Which was promised in the Fourth Book








Curate of Brixham, Devon




I SHALL begin this Book with the advertisement sent to be put in Bellís Weekly Messenger of Sunday, the 29th of May, but which was refused insertion.

"In the Third and Fourth Books of Wonders, Joanna Southcott announced to the world, that she should have a SON this year, in the sixty-fifth year of her age, by the power of the Most High.

"Whatever mockery the announcing of such an event may cause amongst mankind, or however wonderful it may appear, there is the most satisfactory evidence that it will be realized. This proof is established upon the testimony of the three women, being mothers of children, who have all along attended her; and upon their examination by two medical gentlemen, as to the symptoms which have taken place in Joanna Southcott, from the 17th of March to the 26th of May, whose decided opinion thereon is, that, if such symptoms were in a young woman, she must be pregnant of a living child."

Now I shall begin to answer the mockery of the world, from the words of Paul, Acts xiii. 40, 41.—"Beware therefore, lest that come upon you which is spoken of in the prophets: behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you."

But why should they not believe? The prophets tell them: because of their sins God gave them up to the hardness of their hearts. Psalm lxxxi. 11, 12.—"But my people would not hearken to my voice; and Israel would none of me.


So I gave them up to their own heartsí lust: and they walked in their own counsels."

As it was in those days, so it is now, from the mockery I am informed of, from different places. They invent lies, and believe them; but the truth they will not believe, if it be told them. The first invention I shall notice is, their saying, that I shall contrive to have a child brought in a warming-pan; others say that there are young women in the house, who are with child, and their child will be imposed on the public as mine; another said, that I could easily buy a child from the workhouse, and Townley and Underwood would lend their aid in the imposition.

In these inventions they have shewn their own folly, in supposing that we have so little respect to our characters, as to have recourse to such foolish expedients of deception, which must necessarily be exposed, if the child announced by me should not be born as promised, to bring in blessings to mankind. Then the practising of such inventions, as they have thought of, must not only bring a curse upon themselves, but an everlasting disgrace that could never be forgotten. The world do not know me, Townley, nor Underwood.

Here I think it necessary to notice what men have reported of the property I am worth, and to reason with them upon their own grounds. My sister Carter told me, at Bristol, in 1809, that the report was in Ottery, that I was worth ten thousand pounds; another told me, that he hath heard the same report at another place; and, after the death of Mr. Cosins, I have been informed that the world have magnified it to fifteen thousand. And now, to shew the folly of these inventions, I shall let them know in what manner I made my will. When I looked forward to nothing more


than the awful trial,* and my death to follow, before this revelation came to me, that I should have a child, I made my will in the following manner: after leaving a legacy to my brother and sister, to be paid at my death, and an annuity as long as they lived, with a few legacies to other relatives, and some legacies and tokens of love to my faithful friends, who have shewn kindness to me, and stood faithfully by me ever since I left Devonshire; after leaving these legacies and tokens of love, which did not amount to more than a thousand pounds; then all the residue of this great fortune, which the world say I am in possession of, I had left entirely to Mrs. Jane Townley, and Mrs. Ann Underwood, as we have lived together ten years; and, as a mark of my gratitude for their having done every thing in their power to make me happy; and from their having written all the Communications given to me, ever since we have lived together, both for the press, and in letters to my friends; their giving up the world, and confining themselves to be with me; and their having made it their study to alleviate my sorrows and sufferings, under every abuse, that I have had to pass through, from an unbelieving and malicious world, which hath wounded me greatly by their false inventions to injure my character. And, when I reflect on the kind attention and affection which they have shewn to me through all the persecution I have had to go through, if I could forget their love, then I must have forgotten myself, and have an ungrateful wicked heart, to bring in a strangerís child, if I could do it without any oneís knowledge. But here men must be void of common sense and reason, if they suppose that Townley

* This was in 1813. The money left her by Mr. Cosins brought in an income of £250 per annum


and Underwood would aid in such an imposition, and which must so speedily come to a disgraceful end: and I am now answered respecting the putting the purport of my will in print as follows:—

"I have led thee on in darkness, to bring to light the ignorance of foolish men; and it was for this reason that I worked in thee to make thy will, at a time when thou hast looked forward to death; and now I have ordered thee to put it in print, to shame and confound thy infamous accusers: for greater infamy could never be invented, and blacker crimes could not be done, than what they invented, that thou, Townley, and Underwood, would contrive to do for to mock both God and man."

Here I have answered the inventions of some men; but, as Solomon observes, men have sought out many inventions, I shall in the next place notice what one Besley, a printer, in South-street, Exeter, hath said in two hand-bills, which he hath printed against me and against the Spirit I am visited by. As he makes a mockery of the Millennium, and calls Brice, the printer of my first book, a man of good sense, whom he allows to be a Deist; from such expressions, I can only judge that he holds the same opinions as Brice did; therefore I shall not enter into Scriptural arguments with such men; but I shall take Besley upon his own grounds, to shew him his folly, that out of his own mouth he stands condemned.

He saith, "I am told her followers are become numerous, that she has a genteel establishment, and a chapel built solely for the use of her disciples."

This information I acknowledge to be true; for I am very comfortably situated; I have a number of respectable and worthy friends; and there is


not only one chapel built in Duke-street, Westminster-road, but another at Greenwich, and another at Twickenham, for the accommodation of those who believe in the Scriptures and the fulfilment thereof. And it was my firm belief in the Gospel that caused me to believe in the Spirit as being a visitation from the Lord, according to our Saviourís words; and it was from obeying the Spirit, and following his directions, that brought me into this situation, and fulfilled the promises made to me in 1794. So I have proved the truth of that Spirit, which Besley says is a lying spirit, a mere idle devil. But his expressions are too blasphemous for me to bring them forward. Did I not know better of the Spirit by experience, for more than forty years, than Besley knoweth for me, can any one suppose that I should have published the Third Book of Wonders from a Spirit that I could place no dependence upon, that announces an event, which if it doth not take place, must throw all my genteel establishment to the ground, and leave me destitute of those numerous followers that he says I have got? Here I appeal to the public for their judgment, whether they think any woman would run such a hazard as I have, if I had not sure grounds to rely on the Spirit that I am led by? But Besleyís folly shews me the wisdom of a manís observation, who said, that there was all manner of sense in the world; good sense, and nonsense; but common sense was wanting; for that was scarce to be found. And common sense is wanting in Besley; for, if he had had common sense, he would have known, and reason would have told him, that no woman would have run the hazard that I have, without having strong and sure grounds to rely upon the truths of the Spirit


as I have experienced throughout my life, like the hairs of my head that cannot be numbered; and as the truths have come of the past, so I now rely upon the Spirit for the future, and with him I leave my cause.

As Besley mocks the Spirit, for ordering me to carry my first book to a Deist to print, I think it necessary to state the particulars.

Brice being a Deist was the very reason why it was first carried to him, to shew that those who mocked the Gospel would mock the visitation likewise; and therefore the order was given at first, that he should print no more than three sheets. Brice said, that he had no objections to print prophecies; but when I carried Communications to him concerning the Gospel; then he mocked the Gospel and the visitation of the Spirit to me; and from his mockery I was answered, that that was the reason he was confined to print no more than the three sheets.

But Besley sheweth plainly what artful lies and insinuations men will invent, to give the Spirit the lie and to say I go contrary to the directions, as he brings forward my being ordered to carry my first book to Brice. He says, "the Spirit selected the printer; but as another instance of womanís disobedience, or so little attention did she herself think necessary to the injunction of the invisible monitor, that in direct violation of the command, she sent for me to undertake the work, after Mr. B. had had the copy in his hands for some time; but did not proceed, for substantial reasons; and I was desired by her friend, Mr. S. junior, to attend her on Sunday next, to receive the second command of this sabbath-breaking spirit. In answer to my inquiry of her friend, who was to become responsible for the


payment, I was referred to the Rev. Mr. P., who I was given to understand espoused her pretensions, and would be answerable for the amount. Here I detected a lying spirit, as she was afterwards obliged to make an apology in the public papers for the unwarrantable use she made of that gentlemanís name."

Here I shall answer for myself. I was surprised to hear of this new invention, as I never heard of it before. Whether invented by Besley, or a folly in Mr. S. is unknown to me. I never sent for Besley; neither did I know anything of the man; so he hath condemned the Spirit and me falsely, in all the assertions he hath made. What another person may say and do in my name, unknown to me, I cannot be accountable for; but what he hath brought forward is entirely false; for had I wanted money, or any person to be responsible for me, I should never have applied to Mr. P. for he was the last person whom I should have thought of; and for substantial reasons, as people began to say that he wrote the copies, and I put them in print; therefore I should never have applied to him to be security for the payment. I never made an unwarrantable use of Mr. P.ís name; neither did I make any apology in the public papers. He said, that my putting his name in print was from the devil, and desired me to sign to his words, which I did. But I now see my own folly in so doing, from the advantage which my enemies have made of it, to turn it to their own purposes. But I can clear myself to the world from all the assertions which Mr. P.ís conduct hath caused to be thrown on my character: and from this, any one may see the injury which he hath done to me, by putting weapons in the hands of my enemies to fight against me.


Besleyís saying that he made an inquiry who was to be responsible for the printing, is to insinuate to the world, that I began printing and had not money to pay for it. This inquiry was never made to me by any one; for I bought the paper, and paid for it myself, before it was sent to the printer; and I paid for every book as it came out. And, after Brice had printed my first book, Mr. Floyde applied to me for the work, and he printed all my other books which were printed at Exeter. So let not Besley say that I applied to him to print any of my works.

But, from all the mockery that hath been poured out against me, by professors and profane, I see the force of our Saviourís words, throughout the Gospel, how he reproved the scribes and pharisees, and called them a generation of vipers. These expressions I once marvelled at; how so mild and benign a character as our Saviour should speak in that warm manner in his reproofs to them; but now when I see what provocation men give in these days, I no longer marvel at our Saviourís words; for like the sting of a serpent are such malicious tongues.

I have often remarked the observations of Solomon, how repeatedly he compared lying tongues to fools; but now I see the wisdom of his words; for no wise man will ever invent lies to slander his neighbour. So from the Proverbs of Solomon we may see from whom these slanders arise.


"From thy observations on the Scriptures, and the abuse of mankind, through unbelief, is what I warned thee of before, and proves the truth of my words, if they believed not my sayings,


neither would they believe thine; because thy sayings came from ME, to warn mankind that the end was at hand, that I should fulfil my Gospel, and the words of the prophets, which I said I came to fulfil, and that I should bring in the redemption of man, as I told them to expect in the end. And now my demand is to mankind, who profess to believe my Gospel, how they will prove my sayings true, without the SPIRIT of TRUTH to guide them into all truths, and without the SON being revealed in the end? As I said in my Gospel, if they do not believe that this will be fulfilled, they can no more believe my sayings, and the sayings of my Disciples, any more than Brice, who mocked the Scriptures throughout.

"And now come to the words of Peter. 1 Peter i. 5–7, 13.—"Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if needs be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations. That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ."—"Wherefore gird up the loins of your minds, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ."

1 Peter iv. 12, 13. "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: but rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christís sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the Spirit of glory


and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified."

"Now I ask mankind, that profess my Gospel, how they will explain the words of the Apostle, without a revelation being given in the last time, of the Lord Jesus Christ, that was not then revealed to them? For this was the witness which the Disciples bore of ME, that a REVELATION would be given in the end, which men would rejoice to hear, who were kept by the power of God through faith; but in the days of my Disciples, they had been with ME, they had known ME, and every thing was revealed to them that was good for them to know, at that time; and it was made known to them, that a further REVELATION would be given, when the time of the end drew near. But now I ask the gospel professors, what they make of the Apostleís words, of being sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you? Will they answer, that no grace was brought then by my Gospel unto men? In thy heart thou answerest, no: the professors of the Gospel will say, that all grace was brought then, that ever will be brought to men. Then the words of Peter must be false, and my Gospel null and void; for, this is the grace, in the end, that is to be brought to man, at the revelation of JESUS CHRIST, that never was revealed before, in what manner I should reveal the SON, that should be born to establish my kingdom, and bring in grace and peace to all mankind. And therefore ye need not think it strange to bear the fiery trial of persecution, which Satan works in the hearts of men to burn with malice and fury; because the enmity of Satan is greatly kindled, as a roaring lion walking about seeking whom he may devour. Thus is his fury working


in men; and this is the fiery trial ye must bear for a while. For there is no strange thing hath happened in this. Come to all ages of the world, and then ye will see, that those who were born after the flesh persecuted those who were born after the Spirit. For, after the flesh is unbelief, where Satan finds power to work; but, after the SPIRIT is the power of GOD through faith; and therefore ye ought to rejoice in this persecution, knowing the glory that is already revealed, that ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. But when was the time and when was the age, that such revelation was ever made known to man before, that this grace and glory are to be brought to man to be fulfilled, that men should rejoice in the persecution, knowing the glory drew near? But, as to mockery, it began in the Fall, by Satanís arts, when he betrayed the woman, and mocked her for believing that the command was given from the Lord; and so it hath gone on to this day. All the warnings that I gave to the prophets caused mockery in every age of the world; my Gospel caused mockery; my Disciples caused mockery; and so it stands to this day. The Jews mock the Gospel; and those who believe the Gospel mock the Jews: all sects and parties mock the religion one of another; and all the ways of the Lord have been mocked in every age of the world: so marvel not in thy heart, that this should cause mockery in like manner. But now I shall mock the whole; for, in this visitation, I shall shew my power in the CREATION, my power in the GOSPEL, and my power to bring in the REDEMPTION of man: because I shall shew my power so clearly in the creation of the CHILD in thy womb, that those who mock the SCRIPTURES now must


allow that power, which could create a SON in thy womb, at this age, could create the MAN and WOMAN in the beginning, and could create the WOMAN from the MAN, by the same power and out-stretched arm that I create the MAN from the WOMAN; because a MAN-CHILD is creating the MAN from the WOMAN; and it is from this that my power shall be made known to men, how I had power to take MANíS NATURE upon ME, in the VIRGINíS WOMB, to be born as a CHILD for the sons of men, and how I have power, in the end, to create that likeness again, to fulfil my Gospel, and why I likened the kingdom of heaven to a little CHILD. So from my power in this, it must prove my power in all, to men of wisdom, understanding, and reason; and with them mockery will cease; but the mock of fools will continue till they bring on their own destruction, and bring their mockery upon themselves. So here ye have nothing to marvel, that this visitation should cause mockery in mankind what they judge impossible to be; and such as believe the Scriptures the cunning devices of men to be mocked and despised, and that do not believe in the CREATOR at first, let no man marvel, that such men should make a mock of his being a CREATOR at last; because it is a new revelation to them, who say all things came by chance: but what new chance has now appeared? or what new invention thou hast contrived, to make men believe the Bible is true, to make men believe the Gospel is true, that there is a God who ruleth the universe, whose wisdom and power are out of the reach of men, and yet to reveal himself to the sons of men? This by Atheists must be mocked as some cunningly devised scheme of thine; because they have mocked the Scriptures


throughout as the invention of men; and they know that all their mockery must be turned back upon their own heads, and all their Babels fall to the ground, if they allow thy tower to stand. And therefore let no one marvel how great the mockery is amongst mankind; for thou knowest not the hearts nor thoughts of men, how few believe the Scriptures to be the word of God, when compared with the multitudes of mankind in the world:

For they—

Judge the Scriptures invention at the first;
Then how shall they allow the last,
For ME to make the Scriptures true,
And bring all mysteries to their view,
To shew my power at the last?
And from it they must judge the first;
And then their Babels down must fall.
For now I tell them, one and all,
Iíll shew my power so in thee,
A GOD in power, men shall see,
Is a CREATOR at the last,
As you may see it named at first;
And all my Bible Iíll fulfil—
Theyíll see my power, theyíll see my skill,
To bring the Atheists to the ground,
And own a GOD must now be found;
Or yet in power HE must appear,
Though they have mocked to baffle here.
But now their mockery cannot last;
Theyíll see the day-light soon to burst,
Their every mockery to confound,
The way that I shall work all round:
For, in the ending, all will see,
Iíll work a way to set thee free,
That no impostor can appear;
Because the end Iíll make so clear.
So they may draw their swords at first:
They donít discern how mine is placed
To turn it back on every head
That mocks the Scriptures, as Iíve said.


So here Iíve answered of the first.
Now let their mockery be placed,
The way the words of men appear,
And then again Iíll answer here."

It is the mockery that I have been informed of, from different places, that I am ordered to bring forward in this book.

In a letter received from a friend he says, "great is the mockery in Yorkshire. At Horbury they carried the effigy of Joanna through the village; then they shot at it seventeen shots; then placed it with the head downwards, and burnt it in a large fire, saying, she ought to be burnt; and the next day they carried another effigy, with two children, and repeated it the third day.

The same kind of mockery, I am informed, hath been carried on in different places in Somersetshire


"This kind of mockery sheweth what I said before, of Deists and Atheists; whether they acknowledge their unbelief in the Gospel, or not, it is in mockery to the Gospel this was done, to mock my first and second coming. And this displays the hearts of mankind, to shew how the rage and malice of the devil is still worked on in them against the Scriptures, as well as my visitation to thee. For here men have a plea to plead for themselves: in coming forth against the Gospel, they make a pretence it is against my visitation to thee; then now I ask the professors of religion, to what purpose was my coming into the world, to make myself known amongst mankind, if I do not come again in power to fulfil my Gospel, according to my words?


For all men may see, from the manner of this mockery, where the shots are levelled at. Thou sayest in thy heart, that the shots have not reached thee; because I have made thee strong in faith, before their mockery was made known to thee; so that their shots will only turn back on their own heads; and their case calls for pity, is the language of thy heart. To thy thoughts I shall answer. Their case calls for pity, before I have made my Gospel clear; because I know of Satanís working every way; and therefore I have borne with the sons of men to this day, with all their blasphemy in every age; but now they shall know the end is at hand, that all the shots which they have levelled at thee were in like manner levelled at ME, which I shall turn back upon their own heads. And now I shall answer thee from thy own words, and thy own ponderings throughout, that I shall now call out to man: for I know how often thou hast meditated in thy heart, that if there be a possibility of thy being deceived, it is from thy belief in the Gospel that hath deceived thee; for there thy heart and faith were fixed, from thy early age; and it was the Gospel that drew thy heart from the world; because from it thy faith was fixed that an inward direction might be given unto those who trusted wholly in the Lord: and, according to thy faith, directions were given to thee, to bring thee to a true knowledge of the Scriptures, whether they are right or wrong. But now I ask thee, how the Scriptures can be fulfilled, how the Gospel can be fulfilled, without the mockery and persecution of such men, as thou hast heard of, to cast out floods of lies against thee?

"Now come to my Apostles. 2 Peter, iii. chapter.


How could the words of Peter be fulfilled, to prove the last days were come, if there did not appear these "scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, where is the promise of his coming? for, since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the Creation?" And these men are daily increasing; for they are willingly ignorant of the Word of God; and therefore the Spirit is mocked, that testifieth of the Scriptures, that the last days are come, wherein the Scriptures shall be fulfilled. And now men are fulfilling the words of Peter, in the Second Chapter, "denying the Lord that bought them, and bringing upon themselves swift destruction." And many are following their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth is evil spoken of. Here thou mayest clearly see the truth of the Gospel, from what I said of the wheat and the tares to be separated at the harvest; and what my disciples said, after me, who these tares were, that would arise in the last days.

2 Timothy, iii. "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come: for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers." Now these men are come forward in their true colours, perfectly as described by Paul: "truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away."

"And now I shall answer thee, and the public at large, from the words which Besley hath printed, recommending an early communication with their respective pastors, for a right explanation


of the numberless Scripture texts so evidently distorted in the writings of Joanna and her confederates.

"Now I ask thee and all mankind, to what pastors can ye be recommended, to prove the truth of all these texts of Scripture, which I have ordered thee to bring forward, any other way than I have revealed to thee, that my visitation is now to fulfil them? Should I answer a fool according to his folly, and tell him to apply to pastors and teachers of the Gospel, for a right explanation and meaning of them, would he not continue in his folly as before, and no more believe in the explanation of the teachers and the pastors, to believe the Scriptures true, from any judgment formed by them, or any explanation given by them? This I tell thee, such men as Brice and Besley no more believe in their teachers and pastors than they believe in my visitation to thee; but this is pretending to have a form of godliness, to recommend them to teachers and pastors; this is done through hypocrisy, while he is denying the power of God and his Spirit. Then now let the pastors appear and convince these blasphemers, by their wisdom; or let them diligently search out the truth, to shame and confound them, by my power, and my word, which I have said I shall fulfil in thee.

"And now come to my Gospel. John vi. 39. "And this is the FATHERíS will which hath sent ME, that of all which HE hath given ME I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. And this is the will of him that sent ME, that every one which seeth the SON and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day."

"Now where are their teachers, or where are


their pastors, that the believers can apply unto, to explain the meaning of my words, if I do not fulfil them? And, how can I fulfil them, for every one to be taught of the Lord, as it is written by the prophets, without raising up in the last day a LIKENESS of the BODY I laid down for man? But now I tell thee of mankind, they are perfectly what I said in my Gospel: they will not enter in themselves, nor suffer those that are entering to go in. And this I warned thee of in the beginning, that thou wouldest first hear the mock of fools; and now the mock of fools hath filled thee with anger and indignation; because of their lies, as well as their blasphemy. But now I ask thee, how could it be proved, that it was the mock of fools, if they did not discover their folly, by shewing that it is men void of understanding, void of sense, reason, and religion? For such men would rejoice to come forward in the same manner against the Scriptures, with ridicule, as they are come forward against my visitation to thee, if they were not afraid of the laws of the land. For, if ye discern the manner of the abuse, the Scriptures are mocked in like manner, artfully done, like the devil, to mock them in thy name; and this sheweth plainly what the hearts of men are: and it was to discover the hearts and thoughts of men that I ordered thee to carry thy first book to Brice; for thou didst not know what his religion was, nor why I sent thee to him. But now call to thy remembrance, that he did not mock the prophecies; but said people were eager for them, and therefore willingly took it in hand; but know, as soon as the Gospel was mentioned, and the Holy Ghost was mentioned, then his mockery began; and he soon discovered what he was. Then he began to


abuse the prophecies: so that, from him, ye may judge the hearts of men, what is their belief of the Scriptures, what is their belief of a God. It is only fools who thus mock, whose hearts are drawn away by the influence of the devil: but no longer let these madmen deny the existence of a devil; because he hath allowed that there is a devil. But let him know, however idle the devil hath been with thee, finding all his temptations vain and fruitless, that thou hast resisted him, and he must fly from thee; so that he might as well be idle as to tempt in vain; for I have taken his power from thee; yet I now tell thee, he is not idle with the author of these hand-bills; and that the man will find to his sorrow hereafter, and to his everlasting disgrace. So this proves the truth of my words, what I said to thee in the beginning, that thou must first hear the mock of fools; and now they have exposed their folly by their lightness, and their lies, by their ignorance, being void of understanding, brutish men, that I said would appear; but now I shall confound them all in the end, by men of wisdom and understanding; and by fulfilling my words, according to my promise, thou hast felt the LIFE, in May; and, before the harvest is ended, the SON will be born, to the joy of all thy friends, and to the shame and confusion of all such lying inventors, whom Satan leadeth captive at his will; because their hearts are wholly given up to him, and the ways of the Lord they have no desire to know. Now from the lying inventions which he hath published, to mock the truth, marvel not in thy heart if a man like him should say the time was past that the little prince of darkness was to be born, as he hath infamously called it; but now I tell him and all such men, they have


the great prince of darkness to fear, whom I shall cast out with all his branches, that join so closely with the root: and therefore I said, in my Gospel, if ye die in your sins, where I am ye cannot come; for such blasphemers were while I dwelt with men in the flesh, and so they continue to persecute in the Spirit. Then now let them judge for themselves, how such men would appear before the Lord, whom they have blasphemed: their own conscience must condemn them, and justify my Gospel, to separate them, as tares from the wheat. Here I shall leave thee of these men.

"And now come to the minister who preached a sermon against the visitation of my Spirit *

"I shall begin with his text: Colossians ii. 10. "Ye are complete in him."

"From his text I shall condemn him; and make this inquiry of him: in whom is he made complete? or whom of his hearers is he striving to make complete? Will he answer, in the Gospel of Christ; for in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily? But what fulness of my Gospel, what fulness of the words of the Apostles can there be made complete in Christ, before the fulfilment hath taken place? From his own doctrine I shall condemn the man, as I said in the Gospel, as the blind leading of the blind, till both fall into the ditch together: and therefore I said, Woe unto you, blind guides! should the day of the Lord come unaware, how must such pastors appear, who have been deceiving their flock, and leading them astray; denying my Second Coming, which I told them to look for; denying the Spirit of Truth, which I said should come? And therefore I said before, that these teachers and pastors would no more convince the

* The Rev. James Hearn, curate of Brixham, Devon.


Deists and Atheists of the truth of the Scriptures, and to believe in my Gospel, and the fulfilment thereof, than they would believe in my visitation to thee. But now I ask, how it can be believed, while my Gospel is denied and rejected by the teachers and pastors?

"And now I shall come to his observation of Mahomet. He says, "that arch impostor pretended to see visions, and to hold intercourse with angelic beings, and thus miserably deluded half the Christian world; whom God delivered up to their own vain imaginations, Ďthat they should believe a lie;í and thus will perish, in all ages, those unstable souls, unless the mercy of God prevent."

"To his folly I shall answer: for, such as Mahomet have been the impostors in all ages of the world; various inventions have been in mankind: and such as Mahomet, whom he called a vile impostor, they make of ME, by the manner that my Gospel is now looked upon by the Jews, and by thousands and tens of thousands in this nation, which is known by the books which are published. Then now I ask a man like him, how this evil is to be prevented by any mercy of the Lord, without my proving the Gospel true, from the manner I laid the foundation at first, to raise it up in the end; as I said at first, that I should complete it at the last, and bring in the redemption of man? And there is no other way that these vile impostors will be prevented from arising in every age, and every place. But know, I died to destroy the works of the devil; yet, while his power remains, these impostors will always remain.

"And now come to the words of the Apostles, whom he hath quoted; Paul, Peter, and Jude.


"I shall begin with Peter: 2nd Epistle, iii. 3, 4, 5. In this he may see his own likeness, which I have explained to thee already. Verse 9. "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." But now I tell thee, all must perish that are in this heathen darkness, which he hath mentioned, if I do not fulfil my Gospel, to bring them to repentance, by the knowledge of the truth; therefore it is written, "The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements melt with fervent heat." Were I to call him forward to explain the words of the Apostle, which he hath quoted, he cannot answer one word of a thousand; because the Apostle warned his hearers to be watching and looking for the day of the Lord, when a great noise would surely be made amongst men, when the warning is given. And now I shall explain to thee the meaning why it is written, "the elements shall melt with fervent heat;" because there is a heat of love, which must be strong and powerful towards mankind, who are looking for the day of the Lord to come, to bring in their redemption, and destroy the works of the devil, which I said I died for; but, on the other hand, there must be a heat of anger and indignation against these blasphemers, who give themselves up to Satanís will. Therefore it is written, "The earth also, and the works that are therein, shall be burned up."

"Let not men vainly suppose that this means the works of Creation, and all that is in the earth shall be burnt up and destroyed; or all the works


of menís hands, that are of good to mankind; these are not meant, that all shall be burnt up; but it is the works and devices of men, in all manner of false religion, in all manner of blasphemy against the Scriptures, and all the works and inventions of men, in all kind of images, which they have made to worship, instead of the God of heaven, who is the Creator of the universe: all will be destroyed, but the true worship, when, according to the promise, I bring in the new heavens and new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

"And now let him answer, how he will prove the truth of the Apostleís words, that they were ever yet fulfilled, for men to become perfect in Christ? When that is fulfilled, then the words of Peter will be fulfilled. How different from the Apostleís doctrine, and the caution he gave to his hearers, to be looking for these days, is this manís preaching! Therefore let him not say that he is preaching the Gospel, if he deny the fulfilment thereof: for I now tell thee, what this man hath published to the world, were it to fall into the hands of Deists or Atheists, Turks or Infidels, Jews or Arians, they would all conclude, from his sermon, that Mahomet was no more an arch-impostor, than they make of ME, by the Gospel; and they would see that his perfection was no perfection at all: and their inquiry would be, "What is he perfected in? If we take and read the Gospel through, and are to conclude that all is finished; then what impostors were the disciples, to come forward and tell their hearers to look forward to a further revelation, that was to be given in the end, to finish the Gospel and make it complete!" For this was the doctrine which the Apostles preached. If he understood what he read, then


he would know that he was preaching against the Gospel: for were I to call him to the Gospel, and make him answer to all the words and meaning of the Apostlesí sayings, he could not answer my demand, to prove the Gospel true; but if I call forward thy believers, and the prophecies I have given to thee, to shew in what manner I have brought it round to fulfil the words I have spoken; then such men must stand with shame and confusion, and say, "her believers, whom I have despised, can bring forward more solid truths, from her prophecies in twenty years, than such a man can prove from the Gospel, that have been fulfilled in eighteen hundred and fourteen years." Because men do not understand the meaning of the Gospel, in what manner it stands to be fulfilled in the end; and it is to prevent all such impostors, as he hath brought forward, from arising to deceive mankind, that the Scriptures have been hid in this manner from the understanding of men.

"Now I shall answer thee from his saying, ĎSalvation only through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ they deny.í But, I ask, how he will prove this assertion, when I have said, throughout thy writings, that I gave up my life for the salvation of man, and to bring in the redemption in the end? Let them know what the believers are signing for—the coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, to establish his kingdom in righteousness and peace, according to the promises that stand on record, which I have warned thee is near at hand: but the way I should come to fulfil my words was never revealed to thee, till this year, from this visitation, to let them know, from the Gospel and from the prophets, that there must ONE arise as to be called the HOLY ONE of Israel; which


meaneth, by the power of the MOST HIGH, to be set on my holy hill of Zion, before the fulfilment of my Gospel can take place; and which I have told thee I have merit, strength, and power, to accomplish all my sayings, and the sayings of my Disciples. But this merit is utterly denied by him. If he thinks that all was finished when I expired on the Cross; then let him answer, what was finished. His own words condemn him throughout; for, instead of every knee bowing to ME, as the Apostle saith the end will be, he hath brought forward all ages to be full of impostors and deceivers, to be full of all false doctrine, heresy, and schism; then where is the truth of my Gospel fulfilled, if all be finished, before the redemption of man hath taken place, before Satanís power is destroyed, that deceives the nations, to fill them up with vain visions, and vain imaginations, to draw them off from the true worship of God? But let him prove wherein thy heart hath been drawn from the Lord, or wherein thy visitation is contrary to the word of God, when compared with the Scriptures. This is impossible for him to do: for I now tell thee, from dreams and visions, which he hath mocked so much, in thee, they are in like manner mocked throughout the Scriptures. So, in one likeness both stand together to be mocked by men void of understanding who do not know for what ends the Lord visiteth in such manner as appears simple to mankind, and what is beyond manís understanding, till revealed.

"If I call such men to the Revelations, and ask them the meaning of taking my great power to reign, what answer should I have from such men, who say, like this man, we are perfect in Christ, without knowing what that perfection meaneth? But that perfection is allowed and believed


by all those who now believe in my visitation to thee, that I shall accomplish in the end, that I am now working a way to complete the happiness of mankind, who believe in ME and my Gospel, and the fulfilment thereof. Therefore, let no man presumptuously say, it is another SAVIOUR that ye are now looking to for your Salvation. I tell them, no: it is the PROMISE which stands in my Gospel; it is the PROMISE which stands throughout the Psalms, and the Prophets; it is the SON whom I said should be revealed. Therefore, if they do not believe the FIRST, that I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT, and to bring to light what was concealed from man; if they do not rely on ME for this POWER, as spoken in my Gospel, and by my disciples, that it is the fulfilment of the FIRST; those that do not thus believe can never believe in the SECOND; and therefore, it is through the MERITS of CHRIST JESUS that all believers must now rely, that HE hath power to fulfil his words, and make the SON known, whom HE said should be revealed.

"Thou hast nothing to marvel that such a man should persuade his hearers not to read the Books, which I have ordered thee to bring together of the Scriptures, and explained them; which he knoweth he cannot do; and which he knoweth might open the eyes of the understanding of many of his hearers, to observe the Scriptures, how they stand, and believe, from the explanations, that I shall fulfil them, according to the wisdom of God, but not of man.

"Now come to his observation concerning the Sacrament, in what manner he forbids the believers attending, saying, "The Church of England cuts them off, whilst they remain impenitent, like an unfruitful branch. And let none of them


venture to approach the table of the Lord, lest they eat and drink their own condemnation; as they certainly do not discern the Lordís Body, holding as they do damnable heresies, denying the Lord that bought them."

"Now come to the service of the Communion:—"Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who of thy tender mercy didst give thine only Son Jesus Christ to suffer death upon the Cross, for our redemption; who made there by his one oblation of himself once offered a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction, for the sins of the whole world; and did institute, and in his holy Gospel command us to continue a perpetual memory of that his precious death, until his coming again."

"Let him answer, how he dares to go to the altar, to read this collect to his hearers, to remind them of my Coming again, to be looking for it, according to my Gospel and the words of my Disciples, and now forbid those to approach the table, who are looking for the fulfilment thereof, and for my Coming, according to the Gospel, that is set forth at the altar. Here, I tell thee, he is like the epistle which he pointed out against the believers; for he is bringing in false doctrine, heresy, and schism; and it is his own destruction he hath to fear, if he doth not repent of the evil of his ways: for he is not only deceiving himself, but his hearers likewise.

"Now come to the Epistle of Jude, which he pointed out, and I shall shew thee his folly, from the 12th verse: "These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit


withereth without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots."

"Here let him answer, where is his charity, to believe in the Gospel, and the fulfilment thereof? If he have no charity to believe in the fulfilment; then he cannot have faith to believe in its truth; then where is the fruit, which he can bring forward to mankind? Is not all withered and dead to him, twice plucked up by the roots? For, by plucking up the first, not believing that my Gospel will be fulfilled, he must pluck up the second likewise; so that such a man is dead to the whole; and is described by Jude—"feeding themselves without fear." He doth not fear the destruction he is bringing on himself, or the destruction he is bringing on his hearers, by making them believe that there is no truth in the Gospel. Where is the man who can come forward and prove the Gospel true, that all is fulfilled, which is spoken in the Gospel? This is impossible for man to do. And now let him look to the words in the collect—"a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction, for the sins of the whole world." What answer will he make, to say that this was ever fulfilled? Or where did I promise in my Gospel to fulfil it, till my Second Coming, to send the SPIRIT of TRUTH, which is the COMFORTER, that should come in my NAME and abide with you for ever? So here are clouds without water; because they are as clouds before the sun, that its shining lustre might not appear to warm the earth: but they are without water to wet the earth, that it may bring forth its increase.

Verses 16–19. "These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lust; and their


mouth speaketh great swelling words, having menís persons in admiration because of advantage. But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ: how that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit."

"And here the SPIRIT is denied by him; then my Gospel must be denied likewise; therefore his boasting of a belief in the Gospel, while he is turning away those who believe in its fulfilment, is like the boasting spoken of by the Apostle, whom he hath quoted against the believers. For all his speeches are but swelling words of vanity, and deceiving the hearers.

"Now discern in what manner he hath placed together Mahomet, the Gospel, the visitation of my Spirit to thee, and all impostors and visionaries, as though they stood in the same likeness; for he hath brought forward nothing to shew the difference, or to prove the difference; then may not an Atheist, from his words, say that all the visionaries were in one likeness. Dreams and visions were seen by my Disciples, which is recorded in the Gospel; so when placed together in this manner, it gives room for Satanís working in the hearts of men to place them alike. And such doctrine is but adding fuel to the fire that is already kindled in Deists and Atheists, who presumptuously come forward against the Scriptures with blasphemy, as these men have come forward against thee, speaking evil of things which they know nothing about.

"Now come to the end, what he said of Mahomet: ĎHe composed an absurd and impious system; which was formed partly from visions,


which he pretended to have seen; and partly from extracts out of the Old and New Testament. The book is called the Koran; and this medley of truth and error, sets aside the Bible among all the followers of Mahomet to the present day. In this respect the Koran has decidedly the advantage, that the visions which it contains are said to be written in the most elegant style which the Arabic language affords; whilst, on the contrary, Joannaís dreams are the most vulgar and abominable trash, that ever was read or written.í

"I shall answer thee from his observation. He might as well have said that the Koran excelleth the Gospel, from the dreams and visions therein contained; for, when Peter was ordered to kill and eat, from the dream and vision shewn to him, and other dreams and visions throughout the Revelations, what John saw of Satanís being chained down, and what he saw in the 12th chapter, of Satanís malice against the woman—thus he might say in his heart, that the Koran excelleth the Gospel, as well as to say it excelleth thy dreams and visions, which he calleth vulgar: because I shewed thee, in the beginning, the fallen fruit with a black veil round them, which I compared to the hearts of men; and whose likeness thou hast seen and proved. But know what Solomon saith: "Reprove a wise man, and he will love thee; reprove a fool, and he will hate thee." Where a man hath wisdom to see things which may be a reproof to him, he may call himself in question, whether he hath acted in that likeness, and take the reproof to himself, and he may love the person that gave the reproof: if he judge it from the Lord, he will say with David, "Blessed be the rod of the Lord;


if from the righteous, let the righteous reprove and smite me; but the ways of the wicked I hate." Now I tell him, however vulgar he may call thy dreams, which I ordered thee to put in print, they will all find the truth of them hereafter. And I now tell thee, it was to try mankind, what their belief is in the Scriptures, concerning the dreams and visions shewn to the prophets, that I gave thee dreams in like manner. So he that mocks the one mocks the other, and must know that he is condemning the Scriptures throughout; therefore I shall answer such men according to their folly. If I permitted vulgar dreams to be shewn to thee, I well knew that in like manner thou wouldest have vulgar and ignorant men to contend with; if I permitted abominable trash to be shewn to thee, I well knew thou wouldest have abominable trash, in men, to contend with. And let all their trash be brought together, then let them see their own likeness, from the dreams and visions I shewed to thee; for their own shame stands before them; and in condemning thee, they condemn themselves. But it is not thee that they condemn; it is ME, and my Gospel: the visitation of my Spirit, to warn mankind that the end is at hand, that I shall fulfil it, is what is now called trash, by men who do not believe in the one or the other. Because I tell thee, it is blasphemy in men to say that they believe the Scriptures to be the word of God, that all the Prophets wrote by the Lord, and from the Gospel believe in the Son of God; while, at the same time, they boldly say that neither the one nor the other will ever be fulfilled. Such language is like Satanís in the beginning, who, in the form of a serpent, tempted the woman, and betrayed her, saying, that what the Lord had said concerning


the forbidden fruit was not true; for it would not be in that likeness that they should die. This was the sense and meaning of his words: but he told her, that they should be as gods, knowing good from evil. Here the temptations began in the first, in the form of a Serpent; but then in Cain he went on in the form of man, and thus he hath continued to this day. But now, from the Fall, let them look to all nations, kindred, and people; then they will see the truth of the words spoken by the Lord concerning the forbidden fruit—dead to the knowledge of God, to his wisdom, and his decrees, dead in trespasses and sin, dead to the happiness man was created for, without feeling any lively sense of the mercies and love of his Creator. But know, from the Scriptures, and from the Gospel, MAN is promised to be restored from the Fall, in the end, that he may come to a true knowledge of the love of GOD which is in CHRIST JESUS, in sending his SON to take away the sin of the world, in the end, and bring in the redemption of man. But here, like the serpentís betraying the woman with lies, through the subtlety of the devil: so in like manner he is now working in men to say that the word of God will never be fulfilled; but make the Scriptures, like the Koran of Mahomet, truth and errors blended together, by those who allow any truth in the Scriptures; while others place the Scriptures as a fabrication altogether, in the likeness that he hath placed the whole together. So now I ask mankind, what knowledge believers would gain, to go to such teachers and pastors for an explanation of the Gospel, or of the Scriptures which I ordered thee to bring together?

"Now come to my Gospel. Matthew xxiv. 27, 44–51. "For as the lightning cometh out of the


east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.—Therefore be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, that he shall make him ruler over all his goods. And if that evil servant shall say in his heart, my lord delayeth his coming, and shall begin to smite his fellow-servants, and to eat and drink with the drunkard; the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of; and shall cut him asunder, and appoint his portion with the hypocrites."

"Look to the parables in the xxv. chapter, and let him answer when either was fulfilled, or in what manner they will be fulfilled? Thou sayest in thy heart, neither of these chapters have yet been fulfilled. To thy words I answer. If they never are to be fulfilled, if they never will be fulfilled as I have revealed to thee, and various other sayings through my Gospel, which are spoken in like manner, of the SON of MAN being revealed, in a day men little think of, and in a way men little think of; if these things are not fulfilled, then my Gospel cannot be finished before I come to fulfil my sayings. And he that denies the fulfilment of this, denieth the truth of my Gospel to be spoken by the God of truth; and therefore I tell thee, it is but hypocrisy for men to pretend to preach the Gospel, and vainly boast of their worthiness of receiving the bread and wine in token of my love, to die for man, till my


coming again to fulfil all I said of raising them up in the last day.

"Here I shall leave thee of him for the present: but let such as profess to be preachers explain all my Gospel, and make it clear to mankind, how it can be fulfilled another way than what I have revealed to thee; or let them be silent, and acknowledge that they do not know, neither can they understand the way the Scriptures will be fulfilled; but acknowledge, from the Gospel, that revelations were left behind to be revealed in the last days, which they could not understand. If the Gospel be demanded of them to explain, they must acknowledge the truth of the Scriptures, that the wisdom of the wise men is perished, the understanding of the prudent men is hid; for these things were concealed from them, to prevent all those impostors, whom he hath mentioned, ever to arise with that power, to stand like the Scriptures, and be fulfilled in the end; then all these inventors must fall to the ground, when all the mysteries of my Gospel are brought to light, and my wisdom and power made manifest to men.

"And now I shall come to answer thee of the wise and prudent men, of the just and upright men. From the information thou hast heard, which hath been spoken by different classes of people, some say they will wait to see the event, before they will draw any judgment at all; but if they find the words come true, which thou hast published in the Third and Fourth Books, then they shall believe that the visitation is from on high. These I tell thee are wise and prudent men, knowing that the Scriptures are too high for them to explain, the way they will be fulfilled; but when they see a way


pointed out to bring the Prophets and the Gospel together in a clear manner to be fulfilled, beyond the wisdom and understanding of men; such are wise and prudent men, to keep silence until they see the event to follow; for then no one can laugh at their folly, whether it prove true or false; because, from the Scriptures, they well knew they could not contradict it, though they had not faith strong enough to believe it; and, therefore, by silence they shew their wisdom, not to exercise themselves in things too high for them: but a foolís bolt is soon shot, and the end will discover his folly.

"Various have been the answers of men concerning these wonders, which are set before them; and yet from the Scriptures every character thou wilt find is foretold, what would be the different minds of men; some would boast of their wisdom, and become fools; some through strength of faith would become wise, while others would say they could not exercise themselves in things too high for them: and too high for manís understanding all is brought round together to see clear, without a strength of faith, being led on from one thing to the other, like a grain of corn rising higher and higher, till ye see the blade and blossom appear. And thus I have told thee, like the husbandman, who knoweth the seed that he hath sown, can tell the grain before it is seen; perfectly so it is by faith; he that believes wholly in the Scriptures, as the word of God, must believe in the fulfilment thereof; and when he seeth the likeness of the blade appear, that the ears are shot forth from the stalk, he knoweth that his harvest is nigh at hand: and as I said in my Gospel, know that the summer is nigh at hand when ye see the green leaves to appear; but how


could men judge the summer nigh at hand, for men to lift up their heads, that their redemption drew near, without some of the signs and wonders appearing? What I told them in my Gospel, and what was shewn unto John in the Revelations, never can be understood or explained by men, before I begin to fulfil them, any more than men could explain the Second Book of Wonders, which I ordered thee to publish, which no man could understand till this wonder appeared, to shew the way I shall prove the truth of my words. And now remember what I said before, that just like the Bible all this should come round, and none but my sheep could ever judge of the sound: and now believers may clearly see how I have brought round this, like the Bible, that no man could prove the truth of that Book last year, before this visitation came to thee, which was concealed from all, till I worked a way to make it true; and perfectly so my Bible stands: without a visitation, and a revelation, no man by wisdom can prove the Bible true, any more than thou couldest prove that book true, if I had permitted thee to be called forward when I gave the warning: but know what I have said in thy writings before—

"Whatís spoke one year doth not appear;
Anotherís hastening on
For ME to make the mysteries clear,
And prove from whence it comes."
"Now come to the Second Book of Wonders, page 10.

"He that hath the Bride is the Bridegroom; but the friends of the Bridegroom rejoice greatly; and so will thy friends all rejoice when marriage hath taken from thee thy reproach among women, and all is made as clear as the noonday sun;


then will your rejoicing be great, when every thing is made so plain before them, that there is no room for doubt left; which I have told thee I shall now make clear to every man, to open my Gospel, prove the visitation of my Spirit according to my Gospel, and prove that my Kingdom is nigh at hand."

"But now I ask thee, how any one could explain the meaning of these words last year, without they had drawn a judgment that thou wouldest be visited from on high, in the manner of my visitation this year? But this, thou knowest, was not their thoughts; though some judged, by the marriage union, that thou mightest have a Child, as Abraham had by Sarah; but what reproach hadst thou got then to take away? It is no reproach to a woman never to be married. But now look to what thy friends have said already, that thy SON cannot stand to be an Heir established by Law, with God and man in one likeness, without the marriage union, to have a reputed Father, to adopt him as a Son, when he is born. Then now see the truth of my words, why I said that a necessity was laid on thee to enter into a marriage union with man, to complete my visitation, and make it honourable amongst mankind. But this necessity would not be required had I never meant to visit thee further than by Prophecies. No necessity would be laid on thee to enter into a marriage union, to take away the reproach of women, which is to have a child without a marriage union, which men call a base-born child, and is a reproach to women: and in this manner thy friends have allowed, that by the laws of men, such a reproach would be cast on thee. And I now tell thee further than the words spoken by thy friends;


so far from stopping the mockery, by thy having a Child, by the power of the Most High, before thou hast a Father to adopt it, would but increase it ten times the more; as they would say that thou hadst a base-born child in thy old age.* And therefore thou must have a Husband to do away this reproach, to stand as a Father to adopt the Child, who firmly believes that thy visitation is from on high, having the eyes of his understanding opened clearly to discern the Scriptures, from the manner I have pointed them out to thee, and from the manner I have revealed it to thee in what manner a SON must be born to fulfil them. These things must be weighed together, and clearly proved, from every witness, the length of time thou hast been concealed from any manís coming into thy presence, to prove that it is a visitation from on high, as I have told thee by whose power the SON will be born.

"And as I have told thee of heirship-land being regained, that hath been lost; so I have told thee of this CHILD; it is to regain the promised land, which was lost to the Jews, and to establish that throne of David, which I said I should raise up in the end. But how can HE be an established heir, after the manner of men upon earth, without having a reputed father to adopt him in my stead? But know I said, that no man should have thy hand in wedlock who did not receive it as a blessing from the Lord; and as a blessing from the Lord it is to him, and to all that receive it in true faith, to be made heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ.

"This is the beginning of the fulfilment, if ye discern the sense and meaning of the CHILD being allowed to be an heir, both from God and man;

* There was a marriage on Nov. 12, 1814, with John Smith, steward of the Earl of Darnley


and therefore I said that this union was a blessing to him whom thou givest thy hand in marriage to. But no man without faith can enter into a marriage union with thee: but where faith is, he will see the blessing great, from what is to follow. And now I ask thee and all mankind, what blessing could a man say he enjoyed in marrying a woman of thy age, because she had been a prophetess? What blessing was it to him more than to others, if nothing else was to follow? If that was all the blessing from the Lord, to marry a woman at thy age; then all the world might mock. But now discern what hath followed since, to prove the truth of my words, that it is a blessing to be the reputed father of the PRINCE of PEACE; for I have told thee the CHILD will be born to be that character, to fulfil the Scriptures throughout, which have been hid from the understanding of men, in the perfect manner that my visitation in thy prophecies have been hid from the understanding of the believers, in what manner I meant to fulfil them and make them true. And so in like manner was the Second Book of Wonders all concealed from the knowledge and understanding of thee and the believers, why I said thy hand was a blessing, which no man should receive, without believing it a blessing from the Lord; and ye may see plainly the truth of my words. Now come to page 14.—

"And then the mysteries will be known,
The way that I am in thy form;
Because it is in Spirit strong.
I ask what man could lead thee on,
The way that I am leading here?
Thy youth is gone, old age appears."

"But where is the man who could explain the


meaning of my words? Have not thousands of women at thy age been led to the altar? And have not many, that seemed to have an aversion to matrimony all the days of their lives, till old age came upon them, and then have entered into a marriage union? So in this I could not make the inquiry, what man could lead like ME? But here is the inquiry, what man, by the power of his spirit, could visit thee invisibly, to create a Son, to be born in old age? This was my meaning in the words, which I concealed from thee and from all; but now every man may see them plainly, and allow that it is more than man can do. And this will be allowed by men of wisdom: many things that were mocked, for want of understanding the sense and meaning thereof, they will now see plainly. There are many things hid in thy writings, which men cannot understand, till I come to fulfil them; and perfectly so stand the Scriptures throughout; and in that likeness stands my Gospel, that I came to prepare the way for the end, but did not make it plain to mankind: because impostors would have arisen, if they had known in what likeness to deceive mankind. Therefore I concealed it from the knowledge of men; as I concealed from thee, why I said a marriage union must take place, or all thy writings would be of no use: for I said, to make menís jarring cease, it was my control that it should be done. And now ye have heard already what would be the jarring discord amongst mankind, if the Son should be born before a marriage union hath taken place with man, to have a reputed Father for him. But know, the CHILD must be born before any man can claim any further than to be a reputed Husband, to adopt the CHILD, when it is born.


"And in the next place observe these words in page 13:—"There was no way that thy innocence and injured honour could be cleared but by a marriage union." But now I ask thee, how thy injured honour could be cleared from the false inventions of men, who have risen up against thee, and all the malicious lies they have invented against thee; how could this be cleared by a marriage union? But now I have told thee in what manner: not from the past, but the present; for, without marriage having taken place, before the CHILD is born to have a Father, to adopt him as his Son, thou wouldest be looked upon as an adulterous woman, having a base child; and there is no way that men could clear thy honour and innocence.

"So from this ye may see the meaning of my words, and the truth is plain before you, which no man could clear or understand, when I ordered thee to put that book in print. For when words are given, ye know not the way I shall work round to fulfil them, to make them clear to the sons of men, which cannot at first be understood by men; now perfectly so the Scriptures stand, which men can no more understand, to explain the meaning of them, to prove them true, any more than thou or thy friends could explain the Second Book of Wonders, why a marriage union with thee should be a blessing to mankind; or why thy friends should all rejoice, when marriage had taken from thee thy reproach among women. How could this be explained and understood by men? If they call the prophecies a reproach, a marriage union would not take it away; and if ye call a single life a reproach, then the Gospel is contradicted, to say, Blessed is the barren womb that never bare, and


that the single woman is to the Lord. So there is no way that men could explain the meaning of the words, before I had brought thee into this situation, that is called a reproach to a woman, not having a husband. Then now ye may see all is made as clear as the noonday sun; and your rejoicing will be great, when everything is made so plain before them, that there is no room for doubts left. But how could this be proved last year? If a marriage union had taken place, when I first warned thee of it, could it be then proved that it is a visitation from the Lord, to bring in an earthly marriage, different from what hath taken place before? Have not all manner of strange marriages taken place, which have been thought so wonderful amongst mankind, which men have said must be decreed by the Lord, from the manner it was brought round? Then how could this marriage be different from what hath ever taken place before, and counted a blessing from the Lord, without some extraordinary event happening, that never hath taken place before, to be a blessing to the man who is made the reputed Father of the SON, whom he believes to be created by the power of the Most High? And without faith this cannot be fulfilled; therefore I said concerning the marriage, in the 16th page, that no union of marriage should take place with thee, to join your hands, before I had joined your hearts, which must be united in a firm and steady faith, both alike believing it from the Lord that thy visitation is, and the manner I have brought it round to have the marriage completed with God and man. The spiritual visitation is granted by the Lord, to fulfil the Scriptures, as I have told thee already, which men no more understand,


how to explain, and make them true, before the end cometh for ME to fulfil them, than they can explain thy Second Book of Wonders, how to prove it true, concerning the marriage, from the way and manner it was spoken, if it had taken place last year. But now, from what hath followed since, every man that is a true believer will see it plain.

"Now let them look back, and weigh what is said in the Second Book of Wonders, and compare it with the Fifth; then they may see it like the rising sun, shining brighter and brighter to the perfect day; and the truth, like the noonday sun, standing before them, which could not be proved without this union taking place.

"And let them look to the Third Book, and answer my demand, how they can prove the Scriptures true, any other way than I have explained them to thee? And how they can prove the end to be at hand, of its fulfilment, before these strange events have taken place? Where will they prove any SON of MAN ever established upon an earthly throne, to be for ever, till the Lord cometh to bring in everlasting blessings to man, that the whole earth shall be filled with his glory, and to bring glory to God in the highest.

"Now come to Psalm cx. which I ordered thee to put in print. Second Book, page 83. "The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion; rule thou in the midst of thine enemies." Those that reprove, let them answer, who is the ROD of my STRENGTH, that I said should rule in the midst of mine enemies? Were not the Jews mine enemies, when I dwelt amongst them? Was I not cut off from them? And were they not scattered throughout the nations? But where hath the ROD of my STRENGTH ever yet


been sent to gather them together, to raise a Ruler and a Prince amongst them, to restore them again as my people? For those who are my people will be all willing in the day of my power, which they will find hastening on, by the SON that I told thee I should bring; because I told thee, in page 86, that I should bring the SON.

"And now let them look to page 110. Isaiah xxxviii. 7, 8. "This shall be a sign unto thee from the Lord, that the Lord will do this thing that he hath spoken, behold I will bring again the shadow of the degrees which is gone down in the sundial of Ahaz ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees by which it was gone down."

"And so in like manner the Son must return, when the Sun of Righteousness ariseth with healing in his wings. I have brought round many of thy prophecies in a manner that no one can understand, neither by argument prove them true, before I work a way to fulfil them, beyond the power and wisdom of man to shew them plain. In like manner the Scriptures stand.

"And now I shall answer thee further of the Books which were printed last year. Second Book of Wonders, page 7, concerning the marriage being granted by the Bishops.

"Here come to the judgment of thy friends, and then men may see the truth of my words, and the necessity of the marriage being granted by them."

I was ordered to call together the same seven friends who had met by my directions last year, and the following contains the question proposed to them, with their answer.

"Having been this day called together by the direction of Mrs. Joanna Southcott, to take into


consideration her present situation, as announced in the Books of Wonders, we were desired to give our opinion upon the following question proposed to us:

"How can the Son who is to be born of her inherit as an Heir, after the manner of men, without having an adopted Father, before he shall be born?"

"In answer to this inquiry, we say, that, according to the laws of the land, the Son so announced cannot be a legitimate child to inherit as an Heir, after the manner of men, without a marriage union having taken place between her and some man, previously to the birth of such a Son.

(Signed,) WM. OWEN PUGHE.



Saturday, June 4th, 1814. WILLM. SHARP.




The above opinion was also agreed to by COL. W. TOOKE HARWOOD, Mr. WM. TOZER, and, RICHARD GOLDSMITH.

The same question was sent to Mr. HALHED, and he returned the following answer signed by himself and Mr. SPRING:

"We have maturely considered the question this day proposed to us, relative to the actual situation of Mrs. Joanna Southcott, as described in her late Books of Wonders,—and as far as our own limited knowledge extends, are perfectly agreed in the following answer:

"To constitute a capacity for inheriting as a legal Heir, by the laws of this country, and probably


of other nations also, the Child must be born in Wedlock. The laws of entail, indeed, prescribe that the Heir to real property must be lawfully begotten: but where there is a marriage the law presumes this fact, on the principle that "Pater est quem nuptiae demonstrant." viz., The existence of the marriage is the proof of the personality of the father. And in this sense we say that our Lord Jesus Christ was the legitimate Son of Joseph, his Motherís husband, and rightful heir to both Father and Mother.

"This is all the answer we feel ourselves called upon by the terms of the question to state as our opinion.



Sunday, June 5th, 1814.

"Now, from the judgment of thy friends, thou must come to what I said in the Second Book of Wonders, that the MARRIAGE UNION was granted by GOD; but it must be granted by men. And now I ask thee what occasion was there to apply to the Bishops, or to the Ministers, to grant a marriage, if it was but after the manner of men? Their belief or unbelief of the prophecies hath nothing to do with granting a marriage in the likeness that other marriages take place; but now observe, from this Visitation, which no one had any knowledge of at that time, it bringeth it to be a Union to be granted by GOD and MAN; because this must be granted to take place on conditions, as a thing that is temporarily done: not a marriage to stand before the Child is born; because it is the Child makes the marriage complete; but if no Son be born, then the marriage is null and void, when the time is


over that I have mentioned to thee. But now I ask, how such a public marriage can take place, to be known unto all men, that it is not a marriage binding, without a Son is born? I ask how such a thing can be done, without its being granted by the Bishops, by the Rulers, and by the Clergy, saying that they see the justice of such a marriage being granted, that if a man through faith will come forward to have thee, as a reputed father to adopt the child as his own? Then his being born under wedlock will make him a temporal Heir. But they must see it is not right for that man to become a husband, till the truth of the words are proved; and if the truth follow, they must allow that it is the Lordís doing, and marvellous in their eyes: and that man must shew a contempt to his Creator, who would refuse, in a cause like this, to grant the marriage, and make it honourable, but, on the other hand, if there were a possibility of thy being deceived; then they see the justice of the marriage being null and void; because it proves not to be from the Lord, if there be no Son as promised.

"In this manner the marriage must be granted, before it can take place; for now I ask them, what man of a respectable character would like to live with a woman, as a husband, if he found she was deceived in this manner? And as to thyself, thou sayest that thou shouldest rather die than be compelled to live with a man as a husband, if there were a possibility of thy being deceived. And therefore, to prevent running into dangers on either side, or having any alarming fears, the caution must be given in this manner; it must be publicly made known on what condition, THIS MARRIAGE takes place; that thou canst not live with any man as a husband, before the Child is born; so, without the Son, thou hast no


Father; and without the Father, the Son is not made a perfect heir, after the manner of men; and so thou canst not have the one without the other.

"And in this manner the MARRIAGE must be granted, to stand or fall; for any power as a husband must be denied, till the birth of the Child. So, from this all men may see why I said the marriage could not take place, without being granted by the Bishops, as they are placed in priestly authority. But hadst thou been married last year, it did not require them to grant the marriage, to take place after the manner of all other marriages. And now let them see the very things which men stumbled at in the Second Book, which appeared dark and mysterious to mankind, are now made clear and brought to light before them, that all men might see what were my designs, and what were my decrees, in not suffering any man to come into thy presence, before this marriage union was agreed upon. But it would have been folly in ME to have confined thee from all thy friends, and all thy acquaintance, till a marriage union was agreed upon, had not this visitation been my design: and this is the reason I said to thee of the Bishops, if thou wast confined one year, through their neglect; then in one year I should cut them off. Now let men see the justice of my sentence, if thou art confined through their neglect, that no MARRIAGE is granted by them, till after the CHILD is born; then such a marriage is of no use. Then how can they appear as Bishops of my Gospel, or as priests unto ME, if they refuse to grant it, before the twelve months are up; for, then it will be too late? And now they may see why my threatenings were so severe; because my honour must be lost in the bishops and stewards of my Gospel, if this request should be denied. But thou inquirest, how?


To thy inquiry I answer: those that profess my Gospel must prove they do not believe my Gospel, if they, through unbelief, will run so fatal a hazard as to have the Child born without an adopted Father. Then I ask, how they will appear, if they neglect so great a Salvation, which is for the glory of God and the good of mankind, to prove my power, and prove my wisdom, that the way I laid my plan in the beginning I shall accomplish in the ending, to bring in the new heavens and the new earth to men. For all will be brought round in as strange a manner as thy Five Books here are brought round; which no man understood at first, why I ordered thee to put in print what was given in 1794, which was in part kept back by thee.

"And now come to the First Book of Wonders, page 80.

"I caused my servants for to err
For ends they did not know,
That every truth may be more clear
To all mankind to shew."

"I shall answer thee from these words. Had they not erred through unbelief, but come forward last year, as thy friends and believers did, to be obedient to every call; then I ask thee how the marriage could have been put off, after it was mentioned and made public, that I had said it must take place? But now look to page 81.

"The wisdom of the prudent men
íTwas I alone concealed,
That they might see with eyes more bright
When I the truth revealed."

"And now I have revealed to thee why I spoke in that manner, of the necessity of the marriage, and why I ordered thee to put in the


hands of the Bishop the Sign of Pomeroy, that he would be so deeply convinced of his errors; but finding the truths were not fulfilled in him last year, it made them all to err. In this I will not blame them; because the error was caused by ME, and their wisdom was concealed by ME; as they knew not for what ends this was done last year—to make it shine bright this year, now that the mystery is revealed by ME. So let them weigh the Five Books together; then they will see why I ordered thee to put in print many things that the believers stumbled at, why thou shouldest take things out of other books and reprint them again in these; but it is to bring these Wonders together that I ordered it to be done. Now come to page 69.

"Then Iíll go on as thou didst begin,
Till I have joined the two;
And both together they must hang,
The Gentiles and the Jews;
Then at their feet (the mysteryís great)
The nations all must come.
The windows I shall all unhang,
As thou hast now begun."

"This meaneth, to let the light of the Scriptures break in to mankind. The hidden mysteries of the Prophets, the hidden mysteries of my Gospel, have been as windows fastened, that could not be opened, because the sense and meaning thereof have been concealed from men; but now is the time I have revealed it to men, and shall go on till I have fulfilled the whole, that ye will not see as through a glass darkly, but the true daylight of the Scriptures will now break in upon you.

"And now mark what I said of the JEWS and GENTILES hanging together; which meaneth, in one faith and one belief: and this year I have


ordered thee to warn the JEWS, that the CHILD will be born to be the PRINCE of PEACE for them, and restore them back to the Promised Land. But in this JEWS and GENTILES must join in the fight as well as faith; and OTHER NATIONS will come to join with them. I shall explain to thee the meaning of

"At their feet (the mysteryís great)
The Nations all must come."

"This meaneth the same faith and belief that is established by JEWS and GENTILES when they have seen the wondrous works of the Lord, concerning the BIRTH of the CHILD; the manner it was foretold in the Strange Effects of Faith, in ninety-two and the following years; and now to see in what manner it is brought round to be fulfilled, when thou art come to old age; and then to see in what manner I have brought forward the Prophets to compare with my Gospel, to shew them plainly that such an event must take place, to fulfil it. This will convince both JEWS and GENTILES, who are men of wisdom, prudence, and understanding, of the truth of the Prophets, the truth of my Gospel, and that thy visitation is from the Lord, as a three-fold cord to bind together. And so on my words they must stand, and convince other nations to stand the same upon the Scripture and its fulfilment.

"And now discern the shadows of this year, that I have told thee the PRINCE of PEACE shall be born; because I have told thee it is by him that I shall establish Peace throughout the Earth: and now discern the Shadow of Peace, which they say the Kings are making with ENGLAND, while at the same time Buonaparte, as I told thee—


"If ENGLAND would take care, Iíd rid him from this coast:" and let them see how far he is gone from the coast.

"Here weigh deeply page 60, and then ye may see the types and shadows, how many have appeared together this year, in the likeness of what I ordered thee to bring together last year.

"And now let it be penned what thou hast heard was spoken by the Jews, and by some of the Rabbis that are their leaders."

I have been informed that some of the principal men among the Jews say, that they will wait to see the event; and many of them say, that when the Child shall be born, as mentioned, then they will receive him.

"In answer to what the Hebrews have said—if the SON be born, they will receive him, let them look to page 49, the prophecy given in 1801:

"Your Captain too shall quickly come
And bring all to an end,
And fix his glorious empire oíer
The wise whose hearts will bend.
As in a humble manger here
Kings did their Sovereign see,
So my low handmaid doth appear
To all a mystery."

"This was a prophecy given of the SON, that I have warned thee now shall be born, and by whom I shall establish my kingdom throughout the world. For though HE comes first as a Captain to conquer, and to establish the wise, that do believe, of the Hebrews, in their own land; yet by him my Gospel will be established, and he will bring in a universal peace throughout all the earth. But let no one say, as some have mocked already, this is a new SAVIOUR: but I tell them, this is the SECOND to establish the FIRST;


the COMFORTER that I said should come; the SPIRIT of TRUTH, whom I said should come to guide men into all truths. But what fulfilment of my Gospel do the great professors thereof now allow will be fulfilled, without the COMFORTERíS coming to establish the everlasting Gospel, and to have it preached throughout the world: but if men deny the LAST, they never can establish the FIRST. How will they prove my Gospel to be established amongst all nations, kindred, and people, which is promised in the end shall be? But as men say it is a new SAVIOUR, and some judge it setting my GOSPEL aside, I shall now make it plain to mankind, that a wayfaring man though a fool may not err therein, if he have eyes to see the daylight before him, and compare it with my Gospel. I said I came to give up my life for my sheep, that I came to take away the sin of the world in the end, and to bring in the redemption of man; so that, from the Gospel, they must see there is no other SAVIOUR mentioned, to save them with an everlasting salvation, that all men must look unto, but the LORD JESUS CHRIST, who tasted death for every man, and gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time; and without ME ye can do nothing. So that let no one look upon this CHILD as a new SAVIOUR, or a second SAVIOUR, that giveth up his life for the transgression of men. For, were this SON to be put to death, as I was on the Cross; then fatal destruction must come upon all; because there remaineth no more offering to be made for sin. And by this let all men see, that HE is not born to be the SAVIOUR of the WORLD, in the likeness I came to die for man; but a SON created by the POWER of the FATHER, which proceedeth from the HOLY GHOST, to establish my Kingdom in the end:


and, it is I the LORD must give HIM power to go on conquering and to conquer, till the heathen fall before him: and, this I shall do in men, and by men who receive him: they will see the power given from on High, before the CHILD is old enough to be any CONQUEROR at all; because my POWER and my WORKING, my WAYS and DECREES, which I shall bring round, will soon follow after his BIRTH. So from this all may see where the eyes of men must be looking to—the POWER of HIM that created the CHILD; and therefore I told thee of the believers, and of the great affection thou feelest in thyself, in love in the SON; know the reproof I gave thee—thou shouldest not let thy love to the SON make thee forget the FATHER. In like manner I said of the believers, if their tokens of love were in honour to the LORD, and if it was for my sake they shewed such love to the CHILD; then I told thee their love was accepted of the LORD, because it is done for my sake.

"But, as I spoke parables throughout my Gospel, to compare the Kingdom of Heaven to men, and likened things that were spiritual to things that were temporal: so in like manner, I shall speak from a parable now, and come to the reign of Kings. When a Prince is born, do men say that a new King is born? Doth that do away the power of the Father from reigning a king as long as he liveth? But doth the Prince, when he cometh to reign as a King, do away the memory of his Father from standing as a King.

"Let them look to the reign of David, how he is called the Father of the Kings of Israel one after the other. All is brought back to David, whose throne I said should be established in the end, and whose memory none of the Kings that came after him did away. Here, if men understand the Scriptures aright, and could see my


Gospel clear, what I spoke of the SON being revealed in the end, they would see that it doth not do away the SAVIOUR of mankind; neither is it another SAVIOUR, any more than the Kings who came after David were another David."

Here I shall speak from myself, and come to the observation of some people, who do not speak out of mockery or ridicule, but who say they cannot believe it possible that a woman of my age should have a Son, forgetting that nothing is impossible with God. The very things which they seem to stumble at, why they cannot believe, are the very things which strengthen me to believe, when reason is called to my assistance, and the meaning of the Scriptures brought forward and explained. But had this visitation been when I was first warned by prophecies; then it would have greatly alarmed my fears, and my jealousy of being deceived; and, in like manner, so it would had it been ten years ago: I should have had a thousand fears and doubts concerning the visitation. But when I reflect now on my age, and the number of years I have been led on by prophecies; and the meaning of many things, it was said, would not be understood till the end, as they stood in mysteries; now when these things were called together and explained to me, being brought round by the wisdom and power of God, to shew that nothing is impossible with the Most High, it makes the whole much clearer to my understanding and belief, as being from the Lord, than it would have been to me, if this visitation had come in younger days. For then, as I have said, jealousy would have alarmed my fears: so what appears wonderful to men to believe, from my age, is the very thing that strengthens my faith; because my whole life I have often called to remembrance, and meditated in what manner


the Lord hath led me on. From this reasoning I am taught to see and believe that no power but what is divine could lead me on as the Lord hath done, and bring round such wonders and mysteries in the end, to fulfil the prophecies that were given me for more than twenty years; which may be proved from the Strange Effects of Faith and the Sealed Prophecies, which I now see were clearly foretold, though by no one understood; and when the Scriptures were brought forward to me with the Prophecies, and the meaning of all so clearly explained together, it shewed plainly to me the wondrous works of God, to shew his wisdom and his power to fulfil them, beyond the reach of human wisdom or learning. So that my age strengthens me to know that it must be a divine power, if the words are fulfilled. It was from this reasoning, that gave me faith and courage to announce it to the world, before I was certain myself that the event would take place: having no feeling sense of life within; yet, from the truth of the prophecies, which have been fulfilled through so many years; and being answered from my age, that it was to make it manifest to mankind, as a convincing proof to all men that nothing but divine power could accomplish this; on these grounds I published through faith, knowing if it was from the Lord, HE had power to fulfil his words. But, if there was a possibility of my being deceived, I wished to have it proved; as I neither wish to deceive myself nor others. And now I see the truth of the Gospel, as to what our Saviour said concerning faith removing mountains: but if I had had no faith to believe, till this time that I walk by sight, there would be room for the world to mock, and say it was by man, though I presumptuously say it was from the Most High.


For then the inquiry would be, if I was warned by the Lord that such an event should take place, why not let it be known before the time, that men might know it was a prophecy given? For now it is come like a dispute I had with a gentleman, who once contended with me concerning the prophecies. He said, I may say this is a chair which I sit on; another may argue, it is not; then said he, it remains to be proved whether it be a chair or not. Perfectly so I say of myself: I have felt life increasing more and more, from the sixteenth day of May to this day; but never having had a child in my life, I leave it to the judgment of mothers of children who attend me, who give their decided opinion that it is perfectly like a woman that is pregnant. Then now I say, it remains to be proved whether my feelings and their judgment be right or wrong; whether it is a child or not; which a few months must decide: or the grave must decide for me; for I could not live to the end of this year, with the increasing growth I have felt within so short a space, without a deliverance.

Here I have assigned my reasons why I believed, and had faith to publish to the world that such an event would take place; and I am truly convinced that wondrous events must take place to fulfil the Scriptures, before men can be brought to the knowledge of the Lord, as spoken by the prophets, or the fulfilment of the Gospel be accomplished. But however men have mocked my folly and faith in believing what I have published; yet I plainly see that I should be mocked much more, had I concealed it from the world till this present time; for then there would be room for the world to mock as to my being a prophetess, and such an event


not to be foretold, to make it known, that men might believe.

And now I shall come to my First Book of Wonders, where I concluded with the words of Paul, in appealing to Cæsar. Seeing the prejudice of the Jews against him, Paul might think that no right judgment could be obtained amongst them; and perfectly so I find it; for where there is prejudice, no right judgment will be given; which I have proved by the conduct of the Rev. Mr. P. that where prejudice and malice be in the heart, no truth can be known. For I have tried him every way; I have offered to give up to his judgment, and to ask his pardon for blaming his conduct, in public print, concerning my writings, if he would come forward and prove that my visitation was from the devil; and the letter I was ordered to send to the Bishops, wherein it was said that Mr. P. would blame his own conduct, in what he had done, and be convinced that my visitation was from the Lord. This letter I was ordered to send to him last December; and I appealed to his own conscience, whether it was true or false, and intreated an answer to the letter; but he returned none. And, as a further proof that no truth can be obtained where prejudice is, a gentleman came to my house last March, and informed my friends that he had written to Mr. P. to inquire of him whether I had put those events in his hands, which I had mentioned in my letters; as he wished to know the truth from Mr. P. himself. But, so far from answering this inquiry, he ordered a letter to be returned, saying, "From the scandalous use, and the false misrepresentations which had been made of his name, he declined answering any inquiries." This my friends informed me of, and I requested that the letter might be sent to me, that I might answer


for myself. This request was complied with; and I sent the following letter to the same gentleman, with a request that he would send a copy to Mr. P.

March 23rd, 1814.


I must return you thanks for the honourable manner you have acted, respecting Mr. Pomeroyís answer to your letter. As you say, from reading the letters I sent to him, stating the events that I had put into his hands, it induced you to write to know the truth from him; this a gentleman would be inclined to do, who wishes to be a searcher after truth; but, from his answer, I do not marvel at your surprise, when you saw my last publication, announcing to the Jews, that I am the woman spoken of through the Scriptures; that from me, this year, a Son will be born by the Power of the Most High, to be their deliverer, and restore them back to their own land, which will be the Prince of Peace. But how to reconcile this book and Mr. P.ís letter together you certainly must be at a loss to account for; and therefore you acted wisely to apply to my friends; and I shall ever esteem you as a gentleman of honour, by complying with my request, in sending me his answer; as any letter from Mr. P. or from the Bishops, I am permitted to receive. Were I another such as is represented in Mr. P.ís answer, I must be the most infamous character that ever existed, or only fit to be chained in a mad-house. It is impossible for me to find words, to point out what a hardened wicked wretch he hath made me appear, by saying, "that the scandalous use which has been made of his name, the misrepresentations, false assertions, and the unchristian, and injurious treatment, which he has experienced


obliges him to decline writing any answer to your inquiries."

From such an answer as this, what must the world judge of me, but unworthy the name of a woman, if I could in such a cause as this invent falsehood, and be guilty of misrepresentations, to injure the character of a gentleman and a minister? As to Mr. P.ís private or public character, as a minister, I never heard any thing against him; but as to his conduct to me, respecting my writings, it is unlike either a minister or a christian; and were it not that I am answered his own conscience will be his accuser, and come stronger against him than ten thousand witnesses; were it not, I say, for this answer, I would surely endeavour to obtain redress by putting the law in force against him, to make him prove what are the lies I have invented, or what misrepresentations I have made, concerning him, which he so much complains of; for I can prove all I have put in print is the truth respecting him. But for what purpose doth Mr. P. suppose I was directed, by the Spirit, to put those events into his hands, that the truth might be proved, whether they took place or not, if they were to be concealed afterwards from the public? Then of what use would the warning be to mankind? And though Mr. P. will not acknowledge the truth, which was put in his hands, yet he will find in the end, that he hath a God to deal with, and the truth will be demanded of him.

Since I published this Book I was ordered to send it, with my Portrait, to the Prince Regent, to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Bishop of Worcester, Duke of Gloucester, Lord Grosvenor, Lord Ellenborough, and the Recorder of London. I have likewise sent it to the Duke of Kent, the Bishop of London, and the


Bishop of Salisbury.* And this has been ordered to be done to prevent any imposition being practised, either in my name by others, or, if I am led by a wrong spirit myself, it will be proved this year, and that no imposition may be practised upon the Jews, when I know, without a doubt, that I am with child. I am ordered to put in public print, all the names above mentioned, that I have sent the book and likeness to, that the Hebrews abroad, as well as those in England, may know that no deceit was practised upon them; but that the heads and rulers of the nation were made acquainted with it before it took place.

And now, sir, I will appeal to your judgment: suppose the heads and rulers of the nation should act like Mr. P., as soon as they find their names in public print, and hear that the truth of what was put into their hands is likely to follow; if they should say like him—"Now we will burn her likeness and her book, and will not acknowledge that we ever received them, that we may evade bearing testimony of the truth in the end." Here I must leave you to judge for yourself, what would be your feelings were you in my place? must I not say with the Prophet Amos, "They have turned judgment into gall, and the fruits of righteousness into hemlock?" Would not the justice of the Spirit and the judgment of the Lord, the way HE hath directed to make every thing clear before them, be turned into gall and wormwood? And must they not turn righteousness from the earth? If all should act as Mr. P. hath done, if I be called forward in a public court, to prove the Birth of the Child, before Lord Ellenborough, to whom I have sent my likeness, that he may know I am the woman, and the book that it was prophesied of, before

* The like communication has been subsequently made to John Reeves, Esq.


it took place; but were he to burn the likeness, and refuse to own that he had received it, and come as an unjust judge against me; I must say, gracious heaven, how could I look upon such men! And what must be the language of the Jews when I bring forward all my witnesses, to prove how it was sent, and by whom it was delivered; and then for all these noblemen to deny it? What must the Jews in such a case judge of the Christians, to call them to believe in the Gospel, if they were to see that no justice or truth could be proved in the professors thereof? Then they must say on either side, we are lost in wonder how to judge. Will the great men and the honourable men of the nation, the judges and rulers of the land, let down their honour, to bring a disgrace upon an innocent woman? For if her report be true, which her witnesses affirm it to be as she hath said, and from her producing the Child in Court, and the Sign she mentioned in her book, it will certainly clear her in every respect. And yet my innocence would stand condemned, if they should act as Mr. P. hath done; for he appears to me as though a premeditated malice was kindled in him so strongly against me, that he would murder his own character to blacken mine, to make me appear an artful, deceitful, lying woman; and therefore I marvel not, from such an answer as he hath sent to you, that people should say I deserve to be burnt; and where he returns the letters of inquiry unanswered, that they should say, he was bribed not to contradict what I have said. To my words I am answered by the Spirit—

"If his conscience be awakened, from the likeness placed before him in thy letter, that he sees it is truth and upright dealings which must be unjustly condemned, if the rulers do as he hath


done; so, if this awaken him to acknowledge the truth, that he hath done himself what he should condemn in another; then he will clear thy character, and say the fault rested with himself. He may send his answer to Underwood, to assign his reasons why he acted as he hath, that thou mayest answer him again. But if he now goes on hardened, this letter must go in public print; for thy innocence I shall clear one way or other, by my directions, or thy putting the law in force against him."

When I consider my calling, in the manner I now stand between God and man, it is my indispensable duty to clear my honour amongst mankind, to prove that no deceit has ever been practised by me; but what must the Jews judge of me, if I lie silent under the slander of Mr. P.ís pen, saying I have made false misrepresentations? I would not for any consideration whatever lie under such an accusation, at such a time as this. I do not want Mr. P. to believe in the prophecies; I only want him to send a satisfactory answer to acknowledge the truths I put into his hands, of what I enumerated in the letter I sent to him in 1804; and if he had acknowledged at that time that he did receive them from me, he would never have been troubled with any more letters on my account. And I now only want a satisfactory answer from him, as he is not required to come forward himself now.

And now, Sir, as you were so honourable as to send Mr. P.ís letter to me, I shall esteem it a favour, if you will send my answer to him; and in so doing you will much oblige

Your humble servant,


The gentleman wrote a letter from himself, and


a copy of the above, sending therewith the Third Book of Wonders; but, receiving no answer, when the Fourth Book came out, he sent him that also, with another letter, requesting that Mr. P. would give some answer to what he had written, concerning the book and his inquiries; but, to his astonishment, the books and letters were returned, with the following note.—

"Mr. Pomeroy being absent, I have returned the enclosed. Indeed, was he at home he would not, I am convinced, have any thing to do with the contents. If sent again it will be returned. Indeed, Sir, if you knew the uneasiness it gives him, I am convinced you would not trouble him any more on the subject. All letters sent will be returned in the same manner, as Mr. P. will have nothing to say or do on the subject."

All being returned back in this manner, the gentleman informed my friends of it, which they told me of. I then intreated the favour of the whole that were returned being sent to me, as they concerned me only; and which I was answered should be printed in this book; unless Mr. P. sent a letter to the gentleman, before the eleventh day of June, declaring that they had been returned in his absence, which he himself should not have done. But as he hath kept silence all this while, he certainly must approve of what Mrs. P. hath done: as no other person but a wife could take that liberty, of sending back the letter unopened, and the book and letters sent before. As to Mrs. P. in one respect I cannot blame her, as she may wish to remove any cause that wounds the feelings of her husband, which is natural for a wife to do; but she should have considered this, that the real cause must be removed, before the effects which she complains of


can cease. For, in the manner I now stand, at this present time, between God and man, my character must be cleared of every aspersion which Mr. P. has brought against me. However, I do not marvel that Mrs. P. should say that it caused him uneasiness of mind, to have any inquiry made to him on the subject; but this uneasiness will increase until he acknowledges how wrongly he hath acted; for he will surely find that the uneasiness and sorrow he hath caused me, in trying to wound my character, will turn back upon his own head. So, if his character be injured, it is his own doing; and here I shall appeal to the world at large to judge between him and me.


"Thou hast marvelled in thy heart, why I should direct thee to a man who hath acted like him, whose conduct I have ordered thee to put in public print, for all men to judge from, and to judge by; that, where prejudice and envy are, the truth will be denied; and therefore it is just judges that they must now call forward. And know I have told thee, that as soon as the marriage is granted, on the conditions I have mentioned; then the heads and rulers of the nation, whom I ordered thee to send the Letter and Portrait to, are at liberty to send their Physicians, to pass their judgment whether they think it likely for such an event to take place. But as some may be prejudiced through unbelief, thinking it impossible to be; and, like Pomeroy, place it another way; therefore, when these physicians are sent forward, then thy friends have a right to come forward with their physicians, or medical men; and those whom thy friends have consulted with already will then be called forward to meet the others. For, as I told thee,


thou must have witnesses whenever thou didst go to Pomeroy on any thing particular concerning thy prophecies, and witnesses of the letters, which were sent to him; now thou seest my wisdom in these directions; so in like manner ye will all see, in the end, that thou hast need of witnesses of thy own friends to be called forward when physicians are sent to inquire into the case. For though I have told thee it shall be plain, that there need not be any cause for dispute; yet I do not tell thee there may not be men who will dispute that some wondrous and strange disorder hath happened to thee in the year I have said thou shalt have a Son. And, from Pomeroyís conduct, all may see my cautions just; and to prevent any men coming in the name of physicians being sent by the rulers whom I ordered thee to write unto; no man can come in that name, without bringing the Letter and the Portrait with him, to prove that they were honourably sent. And in like manner, those physicians who are sent by them, at the time the CHILD is born, to prove that no deceit is practised on thy part, they must bring with them the Letter and Portrait, to prove that no deception is practised on their part. For now I shall put it out of the power of men to act for the future, as he hath acted in the time past; because justice, equity and truth, must now be made manifest unto all men, by placing witnesses every way, so that the truth cannot be evaded, but must be made clear.

"And now from the time when this book goeth out, all strangers must be forbidden coming to the house to make any inquiry concerning thee, without it be those whom I have ordered thee to send unto; and the multitude of thy friends, who were daily coming to make inquiries, must now, out of love


and friendship to thee, refrain for awhile. For ye know not the anxiety of people; if a restraint were not put, thousands would come from different parts, after they knew thou hadst been seen by men, without considering thy situation, and what thou hast to go through from those thou must see; so to add to the number is more than thou couldest bear. And therefore the desire of all thy friends, who are so anxious to see thee at present, must be deferred till the CHILD is born, and thou art able to see them. It is but those who are called forward in the work, to stand with others, that can have access to see thee, when I appoint the time to call men forward, whom thou must be judged by.

"And now let all thy friends set their hearts at rest: and know, if permission be granted to some, it must be granted to all.

"And now let the number be put down of those who have signed since the sealing was stopped, who are longing for my kingdom of righteousness and peace, and for my coming to establish happiness upon the earth."

The number of those who have signed since 1808, when the Sealing was stopped, and have had no seals given them yet, amounts to six thousand four hundred and upwards.

"Then now consider from this number, and a greater number, that was sealed before; out of all these believers, let the friends judge for themselves, what confusion it would cause, if all were at liberty to come according to their own desire. Know the hundreds that thou wast told wished to come from one place; then let men judge for themselves, from the various places, among so many thousands, what a multitude would wish to come forward, were I not to put a stop to the present anxiety of the people; as it would be more


than thou couldst bear at present to see the multitude: and little dost thou know what is hastening on, to agitate and try thy spirits. Therefore let not thy friends, out of love, having a longing desire to see thee, wish to lay upon thee more than thou art able to bear. For I know that as much as thou art able to bear is hastening on to come upon thee; and which I tell thee cannot be avoided: and therefore those friends of thine, who have been closely joined with thee, in brotherly kindness, and have stood the test in the time past, they must have liberty to come as witnesses for thee, when liberty is granted for strangers to come forward. And therefore a List will be given of the names of those whom I shall give permission to come and see thee, in my appointed time. But let them know, this cannot be general, from the reasons I have assigned; and were it to be granted in part with others, offences would be given, if not to all. This I have done that the believers may not be hurt, knowing that thou canst not see a multitude at present; but let them all know, after the CHILD is born, and thou art recovered again to health, I shall direct a way how all, who are desirous to see thee and the CHILD, may see thee in my appointed time, at different periods fixed for all.

"So here I have answered concerning the friends and believers: and now I shall answer thee further concerning Pomeroy. If I had not directed thee to a man that acted like him at first, thou wouldest find many to act like him at last; and therefore he stands a judge for all mankind: he stands a judge for God and man, from his conduct, to justify my ways, and my directions, shewing what man is. Without a steady faith, and firm belief, no dependence can be put in men: and therefore it is thy steady friends,


who have shewed their faith by their works, who have already been tried and proved, that must now be called forward with strangers, when they appear. And I now tell thee, among strangers thou wilt find many sincere and faithful friends, many true and faithful witnesses: but I do not tell thee it would be so in all that would come forward, if they had it in their power; and therefore, as I said before, to guard thee now against the unjust, I must place the innocent with the guilty, and the just with the unjust, that no offence might be given. Thou must have thy friends, whom thou canst depend upon, to be witnesses with all; for know of the past, how many pretended to come forward as friends, and afterwards turned thy enemies: and false inventions, and wrong misrepresentations have already been made through envy; and which, I tell thee, would be much greater, were it not for thy faithful witnesses. Therefore all men may see that my directions are just, my cautions are just, to guard and keep thee from all danger, that might happen in a dangerous time, when the hour of thy deliverance draweth near.

"I have given thee directions, to prevent inquiries which might be made by letters, as there will not be time to answer all the inquiries that people would make. But I have answered them already: they must weigh these Five Books together, and wait with patience till the Sixth appeareth, wherein it will be announced that the MARRIAGE, which I have mentioned, hath taken place; in the Seventh the BIRTH of the CHILD: and then, as thou saidst before, all their wonders may cease; for then they may cease wondering whether there is a God that dwelleth in the heavens above and amongst the inhabitants of the earth below, by whose wisdom and power


these wonders are brought round to be fulfilled. When they compare the whole together, then they may see the wonders in the Revelations breaking before them to be fulfilled from what I told thee of Buonaparte and thyself, and other wonderful and strange events, which are hastening on, to bring men to the true knowledge of the Scriptures, a true knowledge that the end is at hand, for all men to come to the knowledge of the Lord, which is to cover the earth as the waters cover the great deep.

"And now ye may all see why I granted ONE MINISTER liberty to come forward with the BISHOPS, before the trial was fixed of its end, and I granted but one; and let them see, in this Book, how he stands condemned, as not acting faithfully in the trust committed to his charge; and therefore I granted him liberty to come forward and plead for himself, if he had any thing to say in his own defence: and this liberty I shall not now refuse; for that is not the justice of a God, to blame a manís conduct, and not permit him to come forward and plead his own cause."

The contents of this Book taken from JOANNA SOUTHCOTTíS mouth, by me,


Saturday, June 11th, 1814.

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