance, that have been ignorant of the whole, before shut up in unbelief. Now judge for thyself, if no prophecies had come to thee, no visitation of My Spirit, before that wondrous visitation that happened at Bristol, thou wouldst have judged thy senses were entirely gone, and thou wouldst not have known where to place it; and hadst thou been as a friend on a visit to them as friends, all ignorant of any visitation of My Spirit, ask them what their judgment would have been, and how confused their thoughts would appear.

"Now I shall answer thee from their words, as they have acknowledged they should have had fears of thy being deranged, and of being with thee alone by themselves, if they had not known of thy visitation before; and thou hast confessed thyself that My visitation to thee at Bristol would have made thee judge thy senses gone, and some disorder had seized thy head, if thou hadst never been visited before, and judged from that from whence it came. Then now ask the unbelieving world, in what manner they will stand the end, when I come to shake the earth, and destroy with My power the root of evil and all its powers, and begin strongly to visit mankind? I ask them how they will stand the day and the time of My strong visitation, when I come to make an end of the whole? If the believers like thee act fearful and simple, with senses half confused, scarce knowing what they are doing, and the awful scenes are too great for them, though led on by My Spirit, and My directions, and trusting in My protection; yet if their senses are confused, that they like thee should act simply, I ask thee, how will the others appear, when sudden surprises seize them all? For these sudden surprises will come in the end. Therefore, I tell thee, bold and confident as the unbelieving world may appear, to think they can stand the Coming of the Lord, without a Warning before, to prepare them for the time, that they may know the days of their Visitation; but, with all their confidence no more than thou and thy friends could have stood My Visitation to thee at Bristol, and have known from whence it came, or what it meant, if they had never heard of it before, no more would the unbelieving world know in what manner I shall come, or be able to stand the time, to know what the visitation means, when I begin to shake terribly the earth. So if thou ponderest in thy heart, that a strong visitation of My Spirit overpowered thy senses, and made thee act simply, that had had a knowledge of My visitation before; how simply must the unbelieving world act, if the day come upon them unaware? For if the believers find the day too strong for their senses, how will the unbelieving world stand, when thine was but shadows of the end; and all these things were permitted by ME, to be penned in so simple a manner to show mankind that a strong visitation they cannot bear, without being warned before? I know there are many things that thou wouldst never have put in print from thyself, in the manner they stand, if My visitation had not been too strong for thee; and yet this was My Will, that in this manner the whole should appear, that they may discern the parable in the end, and look back to see the whole. And now I shall tell thee another reason, why I confined thy senses, so simply to put the whole in print; it was to confound the wisdom of man, who had said before that thy writings came from man, who had taken thy name. But where are the men that will now appear and say, they believe these three Books were the wisdom of man? And yet, I tell thee, simply as they appear, there are no books amongst all thy writings, wherein the end is so clearly foretold as it is in these three Books, which thou in thy own heart hast so much pondered upon, and dreaded to read. Every truth of the end is clearly foretold from the parables and from the books.

"And now read thy Book further—but first open thy Bible."

I opened to the 1 Chronicles xiii. 3.—"Let us bring again the Ark of our God to us; for we enquired not at it in the days of Saul."

2 Chronicles xxxiii. 11.—"They took Manasseh among the thorns, and bound him with fetters, and carried him to Babylon; and when he was in affliction he besought the Lord his God."

1 Samuel xviii. 12.—"And Saul was afraid of David, because the Lord was with him, and was departed from Saul."

"Now I shall answer thee from these places. The last time I directed thy hand to show thee how Saul feared David, because he knew the Lord was with him; and yet thou knowest how he hated him. Now from this I shall show thee that thou hast nothing to marvel, from the unbelieving world, or from those that are enemies to the ways of the Lord. When Saulís disobedience had made ME to rend the kingdom from him, which he was warned of by Samuel that I should do, see how soon his anger was kindled against David, when jealousy arose in him, that David might come to the crown after him. Now from these men you may clearly discern the perfect enmity between mankind, that there will be concerning My Kingdom; for as the anger of Saul was kindled against David, when the evil spirit worked upon Saul, and he was departed from his God, so will the evil spirit work upon mankind to be at enmity against those that are expecting My Kingdom to come and be established.

"And now come to Davidís bringing back the Ark, that they enquired not at in the days of Saul. And now I tell thee from the Ark, it stands for types and shadows of the end, when I bring back the Ark of the New Covenant to men, to give them the Kingdom, as prepared for Man from the foundation of the world. This is the Ark, and this is the Covenant, and this is the Kingdom, that will cause strife amongst mankind, as it was with Saul and David; for all these things stood for types and shadows of the end. And now I ask thee, where is the man who can answer, why I ordered all these things, all the offerings and burnt sacrifices, and all the laws that were given to Moses, and all the laws that stand throughout, given to the prophets, that they were ordered to do, and after that to suffer them to cease and not be continued to the end of time? I ask thee, why these things were done, and not always continued if I had not ordained them for types and shadows, as I have told thee heretofore? Could the killing of a bullock, or a lamb, remove the sin of a man? or could it bring any honour to ME, that I could be glorified in these things? or did it make the heart of the man the better by the blood of bulls and goats? I tell thee, No: they were done for types of the end, to show you all that the Beast must be slain; and true obedience was in them, which was the only merit in their sacrifice. Then if I accepted such simple things from the hands of men in their obedience, what hast thou to marvel at the simple things I required in thee, to have the simple truth appear, that mankind may clearly see, when a man departs from the Lord, as Saul did, how he goes on to envy David? Here I tell thee is the likeness of Pomeroy and thee, which thou ponderest so much in thy heart, why I ordered the whole to go in print; but I ordered it to show mankind how strongly Satan pursues him, when he begins to depart from the ways of his God; and yet thou hast pondered deeply in thy heart, to what purpose is the whole in print concerning him. And now I shall answer thy foolish thoughts. Couldst thou vainly suppose that thy writings came from ME the living Lord? and by My command the writings were put in his hands, for him to appear as a just judge, according to his promise; to bring them forward to the world and prove the truth of all that was put in his hands; but when he broke his word and promise, and committed the whole to the flames, and would not suffer the truth to appear; canst thou vainly and simply suppose the command was given to thee by ME, and I not find a way to have the Truth appear? And if he was so careless of My honour, dost thou vainly imagine I should be careful of his? Because, I tell thee, for My honour, and to clear the Truth amongst mankind, if the things put in his hands had not come true according to thy words, where was his justice to God or man, not to bring it forward and prove it on the one hand? But as the truth followed, it was his duty to bring it forward to prove the truth on the other, to do justice to God and man. Could he vainly suppose he had power above his God, thinking, as it was put in his hand he had power to confound My wisdom? Here is a type which stands deep in him; the way he went to save his honour amongst mankind, and conceal the truth of My words, he lost his honour, and the truth was made clear; but dost thou think this was done for him only? I tell thee, No; it stands deep for all the clergy in the end, who think they shall save their honour amongst mankind, by being mockers and despisers of the whole, and not seeking to have the truth cleared up, tried and proved, as I have commanded. By this neglect they think to gain their honour; and by this neglect they will all lose their honour in the end, as he hath done. So he stands but a type of the whole; and I ask thee, how the ministers will appear, when they see the threatened judgments fall upon the people, and every truth brought to light concerning him? Could the clergy see deeply what a type he stands of all the careless and faithless shepherds, who keep back the Truth of My Gospel, by denying the visitation of My Spirit—did they clearly discern the whole, the type of him would make them weep. So here, I tell thee, is one thing in thy writings, that thou hast been deeply pondering in thy heart, to what purpose the whole was ordered to be put in print; all men will find it stands deep to the clergy. For however they think to gain their honour amongst men, by being careless shepherds, and denying the visitation of My Spirit, which is denying My words, and destroying the truth, it will destroy their honour in the end; but those who act like David—rejoice to see the Ark brought back—rejoice to hear of the Coming of their Lord; they will gain their honour, as David did, in the end, though they may be mocked, as David was by the Daughter of Saul; and by such, men will be mocked; as she thought it folly to see David dance before the Ark. So many will judge it folly in the believers; and they will judge there is folly in the manner of My directions, as thou thyself hast simply thought; in many things thou hast taken in question, whether it was My directions, or from a wrong spirit that had deceived thee, before I made the mysteries clear and plain before thee, for what ends all these things were ordered to go into print—to show all men the end, from the parables to the nations, and from Pomeroy to the ministers.

"And now come to Manasseh. Many, like Manasseh, will be taken among the thorns; many in their afflictions will repent and turn, and do as Manasseh did: then they will know that there is a God, who is the same to-day, yesterday, and for ever, to warn by his servants, to warn by his prophets, who is now come to warn them of the end. This will be deeply discerned by mankind, when they are taken among the thorns, and heavy afflictions come upon them."

The Communications thus far are concerning the Parables; and now I shall lay before the public a Communication that was given me in answer to an enquiry sent from Ireland, to know if there were any books containing prophecies of any public event, which were printed before that event took place; and whether there were prophecies yet to be fulfilled. These enquiries were answered me by the Spirit; from my being ordered, in 1802, to take the four first books, printed in 1801, in my hand, and I should be told what was hastening on; and the pages are pointed out at the end of the Seventh Book, printed in March 1802, as that was the seventh book of my publications at that time. The reader must refer to the pages mentioned from the first Book and go on to the fourth; but it must be observed from these pages, from what have been fulfilled, that it is only in part; the substance is to follow.


"Now I shall answer thee. I told thee when Peace was proclaimed in 1802, that it was but for awhile; the war was not ended; neither was it begun; the war that I meant should bring in My Kingdom, which was the spiritual war with Believers and Unbelievers, and a temporal war upon those Nations, who were known to ME would never turn, before they were brought low, by all the judgments I said in My Gospel, which I told them would be in the end. And these things I said were hastening on, that were not begun; and this they must discern from the words I spoke at the time of the Peace, when they said the war was ended, which is known to thee was at the ending of the year, that I first ordered thee to publish to the world; then they must discern in what manner I ordered thee to take thy first books in thy hand in the time of peace, when it was affirmed by all that the war was over; and then I shewed thee what was hastening on.

"And now let them discern deeply what is said in these pages, that I said was hastening on: Page 8 First Book, Strange Effects of Faith—That it should be happy for the men who began and went on to search into every truth, till the truths were plain before them, and every curtain that stood before them drawn back; as ye cannot look into all mysteries at once, I said they must go on till all were drawn back. This I said was hastening on. So now, if men have eyes to see, or hearts to understand, they will see that this was the first thing which took place, after I told thee what was hastening on—menís faith increasing more and more, searching deeper and deeper, to come to the knowledge of every truth.

"Then if they discern what I told thee was hastening on, in Page 27, same Book, they will discern how all was foretold, of what was hastening on—pestilence and famine to go through the lands—menís hearts to fail them for very trouble; because they had not known the visitation of the Lord. So, if they discern from this page, which I ordered thee to point out, that was hastening on, they will discern, that it was My first visitation to thee in 1792, of what I told thee should come upon all nations. For know, I told thee, it was but Shadows that were past, the Substance was to come: for now I tell thee of thy Prophecies, they stand like the Prophecies of old, that prophesied of ME, and how I should come to die for MAN; but these were not fulfilled to be hastening on, before John the Baptist appeared, to warn mankind, that My Kingdom was at hand; and yet he himself did not understand what Kingdom was then at hand: it was but Shadows of My being upon the earth, to be with men, of what the Substance would be hereafter, when I came to bring in My Kingdom. But John the Baptist went before ME, at the time I was upon the earth; and these things were but Types and Shadows of the End: what John spoke of ME, and what I spoke of myself, was to be at another time, when I came in Might, Majesty and Glory, to bring the Kingdom of GOD to MAN. And so in perfect likeness I said of the prophecies I had given to thee—all that had passed, before I ordered thee to publish, were but Types and Shadows, to show that the substance was to follow; as I told thee, the whole was hastening on, when thou judgedst, with the unbelieving world, that the war was over, and all was fulfilled concerning the wars, as the Shadows had appeared; but let them discern that I then told thee the Substance was to come. So if men deeply discern what is said in these pages, that I said was hastening on, then they will discern how all was foretold, and put in print, before it took place.

"And let them discern Page 29, same Book. In this page, let them understand, the wars and tumults, by sea and land, that I said were hastening on, should go on, till the Second Psalm was fulfilled; then they would judge from the past what is to follow—that I shall go on with the nations abroad, till all are come to look unto ME, from the ends of the earth, to be saved: And let them mark My answer to thy enquiry, to know if this was My Second Coming to call in the Jews—and that with the Jews I must call all nations. If men have understanding to discern My Bible, they will discern, from the Prophets and My Gospel, how the whole stands together: And know I told thee thou hadst judged aright of My Second Coming. And let them discern, at the time men judged the wars and tumults were over, that I told thee, what was said in these pages was hastening on; then they will see how all was foretold; but if they cannot understand things that are put so plain before them, they cannot understand the Scriptures, nor the words of the Prophets; neither can they understand My Gospel, which I tell thee is more hid from the understanding of man, than the Prophecies I pointed out to thee, that I said were hastening on.

"And now come to page 39, same Book, that I said was hastening on in 1802, when you had peace and plenty—

"That as the dreadful thunder from on high
Brings down the rain, and then clears up the sky;
So must the dreadful thunder of My Word
Sound first aloud the Coming of your Lord."

Now if men have understanding to discern the words, which I said here were hastening on, and discern how many are gone out to proclaim the Coming of their Lord, since I told thee this was hastening on, and mark the words at the end—

"But first My thunder must before ME roll,
To break in pieces the most stubborn soul."—

"If men have understanding to discern the whole, with what hath followed since; then they would discern what is to come, and be clearly convinced that the end is at hand.

"And let them discern from Page 46, same Book, how I said I should go on, till all the earth was reprieved: and then as wives I would make them all: for this was the Marriage of the Lamb, if men have understanding to know what they read.

"And now come to the Second Book, Strange Effects of Faith, Page 79, I said was hastening on—that I should bring on the storm, and that every danger was near; and let them discern what hath hastened on since; what storms and dangers have already taken place; as My visitation to thee was for all nations; then let them discern what hath happened in all nations since 1802, that I said, fatal scenes were coming on; and fatal scenes have been seen abroad. Then now let them discern, from what is said in the Communication, what is hastening on further; and discern, from what has already followed, what is to follow.

"Page 87, same Book: and let them discern in this page what I said of the wars—

"That now My Sword it shall in fury smoke:
The hearts of men Iíll either bow or break."

"This I said was hastening on, to make way for My Kingdom, which I was coming to establish. So let them discern deeply what is said in this page, that I said was hastening on; then they will all discern how all nations must bow or break; they must bow to My Sceptre, and bow to My Gospel, and look unto ME as their Prince and Saviour, to establish My Kingdom in righteousness and peace; or they must be broke off from the face of the earth, as I said My Coming was hastening on.

"And now mark the words I said in the Third Book, Strange Effects of Faith, Page 109, that I then told thee was hastening on: for the Second Psalm was come to all: that My sword should be drawn and dipped in blood, till every nation should fall down and worship ME; that every nation had to fear; and England should know that My Kingdom was near.

"These things I told thee were hastening on, when men said the wars were over; but know, I told thee at that time—as it was in 1792, peace and plenty, and the war broke out in 1793; so I told thee in 1802, when they said it was peace and plenty, the same in 1803, they would see the wars break out like the former. But to prove a prophet, there must no likeness appear of the prophecies, that they will be so, when they prophesy; and so there appeared no likeness to thee in 1792, of all the things hastening on, that I foretold thee; neither did any likeness appear to mankind in 1802, when ye had peace and plenty, that all these things were hastening on, which I ordered thee to point out to the world, from these pages, that they were hastening on. So if men have not understanding to discern these things, which were so plainly pointed out before them, let them not boast of their understanding to explain the Scriptures.

"And now come to Page 120, Third Book, that I then told thee was hastening on—that it was with the heathen nations I should next begin; and now let them discern what hath hastened on abroad already to these heathen nations, and mark what destruction hath been abroad; then let them discern what is to follow, that I said I should go on till I had opened the benighted minds. So let them discern from the past, of what hath happened in these few years, and where the fatal destructions have begun; let them judge where they will end. If this nation begin to be awakened, they will shun the destruction that is in other nations.

"And let them mark from the Fourth Book, Page 160, that I then told thee was hastening on—

"That Christ and his flock now together must stand,
And prove from these visions My Kingdomís at hand."

"And now discern how many in heart and mind are united together, to warn of My Kingdom; then they will see that the Shadows are begun in all, of what I told thee in 1802, was hastening on. Then let them know, I shall not stop till the Substance is fulfilled: But let them know, the sun must rise before it sets; and the dawn of the morning appear, before the day break from on high, and before the sun is risen: and this they must discern, how the Shadows come before the Substance. All My ways are like the husbandmanís grain: first sown and buried down, before the blade appeareth; then the stalk, and the ear, shoot forth, with its blossom, before it is ripened to the harvest; perfectly so, all men will find, I am going on to fulfil My words: and then, in the end, they will see My harvest appear—that I shall stand with My flock, as they stand with ME.

"And now discern the words I then told thee were hastening on, in Page 172, Fourth Book—of the destruction of the Turkish Nation, which must be observed from the beginning of the Communication, that the Barren Heaths were in Turkey, who all sleep together with the Beast; but that I should awaken them from that dream; as all their minds were barren there, I said their destruction was hastening on; and now discern what shadows are begun. And now discern what is said further, of those who were waiting for the Bridegroom, their names were written; and to make the truth appear plain before all men, see how many names have been written, to be waiting for the Bridegroom, that they may enter into the joy of their Lord. Let all mark, this hath been done since I told thee it was hastening on; then let them discern deeply what is said in the page; and let them mark deeply what is the language of mankind, and what is the different conduct of mankind; then they will see the truth plain before them—all hastened on, as I foretold thee.

"And now let them mark from the Sword of Gideon, Page 180, same Book—

"I said the Sword should be brandished all abroad;
And every land should feel My glittering Sword."

"This I told thee was hastening on; and let them discern what hath followed; and how I said My Sword should be drawn to conquer every land. But then let them discern from the sword of Gideonís accomplishing in the end—it is the SWORD OF FAITH, THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, that must conquer in the end, and gain the victory over all.

"So here I have answered thee his inquiries, of what I told thee was hastening on in 1802, when all appeared unlikely to mankind, that these things were so near at hand, when I told thee they were hastening on, and the war would break out again in the following year. So let men not boast of their understanding of the Scriptures, if they cannot understand these things, which were put in print and published to the world; and after the appearance was gone of their being fulfilled, for thee to be told that they were hastening on. If men cannot judge from what Spirit these things were all foretold, then they can be no judges of My Spirit, or My Visitation."

Here I shall insert another Communication, which was given to me in answer to a Methodist in Ireland, who said that himself and the serious part of their Society believed, from the Scriptures, that the latter days were at hand; and inferred from it that My mission was not absolutely necessary.


"Now I shall answer thee from his observation, and begin with this inquiry: was it necessary that My Heel should be bruised for the transgression of the Fall? If men say it was not; then they must say I died in vain; and did a thing that was not necessary to prove the honour and justice of a God, to bear and suffer for the transgression of man, when he fell, and cast the blame on his Creator. And this is known to thee is judged by the Arians and by thousands, it was not necessary that the SON of GOD should come and suffer for the transgression of man; therefore they do not believe I was the Son of God. So if they are like the Arians, who do not believe it was necessary for ME to suffer the one, then they cannot believe it is necessary for the Promise to be pleaded, for Satan to suffer the other; but if they believe it was necessary, consistent with the honour and justice of a God, to fulfil the promise made in the Fall, to have My Heel bruised, and men to clamour for My life, to have ME put to death, and given up to the malice of men, who were influenced by the arts of hell—if it was necessary for ME to submit to their malice, and die a shameful death upon the Cross, and given up to the petitions of men, then let them all know, it is necessary for the Woman to plead the promise made in the Fall, that Satanís power may be destroyed, and his head bruised, by the desire of the Woman, as My Heel was bruised by the desire of man. So if it was necessary that the Son of God consented to bear the petitions of men, and resigned to their will, when they clamoured for My Blood, and said, Away with him; crucify him! So if I gave up My Life to the will of man, let them all know it is necessary to fulfil the promise, which was made in the Fall that the Woman should clamour for Satanís destruction, who was her betrayer; and to that will and petition I shall come in power to fulfil the one, as I at first submitted to the other. So here let men discern deeply, how I gave up My Life to the petitions of men; then they will discern, it is by their petitions I shall destroy their adversary; or how could I, consistently with the honour of a God, submit My Life to the petitions of men, if I had not designed at last to give up to their petitions to destroy their enemy, to My honour and glory? If I suffered the one, to My dishonour, to die the shameful death on the Cross, let them be assured, it is for My honour to give up to the petitions of men, to come again in might, majesty and glory, and bruise the Serpentís head, that betrayed the woman at first, and worked in Judas to betray ME at last.—But here is a mystery which no man discerns, that My Heel was bruised by manís request: and they that dispute, let them answer, how the Serpentís head is to be bruised, without the request of man? For if the first promise was fulfilled, of My Heel being bruised, by manís request, let them all know, the Serpentís head must be bruised by the request of man the same; or how could I be a God in whom there is no variableness nor the shadow of turning, the same to-day, yesterday, and for ever? But let them know, it is man that hath sought out many inventions; and this is an invention of man, to think My Kingdom will ever come, to establish man in peace and happiness, and destroy the works of the devil, before they clamour for his destruction, as they clamoured for My Blood. So here let these disputers draw their judgment, and answer from the words I have said; then they will see what wisdom is in man to discern the footsteps of his Lord; for here I have put it plain before them, that in seeing they may see, and in hearing they may understand, how men clamoured for My Blood, before My Heel was bruised; and then they would judge of the other, and know it was necessary for the woman to appear, to have the promise revealed to her, which was made in the Fall, how it was to be pleaded, before that Satanís head was bruised.

"And now I tell thee of professors of religion, they trust too much to their own goodness, thinking they shall be saved by their own merit, that they do not think there is any necessity for a visitation of My Spirit, to give them more light and knowledge than they themselves have received: and this was the state of the self-righteous, when I came in the Body; for though My Death was foretold by the Prophets, that I should be wounded for the transgression of man; yet they could not see a necessity for this to be done; and therefore the Jews stand out in unbelief to this day; and perfectly so I tell thee of thousands; they will not see the necessity of the Promise being pleaded before it is fulfilled; therefore, like the Jews, they will perish in unbelief: and many religious men will perish from the right way; though I do not tell thee they will perish everlastingly, where the hearts are right with God; yet they will depart from the true and living way, that brings in your Redemption, when My Kingdom is at hand."

Here I shall leave the readers to draw their own judgment: everything is as clear as the noon-day sun to me, of the wisdom of God in creation, and in preservation, the way the promise was made, and the way it must be fulfilled.

As Mr. Mayer has printed a Book in answer to mine, which was brought to me before this book was finished, I shall here give my answer to the World, that his folly and ignorance, mixed with falsehood and lies, in the book he hath published, make the wisdom of the Spirit that directs me shine brighter and brighter; and plainly prove the necessity of the visitation of the Lord, to throw open the mysteries of the Bible, as from him I see the ignorance of mankind. Were there not ten thousand times more wisdom in the Spirit that directs me, than there is in this man, I should not have followed the directions of the Spirit so many days as I have years. I was ordered to open the Bible and put his book in it with my eyes shut, and he should be answered from the Scripture that I opened to. It was in the third chapter of St. John; and these are the words of our Saviour, which I am ordered to reprove him with: "Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God: Except he be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God: that which is born of the flesh, is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit, is Spirit. Marvel not that I say unto thee, ye must be born again, or ye cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven: for he is in the gall of bitterness and the bonds of iniquity"—are the words that are spoken to me concerning him. Again "If I told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?" So this is the answer from the Scriptures I was ordered to reprove him with. And now I am left to answer for myself to the false accusations he hath brought against me. But seeing his falsehood and ignorance so strongly mixed together, that I should not have given myself the trouble to answer him, if it was not for the world at large, to show them the blindness and ignorance there are in my enemies.

In the first page of his book he says, my "Siren tongue," "Satan hath of late used with too much success to decoy them into the snare he hath spread for their souls," alluding that this is done through me. To this I answer, from the words of our Saviour, if Satan rise up against himself and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath his end. So if Satan is come to plead his own destruction, that the name of the Lord may run and be glorified, then he must be divided against himself, to have an end. But his arguments are like those of the Scribes, who said of our Saviour, that by the prince of the devils cast he out devils; so let him mark our Saviourís answer.

In page 5, he quotes the ninth commandment, saying, I have broken it; but I must return the charge back upon his own head, that it is he who hath broken that commandment, and not me: for I again affirm that he hath not explained any sense or meaning of the long-wished-for Revolution; neither hath he explained the meaning of Isaiah xxv. though he hath brought it forward again.

In page 6, he refers to page 88, of my book, saying, "She says I boast of my own wisdom, as being superior to the wisdom of mankind; and that I assert that the Kingdom of Christ will be established by the destruction of Buonaparte; what shall we say of a woman who dares publish such impudent and barefaced falsehood? Surely she is capable of anything."

My books will answer for themselves; and so to his book I shall refer for the answer to this. In the 44th and 45th pages of his book, entitled, Peace with France, he has these words—"Have the citizens of Frankfort, and the principalities of Germany, who have submitted to Buonaparteís dictates, by observing a right neutrality escaped the iron rod of his oppressive power? or have those that have been united to his empire enjoyed the blessings of peace? or can they flatter themselves with the distant prospect of its taking place, whilst the despotic tyrant lives and reigns?"

"Britons, God calls upon you to arise and thresh to go forth to war for their defence, to break their bands asunder by the sword, and to bring Buonaparteís pomp down to the grave, who hath weakened the nations; then the whole earth shall be at rest and remain quiet; they shall break forth into singing—"The Lord of Hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed so shall it stand: that I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders. This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth." Isaiah xiv. 24, 25, 26. "And the Kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the Saints of the Most High." Daniel vii. 27."

Now here, from his own book, he has condemned himself; because he denieth the things which he hath published. For the 7th chapter of Daniel alluded to the Second Coming of Christ, when he shall come with the clouds of heaven, and have dominion, and kingdoms, that all people, nations and languages should serve him. So when that chapter is fulfilled, to have the kingdom given to the saints of the Most High, it is said, all dominions should serve and obey him; and this is what our Saviour told his followers, that he should come again in glory, to bring in the Redemption of Man, and the Kingdom of God. So here he must display a wonderful share of ignorance, that he neither understands the Scriptures, nor what he reads, if he denies his saying that the destruction of Buonaparte will bring in the Kingdom of Christ, when he affirmed, that this would follow when Buonaparte is destroyed. So it is his own pen that gives himself the lie, in contradicting what he himself hath said; and I may say, from his ignorance, he is capable of anything.

In page 7, he says, that I could not be supplied with pens, ink, paper and wax for their sealing, they being a great multitude which no man could number. Here he hath forgotten what is said in Revelation vii—The Sealed Tribes were numbered; but the others could not be numbered, that stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands. So that he doth not understand how one alludes to the church triumphant, which no man could number, and the other to the church militant of the Sealed who were numbered.

In page 13, he has these words, "In page 189, Strange Effects of Faith, Joanna says, You are not to suppose this dragon (the dragon in Revelation xii.) meant the devil. Who then? Her malicious enemies."

Now as he had my book to take it from, he hath plainly discovered that he hath neither judgment nor understanding of what he reads; or he hath artfully evaded the truth, to deceive mankind. The words in my book are as follows:

ĎYou are not to suppose this dragon meant the devil, that he could do it of himself; No: it is in the heart of man he must do it.í

Thus, if Mayer understood what he read, he would have known I had said the dragon meant the devil working in the hearts of men to do his work: and in the hearts of men he is going on with his malice: but he cannot come visibly upon earth to write against me; yet he can work in the hearts of malicious men to do it. So if this is all the judgment he hath got to understand what he reads, let him not boast of explaining the Scriptures, when he cannot understand a thing that is as plain as the A B C line.

And now I shall come to page 29, of his book, in which he says, "The authorís last letter to Joanna Southcott, she did not answer, nor think prudent to publish, and which terminated the controversy between them." Now from this assertion he must either prove himself a man void of understanding, that he doth not know what he reads; or prove himself void of all shame, in regard to his own honour, if he did understand what he read; because the letter he mentions, which he says I neither answered nor put in print, the reader will find begins in page 32, of my book, and ends in page 88. For his letter is taken to pieces and answered through; but great part of his abusive language I did not put in, as I thought that required no answer. But from this letter being only in part put in print, and he denying its being answered, because the whole of his letter did not appear, I had the following Communication given me:


"Now I shall answer thee of his letter, which he says is not in print, because it is taken to pieces, and answered separately: therefore he hath denied the whole, saying thou hast not thought it prudent to publish or answer it. And to his folly I shall answer: As his letter stands in print, by thee taken to pieces, and answered in so many pages, which he hath so discerned, perfectly so stand the Scriptures, from the beginning to the ending, which he hath no more discerned, in what manner My Bible stands, than he hath discerned in what manner his letter stands; and for that reason he hath as falsely explained the Scriptures, as he hath spoken concerning the letter, which he says is not answered, nor published. Some things thou didst leave out of his letter, that the whole did not appear by thee; yet he hath brought the whole together, to have the letter appear through; but thou hast placed it here and there without publishing the whole. Now perfectly so stands My Gospel, and perfectly so stand the Scriptures, placed through, but not brought together; and many things were concealed by ME, reserved for the END, as thou hast concealed some parts of his letter, which in the end of his book he hath printed together. And now I tell thee, out of his own mouth will I condemn him; for as his letter stands at the end, to bring all things forward that thou hast kept back, perfectly so stands My Visitation to thee, to bring all things forward, that I kept back in My Gospel. I said the prince of this world should be judged; but I kept back in what manner he should be judged; or for what he should be judged. I said the prince of this world should be cast out; but in what manner, I kept back before My visitation to thee, to bring the whole together. I said the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father would send in My name, should teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance; I said the Spirit of Truth should come and guide you into all truths; but I kept back what should be brought to your remembrance; and what truths should be laid before you, I then kept from the knowledge of man, as thou didst keep back many things in his letter. But as he had not sense to discern that his letter was answered, and therefore put the whole in print together; perfectly so I tell thee of My Gospel, men have not sense to understand My words and meaning, nor for what reason My heel was bruised—to fulfil one part of the promise made in the Fall, that I should come again in Might, Majesty and Power, to fulfil the other. This men have no more sense to discern, than he had sense to discern his letter; and therefore I have brought the whole together: what I kept back at first I have revealed at last. But now mark from the man: he himself hath brought forward, to his own shame and dishonour, what was kept back of his letter, if he hath sense to understand in what manner he has written. And now I shall answer thee from what I said before: The way the prince of this world should be judged and cast out, I said I concealed and kept back, as thou didst keep back the abuse in his letter in part; but now the man, to his own shame, hath brought it forward; and perfectly so I tell thee of Satan; what was concealed and kept back by ME, of saying he should be judged, Satan hath brought forward, by his own disputes, and concerning the Sealed Number, that like a member of Parliament he would submit; but now it is known to thee and to all, like a member of Parliament he hath not submitted; but pursues to the utmost of his power the Sealed People. So now I tell thee, he himself hath called out the judgment of mankind, to fulfil My words, that I said he should be judged: and all men will find there is not a word in My Gospel that will fall to the ground. So what I kept back of Satanís being judged, he himself, like Mayer, hath brought forward; though the sense of the words was kept back by ME, as part of his letter was kept back by thee. And now I tell thee this of Mayer: to men of reason or religion, he will find he hath called out his own shame, and condemned in thee the very things he himself is guilty of; and perfectly so is Satanís accusations: he condemned the woman in the beginning for the thing he had tempted her to do; and now, I tell thee, as an angel of light he is come to work in Mayer, under a false pretence of religion.—But thou sayest in thy heart, thou canst not see any light in his book. To thy thoughts I shall answer. The light that shineth in darkness cannot appear as the light that shineth in the day; and yet, as light shineth in darkness, so hath he, as an angel of light, pretended to reprove thee, through religion. And where a man makes profession of religion, he must make a profession of what is good; and without this profession Satan cannot come as an angel of light. Did he come as an angel of light to thee, when I first visited thee in 1792? or did he come as an angel of light in thy disputes? In thy heart thou answerest, No; he appeared in his true colours. Then, I tell thee, it is in a profession of religion he must come as an angel of light, under a pretence to support the Scriptures: and in this manner he hath been working in Mayer; but the end will shew you all, how he will work to his own shame and confusion in the man; that meaneth, as Mayer is a strong instrument in his hand, to abuse My Spirit, and persecute ME with a high hand; so he will work his own confusion in the end. But now I ask thee and all mankind, if this man differs from the Atheists, who abuse the Scriptures, saying, it was not consistent with the wisdom of a God to create man in the manner he did; and permitted him to fall? All My Bible appears to them as thy writings appear to Mayer, in the manner he hath pointed them out.—And now take thy first books in thy hand, and I shall point out to thee places in answer to his words, where he says all thy writings are so diabolical, coming from hell. And I shall answer from his own words. Doth he not say, God will cleanse the earth by his judgments? Then out of his own mouth will I condemn him, from My words to thee in page 27, First Book, Strange Effects of Faith. And now come to page 32. Will he presumptuously say, it is from the devil, to say, All the earth shall know the Lord, and sing his praise with one accord? or will he presumptuously say, it is from the devil, that the Second Psalm should be fulfilled? And mark the words in pages 37, 38—

"Some will believe, and eager wish for ME,
And the desire of nations they shall see."

And now come to the page 43—

"If to My Voice you will but hearken,
And obey My strict command,
You shall know from what Iíve spoken,
This shall be a happy Land."

"Mark the Communication through; and then discern the Second Book to page 52, and how it goes on to the end of the Communication. Now I tell thee from these pages, it is nothing but the malice of the devil, working in mankind, as he doth in the Atheists, and much greater, to make them find fault, to be filled with malice against My mercies and against My promises. And let them discern the words in page 86, and go on to page 92, and answer for themselves, how they can prove such language came from the devil. If so, it is time for man to tremble, if Satan is come to speak more to My honour and glory than man. And now mark the words in page 94—

"That barren minds like barren soil,
Mock the cultivatorís toil."—

"And perfectly so the barren minds appear. And now mark the words in page 117, and see if menís hearts are not grown dry in Satanís snares, as I told thee. And let them mark the words in page 125, and see if they can prove it is language from hell. And now come to page 160, and will he say it is language from hell that Christ and his flock should stand together? Then now mark the following Communication, what I told thee of the moon, and Satanís wisdom shining in man; and so go on to the following Communications, what I told thee of the fury of sinners, when the living waters gushed out.

"So now discern the truth of My words, and weigh deeply the lines that I ordered thee to pen, of what was spoken by ME; then ye may see the truth in every line, how every heart was foretold, and how all their malice was foretold, being set on by Satanís arts. And now I ask thee, where are the Atheists whose hearts are so bad as this manís? If a man do not believe in a God, but judge the Bible the invention of men, his heart cannot be so black as he that despiseth these pages I pointed out to thee, for the glory of God and the good of mankind. Therefore I tell thee, their turning things up and down will not do; they put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter; they put darkness for light, and light for darkness; they call evil good, and good evil. But I ask them, how they will answer these pages, to prove that Satan hath this desire for My honour and glory, and to exalt My Name, to set forth the happiness it will be to mankind, when all the power of evil is destroyed? Then it is time for men to tremble, if they say Satan is come to set forth the glory and happiness of My Kingdom, that I may be the desire of every nation. If they say this is done by Satan, I ask mankind, how they will appear, who now rise in malice against My Kingdom, and against My Coming? Then they must say it is just to be destroyed; if Satan is convinced of his evil, and is become My advocate and friend, then it is man must become My enemy; for where is the man who can point out any blasphemy in thy writings against thy Creator, against ME, or My Gospel? This cannot be done by man.—But now I know the thoughts of thy heart. They say it is blasphemy for thee to say thou hast any part to be a worker with thy God; but let them answer from the fall, what they judge of the beginning; then let them judge the ending. Blasphemy stands through My Bible, by the judgment of such men. Can they say it is more contrary to the mercies and justice of a God to reward obedience than to punish disobedience? But here I tell thee is Satanís working, by every way, and every art, and every instrument he can gain, to chill thy love, and change thy mind, that thou mayest not endure to the end. But keep My Gospel in thy view, and judge how I was mocked by man, and all the scorn that I went through. And know I said, the servant must be like his master—to suffer the same reproach from man, as I had suffered before; therefore let not these things discourage thee: but know it fulfils My Gospel, and the words I spoke to thee in the beginning, that this would be the mock of fools.—But now I know thy pondering thoughts. There are some things in thy writings, which thou judgest men may blame, who cannot look deep into all mysteries, and know for what ends the whole was done; perfectly so I tell thee of thousands; they stumble at My Gospel, judging it was not consistent with a GOD, that the SON of GOD should come down from heaven, to bear the reproach of men: to suffer myself to be tempted by the devil. All these things appear to thousands to be as far from the wisdom of a God as the simplest thing in thy writings can appear to mankind. But should I not come again in the same simple way, when I come to fulfil My Gospel, I ask thee, who would believe My Gospel, if the servant was not like his master, to bear the mock of fools, as I have done? If all thy writings appeared to the wisdom of man to be consistent with the wisdom of a God; then the Scriptures could not be fulfilled.—But now I bid thee stand with courage, and rely upon thy God, who hath safely guided thee thus far; and I shall guide thee safe to the end. Let thy enemies answer thy Sixth Book, Strange Effects of Faith; then they will see thy love to God; and if they say thou hast written blasphemy, they must say it is against thine enemy, the great accuser of mankind, that betrayed the woman at first. There is no other blasphemy in thy writings, which man can point out. And now I tell thee, as Mayer hath so boldly mocked ME, by mocking thy attendant spirit, he will find thy attendant Spirit true, and all his judgment fall to the ground, that he hath drawn in his Book of, Peace with France: he will find that peace with France, or Buonaparteís destruction, will not bring the nations to rest; because they know not what will follow, to bring all nations low, and awaken their understanding to be longing for My Coming. Then will the desire of nations come, as I have told thee, and happiness flow through every land. But this will not be done according to the wisdom of Mayer: all his wisdom will fall to the ground, as it hath fallen by his answer to thy book; because I tell thee, I shall awaken the nations by other judgments, as well as war, till I have convinced them of the truth of My Gospel, and the truth of the words I have spoken by thee; and then My Coming will be to destroy the works of the devil, and all his power, and bring in My Kingdom of Peace in a day and hour men think not of; for unaware will My Coming be to thousands; and in a day they look not for, by all; because it is My Gospel I am coming to fulfil, to bring in the Redemption of Man, and the Kingdom of God, which I taught them to pray for."

Here I have given the answer of the Spirit to the judgment of Mayer. But now I shall make one more observation from myself, in answer to his book printed against me. He says, in page 28, "Wishing for the destruction of Satanís kingdom, deceives the ignorant and unwary; throws families into confusion; and not only harasses and disturbs the mind of the timorous though real and humble Christian, but robs him of his comforts."

To his folly I shall answer, he cannot call any man a Christian, that is robbed of his comfort in hearing the time is at hand that Satanís power will be destroyed; for that is the meaning of his kingdom, the power he hath to work in the hearts of men to evil, and he hath always been working strongly in men, to throw families into confusion, ever since he caused the Fall; and not only families, neighbours and friends, but nations and people, to see them at variance, and cause strife and contention amongst them. And this hath been through every age; therefore it is said in Revelation xii. that the Saints will rejoice when Satan is cast down, and the Kingdom of God set up in every heart: for the earth is the Lordís, and the fulness thereof. So a man must be void of reason, if he judges cutting off Satanís power and chaining him down, as is said in chapter xx. can rob the Christian of his comfort; because it is what every Christian will wish for, that the evil power of Satan may be destroyed, and God be all in all. Then will peace and happiness, love and unity, be established in all families, friends and neighbours, nations and people; all will be united together in love and harmony one with the other, and all delight themselves in the God of their Salvation. So if he understands the sense of what he writes, he is pleading, under a pretence of religion, to have Satanís power to remain. For as our Saviour said to his followers, that the Kingdom of Heaven would be within them; and so in the heart of a Christian is the desire of Christís Kingdom placed the same. On the other hand, of those that give themselves up to the will and dominion of Satan, it may be said his kingdom is within them, which they wish not to have destroyed. But let him not judge the Christian by his own heart: for his servants we are to whom we yield ourselves to obey: so the heart of a Christian is for the Kingdom of his Lord, as it is His Kingdom is his delight.

The following Communication is to show how man is answered from his own folly.

I was surprised with a letter I received from a friend in Yorkshire, who said one of the Methodists sent him word, that the God whom I served was like a Cuckoo. This shocked me, as it appeared to me the greatest blasphemy that can be spoken by a tongue; as I can appeal to God and my own conscience, that my trust is in the Creator of the Universe, the God of Heaven and Earth, and in his Son Jesus Christ, who came to manifest his Love to Man: and there is all my faith firmly fixed in the UNITY of GOD the FATHER and the SON; and no other God do I serve, or worship, and no other power do I rely on. But as to a Cuckoo, it is judged a foolish bird, always in one note; and the small birds are said to follow him and feed him. I was answered—

"As thy heart is known to ME, there is no other God thou dost worship, and no other power thou dost rely on, but the Lord, thou mayest well say his words were blasphemy; and blasphemy of the deepest dye must his words be, if thy heart was known to him, as it is to ME. And now, from thy observation, I shall answer, as thou hast judged he took his observations from thy writings being in one note, as they allude to one thing; but now I ask them, how much more they must make ME appear as a cuckoo, to shed my Blood for the transgression of the Fall, and bear the shame and reproach of men, and be despised by them, as My Gospel is despised to this day by thousands of professed Christians in your land, amongst the Arians, as well as by the Jews? Then how much more like a cuckoo must I appear, if I never come again in Might, Majesty and Glory, to destroy the works of the devil, and bruise his head, as My Heel was bruised, and have the Kingdom I died to redeem, that My Name may run and be glorified, and all My Words may be fulfilled—that in the world where I suffered dishonour, to come again and receive My honour; in the world where I submitted to the Cross, to come again and receive the Crown; that meaneth, to receive the Power, and claim the Kingdom all My Own. Without this I must appear as he said, amongst the Jews, and amongst the Arians, to shed My Blood, and that is all: and in this note the professors of My Gospel go on—

"Christís Blood was shed," is all their plead,
And they will plead no more;
And so like cuckoos men go on;
íTis all the notes theyíll hear
So from the man you may discern
The way they judge their God:
They judge that all My power is gone—
That way is all their plead.
So men appear, I tell thee here,
And their own likeness draw;
But let these cuckoos all take care—
Thy God theyíll surely know
Did never come to die for man,
To have My honour lost,
And not My Gospel to fulfil,
Though man so proudly boasts,
To judge the way that he did say,
I in one note must stand;
Because I know that is their cry,
By thousands in your land.
For all was finished men do say,
When on the Cross I died;
And so a cuckoo I must fall,
The way that man applied.
Ah! simple men, your thoughts are vain;
Your God you do not know,
The way that I shall come again
And prove My Gospel true.
But Iíll end here and say no more—
Iíve simply answered man;
As his own folly did appear,
I know that is their tone;
For in one sound they all abound;
No different notes theyíll see;
Though in my Gospel it may be found
The way the end will be.

"So here I tell thee, man hath drawn his own likeness, how they go on like the bird he hath mentioned, in one note, that my death finished the whole; and so they go on to lead their flock, in one note like the cuckoo, which is a true picture of man, as I have told thee: he hath drawn the likeness of the teachers and the hearers, which is too common in your land."

Taken from Joanna Southcottís mouth by me,


Wednesday, July 23, 1806.


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