AS I am ordered to make clear to the public all the particulars between Mr. Carpenter and me, that every one may judge for himself, I am likewise ordered to publish part of a letter, and the Communications, that were sent to his friend, Mr. Harding, who was joined in the belief of Joseph. I shall not give the letters in full, as a great deal of my own reasoning in the letters is to the same sense as the words that are printed already; so I shall confine myself chiefly to the Communications that were given to me, and ordered to be sent to him, that he might have an opportunity of shewing them to Mr. Carpenter, to convince him of his errors, concerning Joseph.

I shall begin with a Communication, which I sent to Mr. Harding, that was given in answer to my own reflections of what passed at the Trial; as I was meditating on the words Mr. Carpenter told me, that Dowland had said Mr. Brandon and he must guide me into the field and home, or it would be bad for them; for which reason I complied with their request to have those two guide me to the field. But when I came out of the field, and the tumult arose, I was guided by the Rev. Mr. Foley and Major Eyre into Mr. Carpenter’s garden in safety. This was a trifling thing brought to my recollection, of their own words, to which I was answered as follows, from the two that guarded me out of the field:



"The Shadow here that doth appear,
They all will find is great;
And now ’tis time for them to fear,
Who acted with deceit;
For in the field they there did yield,
And so left thee alone:
And mark, the warrior did appear—
And now ’tis coming on.
Divinity they all will see
Doth in thy works abound;
A spiritual war will now appear,
They’ll find, in every sound;
For I’ll begin the warrior strong;
For strong I’ll now appear;
And they shall find, before ’tis long,
That every foe I’ll clear.
To stoop to man am I now come?
My answer shall be, no;
But like a warrior I’ll go on,
That all my foes shall know.
They left thee there, let all see clear,
And now they’ve left the whole,
Nor in thy dangers did appear;
Then now discern their fall.
They’re gone from thee, you all may see,
When dangers do surround;
They’ve left thee to the enemy;
For so their hearts are found.
As they began they’re going on;
The shadow was but small,
Yet in the end they’ll find it great,
I now do tell you all.
The way the two, before thy view,
Did guard thee through the whole,
They’ll know ’tis by divinity
My sword is drawn to all.
The WARRIOR here thou must appear,
And boldly thou must stand;
Because the enemy is near,
To pluck all from my hand.
The war’s begun, I say, by men,
Against ME they do draw,
I say, the sword, by every word;
But they shall shortly know,
That I’ll go on the warrior strong,
Till I have cleared the field;
And safely I shall guide thee on,
Till every foe shall yield.
For now I say to thee this day,
I never will give up
To seven men that thus begin;
I tell thee, they shall drop!


Am I come down to hear the sound,
That I shall man obey?—
Unto the Cross for to submit
Once more, they now do say?—
But now thy swelling heart I see,
These words thou canst not bear,
That MAN should come this way to ME
To pierce ME with a spear!
This is the way the words are placed,
The way thou dost discern;
This way their LORD they have disgraced,
Who is in mercy come
For to redeem from hell and sin!—
I died for MAN at first;
And now I’m come for to redeem,
Against ME Man doth burst!
Not to comply, they boldly say;
But I must here submit,
To stoop to them, in their own way—
And so they nailed my feet!
In man’s own way, I now do say,
I was condemned at first:
From the Creation, all may see,
Against ME man did burst!
And so the same they have went on—
Trace all the records through;
My prophets they would never own,
Where I had sent them true;
And when I came, ’twas known to men,
The same they did begin;
And now the ending it is come,
The same in man is seen:
Direct their LORD with one accord,
I’ve told thee men went through;
And now ’tis come to seven men,
Like every age they do;
Profess my word is on record,
And yet direct my hand:
Men judge they’re wiser than their Lord,
And in this wisdom stand;
So seven here do now appear,
Were chosen first for good.
But now the mystery I shall clear,
The way their calling stood:

In different names they must go on,
And different men to be,
If to their calling they would come,
To stand joint-heirs with ME.

But what joint-heirs can they appear,
That so reject my will?
In their own names they all are here,
And so their hearts are still;
No change in them there can be seen,
But only for the worse;


Then how shall I these men redeem,
Who in themselves do trust?
Their boasting here is now made clear,
The way they all do boast;
My honour they no way will clear—
By them it must be lost.
Because they’re come for to condemn,
And rise against my WORD;
That I the Lord must stoop to them!—
Like Satan’s all their plead:
Thus he began, I say, to Man,
And thus brought on his Fall;
And now in Man the same is seen,
Once more, I tell you all.
So visions here from him appear,
And visions all will see;
A vision man can never clear,
To prove it came from ME.
But Satan here doth strong appear,
As he appeared at first,
With visions he could never clear,
When he the angels cast;
That is, I mean it must be seen,
He did the angels draw;
With visions he deceived them,
And did fair prospect shew,
What they should gain; I now tell men,
He foiled them at the first;
And now the same he’s come to men
To foil them at the last.
So now see clear his footsteps here—
Let men discern it deep;
And if they all begin in fear,
And all like Peters weep,
I tell them plain, my every mind
On Satan it shall fall,
If they relent and now repent,
Once more I tell them all.
But now I say to thee this day,
If proudly they go on,
Like Pharaoh’s host I say they’re lost,
If they’ll not humbly own
What they have done in all is wrong,
Against ME for to rise;
And to direct my every hand,
Confess they act unwise.
This must be done, I tell them plain,
My favour to restore;
Or else they’re gone, like fallen men,
For ever to rise no more.
So now discern how I do warn;
They now may turn to ME;
But if against ME they go on,
The warrior they shall see;


I’ll win the field; for all shall yield,
I say, to stand or fall.
If they stand out now full of doubt,
Once more I tell you all,
Whoever join with them to stand,
They’ll find it not secure;
Because Obedience I command,
To make your ransom sure.
If Disobedience brought the Fall
First by the Woman’s hand,
In true Obedience now I call
Her by my Word to stand.
So if that men will not begin
To join her in the sound,
I tell you all, like fallen men
Will every soul be found.
But know, in man the type did stand,
The seven mentioned here;
And now my Word you all command
Their goodness none can clear,
To stand alone; I tell you plain,
They’re fallen every man.
Against the Woman they contend,
And do her words condemn,
And say, they’re good, alone they’ve stood;
But I no goodness see;
And bring ME now an upright man,
That with them will agree,
And prove it right, before my sight,
These men are good alone:
For every prophet they’ve condemned,
And so from all they’re gone.
If they go on as they’ve begun,
And let the whole appear,
They’ll find themselves but fallen men,
When I the whole do clear."

This Communication was sent to Mr. Harding, with another concerning the Vision that Joseph had, which was mentioned in the letter sent to Miss Townley, from Mr. Carpenter. See the page 66, Part 2, of this Book. The reader must observe, the vision was contradicted, as being from the Lord, in the answer to that letter; but a further explanation I was ordered to send to his friend, concerning the vision, which is as follows:


"And now I tell thee of the Vision, which they say represents Stars as falling from Heaven, which I shall


answer thee from Saul’s going to the Witch of Endor; because, I tell thee, they have all provoked ME to withdraw my Spirit from them. Can man be so ignorant and void of reason, now to profess to believe Joseph’s Visitation and thine as coming from one spirit, and from the Spirit of the living Lord? Then tell them what they make of ME—a God of contention, a God of confusion, a God of falsehood and deceit! Let them weigh both together: did I go first to Joseph to give him a communication, to send to Townley, Sharp, and Wilson, and then come to thee to contradict it, and say it never came from ME the living Lord? Did I not tell thee, I had withdrawn all visions from him, as he had provoked ME to anger? I had forsaken him, as he had forsaken ME; and now to give myself the lie, immediately to visit him, and shew him a vision? then I ask mankind what they make of ME? Let this be answered by men of sense: but I do not require an answer from Carpenter; because I tell thee, he never discerns what judgment he draweth; neither hath he discerned what he makes of his God. A just enquiry he hath refused to answer; but he shall refuse ME no more: I ask nothing of him; for as he hath trusted to his own wisdom and his own directions, to his own wisdom and his own directions let him stand; but he shall never direct thee: for I now tell thee, I would sooner take thee out of the world and lay thee in the silent dust, than I would permit thee to follow one direction given by him; for Carpenter shall know that he hath justly provoked my anger and indignation against him. Shall I be directed by man, when he hath refused to be directed by ME? Can man be so void of reason as to believe, in this rebellious state, that I have sent visions to the youth? Then they must say thy visitation was never from the Lord; and let them follow it no more. And now come to Saul: 1 Samuel xxviii. 11 to the 20. Then said the woman, Whom shall I bring up unto thee?


And he said, Bring me up Samuel. Now I shall answer thee, from Saul: The words of Samuel he had refused to obey; and an unjust anger he had kindled against David. Now when he had disobeyed all my commands, spoken by my prophet, he goeth to the Witch of Endor, a woman who had familiar spirits: and to this woman he trusted. Here, I tell thee, his mocking was catching; for his destruction was shewn him from the spirit she raised up in the likeness of Samuel. And now I tell thee the same of this vision; they have refused every command of mine, and every direction that I gave them, and are now applying to familiar spirits, which, I tell thee, plainly sheweth them their fall, as the spirit shewed Saul his; for I tell thee, if they have seen the Stars falling from Heaven, they have seen their own destruction, as stars falling to the earth; and if they have seen the New Jerusalem coming down, I tell thee, they may say with Balaam—I shall see it, but not be nigh; I shall behold it, but afar off; for true, I tell thee, shall Carpenter find his words—"To shew Joseph’s visions would be but to court insult:" and insult he is courting; because I tell thee, he is insulting ME the Lord of lords and King of kings; but he shall find, he has a God to deal with, and I shall put it out of his power to place Joseph’s and thine together; for I now tell thee, my honour must be lost as a God, in the presence of men and devils, if I bear this insult from Carpenter, with his friends uniting together, boasting like the devil, that they have given the Lord the lie, by acting like Saul, who went to the Witch of Endor: and by such witchcraft this is done. And this I order thee to send to Tozer; and let him not fear Carpenter’s anger, nor the mockery of mankind, because he hath spoken so highly of him, to say now he is ashamed to change his mind. But shall man be more holy than his Creator? Did I not change my mind of Saul? and the same of Eli? And now


I tell thee this of Tozer: if he feareth Carpenter’s anger, and draweth back, fearing the people, as Saul did; then, I tell thee, I shall forsake him; but if he say with Peter—Whom ought we to obey, God or man, judge ye? It is not in the power of man to save my soul in the hour of death, nor in the day of judgment; therefore, my fear shall be in the Lord, and his commands will I obey;—then he shall find ME true to my words, and true to my promises; I will not forsake him, if he does not forsake ME: for they that honour ME I will honour; and they that despise ME shall be lightly esteemed. Tozer honoured ME by obeying my command; Carpenter and his friends despised ME, by refusing: and now they that trust in man let them see if man can deliver them; but they that trust in ME shall possess my holy mountain; and I will take the stumbling-block out of the way of my people."

These two Communications were sent to Mr. Harding, who is a friend of Mr. Carpenter; and he observed in a letter to me, that he did not think Mr. Carpenter was setting up seven men in opposition to me and my seven, if he might be allowed to judge of their hearts by their actions and conversation. To this I was answered as follows:


"Now I shall answer thee from his words. He cannot be allowed to judge the heart of any man; for it is I the Lord that searcheth the heart, and trieth the reins of the children of men; and it is I the Lord that work round to prove the hearts and thoughts of man; for where man cannot go I go; and where man cannot judge, I judge; therefore I commanded in my Gospel, that man should not judge man: for who can tell the heart and thoughts of man? Therefore I tell thee, it is I the Lord that discover the hearts and thoughts of men; and so have I discovered the heart and thoughts of Carpenter:


and as wrong a judgment as he drew concerning the seven, so wrong a judgment he hath drawn of Carpenter’s heart; because, I tell thee, as the handwriting appeared against Belshazzar, so will their handwriting appear against them: because they have set themselves up against ME, and against the seven that were chosen by ME. This will be proved by their own handwriting, as I have told thee by Belshazzar.—And now come to their letter. Do they not say, they cannot and will not obey my commands? Now I ask thee when this was done by thy seven? When I ordered one part of thy seven to come to Bristol, did they answer they would not come dividedly; but they would come all together? They must all answer, no; this conduct was not in them. Again, when I ordered one of thy seven to come separately, and one of his, thine came; but his refused. Thine did not say he could not come separately from the rest; but what was their answer? They would not obey, as one of thy seven did; then how can they answer they have not set themselves up against thy seven, to shew them a heart of rebellion, stubbornness, and idolatry, to worship man more than God; and make rules and commands of their own? Now mark the words of three of thy seven: one said that he would much rather have thee to die, than to disobey; as thy disobedience would bring on the destruction of all mankind; another said he would not have thee disobey one command for the world; for thy disobedience would not only bring on thy destruction, but the destruction of all; and the third said, not for ten thousand worlds would he have had thee deviate in one tittle or one particle from the commands given thee by the Spirit of God and of Truth. Now here mark the words of three of thy seven united in one mind and heart, to have thee obey my commands in all things; and now I tell thee, were the whole seven to meet together they would all join in one mind and heart with the other three;


then how can Carpenter say, or any of his friends say, that he hath not set up his seven against thy seven, refusing to see thee by a command from ME, without they made thee disobey? Here, I tell thee, no man upon earth can clear Carpenter and his six men, but that he hath set them up in opposition against ME, and my chosen.—And now I tell thee, they never knew what they believed; neither discerned they thy calling, or for what ends thy visitation was—to bring the Woman to every perfect Obedience to my commands, before I fulfilled the Promise made her in the Fall, to destroy her adversary the devil, and bring in her Redemption. For as the Fall came first by the Woman, so must the Redemption; the Woman must first be freed, and redeemed from the Fall, before Man’s Redemption can take place. Therefore, I tell thee, Carpenter and his six are not only seeking their own destruction, but thy destruction, and the destruction of all, if they could make thee comply to any of their proposals."

Here ends the Communication in answer to his words. Another observation he made in his letter, which I answered myself as follows:

On perusing your letter, I find you do not thoroughly understand my visitation; nor for what end it is; though you say in your letter, the Lord has given you knowledge to understand it is HIS WORK, though you do not understand my writings in the aggregate. This is wisely said; for what the result in the end, or meaning, of all my writings is, I am clearly convinced, neither you, nor one in Mr. Carpenter’s house, ever understood. If he had, he would never have sent me such letters as he hath; unless he wishes to join with Satan, as an angel of light, to use every art in his power to make me disobey; because I tell you, my calling is not only for prophecies alone, but to be perfect in obedience to every command of the Lord; for as the Fall of the Woman came by disobedience, so when the Lord


fulfils the Promise HE made to the Woman in the Fall, she must come to true obedience to every command the Lord gives her; and those that join with the Woman, as her seed, to bruise the serpent’s head, must join with her in every obedience, to fulfil the Scriptures—That as in Adam all died, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Now Adam, we all know, died by the Woman’s listening to the voice of the serpent, to disobey the command of God; in that disobedience Adam joined her; and so they both fell. Now when the Sun of Righteousness arises with healing in his wings, to heal the Fall of the Woman, and bruise the head of her adversary; to destroy him that hath the power of death, that is the devil—now I say, when we receive these blessings and mercies from the Lord, of the Promise that was made, the Woman in all things must obey the commands of her Lord, and all that join her, wishing for their redemption, must obey the command of the Lord, given through her, as Adam joined with the Woman to eat the forbidden fruit, by the arts of the devil. So here is the mystery of my calling, that men do not discern in general.

Here I have given to the public the Communications, and part of the letter, which I sent to Mr. Carpenter’s friend, in answer to his letter, Sept. 20.

On Monday, October 14, Mr. Carpenter sent a letter to me, enclosed to a friend, at which I was astonished, as he was told before, I should receive no letters from him, but through the hands of Mr. Tozer; nor would any answers be given to him, sent any way, but by Mr. Tozer; therefore I refused seeing the letter; and my friend was ordered to send it back in a cover again, and tell him I was not at liberty to receive any letter from him, but through Mr. Tozer; and any letter sent by him would be answered to Mr. Carpenter, but no other way. After the letter was returned back, I had a Communication, as follows:


"I now tell thee this of Carpenter; if he do not send the letter to Tozer, which he sent to thee, this week, for him to bring it to thee on Sunday, he must bring no letter from Carpenter directed for thee after that time; because, I tell thee, I shall not thus be mocked by man, to tarry his leisure and his time. If he refuses to send it the way I have ordered him, let him own he hath refused every command, one after the other, that is given by ME through thee; therefore I fix the time to thee, if he sends the letter to Tozer by Sunday, which he sent to thee, then thou must wait his further conduct, before I pronounce him as a man gone for ever; but if he do not send to him by the time I have mentioned, then I tell thee, he is gone for ever from thee, never to be united more as friends together; then I tell thee thou must give a list to Tozer, to seal the people, and have the seals; and let Tozer begin as fast as he can to establish a meeting, as Carpenter hath done; and let them know, the same Communications as were for the one are for the other; for I have not ordered either to give up their time in this work for nought. But in this work Carpenter is no longer, if he is stubborn against every command; but if he sends any letter to a friend, either of his or thine, and they send it to thee, thou must answer for thyself to the friend."

On Friday, the 18th instant, a friend of mine received a letter from Mr. Carpenter, upbraiding Mr. Tozer of being the cause of the misunderstanding between him and me. This letter I was ordered to see, to answer for myself to the friend he had written to. Now as Mr. Carpenter may send many such letters to other friends that will not send them to me, and try to fill men’s minds with prejudice against Mr. Tozer, I shall answer to the public, as he hath said in his letter to my friend—‘Correct representations on the part of Mr. Tozer would have prevented a misunderstanding.’ Now to convince


the world of this falsity, I shall publish a letter that I sent to Mr. Carpenter, dated August 27, being the last letter he received from me, and at a time when Mr. Tozer spoke of him in the highest terms, and was joined with him and his friends, and would have been happy had it been in his power to have made up the dispute; and this was before Mr. Tozer brought the paper to me, which convinced him my calling was of God, and that Joseph was wrong.* So let not Mr. Carpenter insinuate to the world that Mr. Tozer had any hand in making the breach; because it was made before by Mr. Carpenter’s letters, and his conduct in relying on Joseph’s teaching, and refusing to obey the commands of the Lord given through me. But Mr. Carpenter hath always been trying in his letters to cast his faults upon my friends, as they may discern in my answer to his letter, which I received from him, August 21, wherein he lays two charges against Mr. Sharp: He says, ‘that Mr. Sharp practised art upon him respecting Dowland’s Book, which has been the cause of all this confusion.’ Now this falsity provoked me to anger, as Mr. Sharp had nothing to do with Dowland’s Book, neither had Mr. Carpenter and I ever any words about it; and our dispute did not originate from that. Another accusation is—He says, ‘that Mr. Sharp ever opposed union; he opposed union in the first Sacrament, and he was indulged with disunion by a Communication.’ This charge you will see answered in my letter. Now as the reader may not understand the meaning of this, by my answer to him, I shall explain it: This alludes to January 12, 1804, the day I was ordered to seal up the lists, with the names of those that signed, wishing Christ’s Kingdom to be established, and Satan’s power destroyed. This charge is fully answered in my letter, which is as follows:



SIR, August 27, 1805.

I received your letter, wherein you begin to speak of your religious principles, before you saw my works; I neither dispute them, nor condemn them; but this hath nothing to do with the cause in hand, for you to lay a foundation upon, because you had religious principles, that you can rely upon them, to think you are free from temptations, you will deceive yourself; because, I can assure you, the more we try to get out of Satan’s power, with the more eagerness doth he pursue; and if we rely on our religious duties, we are sure enough he will foil us there, if we have not a strong dependence on the Rock of Ages, and expect to be kept by the power of God, and the merits of Christ, and not depend wholly on our religious duties. For, if we trace the records of the Bible, we shall find the best of men have been tried and tempted; and for wise ends the Lord permits it, that we may see our own weakness, and that our dependence must be upon the Lord: for an untried faith is no faith, and an untried Christian is no Christian; because he knows not what he would be, when he is tried and tempted. Therefore your writing to me of your religion, which I do not by any means condemn, neither do I blame, but I cannot from that pin my faith on your sleeve, neither can I believe your being a Christian keeps you out of every temptation. And now I shall come to your other observation. You say, questioning my Communications is the right of every believer; they are charged to try the Spirits. This I grant is the duty of every Christian, to try the Spirits, whether they are of God or not; and it is by the Touchstone of Truth we are to try them; and know what the prophets said of old.—If it be not of God, how comes it to pass?—The Woman of Samaria said, Behold the man that told me all things; tell me, is not this the Christ?—


Now, in like manner, I may answer, mine is a tried Spirit, and a proved Spirit, for nine years, before ever it went out in the world; and to search to the bottom of every truth, by the witnesses, I was ordered to have them at your house, that the truth might be made manifest before all men, the Spirit was tried and proved to be the Spirit of Truth. Now after these truths being so clearly tried and proved, I marvel at your observations, that you thought it right to be jealous of the Spirit of Truth; because you cannot make out every mystery, neither can you in the Bible; but now concerning Joseph and Dowland, whose Communications have never been tried, nor proved to the world, and you had not a twelvemonth’s experience from Dowland’s; and you know yourself, the two letters that were sent to me at Leeds, that what Dowland said was not from the Lord, concerning his coming to free me, because I was in no trouble there, neither wanted to be freed by any one; and yet you know he said, he must come to free me, if he begged his bread, which I wrote you, was from a wrong spirit, that you should convince him of. Now of all the others you have seen of Dowland’s, and the short experience you had of him, you do not think it right to try the spirit there; but you are angry with every one, who will not believe all he said, before they have any grounds to rely upon. This is straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel, saying every one ought to be jealous of the Spirit of Truth, that hath been tried and proved; but of a Spirit that was never tried, nor hath been proved, you think it is right to rely upon. Well might the Lord say, His ways were not as your ways, nor his thoughts as your thoughts, to convince the world he did not call them to believe in a spirit, before they had seen the truth follow, to know it was from the Lord; therefore HE ordered me to be warning the ministers from 1793 to the year 1800; and from the year 1796 to that period


to put letters in their hands, of the events of years, that my enemies might be my judges, that the truth had followed, whether they would own it of God or not.—Now you see this was the wisdom of God, to deal with mankind, before HE required them to believe, or suffered me to make it public to the world, that men might know it was a tried and a proved Spirit, that warned me from the beginning, of what was hastening on to all nations. Now this tried Spirit you judge, out of good motives, it is right to take in question, and be jealous of; but the others, that were never tried and proved, you think it right to support against all opposition, and are offended with those that will not believe, when they know not what they have to believe; because the truth of his prophecies hath not yet appeared. Now if you dealt faithfully with man, as the Lord dealeth, you would copy out what you call his prophecies, and put some in the hands of those that did not believe him, as I was ordered to do, and have witnesses to what you have done; then if the truth followed, you could publish with boldness, that the copies were in the hands of his enemies, and by the witnesses you could prove it; and till this be done, you never can clear your honour, to set him up as a true prophet, and tell them they ought to be jealous of me. Now as to Joseph, he never was called as a prophet; seeing of visions is no prophecies, when the explanation is not given to them; and as to a prophecy, I never saw one from Joseph in my life; and any directions that he ever gave to you, I never saw one of them true; and if you thought them true, why did you come to Leeds, after Joseph had told you, you should not go from your own house? And why did you meet the people again, when Joseph told you, you should not meet them any more till the Lord did strike their hearts with grace, and send you forth with power? You then relied on my words, and not Joseph’s. And now I shall come to the other direction you had from


Joseph, which you say, you again contend is in harmony with mine, which I positively deny in every word. In the first place, I was told it was not from the Lord; in the second place, I was told you were a man of many infirmities, which was known to the Lord; in the third place, I was told the Lord demanded no man’s purse; for what was not done with a willing heart, and their own free will, without a command, was not accepted; and it is known to you, that I have been ordered to return favours that I have received, when the giver fell back through unbelief. Therefore, in these things, it must be a free-will offering the Lord accepts, and not a command; for the Lord gives no command to Joseph, as I have already told you; but as you complained of your burden, HE gave directions for you to try your hearers, as other preachers do; and without this trial it could not be proved, whether they were profited from your preaching or not; but in this there was no command, but every one is left to their free choice; therefore as distant as the East is from the West, so distant was my Communication from every word that was said to Joseph. When your last letter came, I was ordered to take the Book of my Trial, and pen the following words, from the 132nd page:

"After thy death I shall strengthen my disciples much stronger when thou art gone, but while thou art living, all must come to thee, all must come through thee, and thou standest the trial for the whole."

Now from the Communication that was given to me in answer to the words, I am clearly convinced Satan has been working, as an angel of light, with every art and deceit to prove directions come through others. The depth of his arts you do not discern, for what reason this is done—to confound the words of the Lord, and say directions were given through Joseph; and now I tell you, whoever relieth upon those directions I shall renounce, as being no believers in my visitation. Once hath the Lord spoken,


yea twice hath HE told you to take no directions but through me; and now I see in what way and manner Satan is working and twisting in you, as an angel of light, as much to confound the words of the Lord, as ever the serpent twisted to Eve, to make her eat the forbidden fruit, and wrested the words of the Lord unto her; just so is Satan now working in you, as an angel of light, to wrest round the words, to prove directions were given through another. But to those directions I will never submit, as being assured they were not from the Lord: therefore it is not for my believers to receive any directions but through me; or how can they answer at my trial, that receive directions another way? I ask them how they mean to appear to come forward at my trial, and say all directions must come through me, and I to stand the trial for the whole, when they bring forward such directions coming from one and such from another? Then I cannot stand the trial for the whole; and whatever communications are given to any one, if I am not told they come from the Lord, let none of my believers depend upon them: and you know, in every direction that hath been given to you through me, the Lord hath defended you, and supported you, and in them HE never forsook you; but if you take directions through others, to others you must look; for I stand no trial for them; but what directions have been given through me I stand the trial for; and what communications have been given to others, that I was told were from the Lord, I will never go from. That Dowland had some visitation from the Lord, you know I have said I had a Communication given me, that he had; but you know, I told you in your house, in the presence of your friends and Underwood, it was not all from the Lord: that you should ask no more questions, for they would not be answered you. But I believe neither of you discerned on what conditions you all stood, and in what manner Dowland’s death was placed as a


caution to you all, if you did not act according to the characters mentioned; as to the type he stood with me, was no type in the visitation, only said as he died soon after my trial, that was brought forward by the Lord, so I should die soon after my trial was brought forward by man; but this was no type of the prophecies, to compare them together. And now I shall come to another observation. You say—‘six days afterwards a command for union of hand and heart came through me respecting the Sacrament.’—I suppose you allude to the Communication I sent to Mr. Tozer, for him to take with him to Exeter, and shew the people from my dream, that if they did not take the Sacrament in remembrance of Christ’s coming again, as well as of his death and sufferings, they could not take it aright. The same Communication was sent to Leeds, and to Old Swinford, to shew them all in what manner the memory of Christ’s death ought to be in their hearts, when they receive the Sacrament. Now will you say, that all these people it was sent to could not receive it aright with the same thoughts in their heart, as was pointed out in the Communication, unless they came from these places to receive the Sacrament from you? The dream was shewn me of you in London; because you are the only one in the place that was giving the Sacrament in token of Christ’s second Coming, as well as HIS dying for us; but know what was in the Communication. It was given to me to draw my judgment to send to my friends that wanted more light, that they might know in what manner their hearts and thoughts ought to be concerning the Sacrament; and what union of heart with Christ they ought to have, to set forth his death till his coming. But so far from being ordered to come to you, to receive it, when Mr. Wilson asked me, if they were wrong to receive it in London, and ought all to come to you, I told him, no; it was only to shew them in what manner they ought to


receive it, in memory of Christ. Now for my own part, in times past, I had a desire to come to your meeting to receive it, and was forbid, and ordered to stay at home, and receive it myself from my own hands; and in like manner to give it to my friends; for as the transgression of the Woman brought on the Fall, for Christ to die; so by the hands of the Woman, the token of his love, death, and sufferings, should be set forth; therefore I was restrained to stay at home, and not come and join with you, which I have often marvelled in my mind why I was never once permitted to come and join with you, in the Sacrament; but now the mystery is unravelled to me—your heart was known to God, but not to me till now. I could not join a faithless friend; for a faithless friend you have proved yourself to me; if it were only your doubts and fears when communications were given, that you could not understand, I could bear with you; because there is no one of a more jealous make than I have been myself, when communications were given, that did not appear clear to my understanding; therefore your jealousies I could bear with, if I saw you had the same jealousies of the Spirit that visited others. But this is my meaning of your throwing off the mask, that you are not fearful of the spirits invisible, that they may deceive others; you only fear they may deceive me, which plainly proves you act by partiality, and not by an upright mind; for every upright mind would grow most jealous of a spirit they had not long experienced, to try and prove the truth thereof. I was fearful for years of being deceived myself, before I saw year after year the truth was fulfilled, that I was ordered to put into the hands of the ministers; but can you prove the visitations of Joseph and Dowland have been thus tried and proved? You must answer, No. Then I answer, it is a partial mind, and not just judgment that makes you so self-confident in the one, and jealous in the other; and this I never discerned before;


therefore if you were not covered with a mask to me, I must say there was a veil before my eyes, that never fell off till now; and as you allude Joseph’s communication to Townley, Sharp, and Wilson, joining with you in the Sacrament, to receive it at your hands as a union together, you must put the Gospel out of doors, if you think the Lord had commanded this, before a union of brotherly love between Mr. Sharp and you had taken place; for you have a long time affirmed, he hath none for you; then how could you meet him at the table, or he meet you in this frame of mind? It is strictly forbid in the Gospel. The spirit made a mistake in the names, if he meant it that way, as there was but one out of the three, that you yourself judged a friend united to you in heart to receive the Sacrament from your hands; the Scriptures say we must first be reconciled to each other, before we join together in the union of the Sacrament; nay so great is the danger pointed out, if we go with malice and anger in our hearts, of the devil’s entering into us, as he did into Judas, and fill us full of all manner of evil; therefore it is quite contrary to the Gospel for brethren to meet together in the Sacrament, and not be united in brotherly love. Now what brotherly love can there be, while open strife and contention is in both your hearts, which you affirm is, in your own letter? Now I shall appeal to your own conscience, whether you judge your heart is prepared in love and unity to give the Sacrament to the persons mentioned? and from your own letter, you have made their hearts too much at enmity against you, to receive it from your hands. Here I have shewed you how wrong is your judgment, to believe a communication was given from the Lord, for you to meet together in the Sacrament with hearts inflamed, as you have described in both your letters. And now I shall come to another observation you have made in your letter. You say, ‘Union, Mr. Sharp has ever opposed; he objected to union in the


first Sacrament; he was indulged with disunion by a communication.’ To this I answer, it was you yourself wrote the letter to me at Leeds, saying, that Mr Webster had proposed a desire of administering the Sacrament at the same time, and that if it was right for him to join with Fischer you would submit. I knew nothing of any strife between you, and could not return the answer by any prejudice, or partiality. The answer was given, the Lord had not given the command to any man, that it should be done; but as you had offered, the Lord accepted; and that Mr. Webster’s offer of love was equally accepted the same; therefore you and Fischer should join together, as you two had proposed; and that Mr. Webster should give it alone, by himself, either at your house, or a chamber in the city. Now they wholly intended coming to your house; but the night before it took place, Mr. Sharp received a letter from you, which he gave to Miss Townley, as she was to decide. The words in your letter are as follows:—‘I could wish, as we cannot unite, my reverend Brother and yourself had chosen some other place to meet your friends in.’ From this letter,* Miss Townley decided to go to Mr. Webster’s; Sharp, Wilson, and others joined her, in perfect obedience to the command; and their union of love hath lasted to this day. But now I must come on the other hand; as you have tried to make all appear against Mr. Sharp, justice demands me to clear up the whole, that you might no longer blind your eyes, but discern where the strife began. You and Fischer were joined together to administer the Sacrament, in the manner you first proposed: no communication was given to hinder you, or to have Mr. Webster interfere with you; but how soon was your union broken? What hand had Mr. Sharp in kindling the strife between

* As Mr. Webster had his mother-in-law sick at his house, who had a desire to receive the Sacrament,

he considered that a proper opportunity for his friends, as Mr. Carpenter refused his coming there.


you two, or breaking the union? If you discern aright, it was you that broke the union, and Fischer together; but Mr. Sharp’s union is not broken. Now I do not marvel at the strife and contention that soon kindled between Fischer and you, if you met together in the Sacrament out of pride and vain glory, and wanted every one to come to you, and looked upon Mr. Webster as an outcast amongst you, only to pride yourself that all came to you just to make it a union of man. I marvel not that union was so soon broken off; but if your desire had been entirely in love to Christ, to have a union with HIM, and HIM with you; and that in honour to his Name alone, you had desired to take the Sacrament that day in honour to HIM, you would have had no anger in your heart against them that went to Mr. Webster’s, any more than he had against those that came to you: your love would have been for all alike, that shewed their love to the memory of Christ, whether it was in your house or not they met, so it was done in love to the Lord, to have a union and communion with their God. But, from your letter, it appeareth to me more a spirit of pride, and vain glory; what man should have the honour of having all the people, and not a thing done to the honour and glory of God? For out of your own mouth I must condemn you; the people at Leeds were not offended at any honour done to you, but were rejoiced to hear the Sacrament was administered in love to the Lord; but I perceive, by your letter, you did not rejoice it was done in love to the Lord; but offended that every honour was not given to you; that Mr. Webster, one of the chosen seven, that went to Exeter, was not deserted and forsaken by all, to set up Fischer and you; this is what gave you offence against Mr. Webster and those that went to him. Now can you call your conscience to witness and say your heart is ‘good and pure,’ while such unjust anger is burning in your


breast against the union of the Sacrament; because it was not all at your house, for every knee to bow to you, not regarding their bowing to the Lord? And now I shall come to another observation. You say—‘Prayer gave him offence; he was indulged with a communication to restrain it: so the Israelites were indulged with quails, and Balaam with the liberty of pursuing Balak’s gold.’ Now to this I answer, I see the wisdom of God, and the footsteps of God shine bright in every step; you depended upon your prayers, while the Lord knew there was at the same time an unjust anger burning in your breast; therefore the Communication, that was given at Leeds, in answer to those who depended on their prayers, was ordered to be sent to you, to shew you plainly, there was no dependence on prayers, where the heart was not right with God. What did our Saviour say? they thought they should be heard for their much speaking; and on their prayers the Pharisees depended; and on your prayers the Lord well knew you depended, while you had an eye more to your own honour than you had to the glory of God, and the good of mankind, as it appeareth to me by your letter. So you were not contented with their innocent manna, that have been united in love to this day; but you brought the quails amongst yourselves; because your heart was not right with God, to be at enmity with your brethren, for what they did in token of love to HIS name, because it was not done in honour to you. I know you will think me harsh in this letter; but bear with me as a sincere friend; because, I tell you, it is you must pluck the beam out of your own eye, before you can see to pull the mote out of your brother’s; for I now tell you, you are deceiving yourself, to think the Lord will answer your prayers, which are but words to say your heart is ‘good and pure,’ while an anger is burning in your breast against the honour that was done to the Lord; because it was not done to you, when


the Communication told you, that Mr. Webster’s free-will offering was as well pleasing to the Lord as yours; and you are offended that he was not despised. Call reason to your assistance, and instead of saying you believe your heart to be good and pure, you would sooner say, I have sinned and come short of the glory of God; thou hast chastised me, and I am chastised as a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke. If you think upon your ways, you may smite upon your thigh and say, I am ashamed, yea even confounded, to see the evil of my own heart! Well might the Communication be sent to you, not to rest on prayer, without the heart; for the Lord judgeth not as man judgeth, by outward appearance; the Lord judgeth from the heart: and now I hope the Lord will open the eyes of your understanding, that in seeing you may see aright, in judging you may judge aright, and now be converted, and be healed, is my earnest prayer for you. But however great you turn my enemy, I cannot bind you up in your sins; because, I tell you, your sins are great, to bear malice in your heart about the Sacrament, and despise the love that was shewn to God; because the whole was not shewn to you; and now I tell you, till you are truly convinced of this your error, no union will ever take place between the brethren and you, while Satan’s arts can swell your pride to despise the love that was shewn to God. Now I shall come to your other observation. You say, when you met together to consult as friends, you asked Mr. Webster to give a prayer, and he declined, which I suppose you condemn as a criminal thing; but every thing is beautiful in its season; and there is a time for all things: but what saith the Lord in these things? When thou prayest enter into thy closet, and thy Father that seeth thee in secret shall reward thee openly; and not use prayer in every public action that we meet together in, to be seen of men; because of men we have our reward by their praises, to say we use fine


speeches in prayer, and are always calling it forward to shew our religion to the world. This is too much nowadays practised by men; but when we meet together for the public worship of God, then we ought to have public prayer; but I do not think public prayer in every meeting together is accepted of God; because in confusion of words, and common discourse with each other, our hearts are not always prepared with a holy and serious awe to address the Lord in prayer; therefore private prayer, when we are alone, to commune with God in our own hearts, and meditate upon our ways, and upon our wants, is the best place to address the Lord with prayers that are acceptable to him. As private prayer was commanded by the Lord, I have made it the practice of my life, and always found the greatest blessing in private prayer, alone to myself, to pour out my complaints and wants before the Lord, when no eye saw me but God alone; and if you make this your practice, and begin to look into your own heart, and confess your faults before the Lord, that he will open the eyes of your understanding to judge for yourself, and not for another; then you may say, the advice that I have given you is for your good; and I know you will own, that Satan hath deceived you and worked a wrong malice in your heart, to give offence to your brethren, which hath kept back the union between you and them. For I now tell you, I should be your bitter enemy, if I flattered you, and deceived you in a cause like this: I have a long time tried to heal the breach, and keep peace; because I never saw your errors till your own letters opened my eyes; and the answers of the Lord truly convinced me, that Satan’s arts worked strongly in you, to be like Jehu—See my zeal for the Lord of hosts!—while your eye was to your own honour. But this will never do, for you to give Satan this advantage over you, and never see the errors in yourself, but sit down and write letters to inflame the anger in your brethren, telling them you are all that is good, while


they are all that is evil. Is this the way to kindle love? is this the way to make peace? is this the Spirit of Christ, that you have learnt? Call reason to your assistance, you will answer, No; I am truly convinced, Satan has had the advantage over me, and I have acted wrong. This will be the language of your heart, if you wish to deal faithfully with yourself, to commune with yourself alone, and use private prayer to the Lord, to convince you of your errors, that you may see wherein you have acted wrong; then you will say, blessed be the rod of the Lord! I have sinned and come short of HIS honour and glory; I see my folly in every line, would be the language of your heart, if you wished to have it ‘good and pure.’

The remainder of this letter would only be repeating what has already been in print, which renders it needless to repeat it again.

This letter was sent to Mr. Carpenter, at the time when Mr. Tozer and he were united as friends, and I had not seen him but two or three times; and when he spoke highly of Mr. Carpenter’s zeal in the cause, I made him no answer; for I would not enter into conversation about him. As I went wholly from Mr. Carpenter’s letters and conduct, I had nothing to do with reports, neither should I have paid attention to any man’s representation, for or against; I judge for myself from the letters that he hath sent to me, and his own conduct to me.—And now it must be known to all, that he and I are parted for ever: God’s time is an appointed time, the day is past that was fixed for him, wherein the Lord said HE would bear with him no longer, if he refused this last command; and this he hath done, as he hath sent no letter to Mr. Tozer for me. So he is gone in every rebellion, and his anger is kindled against Mr. Tozer, for obeying the commands given through me, which he himself hath refused to obey. Now it is said to me, my fall would have been fatal, if I had


listened to any communications given through Joseph, or any directions through Mr. Carpenter; then my fall would have been fatal in time and eternity, and to the shame and confusion of all my friends; but as I have refused every temptation, and stood stedfast to obey the Lord, now HE will point out my writings to the shame and confusion of all my enemies—and begin from the First Book of Sealed Writings, the 42 page:

"A CHALLENGE send, mark what is penned;
For I shall challenge here.—
Sooner than thee the victim be,
My sword shall surely clear;
Therefore asleep thou still must keep,
Until the Challenge come.
Have I no second in the pit,
To bear my armour then,
To draw a Sword, I mean the Word,
And prove I’m injured here,
To say my Bride hath been misled,
And an adulterer?"


"Now I shall answer thee from these words. They could not be fulfilled by an unbelieving world; because they never allowed thee to be the Bride mentioned in the Revelation; but it is known to thee, and to all, three times hath Carpenter signed his name that he believed thy visitation to be from the Lord; then he must allow thee to be the Bride that is mentioned; and now he is come to upbraid thee as an adulterous woman in his letters, by saying the Communications are false, thou art led away by the influence of evil minds, and evil spirits; for this, I tell thee, is the sense of his letters. And now, I tell thee, I shall go on till I have fulfilled the whole in this Communication; and I tell thee, it would be bad for man, if I had no second in the pit, to stand for thee, as he stands against thee; to be an armour-bearer for ME, as man is an armour-bearer for man. Now let them weigh the words deep: I said I had begun, and will go on, to prove the BRIDE is free; and now, I tell thee, all men shall find I will


go on to fulfil my words, and prove thou art not misled by men nor devils; but hadst thou listened to Carpenter, then they might have proved thee to be an adulteress, fallen a victim to the arts of man; but now let all men see thy steady standing; no arts of man could make thee disobey.—And now I shall answer further from the words—

"A wife may often be mistook
In what her husband meant;
Part of his words discern them not,
To fathom his designs."

"This I told thee I should clear in the end: neither my words nor meaning of Carpenter were ever understood by thee; nor MY MIND in choosing him was ever made known to thee; therefore thou hast been mistaken concerning the man, and been stumbled in thy mind of his being chosen; but know I have told thee he shews to mankind the error of the Calvinists and the Arians. Now as the heart of the man was known to ME, I chose him to point out the folly to mankind, who rely on their election without conditions: and with conditions every man may be elected; as I told thee of Carpenter, had he been faithful I should have blessed him; but as he is faithless I shall remove it to another.—And now I know thy pondering thoughts; thou sayest in thy heart, this will not convince the Calvinists; because they will say he was not chosen as a vessel of honour, but of dishonour; because I have said I knew his heart, what he would be; now perfectly so, I tell thee, I know the hearts of thousands that boast of their election; and they will appear in the end like Carpenter, miss their election, as he hath done; and yet they boast of their election, as he hath boasted of his calling; but now I tell thee, the type of one is the substance to all who boast of their election: thousands will find themselves deceived in the end.

"And now I shall come to the Arians. Here is a perfect likeness of them; as I have already told thee of


Carpenter, I now tell thee again, he hath believed in my visitation to thee, as the Arians believe my Gospel; therefore, I tell thee, I shall go on by the sword of my Spirit till I have cleared the whole together, and pointed out the follies of mankind in believing they know not what. Thou hast discerned the folly of the Arians in believing ME to be a good man and not the SON OF GOD; and now I shall point out the folly of Carpenter in like manner; can he believe in thy visitation at all, to discern what I have called thee for—to be perfect in obedience to every command of MINE? and what I have said in thy writings—by true obedience free the score? This I have told thee throughout thy writings; but how can I call thee to true obedience to my commands, if I suffer an evil spirit to deceive thee? Here, I tell thee, is Carpenter’s faith like the Arians:—And now, I tell thee, the sword is drawn, and shall go on, till I have put the Arians to confusion; that meaneth, the Arians concerning thee, and the Arians concerning my Gospel. For if men discern thy writings through, and discern Carpenter’s letters to thee, all men must know, that his belief of thee is like the Arians of my Gospel.—

"Deeper things I shall explain to thee, when other letters appear. And now come to the fallen fruit; page 47, 1 Book of Sealed Prophecies. Here, I tell thee, they must mark from the dream—some trees were full of leaves, without fruit; others with fruit that fell in the mud; and other trees had fruit very thick and high, that no pole could reach, nor be shaken down. Now I shall answer thee from the dream;—and mark the words I said at the time—the leaves that were withered, without fruit, thou didst not gaze long upon. This, I tell thee, is the unbelieving world, who never appeared as fruit for MY KINGDOM, or its approaching; and thou dost not marvel so much at their unbelief, as thou now marvellest at the fruit that appeared on the trees; because I tell thee,


as fruit they have appeared, by their profession of their faith; and this hath appeared strong in Carpenter, and his friends, that are joined with him: they have professed to be as fruit; but now I tell thee, they are fallen, like the fruit; and as the fruit appeared in the dirt, so are they fallen to their shame and dishonour. And as to the fruit that was on the trees that no pole could reach, and nothing could shake, I tell thee, out of the reach of man, to shake or throw down, thy faith hath stood; and so, I tell thee, out of the reach of man stands every true believer; because I tell thee, I shall go on to clear up every mystery, and make their standing more secure. But how could these things be brought round to be fulfilled, and shewed plain to mankind, if I had brought round my wondrous working at first? Then these things could not appear, unless men had placed them as they do my Bible, to draw a wrong judgment from them, and place the fallen fruit to the unbelieving world; but, I tell thee, where no fruit is placed, there is none to fall; neither can man fall from a faith he had never got; so those I compare to the trees without fruit, whose leaves were withered: and so I tell thee is the faith of mankind;—they are dead and withered concerning my Gospel, expecting it never to be fulfilled. This is the state of the world at large, which I never compared as fruit for my kingdom; because, I tell thee, without faith they cannot be compared to fruit: but here I have shewed thee where faith was placed in man, and now is fallen; and the end will prove in what mud they are fallen: and now let the others stand in faith, and they will never fall. Now mark the words spoken in 1796, when I shewed thee this dream—

"So now alike you three may be." *

"And now mark, here are three that I have placed together; and you will see every mystery brought

*Joanna, Townley, and Underwood


round, as I told thee in this Communication. So here are two Communications never understood by men, of which they will now see the truth brought round and fulfilled.

"Now come to the other Fruit, and the two flowers that were on the trees, which thou gatheredst for plums, but found them poppy leaves, and threw them away: the 11 page 2 Book of Sealed Writings. Now I shall answer thee from this dream. The plums that were on the tree, some green and some red, some ripe and others not, allude to the believers: they do not ripen all at once; but some first, the others last; and yet, I tell thee, they are all as fruit. But now mark, on the same tree, two were gathered in by thy hand, and thrown away; and now two are gathered in by thy hand to be placed on the tree, and to thy sight appeared fruit like the rest. This, I tell thee, is Carpenter and Winter, who are now thrown away; because, I tell thee, as they have united together in disobedience, and are fallen off from thee, by thy hand they are cut off and cast away, never to be placed as fruit on the tree; because I tell thee, like the flowers their faith hath appeared, when thou didst come to put them to the trial of their faith.—But now I know the thoughts of thy heart; thou sayest how can they be compared to the fallen fruit, if they are compared to the flowers, where was no fruit? But now mark, the flowers appeared to thee like fruit; and for fruit thou gatheredst them, and then found they were not fruit; and I told thee I should cast them away; so now these two men have but the appearance of fruit; because to examine them, there is no fruit in them to be joined to the root to inherit the TREE OF LIFE; and yet, I tell thee, they have appeared as fruit, that is fallen in the dirt, and they have appeared on the tree, that was loaded with fruit; but now to examine them, there is no likeness of fruit in them. Here, I tell thee, is another Communication, that was given thee in 1796 which I shall fulfil and make plain to every eye.


"And now come to the starting horse: and first thou must observe, this was concerning thy father, whose death, which had long been expected before, happened at the time when I ordered thee to ride that horse through the journey, that thou expectedst would have thrown thee, and thou wouldest not have went with it, if I had not ordered thee; and know that I compared the horse to thy starting friends: See 69 page, 2 Book of Letters. Now I tell thee, as it was by the horse it has been by Carpenter; thou wouldest never have chosen the man, if I had not ordered thee to choose him; and now mark how he hath went on like the horse that started at every thing he saw; perfectly so hath Carpenter been starting at every Communication that he saw, and did not understand, or that did not suit him. This, I tell thee of the man, he hath been like the horse I ordered thee to go through thy journey with; but mark from the horse, when the clashing like swords began in the air, and the whirlwind arose, the horse began to be too headstrong for the rider; and thou hadst a friend to take thee off, when drawing near to thy journey’s end: so you two were parted; the horse had no rider, and thou walkedst home alone. Now here I have shewed thee the shadow; and what I then compared it to, know I told thee I compared it to man, and said I ordered thee to ride that horse, to shew thy starting friends in man. Now perfectly like thy journey thou hast went on with Carpenter; and perfectly like the end then thy end is come with him; for he is too headstrong grown in himself, for thou to continue with him; because, I tell thee, though great the dangers thou hadst to fear from the horse, greater dangers thou hadst to fear from him, if I had not taken thee from him. But now mark, thou hast went through TWO TRIALS with him, and now it is coming to the last, you two are separated.—And now mark the words I said—


"The type is deep, the shadow’s great,
And great will be the end:
Therefore such horse I did ordain
To show thy starting friends;
For just like he mankind I see,
And so they’re frightened here:
And deep they’ll find’s the mystery—
The horse returned bare."

"Now perfectly so, I tell thee, it is come to thy starting friends; because they have provoked ME to leave them, as thou left the horse. Can man vainly suppose I shall visit them by my Spirit, when they have acted in every stubbornness and rebellion against my Spirit; and set up their own headstrong wisdom against mine, till they have provoked ME to leave them, as thou left the horse? For I now tell thee, as thou left the horse, I have left them to go alone in their own ways, and in their own wisdom; and now they will find that Satan is mocking them; and in the end they will see their folly, how they have acted like the horse I have compared them to.—And now let them mark from the prophets, what parables I brought forward by them, to set a likeness to mankind; now let men observe deeply in what manner the type is placed, and in what manner it is now fulfilled; then they must discern it was I the Lord that placed the type at first, and have shewed the fulfilment at last. Now I tell thee from the horse, my ordering thee to ride it did not alter the make of the horse; it was the same before and after; but I ordered thee to ride it to shew thy faith and my protection, and to place the type for man; now perfectly so I tell thee of Carpenter, my ordering thee to choose him hath not altered the man; because his frame was known to ME; but it is to shew thy stedfast faith, that no man by arts can make thee disobey, and to shew my power and protection for thee, that I chose him, for thou to go thus far thy journey with him; but now it is drawing to the end, and the clashing swords begin to appear; that meaneth the sword


of the spirit by men. Here thou seest he took head and began to be too headstrong for thee to keep back his reins, or to be his guide any longer: for you must all mark, Sharp and Wilson, by their answers to his letter began to be to him like swords, which made him run with more fury.—

"So here the horse you may see plain,
The perfect likeness in the man;
And this I told thee of before—
Another day I’ll tell thee more,
When further mysteries come to hand;
Then all these things thou may’st command
The way I spoke them all before,
And how the truth doth all appear.
So in the end all truths they’ll see,
And know that I have spoke by thee:
They are not worth the woman’s care,
That do deny thy writings here;
Because they’ll find that I AM COME
In SPIRIT for to lead thee on.
So all together let them weigh,
They’ll see the dawning of the day,
And how my SPIRIT doth appear,
To speak the words and prove them here,
That they are true in every line,
And in the end I’ll make them shine.

"And now come to another place in thy Prophecies: 72 page in the 8th Book, Strange Effects of Faith.

"Man with his MAKER did contend;
But now ’tis drawing to an end,
That I shall so contend with all,
And prove to Man I knew his Fall,
Without the Woman would appear;
And now without the Woman here
Do men as gods aspire to be,
And say the knowledge of the TREE
Is surely placed in them alone,
And they as gods my mind have known."

"Now I shall answer thee from these words. I could not so clearly have shewn the truth of the words, to prove MAN would fall without the WOMAN, if I had not chosen Man with the Woman; and by this calling they stood. And now let all men discern how


Carpenter stood, and how prosperous he was now going on, before he began to fall off from the Woman. Here, I tell thee, the Fall of Man will clearly be discerned in him, when it comes to the end; for now mark, there are seven men joined together, who have refused to walk by the Woman, or to be led by the Woman, but are going on as earthly gods themselves, saying, all the knowledge is in them; so thy light, and thy knowledge, they are trying to put out. Now this I shall bring back to the Creation: if Adam had done it at first, and said he would not taste the forbidden fruit, when she had plucked it, and blamed her for doing wrong, then Man might say he refused the evil, and stood alone to abide in my command; then I could not have blamed the Man for refusing her now; because he might say he did not join with her in the transgression, to taste the evil; and what right hath he to join with her now, that she says she is come to the good? This, I tell thee, might be Man’s plead, if he had not joined her at first; but now I have told thee, as he joined her at first in the evil, no man’s Redemption can take place, that will not join her at last in the good.—But here stand men that were joined with the Woman like the Creation; I mean Carpenter and Winter; for they two were joined with thee; but now they are departed from thee to be joined as men together, judging they can be good alone, and that all knowledge is given to them. Now, I tell thee, all men will see their fall, that they are fallen men; but this fall could not be proved by an unbelieving world; because, I tell thee, men must first profess a faith to stand, before you can prove they fall. And now I tell thee from these men, they are fulfilling the words I spoke unto thee—they are fallen from thee, and say they can stand alone without the Woman, that all knowledge is in themselves.


"But now I tell thee this third Book of thine
Will prove the Truth to those that are not blind;
That every word is true what then was spoke;
And they will find themselves they all do mock,
To think they are Gods, and now can stand alone,
I plainly tell thee, they are fallen men.
And so the page I bid men all go through,
They’ll find the Truth of all before their view—
And with thy writings I shall further go.

"The 36th page of the First Book, Strange Effects of Faith; and mark the beginning of the page—

"Who and where art thou, O fond presumptuous man,
That with thy own weak measures MINE would span?"

"Now I shall answer thee from this page; and let them discern the following words—

"As she so boldly for her MASTER stands,
Then now in thunder I will answer men."

"Now I tell thee from these words, it is the professed believers to whom these words are addressed, that I shall answer in this manner. First let them discern thy faith and courage to stand out with the powers of darkness, that no arts nor any threatenings could chill thy love, or conquer thy faith.—

"But let them know thou stood’st with courage there,
And now in man the likeness doth appear;
With every art he hasty did pursue,
To try thy faith; and now I’ve proved it true,
That men or devils cannot overthrow;
Because in faith thou’st now stood out with man;
And they shall find my thunder is at hand.
So here are lines I bid them all weigh deep—
The Woman’s faith they’ll find I’ve made it great,
That none can conquer, as I’ve said before;
And all will find my Spirit strong is here;
And every line was spoken, they shall see,
I’m now fulfilling, and the end will be,
I say, confusion on the sons of men.
Let them weigh deep the lines that here are penned,
Mark well the words I told thee at the first,
And at the end they’ll find them all to burst;
In stronger language when I do appear,
Her faith and courage let mankind to fear;
Because in all things she doth ME obey—
Tremble, vain men, and hear what I do say!


Mark deep the lines that I had said before,
And then, I say, you all may tremble here,
To see the Woman you so much despised!
I say, too late you’ll wish you acted more wise,
When I do come for to unveil the whole;
I plainly tell you, that you all will fall.—
To the Creation I do bid thee come,
And all thy Prophecies let men discern,
Hear in what manner all was spoke at first,
And in what manner men so proudly burst
Against the Woman, as they stand alone,
Though they at first professed with her to join;
But now discern the way they all are gone.
But they shall find they are not perfect men,
Nor in perfection can there one appear;
They’ll find their buildings all are fallen here.
So now these pages let them to go through,
And the Creation bring before their view."—

The pages they are to mark are, the 36th to the 46th in the First Book, Strange Effects of Faith; and the Mystery of the Fall, beginning in page 1 of the Second Book.

"Now I tell thee, these mysteries lay deep for man, which no one discerned. I said I would choose another, if any dropped, and now be the mighty Counsellor. Now, I tell thee, it is the same for man to drop in Faith, as it is to drop by Death; and so, I tell thee, in faith these are dropped, that I have mentioned to thee, and others are chosen in their room. But how could I be the mighty Counsellor in thee, to furnish thee with every Truth, if I bring forth every Truth in another, to come against thee. Here, I tell thee, is the folly of mankind, not discerning what they read; and yet they have professed to be believers in thy visitation, and signed their names, that they believed it from the Lord; but I ask them how they read, to go from thee? Now let the words be penned, which I shall point out to thee; and see if they can answer ME. Know I said, I should adorn thee with my jewels; and be the mighty Counsellor in thee; and in the Woman I should do all my wonders. Now I ask them how this can be done if I forsake thee, and cleave to another? Suffer Satan to deceive thee, while I go in wondrous truths to another? Then I must give


myself the lie, or prove thy visitation was never from ME; therefore, I tell thee, they must bring forth their arguments, and shew their strong reasons, how they can possibly believe any of thy visitation ever came from ME the living Lord, if they believe any other is more strongly visited with the clear Truth. This, I tell thee, cannot be proved by man; and yet I tell thee, with as blind eyes and weak judgment as these men have read thy writings, which they have professed to believe as coming from the Lord, and now are denying the truths they contain, perfectly so, I tell thee, the unbelieving world have read my Bible, and professed it to be the Book of God, and now are denying the truths it contains. For now, I tell thee, as Carpenter with his six, which makes the seven together, have set themselves up against thy seven, to stand alone as men together, being separated from the Woman, perfectly so, I tell thee, are thousands, who profess to believe my Bible, while they separate themselves from the Promise that was made to the Woman in the Fall, and also from the Woman, where she is spoken of by the prophets and the apostles, and what I said of her myself—The time should come when they should say, Blessed is the barren womb that never bore, and the paps that never gave suck; but this in my Gospel men deny, and turn the whole another way, as Carpenter and his men are now turning thy prophecies, that they themselves professed to believe, and they themselves are now fulfilling.—And mark the words I told thee at Bristol: in the 5 page of What manner of Communications are these: Discern the 5th page to the 10th. It is said—

"For my SIMPLICITY is come
To bring the cause and now try men
What they would be in Satan’s room;
For strongly in them now he’s come,
The simple Woman to betray,
And make her now to disobey."

"Now I tell thee, every word they are fulfilling, and every art they have been trying, to betray thee


with lying wonders; and this I have told thee it could not be done by an unbelieving world.—And now mark the words of the Apostle: 2 Corinthians xi. 3—But I fear lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. And now from the words of the Apostle, I shall answer thee and all men: I have shewed them through thy writings what my Simplicity is—to fulfil my FATHER’S WILL, and make the Woman a helpmate for Man, and fulfil the Promise I made her in the Fall, to redeem her from the Fall, to remove that curse from her, and cast it on the serpent, which is the devil, that betrayed her. This I have told them is my Simplicity—to free the Woman by her true Obedience; and this these men have professed to believe, that they may be presented as chaste virgins unto Christ; but here, I tell thee, as the serpent beguiled Eve, through his subtlety, so are their minds now corrupted from the Simplicity they professed to believe. Here, I tell thee, the Scriptures are fulfilling in these men, who began in the Spirit and end in the Flesh: and all men will find they are fulfilling thy prophecies, and my Bible; for here, I tell thee, they are acting as I told thee, Satan is working in their minds to betray thee and ME, and turn ME back another way.

"And tell ME I should not go through,
The plan I laid would never do,
But now to do it I am come,
And Satan may consult with Man.—

"And now I tell thee, with man he is consulting, to turn all back another way, saying, I cannot go through with thee, as I have promised in thy writings. This, I tell thee, is their counsel; and thus they are trying to bring forward Joseph instead of thee; and had they made thee disobey, they would soon have rent thy heart in sunder; and by thy Disobedience proved thy Fall, that the truth was not in thee;


neither couldest thou have proved it, if thou hadst listened to their subtlety, to their arts, and Joseph’s lies, which I tell thee are worked round by every subtle art of Satan, who filled them up with lying wonders, because they hold the Truth of GOD in Unrighteousness. And now I tell thee, there would not be a Woman upon the earth more wretched and miserable than thou wouldest be, if thou hadst listened to their arts and Joseph’s lies: and all thy friends would be in mourning, while Satan was working in them to rejoice in all your ruin. And now I shall tell thee further, from my visitations to thee at Bristol, and the manner of my dealings with thee: mark the 12 page, same Book. And now I bid thee mark from whence all thy sufferings came—through a jealousy that thou hadst done wrong, and disobeyed; but I tell thee, it was I that left thee to thyself in these jealousies, and hid my face from thee for a moment, that thou mightest feel what thy fatal end would be, if thou shouldest disobey my command. For I now tell thee, all the horrors, and all the sufferings thou then didst feel are but a shadow of what thy sufferings would now be, if thou hadst listened to Carpenter, and disobeyed my commands; because, I tell thee, men and devils would have an opportunity to triumph over thee, while thy friends must stand with shame and confusion. And now I ask thee, as a God, how I could clear my honour any more to protect thee, if thou hadst disobeyed my commands? Then I could have protected Eve in a state of Innocence, in the garden of Eden after she fell by Disobedience, when she gave the devil the advantage over her, to upbraid ME with a lie, if I had not struck them dead to the happiness they felt in ME, and to the knowledge of their GOD! Now perfectly so, I tell thee, as it stood in the Creation it now stands with thee;—as I said, I come to create all things new, then I must first create the Woman in perfect Obedience. And know I have


told thee, thy fall would be more fatal than Eve’s; and fatal indeed would thy fall be, if thou hadst fallen by the hand of Man! Because, I tell thee, as enemies Satan would have worked in their hearts against thee and thy friends, on the one hand; and for my own honour and great name, I could not protect thee on the other. So here I have shewed thee from the shadow of thy fears, when thou hadst not disobeyed, what would be thy sorrows and sufferings to the end, if thou shouldest disobey! and, I tell thee, much worse thy sufferings must be; because in innocence thy friends around thee were full of pity; but now, I tell thee, if thou fallest to be guilty, thy friends must be filled with shame and confusion; and then I ask thee where is the pity thou canst find in this world? and know what I told thee—that thou wast the charmer that no one would pity, if stung by the serpent. See 37 page, same Book: mark the words that were then spoken. And now I tell thee, the serpent is working in Man; and shouldest thou suffer him to come near thee, now I have forbid it, all would find his sting would be fatal; and thy foes would triumph, and all thy friends put to confusion; therefore I warned thee of all these things before, that Satan would come and try in man; and thy giving up to the arts of man would be like Eve’s giving up to the arts of the Serpent: for he did not appear in his own shape to her, when he betrayed her; but he could not come in the form of man to betray her then, unless he had sought Adam’s fall first; and then the fall must have come by man, and not by the woman; but now, I tell thee, he is seeking thy fall in man; and from thy sufferings, through fear, I have shewed thee what thy sorrows would be, if thou fall off, to disobey ME; then, I tell thee, thou couldest not feel the joy of my Spirit entering in thee after. But now, I tell thee, it is time for thy foes to fear; and let them mark


the words I spoke when my Spirit entered strong in thee.

"Let men read it through and weigh it deep;
For in the end they’ll find ME so to break
In equal power against thy every foe,
And then my anger they will feel and know,
That used such arts thy heart for to betray,
They’ll find my anger to come round that way.

"So now let them mark the pages through, what were thy sufferings, when filled with jealousy of disobedience, when thou hadst not disobeyed; and let them mark the words I have now said unto thee, those sufferings would be thy fatal end, if thou hadst listened to Carpenter, and disobeyed ME. So let men judge how great an enemy he is to thee: But as thine was not disobedience, then let them mark my answer, when my Spirit entered thee with power; then let them judge my anger against Satan’s working in men, and their listening to his working, when I have repeatedly told them it was from the devil, and not from ME: and this caution I gave them in my Gospel—that men would deceive them, and they should beware of false prophets; and from the words thy friends told thee were spoken by Joseph, let them know it was a false Christ that came to betray thee. Mark from the 12 page of the same Book to the 19 page. And now go on to the covenant that I said I should make with man. And now I shall tell thee the shadow of this mystery: know I said, whoever returned the letters, as refusing Christ to be a helpmate for Man, in the Woman, was placed as a forbidden fruit to thee, and to them: because I have told thee, I AM COME IN THE SPIRIT to the woman as a helpmate for men, to bring them to the knowledge of the good, as Satan brought them to the knowledge of the evil; and by my Spirit visiting her I am pleading the promise for her, and in her, to bring the NEW COVENANT to man; therefore I said, whoever refused it was a forbidden fruit, not to


enter into this new covenant with ME. Here I set the shadow from the refusal of the Clergy; but let them mark what I said in the end, I would be a covenant-keeping God with men, if they did not break my Law; but if any man added to, or took from this covenant, he should add to his own destruction, and have his name blotted out from the Tree of Life, to have no part in it. Now I tell thee, from these words, his name could not be blotted out, that was never entered; therefore I tell thee, amongst the believers these things must be fulfilled; for now I tell thee, they are adding another way, and taking away the covenant between ME and thee, to bring it to Joseph; for they have refused ME as a helpmate in thee, and chosen false prophets, which they will find cannot profit them in the end. So let them discern from what shadows I place things, that they may appear hereafter to the believers who professed to begin in faith and fall back through unbelief. This is what I said in my Gospel, and this is what I have said in thy Prophecies, which every believer may now discern; for I should not have placed the unbelieving Clergy as forbidden fruit, if I had not meant to bring it to the professed believers, who allow they believe there is a visitation of my Spirit, and that I visit by Prophecies, and yet they refuse to have it in the Woman.—But now I know thy pondering thoughts—Is that caution passed over with the Clergy? does it allude only to Carpenter and his friends? This is the enquiry of thy heart; and to thy enquiry I shall answer. It is not passed over with the unbelieving Clergy, who returned thy letters; because, I tell thee, such hearts are under the influence of a wrong spirit. And now I tell thee, Carpenter stands with thee like one of them; he hath refused ME in thee; and now I have refused him. But as for thy Trial, whether he may appear at that time I shall leave for the present; it is not for thee to know; but this I tell thee, if he appear it must be as an Enemy; he shall


never meet thee more as a friend; for all friendship is broken off for ever, between him and thee; and all men shall find the truth of my words, what I said in my Covenant of Peace.—And now come to the covenant between thee and ME; for know I told thee, there was no one could hurt ME but thee; for I now tell thee, it is thy disobedience to my commands must rob ME of honour and power as a GOD, to keep thee, as I have said. Now let men mark deeply the words I said to thee, in answer to Satan’s trying in men. I said if—

"They thy heart could now o’ercome,
Then men shall say there is a God,
But not in Power, as ’tis said,
Nor yet in Wisdom so divine,
If they can make the heart of thine
To yield to them another way
Than I have laid the Plan for thee."

"And now I tell thee from these words, if thou hadst consented another way to their proposals, thou must rob ME of honour and power as a GOD, if I ever owned my visitation to thee; therefore, I tell thee, thou must rob ME of honour and power to fulfil my words, if thou hadst listened to them.—And now thou sayest in thy heart—Blessed be the Lord for keeping thee according to my word. And now mark my promise further. I said the gates of hell should not prevail against thee; then how can man vainly imagine he shall overthrow thee, when I have told thee I will not forsake thee? And now mark my words, what I said to thee further at Bristol: See 37 page, Parable of the Flock of Sheep

"Those that will not when they may,
When they will they shall have nay."

"And now I tell thee, they shall find I will fulfil the words, thy writings have stood in a mystery, from types and shadows, which no man discerned, or ever understood; but now discern the type and shadow, from whence it was placed—It was said of those thou hadst been writing to invite them, and


they had refused to come. Here I placed the shadow from them, at that time; and know again, the same words were said in Carpenter’s house and returned to him, who had been invited, and refused the invitation, and then offered to come afterwards; and in his house the answer was returned, as he would not come by my invitation, he should not come by his own appointment. There began the shadow; and now, I tell thee, at Carpenter’s house they shall find the substance; for as they have been torturing thy heart with every jealousy, and every dispute, to fill thee with fear and jealousy, and trying every way to make thee disobey, refusing to come, or send, every way that I directed, when they might, now the time is over, the door is shut, and if they say, they will now comply, I tell thee, it is too late; because there is no way left for them to comply with my proposals; because I told thee in the beginning, the fire of contention should go out between thee and them. So now I tell thee, no more letters by any hand shalt thou receive from Carpenter; neither shalt thou send any more letters to him; so all your contention between each other is over, and all the controversy that may ensue, concerning him and thee, must appear to the world at large: and let them mark the words I said—I am the Rock thou buildest upon; and thou shalt find ME a strong rock and tower of defence against all thy enemies, if thou persevere in faith and obedience, as thou hast begun, and let no arts from men or devils, however subtlely worked round, make thee disobey. So here I have shewed thee what miseries thou hast missed already, by following my directions; and the fatal ruin they would have drawn thee into if thou hadst listened to the new proposals by man.—And now let it be discerned, that I have forbid any letters ever more to pass between Carpenter and thee. And now I shall leave thee to answer for thyself."


And now I shall answer for myself. I would sooner die a thousand deaths, if one woman could die so many, than ever receive a letter from Mr. Carpenter, that he should send to me, trusting in the Lord to be my keeper; and now I should look upon Mr. Carpenter as bad as I should upon a serpent, if he ever offers to send me a letter more. So here is our final separation; because unto the Lord do I commit all my ways, my heart, and my soul, to do HIS will and HIS only, trusting in his mercies, that HE will not suffer any wrong spirit to deceive me; as it is by the Spirit that leads me I am commanded to obey, and not to trust the spirit that visits another, without a command from the Lord—so it is by my own MASTER that I must stand, or fall.


"Now, Joanna, thee I’ll answer
From the words thou’st spoken here.
Thou shalt find I AM thy MASTER,
And in power I will appear;
If thou’st go on as thou’st begun,
And now stand to thy word,
Then safely I shall lead thee on,
Till all shall know their LORD
Did visit thee, they all shall see
In love and power divine
I’m come the FALL OF MAN to free,
That now with thee will join.

"And now I tell thee, if thou dost wish for Redemption through Obedience, and the Promise that was made, thou canst never more join with a man that is fallen in this manner; therefore, I tell thee, two are gone from thee, that thou canst never join with more, Carpenter and Winter. And now I will ask thee, how thou canst stand joining for the Redemption to plead the Promise, if thou dost ever join with a man that is fallen, in the manner they are fallen? Then, I tell thee, thou must fall with the Man, as Adam fell with the Woman."

Here I have given the answer of the Lord to my words; and now I shall make one observation to the readers:


In the 87 page of the Second Part they may observe that I have made a mistake in the words, when I was ordered to bring forward the Scriptures from myself, to shew that the promise of the Lord was no longer binding than man stood obedient to his command; but instead of saying a Breach of Promise, as it is said in the Scriptures, I said a Breach of Trust; and this mistake I thought to rectify when I saw it; but I was answered, I should not; for it was the will of the Lord I should make that mistake; because it was a Breach of Trust between Mr. Carpenter and me. He had been intrusted as my judge; he had been intrusted as a labourer in the vineyard; and to seal the people; and now he hath broken all his trust; therefore I should trust him no longer; so it is a breach of trust between him and me; but as there is no promise made but on conditions, if we stand in obedience, it cannot be a Breach of Promise between him and me. So here are the reasons assigned to me why I was permitted to make that mistake.

Further explanations will be given hereafter; for the Lord will go on to clear up the mysteries in my writings, that never were understood by men; but now the crooked paths will be made straight before them, and then they will see the wisdom of the Lord, why the writings were put in such a mysterious manner.

Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1805.

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