(BOOK 42)

Dec. 17, 1805.

IN my last Book I have shewn to the readers how Mr. Carpenterís conduct was foretold; and how it was laid before the judges and jury, to shew them plainly that the same Spirit of Truth visits me now, as hath visited me heretofore; and this my friends being convinced of, made them unite together not to disobey the commands of the Lord, that were given through me; as they were all convinced I was now led by the same Spirit of Truth as before; and as they were commanded not to admit Mr. Carpenter without he brought forward the Sealed Letter, they stood in obedience to the command; and at the same time united together to send him a joint letter, that they would give themselves the trouble to meet him the week following, if he would bring forward the sealed letter, as he was commanded; and without it they were forbidden to meet him. In answer to their letters Mr. Carpenter and his friends sent back their final answer, that they would not bring forward the sealed letter, but sent abusive letters, mocking the obedience of my friends. I shall insert some of their words to the public; but as their letters are written in such an abusive and contemptible manner, I shall not pick the pockets of the public by printing them, which I myself can make no sense of; but I shall take notice in what manner they mock the obedience of my friends, that every believer may judge what a wrong spirit they were filled with; as no man, that is a believer in my Visitation, can ever countenance disobedience, which caused the


fatal ruin by the Fall at first; and yet they mock the obedience of my friends in these words:

"What a puppet-show business you made of it on Wednesday! Pretended to sit as judges to judge supposed criminals: cited thirteen before you; and when they came, dared not see them: what courageous Falstaffs you were, after you got over the fright our appearance had given you, and we were departed!"

This answer astonished me, how men that had once professed to be believers in my Visitation, and some that had sworn unto the Lord to obey through me, should then come forward with greater mockery than the unbelieving world, to mock the obedience of my friends; because they would not admit them in disobedience. They were never desired to come before them without bringing the sealed letter. That the truth might be proved, what that letter contained, was the design of the meeting. As to disputing of other things, it is of no use, and to no purpose; the world at large cannot be convinced, or have any knowledge from private disputes; the design and wisdom of the Lord in this is to make all things clear to the world, who is the false prophet, and who is the true, by laying the whole truth before the public, that the world at large may judge for themselves. So what hath been done in secret must be made known in public. This is not a thing to be trifled with, when we come to speak of Visitations from the Lord, and two people are visited by different spirits, one contradicting the other; then the truth must appear, that the world may know who is visited by the Spirit of God, and who is visited by the spirit of error: for the truth of the Gospel must now appear, that false prophets will arise; and the truth must be made known, to prove who the false prophets are. Therefore a private meeting, in a cause like this, is useless; besides, the truth hath so much been wrested and turned on Mr. Carpenterís side, and so much variation from


the truth of the words, that no private meeting can clear up any truth with Mr. Carpenter and his friends; but when all is in print, then the words cannot be turned another way, as he turns them in his private conversation. So had a meeting taken place with his friends and mine, I have no doubt, but many false reports would have been asserted on their side, as they asserted by whom I was led out of the field, and other words, that they have turned. So as the Lord knew that the truth was not in them, the meeting was wisely ordered not to permit them to be admitted, without the sealed letter, to clear up the truth of what it contained, which was the sole object of their meeting; as all other things are to be laid before the public in print, that every one may judge for themselves. So my friends were no Falstaffs, to meet together to have the truth cleared up concerning the letter, if the others brought it forward; and offered to give themselves the trouble of another meeting, if they would bring it forward the week following. So here let the world judge between them and me, where the falsity and deceit lie. They were afraid to bring the letter forward; because they knew their deeds would be reproved, if the sealed letter appeared: so they were the Falstaffs, and not my friends.

Now I shall come to my Prophecies, and point out to the world at large the words that were said to me in March, 1802. After the peace was proclaimed in 1801, and we had had a plentiful harvest, so that peace and plenty appeared in the land; and I heard many say that they thought every nation was tired of war, that we should have no more in our days; I had a Communication given me, that we had only seen the shadows of the wars that would be in all nations; and was ordered to take my books in my hand, which were the first six books, printed at Exeter, of the Strange Effects of Faith, and then I should be told of the pages respecting what was


hastening on, which stand at the end of the Seventh Book; for every one to see that I bring forward to the world nothing but the truth, that these things were said to be hastening on, and put in print when all judged it was over. The 8th page, 1st Book, may not be discerned by the public to be of any use, to tell what was hastening on; but to this I answer, let men mark the words, in answer to the opinion of one of the Methodist preachers, who judged that the storm was over. He erred in judgment, as well as stumbled in visions, to judge that the storm was blown over; for then it was said to be hastening on, as the page was ordered to be marked; and discern the page through where the promises are made great to those men who searched out the truth:—

"He that doth obey will come:
And when he hears will not condemn;
But oh! thrice happy is the man
That doth begin and will go on,
Till every curtain is drawn back,
To know and prove if I do speak."

Here Man alludes to all men that would diligently come to search out the truth. And now discern, how many men have come from different places to search out the truth, since 1802; and how zealously they are going on to publish the truth. And now come to the 27th page, that was said to be hastening on, which was my whole prophecies, given me in 1792.—

"As I kept nothing from Abraham, I will keep nothing from thee; thou shalt prophesy in my Name; and I will bear thee witness; what I put in thy mouth I will do upon the earth. The pestilence and famine shall go through the lands; menís hearts shall fail them for very trouble; because they have not known the Visitation of the Lord."

Now let men mark what hath followed in Spain, Gibraltar, and other places abroad: complaining of famine and pestilent diseases; and what fatal destruction hath followed since 1802 that this was said


to be hastening on; for my prophecies go to all nations to the ends of the earth.—And now come to page 29,—where all the tumults of the war were shewn me to fill the heavens, which was said should fill the earth; and the Second Psalm should be fulfilled:—

"Iíll crush them everywhere,
As massy bars of iron break
The potterís brittle ware."

And now come to page 37, where it is said men must sound the Coming of the Lord:—

"But first his thunder must before him roll
To break in pieces the most stubborn soul."

And now let men discern, how many are gone out to warn of the Coming of their Lord; and how stubborn are the hearts of men of every nation, who have heard of these things, which we may discern from the Germans in our land, as well as the people of other nations that are in our land. These things are despised: so without these judgments and fatal destruction, we may clearly see the truth of the prophecies—they never will regard the Coming of the Lord, before their hearts are bowed down with sorrow. Now as we see the truths of these pages, which were said to be hastening on, we are to hope for the fulfilment of page 46, which the world may say they cannot see any truth in at present; and yet we may discern the truth of these words—

"That Satanís reign hath been so strong,
With thousands he did clear;
íTis time for David now to come,
With his ten thousands here"—

To be our mighty Counsellor, our Advocate and our Friend. This, if we discerned it, is the evil of sin, which brings the evils of war; and from whence all these evils sprung we should see the truth of the words—And now come to page 79,—


"Could they discern how I do warn:
No learning can appear
To shew I shall bring on the storm,
And every dangerís near;
For fatal scenes are coming on,
That every soul shall see."

Now we see these fatal scenes are coming on in all nations, and the storms are rising high, as it was said; and yet we may discern the promises made strongly to those who rely on the Lord.—And now come to page 87 where it is said—

"Now my Sword it shall like fury smoke;
The hearts of men Iíll surely bow or break,
Just as the millstone did before the time
I say of all men, they are totally blind;
For darkness oíer the earth will sure abound;
Yet you, enlightened land, his praise resound;
The glory of the Lord shall in thee rise,
And his Salvation shall be in the wise."

Now if we discern what is happening in all nations; and how many in this nation who are wise to discern the truth, from the Scriptures, and from the Prophecies; how carefully they are weighing the whole together; and deeply weighing the pages through, we should see the truth in every line.—And now come to page 109 which was then said to be hastening on:—

"The Second Psalm to all is come:
My Sword is drawn, and dipped in blood;
íTis time for man to know his God;
For conquering now Iíll conquer all,
And fast the deluge down shall fall,
Till every nation, you shall see,
Will each fall down and worship ME.
Iíll trifle now with man no more;
My sword Iíll send from shore to shore,
Until the nations do comply,
And in the valleys humbly lie
To worship at Emmanuelís feet;
Now Iíve begun, Iíll finish it.
But if your peace youíll keep at home,
My mind and will must be made known."

Now if they discern from these pages, they will see the threatenings are more severe to other nations, than they are to our own land; because the promises are


made to our own land, to be very great in the end, to those that do not harden their hearts through unbelief. Now come to page 120: there it is said of the heathen nations—

"With them I shall next begin;
For the rebels all must perish,
That wonít put their trust in ME."

Now let men discern the pages through.—And come to page 160 where it is said—

"Christ and his flock now together must stand,
And prove from these Visions my kingdomís at hand."

And now discern how many are gone out to prove the truth of the words, that the Kingdom of Christ is at hand, from all they have seen and heard.—And now come to page 172:—

"For like the Visions I shall now go on,
And fix my army in the sons of men."

Now let men discern this page through, and then they will discern in what manner all was spoken, and in what manner all is going on.—And then come to page 180:—

"The sword was brandished, and the powers do weep,
Which made the sword to brandish all abroad,
And every nation feels the glittering sword—
If not already, it will so come on,
And every land will find my sword is drawn,
Till men Iíve conquered, and theyíll all submit
To lay their jewels humbly at my feet."

Now if men read my Seventh Book of the Continuation of Prophecies, printed in March, 1802, they will see at the end all these pages, which I have mentioned, were then said to be hastening on; so if men ask where my prophecies are, let them read the first seven books, and weigh all that hath happened abroad and at home; then they will see where the truths of the prophecies are.—And let them mark what is said in the Second Book, page 56:—

"Because the wars most dreadful will abound;
And in this land youíll hear the dreadful sound." *

* Fulfilled in the Air-Raids


This was said to be coming on, in 1801, at the time we were looking for peace. And now let us observe what dreadful sounds we have heard in this nation, of the wars, and other distresses, which have happened to the nations.—And then come to where it is spoken concerning the vials, First Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 81:—

"The dearth in France, you know, did first abound,
Before the other vial was poured down;
So in all lands it sure will be the same:
One vial is poured, another will come on;
One vial after another fast shall go,
Till every vial is poured here below.
In no fixed kingdom have I eíer decreed
The burning sun shall burn up every weed:
Iíll be a man of war in every land;
My sword shall glitter, that they all shall know;
My spear is ready, and Iíve fixed my bow."

Now if we discern, from these pages, in what manner it was spoken; and discern the dearth that hath been abroad, before these awful judgments of the sword came on, we shall see the truth in every line. Mark the dearth in Spain, and the fatal disorders there, before they were engaged in this destructive war. If we take the newspapers and point out what hath happened, through the scarcity and dearth, in many other places, as well as Spain, we shall see the truth in every line.—And now come to what hath happened in Germany. Extract of a letter, dated October 23, 1805, from a gentleman in Germany to the religious society in London, taken from the Evangelical Magazine:

"The whole of Germany and the northern nations are in arms. It is awful indeed; for all the violence of this tremendous storm falls upon our poor native country! Last summer there was such a scarcity in several parts of Saxony, Lusatia, Silesia, Bohemia, Austria, and other neighbouring provinces, that many baked bran for bread, and used grass for vegetables; some people even went to those places where dead horses were thrown and fed upon their flesh!


Now, in addition to the usual population of the country, there are 150,000 men coming from the west, and more than 100,000 from the east, who must also be fed; and in the northern parts the harvest has again been very scanty. My very heart bleeds at the sight of this universal distress. Oh, that some relief might be afforded us! and, perhaps, our hopes of receiving some assistance from England may not be disappointed, as it will be universally acknowledged that we suffer, in order to avert the storm from them."

Now as many of the Germans, as well as the people of this nation, have mocked the prophecies, and have asked where the truth of the prophecies is now, when things have not come to their expectation in this land, I was answered, when this news came, I should point out to them where the truths of the prophecies were; and how they were spoken of every nation. In answer to their letter I was answered in the following manner:

"They should see what was spoken in 1792, that menís hearts should fail them for very troubles; because they have not known the Visitation of the Lord."

But as I have pointed out already what would happen in other nations, I need not enumerate them again, but come to the answer concerning Germany, that they should discern these truths were there.

"So let them boast no more, where the truths of thy prophecies are; to their sorrow they have seen it; and to their sorrows they have felt it; but let not men think I shall stop there. If this land go on to mock like them, they shall feel where the prophecies are, as the Germans have; but I do not tell thee, in so awful a manner; because it is known to ME there are thousands in this land, who will fear and tremble. And now mark what I told thee before; the land where thou wast born was surely blest above the rest; and know I said, a happy isle might


England smile, if they believed in my Visitation to thee. And now I tell thee this of England: if they begin to be awakened from what hath happened to the Germans, and other nations, then they may say, these nations have suffered for your sakes, that ye may fear the rod, and him that appointed it. And know what I have said in thy writings—It was other nations I should shake to awaken this land; but now I tell thee, if all that hath already happened in every nation, and every isle, and the burdens and distresses that have been at home; if all these things do not awaken your land, then, I tell thee, thy pains and sufferings, which are but a shadow, they have to fear. So if they ask, where the truths of thy prophecies are, point out to them what hath happened in other nations; because I told thee, there my judgments would begin, to awaken this land. And know I said, as thou didst go from field to field, to dispute with Satan, so should I go from nation to nation; and now let them discern what hath happened in these nations that are abroad. One thing I shall call to thy remembrance: thou didst not dispute with the powers of darkness long in thy Brotherís house, neither in the garden; but went from field to field, before the storms and tempests arose; and then thy disputes were at home in the house. And know, the house I compared to this land: but the fields to the nations; for know I said, as thou didst go from field to field, I should go from nation to nation: and this sheweth that I compared the fields to the nations that were abroad; and the house I compared as at home. And now call to thy remembrance, how many days thou tookest thy journey one way, from field to field, before thou changedst it the other way; perfectly so, I tell thee, am I going on with the French nation. And now I tell thee this of the Germans: they have suffered in Englandís stead, if England take a warning by it.


And now call to thy remembrance what I said in thy writings—

"Their armies great Iíd turn another way—
But now, O England, mark what I do say:
The armies great are turned, as I decreed,
Another way, to make the mockers bleed;
Because the Germans they are in your land,
And of their mockeries let men understand;
And this Iíve turned to make you mark the whole,
That true thy prophecies on all do fall;
And true, I tell thee, all will find the end,
Till every nation they will bow or bend.
So if thy prophecies men all weighed through,
Theyíd see the truth was plain before their view.
Guarded by soldiers let the sword go on,
Till to the purpose every soul doth come:
And now the glittering sword they all may see;
As I foretold, surrounded now they be;
But know I said, the land where thou wast born
Iíd surely bless, if men did not ME scorn:

A happy isle! may thousands smile,
If they believe MY word;

íTis other nations I should shake,
That they may know their Lord.
For surely blest, above the rest,
I said where thou wast born,
Theyíd surely be, if they would see,
And not my offers scorn.
So now I say to thee this day,
The Germans truly spoke,
To say they suffer this for ye,
Because too much they mocked.
But England here may stand in fear,
If now they mock the same;
And weak as thee theyíll surely be,
If now they mock my name.
The type is deep, your land may weep,
And now begin to fear,
If they go on as theyíve begun:
The ending of the year
Thou sufferedst pain that did remain
To bring thee weak and low:
I said the shadows thou sustained;
And all will find it so.
But Iíll end here and say no more;
Thy writings thou must see,
And all together now compare;
For deep the types they be."

Now that the readers may understand this Communication, I must refer them to the year 1792, when I went from field to field to dispute with the


powers of darkness; it was said, so the Lord would go from nation to nation; but in another Communication, that is not in print, it is said—

"Surely blest above the rest,
I say, where thou wast born;
A happy isle! may thousands smile,
That donít my offers scorn."

This I never understood till now, that it alludes to the nation at large: I only thought it alluded to Devonshire, the place where I was born, before this Communication was given me—that it alludes to the nation at large. And now I shall come to the 41st page, First Book of Sealed Prophecies—

"Fast the storms are hastening on:
But if England does awake,
And come to perfect day,
íTis other nations I shall shake:
The sunshine here youíll see."

Now I shall come to the 53rd page of the Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom, in answer to my dream, May 23, 1803. I dreamt I was carried through the air and saw a dark cloud like the shade of trees, where two grey horses started out with fury and ran with swiftness through the air. This was explained of two great monarchs that would start out with fury to the battle—

"And wars would fast abound:
For all my Bible Iíll make good,
That men may judge the sound.
It now is come to every land,
And fast it shall appear;
But now if England will awake"—

(It was said)

"Sennacherib here should not appear,
With all his boasted pride."

Now you may discern, from this page, in what manner things were then spoken; and I shall give the reasoning of the Spirit to me:—"That men should mark the time of this dream, and the Communication,


how it was given at the beginning of this present war; and now let them discern how Buonaparte was preparing to come into your land, before these monarchs started out to prevent him. So if men discerned thy writings, and my footsteps, they would see the way I am working round to fulfil the whole. And know I said, if England would but take care, I should rid him from this coast. So far hath been my restraint to keep him from this coast, while my servants are gone out to warn the nation, and invite the people in different places; but though I have forbore so long, and kept back the stroke from England, for the sake of my friends and followers; yet, I tell thee, it is time for my enemies to fear and tremble. So let them weigh deep every line in these pages, that I have ordered thee to point out and go in print, to awaken and convince the unbelieving world. But where is the man who can answer my demands, when I come to make this inquiry: how a Woman without the Visitation of my Spirit should foretell all the wars and tumults, distresses and perplexities, that would happen, before any began to appear in 1792; and after all these things had appeared as shadows, and seemed to be past and gone, that the storm seemed overblown, peace and plenty pronounced in your land, then to publish to the world all these things were hastening on? This, I tell you, O simple men, would never come from a womanís head, nor from the judgment of men. Would they not say all these things were fulfilled by what was past, without saying the substance was to come? Here let men discern their folly, from the judgment they draw: would an impostor have said these things were to come, when they appeared to the world they were past? And how soon would thy writings have been condemned by every man, had peace and plenty followed to this day? And will they say, it was thy wisdom to know all these things were hastening on? And now I warn them


all to judge from the truths that have followed, from the first to the last, what they have now to expect, if all my labour of love be in vain to man.—And let them discern, from every page, in what manner the whole is fulfilling, as I ordered thee to point out. So now let them shew where the truths of thy prophecies are; and let the unbelieving world fear the things that are to follow; because I have kept back my judgments from falling heavy upon this nation, to try them; and so I have spared them year after year; and let them mark what I have done to my Vineyard: I have warned them by my Spirit, given through prophecies; I have warned them by my servants, whose hearts I have worked upon, that are joined in heart with ME, to long for their coming Lord.

"And now come to Carpenter: and know what I have compared him to—the professed believers of my Gospel; because he hath professed a belief in thy Visitation, and boasted how much he hath done in the cause; but when I come to put him to the trial, to shew his heart and faith in thy cause, it is known to all he drew back; professed to believe one thing, and disbelieved the other, relying more on Josephís words, that exalted him as the creature, than he relied on thine, whose writings give all the honour, praise, and power, to thy Creator. Now here I tell thee, he is perfectly like the land, and like thousands of boasted Christians, who profess to be zealous for my Gospel; and yet, like Carpenter, they are denying the truths of my Gospel, that must fulfil the whole. So they profess to believe one thing, and deny the other: Carpenter professed to believe all thy writings, that give any praise or honour to him; but where the Communications robbed him of his honour, know that he was warm against them; perfectly so is the state of mankind, who profess to be zealous for my Gospel. Where they find themselves honoured by preaching,


they will profess themselves zealous and true believers of my Gospel; but when I come to rob them of honour, and shew that the knowledge of the fulfilment is not in man; that this Revelation must come from ME; here, like Carpenter, their pride swelleth, and they will not stoop to any knowledge that lessens their pride; because it is the pride of men to boast of their knowledge they have in the Scriptures; and it is the pride of man to boast, like Carpenter, what answers they have got to their prayers, as he boasts by Joseph what answers are given to him. Here the self-righteous world and Carpenter stand together in a perfect likeness, the one in my Gospel, what they profess to believe; and the other in his profession of what he professed to believe in my Visitation to thee. He professed to believe in thee as far as it lifts him up to be an acknowledged chosen servant in the work of the Lord. This he professes to believe, as it is for his honour; and thus far the professed Christians will profess a visitation of my Spirit, to call them forth as servants to preach the Gospel: thus far is the perfect likeness in Carpenter and the professed Christians. And now come to the Fallen Fruit:* and know I told thee the time was come, that judgments would begin at the House of God; and I shewed thee in a dream and vision of the night, where the trees were standing joined together, and the branches were running one into the other. There I shewed thee the fallen fruit, and ordered thee to look up and see the fruit that were on the trees, that when ripe they would be good. Now as the one appeareth in the nation, so the truth of the other appeareth in Carpenter. And mark what I have told thee already: he was joined with you at the house of God, where the writings were first proved: and as the ranks of trees stood joined together, so hath Carpenter stood

* See: First Book of the Strange Effects of Faith, page 30


with the others, as though they were in one likeness; and so all their names stand; but now discern the fallen fruit in him, and them that are joined with him. And mark the words I told thee in thy dream: thou shouldest open the shell, but not taste the fruit thereof; for it was fallen and not good. Now the truth of this hath appeared in Carpenter and his friends; for since he began to fall off, know I forbade thee from ever joining with him or them; and yet I told thee, by thy letters thou wouldest discover what was in the heart of the man: and so his heart hath appeared to thee, as I shewed thee in the fruit; but know, to taste I forbade. Here I have shewed thee, from Carpenter, how he began, joined with you all united together, for the coming of your Lord; and here begins the fallen fruit to appear, which I compare with the nation at large, in the professors of my Gospel; but how could I so clearly point out the folly of mankind, if I had not chosen a man to shew the likeness of those who were joined as believers in the Gospel, in what manner they are fallen from the truth of the Gospel, if I had not chosen a man to be joined with thee, in a profession of faith of the visitation of my Spirit? And yet see how he is gone from what he professed; because the Communications, which I have given thee, rob him of that honour Joseph gave him, in answer to his prayers; and here you see is his fall; now perfectly so, I tell thee, it is with thousands who profess my Gospel; it robs men of their honour, to have my Visitation and my Spirit come in a manner that I said in my Gospel. And know what I said in my Gospel:—I thank thee, Father, that thou hast concealed these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them unto babes. The same was affirmed by my disciples, that I should choose the weak foolish things of this world to confound the wisdom of men. This is the truth of my Gospel, to have the revelation of my Spirit to


be revealed to the weak and simple; and this appeareth foolishness with men; and thus they are departed from the true belief of my Gospel; because it lesseneth the pride of man. And now discern the perfect likeness between Carpenter and the professed Christians: Carpenter hath professed a belief in my Visitation to thee, where it suited him; but where it doth not, it is denied by him. Here is the perfect likeness of the professors of the Gospel. And now discern, by this belief in Carpenter, how plain he hath proved himself the fallen fruit, now to be fallen from the whole; perfectly so are thousands who profess my Gospel, fallen from one part; and if they go on, as Carpenter hath done, they will find in the end that they are fallen from the whole, and will be counted but foolish virgins at my coming. So here I have begun to shew the likeness amongst the believers, where the fallen fruit appears; and now discern further, from Carpenter, how he is like the professed Christians, who boast of the answers they have to their prayers, which cannot be proved whether right or wrong; and yet they deny the Visitation of my Spirit, to come and reveal all mysteries. This is like Carpenter by Joseph, who relieth on his words; and yet he cannot prove them true; because he hath denied the standard of truth, where I have said every truth shall come. There I have begun to point out the likeness to mankind, amongst the chosen in this calling; so now discern the truth of the words, and where I have begun to shew the Fall of Man; and perfectly so will thousands see their fall in the end, who profess to be believers in my Gospel, and yet deny the truth it contains.

"And now come to the Vision, which Joseph brought to thee, which was drawn for the Lord, that thou couldest not tell what form to make of it, either man or woman; but mark my answer to the Vision, as the youth told thee it was the Lord; and perfectly so,


I tell thee, Carpenter and his friends have drawn their judgment of ME, as I told thee of the Vision, page 39 of the Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom; and now discern, from the explanation I then gave thee, and perfectly so is their conduct. I ask them what they make of ME, from my Visitation to thee from the beginning, and in what manner I have said I visit thee from my Spirit and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in the perfect manner I said in my Gospel, that the Spirit of Truth should come to lead you into all truths, and bring all things to your remembrance? And let them mark where I have placed thee in the Scriptures of truth; and let them discern what truths have followed thy writings, from 1792 to this day. Now when they weigh all these things together, I ask them what they make of ME, to say I have forsaken thee, and am gone to visit Joseph, who hath no regard for ME; because his heart is known to ME? Here I tell thee, they must judge ME as I told thee by the Vision, to be a God that hath no eyes to see: so they must judge I do not see their ways, and that their hearts are unknown to ME; if they judge I have forsaken thee, and am gone to abide with them, now they have rebelled against ME in every command, given through thee, then, I tell thee, they must judge ME more like a Turkish emperor than like a just and merciful God: because thy heart and soul are known to ME from thy youth up to this day, and all the hazards thou hast run for my sake; and do they judge I have now forsaken thee? I tell them, No: I have promised never to forsake thee, without thou forsakest ME by disobedience: and that they shall all find, it is my commands thou hast obeyed; and it is my commands they have disobeyed, which they shall find to their shame and confusion. And now discern how I compared Carpenter to the Arians, before I worked in thy heart to search thy writings, to see from the Vision what I had compared him to before; but this could not


be understood by thee, nor anyone, before he began to act in such a manner to fulfil the words; and now discern how I have compared him and the professors of my Gospel together. And now come further to thy Writings.—But I know thy pondering thoughts: why should these Visions be shewn to the youth, if they allude to their own shame and confusion? is the enquiry of thy heart: And to thy enquiry I shall answer—Balaamís were the same: mark his Visions, and how he saw his own destruction; and yet he did not understand all the visions he saw.—Many have seen their destruction in dreams and visions. And now come to Daniel—what Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar saw in visions; therefore, I tell thee, thou hast nothing to marvel, that visions should be shewn to them, who might fear the effects, if they went on to fulfil them. So here let thy pondering thoughts be over; for now I tell thee, when visions are shewn for menís destruction, they have been often shewn to the people they allude to: but this Vision, as I have told thee, stands for all who judge their God, as Carpenter hath judged ME concerning thee.—And now discern, how I have compared him with the self-righteous world. And now mark Kidnerís dream of the corn, in 1795, First Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 70. Know I told thee the leaves that shaded the corn from getting ripe was the wisdom of men; and this wisdom I told thee, was in the professed Christians—

"And ítis their righteousness they do commend,
And on their wisdom they do all depend;
Therefore, I say the corn will still be green,
Until Menís Wisdom it is all cut down."

"Now perfectly true thou hast found the words, how the wisdom of the self-righteous condemns the whole, from their own wisdom, without searching diligently to find out the truth, whether the things were foretold or not. This is known to thee,


they have judged from their own wisdom; unheard and unseen art thou condemned by the sons of men. This can be proved from the Books that are gone out in the world, the number is too few for men to say they have judged from thy writings. And now I tell thee this of prophecies: no man can judge aright without weighing the prophecies, in what manner they are spoken, and in what manner I am going on to fulfil them. This cannot be judged by careless hearers, nor careless readers; because, I tell thee, in careless reading they are apt to judge the last must be fulfilled first, or all must be fulfilled at once, without discerning how it is spoken, and how things must come round to fulfil the whole; but did men carefully discern thy writings, they would see the truth in every line, by the manner all is going on to fulfil them. And now mark further, from thy dream, in the 71st page, where thou didst leave thy footing from the under branches, and held by an upper branch, which lengthened out and carried thee through all difficulties. Know I told thee, that the branch thou didst stand on was my Word; but when the truth was denied by man, thou wouldest trust to what was to come. And now I shall answer thee from this shadow, that hath appeared concerning Carpenter: thou hast stood on my Word with him, before he began to deny the truth of my Words: and now from that branch thou art gone; as thou knowest thou art gone from him, and left him with the past, saying thou trustest to time for what is to come; and so thou still hangest on my Words, though thou art gone from him, and findest no footing there to stand with him any longer. And now he shall see the truth of my Words to lengthen on, and carry thee through, till I have fulfilled the whole.—But now I know thy pondering thoughts: If I compared the tree to the tree of knowledge, how can Carpenter be one of the branches that thou goest from, which I compared to my Word?


To thy thoughts I answer: the tree of knowledge is good and evil; and so the knowledge in man appeareth; and so I have compared the branches in man to be filled with knowledge, good and evil: where they receive any Visitation, it must be good or evil: and know, by disobedience the Woman came to the knowledge of the evil. So what hast thou to marvel, there should be evil branches in what I call the tree of knowledge? and by my Word and my command thou shouldest stand for a while on that branch, before he began to dispute that thy words were not true? Then thou didst go from him and hanged wholly upon my Word. Here is a shadow thou dost not discern; but in the end thou wilt see it plain; because from that branch thou must go, where the evil knowledge is, before the end is brought to thy view. And now I tell thee of every branch that condemns thee, which was chosen by ME, Thou must go from, before thy awful Trial takes place; because, I tell thee, there must be no enemies in the camp of Israel, when I come to fulfil my promise, to pour out my Spirit upon my friends. Therefore, I tell thee, it is he that endureth to the end who must stand the true characters, as they are placed in the Scriptures. But how could the Scriptures be fulfilled, if I had chosen all men at first that would endure and stand to the last? Here are mysteries which no man hath discerned; neither did any man discern the meaning of thy going off the branch thou stoodest upon. But had this been put plain to be understood, that it alluded to any of the chosen, every one would have grown jealous; but know it was my Word I said thou stoodest on the branch; and so it was my Word that made thee stand with them in judgment, before Carpenter began to condemn thee; and then thou didst leave the branch, and hanged on my Word alone, as he trusted to the knowledge of the evil, and not the good, and wanted to cut thee off by a wrong knowledge, which he had obtained.


And now mark what is said further, from thy dream of the man who wanted to cut off thy hand, and thou toldest him that thou shouldest die if he cut it off; but he answered, he would heal it. Now perfectly so I tell thee of Carpenter; he hath tried to cut thee off by disobedience, and denying thy own Visitation, to say it is wrong; and he hath offered to heal it by Joseph; but this, I tell thee, is impossible; hadst thou listened to him, to cut off thy Communications, and listened to Joseph, all would find the fatal effects, that I pronounced in that Communication: and mark the words I said—

"And if this hand they do cut off,
Your ruin must abound,
And bleed to death, as thou didst say,
Iíd never heal the wound;
Because thy hand let all command—
The Woman plucked the fruit;
And ítis by her you all must stand
To strike the fatal root."

"Now let men mark the words through; and let them discern how Carpenter hath tried to cut off thy hand by disobedience, persuading thee that thou wert wrong, and that Joseph was right. But I know, in thy heart thou judgedst all these things alluded to the unbelieving world; but this, I tell thee, could not be; the unbelieving world could not try to cut off thy hand by disobedience. What the unbelieving world can do, by authority, is no disobedience in thee; therefore they cannot cut off thy hand, to bring on the destruction, that I mentioned the cutting off thy hand would bring upon the whole; neither can the branch that thou didst stand on, and went from, be compared to the unbelieving world; because thou never stoodest on their judgment; neither was it my word to have thee to stand with them.

"So now discern the way I warn,
And see the mysteries clear,
The way that Satan now is come,
By arts, to make thee err;


But know, in Man he could not come
This way for to proceed,
To make thee fall, I tell you all,
And in the end to bleed.
Could unbelievers thus appear?
I now do tell thee, no;
Thy heart they never could ensnare,
Nor could the tempter go
To tempt them on as heíth begun,
To make thee go from ME;
They never could cut off thy hand.—
And thy obedience see;
How thou hast stood, for every good,
In true obedience found;
íTis here the hand that I allude,
I neíer should heal the wound,
If thou shouldíst fall, I tell them all;
And now the mystery see,
What I have opened here to all,
To shew the end of thee:
Thou canst not stand by any man,
That doth go from my Word;
The Spirit that doth visit thee
Iíve told them is the Lord."

Here I have ended of Mr. Carpenter, for the present, and shall begin with the Nation.

In the Evangelical Magazine for January, 1805, a letter was put against me and my prophecies with the following words:

"Joanna Southcott, formerly of Exeter, avoweth herself a prophetess, and professes to have frequent revelations from heaven, as to what shall befall both church and nation. This immaculate lady also claims the power and privilege of sealing those who are to escape the judgments, which God has shewed her are speedily coming on the world; and which will inevitably fall upon those who reject and despise her testimony. And it is said they boast of from 20 to 30,000 disciples! Whether this be true or not, the writer cannot but regret any persons should swallow such palpable absurdities and impositions, which are opposite both to the letter and spirit of divine revelation."

This letter was inserted in mockery against me, the beginning of the year; and now, by the same


society, in their magazine for December, they have inserted the letters of the distress of the Germans, from Germany, which I have put in my book, and the answer of the Lord to it; and now I shall come to their remarks on the judgments of God, that they have published at the ending of the year, who so boldly mocked the warning of these judgments at the beginning, and now are compelled to own it true, from their own observations, which are as follows:

"The school of judgment.

The judgments of God are now abroad in the earth! That scourge, with which the Almighty lately afflicted Holland, Italy, and Switzerland, is now laid upon Germany, with a heavy hand. From the reports that have reached us, armies have been almost annihilated, cities taken, villages abandoned, the wise frustrated in their counsels, and the valiant have let those weapons fall from their hands with which they hoped to defend their country; judgments, long threatening Britain, have, for the present, fallen upon Germany; but have we any assurance that they will be there exhausted? Who can tell, but before the storm is entirely spent, through a sudden turn of the winds of Providence, it may be directed to our own land? But, be that as it may, we have another warning,—a longer season is granted us to repent, reform, and learn righteousness. The finger of God is now writing his will, and our warning, instruction, and duty, in those calamities, which are inflicted upon other nations. The cup of his wrath has already been handed from country to country: they have pledged each other therein, with a kind of intimation, that it was to pass from hand to hand till the contents should be exhausted. Thanks be to God, it has not yet come to us; but, while we rejoice, we tremble, recollecting, that the nearer it comes to the bottom, the more bitter the mixture will be found."

"In the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the


wine is red: it is full of mixture, and he poureth out of the same; but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them." (Psalm lxxv. 8). Let us, therefore, listen to Godís warning voice, and place ourselves under his wise instructions, that, as individuals, we may not only find profit, but prevail for the happiness of others, adopting as our own those words of the prophet Isaiah xxvi. 9: "With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness."

Now from these observations, drawn by this man, he alloweth the truth of all my prophecies, from 1792 to this day; so he may well say, they were long threatened judgments; because all was threatened in 1792. If they read my first Book, printed in 1801, beginning from page 25, and go through to page 36, they will see how all these things have been threatened to the nations; and that it should fall on other nations to awaken this, is said in my writings; and that the Lord would go from nation to nation; therefore he might well say—"God is now writing his will and our warning and instruction." For this the Lord hath been warning us of, for a long time, by the visitation of his Spirit, that he should shake other nations, and bring his heavy judgments abroad to warn this nation at home, which may be seen through my prophecies. So here they have confirmed, at the ending of the year, the truth of my words, which they mocked and despised at the beginning: and in the chapter that he hath pointed out, in verse 8, is the way we have been looking for the coming of our Lord. Mark the words—"Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O Lord, have we waited for thee; the desire of our souls is to thy name." And as it is said in my writings, that the mercies of the Lord are so slighted, they should know the judgments were near; and that the heathen


nations the Lord would shake them, and go on to fulfil the Scriptures. So let them read the Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, the 8th and 9th pages; then they will see why all these judgments are upon the nations; and what England has to fear, if now they go on to mock the whole. So I may say with verse 9—"Yea, with my soul have I desired the Lord; yea, with my spirit within me!" So these judgments will not alarm those that are longing for the coming of their Lord; for we may see the truth of the words, which follow in the chapter—"Let favour be shewed to the wicked, they will not learn righteousness; and when the hand of the Lord is lifted up, they will not see." And this hath gone on from year to year; the Lord hath been warning, he hath been inviting, and he hath been threatening with slight judgments: and yet they were mocked, and men would not see them; then do they marvel, that they shall see them, and be ashamed for their envy against the people who are now longing for the coming of their Lord, that his name may be praised from sea to sea, and from shore to shore, that the ends of the earth may see his salvation? Nay, these writers have made this observation—"That the divine teacher fainteth not, and hath a great work now before him, and has much to bear from the untoward disposition of his scholars; but he keeps adding line to line, and precept to precept; if one class receives not instruction, he dismisses that with displeasure, and introduces another; and thus will he go on to instruct, to correct, to dismiss, or to introduce, till the people become righteous, and the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God and his Christ; and the day will come, when from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, his Name shall be great among the Gentiles, and in every place, and among the heathens."

Thus the writers, who mocked me in the beginning of the year, affirm from their own belief, that the


days will come as foretold to me, and that my prophecies will be fulfilled; and yet they have not the least idea in what manner they will be fulfilled; neither do they mention that the PROMISE will be fulfilled, which was made in the Fall; or that the power of Satan will be destroyed; and yet they say—"The Lord will establish Zion, and make it a peace throughout the world." This they say, "Christians ought to pray for," and at the same time, these very people make a mock of the destruction of Satanís power, being destroyed as it is foretold in the Scriptures of truth! Then I ask them, how this peace and righteousness must be established throughout the world? Where is the age it ever was established in? All must answer, It never was: and I answer, it never will, as long as Satanís power reigneth. Therefore the Scriptures must be fulfilled, for the Lord to destroy him that hath the power of death, which is the devil: as it is said by the apostle—To take away the sin of the world, he must destroy the author, before this righteousness will ever be established. For we may see all manner of sins among the professed, as well as the profane; and how it was in our Saviourís days—that religion throughout the world was not established by him; neither did our Saviour say it would, before the prince of this world was cast out. Now all these things have been explained throughout my writings, how, by the destruction of evil, the kingdom of the Lord will be established in righteousness; but these authors never mention any destruction of Satan, or the root of evil; and yet they write, that righteousness shall cover the earth, and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and his Christ! Now I wish to know how this change must take place; will they answer, by judgments? Then let them turn back their thoughts to the deluge, and see if that judgment brought in a righteous nation; let them discern all the judgments throughout the Bible,


and they will see, that they never brought in one nation for all to be righteous. We never read that it was so among the Jews; neither did the judgments on Jerusalem, nor all that followed, make them a righteous people; neither can we see it under the Gospel, that all the professors were righteous; then I wish to ask these worldly-wise men, how they are going to bring in the kingdom of God, for all to be righteous, by their wisdom, when they are going to shut up the SCRIPTURES, that no more revelation of the SPIRIT of the LORD is to be given? This is mocked and despised by these very men, who profess to believe that the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the great deep; and at the same time, they will not allow any knowledge of the Lord shall be given us, more than we have already obtained. Then now I ask of them, who thus pretend to write that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of God and his Christ, how this is to be accomplished, without a further revelation than man hath got already? Without looking to the neighbouring nations abroad, and seeing what different religions are there, I will only call their attention at home, to look to the professors of the Gospel: hear how they preach one against the other; how they write one against the other, condemning their wrong judgment and wrong faith in that Gospel they believe: and can these errors be done away by the wisdom of man? I answer, no; every mouth must be stopped, and every tongue must be silent; and every reasonable man must confess this must be a work of God, and not of man, seeing how long Christians have contended one against the other to no purpose; and every manís ways are clean in his own eyes, and so they will continue until they are enlightened by the Spirit of God: for our Saviour says, it is the Spirit of Truth that must be sent to lead us into all truths; and we must know, from the Revelation, that the great accuser of the brethren


must be cast down, and chained down, before this happy change can take place for man: then come the kingdoms of our God and the power of his Christ. But this they do not discern, that the power of evil must be first destroyed; neither do they discern Isaiah xxv. 8—He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall be taken away from off all the earth; for the Lord hath spoken it. This men do not discern, in what manner death was passed on man by the subtlety of Satanís arts; and this must be swallowed up in Victory by the Promise that was made in the Fall. This must be done before the Scriptures can be fulfilled, to bring in the kingdom of God in peace and righteousness throughout the earth. And now I may add his own words—We have line upon line, and precept upon precept, judgment upon judgment, threatening upon threatening, invitation upon invitation, from the Prophecies that are gone out in the world. Now let us go back to 1792, and then see all the threatenings that have been through, and what hath followed, and to whom these things have been sent; and though the truth followed, it was not discerned from whose hand the threatenings came; and thus I may add, with this author—It was owing to the untoward disposition of the scholars; though he sent one threatening after another, and one judgment after another; but when he found they would not receive instruction, he dismissed them and introduced others. Thus the Lord has gone on with his people; and thus he will go on till his kingdom be established in righteousness. But as different from the judgment of man will this be done as the judgment of this writer, who speaks of the world becoming the kingdom of God and his Christ, without adding one line to say, that the power of evil will be destroyed. So I see the wisdom of men is placing things they know not how, nor in what manner they


will be fulfilled; but through the revelation of the Spirit to me, the Scriptures are explained how the whole will be fulfilled, as it is spoken in the Scriptures of truth; but every author that I see writing on the Scriptures seems to leave out three parts out of four; nay, I may say, scarce one part out of twenty in the Bible is taken notice of by man.—We complain of the Jews, and their blindness, after seeing the miracles our Saviour wrought, and after seeing the destruction of Jerusalem, as our Saviour told them, that they still should go on in blindness and unbelief; but is not this age equally as blind?

Now from these two magazines, they have affirmed the truth of my prophecies, from 1792 to this day, how the judgments are in the lands, as threatened; and perfectly as foretold by me it is come; and yet I have no doubt but these very men, who have owned the truth, from their writings, will be as strong to say my visitation was not from the Lord, though it came true, as the Jews were to deny our Saviourís being the Son of God, after they had seen the truth of his words. So what will convince an unbelieving mind? will they not turn every truth, and wrest the truth as they wrest the Scriptures? And now let us come to the words of St. Paul, Romans xi. 20, 21—"Because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not high-minded, but fear. For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee."

Now when we come to reflect what the Lord said of the Jews—You only have I known of all the families of the earth—and they were cut off through unbelief, what have we to expect, after having line upon line, precept upon precept, to assure us that the Lord is come to visit his people by the Spirit of Truth? Seeing every truth to follow, what must we expect, if we mock the whole? Here I leave my enemies to be my judges, as they mocked me in the beginning of the year, and are now confirming


the truth of my prophecies at the ending. Will they make me more than human, to say all this knowledge came from myself, before the shadows began to appear? Then they must make me more than human; as it is out of the power of any human being, without the visitation of the Lord, to have foretold all the events, which have taken place, as I have; and I am sorry to say, the believers of the Gospel no more discern how all will be fulfilled, nor in what manner all was spoken, than the Jews understood the prophets, in what manner our Saviour must come into the world, to fulfil the words of the prophets, first to die for man, before he cometh in might, majesty, and power, to claim the kingdoms for his own. This was a stumbling-block to the Jews, as they expected to see chapter ix. of Isaiah fulfilled, when our Saviour comes to be the mighty God, the everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace: this they expected must be first, before chapter liii. is fulfilled. This was the blindness of the Jews, not discerning through the prophets, how all foretold of his coming first to suffer for man, before he cometh again in GLORY. And just like them are the believers of the Gospel; they take no notice of our Saviourís words, what he said in St. John xiv. 17, 18, 26, and chapter xvi., from verse 6 to 14. Chapter xv. 26—Neither understand they the meaning of Acts iii. 21, what is meant by the restitution of all things. Now if we weigh the apostles through, and the words of our Saviour, we must put the Gospel out of doors, if we deny a further revelation of his Spirit to bring us out of darkness into his marvellous light. Now let us mark the words of St. Peter, 1st Epistle, chapter i.—"Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time." Here the apostle sheweth us, if we weigh his epistles through, there would be a further revelation of Jesus Christ in the last times; and the apostle Paul strongly affirms, in his epistles, that all


things were not then revealed; for he telleth us of a further revelation; in his epistles to Timothy, he saith, Christ gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time; and in 1 Thessalonians v. 18 he saith, This is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you: Quench not the Spirit; despise not prophecy. Then if this be the will of God, how can man profess to believe his Gospel, and refuse the things that are his will? And know it is said in the Revelation—The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy; then how can we profess to have any testimony, or knowledge of his coming to bring in the redemption of man, before the Spirit of Prophecy be given? It is marvellous in my eyes, how men can pretend to read the Scriptures! and know, from the prophets, and the apostles, and from the words of our Saviour in his Gospel, how much greater knowledge man will have of God in the end, when he bringeth in his Kingdom of Peace, than ever he had in any age of the world. But how can this great knowledge come, without a revelation from the Spirit of the Lord? Do not the professors of the Gospel make us ignorant of every knowledge, that we cannot know by what spirit we are visited? This is affirmed by them; for though I have had the witness within, with every strong and clear evidence, that my visitation was from the Lord, and from the truth that hath followed his words, to be assured, and to know it was the Spirit of Truth; yet the professed Christians have told me, We know not one spirit from another. Then if there be no knowledge from our inward feeling, nor from the truth that followeth the words, I ask them, what knowledge man has got of his Creator? or what knowledge he hath of the visitation of the Spirit of the Lord? For if I am deceived, who have found the truth of the Spirit, for more than twenty years, answering my prayers, and directing my goings, in every time of difficulty for myself, before I was visited for the nation,


in ninety-two, by the Spirit of Prophecy. As my life is in print, and the manner I was led on, I need not enumerate these things; only affirm to the world, if I know not in whom I have believed, nor from whence my visitation comes, then all men must say, man has no knowledge of his God, nor of the visitation of his Spirit; and then the Gospel must be denied; because it assures us, by the truth we shall know the spirits, whether they are of God or not. So if the Spirit of Truth is denied, then the Gospel is denied likewise.—But I know there are many mysteries in my writings, that are not easy to be understood; neither will they, before they are fulfilled. Some mysteries in my writings, that no man ever understood, have been clearly explained of late; but not before they were fulfilled. These things may appear to the public hereafter; but they will not go in print for the present. Though the mystery is cleared up to me concerning Mr. Carpenter and Joseph, I confess it confused my mind greatly at first. But now I shall leave my friends to try their judgment, where they think these hidden mysteries stand in my writings: many places are already explained; and others more remarkable, that never were understood by any man, are now explained to me as clear as the noonday sun.

And now I shall come to make an observation on a pamphlet, entitled "Signs and Duties on the Times," by the Rev. Thomas Scott, which was left in the pews at the Rev. Mr. Fosterís Chapel.

He begins as follows:

"As the Providence of God is designed to be, to the end of the world, a growing commentary upon HIS word, Christians are called to be serious observers of what HE is doing among men—to watch the Signs, that they may understand the Duties, of the Times in which they live. The present situation of public affairs is unusually alarming. The events of the last ten years have nothing like them in history;


and, if related before they had occurred, would have appeared impossible. The wisest politicians have been deceived in their plans and expectations. Infidelity and Anarchy have come forth into open day. They have enlisted nations in their cause. They have drawn the sword of brother against brother; set nation against nation; deluged Europe with blood; shaken society to its foundation; and aim at nothing less than the extermination of Christianity itself. The affairs of this Kingdom and of Europe at large, have, within this short period, been wound up, by a rapid succession of surprising occurrences, to an awful crisis; such, indeed, as our fathers have never seen, and which is pregnant with incalculable consequences to our children. In this awful crisis we now stand. Let us feel it as men: Let us feel it as Christians."

"Guided by the word of God, we have been enabled to form some opinion of these dispensations. We apprehend ourselves to be placed in those interesting times, which more especially require our solemn admiration of the righteous judgments of God, and our continued submission to HIS dispensations; with patient hope, in HIS own time, of a happy issue to HIS Church."

"The Lord has a just controversy with the world, for its contempt of HIS Gospel. His best blessing has been scorned. By the great body of Christendom, Christ has been rejected; the Holy Spirit has been dishonoured; and the word of God has been despised. The man, who looks around him with the Bible in his hand, will see too much reason to apprehend, that all, which we have hitherto suffered, is but the beginning of sorrows. He will justify God in all HE has brought upon Europe, or yet may bring; and, if he be an inhabitant of these realms, he will own, with thankfulness, that the strokes of just displeasure, which have fallen upon his privileged but ungrateful country, have been, in an extraordinary manner, tempered with mercy. The voice


of God to us, has been the voice of a father. He would seek to reclaim by HIS chastisements, before he resolve to abandon us to ruin."

Now I shall come to his observation on the times. He says, that the events of the last ten years have nothing like them in history. Now this is the perfect truth of my prophecies, which was explained to me from the first chapter of Joel—Hear this, ye old men, and give ear, all ye inhabitants of the land: hath this been in your days, or even in the days of your fathers? Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation. From this chapter, it was explained to me, in many years past, that such things should hasten on, as had not been in many generations; that if they looked back, they should find nothing like it, from their fathers to their forefathers; and so they should tell their children to come, that one generation might tell another, how the Lord had spoken, and how he went on to fulfil his words. Now here this reverend divine confirms the truth of the words—that we have nothing like it in history. He further observes that if these things had been related before they had occurred, they would have appeared impossible to be credited; yet as impossible as it may appear to man to credit, I can affirm to the whole world, and prove before all men, that they were all foretold by me, before any of these events took place, in the perfect manner he hath spoken, and affirms to have been fulfilled. Now what a contradiction there is in mankind, to acknowledge the truth, to confirm the truth, and at the same time deny the truth! My readers may ask, what I mean by denying the truth?

To this I answer, we are taught from the Scriptures of truth, when prophecies were given of future events, of nations and people, and the truth followed, that they were prophets taught of the Lord; and it is written, the Lord is the same to-day, yesterday,


and for ever; in him is no variableness, nor the shadow of turning; and from the Gospel we are assured, by our Saviour himself, that HE is with us to the end; and the Spirit of Truth should be sent unto us; so by the truths following the prophecies, we must know, it is the Spirit of Truth; and yet this Spirit is denied by thousands, as being the Spirit of God. So here is the truth owned and denied; because the prophecies are owned to be true, and yet denied as being from the Lord. And now I shall go further to his observations:—The wisest politicians have been deceived. Such were my prophecies in 1792. The visitation of the Lord upon all nations, that the wisdom of the wise should perish, and the understanding of the prudent men should be hid, and the bows of the mighty men should be broken. Now let men discern the pages, which I have pointed out, that the Lord would shake other nations to awaken this; and this is observed by this reverend divine, what is in other nations, and threatening our shores, but how the Lord keeps it back, to try this nation. And he observes that, when the Lordís hand is lifted up, they will not see; and because they will not, the Lord seemeth determined to fulfil his threatenings—they shall see and be ashamed. Here the writer seems to join with my writings in opinion, that they will be fulfilled, while at the same time, the clergy at large, and likely himself among the rest, will persuade men not to believe the very things they pen themselves; for, if you go through his pamphlet, he joins with me in opinion, that my writings will be fulfilled, the greatest part; but no man joins with my writings, of the destruction of evil, to bring in the happy issue to Christís Church. Here seems to stand all the difference between the serious discerners of the times and my prophecies. My prophecies foretold in the beginning all these things, which these serious writers now begin to observe—The Signs of the Times, how all stand as foretold by me, as I know it was foretold; but I do not say


that my visitation is allowed by them; but by their observation of the past, and their judgment of the future, they allow my prophecies to be true; and they are hoping for the glorious end, that is said in my writings will take place; and yet there is not one of these writers who seems to have any idea of Satanís power being destroyed, before that happy period takes place; and yet they observe in their writings, that in the midst of all these judgments, men go on hardened in sin; then I wish they would tell me, how this change is to take place, before the root of evil is destroyed? This is the contention between the unbelieving world and me. All to them seemeth a dream, to say the Lord will fulfil the Promise HE made in the Fall, and destroy all the works of the devil. But now, as he allows these things would not have been believed, before they took place, perfectly so they are of the destruction of Satan; this appeareth impossible with the wisdom of man, but not impossible with the power of God; but as they would not have believed the one, before they saw it, and now are come to acknowledge the truth, just so they are by the other; thousands will not credit the whole to be possible, before they see the truth appear. And now let men mark the letter that was put in the hands of the Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, January, 1797, in the 29th and 30th pages of Warning to the World, and what was said of the fall of many nations; but the readers may say, all is not true, that France is not desolate of most of the inhabitants; but they have not seen the end of France yet; the judgment of man can never make prophecies true; because it is said, the French would be great conquerors before this destruction came upon them. And now let all men discern in what manner my writings stand; the things that appeared to be fulfilled in 1802, were then said to be hastening on, which we now see the truth of before us; and so the prophecies, that seemed to be fulfilled in 1797, concerning Italy, by the French conquering,


as it was said, we now see more strongly fulfilled, by their allowing Buonaparte to be their king. And now discern how great the fire is burning on the continent, and how the nations are falling, as it was said; so if we take a serious survey of all that happened, from 1792 to this day, we must allow every truth was foretold: and it is from the prophecies that every man must judge of the end.

Now I shall come to his further observation, as our Saviour said in the Gospel, the Spirit of Truth should come to lead us into all truths, and the apostle Paul affirmeth, this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us, to quench not the Spirit nor despise Prophecies; I shall come to his observation—"Christ has been rejected; the Holy Spirit has been dishonoured; and the Word of God has been despised." Here he affirms the truth of my prophecies, as I was told in the beginning, this would be done in this ungrateful land, where mercies were offered; men were invited; unbounded love was held out to men, of their redemption; and by thousands would be rejected; and the visitation of HIS Spirit would be despised; and this would bring sorrows upon us, which many reverend divines, as well as this, now seem to discern; and yet they cannot discern the visitation of the Lord to me, though the prophecies are so true and so plain before their eyes, and acknowledged by them; then may it not well be said, The understanding of the prudent is hid? And I must say it is hid, that they do not discern from whence my visitation comes, when every truth is so plain before them. And now I shall call them to the Warning to the World, printed in April, 1804: Now let men mark the 4th page, where it is said—

"I will tell thee how long my fierce anger will burn; till all that have breath shall praise my name. Then will I be Israelís Shepherd, Josephís guide."—

Now I must call their attention to the beginning, where I was answered, Signs should be set from the weather;


as men said, unless they saw signs and wonders they would not believe; and yet when I told them to mark the weather, four and twenty days from the Christmas day to old twelfth day, this the unbelievers, as well as believers, were ready to mark, expecting to see signs and wonders from the weather; and every one was disappointed, which was answered to me—the Lord had said it to mock them that said, unless they saw signs and wonders they would not believe; but to believers the sign was set at the same time, from the rolling stone, and other signs, mentioned in the book. This was said to me would roll on three years; and three things they had to fear, "the sword, the plague, or some fatal disease to carry them off, and the famine: but I do not tell thee all these evils will come together in this land; but this land may begin to tremble." Now mark, from these words, and what hath followed to the lands abroad, what followed the same year in Spain—Earthquakes, plague, and famine, which must have been totally in Spain, if they had not had supplies from other nations, when they were in that fatal distress. And let us mark the fatal disorder at Gibraltar, with all the events that have rolled on upon the seas, and the nations abroad. And now let us come to Germany, and the accounts received from them. See the extracts from them in this book. Now when we weigh these things together, we must discern the truth of the words, that they have rolled on, though not in this land; then how can England stand self-confident? They could all discern the weather, when they saw it; but they cannot discern these truths, from whence they come, though they see the truth before them. But now I wish to awaken their attention, and discern this is the third year of the rolling stone; so let them discern what has happened abroad; and then let them fear what is coming at home, if they go on to mock the visitation of the Lord. For I can now prove there never were prophecies that came


on faster, through the Scriptures, than mine have come on, which I can prove to the world, from all my prophecies, what was foretold; and the newspapers, and the books that are in circulation, of the dreadful state of the nations abroad, prove the truth in every line. To enumerate the whole would fill a volume; therefore I shall leave them for the present, and come to an observation in the 51st page, Second Book of Strange Effects of Faith—

"I see menís sorrow daily to increase;
Iíll change the scenes and bring to perfect peace;
But first my thunder must before ME roll,
To break in pieces the most stubborn soul."

And now let us observe how menís sorrows have been increasing since this Communication was given to me; and since it was put in print, in 1801; then let us observe, how stubborn the heart of man is, still to mock in the midst of judgments, which are daily heard in our land, when they see every truth before them, and know not how soon a sudden surprise may reach our own shore, and an awful scene begin at home. As men ask, where are the judgments threatened in my writings, they may feel the truth of the prophetís word, which is pointed out by the religious society. If they will not see by what is abroad, I fear they may feel it at home: but, O England, England! thou that hast been favoured above all nations, and so long been invited to look forward with a longing desire for the coming of your Lord, that these scenes of misery, sin, and sorrow, may be done away, and you enter into the joy of your Lord, which is promised, if you now turn unto HIM, he will turn unto you. May you awake, as men out of sleep, and accept your promised blessings, before it be too late! I feel and pity the blindness of this nation: and many appear to me wilfully blind, like the conduct of Mr. Carpenter and his friends; for wilfully blind and hardened in the midst of judgments do they appear.


To my astonishment, I received a letter from a man whose character, it is well known, will not bear the slightest investigation; and yet this man writes to me, to make up the breach between Mr. Carpenter and me, while, at the same time, I am informed he is going about to my friends, with self-confidence, against Mr. Tozer, trying to invent all he can against him, to make his good deeds be evil spoken of. For was the whole to be made public before the world, the very things they condemn in him are acts of mercy, while this man, whose character will not bear the least scrutiny, is going about to condemn the other; and from this conduct I was answered, it was the perfect likeness of the devil, who is the great accuser of the brethren, condemning every fault in man, when his own crimes are of the blackest dye; and these crimes he wishes not to be punished; but the crimes of man he is always condemning. So here stands the likeness of Satan in the man, who is now going about to condemn the faults in Tozer, when his own faults ought to make him blush, and call his own conscience to witness: and he is answered to me from the Gospel—"How wilt thou say to thy brother, let me pull the mote out of thine eye, and behold, a beam is in thy own? Thou hypocrite! first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brotherís eye."

"For this very end, to shew mankind in its true colours, and the perfect truth of my Gospel, I chose Tozer, knowing they would condemn him out of malice, and never look to their own conduct; but now let them discern the words in my Gospel—ĎHe that is without sin, let him cast the first stone:í and let every man call his own conscience to witness: and know that my eye is everywhere present, discerning menís private ways, as well as public actions, and that nothing is hid from my view; then let them see if their own consciences would not make them speechless."


And now I shall appeal to the consciences of all Mr. Tozerís enemies; is there a man with clean hands and a pure heart amongst them, who can say their lives and characters are as good as his? Let them call their own consciences to witness, and see if they are not like the Scribes and Pharisees, who discerned the mote in their brotherís eye, and forget the beam that is in their own. Here I must say is the true picture of what it is compared to—Satanís being the great accuser of the brethren, while he is forgetting the blackness of his own crimes; for this is said to be the ways of the devil, coming forward with all he can against men, to accuse them before the Lord, not looking to himself, the way he seduced them in a state of innocence. Now which, judge ye, is in the greatest sin, he that seduces a woman to vice in the time of innocence, or he that taketh pity upon her to keep her from running into greater dangers? Let men judge, who acts most like the Spirit of our Lord, who took pity on returning sinners? And yet I know the Scribes and Pharisees condemned our Saviour for eating and drinking with sinners, forgetting themselves, that they were sinners. And now I shall come to the character that I received from Exeter, of Mr. Tozer, from a person who lived in the same parish. He said "he had known Mr. Tozer from a child; and he had always known him to be an honest man; he had great dealings with him; and he was looked upon as a good-tempered, generous man, and fond of paying his money. That some years since he mentioned the times that appear approaching, and by that means got himself very much abused, and was injured in his business."

Now I shall appeal to the conscience of this man, who wrote to me, and is now going from place to place to prejudice menís minds against Mr. Tozer, whether he can produce as fair a character for his honesty and upright dealings, as Tozer has got? His conscience must answer him—Verily, no. Then now I answer, A man whose walls are made of glass should be very careful how he throws a stone at his


neighbourís windows. But how can a man write of being a peace-maker, when at the same time he is in malice against my friends? Then he must be at enmity against me, and against the Spirit that directs me: for now I shall give the answer that was given to me, in answer to his letter of making up the breach.


"Now I shall answer thee. Had this discord begun as man with man, as man with man, they might have tried to make peace, to have healed the breach, before it goeth too far. This is right in temporal things, as men with men; but now let all men consider, this is a breach between God and man; if they allow thy visitation to be from the Lord, they must allow the breach is as I tell thee, between God and man. And now reflect how long I bore with Carpenter; how long I invited him; and how long I required things of him, to give an answer to the letter thou sentest him, concerning Joseph, Dowland, and thee. This he refused; to come and judge for himself he refused; to have the men that I commanded to come and judge for him, between him and thee, this they refused likewise; I ordered the letters to be sent to Tozer for him, and permitted any of the seven to go for them; this was refused likewise; I ordered the letter he sent to thee to be sent to Tozer for thee; this was refused by Carpenter likewise. Now let men judge for themselves, from all thy books, how long I bore with the man; how long I invited him; and how I threatened him; and how stubborn he proved to all. Then I ordered the letter to be brought forward, to prove they had acted according to the caution I gave them, of following Dowlandís disobedience; this he refused likewise; but, to give my Spirit the lie, he boldly lied, in who led thee out of the field. Now let men weigh all these things together, and tell ME what they judge of their God, if they think I shall bear these insults from man, and let these breaches be made up by man,


to give my Spirit the lie, when the word is gone out of my mouth, that Carpenter and thee are parted for ever; for as he refused every command of mine, through thee, my commands are over. Therefore, I tell thee, it was the devil that worked upon this manís mind and heart to send to thee to heal the breach, that he may give my Spirit the lie. But now I tell thee, if ever thou sufferest the breach to be healed by man, thou must join with Carpenter in his rebellion and disobedience; and then my protection to thee is over. How shall I clear my honour, to keep my word and promise, and destroy the powers of darkness, for his arts from the beginning, and disobedience in the ending, when I had set bounds for him, as I did for man, by the Sealed Number? How shall I stand to my word with him, if I break my word with man, to suffer the breach to be made up between Carpenter and thee? And know what I have told thee already, if he was ever convinced of his errors, to become a humble man, and acknowledge his faults to the world, he would never wish ME to break my promise; nor thee to go from my command, ever to see him more; he would sooner fly from thee in humble fear, than presume to come, when I have forbidden. Therefore I told thee, thou shouldest never meet him more as a friend; and as a friend he never will appear in thy presence designedly. But now I will tell thee how the breach can be made up at a distance: to stop the warfare going on between him and thee is by his acknowledging to the world, that he hath sinned and came short of the glory of God; he hath acted wrong in every step, not discerning thy visitation, how strongly thou art bound in obedience to ME; and that it is by thy own Master thou must stand or fall. And know I have told thee, if I suffer a wrong spirit to deceive thee, that fault shall be mine; for now I shall come to thy pleading in prayer—being pronounced dead to knowledge, you cannot be a judge of invisible spirits; so thy trust is in my protection, that I will not suffer thee to be deceived;


and thy own ignorance thou hast pleaded to me; and on my promises thou dost rely, that I will not suffer thee to be deceived by any invisible spirit; and I have promised that I will not. So here thou standest to thy own Master, trusting in the Lord to be thy protector; and thy answer must be to all men, by him thou wilt stand or fall; and my commands thou must obey; therefore man hath nothing to do in making up the breach between him and thee; because, I tell thee, the type goes deep—As disobedience in the man, as separating from the woman, where I had fixed my command to stand in obedience to my Word. Here the shadow is begun by man, to be separated from the woman, where the standard is fixed; and perfectly so I tell thee of the devil; for here the standard is fixed the same, for him to be separated from the whole; as he goes on to tempt the sealed, I shall cut off his power, and separate him from the whole, as I have separated Carpenter and thee. So now let all men judge for themselves, how I shall act consistent with my honour, to destroy all the powers of darkness, and cut Satan off for his disobedience. Can I keep my word with him, if I begin to break it with man, and suffer man to heal the breach, that I have said shall never be healed with him and thee? Then my word must be null and void with man, and Satan hath room to plead, that my word must be null and void with him the same; then I ask thee, how Satan, the great accuser of the brethren, can be cast down? Would he not have room to go on and plead with his accusations against man? But now discern my footsteps from the beginning, how I kept my word with man in the Fall, and how I have kept my word with men in all ages of the world, to cut them off when they broke all my commands. Mark Saul; mark Solomon; and see how the Jews stand before you a proverb of my word to this day: and let them know, I am God the same; when the decrees are gone out of my mouth to be fixed and unalterable, there, I tell thee, my word shall stand.


And know how long I told thee of Carpenter, if he repented, I should rend the veil from him if he repented before it was too late; but as he was stubborn, my decrees were fixed to rob him of his honour, as he went on to rob ME of mine; and now he is left to see his folly and repent, if he hath a heart to repent and confess his folly, and never more be against thee, or wish a friend to tempt thee to disobey my commands, but humbly say he submits to his fate, and owns that he is justly condemned for tempting the woman to disobedience, when I had commanded her to stand in every obedience. Now I tell thee, if this be his confession and his repentance, he will find mercy at the throne of grace, though he is separated from thee; but he will never wish to tempt thee more to disobey, by seeing him.

"So here the shadow stands in man,
That you do not discern;
For to the Tempter so Iím come;
Then judge how I do warn,
To shew you plain, ye sons of men,
The way Iíve placed the whole.
I have begun, I say, in Man,
To shew you of the Fall:
He tempted thee, all men must see,
By arts to disobey;
But my restraint was laid on thee.—
Now mark what I do say:
íTis with the Man I have begun
To separate the TWO;
And so with Hell I shall go on—
Bring all before your view:
For he must fall, I tell you all,
By his temptations here.
So if you now discern the call,
You all will see it clear,
How Satanís cast, how he is fixed,
If he doth disobey,
Or eíer tempt Man, for to go on—
He there is bound in every sound;
But every bond heíth broke.
But Iíll go on as Iíve begun:
For Man you see the stroke.
So now weigh deep; then man must weep,
Who now doth interfere,
To wish to have thee break my word;
For Satanís arts are there,


Just like the Fall; I tell you all,
The mystery is begun;
The flaming sword, be it known to all,
Shall cut the Serpent down,
If now thou standíst by my command,
Nor men nor devils fear;
For thereís no man shall intercede,
As my commands are here.
So now go on, as I command,
And let the Fall appear;
As Adam took it from her hand,
When Satanís arts were near;
So both alike, the path is straight,
They did begin at first;
But mark the difference of the two,
The way the blame was cast.
So here begins a different line,
When I the truth demand;
The Man on ME the fault, you see,
How he hath both condemned;
The Woman here that did appear
He did condemn with ME.
But now the mysteries I shall clear;
And from the Woman see,
She cast her blame her foe to shame,
And I shall shame the whole:
The Serpentís head I said Iíd bruise;
So now discern the Fall;
As ítwas at first I said at last,
For different seed would come;
To cast it on the Serpentís head
Theyíd with the Woman join.
So now with thee they joined must be,
Who wish ME to redeem
The Woman from her every fall;—
Iíve said, without a SEAM
My COAT was here, it did appear
All interwoven through;

And so to men I now shall come,
If they will all go through
Their every fall, I tell you all,
Then Man must join with thee;
And now discern the every call—
You separated be.
The Fall of Man I say is come;
If thou with him shouldíst join,
I tell you plain, youíre all undone—
And call the whole to mind:
From Adamís Fall you do say all
Your ruin did come on;
But now to Man I loudly call—
Discern what he had done:
Can it appear, I ask you here,
In his rebellion strong,


As Carpenter doth now appear,
If you the whole discern?
So now see plain, ye sons of men,
If thou shouldíst join with he,
More fatal now than Adamís Fall
Your ruin all would see;
Because together I have placed
The Serpent and the Man.
So now discern, ye fallen race,
If you do clear the one,
Then I must clear the other here,
And both alike youíd see.
Worse than the first would be the last—
Let Man now answer ME,
How I can clear the CALLING here,
From thy OBEDIENCE placed,
To say the PROMISE I shall clear,
And now the Serpent cast.

"Now let men draw their judgment from what I have said, and I shall answer thee again; and let them discern in what manner Manís interference was at first—not to mend the Womanís fall, to make it better; but it is known to all, he made it worse, and gave the greater place to the devil to be the accuser of mankind. And perfectly so, I tell thee, now the way the breach would be healed by man would give Satan every advantage over them, to be their accuser to the end, that all were gone again in disobedience, like the former; then how can I condemn him? Here I have shewed thee the folly in man, and how Satan is working upon the hearts of men, to seek their own destruction. And thus I have shewed thee of Carpenter and them that wish to make up the breach."

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