to which are added





THIS collection has been made at the desire of many of the friends, and the object aimed at has been to bring together the most prominent passages which foretell the birth of the PRINCE of PEACE, under his various Scriptural appellations, and which, at the same time, could bear no other explanation, though they may have been read over and over again by the believers in the mission of Joanna, without understanding that such a miracle was to be the result and fulfilment of her mission, until the Third Book of Wonders made its appearance; but, on becoming possessed of this key to her prophecies and to the Scriptures, every one became surprised at his own blindness as to things then appearing so very plain.

Brevity being requisite for this plan, a great variety of passages have therefore been omitted, which, having the key before mentioned, may now


be easily judged to apply to the miraculous Birth, though not to be previously discovered. Of such a description are many allusions under the following heads:

Where the Bridegroom and Bride are only mentioned—Where the marriage of the Lamb occurs only generally—The like with respect to heirs and joint-heirs—The bone not to be broken—The good fruit—Born of the Spirit—Second Birth or New Birth—Christ in the Woman’s form—The Woman made to complete the happiness of man—The standard, or ensign—Sun of Righteousness—The Prince of Peace—The sword left to guard the tree of life, being the promise made to the woman, for her seed to bruise the head of the serpent—The promise made to the woman to complete the happiness of man.

All generally under the above heads, we may now understand as exclusively applying to the subject of this collection; but as they appeared too mysterious heretofore, to say how they could be fulfilled, they have been mostly excluded, excepting in some instances where the context pointed out their application to the CHILD in a more particular manner.





"Back to the church, the standard, all must come;
For in the altar I was seen at first,
And in the altar did the glory burst,
Where Simeon did the holy CHILD behold;
And in the altar are the plates of gold." S. E. of Faith, p. 9.

"I’ll bring a MYSTERY in the end,
That shall for ever last." S. E. of F., p. 14.

To fulfil all righteousness, the WOMAN must be a helpmate for MAN, to complete his happiness—

"Your captain too shall quickly come
And bring all to an end,


And fix his glorious empire o’er
The wise whose hearts will bend:
As in a humble manger here
Kings did their sovereign see,
So my low handmaid doth appear
To all a mystery." S. E. of F., p. 16.

"What good news the angels bring!
What glad tidings of our king!
Christ descending from his throne
To bring his Father’s glory down;
Saints shall see it and rejoice,
Hell shall tremble at his voice—
Jews and Gentiles shall agree,
Join in Christian unity;
Heathens, coming from afar,
Worship at the glorious STAR." S. E. of F., p. 32.

"—To the FULNESS it cannot come,
Until the BRIDE be found:
Out of her closet she must go,
With jewels decked around." S. E. of F., p. 50.

"For here’s the pearl of great price,
And unto thee ’tis given." S. E. of F., p. 40.

"When the fulness of the time was come, God sent his Son made of a woman, made under the law,"—a mystery which no man can explain. If it began with the woman at first, it must end with her at last; and now I must stand the trial of what I say, as I am ordered to put in print, that the woman in the xii. of Rev. is myself. Therefore, it was written by Isaiah, "Rejoice, thou barren, that dost not bear."—S. E. of F., pp. 42, 102, 151.

"Had you ne’er stoop’d to eat the fruit at first,
You never should have stooped at the last;

But now my flock I’ll lead them by a CHILD,
Till all like lambs are brought into my fold."
S. E. of F., p. 51.

"—When he in the temple came,
Simeon the CHILD did know.—
Now to the prophet thou must turn,
To discern the mystery—
‘Oh, thou desire of nations come,’
Is now fulfill’d in thee." S. E. of F., p. 57.

"WOMAN by the HOLY GHOST shall come
To full perfection, equal with the MAN;


Bone of his bone, and flesh like his become,
Dividing substance, but in heart as one;
The SEED that’s planted in the virgin’s womb,
Not of herself, doth to perfection come." S. E. of F., p. 88.

"Bring now the woman, let her come,
That writes or acts as thou hast done;
Then an impostor thou shalt be,
And say another acts like thee:
No woman ever did assume
To say a CHILD was ever born,
As Mary did the SON of GOD—
Now where’s the woman will appear
To shew herself the BRIDE so clear?" S. E. of F., p. 92.

"Did I not tell you, in the end,
The mysteries would be great?
The prophet’s word is on record—
A CHILD should lead you all." S. E. of F., p. 112

"If I bring them to the manger,
Will they now the BABE despise?
If they do not, I do tell them,
All by their forefathers done
I will blot out of my memory,
If they to the purpose come." S. E. of F., p. 119.

" ’Twas the TWO LIGHTS that Simeon he did see,
The Jews and Gentiles, glorious lights to be;
And why so glorious did these two appear?
Because the Virgin did the Saviour bear;
And to the Gentiles thou must surely come.
The Prophet’s words must unto all be known:
Break forth in singing, thy Deliverer’s near.’ "
S. E. of F., p. 121.

"I have chosen me a SHEPHERD in whom I find no fault; if you choose him, I will choose you."
S. E. of F., p. 124.

"There is one that cometh after me, that is preferred before me."—
S. E. of F., p. 132.

"Do my shepherds see no danger near?
Nor my Bible yet discern?
They mistake the HEAVENLY STRANGER,
In what way he meant to come." S. E. of F., p. 141.

"—The mysteries I shall clear;
For then the WOMAN all will free,
And of the earth judges must be.


So here’s the judgment-day for man,
To free the WOMAN, or condemn,
For saying I AM IN HER FORM,
And prove the FULNESS now is come." S. E. of F., p. 175.

"—From the GENTILES now the HEIR must come;
And let the generations to appear:
The third and fourth are pronounced here.—
For all will find the HEIRESS now is come—
Look to my Gospel, and you may discern
The BARREN WOMB doth to you all appear.—
—Here’s a HANNAH that obtained by prayer,
And for the GENTILES now has got an HEIR,
For to possess the PROMISE that first was made—
The WOMAN’S SEED to bruise the serpent’s head."
S. E. of F., p. 214.

"Men are stumbled—
To find me present in the WOMAN’S FORM;
The time nor fulness no man doth discern."
S. E. of F., p. 220.

"Then here’s the EVENING STAR—
But ’tis the MORNING STAR must in her rise."
S. E. of F., p. 222.

"For men and devils thou wilt laugh to scorn,
When once thou find’st the MAN-CHILD is but born.—
Then Satan’s malice it may rage in vain,
And thou wilt smile at all the sons of men.
So love and anger will together burn;
And ’tis for men alone that thou wilt mourn;
For thou’lt rejoice to see the MAN-CHILD born."
S. E. of F., p. 225.

Christ is compared to the second Adam; then there must come a second Eve, to bring the GOD-HEAD and MANHOOD to a perfect likeness. For as the BONE was taken from MAN and made WOMAN, in man’s likeness; then CHRIST, who is the second Adam, must have a BONE taken from him also, to fulfil the law of God and the Gospel of Christ.—S. E. of F., p. 277.

"But by my BONE I’ll prove it here,
I am the living head." S. E. of F., p. 278.

"I bid you persevere—
So cast on ME your destiny,
To give the woman here;


Improve your call, I tell you all,
I’ll act like Satan there,
Who claimed my word, condemned his Lord,
For to bring on the fall;
For MAN must die was his reply,
And DEATH was passed on all;
Then now ’tis LIFE brings on the strife—
Behold an INFANT cry,
The mother’s pain doth all remain,
When it is brought so nigh.
Ye sons of men, could you discern
The lines that here go deep,
You’d see what BIRTH must bring you forth,
And all like children weep.—
But now be wise betimes to rise,
The FULNESS now is come,
That in disguise, before your eyes,
I’m in the WOMAN’S FORM." S. E. of F., p. 280.

I ask, when was this vision seen, of the WOMAN travailing in birth and crying to be delivered? Was it before our Saviour was born, or since? Your answer must be, since. Then I ask, if Satan could appear in heaven, to Christ, to destroy him there, or the Virgin Mary could be travailing with child after Christ ascended into glory, and all was finished? Then, if you cannot make it good that it is past, it must be to come. You will then be ready to ask me, who is the MAN-CHILD that is to rule all nations with a rod of iron?
S. E. of F., p. 284.

"—In the WOMAN I stand here:
So with the WOMAN let them stand,
And every promise now command:
For every mystery I shall clear,
And place them in the seven here;
It is the MOTHER and the SON,
And Abel’s vengeance now must come;
And Abraham’s promise must appear,
And Isaac next—
To raise a fallen David’s throne."
S. E. of F. Continuation, p. 67.

"Men now as gods they may appear;
But I shall fully answer here,


That they as gods shall never come,
Till they are joined to their BONE,
And with the WOMAN do agree
To take the FRUIT held out by she;
And then I’ll join them to the VINE,
And all shall know the ROOT is mine,
Who took the partner from my heart,
As I at first the MAN did part.—
So let the BARREN WOMB appear,
That I pronounced so blessed here;
And see the paps, that ne’er gave suck,
So full of every perfect milk."
* S. E. of F. Cont., p. 73.

"Awake, awake, O all ye sleepy race,
And see your HELPMATE stand before your eyes,
Which soon in wonder will you all surprise,
Much more than Adam was surprised at first,
And more than Adam shall your glory burst,
To see your HELPMATE then for to appear,
And bring such news as you never did hear,
And bring such knowledge to the sons of men,
And see the GOOD FRUIT to be handed down."
S. E. of F. Cont., p. 76.

"In heavenly raptures men will stand and gaze—
With transport joy we see the harmless DOVE,
Bone of our bone, and flesh like ours to be!
Is this the hand that Satan did betray?
Is this the hand our Saviour did redeem?
Then now we see the fountain and the stream,
As from the WOMAN he did come at first,
And in the WOMAN doth his GLORY burst."
S. E. of F. Cont., p. 76.

"Blest be the FRUIT now given from her hand!
We see thy wisdom in the WOMAN stand,
That all alike we may be perfect men,
And ’tis by faith we must perfection gain:—
So by thy wisdom we’ll receive our BONE,
And then these promises are all our own—
And plain we see we are not perfect men,
Until our BONE is joined to us again—
For sure he wisely then did lay his plan,
To raise the HOUSE OF CLAY as he began."
S. E. of F. Cont., p. 77.

It is now said to me, as the sign is mentioned in the 11th verse (Isaiah vii.) I shall ask a sign, and

* Milk of the WORD


it shall be granted me, to the convincing of you and all mankind.—S. E. of F. Cont., p. 84.

"Since earth’s foundation ere was placed,
And I created man;
I ne’er so much unveiled my face,
To shew you all my plan.—Like Adam all will stand.—
In his amaze you all may gaze,
To see the BONE appear,
Took from your side, in haste applied—
Then say—what Fall is here!" 1 Book of Letters, p. 6.
"To find that his SPIRIT’S in the WOMAN’S FORM,
It may be a mystery you cannot discern;
Unless like the wise-men you come from afar,
And say you’ll see clearly if this be the STAR,
That now in the evening begins to appear."
1 B. of Letters, p. 12.

"Our heirship we may now command—
Like very man HE now does bring,
That first the WOMAN must appear
Before the KING can gain an HEIR."
1 B. of Letters, p. 17.

"When that the WOMAN is your helpmate here,
Then to complete your bliss you need not fear;
For the GOOD FRUIT will then be handed down."
1 B. of Letters, p. 28.

"And know the ME that must appear:
I AM, I AM, I tell you here;
And now I tell you who I AM,
To prove the FULNESS now is come."
1 B. of Letters, p. 43.

"For sure as brothers all must come
The PRINCE OF GLORY then to crown,
To be the KING then of the Jews." 1 B. of Letters, p. 46.

"And then the mystery all shall see:
The woman’s wonder soon shall be,
To see the man awake from sleep:
We see our BONE that makes us weep.
In heaven the wonder did appear,
And here’s a wonder, we see clear:
She must be clothed with the SUN,
And CHRIST be present in her form."
1 B. of Letters, p. 46.


"You’ll find the anchor and the hope,
You’ll find what peace is sealed up;
And then I bid you to prove kind,
The CHILD and charity you’ll find,
And many seals that will appear;
You’ll find the first and second STAR;
You’ll find the C, you’ll find the I,
The SPIRIT and the BRIDE are nigh."
1 B. of Letters, p. 47.

"So Adams here you now appear,
The woman you withstood;
And she the serpent conquered here,
Then I’ll pronounce all good
That now is done—Behold my SON
Now’s in the woman’s form." The Dispute, p. 91.

To convince mankind that he was the Messiah, he said, at his second coming, when the fulness of time was come, he would send his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem those that were under the law.—The Dispute with the Powers of Darkness, p. 105.

"—This is done to shew the man
How I must first appear;

And must be in the WOMAN’S FORM,
To make my Gospel clear.

Now I shall come to answer man,
How the Creation stood:
The first I did create the man,
And there I shall allude,
As ’twas from him the woman came,
Then see, the MAN was two—
The man and woman first were one—
And bring all to your view;
So now the same, ye sons of men,
As Adam stood at first,
The woman surely from him came,
And here the truth must burst;
For I am come, be it known to man,
The SECOND ADAM found;
And from ME is the WOMAN come—
Perfect like Eve’s the sound.
So now regain, ye sons of men,
I’ll make your mountains strong:
The sword I left in Paradise
Shall bring you back again.


The TREE OF LIFE brings on the strife—
I told you so before:
A CHILD doth struggle in the womb,
When life in him appears.
So in the womb of Providence
All this hath been decreed,
When I like Adam do appear
To bruise the serpent’s head;
The perfect MAN like Adam, come
For to create all new;
The ways of hell for to condemn,
And all his arts to shew.
Then from my side I took the Bride,
As Adam came at first;
And your redemption is applied,
And here the truth must burst.
Because from ME the Bride you see,
As Eve did first appear—
Not of the dust created she,
But of the MAN, see clear.
Bone of his bone, to man was shewn—
I said the TWO were ONE:
A SECOND ADAM must appear,
Ere your redemption comes.
But how can ye so blinded be?
Can Adam now appear
Without his Eve, do you believe?—
Now see the mysteries clear.
No; I must come, in Adam’s form,
For to create all new:
And from ME must the WOMAN come,
The GOOD FRUIT for to shew."
The Dispute, pp. 106, 107.

"The woman clothed with the Sun,
Shall make all nations bend.
The fruit shall fall, I tell you all,
That with her do not stand.—
But on the Tree the GOOD FRUIT see,
And that shall now remain." The Dispute, p. 119.

When the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man-child.—The Answer, p. 3.

"If paradise was lost, you may regain,
If by the WOMAN you in faith do stand,
And take the GOOD FRUIT from the woman’s hand.
For now the woman I will answer here,
If from herself her works do all appear;


Then something more than human is on earth,
For to bring in to man a second birth." The Answer, p. 44.

"—Know the FRUIT came from the WOMAN’S hand,
And so the FRUIT doth from her all appear.
I ask what man a CHILD did ever bear,
More than the elm or the lofty trees?
The fruit’s in woman, judge this as you please,
Who brought to man the GOOD FRUIT at the first,
And from the WOMAN shall the GOOD FRUIT burst."
The Answer, p. 102.

"They’ll find the SPIRIT and the BRIDE are come;
They’ll find the ROOT of DAVID to appear;
And then the MORNING STAR, you may see clear,
Is with the EVENING STAR arose to shine."

The Answer, p. 105.
"It was by a WOMAN I came into the world in the form of a MAN; and now by a WOMAN I will reveal myself unto men, in and through the woman, as much in the spirit as I did then in the flesh make my appearance to the world from the woman; and now from the woman shall my second coming be revealed."—The Answer, p. 106.

"Thou bringest the GOOD FRUIT, and the evil shall be taken from the good to come."—The Answer of the Lord to the Powers of Darkness, p. 109.

"Now thou hast travailed in birth one year to bring forth the natural MAN-CHILD, that shall rule the nations with a rod of iron."—The Answer, p. 111.

"I must come in the body as the perfect man at first, and in the Spirit at my second coming, I must come made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem those that were under the law."
The Answer, p. 120.

"The increase of my government,
He said should be in peace;
And there’s no end should be to it,
And David’s throne increase.
With judgment I should set it forth;
For so it shall be done;
And from henceforth for evermore,
The SEED it so shall come;
Even the SEED shall ever be—
The zeal of God was so." The Answer, p. 122.


"It is the WOMAN’S conquering SEED
Must break and bruise the serpent’s head,

And all his footing take away." Ans. to Brothers, 1802, p. 6.

"—Back to the Creation now you’ll come,
Join with the WOMAN, or I’ll tell your doom,
That you will surely die in Adam’s fall—
You know the WOMAN’S SEED must conquer all."
Ans. to B., p. 13.

"My Gospel you did never know,
The way I said I’d come;
But now from Paul I’ll answer all,
The fulness doth appear,

And perfect in the WOMAN’S FORM
You all shall find ME here:

For to redeem from hell and sin
The fulness now is come;
Under the law, you all shall know,
The WOMAN she must stand;
A MOTHER here she must appear
Of all the living race." Ans. to B., p. 20.

"When first I came it was as MAN,
And of a WOMAN born;
But as the sword went through her soul,
I now am in her form,
For to fulfil my Father’s will,
And make your bliss complete.
I am the helpmate he did mean,
The mysteries all are great—
Then now you see the mystery,
I took from MAN A BONE,
That in the end was my intend
His foe she should unthrone.
So now you see the mystery,
Why I the man did part:
Because the Bone I took from man
Must strike the fatal dart.
—Man with man I did contend,
In every age that’s past;
But now ’tis drawing to an end,
I’ll in the woman burst—
And all shall know ’tis by the BRIDE
The BRIDEGROOM now shall stand."
Ans. to B., p. 21.

"—Now see clear the mystery here—
The woman bore the SON;


But how can he bring in his HEIRS,
Before the BRIDE is come?
For just like man I’ve laid my plan;
And now let man appear
And tell me how, without the bride
He ever gained an heir.—
So let your warlike trumpets sound
The MARRIAGE of the LAMB." Ans. to B., p. 22.

"So manhood see, and wedded be;
For I’ve not lost the whole:
The CHILD shall gain the victory,
The foe shall stand the poll.
Let men appear as fathers here,
And now behold their CHILD;
The mystery now I mean to clear,
For I did man beguile,
Till wonders here do so appear,
As it in heaven began;
Then wonders see; for so ’twill be—
The MOTHER and the SON.
1 B. of S. Prophecies, p. 4.

They had judged the MAN-CHILD to be Christ, but could not tell how to make it clear of the woman travailing in heaven to be delivered.
1 B. of S. Pro., p. 36.

"—Now unto Isaiah come:
He prophesied of ME;
But said a BONE should not be broke,
And deep’s the mystery.
As perfect man I then did come,
Born of the Virgin there,

But now ’tis in the Woman’s form
I’ll make the mysteries clear,

So here’s the BONE that stands alone
A stumbling-block to man;
Close by your side behold the BRIDE,
And marvel what you’ve done."
1 B. of S. Pro., p. 40.

"So here’s the FATHER and the CHILD,
The SPIRIT and the BRIDE:
She leans upon her Husband’s arms,
The truth can’t be denied." 1 B. of S. Pro., p. 42.

"Let them tell what the prophet meant by the BARREN WOMB being made a joyful MOTHER of CHILDREN? and what I meant by saying, the


time should come, that they should say, ‘Blessed is the barren womb that never bore, and the paps which never gave suck?’ Or what the Apostle meant by saying, ‘that the MARRIED WOMAN is in bondage to her HUSBAND, but the SINGLE WOMAN is to the LORD?’ and what he meant by saying, ‘when the fulness of the time was come, GOD sent forth his SON, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law?’ "—1 B. of S. Pro., p. 54.

"I said, ye must be born again:
Look deep, ye simple sons of men,
And tell me how that man was born?
You say, from ADAM.—
But of the WOMAN I was born,
A mystery that none discern,
To putrefaction did not come;
Then now like ME be born again,
And from the WOMAN all appear,
And then I’ll make you sons and heirs;
For heirs of God you now shall be,
And, as I said, joint-heirs with ME;
And of the SPIRIT now be born.
You know ’tis written, in her form
That God would surely send his SON,
When the FULL TIME was surely come."
1 B. of S. Pro., p. 64.

"So now from Eli all may see
The promise made to man to be,
If he like David don’t become,
I say, a Samuel shall be known
To be a prophet in his room:
And from a CHILD it shall be known
That he the MAN-CHILD must appear,
And all my office he shall bear." 1 B. of S. Pro., p. 73.

"And can all lands so shortly bend,
Before a CHILD he can become
At twelve years old to talk with men?—
No; every nation first I’ll try.—
But how can I in justice come
To chain the rebel to his den,
And every wither’d branch cut off,
Before I do begin to graft
Some OTHER FRUIT upon the TREE?"
1 B. of S. Pro., p. 74.


As the woman bore ME into the world, so she shall bear the FRUITS of the SPIRIT, and the strongest testimony of ME.—No man could believe my testimony, as being the SON of GOD, without believing the testimony of my MOTHER; and no man can believe the testimony of my coming in the SPIRIT, to bring in my spiritual kingdom, before I have revealed myself to a WOMAN, as the BRIDE, by my SPIRIT, that I am coming as the BRIDEGROOM."—1 B. of S. Pro., p. 95.

"Then tell me whence the HEIRS do come:
Is it from WOMAN, or from man?—
And now like MAN I do appear,
To prove the WOMAN brings the HEIRS,
That must possess my every crown." 1 B. of S. Pro., p. 96.

"I and the WOMAN must appear,
My mother’s innocence to clear,
That of the WOMAN I did come
To bring salvation unto MEN." 1 B. of S. Pro., p. 106.

"So you may call her what you will—
A BRIDE, or MOTHER; but stand still:
I said a BRIDEGROOM I’d appear,
When I bring in my every HEIR;
And by her name you all shall see
That Mary doth with her agree.—
But now I ask how’t could be done,
Had not my Spirit to her come,
To have the WOMAN to appear,
That in my MOTHER’S room is here?"
1 B. of S. Pro., p. 107.

"—As the stems are interwoven there,
So MAN and I are interwoven here;
Because they bow to come within the veil,
They’ll find the SECOND BRANCH can never fail
To gain the victory for the sons of men."
Word in Season, p. 25.

"And now my kingdom it shall surely come,
As the SIX SPOTS foretell you who I am;
And the SIX SPOTS you now may see them clear,
But in the SEVENTH there’s no spot appears:
And I’ll go on till there’s no spot in MAN,
But like the STANDARD every soul shall come."
W. in Season, p. 30.

"I tell you all, now judge your call,
And see the TREE of LIFE;


If you stand there you need not fear,
The DOVE will end the strife." W. in Season, p. 51.

"—Like the DOVE they’ll find my love
For those who do appear
The truth to know, and prove it so—
They’ll find the DOVE appear
To bring them peace that shall increase,
No man can foil them here." 2 B. of Visions, p. 6.

"—I am bringing round the chain,
As I have said, for to redeem
My sons and daughters from the Fall.—
Because the FULNESS now is come,
It must in union now agree." 2 B. of Visions, p. 16.

"—My Bible all is found,
That in one link it doth appear:
Then who can make my Bible clear,
Before the other link doth come,
That GOD and MAN they both must join,
So perfect in the TRINITY?
The GODHEAD must with MAN agree,
To make your happiness complete,
As I at first did him create.
In my own image and my form
I said I first created MAN,
To be in favour then with ME:
I ask what FULNESS there can be,
If I do not fulfil the whole,
And so the chain bring round to all,
That GOD and MAN alike must join,
To bring my glorious kingdom down?" 2 B. of Visions, p. 18.

"———I am come
To make my law and gospel join:
The PRINCE of PEACE you’ll find is near."
2 B. of Visions, p. 19.

"Mark the Creation how it stands
A likeness of DIVINITY;
So I created MAN to be
In my own likeness to appear,
And perfect so I’ve likened him here,
And so I’ve likened myself to MAN,
To say from ME her Spirit came,
So different from the human race,
And yet my Spirit men disgrace;
Because my ways are hid from all
In the dark mysteries of the Fall." 2 B. of Visions, p. 43.


"I am God, and my glory I will not give to another: for I and my SON am ONE, who created you, and suffered to redeem you: and where is the power that can stand against me, when I come to plead for my ELECT, in whom my soul delighteth? HE shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles: HE shall not cry nor cause his voice to be heard in the streets, neither shall HE be discouraged till HE hath set judgment in the earth, and the isles shall wait for his law."—Word to the Wise, p. 6.

"——All the prophets wrote of ME:
And yet these things do none discern,
Nor judge the way that I do warn,
Throughout my Bible it doth appear,
No more than men discern it here,
How all the pages thou hast penn’d
Were but in part fulfill’d by men;
Then sure some OTHER must appear
For to fulfil these pages here." W. to the Wise, p. 42

In p. 124 S. E. of F., it is written, ‘I had chosen me a SHEPHERD in whom I find no fault. If you choose him, I will choose you.’ "Now this shepherd is my SON, whom I have chosen, my BELOVED, in whom my soul delighteth. And there are three shepherds that have testified of him, that it is his Spirit which hath visited thee, to make men heirs of God, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ."—W. to the Wise, p. 46.

"I am wrong———
If I don’t free the woman’s fall,
And bring the wonder in the end,
That’s in the Revelation penned.—
And all will find the mystery great
Of this third wonder to appear,
That in a WOMAN you see here.—
With healing in his wings appears,
Satan to cast, our guilt to clear;
And so the WOMAN now he’ll free,
That heirs of God we all may be
So here’s a WONDER in the last,
As ’twas to Adam at the first." W. to the Wise, p 56.


"My Father’s words shall ever stand,
That by her SEED I’ll bruise his head.
Eleven disciples it is said
Stood firmly by me in the end;
And now I say eleven men
I chose as judges to appear,
And placed a CHILD the twelve to clear;
So all are come now like the CHILD,
You’ve all to learn, and men are foiled
In all the knowledge they did learn.
My Bible no man did discern,
That I should bring it round this way.
Learning did all the Jews betray;
Because their learning they plac’d wrong;
And so the learning is of man.
Therefore one judge I chose a CHILD,
That ne’er in learning can be foil’d;
Because all nations now will see
The truth go on fulfill’d to be." W. to the Wise, p. 57.

"As at the first, the same is burst,
The WOMAN did appear
To warn you of your Saviour’s birth,
And that her time drew near
To bring a SON, not born by MAN,
But of the HOLY GHOST.—
Darkness in every part
There is in man, for now I am come
To judge the world again,
In the same manner unto man,
As I shall now explain.—
But here within thou dost begin
To ask how this can be?
That I am come the same to man
A mystery is to thee;
Then I’ll appear to answer here—
My coming is the same:
Though first in PERSON I was born,
But few did know my name;
Then now I’m come, I say, again
For to be born anew,
And in the SPIRIT to be born,
And all shall find it true;
My SPIRIT here doth strong appear,
That every soul shall find.—
So I am come again the same
Unto a WOMAN here,


And now I’ll tell my every name,
And make the mystery clear.

I said men must be born again,
If they would live in ME;

Then sure my SPIRIT unto MAN
It must be born again,
When I bring in the heathen land,
And do the world redeem.
For by the SPIRIT it must be—
My life they did destroy:
Then from my BODY it could not be
That I should all enjoy.
No! ’tis my word that’s on record,
My SPIRIT first must come,
That earth and hell cannot destroy,
When I am born again;
Born of the WOMAN, as at first,
And of the SPIRIT born.
And I shall prove it in the last,
My SPIRIT here is come.
That is my word now on record—
And see my Bible clear,
That when the FULNESS it is come
The WOMAN must appear,
I tell you all, to free the fall,
That is the law of God."
Church Prayers, pp. 18, 19.

The FULNESS of the GENTILES will come—Then will the fulness of their joy be completed, and the calling in of the Jews will be glorious, who will return, like Jacob’s sons, saying, "We are verily guilty concerning our brother."
Warning to the World, p. 44.

"If the Jews keep to the law, and are looking for a MESSIAH to come, that shall be their deliverer; and you GENTILES believe that HE is come, but that he will not be a DELIVERER either to you or to them, and throw all the laws of God and the prophets aside, forgetting all the words I left on record, and looking to no fulfilment of my Gospel, as the Jews do of the law; then your belief


is not of faith that I gave my life a ransom for ALL, to reconcile the world unto God."
W. to the World, p. 47.

"—I shall now try men,
How their ideas here will burst,
To judge thy written hand;
Then I’ll appear to make all clear,
And SHILOH they shall know—
How I am come to gather in
The Gospel and the Law.
For my disciples I did try,
I tell thee, in disguise;
And in the end ’tis my intend
That way to make them wise."
W. to the World, p. 63.

"To shew my BIRTH the CHILD must come;
And so my DEATH a shadow then;
But now the shadow’s in the CHILD,
To shew my death, to reconcile
The world to God." Prayers on the Fast, p. 9.

"I called these two women my mother and my sister, and as my brides joined with thee; for so the WOMAN was in the Creation; as being taken from the MAN, she was his SISTER; but as bearing him children, she was a WIFE, and a MOTHER. Thus was the WOMAN made at first, and this must be the state of the woman at last, now I am come to free the fall of women.—

"The SECOND ADAM is in ME;
Then see the BRIDEGROOM here,
To take the WOMAN as my friend,
My MOTHER for to be." P. on the Fast, p. 30.

"Zion that travaileth to be delivered shall be delivered; for I have brought to the womb, and I will not shut it."—F. of Sheep, p. 45.

"I know that some will now begin
That way for to appear—
We judge our God is in the sound,
’Tis time to tremble here.


Now we see plain we are but men,
Our Bibles did not know,
This way the Lord would ever come;
We ne’er discerned it so.
So it is said, we are misled,
We ne’er did understand

That perfect in the WOMAN’S FORM
He’d come again to MAN.

To free the LAW, we all do know,
We judged it at that time,
When to the Cross he sure did go—
What folly filled our minds!
To judge it then, as simple men,
We cannot make it clear.
Under the LAW, we all do know,
The Jews do now appear:
Under the FALL we do see all
In Adam’s guilt to stand."
Flock of Sheep, p. 58.

"So now see plain, ye sons of men,
How these two women stand.
This very thing I did ordain,
To bring it to the land.
Because that here you can’t appear
To prove the fable wrong;
For see the noise the Jews did make,
When I to them did come;
But now again the second time,
Like serpents you appear;
And I have tried you every way,
No noise in you I hear,
But silent lie, that all may die—
And thousands you will kill,
I tell you, by your silent spears.
Now judge this as you will,
Your footing’s lost, and you may boast
Like the deaf adders here.
No other way, to thee I say,
They ever can appear;
Unless they see the mystery—
The WOMAN then with CHILD." F. of Sheep, p. 68.

"Here I know thy heart is puzzled, thy mind is confused—How can I bring the likeness of that child to myself, when I was destroyed, and the child was preserved? No; I tell thee, there stands


but the shadow; for I must come again in the WOMAN to fulfil the substance."—Flock of Sheep, p. 84.

"So now in print let this appear,
To try the heads of men,
And with their Bibles this compare,
And like the knight become,
That heard the cry, as he did say—
The MOTHER and the CHILD.
He viewed the planets for to see
What fortune on him smiled:
And did discern in her his own,
Which he did first reject;
Till heavenly stars made her his own,
By wonders to protect.
So wonders here do strong appear,
Much greater than the child
Which in the end you’ll all see clear,
Bless God you all were foiled." F. of Sheep, p. 91.

"Men have always sought MAN to be the DAVID established upon the throne and always made ME to be the URIAH that was slain in the front of the battle; but now I tell thee, for this the sword never shall depart from MAN, till a SOLOMON doth appear, that will ask wisdom of God; then shall my throne be established, and the house shall be built in my name."—Jos. Southcott’s Book, p. 48.

"Kiss the Son, lest he be angry.—Ask and receive thy full demands, and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, and dash them in pieces, like a potter’s vessel. Now let them tell me, who is my SON? or to whom that promise was made? or whom that SPIRIT of the LORD was to be upon, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captive, and the opening of the prisons to them that are bound, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all that mourn?"—Jos. Southcott’s Book, pp. 57, 58.


"I placed the shadow there,
Then in the CHILD, when so he smiled
Upon my every friend;
And now you’ll find the time’s at hand
I shall the SAME descend:
But first they’ll see, I now tell thee,
ME like the CHILD appear."
What Manner of C., p. 39.

"My Isaacs shall be unbound: no longer shall they invite men; no longer shall they intreat them; but they shall stand valiantly in their faith, and wait till men shall invite them; wait till men shall intreat them, to let them stand the Trial, that they may see the NEW CREATED BEING—that they may see the NEW COVENANT that is making with MAN."—W. M. of C., p. 45.

"But no one knows what lies behind,
That thou another day may’st find,
Nor in what manner I shall come,
To shew my power IN THY FORM." The Trial, p. 86.

"The woman’s fall I now must free,
Ere man’s redemption he will gain;
For now to all I speak more plain,
While SHE is bound, can MAN be free?
The BONDSWOMAN, you all do say,
Must be cast out, when I do clear
To make the free, the perfect HEIR."
The Trial, p. 87.

"If you weigh deep the TRINITY,
The WOMAN must be given;
To free you all from Adam’s fall,
Her promise she must claim.
I made a MOTHER for you all,
And called so to man;
Then know, the BRIDE must be applied,
That I have known so here,
To claim the promise as I’ve said,
And then the perfect HEIR
She makes of ME—all flesh shall see
A MOTHER then for all!
So I’ll appear the SON and HEIR,
And now my brethren call." 1 Ex. of the Bible, p. 89.

"The MOTHER here they must clear,
The TRUE MOTHER is come


To claim the SON to be the HEIR,
And free the whole for man." 1 Ex. B., p. 92.

"Then see the chain that must remain,
The MOTHER and the BRIDE,
To bring in MAN with ME to stand,
For so’t must be applied.—
I have raised her here
To be a MOTHER first to ME;
And so must men appear
To say—‘the BRIDE must be applied
A MOTHER for us all.’ " 1 Ex. B., p. 93.

"My SPIRIT here is come,
As at the first, it must be known,
When I the VIRGIN warned.
In PERSON here I might appear,
But now it is not so:

It is in SPIRIT I am here,
That every soul shall know.

Then judge the two before your view—
The MOTHER and the BRIDE
Came both from ME, you all shall see,
The HOLY GHOST applied,
As at the first, ’tis now at last,
Though ’tis a different way." 1 Ex. B., p. 94.

"Let them answer me, why I made the WOMAN my MOTHER, if I never designed in the end to make the WOMAN a TRUE MOTHER for MAN?"—1 Ex. B., p. 96.

"I fell to rise again, to throw down all Satan’s power, and cast the CORNER STONE on him: for all men must know that that CORNER STONE meaneth the promise that was made in the Fall."—2 Ex. B., p. 106.

"Thou spakest in vision to thy HOLY ONE, and saidst, I have laid help upon one that is mighty; I have exalted one chosen out of the people. I will make him my FIRST BORN, higher than the Kings of the earth."—2 Ex. B., p. 116.

"Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet.


—Yet have I set my KING upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto ME, Thou art my SON; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of ME, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession."—2 Ex. B., p. 118.

"Let men see clear what’s written there,
And trace the Psalms like thee,
And then I bid them answer here,
How they the whole can free?
What vision first can they now place,
That did of ME foretell?
That help on ME should surely be,
The mighty one excel?
Or what FIRST BORN was judged by men
To be exalted so,
Higher than earthly kings to come,
Above them, you do know?" 2 Ex. B., p. 119.

"While I was yet with them, I plainly told them what should happen in the end. But did the other COMFORTER come then, to abide with men for ever? I tell you, no: the other COMFORTER is the fulfilment of my word, at my second coming in power to destroy all the works of the devil; but that COMFORTER must first come in the SPIRIT, whom the FATHER sendeth in my NAME."—3 Ex. B., p. 210.

"—No promise didst thou claim,
Until I bade thee in my name
To ask a favour then of ME,
That now your joy fulfilled might be;
Because thou ask’st the very thing

That now the COMFORTER will bring."
3 Ex. B., p. 236.

"And now the PROMISE I shall clear,
The WOMAN’S SEED shall bruise his head;
And therefore in her I shall plead
Until her SEED do so appear
To join with ME and join with her,
And then my words you all shall see,

You’ll dwell in God, and God in ye;
For then in ME you will abide—


And mark from Pilate what he said:
He ask’d ME if I was a KING;
Then know the words I answered him;
His words I did repeat again—
Thou sayest that I am a KING;
And for this end I did appear—
I came the every thing to clear,
And of the WOMAN I was born,
That at the end it should be known
That as a KING I shall appear,
And so my kingdom I’ll bring here." 3 Ex. B., p. 237.

"The SPIRIT and the BRIDE are come to warn all men of my coming. Now let the world answer me, how I could be the beginning and the ending, the first and the last, without I accomplish according to my words? Was I not the beginning in the Creation, to form MAN in my own likeness, and make the WOMAN for his helpmate and happiness? This was my plan in the beginning when I made man at first, then I must accomplish it in the ending, if I am the last."
3 Ex. B., p. 261.

"He that doth overcome,
His GOD I surely will appear,
And make him as my SON." 3 Ex. B., p. 264.

"The LAW before no man could clear
The way that I should come,
Till I in Bethlehem did appear,
And of the WOMAN born—
But none did see the mystery
Why I that way should come;
That when the LAW I do redeem,
And free the FALL of MAN,
I must appear, I tell you here,
In SPIRIT in her FORM;
Because ’tis she the end must free,
To have her promise known."
3 Ex. B., p. 276.

"Thou know’st the Jews believed in ME,
A ROOT that should appear;
A BRANCH of DAVID they should see,
To bring their kingdom here;


That is, I Israel should restore,
They’d see a conquering king
That unto them there must appear,
And honour great to bring." 4 Ex. B., p. 329.

"In the full time, call all to mind,
The whole I must redeem.
Under the LAW you all must know,
The PROMISE stands for men;
The WOMAN’S SEED must bruise his head,
Then I must sure be here,
And in the WOMAN strong to plead,
Your great Deliverer here." 4 Ex. B., p. 355.

"If you discern how I do warn,
In HER I must appear,
In SPIRIT strong, and I am come—
But could you all see plain,
That GOD has so sent forth his SON,
In SPIRIT to redeem,
And you went on to mock her hand,
More fatal now ’twould be
Than for the Jews, that did condemn,
And nailed ME to the tree." 4 Ex. B., p. 356.

"The FULNESS of the time is come
That my avenging heel
Shall bruise the head, as it is said."
4 Ex. B., p. 361.

"The PROMISE shall be found,
Till I have worked all through;
The different faces now command,
I unto all shall shew;
The faces here I now shall clear,
The CHERUB men shall see,
That now do come in heart to join,
And wish to dwell with ME.
The face of men may now come on
To turn which way they will,
They’ll find the LION now is come
The EAGLE for to kill." 4 Ex. B., p. 369.

"He shall build the temple of the Lord, and HE shall bear the glory, and rule upon his throne; HE shall be a priest upon his throne; and the counsel of peace shall be between them both.—


Your Father which is in heaven, hath the power to build the TEMPLE of the Lord; that meaneth to build the TEMPLE in MAN."—5 Ex. B., p. 453.

"If Abraham obtained the Son by faith, which was but a shadow of the promise, how much more by faith must ye obtain the full promise of your redemption."—6 Ex. B., p. 481.

"If I made the first vessel unto dishonour, as man dishonoured ME thereby, have I not power over the clay off the same lump, to make one vessel unto honour, to shew my wrath, and make known my power upon the vessels of wrath?"—6 Ex. B., p. 483.

"Let men answer what the FULNESS of the GENTILES means, that it is written, that at the fulness of the Gentiles there shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, when all Israel is to be saved? Now will men answer me, that that Deliverer meant when I came to establish my Gospel?—How then was it written, to wait until the fulness of the Gentiles was come in, if it was to come at that time?"—6 Ex. B., p. 493.

"How will men answer these words, to say, the WORD was made flesh?—But know, if the WORD was made flesh by my coming in the flesh, to dwell amongst men, in the likeness of man, then the WORD that was spoken in the Creation, of making MAN in my own image and likeness, must become flesh in my likeness, for MAN to dwell with ME as I dwelt with him."—6 Ex. B., p. 547.

"Know, the WORD that was in the beginning, that the evil power should receive his curse, and his head should be bruised, as my heel was; then if the FIRST WORD became flesh to dwell amongst men, to have my heel bruised, according to the words in the beginning, then according to the


words in the beginning, I must bruise Satan’s head, and take sin out of the world."—6 Ex. B., p. 548.

"These parables shew my firm decrees in the Creation—what I said when I created the WOMAN at first—the promise that was made in the Fall—my being born of the VIRGIN—my promising to come again as the BRIDEGROOM, to free the fall of the WOMAN; or how could I bring in the redemption of MAN?"—Ex. of Parables, p. 28.

"How can she be saved through child-bearing, from the transgression of the Fall, if the PROMISE is not fulfilled? And let men mark the words that follow the transgression—"Notwithstanding she shall be saved in child-bearing:" but how do men understand the words? Do they suppose that no woman is to be saved but such as have children? Then let them remember the words of the Apostle—"The SINGLE WOMAN is to the Lord:" then if the single woman be to the Lord, let no man vainly imagine that this CHILD-BIRTH means temporally; but I tell you all it means spiritually; for if I that was of the SPIRIT, born of the FLESH, and yet conceived by the HOLY GHOST of the SPIRIT of GOD, to be born of the woman; know all men, through this CHILD-BIRTH the WOMAN shall be freed from the transgression of the fall."—K. of Christ is at hand, p. 23.

"As ye are born, it must be known,
You say, of bondmaids all;
Then the TRUE HEIR cannot appear,
Till I have freed the Fall." K. of C., p. 39.

"Much like Herod I will do:
If by wise-men I am mocked,

Then my fury fast shall go,
And like Herod I’ll pursue it—
Bring the CHILD, or kill them all:
In all hearts I bid them bring him,
That he now may worshipped be."
2 B. of S. Prophecies, p. 9.


"You say you’re tainted by the Fall;
But if that taint I take away,
And make her perfect free,

And pour the HOLY GHOST on MAN,
Then perfect heirs you’ll be;
Made heirs of God, it must be know’d,
And joint-heirs with the SON." 2 B. of S. Pro., p. 39.

"I said the HOLY GHOST should come,
The COMFORTER, it must be known,
And all to your remembrance bring,
When I as prophet, priest, and king,
Do in this lower world appear,
As very MAN I will be here." 2 B. of S. Pro., p. 52.

"From Adam’s fall, be’t known to all,
The PROMISE is foretold;
It was to Eve, let them believe,
The mysteries I’ll unfold
When they their reasons have assigned,
That this can never be;
My wisdom always stands behind,
And that you all shall see.
For blessed is the BARREN WOMB,
That never yet gave suck;
Because the time is hastening on,
They’ll find in her there’s milk;
For milk ’twill be, they all shall see,
Although the breasts seem dry;
For as I made the water wine,
I’ll bring it so this way."
2 B. of S. Pro., p. 81.

"Like a travailing woman in sorrow did Eve begin—and perfectly so, I tell thee, like a travailing woman the whole will end."—Foley’s Answer, p. 29.

"Eve travailed in pain, in child-birth, to bring on man’s destruction; so it must be in like manner, of pain and child-birth, to bring on man’s restitution."—Foley’s Answer, p. 36.

"He persecutes the WOMAN which brought forth the MAN-CHILD. Now I tell thee of this mystery, concerning the MAN-CHILD, it will not be cleared up till the end; and then will every one see clearly


the perfect mystery of the MAN-CHILD that is brought forward to man, to rule the nations with a rod of iron."—Sharp’s Answer, p. 78.

"I am the Joseph that was envied by my brethren, and it is MY SEED must come to inherit the PROMISE."—C. with Carpenter, p. 177.

"It is by faith that you must obtain the fulfilment of the promise that was said—In Isaac all the families of the earth should be blessed: and that promise I am now come to fulfil, and to free the fall of women."—Full Assurance, p. 49.

"When I the BONE return,
You all will see the mystery,
And tears of joy will come." Full Assurance, p. 56.

"No more you say, the despised Galilean,
But in his Father’s kingdom HE is seen:—
No more the INFANT will be had in scorn,
But joyfully received where he is born:—
No more in swaddlings doth the INFANT lie,
But now he’ll come in glory’s bright array."
Full Assurance, p. 57.

"I must create a NEW THING in the earth—a WOMAN to compass a MAN at last, as she compassed MAN at first; but, let them know, the first was under the influence of the devil, when she gave the fruit to man, and he did eat; then he was compassed in her transgression; but know, when I create anew, the WOMAN must be drawn by the influence of my SPIRIT, and compass MAN another way—That as in ADAM all died, even so in ME might all be made alive."—A. to Smith, p. 66.

"Isaiah xlii. ‘Behold my SERVANT whom I uphold; mine ELECT, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: HE shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.’ Here my SON is called my SERVANT; then marvel not, in the other, that he is called the RIGHTEOUS MAN,


to be ruler over kings, and to destroy with the sword all his enemies."—False Doctrine, p. 38.

"Mark what is said of my SERVANT: "A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: HE shall bring forth judgment unto truth; HE shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth; and the isles shall wait for his law." Now, from this, it is mentioned my SERVANT; in the other, the RIGHTEOUS MAN, that these things are to be done by; then know, these promises and their fulfilment must be accomplished by the SON of GOD. Here the SON is called the SERVANT,—that shall set judgment in the earth, and the isles shall wait for his law. I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light to the Gentiles."—False Doctrine, pp. 40, 41.

" ‘He shall set up an ENSIGN for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah, from the four corners of the earth.’ Now, from these words of the prophet, let them see how the Jews are scattered, and how they stand; and let them discern my promises to gather them together in the end, when they begin to look unto ME whom they have pierced."—C. with the Worldly Wise, II. p. 24.

The witnesses spoken of are but TWO; the ONE was fulfilled when our Saviour shed his blood for the transgression of man, that they might look unto him from the ends of the earth and be saved; and his coming again in power to cast out the adversary, that betrayed the woman is the OTHER; and these two must be joined together, to bring the olive branch of peace to man.—A. to Paine, p. 49.

"Then shall they see the sign of the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.


And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."—1 B. of Wonders, p. 37.

"Here were things spoken of Cyrus, as a SHADOW then to the Jews; but the SUBSTANCE remains for the end."—L. to the Clergy, p. 57.

"I speak to Gentiles and to Jews:
The MOTHER she must first appear
To bring the ISAAC,—men, see clear." L. to the Clergy, p. 64.

"As the year ended to thee, with a sparkling lustre round the sun, too bright for thy eyes to look into; and as the sun arose the next morning with a sparkling lustre of light; perfectly so thou wilt find the event of this year will happen to thee and true believers."—Wisdom, p. 3.

"For what at first was lost by Adam’s fall,
Look deep to Abraham, and behold the call,—
The promise that I made I’ll now fulfil;
And so in ISAAC every land shall feel
The promised blessings I have now in store." Wisdom, p. 34.

"They will find the ensuing year such a year, as I told thee before, as was never seen in England, since it was a nation, to have the true meaning of the Scriptures to be brought forward and proved to men."—Wisdom, p. 46.

"I shall set this sign to the Jews, whereby they shall know whether my GOSPEL is true or not. For, like Joseph, was my life sought by them, and, like Joseph, I was separated from them; but now, like Joseph, will I make myself known unto them, by signs and wonders that I shall set before them. This year, in the sixty-fifth year of thy age, thou shalt have a SON by the power of the MOST HIGH, which if they receive as their Prophet, Priest, and King, then I will restore them to their own land and cast out the heathens for their sakes, as I cast out them when they cast out me, by rejecting me as their Saviour, Prince, and King, for which I said I was born, but not at that time to establish my kingdom."—3 B. of Wonders, p. 4.


The concluding passage has been inserted as being the subject whereon the whole of the foregoing collection depend, and have reference to; being also the key to unlock the Scripture prophecies concerning the restoration of the Jews to their own land, and the re-establishment of the throne of David, preparatory to the glorious appearance of our Saviour, to cast out the prince of this world, and to establish his kingdom of peace upon earth for one thousand years. But for further information upon this point, the Third Book of Wonders is particularly recommended to all candid inquirers after truth, as furnishing topics worthy of their most serious attention.


HAVING brought together the principal prophecies concerning the CHILD that was to be born, but never understood till this revelation was given, in what manner he should be born; I shall now bring forward some of the prophecies, which were given to shew how great the rage and fury would be in men when this was made known.

"The living waters are the living stream,
That like a fountain will come from on high;
But yet the sinners will it all defy;
And as ’tis flowing, sin will sure abound;
They’ll froth with fury for to hear the sound.—|
So with the wicked it will certain be:
They’ll foam with fury, and the truth you’ll see."
S. E. of Faith, p. 162.

How true I have found these words by experience! as I am now compelled to flee, not only from the face of my enemies, but from my friends likewise, to conceal myself in a place of safety, where I am not known by any person; and my name I am obliged to conceal, to preserve my life


from malicious and inveterate enemies, who threatened to set the house on fire where I lived, and to take my life if they by any means could get me in their power. This my friends have heard them say, that their determination was to seek my life. As my enemies mock me, they mock the Scriptures likewise; then what can I expect from such men, if I fall into their hands? but this proves the truth of the following words:

"It is with Hell thou dost contend,
For he in man doth speak;
And angels here do now appear,
For they do speak in man,
And tell thee for to persevere—
Like a good soldier stand.
So both are come the ranks to join,
And I’ll join with my friends:
And Satan’s come to join his own—
Mark well and see the end."
S. E. of F. Continuation, p. 108.

Were not Satan to speak in men, such blasphemy would never be spoken, as I am now informed is spoken against my visitation, against the Scriptures, and against the Gospel; for all are condemned together in the same manner. This sheweth how infidelity is increasing, and how Satan is blinding the eyes of mankind. Concerning those men, who said that they would not let me live to see whether the Child was born or not, I was answered in the following manner.

"Without the devil’s speaking in men, to set them on with rage and fury, such expressions would not be made by men, as have been made concerning thee, so eagerly to seek thy life to destroy it. Because in men there is a curiosity wrought by nature; and from that curiosity they would wish to see thee live, to pass the time wherein it is said the Child will be born, so that they might have room to mock, without being put to shame and confusion, if no Child is born as mentioned by thee. But, on the other hand, so


extraordinary an event to happen in the land, as never took place before, in any age of the world, the curiosity of men would make them long to see it, and what should follow such an extraordinary birth.

"Here I have shewn thee what men are, as men, and what would be the language of their hearts, as men, wishing to preserve thy life, to see the effects of this extraordinary visitation that thou hast so published to the world. But how different from men dost thou now see thy enemies! No desire to come to the knowledge of the truth; but with rage and fury wishing to destroy the truth! And this is malice worked on by the devil; so that they may see the truth of the Gospel before them: for as my enemies were worked on by the devil, when I became flesh and dwelt with men; perfectly so it is now I am come to visit in the spirit, to bring in my kingdom that I died to redeem. But know what I said of my second coming, and the enmity that would then be kindled, and how offences would arise; and now let them look to the Revelations of John, chapter xii., and then they may see how the Dragon, which is the devil, is now working in the hearts of men to stand before the woman to destroy her child, as soon as it is born, if no place of safety can be found for him. Then I ask such men, who give themselves up wholly to the wiles of the devil, with malice and fury, what but a rod can they expect? But let no man simply suppose, because it is said he rules the nations with a rod of iron, that it will be with a rod of cruelty unto any that love his appearing: but, as iron is strong, so will his strength be; and as iron will not break, so will he prove that my words cannot be broken; and that my mercies endure for ever unto them that love my name. This is the rod of my strength, like a rod of iron, that will not be broken, but establish my kingdom


in righteousness and peace. Happy are those that are longing for my coming, and to see the CHILD born, that I shall set upon my holy hill of Zion.

"And now let men view the different classes of people, how one part is filled with love, rejoicing in hope to see the glorious day approaching, that the CHILD shall be born, which is spoken of throughout the Scriptures, to bring in the new heavens and new earth to man. This is universally known, how men have shewn their love and eager desire for the glory of God and the good of mankind, knowing how all is foretold, and are now rejoicing that the fulfilment draweth near. This is publicly seen and known to be in man, while, on the other hand, all the rage and fury of the devil ye now see visibly in mankind; then what different answers and what different rods must these different men expect, when I come in power to make a final end! The one will find the rod of my strength, to deliver my friends from the hands of their enemies; the other will find the rod of my anger. And conscious guilt must condemn them all; as they have shewn their anger and indignation at first, they must expect mine at the last. For now with the merciful man I will shew mercy, and with the pitiful man I will shew pity; but with the froward I shall shew myself frowardly.

"And now let them see the justice of the Scriptures throughout, in the different answers there are spoken of the end; let them see the justice of the sentence, from the different conduct there is in mankind, which is now publicly known and visibly seen. For this is a time of trial to try all men; and this is a time to justify and condemn: and now the time is hastening on that the hour of trial will come, to try all that dwell upon the earth; for now the Scriptures will be fulfilled.


But here I shall leave thee, with my answer to their mockery of the Scriptures, and my visitation to thee."

Here I shall answer for myself, as I have brought forward the prophecy to shew that it was foretold how the devil would speak in men, the truth of these words of the Spirit, I can prove to be verified by the public newspapers, that have been for some time past daily filled with the most virulent and malicious abuse, and invented lies of various kind, which none but the devil himself could put into the heads or hearts of men, and cause them to utter them, which will bring an eternal disgrace on their characters, and prove that they themselves are the impostors, to impose on the minds of the vulgar and ignorant. For none but men void of understanding can for a moment give credit to such false and infamous reports: every man of common sense must know that, if there was any truth in their assertions, those respectable gentlemen and ladies whom they allow have stood by me from the beginning, would have long ago deserted me, if there were any truth in the assertions that have been made in the newspapers.

With respect to those respectable friends, whom they acknowledge are enabled to make rich presents for the Prince of Peace, in honour to the Lord; this, reason must tell every man, that it would not be done by respectable friends, if any of the assertions made against me were true: and therefore wisdom is justified of her children.

The rage of men against me sheweth plainly to them, as well as to me, that such inveterate malice and envy must spring from the bottomless pit; as they have no grounds for the assertions they have made, calling me a mercenary impostor, that I sold the seals for a guinea and twelve shillings each. Here the inventor discovers himself


to be the impostor, to impose upon the public such falsehoods. For now I appeal to men of sense and reason, whether they judge any impostor that was wicked enough to sell the seals in that manner, would not have continued the sale, as thousands are now desirous of having them; and if they were purchased at only a shilling each, the gains would be great. This an impostor might do: but I never received anything for a seal in my life; neither would I for the world; and this is well known by all my friends, who cannot be imposed upon by such wicked inventions.

And, as to their saying that I resided in Bath, but was routed out by the police officers, I never spent a day or night in Bath in my life. I have passed through Bath in my way to Bristol, but never stayed any longer than while the coaches were changed. This is another lying invention to fill up their papers with.

They likewise have asserted that I announced that a miracle was to be performed, by raising a corpse to life. This, with my ascension to heaven, that was to take place in Bath, are their own inventions. The working of miracles I never pretended to: and were these men to be called to an account to answer for these assertions, how must they appear, when they cannot prove the truth of one word in a thousand that they have brought forward! But, as to myself, I can justify my conduct in all I have said and done, if I were called forward before all the bishops and clergy.

And now I shall come to their own words, "that all blasphemies against God are punishable." Out of their own mouths they condemn themselves; because I have heard my accusers make as great a mock of the Deity, and the Scriptures, as they have made of me, and condemned


both at the same time: and had such men lived in the days of our Saviour, they would have been as ready to have called him a blasphemer, and put him to death, as they are wishing to put me to death.

Another of these reports I shall answer:—they have said that I have had presents to the amount of thirty thousand pounds, for the Child that is to be born, to establish the Jews in their own land, and that I was going to leave the country, taking these presents with me into France. This judgment they might draw from what they would do themselves: but I have acted a different way; for, as soon as I saw the friends, through faith, began to send in presents, I ordered a book to be made to enter every person’s name, and what they sent, that if there was a possibility of my being deceived, all persons should have their presents returned to them again; and what I have received I have put out of my own possession; and others I have requested not to be sent till the Child is born.

Here I leave the world to judge whether I am a mercenary impostor or not; for I have enough of my own to support me, the short time I shall live in this world, if it be possible for me to be deceived, without robbing my friends, or injuring them.


The above taken from Joanna Southcott’s mouth, by me,


September 7th, 1814.

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