"Fear not, Abram; I AM thy Shield."


"He believed in the LORD, and he counted it to him for Righteousness."



As I have been greatly blamed by many for publishing such a book of Joanna Southcott’s Divine Writings which I did last year at Stourbridge under the Title of "WHAT MANNER OF COMMUNICATIONS ARE THESE?" and which the World has been pleased to call STUFF and FABLES:—so now I am happy to come forth, and I shall endeavour to justify my conduct to those, who will listen to common sense and reason, that I did not build my Faith upon a sandy foundation; but from a full, and clear conviction, that those Communications, however they might appear to the WISDOM OF MEN, did proceed from the Spirit of the LIVING GOD:—and therefore, with peculiar


Joy I gave up my own Wisdom, to be directed by the Wisdom of the Lord:—But I did not do this in a hasty or a careless manner. For in the Christmas of 1801, I went down from London with four others to Exeter, and there met two persons from different parts of the kingdom, to search diligently into the Writings and Character of Joanna Southcott; and to know whether those things were true or false which had come before us.—For, if it proved to be (what we are certain it is) the Glorious Work of the Mighty God of Jacob, it was our indispensable duty to push it forward with every power and faculty of our Souls:—and if it was a falsehood and delusion, it was equally our duty to crush it in its Birth, and to prevent its spreading to the ruin of thousands and tens of thousands of our Fellow-Creatures. As I have given a faithful and accurate account of our proceedings at Exeter, in a letter addressed to the Vice-Chancellors of the two universities,* I shall not here enter upon the several particulars; only say, we were fully satisfied and convinced, from clear and open proof, that Mrs. Southcott was visited by the Spirit of God:—and, that the same Spirit which dictated the Scriptures of Truth, dictated her Writings.—Since that period, I have lived near two years in the same house with her, and can assert with truth

* Oxford and Cambridge


and confidence, that she has had no assistance whatever, from men, books, or any other source, but the Invisible Spirit that directs her:—and which has revealed to her all the public events that have taken place in this nation, and the surrounding ones for more than TWELVE YEARS, as well as the private events belonging to particular persons and families, with amazing clearness and precision; and which no human being could have done without the aid and assistance of the God of Heaven.—Moreover, there was a Public Trial held at the High-house, at Paddington, for seven days in January, 1803; and all people were invited to be present from the highest to the lowest in the Realm, who would come in a fair and honest way to investigate this most important and momentous Cause. Indeed, Mrs. Southcott more than once in the most humble, and respectful manner, wrote to the King, and solicited him to send any of his Ministers, or Learned Divines, to examine into these matters, and see whether they sprung from the lip of Truth, or the lip of Delusion. But no notice was taken of her Letters. Neither were we more successful in our invitations to the Nobles, Clergy or Laity; but we experienced the most silent, and marked contempt.—Nor were there any found, who had Zeal, Courage and Love sufficient to come


forward, to search Faithfully into these things for the Honour and Glory of God, and for the welfare of Mankind; Save Only The Twenty-Three Persons chosen by Divine Command, as they believed; together with about Thirty Visitors, who joined them and who signed their Names, after the evidence was summed up, and the Trial was finished, as being fully convinced that This was The Work of The Lord. From that time to the middle of last summer, various Books have been published by Mrs. Southcott upon various Subjects temporal and spiritual; and all tending to show that This is the Cause of Jehovah; and that the Lord is coming (after the destruction of Satan’s kingdom) to establish His Blessed and Glorious Kingdom of Love and Peace upon earth for a thousand years, as is promised in the 20th Chapter of the Revelations:—When the Stone cut out without hands shall become a great Mountain, and fill the whole Earth;—and when The Kingdoms of the World shall become The Kingdom of the Living God, and He shall reign for ever and ever! ! "Illustrious Era! Thine it is to close the long Series of Preparation, which Providence has been carrying on from the first of time—Thine, to fulfil the wishes of the Worthy and Devout of every Age, and every Clime—Thine, to recover man from depredations and dishonour—Thine, to consummate


the Mission, and to adorn with its brightest Honours, THE CROWN of the Saviour of the World—Thine, to vindicate the Government—glorify the Perfections, and illustrate the All-bounteous Character of the God of Love. Thy approach, glad period, will be hailed by Myriads of Intelligent Beings; who, animated by Thee with a celestial glow of Devotion, will give Expression to their Raptures in the long suspended Song of Angels—‘Glory to God in the Highest—and on Earth Peace—and Good-will towards Men! !’ "

Being then fully assured, that I was engaged in the Work of the Lord from a long chain of clear and irresistible proofs which had passed before me; and being convinced of the Truth of the Divine Mission of Joanna Southcott, I did not hesitate a moment, but with Joy executed the request of publishing these Communications alluded to, however difficult it might be to understand them; or to comprehend the entire scope and drift, of their FULL MEANING.—Remembering what Abraham did when he was ordered to offer up his Son, Isaac;—he gave up his own wisdom with a Strong Faith in the Lord, that He could not order him to do a Thing that was WRONG, though to the Judgment of men it might appear wrong, that the Lord should tell him to kill his Son, to whom the promises were made, in the 17th chapter


of Genesis, 15th and 16th verses. Before Isaac was born, or Sarah was with child, the promise was made, She should be a Mother of Nations; Kings, and People, should be born of her. In the nineteenth verse in answer to Abraham’s prayer for Ishmael—the Lord saith, ‘Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a Son indeed, and thou shalt call his name Isaac; and I will establish My Covenant with him for an everlasting Covenant, and with his seed after him.’ Now, as this promise was made, that Isaac should have seed, it was contrary to the Wisdom of men, to have that child offered up; for how then was the seed to come? But contrary to the Wisdom of men, Abraham’s Faith was in the Lord, that He was able to raise the Seed of Isaac, if it was from the Dust after it was destroyed. Therefore in the 22nd Chap. Abraham obeyeth contrary to the Wisdom of men, and receives from the Lord this approving sentence—"Because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy Son, thine only Son, that in blessing, I will bless thee: and in multiplying, I will multiply thy Seed as the Stars of Heaven, etc." Now, knowing from demonstration This to be the Cause of God, I gave up my own wisdom and entirely submitted to be directed by the Lord. For, though it might be contrary to the Wisdom of men, that such Parables should be put in Print, and to say it was a Command of the Lord for to compare an


Adulterous Nation, with an Adulterous Woman, and which the Wisdom of the World condemns; yet, I was certain in my own mind that IN THE END all would be cleared up, and every crooked Path be made straight, and the whole would redound to the Praise and Glory of God: and therefore, in full Faith I relied upon the Truth of the Spirit which had directed Mrs. Southcott for so many years and with gladness fulfilled the part pointed out to me to perform. Here I must beg leave to insert what was given to Joanna by the Spirit upon the 17th Chapter of Genesis, before alluded to, respecting Mr. Sharp, and my publishing our Books last year, according to the directions given us by the Chosen Handmaid of the Lord.


"Know, I told thee of Abraham’s Faith, and I also told thee, the Seed of Abraham is the Seed of Faith; and here the Seed of Faith is strong in the likeness of Abraham of what Sharp and Foley have done;—and now is the time it shall be multiplied like the Stars of Heaven; and as the Sands which are upon the Sea Shore: for it is the Seed of Faith, that shall possess the gates of their enemies:—and it is the Seed of Faith wherein All Nations


of the Earth must be blessed. But how can All the Nations of the Earth be blessed, before the Seed of Faith is planted in man, to believe My promise as Abraham did? No! I tell thee, they cannot enjoy that blessing, before the Promise that was made in the Creation is fulfilled by Faith;—then, cometh the Blessing to all Nations upon Earth. And now open the eyes of your Understanding, and discern what the Seed of Isaac was, in Jacob and Esau. The One a Seed of Faith:—but in Esau none. The same you may mark in Jacob’s Sons. So now discern it is not the Seed after the Body, having Children; but it is the Seed of the Spirit, where Faith is grafted, and doth grow. And now discern from the Faith of Abraham:—his was not a Faith after the Wisdom of men; but after the Wisdom of God. Perfect so I tell thee of the end. Let men discern from Abraham’s Faith, what must be the Faith of All Nations, when I come to bless them all. They must believe as Abraham did by his Son:—viz. that I was able to raise him up from the dust; or give him Another Isaac to fulfil the Promise—and so man must believe from the Fall; that I Am able and willing to fulfil My Promise I made to the Woman, and to destroy her enemies—to make her now the Helpmate of man—and to make her Seed bruise the Serpent’s head."


The Bible too, has been thrown open in such a clear and wonderful manner by the Spirit through Mrs. Southcott, that all the Light which we have already experienced from Learned Divines, and Learned men, must vanish before the Light NOW GIVEN US, as the dew before the morning Sun.—

"Now in the Earth there’s nothing new
But here’s a wonder to your view,
That in the Earth was never seen
Since Earth’s Foundations first were lain,
To take My Bible, and explain
As ne’er was understood by men;
And gave the following Challenge here,
That every mystery she will clear:—
When to the purpose All will come
To justify, or to condemn;
Then she will make the Mystery clear:
And prove the Tree of Knowledge here,
That by her Faith She reached so high,
And the good Fruit She brought so nigh,
Whereof She bade you now to taste,
The bad is fallen, the good is placed,
Which now hangs hovering on the Tree,
And All shall find ’tis plucked by She.
So fallen man canst ascertain
What madness now hath filled thy Brain;
To judge that e’er a woman’s hand
Could give such Challenge unto man?
No! No! In man I’d soon appear,
For to confound and shame her here,
Did not the Challenge come from Me;
You are but men, you all shall see,
Whom I’ve pronounced to be dead,
As you the woman first obeyed;


But if your Life you’ll now regain,
I tell you All to do the same,
And now obey the woman’s hand,
And Paradise you may command."
Strange Effects of Faith, Page 176.

We have tried every department in the state to bring this cause publicly before the world, to try whether it was a delusion, or a cunningly devised fable:—or whether it was the real and Glorious Work of the Lord of Heaven and Earth. We last year offered Mr. Pomeroy to meet him and any Twenty-three Persons in England which the Bishops, or himself would bring against us, (provided they had not received Letters from Miss Townley, and returned them; for with such we have sworn not to meet, as we regarded them as evil fruit), and if after Seven Days’ fair Trial, it was found to be an Error, and a Falsehood we had supported, we were ready and willing to make every reparation to the World, in our power; and to suffer whatever punishment might be deemed JUST by our Judges to be inflicted on us. Now, after all these proposals—I appeal to the public, whether we have not acted in the most open and impartial manner possible; and if we had not Strong and Substantial Grounds for our proceedings, we DARE not do What We have done; and WHAT, the Lord supporting us, we shall CONTINUE TO DO.—Would men but read without prejudice or passion, the


last Trial of Joanna Southcott, which took place in December last, 1804, at Neckinger House, Bermondsey, and which continued Seven Days—they would see such a chain and body of Evidence brought forward, as must flash conviction upon every honest and humble heart, of the Truth of her Character, and of the Truth of her Pretensions.—But one of the great objections to her mission is, that it comes in so mean a garb.—This affronts the Great, the High, & the Learned; they cannot, they will not receive it in so humble a station; and would sooner do despite to the Spirit of Grace, by condemning what they will not give themselves the trouble to explore; and the same Question that was put by the Self-Righteous, and Learned Jews, when our Blessed Lord was with them in the Body, might with propriety be applied on the present occasion;—viz. "Which of the Rulers have believed?" NONE OF THEM;—because they will condemn without giving themselves the trouble to examine whether it is right or wrong; and will determine the Cause without Trial, without Justice, and without Equity or Truth.

We know indeed, that the Floods of anger and persecution in men will now arise, but they will only bear up the Ark. We know, the unrighteous and wicked will now perish, but GOD’S COVENANT with His meek, and faithful Servants,


will be established. We know, the Dove of Peace will return after the sweeping storm,—and the Altars of the Lord be built in harmony and love—and the Bow of God’s everlasting mercy will be seen in the dispersing Clouds.

With peculiar thankfulness and gratitude to the Almighty, I shall lay before the World, The answer of the Lord, given by the Spirit to Joanna Southcott in vindication and illustration of the Communications which I published last summer—and for which I have been so highly condemned. The serious and candid reader will there see every mystery cleared up, and every difficulty made plain.

It was to bring men to their Bibles, and to convince them, that without the Spirit of God teaching them, they could no more understand, and clear up the Mysteries and Parables of that Golden Book, than they could understand, and clear up, the Mysteries and Parables of that Book which I last year published. Therefore, let men cast away their swelling human Wisdom, (which will now come to nought) and let them become as little Children, and they will then be taught of the Lord, and be meet to be partakers of the Kingdom of Heaven. I trust, I have given such reasons to the humble, and unprejudiced Reader, as fully to justify my Conduct in what I have done—and I can assure him after FOUR YEARS of mature,


and faithful Investigation of Joanna Southcott’s Inspired Writings, I have found the pure blaze of Truth, to shine in them with conspicuous Lustre; and therefore, I can with confidence urge him to search diligently into these momentous Works, and TO JUDGE FOR HIMSELF—for he may be assured, that the Evil Day, and the Judgments of God are coming in full Stream upon this Nation, for their neglect, mockery, and contempt of these things. I shall conclude this address to the Public, with saying that we have such clear and irresistible Proofs of This being the Glorious Cause of the Most High God; and that our dear Redeemer will now take unto Himself His Great Power and Reign; and so certain is THIS SURE—THIS HEART-CHEERING TRUTH, that unless men can stop the Sun from rising at his appointed time; or the Tide from ebbing and flowing at its fixed period—so certain is it, they can neither stop THIS WORK nor overcome THIS NOW DETERMINED DECREE of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe:—We therefore, humbly hope, that nothing will seduce or separate us from pursuing and continuing in, this Blessed and God-like Work, till we arrive at the bright and perfect day. We must now show to the World,

"That dauntless Courage which all rage defies,
"And fear no Danger whilst we view the Prize."


We must now show to the World, that neither Tribulation, nor Distress, nor Persecution, nor Famine, nor the Sword;—nor any of the terrifying Disasters, nor the alluring Interests of this mortal State, SHALL VANQUISH, or OVERCOME US; for, in our full, and sure Trust in the Lord, we are persuaded, that neither the fear of death, nor the Love of Life; nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers;—no arts of Satan or his Instruments; nor things present, nor things to come:—no pains, or pleasures Felt or Expected: nor Height of Prosperity, nor Depth of Misery; nor any other Creature:—no event, or circumstance, in the whole Circle of Creation; nothing we humbly trust, under the Divine Grace, will draw us from The Path of Our Present Religious Course—will divert us from the Love and Fear of God—will disappoint us of the unspeakable Joys and Rich Rewards, of our Lord’s Now approaching MILLENNIAL KINGDOM.

Oldswinford, Worcestershire, Nov. 1805.


HERE follow Communications given by the Spirit to Joanna Southcott, and taken from her mouth, and copied off by Miss Townley and Mrs. Underwood, and transmitted to the Rev. Thos. P. Foley, of Oldswinford; together with some Parables, beautifully explaining the mysteries and apparent difficulties in the Book, that he published last year at Stourbridge, under the title of "WHAT MANNER OF COMMUNICATIONS ARE THESE?"

____________ o0o ____________

The following Communications were given to Mrs. Southcott, on Sunday, July 14th, 1805, upon the Lessons of the day, and upon her pondering thoughts on various Subjects.

First Lesson for the Morning Service, 15th chap. of the 1st Book of Samuel—22nd verse—"And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in Burnt Offerings and Sacrifices, as in obeying the Voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than Sacrifice, and to hearken than the Fat of Rams."

The Second Lesson, 2nd chap. of John, 10th verse—"And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now."

The Gospel for the day (5th S. after Trin.)


was the 5th chap. of St. Luke, 10th verse. "Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men."

First Lesson for the Afternoon—17th chap. of the 1st Book of Samuel, 37th verse.—"David said moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the Paw of the Lion, and out of the Paw of the Bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine."

Second Lesson, 5th chap. 1st Epistle of Thess., 2nd and 3rd verses. "The Day of the Lord so cometh as a Thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as Travail upon a woman with Child; and they shall not escape."

The Psalm for the day, 71st Psalm, 14th verse. "I will go forth in the strength of the Lord GOD; and will make mention of thy Righteousness only."

"Thou, O God, hast taught me from my youth up until now; therefore will I tell of thy wondrous works."

The Psalm in the Afternoon, 73rd Psalm, 11th verse. "Tush, say they, how should God perceive it: Is there knowledge in the Most High?" (Prayer Book Version.)


"Now, I shall answer Thee of the Lessons, that All men may mark the Signs and Shadows that first come unto men, before the Substance. Mark Saul’s disobedience, and mark his shadow—How he first rent the mantle of Samuel (15 chap. 1 Samuel, 27th verse) before the Kingdom was rended from him:—and mark Samuel’s


words, ‘The Lord hath rended the Kingdom of Israel from Thee this day, and hath given it to a Neighbour of thine, that is better than Thou.’ Here, the shadow came first to Saul from a simple Type and Shadow, before the Substance was fulfilled. And now mark the Shadow of David, and the words that he said to Saul, (17th chap. 1 Samuel, 34th verse) ‘Thy Servant kept his Father’s Sheep, and there came a Lion and a Bear, and took a Lamb out of the Flock and I went after him and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth; and when he arose against me, I caught him by the beard and smote him, and slew him.’ Now, here was the Shadow first of David—he slew both the Lion and the Bear, which made him confident in slaying the Philistine; and after that he slew the Philistine and gained the Kingdom, that was rended from Saul; so the Lion and the Bear fell before him;—for Saul was as a Lion to David, seeking to destroy him.—Now, come to the Gospel, and mark the Shadows of My working Miracles, The waterpots were first filled with water before I made them wine;—and the best wine was reserved for the last:—and so I tell thee is the best wine for man. Let all these Shadows be marked together; and mark the Draughts of Fishes, that was the Shadow to the Disciples, till the Net was full, and began to break, and the Boat began to sink—and know the words, that I said unto Simon, which is Peter, (Luke, chap. 5, verse 10) ‘Fear not, from henceforth thou shalt catch men.’ Now, mark every Shadow came before the Substance; then think of the Thousands that were after this converted by Peter’s preaching. Now, come to the


other Lesson, 1st Thess. 5th chap. 1st verse, ‘The Times and the Seasons, Brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you; but the Day of the Lord so cometh as a Thief in the Night, when they shall say, Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as Travail upon a woman with Child.’ Now, I have told thee to mark all the Types and Shadows in these Chapters, that were placed for the day—how it came to Saul and David—how the first was water and the next wine—how the Disciples were made Fishers—Catchers of Fish before they were Catchers of Men. Now, these Types and Shadows I shall bring to the Chapter that is before thee; as the Shadows come before the Substance—and the things of beasts were compared to men: perfect so I now tell thee, must things temporal be compared to things spiritual—and as the Apostle hath here compared MY Coming, and the Sudden Destruction to Those that walk in darkness, that it should come upon them, as a Travailing Woman with Child; and this comparison of the Apostle’s words which all men may take temporal, they will find I shall make spiritual; and now I tell thee, as a Woman with Child, in a temporal sense; so hath thine been in a spiritual sense,—travailing in birth, with pains and anxiety of mind to know the meaning of thy visitation. And know what I have told thee already—All the sorrows that came upon thee, will surely come upon the Nation—to Those that walk in Darkness. And now mark the Visitation in the year that is past, how sudden and unexpected did every Load come upon thee; and know, I have told thee, in like manner it will come upon the


Nation,—that say, Peace and Safety, thinking no evils will overtake them.

"Thus have I told thee their Troubles will come on UNAWARE, as thine came on Thee; yet, I tell thee like thy Deliverance, will it be to the Children of the Light; for in Thee stands the Type of Them Both. For as all the other Types that are placed for the Lessons of the Day, that were first placed of Saul, which was but a shadow in rending the Mantle; and the substance came after of the Kingdom being rended from him:—perfect so I tell thee will be the shadow of thy pains, that were but trifling, like Samuel’s Mantle:—yet the substance will be great unto the Nation, as it was of Saul’s Kingdom:—For I tell thee, this is the meaning that will follow the Apostle’s words:—that as things have stood Temporal, while Temporal things remain: so thus it must be Spiritual, when My Spiritual Kingdom cometh. And let the feelings of thy heart be penned in the day that is past; and then I shall answer thee again. For I now tell thee as nothing but a continuation of the feelings of My Spirit causes happiness in Thee; so perfect happiness can never be in man, before the evil power is destroyed, and My Spirit be poured out—then cometh continual happiness for men to rejoice in the God of their Salvation, when I have delivered them out of the hand of the Lion, and out of the paw of the Bear, and destroyed the uncircumcised Philistines: then, will their water be turned to wine—and know the BEST WINE is reserved to the last. For know, I have told thee as the Types and Shadows came first to Saul and David of what should follow


them; so Saul and David were but Types and Shadows of the end. Now write the feelings of thy heart"—Saturday, July 13th, 1805—A deep melancholy came over my Spirits as I sat pondering to myself of various kinds of things; and how uneasy many of the Believers seemed to be, as they had built themselves up with wondrous Ideas—that as they were Believers they must immediately be delivered out of every trouble, and have every thing come to their wishes—which, I was clearly convinced in my mind, from all the prophecies given to me they had troubles and difficulties, FIRST to go through, although the Lord had promised to protect them in the end;—and I am clearly convinced their Deliverance from troubles cannot come, till the Deliverance comes to the Nation IN A WAY we know not. These thoughts struck a melancholy upon me, and pondering in my heart, that I was not clear from the words spoken to me in 1792, I should leave the World till the fifteen years were up; as I did not die last year;—I thought to myself in what strong manner the words were spoken in 1792 when I thought I should die—"I will add to thy Days fifteen years."—Then, I thought if I lived the fifteen years, I should live through the years of sorrow, and hear the murmuring and complaining of Believers, as I know there are in many who have filled themselves up with wonderful Ideas, that some Miracles will be wrought for them, especially when my Trial is, they expect wonders will fall for them. With these meditations I thought the time long, but was afraid to wish for death, fearing I should be in a Sin, and yet in my heart, I felt it impossible to wish for life.



"Now I shall answer thee from the pondering of thy heart of the Believers, who judge their deliverance will come at thy death. Mark the words that I said unto thee in the year that is past; they all might mourn if thou didst die at the end of the year: for then I tell thee their sorrows would greatly increase after thy death; but, if I prolonged thy life to the fifteen years that I told thee in 1792:—then, I tell thee their Deliverance will come at thy death, because the time will be up, that I told thee Deliverance would come to them, that were wishing for their coming Lord. And now mark the time that I first told thee of fifteen years in 1792:—and five years in 1802.—So if thy life be preserved to see the time, then, they may expect wonders—and a wondrous deliverance that will happen together in this Land.—But I now tell thee, it is not for thee to know, nor any man to know, whether thou wilt see the time, or not, of the fifteen years—but this is for all to know, as thy heart was wounded by the murmuring of thy Friends, because the wonders did not appear as they expected; so I tell thee would many hearts be wounded, if I should take thee before I make a full end—because they will have no one to comfort them. But I know the thoughts of thy heart, and what thou sayest within—I have promised to pour out My Spirit upon MY CHOSEN when I take thee out of the World; that as the Spirit of Elijah fell upon Elisha; so shall My Spirit fall upon them. THIS IS MY PROMISE,—and THIS I shall FULFIL. And yet, I tell thee, ye have all Spirits of your own,


that was this done before the Nation is more enlightened—before the truth is more come round—before Believers were more come in, would it not be one for Paul? Another for Apollos? Another for Cephas? That meaneth, One would cleave to One;—Another would cleave to Another;—and while the Believers are FEW they would kindle Strife, instead of Peace, by being many Masters—and as thou weariest thyself with the visitations of others; not knowing what is right or wrong:—perfect so I tell thee, would be the confusion of the Believers, if they were SEPARATELY visited before the time is come, that every thing is made clear from the years that I have mentioned:—so when they see the end of the Rolling Stone; and see the fifteen years that I spoke to thee of at first—and the five years from 1802 that I told thee after, and then weigh the whole together—Every man can stand with boldness upon thy Writings, and his own Visitation, when every Truth is plain before him, but where is the man can stand now? For, if doubts and jealousies arise in thy breast from what Spirit so many are visited? What jealousies may arise in others, that have not been so long acquainted with MY Spirit, as thou hast been? neither have they seen so many Truths of the Spirit, as thou hast seen of thine? But, remember thy jealousy in the beginning after thou hadst seen many Truths come on; then, if thou wast jealous after seeing so many Truths, what would the other Believers be, if they were left in the midst of confusion visited by a Spirit they are unacquainted with? And now call reason to thy assistance. Suppose the different communications that are given to thee on various Subjects


were given to forty different men, how would they be able to place them together, to say they were clear they were all from one Spirit? I tell thee, Jealousy would arise amongst them, because if they were divided in different portions—one thing given to one—another thing given to another—then, every one would wish to have the greatest—but when the WHOLE is given through thee, and then sent out for all, there is no room for discord to arise.—Therefore, I tell thee, if thou lovest thy friends, make thyself easy and be at rest; and sooner wish for their sakes to live through the time, than leave thy friends in distress. For I now tell thee, had I brought on thy awful Trial, and taken thy life at the end of the year that is past,—many of thy Believers would now be wishing as much for death, as thou didst on that day which is past:—therefore, it was My wisdom to tell thee in the beginning, that I should add to thy days the number of years, that I mean to bring on Afflictions upon this Land;—and it is not for thee to know, whether I shall shorten those days or not, of thy life: but the others will not be shortened; for I will go on with the Judgments that are LINGERING for the sake of those whose hearts are known to ME, that lingering Judgments will awaken; and those that are HARDENED in the midst of Judgments, must fill up the measures of Iniquity, to confess my Judgments JUST—when I bring on their fatal destruction, they must own they have long been warned; and though they did not believe the warning, yet, I tell thee, they shall see the Judgments, that they may have no excuse to make,—For I know the excuse that is made by man—they cannot


BELIEVE My Visitation to a Woman, to warn of the end,—to warn all Nations—to reveal My Secrets to thee,—and to throw open the mysteries of the Bible.—This appeareth hard to man. Now I shall come to the Lessons of the day,—and to the words I ordered thee to pen. Hath the Lord as great delight in Burnt Offerings and Sacrifices, as in OBEYING the Voice of the Lord? Now, I tell thee from these words, though men read the Lessons, and discern the words of the Prophet Samuel; yet they do not believe the Visitation of the Lord in these days—neither do they discern there is any mystery in My Gospel of making the Water Wine—but only to shew that I worked miracles amongst them—neither do they discern that the best wine is reserved for the last. But know all men, if the BEST WINE should be reserved for the last; then MY BEST PROMISE must be fulfilled at last. And what was THE BEST PROMISE I made for man in the BEGINNING? in thy heart thou sayest thou dost not know what I mean by this enquiry.—Then now I will tell thee;—as was the shadow of Saul, so was it from the beginning, when I said, "Let us make man in Our Image, after Our Likeness, and let him have Dominion over all Cattle, and over all the Earth." Here was MY Promise First to man;—next, I said I should make him a helpmate for his good; for this was the meaning of my words—and this was MY FIRST PROMISE before he fell by disobedience and forfeited that Promise. Then mark the words further—The Promise that I made between the Woman and the Serpent, "That her Seed should bruise his Head." Now, here I have told thee


already, as I rended the Kingdom from Saul, so I would rend it from Satan by THE PROMISE I had made to the Woman; therefore I tell thee, "to obey is better than Sacrifice, and to hearken than the Fat of Rams."—So let men hearken, and hear My Words, and the Justice of my Decrees that I made in the Creation—then, they will find by My heel being bruised for the Transgression of man, that the BEST WINE which is the BEST PROMISE is reserved to THE LAST, to Bruise Satan’s Head for betraying the Woman—and THE PROMISE I made to man, that she should be A HELPMATE to man; and by claiming the Promise, she is A Helpmate for his Good:—therefore, "Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft, and Stubbornness as Iniquity and Idolatry." Now, I tell thee from these words, the rebellion began first in the devil, as the sin of witchcraft to betray the woman. Now mark the words Samuel said further to Saul—because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, He hath rejected thee from being King. Now, I tell thee, these words stand deep for men and devils.—For though I have told thee, as the Kingdom was rended from Saul, so I will rend the Kingdom from Satan. And yet I tell thee, if men rebel against My words—against My Promises—against My Just Decrees,—their Rebellion is as Iniquity and Idolatry; because I tell thee it is Iniquity in themselves, and they are making an Idol of themselves—trusting more to themselves, than they trust to My Promise; relying more on their own wisdom, than they rely upon My words—therefore I tell thee they must REJECT My words that I spoke in the beginning; and I shall REJECT them from enjoying


My Kingdom. For I now tell thee as Samuel said to Saul, when Saul told him he had saved the best of the sheep and oxen, to offer sacrifice unto the Lord; But what delight have I in sacrifice, if men will not obey My words? Here I tell thee Thousands are like Saul, thinking it right to save the beasts, as Saul did—but I tell thee, as the shadow was to Saul, so is the substance now to all, for TO OBEY is better than sacrifice. And let men deeply discern My Bible, and trace THOSE RECORDS through: then, they will find the best wine is reserved to the last, for Those that OBEY My Commands:—but Those that now rebel like Saul, will find My Kingdom rended from them, and given to their Neighbours, that are more worthy of it.—And now come to David.—Mark from David how he first slew the Beast, before he slew the Philistine, to gain the Shadow of the Crown, by having Saul’s Daughter:—but here thou beginnest to ponder within, if Saul be a Type of Satan, how should the Shadow of the Crown come by his daughter? But know, I have told thee, I have placed Saul TWO WAYS;—as the shadow of a tree will go two ways—whether the sun be on one side, or on the other. As the sun turns, the shadow turns: perfect so I tell thee of Types and Shadows—they are placed to stand two ways; as I have already told thee of Esau; as a shadow he stands two ways: and so I have told thee of Jacob—And the same I tell thee of David—He stands a shadow of man and Me—therefore, I tell thee, the beast must be slain before My Kingdom can come, to have My Throne established in Righteousness. Now, I tell thee, if men discern deep from these Two Kings, that


were the first anointed by Me; for though there were Many Other Heathen Kings; yet, they were not The anointed of the Lord like Saul and David:—then, let men discern deep from the Shadow of these Two, and see the end:—how Saul had the Kingdom rended from him for saving the beasts:—and the shadow of David began from slaying the beast. Now, as I have told thee of a Sun Dial; perfect so I tell thee stands My Bible—if men would mark the shadows in the beginning; and the way the Kings rose that were anointed by Me; they would discern by the same marks what would be the ending:—for as the Figures stand in a Sun Dial from mid-day to mid-night; and from mid-night to mid-day,—one following after the other:—perfect so I tell thee, as the turn of the Sun bringeth round to the same Figures from four in the morning to four in the afternoon—from eight in the morning till eight at night—and the turn of the Sun bringeth to the same hours from six to six; and from seven to seven—thus will the Sun shew you in a long Summer’s day; and perfect so I tell thee, if men would discern the Figures of My Bible, the way Kings began by My appointment and the desire of men, they would clearly see the end. And perfect so I tell thee of the Fall—Like a travailing woman in sorrow did Eve begin, when She found She was betrayed by the serpent—condemned by her husband—and blamed by her Maker—like a travailing woman her sorrows began; and perfect so I tell thee like a travailing Woman the WHOLE will end. Therefore, I tell thee My Bible is not discerned by men, that it stands perfect like a Sun Dial; as I have told thee of the hours at the turn of the day which


bringeth round the morning and evening—Sun-rising and Sun-setting to the hours alike—and as the Spring of the year; so I tell thee was the Spring of time: and so I tell thee was the Fall. See how much nearer the hours come together to one Likeness at Spring and Fall; to what they are in Summer and Winter—and so I tell thee of the end—Nearly like the Fall will come the Spring for Man, when I come to bring in their Redemption, as I told them to mark the Green Leaves, knowing that the Summer was nigh at hand, and their Redemption drew near. But now I know thy pondering thoughts; if the Spring and Fall be alike in man, how can happiness attend him? To this I answer—as the minutes change: so will the time change. First it fell on man, but next it must fall on the beast, whom I pronounced cursed above every living creature:—and yet I have already told thee, and now I tell thee again—as it began with the Woman and the Serpent, which is the Devil, for that old Serpent he is called, perfect so it must end—therefore, the enmity must be kindled between the Serpent and the Woman, as I said in the Fall. Now, remember the time I died for man—thou knowest it was in the Spring; and perfect so I tell thee was My Death for man; to bring back the Sun to the hours it was first fixed, and rest the curse on the Serpent’s head. Here I tell thee, if men look deep into every mystery of the Creation—into every mystery of My Bible, and discern the Spring and Fall, how I placed the rising and the setting Sun, to come in hours near together; they would see My Bible was like a Sun Dial, to point out the whole to man, that had any


light of the Sun within him, to discern and see the Fields—they would see from the Fall, where the Sun rises—what was the Promise—and where it must set, when I bring in the Spring for man, to redeem him from the Fall.—The Sun must set on the Woman’s head, and the powers of darkness must go into darkness—for there was the curse fixed, and there must his proud Waves be stayed. And this I tell thee is a Sun Dial for man, if they will weigh the whole together. And all men will know and find in the end I have placed the Sun Dial in thee, and know in the Woman the Figures stood.

FIRST.—To be created as an helpmate for man.
SECONDLY.—To have the promise made her, that her seed should bruise the Serpent’s head.
THIRDLY.—For ME to be born of a Woman, to have MY Heel bruised, that I might accomplish the promise.—and
FOURTHLY.—To send MY Spirit to visit a Woman, to kindle that enmity, and to claim the promise.

"Here are the four quarters for men to discern, and here is the Sun Dial whereby all men may see the time and the seasons, how all will be fulfilled. And now let all men discern deep from the manner of thy Visitation—the manner of thy Faith and Fears, what thou hast gone through, trusting strong in ME; fearing to offend—Jealous of being deceived—with a single eye to MY honour and glory—wishing to know MY will and OBEY it—and with a strong enmity against the serpent, which is the Devil;—fearing neither his


threatenings, nor his malice; but trusting wholly in Me to be thy Keeper and Deliverer from all his power. Now, I tell thee if men discern this deep, and weigh thy Visitation through—and weigh My Bible through—that they would as clearly see the days that are come, and FOR WHAT thy calling is, as a man can see the hour in the day by a Sun Dial, when the Sun shines bright. But where there is no Light in man, to discern the Sunshine of MY BIBLE; nor the Marks: nor the Figures, that are placed there—they cannot see where the Sun must set; nor where the promise was made to have it set:—but let them discern deeply the Shadow of the Fall, how the woman was beguiled by the serpent—the sorrows and the sufferings she went through, when she saw her Son was slain; and the Other fled from her presence:—Judge, O man, of her Reflections! Ye know not her Sufferings, nor Repentance:—then, what have ye to marvel at, that I the Lord who searcheth the Hearts, and seeth the Sorrows in My Creatures, and the Repentance they go through, while the Adversary rejoices at their Fall, that I should say of their Adversary, as I said unto Samuel (15th chap. of 1st Sam. v. 2) "I remembered what Amalek did to Israel, how he laid wait for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt. Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, Sheep and Oxen, Camels and Asses, Infants and Sucklings, and the whole."—Now, I tell thee from these words, let Infant and Suckling, Man and Woman take care that join with the beast. For, I remember all he hath done,—how he betrayed the Woman at first—how he laid in wait for her


Son—to work in one to slay the other; and how he laid in wait for man to work in one to slay the other;—and how he laid in wait for Judas to work in him to BETRAY ME—all these things I WELL REMEMBER; therefore, I shall destroy him, and utterly cut off Root and Branch, Man and Woman, that join with the Beast;—and he that wishes to preserve him, will have the Kingdom rended from him, which I designed for man before the Creation of the World, and before the Foundation was first laid I designed the Kingdom for man; and for him to be created in My Likeness—to live in perfect happiness united with Me, and I with him—and what I designed, I WILL ACCOMPLISH:—for now I shall go on like David, to take the Lamb out of the lion’s mouth, and out of the paw of the Bear, and slay the uncircumcised Philistines, that defy the Armies of the Living God. These things shall I go on to do, therefore, I tell thee, Those that mock My coming, they will find it will come upon them in a day they little think of, and in an hour unaware, as MY FIRST VISITATION came upon thee.

"Now I shall explain from the manner of thy life, how thou wast visited by My Spirit, to guide and direct thee for thyself—This thou knowest went on for years, and the enjoyment was to thyself; but how sudden and unexpected did My Visitation come of the Nation?—but where would thy Senses have been gone, if thou hadst no knowledge of Me before? I know the pondering of thy heart, and the answer thou makest within, thou shouldest not have believed it a Visitation from the Lord; but have judged thy Senses would


soon be lost, if thou didst not try to withstand the Visitation.—Now, here I tell thee from thy Visitation, though thou hadst been unacquainted with My Spirit, to visit thee of truths before concerning thyself; yet, it is known unto thee, and to all, thou hadst fear mixed with thy faith; so there was a Shadow in thee of what there was in the beginning though thy Visitation was from Me the Living Lord; and yet thy faith was mixed with fear—and perfect so was Eve’s in the Fall—She had a fear mixed in her when she contended with the Serpent, and yet he overcame her by his temptations. Now, I tell thee in like manner, let all discern, have been thy fears,—that thou mightest have been deceived by some wrong Spirit:—but when thou art cast down, I raise thee up—when thou wert wounded, I healed thee—when thou art afflicted, I comfort thee—and by My Truth and My Words, I have led thee on, to bring thee to the knowledge of the good; as Satan brought Eve to the knowledge of the evil.—Therefore, I tell thee, if men discern deeply from the knowledge of the Fruit, being good and evil—and that the Fruit was plucked by the Woman’s hand by the subtlety of the Serpent, to come to the evil, and bring death upon man:—so I have told thee, the same hand must bring the knowledge of the good—but, by what hand, and what power? or from whence must his knowledge come?—Thou knowest, I have told thee, as Satan’s arts brought the first (to Eve); so My Wisdom brings the last (to thee):—for the last is first, and the first is last.—Now, thus it must be to fulfil My Words, that I have spoken through the Bible. And now let men discern in what manner I have led thee on,


in FAITH and FEAR that thou mayest be compared to a Woman travailing with Child, that knoweth not till the Child is born, whether she shall have a Son or a Daughter:—whether the Child will live or die—and yet She travaileth on in hopes that She may have a living Child—yet whether living or dying, She cannot get free of her burthen till the Child is born, whatever anguish she goes through.—This is the perfect State of a travailing Woman with Child; sometimes feeling pain—sometimes feeling none—and sometimes feeling the Child to struggle in her womb. This is the perfect State of a Woman with Child, which is felt more or less by all that are with Child.—And now I shall appeal to thy own Conscience, whether this hath not been the true State of thy mind and heart, and the struggling of thy Spirit within:—sometimes IN FAITH, sometimes IN FEAR:—for I tell thee My Spirit hath worked with thee in different ways, to bring the perfect Likeness in thy mind and heart—struggling in faith—struggling in Fear—pains of mind, and pains of heart have been thy case—as a Woman with Child feels pains of Body; so hast thou felt pains of mind. And yet I tell thee, as a Woman with Child cannot get rid of her burthen till the Child is born; no more canst thou get rid of thine, till thy Children are born; to see the clear and perfect day.—Therefore, I tell thee it was impossible for thee TO DRAW BACK after My strong Visitation to thee; for by stronger powers than man, hast thou been led on to show mankind THE REPARATION OF THE FALL—that in like manner as Satan brought on sorrow upon the Woman in the Fall, and She travailed in pain in


Child-birth, to bring on man’s destruction:—so it must be in like manner of pain and Child-birth, to bring on man’s restitution. For as one is Temporal; so the other is Spiritual. And as a Woman travaileth in pain and anxiety of mind to be travailing in a Spiritual birth—therefore, I tell thee, the Lessons of the day must go together—Saul slain—David gained the victory—The best wine reserved till the last—And all things come, as pain to a travailing Woman with Child. The meaning of these things I have explained—and a temporal travailing and a Spiritual I have compared together.—Now, I shall come to the Nation—Are they not groaning like thee under burdens and afflictions? under loads and oppressions? and yet there are Thousands that walk in darkness, and will Not See the day-light? And yet I tell thee, when Troubles come faster on, and greater burdens do appear,—Thousands will begin like thee, to have their jealousy alarm them; fearing they have been wrong on the one hand, as thou hast feared on the other. For, I now tell thee, every perplexity of mind, that hath been in thee, will hasten fast on the Nation—but how could I place the Type in thee; or how couldst thou be compared to a travailing Woman, travailing in birth, and crying to be delivered, if no pain nor fear had ever alarmed thy breast? The Scriptures could not be fulfilled in thee.—Now, I tell thee as thy desire of death is known to Me; so are the hearts of many, who think wonders will come at thy death, and their deliverance will then come; therefore, they are wishing and longing for the time:—This is known to Me; to be in the hearts of many, among thy Believers, but


they will not tell their minds; therefore, I worked the same desire in thy heart, that I might shew them their folly—that no wondrous deliverance can come in the manner they expect, before My appointed time to work deliverance for the whole; and that will not come in a way that is judged by man. I shall first try the Nation by heightening their afflictions before I shall bring on any deliverance; that I may see what they will do, when the Burden comes heavier upon them. Shall I cut off a whole Nation for the sake of a Few? And many are known to Me whose hearts are like Jehu’s—see my Zeal for the Lord of Hosts, while their Eye is only to their own self Interest. For, I now tell thee, there are Many who are looking more for the Loaves and Fishes, than for My Kingdom of Peace, that they may enjoy every happiness in Me, and be freed from every Temptation, and feel a heavenly joy within.—This however is known to Me to be THE DESIRE of some, who say they come in by the Sheep-fold; and these latter are the People, that must look for a Reward:—but the former, that come in for the Loaves and Fishes, do not come in by the Sheep-fold; and therefore, I tell thee their expectations will fail. But let not thy heart be wounded nor thy Spirits grieved, because I have told thee WHAT is in the hearts and thoughts of SOME of the Believers, thinking thy Awful Trial will bring on Deliverance to them, which I tell thee it will not, but only heighten their Sorrows, if I take thee out of the World, before THE END draweth near:—know, I have told thee it would heighten their troubles, sooner than cause any Deliverance.—


Therefore, I tell thee the way they have planned happiness for themselves would only bring sorrow upon their heads. If taking of thy Life would be any Comfort or Blessing to mankind; and would add to their happiness and My Glory, Do they vainly think I would prolong thy Life to live in a World thou art weary of? I tell them, No! their ways are not as My Ways; nor their thoughts as My Thoughts. It is for the sake of True Believers, who have a single Eye to My Honour and Glory, and for the Good of Mankind, that thy life is prolonged till all Truths are made clear before them, and their Hearts are prepared for My Visitation to receive My Spirit;—but I know Sorrow hath filled thy heart, because I have told thee, the hearts and thoughts of SOME of the Believers, who expect they know not WHAT.—Now, let them call reason to their assistance, and see if they judge Me a Merciful GOD, whether they think I shall destroy the Nation to save a few before they are tried with deeper Judgments. And let them consider what I told thee, when I first ordered thee to publish to the World; if I should pull the weeds too soon, the wheat would be destroyed:—and how could your Nation stand if I cut it short when ye are surrounded with a Foreign Enemy? And yet I tell thee, such are the wild Ideas of Many in your Nation, thinking they should be more happy if the Land was cut more short. This I know is a folly in many, and I tell thee IT IS A Folly—for who then would protect your Land? Know what is said in My Gospel, let both grow together till Harvest;—and so I tell thee of this Nation—They must both grow together till the end draweth near—and so far from thy death bringing


them a happy deliverance, I now tell thee if I take thee shortly before the end draweth near, they would find themselves as Ships without a Pilot;—One would say he was directed one way and Another, another, till strife and discord would be among them. Here I have shewed thee from the Shadow of those that say they have been visited, and have different directions given; but to what confusion would all things go, if every man followed these different directions? For I now tell thee in the end, they will find the Truth of all MY Words to thee, and from A FEW you may plainly discern it; therefore I tell thee they would be like a Ship without a Pilot tossed to and fro with every wind, if they were left to their own wills. These things I have explained to thee to shew thee the folly that is in mankind; they know not the way to plan for their own happiness.—And now I will tell thee another reason why their thoughts are vain and foolish to think if thy awful Trial was come, and My Spirit was poured out on them, that they were visited, as thou art visited, they would be more happy—This, I tell thee is a folly in man; for while the World stands full of unbelief, and they are judged as mad men and fools, they would be judged so; and so much the more if the Spirit of Prophecy was now given them; because I tell thee this must be the end to them, that are chosen to be present with thee at thy awful Trial; that the words of the Apostle might be fulfilled—"Ye may all prophesy in your turn" and that My Gospel may be fulfilled "TO BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT." These things must come in their time, when your Nation is more


enlightened, and the truth hastening on upon all Nations, to make all things more clear before them; then they may receive My Spirit with Joy and say, "THE COMFORTER IS COME." But, now I tell thee as a field of Wheat being cut before it is ripe withereth away, and never comes to good Corn;—perfect so I tell thee would the Visitation of My Spirit be, to be poured out upon the Believers before the corn be ripe for the Harvest. Now, let them call reason to their assistance;—Supposing every man that was present at thy Trial, had the Spirit of Prophecy, would not the World say they were all mad? I tell thee, yes! and it would do more harm than good amongst mankind; and every man must bear his own burden of being mocked, despised and ridiculed—but now the whole burden lays on thee; thou appearest the Standard for ALL—for though men say they are Madmen to believe in thy Visitation, yet, how much more would they say they were Madmen if they began to prophesy? Was the Spirit of Prophecy given to Many as things stand at present, it would do no good to Mankind, only would cause confusion amongst them, and bring the burden the heavier upon themselves. Now, as I know the eagerness of Many to wish for thy Trial, because I have said in the end it should be like the day of Pentecost; so they expect great things from this Visitation. But let them call reason to their assistance, what My Disciples went through after My Death, that the Holy Ghost was poured out upon them—but know, while I lived and was in the Body amongst them, the whole burden was laid upon ME: now perfect so I tell thee of this


Visitation—while thy Life remaineth, the whole must lay upon thee. They can but blame the Others for only believing; but if I should take thee out of the World in the State it now stands, and when unbelief so much abounds, My Work must cease or My Friends must get themselves into trouble, if I should command them to go through the work, and visit them as I have visited thee. This, I tell thee would not be to their Joy: but would heighten their Sorrows, and make their load and burden the heavier:—so I plainly tell thee, the thoughts of men are vain and foolish, to wish to take THE BURDEN from thee and lay it on themselves. Let them discern how thou art confined, and how the World would MOCK thee, if thou wast known to appear in public;—then, how can men vainly wish to be mocked the same? For, I now tell thee they would be mocked the same, if they pretended to prophesy;—or if even the Spirit of Prophecy was given them—they could not go boldly abroad, to face an unbelieving World, as they now do. All these things I have laid before thee, as I know the working of Many Hearts, how they judge the time rolls on, and thy awful Trial is not yet come, for them to be visited with the Holy Ghost, as they were in the day of Pentecost. This I know is the thoughts of Many—and this I know is the desire of Many. But now I shall come to reason with men, and let them look to thy Visitation in what manner I led thee on, year after year—expecting every year men would meet together to prove thy writings, whether they were of God, or not:—and by so doing thou sayest every year seemed but as one year to thee:—but how would thy heart have failed thee, if I had told thee in


the beginning of the number of years it would be, before Any would meet together, to examine the Truth:—and that None of those men whom I ordered thee to write unto, would come forward to own the Truth, that was put in their hands? This would have sunk thy Spirits low, and made thy burdens too great for thee to bear, if thou hadst all these things to look forward to—the number of years—and the backwardness of the Ministers I sent thee unto:—but, know thy own judgment, how thou always thought, because I assured thee, thy Writings would be proved by My Chosen, that would come to Taylor’s (Exeter) to enquire into some Truths;—this, I told thee My Chosen men would do. Now, reflect with thyself what Judgment thou drawest in thy own mind and heart, and thy Friends together, that it was the men to whom I bid thee write:—but had I told thee then, men would come from distant parts of the Kingdom, to enquire the Truth at Taylor’s, would it not have filled thee with jealousy and doubts of the Truth? In thy heart thou answerest, yes!—And now I answer it would have discouraged thee to write to the Ministers of Exeter, if every clear Truth had been told thee;—and yet discern how much greater than thy expectation, or any thought that filled thy head, have I brought these things round for thee—and let reason take possession of thy heart, if I had confined thee to a few in Exeter, and they had been Believers, would the Truth have fled abroad, and been made so clear in other places, as it now is? In thy heart thou answerest, no! therefore, I have done more for thee, to make the Truths clear for the public World, than ever entered thy thoughts, though I disappointed thee


in the Judgment thou hadst drawn. Now, perfect so, I tell thee, is the case of Believers:—as distant as things have come from any Judgment thou hadst drawn thyself,—and all came to the perfect Truth of My Words in a more strong and clear way—so I tell thee, it will come to ALL. For, reason must tell thee, had thine been confined to Exeter, they would as soon said, they were Mad-men, as they have said it by the others, and the Truth could not be made known. For, if the unbelieving World now say it was smuggled up by Friends, when it is publicly known to the World that the Truths were put in the hands of Ministers who do not believe, and who would have contradicted the Witnesses if they were not True—now discern if people plead their unbelief, from the way that I have brought it round,—how much more room would they have for unbelief, to say it was a false thing of Friends if these Ministers had come forward AS BELIEVERS; then indeed, there could be none to say the Truth could be proved by any other, than by Friends. Now, as I have shewed thee the weakness of thy Judgment, that thou couldest not make it clear to mankind to prove it was not the deceit of Friends; so on the other hand, I shall shew thee My Wisdom, and the weakness of men’s judgment, like thine, to expect so hastily the pouring out of My Spirit; because I said when every Truth was made clear of the Vision I shewed thee in 1794, it should be like the days of Pentecost to Man. Now, I tell thee as these words were put in print; so, if I had hastily fulfilled them, Would not the unbelieving World say it was an infusion in their heads, because they would make thy Writings True? Then who


would believe them? I tell thee no man! Therefore, I disappointed them at first, to prove to the World there was no deceit in them: neither would they take any notions in their heads of being visited by My Spirit, like the Disciples of old, when they were not. Then where is the man can condemn their innocence?—And now mark the year that is past, how they came from different Quarters expecting the Visitation of My Spirit, and the fulfilment of thy Prophecies; but here again like thee they have been deceived. Then where is the man can condemn them? To say they have filled their heads with confusion, that is not REAL and TRUE—This, must convince the unbelieving World and plead in their behalf, that there is no Infusion in them, to FANCY things that are NOT REAL.—And now I tell thee as My Wisdom hath cleared their Innocence in a way they never expected: so I tell thee, I shall clear them when I come to the purpose, to fulfil My Words that the unbelieving World might not have room to say they FANCIED these things, because they were said in thy Writings: for then they might have FANCIED them before I had fulfilled them, according to their own Judgment as they had expected. Therefore, I tell thee as disappointments by placing a wrong Judgment happened to thee; perfect so it hath happened to them:—but now I shall come to the same reasoning with them, as I came to with thee.—How would it have discouraged Many that came forward at thy Trial, if they had known My wondrous Working was kept back FOR THE END:—that the BEST WINE was reserved for the last; and that THE LAST TIME was not come? This would have discouraged them, as it would have


discouraged thee, to be writing to Ministers, if I had told thee they would never come forward with THE TRUTH:—and yet I tell thee, THE TRUTH is come forward MORE STRONG to convince AN UNBELIEVING WORLD that say it was proved by nothing but Believers; than it could possibly have been, if these Ministers had been Believers:—and perfect so I tell thee of THE END, I shall make the TRUTH much clearer to prove their Innocence and My Visitation to them, than it could be proved if they had never been deceived."

A Dream of Four White Oxen,
The Parable of the Black.

HERE I shall introduce a Dream that a man had (and which is founded upon a true Story) concerning his travelling till he met with a Team of White Oxen, and which is the Introduction of the "Large Crock, or Pot of Gold," mentioned in the Book I published last year at Stourbridge. It is as follows:—

The Dream of the Crock of Gold in the 26th page of What Manner of Communications are These? thus began. "A man dreamt he should go till he saw four White Oxen in a Plough, and then he should have great possessions. The man went eighteen or nineteen miles; at last he saw four White Oxen ploughing—he went up


and spoke to the man, and told him his dream. The man laughed at him for a Fool—and said, he dreamt the same night, that he should go to such a place, and dig up a French Nut Tree, and under it he should find a large Crock, or Pot of Gold."—See the continuation in the 26th page of my Book.

The Parable of the Black is as follows:

"A Black told my Father, that God Almighty killed his Father cowardly in bed; for if he had been out upon his Father’s Balks—it was not Twenty God Almighties could have killed him; for then he would have run for his life."—See the explanation in the 75th page of my Book.

The Continuation of Joanna’s Communications.

"Now I shall reason with thee of Pomeroy—Had he come forward A STRONG BELIEVER affirming the Truths were put in his hand as an exalted Character—I ask thee, who among the unbelieving World would have believed his report? But now every reasonable mind must know from the strife between ye, and THE UNBELIEF that is in him, every Witness must be true, and thy Letters to him must be true; or he would have come forward, and denied the whole, if there was any falsehood or deceit. So here I have shewed thee from Pomeroy I have brought it round in a way the unbelieving World does not discern, to prove the Truth is proved by enemies as well as friends—and so I tell thee of the end: I shall make every Truth clear in a way that ye know not;—and mark the way the shadow began


by Strangers coming from different Quarters to search out the Truth THROUGH FAITH:—and so I tell thee, men will act THROUGH UNBELIEF when My appointed time is come;—but know I have told thee the best wine is reserved to the last; and My Visitation to thee shall rise higher and higher, brighter and brighter to the perfect day—and they shall know what was sown in weakness shall rise in power;—what they judge was spoken in foolishness they shall find I will prove in wisdom.—But I now tell thee, it was but to try thee, that I said I did not tell thee thou shouldest live to see the end of the year that is past;—but shall I take thee out of the World before I have clearly proved to mankind thy Visitation is from the Lord? For, I now tell thee, if My Wisdom that lies behind was revealed to another and not to thee, thousands would say thy Visitation was not from the Lord; therefore, I tell thee to make thyself easy, till I have cleared up every mystery, why I began to speak in words, and in VERSE that appeared LOW to man—why I have kept back the best wine for the last—and why I have ordered these simple Fables* to be put in print—and compared with the Nation; which I know thy foolish Wisdom cannot bear the thoughts of—and yet I tell thee, thou wilt see the end to prove it true—and the very thing thou thinkest most simple, I tell thee, the Nation will find most true and discern how the Horn is blowing by Those that are gone forth to give the warning; and how the unbelieving World IS MOCKING the warning:—perfect as the Lady did (in Foley’s Book) and persuading others to the same unbelief as she had.—

* See Book 24: "What manner of Communications are these?" – Thos. P. Foley


Therefore, I tell thee Those that MOCK the warning that is given—the Horn that is blowing for men’s Salvation have all to fear their own destruction, that it will come upon them, as it came upon the Lady in a day and hour unaware;—therefore, I tell thee thy judgment is weak to wish that Parable out of the Book;—for that Parable shews the end to those that MOCK the Visitation of the Lord:—for I tell thee their laughter will be turned into mourning, that say they have nothing to fear from all My Warnings and Threatenings;—they will find they have ALL to fear: so do not judge thyself wise in wishing it not to appear:—for I tell thee THAT will appear in the end a Standard of condemnation to this Nation, and every Nation that Mocks the warning when they are warned—so thou set thy heart at rest, for I tell thee the thoughts of thy heart are evil to wish to have it out of the Book.—But this I tell thee, as the ponderings of thy heart have been to despise the Parable, because it is not in a manner that thou judgest CLEAR for the Lord to bring forward consistent with the Bible,—and therefore thou canst not bear it, and wisheth to have it taken out;—so I tell thee of the Nation,—they may wish it not to be fulfilled, that the truth may never appear:—but as I tell thee the Parable must remain; so I tell thee, THE TRUTH will appear. For, the Parable is like the Bible, that I compared the Children of Israel to an adulterous Woman, and so I have compared the adulterous Nations—and though the words are not put into a Song in My Bible; yet, I tell thee, the Parables are the same. So here I have shewed thee thy pondering thoughts are wrong;—and full as wrong are thy pondering thoughts to wish


to leave the World before the best wine appeareth; for how could I clear My Honour in what the World MOCKS and DESPISES by another hand, to prove thy writings came from ME. I now tell thee, the World would say, it did not all come from one Spirit, if I should take thee out of the World and clear up every Mystery by another hand for to make the Water Wine—for AS WATER thy Writings appear to thousands; but I shall turn it into Wine. By all the directions of the past I shall clear them in the end by the same hand that I began: and perfect so, I tell thee, I shall clear My Honour in making the Woman a Helpmate for man, which appears as great folly to thousands as they say thy Writings appear. For the Wisdom of the Creator is blamed by the Creature, and this hath been done in every Age of the World;—and point out the Age that the Wisdom of God was not blamed by man when I came to visit by My Spirit? In thy heart thou answereth there is no Age, but man hath condemned My Visitation to the Prophets:—and so I tell thee Adam began to cast the blame upon his Creator; and thus All Ages have gone on; and so I tell thee they will go on to the end till sudden destruction comes upon thousands, like the sudden deaths that have been to Many, and remarked in this year, 1805—and deep I tell thee they will remark the end.—Now I shall come to thy pondering thoughts—I said, I would clear up the mystery of thy Visitation by the same hand I began; and thou sayest in thy heart thy hand is stopped writing, and the writing is given to Another; so if I make thee a mouth and voice, I do not make thee the hand to end that which I made thee to begin. To this I answer from the Fall.—


I took thy Writings from thee to clear up every mystery;—for know, I said the same hand that brought the knowledge of the evil, should bring the knowledge of the Good. Now, if you take the same hand without calling the Woman the same hand, you must say it must be brought by Eve; but know I have told thee by the same hand I mean the Woman. And now I tell thee Perfect as thy Writings began by thee and carried on by other Handmaids:—perfect so the promise began by Eve to lay the Foundation for Another to claim and to build thereon:—so I tell thee the hand is alike,—it cannot be changed to man: and perfect so I tell thee as thy hand began the writing from My Spirit; so the hand of Woman shall end. Then now discern what is meant by the same hand;—it is not meant the hand of Eve that plucked the evil, and brought the knowledge of the evil, shall bring the knowledge of the Good:—and yet I tell thee the Foundation was as much laid by her in speaking the Truth and casting her blame on the serpent, as the Foundation of thy Writings was first laid by thy hand—and as men blame the Foundation that was laid by thee, and thousands judge it foolishness what thou hast penned, because they do not discern the mystery, nor understand what thou hast penned:—perfectly so, I tell thee, is the mystery of the Fall;—they do not discern the promise—her First Reasoning—and her second truth; neither do they discern the Fault in man; neither do they discern how soon the Curse came on again from Noah after the World was drowned,—that he pronounced upon his Son! These things are not discerned by men; therefore, the blame lieth upon the Woman without discerning


Adam was as easy to fall by the weakness of the Woman, as She was by the subtilty of the serpent:—but see how the blame was cast? These things men do not discern—therefore, they go on as Adam began, to cast the blame upon the Woman—and My Honour can never be cleared for giving the Woman for his Helpmate, if I do not clear My Honour to fulfil My Promise, and make her for his good—and perfect so I now tell thee, I cannot clear My Honour in the simple manner I have often spoken to thee; therefore, I tell thee, I shall clear up THE WHOLE by the same hand I began—that meaneth, to be a Mouth and Voice in thee, to speak the words, and by the hand of Women to be penned:—but let no one judge from the words, that what I have begun by thee as a Mouth and Voice, that other Women are to end, that I shall be a Mouth and Voice to them. For, now I tell thee, there are Many that if they were to hear these words without having them clearly explained, they would say thou wast but a Shadow; for they were the Substance. Therefore, I tell thee all I mean by another hand of Woman is, to finish what thou hast begun, and to pen the words that I shall deliver to thee, and thou to them. Here I have shewed there are many things laid behind to clear up the whole; and thou art wrong to wish deliverance from the World, before I have cleared up the whole and confounded all Gain-sayers."

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Joanna’s Communications in continuation—on the Song of Lord Burnet.
Tuesday night, July 16th, 1805.

After I was in bed, I was pondering upon the whole, and I was deeply answered that by the hand of the Woman, the Lord would confound men and devils—the devil for betraying her—and man for blaming his Maker for giving the Woman to him.—After these words I began to ponder upon THE SONG OF LORD BURNET:—and it was deeply answered through a Song, yet, the Parable was deep throughout. It began to be answered me from the first words,—‘By One, by Two, and by Three’—and THREE were the Judgments threatened upon the Nations—The Sword—The Plague—and the Famine, and these judgments they were calling down. And I should observe how the Shadows of the Three were in the Nations abroad, that had already come:—and Three things had been in this Land—The Dearth of Provisions—the Sword of war that you are engaged in, and the Thousands that have been lost thereby—and the burden to carry on the war,—and though these three things appeared before them; yet, the Nation was like the Lady to smile upon the World with all its Vices, and their hearts were fixed to wander from God; as the Lady wandered from her husband to seek after another lover. Perfect so was the State of the Nation—and though they were warned of their dangers, as the Foot-page warned the Lady; yet, their Confidence was perfect like hers to smite the person that warned them; and still Self-confident in the love of the World to wander from God, as the Lady did from her husband. So that, every step of the Fable was the Perfect


Likeness of the Land;—and I should discern from the Foot-page after acquainting his Lord with the whole, how he called down his men ‘by One, by Two, and by Three,’ the second time, and so are the Nations going on the same, to call down the three judgments that were first threatened. And in this Nation Believers are gone out to blow the Trumpet, to sound the alarm—yet, neither the past, nor the present had any effect upon thousands—They, perfectly like the Lady, that knew the Foot-page had seen her—knew he had threatened her; heard the trumpet blow that dangers were near her—yet, she was still self-confident till her destruction came. And perfect so is the Nation. "Now, they have heard the warnings—they have seen the Judgments from the past harvest—and the other burdens that are upon the Land, and yet they are still Self-confident—therefore, the Song thou canst not bear is the True Picture of the Nation—and a Picture for the Nation to draw their True Colours before them.—And to shew their perfect likeness I ORDERED THAT Song to be put in print,—And know what I likened the Children of Israel to—to a treacherous Woman playing the Harlot—and what did I say in my Gospel? To what shall I liken this Generation? And now I say the same, to what shall I liken this Generation? In the Parable of the Lady I have shewed thee to what I have likened it to! Therefore, be not thou like the Self-righteous to think thou art more wise, and more holy than Me—that thou canst not bear to liken a Nation that is wandering from Me, as the Lady did from her Husband, unto an Adulterous Woman. Here I have shewed thee the perfect likeness; and I tell thee the Self-


confident have to fear the perfect end of the Lady. I know that Song is as much disliked by Many, as it is by thee: therefore, I worked in thee to think upon the Song, when not reading it, that it may be answered for others. So let thy pondering, and My Answer be copied off, and sent amongst the Believers, that they may discern the depth, and answer to the whole. But now I know thy pondering thoughts—‘It was not so answered in that clear manner, when it was printed.’ To this I answer:—Had it been answered clear to every particular, I could not have tried the Wisdom of men, to what they would place a Parable, that is so plain before them, to shew the end? How could I try their judgment, if I had pointed out every particular? therefore, I gave an explanation in a manner they did not understand of the past ages and the present. For I now tell thee like the destruction upon the Lady, it came upon the Jews of old, and upon Jerusalem. And if you discern My Gospel you will discern the destruction will come the same. Therefore, I tell thee it is not the Song that you are to look to, nor the form it is placed by man: but the sense which it contains. And I now tell thee there are many Parables in the Bible as much mocked and despised—as much ridiculed and not understood why they are placed in such a manner, as that Song is. Therefore, I tell thee it was My Wisdom to bring forward such a Song, and shew the perfect likeness from the Song, that men may discern the meaning of the Parables that are in My Bible. Now, where is the man can point out a more perfect likeness of your Nation, than I have pointed out from the Parable thou so much hated? Now, canst thou answer from thyself, that thou canst point out a more clear way, to


shew the Nation in its true colours? In thy heart thou answerest, no! Now, I tell thee the Form of the Song, and the manner of the words, if men find fault with and blame; they must blame the Authors that made it; because the Song was not composed by thee—but it is the Parable to shew the likeness of the end, that I commanded it to go in print. And now I tell thee I confined thy senses not to discern the manner of the Song, that thou shouldest not alter it when it was printed. And now I have told thee if they blame the Song, they must blame the World that made it—and yet the Parable is deep as I have told thee—and now I shall answer thy further pondering heart, from the manner I have explained it in the Book; and perfect as I have explained it the end will be; for the destruction must come in the end upon the root of evil—upon the author that tempts man to sin."

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On Joanna’s Temptations by Satan at Bristol, in 1804.

"Now I shall answer thy pondering heart why should I suffer thee to be thus tried and tempted by the devil by every art he could invent, is thy next pondering thoughts in reading the whole together, what thou went through, in the year that is past?

"Simple as this may appear of My permission, as it could not be without My permission; so this hath appeared marvellous in thy eyes pondering on from the past:—but mark what I told thee in


the beginning of the year, that year was a Type of the end. And how could I so clearly FREE the Fall of the Woman, if I had not suffered thee by every way satan could invent to be tried and tempted to the uttermost? And how could I so clearly shew My power that I kept thee in the midst of Temptations, if I had not suffered thee to be tempted? Now, I tell thee, if men discern and weigh the Book deep, they must discern it was impossible for simple Women to be together in all the wondrous working that came to thee, if My presence had not been with you: fears, I say, would have alarmed the whole. Now, I tell thee as thy pondering thoughts have been; so are the pondering thoughts of Many; for all hearts are known to Me. Therefore, I worked in thy heart and thoughts the perfect thoughts I know are in others; that I may answer them by thee; as thou knowest I answered Peter, when I knew the thoughts of the Pharisee. I brought the Parable forward to My own Disciple:—and so I tell thee I bring things forward to thee, to answer the World by thy simple thoughts. And now I tell thee as thou hast pondered, why I suffered satan to tempt and try thee: so I know men ponder from the beginning, why I suffered satan to come in that manner to tempt, and try the Woman at first? The same, I tell thee, they have pondered of Job, why I have suffered satan to try there? And others have pondered in the Gospel, if I was the Son of God, why I should suffer satan to tempt Me? All these pondering thoughts, I know, are in men:—which make many jealous of their Bibles, and fill them with unbelief. It is not consistent with the Wisdom of God, say they, that His Son should be tried


and tempted by the devil? This is known to Me, and the thoughts of men:—perfect so I tell thee of the Prophets—there are many things spoken by them that I command for Types and Shadows which appear full as contrary to their Judgment to come from the Wisdom of a God, as the Parables I have ordered thee to pen. Therefore, I tell thee to shew them My Bible in all its Simplicity and Truth, I have permitted the Likeness of the whole to come to thee IN THIS AGE; that men may see the Truth of My Bible, when they have seen the clear Truth of My Visitation to thee, and thy Prophecies. For, I now tell thee the hearts of men are known to Me. There is not a pondering thought in thy heart, that can appear simple in thy Writings, that doth not appear simple to men in the Bible. And I tell thee there are Thousands and Tens of Thousands, whose hearts are concealed from the World, but their hearts are not concealed from Me; for every thought is known to Me—and though they boast of the Scriptures of Truth; yet, I tell thee, they do not BELIEVE the Scriptures are TRUE—neither do they believe they will ever be FULFILLED. All appears simple like thy Writings to Thousands:—therefore, if it was not for Prophecies to awaken them out of their unbelief, the Nation would perish like the World of Old. Therefore, thy pondering thoughts are worked by Me, to shew the perfect state of man, how they ponder in reading the Scriptures. For, I now tell thee the Song thou despised so much in thy heart, is not more despised by thee than My Bible is by Thousands. And I tell thee conscious guilt will hereafter condemn many,


when they see thy Prophecies fulfilled; that they have looked upon My Bible with as much dislike, as thou lookest upon that Song—and they take as much in question the devil’s tempting the Woman in the beginning why I should permit it:—as thou ponderest in thy heart why I permitted all thy temptations, and for what use they were printed. But I tell thee for what use they were printed: To prove to mankind THE TRUTH of My Words—THE PERFECT ENMITY between thee and satan, which is plainly proved from thy FIRST VISITATION; and from THE ENMITY they must see the promise, ‘THAT THE SERPENT’S HEAD MUST BE BRUISED’—Therefore, I tell thee and all men, thy Visitation, and thy Prophecies, are NO ADDITION to the Scriptures; but a FULFILMENT of the Scriptures.—Therefore, I tell thee, no man can say thou hast added thereto; or taken therefrom:—but perfect as the words were spoken, perfect so they are now fulfilling, and that every Soul will know, I have begun, and I shall make an end."

____________ o0o ____________



"And now come to the beginning of the Book, and mark from thy First pondering thoughts, the happiness thou feltest in obeying; and the fears thou hadst in disobeying—yet, these things


appeared to thee simple to stand in print;—but to thy simple thoughts I shall answer—How could I bring all things to your remembrance from the Foundation of the World to this day, to lay the whole state of the Woman before your view? Her first simplicity? Her first Innocence, if I did not bring the Shadow of the likeness in thee? Now, I tell thee from thy thoughts and simple ponderings was the first thought and conduct of Eve; that she would stand to her first words,—and disputed with the serpent, saying, she should fall from her happiness, if she went from them. This, I tell thee was the beginning:—but mark what followed—as thy fears arose thou hadst disobeyed concerning the Book being wrongly placed; and all the horrors of hell arose in thee by My permission, to shew the perfect state in the beginning, I permitted thee, THOUGH INNOCENT, to fear thou hadst acted wrong—and I permitted satan to work every horror in thee, that I well knew he worked in Eve: that you might perfectly see the likeness of the Creation—what was the Woman’s first simple innocence—what her next horror and confusion was after she was betrayed—like thy horror when thou wast filled with jealousy, fearing thou hadst disobeyed. Here stands the perfect likeness of the Woman in the Creation, in the beginning of thy Book, that appears simple to thee; and I tell thee as simple it appeareth to Many; because they do not discern My footsteps, to call every thing clear to Men’s Remembrance.—And now I shall come further to the purpose of the Fall—when I entered strong into thee, know, the words I spoke within thee against the tempter—I said—


"—That hell should tremble, and should fear." These were the first words I spoke to thee, when I entered within to comfort thee, and to condemn that evil power, that so strongly sought thy ruin.—Then, now compare this with the Creation—"The serpent said unto the Woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every Tree of the Garden? (Gen. iii. 1–5.)

"And the Woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the Fruit of the Trees of the Garden;—but of the Fruit of the Tree which is in the midst of the Garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. And the serpent said unto the Woman, Ye shall not surely die;

"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."

"Now, I tell thee from this chapter is the perfect simplicity of the Woman, that was in thee in the beginning of the Book.—Her innocence was betrayed: and her misery came on—By her the Truth was spoken; as every true word was spoken by thee when thou wast in agonies of sorrow. In the beginning when thou feltest joy, thou didst speak the Truth in the simplicity of thy heart—and when thou feltest sorrow and despair, thou didst speak the Truth of the feelings of thy heart. Then now see the true state of the beginning—"The LORD God said unto the Woman, What is this thou hast done? And the Woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat."—Then now see the likeness together; for Eve’s last words were spoken with truth, I tell thee, in agony and despair. Then see My answer—"The LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done


this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life."—Now, let men discern the perfect likeness of My words to the old Serpent, the devil when he had betrayed the Woman, and caused her Fall—and My words when I appeared in thee, saying, the devil had laid his Net, and he should surely fall therein.—Let them weigh them both together, and see the likeness of My Love and Anger and My Fury against the arts of hell.—Now come to the following words—

" ‘I will put enmity between thee and the Woman, and between thy seed, and her seed; it shall bruise thy head.’ Then, now mark the words I spoke within thee, that I would make hell tremble and fear,—and redeem man from his power; for I should conquer hell—they should no longer bruise My heel; but My Fury should fall on hell. Now, let them weigh these together; then they will see the perfect likeness of the Creation now brought back, and called to their Remembrance, and laid before their view by the simple manner I have worked in thee to place THE WHOLE before them. And now mark the Chapter further—"The LORD God said, Behold, the Man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live for ever: Therefore, the LORD God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So He drove out the man; and He placed a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life"—Now, weigh these words with the words which were further spoken in 17th


and 18th pages of Foley’s Book—I said, what was done in the Secret Chamber should be made known upon the House Top:—for I said, I would clear every mystery. And now I will tell thee, every mystery I will clear, to prove every thing from the beginning, and to shew the likeness of every Shadow. And now come to the NEW CREATION. The New Covenant that I said I would make with man:—and how I placed the Forbidden Fruit. But here thou hast pondered in thy heart they were never put to the Trial. To this I answer—They were not put to the Trial, when thy Trial was, because none but Friends were present—and the others refused to come:—so they have not YET been put to that TRIAL: neither was satan’s Trial, when thy Trial was—his head was not bruised with My Heel, though the words stand together:—neither is the Tree of Life come to man, that the Sword was placed to keep for man. All is not YET fulfilled:—and yet I tell thee from thy pondering thoughts, are the thoughts of Thousands concerning the Bible. Thou judgest thy Trial is over, and no Forbidden Fruit appeared to be REJECTED or REPROVED: therefore, the Command I gave thee was of NO USE; without considering THERE IS A DAY TO COME, WHEN THOU WILT FIND THE USE OF ALL. Now, I tell thee, like thy thoughts thinking all was fulfilled, that thou hast nothing more to fear from the Command which was given in the NEW COVENANT: perfect so men judge the Bible—they think all is over;—the time is past—My Heel was bruised—All was finished—there is no future day to come, to bruise the serpent’s head.—As thou hast been pondering in thy heart, there is no day to come to try the forbidden Fruit; so


men judge there is no day to come for the evil to be tried—for the Promise to be claimed:—for the Tree of Life (that was preserved) to be obtained by man. All they judge is passed by, and forgot, as thou judgest by thy Trial, all is passed by, and the caution was of no use; but, I tell thee a day will come when thou wilt find THE CAUTION TO BE OF USE—and perfect so they will find the Scriptures—the days are coming when ALL SHALL BE FULFILLED. Now, mark further of Cain—after the first sorrow of Eve was over, her sorrows began again by Cain’s murdering Abel—And now mark how thy sorrows began again by the strong temptations of the devil—how the horror of hell came upon thee, more than thou knewest how to bear, after thou hadst felt the Power of My Spirit, and the Promise I had made thee! Here began the Shadow of Eve in thee—how the powers of darkness attacked her! What horror and misery she felt, when one was slain, and the other fled! Here began the Shadow of Eve in the beginning of thy Book."

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"Now I shall come to Noah—Therefore, I ordered thee particularly to put thy life in print, that they may see how the Creation goes on from the Shadow of thy simple life. Now, mark when the sons of men had provoked Me to anger by their sins and disobedience, that I said, I would destroy them, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. And now let them mark the Shadow in thee—as Noah was the only man that I said


was a just and perfect man that walked before God, and found favour in My sight—perfect so was the name with thee. But now I shall come to the mystery of the name. Though Noah found favour in My sight, and did all that I commanded him, and man was preserved in the Ark that Noah built (here Noah showed his love to Me, and I to him)—yet, know from Noah the Covenant of Peace was not established—for know, how soon Noah’s anger was kindled against his Son. Here Innocence and Peace, Love and Unity were soon broken off between the Father and the Son: perfect as thy Love was broken off—for here satan took advantage to work between them, that their Love and Unity should be turned into anger. Now, mark the Covenant that I made with Noah—‘Be ye Fruitful and multiply, bring forth Abundance in the Earth: and I will establish My Covenant with you—neither shall All Flesh be cut off any more by the Waters of a Flood—I do set My Bow in the Cloud, and it shall be for a Token of a Covenant between Me and the Earth.’ Now mark after this Covenant, the Covenant of Peace was broken with Noah and his Sons. How was their Love turned to anger and confusion? And sin, and sorrow increased as before? Though I tell thee, My Love to man to preserve him in the Ark was perfect like thy Love to Noah#—and though My Covenant was made not to destroy the Earth any more by the Flood, and the Bow stands a mark to this day—as thy Love stands on Record: so doth My Bow stand on Record of the Covenant I made with Noah, and is seen in the Clouds. But, how did man go on to wound My Heart, and grieve My Love, to turn from Me after I had shewn so


much Love to him? And yet discern the beginning—the strength of his Faith—the obedience of his Love,—in what manner he began by every obedience; and yet see how soon the whole was chilled? And see in what manner his Sons went on, that the Generations of Noah were soon broken off from love; as thy Love and his was broken off.—But now mark where stands the fault? Was the fault in the Woman there? I tell thee, No! And yet thou sayest in thy heart, if I bring the Parable to thee there was fault in the Woman to break it off, because there was fault in thee to break off the love:—so thou sayest in thy heart, that the Woman stands still condemned from Noah and his Sons, as well as from Adam? To this I answer—the powers of darkness have been pursuing you ever since the Creation, and by the advantage he had over the Woman, is pleading the Promise of man’s death, and by every art is working his destruction. And now I tell thee from Noah and his Sons, if he could not gain the advantage over the Woman, he would not have rested till he had, over the man. For I now tell thee, as thou ponderest in thy heart the time is past of the Forbidden Fruit that I placed in men, that refuse My coming in the Spirit to the Woman, as a Helpmate for man—so would satan have worked in man, if he could not have betrayed the Woman—the time was past and the things were forgotten: as Noah and his Sons forgot what destruction Sin had brought upon Mankind.—Therefore, I tell thee, satan would have found a way to tempt men to evil, if he had not done it in the beginning—but as he had done it in the beginning, and the blame by man was cast on the


Woman, and on his Maker for giving him the Woman—then know the words that I have told thee, that I will clear My Honour by the hand of the Woman to the shame and confusion of men, who now blame My Visitation to the Woman, to claim the Promise for the destruction of satan, that caused her Fall. For, I now tell thee, if men discern the Love of Women for Me, and their Love for the good of Mankind—It hath been like thy love to Noah—but here thou sayest in thy heart—in thy love thou wast to blame, because by thee the love was broken off? Now, I tell thee as that perfect Innocence was in the Woman, so satan’s arts broke off the love which brought on the sorrow to Mankind. Therefore, in this I’ll not blame thee: but I tell thee the Standard of thy Love that is placed in the Book is to show My Love to man in the case of Noah to preserve him in the Ark—and his Love, Faith, and Obedience, in building the Ark, and still to shew it was broken off from being a lasting and happy Union between God and man—and perfect so I tell thee in all ages,—where there was love it caused sorrow; as satan trieth to break it off and to cause discord between God and man. Therefore, THY SIMPLE HISTORY is but a Shadow to shew how things went on,—and how thy Love was broken off—to shew THE SHADOW of the Deluge how soon the love was broken off after My wondrous deliverance to man.

____________ o0o ____________



"Now I tell thee from Jezebel stands the Type of the Lady, that I ordered thee to put in print in the Book I compared with the Law, that meaneth, the Old Testament, as you call it the Law and the Gospel; therefore, I compared it with Jezebel—and now mark, First, she saw the Famine that was in the Land according to the words of the Prophet Elijah, and the rain came as he said to Ahab—1st Kings, chap. 18, v. 1. ‘Go, shew thyself unto Ahab; and I will send rain upon the Earth.’ Here were the Two Predictions she saw at first—Strong and visible marks, that he was a prophet from the Lord, with the other wondrous works,—of the fire coming down upon the Altar, that Elijah had built. These wondrous things being all done by the Prophet did not give her a single Eye to discern that God Who had done such wonders, and had brought down such judgments, could yet do greater:—but her Eye was evil and full of darkness—therefore, when she saw the whole, she thought to destroy that Prophet by whose hands I had done these wondrous works. Therefore, she prophesied her own destruction:—‘So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to-morrow about this time’—(1st Kings, 19th chapter, 2nd verse.)—And now mark how her life ended: ‘And he said, Throw her down. So they threw her down; and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall, and on the horses: and he trode her under foot. And when they went to bury her, they found no more


of her, than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands.’—2 Kings, 9th chap. 33 v. Here came her own destiny upon her, that she so confidently and boldly prophesied of:—which, I tell thee is a likeness of the Parable of Lord Burnet’s Lady; and these things I have ordered to be put in print, to call men back to the Records of the Bible, that they may see the Self-confidence there is in an evil eye;—how they are darkened till destruction cometh upon them. And now let men mark by whom these Parables were ordered to be put in print—not by thy Wisdom nor the Wisdom of Man:—because the Parables thou couldest not bear; and the mockery of the World would have been feared by men, if it had been done by them. Therefore, I tell them it was done by MY COMMAND; that they may call back the Scriptures, and discern what followed them that mocked in the midst of Judgments and Dangers—and see what their end was, and compare it with the Parable of the Self-confident Lady.—Now I tell thee if men discern deeply and weigh My Bible deep, and what I commanded the Prophet Ezekiel to do as a Sign and Parable to them, what should befall them for their stubbornness and disobedience, they would see these Parables are like My dealings with man in all Ages of the World when I came to warn Mankind—See what Parables I brought unto them; so let them read deep the 4th and 5th Chapters of Ezekiel;—that meaneth, to ponder in their hearts like thee; and let them mark the Words that I said in the 16th Chapter, 45th verse;—"Thou art thy Mother’s Daughter, that loatheth her Husband and her children; and thou art the Sister of thy Sisters, which loatheth their Husbands and their children."—Now, if men


discern My ways and to what I compared the Nations, they would have an Eye single to see the Light; that every Parable is alike brought to the Nations of what their likeness is;—and as the Parables were of Old, to compare them to Sodom—to Samaria—to the Nations—and to the People:—so their eyes would be opened to see from the Likeness of the Parable what I have likened the Nations to, and what will be THE END of the self-confident—their laughter of the Parables will be turned into mourning; though I know many will say in their hearts, who could judge THE LORD would have ordered such Songs to be put in print, to be brought to the Nation, Songs of Mourning and of Woe!—But let them discern WHAT brought the Mourning and the Woe in the Parable, but her MOCKING THE WARNING, when She had wandered from her Husband, to follow after another Lover! Now, if you discern the Prophets through, in this manner I compared the Nations in Ages past; and AM I not God the same in the present? Is it not written THY MAKER is thy Husband? Then, if thy MAKER is thy Husband to come as a BRIDEGROOM and claim the BRIDES MY OWN, what must become of those that MOCK My Warning, and MOCK My Coming. Doth not My Gospel tell them they will be shut out at My Coming—and the Servants that MOCK the coming of their Lord will be cut off?—therefore I tell thee, if men discern deeply and weigh the Records of Truth, they will discern the Parables, that I ordered thee to publish to the World will shew THE END to Mankind; which have a perfect likeness to the Parables in My Bible—and they must know, that no One would print such Parables


from themselves, without BELIEVING IT A COMMAND of the LORD—therefore, let no man condemn—for it is I the Lord that JUSTIFIETH, to shew Mankind I ordered these things to point out the end from the Parables:—and as to thy Life, I ordered thee to print and place it in the Two Books, (Sharp’s and Foley’s)* that from them both, you may bring it all together:—perfect so I tell Mankind you must bring the words of the Prophets and the Gospel together—to see WHAT was prophesied of Me by the Prophets—then, mark My sayings, and the Miracles I wrought; and then discern the words of the Apostles.—Now, when you have weighed the whole together; you must clearly discern every Parable I ordered thee to pen, hath the perfect sense and meaning of the Parables through, that stand on Record, to bring every thing to your remembrance, and to quicken your memories with what was before, that you may call the Scriptures back.—But, I now tell thee, the Two Books of thy simple Life and Fables are not more despised and mocked, than the Bible is mocked by thousands:—for I now tell thee the Parables in the Bible are known to Me to be mocked and despised, and laughed at, and ridiculed by an unbelieving World, who judge, if there is a God, as it is written in the Scriptures, He must be too wise, too full of Might and Majesty,—too full of Greatness, to bring forward such simple Parables to the sons of men; which, I tell thee is judged LOWER, than a learned Divine would bring forward. These, are the simple thoughts of mankind; for which reason the Scriptures are despised by thousands and rejected of man; as thou began to despise the Fables when reading them

* "The Little Flock of Sheep" Book 22
"What manner of Communications are these?" Book 24


over, and pondering in thy heart, whether they could be from the Lord, that thou wast ordered to put in print—and whether thy senses were then deranged by some strong Visitation that was not from ME—and whether I had permitted this to be done, to shew what a deranged state of mind would do. These have been the ponderings of thy heart: and perfect so, I tell thee, thousands have judged the Bible to be from a deranged state of mind of those men, that called themselves Prophets;—and they could not believe that such directions and such Parables as were spoken by the Prophets, could ever come from a God of Wisdom."

____________ o0o ____________

On Joanna’s Visitation at Bristol, in 1804.

"Now I shall come to thy Visitation in the year that is past, the 43rd page in Foley’s Book, and mark the words I said to thee then—no longer shall My Spirit strive with man. And now mark the Books of Moses, how My Spirit strove with man, and what I said in the 32nd chap. of Deuteronomy that I bid thee mark; though My Promises were so great on the one hand; yet, see My threatenings on the Other.—In the 22nd verse "A Fire is kindled in Mine Anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the Earth with her increase, and set on Fire the Foundations of the Mountains"—and mark the 39th and 40th verses—"I kill and I make alive; I wound and I heal; neither is there any can deliver out of My Hand:—


for I lift up My Hand to Heaven, and say, I live for ever." Now let men discern from this Chapter how Great are My Promises in the beginning; and yet, how SEVERE are My threatenings—and let them weigh it with the manner of My Visitation to thee.—I said, My Anger and My Fury should go forth; and My Loving-kindness should save to the utmost—And now mark in this Chapter I said in the beginning, "My Doctrine should drop as the Rain; My Speech should distil as the Dew, as the small Rain upon the tender Herbs, and as the Showers upon the Grass." Now, I tell thee from these words if men discern them, I have shewn My Great Promises to the sons of men, that abide in My Covenant,—and in the same Chapter I have shewed My severe threatenings to them that despise my Counsels. Now, let men weigh this with the manner of My Visitation to thee, then they will discern the Likeness of My Words unto Moses that from One Spirit came the whole. For I now tell thee thy Visitation hath not been deeply discerned by man, to weigh it with the Prophets, that Love and Anger is mixed together:—Promises and Threatenings to shew you the End. And know, I have told thee from the Books of Moses, there are many things that stand for the End. And now let men discern in what manner was My Visitation to thee;—and let them discern in what manner My Spirit has been striving with man—Thou sayest in thy Heart in reading through the Books of Moses it appeareth to thee, as though the LORD had visited the Earth frequently during the FORTY YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS, as though HE had been upon the Earth; the same as He was in the days of the


flesh? Now, I tell thee from thy pondering thoughts I shall answer—THE FIRST IS LAST; and THE LAST IS FIRST. For, IN THE SPIRIT was My strong Visitation to man in the BEGINNING:—and IN THE SPIRIT will be My strong Visitation in THE ENDING—but how could I visit Moses in the Spirit in the manner I have visited thee? What knowledge had man of the Spirit being visited WITHIN before I came in the flesh, to tell them in what manner My Spirit should visit mankind? Now, I tell thee, this was made known by the Gospel, which was not made known to the Prophets of Old:—therefore, My Visitation must appear VISIBLE; or, they could not know they were visited by the Lord. But dost thou vainly believe the God of Heaven—The Creator of the Universe, was abiding upon the Earth, to be always conversing with Moses, as thou dost suppose? I tell thee, no! The Power of My Spirit was with Moses, and he was often visited by Angels, as Messengers, to declare My Will—and now I tell thee no more than thou knowest when thou art visited powerfully by My Spirit, and when thou art visited by Angels, as Ministers—no more did Moses know who visited him. For, I now tell thee after I appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai;—in the Burning Bush—and went before him, to deliver the children of Israel;—if I sent My Angels unto him in My name, I ask thee, if Moses could tell any more than thou canst tell, whether there is any different spirit, or Power that visits thee?—But I know thy pondering thoughts. A different Power thou hast TWICE FELT;—in thy First Visitation in 1792, when I told thee


of what was coming upon the Earth; it was with Power and made thee tremble—and a greater Power thou didst feel in My strong Visitation to thee in the year that is past (1804)—And now I ask thee if thou couldest continue to bear the powerful Visitation of My Spirit in the like manner always? In thy heart thou answerest, no!—Then now I answer thee of Moses—Mark how he feared and trembled when I appeared to Him in the Bush—(Exodus, 3rd chapter, 6th verse). Then how canst thou simply suppose, that a mere man could be so freely and frequently conversing with his God, to come down in My Bodily Presence, as a God arrayed in Majesty? For, know it is said, "None shall see My face and live." Therefore, I tell thee thy thoughts were simple to judge I was FORTY YEARS upon the Earth in the Wilderness conversing with Moses as man with man? I tell thee, no! and yet IN THE SPIRIT I strongly visited Moses which made his face shine, that the children of Israel could not look on him when I had visited him strong. And perfect so I tell thee was My powerful voice in thee:—but, I ask thee who could pen the words if I had continued in the strength of My Spirit to have been in thee? I tell thee, ye can as well bear to look in the fervent Sun when it shines in all its Splendour;—as bear the powerful Visitation of My Spirit. For, I now tell thee, when I visited thee in Power so strong, at Bristol, in 1804:—thy own Spirit fell before Me: and so I tell thee in all My strong Visitations—therefore, thy senses seemed gone. Then how can the Spirit of the Lord, and your Spirits bear witness together, if I visit so strong to overpower your Spirits more than ye


can bear? Now, perfect so I tell thee of Moses—To be conversing with God, as thou supposed as man with man through the wilderness, is more than man could bear. And yet I tell thee My Spirit was upon Moses; or he could not have borne the murmurings of the children of Israel; and by My Angels he was visited. Therefore, I tell thee, the first is last,—and the last is first—THE VISITATION OF THE SPIRIT.—And now I tell thee of the Burning Bush when I appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai—Like the first will be the last when I come to destroy satan’s host, and FREE My People from his power; as it was when I came to destroy Pharaoh and his host:—for know it is written, "He that doth let, will let, till he be taken out of the way; whom the Lord shall consume with the brightness of His coming"—then the Burning Bush must appear. Here I have shewed thee from the Books of Moses what were the Shadows in the beginning;—and what is the likeness of My Visitation to thee. And now I tell thee, no more than the children of Israel could look on Moses without a veil between, when his face shined with the Glory of the Lord:—no more can thy Believers look into the mystery of My strong Visitation to thee without having a veil between, that they cannot clearly discern the mystery of thy walking to and fro,—speaking words in my Name, as though I was present in thee; for STRONG I tell thee was My Spirit THEN within thee. But I ask thee, how thou couldst bear the Continuation? Or, how couldest thy friends bear to write from thee? And yet I tell thee in this manner I visited thee,


that they might KNOW and SEE the Power of My Spirit; and from whence thy Visitation was, by the words that were uttered when thy senses seemed gone: because I tell thee, the Power of My Spirit when it cometh in Power is more than your frail natures can bear. Now let them weigh these things together with the Scriptures I have ordered thee to point out; and let them discern My answer to thy Visitation at that time.—Now, I shall answer thy pondering thoughts in reading through the Books of Moses unto Samuel—how many things hast thou discerned appeared AS SIMPLE to be put in the Bible, as THIS HISTORY of thy life can possibly appear—for in reading over thy own Books, thou ponderest in thy heart to what use were these things printed, as they appear SIMPLE. Perfect so thou hast pondered of the Bible.—And to thy pondering thoughts I answer. How could man be Judge between God and man, unless they read through the Bible, and see My different dealings—when I sent blessings;—and when I sent Judgments; if the history of their lives was not penned.—Therefore, I tell thee, these things that appear simple to thee to be put in print; is to shew what was in man; and how they provoked ME to anger, to turn My Blessings into Judgments. And how often hast thou pondered in thy heart what Mad-men were the Jews, to go on as they did, after being tried so often with Blessings, and with Judgments? Now, I tell thee in this manner it was known to ME, All Ages would continue—for like the past; so are the present; though their crimes are not of the same nature. Thou sayest in this Land they do not appear so PERVERSE as the Jews were? To this I answer,


Is thy eye like MINE to be everywhere? Are all things open to thy view, as to MINE? Thou answerest, no!—And now look to the Nations abroad, and see the evils that are there!—Therefore, I tell thee like the Nations PAST are the PRESENT. Every act of sin and cruelty is now done under the Sun while satan walks to and fro, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Therefore, I tell thee, thy Visitation that appeareth SIMPLE,—is a TRUE and SIMPLE WARNING to man; to shew that I have BEGUN and I will make AN END. And mark what came upon the Prophets as Types and Shadows of what should come upon the Nations—perfect so I tell thee will My Visitation be in Love and Anger."

All these Communications were taken from the Mouth of Joanna Southcott, by ANN UNDERWOOD, and in the presence of JANE TOWNLEY.

____________ o0o ____________


Thos.P. Foley

WHEN we calmly and without prejudice take a comprehensive view of the honest and artless History of Joanna Southcott as portrayed in these Books of her Life, we must confess the Simplicity and Innocence that runs through them are STRONG MARKS of the full Truth of her pretensions, and of her Divine Mission. For where is the Person can exhibit to the World the TRUE HISTORY of their lives from the beginning to the ending, and say, with a safe Conscience appealing to God and man, that it has been more pure and spotless than what Joanna Southcott’s hath been? I do not believe there is that Being under Heaven can now do it, and declare the Truth. For this must be remembered, that she hath kept NOTHING back, but has nobly and boldly penned her foibles—her mistakes—and her errors, that she


may be able to shame and confound all Enemies, by appealing to the Standard of Truth for the Sincerity and Uprightness of her Conduct—and that she has ever had in view in all her Dealings with the World, to have a Conscience void of offence, and clear of Self-reproach towards God and towards man. And here I am happy in testifying that ever since my acquaintance with her in the year 1801, I have found TRUTH, HONOUR, and PIETY to rule all her Actions; and that the Glory of God, and welfare of men, have been the first and fervent desire of her heart. The following observation I shall now make. How could the World have been enabled to judge between God and man had not the Lives and Histories of the Jews been penned? And how could men now judge between God and Woman if the perfect History of Joanna Southcott’s life did not appear before them? And by her life which is now faithfully given, men may judge of the Truth, or Falsehood of her Claims—and from her life, let those, who boast of Religion, and say they are more Righteous than she, call their


own lives and true Histories before them, and I am persuaded, conscience guilt will stop the mouths of all Accusers. I know, it has been rashly and wickedly asserted by Ignorant, Vain-boasting and Self-righteous men, that Joanna Southcott has been led under the influence of satan; but did they know the truth of her Character, and the truth of her Writings; they would be more humble and less positive;—fearing THEY might be DECEIVED BY THE ARTS of the evil one, and NOT HER. And how will these wise and self-confident men be astonished and cast down, when they see in the end the Wisdom of God to shine with truth and lustre in the very Books which they have so condemned: and which will also prove the truth of that Scripture, that "the wisdom of this World is foolishness with God." Again be it further remarked, how could men and devils be ashamed and confounded if the true and faithful History of Joanna Southcott’s life had not been drawn? And if nothing simple, foolish, or wrong, had appeared in her conduct, might not satan have upbraided her? And


might not the World have condemned her with this enquiry? She hath penned one part of her life, but are we sure she hath penned THE WHOLE of it? And how could she have answered with a clear conscience she had, if aught had been kept back? But now she can boldly come forward and challenge all, and defy them to prove anything of importance is withheld in her whole History but that TRUTH hath ever directed her—and we know, the Lip of Truth will be established for ever. Now, from the Simplicity and Innocence of her life, if satan hath deceived her; there is room for every man to fear—and from the manner of her Visitation, if we look to the Prophets we shall see how Types and Shadows are placed in them, in like manner as they are placed in her—and this is a clear proof, that we are not supporting a Delusion or cunningly devised Fable, but the mighty work of JEHOVAH: because we are acting agreeable to the Oracles of Truth.

The next thing that claims our attention is the Visitation of Joanna Southcott, and which I shall compare with the Scriptures.


We must know, that our blessed Lord told us in His Gospel the Visitation of His Spirit would come; and in that perfect manner as He described in the 3rd chapter of St. John: so hath it come to Joanna Southcott.

And we have never heard of any person since the time of our Saviour being upon Earth, that hath been visited by Angels as the Prophets were in days of old:—but all Visitations have been from the Inspiration of the Spirit WITHIN—for, HE says The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN You.—And again—The Spirit of Truth shall come to guide you into all Truth—and our Lord told His Disciples, that it was HIS FATHER that spoke WITHIN them: and from His Conference with Nicodemus, He saith, Those that are born of the Spirit, HEAR THE SPIRIT, as ye HEAR THE WIND.—Now from these Passages and Many more, that might be brought forward, we are fully assured, there would be a Visitation of the Spirit, and that this would continue;—for it is written, Lo, I am with you to the End.—And again—The God of Truth shall lead you into all Truth. But how


can the God of Truth lead us into All Truth without the Visitation of His Spirit? Or, how can the Spirit of the Lord bear witness with our Spirits without His Visitation? Or, how can we try the Spirits, to know whether they are of God if there be no Spirits to try? And how can we quench the Spirit, if the Spirit doth not Visit? We surely cannot quench it. And how can we despise Prophecies, if no Prophecies are given? We surely cannot despise them. Now, from these and many more Words to the same purpose, it is clear and evident that there were to be Prophecies as well as a Visitation of the Spirit in the latter days—And we have examined the Prophecies of Joanna Southcott by the Touchstone of Truth, in the most open, fair and public manner, and to the best of our Judgment from clear and full evidence produced before us, we have THREE TIMES declared to the World, that they came from the God of Truth:—but we cannot say how All her Prophecies will be fulfilled, any more than we can say how all the Prophecies of the Gospel will be fulfilled:—yet, we know the Words of the Lord are, "Yea and Amen"—and that He will at His


own appointed time strictly execute what He has promised—and thus we have no doubts but He will in His own good pleasure faithfully perform the Glorious Promises made to His Chosen Handmaid;—because it has been Proved that they have flowed from the Fountain of Truth.—Now, if we examine the Books of Moses we shall find, that many Prophecies given to him were literally fulfilled in the Jews of Old. We see, they possessed the Promised Land as Moses foretold them. We see, they were disobedient again as Moses foretold them. We see, they were scattered again as Moses foretold them. We see, their hearts and thoughts were foretold by Moses,—For as the Lord told him they would do, they really and actually did do. So that many things of Moses came perfectly true to the Jews:—and yet, All his prophecies are not completely fulfilled concerning the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Now, if we look to David and Solomon we shall see many things fulfilled though not All; for the Psalms are not fulfilled; neither are the Prophecies of Solomon fulfilled; and yet it was fulfilled of Solomon’s departing from the


Lord and the House that he built in Honour to the Lord was destroyed, and his kingdom was divided. And thus if we examine all the Prophets, we shall find One part is fulfilled, and the other not. The same observation we may make of the Gospel. One part is fulfilled—and the other not. Jerusalem was destroyed—the Jews were scattered—the Disciples were put to death—Our Blessed Lord was put to death according to His Prediction; and He rose again according to His Word. All these things were spoken of by Christ before He was put to death, before any of them were accomplished. So these Truths are past; and there are many more to come to fulfil the Gospel. For, we find in the 21st chapter of St. Luke, 25th verse—"And there shall be signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and in the Stars; and upon the Earth DISTRESS of Nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves Roaring:—Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming upon the Earth: for the powers of Heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of Man coming in Power and great


Glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your Heads; for lo! YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH."—

Now, this hath not yet taken place; though it assuredly will in GOD’S appointed time—for it is written, "This Generation (viz. under the Fall) shall not pass away till all be fulfilled. Heaven and Earth shall pass away; but My Words shall not pass away."—Again, it is written in the 14th chapter of St. John—"the COMFORTER which is the HOLY GHOST, whom the FATHER will send in My Name, He will teach you all things, and bring all things to your Remembrance" for our Blessed SAVIOUR expressly says in the 17th verse—"The Spirit of Truth whom the World cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him; but ye know Him, for He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you."—And this is the COMFORTER that our Lord said, HE would pray the FATHER, that HE should give unto us, to abide for ever. So the Gospel is plain of an Inward Visitation of the Spirit of the Lord: and without THAT no Prophecies can be depended upon—and in


this manner we can affirm and testify, that the Visitation to Joanna Southcott hath been literally fulfilled. And therefore, we have the Scriptures for our guide, to know what Spirit dwelleth with her, and is in her, even the Spirit of Truth, which is testified by the Truth. See 15th chapter of St. John, 28th verse, and the 16th, and 13th verse.

If we examine the Prophets we shall find in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah and 33rd verse, that it is written,—"After those days saith the Lord, I will put my LAW in their inward Parts, and write IT in their hearts: and will be their God, and they shall be My People. And they shall teach no more every man his Neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord; for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their Iniquity, and I will remember their Sin no more." The words of Ezekiel upon this Subject are too important to be passed by. "Then will I sprinkle clean Water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your Idols will I cleanse you.—A New Heart will I also give you, and a


New Spirit will I also put within you: I will take away the Heart of Stone out of your flesh, and I will give you a Heart of Flesh.—And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in My Statutes, and ye shall keep My Judgments and do them." Ezek. 36th chap. 25th, 27th vers. And the words of Joel were confirmed by St. Peter in the 2nd chap. of the Acts, 17th verse. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out My Spirit upon all Flesh, and your Sons and your Daughters shall Prophesy." Now, if we search the Law and the Gospel, we shall clearly perceive that Prophecies will come in the latter days, and that there must be a Visitation of the Spirit to fulfil the Scriptures—and we have a strong ground for this belief, as ever the Prophets had of old to rely upon the Visitation of Angels:—because it is affirmed by God, and we know that Man cannot reverse it.—And further—when we reflect how the Lord condescended to visit Man in all Ages of the World—and when we reflect how He condescended to visit Moses in the Bush,—and upon Mount Sinai,—and upon the Altar—


and how He sent His Angels to guide him through the Wilderness,—and how He declared His mind to Moses concerning the Children of Israel,—and how He visited the Prophets to declare His will to the People—and afterwards, His infinite Love to man, to have The Son of His Bosom come down from Heaven, to bear our Sins, and to die for our Transgression, that HE might reconcile the whole World unto God;—I say, when we weigh the whole together we must believe HIM to be a God of Truth; and that He will be with us to the end according to His Words.—We must believe also, that from the Visitation of His Spirit True Knowledge will come to Man, which I have clearly, and I trust, decidedly proved from the Scripture, must take place in order to fulfil them.

Once more then, we are happy in publicly declaring to the World this mighty Truth, that Joanna Southcott IS VISITED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD. We can prove, whenever called upon, in the most satisfactory manner, that many of her Public Predictions concerning this and other Nations from 1792 to this day


have already come to pass:—as well as many private Predictions respecting Herself and Believers. And from these Truths that are past, we have the strongest Assurance to believe that the rest will follow in their determined hour:—for never did any Prophecies come on so fast, so true, and so clear, as what Hers have done since the beginning of time. Besides, she hath opened the Bible in such an astonishing and wonderful manner, from the First Chapter in Genesis to the Last Chapter in the Revelations—Reconciling all difficulties—and setting forth the whole Plan of the ALMIGHTY concerning His Justice, Truth, Mercy and Goodness to His Creatures—concerning His Irreversible Decrees—and concerning the fulfilment of that Golden Book, as no one (except the Lord were with them) could have done, any more than they could have made this Terrestrial Globe:—and therefore, we have sure and fixed Grounds to believe THE PROMISE made in the Creation is now arrived to be accomplished—viz.—For THE WOMAN to be THE HELPMATE of man.


—Hear what the Spirit says in the 97th page of the First Book of Sealed Prophecies—

"But now your Helpmate strong is come
That Earth and Hell may rage in vain,—
Your every Victory now I’ll gain,
To prove your Helpmate now is good,
And I’ll fulfil My Father’s Word:—
And Satan’s arts are all in vain—
By his own Sword he shall be slain.
So let the Learned now appear,
And answer what I’ve spoken here:—
And then I’ll answer thee again—
Men with their Maker now contend,
I say, as Adam did at first.
And now’s the time for Me to burst
And cast the ev’ry fault on Man,
As you reject Her Written Hand;
Which you so soon received at first,
To have the evil fruit to burst,
ME and MY followers for to kill;—
And so your Guilt hangs hovering still,
Until I do turn back the Dart,
And plunge it in the rebel’s heart,
By the same Hand that he betrayed—
Therefore the oath to thee was made:—
And where’s the Man will blame thy
* Prayer?
MY Kingdom he shall never share.
So here’s the Justice of a God.—
Embrace MY Love; or fear MY Rod."

And now I shall conclude with addressing a few words to my dear Brethren and Fellow-labourers in this Blessed and Glorious Cause.—

* Page 27 of the First Book of Sealed Prophecies


Permit me to remind you, that we are embarked in a Voyage of the greatest, and most momentous Concern, that was ever undertaken by the Sons of men. It is a Voyage of Discovery. Oh, may it close to us as a Circumnavigation of Charity, Peace and Love! We are now in the midst of a Tempestuous Ocean, where many difficulties and Dangers await us: and therefore, we must prepare our Souls For Trials and Temptations. What, if from our First setting out until now, the Wind has been fair, and our Passage favourable: yet, we must not flatter Ourselves with vain hopes, that it will thus hold with us to the end:—for No one ever reached the Shore of the Heavenly-Canaan without meeting a Storm by the Way. Moses, Job, and David, and All the Renowned in Holy Writ bear witness to this Truth:—Nay, the Son of God Himself had a conflict with the sharpest Storm that Nature ever felt; for the Prince of the power of the Air, and all the potentates of Darkness conspired to heighten the fury and the horrors of it:—and it was so tremendous, that it shook both Heaven and Earth.—How, then, can we hope to


escape without encountering some adverse Gales? But, be not dismayed, though the Wind and the Waves may be against us; though fearful Dangers should be in our way:—yet, let us make Resolutely for the Canaan-shore.—Forget not, that we are already half-way on our Voyage, and should we now turn back, "The Bear would meet us, and our bones would break."—Better then, far better, if we needs must Perish, to Perish in the right way. Shirk not then from your Posts, nor cast a longing, lingering look upon this vain and deceitful World; but set your faces unalterably fixed upon the Promised Land.—Let us neither faint, nor slacken our Diligence to hold on our Course, though the Waters rage and swell and though the Mountains shake because of the Tempest:—but let us put our firm trust in the Lord, knowing, HE will deliver us out of all Storms, and will carry us in the end into a Haven of rest, that rest which remaineth for the People of God.

And now, O Blessed Lord, who hast appointed Thy Chosen Servants to many difficulties and dangers for the trial of their Faith and


Constancy; and for the Glory of thy Name in their Deliverance:—suffer not the Spirit of thy Feeble Ones to fail before Thee in the day of their calamity and distress: but be with them in every Storm and stand by them in every temptation. Thou hast graciously promised, that when we pass through the Waters, Thou wilt be with us: and that when we pass through the Fire, we shall not be burnt.—Be it unto us, O Lord, according to Thy Word.—Let neither the fear nor the favour of men prevent us from supporting the Cause of God and Truth. Let us now prove ourselves Children of the Free Woman, knowing, that when THE SON shall make us FREE, we shall be FREE INDEED—that His Spirit will fortify our Souls against all opposition, and will make us VALIANT for the truths before us—and here if we prove Faithful to the Grace and Appointment given us, we have nothing to fear; but shall be carried SAFE through all Trials and Troubles of every kind:—for HE that Rideth upon the White Horse is our LEADER and DEFENDER; And HE hath a Bow to Wound His Adversaries and a Crown to give


His True and gold-tried Followers, and HE goeth forth Conquering and to Conquer.—But remember, to him only that overcometh, will HE grant to sit with HIM on His Throne; as HE "also Overcame, and is set down with His Father on His Throne."

Oldswinford, Worcestershire,
December 21, 1805.



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